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TrrKTiciKuB. We asually mentioned
A day or two ago that the newly f.leqted May
or of Baltimore was a short time since jour
neyman printer. .The instances are not rare,
in which those bred n the profession of print
ing have become distinguished and honored.
To eay nothing of Franklin, the beacon light
of the craft, we have in our day mure than one
instance of this honorable distinction. , Isaac
Hill, the Governor, of Now Hampshire) was-a
journeyman printer; Samuel Armstrong', late
Mayor, of this city, was once a journeyman
printer; Mr. Knapp, the Secretary of the State
in Vermont, was a printer. And what is of
more consequence in the editorial profession,
some of the most distinguished were regular?
ly bred in .the craft. Our neighbor Greene,
the popular editor of the Monijng Post,. was a
ragged little roller-boy. MriHomor of the
Gazette was brought up.ori pica, and brevltr.
We recollect many yeaM since; of . seeing a
tow-headed overgrown boy in an obscure print
ing office in Vermont That boy i now Mr.:
Greely, trie talented editorbf the New Yorker.
Of equal obscure origin was the editor of the
New York Spirit of the. Time, Mr.,WravT.
Porter. .,"'-. -v.'. .S- ,v
The first we ever saw of Deacon Weld, the
editor of .the New York Sun, and a clever, wri
ter for various magazines, be, was in a, print
ing office at Lniyell, when he was no higher in
grade than primer's devil The truth is, If
a boy hat genius, the art of printing will draw
it out and set it to work. . Printers with the
same amount of natural talent, always make
the.- most nuuulur editors, because, the y jrro
bibe the tact of the profession,.-. Schooled
amon? ' tvrjes and shadows." thev have eve
ry opportunity of studying public taste and of
diversifying their minds bo as to .meet ipo va
rious wants of their various readers. The dis
. cipline of thoir minds niay no be so severe and
" rigid' as that required lor eminence in the le
gal profession; but this is a .peculiarity which
the great mass of readers care nothing about,
and it is unfavorable to a free interchange of
mind with mind. Tact give us editorial
tact. In our profession it is pvory thing.-.
Boiton Timet. : i. V; . ,y
.i ,-.,,. ,
The white of an ees is said to be an anti-
- dote to corrosive sublimate; and a strong in
fusion of tobacco saved a child in New York,
who had swallowed arsenic. . T ry them.
. Wortiit or BBMARK. Gen. Pattorson, who
so promptly called out the Philadelphia volun
teers, and marched thorn to Huraisburg, to
quell the Locofoco mob, who were rioting in
the Capitol, is a political friend of Van Buren;
also Judge Blythe, by whom the warrants, for
the arrest of the Locofoco leaders; were issued.
Their conduct is highly commendable. Join;
. New Yor Bahkino La w. Under this law,
banks have been established) the capital paid
in of which amounts to $9,100,000, with tha
privilege of being increased to $190,350,0001
Thb SitK Growers' Cohvkntios. The
Baltimore Chronicle of the llth, says. Up
wards of one hundred delegates from various
parts offiie Union have arrived in this city, to
attend the convention of Silk Growers, which
meets to-day; : It is supposed thnt the conven
tion, after organizing liorej will adjourn to
Washington, for the purpose of bringing their
important designs more fully before tho repre
sentatives of the nation. A specimen of silk
vesting, manufactured at Economy. Beaver Co.
Pa., has been exhibited to us, which, fur
strength of texture and beauty and briliancy of
color, Quite equals any of the foreign manufac
ture.'. ..
- - .? :,. ' -.l.J-.,.v
A free banking law, similar in almost every
respect to that of New York, has passed the
House of Representatives of Georgia by a ma
jority of sixteen. Its passage by the Senate
was probable.- :,. ' '
. .. v- t . i. ,:
Akothrb awful explosion. By an express
lip from the Natchez Courier, of December 4,
we have intelligence of the destruction of the
fcteamboat Augusta, with the death or injury
of nearly all the passengers and crew;- Globe.
Inhumanitt ad. IfoMAftiTY.-A "poor lit
tle girl aged about 11 years, was discovered
on the side walk in Waverly Place, on Monday
- evening duting the snow, storm, almost in a
state of nudity, and half petrified with the in
tense cold, by Mrs, Lord, residing at 37 in that
street, wno had tier conveyed to tier house, and
immediately sent for the family physician- As
soon as the poor child had sufficiently recover.
d to be enabled, to walk, information was sent
to the office of (he upper police,, .whither she
was conveyed , and examined by the masis
trates. ItnppeareJ that the child was daily sent
out by its step father, residing in i ;th street,
to neg, ana was nigntly subject to a severe
beating if she did not return with the sum re
quired. , The poor girl was-ordered to be de.
tained till morning. During the' night, how
ever, the keeper of the watch house foolishly
allowed her to be taken away by her step fa
ther, and nothing further has been heard of her.
Aiibooot of '.run' Giraftb. The New
Orleans Sun relates a humorous story of a vert
welldresoed and genteel looking person,, who
was curious to see tne uiratre, arul who step
ped up to tbe 'miin Wot'' receiyes the rfloney
with ' , '..(. ,, ;.',
Is the Giraffe to be seen her'eT ""
I want to see him
'Very well sir.';;
Yes, sir.,'
The dU Whosel 'j r
Yaurt. iir vonr hnmhln sorvont '
Walk in, and take a seat; The hit is
worth the price of, admission.' - J "
Fsacas at LuUisvillb. We team from
gentleman from Louisville last evening, that .a
duarrel took place at the Globe House in that
city on Saturday night last,, by which a Mr.
Meek and a friend of his, were killed. ' A bro.
ther of Judge Wilkinson, of Mississi ppi, and a
Mr, Holmes, were also wounded. - The parti
eulara we shall give in due season. Cm. Aiw.
i'i'-'V' V . i.w-)-i;'-f :,
" BLACK LIST. v - ;
p Ragamuffins and nngtailed roarers- s."
V ; , Black spirits and jpreen,"' V.: Ut 5.
vJ Blue spirits and gray," u" -
rise up from the Vasty deop return from Can
ada, Texas, Illinois and Wisconsin, and listen
while wfl overhaul the log-book ot your char
acters, and then take our receipt and go hence
without day.', Verily your name is legion,
nd poor devils ye are in earnest to cheat a
printer eut of his paper. ----'
Each honest foot should wear a cow-hide boot,
To kick such sneaking rascal from the world, I
'The price Bfly tents, Isn't itf;
One dollar tHi. . Fif y ecni for eri.'
Well, I'm a servant,' X r, r 2:-
You a servantr rtfr. :
A. Bbairars Crosbt, Constable of
Waterville. evaoorated betwnnn torn -
daysgone to Winnebago county, Illi,. '
nois. . I he poor goose owes us . . 07.50
rHiLip ubknchain. isoei Is his1 name .
jill-vp) a literary constable from Mau-
mee dried up and blew away to I1U-, ?
nois. . He did much credit to tho place-.
especially when be left, .Owes about 5,00
v jambs. ronTEB ot lirunorsyurg pop-
ped off from a superabundance of fixed
air. Owes . :. t. r.8,50
-4.W1u.u1t Svawtow, steam saw-mill .-.
man at Marengo steamed off to Del-. V.
aware .county, and forgot to pay for his - -'
paper. ..Amount .,: - , : 8,50
-- William U URamptoii, painter of r,
Perrystnirg got cramped in his circum
stances, and put. through the black ..
swamp Jie ia now at Lower Sandusky, ?
if he has not run again. ; Total, ' . .1,50
A. II. juamodon,. providence long .,
legged ft'llow.and much given todrink-., y
ing -cheap liquor gone -t parts unv
kiutwnr - Pfvidcnttolly -w ed. u only 1,50
en hbndkhson, Mapmee, ran for ';:
Justice of tbv Peace, and then ran a- ;
way succeeded the last time, and di- .
appeared in a blaze of glory, like a gen
uine loco foco. Dr.' to tickets and oa- :
per. say v:. v.. v.- . - ' 0,00
. . uai hcribnqr, (urwui tpintui of a s
goose ) Dmimscus, a poor, miserable, '
sore-eyed sucker, that got into onr subr v.
scription-list, by virtue. of the only de
cent suit of clothes he ever bad on his. ..
back ran away in about six months, .v
owing us. - .r.vi-i-N'-"-' r-' -'i75
This ig but the beginning of a long; roll
and we intend' to amplify and enlarge as ou
custom increases in that line.-. It is not those
alone Who have run, that will get served up,
but those that ftai,d, hut won't deliver thoce
that ory " never subscribed," "don't like your
paper ana won t pay for it,"-and the like, and
those. that promise and neglect to perform, and
many other difficult cases.- (n short, gentle
men uennquents, pay, or look out! - - :.
'-'y: :, -:r, DIED, .
r In Watorville, on the 20th inst. Mr. Jon L
Rat, id the a ( tn year of his age. ,
WISCONSIN MONEY, and many kfnds
of Michigan money, will be received for
Goods at low pricer. . E. FAIRMAN. " '
deci 29. 1 'i Commercial buildings.
CfABBATH School Books in large orsma
O quantities, ' will be furnithed to Sabbath
acliools at a small advance from cost. ."
:x, : E, FAIKMAN,
dec. 20. .. . Commerciul buildings.
T OOKING GLASSES, China, Crockerv
JLA and Glass ware.-a lar?e assortment at
low prices. t.: . :. E. FAIRM N, M
uec. su... ;i r. .,- ,,, Commercial buildings,
OriVtiKAL sett one horse Harness. Gen
O tlemen and Ladies Saddles, a larire assort
ment at low prices. ' E. F IRMAN,. ,
"8. f. , - J ' Commercial buildings,
A -GENERAL assortment of Garden Scedi
Xi. for 1839, for sale by the subscriber, whole
sale or retail, Boxes can be had by venders
to aell on commission. These seeds were
grown the present year, and have been put U
with great care; their vitality, and the correct
ness of tneir names are guarantied. - Alsu. i
few hundred Fruit. Trees, Rhubarb, cr pie
piani roois, asparagus roots. Bag? ..root &C
tor saieai me- ivaterville Uarden. ,
" V1 : . L. EASTWOOD,
Waterville, Dec. 29, 1S30. . .... 88m6.
"lVrOTICE is hereby given that all prrsons
j. ujueuLca io me estate of uavid (S. Kellar,
deceased, late of Lucas countv. Ohio, era r.
quested to make immediate payment to the
suoscnoer, ana off tiaVing claims -against said
estate, will preser.t them legally proven within
vn year irom aate Hereof- . .
: : G, S. HAZARD, Adminutrator.
Maumee City, Dec. 29, 1838. - . 29t4
..- r-.-' ,, NOTICE. ,
rptiV stockholders of the Maumee River
x Steam Boat Company, will meet at the of-
nce lormeny occupied if Forsyth & Hazard,
on Wednesday, the 30th of January next."
; .w:, .. G. S. HAZARD, Sec'ry.:
-Dec.29... ..' ' - - J 89t2 -
NOTICb is hdreby given that an instal
ment of five dollars on each share of the
capital stock of the Maumee City Insurance
Company, is .called for by the directors, to be
pitiu ou or uemre tne 1st M iroh next, under
penalty of forfeiture of the amount already
, . n n ........ J
ra,u. , ; . ,. yj, r t See'ry
' dec 09 r - " - ": - 99tf
jLOTHINGy stieh as ooats, jackets, vests,
pants cotton and flannel shirts, flannel
uinnu tc, jor saie oy .
" ' : . A ' G- H. N1TCHIE fc CO.
deo,tf, ..,,.. Brick Hotel.
( 1APS.--Nntria, fur and hair s7alarsfor
v sale By G. II. NITCHI & CO.
: dec. 29. ? v'f;;;.;" Brick Hotel,
BOOTS. Me$ and' boys thick boots, f
sale low, by G. H. N1TCHIE & CO.
.dec. taVV.,.-,....,;.. . Brick Hotel.
. .. , . ... ,,,, 1 m f ., - , ' . . .
BROGANS, a superior article just received
ami or sale low, by -
;-.-;: u -if ..', NITCHIE b CO. .
; de, 9...-.p vi i Brick Hotel
FlOUR for.saieby . ' ':'"":r
. r . i"' ;.o. h: nitchie & co.
r w.-t. ; , Brick Hotel
CJUGAR od Mohtesee for sale by- " -.-'
: ' ;' G, H. NITCHIE & CO,
dee, 28. - vV;, Brick- Hotel
fTlt.A.Bud Cotft, for sale low kys
v'lt Brick Hotel.
CMYRNA raisin for sale by , ....
. ' .G. II. NITCHIE CO.'
' J-i on
'. , :, . . Brick Hote).
RICE, for eale by , , . -. .. --i-,
. . .G,H.NfrCIIIEfcCO,-
;-idec. t9. . ,.. .., . . ... , . .. Brick Hotel,
SALJ1RATUS, fbr sale by "
, - , , v G- H- NITCHIE U CO.
dec. 19
Brick Hotel.
SOAP, starch, sperm and tallow candles, for
sale by , : ' G. II. NITCHIE & CO.
j doc; 29, " - ' t'l " - 1 Brick Hotel.
AILS, for sale by
' 1""' " - Prick Hotel,
dec 29
p ROCKERY of all kinds, a splendid assort-
dec. 29 : ' - . , . , , . . . Brick Hotel.
CPICB, cinamon, el.-vcs, nutmeirs, nenner.
ginger, mustard and pepper sauce, for sale
By . U. 11. INii'fjuiE & uu.
dec. 29.' r" ;- v. Brick Hotef.
rNK,,-ink powder, writing fluid and r steel
L pent, for sale by r . 5 . U
dee 29
Brick Hotel,
CULLIVAJS'S Liniment, a superior article
for cuts, bruises sores, - rheumatism &,,
for sale by
dec 29
' f trick Hotel.
ranted cure- for, fever and ague, intermittant
unu remiuarn; levers, for sale by ; '. .,
' -. . . U. H. NITCHIE & Co.
' -, -.aV .,: ' . , . , C Brick Hotel.
' asitf inotiM
moleskins, Hunter's and Russell cor's,
Glenrock and Kentucky jesnn be. for snle by
vj. xi. ill; UiliU OL VjO,
dee 29 : Brick Hotel.
ALICOES, ginghams, ..muslins, merinos,
. Circassians, bombazines, bleacbinc ' and
brown linens; book, Swiss, mull and jackonet
iiiuhiuiBj lancy coioreu ana plain black ail fee;
white and pinkcrapee, laces, edsinirs. footinirs.
insertings, floss, cotton and linen thread lie,
lor sale by , u. H., NITCHIR & Co.
deoSO . Brick Hotel.
LINI2N and cloth tnble spreads, for sale by
. - ; G. H. MITCH IK k Oo.:
dcc29 ,-. -s . . ... Brick Hotel.
SPOONS. Plated and German silver tea and
t.hi .,,. r. 1. u
DJ.llp, .Iff PillC UV
v . G. H, NITCHIE & Co,
dee 29 1 - , Brick Hotel.
KNIVES k, FORKS, pocket knives, ra
zors, scissors and lancets, for sale hir .
- - G. H. NITCHIR fc Co.-.
. dec 29 v . , -.- ; - , .-. Brick Hotel.
HAVE received their Fall, Winter and
&ppag supplies of Goods, and are oflbr
infrj npsunllr low- for .cash, the beat assort
ment in their line west of Buffalo. Who!
sale and rotail. . Hon IV
SJOUTH Hea, northern, and otter tail cans of
the first water. .
dec. 15. ;i7 ACKER & KANADY,
SOUTH Sea, fine and common seal caps.
5 dec-15. . ACKER fk KANADY.
UTRIA, genett and muskrat caps.
neo. lt., . AUKJSR & KANADY,
ijELETTE" and worsted caps, divers kinds
- llirtn nr. . A ' ' 1 L' It B. if T 1 nv.
. , . , i a. ii. ob nA.iaix,
TTAIR seal caps, got. up in first style, and
ja. j. on sorts 01 mens and boys caps, trooi tou
iu iweive snimngs. r . ,. :
dec. 15. 87 ACKER &i KANADY,
HRtJADCLOTH, velvet, mens and boys
STRAK N, Ruaeia lamb, genett, nutria
dec. 15. , ACKKR it KANADY.
uu ii uHHrni cinnir nna run oniio, .
MUFFS, nutria and genett skins,
dec. 15. .. .ACKER kKANAnv.
BUFFALO robes, north and south-west.
nniiiB an.l If t? n. - . . . . '
dec. 15. - ACKER U KANADY,
ORUSH, silk, satin beaver, olip beaver, and
UI in..- ,,i oi myis ana quality
i en. IS. ... ATWn i. v a m . r.,, '
- - iv ot, luiiiaoi.
TVirUSKRAT coney, wool and round rrown-
xfjs, eu iais- ,, AtJliHiK it KANADY.
CECOND handed hats in nny quantity.
dec. 15. , ACKER fc KANADY.
TJEADY made clothing, stocks, collare &t,c,
jLy for saie cneap. - -
deo. 15. " '- ACKER h, KANADY,
OOTS and Shoes, prime articles. ;
oec. 15, ACKER b KANADY.
EA, coffee, sugar, molasses, pepper, gin
per. starcli. snan. tnhnnrn. Jtr., -
dec, 15. v .(.:;;. ACKER & KANADY,"
mHJ! lindArstD-nnA bmv atiH nlRin. .hu.
i :r v,"r'
ineir remainmg siock or ury Unnds, a
mong wnicn, are some as gooa, aome as poor
uim Buuit; ui me ues. in tne city. - -
dec. 13. : ACKER U KANADY
A buggy wagon, two single harnesses, sad -
JTm. dies and. bridles, tor sale low. -
dec. 15; , ACKER k KAN ADY,
HAVING formed e co-partnership in the
Law Business, tender, their services to
the public. Their office is at. the old stand of
Spink kCoffinberry.in Perrysburg, where one
or Dotn ii inem may always be consulted On
all business entrusted to them. One of the
partners will attend the courts in tho different
counties opmpriaing this Judicial circuit.
Perrysburg, Dec. 22. -. 3tf -.
I'HE subscriber continue to carry on the
a ; fillililllltt II Rllfiilloaia in VI n m na f',..t nn
Wayne street., where rifles, guns and pistols
are inaue new, ami otu ones repaired in good
style, on short notice. He feels thankful for
the liberal encouragement that he lias reoei
ved, and hopes from his long experience, and
well known reputation as a mechanic, to re
ceive a, liberal shara of patronage,
v - . ? JUN. VrilAN VICKEKS.
Dec. 22. ; : ... 38m9 .
. A LL persons will take notice that P. B.
jTm. Brown St Co.. on the 14 h day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1 838, sued out a writ of attachment
front the court of commna pleas of Henry
eounty, in the state of Ohio,- against Elijah
EHis,; for the- sum of three hundred dollars,
which writ has been served and returned. : -
Attest, HAZAEL STRONG, Clerk. ..
W. J. Barrt, AU'y for fFiff. , ' , -,
Napoleon, Dec. 3, 1838..! ',fl8t6 i' -
ALL persons will take notice that P. B.
Brown & Co., oq the 3d day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1838 sued out a writ of attachment
from the court of common pleas of Henry
eounty, in the state of Ohio, agiinst Elijah El
s, tor the sum of three hundred dollars, which
writ hits been served and returned. . . ' 1.
Napoleon, Doc. 15, 1S:. ' 3816"
AA bushels for sale, at 75 cents perbush
LWU el, if taken altogether, or st 80 cents
if taken in parcels.
- ... ww a , fig-en, rtiioni Vliif tu..
Lower ward, Maumee City, Dec. it 88tf
;-"; .. NOTICE.
ALL Indebted te the subscribers, by note
or book account, are requested to call im
mediately, and settle tha same by payment, or
ifl the hands of the proper officers by the 10th
nF T. . . c ',, ,
.oiiu.i j iiil, jor collection.
oecxi. W) .AUKKrl U KANADY.
- REMOVAL, v ,-., ..
- A - CARY has removed from Front street
JT3L, to Broadway, corner of Conant streets
wnere ne nas received in addition to' his for
mer stock, a large assortment of Boots and
shoes of a superior quality,' Also, a good as
sortment of Dry Goods, all of which will be
ioui low tor cash. '
Dec. e
K Afk pair womens grain leather and calf
other establishment on the Maumee river, by
v w w wiugaui, wi roio tower man- u any
5 cases mens thick and coarse tine brogans,
monufdetured in Maine, and for sale low hr
.dee. 15. . ..... . .. . A. CARY. -
case gentlemen's sewed fine calf boots, la
. test Now York style, by .- A. CARY,..
( cases boya thick boots, also, a few cases of
J km,. u: -I. i , . . .
Q Afk pair childrens shoes of every kind
OULr and variety, by A. CARY.
5 cases ladies kid slips, a very superior arti- 777: ' . r
cle dec 15. - A. CRY. T RANDY, Rum and Gin, by the pipe, bar-
. XJt rel or gallon, for sale by
FRENCH kid slips; fur lined do.; fur lined Nov. 3. ALLEN b GIBBONS.
. morocco shoes; guitcr boots and mocco- tT .
sins, by dec 15. A CARY. Qfl qurtw caska Wmes, assorted; quar-
- " ' ' tor casks superior old Port, for sale by
fl ENTLEMEN'S dancing pumps, a prime Nov. 3. ALLEN fa GIBBONS,
particle of superior workmanship WH1TE FISH, Trout, Mackerel, Codfish
' - T T and Herring, by the barrel, box or pound
PRE SCO I T'S United States oil paste for sale by ALLEN b GIBBONS,
blacking; Norcross's paste and sponge Nov. 3, - .-. SI
do.; shoe brushes, shoe thread, boot lacing, , IT ; 1 '
boot cord and webbing, by . A. CARY. 3000 P- . Ha."lbure'1 Cheese, just re-
8 ceiyed, and for sale bv
R0WN and bleached sheeting and shirt- Nov. 8. . ALLEN b 'GIBBONS.
ing wh'.if.g and batting, by Qnn bushels White Beans, for sale by .
dec-'5- - CARY, .UUnov-3 ALLEN b GIBBONS, ;
li.0 l;CLOTH 4, capcniiereu uli'd s-itmeita,
a good assortment, by A. CARY.
quantity, of all sizes, kept constantly on
hand, warranted free from breakage. For
sale low, by . G. BE ACH..
. Porrysbnrg, June 16. :' ' lltf
BLCK, White and Scarlet,- Merino,
Slienille, Thibet, Raw, Silk anil Shally
Shawls, a beautiful assortment by '
sept. 22 SPENCER fc MOORE.
'BAYLOR CLARK'S and Chodpes spool
thread; a good assortment of linen do. by
dec. 15. - - .- A. CARY.
Dll. Benj tmin Brandreth's vegetable uni
versal Pills, the real genuine article, for
sale corner of Broadway and Conant streets,
where a cettihcate ot agency may be seen,
dec. 15. A CAllY.
WOAP. 30 bbls. soft soap, on band and for
sale by dec- 15. IRA WHITE.
1HE subscriber will pay one shilling per
' bushel in poods, for (rood house ashes, de
livered at his ashery in Maumee, during the
Ufinl..' - An- 1R Oq ' ID IXrUT'l-E
.....bui. net. w. ui iixn. o ill 1 a.
NOTICE is hereby given that a writ of at
tachment was this day issued by David
Smith a Justice of the Peace of Waterville
(nUlnaliin T nioa jw-imt ii "U.in BiTnih ot t t.A
ooiis, chattels, righu, credits, moneys and ef-
r.,.. i Ti. . i n . . 1. 11 . 1 1 j - l .
December 7, 18S8,
1VTO IICE is hereby given to all persons in
11 terested that at my instance a writ of at
tachment was this day issued by Peter Tittle a
Justice of the Peace of Richland township, in
the county of Henrv. against the goods, chat
tels, rights, credits, moneys and effects of John
McLlure an absconding debtor.
Nov. 24, 1838. 3714
Wholetalt Orocert Sr Commitsion Merchant!,
, Commercial Building: .
HWE just received and offer for sale, a
general assortment of Groceries an.l
Provisions,' aud solicit the potr- nnge of coun
try merchants and dealers, They will also
sell-at retail to accommodate purchasers.
Maumee (Jity, Doo, . 86 . -
LOUR, for sale by
dec. 8. CLARK b FARGO.
UGAR fa MOLASSES for sale at, whole
sale by dec 8 CLARK b FARGO.
fOAP b CANDLES for sale at wholesale
) by dec 8 CLARK & FARGO.
OD FISH and Mackerel, for sale at whole
sale by doe 8, CLARK & FARGO.
rflAR, Rosin and Pitch, for sale by
.1 doc 8 CLARK b FARGO.
USTARD & Pepper Sauce for sale by
1 s-irikr
uec. a .., iLi.Arti. as rAttuy.
OOD Measures for sale by
dec.f. CIJVRK b FARGO.
"pEPPER, Spice, Ginger, Cassia Nutmegs
jl oops ana viovss at wnoieseie oy
Dec. 8 . CLARK & FARGO"
mOBACCO, Cigars b SnufTat wholesale
A by ' dec, 0 CLARK to FARGO.
T AMP OIL, fall and Winter atraioed t
s 1 wuoiesaie y A ,: .x -
Dec. 8. . . . CLARK & FARGO.
RAISINS, Prunes, Tamarinds, b dried
Currents for sal by -. "- -
Dec. , CLARK i FARGO.! .
5 LASTING, Rifle b Percussion. Powder
for sale by '" '-. .- ' --
Dec. t ' CLRK FARGO.
RAPPING paper b Twine for sale by
oec. " : .tLAKK. as rAKGO.
TTALF ton of. Nuts, Almonds. Filberts,
XI Brazil b Madcna, for sale by -
u:c. 8 JLAKK. b AttUU.
TEA It COFFEE, at wholeaale, by
, deo 8 CLARK It FARGO,
lORK and Butter, for sale bv
. dec g . CLARK St FARGO.
T BATHER, Sole Upper fc.Calf skins for
Ji sale at wholesale by -
Dec. t - . ? .. CLARK t FARGO;
EAD &t Shot, for sale by,
dec. 8 ULAK& 5C fAttW.'
TONE Ware, for sale by .
dec. S CLARK K Jf AKtiU.
PERM CANDLES for sale by -
oec. O . ULARK b fAKw.-.
nPEASbythe chest J chest 4 .Caddies
for sale by , , "
Deo. 8 , ; s CLARK to FARGO.
PATENT PAILS, for sale by
dec. ' CLARK U FARGOv.
T7"INE3, Maderia, Port, Champaign St
11. muscat, lor sale by - '
Dec. 8 : CLARK b" FARGO.
SELLING cheap for Cash only. Fall aud
Winter Goods, a general aasortment, just
receiveu onu lor sale oy
riov..??, 33 O. WILLIAM3 & CO. -
EATHER. Sole and upper It ather, a
good artiele, for sale by
nov. 17. 33 O. WILLIAMS k CO.
CLASSES, sugar, tea and coffee, for sale
oy nov 17 U. WILLIAMS & Co,
TTOLLOW WARE be, stove pipe, sheet
. iron, for sale by
nov. 17. 33 O.
1 fin busiiG Dry Pesches, fr tle by
'"iiov. 3.' ALLEN b GIBBONS.
BUTTER and Lard by the barrel aHMun,
for sale by ALLEN b GIBBONS.
Nov. 3. . ' - SI
FEW casks of superior rice, for sale by
. nov. 3. . . . ALLEN b GIBBONS.
JT. CROIX Sugar,, lump and loaf sugar
J and molasses, for sale by
nov. 3. , ALLEN b GIBBONS..
TXTOOLEN YARN t luhnlaunl p t.ii
Also, woolen socks, and flannel from Is
6d to 6 per vard, by
dec. 1. ' T. W. CR.0vELL. "
OFFRE, ten, sugar, by '.- -
SILKS for dresses, a good assortment by
july21, SPENCER & MOORE,
doz. corn Brooms, for sale by
nov. 3. . ... ALLEN b GIBBONS.
READY made clothing such as Pants,
Vests, R iimdabouts, Monkey Jackets b
Box CoatB Worsted, Merino and Guernsey
shirtB be. by G. b W. RICHARDSON.
Oct. 13.
niiOWNanil Uleached sheetings b shirt-
iiign irom o 10 ai cts. per yard by
ERINOES, Circassians, Ginghams, and
Calicoes of all kinds, by '
Oct. 13,
TOB Roy, Merino, Valencia and Mouslaine
Xt de Lame shawls sndH'kfs at
Oct. 13. G b W. RICHARDSON."
WICKING, Wadding Batting be.
Oct. 13. G. b VV. RICHARDSON.
rl OL'D Rose, Duflill, Horse and Mackinaw
v DianKeis, oy .
Oct. 13. ... G. b W. RICHARDSON.
BROAD Cloths, Cassjmeres, Satiot and
Vpntfnflra hv . j
Oct. 13. . G. UW. RICHARDSON.
RIO Coffee, hrown'd coffee, Y. II, Tea, by
the box, bag or pound, for sale by
nov. o. . Al,Littl b U1BHUJNS.
SPERM Oil and Candlet, mould and dip.
ped tallow Candles, in any qunnty, by
nov. 3. ALLEN de GIBBONS.-
S HAVING, brown and white bar Soap, by
the box or pound, tor sale bv
nov. 3. ALLEN b GIBBONS.'
C LEVEL ND Crackers, constantly on
hand by the barrel, for sale by
nov. 3. ALLEN b GIBBONS.
CAVENDISH, plug, and fine cut tobacco,
lor sale by -' - . ,.
T)R(NCIPE, Havana, and common Segars,
for salo by
nov. 3. A"
allen & gibbons:
C-OliN tn any quantity from 1 to 800 Bui
J els for sale at G. b W. RICHARDSON,
T, ; ADIE'S French, Kid, Goat and Calf skip
JLj Shoes and Slippers, from 6 to 12 shillings
Coarse Boots and Brogans, Misses and Chil
drens Shoes, at the Miami Cash Store, by .
dec.!. . - . Ti W-CROWELL,.
ders, bake kettles be, for sala by " '
: noy. 24V BQYNTON b GANNETT.. .;
COOKING STOVES .of : Wileon'a and
Eagle patterns. Also-, Franklin, parlour
stoves, tor sole by 'n ,
nov. 24. .BQYNTON b GANNETT-
SPELLING BOOKS blank books, japer
by the room, quills, be, by r ' ; a
i: dec. 1. T. W. CROWELI
MEN'S coarse boots, a large lot of Fupcrior
workmanship, for sale from f ',25 to
3,50 by dec- I..;-, T. W. CROWE1.L.
2( doz. Ames SSa. a snoveis,just recuivcu
.U and for sale by " , - ' .
. . . ... . . , , . . ..... 1
LOUR! FLOUR IT FLOUR!! constant1-
X ly oo band and for sale b
y - " -'
bov 7. 38 . .0.
OSIERY and Gloves, Socks and Mittens,.
Oct. 19. G. it W. RICHARDSON.
MENS Calf and Cowhide Boots and Bor.
iraml S RiiV. An T Dioa ICA Ilnnnm.
Gaiter Boots Miss's and Childrena shoes, of"
superior qdiiities by
sept. 22 - ; SPENCER to MOORE'. ' -
CHINA, Glass, Earthen and Stone Ware,, a,
large assortment by
Sept. 23 . SPJENCER It. MOOR.E.' '
COMPOSITION, Cast, and Sheet-Irop Tea
K-uln. Stmrten. Shovels, and Axes b
sept 22 - ... SPENCER & MOORE,".-,'
lbs. Cut Nails, of all sizes, just
j received ad for sale by ' -.
r Sept,
23 ? . (SPENCER b MOORE.
-j C Chests of Hyson, Young Hyson and lat
perial Teas, fresh, and for sale by "
fTH A Galls.: Molasses, Browa, Loaf and -Lump
Sugars, excellent articles by - i
- Sept. 22 : . SPENCER b MOORE. ?
CiODFISH b Mackerel, Whale, Sperm aaal
' Tannera Oil, for sale by . (
Sept. 2 "... i SPENCER b MOORE,. ;
BLACK. Blue-Black, and Col'd Silks, Plaiav
and Fig'd Satin Testings Silk- Velvet .
Italian Cravats, be. by ..(;:
sept. 22- - SPENCER b MOORE.., j
BLEACH'D and Brown Sheetings, and Shir-,
tings at all prices andin any quantity by
Sept. 22 , ; SPENCER b M.QORE.
LOOKING Glasses, a good assortment for
sale by .-'"
Sept. 8 ;. SPENCER bORE.
BLUE-Blk. Blk. Green, Invift Green, Dah
lia, Brown, and Blue 5foud Cloths, of
beautiful textures, for sale b
sept. 22 . , SPENCER b MOORE.
PILtOT Cloths, Cassfmtres, Satinets, Ky.
Janes, and Mule Skins, a good assort
ment by s..2 SPENCER b MOORE.
I71RENCH, English, and American, Prints
and Ginghams, of the latest style by
- sept. 2 , SPENQER b MOORE.
PLAIN and Twilled, Flannels, Linseys and
Canton Flannels, by '
sept. 22 . . ' SPENCER b MOORE.
OTTON, and Woollen Yarn, Candle wick-
jng and Battingfor sale cheap bv
'Wat. 22 - -' SPENCER b MOORE,
BRUSH and Salih Beaver HhtE, r ur taps
of excellent -qualities and of the latest
fashions by . 22'SPENCER b MOORE.
DRY GOODS Groceries, Hardware,
Stone and Crockery ware, for sale by
july 28. O. WILLIAMS b CO.
ALT by the bbl. or in amall quantities, by
july 28 ; V. WJLLIAMS 6t u.
TIN b COPPER Manufactory carried on,
Tin ware at Wholesale; end Retail, by
july 28, O, WiyJAMS b CO.
Qfl nnfl Feet pine Lumber, for sale by
AGS! RAGS!! Wanted good and clean
rags, by j 28 O. WILLIAMS b UU.
IDES. Wanted, Calf and Buff Hides
TO LET. A good Store Room, one door
west of the Central Housa, also several
upper rooms, suitable for offices and shops fee
apply to O. WILLIAMS &s CO.
DRY and ground White Lead, Ven Red,
Spanish Brown, red lead, Lythage um
ber, yellow Ochre, Logwood, Redwood. Fus
tic, Camwood, Sandoes bo, -Oct.
13. G. b W. -RICHARDSON.
A NUMBER of demands against sundry
persons in this vicinity for cash, by
Oct, 13. G. b W. RICHARDSON.
AMES SpadeSjand Shovels, og, trace and
Halter chains, by '
; Oct. 13. ' G. b W. RICHARDSON.
WANTED, Hides, Tallow, Deer Skins,
Beeswax rags, Butter, Cheese, and
cash in Exchange for goods at the choap. store
on Erie Street. G. b W. RICHARDSON.
Oct. 13. . .;- : " ; . . - --ji-..;
JACKONETT Cambks Muslins iod Laces,
Edgings and Insertinge bv JT
Oct. 13. G. b W. RICHARDSON
LINENS, Linen Damask, io.j Sheetings
and Table Covers by -Oct.
13. G. 6c W. RICHARDSON.
T 1NEN Cambrick and Linen Cainbnck
11 .iUinorii
JLJ H'kfs by
Oct. 13, G.ii XV; RICH A
GENTS. Coarse, Kip, Calf and Morse hide
Boots and shoes also a splendid article--of
aneing Pumps, slips, by - : . v t
. Ocf. 13; G. bAV. RICHARDSON. J
LADIES Kid slips and shoes also Kid andj' -Grained
Leather boots and ehoes, bv
ves, a. v vv. KltJHAHIJSjON. -
LINSEED Oil, Turpentine, Varnish, an
Paint and other Brushes, Wliitini? an
U ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
W-r to. VI. W.KlWtlAHUSUIN. .
STOVES and Pipe, Hollow Wire, nails and
Brads, Fire dogs &c. '
Uct,13t . U. b W. RICHARDSON. "
L-ATCHES.Handles, Locks, Butts, Screws,
I Hammers Hatchets, broad and narrow -Axes.
Wrenchos be.' -
Oct. !8.--' G. b w. RICHARDSON.
CROCKERY, glass, Brittania aud China, --Wsre,
by - ' ' A
Oct. 13. - G, b W. RICHARDSON. :
WASH Tubs, Buckets, Pails, Mop hand
les Booms be, f-f..- ' '
.' Oct. l. G. b W. RICHAIIDSON,
SOLE Leather end KipSkiniy by
Oct. 13. G-b W RICHARDSON.
BOOKS and Stationary ateet Pens be. by
. Oct. 13. G. b. W. Hinn ARHHUM
OED cords, Hemp and Manilla Rope, by :
Oct. 13. G, U W. RICHARDSON.
4 superior article of grain and meal bncs,'
iV. by 6. b W. RICHARDSON, .

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