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J. W. I'.Alt.MY
. - . ; .
The War.
imlicatio.w now are tli it wi'tlntl
toon ltT war on a Urg rtald. - Iti
rebel (roopi conn i) ruling m Iiiili
morrri, And beforn the clysf "i the pre-tunl
WrV.t U tupjiord 'hiy wil) hive Tie-si
ttyr'y thousand troop in Virgin!-. .Tliir
ty-fi vo thousand lYcieril lro'pi nrn now
in'R'id about Wellington, n d hy Srui
driy th number will bo incriHtil lo For
ty lloiuanJ. It is gintine'ly snpposi'il
thui the firm gitnl buttlo in llm vieini y
of Witihinjton, will Dike p'.-ioe t T T n
ptfr'i Ftrrj. A fight at l't-nrftcoln Is now
probWy going nn, but it will bu lo.nc
dav before wo ehall reodve r linbl par
tiou!ai." "No taorc provisions fiom tlx
North for the aecfdii g S uUs," h now
the wdcr from lb Wnr Dt-i.n Uncut. The
movements e( tho Admitiisiiuiiod will un
doubtedly bo of nn important iiHtuii! Jur-in-
the coming week. Such niu ili? pre
dictions nt Wanhirton.
The War. Gov. Magoffin's Message.
The neutrality dudo of tin; K-nnicliy
filovvrnor i ciiMrwlri.iic.ily hi t forlli m
ll'rt mtrSSHg tu tliu L"gl .lliWKC hi ll) 11
fttt, lust week. 'I here cmi no longer b
nny deubt nn to thi ncivc p ti t he h is in
ken to precip'ta'e the S nte iti'o rebt llior.
11a no', en'y ci'iifpiu il ngaiust the
State, but has purchased arais in spito cf
the recent re'Iusnl of thti Legislature to ni
tbomed it, refused to roi rive mi an lo buy
them Eubj ct to a jili-de not to uso them
in rebellion, sunt an e.i in-aiy to priii'iitY
them of the rebels, knuVmg ihi in to be
stolen of the Government, tint! obtnined
them under a pledge, that Kentucky would
noon bo willi (hu (Joiifodirulo Siuics in
hostility to t!u: Uovt rimieni. I n tho win lo
nffair, h j baa eel the yMVnre. and the
known wishes of the jinple at eliliinst'.
und has en k avored to force il c Slate into
war in spile of .hern. It only remain to
be seen now whether the L"ginutiiru will
d'nnbusc ihe rampant Goveiiiiu's view t.f
tbu true wishes uf the majoiiiy ; or wheth
er tbey loo, as in Virginia, 'l i iineHSt u, Ar
kansas and Missouri, will join tho con
tpirncy to overthrow constitutional law
und dissolve the American Union.
About that Conference.
Some day since n telegraphic dispa'rh
informed us of a pn jused coufert nee, to
take placu at (Jineiiinati, between lh
Governor of Ohio.Indinnaand Keniu ky.
The papers of that city nl o advised tr
that the Governors of iho two former
Slates were present, but. Governor Ma
KiQli wns uot. By a private Kr.iT from
Covington, wo learn tho Kentucky Gov
ernor arrived m tint city, with a view of
keeping bis appointment ; but, f n rea
sons bent known to himself, did no', allow
ilia presence to be made known. . Onu ol
lhene reason' since leaked out, hh our
correspondent, informs v. Il xeems lhai
Mgoftiu desired the loyal pi-oplo of Cov
ington to show their appreciation of his
worth and greatness by getting vip a del
t'ga'.ion to escort him to this side of the
jriver in a coach-and -four, which they very
properly refused to do, alledging Unit his
pretentions for tho preservation of the
Uoion were a biso muekeiy, and th-y
would havo nothing to do wiih him. Con
B.'quectly, iustead of crossing over to Cin
ciiinati.thc valiant Governor nex' morning
putbaci to Frankfort and of course (ailed
to mee t the nppoiutuu nt hi ranged by
The Second Call.
The Str.te Journal says information has
been received at the Governor's olli -e
that Six Regiments volunteer will be
received by tho PreMih nt from Ohio un
der the new call. Thetuops under this
call will serve for lluee years.
Arkansas and Tuinen ie havo pass
ed ordinances of secession. The Missoa
li Legislature baa bem in fecal session
for a week or more, nnd it is t-upjiose.l
that State hai also gone on'. Tin Gov
ernor of Tennessee has a hd i in it ft (UKi
volunteers for ihe assistance of be rebels,
and the Legislature has appiopriale'd J.O,
000,000 for war purroies.
1 Ue tireat Lastern has again reach, d
our snores, lur voyage n nude in!
less than ten days. She biings
pleasant intelligence that tho Kigli-h
journals are ulmost unanimous in tlu ir
with our fJovertuent in its de
lense ot the Lonslitution and the Union
It could hardly bo othei wi.-e.
-Tho Rebel Congress, o i t'.io roven I
inst.,declared war upon the Uuiu d St ites.
Thirty days time was allowed for Uncle
Sam's vessels to leave the southem ports.
Let.irs of marijue wiro luitlioi'.zed,
and luauy Vesnels arc said to be ti ting
ut for the pirating sen ice.
A piratical choou. r, with two i f it
crw, Las bien captured oil' the moii
the t. heBapeake, and taken to Auaapolis.
The reported negio insurrection
Kentucky turns out lo be an old womu
flight a lo,.
-Tho Trtbident ba determiud
crush out the rebels tit all bszards.
--The Ohio Legislature was to ha-
- adjourned on Monday.
. i m
Orders from tha War Department
the rigorous treatment of a!l tra ior,
b'ttors, have been tiansmi u d io every
officer in commission. Measng n have
; been passing eonstant'y b tween ihe (i
; ertiim nt and Cairo. Troub'e is nmiei
A3 .1 .
Caieu inern f-very nigni, pios -naf.-rs
ave b-en derputched to day to Cairo
- and 'b-! poinu, ordering the conceutra
tion.of a litrge body of wc-tern troop
- that point.
The people of Tennessee are to vote
' July next on the qusiion of seee,doi.
Tbo r-tnigc;l for the Union prnmbos
bo c'oie and desiirale. rpiI mav m l
ivil warbetweeu the traitor and true nun.
r Colonel Campbell will be tli c,i didiite
for Govcruor.aud will UU the field sgninat
tie secession,
Startling News front St. Louis.
the)" The following ad.liional nanvs of those
j killed l ave been aicerlainid: C .spei II.
j lilennere al, John Saeikharl, John Wa
fympathy ter. V. Doan, J. J.Jones, l'ortng C"Un-
Bt, Lovii, IJay 1 i. Frost's brigade of
Missouri militia enoamp'd rt Oattp Jack
son in the western ruikirtstf the city,
sui rendered unconditionally at tho do
n and of Cnpt. Lyon, coniwandcr of tbo
U. S, f rceM in this ci y.
Of. Lyon marched on Oamp J cksn
with (mine 6 UOO vollintenrs, Surrounded
ii, and pltnt d e ghi tl ld pieces on adjoin
in ' iiiineiices. i nt f ll iwing 1 -tier was
c i l.oni Cap! Lv"n ti G n. Ktoi! '
IUao yemiTiiH" t. H, Tsoor,
.T. Lntis, My 0, in.il. I
Totiicy I). M Fiwt-S.il Vour com
mit. d in legird d s t vi.b ni'y li',.t. lej to
'hi M .v i ii mint i f tin United StVef. It
ii fnr the1 moHt pait mA ! np of lho s -ne;i
nits wh ) hive up n'y avowed their
hsf ill ' y Ii tho G.n.'rtl Government, and
havi Ii . n p'otlin at the s iziito of its
inop-r y and oveithiow o1" its autho i y
i'ou itiu opi n'y in co nmunica'.'o i with
the Kjra leo Sjulhern Confederacy which
is now at wur with tho United S ales, and
y u urn receiving nl your oamp from tho
Confederacy, and und r its tl ig, lurge
Btipplirs of ni itt i irthi of w rr, the m ist of
which i known tol)3 tha piop rly of the
Uni ed S ate. These i $.iaorlinary pro
pvraiions plainly iinliaate none o'her than
ill') well knovn ptlipo o of tho Governor
of the .State, un-ler whose orders you are
iic.in(', and whoso pupso was recently
coiiiiiiuuio t'ed lo tho L gislatur ,1vis j'J'l
been respond" d to by tha'. body in th'i
most unt arallelcd hgi l.i.ion, having i.i
direct view l os ili'i'is to the G neral Gjv
(rnmotit, un. I co I'pei a'lon wiih its ene
mies. I;i view of tliciic con ddt rations, ;in 1
your failure lo diapers! in ebi'dience to
the prod una ion 1 1 the President, and ef
eminent neces ity, St ite po icy and wtl
fiire, and ob.i,a ioas impobi d upon mo by
instruc ions froui Wwdiineton, it is my
du'y to demand of y-uu, nn iimuediato
sui render of your c mn md, with nio'li
er condi ion than h it all pi'isonfl . ti' ien
J' ring under this demand shall bo hu
manely mil kindly healed. lb-lieviitg
myself inepaied to enf uce this di in tn1,
onu half hour's linvi ti no before doing so
will bo alk wed f v yo rr compliance there
wi h. fSmd.) N. Lv ti.
('aptain 'Jd infantry commatiing troops.
It is underslio I that (J n. Fio. t says
( 1 1 i -t letter was nut received by him until
liis c imp was surrotin led by U. S lrjoj)s.
II i then replied tha- the en iamp uent wau
o ganiz ;d under Hie law ef l' c Sia'e, nnd
simply for organizing t nd drilling the vol
unteer militia of this district. Not x,)ect
in j any ileniuiistra ion i, he was uiipi e
par. d lo sil icessfully resist the nUnck; lin,
therefore! accip'.ed th'i tiims fp-cilied,
nd surrenderuit bis command, nb ml UO'
nn n llien in camj), (a Inrgr miniher be
ing in the ci y on leave) laid down the'r
nrnis nnd were escorted lo lIio city
pii oi eis f war.
Just before the troops startoJ for the
city. and while the SI ite forces were drawn
up b "Iween two lines of vo'u iteers, s ve
ral rocks were ihrown at the volunto rs,
and a few pistol shuts were fired by exce
ed parties in the surrounding crowd, which
w is comp rsed of a 'urge i u uher of ci i
z.ns, inc u ling m my women. 0 ie si o'
toc k i tlV-isi in the leg of Gapl Minnlowsky,
and as ho f II h i gave Ihe word to fire,
which was oh yed by some two or three
conpuiis, Ksulting in tlie death if up
wa ds uf tweuiy per.-ons, in.-ludiig two
women nnd seveia! cl.ilJreii, nnd badly
wi.iiniling Keveral others.
'1 ho following are tne only Mines of
lhoe kd'ed lb a can bo asuerliined to
ninht : Waller McDowell. Thomas A.
Haven, Nicholas Knubl o k Kmily Sorncrs.
Probably fatally wounded : 11 itbornc
Wilson and Truman Writht.
Int.eiiHo i xciti ni Mit x sis in tho city,
ami Urgj ho lies of nu n are thronging the
strei ts.
The Democrat nnd Ataoiger ofliies
havo been threatened by a m.ih, but
'. hrou h tne pronip- ness f Chief of Folic-
McDonuit 'Ii, ii v violent deuionsira-
i til thui far his liea n p Villted.
All l'ie g in shoi in ihe cry aie gn ird
ed by ii'ined poli -e, nnd about two hund
red nun hive been detailed to protect tlij
Democrat and Ai.z ig r ollkes.
The l.i'.eiiess of iho hour prevents lbs
possibility of getting more reliable i n Co. -mation
to night.
Kr I.oi'i", M ly 11. Many conflicting
rumors prevail relative to (he ciu'eof the
tiling on the crowd of spictalois at Camp
Jack on lal ivining. Some say ihni
rocks, bricks snd otln. r missiles vt re I u I
ed at ihe volunteers, nn ishing nil kits,
breaking limtis nnd otherwise wounding
the soK.i is ; while others a sert th j coi -trary,
S veralof the troops nro under
airei t.
Tho troop j engag- d in the rnp'tne of
('amp J icltson were the 1st, !id, .'U and
lib It g'ments U S V-.'n iter'rs, under
Colont Is Blair, Boernsuiu, Sigel and
Sehuuner, and the 3 I and 4 h ll-ginieiits
V. S. Reserve Coip. formerly the Home
liuiid, under Colonels JdcNeal and
It. own. Cant Lvon was, but not dancer
j ously kicked by a horse
on the camp
tv. Oi i, L Carl, Cliiis.ia i Demi, Mrs.
MeC.uid', Mr. Cha;.man, F. D. Allen,
and two boys named loeubuwer aid Lcs
sit (,'
i lie U, S. troops are row in possession
of Camp Jack o i. with all its iprp ge,
tents, provision, its. The Taitio and
North Missouii H. 11. d -pots aro occu
pied by the volunteers.
Much i xeitemrnt xis'a in tl e ci". but
i l)w'llj? t0 the" ilhViency of the luili.ary po
nce conn, orut r im vai s.
(l.n Frobt, with lus stall and all the
State tro ps, nrc at ihe arsenal.
LeiKH. Frost's brigade win lelensi
front ihe arsenal this evening the offices
being liberated on parule, tiud the in.
tskintr eoitli they would rot b ar anus
against the United States Government
dining the present war.
From I'no Cincinnati O.wette
Si. Louis was agiin tlie scene of intense
X' i.eiucnt nnd tiJoo.l-.bed on Siturdiy
nigh?. A company of Heme Guards,
they were le urning thro ii;h the city from
the An-eiial. were insulted by a mob, and
a shot tired into tin if l auks, whereupon
they fu vt I'll j the crowd. SeVerr.l were
killed i n both hid. s. It is about time
Smstiitni ts and their sympathisers h.
J. ai iu d that Cured Suites troops a'-e
l moertibo iusu!l d or bo!, doan
nu Lj. There Las been enough of thi-j.
Gen. Harney has issued a proelmatieu tin
rouneing t'Ht tbe peace niu-ttlH' preset
and iiitiinatio'; that murii.il law my
dcl ircd. The hoitil!ty of tin d suidou
isti appears to be peci.d!y directed agtiinsl
the (In in ins. The reason is the G -r-muus
4ite loyal, and ready to fiht lot
Government. For this several Of them
have bum shot down In tha sires t.
Interesting Washington Items.
Times' Despatches.
WmKoto,May lo.-lbe war (b p art
mn noivd d. spnloh to hinht from
n. Bu I'-r, s'at'ng ihat h t I iz -d
the famoui steam gun built by Winans
"f U iltim ore, who aiitmpttd to send il to
Ha pe 's Fe-ry 'or the Virginians.
SfTeisiv '"ameron replied: "Corn
ptimonis of tin- Government to Oen. nut
ter and eommsnd. Stir,1? eveiy thing
contraband selHIo the rebels."
The president is reciiving daily hearty
rer-p onso from IVnnevfH, Kentucky and
Maryland. A !Jiig Je from each of thoie
States will coot) be in Ihe field.
Special to the Sun.
Wami'notom, May 11th The Cab
inet has d eided to sustain the Union men
in Viigini i.Tenn see and Mi aouri with A
piompt and efli dent force.
It appesrs that the Legislature of Ten
nessee on lbs 7th inst. appropriated $5,
UOO.OhO for arming the S ate.
A Da lalion of L miHsna troops left
Richmond on the Oih inst. on secret ser
vice. flsvrral prominent New Yoikcrs at
Washington raised $12,1100 to purchnse
arms for tlm Western Virgin! i Unionists,
More money is yt to come.
Herald Correspondence.
Transport vessel i p is nng up and down
tho Polnnnrt are armed with i eavy guns,
shotted nnd primed, and instiucteuto fire
at the first t.ign of hoUils di mnnstra ions.
The war ateamcr AnnCusta came up
ihe river I ist night. S!io n p iris ho hit
leries as yi t eiecti d on the riht bank.
Alexamlri.i is no f said to bo
hv !,0t)0 rebels.
Tribune Correspondence.
Wasimxoi'os.M iy 1 1 ih. Tin re U 'o b
a con 'entr itiou of tro ps l''orijl'owhaf.
tan. o i tlm Ja nes liver, and at City Point
on Y. rk river.
The .Secretary of tho Treasury adver
tises for proposals till tho 21st of M .y
for the rimainib r of the stock of Ihe Uni
ted S ni s t-sued und-'r tho act of February
amoun ing to 9,0l0.000.
Tho Petersburg Hxpress of the 9.h inst.
says that a Federal steam Tug has bem
cruising In the vicinity of id Gloucester
I'oint, ork r.vt r, Va., bul b ing fin d on
by a Vug ni i battery, she h it the river.
Jy an arrivi.l from Old foint Conirort
v;e le u n that that post ii now fully pre
pared lo res st any altaou.
the (.A iirieil ind. I'awne?, M mlicello,
Harriet Lane an! Yankee were olf Fort
Monroe, en'oreh g blockade.
Col. B-k' r'.s Califoinii Regiment h ib
been accepted.
Proclamation against Florida
AYApiiiNiTON.Miiy II Tin Piieri lent
hasisMied a p.oc'nmit!oi met ing forth
i list insurrection exists in the .Suito of
Florid-, by which tho livis, lilierty i n I
p o ie ty ot I'iyal ci 'z 'ns aro in ilaner,
an i i-i dec med proper that i very tteedful
un a ureihou'd bo tnkt n fo the pri t c ion
if such ei 'Zens and all ollWra of the
I rni:ed S a'.es in the di.-c' a go of their
public dutiea. The Pre. blent directs tie
commander i.-f the fore a of the United
Slut- oa Floriila C"ti i, to nenui. no per-
.: .... it: . .1 i. i
sun iui ere,se nii o.noi ir u ..e.ny i.j,-.
n the Id. n I el K.y West, the Tortpg s
ir Siiila Kua-i, which msy be incoasis
t oit with ihe law and civil z ition of the
L'uited Sta'es.
Anxioi.is, M.iy 12 General Ruder,
with lif y men and iwo pieces nf m l Ueiy,
ten mis ntiernooii on u i.nii ol a steamer,
.ni seen t -en iee.
The m s ci-r from O iv. Hicks to
Ojv. Letcher has returned from Rich
mond, lie says ihe Virginians expected
hirty thousanl Con fe I era to troops by
riiuvs-day last.
The Union men here are i.d'giant a'
the o'-eupation of Muy'avlsiil ty Vir
ginia A sudden movement ot reo'a
from llarjier's l' rry toward the Uehiy
II mse, is feared by many judges of mill
lary atViirs. The Virginia at my mus
soon li'jrht or di p. r,se. I'll.) Secretary of
War is hiiriyi"g forward the measures ef
tbo b'oik ide, nu t info.'ms his friends that
by tho time Charleston and Savannah ex
periences is elLcts, New Orleans wili be
FitKomtcK, Miy 11. The L gislature
will nd j mm on Monday till t!io 4 h of
'Ill - Mirihuul quota of troops will be
called out imniedia't ly nf:er the L'gila-
lure a Ipnnui. there are alien Iy toi.r
i o-'iuents of volunteers ready.
Perrysburg Market.
I. Ill
Flellf V bvl J.,.
,0; l.l IH)
oni (-.tielledl ..
oru ;eai i V' bu
Hums V It'
Shoulder V II'
I'oiiiti v ii.
Knj.'.- v lll'
1 He
. . .'ii.i lie
II . I .Hie
live; tlm
..irlei ei bu
.... 4..0
1 - I
'Jilei '.'.h
. UK.flie
.... I iv
Oats ft tni
Feathers "W !i
llltoes till
(iivon Hides V!'"- -iln'l
Sail V I'l l l-".
Clover Seed V' bn J.SO
Hurler 1 Iti"
l.ard l Ih
Tallow -rl th-.
M.iri.th K. Yount, dminisir.itrit of el.ibriel F.
Yoiinl. d. o., vs 'J li. ilia-Yount, Aln-.ili.iiii otiiit,
l'.iiiit i.mit, Mai i. in l.eiils, deo. l . ount, in.
II. Huf', Sarah Yount, A. Jackson Yount, James
Mct.iinis an 1 Mt. iiiiia Meliiiims.
(in S.iinnlay, tl.a l.illi day of June. IP'l, nt 11
oMoe!., it. ni.," ut the doer ot the Court Iloti.. ,iii the
t.wiiol' IVrrvshurg, in Wood eountv, Ooio, will bo
sol I to the Inglicl bidder, the billowing i-'.il etnU,
the piMperiy el U.ibriel Yoiiitt, dee., lo w it: All that
put ol I'le'ee-t hall of fractional section number la,
ownhi number (1, range number 10 east, in Wood
eountv, O., lying east of lue Dayton A Michigan li.iil-
nu.t, com , lung on aei'Sol l.ui l umivor lcs. J erins
lunde known en day of sale.
M ikiah K. Yui'sr, Adin'ix.
Cook. Fitli'K .V Johnson, Atl'vs,
Mav 1 I, Isel. -w.'.f;l 0 .
T Joslm i C.irr. Luke C irr. Nathaniel Kdgeilon,
A i .el ic.in ll.mll t'oroiiiii Missions, Fiveui in l' rk
At ehjiugvl C.iino, John Fera, II. nrv llotl. Mehs-ia
I 'ay no. Jaii.b 11 u tin in, Tobias Und. sill, Lewis II.
('us, John dsbot it, John l.anke, Timothy 0lrii,
Jacob lliirlm.in, 1. W. Sijer, John TaU'iu and tl
uw ue, s of the follow ing lands in Wood
eountv, Ohio, to-wit : the hoi ol' see.ions St and
;tj, town S noith, rang IH east, the norl'.i-wesl
west '7. Iiortb-cwt t4. IKirtbn'asl ! ,, noi :li-eiil
And north la,oiuli .'st t. se, i.oii .1. town 4 north,
range III oast, and east 'v. northeast J , , section
i.i last named town and mngc.
You w ill lakt notice th.it appliciilion baa been
lua Je lo Iho Coiiu.esi.'iii ' ot said county, for I
eal.iblii.hiug of a dileh, tvmnioiieiuK ut or near
collier of the iioith-uest ijuarter of the south-.
it'l.irier of x.H.ii.Mi ti k.u u a uoi lh, range UI ei.t;
t'.icnee west io the west line of the cist halt of
s 'inji-i.ii.-l nuarwr of said sei'tion ; ihenee u
soin- i a i-o.is; tneiice w. st m mo west ,iik oi s ime
soclion IbeiKV south w. .-t 'i ly lo Ihe c no r el
unt!, I.ulf "f sec'i "i lil, in s.iite town no, I r ingot
tnen.-e w os! about fll rvbi: tlionce iiorih-wrsl.-rly
.i t'o' ridge road, on t lie west b-ll of untlii wesl
,ii.n i r ot s.u I s. a lion 1 ; thence north, on iu uoar
tin-e. iuci' line of llie ho.! iiieniiom d tract to
n ii III line ol' s. ii, I s.cliyn .11; llwnoe west to
not tit west corner of san.o secti-.n, heri'iil
tei'iniiutei and ibut met application ill be
licaiinti on the tl.iet day tf tbo next staled uuvluig
of said e'oiunu.,oi,e.u. Jane fnli, 1N.)
Auditor's Offiee, ,.d cunt.', e),
Feiryiburg, ApiU it', lsi'I -'2w2$fl 2J,
I Yon will t ike noiiee that a,;.lieiition liaa Iveen
mad.' to the roimnissioiis of sai.l otimiiy, for a ditch
drain or water coin a.', commencing on the souUi line
e ' of town 3 nortti. range V east, in tlie channel of 'Vr
noknovMi I tspe river: Ihenee northerly and north easterly dow
j said channel (being Un) notlli or west branch
jAfSsoi Tofiair.
To J. D. diuiiMi:ig, Atnbrase Rlilrclr, John
Pulihs, A, M. V. trnifii, J.ims W. BnVcr. timotlir
Uiiknr, Al rmelcr Uunran, W illinm J. Uauit.1, U.
A. Vnn ulkenliiirc. trn l.'onvin. i. P. V rujer. J. E.
V.'X, tlenrr 'mliill, el nl, l. K. H'irlncr. rreinTrc '
b nu ill, J. i. It, Krv, I.- i ii' Vnnli'Vi'iitor, ..ii'linrinh j
P. Jinn1, I'.vti ii k l). x)it, Vri-iiiont nnd In'tiann
l.r.iei una, .idIjii in.im'iinrl, in:rK r.. iiim-vck,
t-'.itttnril CirnpMI, H Ir'il .11 Si llnkc, Nelson
Ci in 1 bell, AlexmiS.T U:-ein, L. C. Ui rkiliill, .InNHili
lliilcH, Jacob eii uh.i oli. Ileal. 'U Alviiuh, Abra
bnm Kngy, JI ?nrv Kiirrv, J iwb Wliirtler, Cuthnriric
II icknlt,' .tnlm It. Ilniwn. ItoVrl A. Shsw, M.
HimlfkoiT, Tlimiw M. Cory, HiS)inoti Iiiiilirv
John H1111) S. A. iitb..i;, Ilaani Wriylit, Itra'i-j
.....ijl ii.;..i.. iH..a,.. i..L 1.- e... 11
ii.iu . vi ifii.ni . i'.uinn i.. s'i'.av, i, uit .'MUM,
Simon Sherman, fining Adriatic & Co., Ualinnl
lla.id, Oe' rpra Lnuin, S inunl'm HiiIIihWiiv. Atvlivw
Deiiur, 01. Ciitip, Jonullinn HuHe, Abby J. Hkia
ccr, Munis K. ISkinn"!', Wuf'iirj'on Kielai'dnon j
S. Jod'oii-on, flporpe M. Pivinltr. Tiiom.m Il dov,
Alvln Clni-k Warren NoM", H. 'I . Hellc.ter hoir.
Charlca U. Fiuilli, (lenrpe bn.-tkev, '1 l.uniaa Taylnr,
.1 l-emiiili Siiniii'iiiM, M;ie,uvl Mcer . .S. M.nnvliotiso,
M.o...,. :,,,. it 11 1 a... 1 r 1
Cliiirlon Wliilnev, Ahnr Cnoii, Cnlob Ilai Ion. Slnwcia
II. Corey, AiikcIIuu Ordway, rSnsnii r!. Alexander,
J. C. .Siiiini.iiH, rtiiniiiol 8, Clnrk, John Clnrk,
Albert O.liorn, .Ihiikv Dawson, Tabl.mt & ll irgnivo,
Hnrnh K. Hcda. .lolm Thmuaa. A lad Kandnll,
Honry loU)lt, J. A II. U. Harkaluw. Henry Dubbs,
I.i. i, Tliea. Kit.'.iiiiiiimi.., Samuel Carey, 1). M.
Itfmef.M, Win. C, Iled(;ea Win. C. Lnthron, 0 Ion
II iv, rt nl, Sunn A (i.m Iwin, Win. Iluilev, Clnrk
Il.irlon, Sniiiiuil II. Jlowilt, l."vl Pnvia, JO. M. Ibi
vida, K. M. II'iiiJh, l.euiiard (1. IIiit'liiuHon, F.iniiv
Wiiprjenor, N.mov ItiiMon, Win. N. Furctor, J. S.
Wci-toutt Triialee, A. I,. Hutcliiii'eti, TIioh. JJnek,
N. I.. H.eljiT. John (iiiH ii, Jacob li.nU, John ('.
I.eivi.i, Allium Frank. Rnbl. A. Slio , Daniel Kell
UI;.o, , sainiiid LouthridKC, f.-l nrle; f heward,
)) 1 ' ri!ltr' h" ,' , " J" , ",V."'")''
l.i.oi'b-,. erol, tri.otin. Kit 1 I Iiii'.ImIiiii, v ni . I railteiae
n,, .7 "... i, . : i ii .. .. u i, i .I i 'i
i ii mi , i ii i'i 1 1 it fii, iiiiiui I'., I I. II, ... I i.i I ', tl ueuu
Can.! c.
.lauies Kniill, Ncwloti Pae, !. V. Hnwos, J. XV.
Woodbury, J. VVubb, Jotiu 1.' n;;, -limits Nile, eieorne
U'wis, (b'i rt o I.iinke, M. M. Woroiibaiigli, John
ierr. Wm. W. CI eo nt. Fphrslni Lewis. I ones VJav
n"tt, J. M. Trevorn, A. W. lluly.O.'o. W.dowkor,
J. It. Mill I', .1. It. Henry, Tlio'nia-i Wire, Cloorpe
Hiker, Hurler, Urn.; I,' Haneiel F. Cook, Win.
Hlytlie, ipan;ler iV. Hukes, John Dukea ;
Isaac K, Williaini, Keiibun Sinimnn, AVarron.
Paniel .1 : 1 1 1 Aini lia Heath. Isaac Miller, Hi. u les it.
Smith, I.. S. .Miller, Alexander Drown, Henry t)s
. tIi.iu!. W. If. Chapmin, Artlicr oi l.uctiincbi
Jenime, W. V. Way, Samuel Clnrk
Bnowdcn I.. S.irjjont, Wesley 3,nf;eiil, J. A.
Frank, John l eainside, Lewis II. Cass, J. Itiindalls'
lieira, James Klicwnrd, Jon'n. Javier, Jsoejih
Cory, Thonins Fonrnsi.lo John Willianisou, Jolm
'I'alH'iM. Jacob II. u tin. in. John Lank.', Samuel
Mitchell, Tini'ilhv Oslioru, Sarah J. Ilcutlcy, AlilM
bniil Ileal v, .I.im "s C, Aolioson. Caleb Mercer, H-nry
(.roves, John llollistor. John Osbern, J. (J. Patter
son. Prnv A lla.b'tt, Kicliurd Smith, .1. K. Ilusted,
.1'is'jih ft. Tracy. Wnnvn vV Noble, Philip (Jle. kner,
I o u nt Vimvoorhi'S. U A .t .1 O Avery, Krnest
Mi'ilio, A N Hart, l.utlior Avery. ltoyl Whitton,
(i.'orxe Kooi) iv, I) I' Hubbard,.! Salisbury, Win
W Wadsrt ortii. Joint Oinves, ll.u vev Slii.de, ydaln
llutlinan, John A S'"phens, I'zra Vliimey, ( II
WriRld. Nicholas lluley, Cory, Tailor & Hay,
Jacob Uordner, Lucy J Furd, WilKani Uobinsen, ,1
C Wisiste.i, Li icy rWr.ith, H-tij iiiiin F Spoon er, Fliza
ShoroiiM, Koyul I topers, Suuiro & Parley Carliu,
F.iilin Turner, Joseph .Middlelon, (iuoiyu Mereer,
Jr., Welcome Frav, Alphouso Abbott, Charles
Mercer, Abraham Mercer, I. It (binn, Juntos F
Diibhs, Wm It Caruthors, Lewis K Pubbs. .1 1)
inions, ii in n i. aruoiers, i.euis r j -Itaily.Mav
Ilotl child, M Key,.lr.,JH
Paniel Mercer, Wm lidjriir, Nancy An
Itemus Jteaeh, Jolm W Sevmoiir. J
H Urad.sbaw.
Ann Ncsliitt,
F Stubbs,
(leorpe A Jones, John K lijar. Jacob Miller, Tini'ithy
(libbin (tiinr !i in. Kliza II l'iiillip.i, linchcl & Kliz.i
lv t'i Mayor, Join II 'isbin;sbain, John McMaluui,
Win J liobinsonj
Harriet Illooni, Coplmg Taylor, Lewis Heinst, Jno
M Pewitt, Clarissa Van (.onion, Sarah HasKins,
Austin Honors, It F lioberls, Samuel Johnson Tru. -teo,
II on',e oV. H 1I11I1 orthineion, I, Q Hiwsoii,
."inn r. e .irus.
itin I! Cu bs, It I! Ineli on, Whitcolnb II iskins,
Sb,.,Us Pat,.,,,,,,,,. ,K.8 Taborii
Aiu'.irose.v Osnian
Cvnisf'r.indall. F.lijn I'llint1. Am'in Fowler.!
.losM.ll Mitehell. lloii' 1 1 '111', riiiliu.or ll'llltel'
.1 II ll-fld. A leljill "-chrotrer, (i ;:e S,- Cllthll.
rilie 1'uiloi 'vn nl .1 1 1 J li llolliortioii, llaniol
I! n i.'i;lr. Stephen St. Julio. For'
F .lii-i. J W
Soaibi. I n lor, 'I', b a i lt'idrsil Win It
( 'r i tie, .1 V ( lane, II mo I llnn-ielv, une V M'lini.
Andicw, .11 urlhn A William Munti. Juhn Crnw.
Francis Marines', J F Meeltor. A I lunstOM,
Thoiiia' Aiinita;;e, John .V lliifu- Slaw:
Cory & Swan. Jacob Shri.--I.ler, George Wil
liam". Oi lliel Filhiiirh . llarb.n a I'oO, Joseph A
Chiiileivi Stokvly, W (t Day. Joseph Unwell,
nauiel F.'dri.leo. .1 1! I'.l.iri.li;.'. Joseph II
'l'l;iii'toii..loliii S ir.vill. I'eter Ileither. O W II
Jliv, Daniel I'ilzlnieh, W II How fti-.l. J. F, Coeo,
Jidiii C.irtrr. J .mu .McM illan, J.n ib liair. .lore
ntiali Van ililder. Joel liidd'u, Janu s Mulr.
Melvin Lewi, Miles dl.N. i.'hirb.'s I'nwers
June OnviiNoii, Itntiort I inipaee, .1 ickson
Ou'V. lliniin Ward, John 11 ilm, A liraui Wailior.
Witlurd Wliilnev. Ha'm Joinei, Isane Wurd,
'lhoilias S Cur. nan, 1'eter Kb p!ee.s'e, n, I.nomu
Melvd'e. F.li.lbeih I'.nll, J N Westentt. Daniel
from, lolm I iiLrus;iiio. Ccoi'itc S'a.y. John
TraiN , M ii, ill 1' it ef.on. Ileai;je VVriyht, Fliei-I
belli An, 1hi-kiii, Jo-eph Kussell. Absoloni Hall,:
Jaini'S Wiid-worib. John ('limit. m, 10 l I'eek,
l'et.r UlcharilH, Honrv Shivelv, W illlam WcMou,
Charlca F.ilitt. II V ilollinei.in, Wm It Feck,
Cbniles Yotike.r. Itcnry t.i ndy. David I'hillips.
(Jeoi irrt Winketpleek. Tlinin ia Nel-on. Hunter
.t AViitsnli, fJideon t'liderwoot, N I' llowbr.
VVil'iam I'nilei wood . Noah I'liiiliiiq
ShalV-tall. Ilelif unin Hook, Joseph Smith, .1 lonl
Ilartcla Joseph Aiuleison, John Yallauee, Silas
lllekeck, John A liee. M ill Clement. ;
WPIISTKIt township.
I.y.lia A Wulk.r, Win Mnir. Win Walker,
ttobeit Siowart. lluorKo Piini'ieller, Kotiert IVv
vidson. Ko'ioii Worrrsler, Dndlev Loouinu, ltiley
Freneli. .In ni 'a Mnir, F. ter Sluinks. Margaret
Woddell, John ponee, Cilll.ari'ie -Shippley. John
llnii-i'bolder. Lewis llonlder, I'mim lia.iks.
(ieoilte leionmi, John Meiet. A t v in Cory, N J
e'iv .la nes IVmher, Isaac, llr in oburv . li' o
Weaver. I. II Forrl-a. ,1 Mcluuro, T ohms Fur
rest, Davbl ltnrrs John '"onion. N Merritl, J
S Forrest, M Myoia. Fliz.a Kiuuions ,
vnci:;iOM tiiwssiiip.
Ira Until,. F.lnr l Doini. J F' Schroder. .1
K Neitiver. II Claiistn niver. Henry Shoiiimn. A
F W liekr, tl J (licit. Thorn s Vra vs. J uno.
IVmher, Henry Kiiiekor, Aaron
n Thompaon.
Kohler, l.e N
1 1 Irani Kru-,Jolin Fink, Martin
Mini e l ;
And the unknown owners nf the fo',Iowutjdesorib
e' land in Wood county, Ooio, lo-wit: (be west one
third of town 3 north. r.mire U east: the whole ot"
.oolioiu 1, ;t, 4,'.', Id, 11, l.i, 10: the norih west
iiarter seeliens I .' an t II, ret ill h ill nu t south
West quarter see l anrt west hull see Jl, ail In Hie
ntoren.iitieil town ninl ran'K
also ail lands east of
the Davton mid Michigan railroad, see ell and that
pari ot see .'12 west ef thai roa.l, all in town 4 north,
range '.' csM; lso the w hole ot' see tt 1, and parts of
e. nous -'a, '( mid Si t asl of .i l i-ailroaa, all in
town i norih, uiigo t east; tiNo tlie n,rlli-v.'est p'of
seeil.iown :t north, r.it.iro ten east, the whole of soc's
ii ii i,i i7 u 111 ,! -i "ii -i.i i ...,.k i,..tr
iu the biit named town and range: the whole of sec
tions !t i nnd Sr an I south bait' see's 2a und 2'1, town
a liorth. range Ii) east; liio wta.'-e of ree'a i ,i, 7,.
ii.ulh half see 4, all in town 4 north, range 11 eastj
the whole of section.! Fl. 14, 2.1. 21. 2!, 2:1. 24, 2
21.27. L". 2U, Ml, ;I2, X. S t. north w-esl or see 12
South hull' see's I j, lii, IT, north east ir sec 111, and
south half see Si), all in town i north, range 1 1 east:
the whole of see's j, 7, s !, 17, IS, l, norih half
i sec , south oast or sec 12 west h .It see lu, nortn
, u0( ,)r .,.o 1 j an 1 20 and and uoiUi hull ee lj.all
; in ,o n .'i norih, ratiuo 1 2 east.
Fertaue river to the iiuielion at IVmla-rville. whew
at to i.i ui'ni ite: and Ih it said application w ill K'
brai ing on the .'ih day of the next slated mooting
of s.iid cotiiuiis.'iioiiei's, (June 7, lM'il.
Amns'iN Smith, Auditor.
Auditor's Otfleo, Wood I'ountT. O.
PeiTysburg, May 8th, 1801. 2w2J3l 75.
1 1 oa n niTtI'T' iF!
I Notice is hereby given that a rs'lition
be pr -soiiud l-'t'ie Ci'iuinissiouoi-sof nod e'o.,
nt tiieir uexl sutrd meeting praying for the vacation
and alteration of a portion of the Mt. Pleasant
Itnlgo road, ,lireetl cast of the west line of sec-
t. si Sf'i, Plain Tow usl ip, for a dlstauce of alsnil
ol ii mile cast of said liic, and its location iiiK'ii
the original road bid.
May I0lh, iil--2wS
I The sl. kbol loi-s in the above iN'iupany
Jlm.et nt the bouso of It. Kiisjll, in liowlm'
eiiti'ii, on Tuesday Jnm- ISih, l.Nil, at 10 o'elxk,
a. Hi., for ihe purpose of electing Dir-t.ra for
ecuing ye..i. ,1. C. WOOFER, Pivn l.nt,
Attes' : S. I.. Foi'OimiN, Seeivtarv.
bolii, Gien, "Uio, May laih, le-tU 2wS
M' c, 11 ti i- i' 1 t
euiy l, Pn-inr, II. M. llrown, I'Miiklm U wis,
Anniiiiioa ....iles. Ilarnk N.lea, 1,1, W neht, iac
m l,-v ,Uu,r Mann, Abet 0:v.:H. Moitw
row,,. .loHb.ia l .lfi r.l, Al ni.on Itayniou I. .lames
l owers WilM, n tlon.or. Fnoel. n.,,), II loo.
the i
"in- iiiiiiit I'll 'i uiiiti mm t;i 1111 inui inn vn 1 1
,,.,., N n, IvinK between Urnssv ('i-oek and the
M vmip ,.,v-. ,, ,,,ivl,,,.j third part of u
,,, ,,r ,)r.,wr Clwk, same tract No. 81,
,,,,lrl follows:'coinmnciii)!;on the north line
, ( n,, Mi(.,lipulI HnllnmiLwiiere theeust
llrtli V. Took t. Fctcrirlt Trcnlir, at otfcor.
Carlo S. Mhermnn, WillUm II. White, M. Hn
snw, William rickerxgitl, Jr., Dean 8. MunlcT.
narrlLttc II. Whit, J, V. I'lacn, Nathan F. Oravna,
l.-i V. Warner. M. rritt M. Voiinp, Wm. S. Wil
liam, OVorge It. Whitu, Cyma L. Carter, Kirhard,
A. Do Fniviit, lli'iirr E. Qiilnan, Jamea Armwlrong
.Tnhri Menium, Harvey It. Oardner, Mnriima
Hubbard, Aa W. 'Maddorka and Horatio
Warner, drrVliiliints.Rrr herebv iiolided tlinl Ilnrutin
N. Teik, il.o'nii(l, hnH filoel lua fftitinn, and fnin
meticed nn ae'ion ninst Ibein and otli.TH, in tlie
Cnml of Common Fiona in and fiir the auid cnunty
of Wood, Hi" object and prayer of whirli i to eb
tHln furtrlnaure of a nKirnraa-a. enoruli.-d and dedir-
trod by tlm iiaid Flwloi irk FrrnUoii and n ifu, til otif
jwi'KoberU. boarinor dutn M.rli ifH, 18jS, and
rocorded in tlie Kocoriler'a oflioe of WihhI rounly, in
volume 4 uf m irtr ie at nufo 808, and a mI ei the
mortage jin'ini-ea, which lire eilnnto In the auid
fount? ol Wood, mid lire described bk fnlloua :
Fractional auction M In fi-actionnt town 8 north,
r.mi) 12, coiitiiinii'K l.t 75-100 acrea, Ui north. J j
of fractional bcction 1, town 7 north, rine 12, cow
tafnins 'ii: 80-100 ncrcs j u wvd 'i'or the south
onst of soclion 1 in aaiil tov 11 7 1 die north cast
of tho sou tli cant J 4 or sec 7 innaiil town 7; tho aonth
wtrat ,'4 of tin" aoulh ent of miht scttion 7 j'the
SnrtU uusl Vi of auction 2" in said town 7 j the Konth
cant V of aaid ncotion 20 tho aouth wom! of said
section 20 j tho north nwlU, the north wcat i, the
south ca.t 'y and tho north of tho aouth west 14
of ai-tion lit in aaid town 7 tho north caat 4, tlm
north woat ) 'it tho aouth went W, and tho went 4 of
tho aouth caat yt of a-cti n 22i In aaid town 7 1 1I10
weiit )i of the north west j of section 23 in aaid
town 7 ; tho north east nml the aouth oust yt nf
B.'ction 2H in snid town 7 the north eat.t aiid thu
liorth wept of section I'J in auid town 7 ; Iho
north lt of Iho aouth oa.t l of soclion tl In snid
town 7 ; also one undivided third part of n strip 14
rod.-ioll' of the westerly sido of river tract No. HI.
riiiiuiiifr hum the rivor buck to Grassy Creek 1 also
1:. r .... .1.. t ..r u ji t ma a.. il
,, ,hl,rc ea,,,.,.v !,, , mM KMmxd 61-100
chains, (bene: ne. Ih on n lii.e parallel with the north
. ... 1 . . .. ..
mm amitii niiooi sum tract hi to uruasv urerk
t'neiice westerly nlonp aaid creek to the oat line of
annt track of S f'l-HHI ncres: nnd thence to the place
of boj;inniii?. cnutninine; 12 40-100 ucres: reference
being hail lor n more perfect description of the
last incnti'incd parcel of land, In a deed from Eloisc
C. Lad 1 mid others, executors, Ac,, to suid Pren
tice nnd ethers, recorded in Wood county, Record
er's ollhv in volumo I', of Deeds, at page 44.
The said (lefeieliinls are required lo answer said
I pelition bv the llitli day nf July, 1801, or the aamo
will be Liken as true, anil tuivment rendered nccord-
inpn. iiAnr.ii UM,i,i.n,
HntcdMayO, 1S01 lwT la Hi.
X T E N S I V K S A 1. K S 1
i v Spring and Summer Goods.
(I. II. Krcps is now oflorinj givut bargiinj; in
all kinds of
I)V Goods,
Heady Mady Clotliinjr,
JliHils und Shoes.
He will sell very low for cash. He lias many
styles of
which lie Is selling nt loss than cost lo close out.
(treat l'arpain also in
Ladies nnd dents Furs,
lluffalo Kobe
and many other nrticles that nro warm and coin
I'oi iabU'i'or Ibis cold weather. In short if you want
piod (Joods,
Call on G. 13. Krcps.
If you w ant (.ioods Fasliiimablo,
Cull on G. B. Krcps.
If yon want floods Cheap,
Call on G. B.
If you want lo pet your money back,
Go to G. B. KItEPS.
.sbui'jr, Dec. lith, lSl'.fl.
To John Hamilton, Kli. ibetb Stone, S. U. Stone,
James (His, John M. I'onieiny, Jacob E. Fox, David
M. Fail-child, William Hose. Ira Corwin, Hesanna
A. .'nihil, Isaac Harter. Joseph Koop, Dominiek
Jmsntt, William Corb, John J. Itrants, (1. .Morrison,
eSeo. Holli.itbeek, llicltard Johnson, Fruncis I). Fsr
ish, Them is MeClaskey, Samuel Smith, John F.
llanninir, I', ec S. Carlin, Henry II. Gibson, Jolm U
Williams, Fpliraim Austin, Ciithnrine Fisinay. John
Venn, W. II. Kockwcll, W. 11. Scllara, and the un
known non-resident owera of the follow ins lands in
Wood eniimv, Ohio, to-wit: Sections 1,2. 3, 10, 11,
12. la, 14, l., town I north, rano 1 1 east, r.nd sec
tions ".'i and ltd, town 5 north r.nifre 11 easts you
will take notice tli.it application bus been nrnde to
the Commissioners of Wood eountv for tho estab
lishing of a drain or ditch beginning in the black
swamp branch of Fort ijje river at the Fast line of
S"ction ti, low n 4 north. rnrt ID cast, continuing
thence down said branch to lite line between Center
and Freedom townships; mil that said application
will ho lbrheavinjri.il the 1th day of (he stated nieet
ini' of said Commissioners in June next.
I Auditor's Ollico, Wood eountv, Ohio.
I I'en-ysbiirpr, April 2 1. FSill- '52
Ol I,S.
j A. J. G AimsKti Co., Drupfrisls.
Uili-r.il, WiksI Co., Ohio.
I Havo received n largo st.wk direct from New
j '"IK cmi-isiinir in part oi I'aists ot an Kinds,
! Linskeii. Tasnhis, SUcuink and Coal On.. Fl'B
I Mill IlK, I Oll.ll, HSUAlt, llllll .l Al'AN V AllMbU
Faint, Vahnisii, Sasu. Wjutkwasii, Soki uiiiso
and Limp ItursiiKS.
Du Sti kks, like Joseph's eont.of manv color.
lii.iss of nil Sixes, Prrrv, Sand ami Kmkiiv
1'api:k, Trni'KNTiNK, ALtniiiu., Castoii and Sweet
Oils. Fnelish Cuirants, I'runes, Tamarinds, and
! "'iisens, Spice, Pcjipor, Cinnamon by the lu. orinat.
Ginger, Clove, (iiouuj nnd Extract of Coffee,
I'hocolete and Cocoa. Starch by the rb. or box.
A tine assortment of 1'rnnMSKV Soars And
llavoring cxliaets.
A luige ussortineitt of Pt'KK .Mkoicinks and
1 ' i'n.Ai.s, nun i u.ieii s ceieuruien jicaictncs lor
I'livsicians use.
. W 'e selling a fine artiole of Coal Oil, free
fiiim sm ke or smell, at 7;e kt gallon
1. 111111 from rive shillings to two dollars.
We believe in the principles of I'ovi'l.AR Sov
iii u.s-TV and Pay as voe uo, and shall hold our
Mock strictly for Casu or Heady Pay, and will
Like nil kin Is of (iraiu und Produce in exchange.
Patent Mi:mciNKSor evert kink.
tiilevl, May J, 1 SC. I tf.
j I The undersigned have been duly appointed
j Administrators of the Estate of John Savage, lute
I of Wood count v, Ohio, deceased all persona In
debted to said estate lire rctuistcd to muke imme
diate puvuient. WM. I'KOTT,
3w ' Gl'.OltUE HOSPLEnORN.
The nndersiirneU has been appointed Ad
ministrator, tie b.mi huh, of the Fsiate of Phillip
McMannis, tale of Wood county, Ohio, deceased
all persona indebted to said Estate are requested
Binkc inuuodiaui pavuieel.
The Hoard will hold their m-M regular sessions
for t'.e cxnmiuiition of Teachers, as follows:
West Millgiviro, firs Tuesday in May.
PeiTysburg, tint, Tuesday in June.
Portage, lirsl Tuesday in July.
In addition to the usual course. Teachers will here
after lie examined in American History.
No applicant m ill be eXAiiuncd w ho is not present
pui.clually al V o'clock, a. ui
J. W. Woopsi-RT.Clvrk.
totu ij to Tiuri'Vui.ir.
I M Notice is hereby given that my wife, Kmilt
Ti'RKRR, left my byt and lioard iu Perrysburg,
Ohio, ou the 2nd day of May last, without ju-l
cause or provocaliuu ; and the public ant wanted
air.iiiist keeping or harboring her al my expense,
1 w ill par no dubl of bor contracting.
Pinynbur, May 8th, ISCl-InS
Boots, Suoes, Clothing,
CriKkery anil UUsiwarn,
Farming Toils,
.ndic Dress CJoods,
New, Chaste, Itleli nnd Elegant Patterns,
Just received by
Sugars, Amber Syrup; African, Rio
and .Tuva Coffee,
Layer nnd Seedless ttaisins, verr nice, Fmnes nnd
Kerosene Oil,
Tea nt ."0 rents, nnd $1 tea for 73 cents; try it.
Frimo Live Geese Feathers,
Retailed from tl Ib up.
Mackerel nud Cod Fish, Lucking Glasses, etc.
New Spring ami Summer style',
Strong nnd Cheap for Cash: for safe by Williams.
French Frinlcd DarcgcH, very cheap.
French Frinted Organdie, beaulvl'nl desjffns.
Gingham Lawns, Printed Lawn-, Printed liril
liantes. all entirely new styles.
Mourning Gixxls, Embroideries, Hereg ilo Laities,
Slimmer Dress Silka,
Linen Lustres, Vitlencins, Foulard SilkJLwsofTlcs,
Lawn Robes, Organdie Kobe.
Grenadines, Challies, CouiitorriBncs, Naptiiw,
Doylies, Damask Cloths,
Unfiling, Edgings, Moreens, Flannels, Lace Veil,
Cotton Sheetings,
Dress ltuttons and Trimmings, a handsome assort
ment, all new.
lloiinets and Ribbons, Misses' nnd Cliildrens Flats
and Huts,
Parasols, the newest and richest out j Shawls of
every description.
Mantillas and Raglans; please rail and examine lie
fer purchasing elsewhere.
Produce taken in exchange for goods.
2nd door from tlie post office.
co to the STtp.F. rr
skw Goons!
NEW (iOOl'S 1
xkw ooons!
new noons!
xkw noons
nkw noons!
nw prices!
nkw rKH'i:s
nkw puier.s
NKW Pllll'KS I
NEW ritlCKS !
The largest stocks of goods ever off ered in this
market, embracing mi endless variety of articles
In the selection of which no effort has been spar
ed to render it as attractive as possible, is now be-
I ing opened at the
of W. J. Hitchcock, on the eorner of Front and Lou
isiana Avenue, Perry.Uirg, Ohio.
Inspection and Comparison will prove that for va
riety, elegance, richness, cheapness, beauty and
Jiuantity, this stork is unsurpassed by any now of
ered in the West.
In this department great advantage may bo obtain
ed by close cash buyers, from the fuct that the goods
are boughtfor cash" dirccllv of the eastern dealers
an t manufacturers, and all importrtd goods arc bo't
at just what it costs to import ll.cui, hence he can
atKirit to sell goods at
than goods are poncrallT sold, which is so item
proal interest to the poojileof Wish! cnunty. A sot
tf.uient in dueement, we tak it, to make Perry
burg iA trading point.
In this department, wo have the largest and most
complete assortment in Northern llhio. Made
aoetH-dine wi th latest fashions and in the nuist sub
stantial manner, warranted to friva the very beat
satislaruoii, or no sale.
Those wishing to purchase anythtnjjin this
w ill Cud it tu their advantage to pa v mr Store A visit
before rnirchasinp elsewhere. The attention of
Public is respectively invited to my extensive stock,
leaning aisuix J tt will be time pmntaDly sent.
(-tfTrodtiev taken in exchange for goods.
w. j. nucncocK.
Perry. burg, January ii, 1811.
CANtta ivn a alt anrtTM irarr,
v For tha Cora of
Canker, Salt Rhpnm, Kryaipclaa, Bemfulons Dl
eaaea, Cutaneous Kmntiona, Horn Eye,
and every kind of Diaeaae arising
from an ininnre alalo of
the llliHid.
Th moat 'flerlivo Itiood rarifier f Ifcs
Ninrtpenth Century.
It ia the prescription nf an educated Pl.yaleinn,
and all who arc alllbteU with any of the' above
named diseases, should utso it w ilhou't delay. Suck
lettera as the following arc often received.
Jcronierillc. Ashland CM Ohio, Wov. 20, 180,
Mowra. J. N. IIaubis k Co., Cincinnati, OUin,
Uentlcmeii : I deem it a duty aa well at
pleasure, to inform you what Dr. Weaver's Symj
and Coruta has done liir Die, and hop that this let
ter fnav come to the notice of persons ainularlr
nlllicbsl. In the year l.i&l) I was atUicked with
tetter, or some kindred disease, on both my legs,
which cxtenda.l until from my knees to my feet wait
one raw gore. I consulted and obtained medicines
ninl pr.ncriptions from nearly all Uia pbyaieiana in
this vicinity, but obtained no' relief. Your agent at
this place,' Mr. Uotlnuin, recommended me to try
the byrup and Cerate, which I fortunately did, and
am now a sound nnd well man by their uso.
With groat (fralitudo, 1 remain. Yours truly.
Mr. Weirbaught bein a well known jrcntlemail
of Ashland, makes this information most reliable,
Ily taking the Syrup as directed, it will drive thai
diseases from the system, and when once out on the
skin, a few application of
nnd von have a permanent euro.
The Cerate, has proved Itself to ko the best Oint
ment ever invented, ami where onoe used, it hat
never been known to fail of effecting a pormanent
oureof old sores, tetter and ringworm, scald head,
cliillblains nnd frost bites, barber's Itch, chapped
or cracked bands or lips, blotches or pimples on ths
fnce. And for Sore Nipples and Sore Eyes, ths
Cerate Is the only thing required to cure. It should
be kept in the house of every family.
Price of Syrup $1. Cerat'o 25 cents per bottle.
I if Directions accompany each bottle.
Sold bv most medicine dealers.
J. N. HARRIS & CO., Proprietors, for the South
em and Western States, Cincinnati, Ohio, to whom
all orders must be addressed.
Sold wholesale and retail by Perk k Hamilton,
Pcrrvaburg; Frederick Rosinger, Freedom; H. Bor
ritt. "Mnnmee Citv: D. H. Miner, Toledo; W. D.
Mm.ro, Hylvnnin;T. Daniels, Toledo; C.F. Williams,
Toledo; A. E. Jerome, New Wcstfiuld; A. J. Gard
ner & Co., Gilend. 2wtyo
is Tnn rnnsR op
The CeU-bvatod How England Remedy for
Habitual CouslipHtitfrt ; r
Jiiundice, Fever and Ague, General Defnlfty, ami
nil other Diseases arising from s Disor
dered Stomach, Liver, or ltowels.
They an' used and recommended by the leading1
Physicians of tho country, and all who try them
pronounce them invaluable.
Dr. JAMES I.. LEPERE, writes from Navarro,
Stark Co., Mi,',tho bitte are highly praised by
those suffering from unligcttutn, dyspepsia and liver
E. S. Duns. Postmaster at Wil iamsport, Ohio,
says, "they give great Katisfaotion. 1 uae than
myself, having taken cold, become prostrate and
lost niv appetite. It relieved mo, and 1 fan reeon
mend it with great assurance of its merits."
Dr. Wm. M. Kkhr, of Rogersville, Ind., writes
ns that they are the most valuable medicine offered.
Ho bns recommended tnem with great snecess, ans
with them made several cures of palpitation of tint
heart and general dcbilitv-
TimtiAS Staniikorb, iUr Brountsvifje, Hcnrr
Co., Ind., write a long letter, under dale of May 4,
JBt'iD. Ho was inticli reduced, having been afflicted
for three years with grent nervions debility, palpi
tation nf the tienrtof the most severe and prostrating
character, "after using a few bottles I was com
pletofv restored, and am now in robust henlth."
J. XV. Hpnt writes from Dclplios, Allen Co., Ohio,
(a section where Fever and Ague prevails,) that he
most chei fully recommends them of decided merit
in nil cases of fever and aot'K, dyspepsia, and
general pkrimtt.
I. K. Gallaiieu., M. P., writes from Van Wert,
Ohio, "1 most rcspeetf ell v Teenuuiend tho Sbcpry
Wine lliiters to the notice nf Dyspeptic persons,
iie.d to n'l who require n stiinulating medicine.
Sold by dealers ill ineiliehies'gehcrhl'ty.
l'rtco 1!i cent" per biittl'i'.
J.IS. HARRIS, Cincinnati, Ohio.
General Agents forthc Southern and Wcsteru Slides.
For sale by Peck & Hamilton, Perrysbvrjr, Ohio;
F. Rocsiiiger, Freedom; S. L Rougbtoii, It.iwling
Green; 11. Hnrrett, Mntmieo, D. II. Minor, Toledo;
W. 1). Moore, Sylvania; A, E. Jerome, New West
licld; A. J. Gardner & Co., Oik-ad. 2wlyo
livery body lias it, Every body uses it,
Taken Internally, it cures sudden Colds, Coughs
&v Weak Stomach, General Debility, Nursing;
Sore Mouth, Canker, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia
or Indigestion, Cramp and Pain in the Stomach,
llowcl Complaint, Pumlci's Colic, Asiatic Cholera,
Diarrhea and Dysentery.
Applied Externally, cures Felons, IVIs, and Old
Sores. Severe Hums, Scalds. Cuts, lirubes und
Sprains, Swelling of tho Joints, Ringworm and
Tetter, Itrokcn Hreast, Frosted Feet nnd t'liilll.laiiis,
Toothache, Pain in the Face, Neuralgia nnd Rheu
matism. It is a sure remedy for Ague, and Chills
and Fever.
Pain Killer, taken internally, should be adulter
ated with milk or water, or made into a syrup with
molasses. For a Cough, n few drops on sugar
eaten will be more effective than tiny thing else.
Sco printed directions which n'ccompanr each,
What stronger proof can lie produced than tft
following letter received, unsolicited, from Rev. W.
U. Jacobs :
Xcw iirk, N. J., June 6, 1860.
Messrs. Perry Davis & Sos Gentlemen Allow
me, unsolicited, to send you a word of commenda
tion for your Pain Killer. I have used it in my
family these several years, and found it all it claims
to bo. For Rheumatism, Coughs, Colds, Hums,
Cholera tendencies and difficulties, as well as dis
eases generally that prevails in families, I regard
tho Pain Killer as beyond till price, and as effica
cious beyond any medicine within my knowledge.
Wo keep it us our chief family medicine, and find
its use iu ordinary eases worth more than any
doctor. The testimony of others among ray ac
quaintances and frieuds is equally favorable. Many
clergymen have spoken of it in 'the highest terms
as a family medicine. Missionaries in repeated in
stances have said to me in person und iu their letters,
that the Pain Killer wus br far tho best medicine
used in heathen lauds, end tlicy use it for themselves
and families, und administer it to others around
them. Thus much I aiu inclined to say as an act
of justice to voursclves, and us a benefit to others.
You aro at libertv to use this testnmoi.ini, if of any
service. " REV. W. JACOllS,
Late Editor Christum Chronicle.
Caution. The public will be cautious that they
get the genuine Fain Killer as somo unprincipled
men, use that name for their own worthless coin
pounds, in so doing they decieve the community,
und infringe upon the ''TitAim Mark" of Perry
Genuine Perry Davis' Pain Killer sold by all
reet.ectablo Diuerista.
Directions accompany each bottle.
Price 25c., 40c. and St per bottle.
.1. N. HARRIS & CO..
l. . r-c?---- ....
Proprietors for the Western and Southern States,
Cincinnati, U.
For sale, wholesale and retail, by Peck k Ham
ilton, Pcrrvaburg; Frederick Rosinger, Freedom; 8.
L. Doughtoii, Rowling Green: N. Grahalman, Por
tage; D. 11. Miner, I oledo; . 1. Moore, Sylrama;
Vt est Ji 1 ruax, 1 oledo: A. r.. Jerome, lavr West
field. A. J. Gardner A Co., Gilead. 2wtyo
Notice is hcrebv irivrn that a tiotition will
bo presented to the Commissioners ot Wood county,
Ohio, at their Juue Session, n.-Aing them to grant
a river survey and to locate a count r road in retry
Townrhin. commencing in the center of the oonnty
road, eighty rods eastof tlie north west corner of
sectiou twenty eight, and to run duo Bontn inrong
n inntif!
on to
the center ol tlie west ball oi said section to
south line and there terminate.
May 1st, 1SGiIw3
Notice is hereby clven that a petition will
be proanited to the Commissioners of Wood Co., O.,
at there next regular aessiou, prav ing for tha loca
tion ,nd establishment of a road, uomtueociuf at
the north-west corner of the south-west quarter of
soot ion No, 10, town No. , north range No. 11
east, on the Troy and W.bsior Free Turnpike,
Ihenee running (bract, east until it Intersects the
Daily mad ou the east side of said section No. 10,
an there to Wrunuate. A111U1IAM LAHMAN.
May 4th, 1SH1 aw. Petitioner.
i Notice is hereby given that a petition will
be presented to tlie Ci nunissioners of W ood Co., O.,
at thors next stated muciing furs county ruad, com
mencing at tho center of tho county road, running
east and west through tho center of section 26 and
317 thenca north ou the section line between ac
tions 24 and 27, 22 uud 23 tu intcrsoct the road run
ning east and wvst on the north line of said suctions
23 and 23, all in town 8 north, rang 9 east

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