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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, December 13, 1855, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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bW ' ' - ' " '" ' -.' r-1 'i rl'.?Jii mr opinion, wbut 'tlio .UMVry.wwil
Tb ltaator aaUott'Jika alSbamsby aboyo ll iliitig ia H'q "Athorioay .'.'pjy.'J
aaying that kail not a jumJwr.,il,JU.A-.jU..uusiii. wi, itivo au Amouotiu jmriy.
narieatfoartr. and aavar dt'sin o JLw.-jati.l tiid-oOtfrtet1 tU beltK;;7;My fV'ir,'r4
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I.Unrii.,1 Ki'iii.4 liai mi niinun wnwH toil Sir1 llavliic Yiiart a truil .if our Walr IWstrtra1 1
tioo of iodividuuls or ohssHs;,' .l',gj
that h bean f-uKtuI aitd ti uut 4a the
Demotrji party.' ha argueS,' tlA-lftt-"
ganiMtion o( tlia Damooraitc-fwrtT'
'capacitated.; for. Joins gwkliid'wiaC'gll
ovurboard for tha following ruasonm "
lit. Beaause tb issues wliitU biAmglU
it into lift have been dWoos'ed ef aiidc fcari-
not be revived, and that if the l)tuio4i'tttu
' party insinta iipon exi.iing ij .,ma;.SUf) J
UDOD a single iaea. aau mm Kieiiri7ra
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t uluvcry. , -, , 1
2nd. ' Tout in t-xisUnc conmioirVorales
- and protract old rcvongoa n xUbfiaMtmt
paraljzea the Houtn "atja iiyiaost 0tli
North. --, Ha ', aava llint- llie .-ietiKMiraot
ahoulders Southern r8ghta;d6rV
rii it toward the -North, and about Jriaum
it Dixon' I'ido tradi; It 62!lorJ,4UiW(;
. aoveraignlJY' He anya tlioy liari no'laith
in the tiquutU-r soverigntr, liilt t'l. tw4
is maJe for Uio benvtit of (tro' JSumlYand
that the South rwrnJiiUve the . SiiuV.ivri,'
creed booauio it oun nivur1 Vbk1(ra",'4iv j
jority in a Territory in order, la!arry ,tui
ilia vread and . establioli ,Uvr"y':. UielMiu'-!
Ho thinks the Nebraska brll liaa- killud the
ISoath by permitting the forvigtiurjoitoud
the nativewny from th poll, lie iilledyos
that the Dernocriv'y.ha tee.o ''.lit 1' aputi
flhin-in-llia pun iasiws'eui.dr aritty-lbnr
forty, and the. Mexican waft aiiJ'Oiiipji,
J ;it lias proJuoed a dyfjepia from wliieli
t!i patient cannot possibly ; rcoror. 'Uot
lot the Dr. spuak for himself as liu w .ix
vrarm, as follows: . f'i-',!','' :'''T.'- -Dut,
Kanws being iliKpod of, ope way
or the other, what will be' ilia situation of
partius? 'What w ill the nwet iopiilpntiay
alaction turn uponT, pjosicettryiioiy upon
tba klarery question,, unlti ouiiaitriuj
iosua i;an ba gotten up; and bo proaouHbad
to bit Di'inotrHiiu. "The anMfiiiiioB' of
Norlhr-rn Mexico miT be llia: -question-
Uut that of Canada huJ Cub has priorjtjr j
uf origin in it favor Uaiiada (or the
North, Cuba for the South.' " , This need
was planted about four year -since '1'he
ball waa to be put in motion by rouainj
mast meotinir in Washington (ity, ' Ij wn
then and there assured that the flags were
painted, and this was tlio motto: "Cain
an'l Cobb C.nada and Cuba." Thia wns
a lucky hit a compound allitaraion de
cidedly an improvracnt on -"Tip. Tyler
and tba Tariff." : '; '
Hut let projje&sive Democracy bring into
thia Union one million of Spanish i'lipints
black, brown, and ' tawney tinder the
ume of acquiring Cuba for the-South;
eight hundred thousand Fronuh JPsputa,
under the name of getting Canada for the
North, two million of Moxiuan Tapititi',
unJor tha name of fcxiendirig 'the brua of
freodom; lat tln.ne things .bo , dona,' "aril
progressive Demooracy wiH never turviv
to make .another expvrimcnt in .isnufs r(
With five million of Partial, ia 'on'r midst'
four millions being of foreign biVirvnnd
three million and a half speaking a for
eigt languige, all taughi fron birth lb-"detent
Protestantism as a crime-an Ameri
can party would become an abolut poli
tical necessity. It wouJJ -pot be within
tho range of possible ercnia lli.st auy map
would ever teauh orevun appeach thel're
idenoy who did not command, tjiy Catholii
vote, utiles an American and 1'roUstanl
party should organize against litem jor
Homatiim'oannot. a vol! combination 'or
keep its 6nger ont of poltiee
Tne Dr. is certainly telling tales out ;of
school, and 1'iorc or Dougl.-isa -Will have
toundertiike to close hi mouth, or lie will
spoil the calculation of the Sham Dcraoo.
racyv. But as be progress I In Ms iureli
gations he lets out some wliolssome Irutha,
which he must give in hi own Innuic-e:
Geqtjomen: If it lm beeti. shown that
tho Djraocratiu organisatioa cannot proiect
tne ooutu, then w have no other altui na
tive . but disunion, or tubmissiorf," or the.
formation of a new national argauiaauon.
Dut if no faational prcrrnlztlion cnu 'be
effectual, exceht it be founded in ideas and
entimentg that (hull deeply ooncarn the
North, then the question" is doc the Ame
rican party mnet the emtrgtaey of the caM
Wether it do or not the -people of the
North must be tho jUdfici: and titer Lava
said in tone of thunder thatitdoe. The
American movement ai lhe North wa tho
explosion of the. popular bosom. H Wlien
the sentiment that A miricnns - ahull rul
America waa drat, aunouaevd, the people
f .U M .U L tl ...I.... !. . 1
v. tw nuiiu idiw wvu wiiai- it nt(ieil,-i
They know preoraely: what pullllcal' giV
vaaoeand btimilliatioit' had brought forth
tbia sentiment, and' they roia up almost as
nejnan. The American movement was
of the people, f" Thai pail tt palitioian of
all sidcl ha been to urnrct and defeat it
One while it waa. called n abolition cn-
apiracy, men pro-siavery , eonpiray
.then a Whig trick, then an auli-ilubralu
h Ut Uii t' it '.hi ii'y XL.' loo la uVl
'. iVit we Hro nnur tr munitrcny, ur n
iagou&le.tliVai'a inlgltf poUiy be- ior.ouid
U k9j) tnprjat for wo slrOUlii; ail, nave;
llie same in-U-rUi kuei m in irai'i iut
t c-vVitfcij.'Vhtt:Iojiv!irbf:.fulli '1.0 SUpttoW tal-;"
liuiny -psaibl undr a govei4iBn-Btof bal
lirtboxes, situated us we nre.' And this' 1
aay upon tne.aiBii(Mi nw i uywi m
true feliifKia &NW-iN:k:iMn ih truo jnlil-.
iol fr'afiirnilt, ttd.'fli'at :tiift'."w -'lioU fault; livs
wilb tho prctadicee of Native Amuiican
Hurt nuiiiitriri that luili.icnf RomHniBm
ami Vjii: i-AliHu.M K; justly tii-bei lW
respuusie, , ralUjlbl:.i baiir .Ijiappened. r
tr) ay come iiertnfur.v., 'i he-two kave-ereeU
d tl i 'uVdul r to i tt i i J? pul t ' iii.-M . t Vh i; p t i
ibis L"nion lWmaniMni-Mitw, for year agr.
ta I v if a ii 3 boWy' i til- iituVi Ui'a Iji'vufooidiM
teeth of your constitu.ioii. fJtiMUnia has
pi'oscnled itself an political refoj-uij'O and
demands 1'e'ciinil rfr run.r Vour frmi
lirtrMiim'-ieullr'nQflK'roU-Ttd. bM'tlTtfadel. 1
This is a lrnaolieiou-1 preti-iK-o.u lJd the-
loIltiitii!iJ''y, oi J,nMf . ffi.ipoui v. uiiir.aa)
ai)cel mi l UeJt.eir alreiiglli.' i-f u
Spmii yo-ra gooiie,.Cup,t.Jaj;k,of Mobile,
wstrprjouso ati'lcciion got'u'pti,:i-K:c-
ticneering Jl'Jpt.t Uia,. TJ&P'," OfeoHftf
wv can't expect lo deci ibe rt Mobile ' fllec
tiuiuetiu biklliit aigood.janaiiy poople
here have vieitod 'them.-'' Buflioe it to say;
We have known-ore to 'eonteoff'- in a small
room oo uiileii as'a (logge'ry ;' the prineip'al
Teafuits were a bahel of wlifa'l.'ft -nigger
fiddler,' seveiVmen ui uuk,' and fivo women
ditto.,,,,..-,, ,.;.'.,.'.'-'.'-'.-,.' ' ,-" .' ;""".
Well, Capt. Ja.'k sent rnTii bill lo, the
eommitfee 6f the party, for paymeut.some
whnt as- follows: - ' ' '
: The- r.a'rty.to Cnjit Jaek.
Nov. i oi , .Vv..-;w. "V "
To Viitbis fo?.JalJ,l.J..f-!
" Diitikun V .;.". ,
" 60 lady d inu-er -"tJegara
1 " " - ' "!" "v
Doorkeeper' - -
f Musio , i is f
. " Zl in tin? cans '-::;
iii.aviii- i.ii-Kiiit!,'iiH-eiiJi i'ueiMwrfT
ttiuU!!friiim-liilili'V"l ifn ft w rifif)i4 u
ellili wm buCiiniiiiK IT") , lo lln H -i mil rulor. 1 liavu
es4 iioitln!rartutn nlhlii(r tiketl. pljiiuro
aaaWttt., L.JV'tol-r $?Ai$i ,. il
i 1 MWr "I VIL.IUHIP. i linn l, iii.iu.iiM--
' Rt.'U)iV MattA T, ii.-;v-VruA"Wi.Hl Der'ir"l i
Mrbuir toniinuiicrJ Inlliint off ohu urv ut lour
--oofiilli-o,iiiil i-oi.tilMlvl tu 4" 'i i"l;l I lwrom,
Iiulk) bolrt;.: HrlVJ ll'S'4i'lliir minrttni of tlioi
.Inf. bat l w it lwt.l wa lmliwO.10 UrO'tr,
f n?i.toif llnlr Ho.ilotn(ir, km) uni yfry lii(y t"
nVf iHe.-ui-wonil.ir.j Uur-a tkao ftruKlliof
fo'uiic Uir. iyi.1 i-lioot'fiilly roi-piumeuil it u.io lij ull
.tiiiiilUrlv liHtk-leii. A.'(?.'WltMM!iojii.!3SSiltr,-rt.J-
( ..I-..., iii.i Jnnia". lH.i2.--tbavo-meii fr.it. ii.
JVovir,Hiiit !iturtin,'nnil .liuvi) titiulrcil 1(4,
W oBilortul eiti-rl. yt x nurr w:m urroinrr.iis i vnotini,
iii'i-niiimrol.i ltr;i ,liulUi,v ilvnwi-dl Uu.iiouiruru tt
lint ri-9uinQit iu.rit;iiial coloriUtut liivti.iio.doiibt jit-r
iiiuiionilv in. S. Baict,. Ex-SriioiiH-.Viiiieil Suites.'-'
1 114 Martt Ktf9i-1,ii..uii,Wi'lr(uh s'. lesaj.'j
pjr Klrti 1 a tuu(t'').vl travjl jl tM Wl;
'"mitt Knutli Wniilorii Staiu n. u Guin-nil Apuut tor
Ailiii.iV Amiirlaa'lilllt-U il WUW-etil,',tf.'
woulU fo uie utttr (n)iislnuliu.-i,-ot ftufl Knua
llnr ltotiriillviilu'l u.i'iiro.l llul 1 cnu IutroucO
II iiiiMan ljKo oliwalt tvnel ttuitttij mjr -wn
nsaii e a aviiia iusuiiioiis ,mi-iw uj.iivaw
ritrirtt HhO lu Henniurnl enlnr. I'hin rorty'yenr
! M) Atsajtet ya 1
eV r;..
vdl )iax 01. THB fAD LOCK JUIS: KlU.(UVf
-j0!e4ff ioUluOjstuittotUfh'ra-W tl -
-7 . J Ilirltsmueiit, Would cuibrace lti .oiiportuu tf ef
itilA d'iUunJuaUi4iirUiri.we'iU ttutaS we the
i"-il'-Up adT
niOOOD M El)ltrltH.-lt 4 lti.i- iSnCAtJi V
Eiiimiv p-tuiiamyp- Ciwi!!; riLa,bvjWa
niura tu nruinutu Urn public hi-ullh, tb nr Ui(
oau,i. Tliurvcmi bo noqut'tb HuAhirt
freton.1 hj hjiM liuiiiiU.,a-JuuA,V,f
ColU. Coul-Im, -Uiiii, t'rnii, luSuonin. - UrivrliUI
Ijo, vcr much roducuU uliro(iiH ofdaUta rta
Ariu uMhiT TuifWraf ttudv ttl htd luord emu
kiiuti. i A iti t' o.l ti t
Kvrv bo.tv ueods moreoflcM iinrgne. "re Uie
u...,.i f...... u.i..,..r,ii... Puriru ills tKJWol"I.rVc
mUUie wbulw i.ral sjMmUTfUu WwiriwU.iet.:
Piir'iro out the dUi-ui)wl.iili fuiiy on the bud)-,,t
Kirk ilmluesv. But ro,.tisia i)ttMln 4r
r ofn
lA rf'lUunauaUi4itrUni.we'ioU fawnJ od the lbllt
i-T ,inicunillyfurtlilrveryliboml pntrounce in ou pn,
1I14 ftanic, as ttiuy aro doturiuiued torBira uu effort to
rni,wt,bluitloliurvb.io Hanlrr of aiy deHrlptioa
or itbaia t viottlm mntrnm- wuairww x purwnfi.-,. in.
kuelnetaaiid uiuau of keiiuff up a.lnri( atork, tlit
Ihtvcuuirtir (MrMr lodacooitiiU X a puMie'ibaa
m"U-(o;il' 9'lrieiKF. Ttiiya
wollre'of Hi necoHhy r mull' UiUlahiHouU
nitkluf up Inlilowtiif and pufltiir wlmt.lbi-ifai k in ma:
iifttui- Mrtiiulam ttitftwth-Hiiiri-ront tb avoid any
tbliiS oftbst kind, arid arc s.Ulttl arwnrpcelvUjg Ihslrf "'",.,,(;J;,2
olillelcVt.hlt,-'titfllllnTrllnpdnil,lto,.k, ZVl, ,!.,'-
r . JDBI. vrORTXArl k
tip h BiHuitfxif citt; 'j.' - l
OR ataeaaoa ( tho Lunfta, kara wade an-anea-mo
nn by which OMoftli aria- will vlall LAMC A
ana aiijuinuig town, arary 3 or wonka, hetaaf-
of oM 'try) WWW W3
tfiamntciu.liifrfto 11 IsycltiioatroiigVi li-ld. . .
,;-ti Vwar-stenr Krik D,ui-Uigt:d WJsftw . - i.iiyor'a Pilla-da throat outdlatwse, not ouly wailett
'3 lumtlus. Ol.i.. T '.' m ' -- .akuul wha it Mas taka,ptu.yj Ma.f !
7 J i i J-mi il ua A do. il;-( do f ':' I JUi th atuadliautonivntaofthoae Wbattaafw bjjttVr
i'' : 1 Rciulirutrcatdcuto iu ll;e toiuj)XSloui,t. I,,!.bj iIimii fronnlcoudful Scrofula, Uropfi,vUtoJ4
Vurni.n1 ' ' " ' rt7ieMl,' DUjuvn. Wn!Uiiiaii,.iii. JiuHfMRl. UyapVpaia,
. ' 1 Twe-H-MTF Bltrk BiiHMj.ii-Clttlh-otfc.-jl-tO. -tfilocnul Paiua.Uilltoa, Cubipfatm HaTibra(Hia
t l Hri7k Cuiii.irojii.i7 Loliu Culenibus. . 3.W0 .,bo.tliiiit.o.id nfcihlort.tMiroahHk ill,bwirt-
t ' 'ilh-..'-' dr - ---5.eie., iw,,. ailmcuts. sack as l.
l Iln.Haoiiie,rouiilry Kosldcnc hi fego.
'TVrtc-nity lliio '
f-q wyw.wilV wWa,
M vt V01 ''' nwrfl.tta.
.iiiplcaMi ijiumco, Tu uripa,
1 ..... ..i-.-luiAAtHTA? Itot.bliiiLa-.a.
jri Oils 11 iimii.i.ii . - -i i 1- -
ixzliicaaln the bead, Culds, 1-evou. VSafuj, jajl
deed arorvynrJotv of coinplaUita for .wulcha rur-ilvaoiV0dViaVirT4v"-'i'-t.
WIWrv .1
rf . .! .riMLiilalid i.C.UI.O
! JT Stand A?flHtinri.TV!;f.k-r1i-ay,J " 'l.V(K)
V ( 1. Until WntrW,
Korvons IrrltabilUy
ri. ":7 . : r ... ......,i. i...i.n n..iiti.
catiMl br i ou? owii bulghbors' hudVbur.-oWirH'Ural-
1 rv inem UII1.-0, ami ui .- ''"fT -
I willi'tfiulnoaiW ? J't-.-l.( friceiieoiita por Hox5 Hoxoafor Blifttft
S Colli. I-J)ua,sl 5-e" -a . i
M SnJ.AnH t'l.,-o- i- SMO ". -''
10 do do at 41 U
t do, do at 0 -SO
n'olll AVtctiiral 'llf ' "
l it i- i):enuitvi!h'.JH la ,?(:
alii int . -u. - i. r
.i. ,i.n i . n.aAm iiai.i i,n.i.-ll -f.i.'A11
J b! 1 I:V'"J.S!ie
J,., SUOSjllves, ,,o al.S0
f -i 5fft' .do., " 3s
tl ym lAStu('Sll'drirAi!
.efiW'IMT r,t!00
tnaui-4f i.H Oifut fAia.ll (4 '-"i!; iivu.uu
H'i;ll il.i Ilriu liii kil.llH . ul 1 . r.S.bfcU
im r- -i..:-'..i...i-; :r. i.jl.' ' ' jT'r.'.. iT-c.;r
u"3ao---" TiiiK lirM" miK-ms, at eve -lii.wn
;!..1lHie-nild Ir-rwrlliKitil tS-.lli; "a H-id-fi io l.MMIi
101-1)11 (iul.4 l'PU9jkWI!I.MIVr IMfl.llK , M
2C1.KI Gold Ulli,ntt.5ttvli -'i 1 71-,'B13tlMl
,'l9lara.t. .4.1.1 ut IJIoc.sh;-., , I ,f lAdaiM
I, fvore purcbaAcof tl;o apluiidld larro MtTiirrat'nic
Riiifrliiir,'i.'wlM eol-i-lve- a Crrtlfijwit.i'of'MTimbiirsliiD
fit rv o wall-h Mt i'nuun mvTu;iir m us ruoauiHut aitiiuiu ----- - -1 Jm,. m i" ir.'
aalt wtr.y0latitca.'Wd- .i.ircbl,,.lr..vd lto a,rpcar bfW wall (WBhdutMene.tt.ajrl!)-o any
tba pricoof Ion. ralioul.l lie dad t attend to ,auy , ' JTTF "ut 0n Tift Scr'd..rQr
iti.iiiM'thul la roilMMuit- wlib tad HalrRial.nitl-ei 1 ' remoiK VTbftiV'to Aei'llfn'Mr n WtM ntftrlio
KkvaAfoa (iirtluHVS nr,oo(:inr,i;i.iiiiiiiii! pa-ygouu u.rn..iniuv.u.uii ifiu-e uji (lii JMaloiiuiprnrd
ulno.ii itn.i win us i;nui -,o ni-ar irnm inn an.ii. w i uu- ,..nio uiuor hiiiiiviiuik viu i.uon ii pornau iu the
Mranala I'arlk.TniiiinMeu. .locohorth.ii'r05lUti ! OCltin .I..1 dull
, ,wl. u muiimr..
i Vrnarod bv Ir. J. C A i IS U. t-'UOUllsulAWWl. i3.,
.'ii -.1.1 bv K. Ei-kMoin. Clni-innali: Kaulfniait & Co.,
and M.Z. Kroi.lr, Lanraitcr; G. WllaiulhWJaJiltaid;
,1 rmn i(mv$f ,a WfifSft..
u lot lb aiwpoao ml troam.r Clirujilo dlavaxa, sua"
eapoolaliy tnuto of tbo Throat abd Lunga. Our aja
tcui ef pr&ctico tn Lnnr di,aa?a ta ilia tmmatai prtucl-
l)iloaaniatitallcdb) - tlr. Uubvrt liuutoi, of aw,
iVurk City, iiu by ilaui. iTao laaiaLaTiu. Our aa-
itam uf hibalathin Waa Inlrodueod by tbo Brontptoa
t1.piiai,in Lionuon, ana uaaa ay inaaiaai coiaDraaaa -l'liydician,
Uiore, with moat f ralfylii raaulta. - feara .
Qftha of tbo raaaa wore ,uet-.afull cured. .....
, THote realdloir at a dlatauoa by writing to ua. aca-
ratoty deaerlbtng- Uioir ll,caao,.ou ba aupiillvd wlta-i
tba tiilialliiar apatatua, modtcluoaaud illraclluiiaauiud .
to thuto Wanla, aonl by axpraaat To aatlafy aba public,
wboae patroeano wo aolU-lt, that w ara boncat la our
aaaantoiia ana imrniioaa. wo raniriaem to mo iouowr
llieDroaaat boma.wbara waaia Kuowa.. i
roaa oartlflcittoa haroioforo publiabad j Ju
Tho (eniflcatoofonoof Ur,-Woituao'aaalivoU iQi ,
fieara In aoolkaf cnlunio.- Woaro aaaurod by I'uv .
4 It-in nil who la familiar with Uuicaae, tbatttwaa a tiopvj
laaloneapparoully. but that tho auocaaa or nr. vt ora
tn baa boon toiuploto. Ilia but Juitlco lo- Uu Pby
aictkh that tecoeuiiioB of kiaaneril should b ntaO,-.--
Hi'Siatar. a -, . ; ..... ..
11 rThla may certify that I have boon cured byla
balatlm, (at practlaod by tir. W oilman, of tbia city, t '
An artr-rtlnwof my Throat and Lungs which waa cvaalx ,
doredby my frtouda.and numeraua medical aaaa with :
w noai I aaaiaoo aa aopoioaaty ineurablof . i aiaka uita
atattii.liwath thobopoofperauadtngolhoia, whoaro.-.
allHeledtn like manner, to "go and ba healed," bo-.
lloTlor aa 1 most flrmlv do. that tho liihallita? traatmoat.
itlatHo only proper and effectual -method of IreaUiif; ;
Ulaeaaea-olllio Lunga and air paaaagea, and mat. by ttt -aourc
UatBiOatoorlala to ba efl-octed. -t
: n:j, Tjatonaatorat Walllncton BaMiat.'kurch. ...
rTTvitfio nr.
' . .lf.:in Sired. I.ancaitcr, bi.,l"'"v '
Rll'UCm-'tl.l.V rdltilr.tcoilloi.(rH'M
and rnatoiuera. ai.d all tlial limj waiit Croi-flrlea
al.d.vit4 uOUarawjaSr,"! I'lis a-f' W
Mho i-ily and i-jjuntrv, l my superior auu eoiirfuvto aioi
1oy ll.g article;: , H,A,rf, w.rlTcMn.
S?t.S ltla-kiid lipperlal'l has; now urn-uuanucar
Tr--.ir.,ii-iri.it iinil - Jritil -nt- 1 14 iniirkl'l Slreei,
ta lib and Slk) aUrueia, fi..liO!ii NlfSMWrlySMPM
Brfill'tvuy , New York. i , . r i
B6lt-Tti.it5.r auu ni-wiir m - i-rejira-rw. pn-,
. . i i . i ii m iun-ii.,.1,.1,,1!
i Ami K AURf.'M.V.V & Co., Lniitalijr. Ul.lo. 1
October 4, irj.'.l)31 il.'il'id ii " 1 ''t :'
t... iiiaiKJin.i ii.iiiviiuiti ,-' -l.iiS
fc,,tfvCruhOl aiiiraW.; litea rroldau
vtl: aL.... . . .. ii u ii vi., u.. Nr. firliiiiiaj
... ' rfalalanaij Iflm. Vailll.i Mmnnirttil
Ho'coil. F llb.rL-..t.co .Nt.l.u.l,Brapl N,.lJrie,l,U,.v
Dried -liinauc.-f knrtitlnPfTifiali-Olirc.flmmti? Knell!
'1'jtUiwe puraopawbo bote berjtitlniruASc!ir;
us t ri our frmp;rli1ftribu1iiip, tl.i'in' not reifuiie'd. '
, vi or.rora-wnii inn niiiro),ei.ea.'uroo ul postuge
will meet altll JiroMI't atlclili,i. p. , ,ni, .., I
IFV-h order lo prrrrtir Mf.ilVlI rr! Kitiiri'yKioMiiri
tf.uMi'ti.-inty 'oaa.aii'l flaii ti icnio.i.ia 1
. iUi i n' "i. o. ri V rii A IK 1 1 . L . . V. .... 1 1!. .'.Vf...i iT.. .P. . V . .! . .
ftArtU WPJtC a I rc.M onnunj w;.- nf..i.i.i.ii.iiniiiin..i.., Ui,u u iii-iu uuum
..I., ii... 1 " - I ' ;-iiil l 1 . .1 -aaiiib wtllMra.ii'-.i f- IK-jt ,J.tl(.-;.i .
Cieaier lltaii'Yn Ix ture Hry a
J.aiicavtt-r. .' ,.
MnU ..i-c ! ! :l :n emr.
Dairy .UbmM H WW t e'rlVtrf.' X "'
l.-l.iv.-s, Nvtnict;, c A'?l'Kc- --y'Vf J"' '"'
Sid:He.l,a. ratbio,iieriHwa. wrat,rMiiiciii, .
tltruiitfh tticlr tftcMiiit MfiiWutacW ttUlllbf any
Olteiunt tno Irear-rfar.rT-, man ii tno place io nuu
wUtllto,wintai.uyibJijKtoaTbf (r alock;wUcoV:
atti'iiliartaarollbWi- 3 t
IMlYxbura JiiuItMaNuiia,iki&nrada
AWh;nH;nilaibtrflotWUtil&iNalra finite a
V llinttlio potf.Bno of WHT1S A I.ATTA wlU aoll
nona,a.nma.aeainviatavn&Haiiairaaiif aoia vr aa
; BoaaHxlu,10tl3pd IQiM CJtr etnas, t -t I,,'
i 'ton Wm.'W64 A-Col Puto VTUlta toad,",'
i r.jjWy. ' t -"-
TDJilii4.t'l UiObovarfthvi a Mnr UrarA Moot af
Building llardm art at errj dlsor1itton, whtrh wtl' ba
rer.II Tanxim . i'tii,'t:.,iu:.j;i l rri Imtonai
eie. nn AMnn.lo.rnollFn mn BeHiTo. July Wth. lHi.
'.-allll JlilHl4ii.ifinaH.w;i4 '' T'tfl IfT'Dr. W. L.Worhn.ni aa will ba acetib. an ad-
pou aua a. nut r.t.'.ej. ftox inan siraare.,ti; - -""..rwiuniw.MM nirvt-icu - i-",iv-a
fc'1-3.'li' rto . ''rAeltflrBllatdystaiJl;' ' ' -j oeraaip witn ur. i. a. nagio, lata of rnila.lelptila.-a.
n.iiDi.nu.j'.wwi HI IIIUCD ,Ullll nil. Ka.ll.lllC
tiilu.Bonu.v-We bave-had the iiloaauro-of looklnr ave..
la.eradenttala and roconiiauiidalivns of llr. A axis, t
udfron tba nattering manner In which kola anokoa. i
of.'eannol Imitate to proaoot htm ta our eitlrenaaud,
tba aurroundiug country, aa a pbyaiclan In whom the..
taaoatandoieOaaa ba placed. llr.Wortwan la-fortunate
In 4iatngmado thia arrangeaient-oae that
wlllMdfraaklaaralato tboao already gainad by biaa
In -blBataaitre praetloa. Dr. Wortniau'a auecaaa lav
tlia iraalaieia af affeotlouof the lungala iuquaatioaodvt
as many cortiflcatea of peraona whoao atatoojtoaU eaa t
lie relied upou.wiu proro. oiuror, - - ,A
Or. Nagla will be-a the Taltuaitge. Home In Lancaa-
lror( WcdaoaJay and Thursday, 6ojitcmber 10th and
SQth. At the, Matlonaf Home, ClrcIeTtlle oa Friday
aAa'8a!urday,'Setember191taridKnd lait- "ajA
Th6aoaHllrte!WlBHdlaaoa of tho Lirar. Snlecn.,
ataiuach, ltheumalism, Neiiralirla, Rrrofula, Ftta.
Gto.ioralrDeb.tln, boaa or Amielilo, aoecllonaor tba
F.ve and liar, Keinole Coinptalnla, IJIcera, ConBrmod
Oauorha-a, are Invited to call... No charge for consul-,
tution. Chargos reasonable in all canea..
- ; : iino.- v n a sua " .ut Mnufa.i
TTrMe of the firm will always bo found at tha
oOlre, No.W Market Street, bandesky .(;;. i
Scjaeiiibe.rfll gS5 18 , - . . f - ; f .
I do, .,Si)rliurt ,. !.
., J lll'-llllill I1I.91UI UU
PhANF. lriim, Chllrle, lind Gooffea, 'Beneh.Plaaffat
louldinff and Ueii.l,Mntcb Olid Table. Itatchetaand
llnn.r-i m-tt. Ilrlaid an Uhunalnir AjtHt. lhaWln KnWa.r
rur an kinna, moui auu iron Miuaros, trnaffroa and l rjr
squares ull atzoa, lutprovoii-vnrwae Maohkoot, Hfrniat
Paitiu.UTonno.iL ltipiiln?. Web y;iid Coiunaaa bawa,
GnisCUlM4 M1H laWafor-aaW fcy'"2
, '''ilrtox.i!PrncltWillbvv-.gdn,',!'1' 'c'""
I -0.Cemiapiit.d ;:,.o,.ni xh'ti-t
.lar S do GleTopCliM -,w ''"'
' lb lli'.f dy,Sqatireandou(nilClothBaa)ela, P
in iif. AiarKoi ninicu, upou anu cov a
1 B0iMeiV,'er. yr'i t i ".H rt. .... .
A ill... 1..I .if 1 ii'Wlllir .onar.-.i. ui.ii.-iiii..iiiik
YVin. iii.il'1MrllierBnri.i raia.i, airi-.--
aUM.k iifNolfimlMTatiiyid "''H'irf, ''v'-
ui . ...
9 lily
S5.r no
'' 75 00
... C'i 50
1 .'13 06
:. .. 2 oo
10 00
5l 00
-Tutar",,"""'""r '" 0567 60
I "Zeal tii the causa" ia i-freqUdriily, no
donbi;"eotsidercd a cash commodity, but
is niore fi'e"i'ieiitty ioi off Willi a good of-.
fio..K But CnptiJack was! very aoouralo
m m, an l hud. hi maney 'down on the
hail."' . . .', -' - ,'t n. i , i r
M mt jomery Mail.
-JOHN..E FiFl N G .n
AS !nt lv pun-lmwd from I',, Nope lib; iBtarpal l
Hanluart- biii.ii40-.il. and In al.liliili to lil.l-
IkAm atiii-k.la'IiKw .l?.tl rei-eiviSa.-dlti Ifnnii
tl.o .U'.IW'afra and iiiuriir, a ii.tiov pilr.'linw ,ot.
u;i,i).,, whli'll will im.ke Ina -.lock ol llardwaru olio
of Hi., n.ii.t oxieiiiivo In bo found In tli in market. Uia'
r;u lliiiJAl)t iiuruliaugaudnrruaceiiiiiiiU wiiU Manu
facture, villi. Ii fu-e eituai toaiiy, w ill ouvibln blip 'tu
offer ull ileai-riiilliiut Itf l!anlur.ut inn fiV linn
aaeaacrc,ai,Aiaiin(. jl'liu irltuiili.ii, uf I'.aum,
an. I Mm iisrn u Invlt-d to ill" oxtra.trnliiary Induce
uiimtannw rir.lilwrttntlfin tw-tlie "way- of -wront -bar
-,-Bliia fullyatillil Unit tl ttpiy uaulttlioira.ii in
teroat tli.'.y.'v.UI ba'cnatii-toH-all-and 4.'Bnilao -nils prl
con before pnrena..tiig clsownero. : uy. ctoae nltontton
to businoi.a, iqid )iy cut -lautly kO'.iilnjt on hand, a full
and at.inplaiiai(.iliiiaiitauil tire-beat goo.li, be b-.H
to aooiirf. lio Kkaro-i.t ttui Kilraiiogu ol vba Purmorr
and Mechnnlcaofiuo coubty, .... ,
AptllSO, IPS!.' 1 ' 1 f -l .tir.
II ii Kg r and ritrrintre iTIaHora
"BTarTl I.I, lluii. at (be Mcm UnrUmin .svr,,oi.0'lt.i
If tli 6 'TullmMse lluuti, ono'of Hie liirireit and best
-uAoctod ,tH'k ..ri'tluiuiturt!! ov4Jf qj.uue.1 lu lliiaiiitr
kol. 0'iiMiatliiltla uirtaf . ti - i ' .!! i
1(H) l'ioces kniiml'd llui-k nnrl Cniivnai,
' 1.1 . Fnucy ei.l.u-od .do.
5(1 44 oil Vi'.niI and iiiil.i.i riiiiiinki
SO Illdaa iiateut iih.I linimi'ld (M-tiikery (
Brasa and silver l'lnti-d ltaii.li, Top I'ropa,
' ' S 111 111 p Joililn, l.aee, Hprlllff, A vein, e-to. ''
: Uncaster. April sa, lfSa JOHN Kl'I'lSCKH.
- norsE urii,F.ns depot.
?TO!! Kl'PlMfiKH wrttild Invito the intention nf Car
prnltrt and lluute Huittltr to hia lnrro slock of
I on He linildlhp; 'nmtorlnta. They will lln.l oiiMiinllj
on hand, the t.oat Junliita' Nulla, Siilknannd Hradi.;
, 'I ua uinat aiprovo.i pour iMka auu LalcbtMt r '
Window fJlitMi. mid Kaali of nil aisoat
runcklin kuil Wood's Pure Whito Load and Oil:
Door uu. I llllnd II -Is, Khop Illugea, Molts, etc.
Tboao about biiltdlbr will l' eocniin to aara money
by examining my prices bofore parcbualng olaetvhuro
April Vbrirj.. y 1"' 't ' y. & f 'r
li,.?4ti(mitia rttDU'U iu.jorpryiumtl. ,1.oib tv tav.SIl
fiir,l.Uli ft llli'peti'rft,virctiliir:Pneiline.-i,'iiislrueiloii, i
AHiiott mrpiii-iHiiia uioaToiao. oi at ami pntt.atAv
Pm birtiier iiuriji-imtra see fioacinaivjn i.lll.i v-.qi'
iHiflntSiiftTHro, KniiP.tVrllFirtt's hl.ick,'io'Vii street
lvgu?.lp.ve'vnff, ino ni.-r. an o viv. . rnqn lot.n
, JM I N IL fill.liKJ'l-li, Agent for Uocajtur,
Way 1, 1-bl.
er-l -
t ar.'llt II ' t
Piinainu& :H:0t Iceimulerlfacitlvil Code.
: w.in..l . -fayT-.UtV- plwOHsSAUfi! ;:jn'w-.k!-
i; r. ta ivntii.f'iuiiiM.(Uv. j.'..: i
llotkinK florwes'aiid whoo)Barfotrs,,
-lAIji; rat vwuiariwaaim stni w ana. y
April till, 1HM.
A u vlfst-iciand liinciiainitU'sBclloH-a
rj t ev'atvlla wildUiinr frovltHrU to 935 pdeudaoscll" :i
OU 1S1I1 linked Viccv , , , ., ,
. t. .ft pair UlariMMltB'a Veiled lut ,fftr;;j.i.
Me.iirea. tiiimmers, oora.v v.i. rorsalo py
WHl'1'K & tATTAil
rirmins tmpl.-mcuta." L
Ofl Vjrif B'ts'itocYPol'd.Hoea. ', i ,;1-( J m
Tl I .ill . o .5 mid 4 Vino Stool V,.rVr. ' 1
lo ,ki
te 4o-..ras(ii..) iiatiaroytliua,i -.iV.'Ia fit.
Jl ... . . I.J I i
8T will Coin..' a vt-luuitj.of abynt '.mif,-ff ,8vo..,l(
lifulTv Viitiit.'d and n.J.lf Ulidf flril-.li bftulitt'lu
.btJUpllVuIAK'VZfl'j .to :ij'. it
ItlcrUuiilr'n Tool,
.... i. a. ...... ' . a.
.,- y01.aV Wl.U.t , . i-
' a . a' M MB 1 W I A II
', ,:'.V-,.'. SECU.N U YEAR. ' '- - ?. -; ' .
ARWA.NGBVBNisfor the iNocvnd Auaital Coileg
Moasaf llilaaew sad popular tiislitulunt for tho
itaf l.iMirature autt Art, have- boou made eu
tl.a most aalouaivo scale. i '
Among Ilia work, already engagan, as wo lat taiuea
WtilrtidrlnirlnaHy cost Tan Tbouaaiid Hollars.
' lit (tirmlng mo no w uoiiiiiiib . ino iuu.is.uii 01 worms
if Aninrleau Art, and tha aumiamgemoiil of Ainoriouti
gnliia,hRvualbaanovuri.ioko.i. i oiumtasHiiia unro
buou u.itoil to many at tit iaoai.uiaiiugini.eu aiuoii
ean Artlata, who will coutrlbitla aom of Uioir tli.est
production. Aiwung lliuii. aru tnrea .itartue ouits, ox
ocuted b) ifcogrBiiteat living aciil.Uirlllriwt l'owoct.
Uoorgo Wullny;(Ollttle Father of bl, country.
Vntf jutlirtt If nllllu,lh rtUtbaophort
i W.aulol WaUator.tttJ 8tltnail. , T
A aiiai-iat auout liaa vlaltvd k-ttroii uud watto earoful
an. I Jii.l'.-ioiii aeleclions of foreign wurtaot An, both
in Hronr and Atari. li Hlnljiuiry ittul i:aol. o4'ulniioi;s.
Tli whataforiafiig uliiriAe nnd v.duirlUa colle.'liou
of fuiullugs and IMatuar), lo be distributed Kit lilt a-
ttliing the m. libera o. the Aaiiit-iuttou lur M.ounu tear.
1km o MaRite.-Tlio payiuenlorTliro Ijul
Inri uoiiitituliiaiiiiy one a niuiiibor of Hilt AWiclnlioiu
ami autillea l.iiu to o. titer, ouu of tlioMuirn.lii" J lor ouu
your, unit ala a tickat la tbo dUltibulliili-rif the Stiw
tunty and fntiHlpg. ,-. 'i ,. '( ,t'.' " ' .- J
llio LllarHlure la.ucu io siuiaerinors cnnaiits at tno
folltiwing M.nitlily Magiohipat Hariri", I'utnua.'a,
Kiilukaru.H-kur, . Illaukwoud'a, llouclji)d. YVords,
Uraluuua.il Oodey'a bady" llowk... !.:.... .
braiiipaareaiimu toauy
.araoiial.ikli.B.av uta.n
At of Hi Maraalu for ou year,, and luaix i.'cUta
In lka.liurlb.iUou. . I ke ual mociMila durtvud from
Hie ante of uieutliorslilpa, are devoted toUta putiiiaao
of Arts for tllu ensuing year. .
I ITU AJlVANTAUlC.S.JiliUlillltB fei.budeiulng a
uismbur uftbl ,.i.ielullon, uio , .
1.1. Atlhnr receive tin. tuff efil tf Ihrlr u4-
irriailM !-) alarlj hi tk sliapo ufmarllag Miigit-
ainuirtur., -.. - . . -
,.).. Kitch inaiulier latpiitrniulUiganwarda n rclias
lug cltiilco Works of Arti wl.l. li are lo be dlmrlbutui.
MMg llwvi.aiid ara al the aaiuo. llHioi'iiinur
ailifirthe Arltstanftlij ciiinitry.'dilbtitittig tliboaau.K
of uoiiara iiiroiign tt, ag.tt.ey.
I'er.ei.a la r.(i.ag rae tor jitaiitiieraiiin win
nloaaaaUa Uialr tool ltra ', taali, atailng Ibe
mouth I buy wish liio Matraalne to ciioioance, and have
ilia letter rcuitlerednt the 1'iiai Oflli-o to iirevent luatt
On Its receipt a eorlifl.'lrW of 'tiieinborahlp, togetbiw
wllh the M Hirer. I lie d.iatrud, will Oa furwarded to any
pnrt of tbe coiiiitry. . . '' . . . .
Thmu who nuri-Vn.e Yn'ngaitn'ea St Book storcr, will
nbt"v ttiutb) Joining till A.-oflallon, they earsfnt
ft. .tftuoias aa lictri (a In ! Wlarritaifva
alt at lite saute prtuu limy now pay for the Mngasine
aianv. ror jiemoaranip. aunruaa, -
i V.. Ji. ir,ITIlT. ACtaarv i' .i,
At allltar Af tha ' trl.icltu) ttirlcea "iCntckittl.ackor
atagitine- onice, a nrouttwity. new totm or vvost
rnontco, IA Water Kiroot, jtandiisky; tthlo.
Hubscrliiti.m received lie V. M. li c.lSWOl.Il.
ai.. an inn. ' . ii ... iJ ........... . i ., . riui..
STTITFPtoMI trades and oflho inoal approvnil make
nntchor'a rast Stool, Plrnior and Sank oi;CJoi.r;os,
fipear anil jqi-k ..oi. s . n.iiiim nprinir pi:oi .-.awa,
..Buti-lior' llnnbloaud Slnrtl l'laiia Irolis, '
Ohio Tool Coinpany I'latir, , 1 ; j . I
Mastinaand IMnsteraTruwla, , .
llnopot'a Prawliig knives, etc., for sln cheap bj
Aprll20, 1844. ; JOHN EKVINCKK, .
., t f '! e r't - w.i
f , Svtw(JKi. uei:hv ,,.,,.,
WO CM) twspoatrnlly anueuiice ti the, cttlrsuS of
Lancaster dt vlcinlly, lliat Ite'iiAa'commeticcd tho
tread, Light It link Sc t'nickrr nnkliitr
in oon'noctlon with hia former Duklhg, dtta now prepuf od
, TO ItU.MSlI l'A.tllllLSI ,
wltbovery thing in tlionbove Hue. Having In bla sat
ploy the best of bakers, ho foots confident that ha oan
please till who mny favor htm with a-cnlt. t
-IKpCall alhiatoro on Main Street. nd nla : , t his-Bako-Houso,
corner of t.'olumbua ox Mulborry cota
liancuslor, July 1H, 1CS4... . .... . - .i;
fruit and OrnnniotitarTrei-ai Ac. ''
U . J. BLACK would call the attention of hla
. .'. friend and the uublic generally, to 'Uio Una
stock of Pkiiit and Oiinamxntil Taats,int'iia, Vtrtica,
A.O., a liii.li he ulf.ir, for sale Die coming. Full, at bis
Nuraory, three uiiloa east of llreilion,
Uia stock consist, of Ptr, (UtitUatandardand
dwarf, Oit.'are, Peuoh, te.uw, Warical, JVarria, ad
l.llr.ri irn.,- i.ra.r ri'ira, carrniii, ouuieocj-riM,
Htttpberrits.Srt. 1 uud OraamsMfo Tretsdecidttouo
and .-ccrn. -Neua
bat llui tn-ry bill fruH. and well-mown tanas,
will be .int out from the Nursery; and every variety
I Muirrnnr.ii curer!,. having bati pl.aualed bp tlig
proprewir niniaeti, or tinner nta Tiumeiiinto iitructiiin;
No trouble nor ovpense has been ai.nred during the
lnstalx veara In iibtHtnlrig tbu beat fruits In tite'eoupt
try, ami b rtslt to tbe Nim.ory. wr an ukanitnatiou f
Mim Cntalottuot will show thin he ha one of the finest
ollaetloinoffriitl In Oenlrnl Olilo.i- i -
Orders from persons who nnd It Inconvenient to visit
tbe Ntivsory will be promptly attended to, tf addrosi
o.l lotho proprietor at IHtsHVIl.l.B.Omo. -
'iinarr.Hive tiittaiocnoa tarntaiie.i gratia. --
The followlnir .'.lolloinen nrw twfetred tot B. W,
r.attai.w; Gret-nfl.ild townatitpi Ciuat.aa naiaaarii,
K.p, iinneasiar, iinint ua. rioeas. aaiiunore, unto
Hev. B. M; Hnti.nT, do. ' -- - - .......
MoptomborW, lrto5. ' ' "'-', -1 - ' " 4WtT
. . .. . . , :.' ,a .-. -, j ii i. i, ,i,. .
IXlSlht 10. IDA K..HNCHD& hrrt Venjn'o- pipfil.Wr,'
f'y VerUiiwu.wf Hie tiro-oriSbire of,H..ll., U.untur,.
tt CK., to iilch be liaijust, added it Urge'itiiil niijiot Ai.'u
variety f taaeUy rriM-,novarrliH j.'nd .. aririve'
from t:iiii-lniiatt,iiid btbjjr matts. ', li.nitkfuirlils pur-,
chnsr ho rms hiul Itr view 'tlrii ticciimiuhUiifloil ;.irii
frleitilnniid dlautiia.itiiur aiillie, ,frir all ,a;ajton"a. .Ms
Coiiiin-oiirtlv. lUt-lralti-nliiin, among bVhur -urticlos. -t
pfiili. line eaui.M fall I.. give nllsfa.tTon.; '-' i '
l-Ofl rtVTlOAA4lli of all kmds.for .fnuilMo and
parties. . .
' C-i lt, Ttlrragoiiln Alinonils, KhglUU V'alh'dtr'kria.
liraailiati Nu, t i.taiid date,.. . ; f.
le.t.and Ucliitlirtf.ir Jellltis. rruiios,itic. ''
Of l''iiilOr.i. ori..abo w ill only inoullon Mill: pdwJ
rl.ire.l and cri.sli..d M'lrAlt, Now Orleuus dti.,-'fIi.U,
i:ioatnlavtiOtllrt:K,Hiilepa, Molasses, Ooldon Svr
up, Krehrlt. Chocolate, fdusbroon AYttluuia, - Taiuato
t'alsiip, iisldMlilid lot of Kliglitk Diary CAv, Slid
other articles lo niiuieioiia to put down here.'- '
.lttlfulget,also,l.illll.ra,,llr(l(lj r.fr I he- stick' and
rouvaloscniif, cigala !i y.-ura old, n....ikiiitii.ii.l rhowlug
lOIIAOt O, I'liwilursiidNlioifortlieriporumair.--V
flo will kee. on hitij.l a vrtel of 'oia, fa-ni
and.tirnaa nf btsown tiiniii.fhctlire fortlie trad.i.
.N.U loasl, lpj-r(iiii. ft.ltartnio!tof lja,awri
;urraN if nra. r'ttneh varr aid F,qtigh Qtiitaware. ikl.
so,' 14'nArttn Witr, VVAi. iiicvr,. a;f. . ;--
.11 7 lie hojiua to obtain u fair shiilrofthb pubHc favor
lu Ills new iilnlortnkintr. uu.l looks for the approbation
and pairdiiiiiie .if ttts friends.-' Having hoen coiupellnd
tn rclluiiulsli lila form. -r liiialiioaii.lnliirloiulo health.
he will iiiifko a fntrtrinl ofttiis ,io see if it will not frofll
hla purse, aa well as hla lienlilt. If Hie biierlinont, (to
which he will do vote his unilit Ided attention, does not
succeed, ho wllkbe able lio trusts, to servo tho public ib
soiou oilier tisoiiu capneuy.
Mayairua. .. , i'Jil.l ,1, IfA Kills? CIIO.
lilSKJASTMl ill rill K"rox,-lillIt Y
DKVOJ-la PrermiW.lofiriilsli all k kails of KIK AM
a.T,l:SOIN'l-.npouluirtiioiice mid at ClueinuuU
and I'lltsb.irg priclnc. ' ' . "...
Ala..,. all kinds ef Mill, Gearing, RiiIatlngRcrawa,
n.'K.nu.'.iu on..., jai. nvruwa, riiiiet-s ticruws ami
(,-derSe'ro;wa.', f t i-'.,.;: i ..-.:.-., i, i
nun .piniites oi cast iron tir nrnur-lit. t . . .
Hales iinitUrivrJn., Ac, ftc'" ' "
lie will also furnish Hie l'.t HKKK-WHEKt .In' suit
any head or water, and wllh either Iron or wood thaft,
AIotbo .VrivlNSON WHKia lltjep ks abbvo,."rie
patent on the I'afkur Vltoel.na.s expired and conae
dueiulv ther eon b bad linu-k v-lianiief. ': ." . ' I
ho aiso l oiiiinutisLii make unviiL'S lltKAMllMi
MAl'HINHS.und kecpa u lot colisitutly 'on bund; war
ratitod tbo beatlit'tHite.- v-..... .;r4 it ti .v - ,,
All tlu. above urticlos will bo made with eapucttd caro
and by the best Hnrkinnn, and will be Whrntiurl. '
All kinds of repairing done upon the Shortest notice.
He also keeps constantly on hand, ALL KlNliS OP
CASTINliS, usually kept io u foundry. He bas,om
jili.toil hlsfront shop, o that these who all cul exam
inobls Work.".: : : .-; .
The, known quality of tho work done at till I estab
lishment fot many ys'ars'paat,ta the beat (f nnrrantev that
infutuie, tho sabserilaiir will labor W Wro .tho pat
ronage of tho public. . He iuvltesuxaitiluatlon. .
. Laaimattx, May 10-, iH4. -; 1B0C'
- M Ell I C I tit! A H li V A H I ET V 'S'lTOK K.77;
rrtHUnnilotslgtiad respectfully advertises the' pib
L lli'.lhatba haaon baud fornle,oui.osoiiublutefiu
'' rrealt 'tint 'Sclecte'tt Metllfinei',' '
Comprlslnff ovorvcniifs adami'ca(, dorlvcl frntri'thn
VtgtiublexJUint aland Jninal Kiiipdoma, and used In
-stlaaatato, tew. sis, i.-0r'iraBf!J,itai prnetleu.
I Ijuuaaortiiioiiloiiibrac-oaalllhuKVuiiila.jVij.iieiy,
Alcvkotic mud .yacoua F.rtrarto, fif, -c. .
HI ituuk of Su rglaal Instntaianta Is of tho fccatnuallty.
A full Stork olt'uiitily UrocerU'a.i .. .
Fremk atnf Ainorlcatt foi-fiiuiery In greut vartolj'.r
Uuvaan and colaiiiou Vegara, Chewing and kUuokltig
tobacco: besl.iuaiiiy oi .w ino. ttntndtcsi tvcnativo
and Imported, fiMrnioillclnnl n se;KlrotgCtderVliiinr,
Window filusaand Bins W'ure.tnguihor wllh. nil tlte
popiilai patent mudicluus, aml uii eudlea vorlely gf
a.isanfl a Doinomiiiuennti ana ttserui, -
' I'byalaiiiiiapr.iicrlpilouspnt uv wtO grout cftto by a
compotouUtnd eipurieiiccddlapnnsnr, , 1
hnsrttig ya uppenreo ii,ii.iuemvjuh.
Lieut of th i 5n ttojo. i .tt..
rtwilliidttty.bt!Jl.iatiaii M '''
..u-.'vi a .7' )l,jW.IUttR
: In ad ntionlo brief Treatise. on IJte fajlijno .pn.vi
run olt'orius of poiltliiii; iiiftn-Hn, eiftrt.-s ffiVriorka,'
reAurtie ror Mwrtu oie. fiai.wora iti-aiiew,,wn
iliniiei'slou o boon nro.lucod by tlte Code.' 1 lie pro-
ce.lnrs toreatlUa-tia ttkie) aimivera aro ito-oyraWrr-uato'
di ee otitiof jio gaatw a. eiesfMnie oa ; in.auv.
winch .-til w ill be itftrcr.t aa to us uioaiiintr. oe lonu,
of ontrte and riirjiiiitlrnde lh woikeapatnid.)
tuofiilJCUnit; nllii:ira, as;wol tut to tbe ptofcs-iloo,
SuOl o w't.rkhasl.iligbbeiia dlnr.!lniri: -nnbooV
hoviag ystiippenipo iil.yiilheellUJecnloeil tbo utraol:
1W li .Ji'iili !tj
.RKCTNTLY HU3U'lMlRl).' "' '
Htraa's TteWi Treattlao - il-jiLiIii! o
TIIBTKACeVETd. 'j vol.'8vo.'
, Sivnn'a ItcvUetl Statute - . ; t
OF TIIE.STATE OF pilIO'. Complete, t.v'of.' evo.'
j.' . r ; '. I'... ' s "... . .1 ' i'.. t r- .:.;
I,. .. . .NiiBU'a lTat't. "-,'.,
b f. b p. pn nxs o i s y p h k m e g u u lit o p. fi n 1 o . ,
0.t. tM IHao.""-'''! Vol. tf'v.).. ' ' '' 3Wtu
Li .1 ... ' r. 4 --1
. ,; r wii-H n n wiTT.0i.'..s.';.
,i I -..I i Oa.tVheelitig JStcrtv,!j'i.j h-uil
r.-JJTTSHjes.liow otroring i.utilltj iW&
StJAif at) lo nnd variety oft.urriogestjfld
and Tiuirgles uiiaiirHie.l for bondtyt dnmbility uiia
cheapneaa bv no) thing ofl he kind ovorulfured in this
section of Ol'ii... Having secure,.! the servlcesor tho
mnsiaccaupllslH.'d work men. bads able to compete
wltliunv sioillar establislimeilt West of the luoun
tirtna. -ilyinaterlaj Is nil .first uuulily.niid all work
warranted ror ono year. Persons desirous of pur
chasing; will pruase'cnll and examine my toik.bofoeo
irplle Uirlso prepared ta Pafuranif Trfai Snywhrk
norsoiis wish done, at a rcaaouablu rnleaasnuy flrut
in the city". ' 1 ' "WM. BIHITT.'
0 do Vononi's Grain Ctadioa.
fll-lttl.'lo-KC)taox.SBtba. orj-.l
at) .to Day anil t. rain ltiikes,
C.iU flo Bramble auvUic'.(Vi..nherlillVi-'L
April sn. lHSd. , VVIUTK A UATTA
':. a lute
I IXLOHS. WOliES. i vn urns.
w . mi v u no w on naiio, anu w oieii vj our arranjru
w w , woDia, wtut ino. raiiuejaeturai!
luoirbiiioi prices null rn
YT-; -wsota-tlei)i ttil
1IUI sli.i.lii..
?4.vf.r.jlub-, (. -, ! ,1
'S il V 11,.. I. am. C.a
ra:iiiaetirrs'W sa sHef ii
Vii-gbt added.
wi e-iu.!t rf of v.iii"tl
... c
Miirt sjo.tj tit
TTii'i'iiitVi opjicr i'lre. Ac. '
ir'arA' Bex-ealCiHid 1Y Till PlateV 11 "l-i M:
aCTli.i I U..a 7l..a"
' hi.: l ICfi'vi hit.
' ' ' MERCnA5f; TA1LOK. - ' "c!
In Slldrfir JVn Bloat trtwfn tU Tllmif Btun
UAR Jslopiiag a lartrvtndboft.H.fnl 5ort
meres and yettinga. All of which lias ben selocfc-
uj wHhprt'ut care nnd With fcpftc'tul jeforenco la this
wsiamitl twU ofUilscooimuuity. ,
- His lun & experiMico in this branch of bna.ne, :')" a
itu rturtuiWc ilml h'u slock in braces tho chteet tirtt
iiOHl vunoty, and nil iurcnuc ds noon tut en nnnn siieli
torniS ituithii causttli at Hit) LOVVgST OSSJJjltt riilt
BHS.' T ' ." .- ' -
Th niiMlcare rvftnootuilly raouontntJ to call and er
nniino hisnuortuiont. Ho has ou hand a eeuerul aa
Aad Uftt alltimos p ft pa red tt a.cpominodote kts-old
frioihlH, oitliur with nn etoellMit article of Roudy madV
CVoUting.orio MANUFACTURK TO ORDER; out of
lit bet nui tu rial ajid bv in out ni'onipHiahed workineii.
anyatvtoofRrmotattFOR NE.N AND HOYH, iu thv
bost uml mo-it fmhionable inanner. He la confldeut,i
this reapopt, that he con (fiv gener mtinfuctioii. .
Uia usflortiueiit, oinbrnctjs a general Tnrioty of - .
X.iiai. Cointf. r Vestlnirs, - fiuapondon.. V
ItV.SB.Bl llA . . U...1..1...7... U.. 't ,
ilriifii ilo
Sactr ' do
LauonMor, aprllSft, 185555
nn O A ip wtjt ,Y wp T el,
Cincinnati, Ohio,
rglli tindoraidited. having agal u usstiim.il th at n
1, aitjiaciit.nl litis woll "known establishment,, beg; ;
leave'tiV shy to Ut.nib'whh visit t'ltielitiihtlt either Vo
tuisiBijttoriluaaum,tliatiliuy wilinl tba Uroadwit;
Hotel one of hc moti convenient auu uosirwbiesiou
si. n, ..I,...,, in 11... Hn. VIi.II'ijJ Ir V : . ft-; ; i' 1
: ltlscoBvenieui tt'h (l.-iilJjend Ofllce ati.h Depot.
anil llio fubtic banoiiiit; tuoro so -titan aiiv otner unto,
in ftlHcitiMnlt-ati.tta wllblit k few imuiiIii Wslktot the'
Post ollUo'tbu prlut-iplo liuiiuesajocahliei, an m
places of fubtic 1 IniiseuielH. i " ' ' "' ,
v AnoBtuustvarnitgoof Biitldrig Kooma and 'a.-Bav-
bor's'S)op,wtll be found iitlboi Uuildlag, . j-
thlS'Iioiiae iiaanti fito conirona aim sronTenreTiee
thntsimw ha.fnmt rn anv drnL ulasa Hotvliu tba .YVrwat.
Tito wbhle establishment has Just. tA-ftit thoronghfy
ovorliaute.l. ret.wvmerr anu -re-iurnisnoiik .tn.iv-.no
Pisiiritor fooIaasauYiK) that ,tioe A.lu tpaWO) hia,
bis bousollielr home iuriug limit slay lo tho City,
will have na- rtiaati iiattiBiniiiner nisnrrom-
itiocntlons or hia chargea. Jllttl'll H.gtiOJl W tLl,,
p.iruiiviiivuuiii'i.iei.ii . .,
i t.nmT.n 1 . 1
i. .. .1 l .,. - - pr. rv n r. i ijc ri ,-- -Oct.
M, 185 , JV.JOfl,.Vai'r, .a-l. .
Jlook Dinilery, Latvcrtnter, Ohio,.
' ' '"TiliASk flliOKsorCoiinty
Orttccs; Justices1 Hlnnks',
iiockfls, iioitbio
! JiU Oi ,'l
and Nlugle
F.iltry riodgera, Jonrnal,, Day
Hooks, ore, !.: It Kan, Hook
llli.tlliig of ovary das.-vlptloo
dona ti a tnoil laitsfaclory
style, ..-.-j
wlne, iiroinptlyatteiMtedt.1.
room rormor-
lkifg8sfcj' Mat'.
adn.s - ii- w .. -airaq wine. nrointitlvatteiMtetl
Ofdorafor Ulndkiia ouu be loft ttv lltot racetta a
or 'at tho llludery.nn Main Street, In the room fo
too iiiuiierv,nn .-.lain nireol.in llio room lormor- aw ,-
ciipled by tr, 'Pi Vna Ttiimn, as a' laiw Wfllco, O"'-'''?'
laurlr opposite l)r. K raider's rOsldenrt.. ! nr'"'
coBrtKirUdr'M-Sj ' ' J, KUSSKLL. "V48,h
- I a, i .1 . -it. a. .nvi i. on. ro., i"r i-a ' -..irn iinm,
movementi and next arr Afcliton plot.-, i ,Suis:retjM7"iT
And itecreey vxposvd it to -all-sorts . 'JUnN OniL.U .l W, Ct VJ.
at, if, Kaxt Fourth Htreet, Clnrinnnti, V.
"-1 r. - - 1 v...f - -i -
suspicion nnd aucusatiohi.' TopIe becu
air aiJ that the American aenlimittt did not
really li at tha bottom, butlhat somi-lhiny
else did. The prewttt Strang I) ut, the
parly, therefore, is no proof of wlmt" it' Is
to be when the people shall lind out what
tb parly realy is. .s " --i '." .
. Orator deride tU aeoidunl of birth, Mid
plume themselves on the magnanimity of
the aemimetit. Dut it is. a sorry thio tu
; erect the aentiraontalities of tho pout jnty
maxims of statesmanship." Nobody m ike
cjuef tion as to marit or demerit of liiith;
but the conspquenp pf birth and- eaVly
training. - And there la no condition -tip-on
which ao mane proludioes nnd antinn-
thie depand. . What make you a Cltris-
tian, and not a Mahomroadon pr a Phb-iiu?
a lie acutuBiiv oi oirin. . y nnt proauccu
tli riot.. st BtttTalo," tTliicngo, Cincinnati
and Louiaville? Tb tueident of birth,.
The important matter doea "not Re 1 in the
RAlpecmiWy InfAfla thalrfitiatoinars ami I'linlinmr.
gen.iritlly. that tlrey aro now opening an vxtonatva
audcmnplelo auortmriitof
:i eLeACgtaaf,'''
Pilmtlles, llutol Koejiora, Ptf.mhnl'-pwuorai nnd
Strnugers, mny dopot.j upntt-ftiidliig- tlte bfsl elnss of
Goods, lit prices" at U UiV rnu :ho-.ir. i.i-il in
be liu.lorii Cllle.. s pt. li", ltfoj l'J I
WAR! WAR!!' WABj!!
K AKLT evory Nation Iu llm World la Involved lu
thia aniioeessiiry evil, while our irronl- and slo-
oscolliitry suems 10 be liorfei-tlv enlin nnd oih-ah.
ocmed. TbiiUthe way with JfOII.V 1,1 W.MS, while
IHaeolomporarles are making agrenl ruaa. lie 00I..I,
ly Issue, nut&Rlirp.ltllCs ul tho LOWJiSTt'KlCllR.
one door West of Martin's Kxcliimge.
I.nticaitcr, ov ..pibcr 1, l3S aw'.fi
1. --BOUGHT AND SOLttAT -i :
10 000 ACRKS
WANTEl), IU M lip I ATKL Y. '
TAM now d.iallng eMeu.lvely In Land Warrant,
those wlsltinir to aelt hud therefore better consult
me before selling olsowliqrv. li.-ul.-rs In Wnrruiilacnn
do 11a srcll.wltli.iila aa.bi.iuiy iSorket aui auak oiilek
turtia, , The cost of usslgulug Is always paid by tiro,
and any iiifnrmiitlue about YVarrunlauItoerfully BWee
Wllhnulchurgo. , , .' . .' ,-
'Thirae'liilonding fii-itolhdlr Wa'ffnnr iltioine'rtl
lure t)iiiecanileiietttttl.erB;wttkuia and reeelvo the
n ot.oy orluteruat for.iltim.attd auulbor Warrant whuu
they wish. Warrants passing trout 111 J hands ar al
waya ga.iraaf,' s'B - rnsa.oi. t' 1
I also deal In En, tern Exehango nnd Gold nnd Fit
yerl oln. - - . r. W. TA1.I.M AUPK.
. UucatvMirte,ntb,r W, IMJ-Sitr . V,;.." ' i
feitffTcTSifAw 'V. Jm "v
TTAg femoWd htf'Offlcd Vae'siiaVare'Vbtnk'of ttio
I 1 loildonco of'Uf. Janw,Wblte,f oa ttroaSsray,
wl.ero ho tepderi Uia iirotcasioual servlcvaof batica
lorand arlcihity. V . ' Novembur lbJJ SJtf
auti-Vat i.i.u -ajsU. Uli jo ikuttt; i. 'ii Bil l'
. v.' ii.... . ftmav ,a xiiti t
in. sji tLt,i:r. 1
AS tnat received l.raliPHISO add UHMR'k'
ply of HA'rs it ( A PS at kla old atuad, artf 2
imljn lluvnr, Mai Slrttt. .aacal,r, OAI. Ill
tork hit boon selected w-lth. eare nnd- elabraoe
viirtvtr of Ilntadt Cnasa in
g White -Heaver, Molakln; No. 'T. I
btnaiiliil feital fttraw nnd JkuvlmrB WMissa.
nitta, iiieu. Hots ana i n . reus
srvi-AlanMenand llrtv'aPnr
U.i) sand t'bildrviit Fancy I lata.
tholtwoat prices.' Leghorn Huts washed and bloaclietf
aitua ennrtoai uoue. ir "Uon't roryet inepiat-e.'
nMuj MHSi. , . , .jVy .,;ti-.r tfstt'UlT,j
aft... ...A ...I Ik 111. n. V .
'10 -rxrriage ana nuairr Mitkcrs.
C Pill NBS and A sals. Bri.iiHiMd tiilver Bnii.lt, Slum
Joints anil Top Proiis,P.u.-tui-d Drills, Duck iiud Can
vaaa, IWaml-d aad Paioat .alhortlt 4ecriptionsJlead
liiulutrs. iilnas aun Malealilu Iron, etc. A grant varioty
ofotlMrjcoodaintliallluotto bohad c.heap,at the (4roa
llnrdraro Store of W.H ITE ot LAT'fA .
'LsJifaaK-t.AplilSO, V5. V. -l 1 -:;t.
flHB aHbscribera ba.ro nowrgot,lhol5 Now Flouring
fl Mill In full operation and will purchase all the
gooi) iwlteat that tli.ry cau gut, aud-pn) IhaJiighont
inarKet prico 111 ensa. at uu tunes When uenvure.l at
llieirMt.ll. .Wowill arlao do custom work for the fbr'
siters w hen grlafs of Hi bushels and' upwards, every
tiling less we wilgrvo I'eur in exehauge.-- Ate wish Jo
uoaltomu traou an.l wilt .louver Dour oy the oarrel
louver) partof the oily Sreo at drayage d( the Jour
does not prove good ruluru the same and we will ren
dor aaUafseliaa. :.ur KKVUKH at KKNM05. i...
Opposite Geo. Kinv'a Woolen Factory
Laacatter. 0hio,aut;uslSU,.tU-I7tr ; ; ..
' EFFkEi?,;,Wo:ob;i; co.;j:
1. . r,,HH--.(lWcW,.6Wr . a r .' '!
J EFIIlI ES,vf fHJtT'V. A . WOOD, -t""
;1 t..n J !,;LATCASTEli, L110, ,;
.AT. 71IB1.
XeW Svarehrrase, Jntictlon of Bnil llond
v'i.nnd lloiikinw Vnllty -Cntialj'- ..v.
Carpet-baga, togethor with all othor articles uanall t
kept In a Gentleman's Furnishing Store, and manufao
tiir.nl tu the litest fashionable style,; -
. It hen Iteen pnrehdsod ef weU-eatabllahBd- houses la
tho Eastern citioa, aud i.7 be varraytody to tie niado. of
good luatarial and In a durable manner. 1'.. ' - -He
respectfully invites lit old customers and other
to bull at ills new establishment, where he- will at all
times ba ready to wait upon thorn with eoon aoons at
Trt fiotvca-r batb.' I o wsi ma promiaoa, no asaa -aai
examtnntioii of Ills stock lu trade aiid tue style sud qual
Ity ofhlsmanufttcture. J'.'TUKU,
Mncasier, Alay3,lrSt. .:.. ... . .
boptomber lq.lfcW lOlt
o -
s...j.ik.Jcu sfnsTsVKiiv'j -swH.-rrrri , .-i
iOfayiCtVIX; lAA3.)ASTBlgKW,:s
TlFKRISIlT PTaTION.C. W. &,H.i,.epjf
ralllECumpany have roceptlv cbnngud .Uio location
I AiftkafrAirnce Aiibdve.- Meaaaugra Idavi fiait-
oaster dully per Trains-over ('-, W. iV Z. Kail Koad.
kffdrilliig Hie bost flicllltle for the urniiint,' safe and
clteup ronvuyauca-of pascBlaalid freiglit to ail -point
Kustaiid est, also fur tbe collection utWi, Drafts,
'Accounts.' and Mr tusking pnrcLases or the exocnttoa
ari!.wMlBlenaitrrall)-tvii(.. ...(.A ." . r-''i.;i
npcclnl contruci ior tau carnagu 01 tarau quauiitioa
of freight will bo made. -'
-ilo'i JH 'THOwAS all'NKAk, fl (Of T'rWm1.0
tl ,I..S ..WV VI ll, iyi1(l
Uusclto, UuU4iii--I'ullr1.Squrirc, l4a-
" J.t(i!.Wqri Oiiiv4.in j .j;(!
oat adi biut, tS.'-TJOt-Ti'iti lo MoO
Ta ESPKCTFULLY calta attention to klBOHcaltajpt
a aj,,rlmt'el of imr. caiar,, rrn.p, iriisii.
Oaepie . His attic ' BarlioaoeiiatprtaMsSUver
Brass and ltluck Mounted Uuggyws)lCKCiuigulliiuici
1... v ........ .....1 uinui .1.. Bii ..r iili.ti eHiieotiiA niir.
paat'ed tu theVity.- either la alookv wr-nnm,hlpo low
pnoee. 4ie Juut aijo,A,irijjiinugi annp, w.n,r .
. - ' llnzuy aad -CarrlitRo T rimminf ,
rwfll'b'e done on short notice In nfioriertyle. 1 T
j LacoJ.uo)i,!l8--.lya.-,,il(.v vtlii, i
tfm Uiif.froin J2, to I LI IT tt' 'J'LJ ''! ''r. 't
-sOi' j nvHOLEeAl.il DKALEH6 INI T,"1V4
with tvory thing ttuK-Wiay Ive liea.l.l In Ills line. II
keeps on bund every varletyof (lOOKtNO nttd ttHA'l
ISt! STflVES for MAitt U and rOAt.couslatlnglnpai
of tbe l.loiiAli.riglill WVatnra Ouncn. t -J
and after Mou'4ityl'Konik'er le.TralnswIHrslii
W a follows; (SundaJsexcepliidO 'i -i--
FirM I Trait leaves Cincinnati ill 4 A. TC, arriving at
Laitcikter-ntllilUA. M. and ul aanosvllle u3 Pi U.
Itetiirnlng, leave Zitnosvllla at 4 So. P. 9i, Broivlpir
utl.aircasteratTM P'. M..t I'lnchmiitf at m6 A. M.
S.cea.l 7aia leaves lilus-iminllatiSao P. M. arriving
at l.ancnslor at II 35 V M. L -
. .(toUtriUng lanvo JUucoaU-t U5 It) .A. It, arriving
at Cltietnnan at ta aa A . m7!RT ' T ' ' ' ' '
, 'Iriiina. won rerun -utiniier at nit titrtneeiale;nolrUa
nn.i ruiineci wtut traHis on Little Diiaaitt lioaaor. I.U"
Innilma, ltiivton.lllllsbonjinrh nnd l.hlllleoihe.'-
h'Lito linea ftonatlei al -Oiralwviil.. for r.billlenllve
a'tnl Columbus, at Lancaster for Logan, N,o!ouvillo,
Athens, and Poineroy,"' 'i.'--' .1 - - x '
LPorolherlnformittlon and tickets, aunty at Ticket Of -
aeOiCOiiiorof llroa.lwny and Pnuitelrool,; and at the
......'I ... .' Jatiate IIr .Tlnminty '.,.
WXAVtNO tiilllsbe. himself tn the inaniifhcttirlng
a or1 1 lis, . .irrr.n ami isnccr-ttctii" -vv.vKn; in
.,y'a aaftrfiar,, fm rfcstarjia fieri Ue
Haas, tsprrpareitte rtirnisn llio peoplo nr.llii county
with every thing tlH mny Ive tiee.l.l In his line, lie
riNii nwn iihat-
Trliiiiinii ttn..k ii... .i.i, .1.1. o...r. tiiruud to tne t omliictoror Agent, nnd. fruiriit-DaJn at
and mack Ukiraosid tit t eal. sMbia Pln.njhs. Plouirh lhoriiloofapussaBeforoverv aseoinvalue above that
Shares, Sugar Kettle, clt Hollow-ware. All of the abovo amoMUl. , . icy.,! t,i reea.lrrlV !!
Srnetiw Will lh aold aa tow as can lis bouehl olsow here. i ; rr- ; -r-; n
H tl1.lt IIA PUI.MB. .nn.K.IK Ir. M - 1.1. 1 ' . . ' iltlA.'S
Stock. " J A MKH McM AN A M Y. 1 . . . ftlVMUWt X WA,
K. B. llntie-pontlnffcVlobblngiloneuHinahortno
iii.-fi,--.,'ii, viiier, iirnns, I e w tor ana iron tax
eliaiia-i, ror nn of tbu iilmvn iirilli.a
Lam-aster, mny 1, 1UM "I Lancaster, ilay 3, less-K
123 Mali Street, Cincinnati,
Havajtow a full Stock, ami are making nnd receiving
.ou.i'.i rroali tuppiie or an BHiuaot -vteis
flea's and Iloys piacV, Brow arttJTan
Color, and I'carl Sou Hut a, rut oniL.
tVool; Cloth Silk Plush, Glnzcd and1 1
Fancy Caps for Men and li.iya. 'f
B U'a'F'A li O K O B E ft,
aVtDITlSi FAftt-Tf'fms, "V
-' "I'owhtrtt we would call the attention or llonlors aud
Cuuiilry Morchauta before purchaHtug, aa wo are pre-'
juiced tu offer superior iudueeiiienis to.cush ot prgmpt
tliaetiayors. . - i -i-io :. tl. fciv.w- pr uu.
Clliolunstl, October 4, lraj-i'iu-U
TtTTK are preparedr to haiiJlo' Goods of all descrln'
Vi t'ons i,t ilie lowest possible- rate and ; wltrt.it lie
uluiust (lesliatclKfmarl Ooodt tare of Jejfrito. Wood 8c
0.,iiamcawtar,'Oi'a.'i All iGooil. oonslrood to na
shall receive prompt attention, 4 If for transhipment
wilt or.vorwaraea tne quickest ana ay ,ii. aauupekt
possible titode. Hy' strict atteuliou to business wa
ho fie to receive rmd niaritihe patronngepf Ihaptiblle.
rouruarr r-.', lej,. j f t n laa, AOUUllot liUi .
.-a-ia.. i.i 1 1 J ill 'an;'.. -:, i,. , , ,v -
tVaatcd iinmridiutelr, oO.Ooa bush. Corn,
V; tiN- oi'V-lia -.80.OU9, M'lteatg
ForwsicSw.y.tMBBy aA Aijrasj svfrA:; pn'cf.B c.
Is a v l.tb osvipiiiieil ouneivoain the proiluco bu
I tHnesat Parmers cttn at all times sell us all kinds
of U rul u. for me casU at markut prioea. Aaelhaa ub-
ject, wo can weigh y qur entire ioa.1 alone uraiigni ana
uniosti-wunuBtt mo uuveoraity oinor-wnareiiouaotu-
Laticaator, Ji our plu laontiroty new, to all wo ta-vltefnvo-silgal(fn,
JKl'PKlF.s; WOOD ot CO. :
itfjaMaaMBrfArururaarwis;, toa-'i a...-.,-, ..j.i,!
r iL :i'a'Ar'htit'ts 1 for Tins' ' :;!
Peacock's . I mp f o' c j 816 ct, I 1 p wr
H'nraut(;d,iu. nil ,jroiicet. equal, and lu
so tne. Superior to any other notv In use.
rilUIS factory hasboerr In operation, during the last
I- S3Vears. but forllie last Vow voara tholr itttcn-
lloit haa been gl von pnrtitularlj to the diaprpvemobt
oi ine otoci .uoia-iiourn now. vtny amoeiii or.ne.i
als, Diploma dro., oan be 1idwa,4jiit' we rely nioro on
tho-. r Dor Hi of rarivor from dlfforont t.arts of the
conntry, trhofe they have been lu competition with
otner jiopmnr i-iowa,tnan wouo on iiiotr. DOlngJtiag
ed by alala.u-ove aeltirlit trial at a fair! c i Tv.
A lurge assortment of the dilrereta slaeseonstantly
ou hnad, whlrll cim bene atinr aaiwhnsmoe)rna;a
qulry ntour Hook Store 45 Main s., White's lllock.
niiiTUry PSoit sflld by uatawnrntnied.'"' "'' 'Al ''
O 111 PElUlYcVa
WlIOLE&'XLfi " REtAlti DEAjEAil,
ilj,!:! to n '0 0 13 1,1 E""1" .
er Jjrtillt oid SI aad, Afi Al,,i..c,(,r,' 0Ai'l
KSPECTFU 14.Y solicits the attentUtnnr all who
M tkr-tnay want Urocertesto Ii s now and lara-a Stock
ou Uapd, eaibrncUlg Ui part, Sio following BrtioUet,!,'
J.1IA 41111 lliu vut ir t i ...
v-Yottgf!yirr, Irhp. Blacfe'ihtliiMiewderTKA-S? '
. Now Orleane, Cruoliod Loaf and pulvorlzod riagai;
' Ooldon dud -Rugar H6u0 Sj-ruti, N.'O: Molasses;
KJoo)OMiie Lomoiu,ifWl,allift,FUbrU
sii.l Alinnnds: ' ' ...... , .. ....
Sugar Cored UAMS prlodBoefjBaJoDgiSaesag,
i.nu.i anu p.ii'ii
Hoaps, Dye Kiuir,, Tend tea, TobssudBuckeU;
Wnshboarda. Hiooma. die.. Aio.
ALSO A fine lotof Chemiug Tobacco, 8mn:ing d0
Poroign and Domestic Llipiora, Notions, dec.
T fool assured that all who mav favor nio with a call
:wilt not no awBydlsintlsfie -with my prices. vn If
.they abuuld notbo Induced tv buy. . -.. '.j- t ;(
' in n law uni s wui nnve i.a r a e in oi u Kino.
- N. It. 4:OUiNTHY I'HOtlUOB takeato cacliungo for
roeorie.r ?.j; a.ancaslor, June jt.iajj jOUf
:r. JOHJV WOKM, . u , -:,'-
-Miin ftreet, nearly opposit$ th$ Tatlma-lg $ Hour.
AG-Urv tuktMleuure ' caltinv thoalteutlon of hit
custatiiwr hiuI country murthatiU fvitcrullT. to'
Uij) luroat Atirok ef fJoppr,Tin uud Blioot-Jroa niatiil
fat' t until evorbrotipht to this market. Ho tukea groat
H-iiia to taa constantly on hand a-larpo varioty of
evury thhtft that can poMiUly bo wantod In hla line, and
flattUA lUiiiaolf that from hia Ion; oxperienceiatb .
, Tin nuil Sheet-Iron Batiuensj ; ,
ho will boublft toptve fti-H natiifnctlon to all ho miy
fhvor him with tbif work. HtiTintr nnactlcal knoirU
otlge of tho biiiiuoa. hin atlortiona aro tuadtj with &
vteirtouuriibiiity.jtyieaitachoapuoM. i- . . i "
Manufactured to Ordnr ' '
"Ilo also kyopttn lti tnpliv aomeof tho bast work
mou lliut caubo jjocurodt auu alwaya having on hantl '
tho very host inatorial, la on a Mod to nianufHct4iro to
r)oranytilua?aiid ttvvry thinp doatrablo i hia lino.
iiiHi roou styio una ou ns uir toruu aacau anywhar
bohttd. ..ffft- t- ;.i v l. t.i'sl
u ( AH kinds of Stoves Ac .
r Not or In the history of Lanca-ter was thoro an estab
UahmoK that kept oo band a liirtrtir uid more coratloi
aftsoraaa,. j)alnves,of all ktitils aud vartotloa. He la
alan prepared with a lnra; uwiabor of Fir Orai4 and
fort It n accommodation of hia customura keeps on hand
a lar(c quantity of Fir Brick y maaufocliuetj oipreaa
ly with a view to ptittinjr up Grates, ore.
il lu fine, any aud oTorytiitnK ueadud lit hiallnoean b
oenrod by rivinc him a calT. and at orlcoa rs reason
aMu as eon ho obtained In any other toataMialimetit In
the State. Inasmuch aa hia present stock ia frreatlr
SMperlortbhlsforiuer in ouailttty. quality, variety anu
cheapnefli, ho fouls conftdunt that persona kIvItir him
a eau wui go away nigniy aonicirtea ami amply aattineu
, no aiso Keeps consiauiiy on nana
e It-nre Rloek of Steel IMowa,
of CinciuuaUaudClrcleTeniaii
nfactnre. - -
i4Ucaatt,.Marcli 8, 1655- 44 . A' . ...
KPniKtOClt V TROUT. - V '
L (ri fTAVK removed their Olothlnj" EsttablltOimont
f.jJU 1 to the Taltmadf Block, first door Fait of
r ik tr jLaii ttarawttr storefuete tncy are open
x.fc a Inriru and oxlt-iisivo assortment of ISPHINO AND
KUMMJiK GOODS, and are noir inanufncturlnT ererv
Variety (if Spring and Summer Wear, which they will
aoii a low as tue same qqniity or gooas ana word can
bo 1'Urchi.M'd at any other establishment In the city.
Their clqthiiiR U uuinufHrtured ondorlheir own supor
vision, anu is consequently superior io mat witku 1
bioutfhtfrum othor places. They have also-on hand, a
havtf ul varioty of ClothsyCaioimort?o. Vtttinjt Jcc
which they aro pteparod to m ami fact uo-to order. Tht y
have in tUeireinploy tho best of workmen and are at
all tlmos profwrtd to make tho host ftta in tho la tost
stylos. Allthoir work will b warranted..
p Tho pnhlie are respectfully solicited to call and
aininu tholr stot'k, anu while t nun una ror the liberal
patronafrethev have enjoyed, they aMure tholr old cub
touierH und-ttl. others that they will labor to give gen
eral anthaffirtloD both in the quality and price of their
-..A . a, . ... tllUt VI"! V.' U Jt. TUAltri'
iloMitvul lopot. ur tothuStuUon Akfuutnim tlioliuu.
' ' J - ; ' ' J. MO. t. RTAVOIITVN,
' ' i't -i eniti otter and fvuimTintonoent.. .
JTTTho Compony wlU not Oo rostMsiisUdu for bug-
gi.ifo)cce,,'iie S.w In value; imtosa tho name htv ro
N AMY i viiv JfJiVo .A V- r-
i'.hort nV ai.5;iii .ir Ai32.sj .as Aiaasaa
j Ut. Moln 81 reel, Sad dr.or Past efCiy llotol,
WILSON ,.-,lTlcUHEWy &'TiO!V,,o
Manufacturer and lmportors of v .
sa -! I'le-t .Hi ,;.,; anb .yiiiR'v1'. r.v. .'..t ti
'-5tl3ijVS0tl'2tC&a -
ii ;.-' AT WnOLKtAlR ftt,ktAit,f-,,r "
Boata West Corner ef Main and Fourth streets,
L--- -..-t'.:. ' I'c.s .'- a.U-.."'itl .
Clock, Watches nnd Jewelry- ltpalr
nl and Warranted,
AngattO, 1865 :3ml
fo a Jtt,.TUOIlspt Merchaal Talloryi
'vi.it.'i. viAMANDA,1 OHIO, '';'' tit!.
- H 1 Haa Jnt opud a beautif.il usaorlment of
ur i aiawanis ,s.av.saiirwa bbbbbi icsiiaKf''
All of which ba been anloried. wtlh ctaat oare, and
willt anoclill reference to the wants and taste of this
eonunuidty. and, which h ta pro pared to-nraunfaotrtre
Loncrstei ,Aprlts,ie34
;(n...K. fisueIa.
to order aud. is prupnrsdtQ juake the bet rlTS lultte
latest style - IL r All hi work will bo warranted I
,-, Jlit hl. uls owirBanufaturing evory variety of u
's OLOTHI NG,!. 'iu
which he will aKLL Aa LOW as the samo nuallty of
Goods and work can b Jiurchaaed at an other ealab
lishuiunt, Hia Clothing la manufactured audor hi
own supervision, and la eotrsequently suporlor to that
which I brought from other place,.. t r o i t
Tho nubile are rospoctrtilly solicltod to call and ai
amln hi Btock-, and while thankful Tor tbe Hoerai
palrooueehe baa eujoyad, ha alsurea kutold ouato
mors and othora, that be will labor to give geueral
satlafkctioa both Intb qnalltyaarl prine of hla good
sndwork. B. at. TlIOMPaON.
Ainnmta, October SI, IMS. a9U
n A YINO returned to the city and erected alarga
bonding tn tha rear of the brick houaet on tbe
tornerof Broad and Caoonul airssta, aBfars 51.14
las Market Hove, Intends manufacturing Bpon- a
large acaiuaii too various articles
a Cabinet furniture, Uedsteadv
nud Lbalr,. .Which he will keei.f
always nn hand, together with a
largo asaortinoutof Ciuciunati munufneturo. Hia lonaf
PexpoTleuce In the business will enable him to have
nianwraciurauainoma, aun imported jroni abroad tha
wry bast of work, and as he Intends to 'otnploy noua
but tha most skillful workmen .and uae the best mate
rials, he natters himself that he will give general sa
tisfaction to all who may favor bita with tholr curtonj.
' Tho public are Invited to call and examine the aa
aortiuout,. The entranoe to tb room la opoo 'Broad
Street. 1). K. FIBHKL,
r i.-n. Bopalrlngdonoontha ahorteat aotioo, and la
thf. neatest aud most workmaaltke manner. Charge
-reoaepuble. s j, -i .n, laiMiastor, May t(K
rrivEnsiTY rAMiLT hemedies.
IBSUKDunder the Beat, sanction and authority of
. tho Uulvorilty of PKKK MEDICINK and Popular
nowledgo." Chartered by the State of Pennsylvania,
April SO. 153, wllh a capital of 100,000 mainly for tha
purpoae of arresting th evil of 8PDHIOV8 NOS
THDM8, also for supplying the community with roll.
4le romudlea wherever a eorapetent physician eanpot
or will not be employed, have purchaaod from lr,
JOHN K. ROWAND, his eelobratod. ltowai.
Tonic mixture, known for twenty-five years as
the ouly sure and safe euro for FKVEK and AGUE,
die., ami his Inestimable remedy for BOWEL COM.
'PLIfs'TS, Kowanrt,' compound Syrup of Blackberry
Root, which highly approved and popular Hemedies,
together with the University's Remedy for complaint
of the Langs. The Unteorsity'a Hemedy for llyspep- ;
lla or Indigestion. The University's Remedy for Co.
tivoBowols, Aiaothe University's Alumnae may b
bad at tho Branch lllspeusary, or Store of
rt-,'. nr or.KK rv orenwn, raimeia uousiy, u.i
' B. CONNKI.L. CHy Book Store. Lancaster.
U-.pa7S), IStkWiamS M. 8. KREIBER. :. it. '
!;. ', tlTTLE aV duesbAcus ' ;': .
:. . :.BaaaAk Diat.ssslN , r'l"
Groceries, Qaeensware, nets, Caps, '
WOULD respectfully invite the attontlon ofevory
body to their large nnd well aaaorted stock of
whichhavabeon selected with ears, and will b H M
th lowest caehprtoe. May I, leasee

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