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J. W. HAIf.UV, n.t.tor. "
Co erpy on tar, In sdvanee
Oat copy one year, ant in advance
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8, lt0l.
Be Prepared.
la tlio proiont erudition of lbs country, it
would b well for everybody to prepare them
elves for the wont. Home Oitsrdi should
b formed in every city throughout the Norili,
and every citizon able to besr arms It am to
use them effectually list in any ermrgjney
thousands, or millioni, if neenirary, can re
ipond to a call for home defence, or a demand
of aid from the Government. We hvo nit
tneroui important citie and towns on the bor
der, or even some distance In the in'pri r,
which TDK j bo suddenly attsclud, and vast
injury done to property. The past conduct
of the secessionists renders it certain that we
eannot bono th y will be govevnoJ by tlio rult
of honorable warfare ih.it ibey rimy employ
(as they hive alrcaly even dcolarud) the In
dian savnaes, or even report to fire, a well a
,tho sword! But if forewarned and armed wi
tan defy their worst villainy. Lot no timo be
lost, then. Go to no needles txptruo
waste ro'hing for show bu bo "lough und
The Great Rebellion.
The anticipated attack upon Washington
bas not yet commenro.l.althongh tiVro seems
tobesomo rearon to believe lint such an
event may soon take plaoe. Jff. Davis i
reported to bo on his way to Richmond with
a large body of troops, in compliance with n
call of the Virginia Governor. Telograp1)
communication hna again bctn op ned to
Washington. Tlio voto on the secession or
dinnnco panned by the Virginia Lngisla'ure, is
to be taken on the 30th of May. Mr. Lincoln
has just issued a proclamation decl tnn the
blockade of the ports of Virginia and N )rth
Carolina, in addition to those of the seven se
ceding Slates, provided for in his former iu-nounccment.
Ohio Volunteers.
The Slate Journal learns that Oliio voul
teers to tlio number of ihirly ILoisnnds have
been alieady organized into couipiinitp. Thi
is moro than trvico the iimo int risked from
Ohio, by the Secretary of War, and it would
seem that it is to be quidrupled before the
ardor and the population of ti c Stain are ex
liausted. Some two hundred letters to proffer
and inquiry tiro daily received at the war De
partment, be rides telegrr.moi innumerable.
Cincinnati! hits left his plough in nearly
every field of the State, and the shops count
their missing artizans by tl ousnndn. livery
vocation has given itsfolIovyeM uy 1T the
trade of war wbiuh the whole natioTi has now
put itself to learn. . .The'jinivmal npprtiticc
ship will do goo I, even if all do uot ha' e
occasion to prnctico ilic art.
Kentucky Doubtful.
There is reason to fear thai Kentucky may
yet be lorc.d to yield to the neeession influen
ces, notwithstanding a largo majority of her
people aro ia favor of the Union. This has
beon brought about mainly through the influ
ence of John C. Hrcckinri.tge, who, while he
wai Vice President, and a candidate for Pres
ident of the United States, was plotting with
Davis, Toombs fe Co., for the overthrow of
the Government. He addressed a large meet
ing at Louisville on the 20lh ult., when he
denounced Lincoln's proclamation ns illegal,
and said that ho could not nvike his seven'y-
five thousand men efficient till after the meet
ing of Congiess. lie pro, o ted that Kentucky
present bciself to the Congress on the 4th of
July, and thiough her Senators and liepre
enUtivea protest against the settlement of
the present diffi lultiei by the sword ; mean
while, tint Kentucky call a convention to ni l
her Contrrenman in Dresentini such a rr.
test. Slmu'd that fail, the honor.interest and
duty of Kentucky unito her with the s uth
Governor Magoffin did not call the L'lri.l.i.
turo together fi r the 27th int., as reported in
our newspapers. A procU-nation therefor
was drawn but not issued The imtho ities of
Louisville, New Al any and JellVrfoivillo are
forming a military alliance, to preserve the
peaceaole status detwen the three cities. and
to sustain amicable relations in any event.--Home
Guards for thin purpose are organised.
A similar alliance has been formed lietwoen
the cities of Newport, Covington and Cincinnati.
Southern Piracy.
The steamship Star of the West, owned in
New York City, but under charter by our
Government, and sentdown tolndianohi.with
provisions, &o., to take off th i United Sta'os
troop still remaining in Tt ..s, has been cap
tured by the armed 6temer Ma'agoid i in the
service of Jeff. DaviV government. 'Ihere
re suspicions of treachcroiu collusion be
tween the captured commander and bis cap
tors. The loss will be quits) heavy, and the
troops remajning iuTezat msy be exposed by
it to extreme privation and suffering. Cora
tnojore Rousseau of the "Confederal" ser
vice, is fitting out several other vessel i at New
Orleans the stolen United S.a'es steamship
Sumter amon thun '.o prey on our corn-
mere m tire Gulf I he steamship no on
her way to New Yo.k City from Asoinwall.
with the California passengers and about one
million aouars in bunion, is watched for by
these pirates, who coitideutly expect to make
oer tueir pnv. As she is probjlr entirely
unsuspicious of danger, she is very likely to
laii into iiieir clutches.
Telegraphic Supervision.
The Philadelphia p tper 1 arn that Thomas
A. Scott, Esq., the able energetic Vice I'resi
dent of the Pennsylvania Railroad, bas been
called by (he Ooveraor to take charge of the
telegraph lines of the State, and ia now in
Harrisburgengxged in this important and re
sponsible department of public service. The
Governor of New Yo k has also issued la
struslioos simUsr to those Issued bv Gov
Dennison of Ohio foibiddioc ihs transmiskton
of dispatches relative to the movement
iretpa or the fuicie m ;j of r,u v m iiiton
of war.
The Nineteenth of April.
There are some Incident connected, with
this day whioh make it memorably a dsy
-f R'tvo utions. On (be 10 o A j. il, 1 775, the .
nrst Dior? lor ireero.Ti ana national eai.iittnco
was struck at old Concord, Msftjliusiti,aad
the lirnt blood shed in that war was the blood
of Massachusetts m n. On the IGthof Apiil
ICG I, the first Irlow for freedom and miin
tenanre of nationality was alruok in Ualii
more. Uy a wonderful coincidence, the first
blood shed was against that of NfattS'-huselts
men. The old bay Stale lead oil in the
wars of patrioili'tm, and off -rs the first s ae
rified to the gicat cause now, at then. Hon
or to Massachusetts.
The Right Talk.
The Newport ( fl. I.) New reports the fol
lowing: A correspondence, of which the following
is the aubaiance, is said to have pissed be
twecn Gov. Hicks of Maryland and Gov.
Spiajue of Rhode Island, on Friday or Sat
urday of week before last, by telegraph:
Gov. Hicks to G)v. Sprague: I under
stand you are about to proceed to Washing
ton with the Rhode Inland Regiment. I ad
vise you not to take them through Baltimore
and ihus aroid trouble."
Gov. Sprague to Go. Hick: "The Rhode
Island Regiment are going to fight, and it
matters not whether they tight in Baltimore
i r Wauhington."
The rebellion in Virginia wa inaiigura
ttd wi h evtn moro treachery a d thieving
than t L nt which distinguished the Gulf Stales.
She kept her ordinance of Kecestiion secret
wl ilo Iter brigands spizud nil the Northern
tesaeU th it, r-lyiiig on her good faith ami
on tlio leal formalities that were prescribed
b. foro an ordinance of secession ro ilil bn ad
opted, were engaged in trannpnrtiog Virginia
products to market. The Virginia papers
dseriba tho heroism of llm chivalry in steal
ing on hoard the stenmsl ip Jamestown, of
Nw York. It lias besn reported li at two
steamships of the New York and Richmond
line have been seized. The li st class rdiip
Argo, of Maine, of 1,000 tons, was 8jiz ?d in
the same chivalrous manner. The Peters
burg Kxpress states that eighteen negroes t f
htr crow were m ireheu to Kiclimond jail.
Wh -re tin y will go now may r.'nlilybe
concluded. A revenue cutttr was also seized
in the xntno manner. Theso nro nets of
mere piracy. We should title t know what
the Union men or the Border Slates, who are
so jealous lest lh .' defense of ihe Gover nment
shall hn an aggression upon the South, think
of this piracy upon Northern property.
Whatever they think, these at-izares will b -a
dear bargain to Virginia, and to cveiy
Ktato which makes them.
Tennesseo m'eiiis rapidly plunging into
S.-cifsion. Her Governor refuses troops to
defend the Government, nnd notifies the l'retd
dent that Tennessee will furnish troops to
attii-k il. The Union sentim-nt seem 4 to
have almost entirely nioiumbed, a'l support
or defense of tho Government is called u
Northern invasion of the Sju h, ami Ten-nesscf-Hiis
nro xhortrd to rally to defend
their homes Nothing is ruo.-e villainous than
the literature of secession. Tennessee, gone
over bodily to the Confederates, may be o il
ctilatt'd among tho ml litionnl influences
brought to bmr on KeiilucLy.
Rev. da imIIo Moodv has been elected
Oap'ain of a Company of Volunteers a'.Xeni.n,
O. An rniiunt I'resbytetian minister at De
troit, niul one at Ulien, O., have enlisted as
volunteers in the ranks.
Pava-ngers from the N.m'h report thai
tioona aro being raised nt Memphis, Ran-
dolpli nn J oilier Sotitliern point. Tiieir plan
is to proceed by rail to Columbus, Ky., and
fio.n thence march to Cairo, attacking it from
tho opposite Mile of the river
M'tjorG nnial (ieorg i B. MoChllmd,
now at Camp J tck.on, ia io have commaml
of the thirteen Ohio regiments ordered into
service by l'rvsi.leut Lincoln
The first war vessel of the blockading
fteut from the Brorklyn Navy-ynrl has set
sail, her dctlina i ju said to bo Mobile, thou h
this is not certain. She is known as the biig-of-war
1'nrry, and takes out a very heavy
armanieiit. She is commended by Cnpt.
John Bell is reported to have made a
spooch at Nashvillo on the 2nd ult., in which
ho urgod a strong military league ot all ihd
Slave States against the G n'ernment.
A few wueks ao, in apprehension of a
descent upon Harper's Fny, the Govern
ment qnietly removel fifty-five tbonsand
stand of arms from the Armoiy to Washing
ton, leaving but fifeen thou-and behind,
which were of an infviior tjuali y, und which
have h 'tn destroyed.
The Cincinnati Krqnirer unlers'andi
that a letter was recived in that city on Sit
urday, from a member of the cabinet, which
staled liia' within n few days after the inaug
uration an agent was sent to Kurope wi h or-
I .- I i i.i i. i
aers io puronaso iivo nutiureu inotnanii siaim
of arms, and that these arms would now be
arriving by eveiy steamer at New York."
A. T. Stewart, of New York, gives one
million dollars to the Government. Commo
dore Vaiuleibi't offers tho Government all 1 is
steamers, ready minn-'J, five of cot. It is
this spilit that animates 'ho entire North.
Tho steam rr Hillinnn, b m id frm St.
Louis to Nashville, was c ipture.l by the gv-
eminent forces at Ca'uo. last week. She hid
on board one thousand kegs of powder, and a
lare quantity oto lnr con roanl goo Is.
There are now three cafrps in Ohio for
State tr-iops. Camp Tay'or is located at
Cleveland, ca up J i kson at Columous and
camp Hirrison at Cinc;nn ati.
?2,0,K) stind or arms, with amunition,
were sent from the St. Louis arsenal to S,)! ing-
field Isft week, to arm the ll'int i-t troops.
olunteers eonlinue to enter tha St. Lou
is arsenal under the Presidi nl's proolatuation.
About Si'OO are now enrolled, und are under
tjoinsj a rigorous drilling.
' lis editor of the iy ark iJjun'y Democrat
for publishing articles sympathi.-ii g with Jeff.
Davis, was com petit d to beat aro'.nat for
I -ls unknown by an imlinant people.
A pr vate letter from Ba'timor says that
the city is quiet again ; tlm troops are piss
ing from Annapolis to Washington without
interrup ion ; tl at there auem to be ui in
tention or d' re to interfere ; that the con
servative sentiment is predominating again,
and that all feel moro boptful of peace.
At Green L ike, near Indianola, Texas, at
last accoiuii,6o U. S. troops, having $3',
1 . . ,1 , ' . 1 a,
000 bel .rgm to the paymaster s depsrtment
were encamped. I hey were waning tor the
Star of tin vi t. As th it steamer has been
seiitd by the rebels, there are jut reasons to
apprehend that they have b-'foie tbi surren
drii, and that the ukui v l a flh u in'. the
liF.r.ds of trsitori.
Senators Sherman and Wad hav both
enlisted as privates in voluoteer companies,
Pennsylvania has already raised 39.000
t olunUers.19.0J0 of which have besn accept-
Th Memphis paper are fuming with
rage ovtr the occupation of Cairo by lb U.
8. troops.
IXe Uovernor of Delaware ha usued
his proclamation calling out th troops requir
ed of that S ate by th Presidont.
Government has seized 25 000 bbls of
flour at Georgetown, and is supplying the poor
people with it at 97 per bbl., while lb mar
ket price is 15.
. .A. Virginia paper states that there, aVe'
(0,000 troops at Richmond, four thousand aV
Harper' ferry and three thousand at Nor
folk. A privateering office is publicly announ
ced in the Now Orleans paper.
It is currently reported that ex-President
Buchanan has disposed of hi farm and fled
to Canada in consequence of threatening re
mark from Ohio troop, who two thousand
strong are quartered in Lancaster.
G o. Wilkes, editor of Wilkea' Spirit,
has left New York to join Cassius M. Clay's
reg ment at Washington.
Srrne six hundred of the Texan tronps
arrived at New York Thursday last by the
i",mp ro City
The Government is taking possession ol
the rnilronls ia the neighborhood of Wash
ington, and sending out men and other mean
for repairing and keeping them in an opera
ting condition.
Repairs on tho railroad botween Phila
delphia and Washington are being made with
all possible dispatch, and when completed
will be placed in charge of a powerful force
of armed guards, and be kept "pen for trans
portu'ion of mails and pnasengrs only. The
telegraph lino will also be protected.
The secessionists havo seized Fort Smith
Arkansas. Government loss about three
hundred thousand dollars.
Leslie Coombs has appliod to tho gov
ernment for arms to be used b Unijn men
of Kentucky in lelf-defense.
It is reported that the secessionist have
seized seventy thousand stands of arms at the
Factoryvillo Arsenal.
Senator Johnson, cf Tenn., was mobbed
at Lynchburg, Va., on Sunday last.
The secession organ at Washington has
baen 'oppressed by the people of the city.
A letter from a business firm in Phila
delphia states lhai 25'i,000 Knfield rifles have
arrived from Laigland. and as many more aie
on the way.
A schooner from New York, towed by a
tug, was brought to by a shot from fortress
Monroe, which went through the tug. The
cargo was seized. It consisted of milknr,
stores for V.n.,nnd a full light ar tillery battery.
The N. Y. Tribune on the authority of
tho ngent of the FaM River Line oe slen uiers
denies tho poisoning ol Massachusetts volun
teers with drugged brandy.
The office of the Troy News, a demo
cratic p ip.-r, was sacked by a mob on Satur
day, for preaching treason agiinst the gv
eminent, and its editor, Mr. Ljveridge, was
diiven fiom the ciiy.
One hundred and seventy-five companies
of Ohio Vo'untecrs have been accepted to go
into immedia c service. One hundred and
thirty-sevtn have boen accepted subject to fu
ture requisition. Totil, three buidred and
Now it is r ported that the Virglnisns
are fortifying Arlington Heights ; and now
it is said that, the United States aro planting
batteries upon the same elevalions. As we
said, il is hard under the circumstance to be
sure of Washing on at all. We believe that
the cry is really extant, but from the difficul
ty attending tho peaceful passage of our troops
through an enemy's country, it is tho work
ol time to hnd it.
1 li t delusion under which our S u hern
brethren labor in regard to tho sentiment of
the north, is one of the nmusing features of
this sad business of nn internecine war. The
correspondent of a business house in New
York wiites from New Orleans, that the m -ment
any fighting takes pla:e, the Snub will
succes-ively capture Washing'oi, Philadel
phin, New York and Boston. He innocently
adds that it is confidently expected one half
of the northern people would welcome a con
federate army.
It g'ves us pleasure to be able to r-tate,
that Lieut. Slemmer s loya'ity has net been
questioned at Washington, and that he bas
simply been superseded in the conmand at
Fort Pickens by a superior officer sent thither
mi leiiiivMii-uicuin. J nn. l lJlutri 10 iiinj.
Zealous B. Tower, of the Eiglneers, an ac
complished ofti -er and brave men. He is of
Massachusetts birth.
Iowa Correspondence.
UTICA, Iowa, April 22, 1861.
Kkif.sd Iiiilkt; l.iving loft homo to visit s sick
brother in low t ,un.l lo recruit my own enorpii'K.I thought
brief roininiinirntioii inilit be of iu:eivt to your read
ers. 1 loll loteiio uilnvmliiv evenincuntl after a some
what- Usliotia trip nrrtved al thin place. The spring is
baektvar.l ; tlie hnvinpr nh:iroil in the eoM nni rain with
ourselves. Yet I think ihe spi inp in about ono week
aheail of north-west.'i'ii Ohio, The fanners are all busi
ly en;;!eil in their sprinj; work. The fall w heut looks
fine, owing to the ground bcinjr covered with snow the
most of tlu- winter. 1 was sneriel nt tho amount of
coin on hau 1 in Illinois und Iowa. Krery li.tlo station
along tlio road had its inini'iisj corn cribs of it. I tho't
our place unit.' a point lor corn, but we nre nowhere coin
pared w iili the urn 'tints stored along the war. 1 have
read of Kg j pt and its hnnvnse store of corn, but I nevi r
was abtc l lorm any adequate idea of it until now . This
n: v yet prova a blessing, and thj sima hun.l that guid
ed in tin supplying of Joseph and his brethren with food
may vol bo neon in the providing for our wants. Who
can tell w hat we may need, should the nr.-s-nt state of
things long continue. It seems almost impossible for
me to ivulitJ that our country is in a statu of war, hut
sueh.nsvortheless is true. The whole country is excited,
and it is not thai kind of eioitement that attends A polit
ical campaign : but h deep settled conviction of right,
and a detennimtimi totu unuin the I'uion. 1 have not
heard a political discussion, tn.t a universal expivvdon
for the 1 nion. At every station along ll.o way, our Hag
It oats up n tne cn.'i t.; unit enwos wire collect, a un
ions for (ho latest news i and w hen the daily whs lro
cured, grvnips were collcoied lisiening In tho dispatches
as lea I. 1 couUI mat K the tecluiR- inv laiiglimg or hiu
laiug, but a heart felt determination to stand by tlit in
toresis of our country ut all hanrds. Hecruitinir is g..
i'ig on, and tue demind-d nuiubcr of s ildiers is fast h!l-
"g "1 ' 111 est lu-iuvoi 111 i.vvor 01 lue v iun is sucu
lit ul it is unsafe for a man to litter disunion sentiments.
la rhu'ajM, l was informed by a gentleman of tVvi
place a few days since, a merchant came fivm the soiih
to iuiicliae niNat, but the matter was found out and ni'l
a dollar' worth was permilu d to lx sliip'd. Auothel
ni 'ivhant wa iiiire'.iusing a skH'k of boots and shoes.
waen be ih elaix'd be was for socession und would tight
for it. The wonts were hardly uttered befor.' ho was etd
luivd by eiie of the proprietors and hl out, and not
dollar worth v. uld he sell him,
1 suppose you hav learned by thepaptrt that MoCoi
mie has been compelled to change tlie Knu uf his paj
under thieatx of his ottioe beiug put into the river.'
At Mount I'leasaul I'uivei-sity .a College f,.r both males
and feuules, some iweNe of tier best studeuu have eu
1 listwl. 1 was present at a anpper givita belli vour.g
uait. , ,!u rXxn-r, and never u.d l see' wi of th.
son-il of 'IS disnlaved. One touui: man devoted both
uuie aorvio 01 1111 uoa ami ins eouuu v, reuiat mHi won
...i.. i... .,,;!. i .... ...u ... .1: ' v.a.t.
youth I A rcciuietit of such would be invincible, but
must close
lt every I'hrjstisi luipliH) divius aid and
gmuaiice, ntt tte mat r paiaea our ..oners prayers anq
blCMWd iqcu" etlor'k wilt bfss ours
will tl'ss our.
Mr. Evans, th editor of th Baltimore
Patriot, ha been driven from tkal city by the
trsitors.and arrived in Philadelphia Tuesday.
He declare he will return to tk city if he
0in get a military escort.
i lbs
The Ureat Dry Good Biixnnrt
GOODS l-'OIt THE MllilON !
MILL li R A Ci .
would respectfully announce to the ciul'ns of
Tl.ai tS.v have hist received direct from Nsiv York
- - -- j 4
a large and well selected assortment of ucwlind
CHEAP DliY G00D3 !
roa TUE
Comprising all the leading style of Fsnry, Staple
and Pomestic Dry Goods.
Ladies' Goods,
HOOP S K 1 It T s,
Dry Oixidi,
ltcadr Made Clothirj,
Hats and Caps,
Hools and Shoes,
Crockery, At-,
An t, in fart, everything usually kept in a
All of which will be sold at extraordinary LOW'
J-JT"N'otie onr Market n-ports in to-day's pape.
Wc buy and avil in accordsnce with the prices giv
en. -Keinembcr the place, F. R. Mille Jl Co., op
posite the I'errvsburg Hank Jluilduig.
. Venv.hurg, May Id, lSitl.
A ttenevolent Institution established by speeisl
eudownwnt. for tho relitf of tht sick and distreased.
afflicted with Virulent and Kpidemic diseases, and
especially for tho euro of diseases of tho Heausl Or
Ks. Medical adrieo jriyei (tratia, by tht Acting Bur
geon, to all who ajiply by tetter, with a discription
of their condition, (agt, occupation, hnhits of life,
Ac.,) and in cases of extreme poverty, Medicines
furnished free of charge.
Valuable reports on Hpermslorrhoea, and other
diseases of the Sexnal Organs, and on the new rem
edies employed in tho Dispensary , sent to the afflict
ed In sealed' letter invclopea, free of charge. Two
or three stamps for posing) will be acceptable.
Address DR. J. SKII.L1N IIOL'UIITO.N, Acting
Burgeon Howard Association, Nn. 2 south Pth street,
Philadelphia, Pa. By order of tht Directors.
GEO. FA1RCHILD, Secretary.
Jan. 1, '61. EZRA D. HE AT WELL, President.
By virtue of an order of sale issued from the nro-
bate court of Wood county, Ohio, I will offer at tht
door of the conrt houst in Perrvshnrr, on
Katurday Juno i, 1 861 ,
at 1 o'clock p, m. of said dny, the following describ
ed real estate, to-wit: In lot's In the the tow n of Per
rvsburg number S8S, the north 20 feet tnd the south
38 feet of the north 5s of game lot, and the north
half of in lot number 407, less four feet for alley;
also the west half of the north-east qnnrtcr and the
west hnlf of the north half of the south-east quarter,
in ranfte ten, lowtisphip four nnd section twenty-two,
containing 120 acres, all in Wood county, Ohio.
Torms of sale; one-third on the day of sale, balance
in Kiinuil payments, one-third yearly. Defer jd
piivm inLs to bo secured by mortfMpe'nnd interest
from date. S. SPINK,
Aassipmeo of the Perrvsburjf llutik.
rerrysburjr, April 25, 1861-52w53,85
0 T I C E
Wm, II. While of Pittshnrch, Pcnnsylyania. will
tnke notice that William Baker and William A, Col
lins did, on the 25th day of April, lBut, file their
petition in tlm court of common pleas of Wood Co.,
Ohio, iu wh o I they claim to recover the sum of one
hundred and seventy-five dollars for s"rviccs rend
ered. Tho defendant is further notified that unless
ho appear and answer said petition on or before the
2'Jth day of June next, the sainu will bo taken as
Confessed, and judgement entered neccordinplv.
April 2'.. 1 SO 1 52w0f305
William II. Mann of liutnvia, New York, will take
n"tiec that Jam.'s Myers nnd Willi im Baker did,
on the 2dih day of April, 1SH1 , file their petition in.
tho court of common pleas of Wood county, socking
to forerlose a mortiipj given bv said M inn to said
pUintifl'-i and M. John-ton, April 18, IriiD, upon tho
west half of the south-east quarter of section ,11,
town 8. north of r,inre 12 east in snid county, to se
cure thr-e notes of'$lrtnil,6lt each, dated Nov. I,
1S51, nn 1 payable respectively on the 1st January
18,iil. 1S..7, and 1S5S.
Said Wm. II. M.imi is further notified that unless
he appear und answer said petition on or before tho
S'.tth of Juno next, the sumo w ill be taken us con
fes.se.1 and jiidgonu'iit rendered accordingly.
April IS'!! .-52wBSl,0j l'ltfls A:tvs.
Notice is hereby piven that n petition will be pre
S 'nte.l to the commissioners of Wood countv.nt their
next stated meeting, rayinjf for Ihe location of a
county road, comineneiii cast on the county line bi -twecn
Wood nnd Ottowa oouuliis, between sections
2t A 2.'i; thenee west till it interests tho Cra-o road,
between sections 21 ami 2ft, and there terminate.
May I, IS81 S2w:t.
Notice is hereby piven that the undersigned will
make application to the commissioners of Wood
county at their next regular session for the estab
lishment of a township road commencing nt the half
mile post between sections twenty-eight and twenty
nine, r.inpn twelve, township seven on the Lucas it
Wood county free turnpike, thence west to the half
mile post between sections twenty-nine and thirty n
the tloss roiid and there terminate.
Laketwp., April 23d, 1801-52w3
Notice is hereby given that a petition will be we
st nted to the commissioners of Wood county at their
June session of 186 1 asking them to grant a view
and survey and also to locate a county road to com
mence ut the north-east corner of tho north-west
quarter of section twenty in Perry tw )., in the cen
ter of an east and w est 'county road, and run due
south on the quarter line of s lid section twenty and
twenty-nine to the south-cast corner of the south
west quarter of section twentv-nine and there ter
April lilth, ISG1 52w3
Notice is hereby given that a petition will be pre
sented to the commissioners of Wood county, Ohio,
at their next regular session.pr.iy ing for the location
and establishment of a county road commencing at
the north-west corner post nf section thirtv-six.town
six range twelve, thence, west on section line to the
north-west corner post ol seetion thirty -one in same
township and range : also to vacate that )ortion of
s diagonal road that is lying on the cast half of the
south-east quarter of section twenty -nine, town six,
ranpo twelve.
Webster, April 28, 1861. 52w3
Notice is hereby given that there w ill be a peti
tion hrought before the commissioners f Wood coun
tv, Ohio, at their J une session praying forthc estab
lishment of a county road, sixty feet wide, commen
cing on the county line between the counties of Wood
an t Hancock, at the quarter post between sections
thirty-five and thirty-six, range eleven, Bloom twp.
Wood county, Ohio, und running north on section
line six miles nnd them terminating.
April 21, lSfll-S2w3
To John Hamilton. Elizabeth Stone. S. R. Stone,
Jame Otis, John M. I'omeroy, Jacob E.I'ox, David
M. Fi;ii'chiM. William Rose," Ira Cor win, Rosanna
A. rmith, Isaac Hurler, Joseph Roup, Dominick
Jinson, William O rb, John J. Brants, G. Morrison,
Geo. Holleubeck, Richard Johnson, Francis D. Par
ish, Thomas MeClaskey, Samuel Smith, John F.
lbinning, P. & S. Carlin, II urv B. Gibson, John G
Williams, Ephraim Austin, Catharine Esmay, John
Venn, W. II. Rockwell, W. B. S -liars, und the un
known non-resident owera of the following I mis in
Wood county, Ohio, to-wit: Section t, 2, 1, 111, II,
12,1.1, 14, 15, townit'north, range ea.e, and s.-c-tions
3"i an 1 HiJ, town j north range 11 e.i.v: you
will take notice that application has h -en inide to
the Commissioners nt Wood county f r the estab
lishing of a drain or ditch beginning iu the Mack
swamp branch of Portage river., nt the Ka- liu of
section U, town t n uth, range lOe i-t. continuing
thence down sai I branch to the Mil ltwccli ('enter
and Freedom townships; an.l that said application
will be for hearing on the I'.h day uf the statcl meet
ing of B.iid Commissioner in June ue.xt.
Au litor's OlUce, Wood county, Ohio.
Perrysburg, April 24, 1 So 1 52 w 2? 1,74
( Patent applied for.t
This Tie is made entirely of paper, 1P0 different
Styles, and iu M'rfeet imitation of silk and other fah
rics. Tne price is so low that a gentleman may
w ear a new Tie every day, and yet not be charges
b'.c nilh extravagance, or one Tie can be worn from
3 to 6 days, if necessary to ecvuouiite.
(Patented Jan. 29. 1 ffi I . N
This is doubtless the most perfect silk Tie ever in
vented, and is just what the name implies, a perfeet
"Relief" from ull further trouble in ty ing bows.
An exquisi'ely beautiful article it has ouly to bt
seen to bo admired.
Sliini & RROUWKK.
Sole Manufacturer,
No. 35 Warn-u S'.roet, N.Y.
N. B.--We sell to WholesaU Jobber only.
Country Merchunis can order our goods of any
Wholesale House w ith whom they nro dealing.
v . ....... WWK
l errjcnurg ana loieao. tviSa&Siil
The Steamer "HELLS," L. C. Imi w Msau-r. will make
two trins a dsv between Perrvsburg and Toledo during
the season. The boat ill leave Perrysburn at It o'clock,
a.m., and 2 o'clock p. m. Ketumiug, will leave Toledo
at 1 1, a. in., au t Hu p. in. J
Ayers Sarsaparilla.
o o
Mama m
The Proprietors of this establishment having had long
experience in the Marble Business, will wam-nt all work
executed by them to be in Ihe highest style of art, and to
tRemember that we art bound not to be undersold.
Shop directly opposite the residence of C. W. Foster,
Main street. Fostoria, Ohio.
J. W. Bailey, agent for Pcrvvsburg.
Fostoria, Dec. I'.hh, 1300 S3I v.
M A N H o o D t t S7ret
How Lost How Klstohko. oiSJf if
Just published in a Sealed Envelope, Qttaivy
inal Weakness: Sexual Debility, Nervousness and
Involuntary Emissions, inducing Impotency, aud
Mental anil Physical Debility.
Author of the " Green Book," Ac.
The world-renowned uuthor.in this admirable
Lecture, clearly proves from his own experience
that the awful consequences of self-abuse may be
effectually removed without medicines and without
dangerous surgical operations, boogie, instruments,
rings or cordials, pointing out a mode of cure ut
once certain nnd effectual, by which every sufferer,
no matter what his condition may be, may cure
himself cheaply, privately and radically. This
lecture will prove a boon to thousands nnd thou
sands. Sent to any address, under seal, post paid, on the
receiptof two postage stamps, bv ndilressing Dr.
( HAS. J. C. KLINE, 12iilowerv, New York. Post
' Ollief box 4,680. 7-ly
Henry Phillips and Albert Heufer vs Churles
Stabler et al.
The defendant Levi Whitman will take notice
that on the 2Uth day of March, 1SB1, the plaintiffs
Henry Phillips nn l' Albert Heufer tiled their petition
against Charles Stabler, his wife Adelius Stabler,
Levi Whitman and others in the Court of Common
Pleas, within and for the county of Wood and State
of Ohio, nnd which is still pending therein, nnd that
the objeet aud prayer of said petition is to obtain an
order for the sale of the following premises situate
in Freedom township, Wood county, Ohio, and be
ing the north-west fractional part of section eleven
in township five, north range twelve cast, lying on
the north side of Portage river, supposed to be 12
acres more or less; also the south-west part of the
cast part of the south-west quarter of section two,
town live north, range twelve east, containing ten
acres, more or less; also the east part of the north
west fractional of section eleven, town five north of
range twelve east, containing two acres more or less;
and for the application of the proceeds arising from
the sale of said premises to the payment of the
amount due said plaintiffs upon the note of said de
fendant Charles Stabler, dated September 30th,
1856, for the payment to said plaintiffs of $177 in one
year after date with interest from date until paid.at
the rate of ten per cent per annum: the payment of
said note was secured by a mortgage upon said
premises; said plaintiffs aver iu said petition that a
certain mortgage executed by said Stahler and wife
and delivered to said Whitman and recorded in
vol . 3 of mortgages, page 459, of Wood county rec
ords, has been fully discharged.
Said defendant ' Whitman will also take notice
that unless he answers said petition on or before the
25th day of May, 1861, ludgment will be rendered
against' him hv default according to the pravor
thereof. M. R. A R. WAITE,altv's for pltTs.
April 3d, 18t)l 48wC$8 65.
The subscribers take pleasure in announcing to
the Citizens of the United States, that they have ob
tained tho Agency for, and are now enabled to offer
to the American' public, the nliove justly cele
brated and world-renowned article.
is prepared bv Dr. C. P. BKi.l.iv;n am, an eminent
physician of London, und is warranted lo bring out
a thick set of
in from three to six weeks. This aaticle is the on
ly one of the kind used by the French, and in Lon
don and Paris it is in universal use.
It is a beautiful, economical, soothing, vet stimula
ting coniK)und, acting as it by magic upon the
roots, causing a bcuutiful growth of luxuriant hair.
If applied to the scalp, it will cure baldness, and
causes to spring up in place of the bald spote a fine
growth of new hair. Applied according to direc
tions, it will turn rod or uwy hair dark, and restore
gray hair to its original color.leaviugit soft, smooth,
and flexible. Th "Ongueut" is an indispensable
article in every gentleman's toilet, and ftfter tma
week's use they would not for any consideration be
without it.
The subseriliers are the only Agents for the ar
ticle in the United States,to w lioni all orders must
be addressed.
Price One Dollar a box- for sale by all Druggists
and Dealers: or u box of the "Onguent'' (warrented
to have the desir.-d effect) will ue sent to any who
desire it, by mvil direct, 1 securely packed, n re
ceipt of pric-.- liu I postage, $1 18. Apply to or
nm'onisis, Ac.
ISniS 21 William Street, New Nork.
Sealed rroposals, endorsed to "Building Commit
tee Pivsbvteri in Church, liilead, Ohio," will be re
ceived until May 7th, for building a Presby
terian Church, fratuc 36 bv 60. Plan and specifi
cations can be seen at A. J. Gardner A Co'a Drug
Store. Builders w ill put in their bids tor doing the
carpenter and joiner work,alsoto furnish timber aud
' Gilcad, April 15th, 18l-5tw3$l 32.
Has Just Returned from
laaumet City, O., Sept 20, 18fl0,
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral

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