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The Perrysburg journal. [volume] (Perrysburg, Ohio) 1853-1861, August 18, 1855, Image 7

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rtl.lK :Pi:itKYSIH'UG JOHHNAE'is published i
J, every S itur lav. bv S. Ci.ahk, at $1 per year,.
r.Mlt in h-lfiintV. or" $1.25 hi trade; . 1.2.-. cash iu i .
ni.titlM, or $ I JM at. the end of the year. Those in '
will be charged at the rate of ..-,. for the
l-resent. series until they pay up, when thev ran got
Ills pip.-rat the reduced price. :
Papers may be stopped nt anv time by paving up. i
: L! 1 !
11 V.VIU.VO SO riCH.--TheVrryrA' Itank
AJ is nor open and prepared to discount short
huHine parer buy ami sell Gold, Silver.andEasf-l
ern I-j x-.viH$ii and transact other business in their
lino. Interest paid n tinle deposits.
J. S. NORTON. Cashier
Oct.ll.lSot. 2!)tf
ITT i sil f VKTilv 7t vTfVv " Tttirri:'
VV " io rt
1. it Ci J 51'Tte,4?3(!1,?V?; rr '
I). 11. Diimi, I'res t; (jKobiii. MtnATT.Treas.
IIivnv II ll.i,,.,.- ... C W 1 . ... ,
Company Capital 2MI,0(l(. JUsks taken on rea-:
:.. .1 i -i , .. . '
TiiiYioi; i li m i, in iiiuaoovu resiioiisiiiio companies,
'' Jl; If. ITOlXi V.,
Insurance Apent.
J. & V 1IOOH
lrr.vr.F.IlSirtlry(;.)od"s.(Iroeeries.IIardw(ire !
lJ Lumber. Pro-lace. nnd Merclianrtl.cffertcrallv.;
Pellin off cheap for cadi dow n. i
Front.st lerrvs!mr,r Mt- 9(5. ifth
Attorney at Law, Solicitorin Chancery, Land Vent,
Kc tit: Office in theeourt house, Perrysbur.O.;
" " 7 uruii 5 : i
av. i ' t i , ii i I
AMndale and lie fall Dealer in
tMtscdlanr.Qim, School, I heoloaical. (lift tf-:
.ai. nit lines, plain ami tancy stationery, AY rapping
iiiiu nun i j'it, uuiu r.'ii.s, vVCiyf;,
taUIriee City, (ihirt
Hull Prairie Road Ditch,
NOTICK is hereby given that the Trustees of
Mi.Mlet.rn townshin. in Wood em.ntv. tlhio
the Hull Prairie road; from the' s.nldl 1 til df Fran-
im SXCwu!, S,."h.'a
township, on Monday, the l.ith day of September
ntixt.at Hi o'clock a. m., to view the cast oitch of
.m ! p.o.fli llHiiPi',.,,,.,
is Aiett'lev s farm, in sec. 3. township 0. rilnirc 1(1.
the m.rtlt litie of Middleton township, au.t cause
!!'.?, raV'1?. !l C e,,1rel V1 V' f'r
.rollrs.. Illl. I Ittlllnrhntl amJ U'nrL. 1.W HttnAit
..f t i, f .T ' ' i 17-i i , i 1 , . "J 5
"t tlie to llownii' ili'scrilioil Ifin.lj in sin-li iwh.iiw
i. ."x ..... . ..a .I. i :
...i. ..v luviiimi jmi ami nni. i"i:.irom io ovueiiis
fn ua tlcnved from said deepening and widenin
TI,. w..i,ii, ..-w,lu ..P I...... i :.: .
(lln:,m,.i.,r H,L jn.l , I i. '.... I
. ..v, iiv auj'n.ivi unill'M llUltl'V IIULllUUt
to wit:
Purl. Aer&.
10 G y .i
JV.fcer Timothy
oen jonn
Aiertord 1): X.
"''yi Pickering &
l)awson, "
AYetm .ro M. O. "
Wet more O. M. "
etmore F. A. "
Spatt'ord James A; '
itarncs Joseph "
Mcagley Francis "
j;wiii! Wm. II. "
Mua'Iev Francis Ei "
KinlolfJ.lt. .
jeaorley Francis E; '
Meagley Francis "
Taylor John "
Itider John "
Kobertson E. T. "
Spalfiir.l James A, "
Hoberfson Amclius '
Wetmore Wm. II. "
Wetninre F. A. "
1'lwiti Win. lL '
('rook lljnrv "
llaldwin NC. t.9.11.1
Itoas; Job 11. "
Harlica William
Mclsaara Patrick "
EwingWm. II.
Sarvis Henry "
llramaa Elias
IJri.l:es Samuel
Sliippel Sebastian
Shippel Andrew
Hcach W. & J. C.
ltarbce Win.
Shippel (Jeorpro "
Kidiallor Henediet o
l'aekelman Ilarbara
(jilman John
Khippcl Andrew
u e or
e hf ii w iit;
'tiH w hf n w p?
20 e hf n wo,r
'J e hf n e p? s w qr
'Jfi s e qr s w p:
l'(j w hf n e p-s w ip
ati e hf n e qr
Uli w hf n e qr
5J(i s part e hf s c qr
21 w hf s e qr
'5 n part e hf s e qr
2.1 w hf n w qr
2.1 ttpartwhf swqr
2.5 s part w hf s w qr
21 w hf n w qr
21 n w qr s w qr
21 s w qr 9 w qr
'J'i C hf n e qr
2:1 w hf s e qr
2.1 ehfscor
! I
iJl I l
2-1 e i s w a w I n e J 100
2:1 tihfiiwqr SO
1 4 e J fraction l:p
1' w part w frac hf 4.9.20
y.l swltivnw 210
.1.) ncqrneqr 40
y." chfnwqr Si
e . set sel n cl 12
y.i w hf n c qr SO
y." whfseqr S()
2tn w I w J so i 4 s w I loO
c hf s c r
c qr n e .ir
w J n e qr
n hf
S W qr
ii e qr s o or
s w on s e, qr
shf n w qrse qr
: a:I nhfnwqrseqr 20
TtrfV cnl'rwI'Ty 40
'... . . ;, K;, '
WM. H. invito, and others.
Ji,ly 2, Ilwc I'etitiqncrs,
Kw goods!! .
f 'II h suitscriiier is receiving trom cw 1 otk
,llr&e a'"1 ell selected assortment of G',.f.. ,
rfwri.joi,. wliirh .will 1 sold verv cheap f n
.J l' v (.oods ot all kinds t
J'I"VI tl1"t,1S, L"?,mcrc ""'KS Pl)t h"rf-
Ifi?' Vwapvt, C.ni4!li.nM. td.c-e'.ngs. ;
nncry. Gloves nd, LysJc Boots
Mioes, Ilats, Caps and Ueadv i.inde Clothing.;
Hardware, N ails at reduced prices ; Glass ; ( aide.
Log and Trace Chains; Chop Axes, Broad Axcs.l
training Chisel?, Alters, Locks & Lot. lies.
" rouglit Units, J aide. C utlery, l mining Squares,
Handsaws, &c. Books k Stationery. Crockery
White Stone. Blue China and Common Wares.-
(JroferiesCofFee, Ten, ?i:ar, nk-iattis, CLdfish,:
Mackerel. Herring J'lotir & Toih, Uice, (linger,
rutty, A lute J.ead, Uar Lend, 1'owdcr. Shot. Caj s.
iur. KonwU is superb. KilVvM, 15on.,et
I.inin-'s, i'(irnols, e intend to incuase and
" I'"-'""--, nr.l for that , urj ose ill .dl
a....j. .... I . ' i' i t .... r . .
y niv 1.(1 i; llj. II 111.11 nt I MM
bargains, would do w
Perry.sbur". Ohio.
ell to uivc us ii call.
7fhAtihc tiign of the Big Watch,
- - TT . . - . .
H . M 1 VC"",V r"wctull) informs his ten
AAt,.loVsa"1 personal fncndK.aiHl tliK.od irvh-
1 1 OJea Jlaumee City, rerryslnirt', and all the
country round, that lie has opened the most -in-,".
roceiviny daily additions from the iicst Europouii i
'""1 Eastern manufacturer? of :
It would be .,uite useless to attempt an ennmera- ;
tion of the brilliant articles hisshow eases now con-
!titill. but ladies and yentletlich will please calland
sec (lis splendid
from 7V0 O, Hundred ami Fifty Voltttrs.
-.-KJS" . V C,,A,N!-1 , 1
rrtnd riches, Mortnicnt eversccn bere.at ,
jn? . i-i- r'rt t u ' Vhh t-rr 1 ivv
..c "'f'l. V L1 ' ARD. f M , ...
of everv variety, niialitvand pattern. at price- rnh!.
i"v i.nrt.M mill riu.lctnnii IIIIVIII CICISCi;! IICIV,
r,..rf 't .it.. t. ti,...
C n.lV.lll iieauty, weight and tinisi,, at frc
MrrmUV AKi.Rifs of the !
L",". " Ul ' i
.: . ' "l " r" l" . I
mti'khiok Pks asp Puckkt KNivF.R. ot eierant .
... , a.i t.:.. ...i.:.. x: . if :.. !
,,ma"uu "'l'. j
I,r.A.,(i0TAriOXAMni:AI TlVrMNI.Al1Cl.OfKS.!
..... . ... . . . . .... .
ot tlie nest manufMCture, at Two and a Half to lit-
.. ,. .... . ' . . '
uouar. W an a eountless variety
Lo.;kkt.s; Gold Pkncm.w,
1 K. 1. T ......
"""' y.oi.n i r .-ss,
Curr Pins, :
S.tt i.s, &c.
.-i.il.i.... ,. ukJ. iL, : ; , . c :.. . !
wdlrv .I.1UT,;;.:' ;w : :
- . ....... v ... .
M M ff era tfUrt III ft ft lltrt iH r( ,
. i . . , ..
I,CC,al Creltcn by the best workmen Ml i
the country to iikpaihixg watch km and jkvvei.kt;
anil ail work warranted:
?-J-Don't fur get the jiidrei hf ihe tits
Wntrii; Stimmit street, bet ween Jefferson and Mnd
.() ison streets. mr2(yl H.TCOOK.
p WtlMPEH, Hinder and Blank Ibi k
J. Manufactnrt;r. overSpeed"sTelepTai)h Office!
Toledo, Ohio. All blank llooks paged, wile h re
quireo, without extra charge,
June !, 1S...
Atanufacturers of ajl kinds of I'aJiL'r and Blank
Books. Spilngncld.Ohio;
rpHE subscriber has opened a Mlisie Store m To. '
J- le.lo, Ohio, yvherc life intends to Keep a full
assortment of the best Musical C.obds the New York.
and Boston markets afford; Lisrhe, Newton and
Bradbury's Premium New York Ti axos ; Brow n ;
& Allen s, Hallet, Oavi.s & Co. s, and Wm. P.Em- ;
Arson's Bostoii PtAKos, making a l.etterassorHnent ;
than can bo found elsewhere between Isew 1 ork
and" Chicago. Also, Carhart's Improved patent :
Mclodeons, made by Mason ITamlin, of Boston. ;
and Goodman & Baldwin's Melodcons, made in .
New Haven, Connecticut. Also, Violins, Guitars.!
flutes, Accordeons, Banjos, Strings. Se.. &c, with
a good stock of the most popular Sheet Music of
the day. Church Music Books. Glee Books of all
kinds; Bertini's Meth.id for Piano, juice $:j.!i) :
Hunfin's School for Piano, $2.00; Beyers Piano ,
School for Children, $1.". Music or Musical In- 1
strunients of any description not on hand, will be
ordered when desired.
The snh.scriber has been engaged in ienehlng vo-
eal and instrumental music in Hartford. Conn., for j
the space of six years, and he feels conndent that
ie can select such Instruments and Music ns will
K've sa,isf"otio"- Orders sent by mail will be
promptly attended to on receipt of cash.
A. M. KNIGHT. No. .5 Gardner's Block.
In store with G. F. Kobinson's Book'toro.
Toledo, Ohio, May 2li, l?.j.:'ni3
DII. N YE & C. have removed their stock tf
Goods, saved from the lute fire, into
Treihells Work, corner of Ftimmit Adn,g-f,,
where tlicv would be hat nyto seethiirold frien.'s.
Kvtr grateful tor the kiifdifess and friendly f.eliig
exte tided toihetu in titi.f of distresses ell as pros
arrears r(.pifV( 1llcv WoM,(, ,,,, , fy , w0 a flljd
fer ti,elp .fc ,,r bo.As at a'tednctd price.
Toledo. Ecf... ISoi. J u NYE & CO
FLU 1 1) LXTlI A CT LI' 1 1 1U,
Fr diseases i,' the IMadder mid KidnoK. ( ilfrlit
t ions of thtjl'rine, Chronic (Jfioril Q a, Strict tuts,
(.leets, weaknesses, and nil difsestf il.e Vix-"
nal Organs, whetlur iu Slole or l-'i r.ale( t'un
w hattttr t'tiuse they hiny liave originutcd atid no
hunter ff how loti tati)intr.
ii M B nave cot.ti-nclfutlir teiriMcflir'tdM' w I K li
lit C CO. 1 1 HC1 CU 1 11C ICI rilUC 1IIM USt V I II M
frt ill oiicj ucneiati n to iilK tbt r. unicm'ii ii t; li e
eoustitHtii.il mid ft ii theytry yitaH.tiii'sfii lite
do not frtiM yourself in the Imi ds of ijMitis, rl o
start upeveryday imd till ti e jnj cis iih 1'1m
hoods, too well cilclilated to deCciXelhe y-tn i: ai d
t.'n se not acohatited with thtir tri kf. 1 1 ti en t:i t
I . i ,:, .. .1 . . - ....
" : " re iui in tne seiccuon 1 1 arttmCj inline
,f , , j . ' . .,'
i ne r nun c.xuact uuctiu litis I ecu pror.f vncru
eminent pnjsieians tlie j:reatit ltmctly ttr
,,,f,,,; nd rery innocent in its action, in d yet f
thorough that it annihilates every mti( le of the
ri,,',k P,i!,"""ti v'r"s (lf 'Irendftil (liscofe ;
"!"'' u,1!lke, ot'l,er "'.icdies, it ui es not d.y nj. tli
'''"-c ' '.' h''l''i ... , . . "
,l""ltl ")! thUhU; It obghtonb, -stdf-nViise,
mtnost terrible disease.w Inch has broithtthousiinds
the Krillhiiit liojies of puiems. i,d bli.'ltiJ y. in ti e
f1(. Pnrrd bv'tllis Infallible ir.mf.Ty. ATdnsu
medicine which must bemf.t eyenbetfy. fn In il.e
)y 4U.lit.llte to the confined and desi nirii.e ii.xa-
IwJ 110 e,I"al is to ,,e fulI,"J noting btth uh a cue
and preventive,
"fctAlfetlLlVP IlKillLY COXCF N'l Tf A'JTD
impound Fluid Extract of earfnftrilla
r or l'unty lU" the HloOiI. n-hiuvnitr nil diseases ari-
., P, ., t . i,' .j
prudence in life, chioiiic constitutioi.nl disease,
arisintr fn m an imj lire statt tif the lilcod, nl.d
the only reliable and effectual rf hiedv kt-.t.'V u for
the ciife of Strhfula, !Slt lthei ni, :t hld Head,
I'lceratioiis of the Throat and !. ; Pii und
Swellings of the Hones, Tetter, Pimj ks on the
Face, and nil Scaly Eruptions Of t!ie tkih.
This iirti' le Is hoCv proftiiJied 1V s ine of ti e
rst distitipuished l'lilsiclans in ihe c untiy, ni.d
inost distitii;t
has proved more eflU-iciit in jiriictice than any jnc
.r' mm vetoed totl,e,,,Mic
C,,..,-,-.;,! it W. . t.:i: "f . - A
-tTCiffi tier.'' P1 '111.11 1 IT" I IiJJjr. itKlllillfllM.U
lous di,t,aShs bate i-otfrelv re covered in ti e
incurable words of our puidic lhstituti. ns vhi( h
iiau tor many years resisted every mode ot trrntmt nt
i lint eotild lie de Vised. These cims furnish strikii g
examples if the salutary elfects of this medicine
in arresting s. .me of the'tnost inveterate diseases,
after the glands w ere destibycd and the tones ul-
ready sifi'ected.
Kfitit F.. -Letters from resronsil le Fhyficisrs
and Professors lf several Medical Colleges, and
certiricates.bf cures frrm patients w ill be ftui.d
nrrotnpaiiyihg both Preparations.
ritit'ks,' Fluid Extract Buclm, $1 perbottle.or
ti bottles lor $,r'.
'? . " " Snrsaparilla. same tnieep.
equal in strength to 1 gallon Syrup of Sr.rsnparilla.
Prepared and sold by II. T. HELMBOI.D, Cheni-
ist.2f.'t Chcstnut-st.. near the ti irard House, Fhilad.
To be had of 1 ECK & HAMILTON, Perrys
so bnrg.Obio.nnd of drut'jnsts nr.d c'ealerse.yervw heie.
AH letters directed to the proprietor or" agents
receive immediate attention. rinneHi
The Court ol CfTnTition Pleas oF VVooU
County, Ohio.
John Bates, ndm'r of Edward Hotcbkiss, deceased
Sarali Ilotchkiss. Crace Hotcbkiss, Jnnies F. Mer
S.J rimnn, Elias p. MerrimaTi. Charles G. Merriman,
A deline II. Grnnnis, Charles B. Grnnnls.
milE defendants will tnL-e notice tint the Td.n'ntiff
J. has tiled a oetition m.iinst them In the curt of
,.f u nion j lcas of Wood county, Ohio, the t bj. ct
,)u prayer of which petition Isto enable the jilain
120 tiff to complete a real contract for the sale of the
W, half of N. E. qr. section 2', of tow nl. in IT, p.
. n Wood county. Ohio, entered into bv Edward
Ilotchkiss. in his life time, with Georsre N'optl, the
object and prnver of which fietltli n Is, totni blo
the plaintiff to complete said contract.. Def.rd.
ints are notified to appear and answer the same bv
the first da v of the r.ext teimofsaid cciirt. or st
said term said cause will be bentd. end a decree
ii'i'.df red according to the niver of snld pctitii n,
Mi hfav - Vvi 'Mi:, Attfi
Ai.ibt 1, ISCv, ;'t:?.,"0

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