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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, December 13, 1855, Image 3

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T7 cnnToiLiscA8Txi.
patch art IrUk armada to Lb BrUUb bor
u U esrrr m Iriah land 4bre int Cans
da, eapabit of making aoy impraaaio oa
it, Lf thai tO or 30,000 mta would bo
prtpotteroo.' To bo tart, tb last notion
tarted among tbi Mpient breif, teemt to
bo th foruinff a jnnotion, (a Canada.
with Raaoian fore aont nemo from thotr
settlement of tlv 2iorth-wester coast of
America. . Truly a pleasant itlea,
- Th rnareh would b a prottr on in ibe
dead of .Winter;' but, betide, tnce tbe
breaking up of tb Rutaian post at Ptro
paulovtki and thereabout, wbert are an y
Russian troops to bo gotten for this egregi
ou Invasion? . At beat do they intend, af;
ter conquering Canada, toast op am indo
pendent government tbora? or do they snp
pose that, - could they take Ireland, they
could hold it, right alongside of Great
Britain, and three thousand miles from their
base of operations in tbii country? Or
what if' they roulj conquer both Canada
and Ireland? What would ensue? How
many weeks could tbey govern either.
without falling to blows and destroying
eaoh other? Tb curse of Ireland ia far
older than the foreign domination of which
she so loudly complains. That curse has
erer been, at far back as we can . trace her
annals the perpetual distractions, divisions,
quarrels, wars, which hare constantly rag
ed among her people.
. tr r.. s:...i . .. .1
out the following graphie sketch of . .
" ' , ,8 . :, . . .. ing with each other; province fought with
Wiiiam from th Daily Cincinnati . . J. ... a . , i
. . . . uivi uucj vuiviw u mtu v wvs msiu, auui; iiju
uorumo.an, Y W v. with Irish, Catholic with Protestant, and
our neighbor, of the Pope a Organ. It ,
suw. . ....... . , i . .
TJturaday Krnlug,Dec.IS, !
rrtaclpioftka Amertcaa Party of Ohio.
t. The aallmlled r,4,m rf SaNg-tea dlseonnecl
4 with polities -Hostility to eeelesleslloel ioSoenee
mi tli aStlre af wl-ql1J ' rlghta
to all aatareltaed Knitgreata wke are lasreagMr -
-resetted, sad w o temporal alleaUnea.ki
mm o( theli religion, higher IkH that ( U Ca
itiaUsn. jv,. .ltlieuehlB el-
re a.tv aMatred hy Foreigner. ad Ik proltlon nf
law l all wko kaaeetly emlgrat frava lovs , oi I Mh
tn hat the eaelaelaB of foreign Baepere and ",""V
ul a . M eetead ska r af -
.r..)Sr .IM lllty ""
I, ikt O.luiu aad oU4 wllk SaUraUMtWa
3-. Oanaaltlaii to all joltal antanliaMra aanwa
far (?, aad la aU allata r Ml4a
xlanlonln anyaf iaiarftartaa.aadtaaliiefaa f
Hi 3(llleal p br tha adnlaaloa lata Ua Ualaa of
aaf8laa atata olharvlaa, aad a damaad f Ua
Otaaral O ram muni an Immadlala radma af laa
rrsat wrann vMok a ka- lead naa ka
af Praadom aad a Amariaaa akaraMa k
tka rapsal ef Ika MlMaart- CmeiH. aad tka la
trodaaliafi f Slaa lna Kaaaai hi Ttolatlan f law,
f ton of armi, aad Ik dMWucUea o( Ik alacUt
franahlta.' ' - . ,
i - k vl . i..HiiAa af ika wladaia af Wkinr-
II liMrTnllna la Ua aSMr f
raralaa Hlalaat r4 na all nraaar aaeulona, wa lll
a at wllkkald aar ifaipattir tnm ojr paopla Mplla(
). W mmm' Amariaaa Indaatry and eaalm
raln Ika adrarta pollay af Foralaa nallana and
fMlllltaa M inlarnal and aatantal aamarea kf k
ln.-roT-ra.nl af Rlran and Harkora aad tka
alraetlan af Katlanat Road mslUnf Ik Tarlona
T. Tka r,i...ri 9ia aad rta
al tr a allrae atM uaai'i. - -
i. inlln a itatnnrir doata
. .. . mniiiitUnn af tha Tranl an-
nrava aTttaia at TaxaUoa and a llkaral taa of
(Mis Safcasl.'
Pirraaja's Mota;tr far, December has
beta duly feeeired and i decidedly one
of the riubest number of the volume.
one number can be said to excel another.
The contents for this month arc: V-.
The Armieaof Eawy. .
The Lent GaUeT.
How J Came w be Married: '
va dt uea oi a winter nigou
Longfellow's 'Song of Hiawatha.'
It Might Hare Been.
The Virginia Springs, (continued.)
axjw in in oanara.
New Beet to Xaaeerillc Oyea,
For some time past wo have detined
eying tJrtTKOiing rrapevtiag (he Ofeaing
J of th Cincinnati Wjlminga and Zaoea-
viii railroad ihruugli to MiiesviIIe, but
ili ifllervuntion of busioeta of more fat
ruejitte. tmpnrtanc hi dvlaTcd tLs con-
summation of oor intention.
A few word at present notwithstand
ing the rotd has bran open through lo
Zaneevills for several weeks, will not be
superfluous."', ' "tv-"';' .
Th aeclion of country traversed W
this route well kunwn to be one of (he
, . Xmier fr CtaUforatka. . ,
Arrival of Tka Jlertkem tlb(. . ' .
Iitw twi, Dec. II in.,- The steamship j Wheat. I. fira ICS; rTner.?3.00S3,50;
.turuwn If tun ban Jean, arrived ifVira. SRta fin- H. 7- Ojfa oi.. m.
- - . Laneatler JUatrkoia. '
Oaism Omca. Dec. 131 855.Otr
toUliona lha rnornintr are aa luUuws:
here al A o'clnck llii vaing.
are lo ine xuni ait.
IIr datea
et aeed-aoac; Timothy aeed, S.OC&e.OO;
Life among the Mormons, (concluded) jinoct productive in minemland agricultural
i ne jss oi tne Araeo.
About Kigsera,
A Visit to i lie Druses.
The Lost Limb, '... . . . "
The Green Lakes of Onondacra, ( K. Y
StaU.) - '
Tnackery, at a toet.
Hesperus.' - '
Living ia lb Country"
Benito Cereno, (concluded.) ' -
The Coming Seaaioa.. . ...
Editorial Notes.
W .th3thIt. ; v I Potoe. SO cetta; Flax aeed. 1X; But-
lea Wo. IL Kkhardkoa U.S. Marshall ter. Ifldli" Y. -m. It cni- Salt. '..
wi. toe ngnoern Dtairici oi vauiurnia.
waa aaamMtnakrd at Kan Franinwo on the
oightof the 17ih ult.by an Italian gnna-
bk-r named Cora. ' -
Isaac H. Hall, CoIUctor of iU Pwrt at
Monterey, had been murdered near J?4n
Laia Y l.iene, together wuh a vompatuun
oamed Thos. Wiilimson,
The Mttrdrr of Gen. flichardaon haa
caused an inlenae excitement at San Fran
cisco. and atrennous e(Tort are bving oiwlt
J.60; Beans bii; Sui. C3oc; CuK.
ttjalic; Tea, O10O; Molaaaea, fiOcta.
sugar, BaiDCt white ruli, 13 dollar prri
barrel: Pirkrvt.1 10.00 to 12.00:R'kBlaO-!
Vinegar, I8?5 cenU;Tuhacco. S535rta.
Hav. 7,50ii8.i50; Talk.wlOA per t;
Whialy, Wool. WOSe. . . ; ...
" it"Tjtccttvtoa,TTni:
- and luraal'kr
; Bj&3,A3,:3.jir3 , urlri UL3
' AaWdM AaaanaMataT -Oltt
Bka, AaaaiaU aa. Juvraill
rofcrnrs H0XXXDAT?, .
' - lftl, im k fcHtMrlrir i- .'
TkaTkatuki bluMOM, Karl Akhnala, Aal'lMl
lnirrHi. tkll.MHiol iatfuilt; Kuriiulial Mai
Prom Ik Sa VartTrlirm.t '
Hear Trtt Cml Market.
WiwaaiT. DaaaaikarS. tut.
rraaairr rawu roa tim irsaa.
by certain narties to i?et tha assaariu out . """r'nw,re. ,llb'N,.rr-.
Irmh Tls4om.
' w
lrUK WUiam
mty furnish them some
tliaii-aaxt -."creat ' Moicintr over
ttoither brilliant victory in Chicago:"
"There it among us a body of people
farwj dare not say; a nationthe univer
aalaagteity of whos proceedings is tb
vr.y nttural result of the habitual moder
ation audjooolness of their counsels. And
all UiU, and fight each other, all the while,
in spite of the chains of their British thral
dom. Not even those chains can teach
them to spare each other. If they hat the
English, they hate each other still more
furiously. : And even in this country,
where surely their broils might oease, they
are perpolutlly staining our harmless soil
with their booties and brainless feuds, of
aince it is our happiness to have them
i A i: mnl a itnmfArt In tha land.
... , .;..:. whiah scarcely a man among the m can
it would b nothing loss than a sin against J
, ' i:j. : - .1 : f ll,a k a prowuu . wu uiw w. ..u .u
Ka0W19U5O. a..u a aJ
eyes against illumination, were we to keep S
our readers m ignorance , of the mighty , v .
plant whi.h the double patriotism or om. - -" " -
r? R,ailini,A,iihAlh,ri liaafla annat vn
r . rn.Krn n t uM ara devis ntr. " - J
MIU ..w.i.. i r u.lL-.
, ii. fl "me iney meat, iuci n iwui tnow i
f r tha eoraman njaoe and happiness ot ' .
better from Hon. J oka T. Brasee.
Below we present to our rerd.-rs a letter
from the Hon. Jons T. BnasxB, our Slate
Senator elect from this District.' From
the tenor of his note it will be soen that Mr,
Braiee wishes it distinctly understood that
the movement now on foot in many por
lions of the S'.ate to place him in the U. S.
Suate (for which his many qualifications so
eminently built him,)waaemmenced with
out his knowledge or approbation, and that
ho is not a candi.lato. for that offie. - Per
this' fact
and when we enJorstd the - article of
of the hand of the authorise for the pur-1" Takidandtaiinvar'artk-aarw
. . -. . ' ' ku. J . ILI. La L. 1 B - -. .
Tha Prim in-u win a at araraga cm la.
Pint aall!r Ml. lo II tasu.
Xllnrml III . . ' - - : '
X.liat . aad aaaa lr.ata. :
Pwri-t. a s rvnl. -v
Wat aw aalea aar lU ayala ir aadar ati ,.
aarv LinMniainaa Suaaaaad tlaaibaavctf-
aa 1 Mi r.rlra aa r-n
iaaiav-WaalaTn llnra. aamrd.lafra.SVatnnalltv.
AKWf.Hrr wik: it did wrlrki: mall il
and presently with the Ohio Central and were supposed to be a party of Mexicans. fcXYVM
jj-umuuro auu vuiu roaua at ii eastern one oi tliem named Uarcia. furouit wi """J ' '"f w-" "" " "
. : I i ... . . .. lratalllar. 7a:r.llrar4akt:.'.4ad wU.
wruiiaua. - - i maue nv a nariv oi . Amaru-ana nadr r tne I n.. i ..u. .
Superadded to its directness, absence of Sheriff of the count v.. The liiurJerersr,r,hwt,"-,".,h,,wh,r,l,,"'"."n"' "'' "r-
: 1 , . . I . - ... l rw' iw aaaai.awil tip? laa man mm vaaa. t
numeruuacurTea, BiwajaoujecuonBDlc lea- Were overtaken at tsalina, and a hsrlit en-I TkaiH., ,i m.rtM w-rf.l. 1 . ...l.wl.-k I.
Irelanl and of the United States. ..
Irishmen, it slioulJ, in the first place, be
rem trkad, are the mist fervid patriots in
the woriJ." List than twice as patriotic as
Amriuans, mbaJy cn oonoeive them to
b i; for do nit they love tieo countries, while
Wj lova but on To be sure, it is a little
difficult to say wherein , consists the patri
otism of it ppulation that never did. any
thing for Ireland but to break eaoh other's
beads, to drink whisky, curse the Jin-
rliah. "come awav to America, and then
t it.;. M,nf- f.ir iiy benefit, the sonally. we were Wall aware of
aama entire course of patriotic action, nd when w
aara and except one that of liowing "BocKEra" Ust week, wo. did so withoui
their attachment to their adopted as they consulting any one and still mut adhere
did to their native land by luaving it. to it. It ha always, we beliive, been one
Now, if leavinglreiand proves a man to of the doctrioes of the American party to
ba an Irish pttriot surely it is necessary consult no man whom they should select
Wt ha .SauU liave this countrv also, in for office, but to, cleft hi and make him
rjar to prove himwlf a true American pv Mrve. as a duty'du'e to the country". This
triof. Cjrlalnlv ther should be willinsr to was the oourse punued when Mr, Brasec
aA-,a it,t. AAimtrv imt as thov erve their was elected State Senator, and we doubt
-- ---
own, by quittinj it. . It is, moreover, a
littla ex'.raordinarv that it sliould never
have eaourred , to them that they them
islret stand in just the tame relation to us
as the Saxon strangers, whom ' they so
muoh hate, do to them, namely: they are
forflicrnera to our lancraaffe. to our faith, to
.,1in.r.. to our habits: thev have Party is concerned, his election to. the U
hrnu-rhtun'on us lawless practices and pa- 8. Senate will be iisisted upon by it Rep-
9 r
ions whioh are deeply injuring the coun
try; they have introduced ruffianism and
blood-shed, at our eleotions; they havo at
tempted to lord H over us, upon our own
.'oil, and treat us like a conquered' people,
Cdn they wonder then if they should be tne gth inst., of an article from the ''Cler-
. taalrad unon in the" same Uflrht here, as the mont Courier," addressed "to the mem
.EaiHshminis in Ireland? :.::yZ of lhe, 0,iio lei'
.. . . . ' , .. t.. sin-nature of vBuckeye," con
( uut wa turn w our .uirg r- whh le offi(!e' of Sen.lor of tJ.
lata wise proceedings of this sagacious na- .. . g, te. f 0) io t fi,la,i tbi j
tion. '. Every body knows the late ado so U,rby the General Assembly, has just at
ridiculously kicked up in England, at the traoted my attention. . ;
; f . . ;v..;nn nt Traland. hv the I wish to nv that the original publica
. , ... ' . ' ti S. ....oiia tion in the Courier as weil the republi-
Irish of this country. - It is equally nolo- u n paper w mdwilh.
rious that tbore had been some oaus for out m tnowiadge or approbation and that
this alarm, o tar as aitnor xrisn or Amor- i am not a candidate lor mat otnee.
laaii "waaoonadea could warrant alarm. ' So- . , Respeotfully yours.
' nleties are in existenco, all about the coun- . ;- '1 ,"-' JPHN T- BRASEE.
try, for. the pretended purpose of libcrat- ' " Q'al0 Eoitomai. Assooiatioh.- The 3d
ing Ireland. " Mr. John Mitchell proposed Wnual meeu'ng of the Ohio Editorial As
in his Citizen that they should seize the gociation will bo . held in Columbua, on
- moment of the present war in the East to Wednesday, the 9th day of January, I860.
. strike a blow at Ireland, or at panada.- Matter concerning the interest of every
. With thete two notion the discreet brain news-papef publisher ia Ohio, will? be in
of bur Irish seem to havo 7 been full ever jorder for discussion at this meeting, and
ialnse. Alternate projects or the conquest the anniversary exercises will be of a high
of Canada, and of the re-conquost of Ire- interesting character. -As the conven
land, have been On foot; aver, since tney
were first proposed by the military genius
resources in the Slain oi Ohio, ami its ad
vanced state of ilevelopment io the latter
department, combined with it enormous
capacity to the former, constiutes one of
the great ad vatage of the road, and ia(
once a guarantee or an imraenae and eon-
aianuy increasing business. A rich pop
uloua territory tTierfore is the basis for
the success of the road. In the next place pose of lynching lim. but the attempt has
it posscses the advantage of directness un-lbeen frustrated by the fimnes of the
obstructed by vexation curvature to im Sheriff.
rjeda a ramd rata of aneed. and ia at anna I If, Willt.mia 1. i:il,.,l
. - - . I - ' " I ..f.n.Hnvil, Win, W. . IIILU IM
i. .mtneam isHertuutx ana tttpnnu. introduced to tbe oublio a a e-reat thor- nan Wiih Mr 11,11 ... iK. ..r .A
z. Jburopean jAieraturtJC, not ana. ouahfart ia Kaairrn ciuaa. bv it rnnnnrt. Mni.r. ..i.
. . - ir ' - i j
eruct.sermay. ion With th Little Miami road at this end, The murderers of the latter eentlemaa
o, urama,
: 4. Opera, v -; ,.
6, ftn Art$, . ' C
6, TUU and TMt of Content.
Tirus: 83 a vear. or 25 cents a sum
ber Putnam's Monthly and Household tares in railways, there i an absolute sav- sued during which two of Ibe Sheriff's i'A'd.ri wh"'4i aZm
Worda 96 Putnam'a Monthly, or Uoue logoff wtlc milei distance, in favor of this party were killed. ir otbrtd iat wdn.da.
doiu vroras, Willi in acitooijtuovi, io one route over tnatoi uie VHiiumoua at Aenia, I Uapt. Archibald Ucltae, of the revenue
address 83.60; or all three of tbe Maga- Ohio Central, besides a relative economy cutler McLean, had committed suicide
vL.,.iv. . ,( vi wi aui, .uuiiwum wiir-a in u cvia- i uuruiir eniporary nt oi luaaiiiiT.
We call tha attention to the following pound rate of speed, greater than that at- The Indian difficulties in th north eon-
..w.i.nriui.r tK-P,r.ri-r.f. Pnt. uinbl 1 ol,MS' ' thu tinned. A . battU bail been fought on
: ai:..'i:w ... -H ' - en that a saving of about twenty miles Rogue river, between 300 Indians ami 400
nam. iui oooooiwiiow will -u timi md diilinct. till hi couiileHil d- f,;l.ii .. Rmiih .1 l. ia-.lnd
ouam ranch needed in the Literature of oided. auoerioritv 'and must therefore re- Th fi.rl.t 1ta,l nin Lu.. ln n... i'.!?.,nf
the day, and we wish the enterprise abun-1 Jound to Ibe pront of the road. ;, troops were obliged to retreat, with a loss
dant auceaaa. Will tint man of our I ne benehts to be derived, to merchants of eizuteen killed and 25 woundad. ba.
friends send in their ubcription? pecially at either end of the road, are o Wool had proceeded to the ccne of the
' 1 aWVIflaWnt til Bit rV)fOPnrkr. IA ftltal BlllKtd-ll tXAaPITta I IrkttKlA
Beautifat iHa-ailae for Ckildrea. . w. : ' ... w ...t ... . tt. u a.... ,i
niuiv,, .u.iuuwui. hi tiiij miiyyuav iui aiio uuriuern ijiiii.iirini unica irum
instance a eilisen of Cinci nnati, being call- Salt Lake to the 1 1 tb of October.
ed to Zanesvile upon business, having I Pifficullies have occurred between the
had limited time at command. He leaves I Mormons and the Eaton Indians. Several
the Little Miami depot on the six o'clock Mormons had been murdered.
train, and arrives at Zanesville at 2,30 o'- I The Banking House of Sandon it Bro.,
dock. Returning, he leaves Zanesville at I at San Francisco, had fallen. Its liabilities
4,50 o'clock P. M., thus civing him two were 980,000: its assets notltin?.
lor children ever issued in this country or hours for tlie transaction of business, and borne rain had falUn, and there was
elsewhere; and they will employ, for this enables him to reach home th same night, much snow in the mountains, but the win
purpose, aU the resources which their po- This is the present winter arrangement, Iter rains had set in.'
si tion as proprietors oi Putnam s Uohtult, I but during the long days of summer tbe I ibe miner are awaiting the rainy
and their relation with the most popular re-organisalion of time-table will aQord
author, put at their command. Tbey still further accommodations.
will aim to combine, in the engravings and The road i in reclity finished only to
the letter-press of the SCHOOLFELLOW Putnam, opposite Zanesville, but the fer
tile utmost possible beauty, variety, inter- minus is much nearer the centre of the
est, and substantial instruction, with an J city than th depot of any line entering
elevated moral tone and reverent spirit I Cincinnati is to our centre of business.
in Uompany, however, aro pushing oper
ations upon the bridge over tho Masking'
um whit unexeampled energy, and will
present it complete by the first of January.
The entire Hue is in complete condi.ion,
being well ballasted, and in one of the
smoothest and most substantial tracks in
. iw , a mi at ma uw. aaaitaaM.aa, a. a. Ik.
m Paa Haaa.: fan O.I Fwmw Carta, Lif a1-"'"'1
Naaatoa: Tka Umr Ptekari Catkartaa II, af Naaa. j .
la. laj Tra T.l; Ida Hormaal Jauaa a k lal Ka
iuessrs. vix &UWA.UU3 take oo-
cession to announce that, with the begin-1
inng of the new-iear, the well-known
Magazine for Boyt and Girls, ' . .
will pass into their hands. It is their in
tention to make it excel any publication
KewTrk Market. - s-
Ifatr Vo. rtaraniSarll-.FIoar Markat fat-Mt.,
mna Aiiaadleva rrrade; ma-fcallaa akad Sraiar. arllka
fair daai.nd far karaaaaaiaaarpllaa aad far Sllar -tr.fl,.
Hklnnara ara aayllMflaaa vraaa aafrnt.
K-Inu .anilnn larra. Tka amlea laHaila t.AMY
at tSdS 'ta': faranaiaiaa taaitra Ftavt saajaT
fjr taltM la faa aad laaj rradcanf IU MiHf;
iliaaa. iaraaala. TSIInol. and Okla; in f"
axlra Gaaaaae', tha raarfeat ttMag (rta feet
Whf Mark at rmr. ltk k(trd"itiaiid fnrknma
aaawmaUa aad avaoft. Th.re as a.Hr a aiadamt
atark.nS-rtfitr. and Ik- ,apLlf af ffvod and prla. r.r
rl. la anil. ttmltd. Pair), latla I- T.SnS bomUtH Rrd
aaalHen at (4 aX S4 tl kaakala Whll. al t ttt Id.-
M K.d Ckirara aad Mllwankieat !) CO; and B,-
oua anana waita vaaaaiaa htpih." ...
I.nm Tkr ! aiafiaajt aeaiana. ana in maff
ktl a ahad. raw Kalaa iacladj 'gfi0 baak Wait
am MIdatBsl '
Philaelelphlft Blarket,
PaiL.Bar.rflr Par. ra ber II. Cnttaa arrlatac ra-
tkar more frv.ly. km Ike daaaaad I limited.
( loror n-aa la attraruac mnra aitaaliaai prwa aaaa
advanre.l M aanlt; aalas of i kuabal, or uld aad sen
at ier4oaaada. '
FLi'ir conl'na, exreedlactf alU aad prlrea ara
atendlr maintained; HtUearnaex-rrt daaian.I; 7t
hftii. wiiii at e 7i for eua-tara aad g-oad kraxM.
aad S-V9 Ml for extra and fancy.
Wham la In aTo.nl lamina ami ant a llrnnea araaaai
..rrinr. aale of l.cea kaakala la loteal l SS3 la?
1 is for kue.
lliere Wa not much gOldOOmiPga.eihaikalifaldrlloaealdata.aSoat,and Hid
VTiinviivi aw in nor. at fur, i.vtw vuanvia ai win
new mued tola atse eaata
Whtaker dull: m all lii of Eaatara at d aentt.
aad rneoa atJ centa. , , . , .
areaaautl WwirM Olla) IW wait, -la lava at lat
V Mf M Haula. Ti-a-la.r arllk FaartlT and rkel
n,"irr,,M Hyana a. Port Maalaa, .rd
aaaa,aa lairf atkararlMaa aa aaaiaraae t. tM
U-.a. Laavaater. lkaMMbar. !- I If
DrroX4 t Arteattre, irmUea:tur'aaat " "
( ...IIiMB iBterc-ta,
Hala Tavm auniH, U ,4w g, . n ,
Veitnaa XllaaT IktaeM fkanrMa luaiaal T ilt f - '-'
aareaaUM, iavirr, ixaa, prlnwd aa aa emit
aaliaf aew tyka. and -a til ka eaplall) lataraatiaaT
" e-arF naa aa,T.av an a.a.r.1 aimioMO. Biara i
Kaiait'CUMrawaiaa:. Frail ? rowtnr, rar.,or Intoraat
in Ik. heit,laeaa td1ab-IHaTfrr af Ike Hai. I'lrJr.
in. ru'lurrnnll-niij knaaaaaaiarkiikatrvaaT
ralf klirr IKl'KTlilAt I KOOkV'H will lend kta
hiSaruee .ad n.lrMn.rn ta aaajaia ihlaedd a.4 tm ,'' .
mend or tne rami inicreata, ana I lnerenee lunlraa- .
UfinnnnHlaeak.il k.ea. aa wa rerfru llr denni.,'
a koiiiik i.it nt icVkmv ati6nnoiyoul .i
Tkaaailrvtr'waelalntwklpaf laMCaltltatnrVarCeea
Tnckaa-d l.v frd . r. H.aaia, wkn ka. teen Aaaa
date EdHae ajllfcklr. aawaHMB for Ike laat ? aaara,
aad ka la n-i.rm1n.il tka rter ak.ll l.a .aaanllallr
lr.lr.kle a-on VKHV FiBklRH' riKKSlCIvl - '
He kaa Ik aaaaa and tka diamx.iiii I aiaka II ad,
and k. ealt.aa.ll M, fnaada-antek larladea all aaui '
kind .ad aaanMnd .a ean aa tbe aaiaa. aad Ik .
caak.for a rani lire aad Indeaanderd faraiera' pariae.
inn. nmeie tnf.t. si a T-ar; a cnfiiea mr as w
anlaafaeaa. Caad.MMnr tatke ealler.n arikaluh.t .
alwaaia adranr-.aad to baain aitk Ike yr. For-A.
anarial off.ral.1.-r,al ae-au.iT)ulrealTOr MMteae, -;
or aaad dlreerly tc mm 1nt a fall praapaetn and eneel
ea-nfr,att4 raitaa elafc lajraarawa aeirnnoraaoav. .:
B. U. BIRKia.
Kdlleraad rroarietot, Celaaiiu,Oklo.
tub m far meiTFoii ie. . . -
The steamer John L. Stephens airived
Ion the Will, and the Sierre Nevada, on
the 10th. All on board were well.
Clneinnatl "frtrkct.
In short, it will be their purpose to ren
der the SCHOOLFELLOW a welcome
vinitor and a ' valued friend among ; the
children of every family. ' .
Will continue to be published at 8 1 a year,
....l.l. : . I....... c:,i D..1
unvaiiia ainni, in nmrauuu J'jlkliov d Ml' . . .1 r A I
Jm'iMonllJyotllou.ihold WWrwillbo 'e west, thns insuring safety, speed and
unl with III. 'Srl,rtrl ia'r 1 ftxir In nna a,l. COmfort.
" ' " --.-""i 1 . r .. 1 ,1.. ... : j:i:
iiu air iuiu mai 1110 iiiiniiuiai uviiuiiiiii
of the company is excellent, a fact which
speaks emphatically of wise and ablemau-
sirement.. But the crowded state of our
columns precludes further remarks to-day,
and we close by referring our readers
11. VldI.0'VT,
Corner af Main and Milh StreeU.
Per. 13.16ii-3 ZaaeaTille, Ukl.
no, will be tbe course pursued by the pnrty
should he be elected U. 8. Senator. His
being no candidate will be one of the great
est recommendations in hia favor. There
fore, wa ay again, - we most cordially en
dorse every .sentiment of Buckeyc," and,
so far as the' iufluenee of the' American
resentatives in the Legislature without
consulting his wishes iu tho premises and
will demand his service in that body.
Talk Editor of lb Laneaeter Gazette. ' -
- Lancaster, Ohio, Dec. 8, 1855.
Sir. The republication in your paper of
dress, for $3.50; or all three of these Mag-
atina for 85,51).'; : . , .
A great change will be 'made In the
character of the engraving, which will be
equal to those of the most "popular illus
trated publications; The number for Jan-
uaicu iiuuiibaiiuua. x no iiuniuai nil ami- . ., i .. , . -r . . . . .
uary will be issued early in December ",e 'lvert,scments pub.shed in the dai-
. . .Ma naiuu fur tlia inf.irmiitiiin Yalativa td
ly papeas for the information velative to
the times of arrival or departure. Cm.
TJcw Hems
Prof.. Calvin JVaru baa been elected
President of the University of Vermont, at
Burlington.' Leonard Marah.M.D., broth
er to James Marsh, and late PresiJent, has
been elected Professor of Latin and Greek,
which was left vacant by the promotion
of Prof.' Pearco.
Thatcher Perkins, Esq., of the Alexand
ria locomotive works, has been appointed
Specimens will be sent crntis to ' all who
apply. : DIX at EDWARDS,
. 10 1'arlc l'lace, JNew York.
The present, is a most propitious time
to tubsoribe for all these works, as a new
volume of "Putnam" and - "Household
Words," commence ' with the January
number." . "'' ' ;
r-i r . . .
; CouKrcsalottal.
Wasiiinotos, December 1 1. Swale
Brodhead offered a . resolution that the
AAmmiitu An finannA inrmira .nlri tlm air.
pediency of roporling the appropriation Superintendent of the Central Ohio R.R.,
bills for the support oi the uovernmeni, " " - r... ...
or adopting other measures, with a view to drg f bi duties. So says the Baltimore
obtain some speedy action on them. ' He Anurican- '
would ask th Senate to consider the ques- - jt now a settled matter that the first
tion of right and power in the Senate to church erected in Kansas will be under the
originate appropriation bills, his obeel be- auspices of the TJuitarians. Tbe sum of
ing to avoid tho evils of Night sessions. 95,000 has been raised in that denomina
Cass gave notice that ho will move to- tion for that purpose.and their agent is now
morrow to go into the election of standing on j,;, war to tho Territory to superintend
committees the work. A trentleman of Boston has sub-
,.The enat then went into executive gcrjbed 250 to procure a bell, on the con-
session. - - dition that a clock should bo placed in the
Houet. -The balloting for speaker Was tower.
returned with the following result Ittuh
ardson 74; Banks 107, Fuller 27; Zolli
coffer 4; Carlisle 2; scattering 12. 41st
ballot Banks 107; Richardson 74; Ful
ler 28; ZollicoBer 3; Orr 2; scattering 1 1.
42d ballot Banks 100; Richardson 75;
Fuller 27; Zollicoffer 3; scattering 13.
43d ballot Richardson 75; Banks 107;
Fuller 28; Zollicoffer 3; 113 necessary to
a ehoice. - -
Stanton said: "It is apparent that we
cannot come to a result in the present con
dition of thiniTS, and there seem to be
- . SMITH dt NIX0X.
Afrnntefur the amoit eulebralod nianufar.tor.ea of the
Union, riontre tu rail tlie ultenlioii uf buyer, partiifit
lurlt to the above celobraled inalruniai.ia, of wliirk
tuejr cvuiluully keep a ileuilll aaaurlmeul oa Danu.
jr.r earrcara,,yBa.je. aad f aaiiry e rear. ea. ,
era ratei. injr hot k ten aad (a.,, diaace ...
. .. awa.nien, pvftttiom .jlaiek
aad griut irukUitl,
The 8lolrt I'iano is 1'iifiarpaaaed.
Piano Hall, So. 10 Pourtk itraet, Bear Vina.
Cluc-luutll, UeeajjeiS Ti. ,2 .
Ctanaa.Tf. Daeaatkae. 11 FLOOR fkaraaraaa
arood demand for Plnar aaaln 1ode. and In. aiark.l
waaSroK Tka anlea Ineladud tua.joa.t5a. I mum
ban.la at 7 ii! ( aad RS do at 7 . A aale af 80 Ufa
UiHnrartla.l al d 10 Be.
Hog ft Tk- market ia Srm, wllk elMofS.rX kead.
In lata, at en as. - .......
PHOVIKIOV aleaof SO barrel, aiaea Pork at Ml,
S0-.imdoatl7W: Tin cmea Sh.iMere alt,r; SU
do Ham al ft. anii;i do da at e.
wniSKE The mark'-t ia Srm. with aaiaa of M
harrela at Sic. and 1SU do froia wagona at ii We Tbe
demand eteee.la the aaprlT.
CIlrlF.HtTh demand I fitodatXa Mala, wllk
ale of doti bove.
HI'TI K H A aale of 1 karrrl cnad roll at t?ne.
HI'GAK I ke market ia anrkuged, with a moder
ate demnnd al full rat-a.
COPFKH KaleaofS haoal II V" ata.
MOLAPEKS A aale of2S bWa at Ilue.
!tjw Orients Market.
Saw OaLcaaa, l)eeealr to. Cotloa derllned .VI
Sew Orleena(airuaie. aioiaaaeajnjie.
Flour I. la moderate raiiuaat al l, a-
Stertinc .
"Ta Omariian,11 will eneBiaaoee lla Vlftl, itj" . .
erne. I a, war. t. israi. lit. aow aa a.N and enannee- '
all) kaowa. Ikal Mule need n aald la IU behalf. Willi . .
the eaa-rtane wklrn wekara gained laeillttng H. foe
Ike aael aawr aaara, aad wltk In kaowledira af tka -aanleof
tke aablle.wklek trarel and Carraeaoadeaee)
kaa cirea we. tneatkeewhk tbe vary manr able Cow- -
Irtbnji'm. wkn-k w bare kaea eonauntle adding la
our norriorore lamr lie, a e real mat i wa uaie r.av
aa te maea Ikaa eeer worthy af Ike natmaaga af tka
entire eaaaire nd era ean aaamr ail. fkat koweeer .
.trellenl It ma) bare kaea for tka paat fear, tl wilt '
e Better rae the yeana eaaia.
Tke uaia Faaaaa will enniiaae loae laeeea weeiiT,
na a large folia alie-t, nf elana, wklta aapar. aad aa
rl-artpe. .ndlll.tld wltk Culanf Tloaaeatle AbI-
aiala. ImplaraenU. Trwee, Hoaaa. ee. air. toe newa
and MlaeailaneMreaartmaaa Market Beoru,dM.,
all! ireeire cartel alleatloa. - -
Tanas of Ik OHIa FatrMtdf.
iariaiei. ia aeawna.T " . "
ainaleonTnerear..ai Onaraoe.alvfflontk ..al ,
TbrvraVleaae)aar. .i Pl toplea. tlx montba. .
rira(apiaaaewr....e Ta Cnalee.aiK m-aotba...
Tea ifiiaa, aaa faar. ... gia. :
A Clakaf raeuheerikera. at a.wllt entitle the pdr-
ami mak ing It ap Io a eopy foe ax montka, a Cla ai
tan, at gia. Vi a copy forawa year.
TTld eiaiiwrlkara. wba wlek to resaw their ak
aerintieB.eaji Aa aa elan time, ki getting a aaer aok- -erriber.aad
aendlngaa 1. wblek will aay for ketk fa
oaa year. JXf acaacaie witjott bblit.
r: . Tnuia ab nnirern.
Proprietor aa Bdtaar, Claealand, OU.
who nerer shed any thin y for freedom, ex
ee'pt ink; who solemnly proposed to fight
th English ia Dublin, by throwing nitric
acid upon them; whose exploits at Slier
gammon and at Sidney equally consisted
n a dishonorable fight. On would think
Ahat the history of Irish patriotism and of
Irish sense, was pot suoh as need inspire
.a England, any very great dread of their
.threat, as far away as this: ;'t T .'. ' ' -:;We
cannot beliere that the e rious idea
f Invading Ireland from this oCuntry erer
entered even that place of blunder, an
irishman' skull. There may hav been
people who thought that other Iiishmsn
would go on such an ixpedition; but ther
never wa yet the particular Paddy who
did not know that h himself whould never
make one in any suoh party of pleasure.
. Nor is the Canadian (ebeme muoh more
feasible. The Canadians are quite abl to
take care of. themselves against any tiich
rabble. It would almost be a easy .to dis-
tion will be held during the first week' of
the session of the Legislature, when many
editor will be ia the city; in any event. we
anticipatean unusually full and., profitable
meeting. ' Let the 0 bio Press be fully rep
resented. For th committee, '1" , ,
t . ; -8. D. HARRIS, Secretary,
. Columbus, Dec. 7, 1855. ',
' eCSTThe work upon the C. W. fc Z. Rail
Road Bridge at thi point is being pushed
forward rapidly: one section is already up,
and tne section well under way. ibe struc
ture will be entirely of pine well seasoned,
and secured and strengthened by numer
ous rod aud bolt, with roadway for two
track, and promises to b a substantial
and durable affair. At tbe rate it has pros
rested thus far. it will be complete in very
few weeks, when tne cars will run to the
depot of the Central Road, on Market
ttrett, in this city. 2ani7 Courier.
.: Mr. Wm. Mohler, the owner of the cel
ebrated Weir' cave in Auarusta eo.. Va..
hat old it to Messrs. David Craig and John
Perkins for 810,000. . There are 60 acre
of land included in the sale. Tha etre is
still to be kept open for the public .
, tW The Springfield (Mass.) Republi
ran, in noticing a Locofoco torch-light pro
cession, a few daya since, said it was two
and a half minutes in passing a given point.
Tbe Locos complained of this statement,
and the Republican correct by saying they
are informed that one individual in the
ranks was more than two and a half min
utes in passing a given point, and several
others could not pas it at all. That' a
correctron "as i a correction." ... .
JtsT'A ploughing match for boys came
nanoaaJi aiithar for an out door conference off last week at the Black Bear, in Bucks
or a change to a plurality, with a view to county, Pa., when nine lads, the oldest 17
giving the majority one more enort io year oi age, etartsu ior tue pn.B, uuibu-
unite. I move ah rejournment-" mg off their work in a superior manner.
Cobb of Alabama "I second th mo The firt prise of 810 was.won by Jame
tion " ' V Cornell, aged 15, tbe otheraightall reeeiv
Houston, (to Stanton.) "Do you think ed pritc. varying from 88 to 82.
you can unite t" . v " There aDDaara to be trouble in New-
Voice "wm try; gtveusacnance. : yofk ab,ut the relurn8 for Judge of the
THE underalfrnetl te now recnlTing frnra the Eait
ernriliea. a fraab Mtoeh af tVroccrlce.
whicb utakea bia aaaortmeut eootplete.
1 Tiio Lot ! rancr Candies. Alao,
Fruit, ltuta, eVe.a Ve. .'
5otlonttidTnviln all tholr Tarietiej, KXPRRSSLV
POH TIIK HOLIDAYS. Hear in mind akat be will
aell LOWER than anybotiao In PalrS'ld Coot.tj-.
bancaaler, fee. IJ, 1J aw . juii.i iiu.m
(urrai naa oi ni l aV t. w. aiaaaaof ChillieoUia)
lleroteahia eseluaira uttontion to lha treatment of
Chronic fjiieaans. fiurhai Dyapepsia, Rhounieiiaiu.
I Iver Com plaint, Kptlepey (I'Hsl htrnfula. lanrer,
Piatula, diaeaaea of the lye,Kktn and all dieeneeanf a
loac aiaudinir or of an o'baliaaia tiatara. - Prom ex-
tenaies oxperieuce with Ibia elaaa of diaonae ha ean
auure the afflicted that they can be eurod. He alen
gie aiecial attentniB to tbe treatment in aiaeaaeeor
Ike Throat and Lunga. In their treatment ba ad.ipta
the medicated luliilalloua by Bhlcklbo elrtueaoflhe
mudlcine eaubeappllod diravtly to tka eurfac of tho
diaiiaaed Lnnga, which lathe only treatment tUat will
en re these diaeaaea. When deaired he will ulao iletect
the location of disease by means nf ttleetrlcity. ny
this raettiod of examination tho location of nny dis
ease ean be accurately detected wimool asKing ma
patient a question.
Dr. L. Barber will ba al lhe Tallmadga Honse In
Lancastor, Friday and Saturday, tbe 4lk dt Sib or Jan
nary next.
Lancaator, Deo. IJ. ltt. St '
Oa Ike rtb Horemker, br tka Her. I. B. Wr.,
Mr PTF.PH KK WHITMORBand Miss MART niU; -kUEoftbe
Tlcinltyef Ptckericirion.
A MRrtTINCofthe Rtoekknldennftb Lataieai.
V " ii Marlit and Cake I'aaaaaf,
wiTi be kald .1 Ike Hole I of t. . Khalffer. Keq an
MONDAV tVKMNti. DECEMBER 17. II-.S5. for tke
elortteo of Uirectors.Ae. JOll.t 1. M.tKTIS,
r. n. twi.i,,
' ' - J RAMOKt, BKRBT. -S .
SoTebar1S,ieM "8 JAM KB OATkH. --a
TOST Xoremlier SO, Si. a Brab aofored Port Mo
, k.lv r. ind ...marh.r. aa Bke TumnUre. be-
laeen fnensieraad ABiamla,ontajni( "J ')of
rblrk la aUnld coin as Mllowa: rare 3r nieres.
three i plecae and 6 la Rank Bills Alao, one pro-
nttsorv nme aalnaifroorre w aiam asm irrimia. any.
able Io Wrirhl aad Helkr aad dne Dee. 1st. H5: aian,
one are! net Sam 'at Oriffltk for . fwyaMa to Wrls;kt
ana Keiinr and ana nor. an. ino atao, aaaa aawiuai
Joba Ncaltk for t, payable ta Wrlffbl and Haiay aad
ua. Man-a I, lion. - '
Tkoso Intoreased and tha nubile ewaerally ara ke to
by cutloned matt linuif of bunif aaid aoies troa
mpmner aeraons. .......
A iiiu.nl aomnenaatloa will ka arlTea to any pereoa
ah. nLan lha MlTfl to mraolf or to Wricht and
Selfcyla Laainster,argir tnformatinn where It caa
ba obtamoa. u.tnu
Lancaalor.UeecmberS, JDU awsi
Portable and Stationary Sicam Fairer
Th motion to adiourn was neiratived
44th ballot Banks 107, Richardson 74,
Fuller 28, Zollicoffer 4, Orr 2, scattering
10. 45th ballot Richardson 74. Banks
106; Fuller 27. Zollicoffr 4, Orr f . scat
taring 10; 112 necessary to a choice.
The House then adjourned,
" - Wear Tork Election.
are the . vote for tbe different
at' the ' eleotion' 1tt - New-
':- t T
u ', '.-
Republican, .
.Americans,..' .
' ft-
Hard Democrats,
Soft Democrats,
Maj. against the Democracy . 73,613
The results exhibit a tremcdous falling
off in the Democratic columns. :
" . 1
Lyman Thomas, was killed on the rail
road West of Sandusky on Wednesday eve
ning. - In passing, the freight train by ac
cident bad two ear detached, - A soon
aa tbi wa known, efforts were made to
notify the next train, but before this could
be done the Locomotive ran into the cars,
throwing it from the truck, aqd filling Mr.
Thoma. v - - - -' - -
Court of appeals. Mr. Sheldon haa tbe
plurality,' having been on the.'; tickets of
T a . 4 WW 1 .1.1. 1 ft .(..-
botn tne tiaras ana tne Boris. out, oy
some 'mistake in his name, the State Can
vassers it is said will be obliged to (five the
enrtificate of eleotion to Mr. Campbell, of
the Amenoan party 4 "0 presume he will
not accept of the placo on euch conditions,
and. that Mr. Sheldcn will, ultimately be
commissioned."',;, , , ! , ,-
Cob T. P. Shaffner was among (he pass
engers by the Atlantic, having completed
arrangement with the Russian Govern
ment for the construction of railroads and
other publio works to the amount of 826,
000,000. He returns to make arrange
ment to carry out his project. ;
A severe fire broke out on Cedar street.
N. Y. yesterday, which destroyed the
tores 40, 42, and 44. The loss is 940,
000. At the same time 300 bales of cot
ton, just landed, wore bnrnt.
A report is In circulation that 5000 Irish
men contemplate a descent upon Uanada.
Tbe bull that attempted to butt the Loco
motive off the track, was wise compared
to these men. - - : . . v ..
The total vote of Texas at the recent
election waa 45,478. In 1862 it was only
18,547. This show a surprising increase
within three year. ;','.,.
mill, owing to tbe Immense Jo
ra.ud aud reautnoraUnK prices of lumber, cotnaends
Itself to the owners of Umbered lands, aa well aa oik
ara wishing to ti,ar;e In tb kinineaa. Like tho
threakltif machine, it ia taken tn tha work, tuetead of
l:ie work beint; taken to It. Tracts of timbered lands
of ao greater extent than JO to fill acre,, cutting from
4 to SIHX) feet of lumber per acre, would pay for a
Portable Saw Mill, u II were of no farther uaa when
lha laud Is cleared' Their economy la labor and lime
Is lininetiae. The offals of one will will suffice to run
two. We bet to rufer to the utile below, for pawer
and price of lhe Knginesa Mill, wnicn wo luruiui
complete aad ready for work. Tli wills yary In prle
wltb tbe leuglh of way and ! of aaw.
Blandy's Portable Steam Engine. .
t 'taorse .Power S3M It ..1M0
s e is mu
a uu an 1400
. The Iratthraeslieaaro adapted to printing office,
eakloel snakers, and small manafarturers, Tb three
last siiea are for aaw mills, -plantation, Urge luaiiu
l..,MMA,. .. .
I on I or Wood, separately or mixed , may Ve used
indinereniiyaafuel. r
Bland ya 1st Claw Portable Saw .ni l.
if lnck Circular Saw. IS foot carriage: SI feot way
complete and ready for work, iwtikoul belting); uric
a 460. Oak tan and slretcked belling, and any Urge
siia saw roQUired, at th lowest rates.
Blandr'a Strttlaaagy Saw Mill EmR-ln
H lnck eylender.K Inch atroko; geared: ....' ISO
Hlnrh 1. ....... direct artlen; 3iu
.Boiler, wltk r front, (rata bar es. M extra. ,
ait ......InMhnva a vnri.bla v.lra motion, euuir
alentlo tlieqaadrantorttnk oa llio LocomaiW; and
entire iioroily of tho groaltat procllcal utility and -
conomy. . ,
Simple Cjlladora, orwllb lues, or with tubea.tnade to
oruor,oi anv requireo siae or cai.i:i;.
ofaoypoweror kind, promptly made to order, for
aaw and grist milla, or other purposes. '
Mill . Gearing-, Shaming-, Campling,
.. SniBsllee dec, .
as wall as every variety of easting In Iron nr Bras.
.r,Mn kind nromntle axeented to order.
In regard to our Portables, wo beg Io aay that w
furnish belter Engine, larger S re box, wltk open
grata surface, having more power "J the working
B . . . ... 1 1 '...l... it. J lh,i 1.
port more auoawiin-ii ivu i i o , v . . .. -.. a
any other works.
Onlera for Knirlnes. Mills or new and repair jobs, In
any of the departments of our extended busineesaa.
llniL.il. viaiiaanu cwmwara nr. ' '
iDterosled In the progressive looviimeiiuoftlioage.
H. Ji F. BLAftlli.
Blandys Porlablo Engine Work a, Zaneavllle, Ohio,.
Zsnosviiie. iiue. 11. iooj 3V. -
- . AI.FEI"VvtI.LIAlriH,
arrnaaBT aia counaai.Loa at uv.Utruni, owie
-TJTa-TlI.LnrK-llrolnrhe CoarU Fairfield, aad ad
W Joining counties.
He may bo found during bosinesa hours st the 00
r,f H. HHanKir.Eso. may 13,
GF.OUr.rt B31VVTY,
Waaa ttoawe, nvms Dana Eaer or twb Rocvta
V allbv it.iia.orrea.YB Btaa,KcTa di Co. aWoaa,
Stnia Street, Lanae.t r, Ohio.
n V anbecrlber wienaa In inform bis old real. mere .
J and Ike pabtle g-narally. t!iat ka aootinuee to.
roaaaiariave ana Keep on nana, tne larg
est and boat aeeortl-wat of CHdlHS and .
attliSTKiMI"! eerr offered ta thaeltlaana
af Lam-ester, whlrh be will sell at prire ,
lower than ran b had at any other estab
nient la tke rtly. In conaettlim wltk thai .
above, ka keec an hand a vary large aa
anrtment nf flssctnaaatl anaka.
wklek ke haearlaeied wHh great earn. Vila faetttttas
for tHirrkaaitiaT aad arrangements witk wtanofatturera, .
will enable him tn ..rfur all rirsrrli.tlon or i biiks .
and HKUSTEATlSallnw-r prices than aay other e ,.
wMikniriil. Tke attention nr House Keepers ana
oth.re are raepdtfiitly lavlted to the great Indnce- :
meat now h-l.lowt la tne wayargana aargaiaa. rwny
satisfied that II y Mt ron.nl! your lalerest joe will ba
certain to -nil en1 e-amltie' my prices before parchaa-
Ing eliewkore. , By rlov attention to baalueas and a
d-streta pleare. and kneplnga full -tnek and none bat
lha ketaad moat fiulilaaald article a, ka hope to '
aierlt a enatlnnance of tka vao liberal patrowag k-
stowed hv a genema p-Mfc.
P.M. la Ikemm- h il.lla: I Mr. O. I. CKRRT'I.
evtenalva PtlH!slT0K WARE KOOMH. an that per
one eaa benpHed wttb all tba an'rlee of Fimrura -aeeaaeary
koaeekaapiag. 6KOBGX SitlTH. -
Laiieaeter, A or em oar Tl. irjj twu
; . F1SIK STOCK rOR SAL. ' . i
TfKllmeSsed for lha public sal of my toK
having proved etnvmy and eopl.aaaiit, noa waa
oea. - I will awaaeH as private eeie as uneaaaavr
la tuts to ew.lt pa rekaaera, my
15 llrad br Thoroai Bred Callle,
4 heaaat of fall kjlemel ana!Grnile Cattle,
All of whtrh ara nf Saw n,VMlity and will ke old at
reasonable prices for eaak or oa credit.
" - Alsa, 1? laeaat at Htrsss, : k
Warbr, l8S-r IOHS T. BRAIEK.
HE BBdersle-aad haa opened Ta Ibe bit Build
west nrinriLLE, oiiiv.
vt aTTOTTLII resnelfullv inform tke dtltens nfFJial
lvV a-id Weat RnhTille and vicinllv. Ihatho la lust
reeelvlnw and nncnlngfmm Ika Eastern Citlrs, an en
tire new A well seleeted rilork of Goods consisting of
Drags 4t Dye Staffs, Qaeeae ,1c Hardware,
I lata, t'apa, lloanota. Boot and Shoes,
and a general variety of SOTlOSB.wklrk k will aen
IB per cent brlnw aaaal ratea for cash evlle eqolv.ihsnl
kind of Produce, aad boneo by prompt atteu.
i m, m iHienau au mem a annrw n, dm.ii. n..T.n...
PI ears eel I and examine my Stock and price befor
Would also Inform tka Ladles thai ah Is prepared for
Milleaary in all iu Braachea,
belag aa evporleneed kand, ske will gnaaavtle eatls
faolion to all. WestRuskville.Oet. 18,WU 3m4
ASD - '
FU1tI OlV SJvkldH.
I WILT. SELLat private aale lha Heal Estate or u.
P TOSG. If aot sold at public sile between aow
and Spring, it will be sold at public aale of which due
notice will be given. "
The property consist of th following described
lotaeud Trectsof Land,to,wil: -.
I&iiapiwvea tiaieia i.e . w.
rollT 3oulbe Ohio Canal with aLABUK WaKK-
HOUSE... 9 wliatargu siweiimg jvim.m wi..,
with smaller improveinenla.- ' .
05 fa) SO savcans l.eia ia uio.rvu, am v.
roll. Tho Panu contains about 8311 HIM sua
will be sold entire, or la th followlug parcels la suil
bV.fTaa.eaam wnamct Tl Acrva !forth of the
Ohio Canal. 2U Acres of which la aleared, th balaaca
i.h w..r isnicmss tka !outk aide af In
Oklo Canal, Bastof Carroll, about 8 acre olcareoW-
Snl. lime Tractaf akoul i3SAcrea,ttuate
on tke South of the Ohio an Hocking lanata, as
ahw-h la a aaver failing stream of water, witk a fall
of rrom St to 8S feet.eaay of Improvement, awing one
of th beat atftbU mr a mill In P airfield aoonty this
traot has on Ua House, Barn dt all otborooavenlenees.
Alao, one oinarlracieniiiaiaingaora acre" -
IheSute rtnadand Jndg4 Radebaugh'aVillTraci.
TenneOne-lhird ia head, lhe balance la two equal
annual pa menu witk iaten.Uron. daie.
Carroll. Falrteld eonnly.Ohio. nv.o f-J"'
TT7Ohlo StaU Journal copy aad tend billlo Agent
or this office. . ., - - -
sc. m sew ataor v eel or tne noeaiug vaiiew
n.nk. a W..1I ?.mm4 Htork of Brsisra and Jfledta.
rlmaa. whirb be offers Io tba public at verv fair
prleee.' r . H. S. HIS 1KB.
uncaaaae, veanaer ... ,, a. ..m -
r iaforaas ihos nt.
Ill Kra or iu memorwaam.mmi an, ... .v.rj mm.
Ikare'ealtof P.var, MMea. Serofuls. a.,altker or a
shrt durwltna arof many y-ra' standing. .,
TTPHe Is prepared lo glv relief aad perfect a wrJ
or all money earcnaea I . .
a--. Raforaaea.
R. B. Marian. Wilmington, O.; O. B. White, WH
mrngtoa; Wlllllam Pallor. Wilmington; Isaiak kfor.
ria, Wllmlugtaa: 1. M. Hawartk, Wilmlngtaa; David
Pisher.tli Kt. Cincinnati, O.: R. Slaientoa, Colam
bas, O.; 1. SloUne, E. Idkersv, Logaa eeuarr.O
Tid. James Heuatoa. JoaTarenavilla.Ohla; Joke Wklta,
Boorneville.Ohln; Oeorge Hanawalt. Bearaevnie, Os
ThaasaCddngta. Hilleborougk K. P. A, Ita
llowell. C. W e. B. B : Uvl Rmllk. Washington,
Ohio; Jam Pareell. do Ohio; David Bltak Bad Bobt.
In.n-. I Biat.r. Oh is.' ... ; . .
Oilce la Wilmington. Okie. . Oat. I
,. LOOKfVtt , sSLASSES. ..
f AM at all time prepared ta furnish J-OOaUHtr
r.l.AKSES In Makogaay. Walnal or Soaewaaa ,
Pram es. Looking Glaaa Plata. Pictures Pratcee, ska.
Alao. Gilt Pram.. Glasaaa stall stses and atylM,
Bnii Rnmea. Plctarw Frame, and a geaeral aa
aartraeatof Pictnresaiid Oil JaiBtiBge, at wknleeal
andretail.alth- lowest prlrea. J.C.OjIST. -
. - "io. tweet Paursk irwt,i,iBeiBwasi,va)sw.
lwarebH. IKii H , - ; - - - .
lo Kel.er,KuUk C0 l)r, 6ood
ftore,eouaiOugor .
all of wklek will be sold low at wholeaale
.nj u.il. Merrhanta and tbe puouoara
respectfully snliriied to rr.ll end eaautiu
n...i.L-k it taruil.nd. elected.
Window Olaaa almoslellsiresfioraT loj lap to t
by 40. WIU.IjJf, STtftKTv.
Lancaater,aprilK, 18554
A. C. "BARLOW,. M' D,-;
i nOitKEOPATHlST. ' 1
OFFICE ta TallBWlga Block, Mala treat, La cad
It-r.Ohlo. ssrnisrts, , . .
rrar.o. ii. vriinama.es. jv f Cleveland. '
, r - H. P. Oalcfcell, at. Ik. -'' -, .
A.O. Blair, M.nCnlumbua.
i H. Pulls,. P. ClaalBnatt. " aprlll
y '-'- r.i c. BiTcn ' ' :V' !
nA . tttat reeelrtd at kta eetablli bment, tkree doorj
Sooikofthe Post OSlro. Martin' Bow. a MiW
U)Tof JEW41LKV. direct from tb tfanufa
VJV. Invars, eomprieiag all Ike latest sty lea af eeae
JTft pjml r,r H,.r: Finger iae aad OeU PB.
A lao" W ATC HE'S from Ibe beat Baakoce.
.Oall.nd see for youveervew. - j. - ' ' '
Tr fWalrhca, flnek sand Jewelry carefully repalsad
on short aoilcs. and wa-ranld In perform wall. :
. Lanawwr, Kovembar I, It?- 8S-- - -
' atf fifth Straot, Claeineatt, Ohi.
TATE Mrs. K. M. PICII. le Just sm.w opening a
j Snlrudid Nlock of new Ronurl., Rlhf.ans-,
I'rrBCh riotren. fralbrrs, Tv-latiuiaaa
a.r.,auisllr f.r lha PAU.1 KA OK.la wklou saa would
-..L.u.if..ltv tnvlt. th'. .re..ti.a oi liar easr.aiere. Her
slock srtll be kept rwnlota throitghout tbe soaaoa, (by
daiivarrtvalsrrom new Torn) wiia an
be-iitlful Inker Una of kusluoss. sr.cj si tlio Iowv
funtrvrck-iiiU aad Milliner will find It to tbelf
adventg lo look thro-iirb bar Wholesale Departnjaat
i.Mi.h;- -A HB,DBB,o5. ;
),Flftk Street. ketwoen EliM Pl WroeU
.Oiuolonatl.SeptemberSO, loSa-tll - - -
' , I DR. O. K. DAVIS, ,.- - - '
1TgirA!lrmoveaBiare-inencar- eiin-. wi..
HbulldlBgfor"i rir occupied by Jobs Htall.mUb,
aid of kfaia Street. doora we,t of r.
Etiidef resldeac. . . Pttot.-f S.7

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