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E. A. IIIUUIN. Kili(nr.' A.
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All oilwTintioiis nnl paid ll-ftliili nil tmnll!5. J (n
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I Forever flat thnt .Mnndnrd .hocf.
M hire breathes the foe hut fall lw re it.
With KHf.KnttvS s-til beneath our feet.
Ami Fni:.:mM's banner strenmiug o'er us !
' ' , ron jrnors op sithf-mi roi ht,
(Shout TKtiMlOZl AS UOWEN. .' Jf .r.'im.
I.oxn Tkiim.J JOSIAI1 SCOTT, i f . r.
' 1 roll tmtMisstnrn or r ommhv prMotii.s,
ron MviiniR or noARii m- ritui.tp wokhs,
, juus lt.Va!ll)t:i,I,(ji.
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rW.HB H. KMITII. nf ll.tmti.,,.
1 -J WOK 1 Bit KINK nf Tr-mMI.
I'i'rmbiirg, Thtirsdny, An. '2S, 1 8"(i.
Congressional, Electoral and Judicial Convention.
. retition. . ,
Tin: Itcpuiitlcan fTivf"r nt' rlio tli Cnii:r"ib'iinl
IMvHi'f. i'mHIti! i! roniifir-s of I, lifts, M'nnd. Ful
ton, Hnitry, Williams Dpiiunra, Pauldinlf, I'lityinm,
V;inwi;if and ILuK'urlt.urc reiUi'Sttd to send iKil'-irutt'S
a ("Vilvctitirin. tulip hold at Ili-tiuni'i' on tlir- si-cond
Tuf-iwiir in Sfbtembpr, to nominate a t-nn.lidnro fi-r
Tlpreir!i!ative.ill 'nn;rras; alfto, to appoint an Flnetor
tfi- !iH t)i?tii't. Tliumntju uill send sai-li iiuihIkt
.il Tl' Vj'nlr.l as tllry may loi-ul j.mjitT, ami the t'on
vvfitiiiii v. hen aneml'Ir-d. vvtll iMrniine upon i ho b:tts
il repreftyntatrim to vriiich each d milv will tie entitled.
A. S. I.httv. I ,
Woiii.j!i;t Wi:m.3,' 1
P. C. IIasktt, - ft'ctitrul t'oinniit'.'i'.
A,s.tll;lt (-"OK, . I
S'iMr.. B. SfOTT, J
July 31,1856.
July 31,1856. Congress.
Both brandies of Congress adhere to their
former positions on the army appropriation
hill, nnd the lntest report represents the Scn-
n'.o as determined to " insist" until the iirst
of Murch next, unless the House is willing to
yield the point. The Senate, however, now
propose to repeal some of the mote odious
tnactmenls of the Kansas bogus legislature,
and thus hope to induce the House to vote
men and money for the purpose of keeping
up the purseculion of the free slate setllers.
lii'pnblican membersof Congress should yield
the point on no consideration whatever. They
ask nothing but what is right, and the people
ill sustain them in insisting upon their amend
ment, even if the Senate Bhould sit until mxt
March. Pro-slavery doughfaces now ac
knowledge that they have dene wrong that
certain laws which they have been enforcing
at the point of the bayonet, and which the
tknate would have money appropriated to tn
loice, are brutal and inhuman that the pris
oners taken at Lawrence should be restored
to liberty and yet they will not consent to a
pruv'ition in tlu army bill that will remedy
llu se evils. Their sincerity therefore is quite
Uf6lionable, and the House should continue
to insist cn having the qucbtion cettkd in
black and white.
Iieporls from Kansas are such as to excite
(lie deepest interest, and yet tliey are some-
l.at contradictory and altogether unsatitfac
tuty. The prisoners have not been released,
but are held by United States troops.
jubtless several minor engagements have
tnki n place between the btlligerrnt forces,
but no sanguinary battle appears to Lave been
fought. JJistouiians have collected large
nuns of money and sent forwaid several com
panies of troops, and Law rence is e.xpr ct d to
be attacked. One theusred free slate mm
are nrm-d and ready at a moment's warning
to d ftnd it. Much blcod will be shed before
Livi rence is taken ; and ninny a border ruffi
nu vuil bite the dust before he has been priv
ileged to rob, destroy properly, and insult
wi men, as on the former occasion.
Later. By telegraph from St. Louis on
l lie Gth, further intelligence is received from
Kimsns. On the 22J, 2.500 Missouriuns were
ready to enter the territory. 400 of Line's
men are said to be stationed on the north side
of Kansas river, for the purpose of intercep
ting the forces sent to the relief of Lecomp
tuii. Gen. Smith has gone to that place with
a large force for its defence. Gen. Richard
mn, in command of a large body of militia,
has gone to the noifh western part of the ter
ritory to cut olT the retreat of Lute, should
he attempt to go in that direction. Lane is
n ported to have S.OOO troops uuder his com
mand at Lawrence, and expects reinforce
rnts by the first of October. We regard
this as an exaggerated statement. J
X?Thc Democratic editors now claim that
nut-much as Fierce has expressed the intm
tirn to cease persecuting the free state men
in Kansas, the HouEe of Representatives
nI ould not insift on the croviso to the nimv
bill. Nut so. The free state imn have given
ample time for the President to have inter-
f. red to ptevent further mob violence, and
uitte rescued I.obison, Riovtn and othtra now
hi hi in bondnge by brute force. "Vhy has
President not issued orders strain! tl.
blockading of the Missouri river ? The free
Mate men would rather see the works than
hi ttr the promises. You should have thought
of these things long ago.
00" Gen. Hill lias been tombing down
rdilnrs of theToledo Times with a sharp tooth
I if .t i , .
cr.mb. If the slanderous charges of those
editors were worili noticing, then the (ieiicril
would have done himself much ciedit, but
no part of the code of honor for a l'eutle-
. . c
nu ii to regard the upturned tail of every skunk
be ntcels as a challenge worthy of acceptance,
f.tr in stirh an tugagemeut the bad odor is
t u one side.
Who is at Fault?
to TllE IsttK.Tlie nichrnon(, ( Va.)Kn,,,,i.
r r, the organ of the southern democracy,
' thus sti-tcs the issue at the coming l'residen
the I lial election :
I " We know that we ulter bold truths.
it 'be time hits now arrived when their ulltr
u 1 ance 'a"""1 U)J longer postponed. The
Tlicro nre those in every community who
jug disposed to JLlnr.U Uio ncj-lh and tl o f outli
qunlly Bccoun(bl for the exiiting state) of
affiiira in Kansas. -Such Views must bo .ar
rived aUhlicr through isjnornncc of the facts,
,)jrj devotion to mere jtnrty intoresta,
fr there is nothing in the entiro history of
Kansas that contains even the most rrmote
justification of such an opinion. VViJle on
the one hand law and order have been strict
ly observed, on the other unlawful and violent
measures have been pursued from the begin
ning, nnd are yet resorted to daily.
The people of the free states did notdesire to
see slavery extended over Kansas, and there
fore they rcholved to people it with m n op
posed to that institution Men who had means
of their own went to that territory, and those
who had not the means were sent by others.
A'ho would deprive them of this privilege ?
What principle of right was here violated ?
Tn this manner the territory was settled.
Of course the friends of free Kansas had a
majority of settlers in the territory. In this
mode of settling the question of freedom 01
slavery, tho north had a decidtd advantage,
being possessed of more industrious men who
were willing to enter upon the work of ma
king a new state. This superiority excited
the jealousy of the slave power, nnd they at
once disoverod their defeat unless by some
means they could seize upon tho legislative
department of the territory. To accomplish
this, all know the course pursued by Misaou
ans. Ballot-boxes were tt izrd by regularly
organized mcbs of non-residenU, in many in
stances actual i esidents were prohibited from
voting, and in other cases they were brutally
beaten and murdered. In this manner a leg
islature was elected, many of the members
chosen residing in Missouri. This illegal body
convened and adopted the laws of Missouri
for tho government of Kanas, adding thereto
seme severe restrictions upon the freedom of
speech and tho press.
Thus the difficulties commenced, and in a
similar spirit they have been kept up to the
present time. Therefore, in all this transac
tion nothing has been done by the friends of
free Kansas but what they had a right to do,
and no man can show a single fact to the
contrary, while nil mURt admit thnt they have
e xercised almost a censurable forbecrance.
With what cool impudenca some Bu
chanan papers now assert that the free state
men nre the aggressors in Kansas this time
that they madj the nssau't and nre liable for
the present lamentable state of affairs in that
tesrilory. We suppose if the negroes of the
south should resist the assaults of the tyrants
who lord it over them, they would bo pro
nounced the aggressors by these same edit
ors. And the men who fell at Lexington
and other places of sacred memory which are
consecrated to freedom by the blood of patri
otic, freedom loving culonists, were alao ag
gressors. " Resistance to tyrants is obedience
to God," nnd Ho will sustain those who nre
"aggressors" defending their just rights.
We see it stated that the Cosmopolitan
Art Association have commenced the publi
cation of a quarterly journal devoted to the
diffusion of literature and art. The number
issued is edited by 0. J. Victor, of the San
dusky Efffhter, and is reported to be good.
Members receive it gr ituitously and outsiders
for one dollar. We should like to see it.
JZ3T1 The citizens of St. Louis lielJ a meet
ing on the 2.3.h to consult as to llieir duty in
the present struggle in Kansas. They lamen
ted that men, " peaceable citizens," had been
murdered, property destroyed, and helpless
women and children driven from the territo
ry, and offered to furnish protection to such
as would take shelter under their roofs. Bo
the crusade is becoming disgusting to Missou
rians ? Cr do they begin to feel that there
is a north ? Or are they anxious to remain
tn the Union? What is up with them ?
ZjT It affords us pleasure to announce
that Hon. Wm. It. Sitpp, Representative
Knox, Coshocton, Tuscnratvas and Holmes
counties in Congress, has been re-nominatcd
by acclamation. Mr. S. is one of Freedom's
most able Representatives, and is reported
have mnde one of the most able speeches
favor of the admission of Kansas as a free
State. Although in a district containing
Democratic mnjoiity of 3,000, Sipp will
tlected by a majority not less than that.
Rather AniiKD. Our neighbor of the
Toledo Commercial has been writing some
leaders upon the Kansas question, and pro
nounces the entire thing a humt u'', and de
clares that the rumors of war arc all manu
factum! lo order by the " Aboliuonitits "
secure the election of Fremont. Under the
i telegraphic head, in thesftme papers contain
ing these articles, are reports of a moststart
i liii( character from Sit. Louis, sent furward
lllB PIO Blvy friends of Buchanan. Who
' simU we b"lierc ?
" The democrats of tho south in the pres
ent canvaf s cannot rely on the old grounds
defence and excuse for slavery ; for they seek
net merely to retain it where it is, but to
it into regions where it is unknown
Much loss can they rely on the mere consti
tutional guarantees of slavery, for such reli
ance is- pregnuut with the admission
, oiavvTi i- wiunr, llu
I 8110U,J ,,e nb(Jlht(
slavery is wrong, and but for the constitution
: , 1 ,.,,t.t . i t ....i ... i. .i it. .i
meuv euuuiu aiunu uub r.u UUIOIV ttUU tleul
that none may mih'.nke it,'
. I,
til' Crots, of Mauiuvc, has now a 6pltn
did assoitiu' ut of j wtli y, .it law figure.
Coming to their Senses at Last.
Democratic Senators are beginning to be
lieve that something ismcant by the unyield
ing firmness of s majority of the House, on
the appropriation for Kansas mobocrals.
They now begin to eonfess their sins before
the world. Mr. Bayard, democratic Senator
from Delaware, said in the course of his
remarks on the SCth fiisl'. thnt " he was free
to admit that some of the laws of Kansas
were shocking to the local sense of the com
munity, and that some of them invaded nat
ural laws." Mr. Weller, during the same
discussion, said " he would admit that some
of them the Kansas i laws were oppressive
and infamous laws, which had never found
their way Into the statutes o! a free people in
any age of the world. Why should not the
Senate declare them null and void ? He had
before declared thai many of them were not
only in derogation of the Organic laws, but of
the constitution of the United States. Free
dom of speech was guaranteed by the con
stitution, but by some of these laws it was
This is plain talk from the other side of the
house, and will do much towards satisfying
the incredulous of the justice of the course
pursued by tho free state men, and also is ft
virtual acknowledgment of the correctness of
the posi ion occupied by the majority in the
popular branch of Congress. How they can
longer ask for money to pay for enforcing
euch unnatural," "oppressive and infamous
laws," is beyond the power of human ken.
The Gkzat Issfk The disagreements
between tho two houses were, at last, nar
rowed down to the Binsle issue in regard to
enforcing the laws of the bogus legislature of
Kansas. J. he House introduced an amend
ment that none of the money appropriated in
the nrmy bill shou'd be used for enforcing
these laws, and that the arms of the govern
ment now in tho hands of the border ruffians
should be withdrawn, the rivers re-opened,
and the forces of the government used in a
legitimate way for the protection of the set
tlers. This provisic n the Senate would not
pass, and, rather than adopt it, they resolved
that the whole appropriation for the army
should fail. The appropriation was therefore
lost on the single issue of enforcing those bo
gus laws. Mr. Campbell, who had yielded
everything else, refused to yield this point.
He planted himself 6rmly on it nnd gave no
tice that if defeat occurred the whole respon
sibility would devolve on the Senate, as noth
ing was demanded in qualification but what
the constitution contemplated. His speech
made a great sensation, and be was much
congratulated. Blade.
Pbintinu Presses, Pi lpits asp Petticoats.
Thesi? are the three preut levers that govern he
world. Without tftem the bottom would fall
out, and society would become a chaos again.
The press makrs people patriotic, the pulpit re
ligious, but women sway all things. There
would be no coine to church if there were no
girls there, neither would there be any going to
war were the soldiers to meet with no applause
but from the masculines. Without the sunshine
she J bv women, the rose of affection would
neterjirow, nor the flowers of eloquence germi
nate. In short, she is the engine of life, the
ereat motive power ot love, valor, ant) civiuza
tion. In proof of this, truth in all history
speaks truinpet-longueu. Lincuinati lypo.
graphical Advocate.
AsTHF.n Important Accession. Alexandre
Kayser, one nf the leatlins Democrats and most
influential Germans of Missouri, has come out
in a stirring letter to his fellow Germans, in
favor of John C. Fremont. He savs:
" I confess 1 am so constituted that the un
punished outrage on Mr. Sumner has more deep
ly shakvn my faith in the democracy nf ihe pre.
sent administration, thun all their other delin
fluencies put together. I want to see such vul
gar conduct reprimanded, and I, as an old and
true ilrmocrnt, ol sixteen years standing, as
late Pierce elector, would respectfully roqurst
Iiuchanan to make known his sentiments on
Parliamentary cutlselinz. ami whether free and
enlightened America is to relinquish the glori
ous emblem ot the stars and stripes, lor an em
blazonry of clubs and slung shots."
Proceedings of the Teachers' Institute.
Ai'reeable to notice, the North-Weatern
Ohio Teachers' Institute was held at Wau
mee City and Perrysburg, commencing on
Monday, August It, and continuing two
On motion, A. B. West was appointed
President, and K. G. Bradley Secretary.
F. Hollenbeck, Lecturer on theory and
prnctice of teaching.
A. B. West, instructor in reading intellect
ual arithmetic, nnd orthography.
E. W. Lenderson, instructor in geography,
spelling, and composition.
E. O. Bradley, instructor in written arith
rnotic, and English grammer.
There were in attendance about seventy
teachers fiom the cou ties of Lucas, Henry,
Fulton and Wood, and wo ean say with con
fidence that there has never a greater desire
for improvemt nt been manifested on the part
of the teachers, during the session of any
Institute ever held in the Maumce Valley.
At the close of the session, the following
resolutions were adopted :
Jicsolml, That we regard Teachers' Insti
tutes at.d Educational Associations as very
beneficial, and that Teachers should, as far
lies in their power, attend them.
Jies'.ilml, That the principle upon which
the present Ins'itute has been conducted,
meets with our entire approbation, and that
we reccomend the general adoption of
recitation system.
IUmAvtd, That every teacher of Ohio should
subscribe, pay fur, and read the Ohio Journal
of Education, and as many other works
an educational character as possible.
lltsolvtil, That we, as Teachers, consider
" boarding round " not only injurious to
health of Teachers, but exceedingly detri
mental to the advancement of pupils.
ftmuleed, That teachers should endeavor
to cultivate the moialand physical faculties
of their pupils, as well as the intellectual.
Jtcsolced, That we tender our warmest
Ihunks to the citizens of Maumee and Per
rysburg for their kindness and hospitality,
generously extended toward us ; and also
the able instructors who have so zealously
labored for. our bent fit during the present
aeStlun of the Iualitute.
.' ' Of TIIK " . ' J '..
JutpMi1iKhed,cnntining accurat portrattifmm life, of
rHBMnNT,M'CMAArt,ni,TtinRI(, DAf TON, j
' niiEchiKRiboF, and DOKAi.itn.oif,
with the platform f their respective pArttei) togeth
er w ith their Letter of Acceptance, and a east amount
nf statistical matter, i liferent in to all partiei. Thie
Map in lieaiitifiillj colored, iizeS4 by 40 inches, extends
tbrouph to the Pncific const, showing the exact bound
aries of all the States and Territories, Missouri Com
promise Line, tic. It aho contains a valuable l)iagram,
nhowing the ups and downs In relative rank, as to pop
ulation of the several States of the Union forth last
silt wears.
Politicians of all parties, wishing to have before them
material for being fully potted at a sin pie glance, must
possess a copy of this Map. Price in sheet form, 25cts.;
price in pocket form, 00 ets,
N. B. Copies aent (poet paid) on receipt of price.
1 100,000 Agents wanteit to sell them. Address
A. HANNEY.rnblisher.
""" """ '"No. 10" Broadway, New York.
S CIIOOL EXAMISj"KRN.--TfcebardViHin"t
at Perry sburg, at 0 o'clock A. si., on the first Tues
day of September, for the examination of Teachers,
IIv order of the Board, F. Holi.knbfck.
Estate of fi. W. Hoofaler, deceased.
At (.1ST 22d, IH-Vi, James Macinnis, administrator
of the estate of G, . Hoobler, this day hied his
aerounts as administrator of said estate, for final set
tlement, which will be for hearing on the 22d day of
September, l&V). JOHN A. KRM.EY.
August 2ft, ISifi lfiw4 Probate Judge.
NniFoTRcnl Estate by Order of Court.
ON the 20th day of September, iRflfl, at 1 o'clock In
the afternoon, at the door of the court house, in
the town of Perrvsburg, will be told to the highest
bidder, the following real estate as the property ot Mat
thias Hill, deceased, to wit: The north east qnarterof
the north west half of section 18, township i, ranged
subject to the dower estate of the widow.
JOtlNOSnOKN, Adm'r of
Pmct. as Jnrrrnsorv, Att'vi. Matthias Hill, dee'd.
August, 1850 ltiw42.70.
Wood Common Plpfts
Petition for Foreeloaure.
J. A. Hall tn. Frederirk Hatch and Almirft Hnteh.
TO Frederick Hatch and Almira llntch : ou are
hereby informed thnt J. Anrruattts Hall on the 2!ith
dnv of Attrrnst, IH'Ht, filed a petition in the Court of
common picas of Wood county, Ohio, the object and
F raver of which ia to recoter again.t the defendant
redertck Hatch, a judgment on a note fri.en h. him
to said Hall, for one hundred and eight dollars with in
tere.t from the 2lth day of July, lHoti, and for a sale
of the following described morttraeed premises, to pay
said judgment, to wit: The south west o;uarter of
of the south east quarter of section 32, ranite 12 in tonw
ship 6, containing 40 acres, in Wood county, Ohio.
1 on are tnereiore nottneo mat unless yott appear ana
answer or demur to said petition by the 13th day of Oc
tober next, the aatne will be taken as confessed and
lirntent rendered thereon at the nctt term of said
court thereafter. ASIIF.U COOK.
August 28, ltMO lCwBJSlO. Att'y for ITir.
Wood County Court of Common Plni.
John Main vs. Wntsnn 8notv, and Frra Krown,
THE Defendants, Watson Snow and Ksra Brown,
will take notice that the Plaintiff, John .Mnins, on
the 2','d day of Auiruit, A. D. l'iu, filed a petition In
said Court'of common pleaa. setting forth a sale on or
about the 1 Ittli of June, 1S17, of the one equal untli-
iiled half of the east Halt ot tne south east qunrter
f scctiun 1:1. in township one. In the Hesere of 12
nilea sotiare. in Perrvsbunr township, insnid Wood
county, to said Defendants from suid Plaintiff ; also the
execution of a mnrtpae. at the same time, by said De
fendants to Plaintiff, on the premises as above descrl-
ied, except that they were described therein as beinff
n township tenlltl) of said Heserve, instead of town
ship one (1) of the same, but that it was the Intention
and agreement of said defendants to e xecnte a mortpoge
on said premises first above described to secure the
halance 01 the purcnase money unpniu, inai me conui
tion of said ntortirak'n was that the same be a securi
ty for the payment of Jinn June lHth 143, of tlim
June lllth, lM44,and of $l.ilJune 151b, IHt.i, ith in
terest on said sums from June 13, 181"-', as expressed in
the condition of a certain bond, executed and deliver
ed to him at the same time, that aaid bond Is wholly
due and unpaid; that plaintiff haa been obliged to pay
larjre amounts of taxes, and tn redeem said premises from
tax titlesseveral times ; that he has paid therefor in prin
ciple and interest the aum of $08 8-2-100, The prayer
OI Saiu petition IS inui wie sum error in miu iiiui
be rectified, that Plaintiff have tudement for the
amount due in the said bond with Interest at 7 per cent.,
to wit: 9733 74-100, and for uses paid, and tax titles
redeemed, .;l rt-.'-ino t that the same be decreed to be
a lean on said premises, and that the same be sold to
pay the same, and for other proper relief, Defendanta
are further uotitied that unless thev answer or demur
to said petition on or before the !ioth day of October
next, judgment will be taken aatnst them bv default.
- ii. iii'imi iv I. li.lw:l.'
Au?. 281850 ir.wfif7.ill Plaintiff's Attts.
Howard Association
mo all persrinsafflirted with Sexual diseases, siu-h
'It:.CE. GOfiORIIUiA. fil.EKT. SrPlllUK,
the Vice of ONANISM, or SELF ABI SE. Ac.&c.
The IlowABii Association, in view of the awful
tlestrnction of human life, caused bv rlexuol diseases,
nnd the deceptions practised upon the unfortunate vic
tims ot sucn tliseascs oy uttacas, nave oirecteu .iieir
Consulting Surtreon. as a cil a RlTAnLK act worthy
their name, to give sjkdical advick OBATta, to all per
sons thus afflicted, w ho apply by letter, w ith a descrip
tion of their condition, (age, occupation, habits of lite.
il'e.,1 and in cases of extreme poverty and suffering,
The Howard Association is a benevolent Institution,
established by special endowment, for the relief of
sick and distressed, attiicted with "Virulent and Epi
demic Diseases." lthasnow asurplusof means, which
the Directors have voted to expend in advertising
above notice. It is needless to add that the Association
commands the highest Medical skill of the age, and
will furnish the most approved modern treatment.
Just Published, by the Association, a Iteport on Sper
matorrhoea, or Seminal Weakness, the vice of Self
Abuse, and other diseases of the Sexnal Organs, by
Consulting Surgeon, w hich will he sent by mail, (in
sealed envelope,) free ov charge, on the receipt
two stamps for pottage.
Address, Dr. GEO. CALHOUN, rox.srl.TISn I
Howard Association. No. 2 South MKTll Street,
Philadelphia. Pa. Ilv onlerof the Directors.
F.XKA D. HEAR! WELL. President,
Geo. FalBt-tiltii. Secretary.
N'OTICE is hereby given that my w ife, Rebecca
Tucker, has left my bed, board, and residence, with
out any just cause whatever. I therefore warn all per
sons not to harbor or trust her on my account, as
will pay no debta of her contracting after thisdute.
At.BEUT V. Trt'KF.It.
Gii.leid, Ohio, August 21, 18iU lliw.lj) 1
Sent by Mail, post paid.
DR. FRELIEGH'S Homaspathic practice
Medicine, embracing the History, Diagonoais
Treatment of diseases in general, ineludlntr those
Peculiarto females and children, 12mo, 610 pages,
rice $1 50. The author is a physician of exten
sive practice in New York City, and lias written
this popular book expressly for domestic use.
history and symptoms of diseases, with their
and immediate causes, are given, with one
more Droved remedies to each. The moat
and explicit language is used, and in addition
a copious glossary, all technical terms ire explain
er!, thos rendering the work familiar to all classes
of people. This book, by offering advice and reme
dies in season, will prevent sickness and suffering
in many families.
Dr. Freligh'a Homcepathie rocket Compan
ion. .
A simplified abridgement of the "Homcepathie
Practice," ldmo, 'MO pages, fries 75 cents ;
tucks $1.
Thia neat and convenient little volume, contains
all that iseasen'ial for ordinary diseases. It is
aa a pocket companion for private
during traveling, ami whenever the assutance
physician cannot be obtained or is scarcely neces
sary. The alphabetical arrangement ia adopted
lor convenient reference, and to prevent mistakes,
the form and dose of niediciue is indicated In every
And paper copying thia advertisement ahall
copy of lbs large 8vo edition. Pries
noat paid. Agents wanted. Address
Publisher, 310 Broadway, New Tork.
-w Allil H.KT Co
.r I.I II II I l.t fr.r fniir-inrr. for sale cliean.
April 10, WW. by P. H. Mil. LEE At CO.
Valuable Farm for Kale.
Wfl offer for aala, on very reasonable terms, rl
tract 5, containing 1H1 acres; river tract.
containing IHfl acres, and the west half of south
nuarterof section 14, In town 3, U.8.R..eoiilamiiig
acres, all in Wood county. All this lanl lies ina
v. itliin about S mrleaof Perrysburg. The farm hi
watered, ami has poa it a liBe orchard andovej
acres of well improved land, the greater par of
is bottom land of the vary best qnslity. For terms,
. Miaaai ajOoBtis.
Nov. lV.16.Vi. -Jilt
oeon, 1
mote or
valuable use
of a
ceive $3,
oir.ef 2 Great Circuses
' Of Philnrtelphla, suit
forming two distinct Exhibitions, for
one price of admission.
Both Compftirioa trawling together ind rx-
liihitttiK In one titit, all tho great porfonners
sttactiuJ to both tronpos appearing during om'h
and ecry rcpreacututiou ol Uio doubla caUiblWi
merit. , The Immense Resources
C .Obtain.il 19 cinliiain. tli-i two rxtmHivn mid wi'll
known trout, will nllow tin miuiiwmi-nt tn frlve thflr
.wituxtjuomvut. ugu a KalK uf uufiutudu and AiiluDiluc
unronnll.-il In tlim rMtlntrr, Ail'l Mnf.nrpn.wo in nnr
,;olhrr. A great Tflrltrty ol' utrlunuiincr., m.w In tbta
country, and porulhr to tjitj. fiihlMllon, will bp fonni
rompraw.1 in tu liilln, ami for onTt'Uri varlot.tr and ,t.r-liug-
attractive power, tlio prorricW.m clialU'ngp rniu)ti
- aoa, an it wuiild he impo..iW for any eKtalilUhtm-tlt
arKanircd on a lomi vxtcniiiva r-cnlc to afford marl tua
' atuna vartatr in tuctr routine of elitcruiturucntj.
Two Troupes of Talented Artists,
2 Studs of Performing Horses & Ponies .'
Among tho mnut prom Incut arlite nHar lied to
Welch's National fircnv
Will h fminrt th nuntfn of II. W. Franklin,
Cliiuninn VhuIUt, rd! Die mnut Tctnatila 'iUh:.iwt In
tiie wurM; Mml. Louise Brower, tTnnfrut mui
tUrinjr Friuontrltrnnt-; J. O. Ctviwnllajdt-r. Hw tjrrmt
four n., nix Imrse riilor ( Frank Brower, tii'1 -irip
Inul miiI 'Miptiliv C'lnw-n Herr Lee, tlif Jff-i nlnr ;
"W. Johnson, tlie fnarltM lutrv luick H1nr ami Ku nils
Iwiiht, W. Kincftide, tli im-M psTftmiitnir rl" n
and unrivalled ty iui.t : Mftd'U Fun line, Mnd'll
Angeline, K. Oldhnm. J. KJnnoy, uU a full
oil of Acrobnts. Tlie lcua!ng nivmtn?r or
Ltm's Now Vork (ire ns
Am Mr. K. Uemminicn, thu nr-nt rtiUw'.
Tii;lit IC"i IrtmrtT au-I S..tn. i m l Kt I-r ; M uL V' ir-
Rinia Sherwood, a My K'(n iilnn. nnri-iilii f. r
iutii.-iJilv and akill ; J. JC Wallls, tin, 'iciit imutcol
Cl'-wii n"l Stump I'nUnr; C. bi. Shcrwooj,
frrat C'liaRwter Hide r ; Luke Hi vera, tlia l.iKlnoinit
Ci'lor H. BertiU, the i-li-lrmti'. ttrrubat antl ct,'il-llhrl-t.
Mfiator Charles, ho infntthlr w.in.l.T : H.
f. Niohola, the nceiiiiij-lUlutl Mniti ilu t'irjut' ;
Mad'll Vireinia Myors; tli Sherwood isi.-rn;
Lo Jeune CJnmaldi, thu uiiimtuiti cimtn; li,
Wynhold, Mic-tt-r liobortH, M.-vtir Hubert, tuiJ
mttny others of tie l;noii-iiL.,t n'ili'y.
X. B. Thtnc onitintiiefi will Dut dlvM-' at any thnt)
rlurirti tlif t'i-"ii, iiii'it r tiny rirnniin.iiir wli r,
ami Ut entire tnlfth"f tlic kut( t-ftiilstU'iiio-Pt will
bf (Tonxlit furwrint t firry jUcu whvrtv tli'y ittA lv
advertlM-il. The C1lrlliii tf
Highly Trained Horses,
In nu enhlMllon nf i tut-If, while, the
RnMKo, .H'l.lKT, S1IKI l.tlAflC. III.V'K IIAUK. .1 N
IMKV, VttNli AMKKIt'A, JAi'K l.'AP!:, AM' Ur KS
WlN'ii, nre uttftmUi'l f-r N-aiity, p.-i);;K'.lit anl in-riixt
T 11 10 1' K U V OHM A N C 1'. S
Wiil luclifl'1 erir lit-r!rt,ition af
Performances of Trick Ilorsrs, and I,cnrne 1
Ponies, iyinnntie S'eats, Wonders ot liui
libriuui. oaturing aud Fautotuiiuo.
'nrlii.Mntf all the IVrf.irniin llonn-n ail Vml f, !.
CarrlaMS lVrfurnv r", ami tha l.ticn Van
Ufe4 hy Imth ('..ini'iiii.n, will Miter tiHli i-mly n th
dae nf' Kxltil.lti-ti, an-1 prtfrnlf Ihe nt Im liJil tr-U,
bi'aOfd hr th EloRnnt Band Car, tlrawn by l-n
II. Atttiltil' Cri'rni-l.-oli.r ! lloin, fiMininir 1 j.)f. nm if
imioehiff (plfivlnr. The piiUii are carneslW hmtnl
In w.iittM t.K' puMif 4ntn r, in nn!r ti r-''" i .'ha
nf the r(i irt nf thf iimtrTiinlli cstftl-IiMniH'iit. Tha
a-iruirabe (rrfoniusiica of Otto Horn's Cornet
Bund, t!n U'st that cfi't tntv. h .l, uill ctiti' ii thu
pr.it;na al the .K.M ntcirKS-H N', whilo tha
Slriiiji Uati.l, i-nlu'ii'ia tht futtitj drunU Orrhertra
l..in tl- N.iti..iu.l Th.-t-, I'ltiUI-ii.l.ih iM f irriili
anprrnriiite acr'nnpanlnii-nta t" the rfi. t-l tho
ar tin, A n.-w ml fxiiime-lv altrrtfilf raiitn' in tin:
ni-reiwntalK.ua of thli Com't-aiiy Hi bv fnutnl to cn
Mat iu m
Grmd Mngtc ramtomimt tut Hit d t he
A l.lrer- rrplfli' with WUNtlllltKt'l. Tlt.lNSK' IKM A
TMNS, At; 1C Tllti K ASH ll.l.l'-l' iS'S. l.AI'iill
A I i K INf 1UKNY.- snil l'KI'HIiil r Kl'KiTS, liirh
v.il! I... i.n.li tl "ill. 1.11 H... Illtl l.t.I 1ST roIfMi:S,
I'Hlir..HTtKS ANI AI'PHINTSt r:NT iim.1 tiirinir Us
triumi.liaiit rar.T "f ovvr 011 i.i-i.lrt-l cin.v.'uliia
nihu in till fity r.r riiCilMt nil 1 '..l.'h tlt coa
eludv caf h avrning s eatrUiuliMvut.
Tltt3K CON"l.tl'.lTi: COM PA NIKS
MAUMEE CITY, SAturday, September 13
Doors open at i and 7 o'clock, V. M., per'
formance to commence half nn hour after
opening. tW Admittance 25 cents. N
half price. Will also exhibit at Monioe St p
tembtr II, Toledo September 12, Fremont
September 15. J. W. BAMKrJK, Ag't.
Twelfth Tear.
One Thousand Dollar Cosh Prizes.
Tho Twelfth Annual Volumo of this useful pul
lication commences on the K'lh day of September
The " SctrxTiFto AMintran" ia sn Illustrated
Periodical, devoted chietly to the promulgation of
information relating to the various Mechanic an
Chemie Arts. Industrial Manufactures. Airricul
ture, Patents, Kngineeiinir, Mitlwork, and all in
tr rests which the light of Practical Science is cal
culated to advance.
IteDorta of U. S Patents granted are slso pub
lished every week, including official copies of all
the patent claims, together with news and inio:
mat inn niutii t hntisflnrl h of nt.liAr aiiliinr.la.
$1000-1H CASH PR1ZKS will be paid on the
first of J anuary next, for the largest Hat ol auuscn
hera, as rollowa 'ini lor ine 1st,, jna lor mi
2nd, 150 for the ad, J125 fortho 4th, $100 for th.
5th, $75 for the Cth, (51 for the 7th, 1 10 for th.
8lh, $30 for the Qih, 25 for the 10th, 20 for th
11th and Sitt lor the i-jtn. ror an ciuonoi u an
unwarda the subscription price is only H, 40
Names can be aent from anv Post Office until Jan.
uary 1st, IH57, ITThere are fine chances to secure
cash prizes. . .
The " Scientific American is published once
week everr number contains eicht lares qnsrto
page, lOrmiDg Ulliuiii a tuminrL. uu .p..u.
, r ii -i... -.i .ni..K:j
volume, iiiuaimiea wita several uuiuibu uh5n
CrTERMS SS nele subscriptions. a year.
41 for six months. Five Co: les, for aiz mooth
14 : for a year. 8. Specimen copies tent gratia.
Southern, western auu uanaaa money, ur iuii
Utncs Btaiups, taaeuai par lor auoscrijuioiin.
Letters should be directed fpoat paid) to
138 Pulton St New York.
17'Messrs. MUKN h Co.; are extensively en.
frairurl in Drocurins natenta for new inventions, and
will adviae inventors, without charge, in regard
to the novelty of their Improvements.
Bl MMlT-fit., TOLKDO,
Has now on hand
The Liirjrest and Mont Faslilonnble
ever uttered to the cittxena of North-W esterii Ohio;
embracing every variety of
I, adit Neapolitan Crnpe, .act, mid Straw Hat ;
atyfrw of Cap, Mlantitlas, Collar, Sletve,
Tlttuncti, tthsitcii, Vrtt Utils, Eui
broidrry. Edging, Arttfivtitl
' : ' FfvWrr, JffitttfCaps, 1
Ifead-Dreite, Ware, Vc.. together iitk rtwry ttytt
The ladies are respectfully imited to call and ex
amine her poods and jrh-es. fJunc, VI fttjfll.
Tlic CSi'tpalcst Itlcdicnl Discovery
T R. KFNkfcDY.of Ko.Wt,' ha. dttlWorerl in
H ha. trtejlt in oreralen hundred ce-Tand n-c.
failed irentrin two chm. ihnft. .1. jl .
l.o. now in ti.po....ion rW.J T":., T
' ;..r3 ' " 'ynillMof Boatnn.
10 DOUM are warranted to cure a nur.inir
rsing sore
One tn three tiottle. will enre the
worstkind of pirn-
ea on tne nice.
Two to throe bottles will clear the avitem of bile
Two hotlles are warranted to cure the worst canker
three to five llottlcs aft
iffte of drfsipelnw. , -
VlleJva0 Uotuean to cure all liumor
Two bottlinfeWiiiTanted tnriifa n.i,n:. f.i
and blotches among the hair. , t
tour to nix bottles are warinntid tocurJcdrniht mk!
runninf; ulreri. - r
One bottle will cure aoalj eruptions of the skin.
Two or three bottle are warruntPil tn our th. .... t
case of ringworm.
Two or three bottle, are warrant1 to cure the most
Ueaperate case of rheumatism. -
'1 hree to fiv. bottles msm w arrftnr1 sa ..II
Five to tight bottle, will car the wbfMcase dTscroN
a. . ti . . .......
A benefit Is at wars xneriemwrt tmw u . -.
tie, and a perfect tiur it warranted h.h Uv.
uantitv ia taken.
Notliinir looks so imnrolwbls in ihnaa i.... i
Tain tried all the wonderful medicines of the day, m thnt
it rvrtiimoii weed, growing in the. pasturea and along
..-..-i.ii.HiBBTwy numor in the system (
ii nun hxvu mci, ii voniiarea humor. mi
ntnrtl 1 here are no if nor nn.i. -
about it, -Nilinr some eaten and not Tourn.- I iMMl.llrrf
cr a thousiaiid bottles of it in tl.a vini.sUw r i.
know its effticls lit every case. It has already dono
ine of the greatest cures ever Hon ... Mne.n..i.M.
uavft it to children a tear old : to nM n ,.r mi
I have seen povtf, puftv, Wormv-lo(l((iiiLM'hlldrpn..wl.Aa
i'hvas soft and flnlibf. restored to a nr-i.irt i,.tr.
hcitlth In one bottle. Wice 1.
To those who are suhiert tonntrlr tt0f.rirti, wni,At-
tie will always cure it. ft Drive crroat relief In mtmrH
nd dizziness. Sonte who have been costive for yearn,
iave tnkenand been rep-ul a ted by it. Where the body
sound, it wtirt. qniieeaniiy ; nut wnere there is any
raniremeut of the functions of nature, it will caiwl
cry Hinjjulnr feellnRS.biit yon must not be alarmed
ev nlwavs disapnear mirom lour oars to a week.
here is never a badj esult frcini it. On the contrnfy,
hen thatfeelinnris gone, you will feel" yourtwdf like
new nerson. 1 heard some or the most extravairant
encomiums of it that man ever listened to. Nochang
nf diet is ever necessary -eat the best yon can get. I
havefikewtse an herb, which, when simmered in sweet
I, dissolves serotinous swelling ot t lie neck anil lin
er the enr. Price1 "0 cents.
DlHI-. HONS FOK 1ST,. Adult, one tnfdn
oonfnl per dav. Children over eight years old.
esgert spoonful. As no directions can he mnde ap-
tic. Mile to nil constitutions, take enough to operate on
e ifowvlg twice a Hay.
Mr. Kennedy gives "personal attendance in bad cases
f scrofula. .
Fr8ft!c by Tfcr & ITAMif.TnM, rernshurg.
B!VKING NOTICE. The Pkbrtkbtirh Bam,
is now open ami prepared to discount short business
paper, buy and scIMinM.Silver.nnd Fasten. Exchange,
and transact other business in their line, interest paid
on time deposits. J. 8. NORTON. Cashier.
pnnyt CAPITAL :ilMMMM.
D. II. Dl NHAM. Tren t. liKo. MvuTT. Tre:m
CtcvrlHtuI Mutual IiiMitniiue Coiupnii)'t
Capital 4'Jtsi.iKH). ICi.tki taken mi reaMKiiabk' tt riu n
theubove rcsnoiisnile comptuiii'S, by
II. II. llDMiK. .irt llt tT " t.n.1 ennmy.
f jtniff worth yN Aroinitflr
if r. .o :tt .1..
a" a snro reni- 'n r I ow-ram. u n i ' r,i i n.i.
:ie, mil alt till li di'.-" f litis trylilden-nu' i i.ini;iii.t,
and thev arc
'.-.IN !. 7 f l 7 I A r..
tlinking them nnenf th-1 in -I ib -iriiblf mi:rh tit Mn
market. Children take the in remllh .and grow n ct-m.t
make no rc f.n c--
TRY Till.. if fMf
il vnn will rcconinieiul tin m t-. ..nr frier di. If -iii
friends have need f ague nit-.ly. irie.
AS A t iff. Vl-..y 77 i r.
thev are cqunlU go'-d. nnd us ;i tonic fur genrrnld'
bilin. cannot le surpassed, aitd ar uurinnied lo vn
iu no iinininc. no inen-ury, no H.i.ton.
alli:iritr mi
contain no Calomel or Al.tcs.aud are ine ict lamtiy
pin ic sold. The
r.xcfiMi.r luiim
alwnvs cures nil eiterinr dirnsen nt the Fyc or Fyelni,
wlicti eerthiiig else h is failed.
A. Ii..ilwuai II i . r iimmy.
de Proprietor and Maiiiitaeturcr.
iM bv Pur & IMtl.TnM. Pornburg.
I.. C. I-Oi.k Cm.. Ibiwlirg (ireen.
Levi Taylor, Taylortown. 47niH
Mo ts uiid Tin iVarc.
IIROWN k IH'NT havo cnnstantly on hand, at the.f
I new and mTnmotttn store rooms, east side I.ouia-
iuna Avenne, n large nnd well selected assortment of
COOK. IIAU.,itOX V f'AUf.Olt sS fM in
great varieties. Ourtoves nre of AHmnv rffanTiM-ure.
and inferior to none. IM-iinnnd Japanned TIM UARti.
Stove l'ie ami htute i niiiiiitiigs.
AT JlUI.tUAI& i)' lib 1 Alt.
Job AVork ami Ilenairiui: done on short notice. Or
ient from abroad promptly attended to. Perrysburg.
C-IOD FIHII AXD MACKERKh. just received
J and in good order, at GKO. rtVtKS'.
JU1V lit. l Vrli.
rjiHK Austin Fovler farm, nnlo west of Uowlinc?
i. Crecn. containing sixty acres, pnrtailly improved,
drv, and well adapted for raising grain ;
Also. The llarkheinier farm, iu Liberty tnwinhip,
near John MeMahan's.mntatuiug'.ioO acres. 40nf which
is prairie, the balance well timbered, HO acres inidercul
tivation. good young orchard, and all in a first rate lo
cation for stock raising ;
Also, 10,1 an-cs prameand v acres ot timner iani
adjoinf ng the farm of Joseph Mitchell. In Liberty town
ship, well located as to roads, ami jtossessing advanta
ges rarelt to be net with, will be sold at a bargain.
ApplV IO " v s
.July f. IMO-Htf.
Cornerof Front-st. and Louisiana Avenuft.
AKK opening a general assurtnicnt oi ti '.
MEDfCIXES I'A iVTN.and 0,.VlWhkhthcy
offer at the lowest market price. ' -'
OZ. uriNINK, just received bv
CH.AM TAKTAK.Sup. Carb.S'Mla and Vhiii
J So.la. Iiv the quantity. I'KCK Si HAMILTON
a,(MI0Tljs. Wliiuri.eail. rure ; .
2AHM "W hite l.fa!, No. 1 ; '
for sale hf PKCK HAMlLTtlM.
iyw-wVibs. SnoK White Zinc faint, for sale by
100 lbs. Paris Cruen. in rans t
lot) 4'hrome (ireon.iurajis, .1 . .....
100 M loiuereal " "
forsaleby PECK HAMILTON.
15(5 lbs. f'hrntne Yellow, In cansj
lOO " Verdigris. " -
1O0 ' Vermillion. .
fiOO " Venetian Ketl;
for sale by PUCK & HAMILTON.
1X8EED OIL for sals by
I ... PKCK
I AUU OIL of the best nnnJity, for aalc by '
j ' . - PECK h HAMILTON.
t,y l'KCK. & HAMILTON.
TIIK following Lifjuora we offoror Alt dicnl purpo
se airly i ' - ' 1
1 cask l'ure Otard Brandy : , A,
1 Superior Old Port Wine?
1 t Madeira Wine
Mrslv SCrOi,ltK0K ..AMlf..
IhT UeCf lied and for Anle, s fine assortment
of l'"onev, Waahinp:, anil Toil.. Boapa. ell.ap. Also
th. for faniail Osrniau Cbemionl Erasiva Soap fur ts aslt
ingin hard water, h, PI.CK le HAMILTON
J- UBT lllet-r'lyetl nnd for flnlr, 20 dnz.X
h r II N A P I' S , :
centime srticle. PECK HyLTON'
C- "1 L AHS-Ttit Boies .all siam, from th. Franklin Glass
I Works, a superior article, equal to the French
Glass ami much cheaper. Forsaleby
(lASTOll Oil, hy thedinii'n.M lowa.csn b. ntirr
chased ineity.bj 1 PKCK IIAM1I.1 ON.
?I LS. "Linswd and Lump Oils, Spiriu Tunsuttne
forsale bj PECK & llAMIT.TOy.
iTiT. si'irroitD's omviTtak,
for. ilu by PKC'K & JIAMILTON.
1HI1ER WtiON for sale cliean.
J bv
June 7411) F.R.MILLER & l!o"
' - X' .-.!.

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