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No 59] AN ACT
Tb organ i and diHCipltn 'ha Militia and' Vol-
. ..! i . i . untcor Militia.
Sic 56 If any candidate or eleetof cfioowa to
bhtesl the .aliauy or any election nau uimur mo
. roTiaitna of this act as to the right of any per
on proclaimed daly elected an ofrTcer, ha ahull
Rire notice thereof In writing lo the offlor who
olds the election returna, wi bin ten djs Irom
tk lima f hnMinff aup.h election and within said
time, and In like manner he shall notify the per.
son whose election he means to contest, txpresa
inir the point orpowita ou which he meant to rtly,
and the officer holding the poll-book or election
returna, shall aummon the parties to appear at a
certain time and place which shall not caceed
- - j. ii.. fin itf election, before a
eourt, o.er which fie highest officer in r nk or
" eMest in commission prewnt shall preside, which
nourr ahiill be composed of not less than three,
or over live commissioned officers, whom he shall
mnmon for that purpose; and the officer holding
the election returns shall Issue any summons that
may be applied for by either of the pariiee to pro
cure iJie attendance of witnesses; and all such
officers as compose said court shall appear in full
' uniform, and the party so applying shall sorre
the same, and endor-ie the lime of service thereon,
which sha.l be at least two days previous to the
Bitting of such c.mn, and shall make a return
thereof to the presidentof said ourl at the time
and place therein mentioned) and ench witness
thua summoned shall be paid fifty cents for each
day"s atleodanre as such, out of the funds of the
proper brigade on the certificate of the presiding
1 - 1 r .1 . --.I ani.1i nnrt tvltnn mot. Rlinll
omeroi me cuu-n a,,-, " -------
hear and determine the same, and report tlioir do
eision in writing to the officer who holds such re
turn, which decision shall be fin il Bod conclusive:
FieVuled, that notice to the Adjutant General, of
the intention of any elector tooontest the election
of any Major General shall be given wUhin fifteen
' after the elect on.
Sc.. 57 On eomplaiut of acommissioned officer,
made in writing to a superior officer touching the
conduct of any officer, such superior Mull, if ho
thinks the complaint a sufficient one for an arrest.
eo the officer nzsinst whom such complaint is
made to be arrested, and whe.i any pihcer is
,; arrested as aforesaid the offi -cr whose duly it is
to arrest, shall notify the officer arrested in wri
ting that he is suspended from command until ac
quitted from such arrest, staling the ground of
arrest and lace of trial.
Sec. ."8. In all cases where an i fficer
the officer who orders the arrest shall issue any
aummonsthat may bcnuplii-d for by either of the
parties, and parties so applying or any person
whom the officers granting such summons may
appoint, may serve th same and endorse the
time and service which shall be at least three
days previous te the setting of the court mar
thai, nnd shall make return thereof ; and any
person wno renn-es or iirimu, . -martial
after being duly summoned shall be
fined in any sum noi exceeding fifty dollars, which
fine shall be collected and ajiylied as other fines
underthe provisions of this act, and any court mar
tial shall have power to issue conpulsory process
to compel the attendance of witnesses who refuse
or neglect to attend when legally summoned,
Sec. 59 Major Generals shall be tried by court
martial appointed by the commander ir-chicf
' when a major-general shall preside; brigadier gen
erals shall be tried by court-ln jrtials appointed
h a,, major-general, where a h'igadier general
shall preside, and all staff offic rs ranking as
brigadi-r generals, shall be tried by the same
courts as brigadier generals; colonels, lieutenant
. colonels, majors, captains and lioutenants, or any
teffuoffioer ranking as such, shall be tried by a
court martial, appointed by a brigad er-general
wcereacoionei buu ijiomo, j
the bounds of said brigade, and if not, then a
lieutenant colonel or major shall preside; but
: If there is neither a lieutenant colonel nor major,
then a captain or lieutenant shall preside; each
court martial shall consist of not less than five,
nor over thirteen members, and to be of rank as
near as may bo to the rank of the officer to be
tried, if such can be found within the bounds of
.. l-: , . .11 ..H.m.rligla shall have nnwer
-any urigaui, an -uu ..-. ....... .......
to punish any officer, for neglect of duty, disobe
nr .Aara nr anv niker conduct unbecom
ing an officer, by suspension, fining, cashiering or
disqualification to hold any office iu the volunteer
militia of this State, and in all cases the president
of such court-martial shall cause two certified
copies of the sentence to be made out, which shall
be signed by the president and attested by the
judge advocate one of which the presidoot ahall
' lorsrd to the officer who orde-ed such court mar
tial, and the other shall be delivered to the bri
gade inspector of his brigade; but a record of the
proceedings must remain in the hands of such
court martial for the purpose of collecting ffmes,
or any other purpose where fines may be assessed
againatany person by the sentence of a court-martial,
and the sentence has been approved of by the
officer ordering such court-niarti.il, he shall ce rtify
the tame, and cause the sains to be collected as
provided by this act.
. Sec. 60. When any courts-martial shall have
met, agreeable to the provisions ol thit act, the
president of such court thall ad ninistcr to the
judge advocate the following oath, anil after being
aworn the judge advocate shall administer to the
' president and othtr membtrs of the court the
. same oBth, via l You, and each of you do solemn
ly, swear (or affirm) that you will well and truly
try and determine according to evidence, the
mflitu, nn huforn vnn hpt wHen the United States.
(or as the Slate of Ohio as the case may be,) and
the person to be tried, and that you will truly ad
minister justice according to law, without partiuli
ty, favor or affection, accord ing t.i your conscience,
. and the best of your understanding nnd custom of
war in like oates; you do fur. her aweir (or
affirm) that you w 11 not divulge the sentence of
the court, until it shall be p .bliahed by proper
aulhoritv. neither will vuu disc'use the upiuion of
idf uartJeular men, bur of the court, unless reqnr-
ei to give evidence thereof in a c mrt of justice,
in. A.... . r l. Tl,n i,i.l,r a,t tfoen I , ahull
prosecute, in the name of the United Slates, or of
the State of Ohio, (a ihe case may be,) but shall
an f.. .n...M. 1.:.n.uir a, eninisl for ihp npr.,rin
t accused, as to object to any illegal question put to
the prisoner, or the person accused, or any wit
ness,the answer to which might tend to criminate
himself. He shall also see ri'lit and justice done
to ths-defendant, on all questrons which may arise
' iara court martial; the ouiiLe-t in commission and
' lowest in rank shall vole first, and so on in suc
cession to the oldest ai d highest in rank, an 1
every persou giving evidence before a court-martial,
shall be examined ou oath or affirmation, and
all officers composing a court-.aanUl ah-ill be in
- fall uniform .
Sec. 6ij The party tried by a court martial
saall be entitled to a copy of the sentence, and
proceeding of such eourt-mnnial after the decis-
io.liia behalf; the command mg oflicer for tlte nine
' being shall have full power of pardoning or mili
gating any penalty ordered to be inliicted on any
uon-comiuiKsioncd oiiicer, musictau or private, lor
', lb each of the provisions of this act, by court
martial, ami everv officer, codvicted as aforesaid.
Icy.. any ceurt-maitiul, may be pardoned, or have
the penalty iniliga.ed by the officer ordering said
sec. a. I ne rules ami articles 01 war, nnu me
rules and customs which gov.-rn a court martial,
composed of officers of the army of the United
States, shall in all respects govern nil court mar-
l tial'a held under the provisions of this art, and
the couimander-in'Chief, major generals aiidbriv&.
k dier generals, shall have power to ord.-r a couit
auar iul ty lu bwlil at. aiic.h tiioaand ntaoe as thev
think proper, when the same may be necessary to
CJrny into effect any of the provisions of this act
net herein eipressly provided for, and in all caes,.
the officer orderiug the court nurli .1 may confirm
er dUprove the senleuce thereof.
Sec. 63. Any superior may, immediately af.er
he baa arrested any officer, appoint no less than
three nor over five officers, as near the rank of the
euicer arresieji, as lie an uu ,v,,,c, ,j jj.tv iui
- that purpoaa, and shall sum:non them to meet al a
certain emand place, a-d when rne, shall con-
ttituta a eourt of inquiry, whose duty it ahall be to
' inqnireinto the charges on which tuch officer was
arrested, and if a majority of aaid court are aatit
Bed that auch charges are not tutil :ient lo cause
y , eourt martial to assemble in said case, or-if they
an satisfied the eharget are sufficient, they shall,
, in either case, forthwith report the same under
leal to the officer who ordered the arrest, and anch
officer ordering the arrest shall ilnmediatnly afler
receiving the report of the said eourt, either dis
charge the officer arrested, oraaramoi a court-mar
tial forthwith to try him. The officer ordering
the arrest shall be governed by the court of inquiry,
and the members and witnesses attending a court
'of inquiry, shall be paid as tha members and wit
nesses of a court martial are paid, and the officer
who orders the arrest ansa designate wnai om
cer it to preside over the Court of inquiry, which
court shall have the same Dower to compel tha at
tendance of witnesses as court-martials, and either
party may aerve any process allowed by couit
martial, and all officers composing a court of in-
Ollirv shall ba in full nitlftttia.
Sec. 64. There shall be allowed to tha officers
composing any division, brigade, regimental,
squadron, or battalion courts martial, and to the
judge advocate thereof, one dollar anddlfty cents
for each day thiy may be necesssrily engaged iu
traveling to and from, and attending at such; the
provost marshal such compensation as is allowed
to eherifftt for similar services in civil cases, and
to each witness twenty-five cents for each day he
mayattet.d under a summons, ana lor enco aay in
traveling to and from the same, which compensa
tion shall be paid out of the state treasury on the
order ol tne president of tne coun-tnaruai, wuicn
Sec. 65 The commander-in-chief, whenever, in
his opinion, it becomes necessary, may organise a
subsistence or commissary department by ap
pointing a commissary general, or a genoral of a
stiosistence department, with Ihe rana ol Driga.
d er u-eneral. and such other assistant enmmissa.
ries as ho may think necessary, or the good of the
service may require, with such rank as is confer
red on othcersul the sams staitoa in the army oi
the United states and may also appoint such nun. -ber
of storekeepers and other officera as the erood
of the servico may require, and may order any or
all such i fivers lo attual service when their ser
vices become necessary.
Sec. Gfi. The commander-in-chief, when in his
opinion it becomes necessary, may complete the
organization of the medical departmet by ap
pointing a surgeon general, with the rank of colo
nel, and for each division a hospital surgeon, with
the rank of lieutenant aoloncl, nnd for each bri
gade, a hospital Burgeon, with the rank of major,
and may call any or all of said officers into actu
al service, a hen their services may be found nec
Sec. 67. The adjutants of regiments, squadrons
and battalions shall attend to, and record a'l re
turns from the commandant of regiments, squad
rons and battalions, and record the same in a book
to be provided for that purpose, and shall porform
such other duties as may from time to time be re
quired of them by the commandant of their regi
in uits, squadrons and battalions; Provided, that
when any adjutant shall be aVisentin command,
the commanding officer shall appoint a suitable
persou to do the duty of the adjutaut.
Sec. 6H. That Ihe adjutant general of the State
shall furnish to the commandants of divisions for
the use of their brigades, blank form of rolls,
bonds, and of the different -returns that niay 1 e re
quired from time to t me by this act, and explain
the principles on which ihcy t-hould be made.
See. 6:. The cumtnauder in-cbief shall cause
two thousand eonics of this act to be printed in
book form, which bookB shall h tve attached to them
ail the necessary forms tiy which all returns can be
made of compnuies, regiments, squadrons, or bat
talionB; also brigades and division', which blank
furuis uray be as near as circumstancs will admit,
to those ahich accompanied tha act of 1837, for
organizing. discipUninjr militia and volunteer
militia of Ohio, which pamphlets shall be imme
diately distributed and forwarded to tho county
seats of tho sevoral brigades, as other laws are,
nud ill due tiire, to be directed to the brigadier
generals or commandants of brigaie, who shall
be bouud to receive and distribute, as circum
stances may require.
Sec. 711. The act entitled "an act for organizing
and disciplining the militia and volunteer mili
tia' passed Ma,ch 4, 1837, and all acts and parts
of acts amendatory thereto, or inconsistent with
this act, are hereby repealed. Tbia act to take
effect immediately after its passage.
JOSEPH TRUESDALE Speaker pro tem of the House of Representatives.
President o the Senate, tem.
March 28, 1857.
No. 49.] AN ACT
To protect Fish and Fisheries.
Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Geueral Assembly
of the State of Ohio, That it shall be unlawful
fur anv rtaraon nr nuranna trt nut in nr Ifaen.im anv
stationary fish pound, fish seine, or fish net, or to
use any means, plan, or device whatever, to pre
vent the transit ol fish in this waters of any navi.
gable bay or river, or within the wnters of any
lake at a less distance from the mouth of such bav
or river than sixty rods; Provided that nothing
- I .L.ii I . I . - .-I
lieieiu uuui. uiieu biiaii ira cuostiucu iu picrcut
persons from putting inany such pouud, seine, or
net, for the purpose of catching fish in amy bay at
aplace where the same is not less than two milea 1
wide: Provided said pound, seine, or net, shall not!
extend into aaid bay more than one hundred rods j
from the shore thereof.
Sec. 2 That if any person orpersons shillhere-1
after set, put m, or keep up any fish pound, fish
seit: or fish- net, or shall use any meaua, plan orj
dovicetopreventthetransitof fish, contrary to the
of the first section of this act, every!
person so offending, shall forfeit and pay a sum1
not less than ten dollars, nor more than fifty dol-!
lara, with costa of suit, to be reoovered by suit in
the name of the &,ate of Ohio, before any court of
competent jurisdiction; and said sum wlleo col-
lected shall be paid into the treasury of the county
where said wrongful act was committed, for the
benefit of common schools.
Sec. 3 That if the owner of any such fish
pound, fish seine, or fiah net, used contrary to the
a,hieh .!. a. ahall h .et. r nol i
. v . ,r
down, bo that a service cannot be made upoa him
therein; any justiceof the peaceof wid comity on
complaint made umicr oatU or amrmation of these j
act, is r.ereoy a union zee, aim rt-quirea iu issue b
writ, requiring the constable to attach said fish
pound, ti-h seine or rish net, and if the owner
thtjrmtf fdiiill fail for thirty days after the same
hail ha attached, to come before slid in tice and
enter his appearance to a suit hi the name of the
State af Ohio for the penalty provided for in the
secon section of this act, ihe justice shall Nnue his
order to a constable commanding the sale thereof,
which sale shaU be conduced in nil respects as
SB e UOOll eicui iuii itmi lie in u. CTi.fl ii aui.il. "an .
shall beanplie lfiratlo the pay numt of the costs of
the proceedings, and the surplus shallbc paid into
the county tieasury fur the be l tilt ot common
Sec. 4 This act shall take effect from and after
its pr.s-4;ige.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate. tem.
March. 19, 1857.
No. 50] AN ACT
To amend th eighty second section of the act
entitled "An act to provide fr the creation and
reulation of Inc-rprafed Companies in the
Statu of Ohio," pas-ed May 1, ltiV2.
Htc I 13o ii enacted b the General Assembly
of the Slate uf Ohio, That the eighty-second sec
tion of the above recited act be so amended as to
road as follows : Section B'2. All ollicers and a ma
jority ol the directors of any incorporated com
compHny, oianized under tho provisions of this
act, other than inanufac: u'inif companies, shall be
residents of this State; and wlieuever any com
pany, association or society, heretofore or hereafter
incorporated, shall havo failed to elect its officers
at the time designated, it shall be lawful for
such company, awsor iutiun or society, to crA a
mfeting aud elect i s otliirr. who shall hold their
renpectiVJ offices until the time flpecifitd for the
annual, or other fixed time for holding such elec
tion, and whenever any incorporated company
heretofore organized or that may be hereaitr or
trail izud under the provisions of this act. shall
have a specified time 6 red for its annual meet ing.
a mai,nly ot tne mocKnomers in interest may a
any regular annual meeting, change the time
of the annual meeting thereof! Every m inufac
turing company organized under the provisions of
this ac shall enaMUb and keep at some place
within this State, and with n ihe county, or with
in some one of the counties in which its business
sh-.lt be carried on, a principal accounting office of
tuch corporation, where snail be kept iec urate ac
hihitinif clearlv the financial conditio!
of auch corporation, and of ita capital stock, or
shares, and (of all the property ol every oescnp
tion. andendiu aubiect to taxation, which ac
counts shall at all tim a during usual business
hour, be subject to th inspection of any assessor
lawfully authorized to assesa such property and
credits. Notice of the place whera such office ia
established, and of every change thereofhall be
published in some ne wars per of general circula
tion in the county where inch oflie ia located, and
the principal accouutii.g onicer, ami at loasi ou
of the directors of every tuch company shall ba
residents of this State.
Sec 3. That the said original section eighty
two, of which this is an amendment, be and tha
same is hereby repealed, and that this act take
efftiCtand be in force from and after Ita
the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
March 30, 1857.
[No. 54] AN ACT
Relating to the surrender of permanent leases to
Virginia Military School Lands.'
Sto. 1. He it enacted bv tha General Asaemblv
of tha State of Ohio, That hereafter in applications
for the surrender of permanent leases of any tract
or parcel ol land, comprising a partoi lanaa com
monly known as' "the Virginia Military School
Lands," id order that the lessee, or assignee of the
original lessee, may be vested with the fee simple
estate in such tract or parcel of land, it shall not
ba neceassrv for such' lessee or assignee making
such application, to make proof of the payment of
any rents or interests accruing unaer.ana or virtue
of, such leass upon such lauds prior to the year
Sec 3. ThattheregisteroftheVirginiaMilitary
School Lands, when auch applications are made,
upon satisfactory proof that the original lease, or
any assignment thereof, of any tract or parcel of
such lands has been lost or dcstioyed withotitthe
procurement, and against the will of such appli
o int, may issue a certificate of purchase, as is now
provided by law, without requiring the production
and actualsurrendorof such original lease or proof
of such assignment of the same; provided that
such register shall not in any such case issue a
certificate ot purchase, as aforesaid, unless, and
until, he ia satisfied from competent testimony
that such applicant is, in good faith, the owner of
such leasehold estate; and that he has held peace
able, quiet and undisputed possession thereof lor
term of twenty-oue years next preceding his
said application, either by himself or his immedi
ate lessor or lessors.
Sec. 3. This act shall be in force from and after
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
March 27, 1857.
No. 61] AN ACT
Supplementary to "an act. making ments
of writing negotiable," passed February
35, 18:0.
Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly
of the State of Ohio, That all bonds, notes and
bills, payable at a day certain after d -te or after
sitrht. made negotiable bv the act to which this is
supplementary, shall be entitled to three days'
grace in the time of payment.
Sue 3 That tht demands of payment from the
maker of any bond or note, or of the drawee of
any bill of exchange on the third day of grace
given aforesaid, a id notice of non-payment there
of the endorser of any such bond, note or bill, and
the drawer of any such bill within a reasonable
time thereafter shall be adjudged, due diligence
under the second section of the act to which this
is supplementary, unlesa the endorsement shall
express in writing other conditions: Provided,
that when the third day of grace shall be the first
day of the week, the first day of Janunry, the
fourth day of July, the twenty-fifth day of Decem
ber, or a public thanksgiving day, such demand
shall be made ou the next preceding business
Sec. 3. The act passed March 1.1, ip.isi, entitled
an act atinnlementarv to an act making certain
instruments of writing negotiable." passed Feb
ruary 25, 1820, be and the same is hereby repealed:
Provided, nothing in this act shall affect suits
pending or rights acquired, before this act lak
the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
President of the Senate. March 30, 1857.
Auditoe'b Office, Wood Co., 0.)
May 19, 1857. j
T htroVir eertifv that tha above lawa an. accord
ing to the copies furnished by the Secretary of
Slate. JAMES w. ROSS, Co. Auditor.
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Who has bat 10 year's experience as a Banker and aaai
ruuiiMisi, nuu auiuur ui aai
A Mtriet of l,ertnttt at th Broadway Tabtrnaclt
when, fnr 10 ancceslve nights, ovor S
Greeted him with KonnHaofAnnlauRe.whllehe fT
exhibited the maimer In which Counterfeiters exe
cute their Frauds, and the surest and short- - A
est means of deceeting theml A,
Th4 Bank Molt Kugrawn ail my that h it
the grrateat Judge of Vaper Monty living, kaal
Pienent (feature Tor
aspirating uoumerieii uant roi". q
Describing Every Uenuine Bill in Existence, and m
Exhibiting at a glanca every Counterfeit jj
In circulation M
Arranged so admirable, that ItKFEREN'CE la easy fS
and DETECTION Instantaneous. M
WT-Vn ln.lo In ...min.l M n ..... n k,,n tint Bw
Hut so slmplllieil and arranged, that the .Men lianl, mi
uanaer ana nusmess Man can soe all al a Ulanet. A
t,nelun, trenrh anil (lermrm. ft
Thus Each mav read tho same In his own JVatlvraaa
TnnfTiia. W
Most Perftdt Unnk Note List Publi-hcd, 5'
Also a Hit of IZ
All the Private Bankers in Amenta. w
A complete siiminarv of the Pixaxck ok Ecrope
Amkhica will be nnl'lihcd in each edition, to-a
gother with all the Important Atws of the day.
Also a series of
From an Old Manuscript found In tho East. It
furnishes the mmt rnmplcto History of
IHRvr4i. i n n
floRcrlbllie the moat nerntexiiie nnaitinns in whlrh
ine i.autcs ami oentlemen of tbnt countrv haves
neeu bo ouen lounu. Tliese Stories will oontinne
throughout the whole year, and will provo tlie
most entertaining ever oflVroil to the Piihlin.
trr urulshi'il eekly to Subscribers oulv. at 51 e
a year. All li-Uprs must be nilrircpgcd to
JOHN S. DYE. Urokur. hd
Publisher and Proprietor, 70 Wall-street, A'ow P
April n, 1357 J19A21ly '
ii. liuisRrir
HASremnTed his Drugstore to the building formerh
orcunied bv O. D. Itannev.on Wnvne trpt. inom
the Book store,) where he has opened the largest
stock of h
Drugs. Medicines and Clicinicals
ever before itfTered In .Aluuinee Titv. H rofurnii Mi,
thanks for the liberal patmnuge previnusly bestowed
upon him, and hopes by diligence and punctuality in
business, and a liberal policy to his patrons, to merit a
continuance of past favors; assuring them, together
with all others who may favor him with a call, tlmt It
will be his pleasure, at all times, to furnish them pure
medicines of almost every kind, and medical advice, it
necessary. A variety of
t-henucals, I'urt ft tties nnd I.tqnnrs for Meiiical or lve
chamcal purpose, (but none of an inferior and
deleterious composition,) Flavoring
Extracts for Cooking, Per
fumery,TooOi Paste
nnd Powtlers
Skin Powders, Hair Restoratives and Hair Tonics, Lip
uuiiu uiki roiuaues, onavin ireums and rviaps,
Toilet Soaps; Cloth, Hair, Hat. Tooth, Nail
Scrub, Paint and Wliitewusl. Brushes;
Fancy artieles, Spts. Turpentine. Lin
Beeii, Lard.Whale, Tanners', Fish
and N eats-Foot OILS:
White and lied Lead Zinc, Chocolate or Fire
Proof Paint ground in oil, a new article
and finer Painta of all colors ; Dye
Woods and Dye Stuffs t Window
Glass and Glass Ware ; Gro
ceries, such as Teas, Su
gars, Rice, Pepper,
Soices. tl'C.
nnd many other articles, as well as a large variety of
Proprietary Medicines, adapted to all diseases, lie has
also set up a new FOUNTAIN, from wlii-h tH...0.
jet of ice-cold mineral water, at the pleasure of the op
erator, for the special benefit of his customers.
August ', Iti.tU.
Dr. C. M. JACKSON, Philad'a, Pa.
WILL EF.FBCTlrAl.r.T fl'nw
Chrome or JServoti Deb i I it u. Diseases of the Kidn,u
and ail diseases arising from a disordered Hver o
as Consti
pation. Inward
Piles, Fullness of
blood to the head, Acidi
ty of the Stomach, Nausea,
Heartburn, Disgust for food. Ful
ness or weight in the stomach, Sour
eructations, sinking or fluttering at the pit
of the stomach, swimming of the head, huried
and difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart,
v-noiiKingorsurrocating sensations when in a lying pos
ture, dimness of vision, dots of webs before the siht
fever and dull pain in the head, deficiency of perspira
tion, yellowness of the skin and eyes, pain in the side,
back, chest, limbs, &c sudden flashes of heat, burning
iu uic nesii, constant imaginings oi evil., ana great de'
pression of spirits
The proprietor in calling Ihe attention of the pub
lic to this preparation, does so with a feel in tr of the
ntmostconndence in its virtues and adaptation to the
diseases for which it it reccomm ended.
It is no new and untried article but one that has
stood the test of ten years' trial before the American
people, and its reputation and sale ia unrivaled by any
similar preparations extant. The testimony in its fa
vor giveni by the most prominent and well known Phy
sicians and individuals in all parts of the country is
immense, ana a carenu perusal ot the Almanac, pub
lished annually by the proprietor, nnd fo be had irrat.
is of any of his agents, cannot but satisfy the most
skeptical that this remedy is really deserving the great
celebrety it has obtained.
Principal Office and Manufactory, No. 00 Arch St.,
miiiueifiiiiii. i a.
Certificate of HALF LUTE, Esq., Editor iVpirt
Of tlit Times" honttm, Ohio.
Inii.vroN, Oct. 30, 154.
EVr. C. M. Jackson Dear Sir, The bitters are in
grenfdcnvmd here. In addition to the Quantities sold
bv Moxlev & Jtnrber, onr agents.the two other stores
sell more of them than any other medicine. I rind
they are much used by convalescent fever patients to
rebuild their broken constitutions. I have used during
the last summer, in my own family, four bottles. They
were receomeudfd to me first by a neighbor, at a time
when my system was much debilitated from the effects
of n severe Billious fever. They gave me nn appetite,
and restored a rone and' vigor to my whole system. Iu
one of the September numbers of my paper 1 related
mv experience of the good effects of rtio- Bitters, since
winch time they have had a large sale, and have now
become the standard medicine in this vicinity.
In conclusion, 1 would say that I feel great pleasure
in giving you this testimony of the value nnd success
of your preparation. Itespectt'ullv vours,
Ui'SHKi.vij.LK, Ohio, Jan. ID.
Dr. C. M. Jackson Dear Sir, " lie would inform
you that we are out of your Bitters, which find a ready
sale. One of our neighbors has been doctoring for
some time (we think nliout two years) with all the doc
tors in the country, but nil of no avail. He looked at
much like a dead man going about as anything wt
cuii compare him to. His disuse appeared to be an
overflowing of the gfiit. With hard persuasion wo
prevailed on him to try your bitters, with the promise
to linn.it it ui (i no gouu.urge we wouiu en mining
for it, provided he took nix bottles according to the di
rection, which he hasdone, and is now entirely cured.
and has become a well man. Tins cure has created a
great sale in thin neighbnrh od."
Kewtfullv. EDWARDS Si BROWN.
Thev are entirely v-pgetahle, free from all injurious
ingredients, or alcoholic stimulants, always strengtlien-in-r
and never nrostratinif the svstem.
Price 7,'ic. nerbotrje. Sold bv Druggists and Store
keepers iu every town and village in the United States
aud Canadas.
Sold by H. BHltKITT, Maumee City; PECK &
HAMILTON, Perrysburg ; Liusdale Si Bros, Free
port; Norman Brewster, Scotch Hidge ; Jno, Bradner.
West MillgrnvH.
a " c "V ' wY"n s ij 6 w
Iron-Founder and Machinist,
Has on hand an extensive and approved assortment
ratterns lor
rinu trastuigs gcncrailv. vt ork none to order on suon
noiice. ami in a satisfactory mairner.
Etna litN Kors'mtY, Mai-mkk City, Ohio
AttiriHy and Couiiscilora nt Law.
Agents for the punruue and sale of Lands and natoeut
of 'Purest
v i iKU H ANGINtJS. An extenlve variety, enibra-
L eiug Window Shades, Hull 4iper, Border Ac. ofi
the latest styles. Just received ana ror sale cneap at
i a in iaiu aiitTICB. The Pebbbuu Bins
.......... -
is now openana preiiarea ioai.couiiiaiioriuuaiuaa
Daper.hu ann aen ooia.o.r,aiiu Bwni aui.,ig.,
aim tranaacloth.rbusioea.in their hue. Interest paid
on tim. .lep.iait.. J.8. NOKTON, Cashier.
PE C T 0 R A L ,
Coughs, Cold, and Hoarseness,
Brimpibmi, Mbss., Dec. 30th, 1855.
Dr. Ji Ci Avefi t do not hetdtAi tnuv
that tile heat remedy 1 have ever found
for CuuKha. Hoarseness. Inflnensa. am.
the eonuomitant symptoms of a Cold, it
your Chubby Pk'-toral, Iu constant
use in my practice and my family for the
laat ten years has shown It to possess su
perior virtues lor the treatment of thesr
complaints. EHKN KNKiHT, Mi D.
A. B. MORTLY, Esq., flf mica, '.,
writes t "I have nstd voor Pertottil mv-
selt and In my family ever sihefl you Invented it and
nenove it to be trie oest medicine for Its ouroose ever
put out. With a bad cold, I should sootier pay $25.00
tor a douic man no witnotu it, or lane any otner remedy.
aSpHiNuriKl,l. aliss.. Feb. 7. IH.Ift-
Brother Aier: I will cheerfully certify your Pectoral
is tne nest rrmeny we possess tor tne vt hooping Coogb,
Croup, and the chest diseases of children. We of your
iraicrnity in me nouin iircciaie your ss.hi, anu com
mend your medicine to our people,
AMOBJ.titi. rn Monterey, la., writes. 3d Jan. 1850;
I had n tedious Influenza, which confined me In doors
six weeks; took many medicines without relief; finally
tried your Pectoral by the advice of our clergyman.
The first dose relieved the soreness in my throat and
lungs; less thun one-half the bottle made me complete
ly well. Your medicines were the cheapest as well as
the nest we can imy, anu we esteem you Doctor, and
your remedies, as the poor man's friend.
Asjthmiu or Phthisic, and llronrhlttn.
Wbst Manchkstek, Pa,, Feb. 4, UVifl.
Pir: Your Cherry Pectoral Is performing marvelous
cures iu this section. It has relieved several from
alarming symptoms of consumption, nnd is now curing
a man wno nan laooreo miner an niiection ot the lungs
forthe last lorlv vours- llli.NKV L. PARKS, Met.
A. A. RAMS'KY, M. D., Albion, Iowa, writes Sept, fl,
lS.i'i: During my practice of many years I have found
nothing eiinai to your Vhrrrv Pectoral for trivintf cane
and relief to cotiauiuptive patients, or curing such as
are curanie.
We might add volumes of evidence, but the most
convincing proof of the virtues of this remedy Is found
iu Us effects upon trial.
Probably no remedy has ever been known which
cured so many and such dangerous cases as this.
Some no human aid can reach; but even to those the
Cherry Pectoral affords relief and comfort.
Astob Hoi sk, New York City, March 5, 185fl.
Dr. Aver, Lowell: I feel it a dity and a pleasure to
inform you what your ( 'herrv Pectoral has done fnr mv
wife. She had heen furtive months laboring under the
dangerous symptoms of consumption, from which no
aid we could procure gave her much relief. She was
steadily failing, until Dr. Strong, of this city, where
we have come for medical advice, recommended a trial
of your medicine. We Mess his kindness as tre do your
skill, for she has recovered from that day. She Is not
yet as strong ns she used to be, but is free front her
cough, and calls herself welt.
lours witn gratitnnennt regard,
ORLANDO SHELBY, or Sheli.yvili.s.
Consumptives, do not despair till you have tiled
Ayert Clwrry Pectoral. It is made by one ofthe best
medical chemists In the world, and its cures all around
us bespeak the high merits of its irUe9,PttlaUeiphia
Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER.
Practical and Analytical Chemist, Istwell, Mas$.
PrIF, $1 00 Pl.R BOTTLR.
AVER'S PILLS, Prick 25 Cts per Tiox.
Bold by H. Burritt, Allen A Nelson, Manmee, Peck A
Hamilton, Perrysburg, and by all Druggists every
where, bent, 20lv.
By Ir Roback's Scandinavin Remedies.
AFTER years of study,
analysis und experiment,
Mr Koback, the emminent
Swedish Pliysician. succeded
In producing a medicinefrom
the mountain herhsof hisna
tive laud, which acts directly
upon the causes of disease iii
the btood.and by restoringthe
corrupted fountain of life to
a condition or health and
purity, expels disease from
the system wherever It mav
be located, or whatever mnv
be its character. Indigestion, nervrus joinploints,
epileptic and other tits, coughs, cemumption in its
early stages, lore throat, bronchits, fever and ague
OB l Uinta, lUW PJlirn,citis ...-a, f"'i'i1ii " lime Ticuia-
ness, pricking of the skin, symptomatic of 'paralysis,
hanniuiiim natiim 1 tr ia . t limor. Cttnrnr. sitnliatds lnai.
tude and debility, diarrhea,and all other disorder of the i
organs of respiration, the liver, the kidneys, the stom
ach, the nerves, or the muieularfibre, are unerringly
cured by this dreparation. It is to the materiet morb'i,
or seedsof disease, what an alksli is to an acid; it
neutralizes them wit"h absolute certainty, while at the
srme time if regulates the secret ion s.-removes obstruc
tions from the bowls1, crtnfes appetite, renews bodily
vigor and regenerates every animal fn net ion. Such is
the nature, such are the effects of Dr, finback's fa
monlScandinvian Blood Purifier Pills, will not onl j
obliterate the most painful diseases, bnt prevent their;
recurrence, and lengthen life beyond its ordinary
span, I
To prevent imposition, purchase only of respectable
druggists, Ale., of regular agents or'ol Dr. lioback.l
sole proprieter and manufacturer, (J4th street, Cincin
nati. Price of Purifier $1,00 per. bottle j 0 bottles'
for 5. Pills 25 cts. per, box. and 5 boxes for $ 1,00. j
Trhhe Halte, Ind, Oct, 12, 1H55. !
Dr. BoBACK-Sir, The last thre botlcs of your
Rlood P win rand the accompanying Pills, have re
lieved me of the fast vestige of my rheumatism, I con
sider the cure all but miraculous. After having suf
feredthe most acute agony, almost without intermis
sion, for eig-ht years, and being for three years a crip
ple, lean scarcely renlize the fact that at this moment,
after having used your Scandinavian Remndies foronH
three months and a few days, I am a hide, hearty mail,
capaldeof manual labor, aud entirely free from pain,
When I hrst applied to you, by letter, for a supply of
your medicines, I waslittle betterthana annatical skel
eton. For more than two years 1 had never enjoyed one
hour of unbroken night, rest, and my mind sinking with
my body, had become greatly enfeebled, tne very first
buttle of the Purifier v. ro tight a surprising change for
the better in my system, and after taking that wonder
ful restorative, together with the Blood Pillls, for one
month. I felt that a complete regeneration of everv
animal function wnsin progress. I was not deceive,
1 am now, at (il years of age, as free from every symp
tom of rheumatism as I was nt UK There can be no
doubt that this wonderful cure is due to vonr remedies
alone, and 1 am willing, it it will serve ou or iuuduce
others to seek relief from the same source, that this let
ter should be made public, 1 ours, Ae..
Cincinnati, Dee. 2S, ix.Vi.
Dr.C. W. RonifK DenrSir: Thiswillccrtifv that
I called tin Dr. Ituback last March and got Home of his
Scandinavian lllood Purifier, which has entirely cured
me of a eomplaiht of nine months duration, nnd after
li ving other physicians without effect, I, as a Inst re
source, called on the above named Dr. Hobuck, ami he
relieved me of the Ncuraligin. together with weakness in
the'huck. I u the course of three weeks from the time 1
tirst applied to get up und attend to business, nnd can
safely say that from tlmt time I have enjoyed the best
of health. Those who suffering frrm any illness would
do well to call on Dr. Koback, at hisestablisliment. No
GKast Fonrth street. 11, C. KTEWaHT,
No. IT Chestnut street.
For sale by Pr.fK St- Hamilton. Perrysbnrg, Dn.
PuiiniTT, Manmee; W.& H . Honn. Bowiino Ohkf.n;
W. St H. Hasrins, Portage; Lkvi Tavi.or, New
Wrtrield : ( i , L a k k k y & Co.. (iii.kah; L. L. Moiti:
iiorsK A Co., Watei ville, ami for sale hy Drugists and
i-alers in Medicines generally through the conntry..
Deccmbep Trt. ltit( 2lv.
To I-uggists, SlerchniitM, and Oca I era in Medi
cine. Titr; rmsrirAT. nxr-nT op
Foe Western Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri,
Virginia, Calitornia,. Nw Kugland,
Ac, nt the Store Koom of
P. W.HOYU tf CO.
We keep a supply constantly on hand. All Dealers
in Medicine supplied on most reasonable terms.
This very valuable and popular medicine, has built
up its own reputation, and needs no word of commen
dation from us. Order. solicited aud promptly filled.
Aoknts: U. Burritt,, P. C. Holt, Mnumee City, C.
West, v Co., .1. si. Ashley, loicuo, i, iicacn a l o,
Geo. Powers, perrcslmrg, Ohio.
BOYD, STONE St CO., Proprietors,
2tf Maiiinee City, Ohio.
F. K. MILLER fc CO.,
Dry Hoods, firoreries, Hardware, Crockery, Boots am
tShneSf, Clothing, iron. Nails, iilasSy.
Snt. Sjroi,. fyc.
They respectfully solicit a share of public patronage.
Store," formerly occupied by E, D. PECK it Co., on
Krout street,
.Ian. 24, lKftfi.
Cornisr of Ihnlley A Oonant ata.. Manmee (Uy, O.
Dry dfoodh Groceries, Boots and Shoe, Ready Mad?
Clothing, Pork, Beef, Potatoes,
Oat, 4r., W.
Pervysburg, Jan. 26. Ift66.
Ihe most Thorough tf Practical Institution in
the West.
TERM.--For full course.inclndlngalldepartmsnta
or Book Kesplhg,, Lectures and Penmanship, invariant
ntJdn( ;..T.40 W
T For fnll course fn Ladies' Department 20 00
HF, PROPH1ETOHS take great pleasure In ei
pressing their thanks for the gratifying and unpre
cedented success whinh has marked the career of theft
institution since Its establishment at the Capital, and
stimulates them to renewed exertions to meet, m themoti
efficient manrur, the rapidly increasing demands for A
practical and eompreht'tuve course of mercantile train
mg. The great practical experience of the Principal,
in heavy Banking and Commercial Houses, tusitted b
educated and accomplished gentlemen, has enabled hird
to bring to a degree of perfection a syitem of COl'N
TlHO ROOM instruction, bv oral exercises, wot at
tained bt ant other INSTITUTION. Each student, bv
tnis new process. ! drilled at the DES K, tudttiduaHv ,
step by step, ui til he has mastered the w hole routine tf
an Accountant's duties a fl,nr., -hi.. . j.- i j
tervedananprenceshtpmsotnetarge Commert.nl Hou
se ; and thus all awkwardness, faltering nnd egre
gious blunders are, in a great measure, drwlrted
In addition to our engagement of aeeomplithed as
sistants, we have bIho secured the services of nome of the
mosr eminent lecturers In Ohio to lecture in o . com
mercial topics.
Our course of instruction ia inn a-tn1sl in .Fiian.
larize here, but it embrace everv thing- connected with
and full discussion of its scientific principles Lectures
upon Commercial History, and History of eminent Cum-
m-itiui iTien. commercial t.eograplit, Commercial
Products, Oommercial Calculations, Bonking, Political
Economy, Mercantile Law. Kthi
ship. Ac.
The Indies' Dcpnrtmcnt
Is now open for the reception of Ladies. No Initlttw
tion in the Union imparts a more thorough or bi thirst
ing course in this department.
In conclusion, we would add. that we if-all nut fntb
our best efforts to merit in a still more eminent degree
the flattering reception with which our enterprise has
met, and pledge ourselvtt to impart a more thorough
practical rourse of Mercantile Instruction titan can btf
formed at any other similar College.
Among the many recommcndatiuni, we gfre ffte lot
" We the undersigned, take pleasure in testifying that
we nre pcrsonallv acouninted ith Mr.t.iiAM.Kit'ii at-r
ity as an Accountant, and Teacher of Hook Keepingf
which is of the highest order. He has had great expe-
rieuce as an Accotmtant, in heavy Commercial and Bank
ing Houses, which gives him superior facilities ininw
parting a practical k nowledge of Book Keeping, and a
invi vugii commercial .aticaiion.
President of Farmers' College
President of Renvoi! College.
To young men who wish to acquire a "business edu
cation " we think it affords facilities seldom eons led.
Mr. Granger has the rare nnalihcatinn of theoretical
knowledge and aptness .n teaching, added to practical
Counting Room experience, nnd e feel confident that
graduates from his College will be fully competent to
keep the most tomplicated set of books'.
A. I . nUm Vi, vtnolcsae& lietail Merchant.
J. J. JAN NE Y, Sec. B d Control, S. Bank Old
J. F. PA It K. Rook Keeper at D.T. Woodbnrvo.
D. OVE1UHEK, Book Keeper. Clinton Bank's.
II. Z. MILLS, See. Columbus Gas A Coke Co..
C. B. MASON. B'k Keeper Tur J.H.Itilcj ACo,,
For full particulars, send for circular.
1ml 3 Proprietors.
Not a Particle of Mercury in U !
An infallible remedy fur Scrofula. King's Kiil. It hen
mutism, Mistinate i u'ancons i-.ruptions, I'nnpiet
orPostules on the Puce, Uiotches. Itoili, Ague
and Fever, Chronic Sore Kves, King worm,
or Tetter, Scald head. fCnlnrgemenr
and pain of the Rones and Joints.
Salt Rheum, Stubborn 11
cers, Ryphilitic Disor
ders, and all diseas
es ariiing from
au irj"di-
use of ,Mcr
rury. Imprudence'
hi Life, or impurity of
the Rlood.
This great alterative Medicine and Purifier ef thsv
Blood is now used by thousands of grateful patients'
from all parts of the United States, who testify dail1
to the remarkable cures performed bv the greatest CP
all medicines, " CA RRER'S SPANISH MIX'i l'RK.M
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruptions on th
Skin, Liver Disease, FeTcrs, I'lcers, Ola sores, AfTec-''
tion of the Kidneys, Diseases of the Throat, Femals
complaints, Pains and Achiugsof the bones and joints,
are speedily put to Night by using this inestimable rertw
For all diseases of the Blood.nothing has yet heen fotino
to compare with it. It cleanses the system of all im-
tuirities, acts gently and efficiently on the Liver and'
vidneys, strengthens the Diirestinn, gives tone t the'
stomach, makes the skin clear and healthy, and restores
the Constitution, enfeebled by disease or broken down'
by the excesses of youth, to its pristine vigor end1
For the mir-iSKs; or fkmai. r.s it is peculiarly appli
cable, nr-d uhcrev'ir it has become known in regularly
prescribed uith the happiest effects It invigorates
the weak and d. l 'dilated, and imparts elasticity to the'
worn-out ftan:, clfum the skin, and leaves the patient!
fresh and health ; a single bottle of this inestimable
remedy is worth' all th? "-called Sarsaparillas iu exist-'
The large number of certificates which we have re
celved from person from nil pans of the I'nited States,
is the best evidence that iIkm c is no humbug about it .;
The Press, hotel keepers, minirntes, physicians, ami
public men, well known to the community, all add their1
testimony to the wonderful ctfects of thisoKKAT bi.ood"
Call on the Agent and get an Almanac, and read'
the details of aKtuitishiugcures performed by cahtkn's
Spanish mixture, in most cases xrhere everything else1
had signally failed.) The limits of an advertisement
will not admit their full insertion.
Wm. S. RKF.HS St CO., Proprietors.. t
No. ;in4, Broadway, New York",
To whom all orders must be addressed.
For sale bv Druggists and Country Merehnntsinall
parts of the Vnited States und the Canadas, and bv
PI-.CK Si II-UIUiON, Pernsburg, and H. lit It
RITT. "Maimieo City. "fScpt. II. 1S5C ly
Piiii,ii:i.iMii v mi;dh ai. noi sr. Ks
tablished twenty-lwo years ago ly Oh. K1NKEL-
IN, corner of Third nnd I'nion streets, Philadelphia, Pa.
F.xperience has rendered Dr. K. a most'sitCTOssftti
practitioner in the cure of all diseases of a private na
ture ; manhood's debility as an impediment to mar
riage; nervous and sexual infirmities, diseases of th.
skin, and those arising: from ahttsp of nrrriMiny
There is nn evil habit sometimes indulged in by boys
iu solitude, often growing up with them to manhood;
and which, if not reformed in due time, not only be
gets serious obstacles to matrimonial happiness, but
gives rise to a series of protracted, iiisidious, and ie
vastnting atTcctirns.
Few of those who give way to this pernicious pt se
ttee are aware of the consequences, until they find tha
nervous system shattered, feel strange and unaccount
able sensations, and vague fears in the mind. (See pa
gcs.'J",!'. !!'. of Dr. K's. book on "Self Preaarwatifc i.").
The unfortunate lhas affected becomes feeble, i un
able to labor with nccmtnaied vigor, or to apply his
mind to study ; his step is tardy and weak ; he isdulH
irresolute, and engages even in his spurts with le&en
ergy than usual.
Jf he emancipate himself before the practice Bsf
done its worst, and enter mntrimony, his marrioge isu
nnlruitful, and hm sciimo tells himthut this U caused bjt
his early follies. These are considerations u-iiicH ituldtr
aitakeu'the attention of all vhn nre similarly situaiedL'
He who places himself under Dr. Kinkelin's treat
mcnt, may religiously confide in his honor as a gsntifc
man, and rely upon the assurance, rhut rile secrets of
rtr. K's path nts will never be disclosed.
Young man let no false modpsty deter Tou.from ma
king vourcase known to one. who, Irom education and!
respectability. can certainly befriend you.
Dr. Kinkelin's residence has been for the last twenty
vmrsafthe N. W. corner ot Third and L'nioit streets
Philadelphia, Pa.
Can have (by stating their case expliwiriyv together
with all tJie r symptoms, per letter, enclosing a remit-,
hinec.) Dr. K's'niedwins, f propr4ad accordingly.
Forwarded to any part' or tile United States, and pack,
ed secure from damage or curiosity, bv Mail or Kx press.,
A Vigorous Life or a ft ematnrt Death, Kinkelin ot,
Self Preservation Only "iUcmU.
Letters containing that value in stamps, will ensure,
a oonv. per return of mail.
A Fve 6'r To Alt.
"XahirVi uide," a lev simI popalar Wsrlt.fuH ot
valuable advloe and impressive waraiag alike calcnlsx
ted to prevent years of misery, cad thousands of
Uvea, is distributed without charge, and forwarded
snail, prepaid to any Post Offlee in the United State, oav
sMianns an order enclasiair two uohim tasnM.

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