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An . Interesting i Literary Fact. The
fame, of Bunyan during his life, and during
tho century which followed his death, was
indeed great, but was entirely confined to
religious families of the, middle and lower
classes. Very seldom was he. during that time
mentioned with respect by any writer of
great literary eminence, loung coupled his
pro uilli tho poetry of th'. wretched!
.Ulirley. In In " spiritual U'tixolte, tne. ad-1
en lures of Christian are ranked with those
of Jack tlm Giant Killer and John Ilicka-
tlrrilt. Cowper ventured to praise, tip great
cut pl'l'iod
.1 1- 1 .
ori-u, but did not venture to name. him. :
It is a significant uircuni.staucs? that till u j
all the numerous editions of 1,1;!
niii si' iv'p'ss were evidently meant
I'm- tin; cnttnge mid the servant's hall. The
' ih printing, the' plates, were all of
the meanest description. In general, when
tit ;- ed uea ted minority and the common pe
k.' d'id'eivd as to the ni'iit of a book, the
ei'llOll It
c luea
" I II ;.rim s I n u' ess is
b.vik iih iit whicli, after
r I vcurs. the. educated
minority prevails.
: . 1,...,.. ii. .
the I ipse of a;
minority ha?!
over to th': opinion of the common
. iM
An Inquiring Mind.
ru.iu ruling 1:1 an eastern ri 1 i routi
i - 1 I
:r, v. :i.t"i wus s wai viv suppueii uu mv,iis
o'-ts. !.-. --rved iii a s.'at before him a Wan-
.- i 1 -1 T . I Yankee, e very f:aMi:- of who.?-
1,, .. v.,ivd to ask n filiation, uti'l a htti
eii:r'-!a!U'j m'im proved ihat.he possessed
1 ui"st inquiring mind." 15 f ire, him, or: -
i, stta lady dressed in .
c.ii I!!. id" eiuiii
,--: !!: ';, and alter shifting his position
- v r.il 'imes. and uvin.-uvcriug 10 g"t an
lO 'O.tiie.t iy 10 look her in the face, ho at
I -ngth cau'.-hl h.T eve." IIj jiod.led fa-
iriiii;n!v tt lei, umx usK'mi. Willi a nns'n t
utterly incapable of imitation, " In j
?" Yes, sir," replied the lady.
Vavent,---father or mother?'" !
No. sir." Child, perhaps a boy orjall,
;i.l '" " Na.'Sir, not a child," was the re-
piui- " I Inter no rhildri-u." " Husband, ';
:.i :i. 'xir-et '." ' ' Yes," was the. curt answer. 1
inebbe? '
Uwm '. 1-innera ? 11 tnuuit man,
Mv husband
; nin 111 i 3 vess
was a seafaring man th-
el: he didn't die of cholen
Oil, drownr
e!i? .
. 1 1. r 1 1 1
Miii.ueii ine luipiiaiuir. ueMiaung U!( a iniei;
i.ist:int. ". S t've. his chisi V It akud. ' Ye-;
: i ,c ve.,s A w.is .siv:d. ami mv husband's ef-
r -ecs." said tile widow. " 1 K th-v 'f" ask-'
-1 th
1(1 III'
nt s:
Yiink-". his eyes brightening
ir. 1:1 T' h" continu :;l. ' Hj
r ' of th ; Metiiodist Chnrcl;.
u 'sriou w as a litt'.-j delayed.
wus a
' The,
but it
Don't you think you got a great
ti b - thankful th-it In: was a pious ;
nid saved his ckht ?' "I do.
io"l o it ui
... j .1 j
w:...,w. abruptly, and turning her head to!
. ... . . . 1
window. Hi: nutelati-
. :i 1 1 1.: . 1. .1 1
1 -,- II III III C ll "IM Ht l i! . lent
Vr. widow by his ' glittering eye onee !
I one. mofj nirrv, in aj
htly inclined
trior:, ;.rd preipouu
lower tone, with his head slii
iorvvur-.l over th' hack of the seat
yv ralculatiii to get married agin V"
1.1 ; 1 ! .1 : ..! .1
ir V saui Hi" wiuow, muiguunuv, you
r.re impertinent ;"' and she left the seat, and
took am tiller on the other side of the car.
; '. iirs to be a little. huliV !"' said the ineffa-
bore, turning to our narrator behind him;
she: ueedn t
b" mud
It -v l'-eliugs. What did they make von ntav
that uniherel vou got in your hand? It's
a real pooty one !"
1 d.dn t want to hurt
Whit meal i pleasanter than a Sabbath
morning breakfast at home, in the bosom of
vonr fimilv ? Tha bright sunshine streams
oirougn your cunaineu winuous, uwui uu .
. t K .1 1 . it- .....fi.wl ii,-wmi flirt
MM.It'1 'L llliy UCll.-, in ttUILltl lll'i't nil.
breeze, Mid before and around you- are the
sweetest smiles of those whom you love.
Tin: cires of the world are temporarily for
gotten, and a brighter and a holier feeling
elavvns upon your heart. You experience in
ihfuil sense of the word that th Sabbath
is a day of rest and prayer, and the holy in
fluence'of th". tinu and hour makes you a
belte-r and a happier man.
Ladies who are. disposed to punish their
husbands, should bear in mind that a little
sunshine will melt im icicle much quicker
trijtii u regular northeaster.
Senator Houston is a strange man among
strangers. lie has two large printed notices
hung up in his room at Wizard's Hotel, say
ing: " My bed time is 9J o'clock precisely,"
when it is notorious that he never went to
bed at as early an hour. It i3 also notorious
that Gen. Houston never goes to bed till ev
ery one else. 13 asleep, and llien he must go
into the. street to see if everybody is abed
Iietore lie will go himself. He looks out lor
housebreakers and burglars.
amjahlk Discovery. A very superior
article: ol Spanish Brown has been lately
found near Ely ton, Alabama, which has been
tested hy competent persons, and pronounc
ed ui be b:iu-r than the imported article.
A medal has just been struck in Paris to
(Tmmemovute tie.: triple, alliance of France,
htigland and Turkey. It bears the motto
Cuiholieisrn. Protestantism, lslamism
milt protects them.
Mkax SiTfE. Russia, enraged with Tur
key fur having been the cause of depriving
h'-r of h"r markets for tallow, revenges 'her
self by stirring up Greece.!
Tin: Law of 1831 and the "Nebraska
liii.i.. The "Washing to 11 correspondent of
the New York Times writes to that iournal
As 1 have, already intimated, ilia law of
1S31. excluding foreigners from the Indian
TVrriiory of Nebraska, except they have
nris:-.'rts from the War Department, is not
maintained by the Nebraska Bill, but is es
s eutially defunct, because it is "locally in
applicable, the. Aeoraska iill having opened
the Territory to settlement, and .provided for
the extension over it only of such laws of
the I'uit el States as are "not locally inan-
. ... ... 1
pucauio. io snow mat tins view is cor
w.w.j, rect.l have only to remark that if the view as-:.i!lie-tim
jcrib.nl to Col. Button is correct, nobody
whoever can go into Nebraska or Kansas at
exceptive be an Indian, a Government
Agent, or a licensed trader, or passported
f ir igner, because, the old law prohibiting all
oth-rs from going into tho Territories, is no
ue ,. repealed than the law prohibiting for-
eiguers, and is just exactly
pi i cable.'" But tin: whole, si
as " locally ap
piu-a Die. iiiii nnjwnoie spirit and tenor 01
the bill looks to the settlement 01 the Terri-
. .. : .. .1 . 1. , : . . t. r ? .
oiiie.s ; iiim on rt is noiuing in any existing
g-ivral or special legislation which can even
by implication, make any distinction in the
admission of aliens and citizens.
Bite or a Uatti.ksxake. We happen to
know something about this, and can suggest
an elfectual remedy. We mean alcoholic
liquor. The philosophy of it is simply this.
Thi! venom of a serpent is a powerful secla-
tivc, which it requires .powerful stimulants
1 1 ' 1 il 1 C
10 ,cu ' uaL"1- nce saci ina me 01 a
r.i n 1 j iiinincT i' mr n lo nrr n ri i t rt ttia 1 n
j b-'-''0 " " v' "u-
si nee 01 anv uuier uc uori a wuoie oome 01
. . .
n dosfs Vha1 a l,utT'bl? at a tl,.ne-
. , -" r-""'
intoxication snoweunseii so powertul
seuuuvf. uuuou ui me poison, once
make ii man, who has been bitten by a ven
omous reptile, drum;, and tne victory is
achieved. From that moment he is safe and
ih': sore may be treated ns an ordinary and
slight fle.sU wound. N. 0. Crescent.
I-'vti! o:;i)TNTArtY Growth op Wiiiu.
We leam lhilt Mr- Bi,net urancl, of Ross
township in this county, cut fifty-three and
a half pounds of wool from six sheep at one
cutting. One 01 the fleeces weighed twelve
pounds and a 110 titer eleven and a halt pounds.
The sheep are of tho Bake well breed, and
only two years old. We are not experienced
in ttie business 01 wool "rowing, out it
-j t, . Qn extraorJicary yield
... .. . J J
Hamilton Telegraph.
MuiKtTo against Spades. The U. States
army numbers about 10,000 men, who cost
the country last year 63,525,2.10 for pay,
subsistence, clothing, &c. The. Illinois Cen
tral railroad army numbers 10.000 men, who
receive from the company 83,700,000 per
annum. In three years they will make 700
miles of road, adding greatly to the wealth
of the state and country. In SO vears the
U. States have spent $200,000,000, for which
they have nothing to show, but some old
forts, guns, battered uniforms, ami demoral
ized veterar.s.-JAIb. En. ' ,,. ,,;;
The N. Y. Herald says thai Bamum gets
for his services as president of the Crystal
Palace, 15 per cent; of the gross receipts
until they amount to $150,000, and after
that 15 per cent, on the net receipts.
An exchange paper asks very innocently,
it is any harm for young ladies to sit in
the lap of ages. Another replies that it all
depends on the kind of ages selected. Those
from 18 to 25 it puts down as extra-haaardous
One of the mission teachers at the Friends'
Shawnee mission, in Kansas, writes that
there is now in that territory an extensive
missionary establishment under the direction
of the Methodist Church South, at which
slaves have been kept for a long time.. The
missionaries sought to introduce slavery and
tne gospel oi Christ at the same time. .
In Moscow there are published four news
papers and nine magazines. In Riga, four
newspapers and three magazines. In Odessa
there are three newsparjers and two maga
zines. The Journal d'Odessa appears twice
week ; and there is an Italian paper also
puDiistieu mere.
The Springfield Post, until now a Hunker
Democratic paper, proclaims as its watch
word hereafter, the unconditional repeal of
116 jugiuve stave law oj ibol. The present
congress, it says, has repealed the Missouri
compromise for the avowed purpose of doing
away witn congressional legislation upon
the slavery question. Let it for the same
reason repeal the fugitive slave law .
We are to-day enabled to state, that on
Tuesday last the long debated treaty relative
to reciprocal trade between the United States
and these Provinces was actually signed on
behalf of H. M. Government and of the U.
States. In those colonies which accent its
provisions, the treaty will go into immedi
ate operation ; while in those provinces
which reject, it will remain a dead letter.
In Canada it will probably go into effect by
proclamation as soon as ratified by the Sen
ate, the Governor General having" power to
accept it under the authority of a law al
ready passed. New Brunswicker.
1 he Wheeling Bridge. We learn from
the Wheeling Argus that workmen are busi
ly engaged in taking the broken cables of the
late wire-suspension bridge from the river,
and coiling them upon two flat boats which
are lashed together, and upon which they
have rigged a sufficient hoisting apparatus.
A large force of workmen are employed up
on every practicable portion of the work of
rs-erection, and " the work goes bravely on.''
The Indiana banks are moving with a view
to establish an agency in Cincinnati ; for the
redemption of their paper. The proposition
is to furnish eastern exchange at I premium
to the brokers. The Ohio State Bank is also
about to establish an agency on Third street.
The probability is that nearly all the country
banks will unite in this arrangement,, which
is the only one that can prevent their notes
from being returned for redemption about as
fast as issued. ,' ,
A woman in Wisconsin, who was lately
attacked by a bear in the . woods, so abused
the poor animal with her tongue that it died
at her feet.
nVflt- ' f' f, nf nff , thlfnnw.
jiPT toat at a dinner party
0 ?ee si le and a8iinpjefee', "
A. ml all the fees entail
A lawyer, belonging, as he said, to the
Are nothing when compared with thee.
Thou best of foes female.
lie probably had a girl in his eye worth
her five thousand a year, and who had no
poor relations. -
There is some poetry, and still more truth
in the following:
God and the doctor we alike adore
.1 ust on the brink of danger, not before ;
The danger passed, both are alike requited,
God is forgotten, nnd the doctor slighted.
Poetry in California. A correspondent
of the Nevada Democrat sends a patriotic
poetical produduction to that paper, of
which the following is a stanza:- ; ''.
Keep your eye ever fixed on the American Eagle,
Whom we as tho proud bird of our destiny hail ;
For that wise fowl you can never inveigle, v ;
By depositing salt on hsa venerable tail! 1
A Washington letter writer1 says: Gen.
Cass has : been ' rallied this morning by his
brother senators, in consequence ot the re
port that he had applied for admission to a
Know Nothing lodge,' in this city, and been
refused. '' The General bears the refusal with
his usual philosophy, as it is understood that
iwa rp wuuu was not nosiiive uis anniiLa-
tion being still under advisement.
Rags " is B.iz." Housewives, if they have
any mercy on publishers, should be careful
to save their rags, lhev are as scarce as
gold and bring almost as much, and in con
sequence paper has "gone up" several pegs
within as many weeks. Paper makers now
offer $5 a cwt. for rags, and have hard work
to get enough at that. . Save your rags.
Sandusky Mirror. ,; ..
A Family Party. Mr. Frederick Kemble,
from the neighborhood of Rumney,Hairison
countv. O.. arrived in Steubcnville bv rail-
j 1 ' 1 -
road, last evening, with his wife and nine
teen children twenty-one m all. He is
said to own enough land in the state to give
each one of his family 160 acres, and retain
" slice" for himself.
The number of arrivals at Saratoga springs,
where the Maine liquor law has not yet dis
played itself, is from 800 to 1000 per day.
. The King of Prussia. It is currently
stated that King Frederick William has open
ly declared, that " whilst he reigns at-Berlin
not a Prussian gun shall be hreu against
There are 1700 acres in the Ohio valley,
and 500 acres in the Mississippi valley, em
ployed in the grape, culture, lhe total 01
sparkling wine bottled in 1848, was 284,000
bottles ; and ot still wines 5J0D,U0U.
In North America we have fifty different
species of oak, while- all Europe has only 30
species. North America has 40 species of
pines and firs, the United States over 20,
while Europe has but 14 species. . ,
The Turks at Gaixipolt.. A great review
took place not long since at Gatlipoli. : A
correspondent of the London Times says,
that " while frigates and steamers, and line
of battle ships are passing tip and down in
continuous streams, waking up theechoesof
the Dardanelles with endless salutes,. not a
being ever comes down to cast a glance at
the scene. The old crones sit knitting in
their dingy hovels ; the men, if they are
Greeks, slouch about the corners in their bag
gy breeches, and the pretty and dirty little
children continue their games without show
ing the smallest signs of . curiosity, though a
whole fleet is blazing away its thunder in an
imperial welcome .within a few yards of
them.' And as for the. Turks, they sit obsti
nately on their shelves, and smoke their ap
athetic pipes most pertinaciously they are
so determined in " resisting the impulses of
their curiosity." - ' : : ' !, '
, " : -, ; ; : ,
The N. Yrribune tells of repeated instan
ces wherein gentlemen wearing the " wide
awake'' white felt hat ha. ve been assaulted by
Irishmen, for the reason that these hats are
supposed to be the badge of the ," Know No
things." Are all the white hats in this place
"Know Nothings y ',. '--J-iut ..'.
; A Cow Worth Having. John'W.'
son writes to the Hampshire Gazette. 1
" I have a cow from ; whose milk sixty
pounds and five ounces of butter were made
in twenty-eight days," in the month fof De
cember, 1853. -!Thc same cow in one week,
lending the 26th ult.; mads seventeen and a
half pounds of butter.' ;. The daily 'average
of milk was fifty-one and a half pounds.
Her feed was six quarts' of equal parts In
dian and broom corn meal, and one pumpkin
per day. I have no doubt ehe will average
fifty pounds of milk per day for four months
to come." '
. Marshal Ruffm, in Cincinnati, has. killed
1500 dogs since the passage cf the dog ordi
nance about two weeks since. - ' . "
Messrs. Editors Can any of yonr? philo
sophical correspondents explain the reason
why a brick burnt uncommonly hard at tho
kiln, is so much heavier than one -burnt in
the usual manner, of the1 same1 material t, I
confess this fact upsets all my philosophical
ideas on the nature of caloric Cirii Qaz.

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