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CHIURCII, HAYES & Co., Wholesale Deal
J era in Foreign & Domestic Dur Goods, Ready
Made Clothing, Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Straw Goods, Iron, Nails, Glass, Glass Ware,
und Pittsburg Manufactures in general.
TATTarticular attention paid to orders.
Morris Block No. 4, Toledo, Ohio.
School Teachers.
IMIE board of School Examiners of Wood coun
ty will hold their first spring session for the ex-
iimiiintioD of teachers, nt the court house in Perrys
buig, on the first Tuesday of April next, at !) o'clock
a. in., and on the first Tuesday of each month there
after, until further notice. By order of the board.
J. II.'NEWTON, Clerk,
l'crryhburg, March 15, lx'il. 2vv3
OTR VYL1), on the 3(lth of April last, from the
O llig Island, Maumee river, nearly opposite Per
rysburg, A SMALL bOltlUlL M AKi:, five years
old, about thirteen hands high, with How install, and
white stripe in her forehead. Any person return
ing the mare, or giving infortnation where she may
b found, to Mr. B. F. I loi. lister, Perrysburg, or
to .1 . P. CLA li K , Detroit, will be liberally 're warded.
Detroit, Dec. 1st, lS,"3.--47tf
raeation of the Spring Term.
Wood Common Pleas.
Elijah Huntington 1
vs. V
Lucy Kotrers ctal. )
HliTLKR ROGERS, Henry Rogers, George Ro
r, Lucv Rogers, Jane E. 1 (einlen. John Hein-l'-n,
lljwciia W. Widmau. and Alexander 1. Wid
inan, v. iil take notice, that the plaintiff has filed a
petition in theourt of common pk-as of Wood coun
ty, Olu', ctiir forth in substance that one Elijah
N. Knight and Henry Zei.Ier entered into a contract
for the purchase of tract number eleven 11 J of tlu
Maumee and Western Reserve road lands in ctiid
Wood county ; t!:.it Ib'nry Zciyler sold and assigned
his interest in said cor.t.r:ict to one Ichabod Rogers,
who has since died, leaving Lucy Kogc rj, his admin
jsttatrix. and the other di'tL-nd.mK Ids heirs at law ;
that. Elijah N. Knight f-ll out and assigned his in
terest in mid contract 1'lii.ih Huntington, who
lias tendevd tot(;e said Le.ry Rogers, administratrix
'f lehabid uogrs, deeeaxi d, the full amount, re-1
fiiaining due on said contract, and demanded a deed
:r said tract of bind. Plaintiff a.-k.s a decree for
the conveyance of said tract of land, as required bv
the said contract ; and defendants are notified that,
unless they answer or demur by the 20th day of Mav,
V. 1). 1851, said petition will," at. the term' of court
next thereafter, be taken as confessed, nnd a decree
rendered accordingly. JAMES MURRAY.
March 'JO, 1 I. 2wC$ 1 .50 Atfy of P'tfr.
Notice to Non-Residents.
V VIEW nnd survey will be liai, for n public
road, on the l'Jthiliy of April next, on the fol
lowing rente : Commencing at the ea.st line of Wood
county, on the Western Reserve and Maumee Road
end rutiing north on said county line about two mile
to the north west corner of Sandusky county. Non
residents f Wood county are notified accordingly.
March 2 ). IS I. 2w3
BY virtue of two writs of vendi, issued from the
clerk's office of Allen county, Ohio, 1 will offer
for sale at the door of the court house in Perrvsburg,
on the 12th day of April next, between the hours of
12 in. and 2 p. m.. the billowing land, to wit: The
north west qr of the S. F.. qr of section 0, T.
range ft, taken in execution as the property of Mi
chnel Meloy at the suit of Levi Saint and Peter
Tungent, against the said Meloy.
"TUG'S L. WEBB. Sheriff Wood Co.
March V 1 A. Iw5$ 1.G3
Stauil From Under !
MMIOSE indebted to the subscriber are most re
1 respectfully invited to walk up and pay up.
Tho papers can be found at our office for a short
time, where they can be pnid without any additional
charges. ' BROWN & HI NT.
Perrysburg, Feb. 27, 1S.V1.
Hale of Ileal Estate by order of Court.
ON tho l.Ult day of April, A. 1). 1854. at 3 o'clock
in the afternoon, on the premises, in the town
ship of Center, Wood county, Ohio, will be sold
th-i highest bidder, according to law, the following
real estate, as the property of Simeon Eaton, de
ceased, to wit : One acre, be the same more or less,
commencing at a stake on the state road, at the
north west corner of the south west quarter of sec
tion No. thirty, in township No. live, run go No. elev
en, ami running east thirteen rod.s; thence south
thirteen rods ; theneo north along tho state road
thirteen rods to the place of beginning, less one
quarter of an nere off tho south sid.
And also, the following: beginning at the south
west corner oi' the south east quarter of the north
west quarter of section thirty, in township five
north, of range eleven, running north forty rods
thence cast twenty rods ; thence south forty rods
thence west twenty rods, to tho place of beginning
containing live acres in the last described piece ;
ituate in Wood county, Ohio, subject to the dower
of the widow.
First i.hove described piece appraised at $0(!G.C(i.
- Last above described piece appraised at 53.5(5.
Terms of sale, one third in bund, one third in one
year, and tho balance in two years, with interest
the deferred payments ; the deferred payments to
oured by mortgage on the premises.
LEE MOORE, Administrator
of Simeon Eaton, deceased.
Afurch 13, 185-1. lw5
Perrysburg Prices Current.
Wheat, $1.20(31.30 ; Flour $ 7.007.00 ; Rye, 60 ;
Corn, 3750; Oat 34p37 ; Flaxseed 87$1.00;
Timothy, $1.502,00; Cloyer $4.004.50; Pota
toes 3714; Apples, green, 50(3$ 1.00, dried, $1.25
to 1.50; Beans, $1.25(1.50; Butter 1518; Eggs,
8 to 8 ; Beeswax, 22 to 25 ; Feathers, 31 to 44 ;
Fresh Pork, 4 to 4j ; Mess do., $15.00 to 15.00;
Prime, $12,50 ; Hams 1012 ; Shoulders 7 to 8 ;
Sides 8 to 10 ; Fish, pickerel $(J.OOa7.00 ; white bass
$5.50(70.00; Shingles, white wood $1.00, pine
2.503.00 : Staves, flour barrel $3.50 to 3.75, tight
barrel $5.50G'.U0 ; Hides, green 4 to 45, dry 7 to 8 ;
Tallow 8 to 10 ; Lard (i to 8 ; Wood $1.251.50 ;
Onions 75 ; Wool 3540 cts. Hogs 4 to 4 Jc.
MSIILUY FOU MALE. For sale, on rea
sonable terms, one of the best fish grounds on
the Lake Shore, together with seine, boat, and all
other necessary fixtures appertaining to a fishery.
For particulars, enquire of M. KEY, jr.
VLL persons indebted to the late mercantile firm
of Ross & Key. or to M. Key, jr., are requested
to call at the counting-room of their late store-house
and settle by cash or due-bill, as the accounts of said
concern must be closed up immediately. It is hoped
that this notice will be sufficient to induce the
prompt attention of all interested, and prevent the
necessity of recourse to compulsory settlements.
M. KEY, Jr.
Perrysburg, Feb. 13. 1854. 49tf
sale a
li number of excellent draught horses.
mchfitf M. KEY, jr
MORSE'S Syrup of Yellow Dock, a remedy
for disordered BOWELS and BLOOD, just
Waterviile, Maumee City and Perrysburg
rpiIE subscriber having established the Marble
JL business in Waterviile and Maumee City, Oaks
the inhabitants of these places, and vicinities, to give
hiin a call and examine his large stock of MARBLE.
My Marble is from Rutland and Dorsett, Vt., and
North Adams, Mass. My stock consists of 3,000 feet,
so that any can have a chance to make a selection.
My priees'w ill be one-fourth to one-third less than
the people have been in the habit of paying in this
section of country. My terms will be cash, or good
notes on u reasonable time.
My shop at AYaterville.isjust north of the School
house, near the canal; and at Maumee City, on
Broadway, between the Pearl Mills and the Maumee
Woolen Factory in Mr. McNeese's Cloth Office.
Those w ho wish for Grave Stones or Monuments,
now is your time. So give me a call if you do not
purchase. GIDEON MYERS.
Waterviile & Maumee City, Jan. 3. 1854. 4Syl
PLOUGHS. Geo. W. Brown & Co. are ma
king, and have ready for sale, either at
Nos. 13 and 4 of Longs Right and Left Hand
rioughs, of a little the latest improvement out.
I hese Ploughs are manufactured by us, made of the
best materials, und warranted to give entire satis
faction. Fanners and others wishing Tloughs, will
do well to call at Brown & Hunt's Tin Shop and
look. mhJ7-ott
ook and Stationery House. Mason
Bhotiies, 23 Park Row, opposite the Astor House,
New York, offer one of the most extensive Stocks
and Complete Assortments in the country
Of Books and Stationery, for Cash only.
'1 he amount of goods in our line purchased by the
country merchants is usually quite small compared
with their dry goods, hardware, and other bills ; and
this very circumstance absolutely compels jobbers
in the Book business, who sell on time, to get large
profits in order to make up for the losses and extra
expenses necessarily involved in a credit business of
small amounts. It is also easy for the merchant to
make arrangements to buy his book bill for cash,
though it might not be so convenient for him to pur
chase his larger bills in this way.
These considerations have led us to adopt in our
business from this date, January 1S54, the following
principles, to wit: Small profits, unvarying prices,
and terms alitais cash.
Being ourselves the sole publishers of a number
of the lead'ng and most extensively selling School
Books in tho country, as well as works in other de
partments, our facilities tro unsurpassed.
Call upon m orsend an order, and judge for your
selves, if the saving you can make bv buviugof us
for cash, is worth while. MASON BROTHERS,
jan 20, 1854. 4tf 23 Park Row, New Vork.
B. Smith's Burning Tlnid,
The actual cost of w hich is one-third less than oil
or candles, and neither emits smoke or bad smell,
no danger in its use. It is entirely anew invention,
and burns without destroying the wick, and never
causes the least dirt, smoke or soil to tho lamp.
will furnish tho fluid, with the lamps of all descrip
tions, nt the lowest possible cost. Manufactured
Ohio, by
Woodviile, Sandusky county,
Feb. 20, 18C4.50 '
HAVE just returned from New York and are now
opening at the old stand of George Powers,
on Front street,
A large and well selected assortment of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
Consisting in part of Wool and Cotton Goods of all
kinds ; Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, Boots and
Shoes, School Books and Stationery, Nails, Glass,
Shovels, Spades, Chains, &c.; Hats, Caps, Bonnets,
Ready Made Clothing in fine, a complete variety
of articles usually found in a retailstore.and which
will be offered at unusually low prices for Cash or
Produce. All persons desirous of purchasing Goods,
will find it to their advantage to call and examine
our stock before purchasing elsewhere.
We wi;ih it to be distinctly understood that for
cash or merchantable produce, we will not be un
dersold by any other establishment in the place in
Goods ot the same quality. We will at all times
pay the highest market price in Cash for Wheat,
Grass Seed, Pork, &c, and will also receive in ex
change for Goods, Produce of almost every kind, and
cash will not be refused, but received with joyful
hearts and pleasant looks. November 1 , 1853.
THE subscriber will run a Carriage from Perrys
burg and Maumee to Toledo daily, in connec
tion with the Cleveland and Toledo Railroad.
Starting from Perrysburg at ti o'clock A. M., and
arrive at loledo in time tor the V o clock train.
Returning at the arrival of the Express Train
from Cleveland, at 12 o'clock.
jSPassengers will be sent from Perrysburg in
any direction and at all hours.
Perrvsburg. Dec. 0. 1853. 40tf
npHOSE persons wishing to have good stout, du--L
rable Wagons made, would do well to call on
J. W. LANG, on Louisiana Avenue, nearly oppo
site D. Ross's tavern. He is ready to make to order
all kinds of vehicles, and to finish them in superior
for .Farmers and Teamsters, will be kept on hand or
made to order. Carts and Drays, as stout as they
can be made, on short notice. Timber Wheels
and Trucks, that it would be hard to break. Sleighs
and Cutters, that will run as fast as you wish to ride
with a good horse before them.
in all its branches, will be carried on in connection
with the establishment.
33- Call on the subscriber and satisfy yourselves
that thi3 is the place to get your work done well and
cheap. J. W. iiAU.
January 23, 1854. 4Gm3
THE only place to get the money for Hides, green
or dry. Sheep-skins, Beeswax and Feathers, is
at BROW N & llLMTs, who at all times are ready
to pay the highest price in Money. So bring them
right along.
They have for sale every description of
Stoves, Stove ripe & Tin Ware.
Give them a call, and if they cannot suit you, there
is no need of trying elsewhere. Store corner Front
street & Louisiana Avenue. foct24
HAVING made tnv fall purchases of BOOKS
AND STATIONERY, I am now receiv
ing, and am prepared to supply the citizens of Per
rysburg and Northwestern Ohio, with a large and
well selected assortment of
Historical, Biographical, Poetical, Theolo
gical, Practical, Classical, and School
Books in general; Also, Billes, Prayer
books, Animals, Gift books. Toys, fyc.
A larie assortment of
Gold Pens made expressly for the Crystal Palace
Exhibition, and in fine, almost everything that a good
Book Store ought to keep, which I will sell for cash
or exchange for rags, at w holesale or retail, as cheap
a3 can be bought this side of New York City.
Clergymen, Teachers, and Associations purchas
ing Libraries, supplied at a liberal discount.
Maumee City, Oct. 17. 1853. P. C. HOLT.
Y3u Watchmaker and Jeweler,
SvudS Would most respectfully invite the citizens
of Maumee City, Perrysburg, Waterviile and vicin
ity to call and examine, before purchasing elsewhere,
received from Boston the best assortment ever
brought into this market consisting of Ladies and
Gents' Fine Gold Breast Tins; Gents' Diamond
Scarf Pins; Gents Diamond Rings ; Ladies' supe
rior Curt' Pins ; Ladies' Ruby, Emerald, Pearl, and
GarnetRings; Fine Gold Lockets ; Ear-rings of
kinds and qualities; biautiful alva coral Bracelets;
tine Gold Bracelets with settintrs; Ladies Gold
Chains; Gents' extra fine Gold Vest Chains, new
style ; Silver and Gold Pencils; Cornelian Rings;
Watches, Clocks, Gold and Silver Watch Keys, to
gether with a general assortment of every variety
goods in his line.
Cash buyers will find this a very desirable stock,
and I would also say that I can and will sell jewelry
ten per cent, cheaper than Toledo merchant.
Maumee City, Oct. 17. K. A. CSOS.
New- 1 8 54. Store .
THE subscriber haying purchased the entire stock
and taken the stand occupied by M. KEY, jr.
and ROSS & KEY, respectfully solicits the patron
age of the late firm and the public generally. For
further particulars please call on the subscriber, at
the old stand of Ross & Key, where you will find a
warranted to give satisfaction, and offered, for sale
on the most reasonable terms. '
jan 23-4Ctf A. M. THOMPSON.
Having disposed of my entire stock of goods to
A. M. Thompson, I would cheerfully recommend
Mr. T. to the patronage of my old customers and
the public generally. Marshall Ket, jr.
Jan. 23, 1854.
The British Quarterlies,
and Blackwood's Magazine,
LEONARD SCOTT & CO., New York, contin
ue to re-publish the following British periodi
cals, viz :
The London Quarterly Review (Conservative.)
The Edinburgh Review (Whig.)
The North British Review (Free Church.)
The Westminster Review (Liberal.)
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (Tory.)
The present critical state of European affaire will
render these publications unusually interesting du
ring the year 1854. They will occupy a middle
ground between the hastily written news-items,
crude speculations, and Hying rumors of the daily
journal, and the ponderous tome of the future
historian, written after the living interest and excite
ment ot the great political events ot the time shall
have passed away. It is to these periodicals that
readers must look for the only really intelligible and
reliable history of current events, "and as such, in
addition to their well established literary, scientific,
and theological character, we urge them upon the
consideration of the reading public.
Arrangements are in progress tor the receipt of
early sheets from the British publishers, by which
we snail oe aoie to place all our reprints in the
hands of subscribers about as soon as they can be
furnished with the foreign copies. Although this
will involve a very large outlay on our part, we shall
continue to f urnis'h the Periodicals at the same low
rates a3 heretofore, viz : Per ann.
t or any one of the tour Reviews $3.00
For any two of the four Reviews 5.00
For any three of the four Reviews 7.00
For all four of the Reviews 8.00
For Blackwood's Magazine 3.00
For Blackwood and three Reviews 9.00
For Blackwood and the four Reviews 10.00
Payments to be made in all cases in advance. Mo
ney current in the state where issued will be receiv
ed at par.
Clubbing. A discount of 25 per cent, from the
above prices will be allowed to clubs ordering four
or more copies of any one or more of the above
works. Thus: Four copies of Blackwood, or of one
Review, will be sent to one address for $9; four
copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood for $30 ;
and so on.
Postage, In all the principal cities and towns,
these works will be delivered, through agents, free '
of postage. When sent by mail, the postage t
any part of the United States will be but 24 cenU
a year for Blackwood, and but 12 cents a year for
eacn or tne reviews.
Remittances and communications should always
be addressed, post-paid, to the publishers,
f4 Gold street, New York.
N. B. L. S. & Co. have recently published, and
have now for sale, the " Farmer's Guide," by Hen
ry Stephens, of Edinburgh, and Prof. Norton, of
I ale College, JNew llaven, complete in 2 vols, royal
octavo, containing 1 COO pages, 14 steel and 600 wood
engravings. Price in muslin binding, $U.
iSsThis work is not the old " Book of the Farm."
lately resuscitated and thrown upon the market.
TO PRINTERS. A new edition of the Spe
cimen Book of Bruce's New Y'ork Tvpe
Foundry will be published in September. 1853, and
will be given to those proprietors of printing offices
who will send for it, or it will be forwarded to them
by mail on receipt, in advance, of fifty cents for the
In it are exhibited piany articles never before
shown ; there have been added to tho Foundry new
varieties of Roman types from Nine-line Pica to
Pearl, various imitations of writing, a great number
of fancy fonts. Borders both plainand illuminated,
labor-saving Rules, and a complete foundry of Ger
mans. The types now manufactured are cast from a new
combination of metal of great durability, and are
usually kept on hand in large quantities. FZvery
fancy font is sold by weight, und at the printed pri
ces, which are from 10 to 25 per cent, less than those
of some other foundries. All other printing mute
rials are furnished at manufacturers' prices, either
for cash or credit.
P -inters wishing to open accounts with me, or
wl.ose dealings have been long suspended, are re
quested to accompany their orders with city refer
ences to prevent delay.
Printers of newspapers who choose to publish this
advertisement, including this note, three times before,
the first of August, 1854, and send me one of the pa
pers, will be paid for it in type, when they purchase
tive times the amount of their bill from me, of nij
own manufactures, selected from mv specimens.
31 Chambers-street, New York

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