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The Weekly Perrysburg journal. [volume] (Perrysburg, O. [Ohio]) 1861-1???, May 16, 1861, Image 4

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Published by Request.
Ti TnHoTi n, hew csn It V,
With ell your noble eoldiry,
That y will back Ihe track to qnicV,
. When you could whip old 9am so slick t
8sld fva'A mow- 4ow the Xori like rorn,
And leave the Widdows nil to mount
Take Linooln'i acalp In thirty days,
And leave his throne all in blase I
Tow thwight to care our noble own,
To yield unto traitorous band I
But when you see our Culon storng.
Cry 'northern friends have done mu wrong."
vVVn yon 6red on Sumter's walls
With bum nd shot snd iron halls,
Twas then you struck the fetal blow,
That'll prore death to king cotton's cmw.
Eighty-three thousand Ohio Dion,
Have ottered now their ni l to (rod,
Old Divls and. his squid of men,
Unto the Devil thrm to send I
And if old Darla don't take heel,
And tell nit men right quick to speed
With Stars and Stripes upon our stulf
Woll make thrm l,llrr like s culf I
Kow Davit halnt you really tAusi'd',
That you have kindled such s limn-,
And raited your self eo nobly (f) birh,
Your name 1'iuo sure will never die 1
Now you sod sit yourfidlowcra
Are Uriinta of the meanest birth
To keep In peace with your had dsn,
We're compromised now ell we cn.
And If Old Abe dont shut you up,
The Union will you sneaking pup s
And feed yon cotlon while yon live,
From cannons mouth, it ynu'll receive.
Bowling Green. Dr. E. G. B.
Where has It shown? At Lexington.
Where fell the Unit, bhsid nf the free.
Where, from each nd drop soill, wan won
A chunn Hint (five us vielniv i
It Hinted next mi Hunker Hill,
SVhero our old sires the Rrilon mot,
Hit welcome was the bullet still,
And in hi heart the bayonet.
Its folds were Hopped with ice and snow
Upon the frosen Delaware,
But Trenton's virtory fhed n irl"w
That warmed It Into irlory there.
Its long stripes glittered in the sun,
On Saratoga's h-nted plain.
When the hattnllinns ol Hurpnyne
Saw England's (lory palo and mine.
On Palo Alto's bloody plain
Tho dear old banner still was there,
They guarded it from spot or stain
And bore it biasing through the air.
Though pierced by bulls, and cursed by foes,
U still streamed on above tins lV.iv,
Aw I blessed the dving ryes of those
Who fought and full nt Monterey,
Ood punrd our dap, and keep onrh star
Kiieh strie as bright as now they wave,
Btill mav it load our ranks in war
Still llont above each patriot's grave.
Death to the traitor that would dure
To trail it through the dust of shnuiir.
All honest hearts its lot will .sham
And follow it to Death or Fame.
April 17th, 1851. W. B. G.
Written and sung in Charleston, S. C., July 4, 1831.
If nit I our country's natal morn ;
Hail I our spreading km hvtl bom ;
Hail t our banner v l unloi u.
Wavinp o'er the free 1
While, this day, iu festal throng
Millions swell the patriot soup,
bhall not we their notes piidonj;
Hallowed jubilee I
Who would sever Freedom's shrinoT
Who would draw the invidi us Hue 1
Thoiir'1 by hiith one spi t he mine.
Hear is all thn mi,
LU-i Ui hid the Stuith's f ir l:nd,
T'ir the central mountain band,
bear le Enpland's ineky h.rnnd,
Dear the pnuried West I
By our alters pure and free i
lty our laws' deep rooted tree ;
By the Past's dread memory j
By our Wahiiinutun !
Bv our roiiuuon present tonpuo (
By our hopes, briplit, brilliant, younp;
By the tie of country, strong,
We will still bo one.
Fathers 1 have ye bled in vainT
Ages 1 must re droop upaiu t
Maker) shall we rashly Main
Blessings sent from Tl.ee T
Kol receive our solemn vow,
Wliila before Thy throne we bow,
Lvei', to iiiaintiiiii, as uon ,
Intelligence fiom Maryland contin
ues to bo highly encournpiiijj. ami tn give
grounds for the bf lit f It t tbu Uuion sin
ttment, for a few days under the, clou 1 of
riujr-Uelvism, is rteumh " its control . f
that State. This it seen uot only in tin
action of the State Legislature, where so
cession is repudiated, but til o anion tin
people. It is not piobithltt that any st ri
uus trouble will aain be had iu gut lino
troops and supplies through that Suite.
Tbe total expenditures of the Uri ish
Oovernment for tho fnsuinp; y. ar, are ii
timated at three Hindi ed an I f rty nine
million, five hundred thousand dollats
Tbe total receipts it is tho ight will reath
three hundred and fifty iiine nii'liuns, one
hundred and fifteen thousand dollar,
lleeeipts over expenditures nin mil:ons.
six hundred and ftlteen thousand do'hrs
General Harney hi prepared an
address to the people of Missouri, urging
them to s:ay in the Union, end hit re
cession will prove the ruin of their Sta'e,
and that, for himself; he is rendy to
stand to tbe last by the flr to which
twenty stars have been Bdded since he
entered the service.
The brig John Bell, a slaver which
sailed from Charleston about tix month's
ato, was captured on the south coast o
Cuba, on the 1st of April by a SpanMi
war steamer. She hal ot board, when
taken, about 400 negroes.
A Secession Convention f r North
Caroliua has been railed for the ?0ih inst.
It is thought that the Slate will be voted
oat tf the Union by acclamation.
A plot t burn the cities ol Boston,
New York and Philadelphia ha just been
discovered by the authati i. s.
The most ttteclual and
wholesome Salerntiui ever
FOE SALE by GE0CEES Everywhere.
115 Wasbinirtoa 8t., cor. Frauklla 8t
MwU by feck 4 EttwJWBj Perrysburf , Ohio.
Str CVP.E "r
Nerve usHcadache
I . CURE ?
Tt the ins of these, periodic ottacks of Nriy-ons
of flli k ll.-sdsche may lie preventerl; anil if takes at
thn enuiin-in ein 'nt i f nil ntt.n k iinmi'diate relief
fiom pain and sickness will be obtiiird.
Th' T seldom fail in reuioin( the Nausea sud
Ucada'cbe Ui wbieh females are auhjicl.
Tb'y set (jeutly upon the bowela, reinoiing
Fur Lil 'tary M'n, Student. H-dicaU Vemsles.and
all p'-rsons of sedentary habits, they are lalualiloas
a I. native, imprixing the apputit.', Kivinp touu
and vipor to the dipestue orp ins, sud restoring tho
natural clajticilv ami strength of the wliule srs
The Cr.ritAI.ir rtl.LR are the result of long
luvcslipstiuo and carelully roudurteij FiperiioeuU,
having le;n iu u" minr years, during whieh time
tho have prevented and relleed a vuat amount of
psiu an I suffering fri-tti llv.i l.icbe, whether origi
nating in the nervous sysljm or from a deranged
state of the ilomaeh.
Tliey nro entirely vegtalile in their composition,
an t ni iv be takeu" at ull tiui-s w ith pTfort .safety
without'niskiiig Buy chnnire of diet, and tho absence
i t any disaprcealdu lastu reu lers it easy to adminis
ter Itai to el.illreu.
Tbi frenuiiiO hsve flvo signatures of HiDry C.
Mpnldin on each IIox.
Soil by Pruggists sul all other Healers In Mcd
icines. A Uoi will be sent by m til prepaid on rcccipct
of the
All orders should be addressed to
43 C:nAn Writ i;:t, New Voint.
The following endois.'uieuu of
will couvince all who sutler from HEADACHE
that a
Al th'tr. T'i'imonuilt vxn uii'iilieilnl h; .Mr. SrAt.ni.NO,
jiy ojfunl iiii'fiirttionnllr prnnf oj iSe euey
of ihU truly icirntijic Hijvttn ry,
Masonvillc, Conn., Fob. 1S61.
Ma. Spalpino.
I have tried your Cephalic Tills, and I like them
so well that 1 want you to send uie two dollars
worth 111' ire.
Purl of these are for tho neighbors, to whom I
gave a few out of the first box I got fium you.
Send the I'llla bi mail, nod oblige
Your ob'i Hervnut,
Jauca kiiNNEPY.
IUvkiiKUHP, I'., Feb, 6, lbfil.
Mn. SrAi.tM.w.
I ni-h you to send nieone nnra hot of your Ce
phalic Fills, 1 have received a great deal of benelit
from them.
Yours, respectfully,
Mtiiv Ann f-'TOtKnoesR.
RrutTK Crkks, Hi'mtiniitov, Co., Va., I
January 1H, ISlil. J
II. C. Srii.niMi.
You will please send me two boxes of jour Ce
phalic IMIs. Send them immediately.
Itespectl'ully your :,
J .o. II. Simons.
P. S. I have used one box of our Pills, and lind
them cxcell' iit.
F.i:u.K Vkiinon, Ohio, Jan, l.', lSill.
H. C. SfAI I'IMI, lisij.
Picas ' find im dosed t .venty the cuts, for which
s' li 1 in another box of your Cephalic Pills. They
me trnlv the best Pills 1 have ecr tried.
I'iivi l A. Sto i:n, r. m.
llrlle Vernon. Vand. t t'o., 0.
Hkvkui.v, M ISK.. Dee. I I, I Mill.
H C. Srin.ii, Ksi).
I wish lor some circulars or l.irjro showbills, lo
hiiiur your Cliephalie Pills iiioit partieularly before
my eu.-.li mors, lt y mi have anyiliinjr of the kind,
pleae send In ine.
die of my customers, who is subject lo severe
Sick Headache, (il.liillv lasting two daviO was
cured ol an attack in one hour by your Pills, which
I scut her.
Kespectfulh mirs.
V. H. WtLKes.
llitvsot.rsm no, l-'ii ski iv, Co., Ohio, j
January I1, I Si! I. 1
IIkmiy C. Sr m niMi.
No. IS Cedar St., N. Y.
I'K vit Site
Inclosed find twenty -live rent-., ('?.'.) for which
s-n I a box of "Cephalic PilU." Send tu address
of llev. in. C. Filler, lievii.d.lshure;, I'ranKliu Co.,
Your Pills woik like a charm -cure Headache
aliuos: ih .Unlel'.
Ti nl v hours,
W'M. C. FlI I KR.
Yrsit.Asrt, Mien. Jan., 1 1, 1151.
r u pimi.
Not loiiff since 1 sent to you for a box of Cephalic
Pills lor the cure of the Nervous Headache ami Cos
tiveness, and received the same, and they bad so
good an ctV.ict that I was induced to send for more.
Please send by return mail. Direct to
A. It. Wiu'ritk,
Ypsilauti, Mich.
'row tc .VoiHiNrr, .VioA, la.
Cephalic. Pills accomplish the object for which
they w-eru nude, vi: Cure of headache iu all its
Vowi the t'etttniittT, A'oc'A', I
They have been tested in inoiv than a thousand
eases, w ith entire success.
',-ost tile VisiM-mf, .4. Cinml, Minn.
If yon are or have been troubled with the head
ache, send for a box, (Cephalic Pills,) that you
may luic them in ease ot an attack.
Fivmfte l7ec;TiT, Vol l'7xei-, ?. .
The Cephalic Pills are said to bo s remarkably
cllcctive remedy for the headache, and one of the
ery best for that very treUcul complaint which
has ever been discovered.
From rt HVrn 11. 1. (,'wff,', CAi'en.yo, IU.
We heartily eiidurse Mr. Spalding, and his unriv
alled Cephalic Pills.
From tht .M'H'Wa FiilinttT, -Vcie Othatu, La.
Try theml you that are alllieted, and we are sure
that our te-,t!monev can Is added to the alivadv
numeivu', list that lias received Utietits that no otli
cr medicine can pixiduc.
V.., il, l!,.ti. !..... j r
! Mr. Spalding wi uld not connect hi'a name with an
i article he did not know to pose ival merit.
'D 1'ie Cviiiuurrinl. (ViiriVtnoti, (Mi'o,
Sull'ei ing humanity can now be relieved.
l if. single bottleof SHAI.DINU'S PHKPAHKD
liLl'K w ill ve ley limes its cost annually ;
Itf "A SriTt'H in Tims Ssvtss Nixs."
As acchUiits will happen, eveu in well regulate,!
families, it is very desirable to have some cheap and
convenient way fur repairing Furuiturv, Tovs.
Crockery, Ac.
meets all such enurg1'iicies, snd no household ran
atti.rj Ui b w ithout iu It u always tvidy, sud up
to the sticking poiut.
N. B. A lli uah eciupajiiestaeU Iloillo. Price,
lit ceuis. Addruas,
Ko. ii Cedar iitnvt. New York.
CAuTl N.
As certain unprincipled pontons are attrmptii.g
to palm otf oo the unsuspecting piihlie, uuilsiii u
of niy i'KPAUKl) GLL'r., 1 would eauiiuii all jkt
sons to exauiiue U'fure puiehaaii.g aud tiv that the
full mime,
la s the out side WTapi.r alt otU rs are sw iuuliug
these medicines hsrs now bco before tlie public
for s period of thirty jcsrs.snd during that time have
maintained a hih chart cter in almost every part of
the Ulobj, for their etlrsoidinary sud immediate
power of res'nrirtp pel feet health V) T?rsDasiifferip(f
under nearly ery kind of disease lo whieb Uie
buman fnire is Iml Ic.
Th follnw'ip arn amen" the distrraaiiif variety
of huiuau ilisuaaes in whieli the
Are well kuoen hi be lufallihle.
DrsrRrsn, by thiouhly cleansing the Orel snd
aeron I slom.i''!is, sod creat'uip a flow of pure, heal
th b le. Instead of tlie stnln and sx-rid kind; Flatu
LCSCY, Li s of appetite, Ileal tboni, Heiulach. ftosl
leasiiess, Ill-U'Oiper, AuAiety, languor, and Melao
rh'dy, which arc the prner.tl symptoms of I'lspep.
sis. w ill vanish, us s natural cons 'iinenceof its cure.
CorTiVBNESs, by cleansing the whole Un(th of the
Intestines wntli s snlt cut process, an1 witliont tio
h urts sll iolo nt pingn leave the liowels costive
w ithin two il.iv.
Frvrss of all Kinds, by rcslr.rlnjr the Mood to s
regular circufilion, fhixingh the process of respire
tiou in such rases, nn I the thoruugh solution of sll
intestinal obstruction in others.
The Life Medicines havo been Known In cure
niiKi'MANSM p, rninneiitly in three works, and UoiT
iu half that tune, by rcinoviug loenl itidaiualion from
the iuu.k It s and I k amrnts ol the joints.
Hnorp ks of all kinds, by frvcinp snd strengthen
ing th" kidneys and bladder ! they operate most de
lieLitlully on these iuiMirlunt organs, and hence they
have over been found a certain rcuie ly for the worst
cases of Oiiavkl.
Also Worms, by dislodging from the turninis of
the bowels, the slimy matter to w hich these creatures
ScmvT.t'LCPns, and TwvrrRSATit Sonss, by the
pcrfeet purity whieh these Lit Medicines givs ti
the blood and all the humors.
Scoiim-t'o I'nt-rrio.vs snd Had Compl -xions, by
their alterative ell'ci t jn tho liniits that feed the
skin, and the morbid state of which ocrtisionn all crop,
the cuuiphiiuts sallow, cloudy, and oilier disagreea
ble eiiinplexions.
The use of these Pills for s very short lime w ill
effect sn entire cure of Halt Kiikik, and striking
improve m nt iu the cleai nessof the skin. Common
Coi i s ii il l Isri.i eza will always be cured by one
dos", nr by two iu the worst caes.
P l I.ks. The original proprietor of these medicines
was cured of Piles of .Vi years standing, by tho use
of the Life Medicines alone.
Frvm and AiifB. For this scourge of the West
ern country, th se medicines will be found a safe,
speed v, and c rtnl-i rem" ly. Other medicines leave
the svsteni subject lo the return of the disease a
cnroliy these mmlincs is perm uienl - Try llivin, be
satisfied, and be cured I
liinoi s I'Kvriis and I.ivi b Couri AiNTs, flcn
eral Debility. Loss of Appetite, and Diseases of Fe
males the medicines have been used with the most
beneficial results in cases of this description: King's
Kvil an I Scrofula, in its worst forms, yields te the
mil I yet pMverful action of these rein irkable medi
cines. Night Sweats, Nervous Dehibfv, Nervous
Complaint, of nil kinds. Palpitation of the Heart,
Painters' Colic, nre speedily cured.
Mi;nri'UMi. Diskahks. Persons who" constitu
tions have become impaired by the injudicious use
of Mercury, will find these niedirin"S a perfect run,
as thev never fail to eradicate from the system, nil
the ell'ects of mercury, inlinitely a 'oner' thai the
most powerful preparation of sarsa nirilla.
Prepared and sold by W. It. MOFFAT,
33.1, flroadwn New-York.
For sale by Peck A Hamilton and bv nil Drug,
pists. December 10th, 1810 33ly.
Scrofula, or King's Evil,
is n constitutional disease, a corruption of the
Mood, by which this lluiil becomes vitintcd,
wnk, nml poor. Doing in tho circulation, it
pervades tho whole body, mid mny burst oit
in iliscusc on nny pin t of it. No organ is free
from its attacks, nor is there ono which it mny
not destroy. Tho scrofulous taint is variously
caused by mercurial ilisetise, low living, ilis
onh rcd or unhealthy fuoil, impure nir, lilth
and lilthy linbits, tho depressing vices, mul,
above nil, by the venereal infection. What
ever be its origin, it is hereditary in the con
Mitution, ilesccmling ' from parents to children
unto tho third mid fourth generation ; " indeed,
it seems to be the rod of Jlim who says, "I
will visit tin iniiruities of tho fathers upon
their children."
Its ell'ei ts commence by deposition from tho
Mood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lung', liver, mid internal organs, is termed
tuberi let ; iu the ghiiuls, dwellings; nnd on
the surface, eruptions or sores. This foul cor
ruption, w hich genders in the Mund, depresses
the energies of life, m thnt sei nfulou constitu
tions ii.it only Miller f;otu f-crofuhuis com
plaints, but 1 1 uy have far less power to with-
ktand tho mliicks ot otlur diseases; conso-
iucntly va t numbers perish by disorders
w Inch, although not scrofulous in their nature,
nre slill rendered fatal by this taint in tho
system. Mo:.t of the consumption which de
cimates flu human 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 y has Us origin directly
iu tlii MTofuhms containiniition j and iiuiny
il..tnie:ive discuses of tho liver, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed, of all the organs, uvise from or
ni aggravated by the same ciiusi.
Due ipi.n ler of nil our people nre scrofulous ;
(heir p rsuns nro invaded by this linking iu
f ii 'mil, and ll-oir lunltli U mulermined by it.
To el'-nnse it from tin system wennr t renovnto
the blood by an aitinitive ineiliciiie, nnJ in
liyuvulrt it by healthy food mid exercise.
.'iali a mcoiuuc we supply in
Coiup'ii'itl C. tract of Farsaparilla,
the iimsf ell'eetunl remedy liieh the medical
s' li; our limes can devise for this every
wli i pi vailing and fatal iiuil.uiy. It is com
iiin .1 f otn ih, most active r nediids that have
b-cu iFsenvev. for the expui nation of this foul
I dioider f ilm tbe blond, nod the rescue of the
! s.tiin from its flestrnc'lvo coiisequenees.
! 1 1 . ii. .- it should be t tnphiy ed for the cure of
n.it nn' Seio.ul.i, but ulsn iho-e other aifec
; tiou, which hi is, I'.oiu it, null as l'.ni ruvR
j Hid Skin Is.sis, Sr. Anthony's F'iuk,
IIiisi, nr I'm xirn s, I'Mieir.s, Pistiiks,
j Hi : i in s, P.i.mss and Hon s, Ti Minis, Ti.i rr.n
nndSvir llui i V, Si Uli llcvli, HinoWoum,
1 : 1 1 1 i i : i i, S i n i in ic and Mi.uel i-.iai. liis
, i si.s, 1i;i.is, liscii'M, liiini.iiv, nnd,
) Unl.cil, VI. 1. t'uMI-l MNIs .Mll.slNU I ItllM YlTIA-
nn mi I si i-1 ; i; Pimm. 'I he popular belicl
i.i i '(,, ::, a . ' (.'' Ii'ih,:" ii fuuiuled iu truth,
' fur sciooil.i U n (legem i a'inn of the Iduod. The
1 p. i ii leu i u' pin -pose aud xii'lue of this Sarsiipii
1 1 1 ; hi is to piuit'x ami Kgi neiiite this vital lluid,
,i.!.oul wl.i.'i htiutid health is ilupoisiMc ill
, , im;,iii..i.i.i.d ioititutioiis,
Ague Cure,
inu Tin; irritiv t rru or
Inti iiiiIKi ill l-'rvfr, nr I'crrr suil AMe,
lttiuitlrut I'rirl, I liill Fiver, luiub
A,; lie, 1'ri loillt nt llenilnrlir, nr Ililtoiis
llrrttni lie, nml lllliona t-'evers, Inileetl
I fur t'aevvliulv fln of ftlscntc oill
I nul I ng I ii III I tin')- flernn ( ill f lit, csusrtl
li.v I lie .lulai lti of H,.liiutlc I uuu
i lilt-.
Me a;. -noM,. li.e to iev relliliilllitlv a rfllifsly
itlo.l', Mttllr it v'luei the ul tive tMlii)ii,lllt Willi CVO
caliili. is sli.l 'iN- il, li:iii,i . in tnv qiiantlly. iK'h
n t.'UH'.Ii i. iiivatinO.lv in tlinaicu itluie ttic!, slltlctiiig
li..s l.-rtf .if.ul, 'I Mir ,'fini;'' vfls Ihe iioiuiimtie
- i..'ii el 1 1 ok ami Ain't! fiem 1,1,13 M-inm, nnJ pre
itnl. Hit il,'Velo iiii'lil i f llit iliKeiise, it Ukt-ll III Hi
m.t i r i 1, vf ii iii'iMci,iuiiy niitoiiii. It is uot
only tlie U-.l niiitsly t,-r yet ,llM.ovirtl fel' thl cluis of
,v in I.,l.,l. I. nt nts.i i. ,-,.nHl. Tlie lnr; qualitil
it., uet.i lot' a il4i.tr t'riii,-i it wiiltln ilia ii'st-h wi'rieiy
l-iy ; sii.t la I'ill. ui ,ti.tit-t, wl.fre Kcvcn ami Auis
I 1 - ui i. v -i y l..,ly Fl.'ul.t l.uvo it Slut u.h H n. ly both
f- . . ii... :oi. .reUi-lioii. It l liolnsj Ull. .lUsj win pUre
it ill. lii !). rea. h or all the pt.r a well a the rich.
A icit'.ii ii"'iniiiv ..f this iviiuslv over anv tlir mvnr
j d..'.oitsl f .r tlm ijsNsly ami cei'tain fur el ltilruiit
j t. ni. i.. tl,4l It t.niuiiift nu tjitiiiliio or mineral, fstusf
1 p.. t.i! it r.sl.i. .. nn .,iiimi.i or cllu'l' injiirlonfl f tTcvtS
ttit.it, .i- m a iliets.iiitiiiiiti.il. Th,.o etuv.l l.j ft are
U iv hvali'iv si it tlHy had eevvr lui'l tlie iliMa
1',-vir mii.I A. i i. nut al,.u Ilia cell(ilrll'M uf the
itua-in.-itie k.m.i,. A iivut varlrty of ilffK.1 Jvra ai-j fioiu
ilt liitcuien, sni.te- wl.icH are .YV'iv'y''i. Jtheumatttmt
ltl fln, a..'itVii, Ji-Siui', .OMt'Af, CilarrS,
.f" si.i, l-.ilpUvt-im, yiox'Uf Aft tm nf M .Va,
J.'..'ivii., Jv. i i !.'. ii.B t't, i iw e, r.irutytij, ami Uf
is'f.f.vwrtif '" ! 'Mill'. ll of Vllli.'ll, uliril crlgiiiat.
tn- in tht. rails... f.nt on th mlvrM'tfiMf typ, or Ivt-oute
. r:.'.,."it. l tu t't'tuK" exucls the .itu tuiiu the
ti o.l. an. I c.-ii.,.iit'iii1y cure iliein sll alike. It fa an
in ileal I,, j'. u. ii, ii t.i ieiiiit-isuu anj s.iu travel
ii i h tt'iii-tai il v i, ii. i ia ihtf inuluiloiis diritikta. 1(
tul.cn v RM'umHy or U.til' viL,U .'11'O.fKl If' the tuuto.
n ii. il.ui t.nl La vxerrtotl fioia Ilia vitein, anil canuot
a., i. no. :.i,i in auiliv.t-iii .jiirtiility lo iis.i futo duteaae.
ti ii,,- u I- ,.n 1'u.ia i.tl.ulsa Kr .iutts't,oii thau cure,
ai .1 ftor 111 v,'i ,.;rr t.ein luuiuiitiaiiis If Uiay avail
it.-ui...t-Ms uf ii,,. iioiecu.al tliw runiwtiv allot Ja.
l'r cparcd by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Tor sale by IVcfc A llauiilu n. IVu vsliurr, 0.
Aycr's Aguo Cure.
Pisfmys TnslauUy
These preparations (imliKs sll others,; are
" Free from Peiaona,"
Not dangerous to the human fasuly."
"Rats Come out of their boles to die."
Id years sud more established in New York City,
I' eed by tho Citr Post Office.
Used by the City Prisons and Station IIuusim.
t'sed by -City Steamers, Ships, Ac.
I'scd by the City Hospitals, Alms-Houses, ilic.
t'sed by t'ity Hotels Astor St. Nicholas, Ac.
1'sed by the Hoarding Houses, Ao., te.
IVd by more than .10,000 Private Kamiliea.
l-iTSee what the People, Press and Deirters say.
HF.NflY XI. COSTAIt.-All th summer I have
b ieii troubled with lioaehes and Mice. I was actu
ally ashamed of the lions , for the lio.ichos w ere
everywhere. I purchased a box of your lixtenuin-
ator an l trieil it, nml in on? week there was not a
Koaehcir Mouse in the house.
Jons li. Uivkss, No, 9i Kbit Street.
HDl'SI'.KKr.ri'.nS -troiihlerl with vermin, need
he so no lontrer, if thev use " t'os'ar's " Kxt'rmiii
ators. We hive ind il to our satisfaelion, and if a
cot $., we unii!.! have ii. V'i Icul tried poisons,
but lliev ell'-cfe l nothiup: bill t?osf:ir's article knocks
tlie breath out of Itats. Mice nnd It.'d-liuirs. (iiicker
than e can w rite it. It is in preat demand nil over
ihe eountry. Mediiu (0. I tiajettc.
MOKK I J R I N a ut pmvisions are des'royed
innu.illy in (leant County by vermin, than wo'uhl
pay tor tons of this Hal and Insect Killer.- -l.-ineas-ter,
(Wis.) Herald.
IIKMIY It. C0STAR.-Your Exterminator
ive ivc.l, used, and pi'oiiiiiiuc d a deeiiled suce ss.
We us.d a box of it, and the w av the Kais nnd Mice
iiouu l our pivmises raised Ned " that ni(.'ht was
a camion to sleeper.'. Since than not a lial or Mouse
has been heard in kitchen or cellar.--Mar.-eor,
Iowa) Times.
I HAVE ItEF.N SF.I.I.lN(l-Your Extorminalor
for the last year, and have found it a sure shot ewry
time. I have not known il to fail iu a single in
stance. CiKOniiK liosr., Drui;;ist, Cardingion, Ohio.
WE ARE EI.I.INU Your pr 'para lions rapid
ly. Wherever (hey have been used. Rats, Mice,
Roaches, and Veriniii disappear immediately.
Ecki-.r oc Sroi rKR, DrufKists, Neir Wiinlsor.
To Destroy Rats. Roaehea, Ac.
To Destroy lied ltutrs.
To Destroy-Moths, r leas, Auts, Ac.
To Destroy Mosipiitoes.
To Destroy Insects on Tlants and FoU.
To Destroy Insects on Animals, Ac., Ac.
To Destroy Every furm and sjieeies of Vermin,
" CiXitar'a " Rat, Roach, Ac. Exterminator,
t'ostar's" lled-bui; Exterminator,
"t'ustar's " Electric Powder for Insects, Ac.
In 2.S, iOe. anct ft 00 boxes. Dottles and Elaska.
$a and $5S;tes fur Plaulatioua.
Ships, Heals, Hotels, Ac,
l"eSotd Evervwhere by
All Wholesiile. l'rUij;ists in l.irpe eilies.
All Relail Druptfiala. tlnieerica, S'.otv keepers Ac.
iu all Country Village, aud Towns.
Wholesale Agent Iu New York City.
Shied'elin Ilmthers .V Co. Harral, Rislev A Kitchen.
II. r'ahncstook.HullAiCo. Hush, Hale A Rolibiin..
A. II. A D. Sands A Co. M. Wanl, Close A Co.
Wheeler. Hurt. Mclvison A Kobhins.
Heil.uii.iu A Co. D. S. Itarnes A Co.
Hall, RuekelA Co. F. C. Wells.l Co.
Thomas A Puller. l.aiells,Murh A Gardner.
I'. D. On is. Hnll, Dixon A Co.
renftdd.l'arker A Mower. Tripp &. Co.
Dudley A .Sufl'ord Con rail i'ot.
a so orucKs.
Philadelphia, Pa.
T. W. Diott .V Sons. Kubert Shoemaker A Co.
1). A. Kabucatock A Co French, Richards Co,
and oruiac.
Itoaton, Mana.
Oca. C. tbio.1 in it Co. Weeks A Poller.
M. S. Iturr A. Co. Juo. Wttaon, Jr.
AMD eriitfus.
Cinrinuati, O.
John D. Park. Si, ire. E ksurin Ai. Co.
amo ornsKs,
Pituburgh, Pa.
B. L. Pahuestork JL Co. aud others.
All Uie Prinipl Cities and Towus iu the
f-r-St.ld by Pf ek A II amiltoo. Pvrryshurfr, Ohio,
and by Drucists, Uroeent aud ReUilers (fiiKTally,
iu city and couutry.
t-tTCouuli7 Dee.lets eu order ss above.
Or address orders direct or if Prices, Ternis.
Ac. i dt aired f-V-ud for Circular tu Deal
ers tu
I'SimirAL P-twrr Vo. (12 ltroedwsT Opix site
U, St. SiehoUa lltll hew Vwk.
Which In the End La the Cheapest.
TIGHT TtTCft Ir.WtNO MAflllr.?
t-aTTl') Stitch Alike mi Jlotb cidcs..,j J
The I.ndd, Wehsfor A Co. 'a Machines are of the
most auhsl inlial make and '!(; nt iiui.-.h, are strntur,
rtdiabht, aiuude in rruistructi'in, en-il .- opi rated, by
a iiovici, and w ith ot dinarv care, last years v ithout
the amioyin cxpenie cf repsrins always inetirrrd
oa tie cheaper, less reliable and more enn pliniled
There if i,n in3lnim"nt in use for sev inj-, capa
ble of rioiiij; a irreat-'r variety of woik than llnse
ruacliiijej t taitri the e debrnt'ed wheel eed thev " ill
handle the linest muslin, Ihe heaviest broadcloth, or
will woik in Ihe thickcat leather ns"d by shiHiinsk
ers, or earriiip-e trimmers. They will also run over
seams and gaiheis with the sninn facility ns over
plain Work. The stitch mndo from them is by two
threads, n like on both sides of the laiirie leaving
no ridire on the under side fo wear out and loosen
the work, s b filled fault wilh all loop or chain stitch
Tha needles nre not cm ved snd liabb to brake,
but are rlraitrht and have n perpendicular motion,
which is absolutely necessary to adapt the machine
In all Nortsof work. They will bind with a binder
and him with a h 'tinner: wills'iteh, fell mid pither:
are fully licensed under "llmve's Extended Piitetii,"
and arc free from ull iufi inyeiiienls. Durincr seven
veal's of use they have won enviable reputation
ofbeinj.' "the best familv nnd manufaetui nit; ma
chine in the country," We have numiiroits testi
monials read a' short mid coiuprchen.,ive one
from the
Navy OlFlee, Wiishintxlon, Aiir. 12th, ISjfl.
ticntleni'u The Sew int.' Machine ordered from
you is safely nt hand, and Mrs. M. is fully satisfied
with if. A a nnevilenee of its simplicity, ithout ili
re lions or explanation?, she commenced working
with it after a vary short trial, nnd bus not experi
enced the least dillienlly in its operation. I cheer
fully five you my tesllmotiial In lis fat,.,'.
1 am respectfully, your obedient s"rvani,
f.lent. Wm. I.. Mai-i:v.
The Edilur ofthe Christian Wiitchm.in nml Ite
d' ef ir s ly s, "We have seen festiuiony in favor of
th? Machine m ule by Eadd, Webster A Co., which
from (lie.iani al and Minions charaeter ol ihe writers,
we are salislied could never have been obtaiir.d,
hnd not the in.sti nm'iit.s fullv roiili.cd the repres "ii
tation of th" makers respectliia; it : these ti'stimon
ials m e from cli t'irMuen nml persons of hifrh moral
vrortli and inteirriiv iu the community, well known
to our readers, and are ofthe most flattering char
acter." Henry Wm d Eeeeher, of New York Independent.
Uov. A. (. Curtin. of I'emi. Horace (-reelcv, .New
York Tribune. Hon. Henry .1. Reynionil, New
York Times. Horace If. Dei', India Rubber l'at
entee. lhn. -lohn D. Ohiselin, Jr., Norl'alk, Va.
Win. I'. Williamson, Chief Engineer 1'. S. Navy.
Jos 'ph P. 1'iesson, Chief En.L'in 'er for N. '. (.'it'v.
Editor Practical Mechanic. Editor Scientific Amer
ican. Editor Albunv Atles nnd Arjfux. E.litor
Hallou's Pictorial. Editor New Orleans Pi'.ayune.
Editor New Y'ork Evening Post. Editor Baltimore
Patriot. Editor Memphis EnHirer. liilitor Cin
cinnati Enquirer.
I'roni the above eminent penllernen and disfinr
uished sources, we have umpialitied praise and llat
terinf; te.sli'iionials of the superiority end reliable
practicability of the 'l,add, Webster A Co. Sewing
Ellicieiit Apenls wanted in every town. With a
small inveslnvnt of capiiil n profitable business can
be redily established. Wc oll'-r liberal inditce
mcnls. Any correspondence rcfrnrdinr our uia
cliiues will Vie promptly and (rl idlv unswercd; en
close a letter stamp and we will send a circular and
Simple of work bv return mail.
Aur.NTs t on Noi:Tii-Wi:sTntN Status,
1"4 Lake Street, (up slab's,) Chicago.
November l.'tli, IS'10.
In order to place the
imsT fMU.V SIACUIM'S IN T1IK wotti.n
within the reach of nil, we have reduced our Letter
A., or transverse Shuttle Machines, beautifully or
namented, to $50.
We would nsk for them (before pincha.sin'y else
where,) the special attention of Vest -makers, Dress
makers, and ull those who want Machines for light
imiiiufacturintr purpos "S,
Sinjtcr'.s No, I o !.' Sund.tr 1 Shuttle Machines,
both of very jreneml application and capacity, and
popular in the family and in imilai t"i y. Prices re
diiccd, respectively from $1 "i and Sl.iO to J'J0 and
For t ' irriaeje-m.ikers and heavy leather work.
Price, complete, f I '-'.'i.
mil.es the iot r'.oeke.l s.i:e'i whith is the b..-t
stitch known. They are of tr. at speed, easily un
derstood, simple in slruete.i", of "feat durability,
adapted tof'.ie heavieit mi l li.srlit.'st sroo.ls, are li:i
ished in the most pet feet manner . m l may be used
lor several years without rcipiirinjf r;pair.
T 1 1 1',' S 1" A N I A II I) MA CI II N
For Tailni in;r. Root an 1 Shoe-niikinp, llariRss
iii ikiiij.:. Carriage I'l-iiiiiiiiti-j, etc, ere, will do nun'.
work, earn more in mey , and are cheaper than tho.su
of any other in iker as a jritt. .
We have :ilaavs on hand, Il 'tumine; (in.itres,
Silk, Tw ist, I. in mi an 1 Cotten Thread i n Spoils,
best Marhine Oil in Unities, etc.. etc.
;V"'.V1I persons reuiiirinjr inform.ithiu alioiil
Sew in;; Machines, their sines, prices, workinfr ca
pacities, and Ihe best in "thods of piircli.isine , can
obtain il by s'ndinir for a copy of
Which is a beautiful pictorial pup T entirely devo
ted to the subject.
ir u ti.L r r.r oihtis.
l.'iS RuOAim-AY, Nkw Y'ork.
March 20th. ISf.l HUf
... , jjr t-j :
vjr tk" til .itzw m
Ese .-f -w.Vi. Atte"
...t'WL' T11 r IT II
.-.;sv.'..v..;;--- " is.-
rmrivrioN ok woitKiiANsini fsscnrAssKii
Its aimplieity in operation is such that a chil l
ten years old can use it with ease. Its several parts
beinir constructed on philosophical principles, it is
not liable to pet out of order. It m ikes a slronir,
clastic and durable stitch. It sens I coin two com
mon spools, and makes but little noise.
All who contemplate buy injr, or wish to see the
best Sett inir Machine now iu use, are respectfully
invited to all on N. II. CAI.LA RD, iu w hose Tailor
Mp it is now iu practical operation.
J. It, UREtiORY, Aeon!.
October II, IHOO 2:lly.
U ill K 7 ,V?
J.P.PRICE, Ajtetil, Penysburp, Ohio.
l Nt tiee U heivbr f iv.n thai a petition will
be preactilod lo the Ctiiiutiiaioners of tsd Co., O.,
at liicir uext stated mtwiinr, tor couuty rout cviii
iiicnt iiii; i u thu ruil hue of neetiou ii, tuun 8, north
ratiKC 12; tlienee vet through the txeUr of said
surn.Hi im mile, there terviinatiii;.
April sl-51wS Uxmiy Majliix, 4 other.
ins.jsT ei1t
a M I T HI
Would respectflillv Inform the eltlrena of Wood
county that ho has permanently located himself In
liowlinjr Oreen for the purpoao of practlclnff Mcdl
cine snd Surgery. In addition to a rvfrnlar course
of sliuly, .Mr. H. has made himsolf acquainted with
the special mode nf distinjrnishinir diseases by an
examination of theurtne of the Milicnt ss nrnc'tised
bv the late DR. DKI.AXIlAlliil.aoil forallChronie !
Diseases will say tiuhesitatiliixly that by following :
Mr. D's practise in cneh cases, he hs's had better j
success tha-i from any oilier method of treatment. i
Aiuoiik the diseases which Dr. S. professes to treat 1
snccessf illv mav be mnt'ond the followinir, vi: '
Dyspepsia, hirer (.'omphiint. Consumption In its
early staircs, Diseios ofthe Spleen, Asthma, Spit
linf of the lllood. Palpitation ofthe heart. Rheunia
lisrn.Wliite hwelliii'r, Dropsy, Sernfulons Diseases,
Jaundice, Kenialn Compluinls, In all their varied
fonns, Low Spirits or Mihineholy, Fever Mores,
I'leers.Ae. Ifrntlenls with sny'ofthe above or
kindred Chronic Diseases will send some of their
urine takn in the morninp in arh nn rial, Dr. S. can
make n satisfactory diagnosis of the case nearly as
w C'l ns if the patient were present.
Nov. IS, 18(10 29tf.
When Dr. Roback, the renowned Swedish Phy
siehm, introduced his lllimd Purifier nnd Pills into
the United States, he set forth in plain terms their
curative properties. This was years apo. The task
of recommending them has since been takeu out of
his hands. Enlightened men, whose character for
sound jndpmcnt and philosophy inics their opinions
w eipht in the community, men who observe, reflect
and make ''assurance doubly sure," before they de
cide, arc evervwhere nppnivincr uud urging the use
uf these wonderful preparations. All who confide
in the wisdom and honesty of this class, or who
choose to investigate for themselves, nre now of one
mind on thin important subject.
The evidence in the possession of Dr. Robaek
which is nt all times accessible to the public, estab
lishes the follow ing:
have been proved by analysis to
That they cure tho almost universal complaint,
with unerrinjr certainly, and in n very short time,
That after nil other medicines have proved useless
thev relieve i.ivrh comi'Laint,
nml restore the health and strength of the sufferer.
who have languished for years in helpless weak
ness and despondency, recuperate with almost mira
culous rapidity under their invifriinitinf: operation.
That all Sexual Disabilities removed by their
cordial and gently stinnihitin;: propcr!ie. That they
recruit kiiattehhi) constitutions.
however, they may have been trilled with and
abused. That their' direct tendency is to lengthen
life, and render it enjoyable. That operating di
rectly upon the poison of disease in the blood, thev
and discharge from the system every taint of Scrof
ula, whether hereditary or otherwise. Thnt they
nuetieiT tur hkiiimtatkh,
and that there is no disease of the stomach or
bowels, the liver, the nervous system, the glands
and muscels,
A R I S 1 X (1 V ROM I M 1 V R I T 1 E S OR
in which they do not give prompt relief, and, (if ad
ministered before the very citadel of life has been
invaded.) cfl'eot a painless and perfect cure.
Rear in mind that the Scandinavian I'dood Pills
are endorsed by the experience of thousands of liv
ing who, letter! affidavit, medical works and word
of mouth proclaim them to be the very liest prepar
ation ever offered to the broken down'victiuis of ill
health. It haunts disease through every avenue
and organ of the system, and expels it thoroughly
nnd permanently. '
Niioik can doubt theirsupriority after one single
trial ihey are not only better, but also cheaper
than any other Pills, for it takes a less number ol
them to produce a better ellert.
Price of Ilu Puritier, $1 per bottle, or per half
dozen. Ofthe Pills, 'Jar. per box, or 5 boxes fur SI.
Read Dr. Robaek's special notices and certificates
published from lime to time iu this pap"r.
Dr. R.'s Medical Almanac and Family Adviser,
coiitaininsr a great ninomil of vahtalj and interes
ting medical information can be had gratis of any of
his agents throughout the eountry.
hi d'tlicult or complicated ess s. Dr. Rob.iek mav
iu eon -ultcd personally or by letter, enclosing one
stamp for a reply.
A new and delightful Siem.ichie nnd Cordial, for
giving tone to the Stomach, and (or the prevention
of bilious oiii'ilain's incident to the Woieru coun
try. Try ii.
As a iii'uning d.-inlc, to assist (ligation and re
lieve Dyspepsia, it has no npt.il. Try it.
In II iv, i- it is superior to all other flitters. Try it.
Tin formula of these Hitters, now (IS il) the "sole
property of Dr. Roback, originated with one of tile
oldest mil iu. i.st eminent Meilica! Practinners of the
West, nn 1 iti.s directly predic.itedupou Ihe wants of
Western people.
These flitters derive their .stimulus from the pow erful
Uiiiie nature of the roots and herbs of which
they are composed, uud ss they arc. by allaying
unnatural cravings ofthe stomach, directly prom
otive of TEMPERANCE,
the present proprietor believes that ill m iking them
widely known the public welfare is subserved.
It w ill Kootrbo for sale by nil of Dr. Robaek's
numerous Agents, nnd ut H it .'ls, tfce., the country
over. In the m ant: me, orders will be. filled diroct
from Cini iniiMi in any ipi .unity, and nt the lowest
rates. It is put up in Quart Rotth s, nnd securely
p u ked in ona doz. cases. Hilfdez. sample case's
will, however, be packed and scut to any uddrcss,if
Retail Piiee, $1 per bottle, or six for $5.
Principal Ofliee nnd Sale Rt.oms, No. C, east
Fourtii st.. 3d Ruilding from Mainst., Cincinnati, O.
Laboratory in H.immon st.
For sale in Wood county bv IVckAt Hamilton,
Perrysbnrg: Watson At Sterling, also Laskev, Pratt
A Co., tiiload ; Haskins, Roller ,t II iskins, "also II
H 11 iskins, Portage ; II R Atkins, New Wesltleld,
S 1. Houghton, Rowling Green: A Lausdale, Frec
s.rt; T Carman, .Montgomery Roads: R Rnson
dale, West Mitlgrove; S Em'erson; Eiiglcvillc; C
I'u mn. Plain: Tanks A Pemher, Pemlierville: S
Whitinon cV. Co., Tontogany, and by druggists
and m -reliants generally throughout tlicUiiion.
61 401v
p o
Macho: City, Ohio.
JtnoMK MijiKAY. Instructor in Accounts, and
Lecturer on Husiness Customs, Ac.
T. Wi:i.eii, Toucher of Double and Single Entry
Hook Keeping. Practical and Ornamental Pcn
meiisliip. Pen Draw in. Flourishing, Ao.
Hon. J. M. Asiii.cy, Hon. Asiikh Cook, M. B.
HiiamlY, snd D. R. Ai'stin, I.eetuivrs on Cuuuncr
cial Law'.
Rev. (!. A. Adams, lecturer on Commercial
Rev. C. RteuARDs, Lecturer on Political Econ
omy. T E R M S :
For full course, time unlimited $J5
Same course fur Ladies 15
For full course of Penmanship, time unlimited- -5
Flurishiiig, Pen LotUTing, Ac, as par agreement.
GooJ Isiard can be hud in this pl.iro from $l.7i
to $2. ill.
This institution is now permanently situated in
one of the handsomest localities in North-Westeru
Ohio, and oilers to its putnuis unpivccslcntcd ad
vantngea in the way of nnnplcliiig a thorough
course of Mereiinlile Insii ttctiun.
Our instructions in Il.sik Kivping, Commercial
Calculations and Accounts are conducted upon the
Counting Risun System, the object of which is to
render them purely practical, enabling the student
to enter at once upon the discharge ol the most in
tricate business with comparative ease. Students
who have graduated from this institution have found
no dilliculty in obtaining situations, giving entire sal
isfactiou of their employers.
Lecturers on thiasubjirt are delivered regularly
every Thursday evening, by one of our most promi
nent practitioners, giving our students the most
thorough instruction in this impoiiiiut branch.
Practical and Ornamental in all its varieties, will
be taught in the most thorough and rttieicnt man
ner. The good old Spcucurian system ia our stand
We would say, your children can hen receive as
full thorough aud complete a coiune of instructiou
as in auy Commercial Cvllage in the I'nil. d iiutei,,
free from eAHvsure to tlioe pernicioua itiHuenees
whieh in lure cities Ikv are liable to come iucuaUi.t
with. Life Scholarsliipa are it-sued. Studuutacuu
enter at any time. Diplomas awarded only to th.se
ho master therourseof study. Situationa pmcurvd
f.,r Wndeutsaa far as ai.ible upon graduating. Kee
ollect that tlie expeiue uf oonipluting a eoune of in
ktntetion in this institution is less than half that of
nny othee. JEhOME MURRAY.
ItT'For full particular. Mnd fvr a Circuit.
hovtaitxr 8tn iWO :fly.
May he consulted free of charge, at tha foIlowLof
times and places t
Fostoi la, Hays House, Tusiday, April 25.
Fremont, Kesslcr HoU l, Wednesday, April ?4th.
Elmore, Elmore House, Thursday, April 25th.
Toledo, Collins House, Friday, April 26th.
IVnysburg, Exchange Hotel," Saturday Snd Sun
day, May i am! 4,
mr thl-oht and tsratjiknt
Are new and dilferent from any one in the United
Slales.and 1 challenge any one to produce th sama
success thnt I have met 'with In treating Chronle
Diseases. My theory is based upon tbe chemical
operations of 'the body, believing disease to depend
uon a riispro)ort ion'ed condition of tlie fluids of the
body, whereby tlie soli. Is Is; tsiine unhealthy by
nnilysing the secretions, blood, Ac., of the body,
and finding out w hat is deficient or in excess arid
supplyintr to the system what is wanting. I am
enabled to cure often bv n small amount nf medicines,
where the patient has lnen drugged with medicines
for I'inp vcars to no elli-ct.
Now liyspcpsia, iu the givat majority of casea,di
dends m I'iiily upon a dispmportioned' state of tlie
jrastrlc or digestive fluids of the stomnrb. When)
this gnstie fluid is pniportioned properly, tho food Isj
thomugly digested and assimilated. Viewing Dys
pepsia lv the rules of Chetnicnpnthology, and givinif
tivatmeut seeordingly,! sm enabled to cure 49 case
out of fn, nml s cRW"mi out 50 of Consumpntlon, As
thma. Itronehitis nnd Lnryngitis.nnd Liver C'om
dlaint, Piles, Neuralgia. Diziiness or Sick Headache,
Neyjous Debility and Female Diseases in every
ensra cure, and'other diseases proportionately.
a-T"I'r. McMillon uws an impmved Inhaling In
strument for the cure of Consumption, Asthma, Bron
chitis nn I Laryngitis ; by this w e can make as good
an application to the diseased Lung nnd Throat as
we eoul 1 to a sore nny where on the exterior of the
p'r. M. uses pure Chemicoptithie and Botanic Rem
edies. He gives n mild Ionic tivatmeut which acta
chemically, mi l assists Nature to five herself. Ono
nunee nf' Assistance to Nature Is worth a pound of
poi.'.onnus drugs to the disease.
Consultation nnd advice free.
Information in regard to my treatment and sue
cess call i n, nr write tn
.Mrs. S. 1!. Abbott, Portage, "Wood county, Ohio ;
Mrs. Robert Jacobs, Eaplevilh, Wood county .Ohio
Mrs. .lesso Hukell, Drowns Corners, Wood county,
Ohio; Andrew Cross, Millgrovc, Wood county, Ohio;
John Cummins, Hassan, Hancock county, Ohio ; J.
A. Smith, Elmore, Ottowa county, Ohioj G. E.
Church, Tnlcdo.Lucns county, Ohio.
All communications must be directed to Dr. J.
F. McMillen, Cleveland, Ohio.
M A N H 0 0 1):
How Lo:-t How Rkstoukd.
Just published in a Sealed Envelope,
inal Weakness; Sexual Debility, Nervousness and
Involuntary Emissions, inducing I in potency, and
Mental and Phvsicnl Debility.
Author of the " Green Hook," Ac.
The world-renowned nuthor.in this admirable
Lecture, clearly proves from his own experience
thnt the nw ful consequences of self-abuse mar b
clfectnallv removed without medicines mid without
dangerous surgical operations, bougies, instruments,
rings ;:rdiuls, pointing out mode of cure at
once certain ami rntOJ;''; by which every sufferer,
no matter w hat his condition m.:;.' be, may cure
himself cheaply, privately and radically. Tbil
lecture w ill prove a boon to thousands and thou
sands. Sent tn any address, under seal, post paid, on the
receipt of two postage stamps, by uddressiu" Dr.
(.'H AS. J. C. K LINE, 127 ilowerv, New VorkTl'dst
Ollioe box ViKti. ' 7-ly
tuis PEi.ieiors tonic ktimi'laht,
specially designed for the use of the Medical
Ii Profes-t in and the Familv, having sepcrseded
the so-called "Gins," AiMiiiiitir,""Cordiul,' "Med
icated," "Schnapps," etc.. is now endorsed bv all of
tha prominent physicians, t music medicinal qual
ities ( tonic nnd diuretic ; w hich belong to nn old aud
pure. Gin, Put up iu quart bottles and sold by all
driiggiiits, grocers, etc.
(Established in 17fb.) Solo Proprietors,
No. I! Rroaii street, N. Y.
For Sale by D. S. I1ARNES A CO., No. 13 Park
Row, and P.'D. OR VIS, t'iJ Hroadway, New York.
Our long experience and familiarity with the re
quir meiHs of Druggists, nnd our superior business
facilities, enable us to furnish them with choice
Li iiors for medicinal and fami'y use.
For sale bv Peek A II imiltonl'crrv.sburg, Ohio.
Jan.iLb.'li'SU 3My.
J A X C A R Y 1,
asskts :
Cash on hand and in Bank -Sor, 587 08
Cash in bunds of agents, and
in course of transmission- 7l,.,ll!) 51
Cash loaned on call 15,172 l9
$129,203 58
bills receivable for loans,aniply secured -03,005 04
Real Estate,unincumbcred,(cash value,) .15,(100 Ol)
JiiL'ii Shares Hank Stock in Hartford
Market Value 269,52 00
2300 Shares Hank Stock in New York,
Market Value 187,400 00
1010 Shares Hank Stock in Boston, Mar
ket Value 101,700 00
400 Shores Hank Stock in St. Louis
Market Yulue 40,000 00
4 10 Shares Hank Stock iu Rail Road and
other Stock, Market Vuliie 67,600 00
Hartford citv Itonds, 0 per cents Market
Value ..." 35,000 00
State St'K'ks,(TennesseL',Ohioand Mich
igan,) fl per cents, Market Value 45,400 00
57 Shares State Hank Wisconsin, Mnrket
Value 5,700 00
Total Assets $063,771 52
Total Liabilities 85,706 41
Insurance against Loss or Damage by Fire, on
Dwellings, Furniture, Stoivs,Warchouses,Mcrchan
ili.se, Mills, Manufactories and most auy other kind
of property, cam be cfl'ecied in this Company uponaa
favorable terms as the nature of the risks and secu
rity of Policy holders will adnet.
Pcrryshurp, May 1st, latU lly.
s n
c o
The Proprietors of this establishment having had
long experience in the Marble Rusiness, will war
rant all work executed ay them to be in the higheet
style of ait, and to
t-f Remember that we are bound not to be under
sold . Shop directly opposite the residence of C.W
Foster, Mum street, Fottoria, Ohio.
Bcsnat co.
J. Vf. "Bailer, agent for Perrysburg.
Fmstoria, Dec. lUlh, I860 33ly.
Notie is be'.vby given that a petitioa will
be nresented to the Couimicsioners of ood Co., O.,
at there next stated meeting for a couuty road, com
mencing at the south west corner of section J5,
town 4 north, range 11 twst) thence north two
miles to the north-west corner of section it in aat4
AjvU 2?, 1561-lw5

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