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Daniel Webster,
Monroe , . -Ohio,
. -
Pennsylvania, ..
Gov, Marcy.
, .. . VESSELS. , .
Barque Detroit,
Brig Q- Charlotte,
. " , Indiana,
Illinois, .,.' ,
. Schr. U. States, .
, ." Tippecanoe.
. EAGLE MHB, - " .j!'
ON THE OHIO CANAL. .. ......
.... ; i ON THE ERIE CANAL.. . .
Composed of 54 boats, running in connec
tion withjthe Swift Sure line of steamboats on
tbo Hudson Rivor, the .Vohawk and Hudson
railroad ; and with the above named, vessels
and steamboats on the lake.
Three boats daily from Albany", Schcnecta
day and Buffalo. " ' " . , ,"' '
isaniai r. rumor, no vutjin.iuo wy m . -Hiram
McCollum, corner of Pearl st. N. Y.
E. D. Robinson, b co. No. 15 S. st. )
H Nile"80"' C' No" 03 uay Bt' .Alb'ny
L. Kurd, U co. Schcctaday. , ; 1 r ,
Treat U. Carter, Buffalo. .
Barstow, U co. Cleveland h. Ohio city. -
Hollieter &, Boalt, Sandusky city. ......
Forsyth & Hazard, Mautnee city. .
W.. P. Daniels, U co., Toledo
Barnud & Graham, Monroe, Jlfn.
' Mead, Kellogg, k co. Detroit.
W. T. P. Little, Saginaw.
- 1 . . Herlbut, Saut St. .Vario,
Jas. Watson, fcco. Grand River, Mn. ....
Wm. Brown, Milwaiikie, W. T. -3.
C. Knapp b co. Root River. -
Hubbard U co, Chicago
J. F. Porter St. Josephs. -
H. P. Holbrook, ii co. Michigan city.
... The steam boats and vessels comprising the
abovo line, are all of the first class, and pre
sent to western merchants, moro than ordin
ary facilities for the prompt transmission of
goods. The proprietors are determined that
nothing shall be left undone on their part, to
ed, and to eive entire satisfaction to t.ose 1
sustain the reputation it niinerio uaB acquir
who may favor them with their business. .
Consignments will bo forwarded by trans.
portation waggons, keel and canal boats, from
Maumee city to any part of the Maumee and
Wabash Valleys without delay.
'.V Agents U Propretors.
PROSPECTUS of tho Rural Re
posiTORTi'devoted to Polite Litera
ture, such as Mdral' nnd Sentimental
Tales, Original Communications, Biog
raphy, Traveling', Sketches, Amusing
Miscellany Humorous and Historical
Anecdotes, Poetry, &c. &c.
On Saturday, the 24th of Juno, 1837,
will be issued the first number of the
fourteenth volume (fifth new series) of
inc jvurai Repository.
CoKDrrioNiirfr-The Rural Repository
will bo published every other Saturday,
in the Quarto form," and will contain
twenty-six numbers of eight pages each,
with a title page and index to the vol
ume, making in me wnoie zuo pages.
It will be printed in handsome style, on
Medium paper of a superior quality, with
good type ; making, at the end of the year
a neat and tasteful volume containing
matter equal to one thousand duodecimo
pages, which will be ,both amusing and
instructive in future years.
-- Terms. The volume will commence
on the 24th of June next, at the low rate
of one dollar" per annum in advance, -or
one dollar ana fifty cents at the expira
tion of three months from the time of
subscribing. ''., ;-' ' I'
'. Names of subscribers; with the amount
of Subsciptions to be sent by the 24th of
June or as soon after as convenient, to
the publisher.
v William B. Stoddard.
Hudson Columbia Co, JV.T. 1837.
'" Subscriptions for tho above work re
ceived at this office, v v , '
HERIFF SALE.-r-Bv virtue of. an exe
kJ cution to me directed from the court of
common pleas, of Williams county,' Ohio, I
Jiave taken, and shall expose to sale, at the
door of the court house in Defiance, in said
county, on the J Oth day of September next,
the south fraction of the south east quarter
f section number nineteen, township number
four north ranee, number Jour east, containing
twenty-nine acres and eighty hundredths of
an .acre ; together witn tne improvements
thereon taken, aa the property of .Andrew
Craig, deceased, to satisfy an execution is
sued in favor of Payne C. Parker and Pierce
Evans. It will be sold between the hours of
10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. . ;
Sheriff' of Williamt county, Ohio,
r Defiance, August 1, 1637.
lot, for sale by - '
i Bov n tow b. GANnrrr, Front t:
August 5, 1837. . . . .. I8w3
frgiOOTS. A superior quality of Calfskin,
JUJ and stout Neats Leather Boots, for sale
cheap by BotntoM b Gankett, Front st.
August 5, 1837.; - .,: .Ww
rTlHE subscriber has jupt established. !n
JJ. Maumee City,- a manufactory of Sash,
Blinds and Doors, and is now. able to supply
any quantity or size of the same at short no
tice, and on the most favorable terms. He
has no hesitation in saying, that the articles
manufactured by him, shall be equal to any
made in this country, and be promises tnat in
lowness of price, he will not be outdone. " -
Shop at the corner of Johnson and Summit
streets, Maumee City, where all orders will be
thankfully received, and punctually met.
Aug. 19.-. .-"-...,: i .--! 20tf
V f Barre' Superfine Flour, Just re
ii W eeived and for sale at the Ware
house. " , , - BINGHAM 6c FUREY. t;
. Port Miami, July 1 1837. : . 13tf
ff LBS. Hums nnd shoul
. J f W ders, also 50 kegs lard,
for sale by BINGHAM fo FUREY.
iami City, July 28. 1837. . - 17tf
ffTlHE subscriber has this day received
Jj by the schr. Caroline an assortment of
patent premium, ana penocc premium cook
ing stoves, which, although but lately introdu
ced into market, they have acquired a circu
lation and reputation unexampled in the an
nals of stove Jiistory, The above stoves are
consigned 'to the subscriber to sell low for
cash. Persons wanting stoves will do well to
call and examine for themselves before par
ching elsewhere. . . ;
,. . ... , - C. D. WOODRUFF.
Also, on hand a quantity of Nob. 1, 2, and
.1, Rotary cooking stoves, which will be sold
at the usual prices. , "' .
...:-. C. D. W.
i Pcrrysburg, July 13, 1837. - "17
WOYNTON fc GANNETT, have for sale
J J cheap for cneh, a largo assortment of
Cow Bells, Grass Sythes, Hay Forks, cut
Saws. Mill Saws. fcc. kc. '
- Maumee city, July 1, 1837. v- , 13tf
fill O all whom it may concern ; the subscri-
Q bcrs will offer at auction at the warehouse
of White k Kirtland 2 o'clock P. M. on Sat
urday the first day of Septembor next, the fol
lowincr articles which have been held subiect to
charges and order"of owners since the close of
Navigation 1HHG. Richard Haldwin I Boxes
of Household Ooods. Geo. w. Taylor 1 15ox
of ' Books. No name 1 Waggon, one-Lot
Hcythes, one Keg hed It Shot, sundry arti
cles witout name or charges except storage,
Maumee city. July 20, 1837
I? STRAY HORSES. Taken up by the
-I subscriber on the 24th inst. one large
gray horse about seven years old, branded on
each shoulder, also one .bay horse, about five
years old, black mnne and tail about middling
size. The ownereis requested to prove prop
erty pay charges and take them away.
.Vaumee, July 20, 1837. " : . 17tf
ALL persons interested will take notice
that, at my instance, a writ of attach
ment was this day issued by William D. Hay
maker, a Justice of the Peace of Defiance
township, in Williams county, and state of
Ulno, against the goods and chattels, rights
1"'1 credits, moneys and effects of Ira An
prows, art abscondi:
ng debtor.
July 3, 1837.
Deer Skins, 10 ton "
Rags, wanted by
v. .wuumturi.
Pcrrysburg, Aug. 12. .". . lOtf
dical Department 1837-8. The
Lectures at the Institution will commence on
the first Monday of October next (2d,) when
the Hon. RALPH GRANGER, President of
the University, will open the season with an
appropriate address. ,
The different professors will subsequently
commence theirrespective courses ; the whole
term being sixteen weeks.
' :-' - professors 1 " ' ' '
II. A. Acklut, M. D., Professor of Anato
my and Physiology..
A..TRowniuDOE, M. D.. Professor of Sur
gery and Medical Jurisprudence. " ' '
Danicl L. M. Peixotto, M. D. Professor
oftheorv and practice of Physic and Obstetrics
J. Lano Casselb, M. D., Professor of
Chemistry. .
W. M. Smith, M. D., Professor of Mate
ria Medica and Pharmacy. - '
S. W. Henderson, Demonstrator of anatomy
. The College buildings will be in complete
readiness to accommodate students and give
them every facility for pursuing their studies,
especially in the Anatomical and Chemical
Departments. .
-The dissecting rooms are ample and well
supplied, and a good Anatomical Museum will
illustrate the course of the professor of that
branch. , .
A General Museum is' being formed under
the auspices of Professor Casselb. - - ' '
Sixteen hundred dollars worth of books is
being added to the Library.. By order. .
, ,..J. LAJfO CASS ELS, Secyand
Dean of the Faculty.
Willoughby, Cuyahoga Co. O.lug. 12. 19
MERINO Shawls and Drees Silks, for sole
low by SMITH & CROWELL. i
July 15, 1837. ... 15tf
N CONSIGNMENT. A quantity of
Pork, which will be sold low for cash
only, by , WHITE KIRTLAND.
Maumee City, Julys, lam. .. . 14
ROAD TAXES FOR 1837. The amount
of Road Tax levied for the year 1837,
is thirty cents on the hundred dollars which
may be discharged by labor on the roads un
der the direction of the supervisors of the sev
eral districts at the rate of seventy five cents
day. a SAMUEL, M..,OUNU, r
,. ,. ,,,.,, r,T Auditor, Lucas county, Ohio.
, Supervisors are requested to pursue the fol
lowing form in making out their certificates,
viz: '- "" ' ' .'
.. .. , Township 'il Road district No. ' 1837.
It is hereby certified that 'i -'-n .- has per
formed labor on the public highways under
my direction, at the rate of seventy five cents
per day, between the first of April and the
first of October, to the amount of dollars
and - cents, in discharge of his tax for the
year 1887. ' . .? ' -r. . A B Supervisor, .
July .0, 1037. ," ',...)': -: .-. lu
UST RECEIVED from steamboat Oli
ver Newberry, and for sale for cash only.
a quantity of Butter, Lard, llama and Shoul
ders. Also, fotatoes. j . .
.. July 4, 1837,:,. ,; , :. ,.- .,,., i4 ,
srfcN CONSIGNMENT. A quantity of su-
Jr nerior HAMS, lust received and for sale
low for cash only, by G. C. NOBLE. .
July 8, iif7. ' '. Mtr ,
(TtaN CONSIGNMENTSix tons Grind
-rStones, and for ste by : '.'
June 20, 1837- wti i.tit- U
HE Post Office at Maumee City is open
for the delivery of letters from 7 o'clock
A. M. to V tr. m. except on Sundays, on
which day it will be opened from 9 to 10 A. M.
and between 1 and 2 o'clock P. M. ..' .. ..'.'
The Ecutexn and Northern Mail arrives and
denarts every day, and the Wettern or Fort
Wayne Mail arrives on Tuesdays and Satur
days at o r. Jxi, ano aeparts every wednes
day and Sunday at 8 A M. , , ,
CHA8. C. P. HUNT, P. M.
Maumee City, July 1, 1837. " 14tf '
Shingles; In quarter
19WW bunches, superior
article, for sale by ; - . ,
July 1, 1837.: : " : V 14
' 111118 DAY received from the schooner
JsL Loui - Je nkins,. Two Hundred Barrels
Superfine Flour from the Akron Mills, a su
perior article, and for sale by '
'July 8, 1837". ' x ... 14 r
inf E BEANS WuBt received and for
sale at $4, per bushel, by
illiNUllAM f'UrUSY.
July 8,-1837. . i4tf
RECEIVED this day from the steamboat
. - c n u j t j
on consignment
July 4, 1837. 14
A " TAVERN STAND in Monclova," a
aL pleasant village on the banks of Swan
Cieek,fourmilesfrom1faumee City. Thees
tablishment consists of a two story blockhouse,
two good barns and other out buildings, enclo
sed in a good and sufficient manner, and all in
a good condition for the entertainment cf trav
ellers. The place" will be sold cheap and the
terms made easy, .wonclova is situated at the
point where the roads from 7bledo to Indiana
and from .Uaumee to the six mile woods cross
each other, and the Tavern stands upon the
corner. Enquire of the subscriber at the
Steam Juw in Jnaumee.
Monclova, July 22. 16tf
HE subscribers have lately received in
addition to their former Stock direct
from Boston and New York, and are now open'
ing at their Store, corner of Front and Kings
bury streets, and nearly in front or the JKP'
person House, A large and general assort'
ment of Merchandise, "consisting of Dry
Goods Groceries Hardware Cutlery Crockery
Ware. Boots Shoes ana KatB, Cotton Bat
ting Stc. Also Hollow Stone and Tin Ware
A large assortment of Ready made Clothing.
Also Paints and Oil, Sperm Oil Sec &c. togeth
er-with many articles too numerous to men.
tion. .-- ; .1 . . : , .', ;
All of which will bo Sold as low as can be
bought at any Store in this city (no mistake)
lor real pay. . j
Maumee City, June 81, 1837. 12tf
TQ71 LOUR. 100 barrels superfine Flour,
XL just received and for sate by
Miami City', July 1, 1837. .... . 13tf
I HA VE not laid out my property into town
lots, but will sell a few pieces Of the same,
of from one fourth of an acre to an acre, from
the front part of my place in Waterville.: The
property which I offer, lies adjoining the plat
ot the town and in the pieasantest part Of the
place. My object in offering this property, is
to induce persons wishing to settle,' to make
Watervtlle a place of residence, and the sale
will be made with particular reference to pre
sent improvement. ' '
Enquire of I. Stetson Esq. m Perry uburg,
Reed & Ilosmer, Attornies in Maumee City,
or to the subscriber on the premises.' -
. H. REED.
Waterville, June 23, 1837- . 12tf
scribers are now receiving direct from
New York, and opening at their new store,
three doors east, pi the post oUice, a large and
general assortment of merchandize, consisting
of dry goods, groceries, hard-ware, cutlery,
queens-ware, books, boots, shoes, hats, .and
bonnets. . . . .... .. ... - .
Also a large and general assortment of drugs
medicines, paints, and dye-stuffs, ...
,.CASTIJQS Such as hollow-ware zni
stone ware. .
- All of which will be eohj extremely ; low for
the ready, such as cash or country produce.
.There is also a tin and copper factory con
nected with the above establishment; where
the public can always be accommodated with
ware whole. sale and retau also with job
work at the shortest notice and best style.
Now as the subscribers flatter themselves
that in quality and quantity their stock is. not
surpassed by any in the Maumee valley; and
as they intend malting Maumee city their per
manent residence, they hope tq share with
their friends and the public in a liberal, pat
ronage. . O. WILLIAMS, St co.
Maumee city, June, loa.. . "'it
TT OOJC4T TJiS-2-000 pair boots and
Sut shoes, and 12 doz. palm leaf hats also
a tew cases silk, tur and wool nats tor sale oy
O. WILLIAMS, it eo.
CKER & KANADY Have Just re
ceived at the new store; In the Hotel
Buildi ngs, a large and well selected assortment
of goods, direct from the city of New York ;
comprising fine, superfine, and common broad
cloths, cassimers, satinetts.a great variety of
summer ' cloths, and Buffalo cloths, trench
muslins, calicoes, ginghams silks merinos, bom
bazines, cambrics, mull and book muslins, lace,
edgings, ladies cravats, elastic -aprons, silk
oil cloth aprons, a Variety of dress and pocket
handkerchiefs, stocks, merino shawls, merino
edgings, brown and bleached shirtings, wad
dings and battings, "t ' .' 1 - - . .
-' A general assortment of family groceries
oomprismg tea, eoltee, pepper, spice, cloves,
nutmegs .muecavado and lumpsugars.molassei.
codfish, soap, rice, ginger, raisins, chewing
and smokng tobacco and lamp oil.
Also a very extensive assortment of hats,
a superior article of brush and silk hats of
New York manufacture ; also hats of any
quality and price, manufactured by them ex
pressly for this market, and for sale whole
sale and retail. -' '? ; )',,)
- Also a general assortment of ready made
clothing, for summer wear and a fewpieces,
of carpeting.i i!r ; :,.. ;;, 7 (.,....
v Respectfully soliciting a share of pub-
110 patronage, tney jiope to give general sat-
isfactlon, (,-'' -i:'- 1 ,-ri .1...
. Maumee city, June 10, 1837. :-T lOtf
scriber would gi ve notice that his house
is open for the accommodation of travellers
and Boarders, on Canal-street, nearthe Stenm
boat Landing,. whers he will be happy at all
times to 1 male the sojourn of his gnestsi as
agreeable as possble. '4 ,,1 . ., ,-. . ..i.i , ,.
ilauiiiee city, April 8, 1837.
e'piemlid article of common prayer books
x Jl and iuUV-.-. : of the church, for sale by
Maumee city, June 8, 18371.;:" ; Otf '
BEADY MADE CLOTinNG constantly
on hand and for sale at the new store in
the Hotel buildings, -
"' Maumee City June 24 1837 - 12tf
& Kanady, at their new store in the Ho
tel Buildings. , , - .
.Vowmee. June, 1837. " - lOtf
"MTHITE BEANS-Just received, and for
sale by
Maumee City, July 1. 1737.
TWENTY cases Fur Hats, jiiBt received
at the new store in the Hotel Buildings
and for sale Wholesale or Retail. Merchants
through the country are invited to call and -examine
these Hats, as they were, manufactured
by Acker U Kanady expressly for this mar
ket, and as they intend to establish a Hat
Mamiactoryia this city, they would be pleased
to supply merchants through the country here
after, with Hats of their manufacture.
Maumee City, June 24, 1837 12tf ;;
DISSOLUTION The partnership hereto
fore existing between the subscribers, ' under
the name and firm of Johns, Allen, Si co, is
this (lav dissolved by mutual consent, it is ne
cessary therefore, that the. accounts of the
late firm be closed as soon as possible. Per
sons holding claims will present them imme
diately for settlement; and those owing, will,
wo hope, call without delay, on C. Alien, or
Enock II. Gibbons, who are authorised to
settle the same. '-
X. B. The business of the late firm of Johns,
Allen. & co. will hereafter he condu cted' un
der the name and firm- of Allen Gibbons.
. , John t A M.Eit,
. Enoch II. Gibbons,
Maumee. June 3, 1837. . lOtf
mTOTICE. All those indebted to the sub'
XHI scriber, either by Bond or Note, are re
quested to. call and liquidate, nr renew the
same ; and all those having Book accounts un
settled, are requested to call and adjust the
same withoot hex at, and give their notes,
if they cannot make it convenient to pay the
money.- Those who disregard this cull will
not be longe : indulged.
.Vaumee city, April 8, 1837. 2tf
1k CASES ready -made clothing at whole-
sale cheap tor cash, by .
Maumee city, June 3, 1837. , ' ' . 9 tf
WUST RECEIVED from the schooner
9m Young Leopard, and for sale , -.'.
OHO busliels corn, ; . .
'! ISO do oats. "
" 600"' " do do schr Geauga ' "
July 8, 1837.- : 14
TINETTS and Summer Cloths told and
made up if required-, and 'warranted to fit at
tho new store in the Hotel buildings.
Maumee City June 24 1837 , .. 12tf
COD FISH and Mackerel, for Bale by
Maumee City, June 24, 1837. V4U
tP Maumee City, by r -
aprilH . H. STEELE.
O LET Four "new two-story Houses,
pleasantly situated in Maumee city.
Apply to -
apnl 'ii : 4 . It. g: Hazarp.
" BBLS' PORK, for sale cheap
! Port Miami, May, 12. 7 tf.
l"AJOTICE Is hereby given, that a protest,
il sicned bv a larsre number of free-holders
of the county of Lucas, in tho state of Ohio,
has been filed In the office of the clerk of the
court of common pleas of said county .remonstr
ating against the decision ot the commissioners
annointed bv the General assembly of the state
of Ohio, to locate the seat of justice of said
county and setting forth that the commission
ers,aforesaid,have overlooked the true and per
manent interests- ot-the eouqty that tney
have reiected propositions the most favorable
to the county, wherby the good people there
of would be greatly relieved from a heavy tax-
tion, their public grounds secured upon the
etsgible site.and their public buildings erected
free of any cost to them. , That' they have
chosen a point far removed from the. centre
of, the county possessing no advantages ne
cessary to be possessed by a point chosen for
such purpose 'inconvenient to the great body
of the people of the county, and highly detri
mental to their interests. ' And farther : No-I
tice is hereby given that an application.' will
be made, at the ensuing sessidn of the general
assembly, for a review of the said decision, and
for the appointment of commissioners to re
locate the seat of justice aforesaid, on an elli-
gible and proper site. '". ' K
rMaumeerMay 26, 1836 ;, f - , , 8tf .
"WAY & YOUNG Attornies and Coutt
1TJL sellors at Law, Maumee city, Lucas
county , Ohio. ' ' ' JJvTO. M. JuA Y.
. June 3, 1837 ., ii;'? ; , ; ; 9tf
IT1HE subscribers would inform the inhab
ML Hants of Maumee city and its vicinity,
that they have entered into co-partnership in
the Tailoring business, under the firm of Case
and wVeacham, ... They have takqn a shop in
the second story of the building recently erect
ed by Messrs Williams and St Clair, directly
over their Dry Good and -Drug Store, on the
west corner of Erie and Conant streets.
From long experience in the business, and by
strict attention to style and lasinon, they rlati
ter themselves that their work will give satis.
faction to all who shall be pleased to patronise
them. Their charges will correspond with
the quality of style and amount of work laid
out on the garment, and they are determined
that for neatness, style, despatch and prices,
their establishment shall not be surpassed by
any in the State. They therefore solicits
share of public patronage. " -
i 1 j (-'.' i 'o v ; I i.G bokoi S Case. i
j",' - , , - Jvejn 8 Meaoham. ,
' .Maumee city, une 17,1837. ; , llm3
T ECEIVED this day from the -steamboat
M.9 Cincinnati, iweniy-nvs oarreisoi super
fine Flour on consignment,- - b ...
-July 5, 1837. , 14 ,
GC. NOBLE, Commission Grocer, De-
troit street, has just received, and
keens constantly on hand a general assortment
of Groceries and Provisions, consisting of
Pork Flour Bacon Teas Sugars and all the ar
ticles usually kept by dealers in his line.
He has . also . a BAKING ESTABLISH-,
MENT connected with his Store, where may
he had at all times Fresh Bread Pilot Bread
Crackers fcc. Also a general assortment of
Ready made Clothing Boots aia noes nats
Sic; ' rv;..'.' K . '-,'.;.; :!
.N B A few dozen Sparkling Champaigne.
Maumee City, June 24, 1837. 12tf.
for sale low by - : - r '!
. f. . c t , SMITH St CROWELL.
Maumee City, June 3, 1837. ,. . , 9tf
COOK STOVES. Fifty cook stoves of
various patterns, for sale cheap for cash
by , , . . C.-D. WOODRUFF. ,
Perry sburg, June 3, 1837, . Otf
CALL and examine for yourselves
200 pieces of French, English, Scotch,
and domestic calicoes and ginghams for sale
at O. WILLIAMS. Stco
June, 1338,. ...... . " .
"TfATOTICE. Those whohave claimsagainst
Xk the late James Donnkm.v, are request
ed to present the same, duly authenticated,
within three months from this date, or be bar
red from the benefit of a certain assignment
made bv said Donnally, in favor ot his credi.
tors : and all those indebted to the said James
Donnelly, are requested to make immediate
payment to me, as his legal representative.
CHARLES C. P. HUMT, Auignee.
Maumee city, April 8, 1837. . 2tf
H CASE broad cloths and sattinetts, of dif-
J. ferent colors and qualities, for sale at the
cheap cash store, by
Maumee city,. June 3, 1837. 9tf
PADES & SHOVELS. Six dozen shov
kJ els, 6 dozen spades, for sale by
' Pcrrysburg, June 3, 1837. . 9 tf ..
JB. reoeiveu oy .
opril 22 .. White St Kirtlawd.
mm d Stnraire. Forwarding ano
Cummuiwn Jicrchantt, Foot of Marine street,
Maumee Uity, UI110. , .
april 22 v "' F. E. KIRTLAND.
JC C. A. Williams is now receiving at
his store at Port Mi ami Flour, tretnlsutter,
Cheete, Maple Svgar, Liqvbri, and a general
assortment ot nil kinds 01 Uraneriet and l'ro
vitioiu, which he will sell on the most reason
able terms. ... 2tf april 8,
CAUTION.-AII those indebted to the
subscriber, either by note or book account
are requested' to call and settle the same, to
satisfaction, or the demands will be left; with
proper authority for immediate collection.
BUN.). U. UUf a JJ.
May 25, 1835. ' 8tf
m HASTINGS has for sale at his estab
lishment, in Miami city, a well select
ed assortment of Groceries and Provisions,
which he offers to the public at low prices, for
prompt pay. march 520
lOtlW J- J. BINGHAM, For-
sf warding- and Commution
Merchant, Agent for the N. Y. and Michi
gan, and Transportation Lines, on the
Erie Canal, and. the Albany and Oswego
Line. . " .
Perrysburg, Ohio, March 25. 1
GOACH shop at maumee city
The subscriber is now ready to receive
orders in his line of business, at the .Mechan
ic's Exchange, on the corner of Johnson and
8ummit-Streets, in .Maumee City. He will
build any wheel carriage, from a Wheel-bar
row to a Post-coach, '
N. B. All orders thankfully received, and
promptly attended to. ,
x. 1. wuuLiiiur r .
Jlfaumce City, .Varch 25, 1837. 1
1 C5tS Storage, Forwarding and
Commiiiion Merchantt, would inform their
friends and the public, that they nave estiu
lished themselves as above, foot of Dudley
street, .Vaumee city, Ohio. '. -
april 8 J. W. CONVERSE.
WHARF TO RENT. To rent For the
ensuinir year, a. Wharf of 800 feet in
length, on Wolcott's plat. put in last.aumaier,
by the . subscriber. , is weu aoapmui ior. a
Wood or Lumber yard.' f or terms apply 10
T; ;v, .,. i-rjf..; HlNGHAM. v
jf trans, ladies French, kid and seal slips,
gaiter boots, children's coarse and fine shoes,
also, a small qnantity 01 India wooer 0001a ana
shoes for sale bv SMITH St ROWELL.
Maumee. Jane. WM. lUtl
PANY, of Hartford, Connecticut. Tho un
desirened. agent for the towns cf Perrysburg,
Maumee and Miami Cities, of the above Com
pany, is now prepared to insure against loss
or damage by fire, upon as favorable terms as
can be obtained in the State, irom any respon
sible institution, and every man has now an
opportunity, for a trifling sum, to protect him-
Belf against" the ravages of this destructive
element, which often, in a single hour, sweep
away the earnings of many years.
f - ! D. C. DOAN.
" Perrysburg, March 28,. 1837. 1
WANTED A number of Journeymen
' Carriage makers, at the Mechanic .
Exchange, to whom liberal wages will be.
given. T. T. WOODRUFF.
. march 25 ' '.'"' '
TfATOTICE is hereby given, that an election
Jjl for Officers, of the "Marengo Company,!
win be holiien at Marengo, on Monday the
3d. day of July next. A punctual attendance
is requested,' ; ' .
:, : . , : d. w. deshler, , . ,v
, , f D. WOODBURY,
; . 'VJ :. :-i JQg j H LARWELLV ' V:
Mi; n'l ;.';. Directors of the Company. '
..May, 25, 1837. ; j I: ., 1 Stf
8 Cases boots and brogans also, harness,
saddles, bridles, halters, martingals, whips
and lashes,, which will be sold unusually low
by '., .-mi 1 a, tttuwiiLjU
Maumee June, 1837.
. CAPT. ANSON REED, j ., ,v ' ,
WILL hereafter run direct from Maumee
Perry sburg, .Toledo and Manhattan,
to Buffalo, touching at the intermediate ports,
wind and weather permitting. , Leaves Mau
mee river every Monday morning, and Buffa
lo every Thursday. ' For freight or passage
apply to themaBter on board, t to , ,
. 1 J. Holustbb S-Co., Perrysburg,
. . : Whits & Kirtland, Maumee,
, Pkckham As Co., Toledo, , ;' '
Corn well; For Co., Manhattad
''!: A. H. Sooville; Buffalo'. ; a
June 17, 1837. 1 : v ; r ! lltf
THE Stoamboat MONROE, burthen 370
tons, Capt. S. F- ATWooD. on the open
ing of navigation, will run in the following
order: . , . ..,
' Leave Buffalo every Wednesday morning)
for Detroit. ' Leave Detroit every Saturday
morning for JUaumee city, ' - ,: r .0 ;i
1 Leaves Maumee city every Saturday, at 6
o'clock, p. n. precisely, for Buffalo, touching
at Perrysburg and Toledo. ..:.
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
.Vaumee city, March 25, 1837 '' I' '
" 1887. .
THE steanvboat CINCINNATI If.
Bradley, Master. ' 'This boat will run
the remainder of the 'season between Clnt
land and Perrythurg leaving each place ev
ery third day touching at Miami City,. To
ledo, Sandusky, Huron and Black River.., .
Leavet Cleveland at hilf jhuI 8 o'clock
A. M.Juy 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28
31 1 August 3 6 9 12 15 18 81 24-27 80;
September 2 5 8 11 14 17 20 23 20 29
October 2 5 8 11 14 17 20 23 20 29. ;!
, Leavei Perrysburg at half.past six o'clock
A. M. July 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30
August 2 5 8 11 14 17 20 23 26 20 Sep
tember 1 4 7 10 13 16 79 22 25 28 Octo
ber 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28. fV
-AOBNTS. ' v.r
J. HotLisTER & Co., Perrysburg, '
Peokham tt Co,-Tledo .;
Hollister & BoaLt, Sandusky, , .
R. Winslow, & Co., Cleveland. ,
Maumee City, July 1, 1837. . 13tf
HE Stoamboat COM. PERRY, D.
Wii.kison, Master, on the opening of
navigation, will commence running in the
following order : ' ' : " : "-
The weather permitting, will leave Buffalo
every Monday evening, for Detroit and Per
rysburg. ... ,.,.).
Leaves Detroit every Thursday morning
and Perrysburg every Thursday Afternoon,
for Buffalo." ;. -
For freight or passage, apply on board. -'
March 7, 1837, ... . : : l 'i
The Steam Packet SU1M,
C. K. BENNETT, Master, ' -(;
HAVING been fitted up in good style, by
its proprietor, has commenced her regu
lar trips from Perrysburg to the Maumee Bar.
touching (whenever the interests of the pub
lic shall require) at Maumee, Miami city, East
Perrysburg, Marengo, Oregon, Toledo, and
Manhattan. '" 'i h ' ii
It is the intention to run her till further now
tice be given, two trips a day. She will leave
Perrysburg in the morning, at half past seven
o'clock, and.Manliattan or Toledo, at half past
10, and in the afternoon she will leave I'errys.-
burg at 2, and Manhattan or Toledo, at 5. ''
"N. u. 'Freight will be delivered to the con-
11. niii.MMi t , irropriaor, . , .
.Perrysburg, May 25, 1837. . ,. ; , ,. 8 tf.
r.T..'1'r.'nii n -
tim M Forwarding- and Commit-.
sum, MerchaiUt, Maumee city, Ohio, 'would
inform their friends and the public, that they,
have established themselves as above. All
business entrusted to their care, shall be exe
cuted with fidelity and despatch. - j
" . .: JAU3 n. ruiwiin,
Maumee city, natch 25, 1837; . . Vl .!
WILLARD V. WAY, ' Attorney and
'. Countelkr at Law, f prrysburg, Ohio.
Perrysburg, April 22. h - - -.m?i.'.'4
FARMS TO RENT. Several firs. w
Farms for rent, if applied for soon.-' .
Likewise a quantity of unimproved lands. ;"
- JOHN E. HUNT. ' ;
i Maumee city; April 8, 1837 c u Vi ,3tf:
DISSOLUTION The co-partnership
heretofore existing between the sub
scribers, . under .the. firm of Woodruff r
Spafford, is this day dissolved, by mutual con-
sent. " The notes and accounts are' with C. D.
Woodruff for collection. All persons indebted
will call immediately and pay up, or they will '
find their accounts in the hands of some person, .
legally authorised to collect them. V
.:r.,. v:i .-in. j m. SPAFFORD. :J! -The
Copper, Tin, Sheet Iron As Hardwftra'
business will be continued as heretofore by '
C. DWp9DRUFF,;.jf t
- Perrysburgh, May 7th, 1837. . ; . r
. general assortment ot groceries and pro
visions constantly on hand, and for sale
tYont st. juaumee cuy,-Mnt o,. vseli iwu
"SAAC STETSON,1 Attorney and Couw,
JL teuor at Imw, will give punctual attend- ..
ance to the duties of his profession In Wood'
county; and will also attend to the Courts lit.
the counties of Lucas,' Williams, Henry, and; -Sandusky.,
Office in Law. Building. No. 1, Vn
Perrysburg, Ohio. V-.i.L : . '
turn SSL... " -. v .

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