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Cash Up—Important to Everybody.
Hereafter, no Jrertlennt will be admitted Into the
iiDBKiii twill It It paid for, exoept where there ! a
eclal agreement to the contrary j and in all cases, the
fenon presenting an adrertisement for ineeruon, win
hold responsible for the um. We cannot pay our
libta with accounta on Tom, Dick, and Harry, of whom
a know nothing. The onah system ! better for all
ferries, ana st hall adhert to it.
fWVfe hare a few Wank notices for Super-
iion for aalr.
-Daniel Lindsay, Esq., is erecting a rlain
g mill, which will be ready for operation in a
tort time.
Wo ottderaUnd that a society ot Good
emplers has been organized at what is known as
is Forks of the Portage.
rrrCorn buyers are doing a lively business,
tad have a spirited competition. Good corn
rings ss high as 50 cents per bustirl, casn.
fX3"The lines " On tho Dath of Jimmy's
ioose," must hare been writton by a gander.
Ve are not in the habit or publishing anony-
lious communications from that quarter.
aS-Mr. John M. Hirth has rrcently purchased
ho tannery of Mr. WielanU. and is now pre-
ared to attend to all calls in Ins line, tie
Iro wishes to purchase a quantity of oak bark,
'ot which he offers a good price.
JSO" Ouo dealer id proiluoJ iufornis us that he
Ima nurchnscd over 20,000 bushels of com anil
onts of the farmers ol Wood conmy wiumi iuu
i.aet week. Add to Uii3 the amount purcliaseu oy
turce or four other dealers, and the total will be
Iswelled to a truly large amount.
-9-0h Monday morning lust, the boiler at
Jtachcd to the plaining mill of Raymond & llalh-
jaway, Toledo, exploded, by winch three persons
I were badly injured, one ot whom mtu inimi
tin. dav. Their names ate Jaim-s ami I'atncK
. .. .
Boler. (boys 12 and 14 years of ;,) and Henry
Millhouse. The building was literally turn to
nieces. Several persons were about the premis-
les, and the'only wonder is that so few were in
m- Wo learn that John A. Moore and his
brothers are nrcparin to remove their stocks oi
goods to Toledo, where they will bo united tor the
nnrnnwi of envrvinff on a wholesale trade. This
i c
will be a severe loss to our sister towu and
Taluablo accession to Toledo. The Messrs. Moores
are prompt, energetic business nun, thoroughly
conversant with tho mercantile business, and are
well aud favorably knowu throughout the North-WcsL
How to Save One Dollar.
Many of our subscribers have been careless
about paying for their papers, and we aro there
fore iuduted to make tho following proposition,
wit : AH such persons who will send or deliver
us three dollars, prior to tlie commencement of our
n!xt volume, shall have a receipt in I'u'.l for vol
umes four and five of tho Journal. This i s cerlnin
ly a reasonable offer on our part, and wo hope
-will meet with prompt attention by ail interested.
A New Boat.
Wo have seen the draft of a new steamboat,
which Capt Hall has contracted to have built for
our river trade. It will be about seventy feet
length and will not draw more than ten or twelve
inches of water, the boat to be finished in time
for the next season's business. It will he just such
a boat as the. trade demands, and Cupt. Hall is .just
the man for the boat. The rapidly increasing bu
siness between this placo and Toledo demands
boat oT good dimensions, built to su t this partic
lar trade. Such a boat will bo well supported
experience fully testifies, dipt. Hall hns done
much to draw trad to this route, and lias at the
tame time been well rewarded for his enterprise.
Ho is competent to do our business, and is prepar.
injf to keep pace with tho progress of trade. We
regard his boat line as being of more advantage
Porrysburg and the surrounding country than the
railroad over will be. It is more accommodating
iu its character to snippers, anu is irss c.vponsn
Kcvertheles, wo want, must, and will have a rail
road In full blast ere the frogs stop croaking next
Eoitor Journal: It is slated in conversa
tion upon the streets, that the Treasurer cullect.
ed, upon the duplicate, for the support of our
Union School, about 63,000.
Further, that this large sum will fail lo dis
charge the current expenses of the year, by soiri
five to ten hundred dollars. Now tho aft'iirs
the School may have been managed economical
ly and honestly; I presume they have been;
vet. mvsclf and manv others, would lilts
know why, and how, the expenses have been in
creased more than j7ly per unt. during the past
two years.
As there is not tiino at our annual meelins
to analyze the fiscal reports of the "Il iard,"
would be gratifying to myself and others, if
Sacretary would prepare his statement of expen
ditures and have it published iu the Journal,
coon as may be.
Hoping ami trusting ve shall not be disap
pointed in this reasonable request, I am
Several of the Virginia jo-.ir.ials reseat
Thayor's attempt to colonize the worn-out lands
of that Slate, and now go so far as to deny Mr
Thayer's statement respecting the price and quali
ty of such lamU The Baltimoro Clipper of
15th says:
A high toned gentleman is npt lobe over sen
sitive. I unco our Virginia exchanges spurn with
indignity the attempt of Eli Thayer lo colonize
portion of that vast domain with a brood of
Yankees. They need not hoot at ihe idea, howev
er, of having no waste lauds to sell at i?3 an acre.
A real estate agent in tliis rily has 9.000 acres
said lands ou hand, which he would like very much
to dispose of ; anoiher 11,000 ; and still another,
M.000 making in llto aggregate, 31,000 acres,
some of which may bo bought, by tho section
two drinks nn acre 12cents; and on lime at that.
Facts are stubborn things, and tho truth not
Mr. D.iun while traveling on the Cory
dun (Iml.) plank roail, refused some time since
to pay toll. The Secretary of the Company
the gate keepei to ahut tlie gate, ami
How him to pass without he paid. This
done, and Mr. Dean brought suit against
company, alleging as a reason for refusing
nay loll, that the road was not kept in good
Judgment was given against the company
(or 5 damages.
ways di
rected not
in to be commenced again, mid to be ready for the
A UK now opening the largest find most fnehlouahlo
Slock of Choice Ooodi ever brought to tUii
Mr. Biffin ha lout returned frnm Ronton, head Quar
tern for tho newest styls, and after n careful aoleotion
of the moat approved fabrics and fust colon in the
ury (jood's department, lie la read to surprme bin
customers with their cheap prices.
April a.t, loaf
"XTOT1CE ia herobv fflvcn. thiit tho nndfi-Hiirnt.il lout
y been duly nniioint .d (lu;inlian ot Klv Willful. Lf
rerrysmirg townsnip. in 'ronaie tjonrt or wood.
April It, IH(W &UW4 UKO. MONfJKR.
NOTICMisheruby given, that Jairua Curtis, (jtiaidiu
of Ely Willi nil, haa liledlhiH accounts aud rosim.a-
tion, for llnal settlement X- or hearing, 4th of Mnv.
ISoi. John A. KuLxr, Frubate Judge.
April 23, 1857 50w4
"XTOTlCE i hereby given that a Petition will he re-
1 aented to the CotniuliHionera of Wood county at
nieir nexi session, aKiug ior ine continuation or the
county road that rum from the (ircen-cncampuientroad
aotith to the Hawkins road, that said road lie continued
south through the center of nee. one, town live, ran ire
nine, until it intersects the Ruling road, and there to
terminate 'A Fktitioklh.
Washington Twp.. April 23, 19:7 60w 4
IOST, on Wednesday, (lie L';M inst., one fiold locket,
J nml chain, a Locket lJilde. an'l (olti Pencil. 'J'lio
locket 1ms three daguerreotypes in it. It' any parson
can rfive iiformntinn that will leud to tho recovery ol
the above articles. I will prve them tho ulmvo reward.
Iiifunnution may lie lel't ut tlio store of lilinn St liar-
stow, or at my residence on tho Maumco and M'ctern
Htscrve rouu. .Alls 1', II. HOWAllU.
Farmlinrfr; April 2.1. H.'7.
ATT Vl llMliNT NOTK'i:.
George P. Crosbv. pliiintin. ai;Jiinat Androw
Horn, defendant.
Before J. B. Snivel)-, .1,1.. of Weston Townsliip, Wood
f'uuntv, Oliio.
ON the 14th day of Jlirc'h, A. 1. 1K.VT, said Justice
of tho Peace issued an order of attachment ii the
ubove tiiiine'l action fur the sum of tweTtly-tivo 'dullars,
und twenty dollars provable cn.ts nr suit.
Gl'.OItliE I. C'ROSDY.
Gilead, O.. April !. 18Sr l;lw3
Keliiittl i, limit Itir tsule.
rilllF, nndirsi:ticd will offer lor sale nt the door of
X the court house, in Wood countv, Ohio, on Fri
dny, tho 5th of Jutia next, ut 11 o'clock A. M. nil of
see. li, township No. 3, ruugo l,(l'eri') divided und
No. of Lot. No. of Acres. Valuation.
1. 42 H-IOH $ fill.
2. J'J 3.-ln 11).
3. ll 31-11.0 l'O.
A. 40 74-lDii ll-O.
6. 40 U7-1I.0 2i:0.
ti. 40 tfC-l'i') SO".
7. 3.i VU-loD VcO.
8. 42 21-lMO S'3.
I). 4D 05 I'll 200.
10. 40 3-i-ln'J 2u0.
11. 41 l.l.Hli) 200.
12. 41 "2-lnO 2n0.
13. 41 4",-)'IO 440.
II. 41 2.i-100 24".
15. 40 0I-1W 20.
10. 41 17-100 S'JO.
Terms. One-twdftli paitof purchase mnej to lie
paid nt time of tale, nnd the balanco in eleven eijuul
nnnujl iutnlhnents, witli noniial interest.
No bid taken fur a less sum than the appraised value.
.I.AS. W. KOSS. futility Auditor.
Auditor's Office, Wood county, (1.
Perrsluirj, A pril 2-1. l--."7. 50wit.
Petition for Partition, in Woo.l Common Pirns.
Saruh A. Creih nu-l John ''. C'reiuh, her hunlmml, vs.
William M.Hci'l nml others.
"tVII.LIAM M. 1SKII, Ceorgn IteiJ. ,h x. Keid,
V hoimuel Itn-il, Johnson lteetl, Margaret Gowwi
lernnd Chrii-tian tinwwiler, her hul.nn.l. Mury s'hep
hartl ami James Shephnrd her hmttiati.l, Jnme Me
Clure, Mary MeX'lure, June MeClure, Ann MeCMure.
John Alam Samuel f.lams, Mnrguret AilnniB, tioo.
Melveehan, Samuel .MrKeehan.-lohn MeKeehau lten
jnmin MeKoehnn, Nrtney Ilinwiihty and Alexander lin
wiildv her hu.t.ini!, Mary Ulankeieihip, nnd John Blnlt-K-en'iiip
her hu.band, Samuel McKeehan. Martha Me
Keehan, Jnmcii Owen ltnre.Ilavid Alexander Hare. nnd
Snrah Klizuljcth Hare, will take notice that n petition
was tiled aniieit them on tho 'i'2i day of April, ls.",T,
in the court of common pleas within nnd for the county
of Wood, and State of Ohio, hy Sarah A. Crci'h anil
John T. ('reijrh, her husband, and is now pen.ihur,
wherein said ,iatntitTi demand partition of the follow
ino; real estate, pitunle iu tho count) of Wood and stale
of Ohio, to wit: Tho north-hnlf of tho south-west
quarter of section No. s, in township Xo.,r,,in ratine
No. ;i east, containing eighty acres more or less, in the
township of Weston, county of Wood, and slate of
Ohio: and that at the June term of nid court, or as
soon thereafter us counsel can be heard, said plaintiffs
will apply fur nn order that partition be made of said
premises. . Ui:in, O'Atit'fcKTr.ii & liAintisoN,
Pla'mlitV's Att'vs.
Duted litis 2d dav of April. H'7. ,ow-:.-. r.r,!
Snle of Heal VMiilu by Sriuer oi i-io'ui.Vi-
4 ourt.
fS the M day of May. A. I). 1'I7.
between toe
Vyhonrs of one and four oVh,
'k P. .V..nt the nremises
neretn te-'eriDed.will le sol.l to the Highest lituder,
the following property belonging to the estntc of
Adam Phillips, deeeased to wit : A good steam saw
mill, about one and thrite-eightli acres of land nnd
certain riht of way; said land and right of wny
more particularly described as follows, to wit:
Commencing nt a beach tree on the enst bank of
tho Portage liver, the said beach standing on the
north line of the south-west quarter of section 27,
in township 5, north of range 1 1 cnt, and running
thence sou li iloug the bnnk of said Portage river
sixteen rods, thence eastlwcnty rods, thence north
sixteen rods, nnd thence west twenty rods, to the
place of beiri. ning, together with a right of way
forty fiel in wi Tils, commencing ut the toulh-wcil
comer of the land ubove described, and running
up the bank - f the said Portugo river In the Hoi
lersvillo and Portae;o Free Turnpike road ; said
riirht of way to contiuuu fo long as tho said land
above describe. 1 shall be ued for mill purposes
To be sold B'lhjeet to tho dos-erof Catharine Phil
lips, widotv of decedent, which has been assigned
at twenty dollars flnnun'lr. Appni seil,Milj -rt lo
said dower, nt Jll'WI Terms of a'e oue-f - urlh
cah in hand, and ihe residue in thrro eiuat an
nual payments, with interest nn.l g od security.
.lOsKPH S MtliKXT,
J. II Hun, Atl'y. Adtninislrators.
lpr. 21. 1H57.-.',Ow1H 25.
85 l?OW V 8 k 1 T.
nV iusi i-ci-civc'1, nml ortVr tor snle, a large nw
well st'lt'CtirJ nnsnrtMiPnt of
15 O X
of AliMity inniiut'aL'turw. wtiiL-li they warnnntu l-cim't--rior
to ikiiiq, at unumiall , lw j-i iff . t hi tu.nJ. ui all
times, lit aud Cittern I'uiip. IIW Curh.i, l.eai '(; .
Slieet f.ealt !iet t '.tur, Hiove J'tp nmi Firwlun .l'Iahi
J.iji)"ti'tfJ, and Piitnhlwi TIN WAUL!, una
furnWiing pnotU in grifrcj.
We wonitl say ti uur t'rit;in! a wp are jtrepnreil to
M'U evory tliintc in our linen i'lie;i im enn he bought
Jl..cvhert.. Owiiifj to tlie hih price t ntuvoit, utul
tfr i!i.nur.Li:nirtlil hy us, we uro cutnpuUciit'l'uui tlnf
time to ell onlv
Job Work, i,t nil its to rim, dune on shui-t itoiic.
MerrhmitMMti he-jupplied with Sttivesdinl Tin S;ire
nt johhin price.
e ato liuviiii; Hitler, Ut?. Feitliors, lleunwaT.
Sheep Velt.OM Iron, iSjc.for which we nrc in the
highest market irii'es,
SV(f Room OneJoor imrth of the Han!;.
or.itw.niiowN, f I ly . J ii.iMkm. iitft.
Tltfln TUAS. (Jrumul CutlVe inul flpiceii for mile
;r,o. powkhs.
rclvlWlUAT l'l.Ol It, Hotter. I.ai.l. Cod
i-ish.ic. ;ko. powkhs.
i in: is vv vTiTu-PitiriTF pTt"iVivui.ii iiua"!,
ticlcjum received und forsnle hv
Pl-.l'K it HAMILTON.
Forwardintr Hiul C'ommiHtoii AlPirlmiitMf
Wlwilesnie autl ii'tail lh aenr in wraiu, i'rodure, Halt,
f 'ish, l ime. Groceries, Dry (inodt, ifrr.. tr.,
Particular attention giren to Storage, and chargei rca
onahle. the sti:ami:r hasi:
Will ply ropnlnrly. twiee n dnv. hetweon Perrynlmrg
nnd Toledo, nifordiiiK superior fucilitio for hipping to
and from Perryhhur, and tha chnrgei Aro put down to
melt low ratoa that it cannot fail to be an iinlnrcnient
for conn try merchantK and others to aliip hv thin line.
tTTirV Snow" Vhi7e"zriieraint,lo7 sU F"
innl ikc k &, iiAMiiroNr.
rpi'UiKXtlXK AVl V a.IIPIIKXI:, forMU
Clear the Track,
rpHIS day rcoelvcd, and selling at reduced prices,
JL by J. A MALI.
April , lS.'.T
'piIEWhliiile Derirtrtmeiit l now Complete
1 I can aud will sell Goods at Wholesale as low
any House went or Buffalo, Call and examine
Hoods ami prices at ,
April 2H, 18.7
J. At!CU SI 179 II AM,
Has just returned from Now York, and is now
receiving, by express, his extensive stock of
Spring and Summer Goods,
SHAWLS, Brochn, Stella, Silk and Merino,
complete assortment now opening at
DRESS GOODS, consisting of Poplins,
Lawns, Challioa, Kocaries plain and figured, Col
ored and White Uiilliants, Dotted Muslins, Victo
ria and Soft Muslins, Swiss and Hook Mulls,
Scotch, English ond Lsncastcr Ginghams, at re
duced prices at
J. A. Hall's.
SILKS, Plain Wnck, Striped, PlniJ, and
Summer Silks of all kinds, now npenintr at
J. A. Hall's.
COXN ETS I'lnin nnd Sufi S'.raws, Tuscan
and Silk Bonnets of all sizes and kind, French
Flowora.Strnw Biaidsand Sttaw Trimtninj?", Bon
net, KtbbotiS. Uuches with nn.l without floweis,
white and co'ored Laces, Grapes aud Edging for
Bonnets, this day received t
J. A. Hall b.
EMDROIDEUKD ROCKS, white and col-
. ... ... ,. 1.. I n-.,.... .11 u'.,l Tie
oreu; blue, i iiik, i uru v........
luiit s, for sale low by
J. Auouptcs Hall.
SKELETON SKIRTS, .Skirt Cord nnd Skirt
Sella for the Indies, cau be found at
J. A. Hall' a.
EMBROIDERIES Kinlnoidered nnd Lire
Co'lnrs, K.Mibroiilered Skirting, Kdtiing' and lu
st rtini's, a larjj-? s'.ock for sale low by
J. A. Aall.
DRESS TRIM MINUS, Fiinyrt-s, Velvets of
all n id hs. Uuirle Gimps. HUick Lace Triiumiugs
and Hair lirai Js, for tale by
J. Auoistus '.Iall.
MANTILLAS, Vtselts, Parasols an! Um
brellas, now opening nt
Hall a.
CLOVF.3 Black, White nnd Colored Kid
Clloves; Lisle Thread, S.Ik and Cotton Gloves;
Lone and Short Mitis; ladies' Work baskets.
Perfumery, ifcc.for sale by
J. A. Hall.
WHITK. BIuo, Green and R-d Damask and
Curtain Drapery, cau he foinl at
LAD1E3 tind Mi&sea IMain end Congress
GaiterSj Uuskins, Slip and TiB, now oriiiK by
J. A. Hall.
BLEACHED StllR HNUS. Skinings. Table
Linens, Toweling, LaiUes Uutler Shirtn, Fine
White and J led Flaunt-la, Linens white and brown,
Checks, etc., at
Frock and S.ifk Cents, F uta. Vest, Shirks, Col
lars, UntUr Shirt, Cravats, Scruff, Linen ltuud
kctcliiefs, Hose, for walo by J. A Ull.
II ATS Panama, Fur, Silk, Leghorn, Palm
Leaf and Straw Ht, for men and l-oya wear,
lower than at any other hnu ie, for sale nt
J. A. Hall's.
HARDWARE Spades, Shovels, Saws. Ax
es. Scyiht 8. Hoea, Shelf Hardware, Farmers' Tools,
for Kile, wholesale or retail, at J. A. Hall't.
GROCERIES, by thf jbl. or Mid. at New
York prices, at J. A. Hall's.
REFiNED fiyGARsi Crush7d7Powdt'red
and Colft-e Sugar, hy tho bM. at lower prices than
can be purcha e 1 in New Y rk, adding tranipor
tation lor tale by J. A. Hall,
A L AR G EASO UT ME N IWifT every kind
of (iroceries that aio wanted for family ui can be
found at J. A. H all's.
WHITE LEAD, Zinc in kes. Linseed Oil,
litly, lied Lead, Whiltnp, Veneliau Ued, Tur
pentine, Glass, &.c, for sale by
J. Augustus Hall.
ROOTS and" SHOESGJnta anofBoys' Pa
tent Leather Boot", Patent Leather nnd Congress
(Jjiiteri, Oxford Tie. Calf nnd Kip Hoots and
mines, Slips nnd enameled Shoes, a full assort
ment, cun be found ut J. A. Hill's
That all of my Gcoda ar-j purchased exclu
sively for Cash, and will be sold at a siiihII
advance fur Cash. "Quick sales and tm
profits," is iny motto.
Perrysburir, April 14, l857.-49a.
I)il:h NoMe.
t 1 K : is Hcrehy j;ivcn to vue ljitni-i-siil'tht nivner
or owner of thv lollowiii',' ilc"ci ihcd lamls .ilu.ile
in ino lowiisiiip oi reii.i, coiuuv oi ooo, nun muw :
I of thio, lejili;; the eolith h.vll' ol' th'1 smith cast ijr. ol"
sec. tweuty-lwo, i"i.'i, that th? trustees oi' I crry lown- j
snip will u. eel ai lie." u.nu.c oi i iiuiiiiisoiiiisitin, iu suio
lovn!iip. on the tit! i dny of June, A. I'. IHiT, Hi lo
1 o 1'iot'h ul Hiii-I day, lur the purpie oi VK'rt in anil
j loejiint; a tlitoh, or w.tt-r eoum-, commcneiit ut tlie
auiuh cus corner of the tnvih .vest nr. of set;. 7, ttiem-.i
' tenth nlunttwo lanulreii itiiil xi 101U, tlunee imrih
j west'-rly ubout one hundred ninl sixty rods, mid th.ie
Icriniuate. 'ii.ijii .Ii;in7 r js,
April 2. 1: -1v,
, WihnI Coiniti'iit riea)
1'i'iiti in to M'.i luini.
Srtiniltl Chilente, Adiuinisuatur of tho l( ite n1".
I AKiihii.(l l-oiuiiu. deeM, vs. J.uiK'n Mi :k-y, and uliifis
I JameH Mie.key w ill take n-jtie that S.hhulI 1. ( .lit
j cole, iniiiiiniiii'.itor -l liiclrir;! I.o.n.w), l:--M. h e lil 'l
:i"(1immi .itii"i tun nun :ii'-is, nn tt ii ui n.,tu
hit. ;i inl I.otiKin, ih thu Ci.-irv of i.'i!iini.ii l'le.in i WWn
enmU", (Hiiii, t i ohtnin frnm haiil t aint, tin oiviT t
.sell the MM h:ilf f i ie: hovi h e;irt , fiinrUr nt s.'eti':i
iiiitnln-r ;, 'I'. :t, If. .', in wtiil Wootl e.ouii.y, ttl)ii.e.jn
ininiiiL; so ueie, for the ji'.i;-pi;c of pj; 1114 the le!.:-.
ul mi til I'nlule tin p?ii-iiil irtfrl uiel t :I'.rl iieiit;
ieauitifinf. ih -tvf s til p .-ti;i n w;il !. tr hear in i? a
tho next term n!?;ii.i t-o.irt. cointsi M.-in Jim- lo, I s ." 7
mi.'uu.u .v DJi..,i:, Any' t.f;vi'.
Apiil C, 1 s :'.vi'.!?;i id
The Stme of Ohio, Wo i.l eountv : I'nion for P.ir'i'i n
Jaeoh MyvrH, Jit tr. vs. Mary Ann Ko;isc,4(.hii M. c,
lt;i"li'-KooK.', yivi h u l K'K-e, Sirnh eMintuiiTsSiiii
tifl Siminu'iB, .lohn MycrnAtnd S.!iulr5tvi is, i.-f";s
riHK s;ul defendenib will tx'M iit).(eo' tli.it ..i ''.
1. .Myeri hiot hied ft peitiion uKiinit them in s.iiJ
eon it, ilemimdiuj; p ir, it iou of the folltiv, inr rc.il :t:i'.',
situate in county of W.id, und ne of Uhio, uu.l li! iii r
the west hatf of lho north east quarti'i' of aetition No.
17. towmhii No. 5, iidrth of r.mfl A". ', cout until-.'
hi, aereo'iaid. b.iit petition will ba for hu.iriii at
tho June term of said euurt, lf."7.
JVr .1 ?. M vim ay, his Atty. By V. G. feFRVIf.
April 2:i, 1K..7 jtt)Si'J 3
C, V. Jenifuu vs. Tup Lookout.
RY vlrliit of an c.xeeiition to ni directed ami .! lir
ered from tho court of common Plea of Wood
eountv. ilhlo. in 1 lie ..hove caae (in whi'di the proceed
in wi-ro eondneied aainut naid defctniani without a
name) lshll oil- r for nils at puMic miction,
On Tuesday, May Mh, IK.i7.
hetweon the hours of one and two o'clock p. m, nt
Hollinter's wlmrf, in the town of IVnyrdnirg:, V001l
count r, Ohio, tha ahovo named Tntj Lookout.
Amtr.H Cook, ity. C. W. XOKl'OX, tariff.
April '1 1m,-)7 ,')Uw2Sl 30
3.000 UuhfU I'otaloiN UuiiI-I!
Tha ntwrihora wi.l. m n.irA.tn h. .hn..
nam.l nn.miii v nf miUl..M f. r wl.irh ih.. hiht
i.-.? .: f-.tt t i . .
' t iiiie'i.ipii hiiii upwnios or line llimdred r-u
g-'.tvinji. A H wunvr ni illicit people, or those contcm
I lil uinj,' m nt ii'e. :uid liating the least impediment to
Administrator's Snle.
OX the 16th day of luy A. . ls,i", between the
hours or 10 A. .M. and 4 F. M. of that day, at the
door of the court house In the town of Perrysbur(r(
Wood enmity, Ohio, will bo sold to thu highest bidder,
lollou Ing really as the properly of Joseph Stewart
deceased, to wit: Land warrant number ll,tius, calling
lOo acres of land, nppi iwd nt SICn.
WiLLi.m It. Hkvant, admr.
Frice A- Jefferson. A ttvs. oijoaciiu btewsrl.dec'd.
April 23, 18.7 fillwASI ?S
Slicrill'a Hule.
BY virtue of nn execution to mo directed am! deliv
ered from the court of common Tleas of Wood
county, Ohio, I shall offer for sale at public auction.on
Tnestlay, May fith; 1S..7.
between the hours of one aud two o'clock P. M., at
Holllster's wharf in Pcriysburjr, the Yacht Challenge,
satisfy a judgement rendered in the above court. In
favur of Stanly A Dorety against said Yacht.
AsilKit t'onit, Attv. U. W, NOHTO.V, SltcillT.
April 8.3, IH.'i' i0w2l?l ) 0
ltnud .Notice.
rpHKItK will he a Petition presented to the Coinniis.
.L sloneraol Wood County nt their Juno scslon lor
review, and straightening a county road, In Henry
township, commencing about cightv rods west of the
K. comer of sect. U, thence south ou the road that
now is opened to the quarter sec. line ol sec. 2.3, thence
west a few rods to a crook in the road, thence south to
roail Hint ruin west, thenre west on said road to tho
ft. corner of the AW, f of sec. at. ; thence south on
tue center iiiic, to tnc Hancock countv Hue: likewise
vacate the crook that now Is In the road between
Levi Tarr, Jabcsli Dell an J A.lam C'rosscra land on
said ro.td.
April 23, IBS' .".Owl
D'juleriimini n:innrar.tnM;r ot Tuhiiiet Ware.
Imiis, A:c.
KEKI'S constantly n lmml a Inr'i njttnrtment In
hin linn, cmhraein a -ri-uat varietv which ho ii
prepared in sell nt re Honnhle r:ttm.
All it U of cabinet work Uunu to oider on Bhort
W'flre room
, on Front sircLt. nearly ojipuiite the
' l'eri-vK-h'iru'. Ohio. April f . 1 ." 7 H
Au iitHisiou-.)ib!i! Communion t !.-. liHiifci
fcUiitutelI i;xiMditimi," mid. fcAictio
Avt'i ii", Ailvciitasre.
is v si:a and land,
from thi Kirllrst Dull! til the lt.t lirnnlllinu
iii teurch of Sir Juhu fundin
J.liii:ii nv ;vr.i .'i:.;i:r.
In On..' Kk-.mt Vijiiiiii;, f.'mo,
Thin xvurlt curtains a nl. ;ir ami toiiii livnsive
... m. u ivt;iiUro una uisCuvr Tfc .I.CJIll
the curliest rui-onlHil ilatolothe Kane ami ll:irl-U'in
pxpi'ditinns.i nil tliP re,tnrulin!i ut" tlie Jlui,nlutr.
It hns th" lasi i naiin imor.'j,! of i uovrl.uspi.ciaHv
that port Tin tfivin un accouut uf tlin avvurul ui
f.pil'ti.ms in search of Sir John Franklin.
The ivcrnt jiulilication, in Kni;lanil, of Lii-ut-cnaiit.
Osl .una Narrative of Jl'Clnre'u important
expedition, and thu
Ilk cnahli'O the editor to ifivo tl.o jitl. a'ld auli--tance
of that work, which is not vet republished
in the country.
The various Voyages of liarenlz. Hudson, Bnf
lin, li'-liriii', Von V runt;el, C.u.k, Iios. lliiclian.
Franklin, lla-ry I.yon, H. erhcv. Scorei-.ljv.Ciaver-ing.
H ick, K. Melt, Austin, Do" Haven, Kenr.edv,
Iil.:tield, (Jolliuson, Kane, Iielcher, and many
others, are pre-ei ted in animated style, (1,0 inei
dentuf interest being omitted,) aud illustrated
Good Mnps and fine Engravings.
Add to thin, a full account of
The Uifffrrttt l.ntttl Eipeuituws
of Franklin, Hack Rac, Simpaun and Dease, Hirh-nrd'-on,
and othera and Home idea nm l.a rn,m..l
of the richness of the material aud I lie attractive
ness oi tne worn, clonic of the wood-cuts are fiom
designs by Dr. Kain.
I t is a volume which every intelligent American
"... Uw.c ,u jiiatcni n i s norary, as it gives, in a
tuuipaei ii.rui iniormati m in regard It the North
ern regions of our continent. ,'nitc-,.,l ,1 1,
scores of i upensive volumes, many of Ihem not vet
rpT,oh1ih0.l i ki nn..ni.. i.:..-.. . J
... bullblr, ltlsau euureiy niw
book, thoroughly prepared.
Notthe lonat interesting portion of thebook isub
account by Dr. Kane's brother, (J K Kane, Esq ,)
tvlo accompanied Capt. Hartstein.of the vovage
of relief, und the meeting witi Dr. Kane aui his
tW Agents will find" the book one of the
most desirable of the day for canvassing.
To canvass for this Bnd many otber valu
able works, on wbich a splendid income can
be realized.
All orders will be promptly attended to,
When addressed lo
Publisher and Booksellers, Toledo, O.
April 9, 1857.
I hero! y given that a petition will he pre-nt-.l
to thu Commissioners ul Wooil Cmiuty ut their
rest regular scisiun, praying for the location and
osiab.n.hment of a county road, commencing at
the notth eust comer of sectUiu 29, in Perry town,
ahip, and running due we.ton the.iTiion line be
iween fPClluna 40 and '-, and J9 and aU, to the
riZ Ml ", ""."""""'P ,lnu l,!-
. - j u.uv, vov. iisni,,, ni.o iricro to
n " ..i i r, in .vi s
April Ili. ISS7 I r n-1
M IKIIIAI.K Cl'llll',
M A K It i A li K l.llDi:,
.MAIUvlAtiK (.1 Mil:.
by lilt. W .W. Yol'Nt!.
In lilt. vji. Yoim;.
by UK. 1VM. TtllMi.
bv UK VM. Yol'.Vti.
hy Hi!. ll. Yol'Mi.
In UK. (in si:
MAUItlAlii: tirlKH.
MAltlilAlil-: tiPIDK.
.-iiakhi.u.i: ;! im:.
.l Alllil.Vlli; (, lUK Y,n xs L.r,-,,l Pliysolinrl
rnl r,k : Till: POCh KV . !., r..l''r,v. or
l-.verv One hisonn llm-.,r. IK ,,v V M li
It ' written in pluiti luMtrun-'e for Ihe iren'ral reader
marrif I lite, hIumiM rend this k. !t di-lu-ies see ret
thut every one slmnid ho aeipt ihited with ; still, it is n
uoou tnnt nn;,t be k.-pt loeKed U,anJ not lie nhoutth.
homo If will
n Mi't-.t to tiny ono nn the receipt ot
cent. Ad. I. vi
I'll, i, I 1 1 1 1 .Mi. Ut' KnnieP
uliove t'ourih. Phila
hi.. I'a. r.Mnreh lt:,7 Mtf.
Hydraulic Fiinu.v & iMnchiue Shop of
n.VA IV; e;ilaix--d iou- !"ui'k uf Patterns, and ent
dou.ij, the a uLviii'iiiiifii, arc prei'iircd to
m ike to ..1 1
Ca.s'iu for S-nv and Chisfc MiIIh.
V iitil t.iort'.'f.
? u;-tii'u. We h:it: the l:CO
ni'iivnt in nan nt; tlut w.- cm
!' in i. l.inorv. uii1 lo.-l
111 u.u us -11 j.j woru 1:
,.o Ii ii.J
tide. u tho KUt. lie ke-p
01 tlm laii'si iiiiirovi-iii..ii. ulsu maiiiitiuiti "
Long's Jinjirnvcil Plows, Nos. 1, 3 4,
.rouii'l nml lii.iilieU inociUlxlti,
S'U'd .Y'lVi L'tiiiitudorx, i'nulih o.n,
nii.i S pull Ki nit. S aeon Uu.i.a.luiKliiinpa,.V.'.,
ti ht.'li jvo o;Vi i- at wliot --.ulo or ret.iil. Oi .l.'i IVoiu
alin.aj jiroiopih tille.l. J'uniaco, on llvdru"1'- it'"1
1'i-Kiil olriH-t. p...
nnii.lt. Iilliiirs. 1..M.I1I'NT. A.fltlTtl
I" r.IM, U'Kiiim h. JKl l' KUSt)i .linttn!j.iiorhii(-J
f) tiu-insvlvu tu''i llo r l'or thu piiri'ii.c ot prurti.ai-,;
in v iii W'nn ln i i a (joinii.'r roii:iti,vill l-t foum! ntiii
times, liuriot; l-nsio,'- lii.urs. lit tlicir orlifO ill roiTvr-
ouii.'. u iifiw iln- o il! l.o roailv to Httontl to anv It''.ti
uu.ou1-..-. ili.it inn, l.rf t'liirtixtcii to tlu ii I'iur, "
.r.i'itH'K a. jFFrt'.iiftAF.
(JI5i;.lT lNDlCHJIEXTii.
MIT. Austin Fowler lurm. i inilp w...r nf Itnotlia..
Gif 'i..f..,ii,:iH,L. ii.tv aire. . njrt.iill. it,mrnv.,l
) urv. aiol u cjl a.late.l lor ritisii.i; yiiiiu;
Alt,.. Tlie linrUniiuvr I'anii. in l.il.urty township
! '"ur.lolin MoMaliau,a,t!anliuiihif.iiuiiprci,4Unf wMi
I ispr.iirio, tlielialanca trrlltiuiliored, alincresunilpriMil-
tivation. irood votnor orc-lir,l ,m uli i,, a To.,
j cation lor stock rirsiiiL'
Also, 111., acres prairie and 0.1 acres of timbcrlaml
. adjoiiiinp the farm uf Joseph Mitchell, in I.ilttn t to su
ship.tvcll locnteilaf to roads. and possessing adranta
i Seli rat'cl v to be met with, n ill lie Kold at a liargaiu.
Apply to L. 11. CASS, Portajre.
i 1. 1' mil; ii i M'.niiEK ! t
r 1 1 uud-i il aid rpretfullv niif-uneti lo ti
1 V"' tUnl OttW btcum f aw l ill . lvn mil
aal ot t'errii-bum outh Pika. ii unw tinihhtid.
I tnnied i,roinntncas.
Jliru 11, I'sfiU almfl
ua, TIIK 3
Who litu kt) 10 yoni's cxprricutc m II nkvr nnd
Pulilfln r, nml author of m
A rir of ,-ft.'f at the Bromteay Tubtrnattf
wbun, fur 10 t)ucccrive nixM. over
Orfetrd hhn with KotintUnr Ajiidftuse.irliitphft JJ"
exliibitL'ri tlie manner in wliicli Coimterlt lters ex-
cuU tliuir KiaudisaniHUeHuicst hud whorl- fv
vl mrrtDA of detecting them 1
77i Hank Kott Kngrmurt all way that he if
the wTatrt Judge nf Vnprr Money Hriap, kjp2
Pifsnnt Cciilu-y for
Detfrt'n C'diihtertVit linnk lVnt a. Q
DcHcrihfitg Kvory ifnuine Hill in K.tlntftHTP, nnd fd
Exhibiting nt ft plunre every CounlorfcH ("J
in rirctilnlinn! i
Armngei. nn 9Amrr.ih th:tt HKKKPTINCK li wy 5
Hiitl DIA lX TlON InhU-i'-fint-oi'". M
7JXo Index to ex uninc! No rmvn to hunt tip!
Hut no simplilled ami nrriini1, tiiut Uiu Mv.u hniit, pM
Uunkur ami liuMUt'tin .Mini cau su alt ut a. uianve.
English, French ami (tiimria
Thut Kacli miy read the ciime iu his own .Vithn
1 Oil TUG-
niost Pcrft'ct linnk Note Liat I'liblii-lu'tl, S
All tho PrivnVo IVnilvirs in Aimrion. WJ
A cotniilcte ftninnt try of tho Kinasck or I'.fBOPH
& Amrimca will be i-nidiflird in each cdfliuu, to-e
gvther wilh all thu litumt;int A'-Wfi nt' tlie day. a
A If 11 a ui i ics nf jf
From an Old Mamiseiipl luund in th l)tL It
furiiisiiJ tlit niiirti niinpU'to History of
ORir.XTAl. Lll'U
dojcrllin tho nntt ncrulrxhii: nu.-ltinn in which e
thu Unlit tt und OiiJtletiii n ol tluit vonn'jy havol ff
btwu vi) ul'k-u liniitil. Tli'.-e !:'torieH will cuiithru: - ;
th run inbuilt tho whole ycjir, mid will pr.no llm
inoaf (.nil i tninini; rvr oIV.-iliI to tl PuMic.
"-Fnrni-!icd V',vl;iv m SnI hi Prd only, a' $ 1
ft vcur. All h'ttno nicotic :M!t!vt--Ml (o
JOHN S. 1JVK, limK.r, K
Ptil-Hjhcr and I'l niictor, 70 .al!-.itrcet, A'j v ?
Aj.rlIJ, lt"7-.T4 l,V5Sly
J 'Sf pli rii.jnu et. nl. vd. F. W. Kiwlcr ft. nl.
i)y vinne if a ii-trj f.u i s writ. cx -culioii Lo
nnf ilirt'U-d and ik'livcrrtl fumi m court ol' Cotn
iiun Tieu-H V.-it; munty, I'hiu, in the til.uvc
c.ni'-o, J wilt oti T tor Mile itithu duoruf Lho cuuil
Ituu.-c in rcrrys-hnrt.
On Monday. May 1 .AT
hftw,nn th lojurs of HI oclork a. u. ntiJ o'
clock r. M.of s-ii'I tl iy, tho follow mil' ill srnb' d
ri'al t"irttf, to wit : 'iVt- n.jiili halt of tin tt-xith
w i"t liitll of Mvi ion thirty thri'f, of township ix
tl rnniftM'lcVvti, iii Voul cnuity, tliio, contain
int. til neri' of Itiiol rrori! or lt.es, la. in an the
property of Willium V Moittromrrv.
C. W.KoUl'ON.Shenir.
April 2, 15i7 ilwh n
ourt f 'tnt1mou PU-jim, V01nI ennnt , Ohio.
A'it;iitnn H. Klwoo-l vh. Wnltrr Holt, Sarah Holt,
Otjdi'n H. Khlridp, Oliver M. Morse, James M
Kiwood and .lohn B. Khvood.
'I he paid (ii-fciulants will tnkn notice tli nt An
CiipiiM H. Elwood did on the 16! h dviy of March,
1nV7, file his petition in the r.nnrt uf Common
I'lem of Wood county, in said Htate of Ohio,
fig-ilnst the said Wait r Holt, Sarah Holt. Ofjdeti
H. Kldridije. Olior M. Morse, J:i M. Klwood
and John ti. Kltfond, setting forth th it the said
Wtt.tor Holt end f5ar;h Hult gavR a inoitijnc to
ono iihjauitn it. Jiiwooo, in his lite titno. now du
coiied, which in now owned hy plaintiff, 011 road
tract mini her U2. os nnmbered on lho Maumco nnd
A !ttni Hocrvo road, in township iiumher 7, H
I'i, in Wood county, Ohio, conlniuin HH.vMi-lOl)
acres cf laud, to fecure the payment of $T50 ac
cording to .1 certain bond referred to in said mort
gaP ; and, that fcinro the giving of said inortK"ge(
said land has been conveyed to unid Eldridpe and
from bldridjje tobftd Morp.nnd that there is now
due and owing to aaid plaint (f $ l.VI, wilh interest
at 7 per cttit. htuce May 1, 1U5H, The defendanta
are further notified that unless thry answer or dc
nutr by the 10ih day of June. 1Hj7, jndflf ment
witlbetHken for said sum of $150 and interest at
7 per cent, on the same from May 12,1856, aud l'or
a decree for the sale of the mortgaged premiseato
sin it jy me aame anu rniR 01 khh,
By Price A .Tt fiVron, him Atty'w.
April 3. HJ.i7 17wC$5 DO
Wood com, IMens.
Siimuel Dull vn. Finn; Dfcll.
TIIK mid defend.mt, Fanny Dull, will take notice
that Snniucl Oiill. ou the Stli d.-iy of April, 1nA7.
filed hi petition in the Clerk' Ofliee of the court of
common plena of Wood county, asking to he divorced
from the delVnd:i lit, assigning iu 11 rt nsf 11 tlirrrfore.
willful nhsencefor more tlinu three cnm. .S'nid pe
tiriin will be for hearing at the .1 tint term ( I s T ) of
until court. A'AMVEL Dl'LL.
Vnift: a .Ieffrusov. his Alty.
April !t, 1."7 4rr(f5,J.7.'i
N'OTU-'U is hereby j-iveti thnt l'eter Gee, adiuini
trntor of the e-t:tte of lieoro I. von, dci'L'iiiicd.
tiled bin iiccoinits for Hi ml nuttleiu ;ut, which s act for
hcuriug the 4ih dv of Ma v. Ifi7.
' A. Ki;iJa;Y, Probate Ju.W
A pi it li. s.i7--4:.;i
NO'l'K'U in huruliy uiveu thai J. J . & It. klll
ner. excrutor.t of the estate of John Mtitnier. di
cea..il, havo lili-il t'wir accounts for final sctlU-tueui.
which U set fur heaiimi thi. Itli dav of Mar, -,.",7.
JOHN' V. ICiil.l.'iy, I'.Mbiie Jul,-!.
April Ifi. lh,',7 4llw il
Adiiiiiiitti'utoi4 NiititK.
VfOTIl'K is heroli) givL-n that the undersigned has
I ii
heeli dolv nupiinti'd and uuHlilied n Administra
tor 011 the o-tato of Andrew Knee, late of Middleton
tOHtirthiji. A oud countv, decerned.
April 10. 1H.M l'.v:'i ATr. EWIN3.
N'OTICE hi herehy given that u petition will be pro
Hunted to the eomniiiiioiieri if Wood county, ot
their next RCHsion, nsk 1 riir tor lho view, survey and lo
cation ol a comity road commencing at the oi',U inar
ter post of neutioti nunilr JO. lnwn 4 north. U. S. K..
thence north two miles to thu north ijimrter pout of
jieetio'i No. IT.thenee east to the Met 'tnehoivillo Koad
and tliM- i..t.-rinitKUe. A I'LTITION K It.
April J, W.TImvI
THK undersigned w'ehiM to dnpoxe of hoti?e and
h-t. hcilig one ner-'. situitett iu How Sin; lireen.
Wind Countv, Ohio. Tho huno i fraina, one itorr.
I I H hv '.'1 feet, with three good room. It ii surrounde
nv a glen, pielict lenc., i neru is 11 ifoou well on tne
lot, a fiivill Hiuhif. aonie yotiu.r fruit tree, and other
iniprovtment. Th 1 entire properly will h? old nt
hni-jriii'i for e.ih. For toruii, ';e , apoly to the itn lur-slgu-jd.
u the praiiti-s. .1 AiiLS T.VYl.OK.
liowlinir lireen. March 1 '. I "-7 I ,'r.
lltll tii'tllttli ill l. tiihliliiiii'iiL
nA VINii
Ohio. 1
'in liow lu.g tiiei'ii to Sidney,
reuioveo ii-
would be: 1
ti) ii.ioi 111 the l)i. Mie ti
1 linvi' a eoinplute nnl n
y.'.jwn fi nil tree. Mieh :i
in.l.i'? colUetien ttj vLvtmh
1 1 le, l'riir. Chon v, IVn.
A l'l'it o. : e. I r. L.e lle-.i lia1! hii.'lli eon.f.i.te l
uu.l in v.i.u ih!" fruit 11 ei !. .if ihe ll'.n lii g tin ' n Vu
sei-v nt rediiecd prien. A !o Im will bu Mipplii d it
a eonipletM iiKortiiient of tlnifiy g ow n I rein in tpU n
dtd viirietiei. from ih-j know 11 bidutj Nmmi'v,
Mltll Ulli' tl I A' noV UOllliCLlcd.
Sept. IS. is.,,;. is N'ATHVX M(H)ltI-:
l UiITAI.i:. V!.il I'o., lllllO.
l,i.Al.l.K. IN
nnr connn. uro''kriks.
a. 1 . vw.tit v.. t'uoi.u: u v,
. tin:.f tiimsN annus,
nn.tiir mmr ri.o iinwi,
ami cvi rv tl.im. n?ii ,llv cull.'.! I'm- hv the trailing luMi.,
vvliifli i( I'c tn,i t-limp t'i'r t 'A Ml or ri iuiv p.ij.
t-ii-ln!r f. I'.'i -'-'ni:!
lirailCO CoiUT-allV
Si'iiiHM Mutual In
I'ltii K i ji:m'i:i;nov, Aciuk
" ITI I.I, In.iirf l.inl.lii.u' ;! (rI.,.i'.al itt,icrtv nf
lll!.. on t'lP III11M ! hsiiiimMi (PI 111.. l-llt'.
iiln.iii- i .ii in lor Sltlf.
T 7K o-f.-r l'or siti. no r v reiisomil'le trrn...rl
I tract fiitaintiiL- Ih j atri : rtri-r tf.nt.v,
V trac t .'--. c
' t'Oiitnitiinr If'li nrirs.ni.,1 tiie tvost ho It ol .outll wet
I 1"rtcrof sp.lion I 4. in town :!. f.S K ..contaioii.J
; ". H ' ''""I coiintt. All tins l.i.cllii-t, h;nbot
. within alitnu a mik'iol l'l rr.'l.uri.-. 'I hefoim is
! vt iiioi'i'.l. Hiol Ioim hoc n it 11 lino oirharc) aiotovci
' arres ot wpll i'liproir-llaiol.tlie i.'n'att'r liar ot' wilit
l l;oitom tana ol the cri I.eM cjtnihtt
t itrternm.ia
inure ut
.M i it hay Uouort,
Nor. IT.IVk,
A M V Ul
V Ki.U e
,."t 1 ICC' SCI T 'PC I I Ot r, 1.1
aleinaawniill.A milcsead of town, or hj applying
pri,jrMii Tl vm-
Seb-. criber no . celling h trodi f.-r p!ih
1 it eqinvii-lfrit. He hue a hire ttork and la dewr
muil todi-poM-of tbrinaiH.null pmtit t M,utd
KAiimim ptiee. ( l.ii, l'( ) W Lit 8.
!r;X";t"rr:Lr ou"ut- " "
Add-iM... I)r CKO. t.AI HOI N-roKiniTtKn ar
riIlK or ni iai. llonnrd An'ooialhm. No. 8nth KlKTU 6trlt
1 Philadelphia. V. Iv order of the ltrcetm.
' I 'AK V t. IIRA IIT'4'CI.L, Pridont,
G ko. V MB'jiin i Scn tar.
Tatteplciiuia It) tttiiium-iiijr to the ladtwof Vtrrrn
lmrpotid vlrlnlty.tlmt ihclnn luken thnroomn Immtdi
ateW oferA. O. llowell'ii store, when h will kp
nil kind of Ilun.wti, Hihhoita, Flowcri, and all ar
ticles nsnalU Itfpt in a Millinery eslatiliihnient. ,
Hlia will nmlfu to rdi r, or rrnorate bonnela on lbrl
nutit-e and in the bent kijIc of the art. - ,
(fhe ! nUu prcpnrcd to give me attention to drow
ntnking, end it confident or Kirimrmtlsfacthm.
Pfrrjslmnr, March VH, I;i7itn3. ' .1 1
j?av vititrmi it:
Tr,0 .CkiJIo ffilfllHPB
TTAS rrcMvtfd motu New (,t.vU, which lieoflVrtat
J 1 prices that detV eompef ition, He knepa cotmtant
l ot.hand Fre.-h It oil IJ utter k etervthinjr eloe in the
Or-ctrv lino which will be uM clteop for caah or
Coiintry rrnducc.
Sfnvca Si Hoop polei ffanfed. t
(ii c. 4, 18at ;i0tf. 4
rpllfc. irreiit reputation of .Singer bewiu Machine
X is fuuiid'd un the fact, thut the are perfectly adap
ted to eery tnrioty of work. and that each one of them,
kept employed, will earn tint les than . . '
nti Thousand Dollars Year
All tfi')iii desiring full und reliable information
about thce itiat;liino-iizc, pricc, model of purcha
iiij?. &e.,- cen obt tin it bv nppltinir. by letter or oth
wise, for a copy of I. M.S1NGKU & CO.s GAZETTE,
n beiuitit'ul I'etoritd pnper, euttrtl devoted to Sewiuif
Machine in turrit a. It wilt be aeiif gratis.
lrtcnl ApentM
anted in erory town in the United Statel, to noont
libernl indtnTinentl are vtTered.
N. U.-We hare nnde arrangement ttlth mnof !
i(or- nnd publisher of uewipiipcr hijj-hl v profitable and
MtiVjrtory to tlitm. and widh to m;ikc timitar eotitrnew
with miry newsp.iner nnd nuiuzinc iu the country. -For
full pnrti.-ulai-i nddrea
I. M. RlXOEPv St CO..
Mm Th l!1 v.7- 4 jma 3-iJ nroadiav. fcew Yorlt,
n". & It. IIOOD.
r.OWl.iXi GKKl-.N.Wool) Co., OHIO.
Dry Gools, I lothiit, Koots A SliocM,
lIULfcl. I tliVISIMNo. llril M;its' a SOOLLa
I'aimriS 'I oiiU. I'oi l.et Tnblo C'utlcty
( Irocciics, Crockery, &c,
I'lllllllTK tiki s A va.
(i l..1.r (), ls.-.(''.)-jmt. '
T la c F i 11 u'ft 'te a aifcr
C II A s k
W " ,"-V' S'""1'" eilil. I
V V iwpi'ii I'l'iislnir;., Iitiiiiu-u t;i('v, anj '1'oltilul
cutiniiiiH-Mi niih iliu upcuiiiK ,it' iHiviiniuii.
lur frviuiil I'lHilructl, njjplv iu lilinn Jt Hunt. T. or
111 lioiinl lho boat. fJun.'Jll, 167 :iHtr.
rIIHV'l' i'liMir. lli:uU,rio17rTilJuir, ComTlUiil
V Dion, MiilillinKa, ite., lur null- bv
IT. P. AVrnti.t. '.
Shciia m Sale.
Oil Piirlinii '
llenrv VHiililljuri-h . Williom Vnntilburirh ft. el. -Hy
irtti(! of 011 order of rule in tlila nun iuunl oilt
bv Hip .'lirt of i oiiiuinil l'lsas in mid for III. cullnt
of J. irirsi.n nn.l Sine of Ohio, brnrinir dM March
J.i. 1S.)7. ami to mo diritclrl, I will expose for lain by
public remlue uii'l onlcrv on Hie injinie on
Sntnnlny. the lltli day of Mnv. A. II. 1M.17
nt VI oVlock M. of auiil day. the f., Honing deacribwl
tract r land aitUatoand licinj-in Die Ciinty of Wood
and State of (lino: beintr the a;nlli half of section
nuinbarciplitei-n.in toonship number three, north of
ranxe Urclie.iii tie diitrict of lm.,1, nubjcct to aalo at
Uueyrm. Ohio, containing three hundred and nineteen
acres and twenty hundredth, of an ncra ba the aama
more or lew.
'I Vmw of ale, one third cmh on tho day nf a!e. on
third in tivelve month, aud the balance In two yeare,
with Interent fiwn the day of a ilc; Ihe defrred niiymsnta
to be arcured hy mnrtnge on the iri-miae. . r
JAMES II. BI.IN.N.Shrriirof Jeffuraon County.
Sheriff, ortice, Steubi-nville, O.
April S, leS7 4t.wli
ih for Hnc.
I will pay null for rniri ileliyercil at my Boak gtaaa
in Perryaburir. I willal.ofuriiishdeal.rawitli wiau
puiir paper at the loweat wlioleuila li:iira.
July 24 lM.'.i;. poWJIRi.'
tail lb, t'hrnme Yellow, Iu calls;
100 " Verdigris,
100 Vermillion, "
500 Venetian lied: ''
foranleby VECK St ttAMIl.TOV '
t,vtn o( !?.
Court of Common Th-aa, Wood County, Ohio,
C.vil aetioii,
The'Ohio JMo Inaurance and Truat Company
plaintiff, aifniiifcL Samuil Couch aud Mra. Zil-
ha Hull, deft adauts.
rylE a ii. defondant, Simuel Conch, will take
1 Potiie that on tho 9ih day of April, A. D
1H.i7. the a nd DlniuLiff fih-il in h ..ii;.w .,f ti
tle rk uf the C'juit .f Coilirn .n Pima of Wool
Countv, Ohio, n petition agaiutt him aud thu
said Mra it, hu ball.
Said p-Iition furtla that on the 24th Jay of
May. A. D. IH;( H.inicn Hall, now docuaaeil, then
hu-Laud of the t-aid Zi!p!ia Hall, ixecatcd anil
.lulive e l to tho platui ilf hi p onjia-ory nolo of
that date fo- thi- aum of one tli-'Uaand dol'ara with
inlvnt at at v en pe' c mum per annum, payable
to the plaintiff i i Cincinnati, and that to esur
the payment of hai I note, t.aid Horace Hall and
Zilpba jlall. hit wifo, ut that data executed and
delivered to the plaintiff a mortgao coovoyinjf tut
the p'auitiff Lot or Tract Numh r sixty thre (63)
in the I'niled S atps Reserve at the Hapida of tho
Miami of Lk l'rie in Wood county , Ohio, con
tainiip two hu mired and twelve (2l2) acrua,
1 hat the princii u! of laid note and lha iuUreal
thereon accruing wince May i8 h, IbZ I, arc du
and unpaid. aid petitiou uUo rota forth that
aid land haa been conveyed to Kid Satnu 1
Cout h nnht'cq 101. t to the dale of aaid mortgage
biiH subject thereto.
TVe ooject and prayer of aaid petition 11 td
obt .ii 11 a juderuo it of forccloMiro upon nid nam
I iii'.njjnr iui 1110 niiiuuu.uviD UH' )IHIMin( UU
I for t' o Hilo of aaid land to pay aaid debt.
Tin' fiiid Samuel Conch i required to imwff
Ba:d petjiion by tho thirteen h day of June next,
or jo 'rrni-!)! will be lak n 7iint him by da'aull.
L Ti MBit k SCUUYLlili, Pi ff'a Atfya. -ri
I 1 lib, 1 eftG-49w (i7 a.i . .
r I Til. iiri-tiTMiriK-J ill offer for tuile at tlie dunr nt
I ihe ('unit Heine in Wood countv. Ohio, on Satur
j Hay, May Stth.at II oVh.ek A.M.. the following School
1.1 .-ett.'tt .-Mxiemi 111 ine i owiiFliin ot f rtieuoni!
. of Acres.
Vitl. pr acra.
Total Tl.
I Let u. 7,
:u i'i-Hil)
tu -'. I Oil
! Ill -l'.u)
to ::s-i.i'j
(ii r, ii'O
fl no
4 CI
4 00
t 0)
10 1(1
201 3i
103 til
101 5t
)C1 08
II) ." !!"!)
4 i
KI 32
Term.: -Ot;-twcl!ili fnt of ptirt-tiasa money to tin
lucid nt t:n-a . f sale, and lho Imlnncsi in eleven tqttal
tioni'il ins. hiinis wiili aiiiiunl inrcr.'st.
No hid t .k ii for a lets sum than the appraised rain.
JAUI.o W. KciSS, lv. Auditor.
Au lio :'sOi"n e. Wwd Co.. J
t'c-l')-sl,iirr. Apt it t'i, r5.'. J 4.IHIJ
Sicniiftrd Association.
: anr)3tTA.T i"i(lfEnENT.
! r I nil pf roi!- it,.ii'trf ia id) S-unl dial. ticli
i 1 v rrot ft tftEA, u i: a KKEtff. imp
i -n:xa:t (;txonno:. ih.f.f.t, hyphisli
thu Viee of ONANISM. urM 1.1' ABlK.&e..4ie.
Tho II'1.vaki Ahrrf-i.TMtN. in ttw of th awful
detiniriin ot htnunii litu, en mud h 8asul diMe
- j a i i int." ii'L'fMi'itin prnetis.i'.i upuu tne uniortuniiif iir-
i ins rf tueii rtiiease-v hy (jiiiiekt. hitic directed .litf
t 'on-iiiliing Knt on. us 5 f-uiiiiTHi.K ni worth t
their nnnie, t' yio ui.nir'Ai. aiivitk HATl,to all pf
on' thus m'i.ieu i!. n i,o apply hy letter, with adeacrit
ttou.it thtfii ooiKJiiioii, iae. oermuttioii. htthlf otf I in.
! Are.,: unit in i
ol minme povert , and uneriD,
rinvfii vi.i leiM.i rum: nrriiAiinr.
The Hon-nid -v Pi.x-iation i a brneffilrnt InMttntimi
emntilisheit bv peeinl fmli h iinnt. for tha relief of the
irk and ditreM-il, i.tHii ted with "Virulent and Ki
j deinie !iif.i-un." Ithnimnir u surplus of nivana. hirh
the Diieefoi Imte vfllrd to exftrnd in adiertitving the
I ahoie m-tiee. Ii i nefidleiii to add thai tha Asuociatifift
! cni)iit.:Midt the hiheftt Mniieal l.il I of the ape, and
j will furni-h rho inriit uppri sied modem trentmrnt.
I JiiKf I'ul'lisshed. hi thu A'vorintion.a Rennr Kfif
inrtiorrha a. or Ketniiml Weakuebt, the rice of Fell-
IN 1 ...... ( ..., ,:. ... c ,
to , .,;,. Sur-.,n .1,0.1, .lit i.. .... k. ...it ,;J .

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