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j uiwrnnis I . . . . A irT.Ta'n-.-H-iri."
Two DnMar ttnd fifty itenti (isrxnnum , to be pnlfl In
advADcet 93.00 nt the axpirattM of six moiulii, id
93,50 tit i he nd or the year.
To Niilicriiar4 who Imve their pnjieri left at t'hel
oom, fifty ceiiuin advance from ibeubove term.
twuty iWo cetu tor ovary Mitftt itiii InKnrtl'iu.
Linn. AovsnrmiNO. OiieilollHritiiillli'i) nenUppf
sqilirfl f;r i lie fl -t ihrre liiiwriiniis), and thirty cl(jl
uti Tor encU ubcqtieiit hunt-linn. ,
One Rt'inre per nnn. .910,00
Quarter column do . . ; 18 00
Half dn. to.: . . .80.00
fine .Id. do 50.0(1
VW'irtlnnmHiitKntti Krnnrnrmnlfil with wrflirtidirrc
m4Will Imlmnrfe l unit I firMrf ti'nl rhtre-il nrcr--W,
ifUH'il iTcrtfa-iiiieiit will irui bo lunuried iin-
ill iMid ror.
Notices by uisoclntintii, Inlrprlce.
' ' AOKPfTW. "
'rfwfyc, Swuiitnn. Win. JMimnn, Virkriwny
1. U D'lil'rv, WiitervIIle A ( tin I, l.iH'kiutrt.
II. Btrnnii, Nnifltnn. j DitnlH Htrnyer, Mnnrlovn
H. Himhiqiii, Dt-lliHCR. M.imelHfl2Hr, TnlPiln -V
Urnpliut, Cleveland. '8. Uoniwel , Mmthattiin.
: Or mrnrv 'lMNinifn, eecute4 wUhne&tneMund
despatch at tltiaolttctt. - - 'ym " '.
buss.Vess dibectoby.
Canal street.
"STATE n.VNf bTfttCE,
Erin street'.
THOMAS' i:LRK 2d.,
- gent fir Executors of L. Ut"ebeo's cstnte:
S. Fairmau's estate: and General Land
;.v . . - Agont. . ..
; Scott b dwigmtT"
. . Soniral Land Acency. Ollice, opposite
the Miami Motel.
; H. T.' "noSMEIt,
Book Si Juii Printnr, JIaumeo Express
r . ,. Oll'lCO,.
' ' Wolcott street.
; s Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
' ' YOUNG St WA1TE ,
Attornin Ac C'liineellorn at Law.
Attorney's and Counsellors at Law, Co
nant strnpt.
, N. R VTItniJK.
Attorney nnil Clnnitellor at Law.
Attorney and Counsellor nt Law, 'Erie t.
Justico of the Pence. Office opposite the
Miami Hotel.
Justice of the I'eaoe.
Physicinn Si Su'seon. - Erie ctrent.
Physician and Siirg.ioii. AVulintt strcol.
D. D. .SillTII,
forwarding and. C mission Merchant,
vvaterstrooc. .
.... n S3 ' II 7. RD.
Forwifdintf ami' Commission Merchant
t 'io ,-;' ' -. -"Water tect. . '.
J.V UL.U U 1 i .
Water ap'et
a H H IM M(i I'DV.
Dry Good and V iriity Store, Uoinmorein
Dealers in Dry Gomle, Groceries and
Crncltorv. Krio street.
Dealer in Dry Goods, OM.'Orios, Crocke
ry If,., Ero at e )t.
Dealers in Dry Girls, Groceries, Sic. fcc
Erie street.
Dealers in Fancy ami Staple Dry Goods,
Hotel Unildings.
Dealer in Drugs, Medicinea Stc.
Erie street.
. .-. . -.f, WOLCOTT."
I).3iler in Dry Goods, (irocories, Prnvi
sions. St.ovis, Iron 8i".. Wolcott strce-
Groceries and Provisions. Erie street.
7. Ta. G. SARGENT,
Dealer in Watches, Jewelry, fcc, Erin
f tret.
' D. C. FORSYTH Si Co.
Dealers irt Dry Goods, Crockery and Hard
ware. Erin streets.
By E. B. DoJd, near the lo'ver steam
boat lariuing.
' : ;! Elijah Clark. Erio street.
By J: W. Cnnversl;, Wolcott street.
AttornieB and Co.uqsellor at Law.
1 1 U .1 1 1. 1 w w.-. .
Attornies and Counsellors nt Law.
1 JJ. V. Unan, flgon-:.' '
pn a wtr MM HOTEL.
" Liomis Briglimn, Louisiana Avenue.
. . , ,1 V SMITH.' i
F tiardine nnd ' Commission Merchant.
. Attorney, Counsellor and Solicitor.
n c. F. St i. O. ABBOTT,
Attornies and Counsellors at Law, and
- 1 Solicitors in Chancery.
forwarding end Commission Merchants,
- Foot of Erie St Kalamazoo railroad.
R. N. Lawton.Snmmit street.
- C. H. Ryder.
ITRIC, Sulphurie snd Muriatic Acids
ror sale by JS. KlTTO.,
une 15.' ' ' ' 'f
Ci ALICOES,Uinirhams, Linseys cheek.
1 p.aida and stripes, liv
j-OFFE, Tea, Suirar Penner, Spice, Sal
J ssratus, Cocoa, Chockolate, Nucmejjp,
iCissa, cloves Ue, by .
Volume 1V.-io. 32.
D. a. smith,
roRWAnniNu aku commission mbi'Ciiakt
Dealer tu Gfoceriis, Proilvcr, Lumber and
SuttMnumee City, O.
lifffi envcu.
llannn, MuOlery 4r Dart, , ,
lOu in. WnlliPrit Co., Peru la.
Slmriii hi ti Wrtrfin, ) . Iv
John IJullNtnr, i . ,
J wee Hmiili k C'n.j
KiclMrd Wiiiolnw,
Gelbtnn tl. Kvnt.-, j
Kii'irinnii k Cn." J
H. II. Treat, " (
llurnarj, Caril & Co
A. Rinirp. .
Slanmrc City, March SI
' TING LIBRARY, and JUanluly
f Joiivnato'TFOIitJrLiteraiu rT.Tlie uruifii
etor of this popular and well known peri
odical lias the gratification of replying to
the many affectionate inquiries after its
resumption, and announces to his kind
friends and patrons friends rind patrons
in the true inclining' of the words '.bat
lie will resnme llio publication next Janu
ary. Restored by a" beneficent Providence
once more to active life lie hopes again to
lie able to give that superintenuencu to tue
publication wluoh was his prnle and pleas
ure for seven rears. He Anticipates with
inexpressible (atisf.'.ction. the renewal of
associations with thousands of families,
with cither of which an acquaintance n
an honor. During his protracted indispo
sitior., Ilia intensity ot sutlcnn!' was great
ly mitigated by the generous expressions
of sympathy and regard received from his
ktnu-hc-arteu patrons; Wn the gloom and
tedium of a sick room were much lightened
by the rnys of genuine friendship emitted
from every oiiatter This tgotism, he
hopes, will be iudjed of mihllv ho certain
ly has no wi.h to make a display but the
impulse of grateful acknowledgement for
sucn disinterested, kindneis was irrepressi
ble, mid lie could not announce the re-appearance
of tho work without yielding to
To these friends ho addresses liinisnll'.
solicitous for tlieir continued support, and
hopes In hnve tho Library once more in
troiiuced among their fumilies see it in
honored again with a place on rheir ccntrr
tables, end becomes a welcome weekly
vititor. Ue is at the sains time very dc
siruus to extend h:s acquaintance uud forin
new iVioiuis.
From the nrrttigenienls made, dictated
by experience, the L bra'', it is believed,
will m every respect, be improved. Ti e
tvpb will' bo more distinct,; the inonlhK
sheet continued, and a weekly rover be
side. The- cover will be tiio.de so as H
nvoid dxfra" nostuse. Tlie.tnonthly J Milf
nal lie liopos lo make a.aoet of abnln
lure, science nnd art, and lroinsi.clt sour
ces of respectability, as to make it a work
of authority and reference.
The regularity uf its farmer piiblication.
not a Anl nre in seven years, will be taken
as a guiir.inteo fur the future 'punctuality
of the Library; but there is only oneway
to make that permanent, viz: by payment
in udva icc. This is on indisponsible pre
requisite rom all at a disiuucc. The los
s s by deviating from this rule formerly are
too heavy to be forgottnu soon, and a lit
ilo reflection may BJtisfy any one of the
reasonableness ol the request. The rea
yi ns iretooobviou-. inileud, to require much
discussion. Five dollars n'U ol' thai
a subscriber risks, but the publisher risks,
thoiis in.ls by crediting. The publisher iv
in a city and can be reached without trou
ble. A subscriber perhaps a thousand
miles off; nnd bow h he to be reached!
ll inipht 1 1 st six times Hie nmoiiut to col
lect the trifle. Payment in ndviiiee, then
as all may perceive is a reason ifdo re
quest, nnd sad experience compels the pro
prietor to tin ke it absolute. The few who
paid in advance for 18411, will tie supplied
for IU4I, unless olhrrwise ordered.
Ail early remittance of niiuio is rorpoot
fully urged, so as to enable the proprietor
to make proper calculations about, the quan
tity to bo printed, as he will print v.-ry few
over tlie nuin'jer absolutely subscribed for
Tu tills lie would call particular atten
tion, ' . - .-
To - hit. brethren of the press, through
out til i c iniury, tho ' proprietor returns
grateful thanks for former favors, and
hopes the work will be again so conducted
as to want n reuowal of their friendly as
sistance. A tew copies ot the Tort I'olio
are still on hand, a year of which will be
torwarded in payment for advertising as
much of tliis announcement as they may
think an equivalent: or two years will be
sent for publishing the whole.
Teums. Tin? Jjibrary will oe pumisnu
"Weeklyi ..on tt dnubl. roy.l shod, sixteen
pages quarto each, on new type and prin
ted in tho best style ot bwk wok. Each
number enveloped with a neat cover.
0 S. Price Five Dollars a year, if paid
at or remitted to the office. Six Dol
.larS if collected by an agent.
8. A Monthly Journal of Polite Lttcra
Hire, consisting of original communications
ond selections from foreign and domestic
periodicals, printed uniformly with the Li
brary. This will be a valuable addition to
the original plan.
1 4. Subscriptions commences with Janua
ry, and no subscriptions taken fur less
than n year, ...
(I?" A few complete setts, of the Libra
ry, and odd years to perfect subscribers,
still, on jiand and fur sale. .....
,. Philadelphia Oct. 184(1. ; r ;'.v
NOTICE. Allthose indebted to ihe
subscriber, either by Bond or Nolo,
are requested to call and liquidate, or
renew the samei and all those having
Bonkaccountsunsettled, are requested to
call and ad just tin same without delay,
and give their notes, it tliey cannot mane
it convenient to pay the money. Those
who disregard thiscall will not be long
er indulged. -.
Maumoo rity, Aprils, 18117. 2tf
OPIUM, Sulphato of Morphino, Lauda
num. Black-drop and uregorie. lo,,
Iaa hv - ' tj. K.11 la.
aiae oy . caw as.
Jrne IS,
Trim f he rhllndrlpbK Mi'itllil; Cukrt.
The Ilighlnndi) of the Hudson ! ovurv side thurcf.,re this ruin. ii ils
Wlw that h us sailed buncnlh llietn duys of strength, inust linve-been im
run liirget their slom sublimity ? j preirnnh e.
Towerinjj nlnft into the sky, now The surr,ir.c of the ground vvidiin
cr.wiied wilii dnrk green woods,, the walls is now rolling mid uneven,
nnd now lifting iheir lion, y brows on Bnd covered with a vcnliinl c.oji l
high, ihey sl.uul, for nges they ! grnss.-Tlie walls are bnikun. ruj;.
have slimd, the ditik sculiiicls of the .ged and crumh'in. The vaults he
arrowy Hudson. nealh are. however, in a flati' ol liili
Lvi.-rv otic who has nscendfu Ihe
North River rcmeinlieis the
hill!!, tciniiiiatinri of tin' Iligl
a short ilislaiieu nho've West
I ... I
'ill ifc
k t. ; l
ol tins pctrulinr c.ciieiy. Here Hie
eiiaiM o ossing the river mums lis
utmost heigiluho mountaitis inereas-
ing in altitude at every new tlevn'ion
rising mid mriinglono nbove anotlier,
until old Vyot" nest imtsnos tne army,
over all
heighis, 'far away
'""V""& "'fa'
- .- ...
o toe hea
The promontory, as it were, on
which West Point is situated juts
out into the river boldlv for some
dislance, and meeting with a corres
ponding sinuosily on the other shore
causes the river lo assume somewhat
the form of a horse-shoe. Directly
on the rear ot the plain on vmc,fi the
aendemvis located rises a bold, frow
ning hill, crowned with the hoar ru
ins of Foil Putnam, tho first object
seen by the traveler, as he approach
es either from above or below, ll
is now fallen itito decay, and lime has
sadly despoiled it ol its glory ; but
the crumbling walls, and dilapidated
arches still attest how im pregnable il
once was.
It was a golden day in July when
leaving a gay parly at the Hotel be
low, we stole away for a quiet after
noon ramble to old Fort Putnam :
and after loitering idly on the way,
and stopping nnon lo gaze upon the
wild landscape around, we stood, at
length beneath ihe dilapidated gale
way of the fortress. We were still
however, some distance f, om the
balllemcnts. The roud heline us
was nt mi ang'e offorty-fiie degrees,
covered with loose slippery si.mrs
lliiit seemed lo defy approach. Bui
a gay laugh overhead caused us to
look up, vve beheld a fair girl gazing
down -nt our- perplexity. In an in
Letant we wore at her side.- " '
l; Tha view from ihe jmtilcments
of ihot"(ortrcsjijs .submim.i.'l'h1 !
r .. i t I . r. i ;..i I.'.i. - 1
piuiu i es lar oeiie'ioi you, im eve i
if upon a map. The hotel tin
while lents--lhe gay parlies urounil
the various buildings of the neade
my.nnd ihc neai dwellings of the nlH
iters attached to the Point were all
distinctly seen. Tho l iver winding
in a semi-circle around ihc fortress
gives it ihe command of both passes
above and below. A while sail here
and there upon ils surface drooping
lazily down with the tide a steam
boat sending forth its volumes ol
smoke, as it sailed majestically on
ward. the shadows of the clouds flying
along the surface of the water, and
darkening ihe hills a moment, formed
a picture as brilliant as it was varied.
Now and then the sound of a tiu
Ac floated up from the encampm. in,
or the rcpoil of a gun boomed out
doing and re-echoing amid l ie
lills. -The
position in which tho fortress
stands is utmost iinj regnabh' : Shu
nted on llie brow of a steep, rugged
hill, rising boldly up from, the valleys
on evnrv hand, and overlooked ov
bul one height in the vicinity, it !om
mauds not only the passes of the Hud
son, ut:l the whole country around.
It would be impossible for any force
to command the navigation (,f lc
Hudson so long as Fort Putnam
might lie garrisoned by nn enemy. Its
possession in the War ot the Revolu
tion was therefore nil important to
the American arms. Had it fallen into
the possession of the British, ' the
?;ranary of the state, north ot West
'oint, would have been open to the
army stationed nt New York, nnd
il would have been almost impossible
ever to have wiested the province
from their hands. But despite. ihe
trenson of Arnold, and the. disafluc
tiou in the valley of the Mohawk,
Providence ordained it othe.-wise.
The only position, in the vicinity,
overlooking the fortress is a rugged
eminence in the rear, surnamed lie-
doubt Hill. After ihe present forti
fication had been erected, under the
superintendence of Kosciusko, an out
post was stationed on the height, de
fended by a slight barricade. 'The ob
ject of Arnold was to belnay this post
. . ., i i .1 -.r t i
into me nanus oi ine. or.usn; wuen
the main fortress must have inevita
bly fallen.' A well-manned battery
from thence would quickly dismount
every gun on the walls uf the lor t be
neath, i)
The front -of the fortress,-looking
towards West Point, stands at the
top of n hill, shelving downwards at
an nngle of forty-five degrees, cov.
ninH with a thick dense forest. .. To
charge up such n . load would be1,
woisu llinn madness, In ihe rear,
.1... : ri,i,. U.,.1,,,,1,. 11,11 ,im
. . .'ui,lr0Jlcl. lmmt:siblo i
"Pj":.'" u" .f'0 ,",t' .B!TJ
HUB imii 'llio snouts uu. uw.iu.ui.u
i i r t -.j
oownwsras lor icur oj icoi, ion
A3 ll isuk: iasi, so.u is .uso, ine imcsiihns laitl his I on IiiimiI uiunr Ihe l-i hi
Y, OHIO, SATURDAY, ftQVE.lIBl 11 8S. 1840.
I then sinks nwny in rnpJrirbMpt
'strins hnnrlrorls nf fool lu.liiu On
ntesel viitiini. and still bear Rvnlruens
, in ilieir sninkv roofs ol 1 1 it; war. In
. . . .
some places the baltlimients linie!ol Drammiis
I .1 i . . .
. laiien n wav lor -niauv . net. i m.i
. . - . . . -
j UI sli uetiuo :tiin has inaikoil
, hoary walls for its own ninj .,v,:r
ihc whole fortress ilieic is an nir of
desolation and decaj. Uit k js n..l
the deeav over "-.vvhich : we trii.'lu
Mo foreiiru f. e lias ever ili.
- iin its orifle. di'Sofiited iiSis tn'STtuii
desolated because
tnero never morn
can be need lor it in 'nijr happy land.
The only emergency "in which F.n t
Pu'nain could now bo iol service.
would Hi case oi civil wa, when ihe
city ol New York i "might! bu in the
hands of one piirty,t-imil J the upper
country nnd valley of ihaj.'Aohawk
in ihe hands of their antagonists. Wny
God ever avert that ii :y I
The command of the' passes of ihe
Hudson was not; howeverm olv
benefit which might' havji.be n deri
ved by our forefathers: isi rhie revolu.
tion from this : iiriportiHit post. i
formed a point on which they rnight
tetreal in case of disaster a nucleus
around winch llio detented a niv
might once more he gi hei ed Small-1
er than a fortified camp,? it vet an-i
swercd every purpose uTItrl Flirt
rulnam was indeed only the centre
of ihe poit. It was the keep of the
fortress. Half way down ihe hill a
pallisade fence encircled the whole,
and even the plain bthiw was pro
tecteil by the guns of the battery
above. The whole surrounding coun
try, contained between tlm Hudson 'n
I'lont, nnd the chain of hills in the
iea", would thus be pfoteeled from
die enemy, nnd might havefjecti, 111 a
reverse of furl une, tho siUatj.ui o1
the army. Tho fortified baiwp in Uhn,
in ihe campaign olrAiisteijnz. had
nearly checked tho cnreer-.il' Napo
leon and (he line of fortress along the
frontiers of France li .stvi iibeeu the
..ul I w.ii , Ji!aU)jUj.i!s "icy
ffllVl in. war io j jj;
oT? Taunt ul cnVe ill a iio,c;ir
The sun h id almost touched the
summit of the green old hills, and the
shadows lay long and sombre upon
the waves benentii, when we turned
our steps once more toward the plai
beneath, and bid farewell to Fort
Putnam. As we pursued our listless
walks along, the day gradually de
clined. The evening gun was heard
in the valley beneath, and the roll of
the drum rose faintly from afir. On
die distant crest of the highland.
across tlm Hudson, sunlight lingered
like npartint; smile ol summer; while a
-olilary ung'u wheeled in airy circles
around the brow uf old On' nest. At
that inslant a horn floated up llieri
ver, echoingdistinctlv am. nig the hills
around. We paused ngnin in e-ute
delight. Bul at length Hie 'Sftfles i
evening warned lis to quicken o .i
pace, nnil in a few minutes we sti -oil
again up. hi the plain. Wu turned to
take a last look at the f n t. Dim and
white it lay. on iho western horizon,
crowning ihe hill behind us ; h it even
us we looked it li.'.-a lie a shapclcs
mass ol shad w, and su m laded en
lii ely from sight.
BY A Optak in t::k ouoid.
I can vouch for the t uth nf ih" bil
lowing anecdote, ns I received il di
rect from one of Napoleon's noblest
hen: ted and bravest C"Cs de Guerre
Duroc, DuC dc Frioul. f
About the middle of . May, ill the
year 1813, tho French army oc.:upie I
the Saxon, village of VVoiejclic,i not
tar from liauizeu, in Lin.:c a ioca
ity rendered tamous in French histo
ry. Napoleon had token up his quar
ters in a collage, ami was, a' about
midnight, busy with, his m iji-f Sui
vvhi.'h he plnved a sort of gnne at
chess with pins nnd colored scaling
wax. Bey ond tl)e walls ot Ins Mum
ble dwelling was heard the busy
notes of preparation ; for on the mor
row, the buttle was to be fought.
The aspect ol the emperor was per-
feclly culm ; his incisures takon ; and his appearance again in public for nt;
throwing himself into a chnir. fie now; least six months. Willi his nnn in a;
desired only somewha' to relax tussling the captain returned lo Madame j
mind, in order that he miglif tie llie ; de B..'iinm.nit. She received hint with
more . vigorously prepared .'for the tears of i gratitude,' exclaiming l
events nl the following dav., I : ;
In the midst, of these "reflections,'
Duri entered, his hands being full
Of despatches. ' " Ah, Duroc, anv ,
news? . v-sj. , , .
Sii e." renlied the marshnl " ac-'
cording to your orders, ihree regi-
wents of ihe guard huvo taken Up pu-
silion on .ho Spree, lllld
" Pooh, my dear mursliul.'f return.
ed ihu emperor. "1 know all Hun: J-
ilmixnn Lilnilln : what news fioiii
Paris f" -
r, ,. , ton.. ,Un ,nn.U ..Tbi, master
....... -
I l,n'a S ,n
w . ...'v., w; '
a letter irom oneoi irre lovenesrerert-
lures in I'm is ami a widow.
" Ah ! my poor Duroc ! the ladies
pursue theo eveivwhere." '.
ll is mvfc!rwhoin the lair widow,
Maaanie Cenituiont communicates;
with." icjoiued the grand marexhal;
it is wiih your 'majesty."
' Yes, Sire ; ' she beseeches nie to
snlieii our Al jijest v to consent to her
. mm rnim; wilh the (ant. DuVeiirrir."
Din'crair '! Duversrer ? Caiitain
... o . . '
in ine om regiment,
I A i ! n vei v I'ooi
d olficer umph ! de!
I . .
! c.n aird ell '
" The same. He is alsrv most nr.
g.'ii . tha'. I should siieak on his behal
to ymir majesty."
Ha I ha ! ha 1 really these Pari
sian ladies pursue my offi'-eis lo ihe
very ve vl " . iou know, j)ij
.... ..
in, iiik v,i 1'nniff
should marry ; particularly while
ihey me under thirty. As to colonels,
'hey may do as ihey like."
The ina shal leproseuled that Du-
verger had acted with so much true
delicacy in the affair that he was
sure his Majesty Would not hesitate.
ml hearing llie particulars, to con
.-col lo he niai'iiiiee.
MM -t t i , .
i iicempjeror s.nue.i an sii.mu tn.
head, hut desired Duroc to tell him
all nbi.nt it: and' drawing his chair
nearer' to the (.'lowing tori hie, h.
bade the mmshal he scaled. The nar
rative ran as follows :
" Two years ago, the Captain Du
vergcr being in Paris on his furlough,
was not an unlremient visitant at the
ope a ; and one evening had his at
tention rivetted to one of the loses,
in win h sat a in short n very
pretty woman. While employed in
gazing upon the goddess of his idola
try, he perceived n gentleman enter
the box. who behaved to the lady po
litely, but coldly ; and whiv nfter a
short time appeared to be who ly en
grossed by what was passing' in a
b ix at the opposite side of the house.
Iliivorger directed his eyes to the
same tpi.irler, and observed a heauli
lul ait I (whose manner was replete
wilh Lvay.and far from refined) en
gaged in a telc-a-lele with a Parisian
dandy of la premiere ctitsse of exqni
dtism. A strange scene ensued.
The geuileman whom he remarked
I . . . r .. ... . ... . 1
Jjnthe box of hisnrforec, had suddenly
,ed ""'.followed by Ihi lady her-elf;
merger) ingirwug Aiie.eau",
hastened into the lobby. I here he
found the Kx isite in iunnediiiie con
flict with llie gentleman who had
been watching him a conflict ol
words, and an exchange of cards.
At this juncture, Dm'eiger's adnree.
being in a fainting stale, was caught
by him in'his arms ; and as she reco
vered, after gratefully thanking him.
sin: gave him her name and address,
and requested he would dn her the
favor ol calling on her the following
morning.' Ho might be the means
of obviating the misery of a life '
" Duvergcr was of course punctu
al to his appointment. He found the
lady in tears, nnd she briefly explain
ed llie circumstances, in which she
was planed. Her parents were am
bitious, and had forced her .into fi.hn
ted, but wealthy mairiage with M. de
Beaumont. Shu had, however, re
Solved scrupulously to fulfil Lor du
ties, although her heart was no pan
to ihu engagement. Alas I the divine
happiness . f mutual love was not re
sei ve.l for her."
" Ha ! ha I man pauore Duroc !
ll'lf tu
si rtimiinesqu?!" interposed
tin1 e npe or. 'u oc smiled, smooth
ed down his moustaebces, and contin
ued M She had learned to esteem the
poss 'sdon of a husband, though she
could neither love nor respect him
personally ; for he had lavished bis
; fleet inns on the opera d nicer, ahoui
whom tlu'ro bnd been a strife mi llie
preceding night. M!c ihcn odd the
Captain a duel would be the result
ihm M. de Beaton -nl was very inf.
Tror to hrsaiitagoiiisis wiih the sword; next morning, hut whether he an
that she feared she should l.-s : him kweri'd the last uucslion. his ilen...
Mill lltau sue iig.ini iiiiii lino i.i'a. i
The captain c uisoleil her as, tie! n
might, mi"' ' ii.lerl.uk by a htlh: str t
tug.-. in to kec.i AI. de Beaumont, at a
distance from the Bois de . Bon
lougne, while he nu;t M. de Verneuil
ilii: dandy betoro mention d. He
di.l so, and received a severe w:uud
in the sword arm ; but so disabled the
dandv that he wa-i not likely toinnke
frankly own lu you, that yourdnlica-!
cv. brave v and Imnw,. have gained
for you llwt pls.ee In my aflbctions,
which it wouldbe the deafest employ i
uieui in my on. lociiurisn. ij iwere
unmarried. But lmt b..rriur is insu-i
pernblo ; nor wdi y -u, I nm sure deem;
it otherwise - Fmewell 1 .., there is a.
spirit of prophecy in my heart which j
tells mo we shall meet nguin. , I
momns ngoiu. no, uenumoni
died bv his own hand, after losing
half Ins wifo's fortune and nil his own
nl .be L-amimr.able: and a corrosnond-
e , , .
nnen has nnaiind bntwnnn the. cantain
' -j
'Rna nis nanret
unnlleralilc ntlnl
' this h tier is the Inn
intion. How doesl
Duron's p-aze had
' fire, and on lookiiitr ul
that Napoleon was fast
long liu had been so, he
j but the emperor soon awoke an
;bcu Ins eyes.
"Alt ! man bnn Durnc ! lua finis'1.
i i i .1 .
i nnaiu an, or nearly so: give me
mat sneci ol paper: so si.'tietl (ill
it "p with mv authorization ( mm
ungo: lew words: so ah ! -thai
will do. Hush! what's the hour
Durnc I Duroc! 'lis lime: a thecal!
a ci rval! mon clirr."
Duvergcr survived i.e bnlllle of
R iutzen, wilh ndded honors, nnd
ibi'Camn the happy hiishaMLof one ol
fr.. .. . .. . i -. : r". "T
.1... n.iiiiiv'iimi auu'jcst WiveX. io
moiik. ll,,e cr! the heaviest of ibe
heavy (jeiuinn Sohltcis had llie duty
..I niountiiig gua.d at one of the ,,r.
cal hunting seals; and not to perplex
the poor fellow, one sirglo notion,
nnd no more, was '.mimed into his
noddle namely, that he would ores
eiit arms 1 1 the duke should Irs high-
m ss pass that wav. De was then
left to bis cogitations, which we
need hardly say. were of that cla
described bv Dibden in his sons of
inejonv innng W aterman." who
we are told, was thmkiiirr. f nih
ing at all.' Tired of this trans. ,.l..n.
tal monotony, the man had recourse
lo the universal German solace : his
sausage and his schnapps. Tire bet
ter to enjoy these, lie laid his firelock
on the grass, and lolling asaint n
tree, discussed his creature comforts
with due voracity.
Whi'e thus engaged, he saw nn un
pretending person approach, dressed
in the common German hunting
dress a sort of green smock frock
tealliers, and continuations. "Good
appetite lo you. said the new comer,
"what are yoti eating?" " Gun-sl"
gruffly, answered the peasant soldier.
Uh perhaps liulhwurstl" s.nirl ii,
Duke (for the sportsman was unless I
a personage.) i; soinelhin.' be'
ter than that" ' Probably Lr'm, ,r.i '
"No; something belter than thai"
Melicursir- IlnHnnu'sl, Lebu,.
trip s! nnd Melmurst may tie called
ih positive cowpjrntivn arid superla-ynB.4-j:rrts
nf llwCpRn mirnsr)
" Yes. And now you now all about
my sausage, pray u.jK, are V(,u
Jurss !" said the Duke. " (Jli per
haps j on are one of the Duke's pa
ges ?" ' No ! something better that."
" Then you may ho one of his aid-de
camps, in disguise?" No; something
better than thai" " IVrlmps you're
the Duke himself?" ''Yes." De.r
Tnuful ! yist hold my sausage a mo
ment lor my orders aie to present
arms to you. Tho Duke always
relaled this annecdote with infinite
Political ConiTsnip. The Sun
day Mercury tells the following
Yankee anecdote. '-Jonathan walks
in t .kes a seat, and looks at Sukev.
Sukcy rakes up the fire blows out
the candle, and don't look nt Jona
than. Jonathan hitches and wri.igles
about in his chair, and Suknysits
perfectly still. At length Jonathan
musters courage and speakeih-- Sew
ke' Well Jonathan' I l,,ve you
like pizen and sweetmeats.' ' Dew
tell,' I is' a fact nnd no mistake wi
will now will ye have me, Sew
kc?' 'Jonathan Higgins. what nm
your politic-?' I'm for Van Bnren
straight. 'Wall' sir! then you can
m .rch straight hum. (-ors wont
have nnbodv that niui for 11 orison
that's flat.' Three cheers for old
Tip? sung out Jonathan. 'Thai's
the so. t' says S key, when shall we
b.; man icd. Jonailian ?' Soon as
Ulil 1 ip Is elected. Ahem. A ahem 7
wliiii s ibe. mailer Suli
key 1'
he aim elected V
Jonathan didn't
nwMi' lilt ,t
nciu Kiioweui not.
Finale to i
all I dearest
Coun rsniP. Flnra
Flora I am come lo"
oil! you can decide my fate I
am come my Flora ah!
'I see you. Malcolm, perfectly.
You are come; yon tell me interes
ting intelligence certainly. Well
what next '!'
Jh, Horn I I come to to
' T" "cr me your heart and hand,
I suppose ?
.s. ' cs ''
' Well do it like a man then, and
not like a monkey. .-.-
' Plague lake your self possession"
exclaimed 1 suddenly starling frum
my knee, you make me asn.uned o
I'roceed, sir. said flora.
, YiMilike bicvity, il would seem.'
. Yes,' replied Flora.
' Then will you marry mo ?'
Yi-s :
' Will yon give mo a kiss.
4 Yon may take one.
1 look the proffered kiss.
1 Now ibis is going to wor Kriglit-
, . , r. . . - . .. '',
IV . said t ora.' when a lllini! IS to be
. . --
in the side
pied by tl
cntlv alter
observed one
gaging his hnn
aimed at the heu
occasioned somedisturC"
it subsided.
t subsided, a second slw
Has ielied Y'tutan JoppIS
oreacher "oUserveJ theJ occa
preacner ouserveu tna occas.
the di-turbancc. but when
iled, a third sleeper's head wa
with nu apple. The preacher obser
ved the occassion of ihe disturbance,
requested his insane friend to desist.
Dr. A , said the manaic,
'mind your preaching and 1 will keep
the dogs awake.' It will scarcely
need to be remarked, that lor soma
lime there was less inclination to
sleep in the a udinence than usual.
Sunday Mercury.
" CoaKV." Come John, tit down amt
eat these potatoes, ai d let your whiskey
alone, for it is poor stuff to live upon."
Ah! Cnty, my jewel, I would take youi ad
vice, bul thu 'tatoes aro so corky. All the
belter, Juliu, fur stopping your bottle.
Kktort. My son,' said an affectionate
mother tu her sou, who resided at a distance
and expected in a short lime to be married,
Yi.u are geitinr very thin.' Yes. mo
ther, ' be replied, 'I am, and when ru ae
uie next, I think you will see my r,4.'
Onn of the banners at Cincinna'i. bore
the inscription: " Tip down executive mis
rule, and Tu un the bleed'uif wuunds uf our
The Pennsylvania Mercury, in its rare
against Man e, culls it the 'land of onions.'
We ii.i not nomier that tho poor locofncoo
u i .k it i.n oiiniti Siaie. Every breeze from
t 4- s In. infii the.r enit.Prmlice.
" l lia.V a thuiidenii bil lie!" said Tom
'.o,'ssid Ditk, 'it is only a fulminating
ei I .rireineut of v ongaled vbiucity.' Buff,
t uoier.
A t- gaboard near Shrewsbury has the fol
owiug classical inscription: 'All person
.wind lyjj hieing or irespussin on tins ground,
wilt be oxaeuu.4 itb. iu uiutuai wiggcr of -the
Oae bf iha best lllustMtiohs of irarce
ic ever heard ol, is lhat contained in an
o.d caricature, which repietonts O.d Nick
carrying a Dutchman down to his regions,
.i.n! u mle on tun way the Hollander is ma--ma
jjrjpjjutn.iia to li.sui ijesty to aupplj
l.iiu iviui cuuls.
Tiie papers speak nf an old lady whose
countenance is so sour that she hires her
ae;i out by the day lo make pickles.
CvUia axo KrracT. KI aiut goia' tew
iv- long iiiHiiiu." Why not you sarpinl?
"C.i.s my truwsis is all lured out be
mnd." Why is a prjtty girl like the hub of a
wheel! Because sue is surrounded by fel
lows. Tue last card' of the party in N. York
lias played the dmce.
Cu.vTsHPTiBi.t. ' Dr. Person,' said a
gtaiikuiun lu Uie great Grecian, with whom
iiii.l been disputing, ' Dr. Porson, my
opiiiiou of yvu is contemptible.' ' Sir,' re-i
lu.ntd me doctor, '1 never knew au opia
,o.i vl' yours mat was uot coulcuiptiule.'
Good roi. Pbkk tick. Mr. J. V. Long,
ul me Southern Crisis, ask-, ' When wni
ine cuilur of the iiouiavillu Jouruul, learn
lo it'll ibe iruJi!' Tu which 1'reiuice re
,...eJ, 'Tliuru s no doubt bul we suaJl lull it
li.l .te L ias;
Fall Fas.iioss. Last S ibbalh morning
a ijhuh. Luiy was seen wcuding her way
iu uiuich wuii I'Mslrr buttons on ner w riots
auJ a a na a. 0 g as niiiepeuce, in tin kttl
of k'je : ic..ij. Etchings Paper.
A letter fro n Maine slates that the loc
(Cos in in il Siaio are obliged lo staud obi
oi ui ti Keep liieir cniiis t'roui toucbius
lue i,ju..u.
i'ue ijuiiiiuo.'o Clipper now and the
foipiuir.uea a good ..nog,
lake llie lol-
ioaiii a a sa.ptc:
jiin.s, wuo was the first Democrat
"mg t '
"..unit, sir."
" liecuuse bo built the first log eabinV
' li.i lu your seat, James that uccouuts
fur lac uii.K o.' Ine cocoa nut."
.. Til,s j8 yu; weather," a the turkey
said about tnaukseiviiij time.
it ii-
li's your next move," as the landlord
s lid lo Uie poor tenant.
" I blush at the thought," as the red cab
bag said to Ibe trust. .
! tin a dissenter," as the potatoe
said, wlion it fell Iroui the cart, inlo the
""d. , . , ... ; j
" One bumper at parting,'' a the chap,
said wueu be ruu agaius tue sign-post. ,,. .
A DisriNouiauKD Autuob. "Gentler,
men," said a ragged loaler, addressing a
cum l, 1 aiu au author." "Indeed of
wliatj ' " My owu misfortunes."
Why is a gun like a jury! Because it ia
charged and discharged. "
Why is ab'usliel like a well digested plan!
Because it is solid measure. '
Wi y is a iersoii reading aloud kike il
j:i'loe! Bo.suse be pronounces a ssn
iciice. . . j
Tue D troij Free Press aska if Ger.nral
It irris n is de anged. To which til
.nuisvilie Journal ndie Posa.bly lie is.
Ilo served uud 'r " .Mad Anthony. .. t
U'ky Is a segar smoker l:ke an authort
Because he ia fond of a pu 11
. ' ' . j -..- i
,S1 .
f -
K f

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