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with the interest due thereon, shall have been
paid ; and fifty dollars in any one year there
after, to be applied to the improvement of
the grounds, as aforesaid. That it shall be
ihe duty of the coroner of any county to
bury such dead persons as he may hold an
ninuest upon, and wlio nave lett no means!
wherewith to pay the expenses of their bu
rial, in the burying ground of that township
wherein such inquest was held, and the ne
ressary expenses of such burial shall be al
lowed and paid by the township trustees;
the coroner shall also be allowed for his ser
vices under this section, by the trustees of
the proper township, fifty cents forcach per
son so buried.
Sec. 2. That section twenty-nine of the
act to which this is amendatory, is hereby
l e led.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 29, 1854.
Auditor's Office, PF-nnYsncno
Mav 12, 180-1
I certify that the forgoing laws are cor-;"
rect according to the copies certified to y
tie secretary oi qukb auu jurmb icu vu "'s,
by tilt: contractor for publishing the
laws in newspapers.
Auditor Wood County.
Perrysburg Prices Current.
Wheat. $1.7'M'r..uo; Flour $-.(H(ilo.oi; ;
Torn. .'Hi..r-.M; Oat.s 3lw37; Flaxseed 7$ 1.0(1 ;
Tiiftfhv. ,l.0(,f',ni); Clover l.tiow l.'0 ; Pta-'
t ,,es 'o.w ",i ; A pples. green, "rttiVf . I ., dried, $ 1 .25
.t-L-0; Beans, I.25t 1.5; Butter 1215 ; Eg;s,
s t; Beeswax, 22 to 25; Feathers, 31 to 4 ;
Fresh Pork. 4 to 4( -v Mess do., ,t".tid to 1 3.00;
Priire. $12,5i; Hams lOrtlO ; Shoulders 8 to 8;,
Side 8 to 10; Fish, piekerel .Jlj.oiia7.o0 ; white hassj
$ "i.'iti.vMi.OO ; Shingles, white wood $1.00, pine
.2.5 . : Staves, Hour barrel $3.50 to 3.75. tight!
..'."0;.00 ; Hides, green 1 to 4J, dry 7 to8;
Talhm-8 to 10; Lard tj to s ; Wood 1.25(1.50
Onimis 75 ; Wool It. 10 cts. Hogs 1 to 4Je.
Perrysburg and Detroit Railroad
IIOOKS will be opened for receiving subscriptions
AJ to the capital Mock of the above named coinpa-:
iiv on the 17th day of May next, at the office of.
Murrav. in the town "of Perrvxburir. Ohio.
April 12. 151. 0w5
- "
1"MFTY DOLLARS REWARD will be paid
? if a man named Gardner, or any other person,
not employed in my othce) can be produced.to whom
I gave a verbal order for goods in J. A. Hall's store,
March 17, lsVj. If Gardner be not a myth, an im-:
aginarv entity, he will be forthcoming; but if that Ac
his character, then 1 1 all' a mnemonics are at fault, for
lie rvi till'cls au aoour. 11, as u.muu. 1 unimn
.i the matter, except that 1 have had to pay Hall
aid trille. If Gardner be not found, alter due no
tice, I may be finally forced to believe that there is
either a mistake or a fraud in Hall's said bill.
Mav b. is-"'. s- CLARK.
TOTICK is hereby given that an application will
1 be made to the commissioners of Wood county,
at their June session, 1S")4, to lay out and establish
vountv road, as follows: Beginning at the head of
the outlet ditch, on the Perrysburg and Findlay plank
Tool, in the farm formerly owned by Joseph Ralston,
in ('enter township, thence east along said ditch to
-where said ditch crosses the section line between
feet ions eighteen and seven ; thence east on the sec
tion line to the southwest corner of section nine, to
intersect the Way road. May (i -Dw4
"VTOTICE is hereby given that a petition will be
i presented to the commissioners of Wood coun
ty at their next session, asking for an alteration in
part of the road leading from Calken's mill up the
Portage river on its southeast bank to the McCutch
ensilie road in Freedom township ; said alteration
to commence on the northeast side of the brook sup
posed to be some thirty rods cast of the section line
between sections No. i8 and '2'J ; thence to follow
the bank of the river up, to intersect the McCuteh
enville road at or near the south end of the bridge
across said Portage river. May G Ihvl
OTICE is hereby given that a petition will be
iiresented to the commissioners of Wood coun
ty, at their next regular session, to lay out and estab
lish a county road as follows : Commencing on the
east line ot section y,", in Troy township, at the
quarter post, and running west through the center
of said section to the quarter post PH the west line
pi the above named section.
Troy, May 0, 1851.--.yw4
PAPER HANGINGS. We are just reced
ing our spring stock of Paper Hangings, such as
Wall Papek,
Window Paper, and
Fire Board Prints,
Which comprises the largest assortment ever opened
in this market, and which we otter at wholesale and
retail, at the lowest possible rates.
March 273tf I). II. NYE & CO.
rTMIK only place to get the money for Hides, green
JL or drv, Sheep-skins, Beeswax and Feathers, is
ut BROWN v"v HUNT'S, who atall times are ready
to pay the highest prige in Money. So bring them
right along.
They have for sale every description of
Stoves, Stove Pipe & Tin Ware.
Give them a call, and if they cannot suit you, there
is uij need of trying elsewhere. Store corner Front
street & Louisiana Avenue. oct21
At the Sign of the Big Watch,
Hi-Nlll T. COOIv respectfully informs his ten
thousand personal friends, and the good people
of Toledo, Mauniee City, Perrysburg, and all the
country round, that he has opened the most com
plete und splendid stock ever ottered in the city, and
is receiving daily additions from the best European
and Eastern manufacturers of
juite useless to attempt an enumera-
ti.m of the brilliant articles his show cases now con
dlice j tain; but ladies and gentlemen will please call and
see his splendid
! Crold ami Silver Watclics
j of every variety, quality and pattern, nt prices rang
; injr from Ten to One I Inndred. ami Fifty Dollars.
tie iiir!rest and richest assortment ever seen here, at
tn)in fir,,- to Fifty Dollars.
f unerpialled beautv, weight and finish, at from
Twelve to Forty-fire' Dollars.
Mahnikiuknt Diamond Pins and Rings, of the
latest st les, and at the lowest prices.
I Si pkhior Pen and Pocket Knives, of elegant
patterns and finished workmanship, the finest lot in
j Plain, Octagon and Be autiful Inlaid Clocks,
()f the best manufacture, at Two and a Half to Fif
barrel tvm Dollars. "With a countless variety of
;j Lockets, Gold Pkncii.s,
Rin.js, . Gold Pkns,
; Ear Drops, Watch Seals,
' Cuff Pins, Breastpins,
i Brooches, Studs, &c,
And everything else ever seen or heard tell of in a
jewelry establishment. Prices lower than the lowest.
J2-L'pecial care given by the best workmen in
the country to rkpaikinu watches and jkwelkv,
and all work warranted.
Cnton t forget, the place V gn of the liig
Watch, Summit street, between Jefferson and Mad-
mri'Ov I J II. T. COOK .
j ison srreeis.
OOK BINDERY, Bliss's Building, Sum
, P. W. PIPER would respectfully inform the
; citizens of Toledo and surrounding country, that he
1 now prepared to do all work in his line, with des
( patc h and in styi.k not to be surpassed. Blank
j Books for
Banks, Insurance Companies, Forwarders,
County Officers (f'C
j matle at tj)e sj,ortest ,lotTe '
"Magazines and Old Books bound to pattern.
B. One of Town's Patent Pauinc Machines,
for paging Blank Books, is in operation at this es
tablishment. Ruling of all kinds done to order.
Toledo, March 20. ls.34. '.'yl
AdL'Orders for Binding left at this office will be
promptly forwarded and the work returned here, at
a very trifling expense.
STATIONERS, Blade Building,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sawyer, Ligerso Jj. Co. keep constantly on hand,
the publications of the American Tract Society, the
American S. S. Union, of Newman & Ivison, and
Carter & Brothers, AV10 York ; of Phillips, Samp
son & Co., of Boston ; of Moore & Anderson, and
W. B. Smith & Co., Cincinnati; and the beautiful
Presentation Books of E. II. Butler, Philadelphia
all of which are ottered to the trade, the clergy and
the public, at Publishers' retail prices, and at a tri
fling advance on wholesale rates.
Tract Society's Almanacs at Society's prices.
Seliool Hooks at Wholesale.
Sawyeu, Inoeksoll & Co. offer to the trade, at
a slight advance on publishers' wholesale rates
MeGurtVy'g and Sanders's Readers and Spellers.
Ray's, Thompson's, Smith's and Stoddard's Arith
metics. Pinneo's, Smith's and Bullion's Grammars.
Smith's and Olney's Geographies.
Ray's and Tower's Algebra.
Comstock's Philosophy. Grav's Chemistry.
Young's Citizen's Manual.- St. John's Geology.
Smith's Illustrated Astronomy.
Mavhew's Book-keeping.
Guernsey's, Wilson's and Goodrich's History of
the United States.
Ackerman's Natural History.
Scott's Bible entire in three volumes, for $6.50.
Steam tugs and derricks ate at work with
the Ericsson and it is expected that she will
be afloat again this week.
The New York Tribune nominates Mr.
John N. Genin, the great hatter, for Mayor
of the city.
There are in Paris eighty thousand Free
masons. The grand master is Prince Murat.
The London Times predicts that the pres
ent Eastern war will continue for a quarter
ot a centurv.
HATING made my fall purchases of BOOKS
AND STATIONERY, 1 am now receiv
ing, ana am prepared to supply the citizens 01 Fer-
rysburg and Northwestern Ohio, with a large and
well selected assortment of
Hiatorical, Biographical, Poetical, Theolo
gical, Practical, Classical, and School
Books in general ; Also, Bibles, Prayer
books, Annuals, Gift books. Toys, 6-c.
A large assortment of
Gold Pens made expressly for the Crystal Palace
Exhibition, and in fine, almost everything that a good
Book Store ought to keep, which I will sell for cash
or exchange for rags, at wholesale or retail, as cheap
as can be bought this side of New York City.
Clergymen, Teachers, and Associations purchas
ing Libraries, supplied at a liberal discount.
Maumee City, Oct. 17, 1853. P. C. HOLT.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Would most respectfully invite the citizens
t Muumee City, Perrysburg, Waterville and vicin
ity to call and examine, before purchasinar elsewhere,
received trom uoston the hest assortment ever
brought into this market consisting of Ladies and
Gents' Fine Gold Breast Pins; Gents' Diamond
Scarf Pins ; Gents' Diamond Rings ; Ladies' supe
rior Curt" Pins; Ladies' Ruby, Emerald, Pearl, and
Garnet Rings; Fine Gold Lockets; Ear-rings of all
kinds and qualities ; beautiful alva coral Bracelets ;
fine Gold Bracelets with settings; Ladies' Gold
Chains; Gents' extra fine Gold Vest Chains, new
style; Silver and Gold Pencils; Cornelian Rings ;
"v atches, Clocks, Gold and Silver Watch Keys, to
gether with a general assortment of every variety of
goods in his line.
Cash buyers will find this a very desirable stock,
and I would also say that I can and will sell jewelry
ten per cent, cheaper than Toledo merchants.
Jlaumee City, Oct. 17. R. A. CROSS.
Waterville, Mauniee City and Perrysburg
THE subscriber having established the Marble
business in Waterville and Maumee City, asks
the inhabitants of these places, and vicinities, to give
him a call and examine his large stock of MARBLE.
My Marble i3 from Rutland and Dorsett, Vt., and
North Adams, Mass. My stock consists of a.000 feet,
so that any can have a chance to make a selection.
My prices'will be one-fourth to one-third less than
the people have been in the habit of paying in this
section of country. My terms will be cash, or good
notes on a reasonable time. ,
My shop at Waterville, is just north of the School
house, near the canal ; and at Maumee City, on
Broadway, between the Pearl Mills and the Mauniee
Woolen Factory in Mr. McNeese's Cloth Office.
Those who wish for Grave Stones or Monuments,
now is your time. So give me a call if you do not
purchase. GIDEON MYERS.
Waterville & Maumee City, Jan. 3, 1851. 18yl
NOTICE is hereby given that an application
will be made to the Wood county commission
ers, at their June session, 1851, to lav out a county
road, as follows : Beginning at the Crom road, in
Weston township, between sections 22 and 23, thence
north between sections 11 and 15, 10 and 11, 2 and
3, to near Huffman's saw mill; thence on the most
practicable route to the river road.
April 2!), 1851. 8wl
GUARDIAN'S SALE. By virtue of an order
of sale to me directed, from the court of com
mon pleas of Wood county, Ohio, I will offer for
sale at the door of the court house in Perrysburg,
in said county, the following described land, "to wit:
Road tract No. 71, (seventy-four,) in township No.
(5, of range No. 12, of the Mauniee and Western
Reserve Road Lands, on Monday, the 2l)th day of
t. x it - 1 t. ,
iuav next, oeiween tne nours 01 one ana two p. n.
JANE II. WOOD. Guardian of .
April 28. 1851. 8w5$ 1.G3 George J. Wood.
BY virtue of an order to me directed and deliver
ed, from the court of common pleas of Wood
county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door of the
court house in Perrysburg, Wood county, on the
15th day of May, 1851, between the hours of 10
o'clock a. m. and 2 p. m., the following described
land, to wit : Out-lot number two hundred and fifty
seven, new survey, in the town of Perrvsburg, Wood
county ; taken as the property of E. N. Knight, at
the suit of Samuel Jackseji, administrator of Henry
Friezner, deceased. S. SPINK,
April 10, 1851. 5w3$ 1.88 Special Master.
jSsy-The above sale has been postponed till the
;.'-'a uay 01 juiv next, S. SPINK,
May 13, 1851. Special Master.
Office over J. A ugustus Hall's store.
All work warranted. dec 5-39tf
A Book for every Father, Mother, Son and
By . M. Rnlison, at the Queen City Publishing
House, No.lloJ Main street, Cincinnati, Ohio,
General Agent for the western and south
ern states,
0T,hPePle,s Medical Lighthouse,
N the Lses and Diseases of the Lungs, Heart,
Liver, Stomach, Kidneys, Womb and Blood ; a
key to the causes, prevention, remedies and cure of
pulmonary and other kinds of Consumption, Asth
ma, Bronchitis, Heart Diseases, Dyspepsia,' Liver
Complaint, Ague and Fever, Baldness, Deafness
Blindness, Spinal Curvatures, Headaches, Catarrh,
Costiveness, Diarrhoea, Dysentery.Grub and Worms'
Piles and Fistula, Miscarriage, Female Diseases'
Cancers and Tumors, Falling of Womb.
Marriage Guide : on early marriage, growth of
foetus, organs of generation, prevention of concep
tion, impressions on the female organs and on the
unborn child, art of procreating the sexes at will, and
how to render childbirth casv and safe, and retain
their youthful vigor, beautv and elasticity of both
body and mind "to a ripe old age, by Harmon K.
Root, A. M., M. D., author of "a series of lectures
on health, and inventor of the infallible lung barom
eter. Illustrated with 6'5 rare, interesting and use
ful engravings. This work, containing 472 large
octavo pages, in clear type, and elegantly bound,
Price .2. TThis book will be sent'by mail to
any part of the world, on the reception of $2, bv
letter (post paid.) -
Agents wanted to sell this work throughout the
west and south, to whom a liberal discount will be
allowed. Address post paid as above.
The Tieonle's Afedienl Lirrlithmian ?a a ..'4
guide to the preservation of health and the cure of
every kind of disease, and will be found of inestima
ble value by every individual and family to whom it
comes. It contains the long and varied experience
of the author in the practice of his profession, so ar
ranged and written as to be plain to every person,
and easy of comprehension. The jargon of medical
terms, behind which many physicians seek to hide
their ignorance, is discarded ; so that in verity it is a
Lighthouse of Medicine for the universal people.
The book has received the highest recommenda
tions from the clergy and press in various parts c f
the eastern and middle states.
N. B. Editors of papers in the western and south
ern states, eivino- the above aHvprtUcmont iti,.ln;,i
this notice, four or more insertions, and sending cop
ies of the papers containing the same, 6hall have a
copy of the Medical Lighthouse, mailed to their ad
dress, free of postage. II. M. RULISON,
April 28, 1851. 8 vvl 115J Main-st., Gin- O.
NOTICE is hereby given that a petition will be
presented to the county commissioners of Wood
county, Ohio, on Monday, the fifth day of Jui$,. A.
D. 1851, for vacating a portion of a county road ly
ing in Plain township, of said county, and included
within the following limits, to wit: Beginning at
the intersection of said road with the old Findlay
road, in the southeast quarter of section fourteen of
said town, and running thence east through a part
of the southwest ouarter of sprti
township, to the point of intersection f said road
. : i . ii. . i 1 . . ....
wiiu me oiu roau running northern ttom the road
known as the Gorrill road, said point of intersection
being in the southwest quarter ot said section thir
teen. Also, that oortion of
is included between the road running northerly from
the Gorrill road, and the Finifv
running easterly on the half section line of said sec-
nun iiiuieeii.
A petition will also be presented on said day, for
opening a new road. eommMieinrr . a iWnt in tin
old road running uortherlv from the Gerrill road,
eighty rods south of the north line of section thirteen,
in the northwest quarter of said settionkand running
thence east through the northeast quarter of said
section, and parallel with the north Hue of said sec
tion, to the I indlay plank road.
fJ, VAJN UA3ir,
James Murray, Att'y for Petitioners.
April 28. 18.54. 8wl$3.31 v
TnE owner of the following described land in
Wood county, Ohio, to wit: The south half of
the east half of the northeast quarter of section thir
teen, township No. five, north of range No. ten east,
will take notiee that an application will be made to
the trustees of Plain township, on Saturday, the tenth
day of June, A. D. 1851, for opening a ditch, com
mencing at a point in the old Findlay road 80 rods
north of the south line of section fourteen of said
town, running thence east, parallel with said section
line, and through a part of section thirteen, of said
town, about 180 rods, to the half section line of ai"d
section thirteen ; thence north 80 rods, along said
half section line ; thence east lo'O rods, along the'
east and west half section liue of said section, to the
Findlay plank road. Also, for a ditch, commencing
at a point in the old road running northerly from the
road known as the Gorrill road, where it intersects
the half section line of section thirteen ; thence east
80 rods, on said half section line, to the ditch abovo.
nentioned. , ,,' . B. VAN CAMP,
' DAVID DALLEY, et al.
James Murray Att'y for. Petitioner.
April 28, 18.51. 8wC$3.50 "

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