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[No. 151] AN ACT
Prescribing the duties of the Auditor an urer
of Slate relative to ihe reiv pt, safe keep
ing and diaburtin ul of I'ublic money:, anil
accounting iherilur.
SrcTiosl 1. Be it enacled by th'1 -in ral As
sembly of ihe Stale of Ohio, That ilw auditor
ol stale shall be llie pri. cipul a-looming olticer
r(h. iMU.r .l..,.,i u. ll vliiill keen ill '
" ." ' . .... ... or
tili ottica at Co 111..D11S, all accu inis n-iuiioi, .
il.reoeiol.nd .li.burMn-i.l of .he. ....... is of
!.. otherwise prescribed bv law: prov
ihe pi war her in conferred on the uuilnor shall
not b- construed to prevent llie treasurer from
earrying -u corresjniiplo.oe relating exclusive
ly to the busi.p-ss of hi office. All payments
tif money into Ihe stale licasnry shall bo inide
in his certificate order or druti, and no" money
shall be paid out of the treasury unless on his
war ant. order, or draft, so ihnt h-v shall at all
lime, know and have in his "tti -e an account of
i very paym nl iuloor on i of the treasury.
" Srciio's -t. All mon ja I), louring to theS'alr,
whether p i t lo ill. treasurer or In any person or
company by his ord r or procnr un-iii or depos
ited, placed, or kept subject lo his order or con
trol, (-hall bj d.niied to have been paid into llie
Sierios 3. Eveiv navmcnt into tlt3 treasury
made elsewhere liiin 'at the treasury office iti
Columbus s lull be nude on I lie wiiltcii draft or
ord r ol t ie auditor draw n payable lo Ihe treas
, . I - -- I.. I. . . I'. ... 1... , -
urvr or nil o.'u r wun winc.i una m uani ... i----
auditor shall chorge the treasurer at the time of j
the delivery tli.ircut, and it siicti ur.iu or or;ier ,
shall b.: protested for lion payment, llie auditor
shall on rjluin thereof ut hi office credit the
treasurer ilier-'ivith. j
SEcncB-1. Each of such drafts or ord -rs shall ,
r-p -city ti e c aim, deminu or iiaDtiny on accouui
ol winch it is drawn, and wlrn paid shill be a
leal discharge ol such claim, demand ur liabili
ty, or of so much thereof as shall be so paid.
OCCTloa J. Jjvery iiiliil mil' (t.o.iij,-
office in Columbus, on wha. soever accouui, shall 1
b.' mi le on the certificate or the auditor, which
shal" con.ain a pertinent description of the
of the Indebtedness on account of
which the pnvment is to be made, and .ball state
ihe sum ta lo b-mid
'"sO To L ,l,e anlito, to ,al;e out
such ceriifieata thr ,-r,oi, iutendiii, to make
the payment snail, betore malting llie same, in
form iheaudkor Ihereof. and gire him a perti
nent description of the liability or indebtedness
on account ol which sucti l avui-ntis to o-!
,. . , -i. u 1.:,.:. . i.:. " .ti l
matte, anil snail exniuu in nun tin maiiiiui,
h.r. ... ,i-.,. n,...r. ,hl. ihe1
auditor to ascertain the true amoimt lo be paid, 1
. , i . ,,i i.. i :.. i.:. r i
unless in' au.iuor sua i u reni. i a.e in uio ui-
, ,-.i ,i." .i
lice 111 -UI3 Ul Meivillliuuu ..e- aui'vui. ,
t'ue auditor, after a careful examination of such
uccounts, vouciiers an 1 other ilocuineuls, or
th; accounts, records and files in Ins olli:e, as
the ens" may require, shall certify to Ihe treas
urer t!i : umoiinl to be paid into the treasury.
Skctio.i 7. Every such certilicale shall be de
livered to the treasury by the person infilling
lo mak: payment thereon, or by llie auditor, ni
. 1 -1- .
or betore tne lime ot maKinS'i"1 paynieni, am. .
.hall bo ..umbered, filed and carefuUy. preserved ,
in the treasurer s otnce.and oil receivllia pay-1
ment thereon
sou mak'uij
ttie money
liability on
-U..I1 l, 1.,... ...... I.. l; In llm .lerrio.
. , i- . 0 .
'XcKr7 making any such
payment shull iminediutHly dt livcr lo the audit
, lb.- trva-urer sb.ill pre to the per-,
such. piyni-.,. Ins Mceipt lor j
1 J". ..K-'lrtlal
ouuni hihim
or the treasurer's receipt for llle money so paid,
who snail carefully flln and preserve, the same
in his office, ami furthwilh charge the treasurer
therewith, in the proper account, and shall there
upon issue aud deliver to the person making
snch Daroienl. his receipt, rrHcifyini; therein
the sum or sums paid, Ihe liability or indebted-1
ness ouaccount'of which such ?ay,ent shall ,
nude, and such receipt ot me auditor:
Hi ri"Ccl H "4 l lie miHiiui .
a leeal discharge of FUCh lia-
n , r L . II
tneretii as snau
have b?eit
Miall be ht ld to b
bilitvor indebtedness, or tnuch
nirt ;oeen so na , ; om ., e . n ..u , . ,
unless ihe same shall have been delivered to,,,
the laws of this Slate, shall be received by thi
treasurer of slate ill payment of public dues,
or rerl -emed in money, at the option of ihe hold
er, and on redeeming anv such bill, draft or
warrant, or on receiving the same in payment,
he shall causa llie person presenting such bill,
drift or warrant, to endorse the same, and Ihe
trearurer shall write on the face Ihereof llie
wird " redieined," and shall enter in bis books,
in seoarste col urns ihe number, dale, amount,
the name of ihe person lo whom payable, the
appropriati in on account of which it is drawn,
the date of payment, aud the. amount of ill ter
es' if any, piid thereon.
Section 10. The treasurer shall file and pie
serve in his office all drafts and warrants by hi ill
paid and on the fust Mond y ol March, June
and September, and on Ihe s cond M inday of
November annually he. shall in the presence and
with the assistance of the auditor and attorney
rgneral carefulH compare tliesime w ith the en
tries iu his book4 as rcqnir-d by the ninth sec
tion, ami 11 It snail De ioun.i mar put n cuine:
are correct and truly aescrioe sucu onib, oiai.bi
and warrants they shall certify the same in said
books, and a copy of such entri. s on llio books
of the treasurer, und the certificate of the audit
or, neajmer, and attorny general shall b-s de
posited in tha office of the auditor, but if there
should b.i found any niaieriul discrepeucy be
tween the entries made us aforesaid, and the
bills, drafts and warrants vouching the same,
6Uch'di6crepancy shall he forthwith reported by
the auditor to the General Assembly if in sesaion,
and if not, to llie Oovemor, by a special
StCTtos II. No money shall hi paid out
the treasury uiile&j the same shall have been ap
propriated l y law to the purpose for wiih it s' all
be paid, and every such payment shall
charged both by the auditor and the treasurer
against such appropriations.
Section 12 No money belongiin or due
the State shall be deposited, placed or k pt
the treasurer or hy his diiection. order or ass
elsenh re than in the treutury office at Colum
bus without taltins in eveiy ins anee, security
therefor, aithe. by the plei'ge nf United Stat. 3
unio D.aie cocita wuei, u is dm.- .came ,n uu-.
jam auou arcun.y urnyini. uonoa 111 iuul'
ry responsibility, till uhiili s' curi 1 Icb shall
pi yen to I ha State of Ohio, tha I be deposited
in the office of the auditor and hall h; for
benefit of the Slate us collateral security to
treasurer's bond as well as for his benefit,
in case of default on the pirtof any deposiiaiy,
and tha treasurer or his securities being com
pellrd to make up any deficiency.; arising there
from, he or they shall have lie benefit of
securities, provided that the taking of such
shall in nowise release from any liabili
ty in regard to tho money so deposited which
would otherwisa attach to or rest on him
them: and provided also, thai before any
deposit shall be m&de the inme and place
the depositary, the terms and conditions of
proposed deposit, the description ot the
securities to he taken,
and amount of the
the namea of the securities in lie taken,
the names of the securities, shall b- communica
ted in writing to the audi 'or and the attorney
general and their apprmal endorsed thereon.
SccTIotf 13. Tha auditor shall, alone or
conjunction with such person as the Governor
fhall appoint for that purpose, between the
day of September aud the first day of November
in each year, and at such other time or limes
he shall deem necessary, carefully examine
hooks, accounts, vouchers, ofi'n ial coneponil
ence, certificates of deposit, and documents
Ihe office of the treasurer, relating lo ihe
disbursment, deposit or custody of the
moneys i ( llie Stale, or any part thereof, and
carefully count all Ilia moneys reinuining
I lie t r'DSU i y and shall ulso ascertain the sums
balance actually due the Slate on account
moneys deposited or kept elsewhere than ill
treasury ollice at Columbus, and llle rrspon
Kiliititv of llie depositaries thereof ; lie. shul! also
-. . . i
oilKir ,KitO.I lor or on account ol an) such d.
ascertain the turns und conditions on which j
every mch deposit ol money snail nave oeen ;
made, whether actually agreed upon or under-
stood. Bin especially whether any and if any,
what consideration, by way of interest or olh-
shall have beeu stipulated lor, reccivcu,.
he expected, by llu treasurer, or oy any
mr tdm 11 (til the demand of the auditor submit
his full and unrestricted examination, all the
books, accounts, vouchers, certificates of depos
it, ami all other evidences of moneys deposited
ihe credit or subject to the draft of ll.n treas
urer, and all Ihe official correspsndence in tin ir
office or possession, or subject to their control
and the treasurer shall, moreover, on oalh lo be
administered by Ihe auditor, make full, Hue and
explicit answers in writing, lo all questions put
him by ihe auditor or by his directions loin h
ing the receipt or llie payment and touching
the deposit of moneys bi liinj iug to ihe Stale.
And llie. auditor may examine or cause mbccx
umined onoulh, any or all bjok keepers and
cleilis in the treasurer's (iffiec, depositaries ol
moneys belonging to the Stale, oil their clerk-,
book keepers anil ogents touching tliu payment
moneys into or out of Ihe. treasury, or ol
n.Miiptn rninaiiiini! therein or touching the di
me Mole, cise-
IXIVIL ,11 I1IOII 'S 1'ClUlll.lM. .U
-;, , ",.0r , r i,,,
nun in in- biuio n'"-"; -
SccnoN l
nrir. wlienevi
point some competi nt and suitable person lo
It shall be the duty of the govcr
requested uv me ouiilior, lo up
assist nun ill muhiiig n,, . r... - ,
to direct si.eti exaniinaiioii 10 oe mane ,., ,e
l ;th il ssiltinee of some coinne.tc nl
.,,,.1 oi'mlile nersnii to be aDiioiilted bv him li-'r
that purpose, whenever he fchnll deem such ex
um nation necessarv 10 secure mr saiciy m ne
-- . . , c,.r,l
moneys oi me ue-, or .e m .....
alic manner of accounting for he sam...
SECTion 16. All the matena fads ascertain
Tharacter oil by tin , xam,n.tians prescribed by this .C,
sl-all n.u.edia.ely on lie close hereof.
U"on ll"'"'"' ns fhaU te P""--"f,"b'C, no
shall lay the same before .). pnj ral assembly
"t coinnn nccn .il of Us next in-uin3s. -
j .'...'
(fifil mi ihnnnees. or
- ; n . f in
dinger ot ony injury or damage fioiii any Hie-
gl set -lone, or about to be done by Ihe treas
,,,it kt fmm us neclcctir.2 or n lusina to com
-- --- , ,.
n'.v wi h onv rcanircnieiu ol law
v - ,
t. If IT r..n. ...... -,.., rv.i mi n:i ' ion Ci'
from anv other satisfactory evidence, Ihe gover-'
lh' S'ate shall have sul
shall bj in immediate
totli hillg the.
me, ml. keeninc or naviiic out in any money u-j-
loiuirg lo Ihe Slnle.'or the keeping and ren-il-'riiiR
accounts thereof, or shall huve tak u iu-s-.iffic'cn:
s.'curityfor any raon 7 deposi-cd else
where than in the Ireosury office at Coliiinbus,
it shall in every such cac be the duty of the
governor to direct the attorney general forth
with to institue ihe proper proceedings in llie
, . . t.....,,.,.., - ,. ,
rnnri ni common nuns ui i iuiii.hu m, ,..
- - ------- - , ,. , ;i,.l is
.ram c ,r a t, wi'th
or ,u tumP " " ... ' , .
move llie denos ts
curily bj given and such security shall be sub
ne prm , . , .,...
"I"'" f mn, b,,011in'
toU.; State is found to be insulT.cient, it shall
r.i. :....,! i.,i.. ,rt M-
unless further sufficient sn-
ject lo llie same condition as provided in sec
tion thirteen of this act.
Section 18. It shall be. the duty of llis audit
or quarter annually on the Kith day of March,
June, September und December (or if any such
day should be Sunday, then on the day pievi
ihikI to ascertain the amount of money iu the
' . . - ....-.. i. : c t 1 .l
treasury oe.uiiBu.R .u ..... ,,.... .......
on t hetr , for , favor o Oi, sc
."......-..'-. . -.
V , . e .1 K , I. , ,, ,r
su 'e a ...ice. ,,u,
rlra un fftr WU t rl rl VP(l .
y r.rr.. , r
BE-T10N l. w nruever i leitn ui unn-t.
,, .hlH have exire,. or lie shall
,l,R . fl settlement with the auditor of, and
treasury since the last previoussettleuieiii wiih
the a-uiitor of and concerning the tjine, which
scttlencnt shall be so made as clearly to ex'nb
it on what account, and for what purpose each
payment cither into or out ot the treasury snail
. .- ,.- ,
;,rT, oil vvi.,or it. ,.r.r,I
have ben mad" and in cae of payment out of
ihe trraaurv on account of what appropriation
every such payment made, and the auditor
hall certify to the incom:iiE treasurer, the scv
eral sums lo be paid over to him, by the out
goinp treasurer an account of each ar propriatioti
that shall not have been folly paid, and also the
sum to be paid on general accounts ; and the
out-going treasurer, or his legal representative)!,
shall forthwith pay over to his successor Ihe
B'vernl sums 60 certified, und also deliver lo him
ull llie books, accounts; voucheis, olticial pa
tier, and correspondence of whatsoever kind,
and neither the outgoing tieusurer nor his sure-
ties shall be discharged from his or their lia bill-
lo the State until such settlement, payments'
and delivery of books, accounts, vouchers, ani
oih.-nae, l.r, iohefore enumerated. shall hue.
. ' . i '
is used in this acl it shall b'j understood 10 mean
" treasurer of state," whenever llie word ' treas
ury" is used it shall be. understood to mean
" state treasury ;" and where the w ord " audit
or" is used it shall be understood to mean " au-
! dilor of state."
N. H. VAN VORHES, Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 8, 1856.
[NO. 141] AN ACT
Mdkingappropriations for constiuclion repairs,
superintendence, and expenses on the public
woiks of Ohio, for Ihe year one thousand
hundred at d fifty-six.
StCTio.v 1. B' it enacted by the General
of th Slate of Ohio, That the following
sums be, and they are hereby appropriated
of any money in the treasury, nerived from
public works, end not oiherw ice appropriated
construction, repairs, supcrintcnd'-nce, nun
ih. ..i.n r..uB nr f,;n r... ,i.u
,,,, pi(,,t .,ndred and fifty-six,
u ' gj;,n tp applicable 10 the several tlivi. i(;n3
sai 1 public works, in thi manner hereafter
u n, .
curities for superintendence and rcpaiis. including
amount required to complete repairs under
tract on the 1 5th November, 1&J5, thirty
thousand four hundred and tweuty-five dollars
forty-three cents, ror payment ot engineers
Mwciul superintendence, attorneys fes, and
cideutals, two thousand dollars, for the payment
of balance due on award of appraisers of
for Cleveland weigh lock, one hundred dollars.
For superintendence and repairs, including
amount nquirtt lo complete repairs under
ihi tract on loth November, 1SS5, twenty-three
kind, thousand dollars. Fur the payment of
wiih! oy appraisers ol dam
iipraiscrs ot damages, six. hundred dollars
For. ihe payment of encineers, special suuerin
lendenls, at turners fees, and incidental txpetis
es fifteen hnndred dollars.
the amount required to complete repairs
contract on llie 15th November. 1&55.
ihoii-and eiej t huiiiln d ai dYifty seven
and fifty-five cents; rebuilding and protect
ing the bank above the lower lock ut
nioinh, which washed aw&y before the
for repairs wero let, two thousand
j for the pay in. ut ol awards bv appraisers
of damages, eight hundred dollars j for the pay -nieutol
engineers, special superintendents, at
torney's fees end incidental expenses, one thous
aed livo hundred dollars; for the payment of
ferriage of canal teams and boatmen, across llio
Scioto river at Porthmouth, six hundred dollars.
Four superintendence and repairs, including
t,e amoiuil required to complete repairs under
contract on novemoer 10, nint: inonsana
nj niiity-two dollars and evenly six cents,
pot rebuilding bulkhead anil sluice gates at
Sharp's dam (branch unfinished on l&lh Novem-
Uer, two Itinusanil dollars, for me pay-
m "lit ot engineers, special snpcrinteiuienis, at
torney a lees and liicnlextuis ; one inousunu uoi
lars. For the payment of contractors for build
ing culvert ut surcn-niilc run, one thousand dol-
lars. -
Tor superiinendence and repairs including llie
amount required to complete repairs under con
tract i n November 15, ISM, twenty-four thous
and five hundred and twenty-two dollars twenty
cents. For rebuilding lock gates under contract
prior to the ,paymcnt of superintendent's ac
counts not yet settled, eight hundred dollars.
For the payment of Kngineers ; special snpetin
letidents, attorney's fees, and iiicidcnlul expens
es, lil lee ii bundled dollars.
For superintendence and repairs, including the
amount required lo complete repairs under con
tract on the 'iOth November, lf35, thirty-two
thousand one huedrcd fifty-five dollars lifty-five
cents. For the payment of engineers, special
SMp'riiitenileuts, attorney's fees, and incidental
expenses, two thousand dollars. For the pay
ment of salaries of appraisers, three hundred dollars.
For superintendence and repairs, including the
amount required lo complete npiirs under con
tract on I. Mil oveniHer, ISjj, one Hundred nun
fifty -seven thouseiid six hundred and forty-eight
or ttie payment ol en
, forlv.si conts.
- B)erinlPn,et1l!i, auornev's fees,
. ' . . ..- .
oud incidental expenses, two thousand live hun
dred dollars.
For suileriiiteiidence, und repairs, including
the amount required to coinpletn repairs under
contract on 14 11 November. 1355, flva thousand
eight hundred eighty-six dollura. For tlia pay
' ment of engineers, special superiuleiidetits. nl
tomey's fees, and incidental expenses, one him
dred dollcrs.
For incidental expenses of llie office of the
board of public works, incliidinc the salaries ol
secretory and assistant secretary aiid lor office
rent furniture and fixtures, record boo
arv blanks, postages and expenses of
lie board
four thousand dollars. For salaries of the meni-i
bersof the board of pulili,c woil.s four thousand ,
five hundred dollars. For payment of engineer j
lo guage surplus waler leaicd und not used from 1
the canals and slack-water imprnveineiits of tin
state, fit teen hundred dollars,
of widening mid dtcrciiing
For the purpose '
Ihe nnrlion of the
Hocking caiv.,l.lyiiig between Lancaster and Car- j
roil known as th j Lanciister side enr the sum
f .1.:.... . P,.,..e..,l fi..., U.,,1 fl,tl.r Thn1
t!ic gum of ihitc thousand dollar?, orsoninclij
thereof ns mny be uctrgFury fur tin; rrmovel ctf
the waste weir (on the Sidney fi-fdei) in the town j
of .Sidnry, 10 q point suu:li ol l town now ;
derimn'fd bv ihe Bourtl of public works pr.jvut-'
' cA cuiil II in r. I inn i cnn nriilur t ( 1 imilcp cnrli mil -
tcmolated cliaree. Thai the sum of ten thous-1
and dollars, or so much thereof as may be found
, due Board Ot pobltc works to Samuel t inieu
1100, r lie 111 111 reso iiiinn 01 ine ire nerai .-vs.-i n-
blv. reniiired said iiuard to settle and Biliust Ins
cl.iim against the state fuunded or nrisins nut of
Ihe contract of Ward Oordeti and Ulair for re-
j building wooden locks lo, 10, 19, 22, DH, uml
JS, Miami and Erie canal north of St. Marry V
in the winter of 1 So 1 and S-ri, and that the
auditor nf Slate is h-reby authorized and requir
ed to draw on the treasurer of Slate fur any'
amount not exceeding said sum upon there be
ing filed in his office, the certificate, of said
hoard of public winks, specifying the amount
by them found to bo due ; also, ihe further sum
oilier claim and awards as ihe board of public
i works mav settle and find due from the Slate. .
For widening th. irain around the east side id
the six mile reservoir in Paul. I'm.; cmintv. one
thousand dollars: provided, the board of public
works shall be nf opinion tiiut ilia same is nec
essary und uuEht to lie done. For paying the
claim nf Zacluiriiih T. Jones six hundred und
nine dollars. That llie auditor of slate be nnd
he is In -re by authorized to transfer temporarily
one hundred and fifty thousand ilolluts of the
sinking fund to the canal fund, nr so much Ihere
of as may be necessary to meet the demands on
llie canal fund until the funds applicable ihcre-
fo shall be pail into the treasury.
SrcTiox 2. In case the omoiints appropriated
in the preceding section shall be lound insufn
found insufn
cient lo met all necessaiy expenditures on the
....i.i; i, f.. ,- , v,,,J,l
l,.llUrc I.. ,..'.I. ;.rn.; .,.,,1 in nar ,,v so. h
dollars is hereby apuroniiated to pav anv such
d. fieiency as may occur, provided lhat no part
of said sum shall be paid or expended w ithout
llio concurrence of all the members of tin
board. Section 3. Within thirty days afier Ihe expi
ration of each quarter of the. vei.r, it shall be the
! duty of the hoard of public works lo file in the
office of the Auditor of Stale a full and detailed
statement of the amounts drawn from the Ireasly
nry during the preceding quarter under each of
lb' forgoing appropriations, with correspond'nm
vouchers for the same. Hie statement shall
1 :.. -i.....:i .i. i . -..:.i
boi-iuy in u inn uiv inrni umuilili paei,
whom, at what time, and on what account, and
the said vouchers and statements shall becx
omined and compared by th Auditor of S'aie,
and one or more members of the board of pub-
lie works, and if found lo be in pursuance
law, the Auditor of State shall give the hoard
certilicnie setting forth lhat fact, which cerlifi-1
oftico of the board
sembly out
rate shall be deposited in th'
of public works; ami shall also endorse that
fact upon the statement so filed which said
statnuent shall bo published in the manner
pointed out by the act to provide fur the pub
lication ol an accurate ami itetaiterl statement
of ihe receipts and expenditures of the public
revenue," pussed March fourteenth, eighteen
hundred and fifiy three; for the building of
basin on the old penitentiary lot in the citv
Columbus, at the bead of llie feeder to tin Ohio
, i-l.il , r ,1- l-L
canal, which the board of public w orks is here-,
by aiithorued to eonst.uM. if it shall deem
same necessary for the public interest, the sum
of one thousand dollars.
the House of Representatives.
President of Senate,
President of Senate, April 9, 1866.
[No. 146.] AN ACT
uii.e dol
lars Ports
tracts dol
lars Ser.pleineiitaiv lo ai act rntille.l "an act
auihoiize Fie.-. Hanking in Ohio," pasred
March Ul, 1(351.
Sfctiom 1. Bj it enacted by the General A
scmbly of Ihe Mate r.f Ohio, lhat whenever
any company, formed for the purpose of bank
ing uniler llie piovtsions ot uti aclentiilcfi
acl to authorize free bankiu,'!,'' passed March
il, 1651, shall lawfully transfer to the Auditor
ol Male any portion ol the public stock or
tincale ol llie tutulerl debt issued, or to tie it
by one or more of the following States to-wit
Massachusetts, New Yoik, Pennsylvania, Mary
land, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois nnd Michi
gan to an amount in value ( to be ascertained
as hereinafter provided ) not exceeding
per centum of the stocks or certificates of
funded debt of thu U nited Stales and of
State of Ohio, transferred to said Auditor
State, by such bink, and remaining with
as piovided iu the Seventh section of said
such company shall be entitled lo receive
said Auditor an equal amount in value, ot circu
lating nob s ol ilifleieut il nominations, register
ed and countersigned as provided ii. said
but no such stock or certificate of funded
shall lie received by said Auditor at a rate
price above Ihe inaikcl value thereof, at
lime of receiving the same, or iiboxi: the
a: selling piice ol such stock or ceitilicatc
New York stock exchange, for the four weeks j
next preceding the time of the receipt thereof,
llie Auditor exclusive of interest then accru
ued thereon, or above its par value; nor shall
stock or certificate of the. funded debt of
any .Slate not regularly paying the interest on
stock or debt, semi-annually, be received
said Auditor.
Sic noN 3 The slock and certificates so trans
ferred, shall remain in the possession of the Au
ditor of Slate, and he shall have all the powers
respect to Ihe same, anil Ihe interest thereon,
is provided ill said act, ill relation to Ihe
stock of the United States und of this Stale
mid in case coupon bonds or certificates be
transferred as eforsaid, the Auditor shall deliv
Ihe coupons, as they full due, lo Ihe proper
bank, whrn such bank shall be entitled to re
ceive the interest on bonds and certificates so
Section 3. This act shall not be. conlrudod to
authorize any bank 10 receive or issue a greater
amount of circulating notes than is authorized
by the act lo which ibis act is supplcmcuta-
the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate, tem.
April 11, 1856.
[No. 96.] AN ACT
an act an act
jurisdiction and regulating the practice of the
I'robutc Courts," passed March H, 1S53.
SfTioN 1. Be it enacted by the (ri nernl As
sembly of the Slate, of Ohio, That the forty-
eighth section of an net entitled an act defining
the jurisdiction and regulating ttie practice ol
rrobate Courts, passed March 11, 1S53, be
itiuended so as to reud as follows: S-ction 48.
In the exercise of its criminal jurisdiction, the
Probate Court shall hold terms of said court on
the first Monduv of each of the following months
to-wit : Februury, April, June, August, Octo
ber and December, being six terms in each
SecTioN 2. That original section dS of Ihe
act uforcsuid, be, and the same is hereby repeal
ed. Skction 3. That tins act shall take effect fiom
and after Ihe first day of May next.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of Senate,
April 11, 1856.
[No. 129.]
Tn nmend llie on acl to encour-
killing of wohes, pa-sed April 2!i
lU'.e th.
Sittiox 1. He il enacted bv the General As
sembly nf the State of Ohio, That the sixth sec
tion of tiie act above referred to b.r so lililemUd
as to read: lliat the county cotiiiuiHuiiers of
tiny cotiuty nriy iucrense the bounty for killing
wolves over six months old to 1 iidit dollars, und
for wolves under the age nl six mouths to lour
dollars per scalp ; provided, such increase shall
b-J paid out of llio treasury of the proper county
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of Senate,
April 9, 1856.
April 9, 1856. [148.] AN ACT
To a-uoiid al act pas'ed February 20, leofi. enti
tled ' an act lo ecta lifli a cute of civil proce
dure," parsed il.-ire li 1 1 , lw3:i.
SfCTIos 1. He ir enacted by llie Uctier..! Assem
bly ol 'ihe State of Ohio, That .section llireu hun
dred and thli-tei-'ii of an act entitled "an acl to
establis1- a code of civil procedure," pasn-d March
1 1 , l.Ml, as nrutnded by said act : iism-iI rtbrua-,
ry 2 I, loti, be so amended as to rend as follows : (
Section UI II. No party sh -ill be allowed to testify 1
by virtue of the provisions of section Ibree hnii-j
dred ami ten, w hi re the adverse party is the ex
ecutor or adiniiiintrator of i deceased person, or
the uuiirdinii of the child or children of a deceived ,
person, when llie fai ls to be proven trr.li-lated l e- I
1'oie the deaih of null deeensi d person, nndarej
ni t te-itilit-d to by said child or children, except
to testify lo the validity r.f books of aceoiiutid not
more than eighteen uioi.tlis standing. 'I l,e depo
sitijn of a party -hall not be used in his own be ;
half, unless llie" leiral not ice required in the ca-es
where depositions are to be ta'. en, shall also speci
fe that the deposition to l e taken is lliat of the.
paily ; l'rovided, that if the deposition of a party
lie taken in niiy pei.ding suit, and stieh party hail
die bifore the trial thereof, it rhall be lawful fur
the opposite pin ly to testily a- to all inari. r cou-1
! taineu hi saul deposition it'the same be utFered in
evidence. . I
Sic. SJ. This ael .-hall I e appliivib'o to all civil
(actions mid pro.eedintts now pending and uniie
I cided, which have been commenced sii ce ihe ta
king (fleet of an net entitled an art to oHubli.sh a
I March 1 1
cm c o civil proceo'iie, r.asseti aiaien ii, i'-m
&i:c. 3. 1 hat nothini in section .si -s snail oc
construed so as to prevent n parly te.tifj ine when
ihe adverse oartv i an administrator, executor
or guardian, when the testin.oiiy .f apnrtnerof
the decea-ed at the time Ihe aul iect mntler in con
! troversy transpire l, and was originally interested
Sic. 4. That Ihe act passed February 20, 1 sSfi,
entitled " an act to anieud an act entitle l an act
to establish a code of civil procedure." passed
March 11, l't, be, and the same is hereby repeal
ed. Skc. .1. 1 his net to take effect and be in force
from ami after its passage.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate, pro tem.
April 11, 1856.
[No. 146.] AN ACT
Pr. scriiiiiie; and limiting the rates of taxation,
Stcrios 1. lis it riiaceJoyf Ac GciKi'if As
of, f-my of the 6'to'c of OAio, That tlvre shall be
a levied on a;i property ana ere in ...j-t ... ...-
llo " : r"V "" . , . " 2 ."' ,.
1' ' i.i j ,..,.,! ,1,,, r.,,i
levy f.r taxation for the year eighteen hundred
and riftv si:; lor the several purposiia liereinatter
tiaiiii-d, the follow 111
such assessed value
thu State Eovernniciit, iucludius the ordinary ex
pcuaesof the public benevolent iiiititutiona, proo
lulinir the work on public buildintrs, and other
cxpcu-i s, el a'y. able to Ihe general revenue, and
al.o to pay deficiencies cf foiraer appropriations,
one mill ; for the sinking fund, seven-tenths of one
llllll. llieCOUlllV C'JIUlUirflliil.ir. , , vuu..,,
Mx , (J oue fo, M f ullnty ruv.
Ihe, ulllt,r than for tho ,,llIDent 0f interest on
rates of tax on each dollar of
to wit: For tne support, of
act ;
Ihe debts which such couuty i. ay owe, and surh
part of the principal a. may fall due within the
X; ,rr J, , .1,., navL suceeodinir Tear, for
brirlire, road or poor purposes ou each dollar
the n-sensed value of such nroner v and credit
iu such county, not exceeding rive ndilionaof dol
lars, not exxeudiuR one and oue half mills, and on
each dollar of such assessed value over five mil
lions of dollars, not exceeding one and one fourth
mills; aud for county buildings, in uny cgunty not
f-xcedinrr one and oi e fourth of one null on tne dol
lar for anv one year. There bhiiH'iio be.levied
nv eiiv or incr.iuruted villain., for all purposes
other than for the navmentof intarestoa any debt
nr debts of such cily or village, or the pay.i.ent
any such deut or part inercoi as may lau um
during the then current nr the next succeedm.;
year, more than fivo mills on the dollar of
property of such city or village as .isted and valu
ed lor taxation. Provided, that the aforesaid
shall not be eon rued lo prevent the levy
ing and collecting of I. cal assessments to pay
6iich local improvements as effect particular pans
only of such cily or village. Provided, fiat
cities, which, by the last federal census contained
ill a population of not less than one hundred thou
uunrl inhabitants the levy for all purposes mny
raised to a ratio not exceeding six and one
mills on tin- do lar of valuation. Inn townsnip
trustees shall in no case levy for townihip
u, ore than one half of one ...ill on the dol
lar. K.e 2. The onernlion of the fifly-eichth
lion nf ih et of Vlav 1. Ib5d. to provide for
re-ornaiiir.nl ion, supervision and inui.itei.ancc
common schools so far as it relates to the assess
mentsnd collection of taxes for the purpose
furnishing and increasing school libraries aiul
paratus is hereby suspended for one year from
af er Ihe passage of this act.
s;..- 1 All lawn and narts nf laws inconsistent
wiih the provision-, of this aet arc hereby repealed
aet to take effect on it
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of Senate, pro tem.
April 11, 1856.
[No. 100.] AN ACT
urther to am. nd an act entitled " an act to pr
vent nuisancoi," passed Feb. S3, 1831, and to
re ueal the act rassed II arch 2i, leal, entitled
" an act further to amend an act entitled an
aet to prevent nulsancea," passed February 28,
Section. 1 Be it eimcrta bv tht Gtntral As-
nemWy of Ohio, That every house or building
situate within this State, used or ocenpied as a
liousc or ill-iitme, or tor the purpose 01 procura
tion, slum be Held and deemed a public nuisance ;
any person owning, or having the control of,
fftmidian. lessee, or otherwise, such house or
buildicff, and knowingly leasing or aub-lcttiiig
snine iu whole or in purr, fur the purpose of
keemnir L herein a nouso ol lll-luuie. or Knoffineir
DGiiniuiiuf the same to bo used or occupied for
such purpose, or using or occupying the same for
purpose, shall, lor every sucn onenBe no gun-
nf a misdemeanor, nnd on conviction thereof,
shall be fined in any amount not exceeding one
fttindrrd dollars, or imprisonment for a term not
than thirty days, nor more than six months,
both, at the discretion of ihe court.
Sto. a. That the lease or occupation by tlio
lessee or tenant of any house or building or any J
part thereof, for the purpose prohibited in the first
s.ctioii of this act, shall be held by tho courts ol
this Slate good cause on ihe art 01 the owner, or
lessee to avoid the agreement of lease or renting,
and to re enter at any lime and take possession of
such house or building.
So. 3. That the net passed March 85, 1F51,
entitled " an act further to amend au acl. entitled
art to prevent nuisances' Ipassed February
IMil, be aud the same is lierebv repealed.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of Senate, tem.
April 10, 1856.
[No. 106.] AN ACT
llefuting llie iurii-dietion of Justices of llie Peace .
...t nin..u ..e ,1.., r naw,.l.n .n.l 1
tletacl.ini! a portion of said city from Brooklyn !
fctic.noN 1 lie it enacted by llio General As-
semiilv of Ihe State of Ohio, that the jurisdic
tio of fust ices of thepeaco and constables in Ihe
ci'vof Clereland, ill whatever pan of said city
tlicv timv rtside, or wlicnt ver lltcv nuiv have bet n
flvcled to their roprctivo ctfH:ea, hIiiiII extend
through t1 e vlinle of suid cily, ns it has hern
VnMindV'l and de fined si ce the iinnt-xa'ion of Ohio
city with the Mid civ of Cleveland : nnd in nil
eVctions which hhall herenfter he held for the elec-
tton of justices of the pence and constubli'S in the
paid city of Cleveland, such justices ftiidconstft
bles shall be elected by the qunliiiid vntera of all
pnrts v( paid city ; atid thai lunch of the Raid
cily of IT VflTind as lirs we-t v( ho Cuyahoga
liver, shall no loni-r f.r any jnirpnse, eonftitutr. a
part of t!.t of th-- town.'-liip of ltrooklyn, Xich
shall be and lK'rely id attar Iil-iI to ttie towribhi)n o:
Sk-. U. This act ; hnll take i rTt-ct on the passt
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of Senate.
April 8, 1856.
Apiil 12, 185'i- V"
I certify that (.lie foregoing laws are corrccj.
nccouling to the copies certified lo by the;
Secretary of Stale nnd furnished to this ofTccj
for the laws in
wanted for ca-h. at HOLT'S HOOK STOKK.
The sutiscriberstill coiitii.ue the Wonlen Fac
t.ry, in Water, llle, Ltiens county. Ol-io.an.l are'
prej.a-e.i to uianufaemre fr-m the tln ce, all kirn's
of WOOl.KN' GOODS, .neb as '.'lotlis, Satiin tts,
Tweeds, Flannels. Ulai'kits Yarn". Ac, by the
jar. I. or on -hares, in such a m.nnier, that w ill five
ennd siitisfaeti. n In ull those ho ill fuv-.r tie in
witn their -atronae.
They will keep on hand a supply if the above
articles, to exebanoe for wool.
Cardinirand Spiniiilitr dono at short notice, at
IH cents per potimt of yarn.
Custom (JanliiiK and Clot U Dresaing done as usual
at short uotice.
ITWe will pay the highest market price for
wool in cah. Alo all kinds of mark, table pro
duce taken in exchange for work and cloth.
Waterville, May 10 .l.'ifi Iv.
( inniciu i n. tni.uiiiFi
The. mo--l Thorough f' I'ruclie.ul Institution
the Il'tf.
'IT. I. MS.-- For full ceu r-ie.i ur lifting all depart inenls
of IJook Keeping. Lectures and Per.inaiisliip. uivarinWi
Tr.r full Pf.iirs in !,ar!ms' I pannifiit 20
MIIIE rUOI'UIK'J tllCS take great ,eMirr. in tx
X prositi? their tliank for the rfiiiiiig nnd unnto-c."t(.-im:i
success whifh ha marked th1 career of Uicir
iiiiTituMi-n iiuro its estaldi-ilunont at the Capital,
Miinul itt- th' in to renewM cxTiions to mcrt, in the matt
tf'ci.nf maimer, the rajjidlv increa'-iiin deimuid fur
ijd'-.'irif und rrmprehrtifire' rrr cf m'rrafti train
tng. The f.Te.1 i-ractioal ciiterimire ot" the rrinfijial,
inlieavv H.inltti' and ('uniniercial llnuscs, aviated
edufat.-"d and .'iccuiuidishci! gentlemen, has Piiahh d
tohrinto a decree if f.ert't c-tion n M-tc-m of (.'OL
IUMjM infitructinn. hy niil exTcisr-a, not
BY ANY OTHi.u institVtios. llfirli stmieiit.
tl.ia new in-'M-flss. h drilled at tlio DESK, individually.
Flop I'V Slej1
an Accuuntiiut's duties at tlioroilihj a thotich he
screed an afrretttiretkiitinsomr large (ommtrcml
In addition to our ciijiiit'eineut of accomplished
we have also secured the services ol some of
, until he has mastered the whole routine
linoll Com.n-.-n.'i.'il llisiore. and in.-inry oi enunoin vim-
! men ial Men. Couimyrcial .'En.Co',m'
Products. omnmal C,,lc..l
Feommiy. Mercantile Law, Llh.cs ot 1 rade, Fen.l.an-
oft slip,
niosr eminent leciurcrs in oiuo io leciure u,, ......
,mU. f im.iriie.icin Is too extended lo partleu-
l,.i,l..ri. hnl it rmhrnee. everv thin connected
Dot 'ISLE L.NTKV HOOK KF.I-.P1NU, wiih a
and lull liiMMisiinu of U fcientilic ,rineifles Leetarcs
of , ),
neiises the
The Ladies' Department
Is now open for .lie reception of Ladies. N"t institu
tion in the Union imparts a more thorough or interest
ing course in this department .
In conclusion, we would add. that we shall put
our best efforts to merit in a sou mora ernineii.
llio Hatlering reception it Ii which our enterprise,
niel, and pl.dg' onrs'-lvvs to impart a more thorough
pra 'ctirnl course of Merrmtile Instruction than can
formed at any other similar College.
a ,..,. ih,. innnv recommendations, we rrlve the
t, -
e. itiir l
w- .....l,-i, no.,!. tlii .ileastirc in leslifvincr
we are personally acquainted with Mr. GmNnr.B a
as an Areountant.ar.il Teacher of Book Keeping,
w hich it ol the highest order. He has had great
as an Accountant. in heavy C'ommercialand
inn ilmiw,. which cives hiul superior facilities
imrlin" a practical twwledie nf Book Keeping,
thorough Commercial J,iiiraliii.
President of Farmers' College.
President of Kenjon College.
To young men who wish to acouire a "husitiess
......? n.lnl, I. ilTunls fncifilies seldom equaled
Mr. Oranior has the rare quiiliticanon of lheorel.es
knowledee and aptne" in teueliing, added to practical
Counting Kuom experience, and we feel conlidf r.t
graduates from his College will he fully competent
keep Ihe mo.vf complicated set of books.
A P STONF, Wholesale i ltetail Merchant.
J J. JAN SHY. Sic. Bd Control. S. Bank Ohio.
J f. PA It K . Book Keeper at D. T. Woodbury's.
1). OVF.R llllill. Book Keeper. ClintMiank.
II. Z. MILLS. See. Columbus Oas & f
C. II. M ASON, Il k KeepcrforJ.il. HileyfcCo.
For flill pariieulnrs. send forcirciila r
liiil, Propiielors.
, . , ft.., A. 0RO88., , fy: -
Dealer in. Wide Act, Glodct, Jeathy, .
, Silver ware, Plated and
Britania ware. Pocket ,
Cutlery t Fancy
Wayne St., ifaumee City, Ohio.
WAT0HK5, Clocks, Sc, repaired
on short notiea. Mr. 0. ia aaexparl-
H eneed and practical workman, aval
inon lavorug mm wivn uie.r pat
ronage, mar depend upon kavin
their Work faithfully done. X.
Attorneys and Counsellor! at Low, and
Agents for the purchase and tali of
Iiandt and payment of Taxei. -
ISO, J, MANoa TBoa. . lANa
Attorneys at Lav.
ftrOtrlce In Dnell Blorlr. Toledo. Ohio.
0ornfr ot p,.T j Connnt-sls , Maumfe City. O
:h n. w. DANiri.a.
J J f
Commission n for the States of New York, Virginin,
Pinmyhmtin and Rhode Island.
Office In Walls' Block, Bam mil Bt , Toledo, Ohio
l. FtLLta if a. no t lb.
Attorneys & Counsellors at Law,
L. FULLEll Not AST Puar.rc
JAfES '.() )TI1,
nxAtut m
Hals. Caps, run. Shirt Collars, Cratats, Socks, era.
Hats Repaired, Hats Scnrfed, and erery thin
belonging to the Hat and Cap departauat Ueoo
, neatnes, ami oispalcn.
Knomafi'W doors ahovo Adam at., and next
door to Hunker's Confectionery ttore.
Tdedo, Oct. 2d, lt-M. J. BOOTH.
f. XlafLLEiT ITco.,
Ieahr$ in Dry Gooht Groceries, Hard
ten r, ( VoeXcry , Jionis 4' Sh oest.
Clvihfajf, Iron, yaifo, 6Vas,
Tlmy respectfully solicit a (-hare of public pat
ronage. Ptar, tVimioiiy occupied by E. D. reck
J- Co , on Kroiif lret
IVrrvw urjr, Jn.ii. 2 1, lrfiS
" JAMES 7il)I)WTx:
Dealer in Dry Goods. Groceries Boots ch
Shoes, Ready Made Clothing,
J'urk. lieef. Potatoes
Vats, tir dec.
Peluno at I'Nist AL Low Prices.
TIM at
taim:i hy
i'rrvhtiri', ,lnn. v.". I h.iu.
en BAP
Phontogra). hy Hnd Ambrotyp
( r A I. I. K K Y ,
Summit itrcit, liettreen Oak and Adam tts.
Toledo, Ohio.
Amhroljpts, cases included, from 80c. to Si 5.
riiontot!rnphs from 32.00 to $25.00.
nprilfl'of? ly.
a . c; 7 w '"r;hi7("r-w ,
Iron Founder and Machinist,
ITa or hand nn txlenive nnd npprorf?d wnortment
f raltrns tr
and ca-tintrs generally. Woik done to order orr
short notice, and in a satisfactory manner.
Etsa Iron I'itsokv, Maimes Citv, Ohio.
no' w" Ts" t u"e "t1"mb
To purchase gkavk stoxbs in Muuniee City.
I have one hundred set of Marble flrave Stone on
hand, n hich I am bound in sell laarar tka tton
has ever bifore bt-eo suld in tais section of coun
try. a; 1 mn determined to pet rid of them for the
purpose of iroinir into oilier bu-inesa. My shop ia
in -t souih of MeNeece's Factory near the oil miU.
April 111. If6 If (ll'flKON MYEPS.
I a l n.l, i.ir.i:Anv of snr.iT
WOIiKS. kept by Wm. H0D6T0N, including
l'onki's Works on Phrenology, Doctor Dodd
on Electrical r.sychology, works on
Magnetism ami Science, Rml Physiology.
Theu works arc lent to those desin ns of impru
vine: their intellt ctual p-ners. Perrysbur(r, apl2.
'i i- It i.. '.ult, Mn i ) tit Is. aril Drillers in Medicine
Tnr rai.cipn. nie- T or
For Wet-rii Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Vir
ciiiia, California, New Enland, Ac , at the Sloro
Itooin of I'. W. 110 Y D, & CO.
We keep a supply constantly on hand. All
Dea'e rs iu Medici, e supplied ou most reasonable
This very valuable and popular medicine, nan
built up its own reputation, and needs no word
of commund ilioii from un. Ordera solicited
and p nmptlv filled.
Latins: H. Burritt. P. C. llolt.Maumee, O.
C. West., at Co., and J. M Ashley, Toledo, O..
8. N. Beech & Co., Geo 4 J. Powers, Perrjaburg.
BOYD, ST0XE CO., Prnprietora.
I 2if Maumee City. Ohio.
i " ,' OOh'S ! li O OKSU B o oks at
Fre-h arrivals weekly at Holt's Book Store, sicr
nflhf liook.colisining of School Bo, ks of all kl da.
also Latin, oreeK, rrrencn. uerman, unu lueuigu-
sistants, the
of Pr Mathematical woiks He also has the standard
Poets, Histories, Hiogrnpliics, l ravels, new anu
Popular woiks, etc , oto , f i;ethor with commen
taries and notes on thu ScripiurcB; works on The
oloey, Annuals, Gift Books, for all seasons and'
.,. ln,e nssortmeiit of HO 1 ID AY GIFTS,
and TOY BOOKS wiih beautiful pictures for the
ch.ldrelii of RuliuIlf ry, he i8 lhe best the eaa
i tern mark' t affarda anrl in Jrreat yar-ety
with INKS-
Black, Blue, Red, carmine, Arnold's and
Harrison'" Fluid, Copying, ludelliblc, etc.
GOLD PENS, Mammoth, Engrossing, Commer
al, Ladies, eye, at HOLT'S.
ity expe
rience Uonk
aud a
1' E It K 1 N .
Manufacturer of all styles of Carriages and
Waffons: also, Hall d Post's Cultivator,
warranted to do double tho amount of work of any
ordinary cultivator. Phop on Front street, oppo
site SpafTord 's HiitelPerrysb'Jrg, Ohio. HuH
UBS 0. BWITZEE thanks Ihe lndioa of Maumco
and vicinity for their kind and liberal palronago,
and respectfully solicits a continuance of the same
From long experience, she feels assured ot be
ing able to give universal salisfaction.
Jjresscs and Bonnets made in the Latest Styles.
Also plain Straw, Leghorn, French, and Neapoli
tan braids , gentlemcu s Straw and Panama hate,
renovated in the moat satiofaelory manner and on
liberal terras. Produce taken in ex hange for work.
Becoud door west of Prosbyleri n Church, near the
corner of Broadway and Cunant-sta. apr!9-87
Bliss Buildiny same floor of Anureue A Jatgtrr
Steam Priuting House.
Bindino iu all of its various departments, exe
cuted promptly, at fair prices, and in a style not
. i.:.i in .!.. Wost. Tha Proprietor
would beg particularly to i mores, "Pe puW
lie the fuct that he usee FAR BETTF-.lv HIOOH
-than any similar establishment in this y.e.uit
and it is hia intention to render all of hie work
distinguished alike forita beauty and durability.
BLANK BOOKS for Banks, Insurance compa
nies. Forwarders, County Officers, 4c, made at
the shortest notice.
Magaxinesand Old Booka bound to patterns.
One of Town'a Patent Pauiko Machuiss, for
paging Blank Books, is in operation at this estab
lishment. Tolc. o, Oct 80, IMS. H

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