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Ik Weekly Newspaper, Devoted to the Interests of Wood County, Politics, Literature, Agriculture, Education, the Arts and Sciences, Home and
Iteaolvedny the Uenur.d Asmunbly of tho State nf
Ohio, Three-llfths of tho member elected to each
House conoorriurt tin-rein, That it lie anil hereby in
proposed to Hie electors f this state to vote on the
ntcond Tuesday of October next, upon the approval
or rejection of ihe following amendment its a Hubnti-
-tte for the twentydifth section of the second article
C' constitution and for the second section of the
' rtit-le, titid for the third section of the eleventh
!,vi. : all regular wessons of the (Jeneral An
ombiy shall comni-iue on the first Monday of Janu
ary, annually. Sen ilur s'.ull be eleeted Mentally, and
representatives anuu.illy, by Die eleeluM of their re
spective eon tub's or dUn-ii'isou Liu second l'mdiy of
October. Their term of oiliee h.ill commence on ihe
first day of January nee. nfVr their election, and tint,
of senators Khali continue to y ar, and that of rep
resentatives one year. T'ne senators elected in Oct.o
her nextshitll hold their m'.ices for two years, ami the
npresentative elected at tins mime time- shall hold
-their offices for one year, Provided, that Huverr.ccii
of the senators eleeted on the rfee.md Tuesday ol'Oe
i fcober, ls.'iT, to be jtcprtalnori by lot, a Hi'' President
-of the senate, may duvet, -dial! hold thir nill.' for only
koDQ year, and their successors shall be t lei ted on the
"-second Tuesday of th-toher, one thousand ebjht hun
dred and Hfty-eitflit, and biennially thereafter. When
ny county V.r.ill ha-vis al'iMitiim above the rate for
representative no hnuv t'litbein nudtipli(d liy ten,
'tho res, xni he etpul to oil! or uure ration, addi
'tionjf Vepresetititives sdidl be apportioned for such
-Tatios among, the several b.'hhI'iiw nf tho decennial
r peri.)d in the following manner : If there be only one
ratio then a represent a ive shall be allotted to the tenth
session of the decennial p.-i'io.l.
If there are two rutin representatives shall be allot
ted to the ninth and tenth sessions; if three to the
eighth, ninth and tenth ; if four to the seventh, eighth,
ninth and tenth ; if live to the nix 'h. seventh, eighth,
ninth and ;enth ; if six to the nt':h, sixth, seventh,
eighth, ninth and tenth; if seven to tin fonilh, llfth,
sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth ; if eiL'ht to ihe
third, fourth, llt'ih, sixth, seventh, ci'it, ninth and
tenth; if nine to the sreou 1, third, fourth, linii. sixth,
. seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth suiuns of the du-
cennlal period re'p.viively.
In determining nmnber of s'nnrors to whirli tiny
natorial tllstrl'-t mlylit he emitted in anv deee.ntiial
period, by reason of anv fraction of a s.-natori tl r.itln,
the fraction shall be multiplied by five, and if the re
.tilt be cquil to on: Hi-ir.itori.il ratio, an additional
: tionator shall he allotted to said district tor the ninth
snd tenth sessjoua. If it be coi ii to two such ratio-
au additional Senator for the seventh, cWhth, ninth,
and tenth sessions shall be allotted to mioIi district. It
three then to the tit'lii, sixth, seventh, eighth ninth
and tenth. . , , - , ,
If four, to tho third.foiirth.lifth.sixLh.s'-ventb,' ighrh.
ninth, and t.-nth v-ssi-us r.-speeth -1; ', If tin aim nd
ment be adopted bv the eleeturs. the .MaMie uw en
titled to more than mie ineiub. r in eitn-r or b..th
lrancheaof the Lei!atan' in the fourth and htih sc-.
Wisns of the present (te- eunial period now provid
ed, shall have a tKr number d' lueuib'M'n iuea, !i brniK-h
thereof lor each session uf tlu- r.Miiainder ot the pres
ut decennial period.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
Dated April 3d, 1857.
Resolved bv llui ti'Mieuil A" jmidy
Ohio, Three-fifths ol the t.i '.a''- r-i e
Il-use roneiirrin ' then-in. tli.it it b
of the :
eel- 1 1
troiosed to the cl- i -r-. in mis :.ue to v . c:i tbe
seeou.l Tuesday ot it tob-r next, ii;o;i tlie .tpitt'oval
or rejection of the I'ollo.viii'j ani -u 'iiieuf, as a -ir.i-tuteror
the lit'th and sixth ertio:i of the iourtn arth le
of the Constitution, vu : nm:. ldMriet ( uiin shall
be held iu eiieli county a' h-.i; on e i:i e i a ye.ir, .
one or nuin l.'i.-'U'iet Judtro el-'i-ted i.ie elL. !
separate districts to b pi-- m rieo ' y law, who !nli
hold their olliey for live w-ur ; ami ti;uins' the.r eon
tinuaneu ia otfke ah.dl r . id- in tlu .i;.-:uet b,r whh li
they are eleeted, th,- TovNi.ii.- ;' th four, t eM h
action of this arti rle .-d..ll lo !': i t t .liidu
The tieneral Assembly may by 'aw liii'.Uo; ie the ji.
of the Distriet f.tia.-t, :i d -f the e-e:r o, vo...:,..-i:
pleas, to Hx the times of !. ti.-'ir r.
caurta. Until "Mstriet .hid '.-s.-. mil hav
and qualilie'l, liistrb t
Illl't l.e
1 1 I,..
JiKlifA of the Supremo
lUUl l
Coilltaon I'b iis, us ii'i.v iiuihnri.c-L
trtct court ii;tii i : v -'ten j.iri- ii lin': :
Tided by la.', an I r!.i' j'- '- s l!. rul
rci(4i' !iK-li p'i'.'.-r ait I .i'lf. i i'lii a:
jBi te r.tni'c:i -i: j':.; '--!'
Hi-'ii.' US t-liad bf .i:.'- .'t- by i.' y.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
THOMAS H. FORD, President of the Senate.
Dated April 21, 1857.
Resolved bv ihe licr.iral Aemb
rf tho :
,of Ohio, three tit'ibs.-t ihe niviubtsii b-cit-d to each
fbnnch, concurring tli -rein, that u be .trd iiereby,
ia proposed t.i the t'ln'ior- .it ibe S'ate, to v.,te mi
the second Tue-day uf Uftnl er m-x:. i. a4 j-umvc
or reject the follow mi; a'iieuduiMtt as a Mib.-ii! !!
for tho ceeond and tli id section . 1 the twcifili
: article of the couti'ut ion.
All property, personal and real, sVill he subject
taxation but a und' no ruie, ut the true value tht-rt-of
in inourv, by nuch dt-duetions f. om crt-tbis may
b allowed" as the G.-iiLr:il Assembly niay d-eui i x
pedicnt; l'rovided, ihl. buryinj nnituU, public
school bouses, and all public property, and all in
stitutions of parol v public cburuy, and all houses
used exclusively for public Wtuvhip, tihall be ex
empt from tixation; and if lh" total value uf the
(personal property of any person fdiall not exceed
fifty dollars, iiie Ktine may be exempt from tava
tioo. All property employed iu banking diail
.always bear a burden ot taxution equal tu thai im-
of individuals.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
Dated April 3, 1857.
! Resolved by ihe (ieueral Amenably of the Sa;e
of OniO, Three-tlt'ths of ihe menibeis eleeted lo
each Jiouse coucurnnt; therein. That it be and
hereby is pruponfd to u.t electors of th Siate, ou
,the second Tuesday of October next tu approve or
reject the following aiuentinienc an a Huninute
for the tirst and seeond sections -f tha thirteenth
article of tho constitution, viz : Corporations of
every description s'.a-l bo created, and corporate
powers ffrau'e I only by general laws which thall
.define tho powers, privileges and immunities and
prescribe the duties and liabilities ol each class or
descriptions of corporations, but tho general as
sembly may enact special laws for the relief of
.corporation in peculiar eases, and may muke spe
cial provisions iu regard to corporations incases
,v herefrom their peculiar location or interests nch
special privn-ious aro required, and nny from
time to time aKer or repeal all buch laws, as are
authorized by this secuou.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
Dated April 3, 1857.
Resolved by the General Assembly of the Slate
pf Ohio, Three fifths of the members eleeted lo
.each house concuriing therein, lb at it be, and here,
by is proposed lothe electors of tliis riuto to vote,
pa the second Tuesday of Octuhur next, upon the
approval or rejection of the following auieiidiueni
as au additional section to article eleven of lh'
constitution. Evervcountv whichuow is.ormav
hereafter be entitled to more than oue seimlor, or
representative for the residue oi tlie pro eui deeeii
Dial period, or for all, or miy portion of any hub
seaueut decennial period hlmll be divided into a
maur senatorial and representative districts as
there may be senators or representative ehctive
la any one year of the pres. ut.orauy subsequent
-decennial period, which districts hba'l be of cou--
r tivuous territory, and each district shall contain ;o
nearly a ratio for Buuator or represeutmivo as is
attainable!, without violatiiiir the rule herein given
as to continuity of territury.and without dividing
tie township elcttiou precinct, or ward. If any
representative er senatorial Ji -.trict, composed of
two or more counties shall by ivavnn of any t xcesH
of population over a ratio, be entitled to ndJii ion
al representatives or senators lor any poition of
the present1, or any mibsequent, decmnUl period,
the district shall be divided into two districts, for
each portion of such decennial period, which
shall be contiguous territory, and each Bltull con
tain as near a ratio as is attainable without divid
ing counties.
If by reason of the annexation of one senatorial
dist.Ict to another, there shall be any excess of
population over a senatorial ratio, which shall be
entit.L'd to Additional representation for any por
tion of any decennial period, each district, as now
constituted, shall elect one senator
Counties shall be divided into districts by the
county commissioners or such other board ot ofli
cers elective and renideot in the proper county as
may bo provided by law. At leas', four months
prior to the general election in the counties
entitled to more than one member of either house
shall be divided into districts for the residue of the
present decennial period, and at least, four months
prior to the general election in the first year of
each subsequent deceunal period, the counties
entitled to more than one member tor all, or any
portion of Buch decennial period, in either orhot.h
houses, thall be dividid into districts fir th
whole of the deevnninal period. A de-cription of,
the district ot each county shall b.- published as
iitity utz mi cci.tru uy uiu uuuuij uuiu;iiiantuuuia or
ai may be prescribed by law,
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate
April 3d, 1857.
Columbus, April 4, 1857.
J hereby certify that the 1'oretjoing proposed
constitution amend men ts are correctly c -pied
from the original rulis on rile in this ofhVe.
Secretary of State.
Common Pleas, Wood County, State of Ohio.
Jl'miu V. .i;eoft, I'liiiiitill. vs. il.iii-y T. liiieliley, uul
oilier iiuloovii. 'bri-mi.:litJ.
Ifenrv T, bulMev. bi lic-ve'l ti) be i.i tin Mne ofev
Y'U'Ij, illld fitb.T Ullliliow n ib t'eii .l;m will pb a-e raliO
notice that .b-Mip W. Seott did on tlie 'JTih day of A ii -ls.".7.
file t'l'titiun in tie e.oirt i .t'ctiMiionpIea-,
wii bin iiml for the enmity of Wdoib in rbe star ot" Ht; ,
nilitinst tbeui s-t.in t'.e-l;i rhat l!:e.-,ii.l Itevv T. I'ulU
lev, did on the Ittli d.iv nf .-' j.r. oilier, I Or,, ;;iv ;i
nmrt;r!iiie tit the :ul piai mi t', t -eeure tlie p.'tvinent
tit' eleven pro!nisnry nous i-l the .jtne d ite oiiid
nmi-iae. ea- li t'ir tho sain r." .'', ;'n h,!e;vM
from Mav :!il, 1 .W, mi the e;'ni itnlixi.ied nee--.i t !i
fall that pai t of river tr
r Jiie.i lies in tm tl-U..-ervi;
ut tin; .Miimiiee
and ivt t i.f a line rr, i
vur general, in tin1 '-.w
i". w .;!! ri vur U'aeis i iien
sl'in imniber three, of the I
Kapi'U. in Wood eotmrv. (bi,t,
tinder the direeth.n of lii-.- -u:'vi
I 1 7, and reeoideo as th - 1 :h- I
two aei
lot V
el k
. exeepf ;il
ynw. and
'. to
, 11"V Jlii". e
t-l I'
bur.". iiam!er. oio.-. I'oni, jive, eiht,
vi. tiiii teen, and evenif.ni, in bioel tbre,:!i)t
1. in bbir-li number ftnir; ami lorssold II. Diir-
'onubec uai and toiirteen. in b,oeU luir.iber one:
and mitnberi t wo, tlin-c, ol-veii. anl fourteen, in bbudi
'uui'ier rivo: exeeot al.:o. a w-iter b.t ,
seveuti-i ii. iu I'locti thrPP, loi'tv-i inc let t alld : It!
vi b i-ti V. .;;er iin. t and exfeudi:-niiviaM.' w-if.-r.
'1'be Mi!"! ' i.;iet o.' w liieh tbt: ; it!i p.ivt i.t to he is
iilioio-" d fo eo,iraiti alio i it fort v-eiy lit acres exe'its'ive
the bit above exet jiTi' V. and pr ivin:;-t!:at th abl iVjiu
incs mav be !dd to i ut;. said it: or; ;-. i,n whicdi is .s
Ji'.otto, wit n interest fnon y 'j: , 1 -i :. and ar-:aial
ihut the iI'MfiidaiKs be barred iVom a II intc.'i si therein:
and t!if said Henry T. Uell-.ey, a.:d oib-r d.-ie'ul.iut.-are
herehv imtifi.-tl th.it the ;i:i tveuiv-'d ti ;t;;r-r
and answer sai l oetirioii ini n b
aitti-thoTih dav o-Sep-.e..ii..r ..
' 1 'y
.i' i
JAS. H. CAMPBELL, Plffs. Atty.
Toledo, September 3, 1857—17w [...]
Legal Notice.
Wood comity, ami si.: i K:
o.-iu t;
O. Cidtu!!. Cidifta C.
DKFI'M'.'.N I - w;ll t;i
liyt' At-u-t. . f. I
tii-vn, i!i '.be ;i'.'i.( i i m rr.
rbe b"..il title to nt bit T:!,
Ml id i-t. He. ai'd eui;-,; -. . t i-i t
t'- 'ir av.e.rst-ir. I ',ir '.. 11. t
i.d 1 our 1 it iv,. i!i;;-c!:a-.-.! 1
I' tnii tl;.' I. uitcil -t tN'S. i
.Old ft'i'Ui Julni ('. i'iiil; tt
bi- tit'b! in trust ,l.iis. !:.',
.I-t i!"i'.'irbinrs t" emivy
crcf tlie title of rt.-, s.u:: I
s:titi in-tilioii ml or b i'.nv tl;
i.l' .i'bl et in t, or lb.it :i:i v:U
.Tl U
irei. I
: thai j
r tli'
it m i lit- v nf V'ir. ! I ii ! - 1
dedro.b. !::;(' -t ;
;irili lia K. ( ;al;)iu, to j
t.-'Lieu the e un to or- t
to .bllitV. an.l tb:-
.l itl ili.it yi'U ao-wt't' j
dwV t-Ii..1 iK'xr term '
,ik. n am! tVens' lia.t !
By S. Jefferson, his Attorney.
September 3, 1857—17w6*
September 3, 1857—17w6* FOR PERRYSBURG AND TOLEDO.
V rl I., ni.lkt- two trips : ilay.Kniiil.i'
VV tweeil t'crisl'lir;:', Matlinee t'il
leavile; l'errysbaltr al V A. M. and 1 1 e
exc-'prci. he
an.l Toledo,
a. LoineTu-
le.lo at lot A. M . Illld .. e. M.
The CII ASi-: c..,iaiieets.at II A. M. withtlie AKKtlM',
rapt. Caverley, tor Ilttroil. tltus I'oi-inlu tlie most
pkasatltati.l cxtit-ilitions i-onteto that cit.
BLINN & BARSTOW, Agents, Perrysburg.
scccni'.n tv nociu.r. -rni- amoi sr.
ril A K F.S risks ugainat loss or dai.iaee 1. v l-'ire.tlie
X pei-ilsotsua.ori aland aaviatioiouoi traasportutioa
Hon. ISAAC BRAYTON, of Cleveland,
Hon. ISAAC BRAYTON, of Cleveland, " I. IRRION, of Hillsboro',
Hon. ISAAC BRAYTON, of Cleveland, " I. IRRION, of Hillsboro', " JOHN A. CORWIN, of Cincinnati,
Judge R. B. WARDEN,
J. P. M. HOWARD, Sec'y.
A. MONROE, Pres.
Citoaoi-t Stilus will I'liiielualiv atiendt" all luisim-ss
entrusted to him intliusever.il conns ot' NVooil .uei au-
jonniijf eouiuies. (llie e ,0. r Itliiio.y. Caistuw's store.
8. Si'isk i;.,.. )
J. V. Uo.-s, Ks... IVrrvskurs.
I-'.. D. Puck. m. ii.. i
(li-to. Laskkv, Ks., Ililead.
1 ' A N I It L li.VICIO.V, lis, p. Aiiil'.ll 'l'p,
.Ici'oi-t Kiti.i.itr. W'esi Mit-iou'.
Jo-i.n H.ii-us, perrvslnir'.
.lo:ie 'J.i. s.-,;;v.
A S 11 H II V O O i;",
'EIl!'! fMiicrilu'r will a pmil iniiriMCtl lai'.ii, si!
I tntcl tuio uii'l n lull' iii:! a vu lVn niivy. tti
tilt- i;ili l Hi:nl. if iiru I'll ;H-n. witli (
iiiijtpnf.l: a tr !! irt'ii;n-.i au.l i;tin I Ii will
Ik- -.1 1 ;ii a l-ai riiii. hr i-asli. A -ilii.i iMOlv.
IVn-vhiirM. ,hi ;.J, I.-..".; Ktf
l.iirov! E'liriei lor S.isr.
Sii.tai-rilifi' li:i! a jtMui nnii'i'Vitl tuvm ;'ir i!i
siniiitk'i) tlitvo nuitm iroin IVrrv-l'ur' un Ui.i '
U-ru Ufsrvo uiiti MauiiifO vml. Tlu ru ai t Si i i:t
iuru.H umior pioj i;ulti;iii.ii. ;ui ri-!i.;r-l i.i't n Jjintiln
li uit tivn-, with izotui Imiiilinjs yi-K-r mill. o,L't 'iVm
ruaHniial Ii.-, with hat u binaH jmrsiun tin. mi.
For the Journal.
Letter from Capt. McKinley.
"iVh enrvy our neih'jnrft failings in stht, but
throw our o n uvi r oar sho,ibUnis.M
" No petiny--Xi pater nostr.r."
K. A. IhftiiiN.s- Sir notice that in briefly
paying Vfitir R(jt)jj!imoiitH to tho latu Dcinocr.itie
County Convention, yon do mo tho injustice to
c!ass mo unions the candidates for Probaiq Judge.
I supposed it to be distinctly understood ihut on
na account would 1 bo a candidate for more than
one ohVe before the convention. To the friend
who niinouiT.cd my name, I am prateful ; but I
innnediuti'ly uuthiivired the Gilead delegation to
withdraw ii; which was done as fornuilly ns it had
bvun unpoiineud. Hence you will discover that,
lira not a cundulafc for Probate Jadgt! I do
not know bow you came to mako tho erroncons
stntoment, but I feel confident that it was not in
tenuonal, and that this explanation will set the
maitcr right.
Hud I been ambKious for a place, outside of my .
profession, tlie offices of Clerk iiini Auditor, with
the duties of which long practice has made mo fa-1
in; liar, offered a much easier nomination, and would I
aiviu;;uj uuvu -puiu vr.ucr, wniuu uiier an, ib ine
titi'.'si ion, ibe great bone uf contention
ciindidates of the fame political tenets
The nliusiona aa to " PcUvfoesiwi" superior
E'lueutioti, court room friantH, iiKij;;erei:ttu;ss,
&c. I am willing to leaye for the criticism and
decision of those who know, or may hereafter
know u!l ri.'R'nvil to. My natural abilities I owe
to God and my Mother and my education, tu the
laws which furnish "the people collect":!," for tiio
burlieaded und barefooletj orphan. Yet I am wil
ling to be pitted, even against my Iriends who
though pigmies be I ore Justices, are buatcrs in
the Common Plea.-. Ita I ha ! I wonder if
friend Keid and imself were to tie mackerels to
our coat tail: if weeould'nt be whales too ! But
whim i would assume those uirs so cummmon to
CL'uti.nical jaukanapej I am reminded of the old
mhi'jQ : ' I!e who thh'ks too much of himself in
in danger of biug foiyolten by ihe rest of the
wnrid." However, reirardiess of the danger of be
ing tl:oti:'!u vain, I might suy that I have proved
myself in tlie funim and in t!;e field, wlien some
would dure to faint and yield I Remember the
tiie in the Hint shines not till it is struck ! But to
o-'jt up a controversy as to who is the greatest
aniusiir ttio learned lawyers of our county, and the
que.iiioii of fv.pability for tiie louzy little picayune
oi:i"eof Prosecuting Attorney, is supremely Vidi
euioiw ! It can, however, be aceoinaed for from
tl. j t'a . t i!iai mice and flies are more numerous than
elcp'um's ar.d lions. But the people will perverse
ly mi-tnkeuU us huge, irgul giants for eommou
pUic mortals, not. more vie than millions or sim
i.ar oip.-ds whieli strut around for a season, and
'ii 'lu'.vn tu t he grave, and perhaps to obliv
ioa ! ij.H all iboiisti expressions, it used at
a'!, were a!iin to tlie '-st'iiling'' one, so beautifully
illustrated in the. Higious selections; the" were
inoiv -tubs to amuse tho whale." but for that I
-h:mM prr.perly rcsi.nt a:i attack upon my prol'es
' .-;o;nil riTMitiitiim the only means of my liveli-
hoo 1 a'.. ' . 'inpurt of my orphan ehi'.divn ; the ser
vice of my country Imvi;'.; rendered me incapable
uf nmim..l l.iliur.
Piut im jierstc of sane mind can be operated up
on by s'.tch U'a.hil , and Sj far as 1 am concerned,
I led di.si o-i'd to dismiss the nonsensical egolisti-
-.1 ,..!:,..,
:.. "-"ft"., ii'.ieei.iii. upon we story
mi.-i.-iu I..Tiwr. .... i;i wL.I.ku Uiilos tooK
i " 'V--1'";" "!:" , ',' ,:iL lrv:l- .
r:iinv is at toast u ia er:iu;e exetiw lor tool
ast a U;
idiotie s
1 sll.olid
.i-adal.rion of in
hnpuU-uey ; awl,
s soon l!n!; o, coi'si .vs the memory o:
call' 7r.Wf.7r ran. n'mt viilr.i to suck a
f havii; my ji'sio: excited by the:
p.'iilons of coi:!ish e::;n'.-:pes or iralf -d
i-.cksters. Bitch poor llilov.s by some,
i!:e 'l'lil'iill, wh-?relli 'v ti-'.v.
.t.i :
La ..' ..-.-.vu the 1.0. it i
..i inisappreiieu i.m .m vn.:
!:!. !fj l4ic.iliiicoM ot
is', fur t--I
t.i !.,r.e
irwMitteal Wlien it-e l;iilde:er;n:ii -
t!i; .1:1 !::.).-, wo eouU'nt t'X!)uct the
ri"-""i .i'"' ;.; u iiiijuiing;
Of.p .' mat is it tour allnsion to certain
p;o;e.-aed liu-.ts was uiiaecessui'v. i knew the run
of tlie ropes. . have shook the' ha.-h all my Ule.
i m . .. . 1 - 1 1 ... t'"-i o i.,,t ,.o.;..i i
toiret n., l!.o..-l ilie l.ait, but p iiU proieip.es
?!.onl l not lie snixervn-nl to pei-on .,1 j.t.:ei, an-4.
frlciiils w'.o uru iih yon in tlie sunshine, lint leave
Toil when VOU il" l''e shade, don't of:en do-I
"ceive any one. The hand is the hand of Esau,
Km voh-e is the voice of I:.l,. Rl. thU!
matter must settle without the iuterveuiiun uf po -
Iltlcat opponents, audi men must be tougllt at.
home : lor aituouuti tuey cannot strike strom
blows, they know how to light with poisoned wea
pons, and thus by their malignity, railter than by
their hnnoaible skill, they bring tac Ujblest antago
nist to the ground.
" And like the hat of India brakes,
In. piaio s fan ihe woand it inaixs ;
Aivi, soolliia thas the itreaiu-'i' s pain,
I: ,'o-iuks the life-lilood from the vuia."
Hat I have done with this stale. neut ; I am eon
teat to let yoarlitiiny notice of our couven lion, go
before the people iu all Its pristine Shakespearian
I have no p?rsonal rpiarrcd with any man, but I
va::t it to be understood, that.
-TV- ;1 -sli will ipiiver wile;'! the-pinrcrs tear,
'i'ln- l.loo.l wil. ll.i .v ivliere tiie kiilte is tlrivon."
With n-op-jr respect, I am voar obedient servant.
Gilead, Sept. 21, 1857.
Ditch Notice.
Tin fullovi'v inK'rtiH(l per.sdin, as OTiiers of
the tletM-ihrtl laml opptisitu their npfctivt.' ilium's,
aiv liervl'y iiu'.irit-i), th:it nn :ipilii.itnin hs hen
made to tJm tru.iLi.'t't-ol'ilid.tiicLuii towiisliip Wootl
t'oiuiiy, Ohio, to i.iy mit, locttte ami appnriiuu
ainnu tin limtl ovmrs, bem tilc l Vlien hy, tliu tx
fense ot' laying out, uai tha share to he mila or
opened ol'eat'h, of a ditch or w.-i'(r-course, as id
lows: 'otniin-iieuii; at. tht south line ol' aectuni x!7,
ct tnwu ti north, ol r:iiii:n IIIimsI, wner- said line
cios iia the oid Fiiidtuy road, in the west ditch oi'
suM load; thenco uorilieriy iiloiif the vei. d tcli
o! s ill r.iad tt t hn toitiot cre k or iitvine.nt ar llmi
ry Harii'.iiisUe.sat tin- south lii o of ihe twelve uiilw
so u it re n ti ivjiimi, in s tid county ; and i.nat naid
ti'ij-iees "will me-1 at the m:1hio1 li.nue Ue.tl' liir
o'iih tud f s.i 1 1 1 ditch, on the t). h diiy f Stp
i. inhi-r, A.. L Lcol, Ui tx.uuiue und ajportion Haul
diii'h iicunliug to law:
(ie.iiLMf lU;jio. w a u e sec. 31, t. C, r. 10, bU
(.'. v . iV o. J.
Mo nt'. ii pt. e n e ,' hi c. 34. t. (i. r .10. 70
Mhn M Mct'ah.i'i, w"'.J su sec. -J7,t G.r.10, hU
Win I! V on Der 'ilcns,
tfc Uroihcn, e .i et w sec. 27, t. G, r. 10, SO
Kii -lia, ur Kd.ir
Ii. nni, e V.j s e '.t' sec. '11. t. C, r. 10, 80
Chase tt Undoes, w '4' u '4 sec J7, t U, r 10.40
Crisis 'i' roller, b e 4 u m'C. Xi7. t (, r 10, 4U
John li.jat.md, w l-a u w 4 m-c. 7, t ti, r 10. ttl)
ai-Lt.tf-.iiUi Kebuif , n h -,-j u u 1 1 (c J7,t. ti, r 10, -10
ii e 4 w 4 M-c 'J7,t. ti, r 10, 40
Liiivn C!ark, w K, a e ,'4 h.c iJ'-V t C, r. 10, bO
do n w e l L a, e oy( t ti, r 10, 40
Whitcouih ilaiikiLu, w K, h w 4 a-o J2,t.ti,r 10. 8(1
do s w L ii w '4 bee r&i'L.6,r.l0, 40
Vetftni Mornny, u e i4 a w 1 -ec t. ti, i 10, 40
iJh T'cadwell. u . a w 4 mg. t. (i, r. 10, f0
Ja.. M 'l ie d Weil, uw 4 t, w j4' sec 2:3,t H. .10, 10
ii..-v li.n.i!i-r..-. w'.,f a "Cfi.ij.t ti,r.l0,rt7 US-10U
J'!::; IIO.VtlLANn.ei al, PetiUo.i.rj.
S. J ! i- K i.ll.S S, litty.
A Few Scraps.
Our old friend Knox of the Intliauola (Iowa)
Visitor, gets into a humorous mood occasion
ally, and his wit runs like a woman ft tongue. In
his last paper he gts off the following jokes :
Titnsareso hard ia Oltio, that three m.Mi
marry one woman.
The young martin our place nre plnyino
their boyish g-itii'a figain chiisiujj hoops around
town, hound in muslin.
The farmers in Illinois, during the bi;lt
price of torn, cut off the " iisriiiveg " of their
hog, considering the in useless ,appendiges1''
Great economy !
To produce the "locked jaw" in a lady, ask
her ngp.
And to get " leave of absence, ' urge an imme
diate answer.
Our Dmotratic exchanges are quite jubi
lant over the late election in this Stile. It don't
make much difference which way the election
goes, its always "turkey' with them.
" The Greatest onan in the world" nm
oia Dachelor soys is the organ of speech
woman : it is an oisiin-wuhout stops. Ee.
Well, we guess Uial's true. And we aim an
old Bach, neither. Ours is a Yankee organ, and
it was going when we got it. Don't know when
it started think its "perpetual motion."
Si.ANORtiKnw. It U recorded tluit in the mid
die kg'S.ln France, a person convict 'd uf being
a calumniiitoi, was condemned lo place himself
on all his fours, and turlc like a dog for a quirter
of an hour. Er.
If a law of this character was in force in
this country, wouldn't there he fun in sum-
quarters? Whit a p.-ip-tiia I how-wowing there
would be, just at this time. am. ins; the leaders of
the Democratic parly.
Wo return our thanks to t!i ' Suh-E lilor,
who so ably eim.lucted our paper iu our absence.
Me savs he is s.i tisfi 'd with nev-.p,!'T glorv.
Has au id a that ihe convicts in th.. p'tiit-ntiary
are a happy people. Wonders il iher.-'s any
punishment aft-r death, for a f.-llow who h.,s
made a fool of himself. Wishes lo marry or
drown himself don't care which.
We regret very much thi.tt'i-. Visitor is to be
discontinued. We like tiie pap -r ; y. s, and we
like the iinme, although it appears lo be an un
furluni.t; one.
Tlie Pnyne Died Scutt Detnocraey helil a
meeting in Cleveland on Monday nigiit. Mr.
ISislpy, an attorney of that city, Ftruck out as
usual in a tirade of colored men, 'nier votrSi'
and in defence of the "Congo" doctrines gener
ally. In the midst of his harangue a colored
man succeeded in beittghcarJ, He said thut he
"would suggest that it would be much better
for the speaker and his party ti address his
heiirers upon the issues that pertain to Slate pol
itics, its Hnancial afl'irB, their management and
subjects thut tlie people have an interest iu, and
not spend his time iu abusing and crushing
down that class oi tinfortuuat beings who
are now already ground in the dust by oppres
sion." The Herald savs that this wns said in a mild.
...m.H,. r ,,,,.1 ill. lT..,t uio,.i.;i
j Tht, a,i,.llc0 svmnathised, and applauded. Th.
j sp.., (ealizeti his position, chaiued his t ic-
tics, reased ranliiiii; the ' nie-r " with the brute
:,, ... .f T.....a ;., . ...
i : .. i , . . an'.i ,n.,i;. ,,r th.,t ,).!.. nf o.'.r .. i..n,
citizens '' as " uufi-irtuit it mm who deserved
svmpathy ; he said t'le Democrats was true
friends uf that enslaved lace (God s..ve ihe
in-irl;! said Uncle Toby) that ' the GENTLE
MAN ,vho hid just spoh'ii'' h.-re the colored
1 tiling n.ii u arose, anil b ';;n'd that he should no'
ho tiiismlderstood, I .tsk il"t of th.' orator to
Y..elli. nr.rn t., .-,.11 ,.. ,r... (.. .. I
; u g t'l.n my down-trodden fellow bein-s shall b.
r-coanineil as human, ami th t the on,t-jr will
. i us alone." This took th-- wind all out ol
Hai.lev'n sail, h'is urnweh ll inned around him
iiKwanol.l p-ttieOdt, ni ca.-tmn alienor in a
i dead calm, he gave up ihe job to Jwhe Bliss.
Ditch Notice.
,,, . . , ,,
'I'MI'. foll.iwiii'; persons as the owuers.of tile land d
1 SL,,.i,,e,, ,,,,'(,,. .,,. ,.us..,.,iv .., ,-,.
lied that an applieati.ai ,a been made to the tra.teea
of I.ieerty township, W 1 vonuty Ohio, to lay oat
"'"' apjiortloo amonc sai.l laml mvners. tlie expensa
"."W "" "d ,'' "hare of eavl, to Le made of a
'".' 1 """"'"-'"H
l township; thence south aiiont tlireu-foarths ot a
mile, to a Uitch alrenilv completed ; und that said trim-
tees will meet at the house af .losaph Mitchell, near the
commencement ot mini ditch, on the :,nth nay ot Sepi.-in-lier.
a. i. lsoi, to lav oat said ditch accordinjr to law,
to wit: ' Aercn.
tyeot-ge Lnnke. n lit. n w, see. 2, t. 4, r 10, lo."i 4 I- too
.lames 1'. Stuh'os, or
.Ion. it. Porev. a l- n w 1-J sec. ti, t. 4, r. la, 80
Norton .K.tt'ersou.or
C. It. Jacliriou, n 1- h w 1-4 see. t 4, r. in. so
.losKi'ti .Mi-reni-i.i.. Petiti. ner.
A ae-iist 1 7, 1 sl",7 1 awli
Ditch Notice.
Xi i l It . h ia ii.-rehy veil ro the owimm ofthcfi'vith
j. i nan ot the snuMi east tpi irter o) section ami uf
the imrtii east ipi u'rer ul'the north wenf quarter; Kouih
east tjuurter of north-west ii,irrt."; no.th hall'uf imrth
ea-il ipi irter; undfouth half nf north-east quarter o.
section :tli. in Mhidleton township, WooO countv.t Jh'o,
that the triiU!i-n ot wiul township will incut at the
ho se of I. M"uy:lcv, on tli loth,iay uf Ou tohcr,
a. . 1S:7 at 10 o'clock a. M.,for the ptirpOMj ,,f loca
tinijr mid apptirtionimr a 0i ch or water-coarse i;.itii
nieueiuir ut tlie south-east corner of section '-'.'t, ami
ruimiiiif wost one and one-lniiil h miles alon the north
side ufa rnaO loeuted on the south lino of nail Mtction.
until it intersect a the Hail JiMiiio road, and there tu
Sc HMiiher .'I, lK"i7 17v'.'tQ
Court of Common Pleas, Wood Co., Ohio.
LliizahiMh Sitiiinro', iniei ma. rie.l witn lJdtid Mutlm.in,
und Milton U. Krishie. ami Hiram Irisoic, and Sfth
li. Frisian, mumcs, l.v .Milt.m li. I-'fishic, their " I'ro
ri.isu nnu" vs. Hi-id iinin H. ( ''lev d.'isO. lulininistrator
ol S.lh i(. !'Vi-.i'i-. tft -e-ne.l. Kim Mor-an, atiinini
trator of tinv .M.aj;.iii, tiucuusi'd, an:i hehuaii
iIi'ii.-Mii'ii U. (. I.'VLtaiu!. dcl'.-thl int ami
-ur ot -a tti 'ate of Oliiu, will lalo; nnti.'..
1 lion
that a pwirtmi -.as H.cJ, in -aiti nurt. on the :iUt da
of An-ust. a. n. I V.7. tthcreu. the vii-i piuiutiti's prav
for the n r. .mtv of iJ.'i(i uJOiii. ,i;, ,i unv men ohIchmI
to he pa'tti iti.-iii lv saul ad'r.inisi . ,rur .if Seth II. l-'ris
hi'i. it'ceusrd, in -ai.i eotiri. tot ti c i.H i!a ot A on!. a.
n. Hll.on th l.oiiO of said 0-:.-:iiiuiir, iv'u unro saiii
statu in the sum of !.inu, ,m tl,-. Hull .lav .hum.
1S12. for thu faithful .li..chare ( ni Ualtjsait siiid ml
niinis'iator; ai.ii that in cii.-L- h- fail to uiimvi r at liic
Oetolicr term, ( iciohcr, the l ih . n. ,',', iii.Jmueni
will he talten for the sum oi ioOvvit Ii iutcrusi l lunuoii
fium iliu tiiii liav ol A iil. . I. Mfit, !i .telault
mu.i'on n. i-iiiii;, ct al.
Uy (ii:oitoK Stimin, i heir Atty.
September -'i, i-o7 l"rt'i
Court of Common Pleas, Wood Co., Ohio. Sheriff's Sale.
Pnnih 5e John C'ruiith vs. SVdliuiu M. Heed ot ni.
IV virtue of an order of sale, to mu Oire. U d nnd
) delivered, from the court uf coimnuu picas, ot
Wood cuiinty, (ihio, 1 shaUolIcr for sale, ut the duel
ed the court house, in Ternshnrif in said cutintv,
Ott Sntiivday, the 3i.ih'day ut September, 1.7,
between the hours of 1, ml 4 o'clock P. M , tho follow
in reul esbile, sit mile in the county of Wood, and state
of Ohio, to wit: Tlie iiurlh half of the Hinitli-vvesL tpiar
ter uf section twent-ciat, ill towiieliiji tW'e, raiijte
nine eiutt, containing M acres, tuoie or less appraised
ul .n.u. Terms o jj!u one-third cahh, one-third iu
un., and one-third in two vear- from day of sale; de
ferred pa v me nt ou interest, Mini occured bv morion jgu
uu the pieiiii s. c. V. NOltTU.N, Sllerilf.
t' abi'K vtkk Wi:id. AttorueyB,
August 7, l.'jT Krt.Si.aj
Court of Common Pleas, Wood Co., Ohio. Sheriff's Sale. That Red Patch!
We have heard norm of tho.-a Loeofoco? who
read the Cleveland Plainteater sayiiv; " Red
Patch," occasionally. Now this is nothing new
tons, having resided in ths same congressional
district with lion. A. P. Stone at the linn he
was nominated for Congresj by the Democrats,
when this falsehood was origin it.-d. That it
was njver bdieved, may b. inferred from the
fact that Mr. Stone received the fall vote of his
patty iu every county of tho district, and was
elected to Congres-i. It was an old electioneering
story often used against cairlt. Kites, nn.l was
started against Mr. Stone by H. II. Chariton, of
Columbus, for the purpose of defeating his nom
ination for C ingress, Mr. Chariton was a whig,
and being satisfied that Mr. Stona would poll a
larger vote titan any other democrat in the dis
trict, circulated the utiry for thi purpose of de
feating his nomination. Mr. Stone refus'.d to
be sold lo the South, how.'ver, and has b;cn a
consistent and active ll'puhlican since the or
ganization of the Republican party, and now
that h-has b xn nominated for State Treasurer,
those samn men-who el cted him to Congress,
bring up this old f il.i'h i i I and repeat it us though
it should influenc 'i ti .ooleto vote against him.
Why were tlcy n i.i.lu meed by ill But the
whole tiling is such a hirelaced piece of low politi
cal trickery that it needs no such argument to
blunt its force. For the purpose of dispelling ul
doubt upon this mitt-r, We copy the following
letter from the originator of the R 'd Patch story,
at leust so far as it was applied to Mr. Stone:
Cor.UMnus. Sept. 13, IS 17.
Cor.. ScnouLF.it : se -by your paper of the
10th inst.. that the electioneering- story of the -Red
Patch,' which was lohl ou Mr. Stone 'in 131-1, has
been revived. I deem It an net of justice to Mr.
Stone to publicly make an explanation of tho ori
lrin of this mailer. In the eY.eiti;i canvass of
191 1. aether upon the principle that all was fair in
poliiirs, originated (his old electioneering- story
on him. for the purpose of preventing his nomi
nation for Conn-ess, believing- he would be a much
harder man to heat than eitlier of the other candi
dates spoken of by tho Democrats. The story is
older llian Mr. Sluue. It was told on otherj us
nn ulcctioncorhi story years before I ever knew
him. Since I have become iinrsonal'v aconainteil
with him, and leameil his history, 1 am confident
mere is no man in the State whose sympathies and
feelings ure more identified, with tho iaboring man
than his.
I desire you to publish this communication, as it
,n ..u iu n-ir. otonu unit i snoiiio nil tins CX-
For the Journal.
Let the Clique Answer.
1st. What is the reason that Wood County is
"u vii.ooiieun .-
2d. What is the reason you can't carry your
conn ly ticket J
31. What is the reason you can't keep up a
eoaotv n:moi. L
a vi ; . ,i, , . , , .
4. V il v is it. tll.it no 1 atneis inn.t ho .em in
certain families ?
5. Why is il thai Sleedm-in ir. Co., sends their
orders to distani townships to go for certain men
and oppose others ?
Qn'.re. Is ii hc-aus there are six or eight
illiterate demagogues hanging about Perryshunr
who seek 10 rule Jie democracy by virtue ot the
divine right, of King.:, and jret n'oniimuious no
doubt 10 be .Ideated by il.e people ?
It would seem so. It is high time that the rot
ten clinie who have fattened on the State ami
County l'rea-iii-y so long should let the c.mntrv
make their o.vu iiomiuauons. They must do so, if
they ex p-set sraetiw! Hut. w'n it care they for
the suei-ess of th-ir party al Incne, so that the
canal and pile- pays well'! D.vunv uhim.;.-:.
Bowling Green. Sept. 11, 1S57.
Daddy Grime.! will pardon us lor saying-that we
don't believe any p iliiieal management short of u
perfect ab m lonmjnt of the u-tM-ly ob.ioxious sen
timents to which they adhere, will ever give the
Loeofocos of Woo l county the political ascen
dency. There Is pith, however, to Daddy Gvimes'.-,
inquiries, and point to his suggestions, and we
therefore give him 11 hearing in our columns. We
shaiM treat any other honest and candid democrat
in the same way. Our exposition or the diet .tiori
al manner iu which a eertii.i form; t eliipie. have
ruled the dcmocraiie patty of Wood county, has
opened the eyes of so:n and they will open oth
ers, until 11 certain nest wdl be broken up, and not
even a ' nest esrg will be left.
Let the Clique Answer. Sheriff's Sale.
tliaanucl Arnold vs. ihiincl llarton,
1V ii.i.e ,ii a uiii .f veii.lt; him eXp,i;ias 1 1 m.
3 di.-uc:. d and delivered, hum the court of c hiiui.h.
dew ol Wuo.l county, O.iio, I ithall uli'ur lor sab a
l'"1'1'" il,"'(i iac .loo;- u. llu c u t Uuhm:, iu lv
I'j.sljiu'i.', in Mail etnutt,
Ha i:.urdav. Seplcuber -''.ill. ?,7t
h -twf. ih , mi's ..j' u.u- ar,. l iV ..'elo. U, -.
i'lU-.v.u.j de.-eril.ed rc-il es; fe. . rtii : The cof bail
it ih.; so,i!a-w-t .(U.irter ot section i J.t iweuiv-llve,
i. l.awi-.op inn:tl(ei' ti, fen north, of ranjc uiimbei
;.t) nine ohflt, couiLiiliiu eiiihtv a.ies.
ASHER COOK, Att. for Plaintiff.
August 27, 1857—16w[...]
Guardian's Sale.
Ieter('. Itciia.liiin, i; .uj-,li:ni, .t.-. v.. Kind v Crane et a)
1 virtue of uu orditr of s.ilo M ma directed und de-
I iMoreoirum tiie court ul common pleas of Woud
county, Ohio. 1 will ml'ur for sale, at the duur ut thu
vumii iioitnu. Ml rrlTi "tOHI'lf , Oil
hiitur-liiv, ihe 'Jiith day f September, a. l. is.,7,
botweeu ilic huu.s o"one aul ihreo'ehH'H ufsaid day,
the uorth hull ut ihe nurth-wuit iiimrtur uf seeiimi uiuii-
uor UO'uvente.,uiw:i (7) seven, rannu (1'.' twclva, in
i ' tnesauie ouiiitfMjld tnc urupci tv
or the luiuur dufcudaut in the above ciiumc.
Guardian. August 27, 1857—16w5[...]
Opposed to the People Governing
Modern Democracy makes n y.- Mt many singu
lar issues lor il people devoted to Freedom, und wa
shall yet expect them to take direct issue ngainst
oui much cherished Republican institutions. In
Kansas they have exemplified their determhmtion
not to permit the people to govern themselves in
any particular, and no-.v they are terribly frihteu.
ed because Mr. Mouroe.of Lorain co.,t!n mau who
wished to have the pjopleof 0'.:i ) doei lo by bal
lot whether they Would have blacks to vote or not,
has been re-nominated for the Legislature. Mr.
S. S. Cox, a Loco leader of Columbus, iu a recent
speech at Newark-, said :
Col. Se.ioitler had only a r,nv days it an indors
ed Prof. Monroe said he made n pood representa
tive, and was glad he had been renominated -and
Prof. Monroe was the man who tried to tjet the
word white struck out-of the constitution last win
teractually the same man I and he had made a
speech in favor of the motion und he must say
that thu speech was in one sense an able one and
then three members of the Black Rcjiuhlictin Leg
islature had reported a resolution lo allow tho peo
ple to vote ou this question whether thu word
white should be stricken fron the co;i.-,tii.u:iou
and it was only bij tlie vigiUnce of th:: few Dem
acrrt.'s M.'io happeiial tu be in te Legislature that
t-M people wire prevented frou voting on this md
ragcoHH proposition."
Wo dou't believe Mr. Monroe's proposition would
be adopted by tau people of Ohio, but at the same
time wo cnatiot see what credit Mr. Cox wish
es to have attached lo his loeofjeo members of the
Legislature, .even if his assertion be true that they
"prevented the people from votin on this outrage
ous proposition 1" D ies modern Loeolbcoism con
tend that the people are not the rig-hifu! rulers of
this government f Is it democratic to deprive tho
people of the privilege of saying- what manner of
government they will have or who shall be recog
nized us voters und who not 1 M idem democracy
must ue ou its last legs when ii thus boldly op
poses the right of the people to decide upon ques
tions of state policy. We trust the tiny will never
come when the submission of any rca.-ouable ques
tion to the voters of Ohio will bj eoiiaiJereJ uu
Jsa-Cnpi. Mclvinley's letter, which ; publish
to-day, speaks for itself, and is well worth reading.
Certainly thu dipt, can use th pen if ho ain't ap
pear to advantage in a Common Plexs Court, i By
tho way, some persons have been led to believo
that we intended to reHcot upon tho legal abilities
of Messrs. Reid and McKiuluy in reporting thu
arguments used lo defeat their nominations. Nothing-
was farther from our intention. It was our
duty to publish simple facts as they transpircd.Rnd
hearing thin very silly ami unjust argument used,
wu could do no less than to repoit it. It is not
necessary for us to say to tho citizens of Wood
'"""-J u eonsioereii m;s resort to proles
ional vituperation purely a Locofoco mode of -
electioneering, a modern Locofoco lie that will
injure no one but the manufacturers und veudtri.
Tyranny of the Catholic Priesthood.
The New Haven Palladium gives the particu-'
lars of a gross in lei fereiice bv u Catholic priest
wiih ihe private rights ol ou : of his parishioners,'
and young and very r. .spoclauio Prof stem
Iriib woman which is worthy of a place b. sidj
ill bigoted acts id' the S; aui -!i or I Jiyj priest?
hood. It seems that an Irih Catholic lutued
Connolly, a haNC-swimlcr by trade, was en-
gag-nl to be married to il.,ry Aim Uinlions, a
m-iiib r of the Pnue.slanl lijtiseopat Hiiarch.
1'lle pirlics ugreed llltit eacll st.o.il l ii.. ffi.c i
fillo.v thtir own dict-Ue. ,,f cm -ci.-ue.-, oud
they went 10 be. in irned by R v. Mr. Liuh-jolin,
rector of Ut. Paul's Church a: N-.v li nen, mid
ut'teiwards by the Catholic pii -sl. ,' 11 (h,.lin
Mr. Littl jo iil ut llolil ', III, y ili'iva with llicir
groonisiii-ui and hi idesm aids, tu the PiL-st's u si-'
denee. The Pu.'ndidiji savs :
" While in the presence 'of lb- R.un,in niiest.
uslted the woman if alio beoiiL',. I ,u l.js
church? and she sii l 110
.yi " thai shu
i.i piiu-d if shu'
r .tgiou of hep
.St, an.- at-jre-I
was a Protestant. ' then
did not " iii-end to adopt the
husbuiid, and go to his church 'J'
that she "did not." " tl then
I il she did
notiiit-nd Ij brins !t. r ehil ireii to his cliu.cli
lur bapli.-;:ii, auU .nl-iw t:i--!ii t-j be biuuht, Ul'
in that lulth S.'ic .s.ii ! site " l;ad tu children"
and mi;lit not have, n:i l if di I, &hu could
iu-iki! no pledtt on ili-.t SLi!ij i:t." Upon whichv
ilic priti brought hid luud u i It nm lurce upoiu
!i:s back and s nd roughly, ' Cjimuily, why duu
yuu put iiway tiiii w-j.mii uu 1 g-i on,, of your
own flmn.li. 1 will it.ji nmrry ;-;i,und Imhid you
oiti to u rmtfsiain t ) L.1 iuuiri'd. 1 fuibid it
uu pain of t'SCiJiiiiii'inieui iuu ; und you, whu'
!iae cuiiic in tins ooiu-uuy, it' one ut you go ur
m:b lhe:;e pcr.-ons in-ini-d ' u i-o:i!.s.;it, i will',
cxcoiiiuiuiiicatK yim !" In; brid- in. I jirooin
llu'ii turned lo dt'p.ir:, lolloui d h; on; o! their
ni.ili! Iri"ii Is, tlie only o.ie t!; tt w is tint h'ruiii
o, his bind a valval ion under ii.j in u hm host-
ly 1'iitlnT. And ibis friend iidfiud to o, tliu
priest said to liiui, I'oujjsly : R , where ura .
yon iiii'.'M 11 ! lifi ly mis were. I, jning
homo --n hen, wiiho it wailing tor any .(rllier
tra U: c!i i.-i il;;t be to!!ovd lb - bride and gruoitl
into ib.:ir i.vtacli, uu i tlu-y rod- back to thn' Uvrt
Mr. L'nilc'i!in. wiiO joined in other in tio'.y nuit
itiimity. with t.s m.iny riv-ts in tbti Huivt
KhIit," in Churf:b sircei.Jirouid have put iiy :-
Ot t tit-, w. b.'li-ve Pi,- panics niot ijienslod,i
ure s.ui.-hmI. TIienir.il h iS er-iated a tiood deal
ol sittotiiered iild iiia t ion tin
U.-tliT CUM
t ii wli bo
ol C.nhohes, mid it i.s pro bi
i hi! ucaiis ut' uiiliin a "b. iv
(Joiiiioll v.
I'lf lifc uf.
Tyranny of the Catholic Priesthood. The Reason.
V( uiidt-isiatid t:i.it ilte men w!m Utr-.
U d -s.ni.il the Wood iMii'tV I) it; ici.o.V, Hlldv
Hi tin- rerrysbuit; ih .ni.'rut im .id It'nly.a
iy,il as a r-uaoii tot lb -it cu hint Me- n tjr.-Ui! y
oi aiirndiijt; lo th-ir pricai i.iitrr.itti Th3V
ay, tiui .tr. lJiclius .i.lt lj. v ins i. I leirb
heo'M.l.l make more mjiu.j o.j w.titJrui.t ;ttan
b'j hu.'Jiitg on. In tiie s.iai- vv.iv t i.-i Uo i ntaa.
u bid for poidiluiitf the Z.V,w,rjnt ; b;)i finding
thai ihey couid im.c wort wm;:y by tviilidruw.r
iu, lit y cuntiu led to t.iilmv i In; " e auph uf
Mi, IJ.u k. is, and withdraw.- L'Lr.'s.
Administrator's Sale of Real by
of Probate Court.
I V7, between tha
. .ur u'ulot ti, p. M ( ,
'bur;,', sanl couutt,
tne following reul
iliu tilth da of Oeiuliyr, , u,
hours of ten u elm-It a. m .. au.l
ol sanl day. at Hie court li.nw. n r,Mi
will btf st-ltl to the hl-iiect bni.l.'r,'
estate, to wit: la has number ."o;i ui
i. in tlitt toiva
oi i-crrvsiiui-'' Haul count a-.d i-tnto. beLuLri... ii tl.u
estate ul Nieh.-luk Kiscr, dt - uuM-d. uiI In Un a reap
praised at $ ;,n. Terms of si.leoiie-tidid emdi uu Ua
ot sale, uuB-tliird in niimiit.s and uuu-tbird in ouw
ar; deferred payinetiu tu be secured bv-
thu oreuiihes.
JOHN YAGER, Administrator.
September 10, 1857—18w[...]

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