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Cash Up—Important to Everybody.
Htraaftcr.no ailrtrtltement will be admitted Into tho
Jouhhal until It ii paid for, ticept where lliere Is
psclal agreement to the contrary ; and In all cnol, the
person preienting an adrertliemont for insertion, Will
be held responsible for the lame. Vi cannot pay our
dok.e with acooiint. on Tom. Dick, and Harry, of whom
we know nothing. The cash svsttm Is better for all
parties, anrf wt ihatl adhtre to it.
CCrOur young friend it. fi. tVk n-
turned from the eastern cities, nd lots of nice
goods are beginning to arrive at F. &. Milltr
ss-filinn fit Barstow could merely ileal
moment from theii customers to trtnmfne
their fresh trrirals. They hare stacks of Cut
goods and are selling rapidly.
(tj-HaU is prepared to sell goods, wholesale
or retail, at the right figures. Read his column
and then dream about mountains of fine things
nd you will have a faint conception of his
tCThe original articles, on our first page
by K. S. S. Rouse and Mrs. C. H. Parlimsn,
are among the best productions of these talented
writers. We have received a package of gems
from our valued contributor, Kato Carrol',
which shall appear in due tunc.
y Governor Cliase has appointed Wm. Den
bison, Jr., of Franklin co., Aslier Cook, of Wood
Co., and Norton S. Townsewl, of Lorain Co., to be
Trustees of the State School for idiots and Ira
bccilca. We learn that tho contractors in this sec
lion of the stale, have secured JnmesJ.Murray.Esq.
W this place, and M. R. Waito, Esq., of Toledo.
for counsel. A strong team, tnttt, ttnd if they rail'
tu we think they will, it will not bo for Want of ablo
? ft. A.. Cross, of MjumeeCity, will com
tnence selling his large assortment of clocks
watches, and jewelry, at auction, on Wednes
day next. The sale will be continued from day
to day until the entire slock is disposed of.
Militia Law. We commence to-day tlie
publication of the Militia Law. The repeal
ing clause nnnu's the law exempting Minis
ters of the Gospel, so our preachers must pre
pare to "shoulder arms."
. .
jrr- We have been making extensive orlili
tions to ourolTire during the past week, and tire
necessarily a little behind time in issuing the
Journal. Hereafter we shall be. 1 time" again
and shall nublUh a sheet lliut will look just as
Well as any oilier paper f no greater pretention.
We have just ss neat an oflic.! as enn b- foun'l
ou e'uleof the cities, niul can do jost as nice
jobs as "the common run" of priniers.
f-a- On Sttur.lay las', Sheriff Norton arrested
a ynung'.mnn nnmeJ Peter B. Brmrn, in Tulodo,
charged with breaking into the Yneht Challenge,
lmt full and steuling a piirliim of her canvas.
On Monil.iy he was brought before Ju-llce Chup
pel, who committed him to jiil to await a final
hearing before ihe Common PI as Court, li
tis been suspected of other olT nces, aild has
barely escaped ihe penitentiary one or twice
before, His uccoinplice is now in the peniten
tiary. Two more p ipers will close the present
Volume. We wish we could safely sat ns much
of our books. Many have done the fair ili'iup,
and many have allowed their accounts to run
Unsettled. We. should like to settle up with as
many of our patrons as possible, befi.ro entering
Upon our new voluin:. If you can't pay, give
us a clever word of promise anil we shall like
you all the better for it. Don't forget to notice
our pmpo ition to take two dollars and fifty
cents for two copies of the Journal one year
one to be scut to a present subscriber and one
to some new friend. We hope to greatly facili
tate our rapidly increasing circulation in this
How to Talk. A New Pocket Manual of
Spooking, Convcrsntion, and Dclmtintt ; With D'
rectiou4 for acipiriu. a Grauinuitical, Kasy, and
graceful style. This is the second number of our
HQW-Huiid-Books for Home Improvement, which
ttrecmpVitiL-uMy "liojlis Tor the millirtii," ntidsiiould
he found in every family. Its principle points may
be briefly staled us follows :
1. " How to Talk' furnishes in tt condensed form
sttli nu exposition of the whole subject of Ian-
(june ns will ctialilc any psrsou of common intell--
gjnee, by a little application to study, aud a mod-
crate degreo of porsoverance in practice, to avoid
most of the gross errors which mir tho speech of
a majority of our people, and to uso the noble
English tongue with correctness and elegance.
2. It noles and corrcctspiu accordance with rule3
previously given, a large number of tho most com
moti errors in speaking.
3. It gives useful aud practical rules and hints
on delivery in general, and on the kindred topics of!
conversation, reading, and public Stcakiug ill par
ticular, illustrated by examples and accompanied
by suitable exercises.
Price in paper, 30 cents ; in muslin, 50 cents.
Fowler aud Wells, 30S Broadway, New York.
This interesting and instructive little work has
been received from Iho publishers, and, like all of
their publications possesses much to recommend it
to the public favor. The student will Cud it au in
valuable companion-
The Elmira Advertiser in speaking of the
fashions savs :
'Strip ali the men and women of our village of
their Hue clothes, aud wuat a change would be ap
parent, "
Of coarse there would I
Judge Goodcnow, the oldest member of the
Supremo Bench of Maine, has given an opinion in
answer to the Stnto Senate, that colored persons
are slill voters in Maine, in Spite of the Dred Scott
decision or tho United Stato Judges.
The Chicago 2Voimi states that tha Mil
waukee American, a Know Nothing sheet, par
txetllena, long time patronized and sustained by
the spread-eagle party, has, after several desperate
efforts to hitch itself to the Republican movement,
finally fused with the Irish and Bonier Ruffians.
It goes tho entire swiuc, Dred Scott, Fugitive Slave
Law and all
Oiutuary. The Mormons have lost one of
their great lights one J. M. Grant and the an.
nouuoeineul of his death closes in the most ap
proves! omtuary style: -'lie Has gone now, leav
ing seven discousolated widows,and several children,
four of whom are under eight weeks of ago, to
uourn their irreparable loss.
From the Ohio Cultivator.
Wood County Clover Crop Again.
S. D. Harsh: My friend Whitaker of Clin
ton, don't like to take a banter, and 1 dun I like
to be beau I see in the Cultivator of tin 1st
of April, an account of Mr. Whitaker's crop of
clover and seed which was good. Ihcstatemenl
in the Pcrrysbnrg Journal of my crop, which
you published, waegiven without my knowledge.
I would havu included 200 bushels of apples
that erew on the same eround I raised mv clover
from, which at 374 ct. per bushel woilid make
73, which added to 23!), would make the to
tal yield :1I0. Yield per acre, $62.
friend Whitaker must knock under, and try
agmn. 11. bmvu.Y.
Howling Ureen, April, Ibu7.
Just as we predicted) Wood countv is compe
tent to head the agricultural cututrln.
ItsnmrD. On the 18th In. I. by D. Itort. fesn., John
8. HABrtlsos.of Henry Co ,Ohio, andUABT Ahn Wbitb
of Herrysbarg.
Is to be commence! tig""), and to be ready for the
ruftii oi nuinetw1
AUK now opening the larjfcnt anil most ftmhionaMe
. (Slock ol Choice iloode ever brought to this
Mr. lilinn has Just returned from Boh ton, head quar
tern for ttie newest ilylcft, anil alter a careim selection
of the most approved funricR ana last colors in the
Dry (iooJ'i department, ho in ready to surprise his
custom em wttii tuuir cneiip prices.
April z:i,
Manny's Combined
Manufactured by BAl.tnviN, I) u WITT & CO, Clove-
Itinil, rur State or Ohio.
Call and g.'t tlndr minimi circular.
OKO. POWKHS, Agent for Wood ceunty.
April 53, 1H57.
X"f WICK in hereliv (liven, that the iiinjfi-sitriit'il has
11 been d:ily appoint -il (iiiarilian of Kly .Y.llful, t
t'crrysljuril township. In 'robaiu Cutirt of Wood.
April 17, 1h07 f,IMv4 . (Jko. Miimii:ii.
N"l)TM't?iH liereliv iriven. th.it .liiirus Curtis; (iuanlin
of Elv Willtit'l, I as tile'Ilii. acconn'a and resi ..-na
tion, for ltnal settlement tor tiem-inr. 4th of Slay,
Viitt. joiiri a. nui.Lr, rruii&ie juuge.
April M. 1957 Wm t
VfolliriaT.wiiriiveti that a Petition will be pie
1 1 spntcl to the Commissioners of Wood county at
thulr next si ssi'in, asking for the continuntion of the
county mid tint runs from the (Ireen-cneampment ro; d
u'Mitli tn the Miiskius road, that said road be contitnn d
south through tin; center of sec. one, town five, range
nine, nntil It Intersects the Kellog road, and there to
terminate, 'A Pktitionkr.
Washington TVp,. April 23, 1SV7 5(lw4
LORT, no Wedne.dMV, the 22d iust., one trold locket,
and chain, a Locket Bible, and (told Pencil. The
locket has three daguerreotypes in it. If any person
can frive information that will lead to the recovery ol
thn above articles, I will give them the above reward.
Information may be left nt the store of Blion A; Bar
tow. or at mv residence on the Mnumec and Western
Hi serve ruad.' Miss r, II. HOWAU1).
Perrvslnir?. April 29, 1S-.7.
Al'lUTon's Ofstca, Wood Co , O. )
l'ERRTsoeno, April 2:id, 157
To the Township Assessors of Wood County:
Okxti.i mks :- 1 am required by ao order from
th Governor and Commander in- hief. communi
cated to me by the Auditor of Slate, to instruct.
you in the duties required of ynu in ec a ot an
act emitted '' an act to organise and discipline the
militiaanu foluutecr militia, passed March 2$,
lly the term " able-bodied " in 9ec. 1st. cf the
above law, you will understand ns designating a
mm in the possession of allihe nieinbersof the
Doily an.( Having sucr. apparel, l rc.' use ol lie
s line ns will not disqualify him for unlitnry duty
lly tho terra " white male citizen, resident of
this 8tate," you will n tCerslatul persons only
having the qualificilions of electors.
Hy 1 lie term excepting persons exempt by
law," you will ULders'and,
1st. Alemhera of uniform volunteer rompaoies,
who are specifically f semptcd in this act.
Qd. Members of both houses of Congress, and
their respective officers, all Custom House ofllccts,
all Postmasters and pe'&on actually employed in
carrying the TJ. S. mails, and all Judicial and
Executive officers if the U S. Government who are
exempt by United States law.
ltd All acting m-'inbers of any pVe Engine,
Hook and Ladder, Hose or other company, are ex
emp'e t I y th laws of this State.
JAMES ff UOSS, County Auditor.
Nehool l.itndH for Nnle.
rilllE undersigned w ill offer lor sale nt the door of
X thij court house, in Wixid enuntv, Ohio, on Fri
day, the .ith of .lone next, at II o'clock a. m. all of
see. l'l, township Km 3, rango 12, Perry) divided and
appratseu as lollows
No. of Lot.
No. of Acres.
42 IS-100
4U 35-100
41 31-lnu
40 74-1011
40 37-100
40 Sli-lOfl
89 7o-mo
42 Jl-ll'O
4U C5100
40 3S-10O
41 15.100
41 72-1110
41 45-100
41 211-1011
40 iil-liio
41 17-100
Terms. One-twelfth part of purchase money to be
paid at time of sale, and the balance in eleven equal
annual installment.' with annual interest.
No bid taken for a less sum than the appraised value.
.I AS. W. ROSS, Comity Auditor.
Auditor's OiKce, Wood couutv. O.
Pcrrysburs.'. April id. 1,7. $ S0wr,.$,",.2S.
i.r.tiM, oti( i;.
Petition for Partition, in Wood Common Pleas.
Sarah A.i'ieijrh.aod .lohu T. Crei'h. her husband, vs.
William M. Heid and others.
tTI.I.I.M M. KEI1), George Heid, Alex. Reid,
Kiioittcl ltced. Johnson Heed, Margaret Gowwi
lei and Christian Gowviler, her husband. Mary &hep
hard and James Shcphard her hnsband, James Mc
Clure, Mary Mi-Clure, .lane Met'lure, Ann MeClure.
J.ihn Adams, Samuel villains, Margaret Adams, Geo.
McKcehan. Samuel McKeehall.John McKeehan Ben
jamin Mclveehan, Nancy Dinwiddy and Alexander Din
widdv her husbanil, Marv Blauheoship, and John Blan-
keuship her husband. Samuel McKeehan, Martha Mc-
Keelian.. lames tlwen flare. Uarid ..exanner Dare. and
Sarah Elizabeth Bare, will take notice that a pclition
was riled agrainst them on the 2-M day of April, loa7,
in the court of common pleas withinand for the county
of Wood, and State of Ohio, by Sarah A. Creigh anil
John T. Creigh, her husband, and is now pendiiijr,
wherein said uiaintitfs demand partition of the follow-
iuir real estate, aituate in the counti of Wood and state
of Ohio, to nit: Tho north -half of the south-west
quarter of section No. 2s, in township No. 5. in ranire
No. 1) east, containing eiuhtv acres more or less, in ihe
township of Weston, county of AVood. and stale of
Oluo; and tnat at the June term or said court, or as
soon thereafter as counsel can be heard, said plaintiffs
will apply for an order that partition be made of said
premises. itr.iD, CABrENT&K n hauhison.
Plaintiff's Att've.
Dated this 3M day of April. ls7. Miwi:.(ii.Sn!
of lteul
lUtnlo hy Order of J'robate
I OUI'l.
ON the 2.1.1 day of May. A. Tt. 14T, between tlie
hours of one and four o'clock P. .If., at the premises
herein described, will be sold to the highest bidder.
the followiug property belonging to the estate of
Adam rniuips, deceased to wit; A good ateara aaw
mill, about one and three-eighth acrea of land and
certain right of way; said land and right of way
more particularly described as follows, to wit:
Commencing at a beach tree on the east bank of
the Portage river, the aald beach standing oh the
north line of the south-west quarter of section 27.
in township 5, north of range 1 1 east, and runniuff
thence souih along the bank of said Portage river
aixteen rods, thence east twenty rods, thence north
sixteen rods, and thence west twenty rods, to the
place of beginning, together with a right of way
forty ftet in width, commencing at the south-wost
corner of the laud above described, and running
up me Dins oi tne aatit rortsge river to tbe Kol
lersvilla and Portaire Free Turnnike road : said
right of way to eontinue so long as tho said land
above described shall be used fur mill purposes.
To baaold subject to the dower of Catharine Phil
lips, widow of decedent, which has been assigned
at twenty dollars annually. Appraised, subject to
said dower, at $1300 Terms of sale one-fourth
casb in hand, and the residue in three equal an-
uuai payments, witu lineresr. nnu good security.
.1. H Run. Att'y.- Administrators.
prJl 2.1, 1S57. i0w4H 'j,
Clear the Track,
piltS dny received, anil soiling at reduced prices,
ly J, A IIALI.
April 1H07
THE Wlioh-nnle lopnitnic,it iinowCnmnlctw
I Cfiu and will hoII H ioi!b ut Wiioh-nilu low
nny Moiiao went of HulV.ilo. Cull anJ exniuiuo
(jootlr) and prices tit
April 17
Uaa jlist returned from New York, and is now
reoeiviu, ujr ej,ei,i, 111s rxwiisiro bwik ui
Spring and Summer Goods,
SHAWLS, Brocha, Stella, Silk and Merino,
complete assortment now opening at
DRESS GOODS, consisting of Poplins,
Lawn, Chftllies, Hoearies plain and figured. Col
ored and White Biillinntn, Potted Muslins, Victo
ria and Soft Muslins. Swiss and Hook ilulls.
Scotch, English and l.tncanter Ulnlinms, at re
duced prices at
J. A, Hall's.
SILKS, Plain Black, Striped, Tlaid,
Summer Silks of all kiuds, uow openinij at
J. A. Hall's
BONNETS Plain nnd Soft Straws, Tuscan
and Silk Bonnets of all sizes anil kinds, French
Klnw,.r Straw Biaid. and Straw Trininiinira, Bon
net. Ribbona. KucheB with and without Howeia,
white and co'ored Laces, Crapes aud Edgings for
Bonnets, this day received at
J. A. Hall's.
EMBROIDERED ROBES, white and col
ored; Blue, Pink, l'nrple and Crocn all wool De
laima, for sale low by
J. Apgustus Hall.
SKELETON SKIRTS, Skirt Cord and Skirt
Setts for the ladies, can be found at
J. A. Hall's.
EMBROIDERIES Embroidered and Laco
Co'lars, Embroidered Skirting, Edging aud In
sertiugs, a largrt stock for sale low by
J. A. Aall.
DRESS TKIMMINUS, Frinies, Velvets of
all widths, Buirlc Oimps, Hlock Lace Trimmings
and Hair Braids, for sale by
J. Augustus Hall.
MAtTTILLiAS, Vesett3, TaraKols and Um
brellas, now opening at
GLOVES Black, White and Colored Kid
Gloves; Lisle Thread, Silk nnd Cotton Gloves;
I.ocg and Short Milts; Ladies' Work Baskets,
Perfumery, Ac., for sale by
J. A. Hall.
WHITE. Blur, Green and Rid Damask and
Cuitaiu D. apery, can be found nt
LADIES nnd Misses l'Juin and Congress
Gaiters, Buskins, Slips and Ties, now opening by
J. A. Hall.
Linens, Toweling, Lsdics Under Shirts, Fine
While and lied Flannels, Linens white and brown,
Checks, Ac, at
Erode and Sack Coats, P nts. Vests. Shirts, Col-
lars. Under Shirts, Cravats, Scarfs, Linen Hand
kctchiefu, Hose, for sale by J. A Hi.i..
HATS Panama, Fur, S.Ik, Leghorn, Pultn
Leaf and Stiuw H ts, for niefi mid boys' wear.
lower thau at any other hou.,e, for sale at
HARDWARE 8Mades, Shovels, Siiws. Ax
es. Scythes Hres, Shell Hardware, Fanners' T, o's,
tor sale, wholesa'o or retail, at J. A. Hall t.
GROCERIES, by thf obi. or hlid. at New
York prices, at J. A. Hall's.
REFINED SUGAKS, Crushed, Powdered
and ColFee Sugar, by the bbl. nt lower prices than
can tie purcha e I lu iuw it.rk, adding trnn-pur-taiion
lor sale by J. A. Hall.
A LARGE AHSOR I'ME Vf of everv kind
of Groceries that are wanted for fnmily use can be
found at J. A. Hall's.
WHITE LE A U. Zinc in ke-sV Linseed Oil.
Putty, Red Load, Whitinsr. Vui.ctiau Hod. Tur
pentine, Glass, dc, fur snle by
J. Augustus Hall.
BOOTS and SHOES Gents and Boys' Pa
tent Leather Boots, Patent Leather and Congress
Gaiters. Oxford Ties, Calf nnd Kip Boots and
Shoes, Slips and enameled Shoes, a full assort
ment, can be fouud at J. A. Hall's
That all of my Goods ar ; purchased exclu
sively for Cash, and will be sold at a small
advance for Cash. " Quick sales nnd small
proms," is my motto.
Perrysburg, April 14, 1857.-49.n2
llitclt Notice.
"VOTIC'E is hereby given to tho nonresident owner
Xl or owi'er ol'the following dcccribi-il Iniiilssiluate
in the township of Perry, county of Wood, and state
of Ohio, being tlie south bait' of the south east or. of
sec. twenty-two, i2Ji, that tire ttustees of I'erry town
ship will uicctnt the bouse of Thomas Johnston, in said
township on the 6lh day of June, A. 1). lH-',7, nt 10
o'clock of said day, lor tlie -purpose of viewing ami
locating a ditch, or water curse, coiuuieiiciiiit tit the
south east corner of the north west qr. of sec. 27, tlienco
north about two hundred aud sixty rods, thence north
westerly aniiut one nun.lreu and sixty rods and there
terminate. Tuom.is JoussroN.
A pril 2:1, 1S.',7 5nw4
Wood Common IMen
l'etiliou to scM laud.
Samuel M. Chilcote, Administrator of the Estate o'.
gUi.-ha.-d l.oinan, dee'd, vs. James Mickey, and otheis.
.mules .vuesey win tusc noin-e tnat Samuel .11. t Inl
cote, adluiuislrator of Uicliard l.oiuau, dee'd, has Uli-d
a petition aaiust you and others, as b.-irs of suid
fiiehard l.oinan, in the Court of Coiniuin Pleas of Wood
eonuty, Ohio, to obtain frnn said court, an order to
scil ihe west half of the sou h cast quarler of section
number 1!, T. u, It. 1'.', in said Wood county, Dhin, con
taining t0 acres, for Ihe pirpose of pa iii the debts,
of said cstnte--tho personal Jir.iperty and ed'ects heiue;
inauflicint, thereof s lid pjtitiou will be for hearine. at
the next term ot sai.l court, commencing June lu, 1 niit
.Ml'itltAV A lUHH.E, Ally's ofl'cls.
April 23, lis.",? Son..:! In
I.rtrnl oiiro.
The State of Ohio, Wood cnunly: Petion for Partition
Jacob slyer. pL-tr. vs. Mary Ann Ivoose, John M. Koose,
ItaeheKoose, Meii'ba.-l Koose, Sarah Summers, Sam
uel Suimncis, John .Mycrs.J.ind Sarah Mvers, Ilefts.
flHEsaid del'end.-nts' will take notice' that Jacob
1- Myers has tiled a petition npiin-t them in said
court, demanding p irtiiion ol' the follow in? renl estate,
situate in county of Wood, and stite of oluo, ami beiuii
the west half of tho north east quarter ol' Hc-.-ti uti N...
17, township No. 5, north of ranifo .'o 12, containing
SO acres of laud, baid petition will be for Iteming at
the June term of said court, 157.
Per Ja.s. MrititAV. his Any. By F. G. SKHVIS.
April 2:1, ls.',7 j0'v,?'2 13
Mlt'lill'sl Siil.
C. V. Jt-nison vs. Tug Lookout.
1 Y virtnc of an cxectttion to me directed an 1 ib liv
J ered frum llic court of coliitiliiu I'l- as or Wood
county. Ohio, in the above o ise (in which tbe pri e.l-
lugs were cottdticle" against S lid debml int without a
name) 1 shall oft'.-r for sale at public aio-iiou,
Oil Tuesday, Mai' fllh, lsf,7,
be'ween the hours of one anil two o'clock r. v., at
llollister's wliarf, in tho tow n of Pcrrvsburg, Wood
county, Ohio, the above named Tug Lookout.
Asiikb Cook, AU: C. W. Nllltl'DN, Slicrl.T
April 23, ls.,7 low'.'! SO
2,000 ISiislirls lNlutK-s 1Vaut-l I
Th aubttcribera wish to Dtircha-a thn hIkiva
named quantity of potatoes, for which the ugliest
matkot price will be paid in cash. A.koca&h ..aid
for oaU and Cora.
' Admlnltrntoi"s Hale.
OV the tilth ilny or Mar A. f). 1H..7, between the
li'inra of in A. M. arid 4 1". V. of that day, at tho
dMir of the ediirt liduse In the town of Perrytdiiire,
Wto l cont'ly, Ohio, will I, xrllil to tin hlehi-st hidcler,
the lolinwinit realty a ll'e properly of Joseph Stewnrt
fh-(ea.ed, to nit: l.attd warrunl nninher 1 1,'itw, culling
for Itio aerea of land, o'Mised at Sinn.
Wi! i.iam ii lliiv.ivr, ndnir.
Price .V .leff 'ron,Attv. of Jojeph Stewart, dee d.
April n, is',v:,nwfsi tn
T V vlrt'ie of ert i
eetition to me ilirorled and rtVliv-
1 9 ereil IVoiil tile
e.om t of cotmntMl rh ns of Wood
county, Ohio, I ohall offer lor sale nt public auclion.on
TiM-Hilay, May jth, lrt.7.
belweeu the hour; of one and two o'clock P. Jf., at
llollHtcr' wharf in Perryshurff, toe Vaidil.'ltalleOi(n,
to satiy a je.iueoieiit n-mli'ti-d in tlie above court, in
fnvor of St.inly A Dorety airaint said Varht.
Akiikh Cook, Attv. C. W. XOltTOX, SheriD".
April 23, lsi7 itm2M 10
llinitl .Notice.
rpilKHE will be a Petition invented totlie Commis
1 ioncr of Wood County at their .lime aestoii for
a review, and slra.'irhteninj a county road, In Henry
township, coinmeneinKnbonteichtv rods west of the
X. B. corner of sect 1 4, thence soiith on the road that
now is opened to the iiiarter sec. lineol nee. 2:1, thence
west a few roils 'o a crook In tint road, thence south to
n road that runs we.t. thence west on said rond to the
NE. corner nl tho .V V, I of see. 2c! thence south on
Ihe center line, to thn Hancock county line; likewise
to vacate the crook that now is In tho road between
l.evl Tarr, Jabnh Hell and Adam dosser's land on
said road.
April 23, 19.-.T .-.Owl
Dcnlcrinniid iUurtufticturcrof Cabinet M'ftrc,
TJTrpS ioii3tiuitIv mi liniul ft Inrtrc nMOrtmrnt th
nis lino, emorneinir a irrcat variety
wdiieli he is
prepnri-o ioiH'11 nt reasons I, Jo rate.
All kinds of cnhtnct work done to order on short
AY are room, on Front street, nearly opposito the
Pcrrvsbnrir, Ohio. April O.lfl.'.T 4
Korgmui?(t ami Equipptil fur Ihe yem 1H",7.
R. C Satulkk, ------ . Manager.
This cxten-ivc establishment, tho largest, most
cotoplete, and ii Urn.: live Circus now tiuvcllinj,
will c.vhiliit in rVrrvsliurirli, on
FI1IUAY, APRIL 24!h, 1857.
Among t!io purlbriuers will bo found the best
riilurs, the wittiest clowns mid tho most womlurlul
luinblers in America. Tho wagons, touts, imp
pings, &'., nre entirely new, nnd tho linr.se are
superior tu those of itnv other company in tlirs
United States. Atlnrhcd to Ibis concern, ulso is
compose 1 of thirteen American mii.-ii iii:.?, nnd
ilnnvn by I'.'ii beeutilul white horses. Thu whole
to eooeiu.lu eueli iluv nnd evening, with SCKNKS
fuom FilANL'0.r.S HIPPOUllOMK. and the
nover.tn-ho-fiirg.itleii, iiiinh-iuiiviiir, mid nuohter
provnkiiiir borl.viiiie on Kund.s, Nu'tlmiw. d Cu's
ill which i hey walk up inclined planes, mount ps
ilestnls nod stand upon their bonds.
Fin' farther particulars, s o M.imtoolh Posters,
Progathmc'is 6cc, &C. Curds of Admisalon, ii
eonts. J. F. SU I'TUNAgent.
All liuli-ponsdble Coilipuilinll to Ir. Kimes
.linnell Hxpcditioti," mid i4.Vl'etic
Arilc Adventure.
From the Earliest Vote to the last Expedition
in search of Sir John Franklin
11777 .11 rs AM) LwatiAvixas.
II ii r t: ii n v l.vi Sa it' k vp.
In One 11 l-'r- n t I'luintj, lnin, ( ,2-.
This work CHiitiiiiin a cl-ar rh1 (,in.n Ironsive
narralivt' uf Arctic n-) vt'iiturt hiiJ dc-tvi-r ,fi'..n,
the curliest rftrnnicd laip ti t he Kane and Hart-tciii
cvpftlitiuns.i nil tlio restoration of the Kesuliitt;.
It has thf f-iseiuating interest of i novel.ep.ciuUy
that ptirtion vin an acctiiuit of tin ceveial ex-
i tliiiona in search of Sir Juhn Franklin.
The recent pnhlicaiion, in England, of Lieut
eriant Cls bom's Narrative of 31 C lure's important
expedition, and thn
u.uu I kill WI (I Hiwitlll If I. I rniluAOLj
has euublrd the editor to give the pith and sub
stance nf that wurk, which is uotyut republished
in the country.
The vuriuus Voyaesof Bsrentz. Hudson, Tlaf
fin, Bi'hrinir, Vou Wrangidl, Cnuk, Ittiss, Unehan,
Franklin, lla'ry.Lyon, Uterhry. Scoresbv.Claver
ing, Hack, K-lleit,' Austin, l) lluvoii, KoiiilmIv,
Ingletiel.l, Collilisun, Kllie, lbdcher, snd luilli'y
others, nre pre.ei ted in biiiuiatcd style, (no inei
dentof interest being omitted,) aud illustrated
Good Maps and fine Engravings.
Add to this, a bill account nf
7'if tl ff'-rmil l.nid l rjieilifumx
of Franklin. Hack Use, Simpson nnd Dease. Ht, h
ardsou, and others atid some idea may be ftrrrai'd
of the richness of the material and tbe attractive
ness of tt.ework. Some of the wood-cuts are from
designs by Dr. Kane.
It is a volume which eve'y intelligent American
will desire to plnce iu his library, as it gives, inn
compact form inforiuati.iu in regard tithe North
ern regions of our continent, scattered through
scores of expensive volumes, mnuy of ihi-tn not yet
republished in ' his country. It is all entirely new
bunk, thoroughly prepared.
h'otllie le:ist interesting portion of thebook isaB
arrouut by Dr. Kane's brother, (J K Kane, Ksrt ,)
wbo neroinpnttieU Capt. HnrtsU-iu, of tlie voyage
of relief, aud the meeting wita Dr. Kane and his
lT Agents will find the book one of the
most desirable of the day for canvassing.
To ctnvass for this and miny other valu
able works, on which a splendid income can
be realized.
All orders will bo promptly attendcj to,
when addressed to
Publishers and Booksellers, Toledo, O.
April 9, 1357.
Is hereby given that a petition w i'l be presented
to the Ciiininissioners ol Wood County nt their
ri xl regular session, praying for the location and
establishment of a couutv road. ciinuiiniic.nL. si
ll.e north east corner of aectioii 23, in I'erry lotvn-
s,.ij, no -a itiiiuiiig uue west on the lemon litis 1
tiveell secliuus JO aud ill, and 19 and 30, to Ihe
Povt illiolou tilatu road on the towrr.hip line be
tween Perry and Bloom townships, and Ihere to
terminate. MaNV Pfc I ITl'.lNKltS.
April Ili.IKiT 4!)4
MAltlllAlii; li I 1 1 K."b7"i uTW m7 YtlT ngT
MAKUiAl.!-: t.l'lUK. b l. '.M. Ylll'Nli.
M.tltlilAtiK 111 ll)i:. by Uli. W.M. VtllNti.
.M tUlilAI.K t.l lIJi;. by UK W.M. Vdl Nt;.
JIAblll.Vl.H (il.llli;. by UK. WM. YOl'Nti.
M A It 111 A I, M t;l NIK. bv lilt. W.M. (l'Mi.
MAlilllAt.K (,l IDH YouKil's irroat I'livsolngi.
'! Work: Till: 1'OCKI.T . f.Kft LAPII'S. or
Mtery One disown llurtor, !)y Win. Young, M. 1).
It In written in plain language for tlie general reuder,
unci Is Illustrated with upwards of Due Hundred Ku
gr.iviugs. All loung married peujile, or tliosn coiilein
pi tting marri.ie, nnd liuviutr Ihe least impediment to
married lite, should resd tins book. It discloses seerets
J,,1,, wv tmo should he ncqiiAiuted with ; still, it is a
. tltilt nia.t ,4e.rt '"-','(J "! ""d uot lie alwutthe
11 W,M ,,H V" ""r,'-" n the receipt of a.l
aUe lou.U,. Pl.iUda.. Pa. March j. lbJ
..1MB. ifiorPMs in,, ti, km .mi, .t Spruce m
Klti h Notice,
TOtbo owners of tlie following desrribrd lsnds:
'i'lts soiltii nest ipinrter of tile north w"st nnarti-r
See. 14. townfi. It. V; tht Yt'. i N. K, J See. lo l the
N. W. of H. E. ( Sec. Ill ; the Ii. i S. W. t mid 2 1
acres off K. side of W . , of I. W. t Pre. 11 ; ihe W.
i of X. W. ( nn.l K. of .V. W. Sec. 11 t the Ii. N.
I".. Sec. 10 : tin- K. 1 S. P.. and llin W. ( S. K.
Sec. .1 ; the W. 1 S. W. ( im.l F,. i S. V. 1 See. i. nil
in town 5 rnnire tl. Wood countv. Ohio. Y'nu are liere
br notitied t'nat tin- trustees ol' 'vt'nshir:rt,i!i aid Wes
ton townships will meet nt Ihe hnus ,,f l,uUe 'nntn.i
sell. on the 'I.'.iU dsv of A nrii.iit Hi o'clock, for the pur
pose of Itirating a ditch on or it ar the section line be
ginninK at or near tile ipi.irter post of sections 1 t nnd
l.'i, thel.ce runniiig north until it intersects Kettle
Washington. Wood county, Mnrrh 10, IS.17 4rwr,
. 7 SllliHIFF'S SALE"
Joseph Plume et. al. ts. P. W. Fowler et. al.
lly Virtue of a fieri fsciss Writ of execution to
me directed snd delivered frdm the court of Com
mon Pleas of Erie tounty, Ohio, in tho above
cause, 1 will offer for sale at tbe door of the court
house in Perrysburg,
Oil Monday, May 4, 1857,
between tha hours of 10 o clock a. m. rind 3 o'
clock r. v. of said dav. the following described
real estate, to wit : T'he north half of tbe south
west half of lection Ihirly-lbree, of township six.
and range eleven, in Wood county, Ohio, contain
ing SU acres of Innd more or less, taken as the
property of William W Monte-ornery.
O. W. KOllTON, Sheriff.
April 2, 1K7 47w52 29
Cm! it of t utu nimi lMi-ns, YViiimI count)'. Obio.
Augustus It. Klwnml vs. Waller Holt. .Sarah Hull,
Ogden II. Kblridge, Oliver M. Horse, James M.
F.lwood snd John II. Klwnod.
The said defendants will take notice that Au-t'-ttis
H. Elwoo.l .lid on the 25-h dav of March.
lt-57, file his petition in the court of Common
Pleas of Wood rountv, in suid state of Obio,
ngainst the said W'n't r Holt, Sarah Holt. Ogden
11. Eldri.lge, Oliver M.Morse, Ja s0s M. Elwood
and John H Klwond, setting forth that the said
W'a'ter Holt end Sarah Holt gave a moltgsge to
one Benjamin It. Elwood, in his life time, now de
ceased, which is now owned by plaintiff, on road
tract number 32. rts numbered on the Maiimee and
Western Reserve road? ill township number 7, It
12, in Wood county, Ohio, Containing UW -fi-1011
acres cf Innd, to secure the prUinent of $.'.5'J ac
cording to a certain bond referred to in said mort
gage ; and, that sincethe giving of said mortgage,
said land has been conveyed to said Eldridge aud
from Eldridge to sn'd Morse st,d tint lliere is now
due and owing to said plaint IT $ -I.V1 with interest
at 7 per cut. since May 12, 18511, The defendants
are further notified that unless they answer or de
mur by the luih day of June, lk7. jndg tnent
will be Inken for said sumof I5) nnd interest at
7 percent, on the same from May 12, 1S50, and lor
auecree loruie sale ol tlie mortg.,gtd premises to
sati-.fy the same and costs of suit,.
By Price tt Jefferson, his Atty's.
April 2 1H57 I7wli;5 DO
VoncI coin. Picas
Samuel Dull vs. Faniij Dull.
rpHR Mid ilefen.lant, Kiiiinv Pull, will tiike notice
J- that Samuel Mull, on the Nth ihv of April. 1
nlrd his petition In the ClerkV Ofice of the cmirt of
cnninifin pleas of ttoorl cmiiitv-. nskinir to he ditnrr-cd
iromtiie iltlentiitnt. nsinmK nu n rearti thcr-'fnrc.
willtul hIi-imicu for inni e than thrf-e vi nri. S'h1i1 n-
tuinn will tie tur Jicniing nt the Jon.; form lv".7,uf
wnti fimrr. .VAMl'ia DLhh,
Pitit!: a .Tr.rri:nsoi hi- Atty.
April !). 1 -i"r7 .-wl$l'.7ii " ,
In Iro'.!t' rofii't, W ood Coiimv. O,
Willimn Ii. Ijr.vant Adtn'r. of Joseph Slywarl's
etnte, Ut'C, vs. tho unknown liuim and Ivjal
renrpsentaMvcs of Kaid Jt.soih Stewart, dwr.
R tid dt fcndnnts arc hfrehy infoTmcd lhat on the
2iithdiiy of Starch, lH57,paid ntlniiiiistrutor filed
his petition in the Conrt of Probate, of taid -Vood
cntimy. Ohio, thu ol-jert and prayer of which is
tn obtain an order on the I8th day of April. 1857,
from aid court, for the sale of laud warrant Uo.
1 ItitH. of which said JoKLph SteVart died himzuJ
to pay nis norm, catd pftitmn will be fur hear
ing on uie lOLli day ot April
t Adintnistrntor of Joseph Stewart, dec
i rice re -leiierRon, Atty s
Marrh kt, 157 4fi 3 2.75.
VrOTU'IS is hcrehv jrivtu that Peter Oee,
tratnr of the. oaiato of .oorL'e I. von. .fnffnuVd
(tied Inn neeouiit. for final setthiniont, whir.li is sot for
lieuniig tlie -llli dn ot Mav, lmi7.
l:il A. iviCLLKV. Probate Jiidije.
April Id, 137 4iiw3
VfOTlCK is htrehy uiv!ii HujTt. A; It. SI. i"kii.
XI inir. exei iitoin of tlie ctttute of John Sliinner. de
iriiHKotl. havo tiled tlieir uceoiititu fur linal scttlt'inent,
whieh U aet for hearing the 4th dav of M tv, lh7.
J ' ) . I V A, KULLIiV, Prolate Judu'0.
April 10. 1"7 4!la
AiIuiiiiiiHturif Notice.
VTOTirK i here it v k'V'mi lhat ilu: uinlerirpieil has
1 I'ccn duly apptnntyi and iprilirted as Adminintni-
t'r on ilic estate of Aintri;w it uu, ttt of Mnidleiun
township. Vtitirl enuntv, tiec-iiai'd.
Apt it Pi, is.17 l' .;:t wm. i:;vit;.
XTTU'Ki hereby Wv.mi thnt Kl?abeth A. l!u-h-
ii nell, ndininiHtintix of I,. Uisthnnll, decenseil, hns
accounts for thml settlcirfenf. Set for hearing 4th of
Mav, at Probate .Indies oIKee.
JOHN A. IvULLEY, Trobato Judge.
A pril f. 1 K.-.7 I Sw.l
OTIC K is hi rehy given that a petition will he pre
1 sen ted to the ro!iinii"ionera of Wood cottntt, nt
their next session, asking or the icw. survey and lo
cation of a county rond commencing at the south quar
ter post of section nuniher -'0, town 4 north. II. S H.,
thence noith two miles to tho north quarter pont of
section No. 17, thence east to the MeCntchenville Roiid
and thete to tef ininate. A PKTITIONKU.
April 1), lH;;--4-w4
NtTIC'K iri hereby piveu to Marparct Rupert, Jnmes
W. llrowti, uiid W in. Timami, or thn owners of
the MI. m ing lainK to wit.: t. j . . ft V i S K.
of Sec: -M) ; K. I S. Y. W. I S. and S. N. K. of
See. HI, all in town 3 north, rnue 12 eust ; that view
ers will meet at tho Imusc of Umbeli Itiahop. in said
township. May '21. iX'iJ, to view nnd locate a county
road, commencing at the center of sectimi U.l, town ii,
rinae 2, thtnee houiIi one and a half t.tdes to south lire
of See. H, ; nlsO a part of n county rtail commenrinar at
tlie center of sactiou :(1, thence west a few rods till it
intersect a fount road runuiji'r enst snd wet.
. . " . TUO. PAUUHAM.
March 2..17 4f.w4
Adinii.itiiitor'u Notice
pilK undi-i signed have l-eeu iipjminted and oiialifled
X as administrators on the ctt ite of Ad:iui Pliiiip,
lute of ond county. Ohio, d'-reiwed. Persons having
claiuiH ii'ainst suid estate will please prt-xeut them f it.
.'OHKI'll hUllll NT,
April i, 1S 7 47w4$I
1a iii t'uii.i.ii'a.
Kheiifi'-i Sale,
Oidr-r of sile from Wood Common Picas.
i. A. Hull vs. Fred, Hatch wife.
BY virtue of an order of sale tu me dir.' cud and de
livered from the court of Common Plea of Wood
county. Ohio, in the above entitled t :insc. 1 sli.i'l nrlW
at puldic sale, at the door of the court home, in Pi-m.-bur,
in said county.
On t rMav. the 17th of Apn!, tv7.
lictween the hours of 1 ami t t'chli i. n the iblhiwinfr
laud nnd tenetn'ciVs, to Hit : Tle unlit uv.t qmu ter
of the smith eust ipmrter of section t!iirlv-t.vo (.'lf .
of rnne tvvehe ' i emt. in fowndilp uiimbcr six, con
tuininj; 40 acres, iu Wood couutv. )hio.
C. W. NORTON, SheriiT.
Akiith rnoK, Attv.
March IV. lM,,7--44ijJ 3
YV'uod Com. Ploat.
James Taburn, Ann K. Tabu in, vn Plunbe Uin
nou .Daniel Newti-n, Adm'r.
Ry virtue of an order of sale to me di.ected aud
delivered from the court of Common Plea ol
Wood county. Obi. i, in the above c.ie, I will of
fer f r Rale at the door of ihe C.url lio.se in l'ei
rysburff .
On Tuesday, the 0-th dav of April, J.V7,
between thu hooiaof 11) o'clock A. M. and L' o'
clock P. M.of sai ' day, he Mb. wing rial estate,
to wit: The wtot half o. the Hiuth cast tjuarur
ef weetioti 31 town A, ratine i" Wood comity,
curtaining M) acrep, to be sold subject to the life
ehUU of aaid Phoebe Haotuni rcnoicaMii.
0. W. SQR'l ON, Ciheriir.
Trice i Jeffcrfon, Atiy'a.
March iiU, le67 lUrtS 21)0.
Kherill 's Nnle.
.lohn It, McltriHe vs. One Stfpfcuev.
BY rirtiTo of an al ti fa to me directed and d livercd
from tho couii ol uuiumuii pliuu of Luca countv,
Ohio, 1 will urler for m1 ut the dooruf tlie uoun house
in Pcrrhbur;r, Wood couutv, Ohio,
On Satnvdav, pril Wrh, 1R,17,
between the hours of lit o'clock A. u. and 2 o'clock 1.
M. of said day, the following descrihed real eptule:
Thu west half of ihe south cast quarter of section lliir-ty-6ve
(li.'i.) town sfveu f7.raniru twelve (1,) contain
ing CiO acres of land, in Wood enuntv. Ohio.
C. W. AOKTON, Sheriff.
nsr.TT a Ktht, Plff's. AttU.
March Vb, ltt67 lbw62.7C,'
Tnric.leaure m anm.urii.K to tho tudiM of Perrrs
hiirf,':ui! vlrinit v.thnt k1;c lnu taken the rooms tmmeili
nflv ni r A. tl. MmvoU' tu,rc, tvhero ihe will keep
lu lr-in Mnl! kept in n Mill. in ry MtnMinhfhent.
lu- will ni.il;.! in orth r, or rc novate bunncta on ihort
n't'tc ini'l in tho lu 't mvp of tlio nrt.
M'O i i . i-i'-i-,ir,' t. give si.nie nltont'on to drcu-
nmi.mp, fljui 14 ffniluirnt of tfiTinrj snttsUctiun.
rrrrvtlturir, 'nr"h T'7 MniJI.
EVvr A ll ix r
HAS rereivtil moie New i,utld, nliii-h tt oif-rt.Rt
irhuKi)iat dtjr coinpetitinit. He lioejis oimtii
ty ui. IibimI Fresh ltoll Untter St evervHiincr U In ti..
Or rery line which will ho aultl cheny for cush Or
Coiintrv I'nitlitre.
IStai.'s & Hirofi poles wanted.
rill-; ;rf-nt iviitntitii of .Niicr h Ni'wii. .Murhinoi
N ftninili-il oil the fitrt. tlmt tht'v nrp nrtnoil. u.l,....
tftl to every varirfv of wnrk.iinrl that cauh one o'f them,
i Km i'i imi, nin .-urn n' T i nnu
On ThmiHiinfl Dollars n Vrnr.
AU IlOr.-Ulllt fle-iri.isr fllll aud rrliilbln iufnrmnllnn
nhonf 'he c tnnfii i :tk "ii-ft, iiricM. mcilefl of nnrclirt-
din. &c.. Ciin olitain It hv npplvintf. hy letter or oth-
WIM'. ii ir L't (.1 . .M.M.M.Mi A: ('(),S (iAZK J TR.
a lu'.nittfiil pififir'ml iinprr, eutirvU d or .tod to Sewing
Maihinc ii-tcreiis. ft ill he wnt Rrulia,
Wimti-.Hn prurv Uwu in the I'nitnl Statti. to whnm
lihoral ril:ir(-nients nrf oft'creil.
N. H. We have mide iirranemonts with mnny ed-ini-
nml pnMWi'-rit uf nnwpiip.fri hiplilv pmritulile ami
Hiitivfiictorv to thorn, aixl wih to miike similar contracts
with every nertxpiiu-r niiil nmyuziuu hi the cuuntrx.
Fit full pni ticuhiis nd-ln-rit
1. M STVriKH ft CO..
fi'iM lirnatluHv. Ne.v Voik,
Mnrrh l;i,K7 l.'m.l
v. x rs. i nu, i f.
llOWI.I.MJ lilttl .N. niwn Co., OHIO.
m:ai i ns IN
Irj- ;tnls, lill:i-nr, Ifoots & Mines.
i ' hsisi'imi. urn. pits snDi.i:iit-
runnel's Ton), 1'iK-ktt & Tnhln Cutlery,
Cimcork-s, Crockciy, &c.
Pnonrr-F. t.kkn As l-AT.
r)rti'hcr fl, IH.X iiint;.
T h c F i ii e Sic tn c r
O. II A S E .
0 A IP H A 2 3 SAILiUja
"TTI1.I. mahe two trips n day, Stnuhus excepted, t-u-VVtwren
Prmslmi jr. Mmunee City, unU 'iultdo,
eoninienrhiL' with the openinir of navit'iitinn.
For freight rontructs. annlv to Hlinn - lt.iritow.rfp
on hoard the boat. Jnn.'ii, l(-fl7 3Kif,.
j ur.. r i-iour,
iluckuhunt Fh.ur, Corn Tcul
, iVc., for n)e hv
Urau, Mi-
II. P. A Kit U.L.
.Howard Assctefatioiij
rpo nil iHT1Vn!t1iirtr.l it h Si-ximl .liosrs. ii cli
J srr.uM vmaittHKA, i:a kmcss, imvo
riwru, (ifiXttititiiA. ;u:i:t. sri'Hisu
the iee of ONANISM, or PK1.F A Hl'SK, kv.,iic
Tlio llowAiiu Association, in view of the nwral
defiti ut'tion ot liuniiiii life, caused lrv Hesual diaensca,
and tho dt3L'cpti(.ji pracii-rd upon tlie unfortunate vic
tims of such tliseaspn by Quacks, lmvo directed .heir
tf'oinulthtjr Su on, a n i.')iauitaui.k aot worthy of
tlieir naino. to uie mkoh t. ADvicr nitATiR.to nil per
soils thus nt'iicted. who npplv by letter, with depcri
tionof thnir condition, (ne,'neciiintion, htibitB of lift,
ifce.,1 und in oiis'i i of e.treme(povertv and iutteriuif, le
KiMtMstt Mi;iti('iNi;n i in:n of ( iiahiii:.
'J'lie I In ward A HSociiUioi. is a benevolent ItiBtitutloA,
entiihllflied by spial eiidftwnient, furthe relief rSf tlio
aiiliiiinl dUli'essed.iitllictcd with "Virnler.t and Pi?
diMiiir JJi.8ensos.M lihamtow a surplus of means, wkiuli
thu Diicetors liave voted to expend in advertising tkm
nhove notice. It is netdlens tonddtl.at the Association
eoimnandi tho hiirhest Medical nhill of theatre, anil
will furnish rho dm nt approved modern treatment".
Jnstt Published, by the Association,.. Report on Rn
niiitorrlm-a. or Seminal Wenluieim, tho vice of Self
Abu.ie.and "(her diseases tit tho tSexiial Organs, bv the
Consulting Surgeon, which will he sunt by mail. (in a
scaled envelope.) fhim: of u.iAttm:, on the reieipt of
two hi ami's tur ptistati-e.
Addrnss, Dr. OKO.' (VU.UOITN. cnNRrt -tin evi
okon, Hi. ward Association. No. 2Nmith Kitttu tttreet,
Pliiladtlpl.iu. I'a. JIv oidcrnf tlie Directors.
llfliA f. IIIvVUTWLLL, Prcsiifeat.
flno. Vaiih-iiii i Spc;-( turv.
NlH iill'S Kale.
On V rli.in
ijeurv Vmitil';'iir(.-li a. Wiliimn Vaiit'dbnrjrh et.cl.
mwt ot ftn urdfr ot tn tin cause issued out
by ihe Court of Common Pleas in nnd for tho r-.untv
of .leiferson and Stak of Ohio, betuiiijf date March
J:i. H"i7, and tome dtrectctl, 1 will exioiu for mle by
puldic vt'iidim und ouierv on the jncinise on
HiituiMliiy, the '.ith'day of Mav. A. H: lh?7
nt J 2 o'clock M. of said day, the foDowiiit; deserbeJ
tract of land nituate and heinff in the Cmntv of WoooT
and Slate of Ohio ; heiiiu; thu Mouth half of section
nuniiier eighteen. lu tuniiKhip number three, north of
ranu twelve, in tl e diviiet of In mis subject to side at
Bucyrus. Ohio, eontainim: three hundred and nineteen
aeres and twenty hundredths of an aero be the some
more or lc.
Terms of Hide, one third caih on the dav- of nale,. one;
third in twelve months and the halunce in two T.eiir,
with intercut from thu day of s.de; the defered paymeuta
to be secured by mortLoi'e on the premises
JAMKS H." KIJNN.ShfrilVof Jefferson Coontf.
FherilT'-i olbee, r-teubeuviilc, O.
April ;i. ) vr7--1 wt.
George P, Croii.y. piiiutift', n-aiiiat Andrew Van
Horn, defendant.
Dofore J. B. SniviK, J. P., of Weiton Township, M'ood
t 'olllitv, Ohio.
0 the 14th day or March, A. 1. IS-.7. said Justice
ot the Peace farmed nn oidorof nttaehtuent ir the
ahovc miimtl ai-ti'tii for the Hum of twenty. Ave dollar,
and twenty dollar probalde cu-iu of suit.
Oilcad, O., April 0, 4Jw:,
Couit of Comuinti Ph-ai, Wood County, Ohio,
CitiI action.
The'Ohin Life Iiihuranco and Trust Company
plain til", ayaiiihl Samuel Cotch aud Mrt. Z;l-
pha liall, defiu lants.
fplIE a id di-fti.du'it, Snmutl Conch, will take
1 notice that on tho 9 h duy of April, A- P.
Vt , the 8 ud n.aititilf fi'cd in h otlico of the
( lerk of fht Ciurt of Cotnninn l'ita of Wood
ConniT, Ohio, n petition agaiiM him and the
.aid Mrs .ill ha hall.
iS lid p tinon kc'-h f nth tlmt nn the 24th dav of
Mav. A. D. I.-..G, Httraio Hall, now deceased, ill u
ho-liaid of tlie t-aid Zi.pha Hull, fxecutrd' ntid.
de.ite ed to the pLiini iX his p oiuisoiy, note of
th-tt date foi ti.t'Miin of one th nuaiiii dol!a with
mterci-t at v en pe c iiiuin per nniium, pivahle
to thu pia u iff li Ciuritii.ati, and tha' to i-o-urn
the p lytiip; t of sai l i.ute, paid Horace Hall and
Z'lpha Hal1, hi wife, it thai date rx'-cu'c-l at'd
detivo d to the pUintiff a mortL'He convey iijf n'
the plniiitilf Lot or Via t Nuinb- r -xf y-three (kJ)'
in the United aten Hesrve at the Rapid (.f ther
Miami of Lak lie in Wood county,". Ohio, coo
taiuiif? two huiittiei aid teUe (21 acies.
1 hat the principal of nid uot antl the interest
hvrtum accruiiitr aiiict Vny -!( h, lt-."l,ar- die
and uu aid. raid puitHiii al-o ete forth that.
aid land has beu couvtryetl t) i"t.d Sinnul
Conrh stib-(qtt'iit to the date of said irortgae
ai d subject thcrnio.
1 he ohjtfct ai d prayer of said petition ft a to
J t ttiiu jtideuieit ol forcio-ure upon taid note
nul moiU'HL'r for the atuoiii.t due the plaintiff, and
fort' e fH.tlo of Haid bitids to pay aid debt.
Ihehdi-l tiamafl Coi.ch i requited tu anwcf
fsuitl petition by ihe thirieeiiih day of June next,'
or jo itfifj.t ill b- iak"ti at'iunai Liin by dH'ault.
LiTiMZlt A SCUUYLE1,1-, PI if "a Atl'ye.
Ajril 1 1 1 U. Ih.Mi-awt.j,? .....
M li()iL I, MS I OK"! 1.1;.
r7II t-i uiideiriiL'iieti u ill otui for ale at the door nf'
J In Court 1 1 'um.' in Wortd county, t hio. mi Stur
day, Mav r.oth.m I t o'clock A. M.. the following School
Luis in Section tvxiecu in the '1 ot iitthip of Preedoiu ;
Mo. of Acres. Yal. ir ticie. 'J'otnl val.
Lot Stt. 7,
H an-
$!.- Ill
4M 2..-K.1'
40 M-lMI
4'l :t -1 h I
4n r.?. mo
6 Utt,
4 ti6'
-'ol -if,
h 4
I'll r,i
if. a oa
" ir.
4 00
4 0)
40 if - J oi
U2 n
Ternin; One Iweluli part of purchase roonVy to be
I in id at linipof stile, mid the bal-inco in tliveu equal
aiMiunl iii.t dnients with amiii'd interest.
No hid taken for n sum than the appraised value.
J AMl.S W. KOtSS, Co. Auditor.
Auditor's (mice. Woi-d Co., O..
I'er.yshur1;, April li., I'JwC

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