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,!EW: SEllIES7:yOL 7,, Na;48.;7;;:; ; i LANCASTER, ;0HI0;THURSDA. MORNING, MAHCH-29; I860, i
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iilwcasterf kette;
Speech of Senator Wade, irt the
Unite 9Utem Senate. March Tth
oa the Demoerntie Itesolutions
relative to Slave j r lit the Tcrri-
tere.-';i':,"; " .'
Mr. Wi8 tboneht these resolutions
Vortbr of notice, its they seemed to em
body the views of the Democratio party,
nnd they wero ennreiy oppoeue 10 ma
nrioclples for hich, he should ', contend'.
Tbe publio mind is greslly sgiuted in
non'sideritipt of the prinoiplos contained
'in these resolutions and other similar ones.
It u Jlittia remarkable that the loudest
complaint earns from those "who hsre
liad the power and administration of the
covrhroentr for taa'nj years,' and have
ii j li! i. j ':M nAaiB.:An
lnOiUea 111 puMuy tuu .ntrea iu
of it aat revenus. The prty , to which
I belong naVe been for many years with
out any botfer'tb control in shy way the
policy of the coverirVieht. It is a eingU
'larfaot that those wbe have the army, ds
y.fand the Trescury under their eon trol,
iow stand eomplaining; and ' they oorne
fnrmirA to tfitl hs that . triXladroio 1st rif.on
issnoh.'or their nrinoiples are such, ha
it will be better to tear down the pillar'a of
the government and involve us all in one
common ruin. .The question might Wetl
ariee-i-How hanpens it that you, who nave
been in D088esaion of the power of Ihetrov
ernment for at least seven tears," should
have so sondneted tt that yon are now ftp
I air? Because they have fost one noor
nif(rer a year. He does not tell us wheth
er they lost them by AhoHttonist.s pr not.
But wlien the jjBntlemen ; comes here to
silioH, wbefl he charead of with treason
and a violation of oaths, and threatened. In
a certain" enfergency that he himself would
tand forth to pull down the pillars of the
maintain that kind of argument it is per:jltpubliot' If te do -that ts not a: violation
icnij niiucni iiibi iners is nomeiiun nn
fliae. theiowee Knefrwij 'of uttf teal ' lo'jaet
by the unfathfulness of those whom the?
abus. .! .- - . . .
Well, Sir, as the Senator from Qeorcia
seemed to be the Attorney General to
brng in a bill of indictment aainst litis
aide of the Semite I propose for a brief pe-
noa, to review some or the arguments,
some of the declarations and some of lbs
vituperation contained in that speech, for
I acknowledge him to be anions the ablest
and most experienced ; Senators of this
body, and, Jf soy case could bs made! out
against the North for any violation of duly
ne was able to make it manifest. , He bad
the ability, and certainly be did pot . lack
the zeal, and If he failed with another no
ted charaotr, he failed where Satsn con1i
not stand."' He set forth, Sir,, with the
charge of treason, of perjury,' nay, of cow-
aroice.w inch 1 confess grated more harshly
than all the other accusations made use of,
V.re vera told that we, with the untold
nullions we represent, had so lost our sense
of honor that we could not resent an inju
., , ' ' ...
1 id he, believe we' wei arrant cowards on
stltueots were perjured whrn they have
taken every precautiop to protect the citi
zens of States hoMinjj a species of proper
ty we nneriy repuota'e. unto is r.ever
they are perfectly . free, . A nether fenetor
eays that they have righ to bring them
there, and be protected l v the laws o Con
gress. 1 Another snab lays Uwgrets Us ho
tliii side? I he did. and I have no loubt he
d'id it he believes this sii,e of the ehamher
Hare till non'combatanis, I wi l not believe
hefn'ended to earn a cheap reputation fur
vaior airainsi wiose wnnm ne sucnosen
would never reet. (be challenge. It is
known to everVbodv that tbe oeoole of the
free 8tfs bave ntterly repudiated this
old, abdlhev contend .barbarocs mode of
of the oath lie has Ukeal I dd- not under
statid lh IfnpTirt of ft. iTo be sure these
things are Said in the heat of debate but
they go out to the country, and must be
noticed here. The Senator went back to
the ancient history of Oreeoe to illustrate
bis argument; : . . ' I .-
lie did not corhe forward Without pre
piration. He accused us because we did
not : happen to be quite nimble-footed
enough j as he supposed in the execution
of the fugitive law, but he did not instance
a single case, if I remember rightly; but
it was general cliarve. There has not
been single rase of resistance to that law
in my Stale. . When the eases cam before
the Courts.'they received the most rigid
scrutiny, and the law has been rigorously
applied, ' There have been ea?es of the
most doubtful character. : Men bave been
kidnapped end carried off. A ease . oo
eurred not long sinoe. And that waa not
the only one. I meet the general charge
wiih a general . denieU W h e n has
there not been a faiihful execution of this
most rigorous, odirus, and, - I beleive in
man? provisions, un nsiitutional law.
Mr. Webster thought it bad ne warrant,
except iu jedirial decisions. Bat be Was
not going to argue this point, Mr. Wade
referred to tbe claua giving power to
commissioners as decicedly unconstitution
forgetful of her rights; RI.e sends no, right to pass Uwa. but the (kmta. which
Senators We to denoonce the tovtreign- are iow,UBnipotMt r-k ptoebtM law.
ties of other States Und we must all low down to i There
' But when her Hehts are assailed, her is just difference of opinion on that aide of
embassadors would ne unrvti'iui to their the Chamber, but all agree that slavery
trust if they did not hurl back any such should be spread to the ends of the earth,
imputation. ! But wipnose another ease. Snpooee Biiir-.
The third count of this indictment was ham Young should come from tl'ah to
that we intended to prohibit nnd limit Kansas, or any other Territory, with his
8lsverv in the vast Territories of the forty wivte, Brigham savs lluse are m?
United btaies, Mr, re mat charge I ron- properly, and 1 must have a right to bring
fees it is true, " We do intend i'. Sir. If I theta in here, or llie State of Utah will not
understand the objects . and ' purposes of have her equal rights. Away with such
the nepubiican party, it was brought into . doctnne. t be re is po cuarabie in the Con-
power on this very ' (o'jeet. When the 'siitmioo for any anck position as the). Oar
tienerai Uovernmnit had broken all the saiety constate in keeping close to the Con
tledges of Freedom in our Territories. 1 etitution. and ' the moment wadostrsv
ths Republican part? tore to oppose this . from this we endanger the harmony of our
unconstitutional aggression. Had there anion. But. waiving the Constitutional
beito no violation of the Miseocii Compio- jlaw, I will eopiose that ym have right
mise, Ver probably there would bave to laki your alaves into the Terri'ori.s and
been no Republican parly her. We in hold thim there. Sti.l Fir. is itekpeiliint,
tend to defend the Territories of this tight snd proper to Co ft? And that brings
country against the polutii n of Slavery, me to consider a question that lias been
there We stand, and there is our platrorm, lincidentslly biooght up. The fethersof the
snd there we shsll stsnd foiever. But! Republic, I believe, wilhrnt a dissenting
the Senator claims the right to carry slaves j voi e, agreed that slsveholding was egsibst
iato ths Territories bersuse the decision I the common right of man, and waa wrong
nrahanaiveof ruin? ; I Cim dedurt no rther settling difficultres witb .a duel. , Ever?
cono nsioo than those who bate been in 1 intelfigpnt Vnan knows full well that the
t)ossessioa of this power bave shown them
selves incapable of administering the gov-
'ernment 'on sucb principles as it should
"be administered upon. '.
I do not believe any Senator ' here from
the Southern States can . look, me in (lie
face and say that he has not. end hie No
tion hssidtbad their full share of polili-
'c si oower from the organisation of the
'Goverpment Until.pow. i. No,; eir.-i. It, is
perfeotly. bvtotui.t b e t your power
'in this Gbvunthentbss been altogether in
disproportion 'to yditr numbers. I do not
blame snytbefy, because I kaow it is the
nature of 6s all to mass ase or sil the pow
ers we have to the advantage o f our own
principles, oor ownTnle'res's, and our own
views. Undoubtedly, sir I would do the
'earn thing.' 'And, you, sir, complain of
tli administration of this Government snd
tco oi uusi or nonor in say oi inosp
). tie is (reeled as an outosst; and
an?oiiahce. lie sboild happen to be
phant, he would be deemed a icr.mi-
niati.lio mdorsed this practice in the
North bas so fallen under the ban el pub-
jiu opmiuii iiint ne rouiu atierwaru reoieve
no offico of trust or honor in sav of.those
SttteS. Hi
if by an?
1 M I..IJ . ! - .
nui, ana nvia ai iuan in society.,: '; ,. ' (
t know lull well, end I regret it, that
this stste of thing, although undoubtedly
! . 2 . It I l I I." '
jusi in iitoii, nm ptacea or ai a oisaoysu'
tnge here. 1 feci that this sentiment pre
vailing at the North althoagh righteously,
1 , J ..I
lias irequenuy pmceu us, as it wure, unite
mercy of those who Construe our forbear
ance as a want ol courage. . It is not
strange that litis state of things should ex
iat smong the JNortliern people. We have
had no reason to distrust the courage of
the people there. Why, S r.' 'physical
- , . . , t t '
sav that It is a total failure to sucb a de- coura;e is a sentiment so general that it is
gres that you are meditating its utter and I cheapened by its universality, .Who lias
entire destruction. . Who is to blame tor
fcrl this except those who had the power
nd hid controlled all the pbli.oies of the
Government to suit themselves? .This is
most manifest IVora the confession of those
who complain. It is bttt tbe shadow of
the crest prinoiple which I contend for,
thrown across the politioal horiion, that
disturbs the equanimity oT trnr Boeihero
brethern.: The Senaldr from Oeorgia
Mr. Toombs told us tint they Were in
uossession, and be was proud of it and
Well be might be of 850,000 squire miles
of the most beautiful country God ever be
stoWed upou ma i; arid he informed us sir,
that it was capable of sustaining a popula
tion greater than that ol Europoj aod I be
lieve be ipoke within bounds when be said
He I'dld s tbatthcrS" were but twolve
rnUiobs of people inhabiting that country.
And we all know that the SUve-boldiog
States in point of srea are one-tbird great-
ettbtW tbit of the free 8tates, while th?
contain now qot more than one-half of the
population: lie showed their prosperity;
And that; too I so; Is it not then anonta
lous, these whining! aod complaints a
bout ths aggressidn snd opptessioo of the
jNorth, who are entirely out of power and
'When we know (bat the property claimed
by these gentlemen was never so prosper
ouiastd-dsv? Slaves are higher than
thev have aver been before, and their em
ilovment is more Profitable to their own
er than it has ever been. In one moment
it is the filory and boast of Southern gen
tlemep.' nndr in tbe very next breath, all is
ruin snd despondenoy. How is it Sir?-1
If the North have conduoted themselves
o shamelessly toward Southern inslitions,
if their underground railroads hav so sap
psd the foundations of your peculiar insti
tutions, how is it that your property bas
risen in the market, snd now stands high
er by your own boasting and , showing
than at any former pi riod? These things
cannot be. Ooe thing I would . notice.
The 8eoatof from Georgia Mr. Toombs
rose iu bis plsc'e, and with a kind of. de
spair on bis countenance said that we on
this side of the Chamber were the enemies
Ot tbe Country.
He felt them to be the enemies of his
country, and power would be unsafely
lodged in our bands. Why unsafe, Sir,
if we bave noteodangefed the Government
a far? : lie complained that i we were
faithless for the eteen'tion of his ' fugitive
liill, and yet be told us that suuh was the
loyalty of the servants of the people of
Georgia, that sinoe tliet'ye of the Revo
lutionary war to the pre jnt daj,' not one
liuudred for ny cause whatever, bad es
caped. 8tr, h'ad not that Senator small
reason to complain of anybody? Scarce
iy a negro a year had ; esoaped from the
great State of Georgia, yet she' oomes
here' aod Is ready in her rags to make war
on the Union, to tear its pillars down, and
iofolra in air irroom'mjn ruin'. And' why
ever seen the JNoillurn man fail on the
field ol combat? Was it not known that
braver men never stepped on the quarter
deck, tor entered . the perilous breach?
Who ever beard ota coward at the JNorth
when duty called? But if I understand
ths Senator we on this side and tbe untold
millions ws represent, have not the cour
age to maintain our honor.
loomns 1 would refer tbe Senator to
by speech. I made noauoh allegation; I
mere v said Hut a rjoonle who would vio
late tue contracts they had made were not
t5 be dreaded when they tnreatened
maroh down upon us, I made no such alle
gallon against the JNorth. thegentlem
seems to consider that they on that aid
aro .the people; 1 do not.
w tiri i i I.e . ,
Mr. waue said ne nan rrau uie epeecn
snd supposed thtt it was adeolsration that
those ou that side, and il.e people they
represent, lacked that courage which was
necessary to maintain tbeir own honor
when impeached
Mr. Toomhs I eaid those persons who
were rot faithful to their contracts, snd
who passed Personal Liberty bills, were
not to be dreaded..
Mr. Wade I am very glad to hear the
Senator's explanation, because I say it is
no particular met it or honor to gentlemen
on that side to have general courage.' We
inherit from our common ancestors, who
dialed kings from their thrones when
thev undertook to treeoass on the riehti
of the people; and 1 trust in trod thSt We,
their descendants, shall ever be as ready
to vindicate; not only our honor, but oor
rights as were onr ancestors at any period
but ti that is ai ma Senator meant,
would not much d'sagree with him. ' The
men who' oould be faithless would be very
spl to be 6owards. But I don t wish to b
niisuodcf stood in regard to this barbarous
mode of settling difficulties; in thinly set
tled tind part ially oivilired counlries,wh?re
there were no' restraints of law, and where
sem i-barbaristu icigns, I don't know but
this rode might he necessary. If men
cannot be reetisins.1 b a more elevated
principle than fW,' it may be necesiiry to
teach- respeol for the rights of others, even
by fear of the oombat. But the Senator
aooused ua of being perjured and iWitliless
to the Coustitution and tsaily to trample
it uhder foot. ' And now, sir, just see how
iroonsisteot a gentleman may be ;
I have no idea' that be meant to express
the' full import of his language, because he
r o .
cams mrt taking, tbe emne' oath (list I
did and yet he told ns he Was' eager for
the eignal from the Old Dominion to de
dale war. Hti was resdy, rjrompt, and
eager to second her moiioo, for be said,
'cne blast upon he biila horn would raise
a million mn.' For what? Wiy to
throw down the pillars of the Republic in
universal rui'n. He would do so, Sirjfa
Republican was elected President st the
next election. DM he stand on high
ground? Did be stand on au eleVate'd po-
It gives 9 10 lo decide one way, and $5
oilier. (Wb are , told tbis would pot
bny. rosgistratis, but thst the magUtiates
bo genorally deouie these would be in
uenued by a 'li'pennv bit.' Mr. Wade
went on to speak of other provisions of this
w, and ssid the Mot ill never denied any
constitutional lw, and nevtr will resist
such a law. , The law is unpopular, for it
goes against the hearts and corciences o
tbe JNorth and short of the Almighty row
er changing their hearts can make them
eager to eiecuie this law.. la the South
here the feeling is different, when slaves
are brought there from the Coaet of Afri
a in violation of the law against piracy
liese very .magistrates cannot lnlltct the
unishmeot du. , lie would have just as
much ground to accuse the South of . per
jury because the victims of the yacht
Wanderer are not released, and lur ofhoeri
punished, as ihev hare to accuse us be
cause, we ijo not eoute swittly enough s
law more odious snd repugnant to ue.
The next cbaree ol the Senator is tliat of
passing Personal Liberty bills'. There is
no foundation under the heaveis for this
oharge against Ohio. Ohio, never pased a
law in violation ol the Constitution of the
United States, and she has never been
derelict to her duty in this particular,
Does the Senator suppose iw any sove
reign State of this Union is going to relin
quish all her rights over lorcitiiens Is-
bsuse there a a certain frovisioo, in the
Coistitutiou by which a certain class may
e taken out of her limits; ihit would
he to abandon .to any ur principled man
whatever he might choose to claim. Can
not a State prevent the kidnapping of her
citizens because you have a tight Id claim
slave? . the Constitution Bays that snv
person owing service to any other bints
shall be given up, but it dots not state the
means by which this shill be ascertained
I appeal lo the Senator from Georgia if he
believes that the darners of the tJopstilu-
lion would have consented to a provision
tbst deprived the States utterly of the pow
er to protect their own citizens? No, sir.
But it is frequently ssid that the constitu
lion would not have been framed if that
had not been provided for; But so far
from this being the case, it was a mere
after thought.
The Constitution was formed in all its
important particulars before any man
thought of this provision, and it was placed
there with no idea thst a Stale should
surrender any .power Jo protect her
own citizens. If that Convention whs
jealous of any one thing mora than another,
it was ol the rights ol the Males, ana tney
battled toch by inch, against every prin
o:pte that looked to a surrender of any
State power. They never intended to give
any power to any person to olsim .any
body they chose. It was only lo claim
the fugitive from labor; and when that
bas been ascertained, no State has resisted
tbe law. , But (hp Senator says thst Ohio,
among the rest; has committed a kind
of perjury, by passing Persons! . Liberty
bills. Mr Wsde referred ts the law or
Ohio, to. prevent sraveholding, and read
the last section a follows:
"Nothing hi the preceeding section of
this set shall apply to any act done by any
person under tho authority of the Con
stitution of the United States, or any law
of the United States made in purtuanoo
And, Continuod Mr. W. now, I ssk the
Senator if ho' was upon tbe bench, and if
a fugitive was brought before him under
this law, if be would have any difficulty in
surrendering him? Let me sVy lo you
w?i'o hofil thodontririe of State Rights, ycu
endanger the liberty cf your own States
to psss laws protecting their own cititens.
INo ssperiiy ot language, no irowning
covfntenacce or denunciation shall evtr in
duce Oh o to forget what ' ft du'e fo her
sovereignty snd to the protetion of hfr own
citisens never, . never, Sir!. And she
tkes no prouder stand on this subject
than I hope in Uod every other btete in
the Union takes, Then, the Senator was
jfrongand ihcandid to say thai our too-
of die Court gives him that right. Now
ro man las mors riepect for tl-e decisions '
of the Com ts, when within ilielr proper
udlclal limits, than I have, and no ore
knows belter how essential it is thst these
shou'rl he lived up V. But juet ss much
as I revere an bom st Court, keeping with
in Us iuri8dvntion arid ' restraining itself
i it ".j
Tf it Is wrohflranif It, ii wiot--f nurUow iesw tl.iieaUroity. . They ssy that the
new philosophy canaot stsnd the icintiny Ivutrsgee heaped upon heir brethren, who
of tbe present see. Yee.mere. it is founded j visit tb8yuthrrn States uatousiug aa suV
on tfe selBMiness and rapWHjr ei pian.soa romroiaoie innigvwm wnton m, v-tt
koi nn Iha Iti.t iot ol iod. There IS llie .orm imo a oevouMna nme, w."
diffieultjr With ?onr inrtitntionel aed -.tjia ; snea wtei eea tf jaaO-.nt.oi at.lt occur.-
. - T " . ''I ' ' i r. ".I -'..II .t.
and ;
n, r
ahh n,. in limit It. and not moDsoate impiiro.ned and ruth!eljr bsoi.shetj , foria
this rarse. Now, I sak Senators whatthey Sou u rn Suteif the (ioverument is to ,
find in this Republicsn psrly so repulsivs admini.wred solely for bene6l or slave
to them. J holders then the day is not far distsnt
Our principles are onlV, these;. w he'd when the descendant ot those wno con-
ibat elaveit is wrong, snd incor sistent neived the syMe.mi"-,". goinqjv ...
with the best interests ot the people, end o'eooo nai i.ui.ov um,
iiirif ai.ifii, 1 1 u . n v .
. f .1 . l.J Tl.
in itself, snd should not be cherished. But
we End they did not understand it. And
now ths slsveholding States bave found
cut Slaveiy ia ths normal condition of the
black race and a blessing to society, and
therefore ought to be extended.
That is the only issue 1 wish to make.
because I know your determination to ex
from any political connect ioh; to, Sir, in tend S'averv arising from this tew philoso
the exa't prcpottion do I abhor a hi! scout 'ph v. that Slavery is the nortttal rendition
nn from the corrupt Judg, whbj for any of the latoring man, and that Is right, and
purposes, will reach over the case refore: proper, it bot necessary l. the happiness of
him and endeavor to advance a political ' all concerhed. If you are right in that I
cause by any decision re tony pretend to will go with you. Lit ua extend it, and
make. The moment the Court transrends I let us tinploy missionaries lo punch the
its authority for the purpose of stfevtingl gloiy of Slavery, snd induce iite whole
si.y political eanse, iisdecision is iarperti, world to turn slaveholders cf sieves.' I
nent, and, with the Courts of Georgia, I am glail at last to see this gnat question
hold it in bitter contempt, and. if there! placid tn a solid foundation, for eviry
ever wes a rVision on God's earth th t man Inows that no roliiioal piinciple ran
would worm t any private man or Serator
saying, 'I hold it in contiuipi," it is that
Dred Scott dei ui6n.
What waa ' the rase? An old negro
proseru'ea for his liheity in the Federal
Cour's. Old Dred Siott sued, for his
freedom, and the plea was put in that be-1 away with the advance of mankind in civi
ingtle descendant of Africa he oculd not lifcalkui snd knowledge. It is a 'principle
inai is catir.eo oaioaious, acu wuicn is
be pla ed on anything shi rt of eternal jnsa
lice snd r;ght.. Tl eStnator from Geetgia
may tell us that Slavery ia the basia on
which societv has hi en founded for thirty
cen'uries. , Sir, it is discovered that it ia a
sandy foundation which is fast warhicg
demand that it shall be limited., T.bi.slim
itation will not be hard upon you, because
ton have land enough to support a popu
lation as large as that of Europe, and cen
turies will foil away before yon wjll occu
py what you now h've. jne next ming
we bold is the principle of the Homesltsd
bill; and we demand, also, that there shall
be protectee to Northern labor against the
pauper labor of Europe. (i These are tbe
onlv iwasure s of the Republican party,
Mr. Wade closid bv referrins to the
fne nesroes of the e uniry, who, besajd,
Were ih victims of deep rooted preindice,
a deen as to make it apparent the two ra
ces could not inhabit the same place. Many
Slates were now trying to drive them
out. He thought his Government pwed it
lo justice and to themselves to provide
seen means whereby this unfortunate cl
might emigrate to a me congenial climate,
her all their lacuiiies wonio t,e Pf Temp
ed. There are such countiita 'in Central
America, wbrre climate arid soil are alike
tuited to ihero.end where places cculd I e
obtained for them. ,
He wonld hot do them an injustice, or
in any way compel them to, do anything
tnainal their iateree ts. but he boned this
principle would te engrafted on the Rer
publican plsiiorm, aoa inen we snsn rear
no more ahcut negro equality or anything
of that sort. He would have the two re
res separate, aod have tbf m I oih prosper
ous and happy in tbe climate best suited
lo their nature eaeh enjoying that liberty
and freedom from all oppression which
is the God given tight of every human be
tug- ; .
ill ris in
petty tyrants from
the land. Then tbe
sue in tl at Court. The Court dtoided
that a man may bs so monstrous low that
he cannot sue for his. life, and I . believe
that this is the tirst naiion on God'e emth
that ever put a being lb lumen form ipon
so low a level as that. But a majority of
tie Court said that Dred Scott being a
negro, a dtcendant of African aneestprs,
who having bien sKvis,, tie , oould not
niaintajn a suit in that court, bersuse be
was not a citizen. I stk if that was, not
the end of that ease. Then, in the nsme
of God, Judge Tny Why t'id yon retain
it any longer? .. It ipas settled upon every
principal of adjudication, and no Court has
held to it more solemnly than that ore.. ,
All. then, the Court may say beyond
the.csae was mere talk, and mWht just ss
wi ll have been uttered in a bar-room as in :
a Court. The msjority of that Court are
interested in that (Vision, and, strange as
it may appear, those who compla:n of
northern agjjression, have had a majority j
of that Court on. their. side,. I will not say
that ia the reason why the decisions , are
magnified lo such importance. The very
men.oflhe very parly who, a few yiais,
I eld these decisions of no effect, have
turned around of late nnd have found a
virtne in that Court that can ride triumph
antly over every other part of this Govern
ment. Such a heresy, if persisted in, can
result in nothing tut a consolidated despo
tism. And if the diets, or talk of such a
Coutt should be established, we will have
li e weakest despo ism that ,ever failed on
passing away.
On ihat issue let us st nd. If slaveiy is
tight, ret ns extend if; if it is wrong, lit it
die the death. I hardly know bow losseet
this issue, for I have heec in the habit ol
believing, with ihe fathers, that liberty
waa the gift of God to every being, and
had supposed that this was self evident.'
If there is any one here who will not for
himself respect the old sentiment "Give
roe Liberty orgiie me Dialh!" let him
spesk. who would not rather follow a
fliend qr relstive to the giave than inlp
(he shsm des of eternal slavery? I know
it is said tho African is sn interior race
and cannot defend his own tights. But
my dhics tell roe thst sp far from this giv
ing the right lo enslave li'ui, il eluuld
leai hmento he more srrupuious if.his
! righis. I know he is still a human, being;
they are still men and women; tpd there
are tluufands tew in pndage who are
much more whije thaq blacki ,
But, whether white or black, (hry.h.ave
tbe same joys and sorrows, apd a;e ao'uat,
j ed by Ihe same motives that we are. They
may he treated like brutes, tbeir souls msy
be ignornot, .yqu msy whip and tiam.p1e
them down, but ss bumsn beings they will
tise from the utmost degndatipn and.jtaqd
forth in tbe image of God, the conscious
candidates of immortal .life. This gives
there the full consciousness of their mm
hood, that stsnds ss an eternal proof that
lliev ir nntalwaratn ha alnvea. flat if Tt
I - - - T,- :, r - t 1
God Almighty's earth; for the doctrine is is light, why this perturbation snd fesr at
so absurd it cannot stand. lbs South lest tbeir institutions should fall?
When did they get the Conslilutional.Vhy is. itjou Withhold knowledge from
power to carry slaves into the Territories?
the slaves? What means this persecution
of Northern men who go there,? .
What is this fesr of the Helper book? If
Slaviry is the normal condition of the race,
do you fp ar that jlie handiwork, of God will
le overturned by these friyobue paeans?
Society in the North needs do sucb means
fo sustain, itsejf. You may go there and
talk against our institutions. , We will, in
vite you to preach the flQi,ies of, Slavery
and its normal condition, and .our. institu
tions will s)and fiimer than ever after the
conflict. We fesr ro such things, though
the Senator from Virginia (Mr, Hunter,)
msy say Slavery is the normal cpndijioq
and Freedom but an experiment whioli is
likely to come out second beet, everything
shows the security of the North, and shows
which is the normal condition of mso and
whjch not. .
Look at the great Northwest, with a pop
ulstion as great as all your slsveholding
Slates, so secure and conscious of her
irenoth that aba forina sn empire of her
self. We hear this cry from ibe South pi
"Southern Rights," but we bear nothing
from the secure region of Freedom and
Free Labor. All this goes to show that
not have her equal rights with the other Slavery ispotths nqrmal condition of man,
States. He might say it is the Isw of my but it is an institution that baa outgrown
country. We have a light to rpaat and ; ths limes in whiob it formerly lived, and
eat ibis property, snd if you don't proleot, now only lives on .he suffrage of mankind,
ua in it, we will pull down the r-iHara of: I will say nothing, about it in the States
i hi. R.nnhlin and involv all in one or m- It is bad enough where there are four mil
mon ruin. I suppose the Senator from II-, lipnso unpaid laborers Id oorbpfclition vrilh
linois would say lbs Territories have s per-1 the Isborers ol the North; Keep it w ith
feet right to here cannibalism or not, aod , in your own boundaries, sPd conduct it in
I dou't'osr'e whither tliey lisve it or1 uotr jour own wsy:
It is ssid now, that the Territories being
the common property ot the Metes, escn I
ciaie nas s rigni 10 go uuo litem win. miy
t ind of properly.' I deny tbe postulste.
These Territories do npt .elong to tbe
Stales, they belonp o tbe pgopla of ,the
United States; and Congress is the trna.
tec for them. Suppose, for instsnce, the
Senator fn m Illinois, ( Mr. Douglas, )
should own a plantation in Mississippi,
anu s Ii ou m wish to isse B'Hvea n io n it-r-ritory,
let me ask which State in ila.spv-
ereigntv is affected? That where the ne
groes are. or the Sta'e where ire staves
are owned ? On the same ground we
might say,supfose, as will probably be the
case, we should annex the Fejee Islands to
this nation, and suppose the Senator from
the State of Fejee should sppesr in this
body, then I believe they not only hold a
part of their population in slavery, but tbey
hold to eating a portion of them.
, Suppose he should take his chattels to our
Territory snd claim the protection of our
country, Ihat he might practice connibal
ism Ihore, it is plain you would ne oouno
to protect him, else tho State of Fejee Would
' . ' . i . . . ., A. - . .1 '
Extract from Corwios tlrtrat Speech,
The following is from Mr. Coi win's lset
effort io Ihe House; , .
VVhtU riling the dreraion of the. Su
preme Court, he was told that the Court
had changed; yes, ti3 be. wl" it, "e
to th Abrahamis pass it forked off! He
said the fire eaters' had attempted, to be
winy Ver the singing ol Ihe Marseilles
Hjn n by a hand ol Yankees, at a Repub
lican meeting in Ohio, on account of Ihe
"natal twar5"ft)ie singers. , , ,
tie supposed tl at Prince Ruport snd
bis chivalrie army did not-like the "na
sal twang" of Oromwell'a troops when
they fell open them shouting tbat tarl
Iihgj4, thrilling baltle ery of "God! and
the sword of Gideon," . especially when
they were being swept away by .the stal
wart blows of those brave enthusiasts.
Nor would ihe.siceaeioitisls like the "na
sal twang" of the Northmen,, when they
should rally tleir hosts to prevents disso
lution of the Union, and jutiisb ti e Itai
lors. But liny must prepare for that un
pleasant "twang," illl ey raised their ru h
less hnd sgsinst ti e, Ci ofederaiy. Hal
h.elieved that the Union, would stand, snd
Ihat when lime had grown gray apd walk
ed upon the crutches of eternity ,' tbis glo
tous Republic would ia a foundation
n We hearts ofgenerations then alive, ns
Sirm eid lasting as eternity itself. .Ji the
tepnb.lieans.are traitors for advpeatipg j)ie
doctrines taught by , the Fatipers, a,nd dc
served banging, then, these Valorous sac
cessionists, might &3 well snatch from that
sacred sarcophagus now in th keeping
of Amerieaa women tne mooioering, rt
Biaios of Washington, ,and( scatter thtm
upon Ihe banks ol liief ptomeo, ana piai
upon.the gibbet Ibe bleaches oones o
ferson, tor.suea tresssoaoie leacoings.
The declaration snd pretense of the uis-
unionists, thst a Slate is the sole Judge of
its own grievances, as to the lima and mea-
suie ol redress, is S paipanie mistase.
TJier isnosuoh power in any State. The
whole doctri'je (secession is an absurdity.
Tie idea of a peBcssbfe rjisioluticn of the
Union is a delusive one which we wonder
' ..... XT . ..f
an? man can enierism. im aecuon o.
country can control the future of this great
Ten 'tbriea of the grea Northwest will he
ours., ( So too fill the Jiasissjppi and i the
Islanda at ihr roouih, and a broad bea.l bti
each eide of this majestirs siresm.-ocsrce-
ly a Northerner goes lo the Soutn witnou
beirg aluse.l and inenhed. tnstesfl of
being received euurteewly . he is Urrerl
snd feathered, or abippted with ..catY
nine-uils. If these wanton, insulu and
gross indignbie are not heaped . op Nor-
Ihrrn ,men lor the purpose of. hhowing lit J
what niter contempt the Foiith holiis thetri
sad to provoke therm to retaliate, what ar
they doiie foi? Suiely, iliese men ought
inVtn ihat nimm unities, as well, as in- .
dividuals, I. see tirutt of ehdurahtje and
bcunds to ps iencs, and that ahhougb V9
one can tell at what rptiiion of the ig'
noinjnis the fort.a ranee of the JMorin wls
be exhauateil, or h,a the teatlipn ,wij ;
lake pne, yt there is danger that aucb
a calamity will happen! I' matter should
be pressed io ihe extrmv-r, .ni ruecc?
aitv for a divisiim ol the Union be deter
mined uppnlhe North will consent to po
paititiou wl.iuh ooes.nol tqneepota wim
the pr--ponderarioe in population snd fu
lure gri s'mss. Theiis must b the va
cant lands, their the great, tivera, theirs
the estuaiies ol th continent. . .1 he sfru.
populous Noriji. mighty in rtsourcts, pro
lific in men, w.un no internal weaaneaa,
can e ospmand her share ol her birthrerbt-!
X bep there will be an ena o compromises
an ead lo nettoiiaaions. Then might wilt
snake yigbt. and I' e Soqth will be "sur
rounded with an atmoephere of Freedom
whieh it must breath or die," while
very will be "enoksed in a wall of fire' '
within which, hks the fh!d scorpion; it '
ill sling itself to d-ath."
,tus Two MjuiMa. Give snd for
give' the nmiut oi C"r"y :g"''n
forget" th maxim ot worionoess. ,tiv
lo bios that ask-ih give lo the poor and .
needy give help, consolation, hope, love.;
Forgive injuries and offences forgive, as
ytu would be lorgiv.n. xnis is iron
charity., .''..
But ihe other is the rnax!m of worldly
prudtinre and suouess. Get all you can;
forget whatever is inconvtnienl to remem- .
her; climb as iijrh aa pussihle; kick down
the ladder by which you dined, if it atand
in your way. Get fame, for ubv, posiiionj
forget fiittds alio are no longer useful
jopfederatea aljio. hJty prove troublesome
piomise- wliicii it i incoiivenient to
. r r. ''', ' '
7hey, have had. a chanot rue ever fie
Pionetr C urfe, at Sacrrmen'o, CelifnDia
after the manner of ihe gar.ies of Ihe Po
rnan Amphitheater. Ii drew a large sum
ber of.apeclatqrs.and waa hotly contested.
Th rae was won hv a pa!r of bays, drivx
em by 1'r. VYitliama Frmklin. The Char-;
riots ere like those of ancient Rome, fba
modem wheels being covered with canvas,
n4 decorated wi'h.goM. A' gnat amount
ol rnony is said to hsve changed bands'
Upoa ths event.
aetata Monti ironically remarke I
yinRiri,',Illf,D: . . r
.. You ought to know, that tbere, ere fenr
things whiiib,awys mora or less inrereeia
a btrly s parrot a pea. ovk, a monkey and
a map: and.the nearer )0U can come la
uniting tbsse about equally in your ebar
aeter. the more you will k loved. Thi
ia a cheap and exee lent receipt 'Sr making
a dandy, a creature which is always an ob-'
jeot ol aatniration o vue ibuics.
i " T- i
jt-eTlf there ia anything Ihste,' it ia
a woman with a lap dog! 1 always wans
te drown it and put a baby in its place,",
s'.ys cruel Fanny Fern, forgetting that
too otten the ho ioj owner. Icel the lame .
( way, but lake ihe flog beoeose tbey eea't
confedet ev. Who dar exempt to rail j ),.r ihe baby. Shouldn t be hard on the :
np the highway thrcT lb Atlaniic Slatea Uex, Ftnny, hecauee you've done ,, Iitthi
and prevent the great West snd Northwest1 nomething for your country. Boston
from preauhing ths Atlantio through those
States, or from navigation the great, mere
emptying into the Gulf of Mexico and the
St. Lawrence ? The millions destiued to
occupy the great region will keer) th sa av
enues open, and teariuny pnnisn any one
jgr.Ki those who are soft and facile to
promje whatever is desire i of them, era
afterwards as Irail to break their word and
to reeabt, so he, Tho enters ngi'tir mto
mien any ono to retmuij u - r- r i ' t
or more States that venture to elose them. ; qwrol is very r.se.y to r
If the North, prosperous and strong as it . of it.
is, (nay,notdo this, reitainly llie puny UeV observer of human' na
South with a qanker on ita bosom which
is, eating 6'nt its vitality, and an institution
in its midst wbioh is paralyzing its tower,
ran not do it. : Therefore it will not be
done by any. ; ' , .
The right of rebellion or resolntion be
longs alike ttf'a- State a'nd an individual,
bai it is a crime ot such magnitude that
he who resorts te it would te hung so much
higher lhao the bar thought 61 his. alii
inHa wm.M make norterit? dies?. Seoes-
eiou is tressoo; and k would be punished
accordingly. If iher ever is a dissolution
of tbis Union, the North will do The
peol of tba Noftb, not a few of thsni,
turs has said that sober man.wben drunk
baa tbe Sams kind of stupidity about bint
that a drunken man nas wuen sooer
fjr-W'oiTian lvsmany a'dvantaget over
man;ons is that his will has oo operation till
be is dead, whervas beta generally Ukta
tffect in her lifetime. . ';
jOTOur carrier boy aflBxes a tfamiBtf;
t. L. D. to his signature; aayi it eteada
for "long-legged devil." '
iyA fool always finds a iwr foclf
admire hini'.

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