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A Weekly. Newspaper, Devoted to the Interests of Wood County, Politic?, Literature, Agriculture, Education, the Arts and Sciences, Home and Foreign News
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Hubert W. Freeman r f'vlr.inits Jcfloraon ami S.
9. Clark.
Br virtue of n execution to mi directed ami de
livered from the Court of Common l'loas of Woo l
comity. Ohio, in the above entitled cause, I shall
offer "for salo at public auction nt the dixr of the
Court House, in IVrrvsluirjr, In s.aid countv, uu
Saturday, May 11-.li. MSI.
between the hours of J'2 ni. and L' o'clock p. m.. the
following described lands and tcn-iii nts, to-wit:
the north half of the onth half of the north-cant
quarter and the north half of the north-east quarter
ol miction thirty-six. township five north of range
nine east, in Wood count v, Ohio.
Asiier Cook. attv. ' 0. E. UUYkiR, sheriff.
April 10th, 1S01 4Jwj$;! 31.
Ludwip Knccller A Co. vs John W. Morrow- et al.
Bv virtue of a ven U exponas issued from said
Wrt I shall at the door of the Court House in tlio
town of Poi ryaburfr, in th.: county of Wood and
Ktatti of Ohio, on
Saturday, May -4-.il, IS U .
" between the hours of 12 in.' mil 1 o'clock p. in., of
said day oC'er for Mile at public auction the follow
. inr described lands and tenom.Mit.s, M-w it: the south
half of the K'ittthwet quarter of section Dumber
eighteen, townahip four, r.ine nine: containing sev-ctity'-inffht
and 4H-100 acres of land more or less,
situate Tn of Wood countv, Ohio.
" 0. K. CVVKU. sheriff.
Mcruay, Pi.rvts Sr.vri'otio, attv's.
April 3d, lj(Jl I8u-S3 31.
Asher Cools vs Andrew Morehouse.
Br virtue of an execution to pit directed mil de
livered from the C&art of Common Huns of Wood
county, Ohio, in the above entitled cue I ahull of
fer for sale at public auction at the door of the
Court House in lVrrvxbur;.', in said cmstv,on
Saturday May lltli. 1SS1,
between the boa i of 12 in. and 2 o'clock, p. m.,
of the following described lands and tenements, to
wit the north-west (u;irter ol' the north-east qr of
section ten.'m township four north of range nine east,
in Wood countv, Ohiii; eoutuU'injr fortv acres more
or lea. ' (!. K. UVVtR, sbcritl'.
April lOlh, lSaf-l'-'wiJ.
Joseph .Shook vs Cvivuus Ooodi'll,ct al.
lly virtueof an order of sale issued in the above
casj by tin; Clerk of the Court of Common 1'leas of
Wood county, Ohi... an I to in J directed and deliv
ered, I will offer for sale at public vendue at the
door of the Court ll.iu.ie, in thu tow n of Vnrrysiiw,
Wood countv. Ohio, ou
'Saturday, May llth. 1861,
between the hours of 1) a. in. und 2 p. iu..of said
day the following described lands and vuicitunts.ti)
wi't: the east half of tho north-east qua-ter of sec
tion 28, township 6. range 12. in Wool couutv.Ohio.
ti. E. GL'YKK, sheriff.
Doiioe Tylkr. attv's.
April 10th, 1801 "JH'wi$:i 11.
' Amedic Itanpc vs Norniau C. Baldwin et al.
Ily virtue of an order of isale issued iu the above
cane by the Clerk of the Court of Common I'leas of
Cnyaiiopa county. Ohio, and to me directed ami de
livered, 1 will oiler for sale nt public vcndii" at the
dour of the Court House iu tho town of i'urryaburg,
Wood ciuntv, Ohio, on
Saturday the 1 Uh day of May, ISC I,
between the lunii-s of 10 n. in." and 2 p. iu of said day,
the foJIowing described Innds and tenements to-wit :
that portion of river tract uunOcr 80, south of the
Paytonand Michigan railroad, containing 70-1 00 of
un acre. Also that portionof rivur tract number HI,
south of said road, containing 2o acres. A lsotlie undi
vided one-half of river tract 82,co:iUiuins t1 1 iieies.
Alsi) out-lotsof the townof l'crrvsliurg.Wood county,
Ohio, numbers lO'i and IS J" j aUo in-lots of l'errys
bui)r. numbers fi'iJ. iillt, 701.71:1,711.-739, 710, 71'J,
7M, 7C.3, 7tU. all in Wood counlv, Ohio. .
II. II. HoiiOK. att'v. (;. lit; VK1C, sheriff.
April l'th, 18iU SUwl$:i 70.
Christian Fletcher vs James K. Sinter.
By virtue of a certain writ of execution issued in
the above esus" by tlie Olcrk of the Court of Common-
Fleas of Wood county, Ohio.and to ma directed
und delivered, 1 will offer for sale at public vendue
at the door of the Court House in the town of Fer-
od countv.
Matin-da v. Mav '4th, 1801,
between the h nii-s of 10 a. m., and 2 o'clock p. ni.,
of said day the following described lands and teno
. m -nts to-wit: the snuth-wet.t quarter of section nuiu-
bcr thirty -three .township uuinber three, range num
ber eleven east, contuining.Ku acres more of less
all in Wood countv, Oliin. Appraised at $3,000.
i. E. (if YER, Sheriff.
April 3d. l!rr,lJ8w5?3 31.
MON' l'I.EaS.
Mary A. Hjrrison vs John S. Harrison.
JolmS. ILirrison whose present place of residence
is unknown to the plaintiff will tako notice that Mary
A. Harrison of Wood county .Oliio.did on tbej2d day
of April, 1831, file her petition in liie Court oT Com
mon 1 leas within and for the county if Wood and
statu of Ohio, against the said John .-. H.irrison, set
ting forth that the plaintiff on or about the ISth iluy
of April, 18j7, wa ni irricd to s ii l defendant: that
said defen lant since that time has been guilty of
gross ntflect of dutv towards plaintiff, willful ab
aencc and abuse ani tliat said cause will be for
bearing at the Mav term of court which sets on the
llthiWvof Mav.' Cook, 1'itICB 1 Joitxsov.
April 3d, lS:.i-lSw63 j.
diaries W. Wells is Thomas M. Carev.
By virtue of an order of sale issued in the above
rnse by the Clerk of the Court of Common I'leas of
Wood "county and to me directed and delivered I
will off-rfor sale a public vendue ut the doorofthe
Court House in the tow nof l'crrysburg.Wood county,
Ohio, on
Saturday, May 4th, 18f.l.
between the hours of 12 in. and I o'clock p. ui. of
said day the following disrribed lands and Une
meiiU, to-wit: west half of the north-oust quaikr of
ectii twemv-nine.of fuvuship three north of rungo
nine east, in Wood counts, Ohio.
' (.:. E. (il'IER, sheriff.
Mt'RRAY, Slevin 4 .crKPOBn, attv's. '
April 3d, 1861 48w5S3 31.
T. M. St W. I,. Heller vs Jamea E. Slater.
By virtue of a certain writ of execution issued in
this' cause by the Clerk of (he Court of Common
Fleas of Wood county, Ohio, and u me directed and
delivered, I will offer for sale at public vendue ut
the door OT the Court House iu the town of 1'erryh
burg, Wood county, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 1th day of May, liM,
lietween the hours of 10 a. m., and 2 o'clyck p. m.,
of said day the following described lands and ten
ements to-wit: the south-west quarter of section
number thirty-three, township numher three, range
number eleven cant, containing K'O acres more or
Uss all in Wood county, O. Appraised at ?3,0u0.
. E. til' YF.K, She riff.
April 3d, 186l-4Sw5$3 31.-
On th l'7tb day oT April, Hoi, at 11 o'clock a.m.,
on the premises horeiu after described w ill be sold
to the highest bidder the following real estate as loo
property of Jacob Haaga, t-it: lot number li, in
section number 10 in Um'nsliip 3, north of range 11
east, in Wood county, Ahio; containing 40 acreti.
Terms of salu one-third cash aud the balance fhwo
equal anuual payments with interest secured by
tmardiaa of Jacob Haaua.
Cook, Prick k Johnhov, att'ys.
April 17th, 1861 40w2l 61.
I. Aiiorney at Law, vnNorai Prutc
; 'Vv'ill attend pmmptlv to all business intrusted wo b.'a
V- rare. Office in the tourt House with Cork. I'riee k
Jouawn, , c.2,l801y.
Jonas Ottingor va William Maver, et al.
By virtoe of a Ki Fa to ma directed aud delivered
fioni the court of common pleas of Wood county O.,
in the above cause, I shalloffer for salu at tbf door
of the court bouse iu Ferrrgburg on
Saturday, .Mav 2etli, 1861,.
between tbe hours of 1 and 2 o'clock, p. iu. of said
U.iy, the following described lands and tentinMits
lying and situate iu the county of Wood and state of
Ohio, to-wit: The north-west quarter of tho south
east quarter of suction number twenty-two, of towu
sbip number three, uorth of rang." number eleven
east. O. E. (.il'YER, tboriff.
Jamks Murray, Attv. ilwe:l
H E R I F F ' S S A I. K
Richard Hovle vs N'orm iu (Vandal, ut al.
By virtue of an order of sale to me directed and
delivered from the court of common pleas of Wood
countv. Ohio, in the above entitled cause, I shall
offer for sale al the door of the court house In l'er-,
ryaburg on
Saturday. May 25th. 1861,
between the hours of 1 and 3 o'clock, p. m. of said
duy, the follow ing Ian Is aud tenements lying and
situate in tbe county of Wood and state of Ohio, to
wit: The north-east half of the north-west quarter
of section twenty-live, township number seven, and
range number twelve ; containing eighty acre of
land, more or less, U. E. (IL'YER, 'Sheriff.
H. 11. Dunn:, Any pUff- MwoSa.lo
William Raignal vs Rufus Little, et al.
By virtue of an order of sale to mo directed and
delivered, from the court common pleas of Wood
county,- Ohio, I shall offer for sale at the door of thu
court bouse in IVrrysburg on
Saturday May 2.Uh, 1SJI,
between tlio hours of 1 and 2 o'clock, p. ni., of said
day, the following lands nud tenements lying and
situate in the county of Wood nud st ite of Ohio, to
wit: The south-east quarter of section number four
teen, aud the north half of the north-east quarter of
section number twenty-three, all iu township num
ber three, north of range numb.-r nine east.
0. E. UCYER, Sheriff.
M. R. A R. Waitk, Atty pltff--51 wi3,15
SAL 1'
Isaac Davis vs Jonathan Sabbury, et al.
I'.y lirtue of an or.ljr of sale to in ; directed and
delivered, from the court id' common pleas of Wood
county. Ohio, in the above entitled cause. I shall
offer "for sale a.t the door of the court house iu l'er
rvsburgr on
Saturday May 25th, 1831.
b-'Uvern the hours of 1 un I 2 o'clock, p. ui. of said
div. tbe following lands and tenementi lying and
situ ite iu the county uf Wood and state or Ohio, to
wit: T)i north-east quarter of the south-west quar
ter, aud the west half of the south-east quarter aud
the east half of the smith-CAst quarter, all iu section
X!vcn. town four, lan-e ten: also, the west half of
the south-w est quarter of section eight, same town
and range: also, the north half of the south west
and the east half of the uoith-ivest and the west of
the north-west quarter of section number seventeen,
same town and range, and being in nil 520 acres of
land. O. E. OL" Y Ell,' Sheriff.
If. H. PonuK, Atty pi iff 51wi$4 20
AsberCook vs Jacob Miller.
By virtue of an execution from the Court oft'om
IMiias of Wood county, Ohio, 1 shall expose to pub
lie sale at the door ol the Court House iu Ferry s
burg, on
Saturday, May 4:h. 1861.
between (be houis of 1 2 in. and 2 o'clock p. in. of
said day the following ilcscrihed lauds and tene
mtnts situate in Wool county, Ohio, to-wit: the
sout h-east quarter of the south-east quarter of sen
tion thiity-ine, township four, iflnge eleven east:
containing fortv acres more rr I ss, appraised at
33". " O. E. Ol'Y hit. sheriff.
.siikr Cook. attv.
April 3d, 1S.U Su 11.
(ieorge Williams vs Alonio Shefferaud wifo.
Iiy virtue of an order of sale to me directed and
delivered in the above entitled case from the Court
of Common Fleas of Wood county, Ohio, 1 will of
fer for sale at the door of the Court House iu l'cr
rvsbyrg, Wood aountv, Ohio, on
u Saturdav. May 4th, 1861,
betw een the hours of 10 n. ui., and 2 o'clock p. in.,
of said day the follow ing described bunts and tcne
nrnt.s, to-wit: the 8 uitb west quarter of tho north
east quarter ol section toirly-one, tow n six, north of
range eleven cast, in Wood county, Ohio; containing
fortv acres of land more or less.
O. E. (1UYER. sheriff.
Day a III tpiiisson. attv's.
April 3d, lotil - 48woj:i 31.
To Teter Lenk, Charles Markshatl'el, I'eter Erb.
Elias F It -nn, N'ancv Stafford, John M.sire, Ange
line M Ordway, H ll Jerome. Robert Feiree, J C
Fotter, R -id Norton, Chas N'ibelung, Samu'd M
Young. Win E Thomas; Jacob E Fox, Samuel H
Thomas, ter.linand Just, 1) I' Whitehead. Nathaniel
Kdgerton. A I 'orno, John Lanko and Jobn'llollislur.
or thu unknow n resident and uon-resideiik ow ners ol
the tollow itig lands in Wood county. Ohio, to-w it:
n bf, and n pt s-w qrofsec.3, w bf of n-e qrof see 4,
town 4 north, range 10 east, s bf s-w qr of see 3. all
of 4 and ft, e three-fourths of 8, all of 9, w bf of 10.
w hfof 1ft, all of J6, n hf of 17, all of 21, w bf of 22.
w three-fuiirth of 27, ebfof 28. e qrof 33, all of 31
aud w three-fourths of 3ft in town S north, range 10
east.e hf of 31 , w qr and s hf s-e qr s-w qr of see
'! in 'town 6 north, range 10 east, also the villago
lots in Tontogany.
You will take notice that John W Woodbury, on
the Mill day of April, IStiO, filed with the Auditor
of Wood county, Ohio, a petition praying the Co.
Commissioners of said county to locate and estab
lish a ditch, drain or water course along the follow
ing proposed route, to-w it: commencing at the south
west corner of section 27, town 4 north ranee
10 east: thence north along the Liberty nud
Miltonvillc pike to a point about 80 rods north
of the s-w corner of section S, tow n and range as
above; thence in a north-westerly direction on the
most practicable route to the Tontogany creel', ter
minating on the north-east quarter of section 31 ,town
6 north, range 10 cast.
Aud said parties are further notified that the ap
plication fer said ditch will be for bearing on the
third day of the next Mated meeting of said County
Commissioners, (June ftth, 18'l.'i
AI'IHSON SMITH, Countv Audi'.or.
April 10tb, 1801 40wlJ8 66.
1 O A P N O T 1 C E .
I L Notice is hereby given that a petition will
le presented to the Comuii.siouers of mid Co.. O.,
at their next staled iii-jeting, for a county road com
mencing on the east line of Metftion 31, town 6, north
range 12; thence west through the center of said
section one mile, there terminating.
April 24, '61 -5lw3 Hbnkv Maktiv. A others.
Mrs. M. A. Cjrpenter would respect fully announce
to the ladies of l'rrvsbiirg and vicinity ll-at heb:ts
removed her Millinerv Store to the bouse formerly I
occupied bv Flira F. Jones, on Front street, whera I
llier a will be found a beautiful assortment of millin- t
ry poods, Mrs. C. w ill keep consUnily on baud a
large variety of
Bonne s, Ribbons.
Flowers, Ruches,
Hats, Caps and f'la's,
In fact evorything pertaining to tin: millinery line,'
She is also nretiarea to Cut. Fit an I niaku Presses. I
Capes, Cloaks. Talmas and T'liildreo's Clothing. I
Bleaching eud Pricing done to order.
Ladita will find it much to their advantage by
giving mo a call before purchasing elsewhere.
April 21, 186151 Mrs. M. P. CARFENTER. fply;
, The undersigned, fecliug thiukful for past fa vorblloe!
takes this opportunity of informing tb ladiea that
aha bu just received tbe li opejinij s'rlea cf
Bsamt'-, H it, Ribbons, Flowers, and ! k'sds c!
Millinery goods eonb'.utly on hind. Wtrk dooa t'ltor;
erder, at former rrteea, at ber usual place of rcsi-.
' dene. Ladiea please call and see fr Toursclves,
1b3 ANN t, J-OWLLR. jN
' ' I
rounwi prim'inu ori-ici:.
Having refenished our office with new typcn
throughout. arc now prepared to execute Job
Work, such a Fosters, Sale Hilts, Frograiumes,
Invitatious. Cards, . Labels, Pamphlets, all
kituU Blanks.ic. iu tbe most satisfactory manner.
Orders filled it short notice, aud ou reasonable
Apvkrtisim, lw Ira
One square .50 1.25
Vj column 2.a0 0.00
S column 4 50 10.00
One column 6.50 15.00
. Km
A deductioiof 5 per Cent, from tho abore rates
w ill be made or Cash.
The space erupted by ten lines of the tyre com
posing the My of the advertisement will be
All Tr.tnsMit advertisement must be paid for
in advance ti insure publication.
Advertiseteuts ins-itcd wltn tbemnik "if," will
be charged Ir until ordered out.
When ye ay advertisements arc inserted four or
more chatigs w ill be allowed.
J. W. HALEY, I'l iii.tsiuttt ami Fhoimuktor.
Y L VI NFS J V. V K i: It X O X
Attorni-.i AT Law. FerhysWuu, Onto. Office
in East ciulif llaiid House Building. Will attend
promptly t dl business entrusted to bis care, tf
U. W. U. 1A. T. W. tllTfltlNSON. J. r. I'tl.LAKS.
DAY, U;TC1IIXS() & 1'ILLAim,
Cofcpting and Real Estate Agents.
Will att ad promptly to all business eutruited to
their i tire.-Olliee over W. J. Hitchcock's store,
IVrrvsbiir, Wood County, Ohio. 'Ul-10tf.
j.itti.s ut-vtAV. p. 8. slevis, J. stwrt-oun.
.'T t o R s K v a at Law.
Willa'.tnd promptly to all Legal business en
trusted tohcir care m Wood enuiity. Ollice in the
I'en vshur. Hand lluihling, I'erryshurp, Ohio, tf
It. U. MIUD. J. R. TVLllt.
i -v O 1 ; II T 1 I. 1'. K,
J ) Atoi'.skvs at Law , I'errvsbnrg. Ohio.
rartielar attention paid to Conveyancing
Notorial Insiness. Also, for sale, large quantities
of Lan l i Wood and adjoining counties. '00 tf
sm:n '". .i. r. prick. n. w. joiisson.
no:, I'Kitu .ioiis(i'.
J Atouskvs at Law, lVrryshurg. Ohio.
Will )iniit!y attend to nil Law Business eutrus
t'd to Udr care. H ive for sale largo quantities of
I. oid. itludi:ir well imnroved farms, whic h w ill be
sold on nsv tnrni.-
i i:o it (i i:
I..w. IV-rrvsbuig, Ohio.
W ill .iteud to all business entrusted to lus caie
in the everal Courts of Ohio. --Ollice with John
Bates, aid juvet. 'OO-ltf
It, J . II O V II I. 1. M ,
ltf Howling ttrocn, Ohio.
I K. J . II . SMITH,
T.in'iivn (inl.'KS. ,ood Countv. Ohio,
All tails will be promptlv attended to. both day
. . ; . : 'fill, l if
'ni .11111 -
I V.
II ) V M II,
BAIUP, I'ltornitTon,
evrysburg, Ohio.
1 -illlKYKIH'HU 1'lAMMi
Ml 1,1.,
).NIKl lilM).-KV, I'isoi-hi r.Ton .
M i ufactures to order, and keeps constantly ou
ban 1.1 general supply of
Jours. Sash, Liiiu ls an 1 V mdow Miades;
Fine. Wiiitcwool and Ash Flooring;
: Fine mi I Whilewinid Door-i.
All kinds of I'l.AMMi done to order. Orders
piMlll t
itlv lilled at Tolec.o prices, or, in some cases.
tielo tlie in.
PitruuisTS, Oii.kaI', Ohio,
llye consMu'dv on baud Carbon, Petroleum and
Kcraaue Coal Oils-at 7, 8 and 10 shillings pel'-
I'.IN I'S of all eolors.Wliit -wasii. S.ish arnish.
tir.iiiing lirmhes and Pencils.
li AsS ANU I'L'TTY, Coach, Fuini'ure an 1
Jatm arnish.
( AL OIL LAMBS, Chininies. Shades
an-l b u-ihes.
, Wicks
Raions, Prunes, Currants and lined Apples.
Aline assortment Pings, Medicinct,, an. I I've
S:u Ji Til. lens Celelirated aud Reliable Me liciues
lor 'iiviieians. and unotber Invoice just coma in.
Aiv quantitv and kind of P.itent Medii iue.s.
tfead. Feb.'20tli, 18012011.
a n a
J U. "V K
Cawfully repaired by
W . F . POM K K O
it Pp.uhvsui-iki Bak Bfii.uiNO.
idii xiTi'rk hi in: km t'i fit 1 :
I 1
D R d R A F F & I A Y L 0 R V
Form r.v II. I. lVgraff.) No.87 Bowery. N.-w
Y.rk, extending 211 feet ihrough to No. 65 Che. ry
Sreet. and six sU'rie in height, making it
intlie Cnit -d Stall's, and lilled w ith 1 uni.uure of
al jrrades. From the b:'St Parlor to the common
Kt hen, which we are determined to sell at th
null pfolil of liv-i per cent., and lnf Deviation,
li ping, by this plan, to nu r -use our business suf
1) It-ill in count rbal. nice tin- difference iupr.'lit.
Ijsmvoo:! Parlor Setts, from....$f0 00 to f I
idiog. an ! Black Walnut Parlor
Setts from J'iO 00 to
jit is.: wood It'droom Setl.s, from-.ill ttu o S'.'
Jfahog. and Black Walnut bVd-
room Set.-., IV. -m $'' ft "0 to $1
(Jmuucl Chamb. r S.-tts. from-. S22 t'Oluil
Oak and Walnut Pining Setts.
t from .T?5 00 tn ?J
"0 00
0 00
0 00
ft I) 00
Hair Mattresses from $ 7 00 to 25 mi
Spring ' ' i 3 60 to f 10 DO
am. rt'RMTrm or akpsteeo as iii;i-i;i:.-L-vri:n.
March IIHIi, ISrtt -Iem3
AVI'OX Mt'HK; A X It Al 1, BOA 1).
3 1
ti f.:.'? -.--si;.vlu-''V'..--vt"'''-i
.-lb )UT LINETi) rTN t ' 1 N A TT DAYTO.V
On ami utter Sun.lai, Ajuil H, two Trains will
1-iHH Tolelo cluilv, on arrival of ir-iins from Detroit,
,'a kson, n'l Michigan Pontbern Railro.nl.it al
11:43 V. M.- HtTivtn in Dai ion at 7,i A. M.
1 A. M. arrivinp in Dayton nt 6,10. I'. M.
Time from Detroit W Cincinnati 12bour anrl 40
minuun by em:b wain. Connecting at Lima with
trjius ou the J'itt.sbunrh, Ku Wavno 4 Cbic;ic
ltaili-oad for Crestline, ritishurgh, riuladlphia nnd
S.mthciuitei-n linti. Counecm al Sidney, witli the
trains on the Bell-fontJiiu Ijua for Indianapolis and
thu Southwest, and all iquaana navtou lor L el urn-
alu of the following detcribud (iremisM iti npi
by said deteo'lanta to f M ptalnuu tn aecura
Daroianl of tb uota afor.'said, rii. all iboa
tain lou or paroels of land situata, Ivine and bet
in Wood county, Ohio, an knowo aud deacribad
ont-ioui numncrs zsj . o in vna now aurray,
out -lota in tbe dtv of FTTbnre. in taij Kur
ind for ths tpplication of tbs prwt tririnf f j
amount da ld pUinufl' npen tb onus tjrm af
Said del'endnnt wall alantakw notioa Uiat i ('
tbT ij-r aa:1 pabaoa on or bafora tbs JJtbl
of ilxr. 1M1, lulrant will ba neodarad ei
tbat hj default aordiop tf tba f"?' braf
x. n. . w ii w., an tor piatu
Apm i, net -ts-of it.
BUSINESS CARDS. The Perrysburg Journal.
From the Memphis Bulletin.
The following lines wer suggested by e';ln(r an old
man intently Rating at th American tlig as it H.uited
Irom the dome of one of the hotels in Memphis"! live,"
said lie, ' In Mississippi, whore there won t let that flsr
be ra sed, but 1 love that flag t I bor it through thu linii-a-i
wars and at New Orle.uu, uudcr Uiu. Jackson. 1 nm
sixty nine years of age. I wasb'iti and raised Iu this
s'att. My father, an old Revolutionary soldier, was on
of the earlier settlers. My country bus been good to me
aui gaia me th laud I hive. 1 love Teau.-ssce ; 1 ni
sorry I ever left bur. I want to live w here that fla
waves. 1 don't like the people rf Mississippi j rtey cnW
fcir troiter neir."
1 have borne that Usg in early years,
To conquer a savage foe,
Whose ravaging deeds on our thcu frontier,
Brought terror, death and wo.
And bow we suffered 'mid toil aud paiu
'Tis history will till you how.
Yet those wliou peace those lyirs did. gain,
Cau call me traitor now,
I Wo that flajj In New Orleans.
Which city's doom was thought
lie von .1 t'aj power of patriot means
Ere the glorious Eigth was fouuht ;
But n hen I saw the stripes and stars
The British lion bow,
I little thought, in my grateful prayers.
To be called a ti n i'r how .
No pelican Hag w as heard of then ;
No moon's lone star was fottu I ;
No palmetto bush, with its shaggy stem,
And the serpent coiled around ;
Rut the stars and stripes alone lvnutucJ,
And pray can you tell m? how,
That he, w ho bore that Mug, unstained,
Can bo called a traitor now.
Oil, had I remained iu my native Slate,
Whore my chieftain's grave is made,
Or bad 1 been doomed to similar fate,
o And my bones near his Ween laid ;
Or tad he been .spared for bis country's good,
I am sure he'd not allow
Those friend w ho in anus by him had stood,
Should Iu branded as traitors now.
But why, iti my ag ', am I thus assailed 1 '
To my u.itn s why nyply this statu '.'
H ive 1 to i.y cuu-.i-y ever failed,
Or to society proved a haw?
Nol such charge or kln lrd crime
Can be stumped on my fun-owed brow ;
But 1ee.iuse. rebellion I most decline,
They call me traitor now.
But yet in my heart, I don't despair -
My country s i tree and pure,
Whose toils and triumphs 1 helped to share,
For ages will yet endure.
When madmen cease, and calm react
And reason their minds endow,
They'll then these words retract
That make me a traitor now-.
The Stranger Nonplussed.
. Among thu jeslaurants in Philadelphia, i
tine kepi by e.x-corouer Joseph Dclnvan.
C ironer Delavnn is a ptttein of amiability,
wi;h a degree of tonnage, growing more and
more remarkable. A few days ago a gentle
man entered the house nnd called for r dozen
reed birds and a pint of claret. While dis
cus-ing the delica.-ies, ho lou ched the bell,
and reqti-Bied Mr. Dolavan sent to hitn. Mr.
I) , r quested the strang-'f to tako a seat, nnd
in a few moments the twain were dialling as
cotd'y as though tlVy had been raised logathtr
from childhood.
"lly the way, Coroner" he U still soea'l
ed a ked the Strang -r," the last time I wa
in here yon had a fuss with souiebo ly ; pi ay
what ctvised it ?"'
"A chap contracted a bid for 5 2. oO and
than refused to pay up."
"And what did you do with him ?"
"Chucked him out doors."
"Is that nil ?"
"Yes g"ing to law don't pa v. To have
ob'.ainod twenty bhiling-t' wci th of law would
hve cost twenty tlul'tvis' wi,rlli of lime."
"Thai, when a man swindles you, you
merely chuck him out."
That's all "
"Well, t hat kinds of wine have you ?"
" As good an urlicle of lb idsick a i now
extant, Wuiild von J iU o to iiy a iKittle V
On one condiiion, and 'bat is that you
wi'l j in me in drinking it."
"With pleasure, sir."
Atr-.in the bell liotzlud, aaia the white
apr.iud daikey disappeared down the cellar
may, and a moment afar ,lhc blnck bottle,
with its silver neck-tie, s ojd befire the iifl'i
ble stri nger. Its contents wire duly iced
and disposed of, wln-n the Cor.iiicr bejgd to
be xcttsed in ord r to att-.-nd o m ni.' cus
tomers who Were wailing f, r him in front.
The stranger shortly afterward- ti tubed his
repd birds, and emerged from his dinner-box.
He confronted the Coroner within a lew fee I
of the front do r. .
' Mr. Delatan, your reed birds were ro k
ed to a turn, and hs for your lb -id-ick, a finer
articlo never crcs.id ihe Atlantic."
"Happy to luar you say to, sir," li j
tbe (Jo roner.
"As a memento of the rt pust, I
liave a'
slight favor to ask."
"Name it sir."
"Chuck me ou:."
"Chuck me out."
"You don't mean to say you ate swindle r?"
"I don't mean anything else. I hnwt'i a
nickel, and if you want pay for those reed
birds, you must take it a you did the other
day chuck mo out."
'I his was too much for the Coroner.
The stranger wore a bran new hat fresh
and glossy fnm the hatter'.
The Coroner made a dah, took the fhyter
by Ihe necktie, lemoved his custor wi Imut
ruffling a hair of the knap passed casior over
to tho bar-keepe.r, -id then wa'kvd back ns
coolly as though nothing bad . happened
The strang-r was a good deal nonplussed,
but being caught iu his ow n trap, could say
nothing. That be wa penniless was shown
by tho fact that ha walked away bareheaded.
That he never cacao bick for the castor i
pretty good proof lhat he raised one som where
else. Who or where he is nobody to nnke a
world, this little incident, howwr, bhould
leave no one iinsatUfied.
Several of ilia mi'roads In Indiana have
givtn notice to their employees that their sit
V - tions will be reserved Lr sucij as clioose to
volunteers in support of tho stars stripes is the
A W-inartoB letter says tat money
jecojglilaB been teodered th Goverotncoi
' already to carry on tracing war for two yesrs
Fort Pickens--Its Defenses.
Tie tnost iuUi o.tinj? point of thu war, cow,
(rihI mmt bo fur woiks) ii Fort Pickins.
I lie quHsiion uilses to every on. : Wlmt arc
iu Ji f.;nta ? Cru it luiJJ out ? If it wen
like Fort Pttutier, ilauj, surrounded by
balteritnof heavy cannon xnd morlitrs, with
in t an l-eneli, it would probitbly havu to jluld.
But this in n l tlio caso. iUttuiio tlu to tin
enough; bui in a very different rolntion to tho
fort. Fort Tiekens iiland.-i at the north end
of S nU Rosa Island or toneua. The co8t of
I'ensneo'a harbor mkp8 a Bemieiicle around
it. Ou tho w-kt U Fort MolUe, in front lar
rancaa, far, her to the caat (lie Navy Yard.
Around tfiia netnicitole for two miles theio
are batteries: but thcan batteriea are more
than a nii'e disiunt. The htrborof I'disa-
eola it f? od, ndinitlin tho easy acces o!'
Vtusrls, so thai the fort may be easily reached
and i iilteady reached ami reenforecd. llu
provisioned for ayear.mid enn be fully manned.
From ties fuels, we may diaw these conclu
sionv First, Koi l Pi -kens cannot in a l ru
ability bit b Utered ihiivu. S eondly, il can
bo aided bv a powerful aquadivn of the shipi,
which wiih the aid of Pickens, mill probabl)
batter down the short batteries. L'tnd Kit
oineers have doubted this. Hut liistoiy is
lauinst ihi'in Lord Nelson did it nud Lord
Cochran did it. The uvsl poweif.il b.Vteiies
have been stlenced by ships. It n true there
hat been a jn-ai change ie th-t Kind of can
non iMed. So there his been in ship- ; aid
and me doubt whether and more eiTioUiul
gun has been made than the Ion 3- pounder
and the -111 pound carronades. At any nto,
a'd can bo ftirnisht d by the Heel, Rttllieieni
to prevent the pueeess of any hhsi-uR or bom
bardment. Thirdlv, it fallows fiom this, thai
if tho rebels ea ry Fori Pickens, it. must be
by Me : and that rt quires a lotip; lime ami
ifroiU X)nit' of men and neniuv ; and in
lite meanwhile other thine ill (Mint! in pass;
but what probability is there that Pickens
can be carried by xiejf ? Il can only btf done
by regular parallels on Stnta Homi, a id to
do thai will requite twenty thousand d sei
plined troops; bu'. the important fait tslill re
mains that any parallels and approaches
made on the land side, will ln et tilnded by
the lire f the chips. In a military point t.f
view, il do. s. not seem that Pickens can be
easily taken. Its rejju'ttr siege, by an ini
m"tise bo ly of forces, many be utulertaken,
and iu that, case the Uoverntncuit will have
ample time tj lake counter measures, nnd
prob.ibly with uuc U.tzulte.
Discouraging Feature.
Discouraging Feature. [From the St. Louis Democrat, April 23.]
One of the most discouraging and ularmini;
features of ihe present crisis, so far as the ci-'
ty of St. Louis is coucerne 1, is the order of
A. Ij'i'nnl Hough for a general tncampnunt
of the troops of the S ate on the 3 I proximo.
Whether this order conlemplatcs a g-uicrnl
rindezvoui of the S ale Ironjn at this ji tin,
or the. tiiviuci and seji irate enc tinj menis if
tho sevt j' il divisien t iti ihi ir own lotMli'ies,
di!s not ch-arly iii(jear fconrlhu call. Many
of our ciii.etis apinchend tha'. a general cov
solidaliou of the S tile troops is intended. It
so, there is but one expltna'io'i fr the movc
mt'iit, and that is f;t1 allack o; the arsenal.
Wo hope this rp irthtfiii n may be unfound
id and that the encamp nent at this point wih
only coMsi'tof th" harmless display 0 the two
rcg'-mcnis uad'-r O n. Frost. In My ran
ltn arsrti'il will not lie taki-n. If it is attacked
there is dnng'tr ol civil war in n ir slreet3.
Sr. TiOtMH. April 23 The Democrat this
morning, ksy lb it U.'t. Harney, haiu re
ceivt tl 'he in eessary Oith-rs yuRtei dny, abmii
seven hundred men were enlisted under the
' present proelamatii n, and leceived by and
J placed under tin- United States Arsenal in ll:i-
'city. It is unders'ood la it l.fiK) men have
' tendered I heir m-r i res, urd will be ncce'tJtl.
A b jut 1.300 troops are now iu the nrt-cnal.
Jeff. Davis Sends North for Privateering Registers.
Tne utter depend nee of the south upo i
the north for every ki.id of manufactured ur
tides is wi II known. If the rebels tight, il
must be with weapons bought of northern
men. If they urn clothed.it must be in north
ern fa'irics, nnd it is telegranlud ihnt, souie
(tijor:ii or South Catolii i li -ueral hi l or
dered his regimentals Irom .a I'iiihulelplii i
tiilor and wmi't g :t llu-ni The last instance
of the inability of thu vecessioiiists to help
themselves would be simply ludicrous wer.
fie ni titer not too o-'oss for inirih. Tne U
Marshal at New Vol It lias made a (hexelit
ti'ioti tl e lilliogiitohic ts'abli-hnc.il of Jtiliu-
r(-'n,' 1 Uroalway, an 1 seiz.'l tin
cegvavcii pi ale ol nglitry lor le ji.lVHteel
iog service of ! IV. Davis' gang oi rebels and
p rates. The plate was taken into custody, n-
.. . . -II 11.1 I Til
tlio nt-onrtetor oi it win uououess tie. it in.
makes his appcaran c.
Mr. Douglas at Indianapolis.
iNiiiANAt'oi.u, April 23 Sena'or Dotigl
sp Vi here to-night from the balcony l the
Hates lluj-e, to an immense buiJiencc in iji
s'reet, in the mi 1st cf a heavy h er of rain
He said our country is iu danger, our Capi'al
beRiiged, and juracy invited to p-ey upon our
commerce j tbal the north-west can never
consent to have Hit ir access to tno ooesu in
nnv direc ioi cut off in tbe S.ales : that it is
tlio du'v of our citiz-ins, I'emo'.r iis as well a
K'publirians.to rise up and untheath thoswojd
in ditnce ot our eonstitu maal rigias, and
never bheath it until they are secured. II'-
would not infrirjii on the rij'hts of the ?outh
He had ever delen led them. lie had don
everything in b'u power to avert this war, but
it is forced up n us. It is no lime to enter
into nice discussionj of its causes. Let u
vindicate our rights first and discuss tho cans
es of our troubles afterward, lie called his
countrymen to rise as one man and da bittle
for their constitutional and inalienable rights.
The million apprepiiition bill, passed by
he legislature !at wetk, for the purpose of
arming the S ate meets with unlversM favor.
More than ha!f tbe money has already been
tendered. Tho bill n d. laved two d'sys by
tb factious opposi ioo of tVe demefrai-,upoD
th plea of uaJODBii'.u'.icnsiity
Happy Effects of a Conciliatory Policy upon
Happy Effects of a Conciliatory Policy upon the Texans.
Th Houston ( U-xas) i'atiiot, one of tba
most rabid of lh secession sheets, contain! a .
long article in its uuo of April 6'.h under the
head: . ,
tne "cnivALtir" un inuuriiKn a.so tiiu north "c.ts
"Onco we thought ibo north, with Lincoln
to lead, would figiu ; we lh( ught that Ihouah
fanatical, the Kepublicana were not cowardly
dogs ; wo thought the j would at least attempt
to make good their proud nnd scornful boasU
against the "baibauans" Kouth. But as day
alter da,' thu "back djwn" first to the "mil
itary necessity," of giving up Sumter ; then
to give up Fort Pickens, in fa't. fioiu every
place except ioriugas nud Ivey cot, lie on
ly place northern widc-awakest cannot bo
neetled to conquer the "rebels" tn tee no
prospect of a tight, and can only tejoice over
the sin eta do ol the tables being turntd and
the Yankees "oaling dirt."
The cowardly "(ighlein millions" north
'old us wo should nol leave li e Union. Wo
did it open'y nnd boldly, nnd ihey humbly
ac knowledge our Government "as a necessi
ty." Tiny sluu'ed the prnisea of the stars
and atibea smd dared the "chivalry" "to
touch tha sacred emblem." We have torn
il down ; we htve placed in it? stead the flag
of the Cotf. dersie State ; we have dared
them lo "ooeren" us, and reseut tho insult ;
wo hive invited their vaun'ed numbers to the
field, but the only cry that comes up from thu
craven dogs is "milray necessity;" "giveup
the forts;" "withdraw (he troops" let us fat
dirt nnd live." It is tickening to ihink of ov
er having lived in a Government with such' a
people, but htm r juice at our Bopnrtlion,
and look southward. The game nnrtli is be
et ah contempt, while Mexico invites in, bv
invasion of Txts, lo re-enact our former
Thai chap may sing nnolher tune before
Mr Ye-uK, April So The S ate authoii
ties have decided to muster into immediate
service, lln whole of the 3.000 volunteer
as tuillioi ia tl by (he Legislature.
The coaimoa co ined last night voted 3l,
OOO.UiiO to aim ami iquip r g'mcr.ts, srd
6tt.j,iioti morn for the Uudiies of volunteers.
Tho Brooklyn Conimoit Council voted
S lO'i.ODO for tlio equipment of tho 13di regi
mttfl.loj dtiva,
J'he proprioly of making a second rt'qui
s'nionof oeveiity livlunwand men, was being
discussed nt Washington.
Cinrini a'i i nlivn to i)tn importance of
a fp'edv prepaiii ion for w.ar. yhe has u
llou e Guard of over 10,000 already, besides
haviiig furnished h:r quola for iho General
Gove.nm nt.
The ciiy council of Cincinnati lrft wret
nu horiz.'tl a loan of , V.'i'l.oot) lo Ihe Stale for
war iupso; . Tbi i hows that the piople of
llto Qa. i u I 'iiy are nwuke to iho impoi lauce
of the prcM nt emi-r,( t.cii.s.
It will be Hem by the dispatch from Aii
, ma that. Il 'tb' rt, tho iikiu who attempted
Mi shoot an Itish waiter nt the National Hotel
in Wasdiingtun a few years ago, is attempting
to indue ihnt tcrr t ry to join ihe traitor.
Ibis is li lingwoili kr Lim.
It is announced that, Cairo has been oc
eupieil by the. I'eJiral nnd Mir.ois troops,
1 he liovei nnu tit i. compelled to recognize the
wnr whi. h the Coi.lVdi rntes have forces upon
ii. The pot;t is take:), we presume, to protect
ilu imp rta it poiut a.a:nst invasion, and to cut
oil' supplies from the Coufedeiate anny. , .,
Tie relo's al Gilveston are terrible
so -.red ;,t ihe piopt c i ve blockade of ihtir
hatl o'. They I avo sent to filotHgunery lo
salicit h'l-;at,d iho C ty Cotit.cil Lavn lektij
the i) n s i in of deft use under cotit-ideralion.
Tin y have heavy urii'hry, sho', ihell and
nun enough, but jiowder is very scarce.
The lv ntucky S ale I'nion committee
bate issued ai ) il dress on the Plate of the
i ill ry . advoentirg the ground that it is the
tin y i f lhat S ale lo maintain a neutrality,
inking nop it cither with the Government or
the Confederates, ar.d permitting mil her to
match troiipa across Kentucky to attack iho
other. If the Governor was not a sympathiser
with feces: i-n there ndht be some hope of
rarring out such a policy.
O a tho nriival of the 1,31 (rain on Mon
day, o '. r the 'enn'ylvMTi Kailroa J, fome
hii ly-fittir boxes of gwds, des inrd for tlio
citi 's of the Shi h, wt ie feizm! and lodg 'd in
a secure place. Most of the b xes were dir
ected to h:j same parties as lliose which were
ei.. J ot Sunday aftem on. and all contaim d
thu sam ) dcsciijition of goods with the excep
tion of one, in which was a fine rosewood. pi
ano for a gentleman in Savannah, Ga.
Com IVndergr.ist f-erms to have alan
d med any hop of Raving the property, niun
tions and sl ips at Norfolk. " 1 Ho aunk
the. vessels and destrtyed the property.
There wai a largo quanti1' of powder
and inilitaiy stous of all k'ndi at tbo Yard.
The guns on hoard the sunken vessels will
pmb ab'y be eaid'y recovered by the Virginians
The Cover. uncut semis to have b en flow in
recognizing the siuation. ,To add to iU
difficulties, mo t of the officers at the Yard
were Virginians, and as soou as the emergen
cy came ihey resigne I.
The week that followed the President's
requisition for troop to defeud tbe Govern
ment, has transformed the North into a rast
militaiy camp. It has developed military
spirit and capacities for b.inging men into
th field, that certainly have astonished the
Northern people themselves, whatever may
be the tffictcn ohera. In a single week tl e
76,000 men called for by ihf President have
been oigai ued, and tbe greater part vf tUena
S laced in c&rap ready for service, and pro
ably three times as many hare been enroll
ed and are now dri 1 ng daily, ready to re
pond to the cull of the Government Tb
spirit pervedta the entire community, and
doub. mt, a balf a milion of tj n could I e
oiuJtfrtd into servje jn pjonth." ,s '-''

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