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subicabers arc now receiving, direct from
X tha E istorn Cities, their stock of Spring and
S.i:nmr (r ods, to which they invite the attention
of their t'rifn h an.'l customers. Their stock will
b? found the most complete of any, and owing to
ihe low prices of goods this spring, they are ena
bled to sell ftt reduced prices.
May 1.5, 1S5-3. F. II. MILLER & CO.,
Successors to E. D. Peck & Co.
T.V.ri.'i GO. )DS. Sheetings, Shirtings, Rlea-
ohsd Ala.i'.itvi, I)jmln3. Stripes, Tickings, Prints,
Oing'aiTis, and a great variety of summjr Goods,
by beinj bought direct from the manufacturers, can
.slid will b.i sold cheap, by F. 11. MILLElt & CO.
Eli AG ES, Tissues, Challies, Satins, Silks, White
Goods, Lawns, Laces, Edgings, Mulls, at
F. R. MILLElt & CO.
,f1RAPE and Summer Shawls, Silk Yisettes ; also
O Straw Goods for everybody, at
"fD 0 O T8 & SHOES in every variety. Ready made
X'J Clothing, a complete assortment. The place
t ; buy these articlos is at F. R. MILLER & CO.
A N YTUING in the way of Groceries, Hardware,
.T. Crockery, AVooden Ware, Iron, Steel, Nails &
S;)ike3, Glass, Paints & Oils, Rope & Twine, Stone
Ware, Grindstones, Salt, or Goods of any kind usu
ally wanted, may be had of F. R. MILLER & CO.
r"j:'iiIE subscriber has opened a Music Store in To
led , O lio, where he intends to keep a full
n-ssort n jnt of the best Musical Goods the New York
an 1 .'J jit m trkets afford. Lighe, Newton apd
iiradbury's Premium New York Pianos; Brown
.vi Allan's. II illet, Davis & Co.'s, and Win. P. Em
erson's Boston Pianos, making a better assortment
on bj fmnd elsewhere between Now York
:id C.ijag.o. Also, Carhart's improved patent
ri.ilj.bons, mida by Muon & Hamlin, of Boston,
;;nl Gvjlmm &Bikhvin's Melodeons, made in!
'S-tw il Connecticut. Also, Violins, Guitars,
ji H3s, Accord?ons, Banjos, Strings, iic, Sic, with
a ;;joi stick of th-i most popular Sheet Music of
t'.v; lay. Chare'.! Music Books, Glee Books of all
kinds ; Birtini's Method for Piano, price $3.00;
il sntin's S jh )ol f jr Piano, $2.00; Beyer's Piano
a.irnl for Children, $1.50. Music or Musical In
Klruau.Us of any description not on hand, will be
or larod w!nn dflsired.
Th3 subicribr has b?en engaged in teaching vo
cil aid in;trjui3ntal music in Hartford, Conn., for
i '.13 space of sis years, and he feels confident that
a iCiii select such Instruments and Music as will
gi'vo satisfaction. Orders sent by mail will be
.-j.-omptly attended to on receipt of cash.
A . M. K NIGHT, No. 5 Gardner's Block.
In store with G. F. Robinson's Booknore.
Tol-J 1 .. OYio. May 2fi. 18.55.2m3
lTAlt J 1,3 V IHf S. Edward Lloyd, on
iVI M.ro5.it., loledo. manufactures
:n Am 1 1 a id For-oiarn Marb e MON L MbM S.
i jiuj i.i, .., v -
mvits, TannStone. & wtiicn no wm n: i.,n n
t!o:i, and .ill other articles us miiy cauea lor in nis
liin. II i hn on hand a largo and well selected . is
sDrcmsnt of Italian and Am jrican Marble Monu-
'I'am'i Stone i, which lie will hrusli in
ths bst stvle. with promptness and despatch, and
on ai rea3in ibie tenm as a iy onabn-hment in the
yasterii statei.
All vvrsons wishing to pay the last mark of re-;
soest to th jir departed friends, will pk-as give hnn
ly 2i, i) j.yi
(Toledo. May
Will ready on ths first of July, 1835
The OLD FARM HOUSE, a beautiful and affect
ing Doanstie Story, by Mrs. Caroline n. uutier;
Laing. Ilhutrated wi'th engravings by Van In-:
gan, from original designs by Yhtc N-aarly 500
pages Urn")., bound ii. (.x'rablu . and rod muslin,
gilt, $1.2.").
Tb2 nam j of tha aut.h.ire of tbf above work speaks
volumes i:i its fftvor, ari l in tVn sht! has produced
tbe crowning effort of h"r pn. For freshness and
vigor of thought and stylo, and for originality--in
tha charnvivj'vUws of country life at the " Old P arm
1101139" in t!n striliiu.j ilhHtratioin of th? follies
.,f a fas'iion ible citv life In her d.-scription of gfjod
and evil natures in all the vinous subjects which
sho has toaehnd with hnr m a.u'ic po:. she cannot be
fxoillod. Thf gentle hiroiiv! Ati.y h a model of
patience and virtue, pcrsccutad by tlio evil gvuin
her life, tha villain Staunton.
The baok v ill be rea'l wiwh avidity, and none who
foin nanno it; will desire to lay it add- till finished.
The publisher offers it with full confidence that its
perusal will be attended with pleasure and profit to
;tll readers. A copy of the work will be sent to any
part of the United States, postage free, on the re
ci.iipt of the price. CHARLES H. DAVIS,
:9 South Fourth -St.. above Chestmit. Philadiilpln.
School Examiners.
rplIE Boird will meet in Portagevillo on the 2d
J. Tuesday of July next, at 9 o'clock a. m., for
the examination of Teachers.
Rv order of the Bmrd. J. H. NEWTON,
1'crrv.diur. .Tuna 2S, isl.3. Clerk.
THE subscriber is receiving from New York a
large and well selected assortment of Goods of
eccry description, which will be sold very cheap for
cash, &c Dry Good3 of all kinds, consisting of
Broad Cloths, Casimercs, Vesting, Silk Scarfs,
Prints, Lawns, Berages, Ginghams, Sheetings,
Shirtings, Hosiery, Gloves, Kid, Lysle, &c. Boots
& Shoes, Hats, Caps and Ready made Clothing.
Hardware, Nails at reduced prices ; Glass ; Cable,
Log and Trace Chains; Chop Axes, Broad Axes,
Framing Chisels, Auger3, Locks & Latches,
Wrought Butts, Table Cutlery, Framing Squares,
Handsaws, Sic Books &. Stationery. Crockery
White Stone, Blue China and Common Wares.-
Groceries Coffe?, Tea, Sugar, Salcratus, Codfish,
Mackerel, Herring, Flour & Pork, Rice, Ginger,
Putty, White Lead, Bar Lead, Powder, Shot, Caps.
Our "stock of Bonnets is superb. Ribbons, Bonnet
Linings, Parasob, Sic We intend to increase and
extend our business, and for that purpose will sell
Goods very low, and keep up a regular market for
the products of our country. Those wishing good
bargains, would do well to give us a call.
Perrvsburg, Obio. A.M. THOMPSON.
jfyu At the Sign of the Big Watch,
HjinRY T. COOK respectfully informs his ten
thousand personal friends, and thegood people
of Toledo, Maumee City, Perrysburg, and all the
country round, that he has opened the most com
plete and splendid stock ever offered in the city, and
is receiving daily additions from the best European
and Eastern manufacturers of
It would be quite useless to attempt an enumera
tion of the brilliant articles his show cases now con
tain ; but ladies and gentlemen will please call and
see his splendid
G3il and Silver Watches,
of every variety, quality and pattern, at pricesrang
ing from Ten to One Hundred and Fifty Dollars.
tha largest and richest assortment ever seen here,at
from Twelve to Fifty Dollars.
of unequalled beauty, weight and finish, at from
Ttoelve to Forty-five Dollars.
Magnificent Diamond Piss and Rings, of the
latest styles, and at the lowest prices,
Superior Pes and Pocket Knives, of elegant
patterns and finished workmanship, the finest lot in
Plain, Octagon and Beautiful Inl.udClocks.
of the best manufacture, at Two and a Half to Fif
teen Dollars. With a countless variety of
I Lockets, Gold Pencils,
Rings, Gold Pens,
Ear Drops, Watch Seals,
i Cuff Pins, Breastpins,
Tl i rrf n i SiTrns. vv.
; AnJ pyervthin cise ever seen or heard tell of in u
, ygrpecial care given by the best workmen in
lt , ,.niiiifrw in nri-AlHIKn WATriirS AND JEWELRY.
and all work warranted.
?Zj-Dont forget the place Sign cf the Dig
Watch. Summit street, between Jefferson and Mad-
rnir20vll II. T. COOK.
. ..... . L . J
! -pQOKS! HOOKS ! 1 tvill supply all persons
, JL) ho may wish to purchase any of the miscella-
nP0HS books of American or Englixh publishers, at
i tj,e publishers' catalogue prices, free of any charge.
i Persons
wishing to order or purchase any mis-
1 1 i i. i. . 1 . .. i... 11:..-
jceuaneous uuuk or uookn chu .... .; u u,,n,s vu
me at the residence ot Rev. J. H. Newton.
1. t M inHE .0
rerrysourg, j.pru i-t, is.).). i:io
1 W. PIPER. Book Binder and Blank Book
JL . Manufacturer, over Speed's Telegraph Ofliee,
Toledo, Ohio. All blank books paged, when re-
quired, without extra charge.
,1 uric U 1855.
vrr-rrr-rrr-zr r. rr ; r
I i O AD TAX OP IS...,. Notice is l.ercny given,
IV that the amount of common road tax to be as-
sensed for the year lSo5. upon all the taxable prop-
my of M ood county, is twenty cents on each hnn-
dred dollars of the valuation tnoreot ; and thatsaid
tax may be discharged by Jaiiorontnc roaas. unner
. the proper supervisors, at the rate of one dollar per
; d.tv. By order of the county commissioners.
' J. N. WESTCOtT, County Auditor.
Auditor's Office. Wood Co., Ohio.
IVrrvsburg, June lttth. 1S55. 5wfi
' ( BOUNTY ORDERS. The holders of orders,
' V. drawn upon the treasurer of Wood county,
pa; able out of the county fund, are hereby notified
i that n and after the 20th instant, interest (on pro
i tested orders only) and twenty per centum of the
j principal, will be paid on all such orders, dated
prior to June 11th, lft-y, wnen prcsenteu at tne oi
fice of the rounty auditor, in sums of twenty dollars
and w n wards. By order of the countv commission
ers. 1 J. N. WESTCOTT. County Auditor.
Auditor's Office, Wood Co.. Ohio,
perrysburg, June 15th, Ifi55,5w0
OXEN & HOUSES. One joke heavy vxikiig
Oxon, in Rood condition. "Also, 3 or 4 Horses,
for sale by
Perrvsburg, June f), 1855
Henry Siebert
vs. The Court of Common Picas cf
Dimon h Co. ) Wood County.
rTHE said Dimon & Co. will tnko notice that
X Henry Siebert has filed a petition against thi m
in the court of common pitas of Wood county,
Ohio, asking judgment for $350.and interest since
February In, 185), and that an attachment has is
sued, on the proper affidavit, and that, unless they
appearand answer or demur to siiid petition by the
2tfd day of July, 1S65, eaid petition will, at the next
term ot smu court, betaken as confessed, antljucg
ment rendered thereon according to the prater of
said petition. MURRAY k DODGE,
June 2, 1S55. 3wf$2.33 Attys of Ptff.
$300,000 iu (jiiliK lor I lie 1'eopie.
coi.VMnrs, omo.
1 DISTRIBUTION. The proprietors ti.ke
great pleasure in announcing to the citizens of the
Union, that in consequence of the great satisfaction
manifested by the ticket-holders ot their first gnat
Distribution, and the many thousand solicitations
from all parts of the country, in relntion to v briber
they intend getting up another Distribution of Gift
for the people, they have after nn immense cutlay,
been enabled to offer to their thousands of patrons
the fullowing valuable, magnificent, and unprece
dented BRILLIANT SCHEME, to be distributed
as soon as the 300,000 Beautiful Engravings of the
Capitol of Ohio are distributed among their pat
rons. The price of the Engraving is but one dol
lar, and as a parlor ornament it cannot be surpassed.
Read attentively the following list of beautiful
and costly Gifts, which will be satisfactorily distrib
uted by a committee of ten, selected onefi t.m each
stute where the largest number of subscribers are
obtained :
1 Farm in the State or Indiana, $10,000
1 do in Ohio, H.00O
1 do do (j.000
1 four-storv Bric k Dwelling and Lot, in
ColuniLus, Ohio,
1 do do do do
1 Beautiful Residence in the town of
Mount Vernon,
1 two-story brick building in Chillicothe,
1 brick Cottage r.nd lot in Columbus,
1 do do do
1 frame do do do
1 handsome Country Residence in Sego,
Perry county, Ohio,
4 splendid building lots in Columbus, at
$2,000 each,
10 do do do $1,500
4 do do Cleveland, do
1 Grand Action Piano (Chickering's)
1 Gold WaUh, set with Diamonds
5 Gold Watches, at $ MO each,
10 Rosewood Pianos, at $.rA)
1 ,500
10 do do
10 do do
50 Gold Watches,
100 do
100 do
100 do
300 Silver do
1000 Ladies' Gold Breast Pins, at ?4
200 do Broeha Shawls, at if 25
500 do Silk Dress Patterns, at $20
5000 Gold Pencils, at $
, (.((ft ( M y siver (.ftse ftt
i !t 4 1; r,ft , u
t01-.C4 A, 1 (III no.!-,
l.'Tt l," A t'? it
1, K'
,(. 0
12081 do at
Every purchaser of the splendid large Lithogra
phic Engraving, w ill receive a Certificate of Mcm-
I bership entitling them to a chance in the above list
j of valuable and costly Gifts for the People. The
! Engnnings can be sent by mail (without being
I dan a fed.) to anv part of the country.
i m-first come first served
i wishing to act as agents for us will pkat,
ficnd ft rccon)mcnjation 8igncd by the postmaster
: 0 othtr inliueiitial and well "known person in
, . u w,ure t resi(!e
. . ..ersons who have been actinfrasngents
. . . n- ...iimtin n .thisisnotrennirPfl.
All orders with the money enclosed, tree oi post-
acre, will meet v ith prompt attention.
In order to prevent mistakes, agents and others
transmitting money to us w ill please have it scaled
in the presence of 'the postmaster, and the amount
entered on the way-bill.
We prepay all our letters, circulars, &c., to our
agents and correspondents, and expect them to do
the same with us.
.9-A gents wanted in every town, w hom we will
furnish with posters, circulars, schedules, instruc
tions, &c, on application to our office, or by mail,
post paid. For further particulars see descriptive
bills, &c, or inquire at ofliee. No. 2, Walcutt's block,
Town street, Columbus, Ohio.
BIIRNEI.L & CC, Proprietors,
March m--ni3-l

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