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Horrible Tragedy—Five Men Killed and
We. take the following from the Parkville
(Clay county, Mo.) Luminary of the 8th :
Just as we were getting ready for press,
the particulars of a most shocking affray
and hanging have bien narrated to us. The
occurrence was at Smithvillc, Clay county,
on Monday afternoon. One man, John W.
Douglas, was killed ; Win. Ross and Squire
John Ross, fatter and son were dangerously
stabbed not expected to recover; also Ira
Tritt, badly stabbed. The perpetrators, Sam.
Shackleford. Wm, Shackleford and John W.
Callaway, have been hanged by the enraged
The Shacklefords ate said to have been
eonneoted with a faiiii of horse-thieves that
were committing depredations in the neigh-)
borhood ; and great indignation existed, so
far as to pass resolutions ordering them to
leave the place, whicli ttiey reluscd to uo.
Trior to this, Douglas had been instrumen
tal in tracing a mule to Sam. Shackleford,
who consequently owed Douglas a grudge,
and on Mondav last the two met and had an
altercation at Smithvillc, which ended sol
We understand that Douglas shot ai
Shackleford, slightly wounding him, and
that his brother William stabbed Douglas.!
TI13 Rosses interfered, but were overpowered
by the Shacklefords and Callaway, and cut
down. They will not probably survive.
Sam. Shackleford stabbed the man Tritt.
Callaway and the Shacklefords subsequently
took refuge in the neighboring houses. An
immense crowd of citizens speedily collected
at the place, surrounding the houses, and
about dark, William Shackleford was
brought out and forthwith hanged. Shortly
afterwards Callaway was hanged beside him,
having previously confessed his complicity
with the others in horse stealing. Sam.
Shackleford, who had been wounded by
pistol shot, was said to be dangerously hurt;
but this not baing true, about 11 o'clock at
niajit he too was dragged out and hanged. On
this (Tuesday) morning, the bodies wete cut
The most intense, excitement prevails
throughout the vicinity. In the meantime,,
we abstain from comments, having simply
stated the facts as they were given us.
Arrival of the Asia.
New York, Aug. 24. A dispatch from
Bucharest reports that the Russian regiments
are already Tetreating across the Pruth. The
rear guard of the Russians, consisting of
regiments of Hussars and Cossacks, were
about 2 miles distant from Bucharest.
About all that was expected of Austria
was the occupation of the Principalities
a neutral power. A perfect understanding
exists between the western powers and Aus
.. . ' .v,--t t r.r.'n
tna regarding the guarantees which Russia
concerning trie iuture peace
shall give
The Turkish government is once more
the market for a loan.
There are 33,000 Turks and French in the
Dobrudscha, but no English. The French
will attack Galatz and the Turks Fultscha.
Heavy guns and bombs have arrived
Varna, for the expedition against Sevastopol.
The cholera has disappeared at Constantino
ple. China. There is a great disturbance
the iiorth of China, and the insurrectionists
threaten Canton with an attack.
New York, Aug. 2-1. The steamer George
Law arrived this morning, with California
mails, 300 passengers and over 81,000,000
Ihe Cahlornia dates are to the 1st.
The democratic convention met at Sacra
mento on the 15th ult., when scenes of row
dyism were enacted which eclipsed all pre
vious performances of the kind. Two chair
men and two committees on credentials were
appointed. The factionists were known
electionists and anti-electionists. Two
of candidates for congress were nominated.
The whigs had their convention on
25ih. They are confident of carrying
state, and the campaign will be one of
most exciting ever witnessed.
Several battles have been fought among
the Chinepe, and several killed. The
fjvas occasioned by on attempt to raise a
to support the imperialists in the Chinese
The 1'rometheus arrived this morning from
San Juan, with 250 passengers and 8850,000
in specie. Affairs at Greytown unchanged.
The Yew Tuek. Mrs. Stowe, in her uew
book, gives the following description of the
yew tree, of which we have read so much in
English literature :
Here in England, I think, they have vege
table' creations made on purpose to go wit.li
old, dusky buildings ; and this yew tree is
one ot them. It has altogether u most goblin-like,
bewitched air, with its dusky biack
leaves und rugged branches, throwing them
selves straight out with odd twists und an
gular lines, and miglitput one in mina oi an
old raven with some ot her leathers pulled
lout, or a black cat with her hair stroked the
wrong way, or uny uuier buau-u, unwiiui
thine Ueside.s this, thev live almost l'or-
ever, for when they have grown so old that
any respectable tree ought to tx; tninking or
dying, they only take another twist and so
live on another hundred years. I saw some
in England seven hundred years old, and
they had grown queerer every century.
The Fremont Democrat reports the Seneca
County Bank, at Tiilin, as being revived, in
consequence of the late decision of the Su
preme Court on the tax question. William
II. Gibson, Esq., is President, and Charles
L. Johnson, Esq., Cashier.
DIED At Swanton, Lucas county, O.,
on the 7th instant, of consumption, Wil
liam AI. Case, in the 30th year ot his age.
Air. Case, was raised principally at Find-
lay, where he learned the printing business.
He subsequently published a paper m ler-
rysburg; but when the Mexican war com
menced, he relinquished his business at that
place volunteered, and, we believe, served
as a soldier durinz the whole war. in this
campaign he contracted the chronic diar
rhoea, which ultimately led to consumption.
After his return from Mexico, Mr. C. was
connected with this paper for a short time.
As a boy in our midst, the subject of this
tribute will be remembered by many as a
sweet-tempered, mild, open-hearted compan
ionable fellow, possessing many amiable
qualities, while he was, like all living, not
endowed with perfection. We sympathize
with his friends. Hancock Courier.
j?3J- To Persons out of Employ mtnt.g
500 to $ 1,000 a Year.
scriber publishes a number of the most valuable
Pictorial Books, very popular, and of such a moral
and religious influence that while yood men mav
! safely engajre in their circulation, they w ill confer a
1 public benent, and receive a fair compensation
J their labor.
To men of enterprise and tact, this business offers
an opportunity for profitable employment seldom
to he met w ith .
Persons wishing to engage in their wile, will re
ceive promptly by mail, a circular containing full
particulars, with " Direction to persons disposed to
act as agent," together with the terms on which
they will be furnished, bv addressing the subscriber,
post paid. UOBEKT SEAUS, publisher,
381 William Street, IVew York.
??In Tress, and ready for Agents by the 1st of
October, 18."t. " Sears's Illustrated Description of
the Kussian Empire." For further particulars, ad
dress as above.
The partnership heretofore existing between
Could & O'Donald, in the Stove and Tinware busi
ness, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. It. (.'.
O'Donald will settle all claims in favor of or against
said lirm. He will also continue the business at the
oldbtand. D. VT. GOULD,
Perrvshurg, Aug. 22, 18.VI. 22tf
signed hereby give notice that they been ap
pointed and duly qualified ns administrators of the
estate of Thomas Atkinson, deceased, late of "Wood
county, Ohio. WILLIAM HOPKINS,
August 2.'5, ISM.--22w3
NOTICE. The undersigned have been appoint
ed administrators on the estate of Nicholas
Reiser, deceased, and qualified as such. All persons
having claims against Raid dereaoeil will present
them duly authenticated, and all indebted will make
immediate pavinent. JOHN YEAGEll,
Aug, 26, J85f -,-223
Health or Judge Swan. We ore happy
to state that Judge J. 11. Swan has so far re
covered from his attack as to be e ntirely out
of danger. His numerous friends through
out the state will read this Announcement
with great satisfaction. O. State Journal.
Roll of Honor.
Roll of Honor. Receipts for Journal since No. 16.
1). C. Doail,
E. Elliott,
Jacob l'.herlv,
Rev. A. T. l ay,
A. Mooinficld,
James Hal',
2.H A'. Minnrd. :t.0
I'.CO 1!. A. Paine. l.i'ii;
2.00 loiris Umxvn,
l.i'l .1. S. A'oi-to!!, t.'iitj
1.00 Robert Crook, l.
1.(1(1 Ceo. Hopper, l.")i
Perrysburg Prices Current.
AVhe.it. I. -, l-l.-ur .n.I('!mmi; live, .in :
Corn, ."ii )Ci '.':) : Oats L'.V.'U : ! axseed N7f" ? 1 .oh ;
Tiinotliv, 1. 2.00; Clover i? l.U( (- I. "n t ; Pota-
toes ('.;(? 7-'; Apples, reen, r,ou; s I .no, dried, S I.2-
tol.;,0; iieaa, jf !..': i mr i.t.i-;
to ''" : feathers. .M to I
t to lo ; Iieesxvav,
l-Vn.il, TV.rl.- .1 ti .! ' ; AI...;- do.. 10.O(l to 1 2. OO :
Prime, Ss.oo: 'lIam-iMo: shoulders o to s;
Sides I! to (i; Fish, pukcvi-1 Ni.oiiaT.on ; white bass
..-)..-! v.i:.ou; Shingles, white d - JI.oo, pine
j;i..)Oi-i.uii; Mavcs, nour iiarru-i.- "io.
l-rrro w .' i . tl liM (HI i is. (Tt'Pl nn.. rvMn
TallowlO to 12: LanlSto'lo ; "Wood S 1 .'nn ..'o ;
Onions 7"; Vn'onl'J'iOi'.i'f tts. llo-s l to 4.Jf.
to commence at in a
ANlTACTl'KKli of all Mvlcs cf Carri-v-os
il WairoiH, also, of llall & Pint's Cultivator,
warratitnd to do double the amount ot' work ot" any
ordinary cultivator. Shop on 1'ront strci f. oji)oMtc
SpatTord's Hotel, renyslmn.', Ohio. -Iff
TT7A(;XS FOR NAM. lhave on
VV Five New LuuiIht N av-iH, vhicli 1 will !el!
CHI- AP for cash or Produce at i.i.irkof pri.-.-s.
Perrbiir'', O no. ( . Pl.KIvlN.
. .
"T)TIC'Jj, tluit ii sale of the jiersmail etVects
li (Jeu. Sliuler, late of Perrvsluir. ileccased. will
take place at auction, on Tuesdux. the 'J'.Hh day nl'j
Au-rust, insr., eonsi.st.iii! m tiartof One Span i
Horses, One AVairon and Harness, Com in tin-!
irround. Plows and other Farming' IViimN. Sale
M.. at the residence ot the
deceased. A short credit xx ill he irivonoii sums over
five dollars, if desired, and pmI H;urity Kivui and
interest. JOHN x 1.1515, Adin r.
"YTOTICK is hereby L'iven that the suhs riber has
been appointed administrator on the estate
Frederick Lucas, deceased, late of Wood county,
All persons having claims against said estate are re-
.piired to present t!KMn,le-allvprove!Ktoth(Miiplcr-i'7.
signed for settlement, and ' ulf persons indebted x. ill
make immediate tiavment.
Aug. 10, 14.--21xx;j
signed have been duly appointed admini.-trators
on tlie estate of .laeob 'illiam Lang, deceased, and
(nullified as such. All persons haxinir claims n:rain.t
said deceased will present them duly r.mhenticatcd,
and all indebted w.ll n.aKC ,,,,i,,e,!,a;o j.avin,M,t.
F. K.'mII.LEK.'
Aug. 1. ll.Slw:
PORTAGE, June 30, 1854.
to previous -
ers of the Perrysburg and Findlay Plank;
Road Company met at tins place. The pre-
sident being absent, on motion John Hales
was appointed chairman of the meeting.
Proceeded to the election of directors for
the. ensuing year. The following persons:
received the whole number of votes, n 11
were declared duly elected : D. J. Corv, Jus.
Hood, J. A. Sargent, Samuel Lamb, and Aus-1
tin TvOgers.
to report, that the following is, as near
can ascertain, the amount of the trans-j
actions of the year and the present affairs
company :
During the year ending June 30th, the fol-!
lowing orders have been drawn on the trcas-
The following annual report was then read!
netore the. meeting :
To the Stockholder of the, Pcrryxlvrg and
Findlay Plank Road Company.
The directors of said company beg leave
ury :
Aug. 1G, 1S53, in favor of Newton &
Lamb, on contract, S-J.00
Sept. 26, to same for repairs on
Oct. 20, ' toJas. McFadden.Esq.
to satisfy a judgment in favor of
James Bloom for services for Co.,
Nov. 15, 1853, to Newton & Lamb for
repairs on road,
Dec. 6, 1853, to Sam'l Lamb for ser
vices as superiqtendeut,
Dec. 26, 1853, to Josiah Brown on
log contract, 5.S5
Jan. G, 1851. to Abram Smith on log
contract of 1850 or 1351, 13.5h
Jan. 0, 1S51. to same for logs deliv
ered in 1S51, 30.00
iFeb. G, 1851, to Newton & Lnmb on
road contract, 100.1!'.
March lb51. to Muhlmi Mocker on
bond p;i id Norton in lle50. If".!)'
March "t, 1851, Id Mahlon Meeker on
log contract of 1851. ,V-.l'.
April , 185 I, to Newton fcL-unb for
balance on work for Co., LTlI.
April 7, 185 1, to Sau'l L:tmb for pny-
Lin7; , , t .r . . ,
April 8. IjI, to I etrr lerciot on log
j contract
April 8. 185 ,, to Collider Haskins for
I j(1s delivered in 151.
.Ine 185 J. to Sam"! Lamb Cor v,-
vice.-: and team work.
Untie 17. 1S51, to I.. C. Lock for pay-
I ing fur logs for Co.,
j t() ewtou cc Lamb for c!r:iw-
. -
June 30, 1851, 1'. t. Thomas fur saw
ing by order of Spalfoid, fifv'O.T'J ;
sawing since, !8'5.0!),
Total amount of orders drawn,
Lewis Mundy's account,
Who',; amount, ''.ii7. 1-
Mr. Mundv not hr-lng present on
haii.lMay of set! lenient, could not ascertain
i tin': r xact amount of tolls lollerted
I , :lhh j uw )m a , . u
; 4 . , . ,
ascertain by papers on liand, t;iev
ofjamouut to
l?alance in treasury last year.
Received cash on subscription,
f i
j lOl'.'J'
winch leaves nai. m treasury oi JI.7.'
Th.? follow in' oersons Lave ni.s..n t...!
cmmts aml received ccriif.( at.s of stock ir
.. r ,. . ...
ii;. j. lit'i, Moifsiis iri.1! i ccuiM'ior, 1
!. las. Hood, '
of; John McCrorv, " ,; "
j Sar"nf"
1 c",.,., -1 y"! , t!
V t'r ' " "
, Cu.nstrr lla&kms, ?'" rvice as treasurer,
contract of I).
Samuel Johnvon,
Mrs. L. Clough on lo;:
Clot'i-h (Uceascii,
Total, S shares, or
Onlv about on" and a quarter rr.ile
road Lave ticu made, much of tie- time an-
: Cf i.
moneV having been expended in relaviiis an 1
olherwie repairing the road. The little that
'''as 'Jt', n (UI1C during the pri-t year, was done
under very embarrassing circumstances: t!i
treasury tmpty, township bond.? exhausted,
and stockholders generally discouraged.
An clibrt was made, at th.' beginning '.
the year to June .voni'; of the township-
ngam take Mock ; a vote was taken, and lot.
Our ambitious superintendent, failing in hi
jclforts for the immediate romjuelinn of the
j road, "Jln'rd ny'' rsign V. his ofiice, sued t,'i
! company lor Ins sen icrs, got n's pay an,
ii ; loft. This, like all other over-done rfTom.
ihad a tendency to retard the progress un.l
interest of the road. And vet, we think thai
some of the townships would again tak
stock ; and others that have not yet takej..
would, were they assured that their subscrip
tions would be expended in the township
where subscribed.
It has been proposed to .s.'cw the road
n? I portion of the way, where the stone i
they plenty, and give subscribers an opportunity
of j to work out at least a part of their subscrip
the 1 1 ions. That this road, when completed, will
be a paying one, no cue can doubt. 15ut.
j aside from this, the towns of Perrysburg and
Findlay demand such a road, and the peopb
all along the line of road demand it, and
would be more than paid by the vse. of it,
when completed, if they should in no other
way get back the hig dollar they laid out in
its construction. And it is to be hoped that,
into whosever hands the future destiny of
the road may come, some impetus may be.
given to it, and that we may yet see its final
Kespectfully submitted, by order of direc

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