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To Ulk of the bi Hi fits of drains.. dllrini
ft rf'-y hot tummcr mny ftpptnr to ome peo-
jM m inapposite i m congratulate the 111'
mute of mi irnn dwrllimr-iiouse on bis pos
session of a fire-i-Rcane. So prevalent is tho
belief llmt undHrilrnining is useful solely for
int purpose ot leilm? out water rrom the soil,
that eompnrfttively few practical farmers look
for any advantage ezoept in a wet season:
Bot that they are ignorant of other uses of
drainage besides letting off surplus saturating
water : no farmer worthy of the name, would
wish to conduct lain-water off his land by
surface-grips, or have recourse to underd rain
ing simply to tap the soaking subteranean
springs. We know better than to seek mere
ly the drying up of our fields : we eagerly
eatch (he futilining ruin, and filter it through
our soil, and have even got as far as " aera
tion." It is clear that by sending down the
rainfall through the soil in quick and unob
itucted percolating streams, instead of suffer
ing it to stagnate and saturate, and slowly
And an escape by evaporation, and be pass
ing away in a barren surface-outllow, a great
number of successive charges of atmospher
io air are introduced into the interstices; and
this air contains fertilizing gases, and pre
pares inert mineral ingredients for the use of
plants, bosides operating mechanically im
proving the ti x'uro of the soil. Every drop
f wati r kinking through a crevice txpuls
the uicd-up or spent air th rs prcspnt, nnd
draws in aftei it another chargo of fresh J
very small nmntities of water thus refilling
the cracks nnd channels of the earth with
large qutnlilics of air just ns a small quan
tity of liquid flowing through a pipe, drives
out the volume of air, occupying the whole
length of the pipe, nnd is followed by anoth
er volume equally 1 irje.
But wha action can tho existence of tin-dt-rilrnin,
create or facilitate, at periods when
thera is no water to penetrate and piss
thr iujh the gr.itinJ ? VVhy, n soil that has
been p-trm "uti d with Swires and crevices hy
n pealed welling and drung, and tha agency
of currents of water an! air coniequint up
on drainago, is ac.n.i!iy damper in not, dry
utiimcr wrsuivr, in"ii it'i i wiiioii huh nut
been made thus porous. Underlining land
not only dries, warms, and enriches it in wet
veailier, lhn lan I whioh h
wcwiuer, uu. nigj inioweus i in iium ui
Tho sun's rays heatinj the aurftcc of th
earth, produce an upward current of air
throh the soil, jtit ns cert .inly as the bl z
ing chandtlier of a lliuatre, ratifying the air
(ff the rojf, ci'HeJ i current to ascend to it
Jfrqt the building below. Each crack or
js'oir,(Tl.-hjj9 in the ground acts ai a chimney,
(jnly that'i ascending " draugliv " is occa
sioned by a Cm above instead of beneath.
But air is also drarn upvard in another way;
the evaporation ,of moisture nt the surface,
and,, the absorption of it by tnd toots of a
growing crop, suck up water from ilow by
papillary attraction ; and air follows the &uc-1
eesaive urops anu tricuiets of water up
t(rouj'U the poiei and tubes between lio
particles of earth, A sufficient number of
1r, mpao underdraws thus provides a free
t '"iilHOj ot atr, and this rill not only im
throuen 44" immediataly.auova the drains,
but will spread 0'-'t on either side, as the up
ward current is produd at every pom, of
he surface, and so draws ihfl air from the
.drains latterly as well as vertically. Well,
but will not this admission of warm summerH
,air into the soil tend rather to dry it still fur
ther than to moisten it ? No ; atmospheric
iair always contains Bome iuvisib'e watery
Topor, which will be condensed upon a body
colder than the air itself. The surface of a
.tumbler of cold water is covered w th damp
ness on a dry, hot day, owing to this con
densation. Now, as the soil (except just at
the surface) is always colder than the air on
-a warm day, the air passing into tha drains
and up through the soil, gives up its watery
wapor to the cooler soil in the same way that
it does to the cold glass. And so important
is this 83-ial conveyance of moisture to sup
ply crops during a drought, that a system of
air-drainage, or the la)ing down of hollow
drains in such a manner as to facilitate the
introduction of air aloig their entire course,
hat been advocated and largely carried into
Besides this actual subterranean watering
of the ground by (he agency of warm, hu
mid air, of course there are other advantages
found in dry weather from a well-draiiied
oil. The ameliorated condition of the ground
for several feet in depth, renders it more ab
sorbent and retentive of moisture dropped by
slews and acquired from the atmosphere.
And aain : as the roots of plants penetrate
much deeper aud spread wider in a deeper
loWained, than in an imperfectly drained soil,
they are, as it were, out t f the retch of
.drought, and from their greater extent ob
tain a larger amount of moisture and nutri
ment; so that in consequence of good drum
age, our crops are in many ways supported
nd preserved through " dry times," and
frequent recurrences of " hot Wednesdays,"
iTet the undrained, shallow-ploughing far
saer watch with apprehension his baokward
mangolds, his scorching peas, and dricd-up
wheat ; but those of us who havo obtained
deeper acquaintance with the soil, and bur
rowed more profoundly into the resource of
our planet, may welcome a fervid sun with
out dismay, and smile, at the complaint of
our thirsty neighbors, who have negteeted to
mak j a cistern of their soil and a spring if
the atmosphere Murk Lane Exprest.
Fatal Accident in Kpuinoiielii. 0;i Tues
day morning, us Mr. Thomas Purler wasrefruluiiii'
bis Mowing Machine, previous to his g.iin into
bis meadow, his horses started, and the knives
caught his right leg a few inches' above tho knee
joint, and severed it in an instant, causing; death in
about ten minutes, lie was in a kneeliii", posture
in front of the maehine lit ttio time. Mr. P. was
atjovt70 years nf age, an old resident of Spring
Held, and was Uhfhlv roipected. This is the sec
ond accident ot the kind which wo chronicle this
week. Owners of miiehiued cannot he too care
ful m handliue; or usmg them. Connraut Hep.
Tho Iicpvrttr also stutei that Mr. Uarher, one
of the great cheese manufacturers of Ahlaliula
nuuiy, recently met with a very severe ueeident
wttilu trying; a mowing maehine. Ho fell be
fore the knives, which nearly severed one font at
trie ankle. He is doing; well, and strong hopes are
felt of his recovery.
Mr. Poiueroy, of Pittsfichl, Lorain comity, had
bis right nn cut off hy a mowing machine this
eason.aud one of bis le; frightfully lucurutud.
tUvtlund Htruld,
The question of who war the bravest son
f NdW York in the Mexican war, has been
definitely settled by the Common Council
keetowing Qua- Jackson's gold box on Lieut
Co. Burnett, of Gen. Dixons first Regiment
Jfaw York Volunteers.
The Poetry of Agriculture.
The principles of agriculture are exceed
ingly simple. That they might be made so,
Qoi himself was the first general planter.
tie wrote it laws, visibly, in the brightest,
loveliest, and most intelligible characters, ev
erywhere, upon the broad bosom of the lib'
eral earth; in greenest leaves, in delicate
fruits, in beguiling and delicate flowers I
But he does not content himself with this
alone lie bestow the heritage along with
the example. He prepares the garden and
the home, before he ereates the being who is
to possess them. He fills them with all those
objects of sense and sentiment which are to
supply his moral and physical necessities.
liirds ting in the boughs above him. odors
blossom in the air, and fruits and flowers
rover the enrth with a glory to which that of
Solomon, in all his magnibcence, was vain
nnd valueless. To His hand we owe these
fair groves, these tall ranks of mnjeslio trees,
these deep forests, these broad plains cover
ed with verdure, and these miirhtv arteries of
nooci ana river, which wind them along, beau
tifying them with the loveliest inequalities,
and irrigating them with seasonable fenera
tion. Thus did the A Imiehtv planter dedi
cate the great plantation to the uses of that
various and wondrous family which was to
follow. His home prepared supplied with
all resources, adorned with every variety o
fruit and flower, and checkered with abun
dance man is conducted within its pleasant
limits, and ordained its cultivator under the
very eye and sanction of Heaven. The an
gels of Heaven descend upon its hills. God
nimscll a pears willim its valleys at noon
dav its i-roves ar ios'inel will, I, f,. .ml n...
.7 . .r
injr, nuu mu uiesi-eu stars rise at nignt aouve
the celestial mountains to keep watch over
its consecrated interests. Its gorgeous for
ests, it- broad savannahs, its levels of flood
and prairie, are surrendered into the hands
of the wondrousty favored, the new created,
heir of Heaven I The bird and the beast
are made his tributaries, and taught to obey
mm. liie lowl summons him at morning to
his labyrs.and tho evening chant of tho night
bird warns him to repose. The ox submits
his neck to the yoke; the horse moves at his
bid ling in the plow; and the toils of all are
renJereJ sscrej and successful bv the penile
showets and the genial sunshine which de-
i r i - , ...
8ce"J frum 'fvn; lo "P h. grain in its
V "uJ t0 ,n ,ka t"r,u P1' aiilut w,lh "s
Destruction ol Vermin by Anesthetic Agents.
oi. u jyrcnas rea I a piper bslore the fans
Academy of Scienoes on the destruction of
vermin by anesthetij agents, applied panic-j
uiariy io tue ruain oi wne ot insects. A
Paris letter says tint extensive experiments
were midu at Algiers, with l'ij following re-
snlts :
" Experiments bava been mide at Algiers
on tho most extensivo scale with these ob
jects, especially to ascertain their effect on
cereals. It was ascertained that two grammtn
chloroform or sulfure of carbon per met
rical quintal of wheat were sufficient to des
troy in five day's time all insects in wheat ;
with fir grammes of sulfure of carbon per
metrical quintal, the destruction takes place
twisty-four hours. The action of chloro
form is sWer in consequence of the density
its y,inor. svhijh imue's it downwards and
keepsitin the lower ortio.?of the wheat. Thei
aciis of ivUirr ol car.'"'" 01 BUIUtulur1 mm7
made no prompt as to 08 initantaneous, if
. . ..l,l..rtr
larger proportions Da emph. 'veu.
(rain operated upon, so fV from bcin? a
dilliculty, rather simplihes tne op.. J-'
perimenta were made on 11,600 i.'eetohires
bariey at once; 100 pounds of U e .su'
of carbon were used, which req."re(' i
twenty minutes to introduee into the mass.--
hese operations may oe mane suceessiuuy
when the heap of grain is simply cov
ered with a water-proof cloth, which is closed
clay near the ground on every side.
anesthetic agents do not merely kiil the
insects, but they destroy the Urvie and the
irerins in the eetfs, while the tjraiu oper.it-d
rtt iins all its germinating properties. The
1 odor ot trie null ore ot etraon is soon
dissipated; and after they have been exposed
or three days to the air, and moved oc
c.vionally with a s ovel, n3 trace of it re
mains. These grains, so treated, when ground
made into bread, cannot be distinguished
grain which had not been exposed to
influence of anesthetio agents. Animals
the barley, while it was still fetid, with
an appetite and avidity as to indicate
the odor nnd the swor it retained were
from being disagreeable to them. M.
Uoyre states that the sullure ol caroon pos
sesBos no physiological action which survives
HDesthuUc influence ; it is an energetic au
Hsthetie, without any eonsveutivo toxiciil ef
fect. He beltercs, too, -that the sulfure of
carbon prevents grain from healing itself and
fermenting in granaries. Of this point lie
promises to make further experiments."
Tub Fruit Siason. Tho berries, the
peaches, the apples, and tho plums nut on
ly of these, but of all others, eat freely, as
often as you ciin got them. There are only
They should not bo eatcu Liter thin din
ner time.
They should bo eaten while fresh, bipk,
nr;rftct. and in thuir natural r;iw Ht.Uti. with-'
ti ". ' ,....
milk, cre.im, suftr, spicea, or any other
I'quid, within nn hour aUcrffrtrds.
Fruita are Unown to be cooling nnd haUli
ful; the re us on is, tln-ir nciility, liku thut of
some other nrtich'S, sumuUtea tho separ-Uiun
bile from the bio this causes an "opn"
condi ion of tho ays tent, the aitendiint of
hih'h health, an active body, and a j.iyous
heart. Hence, if that acidity U currected
Bwoets of any kind, in ftuch proportion
ihey f.iil of their uamral good tffects. Hull's
Journal of Health,
Codt-Ahmr to tub Ladies 40,000
tona of Swedish iron hnvt b- t-n imported for
munufricluro of crinolirHti. The metal
which used to be converted into mi'.l-coiiU
now appropriated to female petticoals.
Anions the tortures ofth Inouaition at Avig
non was one called " the maiden" a fair
6gure, into whoso arms unhappy prUonera
heint pushed found tberaitdvea clasped by
atrong steel spring?, an I so squeezed to death!
Every lover will risk the aatne fate under our
went regime,
One of the moat prominent citizens of
Missouri the owner of twenty-one grown up
slavee, beaidei their progeny -haa offered to
emancipate all, provided general emancipa
tion eouM be aecured. lie know a and says
that the rise of real estate, consequent upon
, ... - . . 1 . .I
the abolition of alavery in Mwoun, would
four-fold pay foralavea. 1
PHICE9 lit
r I iHE auhMrlbersare now openlnff, at their
new store, ononantstreet.thelnrfrestand
bent stock nfu-noris In their tin t
a Inrye stock, of all price .
.1 E V 13 ll ll V.
consisting of
repaired at short notice. All work intrusted tons, will
be done in a thorough and workmanlike manner.and
W. P. li A. II. Ghiswold.
T" Gun Makers. We have a full stock of gun
I materials, among which will be found
rOnr doS. Hitcho.H.k A Mo?tl-'. on. I PannlnAn
Iliflc barrels, sinKlo and in pairs.
w.ii, jwenn, H, Horianilll a Kill SCOCK.
Mountings. Hnrimra. HHtrh Plio. Pntnnt nAL.
Bod Trimmings, and all the fixtures. '
rtiK gross Unn (Jones, all quslltlcs.
I'ieaae give us a call before purchasing.
W. 1. A. H. Iiniqirni.il.
IJistols. A full stork, consisting of Colt s and War
ner's Revolvers: Double Karrel Itilln. Mian .Inol.u
and singlo Herman, a full stock, cheap.
w. r. x a. ll. UKlswoi.n.
T)eildr lUftde Clothing. The largest nnd cheap
1 1, est stock ever brought lo this market. Call and
examine for yourselves.
W. P. ft A. II. fliuswoi.n.
One of the Greatest Inventions of the Age.
Seamless clothing: something that is cheaper.
warmer, and more durable than any kind of cloth,
won't rip or tear. Over aud I'mler Coats, l'ea-jnekets,
anu J" nd see, no charge for
snowing. w. '. A A. II. (iMswul.n.
Dry (;ooil. A general assortment, among which
will be found Sheetins. Prints. I.in..n. t..na
(iinirhams. Hosiery, and a henvjr stuck of Men s sum
mer goods, .Vc. Give us a mil.
. , , , ' P. A. If. Ouisvvoi.n.
Tnots & Shoes. Kvcry thing, from a coivhi.lc
u1.ie.Sr.n. Hu.kinheCSr
""'' ""' Children's shoes in town cheaper tlian can
ua 00.13111 any wnerc west or N. .
. I . A- A. II. OiiHwm.n.
TTnta & Cap. A full stock Men s and ll
- ; . . P. A .V. Il.liaiswni.n.
blocks! Clocks! Wholesale au.l lictnil, wc will no
J be undersold, call and ee for yourselves.
. r. . a. II. limsToi.n.
nrd-ware. A full stock. Locks. Hutu s. rca-u
i'abie and Pocket Cutle re. nn,l .lolm.ru T...1 i.l
b.-l finality. W. i; ft .v ii, i;isw.n.
C1 miners Tools.,! full slock Wecd.s celebrated
loots all selected by Weed.
CW. P. A A. H.Omswoi.n.
liBnrs. In.nnn choice Segars lower than ran be
J purehssed weal of X. Y. Sinokerswill please bike
notice.no hunil.ug. W. P. 4 A. II. Ukiswold.
Del. II til, l.si.; lly
U 1? II O Iv
-nt Tiir
JR I1 x A.
Insurance Company,
Incorporated 1319 Charter Perpetual.
FIltE nnd ILAM
Calls the atteution of its friend, patrons, anil the nub
li ,pa.,urfllt.. .. ,-..ii.....:.... .-. 1
a Casiii cniiititi or m.ioo.ooo:
1,3 07,9 03.42!
lias Transacted Btmness nureestiilly 3ri Yearn,
Paid on Airirreirate Loss of nvor Ain.onn.nna.
1-urwniwii n a National basis witii loeul ngeueiea
ill uu iirioeioii
in all prineipn! lnce, under a .Mcrenntile svatem ;
luuoueu ou a i,an ntanuuru, n-itti nn envia
ble reputation alike the same on the
hanka ot'ihe Hudfon, ortlieMi-e
eiisippi, the Gult'of Mexieo, or
the Northern Lakes; present
ing a powerful orxmiixu
tion n a coriHervutor of
puiilie good and
llund of intc-ri-ty
: equal to all
emergencies ll
or v
Eminent American Corporation,
Affording itupei 'rtr lacilitie and .s'eeurity in mut
ter of lnuraiu,fl Commercial, Meeimn;cal,
Mereantiie or ru':'!. ' liile ranking for im
portance ned puhiie service
'IK Filt-T OF
of a.ii:kic.v
Ralefl and Rules aa Liberal :ls the Risks assumed
pcrulit fur Sulreia-y and t'uir 1'rulit.
Cpexfnl attention r;iven to the Insitrnnce of
iiu'ellincntiil (Jtmtcnt.-i, lor ieriod
of'lium one to live yenrs.
rito.ii priv
rolieics Issued Without Delay by J. A. II A LL,
Aent, nt Perrysbura 1 uuj by J.
MauJ'-e Tily. Ohio.
Juno 11. 18)7 j'mi:J
A. MOtlUK, Afcl.t 1
on. Tin-; H
Wli'i h;is IkhI 10 ycn-'ri exiicnoucf ia a lii.nkcr and
I'ulilisiiur, nml uuthor ui mi
icrift o f i.rrfu.-tM at the liroatlwrry Tthtrnarlf
when, tor Id nucirfssivo iiighi!, over 3
fJrcoU'il him with iliminls ui .VpijUust, while he JJJ1
exhiliiU'il ilm mamu'i in which t'ointcrlViicrs uxc-"5
cutftlicirFi-i.uil.siiiullh.'.Jiin.-st ainl short ft
est inciUiJi ot' doi-untiiiK Hi-mii!
7ue Hunk Xtti I-lngrwor nil t it that he is
the I'iViiVv Jwlfi l Viifur Mutfij tiring, Wm
OISlOViUtY ot Tim -
Piestmt 4'fiitii y lcir
JJetiM'tiiir I'diiiilcrlrit JSuuk AotcB.
Kvury (iuntiiuo Hilt in UxUtetu-e, uiitl
Kxliiitiiiug at u j?lauce every Cuuuwtuit
in I'ii-ciil.itioii ! ! Jw
Ari tiueil no ailiiiirulily, tit it UKKKUKN'CK U cay J
nml IKTKt: I'llKN' lnst:uit'iiU'oiiit. rj
rtT"No In-lfX to i-xuniiH!! No tuva to hunt nj: J
Hut so niinj)Iilictl mitl iLrrait,;i-'l, that thi' .lA'i't luint, mm
Ij.mliui anil DuriiUfdii .Man can sen all at a Uluutt.
Tlll.. , ..'t tT!:" vnivS
Most Perfect Hank ISoto Lint ruhlifhed
Also ii H-t of
All the Priviitu liaiilcLM-s in Amerirtu
A touipleU' titiuu.iry of the I'inam .: op Kl hoik
Amkiui a will he iiuhli.hi'il in each I'tlilion, lo-
K'thcr with ull the liuuitrtuiit X of tho day. j
Also u series of
From au old MauuKcript found in the Kast. It
furuislies the mortt eouiplete History of
oitii;vrvi, isiFK
detti-rihihjc the most perpleiiiK positions in which
the Ladies and ticuileiiR-ii of that country have
been no ulteu touud. Ihese htortea witl continue
throuxhout tho whole year, and will prove ther
most etitertaiuiuff ever ottered lo the Public.
;fcfFurnislied Wi-i-kiy to Suliserihyrs only, at $1
year. All tetters musi he uttilreH.M.d tu
JOHN S. DYE, itmker, i
Publisher and Proprietor, t Wall-street, A'ew F"3
Vork. C
Ayril 9, 1857 J48A23IV "
No Advuiict! ou riocL.it.
TAUXUM'8 failure in the Clock hue, a humbug.
li Have you teen our new stock? lie have just
received a cord, a cord and a half, or two cord, every
variety and pattern; ami are selling them, wholesale
and retail, eh aperthau Uarnuni ever thought of domr.
all in perfect order, and warranted. C
1(,ur.eives. No charL- furshortinK.
Juue o. H; Jitt cr
Cull ana see tor
a-. i ii ri:i)
riii;rn!:i' nr
Dr. C. M. JACKSON, Pliiht l'n, r-.
Wil l frfDf ri-u vi t
Chrrmir nr JVervott Debility, Diwt of the hi,t,,eM
... Murtww armng trom a ait ante ini i,,vei
nn Coniitl
pafion. Inward
Files, FnllneM of
bloofl to tha head, Acidi
ty of the Stomach. Nauit-a,
Heartburn, Diint for food, Ful
neMor weight, n the stomach, 8onr
rnutatinns.si.ikiiitr or Ihitterinffattheplt
of the stomach, swimmini of the Tiead, hurled
and difficult RrAfithlnrr Klutfavir.a- .t .h. u..r
ChoaklnKorsufTocatinseiiMtionswIieninalvln pos
tnre.dimness of rision. dots of webs before the siylit,
ferer and dnll pafn in the hend, dpficlencv of perspira
tion, yellowness of the skin nnd eves, pafn in the side,
back, chest, limbs, he.. kMci. Hn.i... i..n i..in
in the Hesh, constant imaginings of evil, and great de-
The proprietor in callinir tli nttsmiinn nprh.n..h
He to this preparation, does so with n feeling of the
utmostconBdonce in its rirtues nml niint,tftti,.i,
diseases for which it is recconimcuded.
It is no new and untried arfint hut nn. thnt h.
stood the test of ten years' trini before the American
people, and its reputation and n.e is unrivaled bv am
similar preparations extant. The testimony in it sin
vor iriren bv the most Drominnr it ml well Imnwn ii,v.
sictans and individuals in all parts of the countrv is
immense, and a careful perusal of the Almanac, pub
hslied annually bj the proprietor, and In be had grat
is Of ailV Of Ilis arenfS xsnnn. t-siit antial'., I.a
skeptical that this rented; is reailv deservinu the ureal
celebrety it has obtained.
Pnncuial Olfice and .Manufactory. Nn. Mi Amli :-ir
Philadelphia, Pa.
utrttjicatt of HALF LUTE, F.trf., Editor ipiru
Uf the I tines" fronton, Ohio.
Irontoji. Oct. .10, ih.vi.
Dr. C. M. Jackson Dear Sir. Tha hitter, nr it.
great demand here. In addition to the quantities sold
sell more of them than any other medicine. I rind
' ' muaici Duruer. nnr no-enf tH turn nlhsr tnt.a
iney are mucn used ov convalescent fever patients
rebuild their broken constitutions. 1 have used during
uniuier,in mj own ram i iv, tour Dottles. Thev
were reccomended to me first by a neiifhlior.at a time
when my system was much debilitated from the effects
m a severe itiiiious tever. Ihey gave me an appetite,
and restored a tone and vip-or to my whole system. In
one of tho September numbers of my paper I rein ted
my experience of the good effects of the Bitters.-tmce
which time they have had a large sale, and have huh
become the standard merlicine in this vicinitv.
In conclusion. I would saj that I feel great ple.nure
in giving jou this testimony of the value and sucoes
of your preparation. iiespeettullv v u. s.
KAI.r Ll IT..
Great Cure.aftrr tiir rursiriAss n.vit Fii.ku.
Ulsski.vim.k, Ohio. Jan. 1. 1.,..,
Dr. C. F. Jackson Dear tir, " would iiifurni
yon that we are out of your Bitters, which rind a read,
sale. One of our neighbors has been doctoring t'.u
some time (we think about two years) with all the don
tors in the country, but all of nb avail. He looked a.
much tike a dead man going about as auuhing wt
can compare him to. His disease appeared to bean
overHowingof the fall. AVith hard pemuiision we
prevailed on him to try yoar bitters, with tho promise
to him, if it did no gnod.arge we would eh himlug
for it. provided he took six bottles according to the di
rection, which he hasdone, and is now entirely cured
and has becomes well man. This cure 1ms created a
great sale in this neighborhood."
KesncctfiillT. EDWARDS Si I1ROWN.
They are entirely vegetable, free fnm nil injurious
". vMituia. v.t .iK-imiiiiLnininiiiiiim, mwuvs sire ugr uen
ing nnd never prostrating the system.
Price T.'ic. pcrbottle. Sold I .'v Drugu'ists nnd Store
keepers in every lowu and village in the I uitedtitate;
and 'anuilns.
SM bv H. BrRRITT. Fanmee Citv; PKCK &
MAMll.iO, Perrysburg ; Li
purt; Norman Brew.iter, scotch UiilL-a; Jno.Urailner.
West Millu-r.ivfj.
By Dr. Ruback's Hcamlinuvin Xiemedlet.
Vt i h, It vears ot study
Mr Kohack, the emminent
bweilih Phvician.9iici:edeJ
in producinga inediciiict'roni
tne ntouiituiii herbRot lustm
tive land, which actdirevtU
upon the causes otdieati u,
the blooil.and by restorinttht
corrupted fountain of lil'ttu
a condition ot health and
purit,exel distnee from
tnesysrem n nerever it maj
he located. or H hatevei ntttv
be its character. Indigestion, nervoiif jomplaint,
euileiitii and other tits, cotighs. ccnsuini tit u in it
earlv stupes, iore thrnnr. brontinti'. tter anu ojfue
asthma, low spirits, sexual inecpaelty .temi unit eak -ties,
prtt ltinj; of ttie ak in. svn:pton.ati ot paralysis,
rlteuiiKiti-m. neurnliria.timior. cancer, dintmtt lassi
tude and debility. diarrliea.nlid all otherdisurdcrof the
orgtuif of respiration, the liter, the ktdnejR, thestom
ach, tlie nerves, or the musctilnrrthre, arc unerritiuh
cured by this dreparntion. It is to the materies muriti.
or seedsof disease, what an allisli is loan acid :
neutralizes them with nhiohrte certainty, while at the
srtne time it reiru la te- the secretion p.remoyeso hst ruc
tion from the howls, creates appetite, renews bodily
riirorand regenerate eyerv animal function. Siichia
the nature, such are the effects of Ur, Uohack's fa
inoulScamliiivian Blood Puritier Pills, uill not onlt
obliterate the most pninful di-t-ues.bnt prevent their
recui'i'etice, and lengthen life beyond its ordinarv
To itreyentininosttion.purchaseonlv of resnectabla
drujjiitn..Vc.. of regular agents nr ot tr. Kohack.
sule proprieter and manufacturer. tilth street. (Cincin
nati, rrice ot runner i.uurer. Doine; uottics
for $5. I'll Is 25 cts. per. box. and i boes lor $ l.'-O.
1 Kiuit ti l rt, inn, wcr, i. 100.
Pti.DoncK- tiir, 1 he last thre boties of tour
Blood t'uritierand the acuoiupanviiiir I'ills.have re
lieved meof the l.iit vestiireot nn rhetimatixiii. Icon-
siderthecureall hut miraculous. After liavin-: suf
fered the most acute aony, almost without interuiis-'
sion.foreiyht years, and heini'or three yeiirsu crip
ple. Icau scarcely realise the fact that ot this moment,
atterliavin used your Scauditiaviati LCemadies for'Ul
three inontlift aud'afew days. 1 am a hale, hearty man",
capable of manual labor, audeutirely freefrom pain,
When 1 nrst applied to you, by letter, fur a supply of
your medicine, i waa.tttle bctterthana annaticaUkcI-
L'..r.....u1... . o. - 1 )iHt.UFUra..i... u.l
hour ot uubrokeu uii; lit rest, ana inv tiuud stiiUmir" tt
;v oOlv, had become tfreatl enteeuied. tne verv first
buttliof the puritier wrought a stirprisiiii: chai.'gefor
the bettor in my yic't.., ufi iauinr that wonder
ful restorative. together with the Ulood I'illls, for one
month. I telt that a complete regeneration ot every
animal function wapiti pro,rreg9. I was not deceived,
I ain now. at til yearsof aye, as free from every sv mp-
tom ot riiuiiniatism as i was at nt. inereuau be no
doubt that this wonderfuh-ure is due to your remedies
aloue.and I am willing, if it will serve vouorinudnee
others to cek relict tnun the same sourre. that this let
ter sltould be made public, Yours. Are..
ClNTINSATl, Dec, 2S, ls,V.
Tir.C , W. Uoiiatk l)eatNit ; 'i hisv, illecitifv that
I called on Dr. Kohack Inst March and got some of hi:
Scandinavian Blood 1'uritier, which liu& entirely cured
me if a complaiht of nine months duration , ami after
trying otherphysiciaiis w ithoui ctrect, !, asalat re
source, called on the above named Dr. Hobuck, and he
relieved iueof the Neuraliia.togethcr with weakness in
theUmi'k. In the euur.se ol three week-, trom the tune 1
lirat applied to Lret nil andattend to business, and can
sul'eli say that from that time i have eujoed the best
of he.ilth. Tiniiio w hohutl'erini; from auv Mines would
do well ttt call oa Dr. Kohack, at bisest.iblishment, No
OKjt r oui th street. It . V. S'l V.W AKT.
No. 17 Chestnut street.
Forsiile by Vkck fc Hamilton, t'errvshuru, I) it,
U t itJMTT.M numee; V . Ii II . Hnon.ltf wm mi (., m: kn;
W. A; 11. llvxKifNH, Tortaue; I.kvi Iavlou, New
W.-trtclil; ti , I. akk e t & Co.. (iii.KAo; h. L. Mouk-
iiim sk t"t Co., aterville, and for sale by I)ruiitt aud
Dealers in Medici m' Kenerally through the country.
December . lH,ti li'JW.
' I II K Suiinvrilivr Manufuuture, and keeps on hand. St
X hi. Shop and Wure-ruuui.on b'ruutmreet,oiiedoor
west ul l,enr'H I owyr.
of aluiiHttivDrvfltt.i;rililiuii,iiiiil of courats at all prices.
All in v work U warranted. Work made to order, and
repairing atteiMtfil tu.
llnvinjr a (rooit lleame, and food workmen, I am prs-
pareu 10 attend to tm. a it .nouia te, n t.LLi.
Tl lt!VI.
I km alto in order to do all kinds of Turning, at my
cacforv oi tne iiturauiu
Cabinet Work,
Ten Pins
Chair Stuff,
Orders by mail,orotherwie. promptly executed.
Terrvshurir. Ma D. lSi7 kililxt
I VWKU II ANIilXtiS Au exunive variety: cmbra
1 ciuc Window Shadea, Hall 'aper, Hordtr Ac. of
tlie lati-Nt t lea. jutt rvoeiveit and lor Hale cheap
m.u:ii:k IIUOK STDUK,
it i: m ti I) u:s,
l'( T VV BV
Hold Mr DriiKiiMi Kvery w here.
Before You throw this down aa Worth
It 1 a fart well known to nil mir Wpiti-m ifivnn.
tliat tlir niiii.m tilat i cmiMtantlv nrpnintin fhp iii',. ,'.f-
tins ricn "i-Htrni country, anl the chiuiRi.. which oc
cur rn l'r(Murntlv, from heat to oolii; give rlac to vai i-
OIIM i',rn.! of license, nml it ht'i-cnic an ininnrtmit. in.
finlry tlii-u to u. what wt mn do to lircvcnt tlicac allil
ficn ilttiickH. to wliicli w are mo liable? An old aaviui;
l. ' nn ounce or prevention in worth a pound of cure,'
ami In in.cluun la it truer than in this, lorin how-over
Il,r wu are auucKed with illucaa, tha nriinary
I'linae I. nearly the aaiuo. Wo cnteli cold, or over eat,
the pores or tho ho.ly lieentno closed nnd the refine
matter which is jeuerally thrown out of the system hy
scn-ihle, or iuscnnil.le perspiration remains in It and
c hirrs It up, and tho Consequence is that the inward
fum-t;i oi' the lioily cannot perform their dim, any
more than a wati h can. the coir of whose wheels are
filled with tiirt. Kvrry part of our todies dvninnds i;
ill:l',-l-f-iit element Irom tho food, nnd the part our sioiii
arhstake is to eliminate surli parts, and sen I :heni in
their proper dirci tion: when our system is full.-open,
this is well and haaulifoliy done, aii'd such n.n Is -.four
food ns are not needed, are tin own out !i pi'rsi;ira:i n
anil tnc n-.ittiral outlets ofour bodies hut wli-it .-,,1.1
or any otlier cause, stops these outlets, this olliil (if w e
may so .peak,) reiu.iins in the lio-ly; nnd Keiers,
Khelimiltism, Jaundi,-,., I.ivel- f.'ompl.ijiit, Airue, Aeu
ralK'ia. ,Ve., ,Vc, occur. What then slinll wo dn? tho
answer is easy cleanse the system thoiouirhlv, restore
these natural outiets, nnd we are free. Wiien shali we
do it? Shall we wait till the disease becomes set up
on U9? No, let us talce
A (simple Vecctnblc Kcmctlr,
immediately when the hist symptoms commence.
lint a good physic, composed of the hcalini? planis a
tmc hits luTsHi proviilcd. Thi, vnn an rind in t lie
Arunmtif. Y3etuhle atluutic rills,
I'HKl'Alti n BY
LAXGW0KT1IY, Findlav. 0.
Wc compound tiiem fa tun a Wfterii experience
we know what you want, he ause we want them our
ieie. The 11 when that Ifuli tleadaeii.'. 1 itn iu the
Itaek or l.oim tou iiKt.- ch, w Ikii, in yhm t, uu Ictl
uur viiniu our oi one r,
take enonh to cle:tite your Uem ihoroiihly. then
take them alon for a wtule to keep your how el upeii
and regular, and you will thauk usVui- cuiupuuadin
the in .
It may he, that you have neglected vourelf until
you have fever an-1 Airue, lull ri-ver, Uuuih Aaue
-cither Acu:e or Chronic then procure a hottle of
l.nnuwoi tliyN Aromatic Airue Pills,"
hoc them according tti olreetioii.-, it ml break up 1he
ui!H.-ase; ii you n ivo nail tt a ions time, use tnc
t iiysic i to Keep yuiir !ystetn ri'ular, and
Uo luursKiuiuiriWritk.
These Affile Pills ate compounded for tho.e who are
tired ol taking Quinine, Arsenic, or any noisonn. We
arrant them entirely compounded trom the Vegeta
ble Kingdom, and offer a reward of ilooo, tu anv one
who will delect any Jiueral tu auy .Ucdicinu we ad
vertise an etretahle.
Thette Pills were romnntimleri. and first used in the
fall of li-j.'i, during the great prevalence ofliiliou
1M sense were comnonmieti uq tnc cround where the
Di lie line prevailed, and not where they theorize about
it. (ns in the fca.t,, tt was gotten up when Quinine,
and the other .Vedieiuea, failed, nnd was warranted to
cute, aud not one in a doaeu hottle failed it n the
It ! not gotten up with miraculous powers; but It will
There are some case where the yt-ni is so full of
Disease, tnutuothing but a iliorongli turniug over will
uo niiy Kooo, uuu iu tuesr; caes. urn ueuiciiv proceed:
to do it in such cases nausea is product-it, (in the
common oo-c.j out persons can avoitt tins hy doing
the whole slow cr, and taking small doses, and a tuucr
time tu cure.
In some cases, where the Liver torjiid, the patient
v. in uavc oue or iwoi uius alter commencing Hie Aled
icine; but as soon as the I'HU are fairly Uken up hy
the stomach, uud the system U under iu intlueuee, the
Chilis mutt l stop. laanycHse where it is desired to
stop a .Sicklies ut the .Stomach, tiiat is produced hy
these Ague Tills, a dose or two ul Teppcruiint Kssence
will relieve.
Look out for your appetite, after Icing cured hy these
IMIls, or you will ovet-eatj
One hottle will break the Ague nnon four irrowu
persons, tut to fairly cure should alt he takeu hy ouc.
ic Winn hi." ii ciui tour iiiii iuion io i tie
For ill! Divoiio of I lie Eye or I. vol Id.
Iitlliiuituations, riluis, Clceiatioiui. Weak Miflit. and
all forms of iMneosed Eyes are cured so rapidly, that
wucre uesi kuowu ii is cononn rea uimust
in its healing iullucuce. A 1'hjaictaa from ludiaua
Vour .Medicine h?s given perfect and entire satis
faction ui every case."
One I'rug More that has oM, the pnt aciMon, over
sars it did not fail in a.-iule instance.
Au old ilunw Jockey, who haa handled horses all
his life, ays: i
11 your hve Halm, with a little Uleedmir and Phis-
ickiug wlure the system is too full, will uotcure, they :
way give up the Kye.' j
uuc lA-ty, who nai been deprived of slant In one
Eye, hy r'iliu over it for six years, says:
,Mrer ttnrty rnysu-iaus u.ici prescritied, without
any good done me, your .Uediciue is performing a
Candidly and honfty, will you deprive yourself ol
good remedies, because some, would Ih, wise tines,
cry out Quackery or will you try oue hottle or oue
box of o.tr
nnd he Iieakdofyour I'laeascs. v do not i-tit up
our Ke ltalm for anything hut Kore Kyes ami I y
LitN; hut if you have it iu the house, you need not
suffer with Sure .1outh, or L' leers upon auy part of the
body, for it is so healing to all nn'li surfaces, that it will
than anything else. Apply it, ifyott wish, with a quill
feather, to the sores. etice, twite or three times a day
as you deem it necessary. ,
Prepared and Sold Wholesale nnd Ttetnil, hy
Sold hy I.. MnnfcHor.Jit, Watevville; Pkck 4 Hamil
ton, Perryshurg; Ltsvi Iaylob, iaylottown; and 11,
He mi itt, Muiimee .'ity. July ii, lts.n nui
TiouTard Associatioli.
r it t nil lursoiisatHieted with Sexual diednex such as
the Vice of ONAMSM.or SELF AUL'SKit.lc.
The llnwAitu Aksiii'Iatihn . i n view ol t he uwful
destructii nol human life, caused by Sexual diseases,
and the deceptions oractWed upon the unfortunate vic
tims of such diseases by Quacks, have directed their
Consulting Surgeon, us a uiiakitaulk act worthy of
their name, to irive iudkal advice uhatiMo all per-
sousthitsuhiicted. who apply hy letter, with adescrip
tionof theireondition, (age. occupation, habitsof life,
and in eases of extreme poverty and suffering, to
The ttownrd Associatiou is a benevolentlnstitutlon
established by special endowment, fortlie relief of the
sick and distressed, afflicted with "Virulent and Epi
demic Diseases." Ithasnow asurplusof means, which
the Directors have voted to expend in advertising the
above notice. It is needless toadd that the Association
command the highest Medical skill of the age, and
wiilturimntne most approved modern t real mem.
Just Published, by the AssoeiationlieportonSper
mntorrbu'a. or Seminal Weakness, the vice of Self-
Abuse, and otherdiseases of the Sexual Organs, by the
ConsultiiiifSunfeon, which will be sent by mail, (in a
sealed en veloue,) r hk ur cuakuk, on the receipt of
Address. Dr. (iEO. CALHOUN, cokbultiko hi,
(ikon. Howard Association. No. South niitu Street
Philadelphia, Pa. Bv orderof the Directors.
KZltA D. HEARTWELL. President,
Gio. Faibwiiilu, Secretary.
A . C . V 1 N & L O W
Iroa-Fsondsr sad af achinUt,
lias on haoil aa axuusiva aud appruvad usaortuient
I'attfrns fur
pus castinjc let'Uerallv. Work dona to order on abort
uutire, aud iu a saliraitary luauuer.
Kr.xt Ikox KuiMJtr. Mantis Citt, Obio.
A Y E a ' S ' , -
E C T O'R A h
Co'ighs, Colds, and Iloarwans,
Bnip,j,,.ni Ma7i7nco. JOtli, ui.''
that the best remedy I have ever found
ror Coiiuha, Hoaraenosn, Influenia, and
tlie eoncomiunt symptoms of a Cold. Is
jour Chkhkv Picitoral. It. con.lant
use In my practice anil my family for tho
last ten ycara haa shown it to posses
perior virtues for the treatment of then
fjnmplnints. KHKN KNKiHT, M. D.
A. H. MURTI.V, Kaq., of Utic N. T.r
wrltea : "1 have u,..i i,V; , .
' " "in rip ivm OF
ell and In my family over since you invented it, and
hellf-re It to he the heat medicine for Its imrnoae ever
nut oiit. With bad cold, I should aooner pay tV, UO
for n hot.tle t.liun tin ivltlimif 1. .. r ' v .
Croup, Whooping onKh, InHuenzti.
n a , lT,,,'"'N"FII, Di ''. Keh. 7, lfl.',.
RrnMpr Ayir: I will cheerfully certify your Perioral
lathe IwbI remedy we posscssfor the Whooping Cnna-h
(roup, , the chest diseases of children. W? nfyonr
fraternity in the Houth appreciate yr skill and com.
mend your medicine to our people com.
AM()S1I.EI-,,Esn;. Monterey, la., writes, .id Jan lwics
I had a tedious Intlnem,,,, which conl.ned n. 'in door
six- weeks; took ninny niedieines wllhout relief- (Inallr
tried your P-rtoral t,y the aihlee of nor lerW man.
Ilie first dose relieved tha soreness In my throat and
units: less than one-halfthe bottle made me eomplete
y well Vour medicines were the cheapest na will
the best we ran liuy.and we esteem von Doctor, and
your remedies, as the poor nuin's frii n'd.
Asthma, or I'lithlslc. and Bronchitis.
Sin: nnr Chrrru f'r.-r, ,l u n,r...n,i ' "
cure, l ,i. ,,,. It r-,,'.v7d ,e,;rrf om'
alnrmins ..vmplomsofconsiimptlon. nnd is nnwrnri.
a miin who has labored undr ran aireelion of tl.. l.,
fortlie Inst fortv ven
I KM Y I . IAI'P.S ll...
P.. AHiiitn. Inn-,, i.-rl.,uQ. .'a
I'nrinir mv lirni'tti-c r i,i,,v ,t.,.n
n,,t!-.ins c,l to your Chrrr Pl,rl fr i,in(I rMr
mil ri'lii-r to coiiitiimiitive tint i.ntM ..,,PinA..,..k ,
arfi-ttral.le. ' ' ""-"
We miirht ii,M rnlitmi- ot i-vl,l. n. eut the roost'
.onvinring,ir.H.frtho vlrlta-s ot tliia rtm?.ly is found
in Itstflcctii tijion trinl.
I r.jl.uli.y no rrmclv hint evrr lioi-n known whlcS'
onn-ii so many un.l i., h ilnnevrotia ,.., thji
Some uo human nl.l enn rearh: l.utevi-n to those ther
I lurry IWli-ral allr,! nlli f nml i-itmfort.
Asroit lli KK, .fr York City, Mnrrh 5, l.',e.
I)r. Aurr, l or.ll: I fppl it a duty and a pleni-nre in
iur..rra j ou what your I lrr, IWiornl ha. done for my
wile. M,e had In r,.r Hve month- lulmrinciinder tli'c
danin-roiH aymptoms of consumption, frn, w,ich ,,.
.li.l ire -on .1 procun- pivi- h r niurll relief. Sh. WM
t-,,,l,ly fniline. until lr. Strong, f thi, rllv. l1ere
" l'-i-i-i:"nieirm-,li, al advii e.reiauiun a.lid atria1;
f vour medletne. We 11.,., hi, kinder as we ,l .
"kill.f.irslie Ims reov.-rr,l from that dnv. Mic is nc
yet aastroue ,he nse.l to he, but is iree from hur
rough, aud alU herself well.
Youri with trr:ititu,le anil roffnrd,
UKLA.NDi, SHKI.HY.nr SllKLarvnt .
rnn.tiinptive. .I., not d.spair till yon hare tiled
At,rrt irrrv P.rl.'ral. It i, made l.y one of tho best
I1"'1 .'herui-it. iu the world, nnd its cure, nil around
WX'r merits of its virtues. PhUaAtplum
Prepared by DR. 3 C. AYEH.
Practical and Analytical Lhrmut, Lmrrll Mau
1'ni.K, !f I III! p,R RfiTTLS.
c ATI I ILLS' rEie95CTs.rEBox.
So I.I hy II. Ilurritt, Allen A .Nelson. Maumee, 1'e.k
Hamilton, 1'errjsl.urg, and by all Ilrusilsla etery.
. r-.-pt. luly.
the nnr..T purimek or the hi.imiii!
iW a Particle of Mercury in ill
An infallible remedy for Serofuln. Kind's E.il, Kh.u-.
matism. Ohstinute Cutaneous Kruptions. Piniplea
orPostulesonthe Fare, Blotches. Iluils.AKUo
and i-'aver. Chronic Sore Eves, ltinfrworu
or Tetter, Benld head, iuilurpeuietj.t
and pninofthe Bones and Joints,
bait ltheiim. Htithbom l'l
cers, Ityphilitic Disor
ders, a'nd all disenA.
s arising from,
an Injti.ii,.
use of Jr
enrj. Imprii.lenea
In Lite, or impurity of
thellloo.l. '
This (rreat alterative Medicine and Purifier ef tho
Bloo.1 is now used by thoii.anris of L'rateful patients'
Irom ull parts of tha Liiited States, who testif. dailW
to the remarkable cure. rp.'.,.n.A k. ... . . m
all medicines, L'A UltKH'S SPANISH MIXTfUE.-'
, ."",'" "oeomaii-ni. jeroiiila. K.ruptions on tha
Skin. Liver Disease. Fevers. 1 leers. Old sores. Affec
tion of the Kidneys, Diseases of the Throat, Female
complaints. Pains and Acliiuirs of tha hones ami ...io,.
are speedily put to Night bv uiujf this inestimable reas-
to compare with it. It cleanses the system of all im
purities, acts pently and ert.eiti.tlv on the Liver and
Ivi.tneys. strengthens the Diirestinn. cives tone to tha
stomach, makes the skin clear and health v. and restorss.
tnc L .institution, enleetiled by disease or broken down,
by the excesses of youth, tu its pristine viitcr and'
For the nisr.tSKS or rEMAtr.s it is neeuliarlv mnR.
cable, and wherever it has become known is rei-ularU'
prescribed with the happiest effects It inviuorarea.
the weak and delelitated, and imparts elasticity to tha
worn-out frame, clears the skin, and leaves the'ratient
fresh and healthy ; a single bottle of this inestimable
remedy is worth all the so-called Saraaparillas iu nut
enee. Tlie!rf-e number nf eertiHcntes which we have rec
eived from persons from all parts nf the I'nited States,,
s tile best evidence that there ia no humbuir about it-
The Press, hotel keepers, tuagistrafea. physi.-iana. and
public men. well knowntothecommitnitv.'alladd their
testimony to tha wonderful effects ottliisuKEATBLOoo-.
Call on the Atrent and s-et an .Utnanae. and read
the details of at. niahing cures performed b caktkh's
SPANISH MIXTI'I E, ttt matt rat vltfr rvrrythit tit,
ha.t tigitall, fntttu.) The limits of an adrertiseuies) k-
wul uot auuiit their tall insertion.
Wm.S. BEEI1S 4 -0.. rrorriftoni.
N..1. Broadway, Sew York,
To whom all orders inu-t be addressed.
For stile bv Druu-ists and Countrv .Merrhantsinal.
parts of the Tinted Slates ami the Canada, and bv
ri.Cn. & MAM 1 1. 1 U.V fcrrvsburg. au.l II. HI II
HITT. Mnnniee Citv. "sept II. K,f ly
HAS removed his Drug IS tort to the building formerH
occupied by O.I. Kanney.ou atiic street, (near
the Uuc It store,) where he lias opened the largest
i-k of
Druqs, Medieinc9t and Cliemicals,
ever before offered in Maumee t it v. He returns hia.
thanks for the liberul patronage previously bestowed
upon htm, and hopes hy diligence and punctuality in.
business, and a liberal policy to his patrons, to merit
continuance of past favors; assuring them, together
with ull others who may favor him with aeall.thut it
will he his pleasure, at all times, to furnish them pur
medicines of almost every kind, uud medical advice.it.
necessary. A variety of
Chemicals, Pure W'mes ami Liquors for Medical or Mt
ckmticat purpvttt, (but noue of an inferior and
deleterious computation,) flavoring
Extracts for Cooking, Per
fumery, Tooth Pastes
and Powders,
Skin Powders, Hair Uestoratives and Huir Tonics, Lip
Balm and Pomade, Shaving C reams and Soaps.
Toilet Soaps ; Cloth, Hair, Hut, Tooth. Nail,
Scrub, Puint and Wliitewush 13 rushes j
Fancy articles, Spts. Turpentine. Liu
seed, Lard, Whale, Tanners', Fish
and N cuts-foot OILS;
M'hUc and lied Lead Zinc, Chocolate or Fir
Proof Paint ground in oil. a new article,
and finer Paiut of ull colon ; Dye
Woods und Dye Stuffs, Windoio
Otaua and Glatn Ware ; Gro
ceries, such us Teas, Su
gurs, Hicet Pepper,
Spices, (f-c.
and many other articles, as well as a large variety
Proprietary Medicines, adapted to all diseases. He has
also set up a new FOUNTAIN, from which Issues i.
jet of ice-cold mineral water, at the pleasure of the op
erator, fur the special benefit of his customers.
Aujcuxt a-itwu.
M AKK1A0E IH'll-K, by Hit. W M. YOUNG.
MARRIAGE GUIDE, Youae's great Physologi
Every One hiaown Poet or. By Wm. Young. M. D.
It is written in plain Isuguage for tha general reader,
and is illustrated with upwards of One Hundred En
gravings. A 11 young married peopls, or those contem
plating marriage, aud having tha least impediment te
married life, should read this book. Itdiscluses secrsta
that every one should be acquainted with ; still, it is
book that must be kept locked up, and not lie ahoatth
house It will be sent to any one on the receipt of 84
cents. Address DR. WM. YOUNG, lot Spruce fit.,
above Fourth. PhiUda.. Pa. (Uareh 5. 1M7 atf.

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