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IL-.avy contracts hve bocn mule for tlie
delivery of flour in Njw York hi Ovtobr and
November, at ssvjn dollars p?r barrel.
ATI A. CUM F.ST .-At our instance an attach
. meat was this day issued by O, E. Guyer. a jus
tice of the peace in ail tor the township ut vveston,
Wood county, Ohio, sigaiust the property and effects;
of Andrew MeGinnis, a non-resident of said conn
ty, for the sum of four dollar "twenty cents deK!
.II1 COWS Ot SNtt. r.l 1 i& .M.vAI.
Iy 3J, l.5.--U-3t.
Jonathan Lane etal. vs. James H.' Wilkinson.
BY command of an execution and order of sale.:
from thi court of common pleas of Lucas coun- !
ty. Ohio, I shall expose to pxMic sMe, S door '
of the court home in Perrysbftrg. Vi. The county of
V"oo5, oft the lHth d.lv of September. A. T). 1855.
V i j? t .
oM ,l.v. fHlnin., Arrih ur.rt. . !
..". - . h 1 . t i . in i ? .
fVip sin 0) north, of range nine (f) east, ai 57-100
ftctes, in Washington towuship, Wood count v, Ohio,1
levied on as the property of defendant, ut the suit
'A Jonathan Laue et a.', plaintiffs.
W L COOK Sheriff
liAVr.u & Ho-sMr.rt ltffs'Ays ' ' i
W 1 1VJ lt-5t: U ' I
!...-...: .1
Terrvsbiirg Bank vs. Adam Pkillips, Win. A. Ives.1
OIIKUIFF'S SALE-. -By virtnc of a writ ffi.fn.
O tom directed and delivered, from the court of;
rommon pleas of Kd county, Ohio, I will offer,
f..r sale at the door ot the court house in I errysburff. :
on Saturday, the '.'I'd day of September, A. 1). lS5 i,
between the hours of 1 and 1 o'clock of said day. '
ine following property, twit: 1 he north west ;
quarter of the south west fractional quarter of sec-
...u iimeir-cn, in town iour i) noiui. ot range-
rleven (in east, containing 38 77-100 acres ;
part of the south west quarter of section thirty.
.:) in town hve (.5) north, of range eleven (11) east
m.u... uui-Kiurui u.ri-, more or less. i .
...v- , .. ..... ....
east corner of the south east quarter of section ;
twenty-live. (.'.') in town five (.') north, of range ten
(in east ; also, the north west quarter of the south'
west quarter of section twenty-seven, (27) in town'
fire ('i) north, of range eleven (11) east, less one-!
our,, . V ' WB corner cenieiervj .
containing .'ID 7.r-lM acres, more or less, the same;
avuig Iteeii b-me taken on execution as the proii-
? -j i e t i .i j. i
rtv of said defendants at the suit ot said plaintiff.
Atr t ww,i- oi i
VM. Tn,.r aV,J..L- C()0,V b"en,r- '
Muiinw & Donnn, Attvs.
Aug. . I. ia.-.i 14-.r.t:i..r0
Cyrus S. Lamb against William II. Brown et at. 1
Wood Common PleatPiirtition. i
BY virtue of an order order of sale from the court
of common pleas, to mo directed in this case, I
..i,.. ii .......... - i.i: . i .i e ....
nmwi v.-.c jiuo.it pine m mt! uour ui u.c cmu.i
house in rerryshurg. W ood county. Uluo, on the
-'rtih day of September, is.. liefweeu the hours ot,
.mi j.. u j. , uic .......niui ucmuu
property, to wit: fwenty-oiie acres oft the wmth
end of the west half of the north west quarter of
thirty-one, in township lire north, of range
eleven east, m ood county, Ohio ; to be soldsnb-
ject to widow s dower, which has been assigned by
metes and bounds. Terms of sale. J cash. $ in
jiioiiiii.1, miu ruioiiu in uiuuin inmi mi i n.nc, .
deferred pavinenfs to be secured.
W. L. COOlv. Sheriff Wood Co., O.
J. II. Rr.tn, Pltffs Attv.
Aug. 1H, 18V).ll-t$j..r0
Alexander II
I he l-ourtof Common Pleas
of Wood County, Ohio.
HliNUY MARTIN, Catharine Miller, James
Miller, William Martin, James Martin, George
W. Martin, Jackson Martin, Polly G. Aultman, Pe
ane Ogle, '
vs. !
r Martin et al. )
ter Aulturin, Nancy Martin, and the heirs and legal
of Matthias Martin, Jr., deceased,
will take notice, that the plaintiffs have filed a peti-
in the court of common pleas of Wood countv,
Olii.i aoHiiifp f.n ili in Biibstniwft that thev are the
owners, by assignment from Jacob ltogers.'who was
uic adiuee oi one .Hmi xm;
tin, deceased, to 8iid Mvers, on the Vollowinij lands
. . . .... . - P .
S. Mvers,0 of a curtain
ivered bv Matthias Mar.
. . .
in Wood county, to wit : The south part of the west
half of the south cast quarter, and the south part of
the east half ot the south west quarter ot section
thirteen, (KJ) town hve, (5) range twelve (12). That
said mortgage was given to secure the payment of.
Two hundred and fifty dollars due February 12th,1
185ft, and two hundred and fifty dollars duo with
interest February 12, 185G. That the first of said
a certain debt described in said mortgage, to wit:
payments is due and unpaid, with interest since the
12th day of February, 185ft. Plaintiff asks a
decree for the sale of the mortgaged premises, to
uav said indebtedness, nnd defendants are notified
that unless they answer by the 20th day of October,
A. D. 1855, said petition at the term of court next
thereafter will be taken as true, and a decree ren-
derod accordingly. Mi hiiav & Doner,
Aug. 1 IrOft. 14-Gt$5,12 Pltffs Attys.
NOTICE is hereby given to George Williams,
Peter Itider, and all others interested, tJiat
there will be a meeting of the trustees of Center
township, at the house of A. Tharstin, on Monday,
September 24th, at 10 o'clock-A. m to locate a ditch
at or near the west line of section 20, running east
on the flosth side of the road leading from Bowline
Green x Portage river, the ditch running through i
e. ail !M and all the land drained unci
benefitted by the proposed ditch, are embraced in
this notice. ALFRED & J. If. THURSTIN.
Center tp., July art, 18 V. Ui-IItf 1 .75
William II. Baldwin against I, F
lV Aiuiel IVaclun.
Judgment in Wood Common Peas.
II1 command oi an execution trom trie court oi ,
common pleas of W ood county. Ohio, I shall
expose to public sale, at the door of the courthouse!
111 Perrysburg, in said county ot Vood, on the 14th!
""J (,t September, A. 1). ISYj, between the hours I
nf nnf fitii i fniii' n rlnib iv r nt s.'tiJ d.-iv ho f il. .
lowinjr deseribcd'propertv, to wit: In-lot number !
friiir in tm fnua if I.pf;no t"rt(t friintv f.hin '
and '"-lot number one hundred, in John II. Dewitt's .
addition to said town of Portage ; also the east halt
of the 8u,h east garter of section thirty, in town-,
!sh,P nTe nnrXh ot range eleven east; in ood coun- j
ity, Ohio ; levied on as the property of defendants,
"t He suit of William II. Baldwin," plaintiff.
V. I.. COOIv, Sheriff of Wood Co., O.
J. II. ItEin, PlttVs Atty. ' , V,
Auar.ll, lis.V-i. ia-t2.50.
"ibertllmHT. "Philuralt A. PrnWlr
nmtK d-tcnlant, Philuruh A . Pautrburn, will take !
1 notice that on the second dav of August, l.s..5,
the plaintiff, Albert Pan-'buin. filed his petition fori
divorce in the court of common pleas of Wood
county, Ohio, setting forth in substance that on or;
about the 20th of July, H4f. he entered into thep
marriage contract with Philurah A. Giles,
pj,ilUrah A. Pangburn, at Jackson township, Han-
also.cockt.oul)tyt Ohio; that he faithfully performed all
,ile ))uties (lpr)Crtaining to the marriage contract:!
ami setting up as cause for divorce, gross negleci
on the part ot said rhilurah to pertonn the duties
... j. v .... 1 1 1 1 in ti nil mi. hmo i in no ii ii rv wit I ci i-
vers persuits. Said petition w
tjle October term of said court.
i a v iw f . wi1l K ,v Mia ..hwri-
X ber i
will be for hearing at
By MniRAT & Doixjk, his Atty s.
ia. is.'m. ii-;t $ i
until the first of September, for building n
, ... . . ... .' v ..'
School I louse in sub-district No. b,
, , , .,. . '
or wood. Plairand siiecihcatioiis ti
T'-n-hi,1. Clerk, .
T) Y
exi,oi)e to sale at the court house in
of perr ..urg .Wood county. Ohio, on
f August. A.J). 1S.V, at 1 o'clock p.m.
t to lowni! orouertv. to wit: 1
B v order of the Board of Education .
An-'. 1. 1 s.V-1. lJ-td I. P.TIIOM PSON. T. C.
Aloiuo T. Prentis against Jeremiiiti S. Tibbets.
Wood Common Pleas.
virtue of an order of sale issued to me from
the court of common pleas of Wood county, J
the town
the 14th day
either of brick!
to be seen at the
on said
. wo Day
. M .. Honbl harness', and one two-horse
waon en as the property of Jeremiah S. Tib
section ,,et!,0 a order of attachment against him from
thc eourt t)f cninmoil pleas of said county, at the
Mjt i,,l0 'f Prentiss.
yy' L (f(()K, Sheriff of Wood county, Ohio.
JOHN II. 1(RII 1 lttfS Attv.
Pcrrysburg, Aug. 1, 18")
The Court oi' Common
-12-2ti! 1.2.5
oi Wood
Comity. Ohio.
John Bates, a liu'r of Edward llotchkiss, deceased,
Sarah llotchkiss, Grace llotchkiss, James E. Mer
rinian, Elias P. Merriman, Charles G. Merriman.
Adeline II. Grannis, Charles B. Grannis.
riiK defendants will take notice that the plain
X tiff has filed a petition against them in the court
of common pleas of Wood county, Ohio, the object
md prayer of which petition is, to enable the plain
representatives i tiff to complete a contract for certain real estate in
the town of Perrysburg. Wood county, Ohio, en
tion tered into by Edward llotchkiss, in his lite tune,
i with James Murray, a full statement whereof is set
I forth in said petition. Defendant are notified that
! that term be heard, and a decree taken in accord
1 . i . r ii..
unless thev appear ami answer said petition by the
first dav of the next term of said court, it will nt
! . i . . t i i .. j j a .. i : 1
Kachel A. Cook
nice with the oraverof the petition.
MntBAY & I)oim;k, Counsel of Tiff.
August 4. lKft.-.12w(;$M..r)0
Wood Countv Common Pleas.
Petition to Change Name.
' common pleas of Wood county, Ohio,
. that, for more than one voar past si
i) ACHKL A. COOK, by James II. Newton, her
next friend, has hied a petition m the court ot
o. ruuiiij; luriu
she has been a
I bona fide resident of WooJ countv ; that she is de
said i Bir(,us of having her name changed to Elizabeth A.
j Xewton. she having been adopted by said James
ir. Newt on whl i tl i consent and anoroval of her
mother, being her on v surviving parent, and asks'
that her name be changed to Elizabeth A.Newton,
I s;litj petition will be heard at the nextterm of Wood
Uomnion pleas. Muiihay & Dovg v., Atvs for
Au'jst 4, lkV. 12ic-r!j2 " i'-'t.
bled to sell at reduced prices.
May 15, 153- 1-. It. MILLER & CO
riTUK subscribers are now receiving, direct from
X the- Kasteru Cities, their stock of Spring and
Summer (iovU, to which they invite the attcntirn
of their friends and customers. Their stock will
be found the most complete of any, and owing to
the-low prices of goods this spring, they are ena-
ttnd w.j ,)e H(7,j che b
. 1
Successors to E. D. Feck & Co.
STAPLE GOODS. Sheetings, Shirting. Blea
ched Muslins, Dentins, Stripes, Tickings, Prints,
Ginghams, and a great variety of summer Goods,
bv being bought direct from the manufacturers, can
F. 11. MILLER & CO.
I ) Kit A (J KS, Tissues, Challies, Satins, Silks, 'White
J) Goods, Lawns, Laces, Edgings, Mulls, at
. It. iMlM.l'.lt x
Straw Goods for evervbodv. at
( Vl.Al ad Rummer Shaw s, Silk A isettes ; also
tjootS & SHOES in every variety. Heady made
D Clothing, a complete assortment. The place
to buy these articles is at F. II. MILLER & CO. '
ANY TIIIXG in the way of Groceries, Hardware,
Crockery, Wooden Ware, Iron, Steel, Nails &
fsl,,,. Glass, Paints & Oils, Rope & Twine, Stone
Ware, Grindstones. Salt, or tUiods of any kind usu-
wmted ma ,,e h;id of F' ".MILLER & CO.
-T- 1 'J" I
Corner of Front-st. and Louisiana Avenue,
RE opening a general assortment of DRUGS,
they offer at the lowest market price.
J I II If 1 "" " '",J
JMK) "rydo. do.
, , oW II,C , . TT.,.TT
For Sll'e 1l-v PECK & HAMILTON.
,i vi t:..qm ,n,H.m mil
Spirits Tupen-
tine. Camphor, Burning Fluid, Alcohol, &c.
For sale by PECK & HAMILTON.
GLASS. 100 Boxes, all sizes, from the Franklin
Glass Works, a superior article, equal to the
French Glass and much cheaper. For sale bv
I ,A!s 1 t,K "i' tne dozen, as low as can lie
; purchased in city, iiv
( OZ. QUININE, iust received bv
( 1 RKA M TARTAR, Sup. Carb. Soda and AVash
J ing Soda, by the quantitv.
i-1- me .M. atone, Jane C.
-Alfred P. Stone, An
"Wilson, Guilford R.
Wilson, Mary W. Rich, Andrew J. Rich, Charles
Townsend, Francis II. Townscnd, Louisa C.Tovvn?-'
end. Charles Townsend. Louisa Townseiul and
(Jeorge Townsend, are hereby notified that a peti
tion was tiled against them on the 20'th day of July,
A.D. 1SAA, in the court of common pleas of Weed
county, by George Coit, of Buffalo, New York, and
is now pending, wherein he demands partition of
the following real estate, to wit: Eighty-four
100 acres from tho east side of river tract No. 67,
j U. S. R.. set off to said Coit and the defendants in
a proceeding for partition, instituted against theui
and others, by Samuel T. Atwntcr in said court;
and that at the next term of said court application
will be made by said Coit for an order that partition
may be made of said premises ; or, if it shall appear
that partition cannot be made without manifest in
jury, that the same may be sold, or other proper
order mude in that behalf, pursuant to the statute
in such case made and provided.
M. It. WAITE, Attv for Tet,
July 2. ns.y. iiwiifa.ca " .
NOTICE is hereby given that a petition will be
presented to the commissioners of "Wood
countv. Ohio, at their next session, to lay out and
I establish a county road, as follows, vi. : Beginning
j at the north west corner of section 32, township ft,
1 i it...... v i ...... .i. ,
(Weston-) range 1), thence east on the section line
I to the north east corner of section 3o', in said town
i ship, and there to terminate. 'J'lio's JuNKINS,
J '1,l,-' 1L'l1,-w4
I'crrysburffi Mauince & Toledo.
The racket Sloop Sweeper,
MrCoLLEY, master, will ply between the
above ports the ensuing season. For
freight apply on board, or to
R. F. llou-iRTEn Si Co., Perrysburg.
IIoi.i.istkk Si Coi.tox. Toledo".
TANl'FACTURER of nil dles of Carriapcf
j 1V1 and Wagons, also, of Ball& Post's Ciiltivatcr,
warranted to do double the amount of work of ajjy
ordiiiarveihiva.tor. Shop on Froiitstrcet. opposu
Jiafford's Hotel. I'errvsburir. Ohio. 21tf

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