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No, 141] AN ACT.
K' -Ui it I Irt certain propose I Amendment to the j
Constitution, and thu publication of this nut,
iid 'i act. therein nan c-J.
Where.!, tho Hcner-il Assembly of the Sta'e of
Odo, three fifth of th? m m.Wa elected to each
House agreeing thereto, hnve propo-i-d five sev
eral men Intents to the Oond..tution.tobe tvib
ihilleH to theelertor f -r their ap; roval r rejec
tion at the flUctioH for Senators and Repre en
telir, on the second Tuesday of Oc Urn-, 1857,
6 bo. I. Ba ft enacted by the General Aasembh
of the Sut nf Ohio, That tin dector of the
eute ahall Tote npon faid proposed a i.endimm -at
the g-nerat ctec ion id Ocio r, 1857, as heiein
pre-teribe.!, vit-
Those Totinv for amendment numbjr one h II
pujupon their ba lot th.ae worJi, "Annual Sua
tion Yoa; those voliug agaiu-t i r hull put on
their ballois these words. " Annual "-teaition. No.
Those Toting for amendment number two, shall
pat upon their ball it "Change uf DUtnct Court
Yes;" those Toting against, it snail put upon
their ballots "Change of Ditric dun No.''--Thoie
vottntr for amend nent numb -r t ree, hali
put upon their ballots ' Bank and individual taxa
lion Equal Ye;' tho e v.itiuj against it shal
put upon their ballots "Hank and in livulual taxa
tion Equal No." Those voting for amendment
number 'our sha'l put upon thr b libra "Corp -ration
Yes;" those voln. again it shill put
upoi their billots Corpora ion- No." Those
voting foraroendmen' number five, hall put upon
their ballot "Single Districts Yea;" tho e voting
against it fhall put upj.i ihiirbilLuts "Sirglo Dii
iricls No."
S e. 2 A return, nlili'iinal to tho return now
required by law to be limit), of tin? vol s ca-t at
mien election tor statu officer;, and si nators and
rep rem n auv.s.and a -n firmul a-aiim tMch o'
S:iid five propo-i'd am duint t th convitm on
thill b c -rt tied and made by the c.evk of cich
county to iha iecret ry of ttite, within t n diy
after said election an 1 withiu twenty da s after
said election, the governor, se.rtarv of state ami
a'torncy general shall op' u said returns and count
the votes, an I ni ertuiu whether or not a mj riiy
of tho votes cast at slid dec Ion have b en cad
for ssid proposed nni-indmeuts. or either of them;
Mid if it appears that a majority of the votes cav
at such election have buen cist for sa d popisel
auiindinentj,or either of the n, th1? governor shall
nnke proc fruit ion thereof wi.hout delay.
Sea. 3. This act, and the act e .titled "aii act
providing f r ihe submission to the e tutors, " of
he act entitled "an act to incorporate ih" Uink of
Ohio aud Branch jb," passed at th present session
of tho general nssemhly, t-hdl b pub..hhed by
eich county auditor, in two Witkly Eugll-h pa. crs
if tw he p-hli-drd i 'ho en n y and in one
German-weekly paper, if publish d in the coiin'y,
fur two weeks next preceding stid election.
Sec 4 The (Oslo publishing thi net, and the
act in the third section named, and of the said five
proposed amendments to the cms iluuun for six
mouth , aha I b ; pa.d o it of the c-niuly tr a-tury,
and if the auditor of any county has no'alreao
cmtMCted fur the pubiica'ion of taid propo-nd
tMwnd man's to the c institution, such sudi'-ors
ph.1 1 iuimediaUdy trireedto contract for tho same,
jt di rente t by re-cdutioii b'tofoM pasi d.
tire. 5. This ael shall take effect immediately.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 17, 1857.
No. 142.] AN ACT.
to pr.jv.de for keeping a:c mnts in the several
departments of the Slate Gjvernment and the
Public Institutions.
Seu. 1. Bo it eutcted by the General Assembly
-of the .State of Ohij. That it shall ba the duty of
the Auditor of State, the Treasurer of St tte. the
Secretary of State, th Attorney General, the Com
missiouers of the Sinking Fund, the Sutn Libra
rian, the Diectors ot the Oh o Penitentiary, the
Trustees oi the several Ttenevolei.t Inntituiions
and the Board of Pubi c Work, to keep, cam
to be kept in their respective oflices, accurate and
distinct accounts of the several trans c ion in 'hint
respective departments, and report an abstract
therdof to the governor at th. close of each fiscal
Sec. 2. It shill be the duty of the Auditor of
State, and the Treasurer of Sea e, with the aid of
such competent accountant or accountants a
they may call to i heir at"isaure, forthwith to
devise and establish a complete and correspond
ing system of accounts in their otlke, with prop
er checks upon each; and to adopt the tame in
practice by th tirt day of July next.
S'C 3. It shall be tin duty of the Auditor and
Trei'urer of State respectively to mak or can
to be made a weekly stnt'ineut of ih- bila res o'
the several accounts in their respective office-, a
the samet-xistei at the :!o of b isiuens on Moo
day of each week, and forthwith to rompire or
eause tho same to be cmip l td, and all er or- ap
pearing in ei;her of such accouuti to bj cor
Sec. 4. It shill he th" d ity of tho Tr usurer nf
the State, on the first Monday of earh month, t
make or came to he b.t ma le in wtitin and re
corded in a book t be provided for hut. purp.n ,
a stat munt h iwing the k'tid nn l rlnracier u the
funds In the treasury, the uauis tf the nevera
dfeposi'-ariei of thu public fund, -elect -d by him.
with the urnouut uf nuch fundi in ea h d p.iiit ory ;
aud also the avenge aiiwu t in e tch d.-p i-iiar
during the last preced if month And it h I
alio w th duty of die du.y of the Trea nrui to in
clude such statement- in 'us ann ia' r.p.'t.
Speaker pro tem of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 16, 1857.
No. 143.] AN ACT.
To amend an act entitled "an act to ienlste the
sale of School Lands and the urrender of pur
tuaneut leases thereto," patted Apiil lt. IrjJ.
Hko. 1. Be it enacted by tho General AsseinV'y
of the State of Ohio, That cti n th rteen.d au
act entitled " au act to regulate the sale of -chool
lands aud surren ler of permaneut leases thereto."
passed April lti.b, lt5d, b j o a nen.led as to r ad
an Miows: Sec 13. Any person w sh-n to pay
any money nnder the provision- of this act in
part or full payment of any sm'h land whetl er
such money may be dun or not, shall first ob'ain
the certificate of the Auditor of the auwitri due or
to b -paid with the interest which h is then a-cr ted
tbereou, and on the preseiitaiiou ol tho same the
'Jruasurer is a ithorizd a .d required to receive
the amount ther'in specified, and hha!) give the
person paying the same, a certificate di ecti d tt
the Auditor of the payment of said sum of money,
and the Auditor on the present tion of if cer
tificate shall Kiv.- to such person a receipt therefor,
credit him with the amount in hit books aud
charge the Treasurer therewith.
Soc. 9. That section thirteen of the 'irt entitled
"an act to regulate the sale of School Lands aud
the surreuder uf permanent leases thereto," pds cd
April 16, lti53, is ht-rcny repealed.
of the House of
THOMAS H. FORD. President of the Senate.
April 17, 1857.
No. 144.] AN ACT.
To prohibit the u-c of btrychnine or other active
. prisons in the manufacture aud tile of iutox lea
ving or alchoholie liquors.
Jo, 1. Be tt enacted by the General Asseri.Uy
rt the Stale of Ohio, Thai it shall be unlawful
for an f peisson or per ton to make use of strych
nine, or any other active poison, in any quantity or
quantities-, in the inanufactuie or preparation, by
process of rectifying or otherwise, of an) inloxi
catinar or alchoholie litiuurs, or set! such poismed
lianors iu anv quautitv or quantitita; and any
pvVaoQ or pruiis so uflEendiiitf ahull be deemed
tfuilty of a misdemeanor, aud on conviction there-
cf, shall be impria-jned in the penitentiary and
Kepi at naru laoor uov nwv ism -"
tbau one year.
See 3. It shall be the du'y of any person or
persona eugaed in ihe manufacture and aa'enf iu
toxica' in or alchoholie liqu ra, or in rc.ifyiog
or rrDrin the same in anv wav.'o brand on
ach birrdl, ra-k. or other vessel containing the
mama, the uatue or ntmes of the peMou or pursuus
manufacturtn. rectifying, or pieparing the same,
aod also iheae word 'containing no poisnnou
drug or ether addeJ poUou." and shall als? certi
ly tbm am tl facta to the purchaser, over
lus, bar, or tbairowo propvr signature.
Rm 9 ir an nraoii or DeTaous designated in
.- .... .n.l ttA nf thiu hp.l (kit -tit I mi i.tuiiri in
posse ion of auy barrel, eask.oroiher vessel con-
U.nifg luicjicaiiug ut b.vlohwliti Lfuu, iu vio
a ioi ol liie provi iou of ilits 1 1, tueh pcrs "i or
irs:r.s, on c in iti in thereof, -hill be fi.ed in
oty mii ton. t xou- ihtii; one hundred dotltit tor
CAh barrel, c.i-k or other vetl cotitiiiniug tlu
sa.rt,i and be eoufiue-t in the county jail n il less
h hi one month nor more than six months; and
the mid tntox c ding drinks so found, "hull be do
troy tl b order ot the Proeccutif g Attorney, at
et the tiual decision uf th1 ca-e, in some public
pi see
Sec 4. Any au-pected article or Pppctmen of in
toxicstiug or alchoholie liquor huli ba sulje.ied
to snalysis by forn Coaipttent person, to perlo'tn 1
the same under direction of the cou-t before whi' h
ihe case is t'ied, and such UHlynis hhalt be deem
d legal evide ce i it a y ourt m this iat ; I'm
vid-d, that up -n any pndiitii a y ex unn iio-i b
ittre an) ju ti- of i tit pete, in aor or other to m
or a e ' c 'iii.'t'iii a h mty tor tbe p'irp -es o'
II till "V -r it th co union pleas eonrt. Mild i.tli-Cr-r
may onlci tne fn-pec ion alorevaid to lie mud
md ti alte -m h order a- ol.-iy he n eesttr to pre--erv
'ho evidence of ihe cnui- uuti thu trial of
die ca e in waiil cirt.
See. 5 I'to ecu' ins uud r this ac, shall be by
indirttnoiit in the co irt of com non pleiis
Sec. 6 This ci shall tuke iljct and be in force
from and a ter its pas-af.
Speaker pro tem of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 16, 1857.
No. 145.] AN ACT.
For the prottct'ou f Fish.
Sko. 1. Be it enacted by the GeneTal Assembly
of the State of Ohio Thar, it Khali bo u .lawful
to catch, or attempt to cate fish in nny of the in
land waters of the Slste of Ohio, by m atm of any
dra net gill-net, drift-net, seine, fish-basket,
pot. set-ni t, stationary net, wier p-ind, or by
iis.ui nr the water w.tli limn or any deteterioti
subs'aice whatever; or by olntructing in any way
the natural transit, of fist upor Juwu any river or
ccek: Provi ling that uoth-ug litre in cotuiueri
shitll he h: I to prohibit the taking of fidi in any
miuncr in the river Ohij, or in the waters of L:ike
Erie; including bj much of n'l river and reeks
emptying Into the Bam, as lie Ciiutigtious th ret a
and uot on tho samo level, b it not o as to ob
struct or provuut the nv.ural transit of fih up aud
down ihe t-sme
Sec. 3 Every person sn off njing against the
provisions of this act, shall forfeit and piy foreve
ly such nflVnce a penslty of not less th in five dol
lira nor m ire thai fifteen dollar!, to 'e recovered
in a civil action in the nsme nf the State of Ohio
before any justice of fie peace of the prope ourt;
an : such justice of the fieate, upn complaint by
ilh or afriruiat-on, hall issue his summons com
minding the nppenran:e of tha party or pir ies
compla ned f, aud on the opp"trmcu of th
party or parties summ-med, or lu default of such
njivarnni'e, tho justice f the peace shU proceed
to inquire into the truth of the complaint; and if
found guilty, the party or parties defendant shall
beheld to pay the penalty as above provided, with
the costs of suit, which shall be collected iu like
m inner as other judgments in ci'il actions b fore
justices of the neaee, but without stay of ex vn
lion. Alt penalties collected under this act shall
be paid into the county treasury f jr tha bone (it of
common school.
S c 3. It shall b lawful far any person to take
up, rmtv, or clear away, any obstrucion to the
natural transit of fish, pla- ed in a y of said in
land Btreams, fur th purpose nfesthin? fi-h.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 17, 1857.
No. 146.] AN ACT.
To author's i Budding Associations.
Sec. I. Be it enacted by the Geaeral Assemh'y
of the State of Ohio, Tint it eh ill be lawful for
rpinv umLr nl" nurann Ii t b4 th nn tlirpa til
MninlA ln(,0.' r atnl bpr'imo a rnrnitraLlon ma
provi led in the sixty third, aix'y -fourth and a x
ty fiftti sections of the ar: entitled an a -t to pro
vide for the creation and rcir iWtion of incorpo
rated companies in lha S ateot Ohio, pas e l Mav
1, 183 for the pMrpooe of purrhniug a id hold
real est ate, on behalf of, or for the n&e or benefi'. ot
Masonic or Odd Fellows As aciationa, aud of -in-proving
the same by the erection thereon of build
ings and oth-r strucures a id shill have power
to make all necessary cmtracts purchases, sa'es,
conve aures, nioiti;Hi;es aud le i-es n cn-sary t
conduct the said business, and lo m .in ire their
propertv. and to di p -e of thy same to the same
extetit a is lawful f-r imlividualt
tem the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 16, 1857.
No. 147.] AN ACT.
To prevent Slaveholdiug and K'dr.sppingln Ohio
Skc I- He it enacted hv the General semb'v
of the SLate of Ohi.. Tha if any per-o-i thal
bring into this S .tu any mlier p r on, n'iih intent
to hold or Co trol. or hi hold or coti'r d o--hall
aid or asis in holding or cont'OMii dirt ct
ly or md reclyr wiihin this S ivr. .my oth o- p t
sun as a slsvo, -n di person so otV-n - jug s'ui I h
deemed so Ity of mUo mp i-o rn nt ; in I up oi
CMivction thereof h dl be punish -d by imprison
ment, iu tho roii it iai , n 'e- than tine', nor
in ire than ii t it m mths i ' H i not le s m,
two Iniu Ire J nor more th m hv hundred d -ilirs:
and every per. on c mih.' wi bin hi- Srtte t'ie -wi-e
th in as a per-on lo-'d to -i-rviee iu nnohr
S'ate unl'-r th lavs iherenf, ami ctpiug into
tlit Siat', shall be deemed aid held in a'.l crtutt
as ab-o utelv free.
Sec. i If Rnv p r"n sln;l eizor arr-st or
shall atNtn;' t -viz .r a,-rest. or siiall aid in
seizin1.: or arr r i titr. or m at'emnti'ig to .tiz or
arrest or disli ue any force m fraud fur th- pir
p tne of holding, detaining orruiitrotiitii; a"y oth
er per-nn, upon any pretiiC' or c aim thnt nuch
p rsou is a fugitive from service such p -r-nu. -o
fF 'ndiiij. hhall b deemed i ti'ty of f iUe i npris
ounieur. and shrdl f punished t'y iinprion inent
iu tlie com.ty jad, n.t le-s than thre motilhs. ur
more thin ume in mtlii, and ! tin" not less tha i
three hundred, nor tujrethan fivch indred dol
lars. Sjc. .1. If any person shall Nize or arrest, or
shall attempt to t-eiz or arret, or t-h ill aid in
seizins or arresting, or in attempting to -eize oi
arre-t, or shnl1 use any force or fraud for the pur
pom of holding, detaining, controlling, or inllu
eucing anv other person with intent to carry or
remove such person out of this S'ate, or with intent
o cajse su h person voluntarily to d. part out
of this State, iu order that Mich pivsou in iy be
taken, held or. or cmt rolled as a slave in some
other a' ate territory, or jurisdiction, sueh person
si oflfendinir, h dl be deemed guilty of kidnnp
ping, and di dl be p ui-h'd by iuipriso'imei t in
th- p 'iiiten iary at hard lahor, not iva-i th tu three.
nor mote than seven years.
Sec. 4 Nothing iu the preceding sections of
this act shall apply t at y acl done by any person
under the authori'y of ihe Constitution of -the
United States, or of any law of the United Stales,
made iu pursuance thereof.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 17, 1857.
No. 148.] AN ACT.
To regulate Towuship aud other Cemeteries.
Skc. 1 Bo It enact d by the General Assembly
of the State of Ohio, That it shall be lawful for
the trustees of any t iwii h p in this Statu
lun irunicna ui i"H'ii p tjiuiu,
which is aituate I a public "burying ground," or
"cemetery, purchased by a levy upon the taxable
properly ot the towmtmp, to lay nut, or caune i tie
same to be laid out, under the direciiou of a per
son competent to perform such duty, in lota, ave
nues, allbya, pa'hs, or otnur suo aiviMitma, ai may
in their juiltfiueut be deemed mnt adviatble, and
tbe aaid trustee shall have sai 1 lota regularly
Llimk,.r.a ai.d tb Mteniiea nnmRd. nnd hhall
etjVtia the ratue to be platted, ao aa lo exhibit a fair
anj diat.inct out line of the premiaea, which plat
hall be kept iu the poaaeaamn of the township
i clerk, and carefully preserved by bun
Bee. 2 That it shall ba lawful for the trustees
of said towuship, for the p jrpoae of grauin!, im
proving, and embellishing aaid " cemetery
grounds," alter proper rotice having benn given
to proceed to sell, in such uiaonnr. aud at such
time, and upon such terms as my be, in their
iudifinent deemed must advaiitHieoux. such num
lVer ((r iota &i Xhv uublic vsnu idit dematnl : and
1 m lots so eold. the purchasers thereof ahall upon
I complying with ihe trrus of the sale, be eutitl
j receive a deed or deeds which ihe trustees afore
tre herehy aulhnrixed and empowrred to exe-
cute, and which shall bo recorded in a buok pro
vidH for that dui Dose, bv the cbrk of aaid town
ship the expense of recording to be paid ny ihe
lr ii ie.uiviii- said Piovided, that uo p-r-
ion oot a reside ii of ihe toiishipt uaU be allow
ed to l come the purchaser d any lot or lot in
ftuid cemetery, nor tdiull any person being th
owner or purchaser of any ot the said lo
irau-f.ir his h r, r their title or (ioirn to any per
son or pm u not a residuiit of the towuship. wiih
out the wriiteii absent of the trustees uf said
towolilp, or a nnj riiy of theit. i
S e 3. That, u hh.tll bo lawful for thotn-;. t
Hfonsaidtu atpropri.i;e tno proceeds of ttie snle
of the lots aforesaid, in utu.ig oui trees, s ir
bery, , and improving and embctuhi ig said
remteiy grounds m wuch innnuer us the muni-.
in their hdnds m iy jus ilv, b it ' ey siikII enter
into no coutractexiftdittg the luusns within tlici.
ci n;rol
ec. 4 Any lot hid I by nn individual in such
cetii 't rv -hail in n.i c.i-e he bjIi) ct to be levie i
mi or tidd on i-x cut on.
S'.c 5, I'll tt i me H-x'nn ir other person in
c .trieof any township, or otlier cemeiuiy , itlia.i
-UfF'r he d. ad to reimiin in Any v ui,u oilier re
Cfitiei mini the m.uub rdiall become utfeusive h
h ill te liable on tl e comp aim of any peinou be
foro atiy justice of the peace of the township to a
fine of not ver tw -niy tl dlars, and an uddttioual
pr-iMly of fivH dolUrs tor e?eiy day after tine
tiMiresaid, that the said nuisance ahull be Con
tinued. ;
Sec. 6 That it shall bj the duty of the trustees
or ujaiiacrs of any ceiu tery wbere t ie dend laid
in atiy vault or other recepticle becoineoftVusive.oii
couipUiitt of any hmiaeoulder the township to
issue an order for;hiih to the exion or other per
son in elm re to havr tli same immediately in
terred; and in ra-e that the interment shall be
iieUct-d for three days after ihe complaint., any
ju-tiice of the pe ce uf the township may issue
in- written ordor t any householder of the town
ship to inter the dead at ihi cxpeii-o ot the and
trustees or minagers, and shall allow a reasonable
charge tor tie service aforesaid
Sc. 7. That any person who shall w lfully de
stroy, ruuiitate, deface, inj-iie, or re nove nny
tomb.mouum ut or grave st me or o her structure
pi m-td in any cemetery, or any fence, railing or
oilur work, fur the protectant or ornament of a
cjiuetery vr tomb, tiiuinniu-ntor I'la.-e s one or nth
er r-tructure atores:iid, or or any cemetery lot
with:n aceuK'tery, a.' aha 1 w lifu It dstrnyt cit
break or injure any tree, shrub or nl nt within tin
limits of a cemetery, shall he deemed gudty of a
miKiemcauor, ana snail upon cxiviciion iliereot
I). -fore any court uf competent iuiisdieiion. be
puci-hd by a fine of not less than five dollar,
n-jr more than five hiin lrv l do'lars. or bv iinnris-
otiin iil in the - o inty j .ii fjr a term not less than
one hormare th .n thirty days, y-cordiug to the I
nature and aggravatto l of the .dfeuce; and such 1
otU'iider shall also be liable n en action of tres
pass iu tha name of said t -wudjip in which said
cem- tery is Mtuaied, m piy all da nages that have
bt-eu oecasiuued by his uofiwful actor act-; which
iu mey, whjn sj recovered, sh ill be applied to the
repiratiou and restoration of the proper.y do
stnyed or ;njured as aforesaid. This act to take
effect aud be in f jrce from and after its passage.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 17, 1857.
April 17, 1857. No. 149.] AN ACT.
A'4th irizini the eleclio I of one al.litiom) Ju.le
of the Court uf Common P.cts. in the Third
a..U J !:.: ... .l . fi i t i i i- . .
aiiu-uivi-iiuii oi ,ua i uira iiuilicill iJisiriCt OI
Sro. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly
of the S.ate of Ohio, That for the thir l judicial
district there shall ba on.i additional judge of the
co art of common pie is, who shall bj a re-id nt of
the third sub division nf said district, consisting
of the CJuntte of Crawford, Wyandott, Seneca,
Hincockattd VVood, nnd be elected by the qnnliti-d
voters of naid counties nt the next umu tl election
for state and county officers, in the same manner
and for the arm term as is present;! by law fjr
Mia nlunnnn .if nlkor i irl ..unr ,1... n
Uion plea. ttliJ who sh 11 be enlill d U rec-dve th
ana saUry, anl when so elect-d and qua. fi d
shill have in all respe.'ts the same jurisdiction, pjs
Si.) tho same powers, mid discharge the same du
liei as are conferred or enjoined by the eonslilti
tion and laws of ihi s'ate upon othe judges of
said court. And any v -cancy that umv ocmrtn
tne office of such additional judge, whether by
expiration ot in t in ot service
hall b fi'Ud s in other ca-
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 17, 1857.
No. 151.] AN ACT.
l'o eublih an Asyliim f.r rh education of Idi
otic au 1 Imbjcilu Youth.
iViinaEAS. Tha SLti of () ii i hi r aiogtiiz t the
educ ttiiin of it- you h ;i-t 1 d'liy iucu ntiuri up'
on th-! S;ate. an I ha provide I for thoso wti a e
not. su-Cip' ib.e of impr .wiuent iu con ion
8 -h:iuU mo !' if iii-tructioa l tpVd to ilieir
wants aud c ip.il' iti -; a id vher -a, it app --ars
by the repo -t of the S ereiary of S ate t'lat then
are a l arg. tin objr f idioric v u h resident
within it b ir,(,r- wh i are inc i;ab'e -.f imp'- v
metit i-t ordinal, pi 'die or p- iv te -choo s. who
me a m den t il eir frieii I- and to eoni-'iuniiy ,
ubj ets ..f . oinniis ratio i, tlridi-d and h-ip-le
; m l wh e is e.p 'nunce his sal ist acto ily
ib'inoustrat -d taut, ir d r tip sy-tein of iu-t'iic-tion
ad pled iu fho ii- for i Ii ii - in other S;at -s
an I iu K nojie. th it ih -s - y ,n. h may be elevaie I,
their (tab. is c.oi ret. d, ami their health a-d
mo al- ijrei ly improv d. and tliev h- en'iM.-d
to o'.t i:n ih; r o a n s-ipp rt. now therefore, in
di-eh iiiff i.f the duty if .hnStntH o i d urate itH
Weak i d heipU dl Ul u .1 Well .is lh gifted
nn i -ir. and to e.t-va e a hiihurto neglec e 1
da -s,
Si:o I. Be it emete-l by tTiP O-iipra! A'sprnMy
I of ih.; Sla'e of Ohio. That there shall b e-tab
j lished and orrvitz.Ml -h kooii as pract-cabh, au
I insiini'ion for ih- e I ic tio i of idmts ai-l mr'ec-
iie youth to be deiiniiiiiiau d thu "Oliio Stale Ay-
lain for Iditds.
i Se. :J ' he Governor, with the consent of tho Sen
' at, sh-tll app 'iut, iniin-i liate'y after ihe pass life
of ihis act. thru- Iru -tecs to wh nn fhhll be en
j trusted the inanageiuei.t aud control of said insti
tutiou Th said trustees tihatl ho d their utfice
j in the order in which th'y are named, the Hr r for
I one yrur, the second tor two yen's, nnd the thir l
lor three years ami tiietr stccessors in otnee snail e
appointed for three years. They sh di met soon as
practicable t( er their app dutment, take tlif nec
essary oath of oth e.a id oriranizu bv appointing
a president to presido at tho meetings of heir
board , and asecte .ary to record, attest and pres irve
its proceedings
Sec Ii. The said hoar I shall procure a suit abb
building in or nejr the city of Coluttibu. lor tha
temporary ust of mid in titmion, and -hall cau e
suitable accommodations to bo m ide for the main
tenance ami eduction of rnich pupils as shall he
admitted to said av'ntn and fa hhall be neces try
for the purpo-es of the institution.
Sec 4 Tli ! said board shad appn;n. a superin
tendent, teachers, and otter necessary an I con
venient, offi er-', an I shall Iisvh power to re novo
them, or any of t lem, upon Milficlent cauio. They
shal: atsi tin the c mpenatiou uf such Miperiu
Undent , teac .era, nnd other otficer and employ
ce, iu said institution.
S;c. 5 It (dull be lawful for said board to o-
dain, establish and put iu etecution such rules and
regulation as may bsd emed expedient T.r ihe in
tern at ifovernmen' and economy of the institution,
Miid for the well ordering and management of all
the alftits thereof, and of all iiftice-' and persons
appointed or employed by them in and about
t e asylum or eUewhere, and they may alter and
. - - -1 - j - j
I am nd inch rules and reguiatin at pleaau e.
Si'C 6. Aa soon as a building be procured and
suitable accuium i la'ioua ma le, as p ovided in the
third aection.the said board -hall admit into n'd
asylum at least nine idotio aud imbecile youth,
who shull be maiiitnint d and educated therein at
the expanse of the State. Stid youth shall be se
lected, one from each judicial diatnct or the a at,
so far aa arplicatiou bhatl be made from aaid dis
trict: Provided, that n- youth ahall be admitted
as aforesaid unb asth Probate Judie of the coun
ty where aaid youth shall reside ahall certify tha
he or she is iu indigent circumstance and ha re
sided in thU State at least one yenr previous to
such application Thu board may admit into the
syluni. Mwh nuinbHr of paying pupils a can In
accomodated therein; ami fur thu support aud ed
ucati'ina of aiuh youth the board bhall fix and
reeulutu the amount to be rharged, antl tho tim-
an i terms of payment They eh all also prescribf
and publish forms lor application lor adnits-i
and may include in them such m erioatorie as
they fliall deem uece ary ana uselul to be an
swere 1.
Bee 7. Nn youth shall be admitted into said
avlum who are over fifteen ynari of age or wli
are captble vf reciving instraoiionii at common
I who ds.
tec. P. 1h dire
!tor of county or ciy lnfirmi.
res, or lha township rt u-i es in any county w hen
there is no county firoary, may remove to aaiil
isyltim any idiotic and imbecile youth Who mav
be properly aduiitNd therein; aud mi buc'i Co-e
said directors nrttw shii trii-tens sb II upp r
oald youth at a-ylum from an. fun Is nnd -r
their c n-ro' applicable to tho nippori of ucii in
t.r naries or of township poor
S. c 9. It shall be the further duty of siidlr ts
tees lo iniltH inquiry in regard to a site for a f lit
ahlt bull it g lor -aid institution, an I to nceiv
pio,miiionn fir dauit ons of land and money;
hey shad al-o colleet information in relat on t
the prop-r mairiement of such in-tttution, and
the education of idio ic youth arid the cost, eon--tmction
and nrrangement of ihe necessary bin d
and nhall procure a ptan of the same. Fo
the purp -a cmt-inpU ed bt this section an.
two of smd trU'teestuay visit one or more of ami
r public iiiHthiiti.iiix in 'he Uuited S ates. nod
wh o "o etiip'oyed they eh dl receive ihredodai
fe day and their necessary traveling expenses;
Piovided, that tli4 whole amount expended for
purpose shall not exceed three hnndr d dol
lars. A 1 other services to bit performed by said
trustee under tins act shall be gratuitous, excp
thai their incidental expenses nha'l be paid Th
said board -h ill report tithe Geitenil Asso n'dv
at thn commenemantof the nxi s-'ssion. the r an t
of their iuqirias and observations, and shall alsu
re iort their official pr c cdmga, and 'he condi ion
and d'uatton of tbe insriiution itoder th dr charge
ioethr wi h an exhibit iu detail uf alt its re
ceipts and i-xpen litures.
S e 10 F ir the purposes of this act there Khali
be slid is hereby a'propria'ed the um of thrj
ihoti and dtd'ars. All ire Hint-and expeuditure"
shall be properly cer ified by aid iru io s or any
two of them, and shall be pud by the Treasurer
up n the or ier of tin Auditor,
So. II. This act ahull Uke.efT.jct from and after
its passage.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 17, 1856.
No. 152.] AN ACT.
To amend he f r v -dx-.h section of an act ent
tied an act. for lb is ess ueut a d tax tion of
all property in this State, snd for ievymg taxes
thereon ncc ii'ding toils value, iu mouey, pas-tud
Sko 1 Ii enacted by the General Ansembly
of the State of Ohio, Tht the for-y-six'h B-c-
t'on of the act entitled an act fur ihe huhwhs mot
and ta3tltitin ot a l property in this sta:e, accord
it tr.i vl.. i - mwA .,ri. i i
ing to its true value in m nev, passed April 13,
itio'i, be so amended as to read as follows: 1 hat
the cotin'y a idit ir, if he hall have reas n to be
like, or be informed that any pit'&on ha given to
the asseor a ful-e ita'.em nl of the personal pro
perty, mom ya or ere aits, iuves:s euts in honds,
stocks joi .t ht'ck conipaiiies or otherwise, or
th d the assessor has notivtirned the full amount
required to be lis ed iu his wari or township, or
has omitted or made nn err.meous return of any
property moneys or credits, investments in bonds, )
stocks, joint ato.'k companies, or othe' wise, which
are, by luw, aup-ct to tara'ion. sh H proeed at.
any tune b'jtoretue final settlement
iththe coun
ty treasurer, to crrroct the return of the assessor,
a'td to charge nch persons o ithe duplicite with
llie pmper amount nf Uxes; to enab.s him to do
which he is hereby authorized and empowered to
: ... T i . . . t. . J
isiuec ira uis'rv j"roces. uu require i iie hliv.u-
ance of anv persouor peri- ns whom ho may sup-
p e to have a knowledge of the articles, or value
of the personal property, moneys or credits, in-
vestmeuts iu bands, stocks, joint, stock c luipanies,
oro hrite, and ex inline sue i pcrso" or persons,
on oaih or anVmati ui, in relation t Mien state-
ra nt or return; and it hhall In the duty of the
a tddor in all s-ich cass, to notify every such per-;
sou, before m ikiii the entry on the duplicate, thst
he mvy hr ve an opportunity of showing that his
statement or return of the a-sesor w n correct;
nml llu onnnrt n iirt ittr .ti it I in nil &iirh itaoa Ii!p I
in In orhc-- a taiiment oi t e tacts or evidence
up -ii which he made such correct inn; but he tdiail,
in no case, reduce the amount returned by the as
sessor, without the written assent of the auditor of
si ate. given on a statem-nt of fac:s submitted by
th c mil. y auditor
S;c. '4 I hat in a loses in which anv per-on
hh til mike a tal-e s'tteimnt of the amount of
prope.ty for tsxition, to evade the pa uieut of
trx s in n-ii iie or in p irr tin p r on "inKiuy -hcii
f dee s iiteuient. shall b Inbl f .r nnd p iy a 1 costs
ao 1 ehpensi-s that nay be iucurre 1 tii.de- the pin-vi-ion-of
th's act and the -am- f e- n.l r -t-chil
ba allowed anil p i a- -uow o mi be al
1)im1 bi' Uv. fur --iiuilar servi.-e, fid if no: pid
in ay 'e collected b. lore au j si'Ce .f the i-ico
of the proper county, by cult hi die n mio f the
county couimis inner; but in all ca-t-s i d r tips
act Where tho tilenieut sh ll' be f-iaud C 1'C . And
lo iiitentio i to t-va it the aiuien' o t-ixe- t)o
co's snd expeues i cur d under this net, shall
l e p iid out ol dip e ntry tieasury of the proper
Co-uitv . o . the ouler ot the c iu'y audilof !
S.-r" 3 Thai the f r:v -ix'.h -ejtion ..f ;h net to1
which t'l s is mi tt'iu-iidui ir, b- a d the Mine is
he e'y rvpi a ed 1 Ins ci. to t ike tfect a d tie iu
force lio u aud after iis pi-n'e
Speaker of the House Representatives pro tem.
President of the Senate.
April 16, 1857.
No. 153.] AN ACT.
l'o aint .d tho first, ui.d si-cond -ections nf nn act
c tilted a;, act rvgul itinf d--icen:s, and the di
triniiiiiii of pel's .mi al c-tatus, pa-t-td March 11,
Sec. I. Ue it enacted by the. General Assembly
of ihe State of O .ij. Tils', the lir-t buc'io id the
hcl euiitlid "au act leguhnicg de cent.- an-l the
ili-trib p.p. n uf personal es'.atus," pa wd March
I I, 1-id, be to HUiended as to read a- follows:
S-;: 1. I h it when uny per-on ntiall die intetate,
having title or ngut to any real estate or inherit
ance in this S.a'.t, whLn t-tie chad have comu to
bUth Utti.'S'ue, by d cent or revise or deed of
gilt fiom uny auceaior, t-a Ii Ablate shall d cend
uud pass tu par. en ir , to his or her kiudrt d, in
the foli-twiug c tur-e :
Fi si I' - the children of such iute-tatc, or their
It gat reprecemauve;
Second If their be no children or their legal
representatives living, the esta e shall pa-s to and
vest, iu the hu-band or relict oi ouch im estate
during his or her na ural life;
Third -if such intes ate leave uo hu-bau I or
wif-, relirtof himself or herself, or atthedeadi of
such relict, the e.-uie hn!l pa-s lo and vest iu ihe
tnolhers and sister-, of i lie ml estate who maybe
01 the bloud ot tho rt;.c.-iors from v hoiu the iiPi-a
ta:e rami, or their iegd representative-, whether
huch b u iters uud si ters bu uf thu whole r half
b o i of lh intestate;
Fourth If there b no brothera or sifters of
the uiic-late, of the blood of the ance-tor irom
whotu the estate came, or their legal repreema-
i : mid if thn e -.late ra.ini hv deed or iilt fruiu an
,t,.r win. mav bdlivinif. the estate shall aeceud
to such ancestor,
Fifth 1 1 1 he ancestor from whom the e-tate came
be do1 eased, the esta e ahall paus to and vt - -n
the brothers mid sbt rs of such a cesWr, or heir,
leual representatives: and for want of audi broth-
ors dim .ibi-.utu,,-,iK., Rrwm,...
" , . .l i .. u
wit'Liic.--. ..i.t n.a.v. . . .
Ulio.l or Ilieir H gu reiri!eiiii.iiYe9, nouga nucu
brothere and .i-terii be Dot of Ihe b.ood of Ihe bu-
ceHlu from wl.om th e tt carae;
Sillh If there i no brother, and aid era orthe
ile.,a,e or ,h,,r 1.1 rMretnativea. the estate
shall paatolhe next of kin to the intutiate, of the
tjJOOU OI tuu t-iicuei jr iroiu w u uiu ma wo iai o i
8oc 2 That section two of the act to which
this in aineuJatory, be ao amended as tu read as
follows: See 3 That if the e-tate coma not by
descent, devime or deed of gift, il shall descend
aud paaa aa follows :
Firm To the children of ihe intestate and their
legal representatives;
St-rond If i hurt be no children or their legal
repr-sen tav a. hia eatate shall pasi tu and be
vetted in ihe hubbaud or wile relict of such lutes
Third If turh intestate leave no husband or
wife, relict of lninteir or herself, ihe eat a e shall
nasa to the brothers and sis' era of the interstate oil
the whole blood aud their legal representatives;
v ,u i.- .1 tK .... v.... .i.u.a ... ..r ti.
t ii.. -i,i ki,...,i i..u ran.
rese. nt ves. the e.tate .hall'naai to the f.r.dheVs
nnd si-U-r of the half blood and their legal repre
Fifih If their be no brothers or sinters of the
intestate of the half blood or their legal represen- i
tatives the eata shall aacenc to the father; if thu
fttiher be dead, thou to the mother;
Sixth If the father and mother be dead, the
.-tate sh ill pas to the next uf kiu to and uf tho
blnoo of the intestate. a
S e. 3. Thaf seciioun one and two of the act to
vhich this act is an amendment be and tbe same
lure y repealed.
Sec 4. This act shall take effect and be iu force
aud after its
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 17, 1857.
AuoiTja'a Orrics. VVood Co . 0.(
July 23, 1657 $
hereby certify that tho above laws are accord
ing to the copies fumiidiod by the oi
JAMES W. ROSS. Co. Auditor.
I'l-J' III" 1V
Sold By Druggist Every where.
Buforc You throw this down as Worth
less. I' i.s a fni't well known to nil our Western citizens.
the m ia am that is eontaiitly present in the sir of
rieti vi extent country, mid tlte i hnniteti which oe
so ir'iueutlv, from heat to coldj give rise to vnri
fonus of disease, and H tiecnnivr an iuipnrtuiit in
then Iu us. what we ran do to preveiiWliegu slid
ll jllaeks, to whieh we are so It iMuT An old iug
an ounce of prevention is worth a Hound of cure."
In uotlihiK it it iruttr than in thi for in how ever
many lorms we are uKueked with illue.ss, the primary
cause Is nearly the same. We catch cold, or over-eut,
pores of the hoily become closed tuid the re f line
matter wtiu ti is generally thrown tint of the aytitem by
sciwlhle, or inseiisihlu perspiration remains hi It snd
clogs It up, and tho coneui'nco is that the inward
iiinei'on i tne tjouy cannot penoiin their duty, ny
more than a watch enn.thc coir of whose wheel nre
with dirt. Every part of our bodies remauds lis
different eleineut from the U-ot and the part our stom
achs take is to eliminate sueh ( nrts, nd send tliem In
their iiroj'er direction: when our svstvm Is fullv oien.
is well and h-.iutifullv done, aud sueh tiart of our
as are not needed, ure throw n out hv perspira'l m,
the natural outlets of our bodies, hut when cold
any uther cause, stopn these outlets, this ott'd (if we
'so apeak.) remains in the hodv; snd Fevers,
MI.Minnnttmn JaiinHi.... I It-u '..mt.t..l'.. A
nfAt Ac, Ac., occur. What then shall we dli? the
answer is easy cleanse the system thoroughly, restore
these natural outlets, mid we' are free. "heii shitll we
it? Shall we wait till the disease becomes set up
us? No, let us take
A Himiilft Vecetnblr Remedr
Immedtiilely when th- lust svuniteins emiimence.
Ronj physii-, I'cuiip. )cH ..rihe h.-nline plants Na-
tuic ItaH hi;rfM.r liroviil.il . Thi ymi can tin.) in tho
AromHti" I'RCInble liithartic l'llls,
A. LANGWoilTIIY, Fixdlat, 0.
We comp mnd them fnoin a Western experience
know what you want, because we want ihem our
selves. Then w hen that Pull a laehe. Pain In the
Back or 1-oins coicnu in-es, w lieu, in thurt. you fctd
your system ff.ttfne out of order.
enou'i to i le,m?e umr st nt ilnnouffMy, then
take them alon for a while to keep your bowels pen
and regular, aud you will thank us for compounding
It mny be, that yon have neglected youru If until
you have Fever and Aue, Chill Fever, lMnub Ague,
either Acute or Chruiiic then pmeure a buttle of
JniigworthyS Aromntic Agm Pill,"
use them Hccordinn to iiiret tions, and break up the
ilisease; if you have had it a long time, uo thu
I'hysie P1II3, to keep ymir system n-milar, and
Do Vonr Hnmmers Work
These A put IMis are eompuiinded for tlio'-e who are
tired of t ikiii) Quinine, Arsenic, or any poisons. We
Warrant them entirely roinpo'imled troiu the Vegeta
ble Kiiir loiu. and offer a rewind of J loon, to uny one
li deiet-t any Uiueral iu an; dA-dieiuc vie uJ
vertisy :;s Wiret.iliie.
riieie Pills were ci mnoiin led, ind first used In the
fill of l-s.'.j, during the pteat prevalence ofl'dlif.Hs
.is,-.,Rt- re i-oiiip.itiiided on tne MMind where the
l'i-eaie prevaileil, ami n t win re they ilieorie about
tns in thu Knst,, it was p-oiun up when Vniniiie,
and tin oth- r .lA ilirines, t', i l-- I . ami ;is w iniiiuti d to
ure, and not oi"' in a i'n, tt I- f loib'tl il is the
lMOOPLK'N lEi:i i:i V I
not gotten up .win uiiraculuus powers; but it will
'I' here areitine ens. s v. In ru ihe n(tt ui is so full of
Itij'-a.ic, that holiiih but a itiurouii tui idm: owr ill
a:iy j,'o 'l, and in tiles ; eases, this Itemed,, prueeeii.s
do it in s.i' h e-r s u.tiis. -i in pro'tuced, i in 1 Ir:
comiti'in i!oe.l but eri-ns ean nvruJ till- by iloin j
w hole fljw. r, uud taliii, riiuall dose-, and a longer
tiuiu to cure.
In s,im; e.i , where lh? I.iVi r is torpid, the pa:i
will have one or tv
i ii. ; tmt a.- cnoii a
tin tN'iu I' ll, mid i!
i:n:-t s on, I
( mils ulrer comment -mi! tne Ml 1-
- the Tills are f.iirly taken up ly1
Jt;.t- in i- uii'i- r it inllii'-n' e, th.
J'tiv ci-j-e vh-re it is ilei:d to
sti p a Si ' Sim at tii
tin -.. Ague Tills, a ut
Sniniacli. tli.it i mdueed by:
c ui iwo ol Pep; enmui r..-u n:u
ill relieve.
I.ooli out forynur appetite. afterbein,
:uri.d y tlie-se
rill, or you win ovc i euf,
One b it.le will break tlie Aifue upm rmr prown
persons, but to fairly cure slmnUI nil be tid; n by ouc.i
We iv- u Id itNo I'iill onr n t tfiit ifn to the
Vitr nil I)'i..'i-p ol'llii" j;v'P F.v.'ll.l,
lull iiuiii itioTis, I'ilnis, ricetiitioiis, WenU r-i'jht, and
all fnmi of I'isijiM-d Kyes are eured so rapidly, that
where best kuowu i' i- i i-hsi-(ere I nluiost
in its healing inllaeute. A I'li nh dan from ludiiiua
" Your Medicine h's piven perfect nnd entire satis
faction in every ease.'
One Oruir rnre. that has sold, the past ennn, over
saM tt did not fail in urdivk ihsutn-e.
An old llormj Juckev, wlio ha huudleil hortes ull
his life, srtvs:
If your Kye Halm, with n little Wenling nn 1 Phis
iekiny where the pvctemis loo full, will nut cure, they
may cive up the Kye,"
thie I.ii'lv, who imti ruen tiepriveii oi sigui in one
Me, by Him over it l-r mx years, sa-b.
"After thirty Physicians had precr:! ed, without
any good done me, your .1edieine is pertormtng
Candidly and honestly
good remedies, because some, would tie, nte ones.
cry out tbiackery -or will you try oue buttle or one
box of our
and bft hoftK.u uf vour j)j(ieniil.B
.... E.. o.i.,, fnr anvthinr bu
We do not put up
v.". . .. . , . i .i
our Lye lialm for anything but Mire r-es nim j.ye
S lt '1 )' '" ',' " J"" "
... iil n .it. v. i j
Bony, Ir u it" nfiiiniL-1.. u .
t'l'BB TlIK.n tit ii lir.K
than anytlnnn el.e. Apply il. if yon ish, wltli qiilll
nani'r. io in.- .ori-.-m..-, i.iu. or lu.te ....... . j
"3S Rrt.ll. ,,s
Sold bv I MonKiioi KK, Waterville; Feck a Hamil
ton, Perryahnnf; I.kvi TiVLo, Tuyluitowni ami H.
July I), lH..7-m
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Hto'.e.iiiie door ft est of alien & Kelson's brick build
Ing. I Sept. 20. ltfjfl--4iiVJ3'J
.; r I AYER'8 f I
P E C T 0 R AL - i
CorfglM. Colds, ftnd Hoarseness.
BuiMtiKi.n, Mhbh.( Dee. 2(lth, 1R65. .
Pr. J. t. Ayrr: I do not henltate to iay '
that Urn bent remedy 1 have ever found
lor t unfiles lioarMenpiin, Inlluenzn, aud
the com omitiint Rymptoms of a Cold Ii
your CuKHKr I'tcrmm.. In constant
use In my pnirdlee mid tnv family for the
hint ten year hnn shown it to poMeta M .
perior virtues for the trentnieht of theat
complaint. KUEN KNIttllT. M. D.
A. II. MORTIT, Eq., of Vtlca, N. T.;
writca:'! have iiaed vonr Pi-tnrrti mv.
il uiol in my family ever aince you inveuted It, and
believe It to be the best medicine for its purpose ever
put out. With a bad eold, I ahonld sooner pay S2ft.00
I'orabritltethiindowithoutft.ortnke anv other remedy
" n iMiKfi9 iiiiiiirnxai
Ki'itiNUKiKi.:. JIIm., Feb. 7, lfl.",0.
ftrnther Attr: T will cheerfully certify vonr Pectoral '
1" the bent remedy we pntmeHsfor'the Whooping Conffh
rroup, aud the client disease of ehihlren. We of your
fraternity In the Kouth appreciate your skill, and com
menu your medicine to our people.
AMOSJ.EK, R.f Monterey, Ta., wrte 3d Jan.'lBSet
had a tedioua lufluencn, whleh eonftned me in door
aix weeks; took in atiy medieinea without relief ; dnallr
tried your iWtnml by the advice of onr clerfryntfln.- ir
The first dose relieved the snrenenf in my throat and
lunjts; less tlmn one-hnlf the bottle made me eoniplete
ly well. Yonrniedlrlnen were the cheapest an well aa
the best we con buy, it ml we esteem you Doctor, and
your remedies, nsthe nnnr nuiii'i friend. 1
Aflthmn, or PhthMc. and Hronehltla '
Wkt Mi KO llTMt, I'll., Feb. A, 18ifl.
Suit Your Cherry Pert t. ml is performing marvelous '
cures in this section. It hns relieved several from
iihirniinir syinptonisof eonsuinpihin, nnd is now curing
n man who has Inbnred uuiler nn nfieetion of the Innjrr
for the hist fortv ream. HKNHV 1,. PARKH, Mer.
A. A. It AMSKY, XI. D Albion, Iowa, wrltea Kept
1f"f: Dnriiiff my pruetb e of ninny venrtt I have found
nnthinc efiiul to yunr Cherry Perioral for pivlnjr ease
and relief to nnisiiiiipii paiieuts, or fining such tur
are eunil le.
We iiiifrht a thl volumes of evidence, bnt the most"
eonvim ing proof of Ihe virtues of tblsrenedy hi fouatl
In itsttfects ujion trial.
Probably no remedy has ever been known which
cured ho many nnd such dangerous ensea aa this.
Some no human aid can rrnclt; but even to those the
Cherrt Pet tifrnl itll'orils relief nnd comfort.
Astok Mot sk, New Voi l; City, March fi, IPfiC.
Iir. Aver, l.outli: I f. el ii a duly nnd a pleasure to
inform you what your Cherry Pert oral hns done for my
wile. She hud been fur live months laboring under the
dangerous svmptoms of consumption, from which no
aid we could procure gave her much relief. fhe waft
steadily fiitlne. until Dr. Strong, of this cltv. where
we havet nine lor Inciii nl advice, recommended atrial .
of vonr niedh ine. We hie his kindness an we do your
-niiiui nnc nn rucovvrcu iroininai nny. Mie la not ,
yet as Mining ns she used to he, hut is free from her
cougn, and calls hrrsetr well.
Yours with gratitude and regard,
ORLANDO SHELBY, of Shem.tvim..
Consumptives, do not despair till you have tiled
Avert Cherry Pertomi, it is made by one of the best
medical chemists in the world, nnd Its cure nil around
ns Uspenk the high merit sot Us virtues. Philadelphia
Prepared by tR J C. AYER.
Practical and Analytical krmist.IjOiteU, Man.
I'an'F, i oil ns I'i.ttlk.
AYKll'8 I ILLS, Pmcr S5 Cth it a Box.
Sold hv II. Biirrltt, Allen .V Nitson, Msumee, Peck A
Hamilton, Perrysburg, and by all Druggists every
where, bept 2tly.
j j ,p :iTVf number nf renificntes whh h we hnre re
n , , ,rMill, irt,m ..n , llr. ,,i .i... I tdti-d Stutcs.
1HK liltKAT Pl'ltlKIKII OK TH V. Hl.on'
Aof a Particle of Mtrcvry in it!
An infallible remedy ior Scrotula. Iiii',' It hen-
matisin, (ib-uinute Culaueou P.riiptious. Pimples
or Pnst tiles on the Face, iilotehes. Boils. Ague
ni:d bever. Chrome Sore Kve. Itiugwonn
or Tetter. teiild head. lOnhirgetneut
nnd piiiuotthe Bonesnnd Joint,
tfalt Bheitni, Stubborn 11
ecrt, ltpbilitic Disor
ders, mid oil diseas
es arising l'n-iu
an liijudi-
use of Mer
cury. Imprudence
In Lite, or in. punt v of
the B!. d '
This grear alrerntive Medicine nnd Pitrtf er of the
Blood is iii-w used hv tlioui.inds ol gratetul putienta
from ull pat is of tbe L'niti d St:itcs. who teitilv doily
to the remarkable cures performed In the greiitct c'f
nil medii iocs. " (Alt It I. ICS MAM.sll MlX'l IKE."
Neural-riii. K In un.iiii-iu. Sert li.la. I'rui titni.s on the
Shin, Liver )ii nse. Ft tees, Plcer-. Oh! soren. flec
tion ! the Kiilnevs, Iiriitex oi the 'Ihruat. lemole
eotnplaints. Cuius uud Achits nf the bones nnd joints,
are spcediU put to tliylit b using thin inestimable rein
lra!ldii'iisrs oft he Plood.m.tbii: hti v et been fiuno
to fi-nipare m ith it. It eknnse.tbe svi-ti m of ull im-
riiritiis, aetngt iitlv nnd euictei.Uv on tbe Liver and
Kiiliiev.streiiytl.eiij the liirtsttoii. gives tene to the
i sT.iiiiai h. makes the diin clear nnd henllbv, and rest or
the Cotistitutiti. etdeeblcd by dioeiise or broken do
by the cicesscs oi'uutli, toils pristine vigor and
i rcnci n.
For the mv..isi;s or FKvi.M.rs it is peculiarly appli
cable, and wheiLver it ha.- li'Coine kiiuwn is regnlurl.1
prescribed v i:h the happiest effect s It in vigu rates
;he weak nnd debidituled, nn) im arts rbistiidti to the
worn-tun liame, eluirst the skin, and leave tl.e patient
n nmi in.iiuiiv ; a hii-jc tioitle ot thin lnixtunalua
rei...u i- a.,rth nil the su-calLd S;irat,.niilnh i.,,..!.
H tl(. il(.st t-vbh-nce that ilo-ie is no humbiijr nl out it.
-J h Press, hotel keepers, mairirates, t liHcit.s. and
j ublic ini'it. vt dl knou n to tin- r immunity , oil add their
tesiituoi. lo the Wol.dclfLl etitetn ol 1 1 - i s L.ill.11 HLOOl
i i'iiu i i ii.
fall on the Agent n ml get nn Almanac. nnd rend
ll.c details ol a-t.'.ji.d.iiij.- cures pei ftained i cahi i:ita
HMMNll minti nn. ti-ttst rase trhere everything el
imU ijnalt, if'atlitl.) rJ lie limits ol uu adwitistinoii t
will iiotiiduiit tiicir full inertii n.
Wu.S. I'.r.I.lIS & CO., Proprietors.
Mo. Broadwiiy, Sew Yorlt
To horn all orders must be uddr -M'd.
For sale by Druirgints utid iYontry Merehantslnall
part of the I'tiiti't! St.ites utid the ( auutliis, and bv
Pl.t K A: II A 1 1 lI N. pti rburg. nnd IL Bl'K
Iil IT. Mmituee lit v. "(Sept. U. 1KW ly
Al l LltTLI) HI UI ! I
HllILALLPltl V MlilJU AL SF. Fs-
X taiilibhed twenty-two iais ago bv Dit. KINKF.L
IN, corner ot '1 hird and pniou streets, Philadelphia, Pa.
Fx)erience butt rcudend Dr.lv a most sueceisfti
pi'iictitioner in the cine t-t ull diseafea id' a private nu-.
lure; imiuliond's debility hs uu impediment to mar
riage; nervous and sexual inHrmiiie, diseases of tliej
skin, uud those arising from abuse of mercury.
There is an evil habit sometimes indulged in bvboyi
, ai,1i,..1ip ,,.,. in. with il.t-in to manhood i
,:.a, ;c ..r, ,mi It. ( ;. nnt ,,nlv ho.
Mvivllm obstacles t matiimoidul happiues. hut
iiivea rise to a aerie of proiraete-l, insidiu.;.. and de-
vustatins- a (lections.
Few of those who give way to this pernicious pi ic- .
ttee are awnre of the consequences, until they find the
nervous system shattered, feel strange and uunecoi.nt
ublw sensations, uud vague fears in the mind. (See pa-
i i us iiiiiunuiinw uiui iwuir
- .J he miturtu,iate thus atteeted becomes feeble. in un-
able to lubur with m.u.ton.cd vigor, or to ,,,,!. hi.
iiiind in .lti.lv t hi. il.n 1. tiirilY nnd H ..k I lt if Hull
i--,.., ,nil enuuL'e. even in
irresolute, ami engages even in bis spoits with less en- -ergy
than usual.
If he emancipate lumxelf before the practice has
done iu worst, and enter matrimony, his marriage is
unfruitful, and Ins sense tells him that this is caused by
Ids early follies. The are cousiileratwn vhirh thould
awaken th attention of all vho nre uvular I if situated
He who places himself under Dr. Kinkelin's treat
ment, may rvligiousU con tide iu his honor as a fienlle
niuu. Hiid rely upon the asmirunce, that the secrets of
Dr. K's path ntt will never he disclosed.
Young mini let no false modest deter yon from ma
king jour cane known to one. who,' from education and
refi)cctiihi1iiy.can ccrtaiul) bcfiiend yuu.
Dr. Kinkelin's residence'lias been for the Inst twenty
(ears at the N. W. corner of Third and L'liion streets,
'hilttdelphh.. Ps.
Can have thy stating their case explicitly, trgeiher
with ull the'r sjmptt ma. per letter. enclotng a rem at
tune,) Ir Ks "medicine, e propriated accordingly.
Forwutdcd to auy pari or the Tinted Statef. and pack
ed secure from dumiige or curiosity, by Muil or Kxpres-
A Xiguruui Life or a tremature Death. Kinkelin on
itetf Preservation-' Only So rrtf.
Letters contuinint' that value in stamps, will ensure
a copy, per return of mall.
A Free t FT To Alt.
Nature's Guide,1 a new and popular Werk.fullef
valuable advice and impressive warning, alike calcula
ted to prevent years ot mbery, and save thoutm-d of
lives, is distributed without "barge, and forwardcil by
mail, prepa.d to ant Host CHice inthe United btatea, u
rccw'.! i order enclosing two i nsiage stamps.
July Vi.l?&o.U--i

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