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TJwia.r nrinsr.Icc.9T, I35
Tasuuuscicor slaxesy asd
.. Letter from I rc;i P. Clair.
Sixtx Srsiso. M ... Dee. 12. 55 "
To Messrs. Daxisl R- GooDicm and Lkwls
CbKPnASC Corresponding Committee of
theili-uiilicaft Association of Washing-
ifm City. D. C. . '
jxtliB: Having rulmfjuisho I pv
litiWd employment, mid, to avoid eucoun
Urjng ajwin it anxieties, nddiotel myself
t vjv.ry uiu. i am eo'isirnno i to uu
dine rour iiivilaUon t" join the It-piibli
etn Ajj'Wta'ioi of , Washington City, a,
tlig5g,Tleoip'ed by thcr honor of becoming
its priiiding oK-ir. -Yet 1 fWol.it nty-slti-ly
tosty, thst in thj-raiin I concur in the
aims of the Association. To ex:lu ! Slave
ry from the . Territories -of the - United
Stales, and to rebuke the vilitin of tho
Compromises w'hic!) w-re made to stand
as oovennnts bo! ween the SUve and Free
Sutd.t to effect tint ext-lusion, r In my
opinion, the rn-tsl important rflin'ernenis
which lure e:igigJ the public mind since
the Kevolntioii. - - "'
The extension of Sin very over iho nfw
Tern'orics' would prove f.iittl to their pros
perity; but the gre.tet calamity to be ap
prehended from it is the desirun'ion of the
Confederacy, on which the welfare of the
whole" country reposes. Every conoiest
f this element of discord, whi'-h has so of;
ton thre.-tteied tbe dissolution of the Union,
iifireai" the d.inT. Every surrender
of fti Free S ates invites invmion. ' -Tho
erase wlt'ndr your orgnizi'.5.n is
i i'.on lo l to p:o.n!o miy well dmw to its
support m ?n of all pinics. PJ"'veni,qs on
q'vsdons of pll"y, rSi const :il eon
s'n itioDi of moJes ofiilrnin. ,o:i.'miy
Wf II ho merged to unite mz " wiio brdiove
(hit nothing but concert of; notion on the
pnrt of those who would arrest tlie spread
of Shivery,' can resist tho power of thn
coiibinntion now embodied tomnko It cm
hrvo tho continent from ocean to ocenn.
The repenling eUrm of the Kina bill
is predicate I on tho nullity of thet-lniis-l'i
the Cj:i;itii.ion whiah gives I7irijretis
thep iwer "lo radii regultiiriri 'respect
in' the Terriioiies" trftho United S'.iies.
Yet notliing is clearer in the hin'ory of our
Oovernmont limn tlmt this phrase, giving
powor to Congress "to m ike regulation
respecting- tho Teriitorie1," was mnnt to
piv.i ii tlie poaer to exclude SUvory from
Mr. JefTr rson's resolution ol 1?C I, do
nluring "that there t'wll he neither elarery
tutr innouHtiiry tervituJe in any of the
Stales" laid off in tho Went Territory,
wns s'uhseqiionily renewed in the Congress
of 1705, which added "thvi ihie reguhtlion
shall be nn articlo of compnet," and il whs
so voted unanimously by Ihe delegations
of eight States out of twelve.
It was by the unanimous role of nil the
States by tho Congress of 1707, which st
rtnipornnnouly with tho Convention
forming tho Coiimiiu.ion, and that Con
stitutinn give Congress the power "to
mnko regulations respecting tho Tmiito-
rps," and moreover affirm the validity of
' Iio ongigements entt-rcd into before the
a loption of the Constitution," ly the ton
fodcr iiion one of which engagements wss
that mitdo by the regulation excluding
Khwr from the Territories. Thus the
Confederation nnd the Constitution united
i.i giving n douhlo snnclion to the cxclu
io;. Tlio first exerted the pivr ofunssting
Mr. Juifcrson' interdict of Slavery in the
Territories then lit 1. 1 by the United States,
to which it Ins previously given nn ;m
Ttressivo sanetion by aiding, "This retjU
lation shall bo an ar'.iolo ef eompne.t," dco.;
anil the Convention gu'iinntecd thi "en
gigemcut," entered into under the Con
duration, by doclsring it "valiit," and
employed the sumo terms, "rtjulatlttu u
the 2em7onVf," to transmit llio power here
fXerled to future Congieses, l: the face
of this history nnd the letter of tho Consti
tution granting the power to make w hater
rr regulations it deemed fit rcspttcting the
Territories of the United State, the au
thor of tho Kansas mid Nebraska bill de
ny the constitutionality of tho regulations
which enduded Slavery from the Territo
Ik's, nnd set at nntight all tho precedents
lii.it confirm them, whii.h have followed in
uui'iterriipted suouesiion, from the founda
tion of lint Government.
Tlint other idatue in the Constitution,
empowering Congress to pnas law to pro
vent the "migration or importation" of
slaves after 1U08, shows the Gxed purpose
ot the founders of our Union to limit (he
iiieresso of this evil. - The consequence
was an inhibition, which prevents a South
Carolina planter, who has slaves in Cuba,
from bringing them to his homo planta
tion; and to remove this obstruction to the
increase of Slavery within tho Union, and
open Africa to supply tho demand made
by the new act, the Northern nullignrs arc
already called on by their Southern allies
i lend their aid; and cettiiinlv those who
embrace Mr. Calhoun's doctrine, n stated
by Mr. Dontrlns. that "every tdtixen has
an inalienable rMii to move intoanvof the
Territories with his property, of whatever
kind or inscription, ' the Constitution and
compromise notwithstanding, can hardly
refuse it, Ii was on the annexation of the
.Mexican territories Hint Mr. Calhoun as
serted this principle, to unsettle- the fixvd
policy of the nation, beginning with the
era of the Declaration of Independence;
and ha applies it alike to the compromises
of 1820 and 1G50. Mr. Douglas thus sum
up ih position taken and the result:
"Under this section, a in the rate of the
ifrjiean lu in Xea Mexico and Utah, it is
dwputod point whether Slavery is pro
hibited in the Nebrask country by valid
enactment. Tho deci.ion ot this Question
involves the conititu'ional power of Con- j
press topi laws proscribing and regit
luting tho domsstio ins'.itutious of tho va
rious Territories of tho Union. In the o
pinion of those eminent statojmen who
hold . that Congress Is invented with - no
rightful authority lo legislate npon the sub
ject of SUvory in iho territories, tho eighth
section of this Act preparatory to the ml
nitsiou of Mif iouri is null and void, while
the prevailing sentiment in a large portion
of tlie Union sutain the doctrine thul the
CoVui'.utioo of the United States eecuroalo
CY-iry citizon nn inalienulle right to' move
):,-any of the Ten itories with his proper
til J:fltev.;r kin J id description, and
to bold and snioT the earns under tbe sane
lionofiho law; Your Cotntnitte do notieel
ftu-tnaoltes csllei Bpoa ' t tnt Into tbe
.ii',';siktj pf fhcto )ntrcTsrtil questiors.
produced the agitation, tba sectional strife,
'od h feaifulstrus-glaof 1850.
j from his jt njtn th(l, ,h Compro-
! miie of 1823 sud 1850 involved th que-
tion of th validity of Uie law of Mexico
xuluding 'Slavery from tlie newly-ceded
Mexican Krii ory. and the law of oar own
Congress ex- lu l'mg il from that portion of
the lin-) of S3 deg. 30 min. Mr. Douglas'
Committe repitri lecomruendod that sa
"Congress deemed it. wise and prudent
to refrain from deciding the matter in con
troversy; then, either by affirming or re
pealing the Mexican laws, or by an act
I declaratory of the true intent of the Con
jsiitution. and the ex'.ent of the protection
afforded by it to slave property in the Ter
ritories, so yonr .Committee nio not pre
pared 'now to roeommend a departure from
! the course pursued on that memorable oe
elision, either liy alarming or rejieslmg tlie
eighth seeiion of the Mis-ouri Aet, or by
any aet derlaratory d( the meaning of the
Constitution in respect to the legs) points
iu dUpu'e." " , . .
Tims passages are quoted to fchow that
the issues made by Mr. Calhoun, as to the
two Cor.ipromi.st s of 132 ) and 103'), were
.xpivssly left open for judicial dceUion by
the Committee, who, nevertheless, swept
away, by a i-Iiusn subsequently aooed lo
their bill, not only ihe Missouri Compro
mise of 18?t), but also the Compromise of
10r) . which 1 ft untouched the Mexican
! iw prohibiting Slavery in the coded Ter
ritory's, and whioh- Webster, Clay, Ben
ton and nil the leading lights nf the Senate
(wi;h the exi etition of Mr. Calhoun) pro
noum-od valid and nn effectual re.yiii tioii.
' TTiis' repeal was t.he adoption of . Mr.
Calhoun s nnllimng uoctrinn intttento.
The power of ' Congress lo mske laws et-
i lading Slaepry forever from its Territories
as su.'!!, w is denied, and all ' the Territo
ries wcro'i.p-ned to Slavery on the ground
of the ''inalienabl.t riglit" of every ciliieii
"to )novo into any ot the Territories with
hi properly, of whatsoever kind or ue
scripiiou;" and tha law of squatter sover
eignty was superadded, nnd substituted for
the sovereignty of the Linteil Ststi-s over
the publio domain. Thiu f. II, at the die
tation of Mr. Alidii.son. supported by the
eoidaliun elfocte.l between the Whigs and
Democrats of the South, under tho pressure
an I through tho intrigues of tho liulhueis,
Mr. Ji-IT.jisou's iiidde principle, endeared
lo tho countiy both f.jr its moral grandeur
nnd pitiii'ial wisdom- It is the first tho't
nttered in the Declaration of Independence;
and to the denunciation of the King of
(treat Britain for the crime of bringing
Navcry to our shores, it a Ids, as the deep
est aggravation, that "he has prostituted
hi negative for suppressing every legisla
tive aiiempt to prohibit or lo restrain this
execrable commerce."
The first legislative ntlempt to restrain
th progress of the mischief which the
Kin? of Great Riitain visited upon this
country, was Mr. Jefferson's resolution
excluding slavery from the territory of the
United States in 1704 the next was that
introduced by Uufus King in 1785 the
third that ot Isathan Dane in 1787 all re
ceiving the vote of two third of the States
of the Confederacy, and the last the unani
mous voto. - .
The fourth movement was that of tho
Convention, in the Constitution itself, pro
viding against the importation of slaves nf-
tor 1 Olt I), declaring the binding validity of
the engagements entered into hy the Con
gru of ibeConfederaey on thogovcrnmcnt
of the uni'ed amies, to exclude it from the
Territory, nod securing to tho new Gov
ernment the power of making similar pro
vision for future acquisitions of territory.
The fifili regulation to restrain the progress
of slavery was that of the Compromise of
1020 the sixth, thatol luoJ.
It is remnikable that nl though these
crrenl measures had thoiroiiuin with tho
Uemocrnliti leaders, - Federal anil Whig
lenders of greatest renown united in their
support, i lio constitutional provisionson
the subject had the unanimous ruflvngo of
nil the illustrious men in tho Convention
who framed tho Constitution of the United
S'a'es; and from the silenco on the sub
ject in tho Slate Convention called to rat-
uy tho Constitution, it may lie we.o pre
sumed that these nUo were unanimous In
their npproval of what had been done un
der the confederacy nnd in the new Con
stitution to restrain the introd notion and
limit tho extension of slaver). ' And may
not men of all parties now unite to restore
what tho pali lotrt of all parties, during tho
lirst seventy years of our Government,
contributed to establish?
The work of restoration is simple and
pan)', if tho men who nbhor the late inno
vation on tho long-settled po'icy of tho na
lion can bo induced to relinquish petty if
foreiices on transitory topics, and give their
united voice, in the next Presidential e
luciion, for some man whoso capacity, fi
delity and courage can be relied upon to
oppose the isstio which the present Admin
titration lias made to control it. Tho con
test 1ms grown out of Presidential aspira
tions. The decision of the people at tho
polls, in choosing a chief magistrate, will
end it. Senator will easily comply when
i tho nation's demand is backed by Presi
dential power ami pnlronagn, and hopes of
the future, which animate the leading mem-
bcr" uf ,ho bot,Jr -
Tbc Administration lias ataked itself on
me support, ot Hie party or privilege ot
class interest which makes it a unit. It
confides in tho success which has crowned
the Oligarchy everywhere .in tho Old
World, and secured its tiiumpha on the
maxim. "Dividoand ennqu'r," Tho Whigs
nnd Democrats of the South aro a eom
binntion to carry into the next Prenidency
some candidate absolute in maintaining
tho repealing clause of the Kansas bill,
which nullifies the prinelplea nftheOrdi
nance, the provisions of the Constitution
made to give them effect, and all the com
promises which have been made in pur
snance ofihem, with ths sanction of all
sclions of the Union.
If the majority favorable to the BolicT
built up With our Government will unite.
accept tho issue tendered by the Adminis
trntion, nml nvH" the rrpeni or tho reneal
ingolauso of the Krnsns net paramount in
the impending contest for tlia Presidency,
atl will bo restored that has been lost to
free institution, by opening the Territorie
Worth and Smith, tn Rlarorsr. Thn eom.thunr crvino-l" "
promises ot 1 820 and 1 0 50 being restored,
tlit re will not bo an inch or the territory
of ihe United States, . onco exempt from
tsinvery, on which it can legally intrude;
and Mr, Atchison's ntlempt by an armed
force lo curry out the nullification plotted
in the caucus which gars birth to tho Kan
sas bill, will, like the attempt of his proto
type Mr. Calhoun, to givt edect to Soulh
Carolina BUlUGcVkm. be tmralvted br tho
frown of nti indtgnxntmtiow Trwd potent
ty r.c kec.-st r.r.i f nr. irsst'te. !
Anil there
gentlemen w
exclusive to:
Anil there will end the career of these
who arrogate to themselves liio !
clge of ihe Democracy oftbo
country, ns ended that of Mr. Citllioun,
and Ins proselytes who took the peculiar
charge ol the "3tte Rights pirty. iney
sank, under tho universal conviction that
their teal for Stale rights was an ardent
passion to reach political power, at the
hazard of extinguishing in the blood of the
people the wise and fiee institutions it bnd
co-sl so much to estahlit-h."
Our innovntinr Democrats, who put un
der fool the representative principle: who
violate tho known will of their constilu
euts; who scorn their instiuctions to re
dress the wrong they have ' committed;
who reply to the suffrages that copdimn
their conduct, that Iheynie not Democrat
io suffrages; vYo, in tho plentiiude of their
inability, rend out of the Deniocrnlio part
ty Maine. iew Hampshire,' Connecticut,
New York. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana.
Michigan, Illinois, "Wisconsin and Iowa, i
because they will not submit to the will of
these, their representatives, who hnve set
up a test which must ever t-xcludo Mass.v
ohusselK, Vermont ai'd Rhode Hand from
its ranks'; who have bartered away rights
secured to them all by compacts will
soon lonrn that Democracy does not reside
in tho organization of intriguers, but in
the nviss of tho people. ! "
. ' It is the glory of our great Republic
that its Democracy springs up from the
soil and flourishes in the fresh air of our
wide-spread country; nnd th-tt its rich
harvest, imparting hoalih, strength nnd
spirit lo our whole system, is gathered an
nually at the polls. The Democracy which
is hrel in caucuses and cabinets is a sort
of hot-bed species', ' sui'ed to the taste of
cpicurenn politicians, whose appeiites'nre
their pi irimplcs. " Incumbents and expect
ants of offices and dignities, claim a; sort of
pitent light in tho machine of Govern
ment, to create a Democracy adapted to
their purposes. Tholr innovations in the
machinery nro contrivances to rniew Iheir
privileges for ' new terms, and tho people
nro tho subjects who aro to be used in it
topny tribute for this privilege and lake
pride in the skill of the operators.'
- Tho telegraph wires and tho Cincinnati
Convention are io bring all tho ' m-.slerly
cornbiniition of the Administration in con
tact with the masses nt the appointed time.
Dot will the wires work? Undoubtedly
tho people, far and wide, will have their in
struction from the operators; but tho re
sponse will probably bo a thunderbolt to
those who have violated ' their rights,
spurned their remonstrances, nnd, as a
consequence, have arrayed brothers from
the diffeicntsections of the Union to shed
ach other' blood, in civil war1, on the
plains of Kansas.
.Yours, respectfully, " -,
From tl Utrtforl Tlmoi.
"'A Tyrant; or a Priest. ."
Mnait'". Editor,1;: Permit mo to state
a few facts concerning the lyr.anny whiuh
a priest in this city is attempting to exer
cise over Eorao of our citizens who soo' fit
to send their children lo freo schools, and
tho great nhutn whiuh has and miist still
(low from the conduct of this priett.
I bsvo two boys, nnd have for several
years sent them lo (lie Central District
School. About n year since, the Rev.
Mr. Hughs, of St. Piitiick' church, called
my attention to this matter, nnd said lo me,
that after tho first of January then following,
all tho. children connected with his church
who were ntlending District Schools wou'd
bo taken away ami sent to tho Catholic
school. I replied that I did not consider
tho Catholio school as good ns the one that
they were ihcn attending, and that I could
not consent to the change so far ns my
children were concerned. Ho informed
nn if did not maku Iho change, I should
be denied tho paivilega of communion so
long ns I refut'o, nnd from that day to this
I bavo been denied that privilege. Here
tho matter rested for newly one yenr.
On the 13th in at. my wife went to tho
church to attend upon one of its religious
rites. Mr. Hughs hero nsked her whero
her children attended school. Shu replied
at the Centre school. Ho then infermed
her that if her children continued to attend
ihcre he Would deny her absolution upon
her death bed I This troubled my wife ex
ceedingly, nnd during tlu night she had
no sleep. SIiq was grieving constantly. ,
This morning I called upon Mr. Hughes
nt his residence. He reueivod me with n
surprising drgreo of contempt, though I
treated him with courtesy, And only desired
that ho should not, without gocd cause,
nuike trouble in my family. . I askod him
what had occurred between him and my
wife yesterday that I had called to see
about it, as she was .in great distress of
mind, lie made no reply. 1 then asked
him if ho had assured her that she should
not luvo absolution upon her death bod,
if she did not lake the boys from the Centre
suhool?and he replied that he bad. v " '
I then nsked him why ho had taken this
course why he did not como to mo ns the
father of the boys, and not thus trouble n
woman? Unsaid she was my "half," and
that she should participtto in thisquastion;
and that be had appealed lo mo on a former
occasion, and found thai it was of no use.
I then said "if you deny this right (of ab
solution; to my wile lo tho reason you
give, I shall write to Boston and Xe W York,
and to Ireland if need be, to ascertain
whether you have a right to mske such a
denial nml to treat my wife in this way."
To this he replied, "if you do Hint, and it
was not for your insignificance,' you ought
tobe taken by your two feet and your brains
dashed out against that ehutch,"( looking
at St. Patrick's stone walls.) Without fur
ther comment I bade him a "good morning
and left. ' .
Again gentlemen, I nsk.lmvc won Chiis-
tiim priest, or a tyrant among us? . "
Hartford, December 15. 11)65.
A Time for ALtTntHas. "Mrs. Brigo-n
said a neighbor, whostepped into tho bouse
of the former, just as she was in the net
of testing herself at the dinnor table, "have
you heard of the dread ml nccidont?" "Why,
no; what is It?" "Mr. Briggs has fallen.aiid
is killed." "19 it possible! Well, just wait
until I finish my dinner, and then you'll
Tliirtu-four tons otnmo, beinjr just ono
li: J it . , , .,
uiiiivii vt ouiinra, arriren in vincinnnu,
from New Orleans, on Fridnr. It belong
ed to that rich and extravagant old person
nge known as TJkoli Sia, nnd was on Its
way to the East. ' ,
Oeti. Harnr was si Fort Pierre on tho
lOih of November., Tm Sioux wers visiting
him and 0)rewn ft wish to rsmnin at
The members of Lift caster Council. No.
be, are requested" to aUend a' mcitinl -of
nv i! iTrtntMf.ren-n,Tf -r-i--r
(Decomber 20. A full attendance is re
quested as business of importunes will be
bronght before the Council,
By order of tho President
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. . .- Slur Carrier's AiJrcss.
Oar little Davil, . Billt, nnd ly the
way, the cutcft litt'o Imp alive. will bo
out early on" New Year's nofning, with
bis New Year's Aoduess. He will giro
all his patrons, and iho rest of mankind,
a call, when ho bopos to meet with many
smiles an 1an.lri Quarter ! His Ad
dress is ihe pio.Iuclion of oio of tho most
prolifia pons of tho city, and is well worth
the sum. Treat ths little rascal kindly;
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to ovortnka ths reader, don't stop at A
Quarter, but give him ns much more as
conscience m vy dicta',?. ;
Ttlcliiiichrily Pcntfas by Prowniiitf. '
We are paincl to nnnounco the death,
by drowning, of Mrs. Tros.tl and her child
of two year's ol I, of Hebron, on Saturday
evening last, while altempting t-j ford Wal
nut Croek, near Baltimore. Mrs. T, nnd
her chil l, in company with a la 1, .wi-ro on
their route lo ibis city to spun 1 the Holi
days with soma frionds. Thn lad alone
escaped.' Tho bodies wcro found on Sun
day, nnd brought in for l.tni.tl liy their
friends hero.' How trui it is thai "la the
millet of L'fe tei. are in Death " Instead
of spending the Holidays joyoithly, with
thoir friend, nnd returning homo full of
lifo and happiness fhey now Siiimbor in;
Asothbi:. On Iat Sunday week, n
young man 22 yoare of ago, named Sny
der, was drowned in one of the cnnal bcks
at Loekville. Young Snyder was highly
respected by all knew him.
, The Holidays.
As usual, tho Holidays are passing with
all the' usual activity, festivities and pleas
ures that tho season brings in its trnin;
Business of every description upon tho
streets ha s been brisk. Indeed, in some
crises, tba crowds that were "jaminod" to
gether wero truly amusing. We saw none
more so than those around and inside the
establishment of Jons Lv0N3. Such a host
of Utile folks,- each vicing with thn other
to go i pick nt the toys and enndios,- we
hnve never seen. All wore joyous nnd
hnppy, . V were glad to see our mer
chants generally tlrivingsoliirgs a share of
business, May success attend all efforts.
-. I.ndlev' Udnntion Feilivftl. ' .'.
Wo learn with ploaaiire that the Lidiea
of tho Methodist Protostant congregation in
this city, purpose holding a Donation Tar
ty at tho residonee of their Pastor, Rev.
Wm. Bawdkk, N. E. corner of Wheeling
and Iligli Streets, on iVew ; Year's Evo,
(Doe. 31st.) .
.Wo are conGdont, from Iho liberal spirit
manifested by our Lidiuson similar occa
sions, that this will bo ono of the most
pleasant pnrtios of tho season. . We under
stand tht management of thewhole afTnir
has been undertaken hy our eateemod lady
friend, Mrs. Benjamin Connell." "Lot eve
ry one go nnd contiibuti liberallr.
' itSTLut no ono of our readers fail to po
ms tho masterly letter of F. P. -Blair,
the bosom friend and companion of tha pa--triot
Jackson. We think all will agree with
us that he does not leavo no thread of
nrgurocnt lo the Kansas-Nebrasknls. ' ' -
. X3T Ths . commuuication " of is
in typa-bitt. ftjain unnYoidably crowded.
OUt this Week. Wo are SOrrt for this, but
it?, aw 11,. e 1 ,
COn IU DOS BVOlil U. SUA!! un i room
for it next Week, . i. . - 1
. ,
' ir- . C.. , L.. ' ...
- vnm vr t uaj a awrta,. -xvpuuoia in uur
nnlumns affnlri this wpetr. His ideas km in
oV.i,Ll .smmtll,. air-nltAn rif t
Sv ,.... ... ......r... v.
very tnx payor.- Lat w ons fair to rend
v . . " f
3T Ppi's Mo'Tnir for January i vS?fete
..i.i. - . , .' ' - mil Ojnj.otojT will uui Iu oUrto.t u ritnfiu- V tu folittnututst at
Contcnis-Williem ShakeyreKre and hi r-T. . : . f J ocvkgz m. ott.lv. r U H
flays An ; Inquiry; The - Ohost ; ,A - u.-.-y. uy-r.-3 , v j Z?XI7"!H,
'.Vcw AdvcrtisemeiiU."
t'DBiJ r.Ti.a is uu.i:.
An:l Jottn tLroas Is stltl on hrmi,
Vhtclil(v1stlai;rilonliiif oil to suit Cu-wants nf bS
oulatat, wtta pi j .our. It) uuir r-wrirt b
. . .... .If I'.iV M.I.I
I'm is th 'V for ll ir liui- rntinuiMt iiitrmi
tor tU tr liu -KitiMUo4 pittrnussj slnco Ua
lanijAUr, Djcjutoc, 1!, liii So-ai
TatheCrOililors bfJaT.:is C.Rorao;us,;tec.
fS tin 34th t of ovsrobor, J.S3J, th Prob-i'.s
j wJiio; rru.aiac3jr..rtaxxwnaa ih9 vrr.d Ir
Uu pr jj-'uljUii .( Ulu alut lao Euio of JAMEa
d.FE VMoblX, d k-ockJ. to faur mositii. lu-titttWn
fTfCRi'4eoJ-iTIf1ron v4!Vj(li''iv ft my' f in-
wanllititdiiy OlasuWaS. hy mutut;t cunant. Bo-I
alii-j will (ir tli.. faur.i b oniluc-t5l by Uia arm of
u u urn ra,iu.a, u-id Jai uu U-AUI ao.lri. .
A U itOTYl-LS, I il O T v li K A I US,
flinC aibiorthj'' la mi oblo to co.apto wlt'j sny
' H UIlitituintlH too yvnlr In tho prodnrtlon of
Pu-l:iroAtiianyof thoabiivoiTLi. Tiia Ambrotvn Ple-
tursaoa Criaai, prtrkapt. flxnl airy wilinr In tio fboto-
Krapma imi, uiti ptaoo it in rtvvac oi avjry ono at
louorat) tpjiiii to acnr PlctnrJi of frtonda or
rolatic li Uwt aro warraut3.1 to bj purfjctly durable,
and will attnit fv or jr aiiun-jctii by any of tho Influ
uiiois lb it aro Jj'trucUro t- lit) ordinary. rjafruorTor
typi. Plctimt awculJ-l In any of th.i aboro tvUs,
uipinl ta any prodursd In thr We, ami alogantly -Hod
v.itacaioiotfrainu as may k dailrad.; . .. ; ,. -A
lining ft' CaiHrca a(rS a-chcl. . .V. . -'
bVJOMSCrotit a Block, oror Bock'a ftoro. ; t
vubAJi, n.,i.4i,j-wu j . fiAviov vj.m -
' ' ' - ---
rniciin WJnr) K airitctu waaaty-fvaio.
Adam Brandt and Oaorj;) M. O.-vr. Admlalatnter ef
Jainjl C. Roooldi, djoa,jd, rutnttO,. .
Atrjloat.t' ' ' rvf.';.' '.:'
Mln-jrv II. n-ynoldi, (rirt-,) Malllda,Taft, Adain
- I'lpnati" Eliit l.lnn of l.toi'io to uity, Outo, John
Royaoldj, ttaao K. R iynolds Jbjaphi H.- Hoynoldt
an 4 Caroltim K iynoldt of M.iklniiim cuitntj, OU'o.
and John Oonfrtod Hnrtr, Uofomlants. '
riT IE M Min-rri
JL'Uun. Jiliio "t.in.i
nolits Jonph H. U
1 i&ufl Min -rr.a n. Rjyu ililt. MilJa Tn,Adma
,i, joan Kiynoms, nine o. Key
jruiil.l,.' CarollHi K,nnlili and
Johu O'ittfcJ'1 B irta, an kiTJby Inform jrl tH.it nn tba
the Sth dny of O-combir,' A. I). IKM, asld- Aifmlnla
trapua. Hi ilntltla, filed tj'tr Petition In h) Jrobat9
Co irt of Falrllild county, oblo; thi olijirt and proyor
nfwkichlit) oStT.ln an ordar lor tti complotlon of
rautiai-t for aflli of rol proiurty, bolT33u uld doco
djnt and aald John Gnttfrlod BraU, aud to procure an-'
tbrrt)- fron tild Count) osocutJto atld Uratxadaed
IV tbi ininmu; pronilno, a amnll tract of land In
OMin!l3t'l Ijwai'ilp, tytnir Wost of Ih I ancnjtjr rond
oii4l A:tMidine back to thj dlyltion1 lino-.biwaau tbj'
l.inda of said Kynot'la and Denial B iyr, anil on whicti
Walt lot a llonai nnd rttahla; biinrtas umi nrouiiaa
conTijy id tould l3)djii by Thom.ii Cnijj.. .,
TilJ b-l',.1 .dtntnl,trAtoi-A will, on th) tL An nf Tati-
Viary, tj.orat anon Uiiroanir as may bj, apply to
aaiu court urauoruor in ui pr3nii)i at ainrMld. ,
OtIHIiK tl. UKtY,.- .
Aduilnlnlnrtovs ef Jaraoa Rayiolda, dovoatJtl.
Mirtin aird HcUl-stch, Attomiyi; - t. -DjcjjiNmST,
I6oJ jwWjf$lJ .-.'.'. ;.
ViVl FITS!! FlTStt! -:, v
Pir-Jnlabortnenni1ir UitdlftrAlnf malndr will
Sue Uh. Hce' Kplloptlo Hllla to ho tb only tumadr
Tiirdlacortr forcurln;' Enusptyor Pailin? Kit. Thoj;
fills noilU'a apMiftc actii
noitiita ipwiuc acuon oil tnj nirraua ayatomt
ouriins ftti. they will bi found of esu-3cL-il hjnnllt to
iiuibprionrjd a.miclally f.r thj nni
all paraonaatllii't'jd with woak narvKi, or wb-ua nor-
ciuai wbatiier. Tlia nyipepilcpatijut, whoitomach
baa ion tha ;wir of dull coarerting (nod Into a lifo
a:iatalntn; elonunt, Is rellored by a a aingl) conraa of
th) extranjdinary Pllla. Th gaakract Suld ro-aenuiroj
II, t 1 )r ( poirar, and thi crude txilrlmcnt which was
a load and a burden to tb? tunrer, whilo hla dlgeatire
orgaiittntion waa paralyzed and nnifrung, boeouiea nn
djr tho wbolala rooiutton created In, Uio eyttoiu,
oaa yl )in una boon pntrateit or abatt rcil front asr
tba baiao(,lroui,-tli, actlrity and health.
Soul ,j auy part of tb. country by mall, fro J of post
a;. AddrotTH S. IUs-c, IUS Until mor Stroct,
HUliu-ri, Maryland. Prieo nni boy., tii two, SI;
iworj, Si-l.Sold hy (i. KAUKCMAN d.Co.,IanraMor,
Ohio, a ad ull Drug'tiiU g morally. Djc. -J 8w3t
UjsTiriid.r., Nijrth Carollm, Vorambir 1, 1850.
T)r. Ci. M. Jactta:n0 nir Mir Allow mo ti exprets
lo you ny alucere thanks for l our diacorr nf a modi.
clue, which, to any liio l,ait nf it, hat olrecl id a euro,
mat an oinir ni MUHnat ta il I nara uxen nnro oiillrs
1) fall. id to do. "rloonand'a Gvtrman HiHora" cured
mo of tin mut auaharn and agirmratiid of lln
IUI.K.S that, ntrliiipa. ever fall tothalwtof loan. Mr
caas It not a ulr.inR.ir to thta ooimniinlty, aa I am wall
known In till, and ill ) aurroundlnz counties, anil run
trill i.y Uiaiinr r-'corory haa astonlaaod all mx friend
anil r.'l.itiDin, as t had triad orory llilnj rjcaminand
tid, uud nollni did ioj nnx gnad until I was proyalte.1
npon to try tb Hitt irs. Yoa aro at rlbmxtn makn any
Usi of thisuoinmiinlcution. fr tho ItoneSt of thaaniict
cd, its you hi iv think r.r. Truly ye-ira, ' - -
Sa i iKlv.irtlDni int. - it J. AI'lVOOP..
Soil hy G. li VirPfM Ay&C.I., UrngglsU, Uncas
)r, Ohio, and all Drugsrltt gyn iratly. d.io.-J7 -Jj4 '
VORBAT Ctl'ttBOp h'ttS-Jat VTltM. Th B tf-
ton of Hi i Riclimind llrubliean of Ojojnibjr S4th,
i"o-.-, e o taat uartor-a Anoutatt ntsiuro u no q kick
lucdiciii?. . . ' '. '
tl'ttoy had a ewin Ifi lln prasi roam who wot adtlicd
Willi 1 ol mi I M 'n-urlal RU iunintln. who waa uonlin.-i-
ally cniiipla'n-r of inl i ir. In th i wk( llnitii and Joint :
-lilaoviubtd bacuia.- f.ivjrl.Vi and miUr.v.ncok awol
I Mr, throat ,?iv, un.l ull symptom of llhuruidlsin.coni
blii"d wlt'i Hcrttfotii.--. Tito I)MIm of Cart ir'a Snuiish
.'tixt-.irj cara.1 him. nnj.lnan editorial notiueus abVive.-!
liny o iar t i-.iimoay ill w.niu VMt o.-ncn, - una .iy
1 1 ilr only rTJl I.i, I'l-il all anrf jrlnirwllh illaoaas-irf th j
hl'ia 1 ura nat'-,,u-a of Try jicist jni-o nfa'u-h a nu'dicliK.
Th t tr!t .-rfai! r.? -am m-J -it. S:m t! sir ortillci.t y.
and n iltie In (nil tunim I UiJ bolller-liu34 , - ,
ii:.i i.' 11. iv VJ i-,f .M ', i ft.. t.:ii.-j-.'.jr. o:u.
unit a.i u -.ir-: i I -i -i'-.rviui. - r
-i I .( . .i., i .. r , ..1...1..V ' " '. '-.:
tiis runTiiTc'pp piivsic.
A mil's I'ltd.K. f'.ld, a-isir-1
aliod.orcrllte pnlut ,lit ihu'lr
Di'rgj,iJtlioii:h wrapped tp. Is
I'tcrty nnd toll., with imiit force on
Oi l vi-ry fmindiitiniit ordisanao
I'tiniittrn IhoiisaHila of antt'erra
J tSgTttr iie wo.itd not w.mr tln'lr distant-V'-l
Yvi pu If tiivy knew, limy could bt
KrbJSiJ, enrt f v.i coi.u i rr A ViiXt'S
CAa.,.iiuVTZr;-.,J i-ll.l is, end you will know II.
Plirilv lliti liod and disiasj-will lyl atarr.t oat..
Ci.i.-iiis Uu ay.um fi-oid liuyuriiloa and yaj ara cur
ed nlrxindy. j -i '-.'-it .. ... '.
TiikJ t'iib)j of s.tt fiiri,atlv3j, and Scrofula, In lU
pulton, WoskiL'si, Men lacli, Jii'.indi'c?, nii:S!iiuntl.-sm,
3 imc-jio"li ira'tli l.l'-.i-. Kldneva n'n.l Uowoh, nit
daraiiiini.MiU ami all d1s?ua-J3 wliicb a purallvo r-tno-ily
can ranili, llv b-.M'ora tlim like dttrknsu bifarg tha
Sun. - R ij'l.ir. ff yo-i aro tutrorhig from any of ths Si
iu troin complaint tli 'j' enrt- nur no nioro lao rj
m'dv ins bJ.'ti provldsd for youvetid it Is c.rhntmil to-i-.i-Kl
jct II, That JS'l'r' Ck'r) Pttttrtl t.s,iU4 bast m -dlcln,
fr Co'iirli, la known t-i III' wb.ila wnrM, r.nd
Hint J-' Pill nro the bjat oral! Vilt,, la known to
llioaj wajliiv.j ujjJ Uu.n . , . (v . ;
rflTIK lime ftrcd for the pubtia ! ef wit Stock
JL having proroi) atormyand uRplcaaaut, none waa
ndort-.l. I will now tell at private aale at lam-aster,
In lotato anil pttraaatert, lay . i , ;
15 Head cfThoroush Bred Caillc,
-to h c.t.I oftull blood nndtirntle Cuttle.
All of which tiro hi (Ins nuallty and wilt he (eld bf
reusunaUo price fr ciah ar en credit.- '-- j
Also, i j Iln.-td f Horaes.. . -v,-
KovembJrH, ISJ3-3T . JOtl.1 T..liRASK,
. v : NOTJC.J. r j-.-- "T..
riHR ntnksof this City wilt bi rtosedon CHRIST
J. AIASand NKW YliAK'H U.tVS. ParUea huvlnj
paporiniilurliigoa cither of thoso dnra nmsl giro tha
auuir pruTluita alluntlvn. C h, OAHAHTV, . ,
A. C. WOltrttlNGTOK,
' ' H. P. RBINMU.ND, '
r,siu-nr, D.'CJlnbar JO, Irtj5-r3w33 Ckahlera.
fTsROM llu.eni-lr.iarj of Iho aibscribera In Csna '
S.' v lucluxtor. r rank lln county, Ohio, ou ar tthoii!
Ilia 3rd Intl., A BAY MAItK, ttbonlHor 13 hand IiikIi,
heavy aot, blind in tholoneyu.unda llttleeraet-rallon.
nnd auld lo Dc II or II) years old. Rao waa lust seen at
Clu) pool's Feeder, near Hookor'e Bridge, on tho Ca
nal. Whoever will reluru said mare to tho aubaerl
berant Ciuial Winchester, or (tiro Inrormatlntn wbero
alio may be round, will he liberally rewnrded.
I) le-tmberSU, lfJJ-3v33 8. UARri.nl' & CO. ,
Dissolution of Partnership.
THKfo-Partn.sMhlp heretofore eslatrna; between
1-IllLlP KlSI.NGandJOIl.N LYONS in the Dry
conaont. The notoa and book of aald flrm ara In. tlia
hands of l-aiUr- KISINO, who la duly aulhorUed to
aeltle lhevn. ' PHIi,ll KIISO,'
liaticiuur, Ojc. 11,11-333 JOIW LY0.N8. , .
uooua ousiness, nave tins day dissolved by lniitnnl
rHtt.tr 'inaVosMi bstt bow to hi 'old 'nto'mo'
and ill the rast of inanMnd. end thankalbein for ike
very Itharul palrorji'j ho has r.tcoivnd ilnoo ho coin,
mniieed business. Ho may atill bo fnnnd at hla OLD
8TA $ 0 wbero So la dtri-MarJ to aell Gooila a obeap
as nny bonse in town, if not a Unit deafer. Hla stock
linew asfullatany other elinlWr astnhllahinatit. If
any altoiildbj aeopllcal, all ho uskalstn Eire him a
call nil! tm far themselves. Dao. 50, Kii 33 .
ClO:rrAlNUNOi:3 Acretofeood quality, wlthanrri
j clont Bottom Laud for mendowa, HllnoresoTwIileh
aro in nhisb stale of cultivation. On th protniaoa.
feVV lie ?
JL. S-ranetl, a nmuberor Peach Treoa. 11 of tbe J
flnest armllly of R-rofted Penr Trees and npWardsof 7S
Chorry Tranaof all nnallilet. With Ilia exception of
1 Orchard, every arid Is well supplied with stock
. . wnter, front Fprltnra on various portions nf the
jpyV Farm. The Uulldlnnoonalstofa aeatoomfort-
li, il.hi DwelllnHo,.;.Sn,in,Hno...Wa.hhou.o
'1? lh ut k-Qlldlnca for vnrlone pitrpoaea.
an j a tarfre owiea oarn ra toot oy 41 teei, eractau in)
rno rarmisaiioaica in uroenueid 10
wnshln. Mlrht
J1, oribwei or Laaster, r w "'""irsr-
Knlvsan Tarrnll nnd llnsll. A HAM RRAaTlrT.
svTlmhr, lWi-amQT
RECrr.Au MEETiscs:
I'llAei tK.No. 11 i.... W), -
COCSC1L, No. 4 SI, "
Fbrury Si, G. S TJSISMA5, Koeonlor.
An Urdiuauus
Top.-orlitj fjrt'.u CiUUtUUlnJ ef Oas M"a;-i la tlia
Cty of lakcjutor.
StC. I. Ht it tritiaej tj tkt Citf Ceiuurit f tkt
Cue a Laiuaf.tr. IbM R.1'.,ajTdtXt hUsMO
ei.l, auocsworrand olicun9 sniKUoy r brl
utD.jrlJ muha SimiA J-int, liluy na PdL-J
Cmuiis of tJ-.irlty, mctmhiMroiy u.all Tl-1
I tfaHiaify as coo Jl'ar ilia Siitroaa. AuJ-f
'Uiaaao a.aintaa ol uaat litau or
t t!Uai Ua I'ip alviltvuok. luarlaro
asar dnrtsr.gct Svildlijtj bi oioaut of
winwo-fiwano uxiurtj ror me purpoaa
Uk tUe Ivvlua- of A'inja to ouduct
Sk.5. All oxoriloiiof Strwu, AUojs, dec ttmtt
mt4 it.!.. .UL,I 4.tlw. . .
UJ lunuc iiiuler tue uiroctlon of aald Oily ('ouncll.aatl
a illi Oia li-HNt lti(,miviii.,im iaik. nt.l.Kn I.i.a.i..
ai,.l utl i,ltirl,.r.nA mih .....l k........ tit.,v. a.
by ruawoi of aatU excvuUou,, ahiill ba roMiruj'u-IUi
all diioditlzjnei bv aii.l K. T. Ce'orJ.UiJ. lilt aim-
-rliltos. ftC. , anrt tho tsrffSfeS left W frood' eandltl&n
aaUjforoaaid Okuratioca ucro uiado. ami Ilia aald
K. -T. tayorltlo rfiid kia aoattalea and aulcua, atull-
poriona bv igiwi of Ilia axcarutloya vl
Alluyasii'l Uinej la s-rtd ity " 0
Sic. 3. htitftriter a;tJ, Tllut. In I
a mkuio luiau uunii;os auiiuiiiioo oy any poranu or
of tlu lirlvllsKoaliertiltt srantod to tha aai.f R. T. C-
Terdalo, bltaasoclatca, auocetaora and aaiina, Uaydj
iHiituii ur vjiuro ,uuratuy oji April, loo, oou
uioace tbo contiruction of wrk for Hu luoiiufacluro
pf Gat, and,bJll, by the drat dny of April, 1U7, haro
coiaplchut tlioaawa, logollrap with tl) Uyirf
teav one inilo ol loaUiii; or main fipo, aud tltuy abull
furulaM to tho oily for pubHe lanipa, gas, at a rnle nut
to wied Two Uollart and tidy Caelalof lOifl aubie
rct,aaid city 0 ungf at all axponao for. auld Publlo
Lampa, hmn Poata, UotSra, Kttlliirs, Ae and hy
jaaoo lurinaa uuaioote tunaoiiaiiuoi taa itty at a rato
I not ciccodlnr four "Uollnrt per lOOCcuWc fet,anri in
tka City at a rato
eaae of aald K.T. Oof jrdalt kla amoclatwi, aVe nor-
porformlnfrall tho eonditiotia of ttiiaonlinaiuo. thoy.
ahullhaTO osclmiro prl'lU'ira of laying Plpea foreon
voyins Oaa Inaaid Su-clvise, Alloys snd "Nubile
Gronda. oiul of putting up Plpoa and other FiKiufrs
ta Owsllinpi, Siorov aliopa, and -other bnildlni; anil
plaooar connecting Ihaoi ;wth: tho main or loadlnr
Pipes, for Uu term of ton years from the dute of thta.
nraiuaneci. And It Is further provided, lhat any tem-
Korary fulluro on tba part of tlia aald HTi Cosroadale, i
laaso.-tU-5,4io., o perform any of the condition! of
thiaonllnanoe, where auch failuta laacoaKtmtsd by ao
cldent or nnlowurd araula.U ahall aot worita forfeits re
eflhe prlili'crj) horeln contained, prorldcd liio aamo
ball bo fopairad within (i maaooahU tlm-e.
- 4. Jin a J trine caaciad, that tba abort or.
illrmnr ahall not b aa conatrued an te Dtfrrent the cl-
tiaona froraanbacriblns fnratock bt aacb siiina an may
auUtiuIr eitivjniauc i In any amount not e.xceedr
iiik offo-oafr the coat or atmt ea work. " J
ben. .1. Said K. T. Oorordalo. hi aameiatca.-dVe..
hall file tholr accuAanoe of thia oriltnanoe with tbo
uity viera wirtia ru aavs rrom wio nate m us paoaage.
AltPst G. S. Wili.is, City rierfcj V . v ' '
iAiioaatof, Waceiuber su, 1SAJ " 1 )-. V-t1
Great Gsoltemeat nt Sa:t taSo J y--"
& .t. n i n ii u a fL n
,'ir cit v
moa inosts iih ii st u e ss i ii
T TB toarn fronjonniwriaiaodln fK.'r.onis.lHslllin
WW Morm:na at Sail l.aka ara In irrtut .1 i,tr..
"u" y a ioiiaiC(i EarinnuuKe. However, J lai
ia-X liS la not is th- re -at dialNaii a lin hue liut rn-
ciilvodallno lot of Jotvelrv, Watctaea and
C lariat in PrmrnH, of which ha hopoilndj-
ivwu wvuunug wis uqtuaaya o v -' tree, o, iboa-at
An Ordinance
T flx psrmanobtly the hnura il which tho arkcta
K pirmanoi
auairooopeii.ijtn tuo LUv nf Kinoattoe. between
tbe urat days of Decomber and March of eeh or.
SMC. li it.ertfaiacd.ey Me.. Cit Council f (
Ciiy Laacatitr, Thalfrom and afler the legal
publlcutonol tlHaOrdlnauco, the nuirkiite of the said
City of Lanaaatar.auall ba oned from aud aflorthe
oral nay or iiceamtier In each and ererr roar, and
np totno lt day of Jilnrch in the auceoodlrigycarat
in. ikuui "i u.i-i,vii ,ui-riiiaa. WA - , J.. - i-'
vr..M.I tln.....K... sii.' tai-. ' r
C F.HHEfFEH.r.CltytJmincH.
Art est G. S.Wh.luus. Clerk. . Docri's-ai
cncn.tiTi. wilhinoton t zasesville
Rait lint arcs Tuioonn to EtNurii.tr; " '
IT. W. GRAHAM & CO . ,
Forwarder; niid Commusion . Hmlirin!!
OttOPT'ETailfl ofn'ro-rular Line of PtoamVrsnin.
aJT-' nlrnrrrom ilanoavillo to AVheellns anil Piifs
bur.nml aolo Atreitta for tho renusylvaiiin Central
itallroad for litis vslloy. IfartHtnon rc Cnal
H I -.'.0 1- -l. ZMC, fk' :
Only one ilrnva(to lo or from ths Itnll Road to lloats.
fhlppcra of Flour snd' Produce ronsrally on Iho
Lino of the C. W, at ?.. Rirad, will And thlk themoaf
expedltioiia route ! Uio V:a-J, and j think oulto nj
chonp aantiy other. -s ' ; -c
tlur facilities will warrant a tpjedy trnnrlt to all
prop-.-rty oMrustcd to otir.cara. ,
No chnriTu on properly', scrp1lnesctinit' dTrayr.po.
Throueli Howlplsnlvenl'i Bal(liuore, I'liiladelpUia,
ew York nr llostoit. K, W, ORAIIAM & Co.
U.-o. ';fl, 1,M OinSl, Lit., i-.i. . .
i the noiMDtvH AiiE'coiiiilsiTp
3t.t.'ibo )'X;. mk
:? Opposite . SUa-nbr'a" II)tcl u.
: r ' S 6 IX N sis a n H a ,!tv;
O EOS lit a veto Infonii Maold cnMomer eiirrWaf'yi
Obudy olae Hint he has iunt rvoulvuil illrect from.!
i.-io piiniiMiori., a noavi iiivimco of MlnmUrd and Mla
cetliirreoit Works, 1rl Hooks," Anltmilk. ore.,' suited
forilie Librnry, i'arlor nnd HoHliihy rlrctoiitajanioiiaf
111 i:n may tenanted Hriil-.bPoct', J vuis Oclavo.bnotid
!t Morocco, nwlsOd r.nMllont Htnkfrpors, Mimrr-'a
ni l liyroti'acnuiilno l'oellc4 Work., with llueatiwl-lllitstr.-Uiins',M
lib the Invest. and must cmnplcle stock
of Pooti.-al wor.iiBTwr'irfinnlit tuhls clt; ' 1 .;
' AU", l-'euiitla I.i Jo am nip Itv1 .'Xoi-imn.'j bv the wife
uf nil Elder; tea. hi and iVf.tkuess. aialm-v of f.;it to:;'a.
We Uf; Fu ilprlulaor an ltsiwaat,by All P. Criirtitlal
Japan nslt wnsnnrl Is. by Ilitdrullii Whaily'a l'uiara
Flwli-: Klld'li or tits Dnubto Krfor, hr Ms.r'en Janint;
Iho Hidden Paid, by Jly Marlon iiarlaud; Uoao X'ul
(tnrners, by lirnaiily, ( ,
Ainttir his fiift H'Mih Sjn-tnnnslsiitT brfo'vlrid the
Thoutl.t Uliisst-nt: Mcti)ory'eifl;.L'hrlatia heopv
antic; Krlend-hip.'a Token; tfie I'htlnciioiie; Cirlmm
uni; nnnw rinitu: rm .iioson s Bl,l; woas Kosi
Altaiitie Sovonioi- Affliction' (Strt; Ilomanco of Auiv'-
ricnii L.lndsca-jies, a lif-anilfttl tvork. pll bound gnd put
uplnthd nar.L'stnr.d-tnost suhstnniial atylci -.. '" -Als.i,n
Inrvorsanrt incut nl Hlbloa, luriro and small
and all prices! Hymn Daofcs: rtholie Prnver nooks,
loiitborltlt entry varioly pf Hali(tiain Works, ! .', j
An extensive asaorlmeiil of Chp.LelUir an Note
Paper. Envelopes, cUc. Oofsloek has boovilaldln'wltli
ftpocial rei'ereucB t tim ivauls and.lnstos of ooc Patron-.
I-iillesand Getiilumeii wilt cnllspu cxamiac
at tholr tOisnre. - !'-!.-v ,:-; - '!' '
: P..S, Myarranccmiitjaronllliiitlrcelvevry
new work direct fr tni thi Pnbllslicrs as.oo.i ns (ssued.
; Luneaaten,Ifot.n,liSff-i', JOHK SIiAni.KH.il
'"'' ' ": ' - rnti" SAl.fc '-' :' -k
MflTAT henblifnl llonso nnd lot on the East (lifo fif
t -lirnail. Street, near Wludmt btrect, and Immiill-
levy North or tho rc-sidence of Mrs. Crood. Tho Lot
laForty-ltiree feet frbnl hy One -Handrod nnd S kty-
uveieeiueop lo a twel ve root Alley. I be IIoilso
cotitntm Seven Rooms, Unit. Kitchon. Ac , nnd
was Sni-hud about one vnar since. Also. r inn.
inudip'ds: Staid o, Orrioira Itojse, yo(.t an i.Poal
Hnn, e. e. . Aft In (rood repair'.,
' This property will beanldrhoap fnreaarToi In pay.
vnatua, s H is tho Intention of Uie proprletot In move
AVesl. For fnrtficr p-trlleulars' cnnulrn nn tha -premises
or of lha KD1TOI! of tha BAT MTT&.. r. ,fr- -v
.. Lancaster, Knvembcr HM-8ritf i jii j. j ,?'
WR hnva In atnra at IMsMnSs (wlthr large qrtnntl
ties of Goods yet to arrive) Uia v
Stock of 11RY GOODS vor oCcrcd In tho 'WBSTt
; Thero has baoti some decline In tha prte;sof fjomta
wlihina few wc-vka, wbtrb' cnnblaa -it a to bny Itrft
Ittt of Goods, at button trim Jot, ot reav tow rstca.
ao fhnt womin sell al r' ' -J
We would call qieclal atlealioa to j,
Molro Anlianc, Fancy pitka, Tlnlip jfllack
. Silk, Ffeneb Meriaoos. Farntnettns,-V,
7r!B.iCii pkisted; ALMVOOL DBLAINES
, An Immense atock. Prlco T5J.' lo 23c, ' r
American, EnftHsh and Freitcb Trfnts,'
.. .. , Tricea from S'lc upwards. in'
33 Ua U2. &4:?
' "A rhost 'eleKttnt 'varlotyl' ' '''J "A '
Volrct", Cloths A Trimmings for Cloaks
' ' W. " MT. Is" 8'.
Urocha sad Bay Etatb flhairlsl at lower" prices tbah'
t r,. .i ii .fr bfM yfcrsds.-io v ,n. j,
Hmbroidertos nnd Lncesy Ulores nnd Uo
. ,-.) - sierf,. &c s5to.,j .... t.j.-.t
.We cordially Invito, to a free examination of our.
atock, Whlek will be lonnd irrester In extcnr, ana at
lower prloaa, tbas auy oiuer iiouao can offer. - - i.,ji
I . . . - . WILLIAM I.JCK ft CO,
OlnclntiMI, Soiyombor la, lens 3m '
rtAll. : .ROAD.' C ArTS
Ik. . . w.1!... K.A-.il.' .l.li..l
Arl, N.
. ..1, ... - . .
-.V i- ii HUUSIti' t".lK-
AS Inat received htflSPEINO and4iUAIMER!
nlv of HATS Ac CAPS at hla old sUind.uoo.l.t
mtdft th u t. Main Street . Zaacoarer,- OA,.. HI
r -: (iocs nsaueen aeiucia-a wtt cars an etnerao
Every variety ol Hats Ac Cap. sav
-f.ilneln.dlna; White Benvor, Molskln.Noi i " ?
and S Clllbaaud Pedal Straw and Leghora - ""
Hnta; Men, Boys and Chltdrcns Palm Leaf, from lsjir to
37 Also Men and Boy's I'nrand Wool'Kosauth lists,
Boys and Ohlldron Fancy Hats, which will bo anld al
the lowest prloos. Leghorn Hale washed knd bleaebe
at tho shortest notice. IC?DB'I forrot Uie place, i 1
BMKyS. JftM.., .- ., ; . ; r M. SMALLET, ,
M E aOlCAI. It OT ii CEi'rfx
DR. II. C. SUA.tr '
HABremoTed MrOfflce ene sou ere ftonth bf ih
residence f Dr. Jam White, On Broadway,
whero he tender hit professional service of Lane
r and vicinity, . November S, lejj Sitf
Sbutffs Hals.
TU Stan f Olu, rirMd Ur, '
3? V VlrwSof an luoulton tlnM pronortr frxM
X U Court of Com won fl.M In uldoottsti md M
ui,dlrocuJ, 1 will oUi it publli Hit at tli Crt
Uouto lo UDWUr,n Xtndtf lktUiH4t
ir, ISJ.t, hotweoB lb kourt of 10 'clock A. M. and
4 o-aUMlr t. U. tho futlowtnf dMrlbd heal XaUlo,
to-wltt Tho ooUlrldod kali of ln-Lol Ho. S. la Ik
klghlh Eq'jaro of Iho Iowa, sow Clt of Ucaaator, or
aillkotuwt.tofWillia U. fikaH lo said Lot.
Appralaod at (SS-MC) twotbosaand dollart. '
Takau aa Uto pro pan J of WillUa at. SkM at lb
nit of John C. w'oavar. -
armof aale cjuU. WH. POTTIR, Skarltr,
poru. M. a winjs,Kn. Oepulv. -SoToorS3,lU
4w8p(J ,
ftlterltt' Snle.
PUKSUANrto iho oommaud of an ardor of sate
frOttl fthtt Utktlt uf CmmM Pla. In mmiA
S Jt to M dirdctod. 1 will offtr at Bablla aaU at iha
jpottrt' liouso IS Laocatr, en Twaadair IJ day ef
4V" - r. im. ootaaon too ooura or 10 o'clock A. M,
and doslaak P. St.. tha following deacrlked V..IV.
tau, to-wil; IAvNo.74 la Carpenter's addition to tho
Town of Lancuater: alao. Lot No. HI In Bradatradt'
addition to Lancaster: a lao 4 acrcaaff the Caatcndor
the foUowmir daacrlbed tract of laud, being on taiiet
location of land on which tha town of Ijucaater tat -laid
out, In Towuahlp No. 14, of Range So. IS of Unit
od Statvs landi aold at Chllllcotho. beginning. attVsi
post whora a atone ta planted on tho Douibaide there
or, sear Reoa' brldre, being Ihe lower toll-bridge over
the Hock hocking Hirer, near aald Town of Lancaster,
where n houoy locuat tlx tarbea in diameter bears
South 31 iloerooa Eat!S7 linkeand BO Elm SO Inches.
In diameter otre Morth t0 derroca; Uienco South .
'ortk Juli rkiitVeao W
honv a hnticrt locuat in nche i dlamaiui I
ogroo neat jw cuaina ana oi nnka to
Kortk iSX dosaro IVtliltoS Biika awd 1
d Inrboa In diameter beara North 70 Baal SIS tttike;
j thence Kouth S chatnaand SOIiuia to a poatt tbonco.
i.iu u.ivr, n ,,t Q muni ig Df HORa tO tho
I loco of beglunlg, containing 8f acroaaooreor leaay"
".T4.,n c"rPol'"''Wl'lrppral!d alls0.-A
lot Ke W in Brndi'.lt'a addition apiirnlird at Sl0. J
4 drrca at Koor Hendred an J Kli,w tin...
Mtl M sold Allhil nrnnnrtr nf l.ma. u P..i
unoi taau a. nwric. lermj ofaataeatli.. -
-,-L :, '."JbUAaJ a-OTTJiSShoriS-.
MarUnandSchlclrh.Allornoyi. ' '
LancaaicainberU.rWo-asMSprSS '. .'-I i i
Tit State ef Cttm. k'airtttA -
PVRbUAtiT lo tbeaoinaaatid of an order CMlwiO
froni tho Court of CanM PIam I h u 1.1 . .
and to ma dtrocu-d, 1 will offer al publle aale at thn
floor of the Count Heme in Lancaster, on. Tverd,- ti'.
ISlaay a yaa.ary, lead, between tka bear a ef 1S;M
'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock V. M.. Ik followina- dee-.
ertbod Keal Estate, fo-wlt:
1 SI foot off of Let Ko in Carpealor'a addition lotho
TowujirLancasier.appraiaod at S1500. Alao, North- 'n
huirofLot Ifo. 51 In Carpenter'a addition to the Town; .
of Lancaator. appraised at S950,'- Alao, Lot Ko 114, a ' '
praiaeo ai . wavj, ,iao, lot no lis apprtiaed at Sted'v,
also, tota bo 1(6, 117. lid and TlSappralaed at S4fM.
all InCnrpentor'a addition to Ihetowu of Lancaster. Tor
bo anld aa the property ef Jnmea M. Pratt, at Ihe suit -of
William Slade, Jun. and John Horland, rccerreraJ
die' Termaofinlff caah. . WA1. POTTKK. SberlS. '
IT. H. Hunter, Attorney. . . -s
Laues(er,Oblo,Di-combor 13, 1853 Swf5pfS '"" ;
, . SierilT's jSnlc. ;'...' '"' ';'. .
-i: Tie Siarc tf Ohio Fairjiili Count, l. ' !- , i!
PURSUANT to thn oommond of on order of at'
from tbe Coarlof Common Ploaa of Pairflald conn'
iy,asa io njo tiirocteil,! wU affcr at public-sale at lit ''
Court Itouso In Lancaetar, on Ttttday the 15r a-ay tf
January' IMS, between 10 o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock4
f. m., tbafollowlti daacrlbed Keal Estate, to-wll-'
Vnl riumboraflroind elk ( and 6) is Carpenter'a
addiiiou to Ihtj Town of Lancaster, otherwise known,
and hub bored on ffw new plat and by recent number
isis of saldToiVn now City of Laneasler, aa Lola No.
Two Hundred and Tiro-and Two Hnndred aad Threw
pe: and 293) in said city or Lancaster? KoSapprala
adatS-KKHI. Ki)0a)praUod atSHUO. To bs sold aa U10-r-ropcrty
of Jumoi M.Prutf, nt tho autl nf John D. Mar.
tin. Terms cash. 'WILLIAM POTTER, Fberlff.
Martin and Schlotrlt, A ttornaya.ss " ,
'. Loncaatec, Deoeutber 13, IUS5 Ju33pfjj': ;
Public Sato of Menl Eatato. '
TIIEItK will bo mid nn lue. lflth day nf January
tiexl, tha farm of. Geo. Ulcgel dccoaacd.aituateir
Iu Amanda township. Pairflotd counlv, Ohio. 147.
acres la under (rood cultivation, also a (odd dwcllli ir- -bouse
and a bank barn; tbe same la wall watered wills
a never fallinjranrluir;. 04 aeroa being well timbered,
which will fie anld In three arporate loU. Tb. pur
rhasor beiua; renoired to pay one half la rash on ilho
1st of April 183S, tbe other half in 4 annual payments'
without Interest, also to secure aald uayuianla br
Mortjnen on tha promisee If required.
Dee. l3.1SSJ--43!. , , IKbSF. RIEGKL.
Attnchmcnt Notice. '"'- ,' -7
Henry Leonard' & . 1. " t s - ' "rv,k ',-
Leonard, known as Uie urirl'of i ' "e ? u f . '
Plaintia, In an AUachraent.-
M:iinaru oc nrninor
Tlios. J. Tabior, Uofendant.
TJKKOREJ.V. Rrlson.n Justice ef lite Peace f.
I AVnlniit 'ownehlp KalrSeld county Ohio, orl fl.v
!9lh dny of vemb -t. 1RVV. said Jn.ll. 1 a .
dor oftittnci men 111 the above actios for Uto sum of"
.A.vi;i., uuiiars aim saaiiiy-rotir cents. ( -. f
.. . l.EtiNAHl) dt URpTJIEtl.
Basil, Dec, 7, ie55-4w3e a .t .'".. t
I Administrator's finle. . !
Adiii'tori of Thoiuaa MbArthar, dee ) : Is Falrfleld
, ' airaiiisl . . I
The Widows and Heirs of s'nlit dec M.J Com Plene
rSMH? bndoralfrnovl, pnraunnt to nn ofdbraf saledl--1
reeled In them In Wb abovu e isi, wltl on Iho
J rmttttm (iOr da, tf .raawart, tSVI. baforo Ihe court
house doot in the City or Lanraaier. in. saoVaountt.
will use al pnblle my Hie following psrowr nf laud
to-wll: Th North hair of Section Ho; 41, In Townslilii
n. lrfieno Xo. SUrbalne; parts .tf lots N-ie 1 and
13 of flie Katato of William Jdorrlsnn. aot apart In tin '
proeodlnrs of pnrllllon in lnttld ItnllniMi and' F.liza!
biswlfo, containing IDS acres, deduction however..
(Unorca ot f the South iHu of aald tract, with nil tho "'
mounibaranou tboteoa. To hi anld at not Leaa thart
tile appraised value. A) rlra'stil at 3(. Terms cast!
mil V r Mnturii.i .aa......
I 4 . nio.VKi rtlJ it...Vloi'lar. J
' jv Jiii.fir inj j a w M ,
--. t Auaeam?Btnotrcef . ., '..-.-.. w .
C-nif lie OiUou, Tiaticaflar, Ohio 1 Tkcfore G. Steln-
"' . ccalnst , SJnlnn,Esii.,o Jiisy-
T. P. Gallup. Agssnt. J lice of the I'earo lir;
tut for llftcklun Tiiwusblp.-PiiirOuld ennnly, Ohio
On (tie S7th dny of November, A, 1), leia, at the tuv
ttkinea of Hid Proiirlelornf Uio-Uatnlto O-rlseof- Lwn-
e vter, Ohio, aald J uuico leaned an o : d it nf attach mauls
liftln' above Cause, fur Ihesu-u of Havautean Dollars
DhWdat Ltnii'ijrrltlp, tbjs S 'rantajntb day of Oa-';
ttombar, ISM, , , , aljoo.nbertj. laji tjj
' ' -i-i-v- ...a a h. V ..AK
. wi-iUorats ef Jabn F. Otitcolt. iv, ,v
OTieit is hereby alven thai Iho subscriber harsV
been nualined aa Kxeculors of the run. .r uk.t
OlttCalt.decniHed. lata, rif ITalrflcId flM.M,a ,11.1..
, 1, , v -"'" S "anna astainst sain tusie are no
linod to present thcnl within one year duly authentic
catod.aud all persons indebted will insko IniniedlataC
poiinoni. , r ite-ucn IC It. UU'tCALT I
dec v3w$t K, 3. OUTCAI.T,
I Ke'
.i . iJiR. SI. Sa .FIJfLEYa - .1
OFFERS hie pftifeaaiomV aervlcetrKr-the- cltlaane
of Lancaster nnd its vicinity.
As (his ay atom of medical practice Is- So t maniri
In this l.Uce.-it may be doomed ptopar lo live a few
of H distinctive features. 1 '. -
Tk am of iho lancet la abandoned at a practlcio
frniiRhlwUh evil couseqitencas; and a natural duple-,
lion more safe and erfoclnsl substituted, by inoroas-1
iny; Inst variooa searetlons and axcrotlons of the bedyt
Ihua reduelnc; the clroMlallon totiiyniloslrablo x-'
tent, slid avoidlnRelTueluallv the arislrnictlon ardlml-
nullon ufvy yital or luvlsjoratltn prsnalpla of ike!
blood, y ,
--' - 'A ft , S TT B $ r tf U T K -t
Far thn poaaonom mrnera! - modlcioba Staretoffara tar
com men us; tbe inoro (enlnl inedicinee aa now pre
pared In a cmnroutraled and -pnrcfy medicinal form
frora thovniretabltklnrdorh, aro only admitted tntqs
praelico, being nioro thsSrough and olltcient aicenta,
ndal ways -under lh eiillre oontntl oflhe prectltlon
or, bait-onder So elrcurasiances. capable of prodneinal
any of tho dlsaslroua rantlls seen in every community
where eaKimal and sMetieu medical areata bar been''
the cbhsf rollanca.. .. . ... ...
omcoTalluiailje Hoaso, over 'VTbiU dr Lalla'a
Rltrrat f;s -- .,; ' ..; c : -lk,s
,Rosldene Rev. Bamnal Carpontera, Broadways- .-
Oct. , 1KSS. ly. . .: ' i" ? s s-T .
. i- .v. .1 ' ri- 1 ii',.", rrt' a. i.i ir i n
.' '!! m'. -r-fi A. CVIE1,D'S :)ub r.'fii-.si
AS jnal boon opened at the WAHBt,
the Junction of the Canal and Rallmad
an i' or. 01 a ci tries A: wavatsts a--
I-..1 ...I O 1 1 .1 ...
The finest Ovatora In whuin and kairr-.aB&
received dally. , Our frlenda in aiijolidnc lowna
aanalwaysbaaappltadatamoraants nolle at Clt-
ciunau prices. All ui stars sold by roe warranted-,
ood and froth " r JAMES BOYD, A(onl.
1 lVs-
Desirable City Property- for Batlef--1
HAT desirable property located en Wheel?
lea Streot. corner of Broad Allev. bnina- im
f--fc-s. ...1 iioviiii, ,mi .ue, ou Jirimu Aiicy.v..
teeldeaeeontatiia S rooms, kitchen, Ootheaea,.dawr
with all th eonvenleneea of a family residence! also
k now and convenient Carpenter'! Shop, Smoke House
FiaMesAc. Torma;rt)aaonabl.' for rnrlher partietia
tarsoniiilroof .. LITTLE k DKKSBAUU.,vf
. Eaaaa8tea,Jitly,,B5o .
siaWimu - st ouia.I
THEondersifnod baanpened In Ihe tthllo Blld
nf, a few doors Wast of the Hook las; Valley
,.., . 1ST k&.tl... w. r . , 1 . . . . 1 . . '
nsns, s trstiaHoneo biasc el wrvsTw anu lmsraiw
clues which ba .offers to th putdla at very fair
price.. ' H. B. 11LN1ER. '
LanatcTOtobr 91, lUSSa-SSkfi t
LOOKI3IU OLASSES. Viiij 1 -i4'
IAt al' an line nrepfcrad to fsrnlah ll.OOKlJftf
GLASSES in Mahogany, iWaiiiut or- KoaewoesV
Frame!, book Inir Glass Plata. Pictures Frames; e. '
Alao, Gilt Frame, (slaswae.ef all eta, and ftyl.
Portrait Frames, Picture Frame, and a jeecral atH
sortmontof Pletnves andOil Palnlinfa, at wholeaaa
anoretatl.a'ineaoww pneea. , . j. j. mw r. -xi
No. 0 Weal Fosrtfa Street, Claain
March , 15944
"iA"s. t'Cs
B A B L O.W," .' .11':' D p'?t
srvFFtCE lqlallmadre Block, Main Slr(,Useaf
lflef,Oltlo; ' i artca.a ua ei n i J v'k.'
rof.C.D. Wllllama,al.D.I 4sL,taJ-.,'t1 iv,
': - H.T.Oatbll7lll..-:', "!' "??'- i' S
A.O. Rlalr.M.S..Co1umhu.
J. H. Pulr,M. P., ClMlsnalt.

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