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A Weekly Newspaper, Devoted to the Interests of Wood County Politics, Literature, Agriculture, Education, the Arts and Sciences, Home and Foreign ".News'."
VOL iw
ISTO. Llt :
4i mini if
Resolved by tho Ceneral ABsenibly of tlie Rtatc of
Ohio, Three-lift.. of the member ducted to oath
lloasa concurriug therein, That it he and hereby in
proponed to the electors of this state to vote on the
necond Tuesday of October next, upon the approval
or rejection of the following amendment as a auhsti
tut for tlie twenty-fifth section of tiio serond article
'of the constitution and for the second section of the
, same article, and for the third sectiou of tho eleventh
article, vie : all regular sessions of the rnm.l As
sembly shall commence on the first Monday of Janu
ary, annually. Senators shall be elected biciiiallv, and
representatives annually, by the electors of their re
spective counties or districts on the second Tuesday of
' Victober. Their term of office shall commence on the
first day of January next after their election, and that
tof senators shall continue two years, and that of rep
resentatives one yearAhe scnatorselected in Oeto-
ber next shall hold thciiUinces for tvn9 years, and the
VepreBentativea elected at the snmo tlino ahull hold
their offices for ono year. Provided, that seventeen
Vf the senators elected on tho sucuud J'uesday of Oc
tober, 1857 t bo ascertained by "lot, as the I'resident
Vf the senate may dit-ect shall hold their oflire for oulv
one year, and their successors shall Iw elected on the
Second Tuesday of October, one thousand eight hun
Vfred and fifty-eight, and biennially thereafter, When
hy county 'shall have a fraction above the rates for
"representative so large that being uiultipmd by ten,
tne result shall bo equal to one or more ratios, addi
tional representatives shull bo apportioned for such
tatioa among the several sessions nl' the decennial
jperiod in the following manner : If there be only one
ratio then a representative shall he allotted to the tenth
feession or the decennial period.
if there are two ratios representatives shall he allot
ted to the ninth and tenth sessions ; If three to tin
feign th, ninth and tenth ; if four to the acvetiih, ek'hili,
ninth and tenth ; if live to the sixth, seventh, eighth,
ninth and ;cnth ; if six to tho fifth, t-i.th, .seventh,
eighth. ninth and tenth ; If seven to tlie tminh, blih,
sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tnth ; if eight to the
third, fourth, tiftlty r-ixtb, seventh, eiirht, ninth and
tenth; if nine to the second, third, fourth, hlilr, sixth,
seventh, eighth, ninth nnd tenth session.- of tho de
cennial period respectively.
In deterinininir the number of senators to which nnv
senatorial district might be entitled in nnv nVccnnt;.l
period, by reason of any fraction of a senatorial ratio,
the fraction shall be multiplied by live, and if the re
sult be equal to one senatorial ratio, an additional
(Senator shall he allotted to said di-trb t lor the ninth
and tenth sessions. If it beeuat to two siti:h ra'los
an additional Senator for the tteveuth, eighth, ninth.
and tenth session shall be allotted to such district. If
three then to the filth, sixth, seventh: eighth ninth
and tenth.
If four, to the third. fourth, tlfth.sixth.seventh,' lirhtli.
ninth, and tenth sessions respectively, If litis amend
ment bo adopted bv tlie electors, the counties now en
titled to more than one in cm tier in cither or both
branches of the Legislature in the fourth and fifth ses
sions of the present decennial period at now provid
ed. dliall have a like number of members mem.!, brunch
thereof for eacli ses-iou ot the remainder ut this pres
ent deuvuuiul period.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
Dated April 3d, 1857.
Resolved by the tiMienil JriSembly of the State of
Ohio, Three-fifths of the members elected to each
House concurring (herein, that It bw, and hereby U,
proposed to the electors of this Htate to vote on the
second Tuesday of OrtoWr next, upou the iipim..l
or rejection of the follow log luro cdun r.t. a. u ioil.-di-tute
for the fifth and sixth set-tlotisuf the riurtiiai'tb-Ie
of the Constitution, viz : Sec. R. IHstrict Cuiir. dh.ill
be held in each county at lea.t once in each year, by
one or more District Judges elected by the electors r
separate districts to be preset ib?d by lar, wiu hi Kill
hold their ollice (or live years : and during tin ir eon
ti nuance in office uhnll reside in the district tor which
they are elected. Tho provision of the foiit teeiiih
section of this article shall apply to District .Imttri
The General Assembly may by law authorize- the judg
es of tho District f.'uurt,uud of tho courts of common
picas, to fix tho times of holding their respective
courts until district Judges shall have been erected
nnd qualified. District Court a ahull be lit M by the
Judges of the Supremo Court and of the Cuirt of
Common Pleas, as now anthorfsed. Sec. il. The dis
trict court shall have miuh jurisdiction ;w nuiy be pro
vided by law, anil tho judges thereof shall have and
exercise such power and jurisdiction at chambt rs, and
may lie required to sit as judges of the court of Com
Pleas shall be directed bvlaw.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
Dated April 2d, 1857.
by tho Oeneral Asmby of the State
of Ohio, three-fifths of the members elected tn each
branch, concurring theiein, that it be ard hereby,
is proposed to the electors of the S.ate, to vote on
the second Tuesday of October next, to approve
or reject the following amendment as a bubsiitute 1
for tlie second and third sectious i f the twelfih '
article of the constitution.
. All property, personal and real, aliall be subject
taxation but a uniform rule, at the true value there
of in mouey, by such deductions from credits tuny
be allowed as the General As-nnbly may deem ex
pedient; Provided, that burying grounds, public
school bouses, and all public property, and all in
stitutions of purely public charity, and all houses
used exclusively for public worship, shall be ex
empt from taxation; and if the total value of the
personal property of any person shall not exceed
fifty dollars, the same may be exempt from taxa
tion. All property employed in banking shall
alwsys bear a burden of taxation equal to that im
posed on the property of individuals.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
Dated April 3d, 1857.
Resolved by tlie Ueueral Assembly of the S air
of Ohio, Three-fifths of the lueuibeis elected to
vaeh house concurring therein, That, it bo and
hereby is proposed to the electors of ih i Slate, uu
the secoud Tuesduy of October next to approve or
reject the following amendment as a substitute
for the first and second sections (.f the thirteenth
article of the constitution, viz : Corporations of
ubbciijiuuii Beau uu creaieu, ami c;rp rale
Sowers granted ouly by general laws which shall
efine the powers, privileges and immunities and
prescribe the duties and liabilities of each class or
descriptions of corporations, but tho grni-ral as
sembly may enact special laws for the i el iff of
Corporations in peculiar cases, and may nnikn t-po-cial
provisions in regard to corporations in cases
wnereirom ineir peculiar location or interests such
special provisions are required, aud liny from
time to lime alter or repeal all buch lawa a are
autnorixea oy mis section.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
President of the Senate. Dated April 3, 1857.
Resolved by the General Assembly of tho Slate
Of Ohio, Three fifths of the members elected to
each house concurring therein, t.bat it be, and hero,
by is proposed to the electors of this State to vnie,
on the second Tuesday of October next, upon the
approval or rejection of the following amendment
as au additional section to article eleven of til
constitution. Every county which now ia.or may
hereafter be entitled to more than one semi or or
representative for the residue of the pre ent decen
nial period, or for all, or any portion of any sub
sequent decennial period fahull bj divided into a
many senatorial and representative district a
there may be senators or representatives elective
in any oue year of the present, or any subsequent
decennial period, which districts shall be of con
tiguous territory, and oach district shall contain as1
Nearly a ratio fur senator or representative as in
attainable, -without violating tho rule heroin given
as to continuity of territory, and wiihont divbhi..
any township, election precinct, or ward. If any
two or more counties shall by reason of any excess
of population over a ratio, be entitled to addition-
al representatives or senators for any poition of
me present or any suDsequeni decennial period,
the district shall be divided into two districts, for
each ponton of such decennial period, which
shall be contiguous territjry, and each shall con
tain as near a ratio as is attainable without divid
ing counties.
If bv reason of the annexation of one snnfltorinl
dist.ict to another, there shall be any excess of
population over a senatorial ratio, which shall be
entitled to additional representation for any por
tion of any decennial period, each district, as now
constituted, shall elect one Senator,
Counties shall be divided into districts by the
county commissioners or such other board of offi
cers elective and resident in the proper county as
maybe provided by law. At least four months
prior to the general election in the counties
entitled to more thnn one member of either house
shall be divided into districts for the residue of the
present decennial period, and at least four month
prior to the general election in the first year
Bijsi.-ijueiii, ueuuuuBi penou, me counties
entitled to more, than one member for nil, or any
portion oi sucn decennial period, in either or both
nouses, shall be divided into districts far the
whole of the decenninal period. A description of
the district of each county shall be published a
may be directed by the county commissioners or
as may be prescribed by law.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 3d, 1857.
Stoat tact or State's Office. )
Columbus, April 4, 1C57.
I hereby certify thai the foregoing proposed
constitution amendment are correctly copied
from the original rolls on file io this oiiire.
Secretary of State.
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Feb. 2G, 1857 Mnli
Or Introductory Lutes to any Lady's Album.
Ho! every one that hsth t!ie power divine
Here, let your nkill, in flowing numbers, shiucl
Securely hfjrc, in modest notes rehearse
Your heart's pulsations in immortal verse.
Act not the flatterer's part, but plainly tell
Tlie glowiujf tlionirb's that in your boom dwell;
Pure, virtuous thoughts, and sentiments siuccru,
Sucli, and such only, liud a welcome here.
'Twas Franklin paid, I mind, and so may you,
"Some wit ot old, :' it makes uo din'-rein 'c who,
Compared all men, and women, of divinvr minds,
To paper, of nil varieties aii'l kinds.
The pure unsullied maid was likened to
Such lair and spotless sheets as here yon Wpw,
' Whereon the happy in.m, wluiri fatL- o.dains,
Xijilit write his n.iuic. and take her forbid p:iius:"
A. l.l you, kind reader, when you've looked tlitso'er
May write your naun; at least, if nothing more;
So when at luM,oar fair, nnd Reutle fiicnd,
Shall tind her book is liii-jd unto the end,
As she nviews it through, in later ago,
Shall lind ul leust one liieud for every pa go.
Thou freely write whatever senae e'uioina,
Nor pattern alter these two duzen line;.
MT. VERNON, O., April 1857. E. S. ROUSE.
NO. 11.
Eilucation, in its bro.i.ljit sense, U&leuJing out.
a uVvelotiinenl of thu various powers of body uml
mind. In its highest sense, and the oulv one
wuriliy lo ciiy.yij tlie lire-Jon und curliest facul
ties of an iunuurtul bein ; it is a development ol
all Hut is goo;1, noble an 1 IrinhHil, geueious, lov
ing und beautiful ; a subduing and criuliculiujr
whatever is baleltd or truthful or ignoble and bear
ing the mind gently on toward that glorious perfec
tion which we hope to utuia in an endless here
after. In the) physical world, iv war fur power aud do
minion is waging ever. So in the human soul, be
tween truth And falsehood ( virtue and vice. Who
can iook oui wituGut pamliil cinni:on, upon the
great baitle-field, and behold the strangely elifl'sr-
ing cotnl)atants thronging its crowded ttrena ?
l-.'aeh sohller wears his leader's t.uiforui upon
oath brow rests the fignc! of laudable or base con
trol. Each bears in his bosom a well-spring o!
life, of jiy and beauty which gluri.'ies tho happy
home of those pure and trusting ones whom God
hath given to his manly keeping ; aud in bright,
gushing streams Hows forth in g.'nial influence upon
ull around him j or like the fabied waters of the
Dead S.'a, gathers iu his loathed oinbraee. the mis
erable victims whom fatelialh linked with his dark
ened destiny, and rolls back upou society a terri
ble flood, all seething with crime aud death. And
f,'u', too, is Education 1 Each humun soul now a
Teacher How a Pupil ; aud each accountable for
the lessons imparted the lessons received.
In the political world, the niul Of Education is
the total overthrow ol tyranny, oppression and
wrong; to draw all nations into one vast btother-ho-nl
tifenlighteued h.rinony,bound by tho mystic
al lie ol Charity aud Love. Iu the intelleelu;:',
..out., uisui m oigotory ano prejudice; ttrouso ,
indolence and apathy, and lead the captive mind
forth into the beaming light of wisdom and know l-
edge. She would take in her own, the soft palm j
the little child, look down through the loving
or its clear eyes into its pure heart ; gently
guide its yearning thoughts out info tho flowery 1
fields of science, literature and arts ; carefully en-!
it to avoid the poisou nnd tha night-shade i
and gather ouly 'those bright germs of soul, of j
leelmg and of intellect, which aro more pro-j
cious far than all the shining treasures, deep-
buried iu the darksome mine. Aye, she would fain I
forth, strengthen and invigorate nil the noble I
and trod. like powers, which n"rchunic lie hidden I
- j
away, like pearls on ocean's bed, iu the nr.u.lj ot
countless h.,-.! of earth's weary, despondm- ehii-;
uicu-uu uuiy wu.l jersvuit V01..-.I, 10 rOUt! lUto ,
action enei-iriea u-liielt li.--.-s !..-. .,...,!, i
of Deity, will rest again-nerer.
lK'itoiu too Dounilles.-, linns ot her wotulrotis 1
teacliings; lliey he all along your crowded path
way, an-1 Irom her radiant wings, bright shower
are falling falling ever. Worlds have bee
W....I.1 . i i ...
l,eo.-l.t r .1,., 1 e
iuiio.s nave oeeii
s ..... ....mou oi uiiauoiMi -as i
IK.501U 01 uiiiiuown seas i
sui.tiutti ami peopled ! M-ghly i:ivcution.s,wroiigltt
out from the healed laboratory of m.inv a burn-1
muni, nine iiasaeti wiui meteor urigiit.-csj up-
on the startled world ; but nnlilie Ihe fa lino
ieor,tht ir light shines on Willi undying briiiiaacy ,
and who shall say to lhe immortal mind, ' thus far
shalt thou go, und no farther ?'' None but lie
whose finger thull dot a pc.rio I to eternity itself I'
The aitii of E'lucutloii.Jjthon, is lvv.eelaior '' Oirj
ward Cpwartl Higher Higher ! j
01 the riIhiids (f Education, it is impos-ibee j
hero to sp-ak Willi justice, ond we tl vmh it tlifli-u'.t j
even to alludu lo them in the short space ulhritcii ,
us, fur whatever is to be impressed upon the mind. '
must be adapted to tho -capacity of the mind to!
be acted upon, aud none but tin teacher can so
adapt it
There are ln-miPilts, 1 think, when the spirit receive-.
Whole loluuiesof thought on ll unwritten leaves."
Patiently, prayerfully, hop-'fitlly should the
teacher await thoso blessed momenta, feint shad-
owings of Heaven's pure light, theu earnestly strive
lo eirstnmp upon each immortal so il an impress
worthy the glorious destiny of oieriiitr--n.il impress
which will deepen uud brighten ever, iiufti the
' perfect iluy." ISitt, iilas, how ofien arc "whole
luliimes" of Ihrubbinc;, beautiful thoughts poured
strings, at the lightest touch of the Misu-r's
hand ! Fewer still cun twc.-ji the dciuole chord
which interlace the. human heart, und call um
into action more of its wild uml sirou pas
of sions, than its noble and magnanimous ultiij
depths ul. s. Tims E lucuiioii, like Hie religion of our
Sav our is disieg irded, roiar. lt d ev.-r, bv those
who sene h.-r unworthily, in w.lier serve ti.iu
ubliug selves at her e.sp. nse.
The tnind is a spark of iin.n .rtalily t,r U ity
and cun never be reduced to geometrical rules
and forms. No Procrustean couch can ot
should ever sc. k to incaa,ire or bound its oil! -ri-call
al proportions. An I none save lli.is-, who wi h
-or :i..ii....i .... i ,
.,,.,,.. , uj, , inning, ntviu ' i
ajl.M.k down into dc.-p i;,,,,,;,,-,,,'' o!
man soul, wuctl, "r cihr .u le i in ,,. f"
freely out, and fall a " wasted shower," leaving still
a blank, or at best, a tracery eo slight that tho
ict wave writ wa?h it quite awny! Yet faint not
Oh weary watcher beside the shrive of knowledge!
but take this truth to thy heart, that thu true
teacher's labors arc never lost ; he will most surely
receive his reward.
Book-!", charts and apparatus of oil kinds, ore
now scattered everywhere with lavish ptcfusion
but thescrrj ouly tho instructor's " helps," Thcv
cannot reduce the truths they briug,to tho capacity
of every student, for the mind is more varied than
tho earthly temple which fcns'.iriuos it. Notmal
Schools and Institutes have been established to
assist iu this arduous, and loo often thankless, tusk.
There the teacher may receive the assistance and
advice of the learned and wise; may learn from
the! experience of those who have long labored
zealously in tho luiblo cause ; thcro select and
treasure up modes of teaching, thoughts nnd hints
to guide l.i. n in his future career. Ilia greatly to
be regrelio 1 that Teacher's Institutes are not ol
more frequent recurrence. Vc would humbly sug
gest thut Town In.-ti lutes be organized, to meet
lemi-unnuully. The advuntagts to be derived there
from, are various. Eich teacher, sluiknl, pa
rent or guardian could then attend and b-come
equally luttresied, instructed utld ben -filed at a
very trifling expense. Such cannot bu the ease
ut our County Institutes. They would tilTird
excellent facilities for engaging competent ami
worthy teachers, and we can but b. lieve, that a
faculty, s icli an one asshuuld preside over in
stitutions of a similar character, would be far
better judg-s of the qualifications of candidates,
ihon thus: g'tierally elected by our present re
gime, 'i'h y would serve to interest patents und
guar.liai.s whose apathy has so long Dil i to
'Tiiclly, more Ih in anything else, retarded the
rapid and happy advancement of the cause of
cdurution. Aye, they may pour freely out, the
means to supply all educational facilities, yet,
unless Ih-y take, nn earnest, active interest in
the aitlvtunc: i.istcud of the nhaduw, they have
tit i Hi co mpum lively nothing.
Iu oiyani.iiions of this kin I alone con the
teacher ucquire so great an amount of useful
knowledge, or h.'coine more deeply imbued
with a just s us; of the important trust commit
ted lo his charge. To him. thus aided, must
we leave the insiho I by which lis may draw
arouud him tli isu whom Christ deigned to bless,
assured that his influence un.l teaching will
swell the gran I '-Te DeW arour.J the""i;reat
white Throne."
Wherever the influence of E Inc.. lion extends,
schools, colleges, seminaries of learning spring
up os though at the wizard touch of the magi's
enchantment. Yet these are hut cold, senseless
walls, oud nothing worth, if wiihiu them her
living, breathing, acting spirit moves not over
the chaos of ignorance, starting into life rn'r
rjies, thoughts nnd emotions, which like the
pure light of Heaven, will beam but to beauti
fy and invigorate ; to throw over all tin Eden
halo, all trembl n with light and truth uiviuc.
Around the holy o'.tarj of linotvlcdg-, none
save the true and loving should ever wait ;
thus., whose hearts ore deeply imbued with the
conviction that into their charge, with every
youthful mind, is committed a harp of ci piis
ile, divine workmanship, whose keys as the)
are attuned her-, whether to sweet harmonious
strains; or harsh discordant sounds, will thus
play on forever. How comparatively few.oven
after years of unremitting toil, cm call forth
the full, rich, thrilling melody which se-rM to
nursi spontaHoousiv no Iroin the nn hi ne
C Ml
11 - ft"! HIS Ol
l4t!-ll III til t 8tlllil.: of li
i i i .
Uliil liac ' ill -1 1 . - i r
oara -neo Oi-plhs, ill slur,
,.,t .ij,,,. lU,H. . br,,,,, U4V
nbrcuiv.1 nr ti lining
ay with kin, Hi hand,
ihe dust of erior
ol igiio.auee un I p:rchauce
f sin; lead it gently upfrom its gloomy thrull
loui and place it unon the firm In.is ,,f ,n ,,l
.. .. . '
J,.at, ..or; su-.ui.l .-verue
antl lute eeltia Mt..n ... .1 II t.
uiitieti to minis'er at btrsjcrel '..;.i ri.
untied to m in s'er at I, -r .ier.. I
m iy be
h elin
Jie lo trice Iheeir.itie pithw.iv of ih
"' et; noint out the in .?e ,r... ..f
the cvci cue n " s'ur.- I
stars, tir Iciti
lightning with silk t. r. in ; ih-y u: .y riv in
wisdom I ii-i mystic lora nf the auci.-nl sagt and
ph.losoph t, and gra.-p with mighty mini, the
;irou.l inveiiiinus uud iniprovem-nis wh th
place o:tr eviHury pie-eiiiiuem uboveall modern
tin.., ; (i: I yet h- tl-v.lid of tin highest quali-
iii a: ion, wl, it'll i..:o.t.'u Liiararlen?.a thoa.
wlios' chaig.t ur; cuiuin! !t.-d ill.
liic-.css g.-riiis
ot llilild, uhl. li uu toi tli.iiid fjr a brief k
on ttm sh ir-sof li.n-, tlu-ii 1. honp. aloft into
the bli.-M',il presence of th- Great Tea.-her fiod,
C. H. P.
AJ-A heavy frost on the ifioruiue, of the Oih
of April killed the coin, cotton and wheat crops
ill the viciiiity of A'lgusill. (reortia.
.A-v-nif coini-niiucu ut .Mount Larm 1, III.,
was luiiu-don lhe Sih of April. All fit recuids
which have aeciiiiiulated since the f uiuation of
lhe minify were consumed It vus tho woik
&U illceiiiliai v.
9-Tli Ester llauk, N. II., fiterum Bank,
R. I., the Farmer's Euuk. Wit kfonl II. I., mi l
the Comnieri.'al liauk, nl 1'. i ih-Aiiib.iy, N. J..
uie reported down.
From the Cayuga Chief.
Let us on ! for the world is before us,
With its Alps anil Andes iu view;
bet us on to the inarch of Life's myetle.d e.horus,
Let our hopes he as bright as the blue heavea o'er as;
Tu the Might ever loyal and true.
I.t), the stotm-cltnitl of battle is breaking1,
O'er n world tronl tleep slumber awaking,
The fuuntlaliolis of error are ith.'kiui;;
Let us on even now they tn-iy totter and fall
'f is no time for the Im'le to sy-auj a recall:
Let iiso-i! there's a wreath for 111 j lulgVy, who tread
On tUoe clourl-girtletl sunimits afar,
Let us on for the similes from our future have tied,
Post toriows and cores, lot them I iu witli the dead,
f-'eath the rays of the new-meu tar.
Lot us welcome the ll(.'ht OT tlie morning,
M'ith splendor our patlnvay a loriiiu,;,
And the glorious tl iy that'is daivniit','.
Thrcu;!li the irou.l, glovvin,' arch of tiio broitl, burn-
Let our jieaus triuuipliant, Qiat fearless mid high!
lUi.DivisaviLi.E, Mi.di
A Picture.
Cooking controversy has deluged u, wilii
letters, several hundred in number, lioui vuiiutis
ports ol the country, chiefly Written by women.
Not a few of these conini'iuicaiiun. givea cer
tain compl. xion lu the discourse, or a turn lo
the argument, to which heed it du-?. In one
word, the writers complain, iu the roundest
terms, in the bitierert S,.ou, that t Ivy are the
drudges, the household slaves Of inonev-getliug
husbands, who, proWJed the-y cm I.-,' by yeu'r
aller ycur money (one ludy s ,ys WJ.IWJ) of prof
its, uru either in. lifl' rent to, or do not uppre.
ciutu the cuics, sorrows and over-toil of iheii
wives. We tlo not make these charges, but
they come thick and heavy iu various letters.the
writing of which may be. bad, b it the thoughts
come hot from the h-art on. I bruin. What, osks
one lady, it a farmer's wife as often found? A
drudge, a slave ! Sharp terms, these. What
does she do? asks the same queries!. Every
thing but instruct her mind. She has no lime
lor social enjoyment, for domestic u.lorum -nt,
and hardly leisure to oi to church even occa
sionally. She toils with all lhe heavy claims t;f
maternity cln Id-bean ng. suckling as though o
womun's lot was not hard enough without be
im; msde to work full up to tin nmk like the
ra n day-laborer. From morn to night, antl
night iuterrup cl by the thousasi I anxieties of a
tnoih r, she is going in the. kitch.-n, thi nurserv,
the wash house, the dalrv, a citts -lcss round ol
hard and unrelieved drudgery. What tiriH asks
our fair correspondents, can such a woman have
to learn lo tlo anything intelligently ? Icuru to
cook as cooking hould lie learned t What time
io give grace and benuly to the table, w lieu it is
spread, by h r toilette, Vr leisure uud her ae
c.eiM;ilishineuls? What is life to her but a slav
Uh burden? eliout. a choius of feminine cor-re.-p
We are implored, cnujurad lo upp?ol lo " the
b'uiited or untlev loped sctis s" of many urn in
therountry in regard to tin Irtalineni of their
wives, tl.iouiing tliHin to - a tireary slavery iu
the Free Stales. Agirl. wiure told, is Hurried
at 17, 'and from tu at hr slavery begins: chil
dren come thick us biuckberries; births follow
in furious succession; and tile matron is but
ihe. cook, washerwoman, dairy woman, house
inai I scullion, nurse, siave." T'iie hu-band in
liiis case, "what is he but a tyrant?" He is pe
nurious he grudges everything except his own
"mod st" vices : that is,'he drinks, perhaps
he c.-riaiiily chews un I expectorates his lilihy
tolncco, and as certainly smokes; an t occa
sion illy "frolics but his pnor w ife, what care
is there for her? Tien in America, whether of
ihe country or the town, you have u great deal
to learn before you nppreei.iio liis rights of wo
man, uu I us we u-e t use words wu hope no
o-'l a i g you grunt "stniug-iuiiideil,"
"b'o 'in ," "nuise. marine,'' cVc. The great poet
says :
'-'Inn ,o oft tuijasL to nein.
Ao.l aiu:tsn.) iti wo.'tiui.';
But yesiet.lay worn iu in European Christen-
lloill WUS relieve.! tVillll Otls.llot,. J.l-Urv I,-
titing tuingii uu.l soitl like .luuihbeusts.or like
a.'JO'J.'l'JJ Auiericaii-horii women. Now. iu
Europe, it is a fact that when on- occupation
isluid r oi more repulsive ilian mi t ier, a wo
man m .v b,-s l.c.c.l lo tin ii. W. t.,.
such so ues as this, vvttich we uive in exonnliii
uur position ; ul a French pott a wh.ut was be
tug r -pniretl ; it was necessary to drain a n,.
titlll til til tl ICS, Itluil I about il : lilt imeral ion
'li I 're I a sleiich so intolerable, ib.ii th..
W..rl:,.i -o r i!.. 1 . I I . . .-
- , J"" "'Motn'in ii accortllll -
ly wercseut down incomplete th,. op ruiioii
... - .... ,,u,u suu a vfii.naii, geure.i Willi
a quatliiip-tl, plowing On the ll'iiiin ih-y lira"
tile boat. In Vteniii. ih.v - ....
. " J uwti . yj.un so
thiougli h- wlmU c.lulo.iiie of itusciiliiie
uieaniiess, ctiit anllce, cruelty ail I iiifamv. F.v.
ery scoundrel called gr. ut the Napoleons, the
Cicsars, th t Alex in I i.s.l, oins w om mi lo yet
m ire gh.sily dm lg-r by the wars which kill of
...... ........... I,.,. tiiBit.iv cup.iai, uml :
mtiliiply paiip, risui. ' I ,vai," says an Amcii j
can, mx m.iiiitis in tlie s iu It o: ('ranee, at lie I
timet, I ief i pnleon's Hi si in cimo iiAn. D ,rin ,
tiiitt tun- 1 di I not ,.ee lT , . w.llUlltg ill ll'j
lit I le. Out all women III- in -n ueiu ; u i I
away 1 ir .slaa-hler Ull I g:..r, ."' C' '
Now, w.ni,- ue are s i i.e 1 al th'se cilaii.ui
of the ,1, graiiuiijii ol Ecropeau wom-n, uud'
especially of lhe wives ol Kir.ipeau peasan s, j
wlial suall wa say ot" til- worn n ol uur own '
cjunlry 1 American worn :n arc eilhei E iropeau !
ijtni, that is immigraiiis u.iih iiiiiiiigraui h,i -'
b.iu.ls mo-t hkely, or id E ..opeau d. -scent.
Ace.n no ,i, our rural custom, as well as ilios-
ol the hwtii -partake laig iyol lilt biuialiiyl
ami uar.itiisin ol n iioo, en in.-. ,.,, ili-1
lllal t!w Iann is, complained ul iiy , ,jr ur.
iv.-po.l. leu's, ,1 not Ueal l,i.t,r wives I.Ka wo-
men, bui t.Sts be.isis iii linden, after lb- ihival
r;c I isbioti. H iicoll is thai bul:i fat,r,.rs
an I b: ii tin 1,-i.stood we do not make n,e p(;i
ciiio'n exeep: where It is dcsern-d h ue not gi
tut of Up slough of E imp -un degradation
mil le.rii.M ti, r,'.M- iht mceeding ghny
ol woi.un--l.r beauty, h r charms, lier tl-vti
li. 01, tier piety, be,- ," ,,, or -l.-.-s woik--which
are ihe lh uies of i,,ir tl pm! , ub.n- all uf a
.Sa,ll.eS re. who, II h liv.-.l ,,',,. v. wool I give
lo Hie wholes x-.io th- poor. Hot oo.,eure uud
tile opptess-tl the love, tiontin an I ecstacy he
be.sl.twe,l,iif:er lhe lahin,i id his chiialiic liui
un ih" ii.itilv-biru and U-ai.iii.il.
It loeiuli'i, in ii who i. on '"ur wives into
drudge,, thai ih- ctisl. .in ol l,"is making brutes
nl women, is tl, . (j,. ,11,,,.! tJ ,n r
lovelv sninl uf Ch i.ii,,,':!.. tl, .....II ... . n
true ideas ul lni .:,,. ., ,
our l.ulil.c,! sysl.-,,, is u g lastly u,ce if social
aiii-lioraiiuu. mid above all the ex titui iuii of
wotneii. is ,, ,t .. f ii fruits. It ytui a,,. ,,,. i
king inn. .ev il oi'i le aril ii all, bi.i u,e iigeuer- j
ot!) uti.i wi-ele, fur ilie purpos- of a decent I
lite, h ii nut U-iter to spend u li.ile of it, ih.,i !
sl.e whtl'tl Vim have svtoru , K,ve and i h.-.ish. j
shall U- r. l!t luvi',1 an I thcrisl.e I. ijtfi. r tflin !
lo h- o l: tl- iii-l.er no I a eal d , , .., ol '
liie end of lie- te , - ,Y. f. 'i' r'.'j.jiu.
The Bachelor and the Baby.
"What shall I do?" and the bachelor alanip. ;
ert about the sitting room in a perfect rage of
doubt, looking first at the napping .buba in Ilia '
little willow eradle.und then at tiio busy Freucfi
clock on the inanlle shelf.
. "As sure ns my name is Joseph Phelps that
little, two listed, largo lunged nephew of mine
is about waking, and it Wants one whola hour
of lhe tune which its mother appointed for Ucr
return Whey! I actually sweat thinking about ,
it. H hat can I do wilh il how can 1 treat it -to
sugar what d'ye call 'ems, or hold it, or Hot
it, or do anything with it?" , ,
At this juncture, a faint wail from the babr '
receptacle broughi bachelor Joseph to his ubn.'!
V itu aiyiuergy and alacrity thai would not illy
become u husband and haby lender, he com
m -nceil rocking tho cradle, sending the iadijf
limit baby into a perlecl tremor of kicks and
sotiulls. Lackwards and forwards, from one
suleof the pillow to the other, the round red
lace rolled, lhe intiint fists were closed will) a
force that purpled Hit in ; while front the while',
plump throal cuine a cry that el the bachelor
wild wilh fear.
Again J ,.; lookc 1 uf lhe clodi.
" Wliat the lien,-.. e 1 .1.." 1..- i - '.
,. ,, o", oe cxciaimeti,
vicwina; woefully the "little inlluinod faoa be- .',
lore him. ,f
Ht sai down in a big cli-lc before bafev
spread a tloubla cradl,-,in 6ver liis knees, and '
wilh a look ol tenor upon his face, proceeded
to tolw baby from its r. sliug place. Ha drew ,
tin. young hopeful into his lap, just as every
neat old lady would pick up a pocket haiidkerr :
chief, with his thumbs and lingers. A fresh yell
from iIh rosy mouth of the b.by was lhe only
expression of thaulis us he commenced lhe ncv- .
croutof liij-hion b.by trot.
ot " 1 1 '5,"5t I'.-' soini'l"'g Uml is ptickilig hirr.'. ''
Shoo ! Shoo! said Jo.?, commencing a searclk '
tor i he aggtavniing pi ,hat was driving the
child into such a rage. Ut no pin was to bo
louiul, and he made un attempt lo turn the babv
over, but, oh ! the clumsiness of his fingers- '
the little eel-like form fell out uf liis lap to the
floor, sending forth a cry that was "louder.clcaii
er, deadlier thnn before.''
"Lord save me! lie broken its neck'" Was ,
the exclamation us In picked baby up, and in "
the agony of despair tried to quiet him.- A 3
thought struck Joe. He saw a fcrtsoiie honelna '
against the wall of the adjoining bedroom,, and ,t
witlio sutile til uclight upon his eounteniiicj he ,
went lor it. Suie enuugh, there it wus, stulling, '
botldnv, and nil ? u real iniuiurneul of feminine '
lugetiuitv. He was wild with jov.' He pinned -t
it over his coal and fastened llie"sleeves behltiit ,
inn. lie th. n took baby and laid ils head against .
the false hreasi work.
"Sli.idesof Southern planlutinnss and cottdit "'
rnctorits!" exclaim ed Joe, as baby rooted US
noose into it about a mil", uud Iheu cutldletl for
a sno. ue. Then the bachelor qOuim.'ilced sings (i t
V.'euien are all n llectlti" sl.o.r " :'!
1' or innn'. delusion given, ' i.
II le u lilletl Willi bran and aiuttod with Urn, , ,,
'1 hey lo-ikiaito will '' ",1
A tip upon tha door slopped Joe iii Ihe mid'e J "
ol Ins suggesnve sog, ,d h-forehe had time to :s
disarray funis If, uw ,()or (Vd3 01L.ieJ ,),.!)
i'inl"" ' 3,11 " l' lit of u.ves pel'd iu upolt T
" Your sister is dot dt home, Is stle f"' chiti'
ruped the visitor. i
iio mauiii, niumoi -rcd Joj, . growing very s
ri''U'" ,1 '' 1 hve turned nurse." .
Miss II , yes laughed; ulUred to relieve him of
his charge, which he willingly consented to , ' '
silting near by the while intenilv watching her 1
Sue manage I baby lo a charm.nirhout lhe basque
and Joe was captivated.
Jospeh 1'h dps muried Fanny Hovea-urton
my word he did. "
Fin-v Yeaih H:;vck The right Rev. Bishop' ;
Clark delivered a l-i ture some lime ag;o in Ctltlf.
bii.lge, ta'ui,'. 1-ji' hissiityjei, t?j,t Ytan Hence.'
Fto.n a sk.-t.-h iti ilie Cxnbridgo Chronicle, ivo 1
take the following:
Fifty years h, nee, tf. newly m-in-ied pair wilt
step Into uu cniporiiiui for Ihe sale of hoii.-oes, look; '
ovu- lhe ,nuk of palleriis, sideet one tl) suit their' '"
taste and mean.-, order II, anil it will lie sent homo '
iu Lie moniihgput togeiher and oeeupbi at night:
.1 traveling; u, gre o ,.'t,m, w;n take ifluce:
Instead ol the dusty road and efdwded cifr, thei-li '
wi'l be a s!ei..lnl L ..-..motive Hold, Hying over ii
I'.etd carpelc 1 wilh ituf aid bonleretl with shadd '
lives, u:i 1 h raiding Us u;,. roach wilh sweet inic-ld '
iii.-t.'jid o! il,.-.! -i.iou'ae .,hnek of the slc.ini whistle. '
a:id lu'iclle.', Ih.o igii r.-.m, Bojio,, to Sun Fi-.iucis- ' '
co m,:r days, lu-tead t,f ihe unsightly teleirnirili '
pules, th. re Hill be, lil'ly ytsiis hence, U uc',:wQr1s
un Icriro t.i 1, aad uad -i the lioiutit lif the deer); '
and it a. 11 click of, th..ug!ns instt-a.1 of WUFds.-
Tiieu the E;e -iritt liilt.'i-v will li.rht nil h,. a.e.,ei '
lamps at o.ice, eu.r.ile nil tie. ,.
i of the cltt ttf
keep I ic exa -t tiin
the dailgerou? I'o'.-k,,
, uml kindle the lieacoiw On
w.it iv now men Inn ml their-'
iiM.-aiot v.e.ii- ',t their lo.a lc d.ijc. Then thf
inlhor will mil wrilt- liy t. u- shot pr-,ee ; losing
Ijis raivsl fan .ice. I. tit h,. -,; si, ,inr-, t,( ih0 new
est Ciiii-.igi'.ipiii. iil iii.-iniai-uts, tin I f;itt!ifg his
ling t.'s ;p.-'i. the key -,. rile as fast u.s he can thiiik.'"
.lo.f el. ml lac Comet.
A ili-iingirslieil a-'riiuoim-r of Mow Jersey hi
sai l io uig- ih f.iilu'.iuig iil.jectioiis lo coincliu
coliissions g'li. iallv, uu 1 tlie luu.isll y appre
liendid tiilii; i.i.i p. i.t ull,-,-,! of p... licilarly :
I'll ere is II iloiug nel'. .l llljajj l.leus, but ihey
iii ly Un I to q uei the n rves of tile iery weak:
Ul. Tiieeaiih uo I iln .'oiiiii would have lo
urine ul ih' s.n 1 1 part ul 1 li j eailh. orbit ex
ictly ut the sain tiiii- if uitli-.- ,vere a littlei'
lo .-.t ut, ur u ln.le mo ,,ie. Hi -f.. toaltl be no'
C.llt. l..siilll. S nt tin p.obabllllV of ihyjf
k.-.-piiig such lime, is veiy small. In ihe year
lbJ7, a coiii.-l crossed the paih of tin carih's'
orliil ajo.il u iu mlli htl'oi.- cm eanh arrived at"
th; place wlierc il hid eroded, und wus soma
millions u( miles distant ul t:u lima uf IhJ
21. Even if the .'tilli i.,1 .hou'.d happen, it ,
Wo lid UO! Itijuu- ll.eealtll. A .unlet may ho
Said lo b' oliuo-i all tail ; now the qiiuulily of
nt.iiti r piov.-d to Ik cuiituiued in any coinvt ist
small, an I ilid i. .l over a luraespacj,; in, Iced;
soiii s i) ih.it list tail is due lo electrical aciiotl
ami its ,i, nsi:y v.iuiioi much exceed stir. Siars
have bin s -en, by in an., ol a telescope, when '
lhe lail ol a coui i was tiircclly bctHw-u tl.eiii
and lhe uh.,ervei.- "
Il is a Lei known to nil astronomers, thft
aho.il ihe t,.ar I7.J0, a cum -l passed so Hear lit; '
p!uii:'l Jnpiier, s lo be more sirongly ofT-cle.l'
by his al raciior. ll.au h w'osi by thai of IlieSmi, '
bil l tiler, l ire it W is llltll.'il oat of lis orbll t
bill tile plan l uu his sallelilrs IllotVii of, 1st-,
king in i notice of ihe iniru ler, ur being al all
iIimii o il l( ii. Tne ni.lv . ll'-ci a .oirfei might
produce, il it .'iuii - i(l contucl wi'hl Ihft ea. tf;
is ilusr i might have b hind soma of iia mat-'
tor, uu I thu, poison our uln.ospheni. However,
lhe piolitluliiv that a comet will ever emu.; i,,
conl.ici wi'h the eanh isali.uil nu i hauce thai
it " ill, a,i i Uvo iiiiI.i.u. urai i: iv. II ii it Ir.i.
p ii.

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