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-xAues, t
tii i.:.
H E It I F F ' S SALE.
Jonas Ottintrer y William Mayer, rt 1.
By virtue of a ri Fa to me directed and delivered
from the court of common picas of Wood county 0.,
la the above cause, I shall oiler for sale at the "door
of the court house in I'crrvshurf on
Saturday, M? 25th. 1881,
between the hours of "1 and I o'clock, p. tn. of aaid
dar, tho following described lands and tenements
lying and situate fii the county of Wood and state of
Ohio, to-wit: The north-west quarter of the south
east quarter of section number twenty-two, of town
ship number three, north of nimri"uuiiibcr eleven
ast. O. K. OC V ICR, tucriff.
Jaxtss MrnBAf, Attv.51w:3
Richard Hovlo rs Norman Crandal. et at.
fly virtue of an order of aale to me directed and
delivered from the court of common pleas of Wood
county, Ohio, in the aboro entitled cause, I shall
offer for sulu at the door of the court house iu IYr
rrsburg on
Saturday, May S.'.tli, 1861,
betwoen the hours of 1 and 3 o'clock, p. in. of laid
day, the following land and tenements lying and
situate in the coituty of Wood andiUitc of Ohio, to
wit! The north-east half of tho north-west quarter
of section twenty-five, township number seven, and
range number twelve j coutninitijr eijfhty acres of
land, more or less. . K. tuYllt,SucriU'.
II. H. DmitiR, Atty pltfl- i wi$3.15
William Ruiirnnl v Rufua Little, el al.
By virtue of an order of sale to me directed aud
delivered, from the court common pleas of Wood
county, Ohio. I shall oiler Tor gale at the door of the
court house in I'errysburg on
Satnrd.iy M.ir 25th, 1X51,
between the hours of I aiid 2 o'clock, p. m., of s:iid
day, tho following lands and tcnenionu lyin and
situate in the county of Wood and st.itc of'Oiiio, to
wit: The south-east q ii, irU'r of suction number four
teen, and tho north half of the north-cast quirter of
section number twenty-three, all in township num
ber three, north of range number nine east.
O. E. (iUVEU, Sheriff.
M. II. i R. Waitb, Atty pliff S1w.SS,15
Isaac Davis vs Jonnthan Salisbury, et al.
By virtue of an order of sale to me "directed and
delivered, from the court of common pleas of Wood
county, Ohio, iu tho above entitled cause, I shall
offer for sale at the door of the court house iu I'ur
rysbnrg on
Saturday May 25th, 1881,
between the hours of 1 an I 2 o'clock, p. in. of said
day, the following lands and tenements lying and
situate in the county of Wood nu I stale of Ohio, to
wit: The north-east quarter of the south-west quar
ter, and the West half of the south-cast quarter and
the east half of the south-east quarter, all in section
Seven, town four, rangu t;n; also, the west half of
the south-west quarter of section eight, same town
and range; also, tlu north half of tho south west
nnd the oast half of the north-west and the west of
the north-west quarter of sictiou number seventeen,
sams town and range, and being in nil 520 arres of
land. O. E. (JU VER, Sheriff.
H. II. DonuF,Atty pltfl" 51wS$l.2U
Robert VT. Freeman vs Svlvanus Jefferson aud P.
S. Clark.
By virtuo of an execution to me directed and de
livered from the Court of Common I'leas of Wood
county, Ohio, in the above entitled cause, I shall
offer for sale at public auction at th door of the
Court House, in Forrysburjr, in said countv, ou
Saturday. May llth, 1501,
between tho hours of 12 in. nnd 2 o'clock p. m., the
following described lands and tenements, to-wit:
the uorili hall of the south half oftlie uorth-east
qiHWer and the n-i tli half of the north-east quarter
ot section thiilv-six, township live north of range
nine east, in Wood county, Ohio. ,
Asiikh Cook, sit'v. ' (f. E. CiL'YER, sheriff.
April 10th, 1331 10w5$3 31.
S S I C X E K 8 S A L E .
By virtuo of an ortljr of s ale issued from the pro
bate court of Wood county. Ohio, I will offer at the
door of the court house in IYrrvsbui p, on
Saturday June 1, 18til,
Sit 1 o'clock p, m. of said day, the following describ
ed real estate, to-wit: In lots in the the town of I'er
rysburg number 3rf, the north 20 feet and the south
39 feet of the norih 53 of s ime lot, and the north
half of in lot number 407, less four feet for alley;
also th west half of the north-east quarter and tho
west half of the north half of the south-east quarter,
in range tcii.toansphipfourniid section twenty-two,
containing 120 acres, all in Wood county, Ohio.
Terms of sale; one-third on the day of sale, balance
in annunl payinen's, on--thir.l yearly. Metered
pavnv'nts to be secured bv mortgage and interest
from date. ' S. Si'I.NK,
Aiussigocc of the IVrrvsburg Bank.
Perrysburg, April 25, IStll S2w'5f 3,85
Wm. n. White of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will
take notice that William Baker and William A, Col
lins did, on the 2rtth day of April, lSfil, file their
petition in the court of common pleas of Wood Co.,
Ohio, in which they claim to recover the sum of one
hundred and. seventy-five Snllars for services rend
ered. The defendant is further notified that unless
ba appear and answer said petition on or before tho
29th day of June next, the same will be taken as
confessed, aud judgement entered a recording! v.
April 2fi, 1861 52w6?305
O T 1 C E
William II. Mann of Dutavia, New York, will take
notice that Junius Myers and William Baker did,
on the 26th day of April, 1801, file their petition in
the court of common pleas of Wood county, seeking
to foreclose a mortgage given bv said Mann to said
plaintiffs and M. Johnson, April 18, 1850, upon the
west half of the south-east quarter of section 31,
town 8, north of range 12 east in said county, to se
cure three antes of $1666,66 each, dated Nov. 1,
1854, and payable respectively on the 1st January
1856, 1857, and 1858.
Said Wm. H. Mann is furfhrr notified that unless
he appear aud answer said petition on or before the
29th of June next, the same will be taken as con
fessed and judgement rendered accordingly.
April 26, 1861-52w6$4,05 Pltffs Attys.
f otioe is hereby iriveu that a Dctition will be Pre
sented to the commissioners of Wood county , at tlieir
next stated meeting, praying for the location of a
county road, commencing' east on the county line bo
twsn Wood and OUowa counties, between sections
24 & 25; thence west till it interests tho Crngo road,
between Sictioss 21 tnd 23, and there terminate.
May 1, 1891 52wiL
Notice is hereby given that there will be a peti
tion brought before the commissioners of Wood coun
ty, Ohio, at their Juno session praying for the estab
lishment of a comity road, sixty feet wide, commen
cing on the comity line between the counties of Wood
and Hancock, at the quarter post between sections
thirty-five and thirty-six, range eleven, liloora twp.
Wood county, Ohio, and running north on section
line six miles and there terminating.
April 21, lHttl i2w3
Mrs. M. A. Carpenter would respectfully announce
to the ladies of l'nrrysburg and vicinity that she has
removed her Millinery Store to the house formerly
occupied by Eliza F. Jones, ou Front street, where
' M fco found a beautiful assortment of millin-
i. Airs. U. will keep constantly on liana a
tety of
s, lUhbons.
Flowers, Ruches,
Hats, Caps and Flats,
rerything pertaining to the millinery line.
iso iiranartMl to UuL r it ana man Dresses.
xApes, Cloaks, 1 alms end Lftilorn Homing.
JJleacliing ana J ressing done looraer.
Ladies will And it much to their advantage by
a-Wimr mo a eall before purchasing elsewhere.
April 24, 1S61 61 Mrs. M. P. CAKPKNTER.
Mr. Wm. McKim proposes to dispose of his lands
in this county at a merely nominal price.
He will sell the south half of the north-west quar
ter.of section 29, town 5, range 10, oonlaining 80
aeres, for five hundred dollars. Kaid land has ucen
thoroughly ditched and drained at an expense of
He will also sell the south half of the south-west
quarter of section 33, town 0, range 11, at the aarno
Fries. .
Enquire of H. II. DODGE, Attorney at Law, Pcr
rysburg, Ohio.
Also for sale a large nnmber of Town Lots, both
ner and in the town of Millgrove, with aud without
Improvements, together with Hiveral valuable
1-,'nns. H. U. DODUIi.
Farrysburg, Her. 10, 1059.
Having replenished our office with new types
throughout, wo are now prepared to execute" Job
Work, such as Fosters, Safe Bills, Programmes,
Invitations, Cards, Labels, Pamphlets, all
kinds lihinks, e. in the most satisfactory manner.
Orient tilled at short notiea, sod on reasonable
Advertising. 1 w
lot 3m 6m
1.25 2.75 4.00
6.00 8.50 11.25
10.00 18.00 22.00
15.00 30.00 45.00
One square .50
W column 2.50
)i column 4.60
One column 8.50
A deduction of 6 per cent, from the above rates
will be made for Cash.
The spaeo occupied by ten lines of the type com
posing the body of the advertisement will bo a
nqoxre. '
All Transient advertisements must bo paid for
in advance to insure publication.
Advertisements inserted witn the mark "tf," will
bo charged for until ordered out.
When yearly advertis.-m wU are inserted four or
more changes will be allowed.
J. W. BAILEY, PuBi.tsiiKR Asn pFot'Rt ktor.
g Y I. V A N IT 14 J i: F F U II SON,
Attorney at Law. I'r.iiisYsnfiui, Ohio. -Otllce
in East end of Baud House HuiMmg. Will utlund
promptly to all business entrusted to his care, tf
D. W. U. DAY. T. W. tll'TCHlNSON. J. P. ril.t.AtlK.
D AY, lin t 111 NXON FILLAHH,
Collecthnr ftikl Y.'Z Agents.
Will attun l promptly to all business cntruitcd to
their care. Office over W. J. Hitchcock's store,
1'errysbnr, Wood County, Ohio. 01-40tl'.
; Attorneys at Law.
Will attond promptly to all Legal business cn
truated to their caro in Wood county. Oilice in the
1'orrysburg Band Iluilding, Perryslmrg, Ohio, tf
DO I) (i E & T Y L 13 It,
Attorskys at Law, IVrrysburg, Ohio.
Particular attention paid to Cuivey miring and
Notorial llusmess. Also, for sale, large quantities
of Land iu Wood and adjoining counties. 'OU-tf
Attobnkys at Law, IVrrysburg, Ohio.
Will promptly attend to all Law Business entrus
ted to tlieir c.uv. Have for sale large quantities of
Land, includi.-sr well improved farms, whieh will be
sold on easy terms, '60-ltf
ij o it c; v. s t it a I x
Attorney At Law, IVrrysburg, Ohio.
Will a'.tend to all business entrusted to his care
in the several Courts of Ohio. Office with Jehu
Hates, 2nd jtrect. '00-1 tf
1 eY"er iri: l " l 7
I Attorney at Law, and Notary rt-ni.tr.
iVill attend promptly to all business intrusted to his
car. Olliut in the Court House with Cook, I'rioe &
Johnson. Nov. 2'J, lSiiO ly.
it . J . ii o v i: i, i, s ,
l-tf Bowling Green, Ohio.
Dli. J . n, SMITH,
Bowling (Jrekn, Wcxid County, Ohio.
All calls will be promptly attended to, both day
and night. '00-1 tf
It J) II O IT S 12.
C. C. BA1RD, Proprietor,
IVrrysburg, Ohio.
DANIKL LhNIJSEY, Pkopkiktoh.
Manut'aetures to order, and keeps constantly oi
hand, a general supply of
Moors, SashrBlinds and Window Shades;
Pin, Whitowoo t-;i 1 Ash Hooring;
Pine an.l WhhVwood Doors.
All kinds of Plamsu done to order. Order
promptly tilled nt Toledo prices, or, in some eases
below the m. 'd0-tf
LhU'uaiXTS. OlLEAD. Onto.
Have constantly on hand Carbon. Petroleum and
Kcraseue Coal Oils at 7, 8 and 10 shillings per
PAINTS of all colors.Whitewash, Sash Varnish,
(raining Urushus and Pencils.
GLASS AND PETTY, Coach, Furniture and
Japan Varnish.
COAL OIL LAMPS, Chinmios, Shades, Wicks
and Brushes.
Raisens, Prunes, Currants an I Dried Apples.
A line Assortment of Drugs, Medicines, and Dye
Stulfs, Til lens Celebrated and Reliable Medicines
for Physicians, and another invoice just come in.
Any quantity and kind of Patent Medicines.
Gil'ead, Feb.' 20th, 186129tf.
The undersigned, feeling thankful for past favors.
takes this opportunity of informing the ladies that
she has just received the latest opening styles of
Bonnets, Hats, Ribbons, Flowers, aud nil kinds of
Millinery goods constantly on hand. Work done to
order, at former prices, at her usual place of resi
dence. Ladies please call ami see for yourselves.
6im3 Ann e. Fowler.
Carefully repaired by
"W ' F . P O M E R 0 V
At PKiutvsnritu Bank Biildino.
(Formerly II. P. DcgrafT,) Xo.S7 Bowery, Now
York, extending 241 feet through to No, 65 Cheery
street, and six xtorica in height, making it
in the United States, and filled with Furnatura of
all grades. From the best Parlor to the common
Kitchen, which wo are determined to sell at thu
small profit of five per cent., and no Deviation,
hoping, by this plan, to increase our business suf-
c ' i - ..t.-i .1.- J:tt- - r.t
neieiu w couuteruuiauce mo uiiieveiiuu iu juvin..
Rosewood Parlor Setts, from----$80 00 to $100 00
Mahog. and Ulack ainut Parlor
belts from 00to?li0 00
Rosewood Bed-room Setts, from-SiO 00 to $250 00
Mahnir. and Black Walnut Bed
room sets, trom uo to tou uu
Enamel Chamber Setts, from-- 22 00 to $150 00
Oak and Walnut Dining Setts,
from fza uu to 5Z3u 00
Hair Mattivsses from S! 7 00 to $ 2i 00
ijpriug " " 3 SO to $ 10 00
all rrnsiTcme or aufnteed as BEi'KESnsTEn.
March 13th, 1801 45m3
is mm
1 Ol
On and after Sunday. April 14. two Trains will
leave Toledo daily, on arrival of trains from Detroit,
Jackson, and Michigan Southern Railroads; at
1 1:1.1 r. M. arriving iu Davton at ,u a. n.
11:27 A. M. arriving in Dayton at 6,40. I". M.
Time from Detroit to Cinciunati 12 hours and
minutes by each train. Connecting at Lima with
trains on "the Pittsburgh, Ft Wayne & Chicago
Railroad for Crestline, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia aud
Southeastern points. ConneoU at Sidney, with the
trains on the BvlU-foutains Lino for Indianapolis and
the Kouthwe.it, aud at.l'iquaand Day Uiu for Colum
bus. MI?".Vo Ckango of cars between Toledo and
New and splendid Sleeping Cars, Knight's Pat
ent, attached to all night trains between. Toledo and
For ticket apply at the Ticket Offioa of lb
Michigan Southern Company.
Freight Trains leave Depot of Mich. Sou. Raiirod
Co. at Detroit at 2,00 r. M.i Toledo at 5,15 A. M.j and
arrive in Cineinnati at 0,00 A. M. Tim 45 hours
from Detroit. No Transhipment between Detroit and
R. M. PnOEMAKFR. Sup't. Davton. 0.
M. SHOEMAKER, Gen. Fr't aud T'kt Ag'i, To-
ltd, unio.
rcrrysburf, 3o. 2i, 1661 3W.
J. W. HAIi.HV, Editor.
National Armories.
There are in tho United Siates twenty
five A i aerials and fo-r Armories for llit
manufacture of arrus. Of the Arsenals,
fourteen are in the fiee and eleven in the
lave State; and tight of the latter have
have been seiied. The gteat Arn;o ios
are at Springfield, Mass., and Alhgreny,
Pa. The greatest Arsenal furmeily, was
Watervliet, N. Y. All the Arsenals
make more or less of arms and tquipme nts,
but guns and cannon are only made at
certain places. C inron are cast by con
tract with the great foundries. The larg
est of these aru the West Poiut Foundry,
at Cold Spring, N. Y., aid the Allegheny,
Pa. The casting of ennnort is, of coursi ,
an immense labor and txp'.-nse. But it g
now brought to grent prtfeclion. In the
year 18fiG, no less thau 12) f the gra'
Columbiads were cast, clii.Hy at (he
foundries mentioned. In that y ar. fu;l
20,000 lifles and uiu kets wtre manufac
tured. To g've n idea of the great
manufacture of arras constantly going on,
we copy from an Ordinance Report the
number made in a Single year, mostly at
Springfield, Harper's Ferry and Alle
ghany :
122 C'olnmhinds.
41 Urotue Fields Guns and Howitiers.
21.3 H Rides, Muskets and Carbines.
1,313,362 Cartridges for small arms.
8,158 Stand lixed Ammunition for Artillery.
Martial Law.
Martial law, which we now hear spoken
of not unfrequently, suspends the opera
tion of the writ of haleax corpus ; enable?
p-.rsons charged with treason to bp Fum
ruarily tried by Court Martial, instt ad ol
Grand Jury ; justifies searches and seiz
ures of private properly, t nd the taking
possession of public highways and othei
maans of communication. Invo'virg the
highest exercise of sovereignly, it is, of
course, capable of great abuse, and is
only to be justified on emergencies of tht
most imperative and perilous nature.
From Louisana.
A letter written by a former re.-identof
New York, to his mother, dated A'ger
Ap-il 15, Sf.ys:
Owing to the disturbed s'ale of nfl'iirs,
there is an almost total suspension of
business, nnd more t Inn 'h ee-quar'ers ot
of the nu clianios of fhis jlncn nre now
idle, and have' been for mcntln p:i8f.
There is a great Heal of discontent nt
tho manner in which (tirdrs have bien
conJtieted. 'I he air horities fear an in
surrec'.iin in the ciiy of New Orleans
and the military are ordered to be ready
lo turn ou' at a moment's warn-ng.
The pnprs try to convey the idea to
the North tint the Sjirh is imanin o is in
favor of secess'oti. I may i-af !y sty,
that over four tilths are in lavor of ihe
Union. There is now great tx'.'itenu-ni
itlo ttthe war. Troops arc b i'' sent
to l engtcola am ta; '.li-yan be rau
Tin y have been t-n!isiiny(or trjing to
enlist) men for several monihp; but. by
even offering a bounty of S10, they have
been ui able to raise r regiment. They
have now calle 1 upon the o'.enteers militia
companies, and, under the excitement o'
t'e last ftw d ys, sev rl compainies have
volunteered their services, and are off for
Pensa-ola, where, I doubt not, many will
leave thtir hones.
The Massachusetts Dead.
We think few men read Gov. Andrews'
dispatch to the Mayor of Baltimore, re
questing him to care for the Massachu
setts d-ad "tenderly," and to send on their
remains for honored burial by the com
monwealth, without tears. Yes, those
bodies, battered and bruised by the bru
tal mob, are sacred. " Tenderness " is
not too gentle a word to bo used for the
care of them. From the plow and (he
fishing-boat, those hardy men; beaming the
names aud the memories of Concord and
Lexington, and Bunker Hill, came forth,
as their fathers did of old, to offer their
lives for Liberty's dear sake. Foremost
in the Second War of Independi nee, as
their forefathers wete in ihe Firs'.the very
day on which the men of L xington stain
ed the greensward with the first blood of
the llevjlution, saw the men of this g n
eration stain the streets of Baltimore wiih
the first blood of this greater struggle.
Alt honor, then, to tl oe humble men of
Massachusetts, the first victims in the new
war of Liberty. Unlike their ancestors,
they Hied far from home and native soil,
but like there, they died for their country.
Tl e whole nation owns them ; their names
shall be preserved in their country' roll
of honor.
Interesting from Harper's
A Sieubenville merchant, who visited
Harper's Ferry two or three days since,
reports that there were 5,000 Virginia
to'diers there, and that cannon were
planted on all the surrounding hills. The
arms in ti e arsenal were stacked up and
partially damaged by fire ; hut the ma
chine shops and machinery of great val
ue, worth millions of money, were in good
condition, and full forces were employed
in the shops as formerly, except those
buildings the Virginians were taliog dowi
i h the mtchiuery and removing to Rich
mond. The operators employed were
turning out three hundred stand of arms
daily, and making other munitions of war
just as speedily and successfully as if the
shops were in the possession of the Gene
ral Government.
The Hon D. E. Sickles will proba
bly have command of a biigade. His regi
ment U nearly full. He has purchased,
at a oobtof 11.C00, asurberp steel rifled
cannon, manufactured as a presejt or
the Emperor of Russia. A howitzer com
pany, with two fiue brass pieces, will also
I b Attached to his regiment.
Total Destruction by Earthquake of the
City of Mendoza, in the Argentine Republic
—Nearly 15,000 Lives Lost—
Frghtful Scenes, &c., &c.
[Correspondence of the N. Y. Herald.]
Wilh feelings of deep regret 1 have to
announce to you the utter destruction of
tho ity of Mendeia. in the Arg-rtine Re
public, by an earthquake, on tbe evening
of the 20th of March la t. At that date,
a', half past eiht r. M , a blight, but pro
longed vibrBtivn of the earth was ftk in
this city and in Sntitg, simultaneously.
Most of ihe churcli-s were dense'y filled,
ii being near the close of Lent, and some
ala.m nnd confusun was mated, but no
seiiout nccidn:s oocund and tranquility
was soon restored.
On Sunday, the 94 h, lowcter, a rrt n
eral g'lom wai caUover this city by the
annou icemettt by teh g'ph from ihe cap
i nl that Ih niiijjo Hiiu.o, th ' mail rider,
h"d anivt d f o n teudt zi that moining
withutit a mHil, hiininjr the distressing
news that there rmaned but a heap of
ruins to p int tht S ot white, a-few ilays
hekre, had e o nl a lUiiving and populous
city of 15 WO souls.
Biuno slated that he arrived at Mendo
z i on the morning of the SO h ; that at
htlf past eight p m, a brief but txnos
ively violent hork of ranhquake, la ting
but s;x or tiij;ht second, destroyed every
building, publij a1 d private, in the city,
and tint the number wl.o were et ahled lo
escnpe was very limit d. The streets br
ing narrow.lhe buildings h g i, and tl.e in
1 a'litants tola'ly ur.UB d t tuoh phenoin-i-na,
were paralysed hh ter or, nnd neg
lected (o set k refuge in the open courts of
their dwelling until to late. Hie post
master wnst uried binen.h the tu ns of
hr) post cflice ; the Govtrnor was miss
ing nnd when a ked wl y he brought no
certificate that the mails were lost the ines
seogt r replied, "There was no or e h ft to
write i , nor materials to write v.i h."
The s pec! prcstnttd by the city after
he first i-lioik wss terrific. Hoarse sub
terranean thunder daf-nd the air, ani
mals of all kinds tuhe-l frantically ihro'
t e cjien t-ptict s howl ng, the earth opi li
ed and vomited for h floods of water, w hile
to rronn the set ne of horror, fla nes bu-st
from the niins and cimutned nearly tho
vntirivhusiaess portion of the city, with its
diad, i:s dying and its wounded.
On the 20th, a number of letters were
receive I here and at S tntiago by rtlatives
and ftit oris of Cl.ilenns reriiing in Mtn
doza ; hut the ht pe, tin il tl eu entertn'n
ed, that the earlit r accounts were txag
ifeiattd, soon gave wsy to the dr.-ndful
certainty tha the calamity had not yd
been painltd in colors fufiiciently vivid.
T!ie earth siHi con'ituud to tremble, the
few walls 'hat 1 ad rttisted the first tho k
one I y one fei I, until now no vc 8 ifi " of a
I'tiildin reniHins. The mountain roads
art in a most dungeroua etiiii it i n not on
ly on aciotin' of tlx; I uge masses o' rock
th it hav Hlreudy f .1 en and obstiucted
t'iu road, but hi cnt-e the vibration of tin
e irlh is s ill hurling th m down fr m the
hio-hts ah ve into the vitlleAB.
ln- ffutti'fws.or natives il the tuiruund
i ig coun ry, hasUned to the spot, not to
a Mst the needy oi nid in rtteuiigUhe
woundtd frtm a lingt lit g death, Luv to
6ek for plunder an org tlie tmokirg tu
rn", r.nd to match the li'.te saved ftoiu thy
wrttclu d survivors. One getth-mnn vi ril
ing from tlu nee, after tlesenbii g th-se
I oitors, says: "I b lit e that iu a few
days we shall have no otht r law hi re than
hat of the poignttrd."
The prison was destroyed ; tut of one
hundrfd it malts l ioety-two perished
I he n mnining eight, who were nlnaily
hiud'iicd i Inins, forn.ed themselves in
t a hand f frec-hoo'.trs, and lad gone,
i was suppo ed, to the mountain ptusts
to intercept and rob tl.e parlies sent from
Chili for the relief of the sufferers. One
womn was found robbed and murdered
by the roadside. She was recogriiz d as
one who as on her wy to Mti.doza to
see her funily. They loo had all ptrihh
ed on the 2L.h.
In the Jesuit church there was preach
ing that night. The services had just
concluded, and the corgieg ttinn was about
dispersing when the bliock came. The
few who ad reached the pirzz were
saved, lut the walls and nof of the build
ing fi ll inwurd with a cia-h, and priest
mid pet.iunt Ugethcr were hut It a into
The latest advices from Mendcza rp
resent the suffering to be txlreme ; tht re
being neither food, clothing nor bhelter
for the burvivors, everything being buried
beneath the ruins. They also state that
San Juan nnd San Luis, two other popu
lous cities of the confedt ration, have shar
ed a like fate, the San Juan liver having,
a'ter the shock, left its bed, and swept
over the town, utterly destroying what
the earthquake had spured. This news
not having been fully confiimed, I do not
vouch for its correctness.
As soon as this disastrous news was
rendered beyond qu'i-stion, the Govern
ment and priva'e individuals vied with
one acother in cnergeric fforts lo send im
mediate relief to their suffering brethren
Without waiting for the completion of the
work, on the 30 h a party of physicians
and others left for the scene ol the disas
ter, bearing medicines, food and clothing,
nnd accompanied by a small body of
The gloom and terror spread through
out the republic of Chile by this awful ca
lamity, ruay be imagined. Situated up
on an f minently volcanic region, we have
constant evidence of therinsecurity of our
tenure of txistence. Separated but by a
chain of mountains from tbe destru j ion,
and taught by sad experience the fright
ful and irresistable force of the unherald
ed earth-storm, we retire each nijiht with
a feeling of terrible insecurity. This
coast has been frequently visited, in past
years, by earthquakes. Chilian has been
destroyed ; conception once, while Valpa
raiio, Santiago and Cociana hare suffer
ed severely.
The eloquent lecturer. John B. Gough
has dedicati-d his earnings in the lecture
field from last Monday until next fall to
the good woik of fitting out and (quipping
volunteers la tbe service cl our country
The President's Proclamation
for the Increase of the Army
and Navy.
Whrtot, e listing exigencies demand
iunnu dixte and ath quale measures for th
tto'ecl'on of .ha Na ional Constilu ioiial
uiion, by the suppression of the insuirec
tiona'y combinations now existing in set
en Statts, for opposing the laws-of the
Union, and ohs',1 noting the execution
thereof, to which end a military force in
addition to that called foith by proclama
tion of the 16h day of April, in the pres
ent year, appears to be intlispensab'y nec
essary. Now, therefore, I. Abrnhani
Lincoln, rresidmtof the Unitid S ati s,
and Co:nmander in-CI ief of the Army
and Naty th re of, nnd of the mililiaof Ihe
several S.ates, when called into a-'irtl
trvire, do hereby cnll into the service of
the Ui i ed S.atei, forty two thousand nml
ninety four volunttcr to serve for a pa i
od ol three years unless sooner dischaig
e l, a d to b) mustered into service as in
fantry nnd cavalry. Tho proportions of
each arm, nnd the details of enrollment
and ra'ii o'ton will be mtde known
through the Di p trtuii n' of War ; nnd 1
also dm ct tl a', the regular army of the
United b ales bo met. a sed by the addi
tion of tijht tejimmts tf iu'antry, one
region nl of cavalry, and o te vigiment of
artillery, making aliogi ther a maX'mum
nggr. g tie increase of twenty-two thous
and, seven hundred and fifty oflicuis and
enlis c J men, the details of w hich inert ase
mill alio be made known through the
Department of War. And I further di
rect the enlistment for not less thin o te
nor more than three years of tiirlitetn
thousand seamen in addition to tho pres
ent force, for the nav.il servicaof the Uni-
ttd States. Th details of the enlistment
and organization wil be made known
through the Dipaitmenlof riio Navy.
The chII for volume rs hereby made, and
tlie direction for the increase of the leg
ular army ami for the enlistment of sett
men hereby uiven, together wi h the plan
of otganiz vtion fdop'ed for the volunteers
and lor tl e regular torces hcrehy author
iztd. will be subnii-ted to Conffress as
i oon as assembled. In the meantime, 1
eainebtly invoke tho co operation of all
trocul chizins in the nnusures hereby
adopted for the illVcttial suppression of
unlawful violence, lor the impartial en
forcement of Constitutional laws, nnd for
ihe speedieBt possiblu restoration of peace
and o.dir, and with those of happircs
and prosperity throughout our country.
Tn testimony when of, 1 have hereunto
set my hand, and caused the sea of the
United Slates to be hflix d.
D.ne nt the city of Wa hington this
third d ly of May, in the year of our L rd
one thousand ight hundred nnd six'y one,
and of the Ind. pet dence of the Ui.i.ed
S ale ihe eigf:ty-huh.
By the President,
Secretary of State.
From Fort Pickens.
Ihe rebels al 1 nsaced t are beginning
tj uppretiate the disadvantages of ih ir
t i .. e i : .i. e . -.
posiliuti. in prroi oi wnioii iaci, witness
he following extia:i fnm a lettr to tl e
Chiules'.on Meicury, dated April 20:
" 1 In re a gn at deal of oistress and
poverty among he ltihani'ants of ar
liii'f'tn and Nvio'.scy. 'J he latter is ihe
name of tic villi' ge on the noilh side if
the navy yard ; N an leg on that on Ihe
siuih side. These pet p!e are lal oreif,
'and mechanics, who have lived entirely
on i in ploy mint frun the o'd Government
with arrears t f p;ty due them Like pcor
people ihe world over, thty have numer
ous children. I have passtd lew houses
at vi huh I was tot appealed o most p.ti
ous'v to buv futn luie. or some of the
odds nnd ends of hous ket' ing suplies
Disloyal as most t f them are, their dis
tn s exciied my sympathies.
I lit re are now between six and seven
lluusand tioxps here. We shall have
long siege lure, piobably of six monthb'
duration. J he enemy have the advan
tageofu. Thiy have more guns, and
tle ndvantnge ol position. They have
command of the bi a, and can reinforce
tht ms Ives without hindrance. We are
in a la rm ccuntiy, without railroal or
wat r comn.unication. It will be v ry la-
boiiou9 and expensive to feed the aimy
thus circumstanced.
The Rebels must Suffer or Submit
Col. Fornty writes from Wadiington :
As I have sn!d before, it must be Abra
ham Lincoln and his Government or Jeff.
Davis and his. I do not understand tho
Administration as intending a raid into
the Southern States. Their purpose and
iheir policy is near'y as follows : They
will demand the r-ttoia ion of Harper s
Ferry to the Government, and if jf3 'a'e
infonna'ion is correct, Gov. LelerVr will
not resist this ; they will demand ihe re
turn of our foils and public properly in
r,. i , ...j it .1 .r.. . ,1 , t, :il
Ctiarh ston, and if tins is refu.-ed ihey will
allark that city. Thty ill make a im-
ilar demand upon the Louisiana authoii
ties, upe n the Ueorg'a authorities, upon
H e Alabama authorities, and upon the
authorities of Florida and Texts ; nnd if
ihn demand is refu-ed, they will proceed
to lake, recsp ure, and occupy tl is prop
erly. The ports of the seceded h a'es
will be blockaded, as, indeed, they are al
ready blockaded. A merciless warfare
will be waged sgsint all privateers de
tected in an atia;k upon our mercantile
marine, and foreign Oovernmenta have
already been not;fied that they must not
recognize the Southern Confederacy.-
This notification was sent out about the
middle of March, aud was b jrne by Hon.
Henry Stnford, our new minister to Brus
sels. If Mr. Davis wants peace, be can
have it upon these terms, and none others.
Nebraska claims equality with tbe
States in the right to defend Ihe Union
and keep the stars and stripes in the
breeze. At least one regiment will be of
fered the government from that territory-
Lieut. Jones, who burned the liar-
fier's Ferry arsenal, has been rewarded
or his galentry by biog prjuioUsd to the
rack of captain.
"American Eagle."
Ano'hcr "oomposiiion" by Itac Tar
tington I By rare good fortune we have
procured an early copy, and here present
it to our renders. Isaac's subject ilia
time is, "American EgW
This is thn giea'eat bird that bus ever
spread I U wings over this glori us coun
try. The place where b builds his nest
is called an etrte, away up on the preci
pices wh r the foot of man can't come,
but a boy's mijiht, Th eaale is a fero
cious fellow, tti.d sits on the lops of the
emu and looks shatp tor plunder. He
gets tired o' waiting, and then he starts
out on the b'uj XianMVe henvens and
soars all around ou his pinions over the
land and water to see what he ian potinc
down upon. But, though l e is calhd a
very cruel bird, he always preys before
enting. just like any g o 1 man at the In al
ol his family. He vats Lis victuals raw.
which is an unfavorable habit, but it is
ppsed that hf eats it so becnusu be
likes il so. He is a Very courageous bird,
and will fiht like bl. t s for l is yountr
and will ste-il chiekt Hi wheievt r he can
see ihtm. He is a bird of great talo s,
a id is nutrh respttcted by the birds of tin
fealhertd tribe thai are nfihi 1 of him. lie
i a great eludy for ar i Is ; but appears
to best alvantagt) on the ten dollar gold
ptectsnnd fifty cert pieces, id pretty will
on the dimes, as he sits gathering up his
thunder bolts under hi n as if he w as in a
gr. al huny to be off. He h is la' ly broke
out on the new cent, and seems as if in
his hurry he had d topped all his thundtr.
lha American eagle is the patriot's hope
and the ir spiitition of tbe -Kh of July He
soars through the realms of t,e pott's
fancy, and whets his b ak of the ora'oi's
imagination, lie is said by th.-in to stand
the Rjcky Mountains and d p his bill
in the Atlantic, while bin tail cms s a shad
ow on ihe 1'atifio coast. This is all gam
mon. There ntwr wai one more thtn
eight feet lon r from iho tip of one wing
to the lip of 'lolher. His ang-y scream
is heard t Ter so far, and h do-s not enre
a feather for r-nj body. Take him vi ry
way 1)6 is an immense fowl, anil his inaich
i. over tho mounting waves, wirit the
star sp ingltd b .nner in his hand, whistling
Yankee Doodle.
"American Eagle." General Order--No. 17.
Gk.nkkai. Head Quarters, Aio't Or.s't Office, i
Coi.l'Mr.L-s, V., May, 0, 1B01.
The twenty days' I i tiri '. for riie disper
sion of lebels now in arms against the
United States, has t spued. Whether
the snuggle for vindication of the im
periled Union shikll be briif or protracted,
the result is certain The destines of all
nations are interwoven wilh thai of A mt r
ica, and the isue is made up. Ohio will
meet tho crisis firmly and fulfill her pirt.
Tlu more derided her action, the sooner
will Pi are mecetd War, and Loa'ty
lUp'nnt Treason.
To give f uce and sy-b tn to her action,
the f dlowi g Ueiieiiil O d r i, protuul
g d :
I. Tho Militia is divi lei into tho " Anu'yo army of
opciMtion," aud the "Militia of tho lics'rvc," Tho
nine reditu uiis now tuicsmjici', i udditionul to the
tliirtccu untbUTi.Ml into tin- L'tniod Slutua s.Tvic,)
and such further rvgitm nts an the General Ass ii
shall autlio.izc, will bj muslTcd into the ft:ito
service, and placed ni di r strict discipliue, for in--iiiL-di.itu
Lieut. Cof. Buckinpliam, 1st Asistnnt Adjutnnt
Gcncrul, is detailed Iroinlhis Ui',). iluiout for that
II. the enrolled militin, between the npesof 18
nnd -11), exceeds MUO.OOtl men. This lorce is divided
into the 1st, 2d and 3 1 Keservo Corps.
The able-bo liud force of other uges, retired from
s rvicff, but tuny com't 'iit to m.'.'tuuv uerajna
ilst tin exigencies of the Cnion in.i.y require, ex
ecs Is 200, UUD meu, un I will constitute tho ltu nnd
Stli Reserve Ci rps.
The 1st lteserve Corps will bo rrpnnized forth
with, nnd bo subject to iiuiiiediato tiMiixfer in I" thi;
"ac'.ive niiin- of operation." Applications, how
ever, for the oi-jranizition of Mititiii of thu lteserve,
will not be limit d to this quota ; but thu companies
composing it will receive tliepo.it of honor, and tho
first assignment to active duty iu case tho country
requires tlu ir scrvics.
Tlie only rue -ption will be in "avor of companies
now under drill, which tailed to reccivo an assign
ment into the T2 rcpiuients now iu cimip.
III. Tlio .Militi i of the Reserve will be orgoniicd
as follows i 1st. Competent military mou, or re
sponsible citizens, will apply to this department for
an ordur to r.iiso i company, not exceeding 100 able
bo lied mi n. 2d. A form of rnliKtm nt will bo
mniled, if tha application be uppmvud. 3 '. Tho
roll will be returned to tluH olle e ; un election will
be ordered, nnd tho officers wilt be c ommissioned.
4: Ii. The roll iimst cmbraco citizens of tiiO sumo
township, so that they can readily associate them
selves, and promptly respond 10 any order frem
O.'nernl Headquarter. 5th. Whenever a company
is transferred Into the "Ac ivc Army of Operation,"
new commissions will issue, pivinif duo precedence
to thu grade of tlie prior commission, to that the
earliest commissions in thi Militia of tho Reserve
will confer superior rank in the transferred corps.
IV. This orj;anii ition is designed to bave all thu
domestic and economic m irhinuryof society in full
play, until the transfer b -com -s niiciissny)-. Mem
bers of the Militia of ths Reserve will therefore
devote due attention to tiieir ordinary concerns, and
do what thoy can to prevent idleness, and insures
full crop of ill th products of the farm. Any
other course will m iku the struggle doubly burden
some, notwithstanding the fact that Ohi has al
rsady in store provisions for a year in advance.
V. The following is tho proportion of Companies
to eich county, upon each quota:
Adams, 8; Alien, 8; Ashland, 10; Ashtabula,
13 ; Athens, 10 ; Auglaiji, 7 ; Dclnnnt, IS i Rrown,
13 i Butler, 15; Carroll, 7; Champaignc. 10; Clark,
11; Clermont, 11; Coshoclm, il; Crawford, 10;
Cuyahoga, 30: llrake, 1?: Pefl.mcc, 5: Delaware,
10; I'. no, 11: fairtuld, 1.1: ravet'C, 1(: iranKiin,
120; rulum, 7; Gallia, 10; Geauga, 7; Green-, 12;
I Guernsey, 11; Ilam Iton, 1(10: Hancock, 10; Hardin,
,Iarri'' k- nrr 4 HiMd.n.i. 12. iwkimr. 7
Holmes, H; Huron. 13; Jackson, 7; Jelle-son, 11;
&nox, 11; I.Hke, 1; anreuro, iu; i.kkiuk, '!
lcan, fi; Lorain, 13; Lucas, 11; Madison, 8: Ma
honing, 11; Marion, 7; Moigs, 12; Murcer, 7; Miami,
13; Monroe, 11; Montgomery, 2U; jjorgar, 10; Mot.
row, 8; Mukinyum, ID: Noble, 8; Ot:owa,
Paulding, 2; l'orry, 8; rVkswar, 10; f'ikc,
I'ortagc. 10; l'rcbl'e, 7i Puttaam, 8: Richland, 13;
Ross, 15; Sauduskv, 7; Scioto, 10: Seneca, 13;
Shelby. 7; Stark, IS; Summit, 11; Trumbull, 13;
Tuscarawas, 14; Union, b: Van Wert, 4; Vinton,
Warren. 12; Washington, IS; Wayne, 14; Williams,
8; Wood, 6; Wvan lo'Ui, 7.
ioiui i.uvu vompauies.
VI. As a treneral rule, publia arras will not
Issued to tho militia of tbe reserve, but a proximate
estimate of the number of private rilles in the
possession ef uvm exH'rt iu their use, shows that,
wilh proper exertions, nearly or quite the entire first
contingent of 100,000 men cau bj armed, and dis
ciplined in hours of leisure, postponing their draft
npon the Stile, until they are trauslerrud lo tho
Active Corps.
VII. It is the purpose of this Department to pro
cure, as soon as practicable, a "Volunteer Manual,"
for distribution among the Militia of the Ke serve,
and 10 isiiue a code of Begulalious for their govcra
ment and discipline.
If the first Reserve eorpr shall uot bo filled and
nflicerud hv the 1st of Juuu, next, additional com
panies will be orsditad to comities tendering wore
than their quota. Due record will be made of
applications and proper precedence will be grauted
in ths order of such application.
H. P. C Altai nciton, Adiutant Oeneral.
By order of tbe Coiumasder-iu-Ouicf.
1 1. . . . 11
Eighty threo thousand troops have
been offered to Gov. Doonion from Ohio,
and Companies enough arc known to
forming to swell tb number to roe hun
dred tuousacd.
Hon. John A. Dix.
"If tny msa ttletnpts to pull dow that flajaoct
hlia ua lLa spot."
The atp. ii'mtot of John A. Dix, tn
author of the above or !r, to the rost of
Msjor O ncral of the New York Volttn
teer, Is haMed with satisfaction trerj
where. And well may it be. Theconn
try cannot dispense with the services of
the man who 1 ft the snog berth of Post
ro't( r of Ne Yoik to undertake tbe r
nu'sive task of rcdet ming the credit of the
governmmt and the affairs of the treasu
ry d pir'ratnt from the conditions to
whi h Cobb's titacbt ry reduced them, and
having succeeded in that aesumed tbe
mansgftucntcf the War Department lust
in lime to rave it from utter ruin. Not
N w York uLne, but loyal citizens eTery
whire wi'l thank Gov. Morgan for this
nppeinlmt ut. The man who was faithful
wlitn hi i r undid by open and secret
trui o. s. i I not be less trustworthy when
amidst Minds.
Sentiment of a Traitor's Wife.
We are in formed on good authority that
one day last summer, a pirty of ladiea
and g-tilemen were assembled at tha res
idi nee of one of our celebrated pair.teia
at West Point, and among o'.her objecta
of interest introduced by him was a relio
of Washirg'on a copy in bis own hand
writingof the various orders and dispatch
es itsu-d by him during the War of In
dept ndence. Every one present was, of
course, deeply interrested in the examin
ation of this precious souvenir.except one,
and the exception was a lady, it was
presented for her inspection, but she re
fu ed to 1'iok at it, saying tint she was
sick and tired of hearing so much about
Washington ; for her part, she couldn't
see much to a Imire in the character of
such a bloodthirsty cut-throat. Th la
dy was Mis. Jefferson Davis. New
Yoik Tribune.
The Stars and Stripes in Canada.
A good story is told of the Grand Trunk
Railttiiy, Cnnudit. An engineer on one
of the train conducted by a man named
Lithnni, itO'ixed tho stnrs nnd stripes to
his engine, which, biing observed, was
cut down by Lit hum. The engineer at
once replaced the flag, nnd forbid Latham
re pea ing the ofiVnsc or he would cut him
down. Upon the arrival of the train at'
the he ld quarters of iho superintendent
of the road, the fails were reported to
that official, who at once presented the
p-.trio ic engineer with a beautiful silk
Amiricnn fl g. toll him to nnil it to his
engine, and then promptly dismissed Lath
am. This action wat approved by the
d rtctors, and now every car on that road
cu.ries the slurs and stitpts.
Plant Corn!
Corn is '.he most important fjrain that
we can ruio. A bushel of it will feed
family lorger than a bushel of wheat.
It makes our potk, beef, poultry, horses.'
Well, wiut theil Why, ra'sd all
ynu cm. plant nil ) ou can possibly woik.
It will be- tuedtd. Those who I nve not
gone intt the (rtvy will have to feed those
who have. I.et (very farmer be up and
doing. Ifheisn patriot, he will want
food pit nty. If he wants to g-t rich,
no w is his chance! Ohio Farmer.
Am.Y.Nu Manures. How shall we
rpply our manures? Some say, npplv
In in on the surface and the rains will
cirry down their s'rt nglh to the plant.
Otlurs alvocute ihut they be lowed uo
di r. Leaving them exposed, they say,
a i-es much bss by evaporation. It is
vt ry convt ni nt to apply them in both
whjp.br the c demands; on grass,
hmd, thty must be applied to the euiface.
It can be done without much wast, if the
mrntire has bet n properly compoated,
and iho ammonia fixed by charcoal, sulp
htuic acid or o her niett rials that alBorb
and hold it. S able manure, not so pre
I tv lt d 'o1! s corisideihble of its value by
bring applied lo the curface. For corn,
and indeed, for grt.in and root crops of
neaily all kinds, ne nure. should be plowed
under. Ih s'des fui nit-htng food for plants,
iumptoves the h sical condition of the
soil 11 ttteiully. The rco's of most plants
like to find theit wny into well prepared
mm.ure. E pecially is this the case with
corn. This, of course, has reference to
staple m inures ; mttny specific manures
had best be applied as a top dressing,
Ohio Farmei.
Thn Louisville Council has appro
priated S2HO.0O0 fur arming that city.
I he union t is to be laised by tsx tiion at
the rate of two cents on a dollar. The
ordinance is to be submitted to a vote of
the people.
Associa'e Justice Campbell has re
rigned his seat on the bench of the Su
preme Court of tho U.iited States, he
having heretofore annonecd that be would
(o low he frtuna of Alabama, though
not appto.irg of secession.
The secession Governor of Kentucky
has issued a procl imat'nn for" an election
r f members of Congress on tbe SOih of
June, from which il would seem that Le
tliottght it desirable to have lu State re
presented at the extra session.
The Now York Tribune says: 25,
000 Minis rifles have been purchased in
Canada for the United States government,
and more can be obtained, ilia said. Of
course, the United States ean obtain, for
cash, every epaie Minie rifle in Canada.
About 40,000 ean be spared in all, we are
Hon f David Tod, President of the
Cleveland A Mai oing Hail road, announ
ces tht no "Secessionist," or secession
apologist, sympathizer or abettor, will be
permitted lo ride in the cars of that road.
Pasengers expressing disunion senti
ments m the t' ains, will have their money
returned, and themselves depolud oa
terra firma at 'he nearest station. J-
Col. Vandoro with 800 Ttxsn. cap
tured 450 Federal troop .under Major
Sibhy who were at Jndianola and attemp
ted to escape in two sailing vessels. Van
dorn pursued thetu in tf ve small sUamcrs,
Siphy eurrender. The cigra ar - o
parolrt The arms were tuined over, priv
ate property x tpeJ. The men wee
allowed eilier te jvti the Coatederate
a -uycr ttk an oatlf et Utnasg-unatit

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