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Auguste Belmont, of New York, was an
active agenl in securing the election of
Pierce, lie is rich, and Ihc agent of the
House of Rothschilds, in New York, lie
furnished thousands of dollars from some
source, to carry the election. He. was re
warded by an appointment as Charge to
Holland. He has gone there, and, it seems
lias opened a regular brokers office.
A short time since, the Emperor of Rus
sia wanted to raise a sum of money to carry
on ms expensive war against the allied pow
its. France and England had prohibited
their subjects Irorn making any loans to
Russia. The principal houses of the Roths
clnlds are at Paris and London, and they
couhl not evenly ta!;e trie proposed loan.
But Belmont wan not hampered by these re
strictions, and he has taken the entire loan
in ins own name. Ui course, the money is
furnished by the Paris end London houses.
We thus have the singular spectacle of an
American Minister, sent abroad by a Demo
cratic President, using his influence, time,
and means, to sustain the huge despotism of
Russia in its efforts to extend and maintain
its absolute rule over the northern and east
ern parts of Europe. It is well enough for
our people to know what our agents are do
ing abroad, and what is thought of them by
he friends of popular liberty in Europe.
. a. Journal.
Roll of Honor.
Receij ts for Journal since A'o. 22.
SirTord, $1.00 ,Wph W. Linnel,
James Harbour,
Daniel llousley,
John A. Kclley,
II. A. Donaldson,
Foster l'ratt,
W. W
Thos. Foret, 1.50
H. L. Wood, 1.50
G.K. Gluey . 1.V0
Jan. VanGordcr, 3.00
T. (. 1'riKbie,
OTICE is hereby given that I have been ar
1 ' pointed and qualified as administrator on the
state of Henry Slaughterback, deceased, law of
Wood county, Ohio. All persons having claims
nyrainst said estate are requested to present them,
loyally authenticated for settlement immediately,
md thoso indebted are required to make immediate
Oct. 14. 1S54. 20w3
Uy lloyal Letters Patent.
THE HYDROMAGEN ou Water Proof,
Anti-Consumptive COKK HOLES,
AX Market-St., Manchester .
Principal Warehouse, 102 ll'vod Street, Cheapside,
London, England. American Establishments, 38
Ann Street $ 102 Nassau Street, New York, U. S.
1MIK Ilydromagen is a valuable discovery for pro
JL tecting the feet from damp or cold, and there
fore a preventative of many Lung diseases, without
iy doctoring whatever. The Ilydromagen is in the
form of a sole, and worn inside the boot or shoe.
Its medicated character Ls a powerful antidote to
For Gentlemen it will be found agreeable, warm,
wnd healthy, to wear in the coldest or rainiest wea
ther, as the foot cannot become wet if the Ilydrom
agen is inserted. Ladies may wear the lightest sol
d boots or shoes in tltQ most inclement wea
ther with impunity; while Consumption, so preva
lent among the young of our country, mav be
thwarted by their general adoption. They entirely
supersede over-shoes, a the latter cause the feet to
perspire in a very unhealthy manner; and, besides
ire noc aangerous io wear to pedestrians in lev
weather, like India rubbers. While the latter cause
i.he feet to appear extremely large, the Ilydromagen,
being a mere thin slice of cork prepared, peculiarly
placed inside, does not increase the size of the boot,
or cause ttie toot to appear untidy. To Children
they are extremely valuable, as they may engage in
enercise with eouitort and healthy effects. Their
rxponse is so slight as to scarce need mention ; be
ides, those who patronize them will find their year-
.. J..- '-I'll I. .. L J .. 1
ucrmr vii i s iniim unatnisnea inereny.
As the Ilydromagen is becoming more known. its
ale is increasing to an almost incredible extent.
Lout year in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liv
erpool, Glasgow, Leeds, Dublin, Paris, Antwerp,
Hamburg, and Berlin, our sales reached 1,732,450
pairs of Cork Soles. This year the number will far
surpass that.
Ask the Faculty their opinion of their value as a
preventative for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma,
wid Consumption.
Men's Size, per pair, 35 Cents.
Ladies' do do 30 do
Boys' & Misses' ' 25 do
If otic e. From the Retail Trices we make a very
Bberal allowance to Jobber and Wholesalers, so
that any storekeeper may make a tine profit on their
alo, while they are an article that may be kept in
any store, among any class of goods.
For terms, apply to
38 Ann Street, New York.
Sept. lG.--25m3
Anew and singularly successful remedy for the
cure of all Biiious diseases Costivcness, Indi
gestion, Jaundice, Dropsy, Rheumatism, Fevers,
Gout, Humors, Nervousness, Irritability, Inflamma
tions. Headache, Pains in the Breast, Side, Back,
and Limbs, Female Complaints, &e.. Sec. Indeed,
very few are the diseases in which a Purgative Medi
cine is iiot more or less required, and much sick
ness and suffering might be prevented, if a harm
less but effectual Cathartic were more freely used.
No person can fet l well while a costive habit of
body prevails ; besides it soon generates serious and
often fatal diseases, which might have been avoided
by the timely and judicious use of a good purgative.
This is alike true of Colds, Feverish symptoms, and
Bilious derangements. They all tend to become or
produce the deep seated and formidable distempers
which load the hearses all over tho land. Hence a
reliable family physic is of the first importance to
the public health, and this Till has been perfected
with consummate skill to meet that demand. An
extensive trial of its virtues by Physicians, Profes
sors, and Patients, has shown results surpassing
any thing hitherto known of any medicine. Cures
have been effected beyond belief, were they not sub
stantiated by porsous of such exalted position and
character as to forbid the suspicion of untruth.
Among the many eminent gentlemen who hare
testified m favor of these Pills, we may mention :
Diu A. A. Hayes, Analytical Chemist, of Boston,
and SUtc Assaycrof Massachusetts, whose high
professional character is endorsed by the
Hox. Edward Everett, Senator of the TJ. S.
Bought C. WiNTunop, Ex-Speaker of the House
of Representatives.
Amiorr La whence, Minister Plen. to England,
t John B. Fitzvatrick, Cath. Bishop of Boston.
Also, Dk. J. 11. Chilton', Practical Chemist, of
New i'ork City, endorsed by
Hon. V. L. Marcy, Secretary of State.
Wm. B. Astoii, the richest man in America.
8. Lelaxd & Co., Propr's of the Metropolitan
Hotel, and others.
Did space permit, we could give many hundred
certificates, from all parts where the Pills have
been used, but evidence even more convincing than
the experience of eminent public men is found in
their effects upon trial.
These Pills, the result of long investigation and
study, are offered to the public as the best and
most complete which the present state of medical
science can afford. 1 hey are compounded not of
the drugs themselves, but of the medicinal virtues
only of Vegetable remedies, extracted by chemical
process in a state or purity, and combined together
J 1- . . , . l. r.M .
in sucu a manner as to insure me ucst results, mis
system of composition for medicines has been found
in the Cherry Pectoral and Pills both, to produce a
more efficient remedy than had hitherto been ob
tained by any process. The reason is perfectly ob
vious. While by the old mode of composition, every
medicine is burdened with more or less of acri
monious and injurious qualities, by this each indi
vidual virtue only that is desired for the curative
effect is present. All the inert and obnoxious qual
ities of each substance employed are left behind, the
curative virtues only being retained. Hence it is
self-evident the effects should prove as they have
proved more purely remedial, and the Pills a surer,
more powerful antidote to disease than any other
medicine known to the world.
As it is frequently expedient that my medicine
should bo taken under the counsel of an attending
Physician, and as he could not properly judge of a
remedy without knowing its composition, I have
supplied the accurate Formula: by which both my
Pectoral and Pills ore made to the whole body of
Practitioners in the United States and British Amer
ican Provinces. If, however, there should be any
one who has not received them, they will be
promptly forwarded by mail to his address.
Of all the Patent Medicines that arc offered, how
few would be taken if their composition was known !
Their life consists in their mystery. I have no
The composition cf my preparations is laid open
to all men, and all who arc competent to judge on
the subject freely acknowledge their convictions of
their intrinsic merits. The Cherry Pectoral was
pronounced by scientific men to be a wonderful
medicine before its effects were known. Many em
inent Physicians have declared the same thing of
my Pills, and even more confidently, and are will
ing to certify that their anticipations were more
than realized by their effects upon trial.
They operate by their powerful influence on the
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it
into healthy action remove tho obstructions of
the stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of the
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and
by correcting, wherever they exist, such derange
ments as are the first origin of disease.
Being sugar wrapped they are pleasant to take,
and being purely vegetable, no harm can arise froin
their use in any quantity.
For minute directions, sec wrapper on the Box.
Practical and Analytical Chemist,
?rtee 25 Cents por Pox. Five Boxes for $L
sor.o v.v
D. PECK, Terrysburg, Ohio.
rerrysburp Prices Current.
Wheat, $1.501.75; Flour $8.9.00; Rye,50a75:
Corn, 3750; Oats 2531 ; Flaxseed 871.00
Timothy, $1.502,00; Clover $4.004.50; Pota
toes 6075 ; Apples, green, 50$1.00, dried, $1.25
to 1.50; Beans, $I.251.50; Butter 1218; Eggs.
8 to 10; Beeswax, 22 to 25; Feathers, 31 to 44;
Fresh Pork, 4 to 41; Mess do., $10.00 to 12.00
Prime, $8,00 ; Hams 810 ; Shoulders 6 to 8 ;
Sides 6 to 6 ; Fish, pickerel $6.00a7.00 ; white bass
$5.500.00; Shingles, white wood $1.00, pine
$3.504.00; Staves, flour barrel$3.60to3.75,tight
barrel $5.500.00; Hides,green4to5, dry8to9;
v iu , uuruoioiv; w OOd X 1
wi.n.ns UOiMiJ, H OOl ZO(glK cts. Hogs 4: to 4c.
Toledo. Hum
TAM now in receipt of a full assortment of spring
Be'ebe & Co.'s Moleskin and Beaver ;
Genin's ' Moleskin ;
Leary & Co.'s Moleskin ;
Also, CAPS. Cloth. Silk and Glazed nnit a full
assortment of Soft and Kossuth HATS, Fur and
All who find it troublesome to winr n. now hat
can have one fitted perfectly to the head hr nr
which is the most perfect machine for that purpose
ever made. mh 27 3tf
WA1VTHI. ! ! f
100,000 Subscribers to the leading Magazines of the
Rend nntl 1rrwlr fnr Vnnnll1
.70 Wm be Presented to One Hun-
I fJ,fJUfJ dred Thousand Subscribers to
uarper s Magazine, Godey's Lady's Book, Graham's
Magazine. Putnam's Afnnfhlv nioaa'a r,..,;
Room Companion, or the Democratic Review. The
regular subscription price to either of these popular
Magazines is Three dollars nor nr whinVi it ear.
to the undersigned, will secure to the sender either
of the above Magazines for
on the first day of January, 1855. and if fortunate,
one of the following PRESENTS, ranging from
$ s,to to xhe Presents will be as follows, to
1. A Cash present of
9 ii ii
3. '
4. " a
6. " " .
7. 5 Presents of $100 each
8 20
0. 40
10 30
11. 100
12. 200
13. 500
14. 500
15. 1000
16. 1000
17. 1000
18. 10000
19. 1000
i nnn
of Piano Fortes $300 each, 9,000
of Gold Watches 100
of Gold Rings, 5
Gold Pens and cases, 5
Gold Pencils,
Gold Pens,
Gold Rings,
Silver Pencils,
15,401 Presents, amounting to $ 70,000
a ike ueraoii wild nrnprs pirnm it th. ak..a i
azines from us subiects himself
as the full value of his money, $3.00, is received in
i" u(iiiic tuunc, aim is enuuea ana will receive,
upon receipt of the money (sent at onr riskt to a
numbered ticket to be used at the distribution of
rresenis. wnicn we are now confident- will t.i,.
. iiiuukacuiatc
as early as the first dav nf .Tnmmn t
sents will be put into the hands of a'responsible
- -n ""i.i. j w uicouusinuers uieuiseives
nfA .kA 1 -111 1. .
""cis nave an ueen aisposed of.
Theundersie-ned would i
sirous of embarking in this truly Magnificent and
Wonderful F.ntprnriso r j.
, . -wr-j" "cucmuj m eeiiuing on
their orders at once, in orW that w r .
our arrangements and bring the Enterprise to a
"ai'i3 twi iiunauon, as we snau have the
distribution take Dlaoe
I he Magazines will be promptly mailed to any ad-
we would say, send in your orders early, designating
which of the Magazines are ordered.
It mav seem rather incredulous tlmt
undertake to suddIv the TMaft?!
subscription price and stijl attbrd to make sq many
valuable Presents ; but we would remind the reader
of the old adage, that ' Unioji is Strength,' there
fore by combining the strength of One Hundred
Thousand subscribers to the popular Monthlies of
the day, and making a special contract with the
Publishers for a larcre number of their rmhlinntinns
we are enabled to do what we propose. Thisisthe'
secrei oi our enterprise. Op you think well of the
project ? Will you give us your order ?
As soon as the Presents are awarded, holders of
Tlcketa will ba nronint.lv
they are entitled to, when they should immediately
Inform, the undersigned how they will have them
All orders should be plainly addressed
Fultonville, Montgomery Co., N,. T.
N. B. In order that them TYlft v Yin Tin orrri in
mailini? tiekots from us. wa wmuIH unmM 4ha tt
pnety of persons who may favor ns with, their or
ders, that they send a pre-paid envelope with their
address plainly written upon it. " W. & B.
--LI If
a i? over J AuS8tuHall'E8tore.
All work warranted. dec5-39tt
T Dissolution of Copartnership. 1
iiii partnership heretofore existing between E.
consent11 Co" " this day difl8oKed b? mutnal
Perry'sburg, March 20, 1854. GliAllAM'
Jirit'"!1"'" be conducted by th
vervsunri ' 'f" ld Snd' ereyou will find
very superior selection of
r h0HVrXns and Summer Goods,
Cheaper than ever for Cash.
andfVrS?mbraCf8 ever? variety of Dress Good
and Irimmings; also numerous pieces varying in
price from a (id to $7 per yard. Boots anil ShoS
tor men, women and children, for Spring and Sum-
nrwTCar; SumDer.Cloth8' Buitabfe in quality and
price lor men and hnvn. nn. n
arntf.K6 1Cr forbeauJ or style ; andourliibon.
are just the thing to equip them with.
1 have also AVprv vavintu .P TT 1 ...
. j . .... 4 imruwarc, lor eitner
tarmers, mechanics, or household use.
In Short. fiVAnrMiinr
had here either cheap Gooda.pretty Goods, or good
UoodS. And if vnn nnlv n11
rant for a sale; and every time you buy, the richer
you get I So, spare not the dimes elsewhere, for
mey win turn into shillings here. If you don't be
lieve it. try the experiment. E. GRAHAM
x errysourg, May 12, 185410
2&-T11E CHEST.r
Great Preventative of Consumption,
Without the use of Medicine.
Sir A. C, Bart., invented and advised the use of tbe
rpO all persons of all ages and conditions, as a
cer'"n and a safe shield against those fearful
diseases, Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma. Coughs,
L01dS. and other nfflirWi
- .-- mo jjuiiija, wnicn arise
irom the ex nosed Htna nt i. v. . .
fashion, and the continual changes of our climate.
" uicuLur js simply a chemically prepared
fur, lined with silk and padded, which, suspended
from the neck, covers the chest, in bo agreeable a
manner that, onc.e worn, it becomes a necessity and
o comfort.
" The Protector," although but recently introdu
ced mto America, is making rapid progress through
the United States, the Canada South America, and
the West Indies. It has for a long time been a sta
ple article in Ene'luml n4
rope, while it has grown in many countries to the
position of an article of dress.
To demonstrate these facts enquire of any English
resident in vonr cimnlt,. r I.:., i ij!L !?
beneficial effects of wearing the : Protector, without
.v, uuccurmg or any. kind. The cost of
wearincr these artieloa ia a a j ,
" u..o iiiui,, aim une will
last some years. No one who values the health f
himself or his family will be without them. Th
H08pitals in this COllntrv nn nnlnno - j
ing them but rapidly introducing them. Harconrt,
.-j v., ui luonaon, ana Manchester, Eng
land, were oriirinallv entmatori .m v,
of the Protectors, by the lamented Dr. Cooper, and
"V "'iwuiagiure accoramg to his original
instructions, and therefor a
would wear The Protectors," to see to their bein
Remember, this is a staple article, and no Patent
Medicine. '
Gents Size, - $1.50 each.
Ladies do - . , j.oo do.
Boys' Si Misses da , 75 do.
33. Ann street & 102 Nassau street. New York.
Principal Warehouse, 102 Wood-street, Cheapside.
.v..... iiAUHujqvutri, 4 iviarKet-street, Man
chester, England.
H. B. Si Co. are eat n.K)i shim Tlonn i. ..1.
- 1 awui, 1U1 L11C Bm)B
of " The Protector" in nil mm nf a mi
siclans, Surgeons, Druggists, Clothiers, Dry Goods
.iuucu uu munners, aiso uenuemen s
furnishing Store-Keepers are entrusted with the
wholesale and retail HiBtrirnirr,
whom most liberal terms are offered for their enter
prise, and a splendid opportunity opens to them for
safe and profitable business. For terms, annlv to
e . ,. 38 Ann Street- New York. U. S.
Sept. 16, 188-1. 25m3
"VTOTIQE. At a session of Wood County Com-J-v
missioners. held nt
view and survey of a county road was ordered to
..-v. w.i u,o iu 01 wcxoDer, iooi, said road to
ai ine soutli east corner of section '2f
tpwnship 4 range 10 ; thence west on section lines
to tho Miltonville St Hancock free turnpike. The
non-resident and interested land owners, of lands to
be affected thereby, are hereby notified that tl
viewers and surveyor will meet it the house of Ar
nold Phillip on said day, to lay out said road ac
cordingly. Sept. 9, 1851. 24w4 "

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