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Hurrah for the Family Provision
Store !
TH. McKNIUHT respectfully announces to the
citizens of Perrvsburgthathe lias opened a full
kick of C.UOCEltlKS & PROVISIONS hi Clark's
brick building, next door to E. Graham & Co.',
where may lie found a good assortment of Provis
ions, Produce and Groceries. His motto is Small
Profits and Quirk Sales. F.vorything in his line
will always he found, and at the lowest possible pri
ced. By strict attention to business he respectfully
solicits a liberal share of patronage.
The following articles comprize part of his stock :
( 'hoiee Young I lyson Teas at '!, 1, it, (!, 7 & Ss. peril).
Sugar : Havana & New Orleans Molasses ;
A uts id all kinds,
Candies do v
lood assort m't Stoneware
Baking Powders,
Spices of all kinds.
Tubs, Pails, Ilrooms,
Mops & licd-conls,
(ireen Apples,
Cigars & Tobaccos,
Fresh 'luster Baisius,.
Fresh Butter,
Saleratus Starch,
Powder, Lead, Shot, Caps
'ider A inegar,
I'io Codec,
tiround Coffee.
Crushed & Pulv.
St. Croix
Now Orleans
Mould Candles,
Sterine do
Si.ir do
Biir- Soup,
NViusor do
Fancy do
Hugar Crackers,
Common do
Hard Bread, Dried Beef, Uood asMirtment common
1 1 imhurg & AY.B . cheese
"Mackerel. Codfish.
Nails. Class, '.vc. fcc.
AH of which will be sold vi-rt loir fur ('ash or pro
duce. J. II. McKNIUHT.
Vov. 2.S. 1S.V,. fjSm:?
Attorney at Law, Solicitorin Chancery, Land Agent.
&c. A:c. Ortiee in the court house, Perrvsluirg, O.
Manufacturers of all kinds of Paper
Books. Springfield, Ohio.
and I'.Iatik
srrci:ssciits to koiii. ami thokmO
Importers & Dealersin Perfumery and Fancy Uoods
also, all the genuine Family Medicines.
N". V.. corner 4th i; Vine streets. ( 'inciimati, O.
?;J. 11 orders promptly attended to.
wji. m. koiii.. j n. w. rowi.l'.u.
kiikim.ss CAm.
VT II CALL A If l respectfully informs the
1 i merchants and citizens generally of Perry s
burg and its vicinitv, that he has opened a
PA if. Oil S SHOP.
over J. A. Hall's store, where he will tit all time
'during business hours'i be ready to cut and iniinii-fa-ture
CLOTHINU in the latest and best style. .11
orders given will be accomplished with promptitude
ami economy.
N. B. Cutting done for thu Trade, and warranted
t, tit. when projierly made up. f ati'.'-'ly
OADDI.KKY 1I.RIYAIII Just received
O and now offered to the trade at the very liir.:,t
terms, a rimiirtf a.fsnrl inent uf Suilillrry I lardiruif
dirct from the manufactory.
good assortment of Joiners and Carpenters' Tools.
warranted of the best iualilij.
Also r.i.L-Toivs and Chains, at prices riual
Toli-do and ISnffaln.
Perrvsburir. Mav 10. lo.:.
No 1 Front-st.
VVAKIF.TY of beautiful and ornamental Time
Pieces at IIOOD s.
LAlUiF. assortment of WALL and WINDOW
JiK, choice patterns, at, IIOOD's.
OCi:iNF and Wool TWIMl, and other Cordage
F at IIOOD's.
cdieap and hriliant Hu'ld," at 11 ()( l)'s.
KKNCIL (ierman and Yankee AO''OXS, at
lEDAIt VOHTN. : U.noo Cedar
posts or in logs, at.
Posts, singl
SALT and Fine Salt, in bags, at
r.'T.'TV'l.'H .,,,,) t,..!.. liull.l.i,,,,,,:,,,, 1 ..!..,
Woo.l Mills Flour. B. V. IIOLLISTFK & Co.
YX7"!' have 011 hand a large lot of Cradles, Scythes,
.V V Snaths. Hay Knives, Bush Scythes, etc., which
w will sell at manufacturer's prices.
") F.CFJYFJ) and for sale.
V -' doens Wood palls :
" do Tubs :
.M) nest wooden Bowls.
-8 ; 10x pi: 10 14.
B. F. H()LLISTi:it & CO.
P.CF.IVHO on coiisigtiinent and for .Mile,
It) Bbhs. Molasses, ' bids. N'. O, Sugar.
B.I MIOLLISTF.li & (. ).
The price of this paper is $1.50 in ad
vance. It' puyimnt be delayed six mouths,
25 cents will be added ; if it be delayed till
the end of the yeur, 01) centsadditional will
lie charged, invakiahly.
V BFAFTIFFL FA KM of so acres, within M
1 V. miles of Perryshurg, and 4 of Watcrville, is now
for sale on reasonable terms. It is in a good situa
tion, and well supplied wi;h timber. If not sold bv
the rir-1 of March, ir will then be to let. For further
' particulars, pv to Mr. ..;.-. Il.uul, Perrvsluirg.
or i.i. 11' !..,, I ll ,;,;,;, W.M..I c.ni'nrv. (1.
J- suit purchasers. tic following describi.
in i .a ke tow uslup, imil county, ( lino, iz :
Section One, containing bb'aci'
North i of northeast p' of :
Fast .J of iiorthvv est of
Northeast of southeast 1 of
Southwest of southeast i of
North A of southeast of
Fast J of southeast j of
North .! of southeast j of
F.ast half of
Southwest (piarter of
I iast half of
Southwest ipiarler of
North half of
Southeast ipiarter of
North S of southwest 1 of
North half of
Smiths est ipiarter of
S est .J of southeast of
Northwest ipiarter of
North half of
N orth I of southeast of
l!ast half of
, ; I''iia uirrisliip, riz :
Fast half of
1 Also, fractional section
numlier north, ot ramre
All of these Lands are of superior cpialit v, having
been selected nearly tw enty years ai'o for agricultu
ral purposes. The title is derived by patents from
the I nited States iovernment. and is unipiestiona
ble. '1 hose in the town i.f Plain, consist of jiraiiie
ami oak openings; and those in the town of Lake,
of woodland, generally heavy timbered, consisting
of oak, ash. white-wood. elm. beech, maple, and
other varieties. In the immediate vicinity of IVr
rvsbitre' and Toledo, they are all of them near or in
tersected . by important lines of Kailroad, rutming
ea-t. west and south : and as the hole surrounding
region is becoming rapidly inipnoed. lliev present
desirable iiivestineiils for those w i -liing to purchase
for the purpose of iinprovctneiit.
, Apply to tic subscriber at the Weddel! House.
Cleveland, or to his agent, Samuel P. F.lv. at Koch
ester. N". V. 1 nforni.n ion respecting the lands may
also be had of lion. N". Allen, at Tojedu.
Cleveland, Dee. I'll. -in.' II. B. l'.LY.
r.. ..I,. '.. i.,i..
! iiiiimt aiw.tiiii: mm .i.m-.
ri M 1 F undersigned offers for sale, in quantities to
tut purchasers, the tullovtiu::' ilescrilieii J.-nals,
e, s ,so
.. .. s0
7 " I'l
' T ' to
!l " si 1
-II so
I "i . Kill
" 'JO " .'il'll
'.'( Kill
lm ;;.'o
u l " n.o
.. .J I .. Ml
' :;jo
'.':; Kin
': :!'.'o
.. .,, .. S1,
l's ;;jo
i.'i ' :;jo
i'l i;io
J !li, in fractional township
I'.', containimi' I I acres.
AiiollK'r Instaltiifiit of
1). IMiCK - CO. are this dav recciviii
directh from New York via N. V.V F..K.K.
jau elegant and extensiv e stock of
Consisting of a general a-sortment of Dry (Joods,
sucii as Cloths, ( 'asinici-cs, J. -ails. Sheetings, Shirt-:
nigs. Drills, Print. (Jinghanis, Lawns, DeLaines,
P.erages. Silk Tissues. Cambrics. Laces, lidglngs.
k: &e. A good variety of Dress Trimmings
Velvet Kihhons. Hats. Caps, Bonnet and Trim
mings, of the latest sty les and CHI'. A P.
Keady made Clothing in any quantity tuul at all
Also, a complete stock of (Jroceties, Hardware,
Crockery , Boots and Shoes. Iron, Nails, (Jlass, Paints
and ( )iis.
All the above (Joods, and others too numerous
i'iiiioii, win no sum io sun purcua.scr.s.
( nine into si'e us ;
Julv!. ls.V.
HAW I.N! We have t hi . dav received bv ex
press a splenilul assortment 01 tall and winter
Shawls, comprising ti variety of stvlesof the
1 i.' c"r i 're r ( 'n.'iir no (. i.-vm run
1 11.1 1 r 1 . j j ., ii . 1 iiitijoo ,v .1 , .1 o 1 1
' ':n ' ''"'.'7 71 A 'S' J U"r" "! w,,,'f
; !:ood shavv I, will do welltoexanuiietnese before.
iiircltasiug. Hict.ij 1.. i. rj'.t Iv V ( t).
(Liroiind E'i.tMor.
i OH U,V;S' (ir. ,"1 i,,a!itt'r',ii: '"!T,':T,:,.nIM,
f mm lor mile bv L D PLClv .v. Co.
I April :in, ls.vi
i COD NULLS HUM mi good Pine Shingles, for sale
I I bv
pint; shim;
'ine Shingles, for sale
ii D PliCK .v Co.
;LFS. this day rece'd
and for sah: by I'. D. PliCK & Co.
' 50,000
1 -
T1 1 H,li,- I lie firm ot Spmk A; Murray having
I 0.1 been dissolved bv the death ot John ( .Spink,
1 0 is) iiei:ss.iiy I dill lll Ollllis i 11 11 inn mil! II
! should be (dosed up, JAMLS MFHKA Y.
' ('.. I , l.'SiJ.J
From the Newspaper Advertising Agency of
H. M. Pettengill & Co.,
122 Naasau-st.,N . York, and 10 State-st., Boston.
Morse's Coinponiul Syrup of
riHIS is a purely vegetable compound, seiciitifi-
every pari
callv prepared troin the best roots and herbs of
the Materia Medica, ami has gained ;i ii unrivalled
reputation for the following ell'ects, viz: 1'i'gnlafinn
ami filri-iifillivnin tin' J.irrr and lli rslicr Organ.,
mill ri'iiiming flu' Sliiinmh anil ftmrri, and thus
criiiNc all billions diseases, Liver Complaints, Dys
pepsia, Indigestion, Oostiveiiess. Piles, 1 1, niiache,
Fever and A gue, Jaundice, Nausea. Loss of Appe
tilo, c.. and causing I lie h oil to m urish .vail Millport
ITJII') AO tin itl.(Hl),,.u t,u-
curing all Humors, t ntaneous lM-iipt.,
Sail Kheiim . Fry -ipela s Sea Id I lea I, (
o ,, i on I w. I.iee Itl, ill.es I 1 1 i , -1 , . , , M
; ' ,, : m i
, uiseaifs, " aueei.-, . c ; ii-"iiinriittr wrrtorti
,. ) 1 .1 . . . '''.'
organ, am: ny enai umg Mien: 1 o iertorm t hi ir 'fo
pi r functions, 1 ! eve 1,1 ing and cm ing manv t'aini'ul
jmil ilangt roi'.siliseas,-. ; ,';; i',,;,m, iui,I iniit hi :
'ir .: i rtii' in. t ausall.i lie: N nuns In iial ion.
ami curing a li diseases of t he nerves, as Hysteria.
Neuralgia. ( ''ami s, ,- e.
' t'nriruil'-d in llif ('ii)r ff all 'iiiinr
111. her, I 1111-
jtliiinli, as w"u!iu
, oli-truelions', swell:
) ca Used bv i ak lies
iainis,as ( olds, t 1
also, 1 Iropsy .
leneie.l (le
r:' ot (lie feel
: s... .,i.
011,1. ( onsnm,tion,c,
( 'mii-
lility. irregularity,
limlis, joints. ' e . ,
and 'I lu oat ( '0111-
Having made usr of the ( 'ompoiiml Svrup of Yel
low Dock Knot, pi epan d hv . MdiiSH tv CO.,
eil her ourselves or in our families. ;tnd finding it to
be a Very salutary and eti'eeiual pivj aration, We do
most chccrfullv recommend it to ihe public as a very
valuable med'n ine.
J.. Bourne. lis, ., Ca-hi, r National I! ink. Provi
dence. K. I.: A . W . Spencer. F-'.. ( 'ash. Lime Koek
liauk lo do i'.o.: Kev W m I'liiliins, .1. Ii Kich-
nnnid. . S. Jones, ctl"or rn iv idince (Jen. ilvt
Win Field. M. . (J. M Cyrus Fisher. M. I'.. II. I'
.lames I liiteliinson. (.. S. ! a. . J. Fute.,, 1
( oil iv . and one hum I red other, of the m
able families of I'rov idence.
This cert ilies " ! 1 ; 1 1 I have for a number of vear
-t respect-
been acquainted wi'h the coiiiimsirion am
manut'.ict ure of Mi 1 use's Ci iiei 11 vii n v 1: 1 e ot' V 1; 1.-
ecu aciiiiainti'd w itli
i.iiv,- I )im i lino r.
its modus operandi
respects it is
I have al-o
ill disease, and
admirably calciiiatei
iv tieit in -ill
..; , , ', "
class of ,iiscas,s for which it is ilesincl. (s.
ieii.dlv valuable in ludlgi-il'-.m and all its attendant
It lAciles to healthy action the i,: r
action the .;
t this ie -van. and stim-
svstrm. As a depu-
M. D.
sv m,toiiis
removes torpor. uel inactivity
ulaies healthy action in all ll
rator or liuritier of the blood it lias m
I v v in 1 Im.Mi
ProMueiice, b. I., Jan. ), Is.."..'!.
" '."Prepared bv C. Mmr- Co., 4ld Proud-,
way. N. V., and sold bv IMiCK ,V K( 1 1 ! I". KTSON,
I'crrysbuig. ai d by Drii"- ist ;,nd otlu r-t lirouglumt
t his and ot her countries. l .'vl
Mlli TOI,i:i0 Itl.VDII has I nlarged
to the size of the I. V 111; is r n.V I I.I l.s on t he Lakes.
1 b'reafter special eei lions will be made to make it
authoritative 011 subjects of commerce, !, ninr.rt.
and the new s of the dav. It dail v publishes the
test Telegraphic news, and iisiiallv contains the
markets of ilrlfao and Aw li of the day it is
Co, cted with Ihe ot!',.,. I,:, IllVliri.W .....
. 1. i-.i .. : " . ,
1 11 siit'ii,,i iiii 11,1 1 10s a mi inacni nerv . w men W 1 1 1
promptly execute any w ork demanded by the wants
of t!ie count rv.
Subscriptions and work for the Bindery received
: tit this oHiee.
m,,!'"" MA It INK AMI INLAND INslltA NTi: eoui'A-
''HIS o;lici has now transacted business for mon
than a oiiarter of a century, during which peri-
01I it has taken mere limn KiO.OOU ItisKs! and
insured real .Mid personal property against loss by,
and M ater to the value of more than i wo n i n -
to' i,in:n MILLIONS OF DOLLAKS in the Western
Several thou.-aml losses hav e 1 n incurred upon
the above risks, i: of which have been adjusted at
tne 1 icnerju .genev
j ditjotis of th
Olliee at Cincinnati, and paid
w ith the utmost promptitude according to the eon-
bv the receipts
00m , ,is im.h oe seen o 1 ne 1 i-cci us
I of the several clainuints on tile.
I 'The undersigned has been furnished with blank
policies, signed by the office rs of the ( 'ompany : ill-
so with blank renewal receipts, for continuing poli-
cies already issued, and on hand. :,nd he is duly ail-.
I thorie I and prepared, as agent of said comiiauv, to!
1 nial.e insurances lor anv perm' I ot tune, not less than
I ings and their contents, occupied asdwellings, stores,
I warehouses, hotels, churches, banks, court houses,
i ' "" r gr. atertl.au seven wars. .1,..,.. build-i
1 :..,....... 1 .1...: .. : .1 u; '
'ollegcs, -c., c., nnd their confchts against Fire,
,r lTiIs f .Xavigatici.i. Also, on Dry
.- 1 Ooods. (Ji cries. Manufacturers' Uoods, Produce,
Household Furniture, Live Stock, and every other
I description of Merchandize and personal Property,
j shipped or to be shipped per good vessels or steam-
boats 011 most of the navigable waters.
For further information respecting rates of pre
inillll I kY C, 11 pill V tO t IIP I
gent for Perrysburg
wid Wood county.
CI PEItUIN is coastantly enlarging his luini
J ness and iinjiroviug his facilities for doing good
work, and respectfully solicits an enlared public
patronage. I Us customers il generally find him
prompt, attentive to business, and an.xious to accom
modate those who pay for their work. He is pre
pared to make to order. Y'agons for Farmers and
Teanusters, Buggies of the most approved and taste
ful styles; Pleasure Carriages uf all kinds: Cart.-,
Drays. Timber Wheels, t;e., &c His work will be
made of the best, material, in a good substantial;
maimer, and on reasonable terms.
I le keeps constantly on hand for sale. . L'MIW.l!
v.(!os. o.i: iioiisi: a(.(ks, clt
tj:!s, s .;(. is, .
I'arsnfi-s, Look IGero!
manufactures Hall i- Pt C:i'Il'lVAT()ll.
I'.i'titt i! April (ilh, l"2. to which lie
e attention ot aLiricu turists. Asa la-
U1,l, ,..,11 h
maelnne. it is callable of doing doubU"
imoimt of work of any ordinary Cultivator.
This implement has t w o lomj- shares, one on i ii,"'i
side, constructed of steel, aial fa: tt i.ed
boards in such a manner as to move tie
lace o the ground, therebv curling
weeds that conic in contact with th
1 the m
1. Ilii.
1 '
ics 111 i;e)th.
may lie gra
S1X ll!
I he three small
s wcr the same pur
vati r a 111! in :n Ii lit !
,,,,.t;i!j- blade rake
' ti valor, l.ieh s.-f.i
ml haro lumi
entire iir -
ll root ami
l.ares which
itei! hy the clt v to run from t w o 1.
V I rieil conilM ion. I he
tor renders second
savin::' of time and I
lows attached to the .-hares ;.n
ose of the common too:h eulti--'11
to the shares and plows, is a
itt.ichei! to tin- rear of the 'nl-'.-
to cut and break up the sei!
ie earth in .-. tine and imi!-
The etfei tive'le.ss of this etlltiva-
1 111:; iiliiiecessarv, which i
Mr. l'errin ubu manufactures a I;: rgcr sized ma
chine, constructed upon the same principle as t he
above, but with larger shares, and containing I w o
small plows in add it ion to the com cultivator, w Inch
is liesivned to put in grain, and w orkhig upon stun
ner fallows. Th. y arc lisl.(. nnd nf'u'nrnlil,' ;,
sli iirlinn. ifiniy hana'li-d and i.f n.-it drnnvlil.
This C I' I.'i 1 v.vt't 1 u obtained tiie lirst nreminm at
, the ( Hiio State Fair, heid et CI, landm Sent.. ls.Y-
Shop on Front-si., I'enysbuig. 1 lido. 1 lif
1 hereby give notice to the n i ple t f F'errv - burn'
ami elsewhere that I am now fulb ore pared to treat
,.....,, .,Mi:......l .. .1; i:.i 1 ,
1 oi-c.isi s .,i ,ui 1,11111, ami an
such are respectfully invite, 1 to ciuc ami be cured.
i ' ' "''"ov mg uiscas. is use ot
; . . !l "! !' IifiJiS.
' " 111 u " m"" '" 1 "eST mai!e ie ot l.y pli V sician.
;aiwavsactmg 111 unison Willi the ji.ivvcrs of life, am!
w hu'ii do not leav e the system m a shattereil and de
bilitated condition, such as genera Ih follow s the 11-e
ot Mercury and mineral medicines. From manv
years experience in the use of e"eiable U( rneiiies.
1 feel justified in s.iv ing that ev erv form if disci, .-e
can be entirely cured by the use i f my medicine, for
thousands of people are annually cured of everv kind
of disease by the use of these medicines. 1 amaUo
assisted by the advice ot main eminent l'.clei
siciansin the I nited Mates.
Among' the many diseases which 1 have cured and
am prepared to cure again. are the follow ing : Fever
and Ague, Bilious. Typhus, and febrile diseases of
every tvpe: diseases of the stomach and boweb:
intlainmatioti and debility of the Liver and Lung- ;
Kheumatism of ail kinds: White SwiMiti"-: Scrofi:-
ectic p
ami converse w ith ihose that
'"! 1""' ot Old Sores : old I ' leer.s .111. 1 O Id M r
Legs. cm,
cured, and t'nev will ti ll von that
hi a a
cured them with me when 'ory dninr.i elsewhere
did not. Sore I.ves. Asthma, all discuses of the
throat, mouth and head : pain in the side : weakness
ill the back : Dri ps : breaking out on the surface
enc."ea! diseases cnr.
humors in the blood : Pile:
111 a tew days : all diseases of Children, and pai ticii
larly all diseases of Women: those weaknesses s,,
common to them can be removed : and other dis
eases too numerous to mention, both general and
local, will be cured in the shortest possible time.
Come and see, and put away your prejudices and be
If anv reasons be asked for the decided stand I
take on this subject, t hey can be giveti. In the lirst.
place, so many of the inhabitants of the world iisar--I'ire
' acoiiaintcd w ith me. either tierson.illv In- ..,. ,,...
' ter, will expect this duty at my hands. Second, mv
conscience, which I cannot with
mv degree of
( 1T-I
priety resist, is night and da exciting ine forw ard by
every allurement of happiness to embark in this go'-
rimiscaiise. and bv everv degree of iiiihanriiii.s-s if 1
' faint-heart ed!y shrink -hack 'into apathy after beiiir
so long as l.
so long as 1.1 vcars using every means 1:1 mv inu ir
both in and out of the profession, to stirns some able
' hand to undertake this, of all reforms, the most nec
, j essary. And third, my (Jed, whom I incline to serv
j with all my heart, soul, strength and mind, savs in
1'xodus, " Than .shall nut .ill;" her.ee, if' I suffer
any false system to oppress the human familv. and
countenance t.he same, and do not lift up mv v nice
ish me aeei
against it, He'wili ra.nk'me as a murderer, and ,'nr,
....... ., . . . "
, j ish me accordingly, seethe ''7th and 'stli chapters of
euteronomv. Bead also the ''."th chanter of int
j thew. where 'everv one of us is called upon notto'hi(t.
ourtalents. be thev ever so few or weak ; and henci
i 1 contciul, tluit if I possess only one talent as a nual-
j ideation to eradicate onh one error of medical prae-
; (ice, or establish only o'ne truth of medical theor
.....1,1.. .....l.n ............ ...... ..V .1... 1 .
nn no inn 111, on- 1 . j o 1 use in 1 ii.-i 1 liiienr, 1 ain a
culpable as if I had live talents rolled in a mipkin.
My olliee is 011 Front street, opposite Houston'
store. Also, Botanic Medicines for snlo.
c. beaupre.m.'d,
Perrysburg, June J3, llniG .

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