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-"cilX 01 1ANCASTJS:
Thart4r JttorssissB Df ,14.
.'TUb""kA!Ta9 WiU.
Proa la Hld f Freedom (Suu) Extra.
arder.flo4 Foiri.
LiwBKKci. SatarJar. Nor. 24, '55. - -Our
town u thrown into a high state
of exoitet-ent oo Thurwls- hit, ly the jii
telligence, from neat IIikorr Poiul in this
Terntorr. that Charles W. Dow. t young
man about twenty two years of nge, was
roost barbarously murdered by a Jmrty of
iuis who ivjoiee in the itppellatioo" of
"border ruflhus." Mr Dow bad bi'n to
a otLsmlth shop where several of tlM-se
Acfffnt incarnato were 'eongrejaied. One
of teem draw a rifle on him, aa J threaten
ed to shoot him on the spot, bat; finally act
down his, weapon,' witliouf 'iiiuriaf 'any '
oattk. otr. ww auiru-u u --.w, j,"--.
Wiy a few ro .a, when hi attention ws Ji
ff o tod tow ardt Hi shop by the - explosion
of a percussion, oap. ; Lkiujr around he
reoeivsd a cbirjfaof barlsbot in "hi bo-,
ona from wrttoh naoiod C-lman, an I fell
dead upon tha spot." ' ' " '' r '' "'
n L J I . I . . ,. MAI. A
, . . . . . 4 .. .1 ' I
- AB Btll'Qipt waa mm tw lu -nv-m lufniini
err abetCY; and escapod tp Mieonri.
"' TcuDiT,' Nov. 27. 4 'o'clock.' A, 11.4
A meeting of the citizens conTened to-day
on the eround where th murder wat com
lunffiU. 1 be proo corroborates our rate
. went, that one of the mot cold blooded
murders on record had boon committed
by F. N. Ctlemnn, as principal. - ablettd
i - v ii- v v i m t j
rr Xtsrgus, uuraiey, dosepa aaoocij ana
. .Wagoner, as socessories before (lie fact.
.. - A ssritsi of resolves ware passed, a con
mittea of vigilance was appointed to inns
; tigeto the fsots still furlher; to tcareh out
,tlie offender!,. and devise, means to bring
; them to justice, y Jerasrj and jus party
am na. , .. .. .. .. , i. ,
Tha mealing ooatinuid in session , till a
;.;Jte iour, find adjourned. 4 , -. ;
Butw.eu the hours of nine and len o'
' clock in (heereningpf Monday, Mr Jonus
. the Sheriff of Douglas county, who re
ouived his appointmnt from a bogus Leg
itlakstre, attended by a posse of 14 other,
visited the heute of Jioob liranson, nd
..rrestsd him for aeeuriij of. iltf pese, on
the oath of a oouple of the abe'.tors in the
m above transsctinn . Mr. Jones did not
i ,Td, or even mske Mr. D. aoqutinted
i with, the chara'ter ,pf Id wsrrant.but
. told Lim he romt go with him immodiaie-
ly, or he would ' blow B. to hell in a min-
;r '. Mr. Branson lives near the socno of the
late murder, and Mr. Dow nude it bis
. home at Mr. IT house; Thisis probably
the height of his ofrnding.J t .. . j
The posse, with Mr, Dranoi, proooed-
ed towards Looompton, vis lilanton. Ar-1
, riving at th Utter plaue, I hey were stop-
fid by a Psrty of li's peighbors who had
.. knrned of the arrest, and followed him,
. and by a nearer route headed them near
J. B. Abbott's homo, in Dhtnton. , There
.were but fifteen of the resuuers. They
threw themselves aoross the road and re
.uuested Branson to leave the party. . lie
.lid o, although ordered to rem tin . with
ih pofise or he would hi shot down.';. .
Jones dispaluhed an express; to. the
Slinirnee Misiioafor ail.. He siid the
, Governor JisJ given-him tho osiurance
thiit ten thouannd men (Ijould be at lii
erviaes inimedintolv, if needed, and de
clared (bey should be on tb J ground forth
wth. ' , - :.
., It seems tljst r Col icnsn, on tusking his
osoapo, fled . to r Oov, Bhannon. What
lUter he received from Ihnt qunrtnr we
i.rc not adviiwd; sufHoe it to say that he
uu his esuntM to Licompton. auuompan-ri-iml-
by ir'uard to beep hint from beinir irv
' 4urd while passing through' LiwrencJ.
P'ir w.irraut w li.oro lu.we out . a 'niil
Mr. Brnnwn, no doubt with a view of af
' fi jiing his credibility before a jury.
11 1 oouutry U all on Brel M
ienns are
veing employed to call the pooplo ' togetlt
er. A company are pilrol'.iug tlie streets
' rh!!i) we write, nnJ the soul :irrinj drum
''is Killing to arms. ; , '
' Tli ire ii n j doubt, cru Hie day expires,
'u oranizd body, under the oil urge of the
liiiri;f. will be again upon the' country
Whs', action our people will take in" the
, premises we are not advUud; '. It is prob
able a meeting of Ihu citiiens will bo oon
veimd this morning. '.. ' ; . ..
Frm U 81. Intilllfiun Mk lit.
- . We give it as our unqualiGuJ opinion
that there will be no war in K mass. . The
,( public mind in Missonri is uumoved, and
the hie eruption of ex iidng rumors sent
t trembling along the tulcgreph wires, has
only betrayed the nervoutues of the bor
durers not arousvi the thus of Missou
ri. - " In faot, the people begin to smell an ar
rant humbug in the whole ''fir and fury"
- despatches from Kansas. They begin to
fcUpxet it to be the laU dard Of Atohinson,
.played through. Shannon, to move the
t Missouri Legislature in Ins behalf or the
dying effort of the borderer lo"sibjugate
Hi people or ft.ansas, got up Tor ita ex
iiitement and abandoned for ita absurdity.
. Ueview the history of the late psnio.and
; aee if there are not glaring evidence! of
humbug ia the whola affair. First, it was
. nnnouocsd that tne Free State men of
Kansas wsre in rebellion against the laws
of the Territory. There hud been an af
frayone man killed a riot ensued- and
. the people nLlC'wms refused to recognise
.the Sheriff put over them for six year by
the Legislature against their own will as
the proper custodian of the alledged of
. fenders. ';
v. liers is the bssis of tho rebellion. Here!
u the head and front of the civil v war so
. Lysterieally proclaimed. Shannon calls
oat the militias-rifle companies summon
ed, (from Missouri,) artillery rolled out,
and, otlwr extraordinary and warlike dem
onsttatiens made. . ,. i
The whole nation is exuited to believe
that War Is raging and blood ' flowing in
f Ksnsas, in eoiiseqnonca of the rebellion
- jest broke out. .
What are the faotsT Simply, as - th
trntb now appasrs.thst the Free State mcu
Jiave raised oo sudden flag of rebellion at
all.- They have only "appeaUd onto Cue
' ear." ' Tbey refnse to avknowledira Kr.
iff put over them arbitrarily by the Terri
al Lffginlature. They have.all along.dont
the sme thing. . They long ago proclaim.
Ked tolhe worlitliat they did not recogniie
Lemtorial official at all; but,'by-virk
tue of Popular Sovereignty. which-' has
.JMh duregwded by the Lnglslatnns tbby
meant to choose their own officers. Tbey
were as much ia rebellion six months agp
against those Legislative sheriffs as they
are now, or have been. Kven lately in re
asserting their opposition to the officers
and Laws of that Territorial Legislature,
the Free State men expressed their veadi-
ness to submit themselves to the officers of
the United States Government. They
"appealed unto Caesar."
-" For Ihia reason for thug appealing to
true law and seeking 10" avoid, lawfully
and peaceably, 'tboperarfo of Jaws that
tber remrd tyrannical and unjust fire apd
slauifhler hate been invoked, and cohorts
of exuited Missouriani assemblad on the'
border, to be lot in bloody foray against
them. We doot utter one palliating aord
in regard, to the alluded Free out-
rags on pro slavery ciiisens.thnt brought
ou the lale disturbance. ' We will grant
that member of that party may have be
haved rery badly. -. know not. let
wVastetr ththtrirtKHitiona imported, i
sow a law-abiding one; and that Uoveinor
Shannon, in calling out the militia, and by
hrs-fcweretart I VVootison 1 rallying citixens
of an adjoining State to his aosiatan, has
. . J . ! f? .1 l t -II..
acieu most intiisureetiy auu unuiwiuiiy,nnu
hits threatened Kansas wiUi a terrible ca
lamitj", as the result of hU passion, or hi
indiscretion. ' . , '
Did not Governor Shannon know -that
with the- pirtf lines, drawn so stnully be
Iween Free 8 at men and - pro-slavery
men in Kansas, it was utter . madness to
summon one- party to put down another!
Was not Ins aut like bringing powder to
fight fire? How could a rono .. be so aim
pie and so reoLlet? Why didn't Gover
nor Shannon appeal, at first, to the rresi
dent for aid of the Government troops to
enforce the laws? - Simply because that
woul l be appealing to the same power
that the Free Stati men appealed to; - and
to do so would be- .at once to confess tha
the Free State men had been in the right
in first proponing the "appeal to Cfflar."
- But Gov. tiliaunon lacked good sense, or
a good purpose, and so ha nppenled to the
militia of h.ansn(alia the pro slavory men
of Km'ss) to help him "subjugate" or en
force odious law on the Free State people!
The result might easily have been antici
pated. The Free S Ate men , prepared to
resist to the death, and then name the cry
of"rel)ullionr" "rtrolution," and ."civil
war," mid the most desperate efforts were
male, by socret appeals, by agitating rum
ors, by exaggerated stories, aud by liurri
d despatches; lo throw over into Kansas
an impromptu Missouri army, to suDjugate
or tx-crmiuRie a portion of the American
people, appealing to the' United .States
law and officer for protection. .. . '
Either good sense, or that ."discretion"
which is the "better part of valor," pre
vailed among the Missourians -even those
who were most auitated by the Kansas
'rebellion" and they have stopm d short
of the imdancholy and fratricidal work that
the passionate and senseless Shannon in
vited them to, . -
There is something ludicrous in reading
now the western dispatches, and seeing
how tho reckless foray that was threaten
ed Kansas perished, partly by innate weak
ness and ptrtlv by being brought up n-
Hinst the rock of common sense. an a
bun bint ariiclo in every Aoglo Saxon
community. '
A dispatch that the lltpublican present
ed yesterday will serve admirably to illus
trate all tho points we have ma le in . tins
article. . We itslieiae nurnorous sugges
uv expressions: . ; .. ' ' - '. -r-'
- Indii'kxdkxci.Duo. 3.
' We have ju it receired reliable ' intelli-
xene from Kansas Territory: whLh in-
citam tu tx -iltintiit htrt.- oU are doubt
less apprised of the origin of the difficulty
that of the rescue of a prisoner ' in the
hands of the sheriff, by a party of 14 to 20
of thecitixms of Lawrence and its vicinity
and their refusal to deliver ant concerned
up to th olDuers of the Territory, unlss
it oa tue u ivernor or iiios oi tne uinerai
Governnienl. ' Ibis determination u
strengthened by Line, Ute - President of
the Uivolutionary Convention, And also
editor of the psper at Ltwrence.and a few
of a similar stripe, who are continually
making harangue to the populace, snd ur
ging immediate preparation. '
Un Ssturdny nlgiit, ltne alivered a
speech of this - character, which wae re-
edived with enthusiasm The Uovernor
se. Jng suoh a stale of thingssxisting, very
properly otdered out tho militia of the Ter
rttory, who at J nut rttponii viry readily to
is uithti, and many of the cilium of (hi
Vftflern burdtr willing to quell the distur
bance at this point, ojftud tluir a ttitl a net,
and are now in readineu lo move at a mo
ment's warning. Many have already gone
from Lafayette and the adjoining counties,
prepared for the emargeney, I he Gover
nor s parly numbering from 250 to 3 JO
men, are at Franklin, a few miles distance,
awatlmrf grtaUr trtt. : . '
' Reports rjeeh as that there are Umn
hunJiva mtn organised and ready forresis
lance lu Lawrence, armed with Shnrp's
rifles, and that they aro entronuhlng tbem
selves as fast as they can. " From another
source I loarn, thnt the better men in the
place say they are willing to give tip all
concerned in tne anair, it tne legally an
thoriied persona iak it; otherwise' they
will resisj to desperation. The Governor
responds, why not deliver them to the
Sheriff or to the United States Marshall,
who luvs already demanded them? Troub
!e no doubtwill result from Ir, as " much
excitement exists on both aide. " "'
' A mteting it Uing kiiJ mow, 16 see i
some meesurea eannot be adopted to tor
minste the matter peaceably, if possible,
forcibly if they must! On Saturday, the
Governor, by telegraph, asked the l'rcsi
dent for the assistance of troops from Fort
Leavenworth. He is said to lisvo repre
sented tliut onr thoumnd men were under
arms at Lawrence: that they have resuuod
a prisoner from the eustody of the sheriff
ox Marshal of Douglas oounty; lhat (bey
defied the Government to retake him; and
tl at unlttt U, S. troopt wrt furnuhtd, the
laws of tho Terri:orr could not be execu
ted; and that he demanded the aid of the
U. S, troops. Until it pranteJ nothing
will done, unless the parties concerned
should bring jt on before, and, if so, many
valuablo lives wil tie lost. U( what tran
spires further I .will try to keep you advis
ed. .. . ,' ' , ' . '',',-;'
Tl, ere fire significant fads hero, thnt
giva assurance that there will be no '.'war"
in Kansas. Let us note them: " .
1. The extreme excitement is in Missou-
r-not in Kansas the truth being, s we
hht niu, mm it po., new posiuon - in
Kansas for, the territorial sheriffs to be re
pudiated. .... . )t:l :;',,'
' 2. The Free State men are willing lo
be governed by tho United States officers
and to submit to tbem. ? -.
- 3. The militia of Kansss did not fret,
pond" when Gov. Shannon culled ibeint
This is a remarkable lacL ' The question
Is, why?- Did tber aympulhiM with tlie
Free Statement ' If so, then all Kaunas
is against truse Territorial AiWi -eon-du!ive
proof that tho people of Kansas did
not make, and do not approve of them. '
4. The -V'ssourian that were preo'pita-
ted thoujluleskly into ' volunteering to
march into Kansas, only hold themselves
in "rcadiuese to move." After they
think it little, they will conclude it is their
duty, to ''mbve" Aom' .- '.
' &. Gov, Shannon has only "ZoU to 3UO
raea" to back him.dnvwn Jrom alt source.
He is wisely wailing for a "greater force,"
before marehinir againsfentrenchments,"
and 'Vleven tundred Sharpe's rifles" and
,.t ,1 i; I
'nve pieces oi artillery. . ail. .nirecivu uj
a some whs t reputable "and '"military and
skillful ro.litary leader, at the head ot
100 men."- Gov. Shannon don t mean to
gt bnrt; if he cab bcTp ItfTThat l bbvl-
6 But, "moat gratefuf and gracious fact
-roost cheering- and-pleaiing of -all-1
"meeting is being held.' to terroinato ' tne
matter, peaceably if possible." UI course
it is possible. ' j
' J. ' "Unless V."S. troops aro " furnish
ed the laws cannot be executed. ' This
intimates that on sober, second thought,
tho Misronriant desire to he "counted
out" of the fight to "subjugate" the people
of Kansas.. -
- 8. Notbins will be done (ill the U. 8.
Government defines its position. ' --Pierce
will have a regard for peace, we dare say,
and so will end te Kansas Civil War!
Tho various exciting telrgrapbio die
pitches new afloat, are calculated to con
fuse the public mind; and we have thas ta
ken he trouble to unravel the tvsnsss im
broglio. - We think we have done it, and
that that the country can safely go about
its business, undisturbed by torch and tor
ture in .Kansas'. We are cool and quiet in
Missouri.' As the winter draws on it will
be very coo) in Kansas.' ! '' .
Ureal Excitement ia onr Commercial Em
porium. ' . ...
A fierce contest has been wn;in? in N.
York between the lival sects of inhalers--Probangers
and Spiritualits for publio fa
vor; each striving to convinoe the world
of the superiority its method to cure dis
eases has over the others. When learned
M. D s profoundly, deep Probsngers and
nspircdc spi ritualists bl) the newspapers
with thoir advertisements,, we .can ask no
further proof for their pur diiinterntneit
to poor suffering humanity, nor. for their
devout .desires to heal "all the ills , that
flesh is heir too." The "Old Foifies" of
the healing art were taught to ; believe in
the necessity of studying Anatomy-Chem-
istrr-MateriHi Medina dt j.,. and pariicular-
ly the important knowledge of pathology
that is the accurate and intimate knowl
edge of the true character of diseases, in
order to prooeed rationally with the mens-
TT . , ,,
ares of cure. Universities and Co egos
, 1 t - , m 1 1 i
were orectod Libraries, Chemieal Sc Me
chanical appliancios were provided to aid
able professors in teaching "Young Ko
gius" the knowledge which the -wisdom
and experience of ages had accumulated.
This age of progress now shows the folly
of thoso labors; fur now, Charlatans with
M. D.. attached, write a series of letters,
which do not contain one idea which is
unknown to any educated physician, and
which tlioy have plagtfised (pirated from
.1.. ... 1 1 f. . ..r -i. 1.. 7ni : 1
ilia Hiauuaru-iroraa ui oio muii. i neee
they publish in t the uew.-ipapiir as tboir
owu wares and merchandise. This shows
them to-be sagacious men. .A so lies of
letter written with ability, and accurate
ly describing diseases will attract publio
attention to the writers, not-authors, .This
. . , , . f 1
..... ... ...... '7';""': '"7
. m II' 1' si a
a a sia lavittp itft. Alan nnltliali tl runiainia-jiT
ti.'.. .i. ...i.t clLi.. ,i. ,;u ,..11
' 7. V.I r ' 't . ,
us that (he unprofessional are not as oom-
patent to apply the remedies as they are
to desoribe accurately their diseases. Suoh
are the Inhalers. , Theq . comes the rival
scot of Probsngers, who with a little more
modesty only claim to . cure throat and
brtaet oom plaints with the whale bone nnd
soongo; to be sure they profess to be able to
thrust the sponge deeply into the lungs, and
wash out a cavity as clean as a new . pin,
These Probunger are formidable rivals of
the Inhalers, and entitled to as. muoh re
spect. Belweon these two soots it is hard
to say which will be most successful in
gulling the publio. As they now stand, it
is pull Uiekpull Devil. JNext come the
spiritualists, who, like Aaron rod threat
en to swallow the others up. Inert are
an inspired snot, receiving all their knowl
edge of cure and effsot through mediate
spiritual communications, and their cure
are unfailing when they perform any.
What a world of thought these people get
rid of; all they have to do is lo plaoe tbero
kelvss in communication with the spirits,
who in a trioe do all their thinking. - This
sqot is more nearly allied to the . Inhalers
than the Probangers; (or. like the former,
they can presuribe accurately for a patient
live hundred miles off, wbiUt snugly sitting
in their offi ids. . Unlike tha Probangers,
theso two teats require no. aoourate and
full account no personal, -examination of
their patient a condition. Any imperfect
, or loose account is . sufficient , warrant for
them to . prescribe provided . the . fee is
forth eoming. - -'
- . , . : ... OBSERVER. '
. Conbcickci amd tux Publio TaxAsuar.
The Treasury ot Vermont has lately re
ceived the following note: . . ',.....
. "Put the inclosed 8G0 in the Treasury
of Vermont. Ititdue from - .
. Conbcmncx." .
- .Imagine the effect of a general operation
of conscience, upon the publio treasury.
It would soon become neoessary to reduce
the tariff : the Sub-treasuries would soon
be bursting full: stocks would be up, and
money "easy on the streets, and banks
would discount with most complacent lib
erality, and after all Uncle Sam might find
it necessary to divide around among his
children the surplus revenue. That would
bo indeed the good time com of whose com
ing we have eo long been hearing. i?o-
tonTruveler. 1 .,
a"- aaiaaaawa anrnaaaBaaaai anaa ew-raej-
, JOUPt 0. JACKSO. , - v .
S i VS nnrehaaad th entire Interval of Jon l.T
one in tho trrocery wior on tne nouinweai cornvr
the Phlioquare, back of th Market Hone, where
ahall at .11 ilmaa take iileaanro In eorrlnr the bid
tnatomm of lb eelablUhmenland aijr friend with a
Choice aeleetlon -of Groceries, Notions
Mill annoWkaa alreadT aiHred I trbleh I invlt
apeclal alloutlno of cnitomora. My prlaea will ba at
low nanny other elmtlareetaMlelimtut loth rtty. 1
snt a no beirtnnar and hope to hare a dtboml ahhr
orine pnoiio vaironaaa. . jvnav. ivA.rv.1.1
Uaeastfr, AefaM 5, --BM-tetC - .'
X3T Extra copies of tlx Gazette for thisj
week. coiiUmlng the tribute or respect to
the Ute UrZ- Kre'ider 'from the pen of
tlen. Reese as revised aud corrected by
the author may be bad at tJi office put up
in strong wrappers at five eenta per copy.
The Ladies, God bjes them, tliose ofj
ou city particularly J We believo tl was
Gen'.- Moiris, who once upon a time gave
this sentiment: I-s '". " . '.. "
"Woman, wWom God ntd ta a mile or fnta,
And Ut tha iintl Ikat made hsr-tal kT fart."
We almost fancy the Gen. bad those of
our city in his mindt-ey when be uttered
the, above. Be that as it may, on nert
fmday evening (an.d, .dou'tJprgethe
time) the ladies of onr city purpose holding
a donation7 party at the residence of the
Rev. J. B. Saokett, on Wheeling street, im
mediately opposite the residenoaof Judge
Whitman. - , . !
t Truo they have not consulted eur Rer.
friend in lb least in regard to this matter;
on the contrary have kept it a -profound
secret among themselves. . Sim assome
"Old Fogey V has said of the sex, ; -.
l,;J "Whei (bey Ibey'sHIV , : !.. -.
Vo taj depend on't, :-y .
- " Du when thojr wont, tUex rf, ' '",';
; ' And ihit'i so end ont.' ;--
' In this ease the ladies say they will and
from the known determination of those en
gaged in this'pleasant turpriit party,' we
knov that this, will be decidedly the most
agreeable of the season. : Every person of
every sect, denomination or religion,' and
their lady, sweet-hcart, beau, cousin. broth
er and sister aro invited to be present, and
wo. doubt not will accept the invitation.
We expect, at least, to see them there.-
The supper will be n gratis entertainment.
while none should forget his, ; her s oi
their donation. Let jt be alike liberal and
creditable i ; v : .. . .. -
; jty.We learn v that tour enterprising
young friends, Saiiubl Cbik and JosErn
Rtrnr, who sailed from New York on the
5th of Oct. lest for .California, readied
Sen Francisco on the 1st dy ot '.Novem
ber, in fine health, after a very pleasant
voyage. May success attend them.
nWc understand that Bounty Land War
rants are selling in New York and Wash
ington City, at 00 cents per aoro, and that
prices tended to h lower figure.
Cliurcli tvotlco
.On Sunday the lfith inst., BISHOP
McILVAINK will mitke his official viita
lion in the Episcopal Church of this place
lion in tne cpiacopai uiiuron 01 tins p ac
L j i i en e I-
! and adininisier the rites of Comfirmation
' Service in the morning at
the afternoon at 3 o'clock. ' '
10J, and in
The Bishop will preech morning and
niicrnoon.- -
.. Lecture to-Xig)it.W hope our friends
will bear in mind that J. II. W Hawkins
one ' of ,,,e foUn(,on! of W""0''
llorapernnce Society, will looture on that
subject this evening, at the Methodist E-
piscopal - Church. Mr. Hawkins has tli
reputation of a worthy' gentleman and
brilliant lecturer. " ' '' '
We liopo to se the house crowded. . ,,
n A Bold ArowU. The Boston Pilot,
i ri...i.i!.. ' ..XT. .
i 4uiiioii itkiiuiit; iT'ipor. nn va . to goo
government can exist without a religion
HI 11 -IISJTW WfU Itl tl It ILMU WIlllUUl HI) AW
. "viai.iH li
nmsltion, which is wisely designed for the
promotion of the faith."
V . . . . , ...... ,.'
Boston has 0,000 more
males, Chicago has about
males than females. .
females than
15,000 more
jtSTMarriage without affection is a Will
ful tempting of Providence. Let no one
think oCsuch an engagement for a moment
The appeal of EJwin Forrest, in tlib'd
voree case, is now before tho ' Supreme
Court oi ew xorx. - ' - ,
rortableSteaaa Jagines& Hun Mills.
Zaxxsviux, Ohio, Dee. 6, 1855.
Ed. Qatettt.' Your readers will fin
elsewhere in -your paper, our card in re
gar J to portable steam ' power,- porlabl
saw mills, AO., all ot whom Interested 1
steam power, timber lands, to.,; will
well to eonsult it.' i'ermit u to assart
you and them, that there is no mistake in
this matter of moveable saw mills. Very
many farms require re-fenoinft and hare
not straight timber enough for rails, 'lo
suoh, the portable taw mill offers its ter
vices, to cut lip-timber which Would not
pay to drag even one milo to stationary
mill. ; A protable saw mill and engine can
readily he .moved about on good roads on
two wagons; with each, ona pair of oxen
Any stout farm wagon will answer, as they
weigh but : little more" than the threshing
roaubine. 'The space the engine oooupies
Is very small, the- largest 12 by 5 feet.
The smallest, only about as much room as
an ordinary bureau. Tbey are furnished
with feet, and art at easily sot at a com
mon store. Their ' exceeding simplicity
tnablet any person to run them after a
day 's experience. ' Wt regard them at an
immense stride forward for many purposes
from the old fashioned and cumbrtut sta
tionaiy. The taw mills do not 'require
any building; they art tot' down in tbt
wooas or tteius any wriere, 1 and put to
work. ; Your truly, - i 1 ,
rut; hollid ays are
:. Great Attraetioa
In . Town! .
ZINK & bisii;
a T Ihelr old aland, rcaporlfully beg leave to Inform
f all their cuatomera and tho real of mankind, that
tnar have been annolntod aala narenta fbr Ut aala of
,iiuaiic jvat, i ia'st oiorcio
Plaxnted OYSTCBS,
Acknowledged lv all enlcura to be th
fineat now nut nn In th Kaat. will bo re
ceived dally by xpretadlrart. The trad in tha coun
try auo aujftoeui tnw na may atwaya ae-
peud upon ut for their ttnii.lv. W alao
. aiSia- with to pnnliaaa all kind J
eSiiWof Oam.. Flah. Fowla.fte.,ca
for which th.lilUel market price wlllba given.,
'' Oar Stock orGroceriesnnd Notion -ore
new full and complete,- aad will nail thorn at
aa law tgureaaa auy honaoln town. Give uaaoall.
Laneaatar, December 11, ISM SS '
T C Ti Y II i V S Vt ,
U .' .: . . ZANF.il VILLR, OHIO.' '
.3. A.SCOTT J. M.WAltACE, Proprl.tora.
, .cembfr,e,lM5--3l .- , ,r ; . j, V
Foarlh Fairfltld t'ennly AsrlcultQrel Fitr,
Oa TSra'j, Khdaj S.lunUy, Oct. 18, IS & te, 1MJ
f UltWo for all aotk. Pint Krumlom, John Van Prane
ao . an Hennu uo n. . uawttia
da Ult llarneM, Flnl du J. 8. Poestsu '
do do Heroud do T. O. Nuljr
do TTirva )sara old, Find do -A. Ilo.lo
do do do lieroud do Jacoli Stiafly-r
do two do Firal do . Jobn Crnmtvy
do do do Koroiid do U. Bnnkar
Galdlu( (orallork,Firai Promlum, fell Myvra '
00 00 Bvruiia 00 oauuui itouara
do -Light Uanu.-M. Klnt do , -do
Aa . d..-v 'Aw. ThAaaa, InfhaM
-' doSfarldUan(H,l-'iraldo- I- F1crln;
doj Vlo . Kaoond. do W. . Flnkoont
On Jaro!dborsaxoll,Fri do J. v. niyg-a
00 oo - ftrond io
Sarins Colt . f "- Fiml 'do
do ar,iitd Tdo
Pale Match Horao First -do
t ' d. ,t ; acnnd? dot
Btood Mar alia ik am ,do
L do aflld do
W. Copp
8. an
O. Suitdhoni (
lluarr -UaitfrhAF
hatnuol Luunard
11. w. ilowon .
do llaifcii hffBai 'ml 4do- holomou Baory
no uo . - aeciinu an j . . i-eurao
Throojaar old mare Ural do N . filuoffer
do do . . aecond do llvtiry Jobnaon
Two do Sral do . Fotonion Hocry
. ... . . J . . -
do - v "oaej " ''f sT; Uraaos
are Coll '-" " Srat "do MaiterO. Bovine
lo eeennd do H. W. Bowen
kUtluf horaao'Sj Udr, Snt do Mtaa M. Braaoa '
do. . no uo ai-conu uo jnim ikaia vlom
icd Dull .1 j. Klnt Hrin(ugl Keber A Km g
do acond do
Thomaa Trlmhla
Yearltnx Sm do
Daniel Kellr .
J. R. MumaoghT'
Pavid iluber -
Keber A Kuts
Darld Hubor r .
Jteberer Kola,
do i '
do - do '.- - aerand 'do "
Bull Calf Sral do
do- - earooo fl ;
AsodCo v . Srat . do
do apcoud.. uo
Two year old IlelToT, era - 'do
do .. , uv i ivruaa au
earllng Heifer. ' Srat do
do - ..lo..v- - aacoail do
t. f'laypoot' -KaberAKuti
do. ...
John b'haBffbr
IielfarCalf , ... Sral . do
do - . aecond no
Two fear Old Bull, FirM Premium, J. Keller
Ona -' do - " do do
Adam Wearer
dn do .. . aerond do
P.Sitea -J.
K. Mttmanirh
O. W. Cnill .
John bictur
F. Kltea
H. Cowden ''f
, John Khn-rfur
Ihonina Moyor
John T- Bnuui
1. Tallinailira
1'hnnina Burr -
Bull calf.. Aral do
- do - ' -- aeond - do
Three year Old fow trot do .
Two do llulfer do 'l do '
Ona dn -do do ', do .
Uelfer fair , . uo do
dn '. 1 "aerond no :
Fat Bnllocka ' Srat do '
do eorond do
Vohe of O.en Syaaraolrtjlratdo
lion 3 yoke frnia on Townahlp j J. 6. Hooker
Vonna- Oxen
John L'rumlry
nnr.nr. .
Merino Buck
Saxon do
Flr.-d Praniium, David Hnbor -
- ' do
' lhivld llubor
Henry Hler
David Hubar '
. ; do ,
do " -'
N. MoNaiifhlen
' David Hubor .
Hianiah do : '
do :
do -do
da '
tfiruuf merino oo
do do do trrrtnd
da . Saxon do' flrat
do " do do .at-eiiid
Bred Lamb '
do . -
, 'do
d- .
' do
Pair Spattl.h Ewca
do Merino aa .
do Saxon do
Ewa Lamb .
do do -
Pon S Saxon Ewea
Srat do H. MtNaughten
aoennd do Henry Hebor
Srat , do . . Darid Hubor-
dn do do
do do - V . do' ' 1
IA7 1 V v
do do do
do Marino do ,
Ycarllna; do do
do KpaiuaB uo-
Bonr under 13 mooIl,FirIPrt)nilum,Hld Komper
a-iw .no no oo oo j. Kaaebauurn
Sow over one year old do .do. Davul Kemper
do rig nnueruino-a no- uo J. naueoauxa
Fat Hoga
do do
H. I.. Kohorl
aocond do
tluorge llarrla
Pair Rbanhtra
Firal Pramiuot.O. W. Little
do do
ancoHd do
II. Widuer
Dorkiug Chlrkam
Poland do.
, hru do
do :' do .
aecnnd ' do
J. V Oormany
J. Colliua ,
David Kemnor
Chart aa Clark.
D. Louirhrny
M.S. lloweu ;
do do
Cum ' do
Srat do
do do
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flrat do
aecond do .
Ural dn
do - do
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ncoud do
Srat do -
aecond do
Chirkona any breod
do lo
Mury Shoulerge
no (reeat
do Juue Duckt ,
do do
do - Muai-ovy do
li.iTi.i Kemper
John Urahaui .
Tho. J. Umybltl
John ti ray bill
do - do no
no .
fftfr'n I.PI.HUVVT9
Threshing Machinu Firat Premtnni, Jayne ft Son
Ueaidng do
Mowing ' do
do -"Wright
ft Rolhy
Jedriea dc Wood
John Hlarkwook
Tliomaa tilahor -Joirrlnad.
A. Duan '
jDflrlea ft Wood
John Wood
Jctfrlca ft Wood
Jolm Wood
do :-.
Jeffrloa ft Wood
John Blackwood
do - ....
-do "
Pavld Kompor
. John H. Hliudaa
David Keinlier
Wheal Drill '
do do
Corn Plantar
Ktraw and Hnv Cnlter do
Hnrae luy H.iWo do
Corn ami Coh (riia!ier da ;
9 horar Knnh Wugou do -
Plow for gen purpoeee do
do . uo no aeonna
Swnrd ('low.. - , Srat
uo nn aocoua
Stubble do . Hrat-
Diamond pointed Plow, Diploma
Hhovi-I do Sral -
Double do t : .. do. Diploma
Harrow flrsl .
Corn Shellef '
V do '
do .
Ue Utvu, ,..
do' '. aet-ond '
CldorMIU ' D plum
D, Kendloborger
Two hone carriage Firat Promlum,
, William Gulaor
Ittiggy w- .. .- . uo. io
du ' ' eocond - do
J. lloran . .- :
William Colaer
N. O. Muaaarly
.. U. Haltia ..
John McClolland
' j. do- - 1 ' . .
do , .v
d y
: "do ' t
N. G. Mo.MCrly , '
John liiiitlwrt m'
-Adam Guaaman
Centre Tab! 1 ' -' drat .v do'
li dm cum broome - do. . do
Conl cuolclng atuve . do do
Wood do . do do ' da
do do do aecoud uo
Parlol do Ural do
d. '.-.; do.' -aucond do
Sriililure diploma -
Kino unn ' ' nrai no
Horae Kliooe ... do dn
do do aocohd do
It yarda ra cariiul, Flrat Pruniluia, Miaa Rose RltTord
do dn do ajcond do. , J. N. Williaiuaon
Pnlr Blanket .;. ; diploma ':, Joha Tool . '
Hull! ... Sral premium C, W. Lamb . !
do ' " aecond do ' Juliana Nuwklrlt
LantnMat : ... -.11 rat do , Mra. Clou
do , sacoud do MlwKllan Clark.
Pair Wool Hoa - flrat do ' Mrt. J. C. Caaaell
H.arlkRuf ..diploma -..do-;
do do Mra- Clem
Made Coat '. ' . .flrat do '. J M. lioonaa
Art PmmU . do . Aa . H.,
do Shirt -!"' diploma '. Miia H. J. Conlot
Bonbla Coverlet ' Sral do J. Van Burton
do do - - aucond. do Mlaa Koae Nitford
Rlngld Covorlet .flrat- do Mlaa Uxxle Wllaan
. . - .. - ' . FRUIT.' .- ! ' J
t klndaWlnUrApploa.flrat preinium.W. Cutluuibor
do do do a.icnnd do George H. Strode
tnxtlHda rail uo srat do - Harvey Wllaoa
do uo uo aucond
W. Cullumber
Bin, apocl'a Win do Srat
K. J. Black - f
John Hunter
Cuurad tVninlar
ito t do do do aecond
do do Full do flrat
do - do do - do aecond
Raiupleof Pear . ,, flrat
. do Qulneoa 1 " do
do do - ocond
Cauwba Grape -. flrat
. J. H. Wllllainaon
do '
.do -do
Samuel Haiiifiuaa
J. M. Gallagner
W. L, Kigby ' ,
laaliella - do' 'do do '" ' do
, buah Dried Peaeheedo do' J. M. Gallagh.i
i haah IrUhpotatoca.FlratPraminniuavId Kemper
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C. W. .amb
Pi Kitdebaugh.
David Hamper
W. Cullumber
J. Light
David Kemper
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M.towden - '
D. Cowden ' :
David Kcaapor
Ram tile equaaho
no rumpxm ' -
Rainple Cllrona diploma
a. rerry
Large Pumpkla flrat pramiam, H. Cow Jen
du j .do
a-Kioiid do
G. L, Ultra
Rlihoad cabbage
do . do .
Rample Cnrr.it.
H do. Kadlaha '
kac Plant
flrat - do
second do-.
flrat do
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-do do '
' George Harria
David Kemnor
Joaeph Mllner, Jr
" iiavta itemper
do ,
W. Cullumber
iJohnMcLaln '
Peck Parenlpa
do do ..
Sin. tpeei'n of Beela do
do .
Joph Mllner, Ju
dy .
aecond do '
minora worK
. John Kelly ;
. Prry ,
flrat j Aa
nucond do
Flrat Prowl u i
. second do
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do - do
K buthal Wheat . Flrat Premium. J, II. Graham
uo oo . aeconu oo j. at. uatiagner
K Ry ' Aral do David Kemper '.
, , do Oala ' do do - do
; do ' Barley do do " itobort Work
-do Corn In Bar da do', v G. W. Lamb .
do do do a.winil do J. H. Williaiuaon
i' do Timothy Reed flral do do
: HI.OHH, BUTTKK, ftp.- . V; ,
Barrel of Floor. Flr.l Premium, H, N.Wllklnwa
Unabet Cora Meal do do ' William 8. Crook
do do - do (.rood - do . David Kemper
Fir pound Butter Fir.t da MlaaM. Orayblll -do
do do aecond do i MraJ.M. Gallagher
Ten da Honey Aral . do David Kamper
do do do aecoud do W. Cullumber .
Loaf DamttUl Br.ad.aral do Mr. O. Jayna '
do, du. . da aecond do D. V ateu berg r .
" ' " FI.OWKRR, A. ,
Beat Variety Dahliaa, Srat premium David Kemper
Great, do green bona plant do Mra.T.W.Tallmadg
do ao ' uo aecond no
Mlaa CynthlaHaru
Naadl Work - . Arst ' do Mlsa Mania Ueeaa
do .. do , second do - Mlas M. T. Swing
do -do doploma- Mia M. J. Cowde
do .do ' ,. . , do . ;. MlsM,T.Ewlnf
Lac Work do , do
- . Scat ' do
. . neennd do
"' da
do - do da Ml. 1. Laadl -
Patch Work .. do Mlaa M. K. Hi.lnf
Wax Work " flrat premium, Mlaa K. Rha-rfar
da ; do . aoeond do ' do -
Crayon Drawing flrat do . MlatRllen stnrgeoa
do do aecond do Miaa Anna Whit
do . do diploma r MiMKIlenSlnrgeoa
worataa wore uo mimmih wsih
'do do do -Mlaa Da Rartbor
Ptand Cover ' - " do',, . Mlaa Uaila Dablar
Tidy do '' " Mlaa Elian Myera
Five Acret Corn' Aral promlnm.W. MoKeney ..
Ftallloa ov.r 4 yeara old, diploma J. B. Feaman .
Mar ovr 4 yaara old do: -R. W. Bo wen
..do over 3 yeara old ..- do, Martin Sharff.r
do over S yoara old do Solomon Baery
.1 n .. I vh. aI.I . - .1 - T Tt-Mt i
' bA IB'' BiFFORD, PrwalOeal,
Deo. 13 . :.; ',, Hi V. WKAKias,noeriary,
til API KK, No. 11.. .......... , " BU,
COUNC'IU . S - l,
... K.trAMHalKNT, No. ili.
Fabraari St, O. BTltiJIMAX.Roounlor.
Estate of Joha V. Outcalu
TVTOT1CK la herabr rtvea that the aabaerlbara aara
ill baea ualiSd at Kaotutora of Ilia EataW of Joha
P. Oatrall, decoaaed, lau of t'alrSeld eooutji, OIiIom
A II perouaa harliic elutioa agaluat aald Katato aro o
lldnd to iirvaana lko wliain in Tear duly anlhaatU
rat.-d.aud alt iM.-ra Indebted will wiako lmiaediala
Great Eicitement at Salt Lake t
r v t K A K r. BvX K J t V V ''
W! laara from a papar leaned la St. t-onU.that tha
Mormoiuat Kail Lake are in great dutreen.
cauan oy a auppoiea aaribqaaka. Hovavrr, JI.H
Si AT CM la nut in Urn laast dialrex. aa he haa Jual ro
eoiired a Sue lot of Jewelry, Watelaos and
C'larl tma Froaunta, or which h hopoalod.a
poao of darlot the Hollidajra. Uao. , ldiS-3l
Ant Ordinance
To Sr parmanently tho hoore at which Hie narkett
-ahall beonenod in Iho City of lancaalor, botweoa
the Ural daya of Deoeoaber and March or oaan year.
Bt u araoiard (aa Cite Ctmmeil mf tkt
CUt if Aiuuiv, Tbatfimn and after the leral
h-blli-aton ot ML Ordinance, the markela of tha aald
City of.Laucaatar,ahall ba opened from audi aflertha
Snt day of Dvcaulnir In each and ovary year, and
up to the Srat day of March in th tueeeedlnc rear a
the hour of IS o.clock Meridian. - - -
Paaaad DeeeuiborMh. liij i . - ,'
. . C. P. oHAFFEK. P. City Connclt.
A tte.t G. S. Wit4.ua. Clrk. Dee.S SwJl
cncijim, iruiisoTO!! k zasesull'k
Kail Rot ona Tnaooa to Zxaa villi.. -1
jr.:; W. OR AH AM & COi,
Forwatdtrj - ind CommissiflB i Scrrbanfi
PROPRIETORS of a regular Un orfltoMnararn.
- nine; front Zaneeville to Wheeling and Fltta-
burg; and aole Agent for the reuneylvanl Central
Railroad for thlt valley.. ITarrAaaMaa (A Ca-aJ-,
Zaaaaalfe, O.
Only on dravage to or from tha Rail Road to Hoate.
fihipprra of Flnur and Produce geuerally en the
Mne nf the C. W. A Z. Rnnd, wilt Snd thla tho moat
xpedliiona route to th Kaat ead we think quit aa
cheap aaany other. . .,..'.
uur raciiitiea win warrant ipeedr trnniit to sit
property ntratted to onr oarer ;' "... .,'. ,
rannrna on pruperiy, rxcenting actnnt arayage.
Tbmagh Reerlptagtvea lo Baltimore, Philadelphia.
New York or Bo.toii. N. W.,L,RAHAM dt Co.
DM. S, 1S.J OroJI. -
From tha Boatan Herald.
ftowrrttind Wouth Kkowiho! By nalng Prnfeaaor
vvooa-a natr neaioraura.gmy naircaa aopormanant'
ly raatorod to Hi orlirlnal color.- The aubliitnnd enrtl
ffcato wna received from Johnaon ck Slone, Gardiner,
mainv, auo ta out one oi tuo many uiaiaueaa that are
dally cetninr to our knowlod.e of ita affocta. It la m
longer problematical, but a e If-evldent troth, aa hun-
ur-ua in mi community can leatny. . -
- - Gtaninaa, (Maine.) June SS, 1854,
Witiua H. DvaaDaar Kir: I hava uaad two lwt.
tleaof Profoaanr Wood 'a Hair Realorative, and can
truly aay It ia the greateat dlaeovory of the are for re-
aturlngand changinglha hair. Bofora ualng It I wa
aa a raj na a man ot aerimty. mj natr naa no attain
ed It. original color. - You can recommend II to tho
world without the leaat fear, aa id tan waa one of
ine worm Kinu. .our, . u. It. MUBPI1Y.
Sapper lor the. Benefit or the'
CO -X, DP PTC g3 .-t
On Thnndey Xvenlnr, Hncembcr ISlh. a SUPPER
will ho given f.h. S-.VA.m IIOTKL, by the emb
olic Ladle of Lancaalor, to slid In the aupporl of lb
Orphan Aayluin at Cnntinlligavllle.
lite public are reape
Adn.laaion Stlcenta.
are reapaatfti Jy invited to attend.
Hone naefdl and funcyarllrlcaof Rooflla-work trill
nc ooorou rorraiaattiio aaaie Unto and pluee.r ;..
..ancaaiur, uuio, uucuuiuero, loa -l
... PUULIC. H.hE, , ... . ,: -.
rTlHERB will bi oirred at nubile auto, at Iho real
dancoofNowton Willlam.on In Bloom Tawnahln.
oTI.a.i if. ,.i., ., l . . ... . .'
r.init.i n.iH.i, oiiiu, 0,.iii qii, milW WSatOl.llU
kock Atui.aiKi iniiut euiorHoyallnn.
On Thuraduy, December 13, 133.1, V
- Th5 f illowlng nron nrty. to-wil: 14 hoad of Hnraoa
and LOiis, on. pair or wont ualret,s M.lohCowa,- -
uow anuti tii, t tivo-y ir ol.l ll ill, 3 hind of two
year old CatUe.7 yearling U.tlrt, 7 Spring Cat vai;
FIVE HE VO Of t't IIU.4S, .
1 Breeding Suw, 3(1 Acroa of Cora In llio Rhock; - '
1 Steol aud 9 ea.t Plought, It Shovel Plough. '
1 Cultivator, I Harrow, I cutting Bov. "
S eel of Plough Gvare, 1 Cook and- on tun-nlato
,-.,,.u. .oi.,,. w K.x.m, ,, ,ii,w ,,, .,,,o.
"the iiotuiDiTsTaitE'co-tiisqij'1'
Opponite Nhn'iTet't Hotel. ' '
'-jr 6 HN jun z. b s ''..'"
TlkGR lliatnto Inform lilt old eiiatnmeraand .-
I body ,hlau Ihath hue lutl rcreirod dlro-t trnm
thu publl.hors.a heavy Invoic uf Standard nd Mla
rellniiroua Wnrka, Gift Hook., Annual., ft., euitvd
rortnc unrary. l-urior and llolllday Pniaentaiamotii
thi-m niaj honnuied British Pouta, t volaOuUvoJioun.
n Morocco, ruVlacd r-.ililioti; Slinkcapcar'a, Moora'a
aim ojron agompieio rooticai vvuTKa, with Sim a toe I
illit.tratioti.,witli thularguat and moatcomplulattook
of Pootlrnl vnrka aror brouahl to thla pltr.
..Aiati, ruinaie utiuamnug ine Mormon, by the wlro
oi an r.iui-n gni aim uarxneaa, a alory or mahlona.
hlu Life; Footprint of an Itinerant. hv M. P. Gn.1,11,
Japan aaitwaaaud ia. by Hlldrath; Whailj'a Fulura
rttatr; cinei. or tno tmunie error, by Marian Jauieat.
th Hidden Path, by My Marlon Harland) Coaa Cut
Comera, by Bnnniify. . ,
Am 4 or hi. Gin Bonkt anAnnnala mat be found tha
Thoughte Uloatomt Mumory'a Gift! Chrlatlan Kopp
aakc; Frlcnil..lilp'a Token; the Phlloenona; Ciriiiau
01 ft; Rnow Flake: Free Maaoii'. Gin; Moaa Roae;
Atlaolle Novaniar Awerllon' Gifl Hotnanee of Am-,
rlvau Landacanoa. a bcautlflil work, all bound and nut
aptntha neateatandmoatanhatantlal atylo.-
Alao.a Isrgeaaaorlment of Hlbloa, Inrga and tmall
and all primal Hymn Booka: Cathnllo Prayer Botka,'
logotnerwiin every variety or Kellglona Worka.
An exteniiro astortment of Cap, Lvttor and Knte
Paper. Knvolopea.ftc. Our .took baa beau laid In with
apeuiul referanc to th want aud taatoa of our Pa
trans. Ladloj and Goutlumen will nU and ciamlno
t lhlrieiaur. j - . " ' . ; .
. P.R. My arrangement are anch that t recelv every
new work diroct from the Puhllahprs aa soon aa iaaitcd.
Laneaater. Roy, , IPJS w JOHN RKAHI.KR.
- ' ,: Hchool Teacher Wanted.
A TEACHER who can mm. well rorommenited
ean have cmployiupnt. If application he made
anon, In District
i no. i, r-inasant iewnnip. Kairne
County, Ohio,
vt ii.Li ajw jaani.ta, jun.
rr. lfitt KaiiKUAUUH,
lS.lH5S-3w.r1 B. L. F8KMAN Dlreclor.
' Not.
' -; '., for sale. ;
THAT heantifnt Tlonw and Lot on tits East aide nf
Broad Street, near Winding Hired, end Immedi
ately North nf the realdence of Mr. Creod. Tho Lot
1 Fortv-lhreo feotfmnl by One Hundred and Rlxty
nvoreeinoep ton tnaivernoi Alley, in Honaa
rontaint Seven Rooms. Hall, Kiti-ben. ftp., nnd
wa flnl.hed about one vearalnpp. Alao. a pom-
mndions Ruble, Carrlag Hons. Wood and Coal
Hniiso, Ac, ftp. All In good repnir.
TMa praperty will be sold cheap for cash or In pay
menu, as II ia tha intention of the proprietor to novo
Wast. For farther particular eniiulra on .th pr,
tilaeesrof th EDITOR ef the GAZKTTK. i .-. '
Lancaster, Ifovombcr 15, lMSSHtf f. . .,, '
WE have In .lore at this time (with large quanti
ties of Goods yet to arrive) th , , ,
Rloc'k of riRT GOODS ever offered In th WERTf
.'' Thar haa ba aomo decline In th prleoa of Good
wiuiin a lew weoxa, wntes enables B to buy fauya
faf a of Gooda, at jf aa ar ia Jtkt. at vaav tow rau aa,
so thnt we pa aell aaeea is naaal net at
W would call special attention to , , .. - - - , '
Plolre Antiques, Fancf SilkaIlntn DIack
Silk, French IMerlnoea, ParameUn, .
- ' Aalmmana stock. Prlco MJ( I SSa. '
Amerlean. EngHah nnd French Prints.
Prices from B'e npwarde. - - ' "
(23 Oq -.CD a OS,- Q3 &
; . A most elegaoi variety) .-': '' .
Velv-ets, Cloths A Trimmings fo Cloaks;
Brocks and Bay State Rhawla, at lower friaos than
? ! -i .;er before offered; ,..;
Embroideries nnd Laces, Gloves and ITo--',"'.
" aierir, dVe.,
Weaordlsllr Invite to free examination of onr
took, which -will be lonnd greatar In extant, and at
tower prises, man any outer nnuso ean oner. .
. Clnclnuatl, NoTmbr IS, ia SnaM
-SONTAlNlN017J Acrotof good quality, wtthsoffl.
1 clant Bottom Land for meadow. 110 acre, of which
ar In a high state of cultivation. Oa the premiaes,
9tare is a nwo oatnaitu aonuuning a-oe-t
hearing Appl Treea f th boat quality. J
(rafted, a number of Peach Trees. 11 of th IJL
flneat snallly of grafted Pear Treea and unwardaoTTS
Cherry Trees of all qualltle. With th ieptloaaf
th Orchard, every Acid la well anpplled with stock
M water, from Spring en various portlondaif th
Farm. Th Biilldlnn constat of aneateomfort-
Jlavable Dwelling Hoifsp, Spring HoiiM,Waahhona
and a large Rwlaa Barn 73 feet by 41 fast, erected tn
L64S and other out bulldinga for varlons purposes.
The Farm Is situated In Greenflold Tnwnshln.olaM
miles Northwea! -of Lancaster, near Walnut CraekJ
SSiwaim lanvu .nn n.111. AllAaa ananill,
Kovambef S, teds 3mS7 ' - . - ' '
- MaeittTU dale. ...
7" Cat, eei
TT Virtuaor aa Bxeeullon agalnat pru party front
M M tha Court of Couinian l'leaa la aald aounly and to
ni.din.eted, 1 will offtir at pubile aala at the Court
Houae In Unoaater, oa MtmJmf ik, Sii day f Utttm
r, IMVfe.twuen the honra nf ia o1- a u . .. -
4 o'eloch r. M. tha following deaerlbed Heal Xalata.
-'--' ----- oi in-i,ut no. a. In tk
Xlrhth Sannroof tha town, nna-nii. ri . ....... .
allUialauialof WlUi.m U. Bhult lo aald Lot. '
Appraiaaaaitav.uoujtwothouianddollara. '. '
Taken aa th. property or William H. Ebnlt at tk
aultar John C.VVeatar.
Termaofaalocaah. WM. POTTKR, Sharif, ,
' p.rC.M. I,. WIMKMAIt, Deputy. '
. Lauraater, Hovaiuber S-,ia54 SwSSpftt
I V . yBUcrlnT'a Sale. . '
' Tkt tfaf a OAi, Ftirjkli Canary .'
PUKSUAM lo tha command of an order -of aal
front the Ooarl of Common Fiona In aald eooaly.
and to m direoted. I will offer at public aala at tha
Court Jloaeoln Laneaatar, on 7udy tktlitk dag .
Janaary, lria, between the hour of IS o'clock A. M.
and ocloeh f. M.,tha following deaerlbed Boat Ka
tato, to-wlt: Lot No. 74 lu Carpenter', addition ta. tha
fowaef Laneaateri alao. Lot Ho. I In Bradttradt'a
addition to kaneaatari alao a acre, off the Kaat end of -the
following deaerlbed tract of land, being on SSaaea
u. ,. i. v, 1 1 u uu w .j i . u in, u oi Laneaatar tra
laid out, In Townahlp Ko. 14, of Range No. IS of Unit
ed KUta. lauda aold at ChllUeotho. baglnnlng at a
poit where a alone ia planted oa the South alda Lhara
of, near Rue.' brtdjre, being the lower toll-bridge over
the Hockhocking Kitur. noar aald Town of Uucaaler.
where a honey locnal ain Inchea In diameter bear
KouthJl degraea Kaat iS7 llnka and aa Kin 3d Incite
In diameter beare North derrooa; theuaa IkHitbj
Sej dagroetWeat cbaiua ami M llnka. ta. a voat
where a konby loruat Ml Inch lit dlaoiataa boar
Miwth "t dsgrrea Vt'ealtuS link and a honey toenat
4 Inehoa ludiumeler beara North 3Uj Eaat S1J llnka;
thence South eealna and S llnka to a poat; tuenaa
North 53. degrcea Waal Schaina and Si linka lo th
place of begtuntog, eontnlning g nerea moro or lew.
Lot HoT4 In Carpentar'aadditton.appraiaod at tlsue. .
Lat No luta Brada'ato'a addition anpraiaad at tluO.
4 aeraa at Pour Hundred aud Eighty Dollara. , ..
To ba aold aath nroDom f Jamaa M. Pratt.. a aha.
tullof JohaM.Loerle. larmaofanleeaab.
, . . . , . wiuliam PUTT.K, SherUt,
Martin aad Rehleieh, AMorneye.
Laneaator.Docantber 1, IfiS Ja JStpfl '
;.r': -.?. Sheriff'e gnle'; :.',-,....;.;..
Tli i.i f Oil',. MfLM p-..,. ..
F1URHU ANT to tha command of a order of aala
from th Court of Common Ploaa in .aid eouulv.
and to mo dlrocted. 1 will offer at pnbll. aala at tho
doorof th Conrt Honae in Laocaator.oa Thndoe Ik
151 day Jawtuy, IMS, between tho- hor. ot te
o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M- th followlaa dw '
erlbed Real E.tale.to-wlt: ' " .
31 feet otafLotKotlnCarponler'aaddllloatoth
TownofLaneaater, appralaed at tl20. Ala. North.:
nanoi Lot rto. SI Hi Larponter'a addition to tha Towu. .
of Lancaater. appralaed at f-UO. Alao, Lot No 114, at-
pralaod at t33 ,lo, lot No 115 appraieed at t40tt
alao, louNollS, 117, 118 and IIS appraiaed at tttoo. '
all IncarponlarTa addition to the towu of Laneaatar. T
he aold aa the property of Jamee M. Pratt, at Uie autt -of
William Kl.de. Jun. and John Borland,, recetvera,
ftc Terms of sale ca.h, - WM. POTTKR, Kher'.II.
H. H. Hunter, Attorney.. . -
I. .n..l. nhln I ..... ... I.. . 1 ,D .a-. ' '
-, v..,v,-fv.,uwvi I.' , ,aM,Sd.J . V
. .... .. , - Sheriff's Sale.. .
Tk StmUtf Okit F-hkild Cawafg, '.'-'' '"
PURSUANT to tha command of an order of aat
from the Court of Common Plena nf Fairn.ld .An..
ty.and torn dlronled,! will off at public .al at tho
Court Honaa in Lancaster, on 7-.-ay 4c 15( day mf
Jaaaary J8J6, between 10 o'clock a., m. and 4 o'clock '
p. ra., the following described Rral Ketate, to-wtl-
... ...... nunin-rs nv auuaix a ano ) in carpenter'.
addition lo the Towu Of Laueaator, otherwise knows
and numbered on the new plat aud by recant nnm her
nia oi mil town nnweuy or Lancaster, aa Lota Now,
Two Hundred and Two aud Two Hundred aad Threw
(W and 8031 in aald city of Lancaster. No i appraia -
euaigttaiu. no appraiaed at 1 1400. To be aold a. th
:ropeny ouamea M.rratt, at the anil of John D. Mar. .
;ln. Tcnuacash. - WJLLIAM POTTER, Sheriff. '.
Martin and Kchtelrh, A Itornoya. ..? .. ,
Lnucvter, uecembor 13, less Sw39pf$3 " -,
., . . Public Sale of IlQa.1 Etote.
THERE will be aold on th ISth day or January
next, Uie farm of Geo, Kiegal decuaaeil.altuaterV
in Amanda townahlp, Fairfield county, -Ohio. 147 -acrar
la tinder good cultivation, alao a good dwelling,
houae and a hank burn; tha aamo i. well watered with
a never falling apring; 04 nerea being wall timbered,
which will be sold in throe aopornla Iota. Tha pur.
chaser being reuulrod to-pay ona hulf In cash on Iho
lat of April IPSO, the other hulf In 4 annual paymenle
willmnt Intoraat. also to appu-A anl.1 nn v ... K
Mortgage on the premises If reuuirad.
Deo. 13,183S4n32. . . IESSK KIEGEU,..' '
- r i 1 - .Attachment Notice, ' -'.
tr .- T ... M. a ii v l -s ... ...
Leonard, known as thu Ann of I .. .' .
' Plaintiff, ': ' , In an Attaclihmnt.' !
Ionard ft Hrothor . ;tV . ) ... v ...
Thoe. J. Tnblor, Defendant, ' ': . : : t :
BKPOKEJ. V.r Rrlarm.a JuatlcA of tho Peat fdr
Walnut township Falrfiuld ronnty Ohio, nn Iho
2!hh day of November, lHSj, an Id Justice leaned an or
itur of ntuichniont ill the above action for tb-.aumor
..ixtj -olglit dollars and Iwanty-rnur eenta.
Basil, Doc, 7, 1853 4s3i . .. , . .
' -; - 1m. it. : FiNLiiY,
mi FfiTift puvtiniiM
. -,'-'" .
OI'FKHS hie profoaslonal services to th cltiiun
idItncaaturaiid its vivinlly. ' --i--Aa
rhiaayatcui of rnsdicul prunllcn l new lo many
lu Hits plaee.llt may he duvmud proper to iv.e a rear
offtadittlm-liVOfeatiirea. - .-.--.
-inn irea ot in lancet t ananfloned-a a practice
fraught with evil couaoiUoncua; and a natural duple
linn mora safe and effectual atibstitated, by Increae
ingibovarlouaaucrelioiisaiid nxcroliunaof the body
thua ruduclng the olrouliitlnn to any deslrnbl a
lout, aud avoldlug otwctually the abstraction or dimi
nution of any vital or Invigorating principle wf th
blood. , ' x ,
- - A S ' A SC BSTITUTK i i i- ' . :
Forth pnlsonoua tntnornl medicines heretofore In
conimon use the moro genial modrluea aa now pre
pared in a concentrated and Durolr medial aal form.
from the vegetable klugdoio, are onl) aduiltti-d Into
practice, noing more tnnrougn and vmcient agoota'
nnd alwnja nndor th entire control ofllie prMtitlon
er; but nndor no etreumatancoa capablo of producing
atiyoflhe disaatrnu. reaulta aoen tu evory eomiuauily.
wncrc amomei au a Laura niooicniagoui.nav DB
tho chief mllanee.
Offloo Tallmade tlonin. dvar Whltn ft Latta'a
oaoro.. . .- ,, , . .. ... .... ... -, .
Kualdonro Kuv. Rtmusl Carponlera, Broadway
O.L at. Ul 1. v. ... .. .. - ..
vl .
i ). : DENTISTRY. ' '" "? .
' v. 'y. .,; 1VILLIA Jl II. KINO , . :,.
TTA 8 returned to the city, where he exports to r
I main permanently lu tho practice of hla profoaalnn.
Gratof ul for pail favors, ho hope, by attention to busi
ness to merit tho patronage of his old friouda and the
pub,; generally.- Office, Main Street, two dnora Baal
OI Nir uuiu CUIU.
Laneaatar, July 1,1HSS-Iinlt
"jVTOTICB i.horoby given, that there will be petf-
l lion nroaentod to the County inulasloners of
Fairfield County, at their December Term, IfSS, fur
tli vacation of lha County
r itonu loaning rroni tna
North of Geneva to Goo.1
Rtate Koad ono.fourthmiloc
and Griin'a Mill, and alao, fbr Iho ettabliahing a road
aomniencinciureeToartbaoramlleNorlh of Geneva
on tho 8 Into road al tha School House; thenea Xaat
-one-fourth milo to the Cold Spring on Philemon Huf-
iuru a innu; luencw norweaas across nolomonnurrard's
Jr.. Land to the corner of tho Widow II afford 'a land:
4heneo North to th Mill road leadtngfrora Bremen to
bnnu ,na Hnni'i M 11. iiura in i.mm.u -
.tor. I, I0. tWOT . fllA.M PBri J-IORKKS.
" OF TUB ' . . -s'- ' '
.' Drcnaian . WS5-
J. C. WEAVER, Troasu rer, In account nla. FalrSeM
County Agricultural Hoeioly. . . .. . t . ,
To proceeds of loan from Fulrfletd Conaty ' '
naviug. inatliiiHi,..., 4 g g 47
amount roootved from county. ....... ISO se
' - voeeived for Booth rant ..' . ' ' IS 110
" rseolvouVdeTrlng Fair. ...f
rorolved for Hay sold.......
-s ss
. s so
ti.KS se
By ami paid for making Hay on Fair Ground 934 81
, . Dlploui.e for 1H34 ; 9 It
B. K.ndall for labor tn 1834 . .'
Taxea for 1854 and SS fits
, - Note to FatrSald county Sav. tnatltnte - toe
It. F. Conroy, balance of account and
' tnteraat for work ia 1854.. ...'17 if
W. Laney, balane of aeaoant aad In., t
. 'teroatfor Peat ft. In 1854..... ., 10 SO
. ..- 1 k Ll.k U .! .... ,t.
Interest In 1854 , 3 30
J. Tiney'e account and Interest In 184 - - I la
For ohang during Fair.. ...... ....... "'tee
' For Dlplomaa for lrtSS.,.,,M..,....., , . 4 9
-1). Harps, gate keeper 4 SO
w. H. Realty, aaeount for prlallng...., - . 30
' Ohio Earl do . do ..... 11 S3
.".f Ooorg W.lfltlroy i"- " to--... ';'' 34 SO
1. Oroff, guard..., 1 Ot
C.F.Beverly, for Pump. 14 04
N. Worrell, guard ..... . 3 3d
M John Dlvenlo, whitewashing ', 1 OQ
Daniel Wlnnor.gate keeper 4 SO
-Kabor, Kutift Co.,aoeount,..i.,.i.... MM
C. Kretxer.for baullna-........ .... - 13 00
George Fatten for atone in 1854
, John McClelland for Slov fta..
Gaorco Harrl. for tabor..........
.... '
. O. H. Perry, huckau, o..,. ...... i.y
Jamaa Futlera, guard ...,.....
' Graf. Weakley, labor..................
1 Dade for cultivating Corn.. ...... ,t...
B. Batcham ft Co. Jor Ohio Cultivator
Preinlnm. ....'.........'
. Twocopyon Bqueatrinnlam;.,
- Whit ft Latin for Pad Looka . ,.
'. Genre Wlllar for labor...... ........
.. do do. Police In 18S4.
' Balanee lnthTraory...., '
. aoiai...
.,..... .....uxia 01
JOHN C. WEAVER. Treasurer
af Fairfield Coanty Agricultural Society. -.
Deatrsitil City Property for Bala.
HATcMairabl property located on Wheel
ing Street, corner of Broad Alley, being 100
on Wheeling by ISO feet on Broad Alley ,
huatdenoe aontaln t rooma, kltchtn, Outhouses, die,,
vrlthall-tha eonvenienoaa of family rojddenee alao
a new and convenient Carpenter's Shop, Smoke House,
Ruble, fte. Term!roaaonahle. - For further partlew
lara enquire of ' LITTLE ft DHESBAC1I6, ,
Kancaatar, Jely J, 18SJ 0 -' '-.-. ' - ' -

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