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The Perrysburg journal. [volume] (Perrysburg, Ohio) 1853-1861, October 20, 1855, Image 7

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'IVIli PKKItYdlilJUG JOURNAL is published
J- every StturJay, by S. Clakk., at $1 per year,
cull in ulvance, or $1.2.5 in trade ; $1.25 cash" in (i
uvut,hs, or jj 1.5') at the end of the year, TluJfce in
rr3;iH will le ch irod nt tlie rate of $1.5t) for the
present sories until they pay up, when they can get
the p t :r at the reduced price.
1 Vipers ni-iy be stopped at nny time by pitying up.
1 V. iilSii S it VIVli.'i'UcFerrusburg Dank
J is uotv open an 1 prepared to discount short
l i unoss paper, buy and sell Gold, Silver, and Last
r.t 14 tch in jfis. and crmi-mct other business in their
Interest paid on time deposits.
.1. S. NOKTON, Cashier.
Oct. 11.H5L 2tf
Y Company; (Capital $300,000.
I. 15. Di'ximm", Pres't. (ii:oKiE .Myu att, Treas.
1Ii:ky II. I)oi)t;i:, Agent, for Wood county.
Company Capital $2iiii.o0. Kiskstukcn on rea
sonable tortus, in the above responsible companies,
Insurance Agent.
J. & W. HOOD,
DHALKllS in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
L'.t.u'ur, Produce, and Merchandize generally.
S i 1 1 ii oiV cliap for cash down.
Froiit-st., IVrrvsbnr;'. Mav 2, 1S.V5.
A itoriK'y at Law, Solicitoriu Chancery, Land Agent.
'C. Ase. Oihce m thecourt house, Perrysburg, O.
r. C. HOLT,
Wholesale and Retail Dealerin
Mitcdlancoim, School, Theological. Gift J
Toil l O O iv S, Iltrncr's aud Putnam'
Monthlies, pl tiu and fancy Stationery, Wrapping
and Wall Paper, Gold Pons, &c.,&c,
Maumee City, Ohio.
M W. PIPER. Hook Hinder and Blank Book
L Manufacturer, over Speed's Telegraph Office,
Toledo, Ohio. All blank books paged, when re
quired, without extra charge.
June !, ls'io.
.r. w. kills & sonsT :
M tnuficturers of all kinds of Paper and Clank
Books. Springfield. Ohio.
0." PER R INT"
j rANI'KACTEUER of all styles of Carriages
1J and Wagons, also, of Ball& Post's Cultivator,
warranted to do double tl;e amount of work of tiny
ordinary cultivator. Shop on Frontstreet, opposite
K;ittird's Hotel. Pcrrvshursr. Ohio. f21tt'l
Bis: Watch,
At the Sitrn nf the
Hii.iRY T.COOK respectfully informs his ton'
thousand personal friends, and thegood people
oi Toledo, .Maumee City, Perrysburg, and all the
oiuntry round, that he has opened the most com
plete audsplondid stock ever offered in thecity.and
ii receiving daily adJitionsfnun the bestEuropean
and Eastern miiiiufact urcrs of
It would be quite useless to at tempt an enumera
tion of the brilliant articles hisshow casesnowcon
ttin; but ladies and gentlemen will pleuse talland
.!0 his splendid
Ooll start Silver Watches,
of every variety, quality and pattern. at pricesrang
i. Ti from Ten to One Hundred aud Fifty Dollars.
the largest and richest assortment everscen here.at
trotn Tireveto Fifty Dollars.
HE A V Y ti 0 1. 1) C lA RD CI I A IKS,
of unequalled beauty, weight and finish, at from
Virtue to Fort'-fife Dollars.
M vuni i-Mt'KNT Diamond Pins and UiNOS.of the
latest styles, and at the lowest prices.
Sni'Buioii Pf.v ani Pocket KNivi:s,of elegant
p.Uernsaiid finished workmanship, the finest lot in
of the beM manufacture, at Two and a Half to Fif
t ( Dollars. With a countless variety of
Lockf.ts, Gold Pf.ncmi.s,
Uikor, Com Pkns,
EuDuops, Waiti! Sfaih.
Cuff Pins, Brkastiins,
BnooeiiF.s, Studs, &c,
Kni overytliing else overseen or heard tell if in
j-welrvestahiisiinieiit. Prices I 'ever than the lowest.
.tf.rpecial care given by the best workmen
tha country to rkpaiiiinu watchks and jewelry,
and all work warranted.
' Z')Dnnt forget the place Sign of the Big
H"ifet. Summit street, between Jeffersonand Mad
l.initreets. mr'.'OvIJ H.T.COOK.
Kentucky Seed Wheat,
I (Perrysburg, sept 1.
DH. NYE & CO. hare removed their stock el
Goods, saved from the late fire, into
7'redicell's Block, corner of Summit 4 Adavia-sts.,
where they would be hnppy to sec their old friends,
liver grateful for the kindness and friendly feeling
extended to them in time of distress, ns well as pros
perity, they would be happy to see all, and will of
fer their stock of books at a reduced price.
Toledo. Feb.. 1855. 1). 11. ME & CO.
iii:lmi!Old's mriiii.T concenthatld comi'Ound
Fordiseises of the Bladder and Kidneys, Obstruc
tions of the Urine, Chronic Goriori l a-a. Strictures,
(ileets, AVcaknesses, and all dh'caset' of tlie Sex
ual Organs, whether in Jlale or l'cninle, from
whatever cause they may have originated aud no
matter of how long standing.
If you have contracted thclerrihledisensehich,
when once seated in the system, will surely go down
from one generation to tinotlitr, iindeiniinicg the
constitution and snj iii g tlie very vital fluids ot life.
dc not trust yourself in the hnnd? of quacks, who
start up every day urd fill the papers with false
hoods, too well calculated to deceive the young and
those not acquanted wiih thcirlricks. You cannot
be too careful in the selection of u remedy in these
The Fluid Extract Buchu has been pronounced
by eminent physicians the greatest remedy ever
known. It is a medicine perfectly pleasant in its
taste and very innocent in its action, and yet so
thorough that it annihilates every j article of the
rank and poisonc-us virus of this dreadful disease ;
and, unlike other remedies, it does not dry up the
disease in the blood.
Constitutional Debility, brought on by self-abuse,
a most terrible disease, which has brought thousands
of the human race to untimely graves, thus blasting
the brilliant hoties of parents, und blighting in the
uuu the glorious ambition ot many a noble y outh,
can tie cured tty this Julalnble Kcmcdy. -A i ansa
medicine which must benefit everybody, from the
simply delicate to the confined and despairing inva
lid, no equal is to be found, lifting' both as a cure
and preventive.
Compound Fluid Extract of Karsaparilln
j I'or Purifying the Blood, removing all diseasesari-
singtroin excess ot Mercury, exposure and im
prudence in life, chronic eonstituticrnl disease,
arising from an impure strte of the Blood, and
the only reliable and effectual remedy known for
the cure of Scrofula. Salt Rheum, Scald Head,
Ulcerations of the Throat ar.d Legs, Tains and
Swellings of the Bones, Tetter, pimples on the
Face, and ull Scaly Eruptions of the Skin.
This article is now prescribed by sf me of the
most distinguished Physicians in ti e c untry, nnd
has proved more efficient in practice than any pre
paration of Sarsaparilla yet offered to the public.
Several cases of steor.daiy y j hilis.Mcrcuiialnnd
Scrofulous diseases have trtirelv recoveied in the
incurable wards of our public institutions which
had for many years resisted ev ery mode of treatment
that could be devised. TheFecasesfurnis h striking
examples of the salutary effects of this medicine
in arresting some of the most inveterate diseases,
after the glands were desti eyed and the benes al
ready affected.
Notice. Letters from responsil e Physicians
and Professors of several Medical Colleges, and
certificates of cures fr m patients will be found
accompanying both Preparations.
Piuces, Fluid Extract Buchu, $1 per bottle, or
(! bottles for $5.
" " ' Sarsaparilla. si:me prices,
equal in strength to gallon Simp of Sarsaparilla.
Prepared and sold by H. T. I1F.LMBOLD, Chem
ist, 2(i3 Chestnut-st.. rear the Girnid H tise.Philad.
To he had of PEC K & HAMILTON, Perrys
bnrg, Ohio, and of drup gifts ai d dealeif everywhere.
All letters directed to the proprietor or agents
receive immediate attentirn. fjurelii
Catherine Spa fiord's Estate.
NOTICE is hereby given, that tlie subscriber has
been appointed and qualified as administrator
on the estate of Catherine Spafford, deceased, Inte
of "Wood county, Ohio. Dated at Perrysburg, this
2'Jd dav of September, A. D. ?".
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of an.execution
delivered to me from thecourt of common pleas
of Wood county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the
door of the court house in Perrysburg. on the 13th
day of October, J8.V5. between the hours of 10 a. m.
and 4 p. M. of said day, the east half of the north
west quarter of section ten, in town three north, of
range eleven enst, m Wood county, Ohio, contain
ing eighty acres, taken ns the lands of John Eich
el harper in the suit of Henry Groves against said
Eichelbargerand F. II. Ellsworth.
W.L. CO OK, Sheriff.
S. Jefferson, Ptffs Attv.
Sept. 22, 1855. lf)w5$l.S7
Captain William Allen, of the British na
vy, hus published a book, advocating the con
vt'iion of the Arabian Desert into an ocean.
The author believes that the great valley, ex
tending from the southern depression of tlx:
Lebanon range to the head of the Gulf of
Akaba, the eastern branch of the head of tlie
Red Sea, has been once an ocean. It is, in
many places, thirteen hundred feet below the
level of the Mediterranean, and in it ate sit
uated the Dead Sea and the Sea of Tiberias,
lie believes that this ocean, being cut off
from the Red Sea by the rise of the land ar.
the .southern extremity, and being only fed
by. the small streams, gradually became dried
by solar evaporation. lie. proposes to cut a
t iiiial of adequate size from the head of the
Gulf of Akaba to the Dead Sea, and another
hum ihe Mediterranean, near Mount Curmel,
across the plain Esdraeion, to the fissure in
the Mountain ran;e of Lebanon. By this
melius the Mediterranean would rush in, with
a fall of thirteen hundred feet, fill up the
valley, aud substitute an ocean of two thous
and square miles in extent, lor u. barren, use
less desert .'; thus making the navigation to
India as short as the. overland route, spread
ing fertility over a now arid country, and
opening up the fertile regions of Palestine
to settlement and cultivation. The concep
tion is a magnificent one, but no sufficieH-t
survey has been made to determine its prac
ticability or its cost.
The Grave of Fkankun. Great and wide
spread as is the lam" of the "Printer Phi
losopher" and proud as the. people of Phila
delphia are of their illustrious townsman,
we doubt much if one in a hundred of tho
present generation of Philadelphia have eve
seen his tomb. Thousands pass daily with
in a few feet of the spot where his ashes,
and those of his wife, repose, without being
conscious of the fact, or, if aware of it, un
able to obtain a glimpse of the grave. The
bones of the lightning-tamer lie within a ve
ry short distance of Arch street, in the north
west corner of Christ Church grave-yard, at
Fifth and Arch streets. As is generally
known, the spot is marked by a slab of mar
ble, which is almost level with the earth,
and which bears the simple inscription,.
"Benjamin and Deborah Franklin." If the
wall at this point were removed, and a neat
iron railing erected in its stead, every passer
by would be afforded the gratification of see
ing the grave ; a gratification now very diffi
cult to obtain. In u Philadelphia newspa
per, published in December, 1774, we find
the following notice of the death of Mrs.
Franklin : " On Monday, th? nineteenth in
stant, died, at an advanced age, Mrs. Debo
rah Franklin, wife of Dr. Benjamin Frank
lin ; and on the Thursday following, her re
mains were interred in the Christ Church
The announcement of the
of Mrs. Franklin was as
simple and unostentatious as the slab and
its pithy inscription, which marks her final
resting place. Philadelphia Bulletin.
"Sqiiantum" is the name for a fpecies of
fun known only to the Nantucket folks. A
party of ladies and gentlemen go to one of
their famous watering places, where they fishr
dig clams, talk, laugh, sing, dance, play, sail,
bathe, eat, and have a good time generally.
The food consists principally of chowder,
baked clams and fun. No one is admitted
to the sacred circle, who will take offence,
at a joke, and every one is expected to do
his or her part towards creating a general
laugh. Any man who speaks of business
affairs (except matrimony,) is immediately
reproved, and on a second offence publicly
chastised. Care is thrown to the wind, pol
tics discarded, war ignored, pride humbled,
stations leveled, wealth scorned, virtue ex
alted, end this is prjunntum."
The firs? piece of artillery was invented
by a German, soon after the invention of
gunpowder, and artillery was first need by
the Moors at Algesiras, in Spain, in the sieg"?
of 1341.
burying ground."
death and burial

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