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J. YV. HA IMS V, Timor.
MAY as, HOI.
War News.
The miHtarj n ovi.nvnts
Walurig,on indie ito tliat an Rttnck on
7t Arper'a TVrrj, ihf at turr rt All x intlriit
nail hetnj;ar of rensnee'a mo rvmU
,?ery Dear t bail,!,,. Confuma.toiy- of tliif
iDiprtswion, wt hv fc report that all
jVoribern troop, enlisted fr tlie a", are
orJered lo Wat-hin tin imine.liu'.rlj'.
What Can be Done.
, Tbere can be no doubt that tho people
Xf O.-i... ... i ....... .:..k. 1 1...
e'l luo Annuel u uinua, inn rrjM tmij. no
fvaople tf (be great north-wet have never
tmnn in a Ktd r nmdiliiin fur nr.titn trade!
commerce Ami local iinprovetinn tbiin a
the present Urac, and never in the ina'try
rt our ffovdrnmcnt linca tlia dnfl of the
- '
revolution has there been n time when
men of capital could do tluir count? a
"greater service by the investment f limit
money llian at the nresent lime. The war
against the rebels fr the maintenance of
the Constitution and Law of the C unfry.
can not in tbo ruturo of tilings, be of long
duration, but wlilo it lasts it v ill doubtless
cripple certain bianohe of rmiouLtCiuie,
nd work an injury to mimy vrbo lmve
Ltiictofore depended on the Sou hern
market for tlio tale of t ! products of
tluir labor. The evils reaii'iling from ibis
may be largely obvinttd by incoti rai
ment of a spirit of puM'c and private im
prove nv.T.t. If states, counties, chits,
nnd plivaie individu tin who Lave tlx
xr.eana and contemplate nmkii g improve
ments, will go to work now, they will re
move much of the f vile rif idling fioni .bo
war which has been foiced upou u by tin
Southern traitors.
Kentucky Unionists.
Our advices from the lv n'ueky border
o not speak well fur some, of the Union
istaof thalState, Forexinnplo wt. will no
tic nn instance which Is fau.iliar with
every individual whose pt rm.nal (icqintiu!
nnce extends in the premie b. At New
port, across the river from Cincinnati,
they have what is termed, 'Home Guards.
The Qertnau portion of theau aro loyal to
the Government, in lad, while the Amer
ican organizations are so only in appear
ance. The latter aro tllleereel anJ con
trolled moitly by men whose trmp illms
uro known to bo with tho rebels ; and in
truth many of them are (he identical in
dividuals who mobbed nnd agisted in the
demolition cf the Free Sou h newipipir
at that place, something over a year ago.
It will ho remembered that tho editor, on
resuming tho publication of hi paper, wa
Arrested and bound over to answer th
charge of "publis'iinir an inccndir-.ry pa
per." His trial is set for the first or June
next, nnd tho individuals who are to pros
ecute him belong to the so-called Union
Home Guards. If the Unionists in other
parts of the State ard ruled by fucIi
Hcutnp'i as we have mentioned above, there
is indeed much to fear from iheni.
Southern Refugees.
The refugees in the North are largely
on tho increase in numbers. Well in
formed Southern loyalists; who have re
cently find from their native section, esti
mate that not less than twenty thousand
loy al American citizens have fled or been
driven from tho rtvolu'iouary States du
ling tho mouth of May, bemuse they
would not renounce the ir allegi-nre to the j
American Government and flag. By the
last of this month, it i.s tl. ought the mini- !
ber will reach fully fifty thousand. Oue. j
peculiar trait of this warfare of xpubion,
is the fact that age is utterly disregarded,
no respect paid to 6cx, and no matter what
may have been the standing, character
and honor of the person, nil in of no avail
whoevcr will not bow down before the
black and Infernal Deities which tlx y wor
ship, arc either scourged to death or arc
driven from their homes pe nniless. How ever,
a day of reckoning in fast coming,
when these fiends in huo.au shape will
Lave a fearful account to settle.
Col. Anderson at Cincinnati.
On Friday afternoon last, Col. Ander
son visited the Kentucky volunteers, a',
their camp, just as the regiments were
being formed for parade. Though the
visit was entirely unexpected, as soon as
his presence was made krown, loud and
frequent cheers went np for the hero of
Fort Sumter. lie reviewed the troops
and expressed himself highly pleased wi h
their appcarauce. At the close of the ex
ercUes there was a time of shaking hands
and numerous introductions, when the'
Colonel left amid the w ild st acc! imation
of soldiers and citiz n4.
Things are Working
The Secretary of the Interior, Hon.
Caleb B. Smith, has nfus- d payment to
all persons in the seceded S a'es who
claim compensation for taking the ccn&us.
He hat aho determined to withhold from
all persons in the seceded fl:a!es the Iv-nc-fit.of
the pension aud patent laws. Thee
States have further deprivtd themselves
ef all advantages resulting frun the cual
system, the coast survey and the postal
Capt, Lyon.
. This brave and loyal officer, who, by bin
'bravety at St. Louis, ha$ so suddenly as
sumed prominence before the American
people, w a born in the State of I'vm eo
ticut. lie entereel the service as 2d Lie u-
tenant, July 1, 184!. He has been bre
. Tettcd, and Le received his Captain's mo
, mtsuon August 20, 1047. .
Carl Schurs' German r-gim-nt goes
' to Cairo. It is composed mostly of men
who have ucn scrucc in tie old country.
General SceHt will U 7fl yeais old
on the fintof June, 6I.
The Beiuthvrn Congress has adjourn
ed to th lO.h of Ju'y.
Troops continue to pans throug'i
Ba'timore without interruption.
Hon h'i lard Fillmore is Command
erof the Home (tiltrl al Hair Jo.
'l elenrnphin e.omniui.iraiion south o
Wrtlikjie tl lias been U ndeil.
The rvne -f 'h" H ' f Ohh for
teh r pblng the last four week- was 9 2,
.012? The nlir K'lish Press seem to
ympHtltisi' with the loyal States of tin
IJnii n.
Troops now giMrd li e rnilrdr. l nnd
tiiti ile fotu WxHhingioii clear in o liai
timore, -Over thir'y millions of dollar have
In n conlih.'Uted for war purp'.ist's by the
lice st les.
Fourteen X tut giments, organized
in New Yeuk, I ave been accepted and oi
dered to Washington.
G dlaway, the secession postmaster
at Men phi, is i defaulter to the nm un
i f eight tliouciand djllars.
-Cairo is ro in a strong state of de
fense sevital colurnbiaiU having been
erected to command both rivers.
I he strength of the fiee stale s' forces
s compared with the forces of the seced
ing states, ie nlmoit three o one.
The oflicers of the H e imore and
Ohio Ha'lrovd Imvj r quva'ed the Govern
neiit ii ake mil, la. y iiosh ssion of it.
It, is bcli V' d t' at the Qjv rnmunt
will l ae s veir-two ilious nd tro 'p in
VVashiog'on hi foio tho Crst of June.
Mantiaehusells L giolalute has pft8
d bills appropriating IMHi.OOO for the
State militiii and 7,0O0,0i 0 for a Gov
ernment lonn.
The third-class of the N iv il S si oil,
iiur.ibei'ing fifty, have I een ordered roni
Newpirt.lt. I , to VV tshing'i n, whcr
they wi l net as in tiuo".o:s.
General Sickl', id Ne-v Yoik, has
t'ndcrtd the Governnv nt ten thousand
volur.tt ets fur three yenn' service, lie
l.kei eotnmand as M j ir Oeneral.
1 1 id nsnciteel that the Government
has elete rtiiined to appoint Collectors for
ho Si, u hern ports and su tain them with
war vesse ls, the duti.B to bo Collected on
ship b i.irJ.
'lha Gov?rnment said to l nvo an
If r e f '.en regimen's S oti hmen, who are
wdling to enliti and serve through the wni
if Ihey can, al i's close, receive land boun
ties. The telegraph announces th it Jeff
Dm is has fixed upon Richmond as Iiir
Capital. O her dispatches lender
highly propable that ho will find the U. S.
forces mere to welcome him.
The t' l '.raph announces the nppeiint-
mi-nt ef E. I Hasaett as Tost Ma.tir ef
Tohilo, vice Geo. Walbiidge, ele ofed.
Mr. IJ is.-ett was a p'oiuineiil caudid ite
for the place wheu Itis predecessor was
Kx Governor Gorman is o l eal n
regime-lit f ean Miniiessola. He is the Ma
jor G.rmnn of the Indiana volun'ee rs who
brought on the action a'.. lu.iia V:nia
afterwards j.tineel Sc.itt, and was in mo.sl
ol ilia lialtles ol III v-illey oi Mex eo.
Gn. Sce.lt eUeliies to acctjit the
four regiments from Maiyland, vn'ess
they enter ihe geneial se rvice. They re
poit only for duty in S a'e a id tl i. Dict
rict. An indepe ndent regime nt from that
S ti'e ii iicce pted for tin; vvir.
The G ive rnmetit has in il arrange
nicnti for the ii "iilar Irmsinission of the
mails to Fort I'iekens via New Yoik and
lluvaniia. All mail matter for the 11 et
and army at I tit Fort should bo fijward
ed to the Neiv York Pod Olli e for dis
p itch ihenc:
A S'. fiiiis dispatch to the Chicago
Tribune nays it is hinted that ihu Missouri
Legislature has j) isved a secret act of
Secession, in addition lo ilio e lious milit
taiy bill. Ifthisbe (rue, (t vernoi Jack
jfcsuundliis acco'up'ices will be arrested
for tit-as on.
The rirst 11 ginieiit of Mich'ga'i
vol'inlet is, Col. G. 15. Wilei'X nuiuheling
ten companii s, pmsed through Cleveland
Tuesday evening, en route for Washing
ton. They were accompanied by tho De
troi l-ighl GuarJ Band. The Plaindcaler
says the regim nt are armed an equipped
by the State eif Michigan.
Hie Un'.ou sou nu iiit Uai ucco io
to strong in Wheeling for the Union ntwi
'paper, whose propiieters hve relinq'iish-
i.fl llm ..n(irro-ittf Ridliii'T miL tt M.tiiSIM.
Dorscy, Sephens aid Deane, who will
commence its publication nt xt wee k as a
Union paper. Tho Iuteligencer says the
above aic I: own as good me n.
Suneho ly st.'nds us an anonymous
letter from Tennessee thrta'enuig to as
sassinate us for what w h ive saij of John
Bell. We hop'j ho won't. We want the
use of tho whole remnant or our three
kcore and ten to leiunt properly of o ir
vote for Cell list Aujut. L mtsvile
The pos'uion of Gen. II rtn y, as in
dicuted by his pioclamatioa to tho people
of Missouri, wiil be pretty apt to tie that
Stale to the Union whether or no. It is
just the document for the times and the
place, nnd what is more, Geu. Harney is
just the kind of man to live up to what be
A worthy sister of Gov. M ge-fliu
has rent to the L gislaturo a petition for
ihe Uuiou tinned by eight hundred ladies
ol Mercer cuutiiy. u d bless her lor tier
patiio ism. Wou'd to Heaven nho were
j Governor of Kentucky, nnd that her bro
ther lU riah wore st home m potticou.
Louisville Jiuniul.
Canadian capitalists seem not to
have loU f.ilh in the p.-ipetuity of the Uu
ted slates Governmeut. Ira tijuld ii Sr,
of Mo .trial, have forwarded through Mr.
Uiddingi, our Consul-Oeneruliu Canada,
un otler for $1 000,000 treasury notes.at
six per cent., aud to pay iuj umouni 1
draf s e n Baring Brothers at three day
There is a den of horse thieves, coun
te i fetters and highwsyuien iu a dark cor
ner of Perry county, m this S ate. These
rascals profess to be secesiiiouists, aud fol
lowing ihe ixauuplo of the Couiedeia-e
rebtds, they hare commenced ttie wliole
sale plunder business. An attack hd
been made o Nt lsonville, and he resi
dents in thai si-c'ioa are consiJerahly an
i oyed. The thieves si ould be tflVelually
wiped e-ut.
The Neir Yerk Tribune estimates
to' al indtbtt dness from the seceded States
due now lo Northern merchants and cap-
i:alU, al tvo luindied milliiiisot dollars,
of which it thinks three fourths is due
thai city. Yet his immense amount
indebtedness is wined out tv the act
secession. In whatever shape il i vsted
and whatever constituted th evidences
it, they are now wor h lii.le if anything
uiore than int-mentovs of the limes and
uch worthy of preservation.
The Feeling at Canada.
A correspou lent of tho New Yoilt
World, writing from Canada says the
preca of all parties tiiere are unanimous
in the ir ( xtesiions of sympathy with the
Jf'itth in our present National troublts.
and in m u'f "f h ) cl.iticln s pu'ihc pray
ers are off ltd in i ur beh.tlf. t'ol. Aus-
tin, li i serve a l.i in u i and the tinmen,
. . . . . . ... ,
is about to leave to lake command of
the Diit h Volunteers. At H bts'o o
his ! g liif nme pur hIj S'mJ from atanding
in the va'or ii t c trenches, fiom which,
ho vt Ver, he . reertvered al llio O-rmanj
Betlis He is sail to have a thorough;
knowledge of drill, and to be eminently
fi ted for hl pot.
Gov. Houston Still True.
A gentleman who beard ihe speech of
Sim. II Usui, delivered in Oalvcston,
Ti xris, two o three wet ks ago, asurenl
the editor of the Washington 8'-r that
the stories alleging that General Houston
has aecepte'd the Recession of his S:ate as
a fant accomplished, do him great injus
tice. IIestillproclaimahisalIegiar.ee lo
'In United S a e, and mainUins that it 1
tho tin y of he Unionist! of Ti x s sin p'y
tu bide thiir limo, determined 'o assert
ihi ir libcnies and rig'itsof Ame rican t it
iztnsbip u ilu firo iit'in oc:ai in.
The Texas Border Trouble.
A stall mcnt, taken from the No Or
le ins j n;ier, was published in the daily
p ipe rs a few days tdrice, lo the effect that
Oapt. ,Mtntgo nery, wi h about three
thou and tro -ps, bad enptured Forts Wa
4ii-aw and Cobb, h the Indian territory,
mar tbt Northern boundary of ' x s.
1 heso forts ha 1 been nimndoned by the
U R. troops by order of tho Ooverumeut,
and the trt'Ojis removed to Fort Leaven
worth, and subsequently taken possession
of by the rebels. Fort Aibuckle was to
have been vacated also, but the following
paragraph, taken from a New Orleans
piper of the Hlh inst., indicates lha', ihe
garrison ci'her remained, or else the Kan
sas border men are confounded with the
U. 8. trjep:
Mr Ojorgi W. Wright, direot from
Paris, T xih, which place he left on Mon
day, G ill ins!., slate s that the night previ
ous to hia departure, an ixprens arrived
from Col. Wm. C. Young, asking for as
sistance in b i-i ging Fori Arhucklc, in
the Indian Nation, lie ha 1 with him 500
Tox ins, an I 100.) Ch ctaw Indians
Fifteen hundre d Uni ed S'ates troops were
reported to bo in Fort Aibuckle. Norrii
Ti xas was volunteering en masse to tro
'O oueg s asBistance.
The Texas Border Trouble. The St. Louis Trouble.
The Democrat newspaper, after dwell
ing at come leng'h in a scathing eip
tiou of the treason ible court-e of Gover
nor Jackson tho indisputable came of
ihe lite (rouble concludes thur.:
St. L.iuis has been called the Gibrakar
of freedom in the s'ave St iles. Mi may
now be well called the for ress of the ci n
sti uliou in ihe slave 8.ates. List Friday
was the fimt of a new era. That d iy,
unless we are profoundly mistaken, marks
the tinning point in the fortunes of thn
war. Henceforward we i-hall hear of but
fuw iulvantng'8 and f wi r triumphs fo
;he rtf.btd cause, while the telegraphic
bulletins from .lay to elav will proclaim
the pro perous advance of the loyal Inii-t.
of the government into the heart of the
enemy's country. But, however deeply
we may be impressed wi h this presenti
ment, let us not forget that tho west bank
of the Mississippi is now the chi f seat of
the civil war. If Jackson calls the se
cessionists to arms, Gen. Harm y wi'ltin
i;h what Captain Lyon commenced in
such ti no s yle. The fa'o of Missouri
rests on the will of the Governor. In
any event, Sj. L mis is safe- under the pro
lection which twelve thousand bnyonets
beneath tlu immediate command of liar
my, will not fail 'o ue. Wo grant tln.t
peace is desirable and we say that the
proscrva'ion of peace is easy. Let the
secession programme bn abandoned, and
war i impossible : let further attempts bd
ma le to cnriy it out,, nnd the fastnesses of
the Ozark Mountains will fail to bide the
tra'tois from tho ic I right arm of a nati iu
lir el with righteous uner.
- -
Terrori in Nkw Orleans. A gen
tleman who left New 0 leans on the 7 h
iastaut, r p 'rts that great alai m and anx
iety prevuils i here, i.o'. on'y with regard
to the vast depredations and the e-orm
ous power whio i the Federal Govern
ment is putting forth (o crush the rebell
ion, but also w I'll reg ird to the negn e".
The terror on this latter subject is git-alt
even lb in on the former. S'leii hund
red men are in arms every night to g.i'ard
the city against an ou break. On Sun
day night, tho fl h ina ant, elevi n stean
boats nnd other vessels were burned nt
al tho levee j th-Mr value is set down tn
the New Orleans papers' nt $100,000.
but according to our informal t it was
really $'250,000. The most interesting
feature of this event is a'together igi ored
by euir New Orleans cotemporariea, Ihro'
there was nobody Iu the city wfn had
any doubt on the subject. This is thai
the ineendiiry who caused ibis conQ 'gm
lion w as a slave.
Miej Mullein' Irish Hrigule.S.OOO
strong, raised in Cliiotigo, has b;eii c
cep'cil for three yearn miel he has gone
home touko ihe-ni em to Nshinitoii.
-New Orlt-nna i arming. The steam
er Art'tiiia riinivii thore n lew Uhv since
frtiiii Union Rjtie, 0 twelve-poundcis,
3,'JIG teen inch 3ot buses of bliol,
itmt 70 lioxes of te nts n ml pjlen.
Tlius Ur thn Government has clmrter
cd about scve nly trn.pjrta. These ve-
ei ar paid lor at t..e rate ol from oUK)
to JSUO each per day. Thei tXenseii,
inoiuiivo of kmtpuijr ibeni in comnitssion,
i about $Kt 000 per week.
-Tho I'ensivoola correKpondent of
Mdbilo Adv.raier says that (00 troep8
from Georgia and Alabama ai rived there
nn llu I Tib inst.. bt'imr tlm AdvHiiep
Uutvrd of a.0U0 recently ordered lo
feiini. Tl.ej" will incieaso Uen
lie n. Ihagg'li
coivurwiil to about t',0lKnu'n
Tli" Moutjj.. nveiy Advertiser tu
j;tnu i ha? wiiereiis tlur. is n movement
for tho ooiitie.Ht 'on or xjrejri;iiion of
income? of Cm properly ia 1'bihi lelpbia
U lor-irt to Se"ii;vtor Mits -n ed Virginia,
it if'alui'.ion be jirtieiieed oa the Soil
property of n Ni lhe rn S . naior ; that
ronfedersrv (lovertituent lake charge
the Mississippi plantation of Senator!
Three Year Troops.
As already announced, Ohio will have
i.ine regiments under the new call of the
President for three years troops. These,
with the thirteen previously called for, will
moko twenty-two regiments for this 8 ate.
Il ii sail thai five tf th j niti J ftow iig.
iiietits will hi orginiz-' l among the H ai
iroops no in a-np, an I win innr I ur I
. i . , i i
from ou bide
eo npaaies. fiieps are lo be
r I
taken at Once for mustering ihi hi w reg- i
! . . . . . " c i i rr i
arj lo be fpji. i ited by the G.iveinor, u.i-
di.r the plan for tug itrz ition fixed upjii
b; ihe War !) p .runeui.
The fol.Oriing circ.ul r has been sent
to Caplaius of c imp inins of .S a'e t'oojn
KM II 11. U'MIl yi-.VKTKII.s, J
INT liCVHli ll.'l III I'ICK.
i itnea, l., Mm- l.i. lSiH.
(ki:ii i. U
Sin :l lie rresid' iit of Hie Cnited Slnteg i-enmi-cfl
or lliiio nin r.'kiinoiiK t i.-i ve tor tiree aruui'.s, mi- !
lex-i h n i t disohiii'fred. ' j
The iinni'iiT of r.ini.nta of liifiinlr w not yet i
(lei,i(;iiiiu.'.l. Your fiiii.uiy liavinif tendered tier-1
v lee tor three in .ntlis, will, upon n-eeipt of this ol
der, r.-port whether llier extend thut ln I r m the
nhove term of x-.trviva. in such caae tliev will for
ward hy the fiivtt m ill n new roll, for which a blitnk
la eiieliwd, with a eerlilionte of the Cdj.t.iln thul it
in for the lliree ypnr term.
t.'nm h.i.iriii' I'roni nil companion teieleiinn; for
t'n ee Venn, nil onler will lie puliliHlio 1 dasiirn;itiiif
ttie PuiiipniiieM neeepted. Tln roiui ait.s will be or
(t inijijd and ollicorvd in lairmianee of ili roitli!iitioii
ol tlie IYc.sid.-iil. . fpffi
Cuinp niies nlivndv iittae.lied to any rvj;iiiiL'iit and
d elininir to iiee.-pt the thine years nevviee will din
li.oi I inline liately, uh na imii'v poinpituicn lor throe
in null .sen ic will lie iici'. pted hy the (oeeriinieiit.
F.iilmv lo in ike pmnipt report' v ill b.v d 'eined a
d'-eliniition, mid the nrgnniz ition will proceed nc
fonlinj.'ly. Ink wrier to le orjz.niiiet n.s follen.s I
K.u'h regiment will eon-sUI ot't.'ii r niip.uiie, and
cuen eonipiinv will li,'oij'.intze,i n r..los
1 Captain.
I Kir.d Lieiit-jiiant.
1 rjecoirl Lieutenant
t Kli st .Scrtte.int.
1 S' rc.ml.s.
H Coipoial.
2 Miisiri.nis,
1 Vv'.icon r.
til I'riv.iteit.
8.1 AjjrcRalc.
1 Cuptiln.
1 First Lieutenant.
1 Seron l l.i n'"n nit.
I Kiitit rtui'ireunt.
i SeiKeanl.s.
S Corporals.
' Miiicians.
1 V;oinr.
82 rrivate.it
Ml Appretrata.
II. H. Caiihimiton,
Adjiitaiil tJenerul,
The New Yorkers a e justly very
suipi'ious of the genuiness of Mayor
Wood's recent conversion to Un'oi prin
ciples, nnd are It-ping a sharp watch on
his movements.
Clkvi;i.ani Wool. Daeor Cd. This company is
cninposed of lending and Mihjlanli.il wool-growers
nf (lliio, who will do with their customers exactly
us th.y arreo in their advertir.ement, which we
pulilish in another column. Lot wool-raisers Uke
notioe, mid tlien see if it will not be to their interest
to deal with the Cleveland Wood Depot Co. (Ah
Scholarships for Sale.
and Maiiln-e Coiiiin Trial Colleges, which we
will sell cheap fur rash.
O H 1) 1 N A N C E .
At a regular mc 'tiie' of the Town Connril of the
town of rnrrrnlMirg, Wood county, Ohio, htdd on
Monday, May'0, 1 S j I , it was ordered
That a side-walk deconstructed on tho west side
tf Front Str-ct. from the corner of Louisiana Ave
nue to 0. Bench's store, in front of lots 7D, 772, 7T3.
.Said .tide-walk' to be six feet wide, lo be built of
sound oak plank tno inelu-s thick, an 1 to be laid
lengthwise. 8ui l plank to rest on oak bearers six
inches S juare an 1 to bi four feet apart. I'lank to
b well Listened by being n i.lod tlowu light to the
bearers. S.ii 1 .sid.t-w.ilkx to he built under the .;u
pervisioii of Ihe Marshall, who shall have power to
0, impel t ie pcrfoi nian -e of the same according to the
above speeilicaii ms, and t i have the same complet
o I wiihin 150 days from date.
.l.is. W. Koss, Mayor,
F. K. Miia.Kti, Itecnrder.
t) T I C K
undersigiie l has been duly appoint"d admin-
islr.itorof the cslata of Wilson Me.Milli-n, late of
Wood countv.O., dec. JOHN A. STKOCS.
May 22'1,'laill 3w3
Notice is leueby given that Simpson Jones, ex
ecutor of the last will and tostament ol Skill' itas
set, dee., has filed his account for the final settle
ment of said cslate.whieh mailer is s ' for healing
on the Sth davof ,lu:ie,lSOI. HAMEI, l't)K
May K.lSe'.l - 3w3 lVoliate .lodge.
Tim fuili(! v voters of school district No. I, Per-
ryslnirg, O., are hereby notified to m Jet iu the (Vn-
trnl School Jims j on r'riday, June 7ih, 1901, nt 7
o'clock, p. in., tiolegt two members of the Hoard of
Education to serve for throe years ; to provide fori
tho siiplsiit of the sell-mi for the ensuing year ; and
to transact such other busin 'ss lis nnv come before
the ni?)ting. (!Et. POWERS, 1'res't.
i as. vv . no:-, ;sce v.
Perryshurg, May 1. 1801 -3w3l 2".
18 8 1
We feel goat oontMeueo in announcing to Wool
Growers and Merchants that we possess unsurpass
ed facilities for receiving, grading and selling Wool,
which will be done.
L I H E K A L A 1) V A N C E S
Will be made on receiving wo.il.
J-tf" Sacks will be sent to those who wish to
No efforts will be wanting t merit the patronage
of those who have Wool to sell,
Cl.KVKLAND Wool. PkI'OT Co.,
3w4 Odiee, No. 107 Jl.iuk St., Cleveland, 0.
John Russul, adm'r vs David Clevcrs and Catha
rine t levers, dee'd.
On the first day of duly. I '.. 1 , between 10 o'clock
a. m. and 4 o'clock p. in., on the promises, will be
sold to the highest bidder, tho iidloiv ing real estate,
as the property of Catherine ('levers, and David
I'lovero. ileeeas""!: Commencing twcniy-two rods
west of the smith-eiisl nnier of tho north-west
ouartei' of section 17, toivnship 3, range 11 civsl i
thence west 28 rods ; thence north SO r wls : thence
tsiat 2ii md.; thenee south Ml rids: making 13 acres.
Also, c . nun -neing al the south-east corner of the
north hall" of the north west uarter of section 17,
township 3, range 1 1 eastj thence 22 rods west: thence
norm Ml; thence cast . roils t thence south ltxts
lothe place of beginning ; containing 11 acres the
pn.pei tyof David Clevcrs and Cath trine Clevcrs,
dee'd. Conditions made known on dav of sale.
l.tUU l,-'-I' 1
u.rii.i ivfsci:,i ntiui r.
Coos. Pmei: A;. Jounsox, ati'vs.
May 20th, is:;i - swtifi S5.
11 K R I V V
S A L i: ,
William Wittin and John Davis vs. Henry Rascly.
lly virtue of an order of sale, owned from the
court of t'.oiniuoi) pleas ol' Wood rtnuity, Ohio, aud
to ni' diivet.-d, I will expose to public sale, at the
residence of L, H. Rmlgers in Henry towns'p, Wood
txumty. Ohio, on
Wednesday, the Sth day nf June, ISdl,
the following property. to ii: Kour horses, five
milch cows, wheat iu the i' round, iron kettles, plow
ad dra:, bsik mill and bark, two young neuters,
hoes. eiMssettt saw. n lol of dry cat ' skins, calf
skim dressed, deer fkins finished, two sides hur-
ness leather, a lot of tanner s toots, seven hairs deer
I hair, nn l a variety nt othar in liclci m't hei m.-n-
tioned. aid pi.eity taken iu attachment and be
an order to nu diivvted from the court of common
j pleas, hale to commence ut It) o'clock, a. ni., nn
j Miid day. A rredil, ou all soma over f S, of lliive
months will be given. O. K Ul'Ylilt, SheritV.
e ook, l (iH-if joiesxrts. ativs for pltll.
May itl, IBtil-3w2r3,VI '
II F. It IV F 1 S S A I K
T f,
A. Watlaham and William M. Wrinht.d. lenduots.
nv e inn ni an iMMer of He Issueil Iu tlm almve
rase by the Clcilt nt the Court of Common Pleas
e',,lmnlisn.i eoiiiity. Ohio, and to ni' dirt tied and
do'iceivd, I ill oil t for nale at public vi ndue at the
dtkir of the Court Housa in th lown of Perry shm-g,
WvhkI coimii , Ohio, on '
Saturday , t he 221 day of .1 une, l rtt 1 ,
between the hot'us of 10 a. ni. and S p. in., of said
day, Ui-i following described hinds aud Icnotucnu.
lo -w.t: a pail of the s-w ijr. see. .', toivu 'A UiHh,
range II east, in Wood county, Ohio, and miming
a In across .ti 1 or. ao a t cut off .iilr ucivs
from (he north nite thereof, appraMii at ttti".
41. K. t.l Vl.li, lirn8.
May S.I, I 'Ol "..''J hj.
Edevln Hurt'!, nnnnlian cf.Tci1j flovi'm and
Mnrr A.CIfTPM, (Minnrl) vs. Jnrob Clevem.eft si.
Hy virtiin of an order of nalc, finm said Court in
h aliovn entitled rouge, to me Ip-nind, directed nnd
dtflivweil, 1 ofl'. i- nt pu'.ilio auction. n
lmi.r tin- l.t dur of Jtilr, 1 8(1 1 .
Ii tweivi (lie limine of IS n'elock n. in. and 4 o'i ! vk
It. m. of naid day, on tlic pn-nn'-ioH, the fi llntt inir do
l. .,..!. i i ,i,.i. i.. ...::. 'i-i ' i . i ... i r
m -m-infr sn rnU w,Mt of the siiir.li-p.int corner of
. i . i I ,., .rt'.'i. . .i.fi o.ireei hi iiiii'i ei'in-
I,,, .tr.i t . ii.i I oi ti,.. .. i c
. " ? ' ,, "., 1 V ,'"
A.'Vttltl'Cll. t.tWll tlir.'d IHII-el. rtl rim. I .lt v. .M ,.n M.
rnninc west 3is rods, tln-nre imrtli Wi rodii. tlienee
'"' M thi-iKV aouth bO rwln to tlio ilne of
t. L'iiliiinii, ( olilaiiiinif IU Meruit i il.nt unreel
eomiHtaieiiiK 118 rod Wert of the wui It-runt comer
nftlio noitii half nf lit! iio:-;h-wet ipi.irtvr "f suc
tion wvcnieai, town thr.'o north nf innri tl; n
i.-.ihI, riming west 12 rods, thenei' north t?l) rodg.
til MieoiiKt st'J rods, tlu iice xonth H(1 rods to tl-e place
of li '0111111111'. Contiiiiiltiir iirres: ho'hnf aid tur-
eels of lunirtiointr Hiiiinir in Wood rontitv, Ohio, nnd !
nn1 pi-opcrtt' or sani .ninors. Terms nirtilc known
tin clay of mil . KUWIX OOHTH.V,
ltntr 11. m of Jacob and Mary A. t'leveri.
(Ikii. Sth .it v. n:tv.
M.iv 20, IS'',;h,i;jm,n.1
To Fiioh Cramer, It llowclN. nnd the unknown
nna-rmltlenl uwnern of th" following denerilied Itinsta
in IVikkI roiinty,Ohio,to-witi neclion I. town S north
nniro I J ent. Yon will take notice tlntt itpplication
his Imcn mndo tn the coinnilssioncrs nf Raid county
to locate mi l establish ft drain com-nencinff at sta
tion JtO of tint Kurd ditch near the e-enter of the nontli
west qinirler of Maid section thence norlh-CBstrrly
tlip)ti)rh aaltl Section to the east line thereof nlxint tll
rods wnith of the nortli-enst corner of tho naine m-e-tion.
nnd thero terniinatiiip nnd that dftid applica
tion will be for hearing on the 4th tiny of the next
Htated raveling nf Kaid comininsioners, .Jnne (I.ISfll.)
AnmnoM Smith, Auditor.
Auditor 'a Office, Wood county, Ohio. '
i'crrv.sbiirjr, Mav 17, i61 'w2S:i 05.
TiiO.smm Itay, Ambrose Hay, Afihrrf'iMik, Aaron
M Merchant, .lo's K Swan, .hweph I' Core, John II
Cnlis. Ujorpe M'orthiiniioii. Ij U (lunn, llcnry I.y
on and the unknown nnn-rcside.nl owners of the fol
lowing ileHCi'ibud lands in Wood county, Ohio, to
wit: the bouth half of fweions 4 nn l fi, the west
liulf south-east qr sec 0, the north-east qr see 7,
and the north half of a 'etions 8 and 0, all in town 4
north, range 1 1 east. You will t.iko notice that ap
plication has been in ado to the cimmii.sMotiri's of
s aid county to establish and construct a drain or wa
tr coiir.v, commencing lit a point where the Milton
Hnd Montgomery Kroj Turnpike road crosses the
west braneh of IVrt.ige Hiver; thence east in the
south ditch of said mad to a point where said road
crosses the Middle branch of Portage liiver, where
at to terminate ; and that said application he for
hearing on the 4tli day of the next stated ni'ietingof
said ceanmissimi.'rs (June 6, 1861.)
AnnisoM Smith, Auditor.
Auditor's Olllee, Wood eountv.Ohio.
l'errrsbnrg, Mnv IT, 1 SOI Sw2$: 85.
To J Hedges, S Wilkins. J W riurnhani, John
Malone, .lohn Karknlow, J Kwing, L ! Strutten, II
Cotter, J Ilettell, J Murray,!' Hwdcr.s, Marcus Sears,
J A ult, 1 .Smith, W Uicr. J N Trelin. J Harnett. A
W Duty, and tho unknown non-resident owners of
tnc lotion lngileseribea lands in Wood county ,Ohio,
to-wit: south-east niuirtcr sec 31, town 6 north,
range 9 uast, east half of sections 0, 7, 18, 19, liO.31
and the west half of sections S, 17,20.20. 32 and
south-west quartor section 5, nil in town 4 north,
range y east, ion win take notice that application
has been made to the commissioners of said county
tn cstnhlish and construct a drain or water eoiir'e
commencing at the north side of the Dayton & Mich
igan railroad, wnero it crosses llic line between the
sections 3) and 32, town 4 north,range 0 east: thence
north on said line as near n.s practicable to the Mil
t in and Montgomery road ; thence west on said road
about 30 roils lo a ravine tltcncc down said ravine
to Heaver Crock, and there to terminate ; and that
said application will be for hearing on the 1th day
of the next stated meeting of said commissioners,
(.tune ti, lS.il.) Auiusiin Smith, Auditor. .
Auditor's Olliei, Wood county, Ohio,
l!iTvshurg, May 17, 1801 '"i'w'.'f i 30.
.Notice is hereby given that on Fatnrdny, the 22d
day of dune next, nt the house of J Mover, in Troy
township, I will let, in separate sections, to the low
est bidder, the making of drain number i 'Ml, com
menting uhout 120 ruths north of the south-west
corner of section II iu said township : thence north
easterly across said section to intersect drain num
ber H. The work comprises 9 sections of 20 rods
each, vv i.uii ol outturn i tect. itank slopes 1 rise
to I'i laiso. Ihe earth to be removed at least .1
leet from the h inks, nnd the whole .o be completed
ovine is: cur ol uctouer next. Sale to coinni nce
al one o'clock, p in. AnmsoN Smith, Auditor.
Auditor's (Hhce, Wood eountv.Ohio.
lVrryslmrg, Mav ltt, IS'11 3"wSl .Ml.
Notice is hereby civen that on Mnud.iv. the 24th
day of June, 1801, at Milton Centre. I wiil let to the
lowest bit lor, in separate sections, the making of
the drain or water-course known us drain number V
coinm Mieing about 40 rods north of the south-cast
corner of section 32. town 4 range I's thence north on
section line to thill branch of Reaver Creek which
intersects sai l line s thence down said creek in a
north-westerly tliivetiou to the west line of the south
east ipiartcr of section 32, town ft, range 9, whereat
to terminal . Tie- work comprises 102 section o!
20 rods each. Its width on the bottom i.s as follows :
tho lirst 2(1 sections 2 feet, the next 21 sections 3J
feet and th.- bilano! 4 feet on the bottom. The banks
to have a slope of 1 i feet to I in depth. The earth
which is taken out ot said drain to bo removed at
least 3 feet from tho slope of tho bank, and to be
thrown on the side of the county road where it runs
along tho same. The work to'he completed l the
acceptance of the county commissioners ou or before
the 1st tluy in October, 1S0I. fvilo to coniuienco nt
one o'clock, p. in. AtnnsoN Smith, Auditor.
Auditor's Ollice, Wood county, O.
Perryshurg, .May li, 180l -3'w5$ 75.
Kv Spring; and Summer (eols.
(i. R. Kreps is now offering great bargaing in
all kinds of
Dry Goods
Ready M.idy Clothing.
l!'v,i"s and Shoes,
Ac., Ac,
He will sell very low for cash. He has many
idylc of
which he is selling at less than cost to close out.
Great Itargaius also iu
Ladies and (lent Furs,
Ruft'alo Rolicii
nnl mmv etner nnitlcs that arc warm ami com-
! fort-thtcfor this cdd weather,
; c(kmI (lootls,
lu short if you want
, . n r,
Call on G. D. Kreps.
If you want floods Fashionable,
Cull on G. B. Kreps.
If j on want (ioods Cheap,
Call ou G. B. Kreps.
If you want to get ytMir money bark.
Go to G. B. KREPS.
rcrrvsburg, De. 1 2th, ISdtV
A -
M.iriah K. Yount, administratrix of Oabricl
Vomit, dec, v Thomas Vomit, Abraham Yount,
Daniel Vomit. Mm iah Heals, Oco. Y. Yount. Wm.
II. Heals, Sarah Yount, A. Jackson Yount, James
.Met. lines and Susanna Mctninus.
On Saturdiiv. Ihe lolh tlav nf Juno. Iftfil. at
o'clock, a. in.. at the door oi the Court llouse.in
town of Perrvsburg. in Wood county, Ohio, will
sold to the highest bidder, the following real estatu,
the property of llabriel Yount, dee., to-witi All that
prt of the "east half of fi actions! section unmlicr
township number B. i-unge nniulier 10 east, iu Woisl
coiintv.0..lvinir cat of the 1 lav ion A Michigan Itail-
na I. containing ert uci-esof land more or less. Terms
nude known on itay ol sale.
M vkiaii K. VtfVT, Adm'tx.
Cook, Pkick kt Johnsos, Atl'y.
Mny 1 1, IM1. - Sw 51 6
4 m:iMKTK ATOMS NOTll'l'
V Thcuii U-rstuned have been dulv aiMsiimed
Administrator rf the Estate of John Savage,
of Wood county, Ohio, deceased -all perMMia
in said t .it-ite r ronm-sird to make imme-
diate paynr ut.
3 '
U o ot Bf Shoes, C l orT 11 1 n o,
t'ruekery itnd Ulnssnnre,
Fnrnihifr Toots,
litiello' Drcs Goods,
New, Chaste, Well and Klegant Patterns,
Jmt rctvived l.y
Sugars, Amber Syrup; African, Rio
nnd Java Cuflceit,
Layer and Heedless Raisins, very nice, Crimes and
Ke-roscn'! Oil,
Tea at .'0 cents, and Jit tea for 73 cents; try it.
Prime Live Geese Feathers,
Itetailed from $1 Hi up. m
Mackerel and Cod Fish, looking Classes, etc.
New Spring and Summer styles,
Strong and Cheap for Caslu for sale by Williams.
French Printed llareges, very cheap.
French Printed Organdies. Ivautiful designs.
Gingham Lawns, Printed Lawns, Printed Itiil
lianU's, all entirely new styles.
Mourning Ooods, Embroideries, Peregc do Laiues,
Summer Drc-ts Silks,
Linen Lustres, Valencins, Foulunl Silks, Marseilles,
Lawn Holies, Organdie Holies,
(Irenadines, Challies, Counterpanes, N'upkius,
Doylies, Dinniisk Cloths,
Hullling, Edgings, Moreens, F'hinntds, Lace Veils,
Cotton Sheetings,
Dress Muttons and Trimmings, a luiudseme assort
ment, all new.
llonii 'ts and Ribbons, Misses' and Childrcns Flats
and Hats,
Parasols, the newest and richest out ! Shawls of
every description,
Mantillas and Kaplans; please cull and examine be-
for purchasing elsewhere.
t-t"Producc taken In exchange for goods.
2nd door trom the post ollice.
T THE W O HI, U R E A I) ,
new eioons !
nkw oounsl
ew Goon I
miw raices:
nsw rttiCKs!
msw i-Ricrs!
ItKW rilH'Kh I
Tho largest stocks of goods ever off ored in this
market, embracing an cmtless rnnety of articles
In the selection of which no effort has been spar
ed to render it as attractive as possible, is now be
ing openeet at the
J. Hitchcock, on the eorn r of Front and Lou
isiana Avenue, Perrvsbutg, Ohio.
of W,
Inspection and Comparison will prove that for va
riety, elegance, richness, cheapness, beauty and
quantity, this stork is uusttrpassed by any now ot
tered in the est.
In this department crcat advantage mav be obtain
ed by close cash buyers, from the tact that the goods
ant boiighlfor cash directly of the eastern dealers
and manufacturers, and all imported goods arc bo't
at just wliat it costs to import Iheui, hence lie can
a fiord lo sell goods at
than goods aro generally gold, which is an item nf
great interest t3 the people of Woid county, A suf
fficicnt in duccment, we take it, to make Perry s
burg Oit trading point.
In this department, we have the largeat and moat
complete assortment in Northern Ohio. Made up
uceordiug to tlie latest fashions and in the mtl sub
stantial manner, wari-autod ls giro tho very beat
aatisfartion, or do sale.
Those wishing to purchase anything in this line
ill find it to their advantage to pay my Store a visit
bctnre purchasing elsewhere. 1 be alkntion of tho
public ta respectively in vit.il to my rxtciiaive stock,
feeling aastu-ed it w ill be tunc prt.ltlubly spcut.
t-if"Produee taken iucxebauge ivt gsHtls.
rtrrvshnrg, Jai-oary IM1,
and iiai.t nnrrrt ivnrr.
For the Corn of
Cunker, Rait Rhnmi, Krvsi'la, Scrofulous Dis
cuses, Ceituneona Krupttviif, Sore F.yes,
and every kind of Disease arising"
fr ni an impure state eif
the blood.
The most t flt ttlv e Ulooel TuriCcr ol the
iiieleenth Century.
It is the prescription of an educated Physician,
nnd nil who arc afflicted with ny of then abovo
n -in led disease', shcnld use it without delay, buch
letfc-rs s the' following see often received.'
Jcinint". ille. Ashland Co , Ohio. Nov. 2.0. I860.
Messrs. .1. '. II !!i:t A Cft., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Uendi men : - I il.-.-tii il a duty as well
pleasure, to inform ym wl.nl Dr. 'Weave r's J)rp
and Cerate has done lor me, I'nd hope thut this let
ter mnv come to the notice of persons similarly
afflicted. Ill the year 1850 1 Was attacked nidi
letter, or some kindred disease, t li both my legs,
which twt.cudad until from my knees to my leet wan
one law sore. I consulted and obtained medicines
and prescriptions from nearly all the physicians in
this vicinity, hut obtained no" relief. Your agent at
this place,' Mr. Hoffman, ivcoiiiniend 'd nie to try
the Syrup and Cerate, which I fortunately did, aiul
am now n sound and well man by their use. ,
With groat gratitude, I reinnni. Yours truly ,
Mr. Weirbnnght being u well known gentleman
of A .'liland. makes this information most reliable.
lly taking the Syrup as directed, it will drive the
diseases from the system, and wheu once out on tho
skin, a few application of
and yon have u permanent cure.
Toe Cerate has proved Itself to ko the bst Oint
ment ever Invented, and where once eued, it has
never li-'cn known to fail of effecting a permanent
etireof old sores, tct'er and ringworm, scald head,
chiliblaius and frost bites, barber's ilcli, chapped
or cinckcd hands or. lips, blotches or pimples on tho
face. And for Soro .Nipples and bore Eyes, th
Cerate is the only thing iviiiired to cure. It should
he kept in tho house of every family.
Price of Syrup $ I. Cerate 25 ceiits per bottle.
J-V Directions accompany each bottle.
Sold bv most medicine dealers.
.1. N. It AHRIS & CO., Proprietor!!, for the South
ern and Western Males, Cincinnati, Ohio, to whom,
all orders must be addressed.
Sold wholesale and retail by Peck A Hamilton,
Perryshurg; Frederick Hosinger, Freedom; 11. Uur
ritt, 'Maumee Citvs D. H. .Miner, Toledo; W. D,
Moore, Svlvania;!'. Daniels, Toledo: C.F. Williams,
Toledo; A. E. Jerome, New Wcstlield; A. J. Gard
ner A Co., iilcad. 2wtye
is Tin: rii-iisK ot"
S II Kit It Y W 1 X 11 lllTTKUS'
Tho Celebrated New England Remedy for
llreliimul Con.NlipiUion.
Jaundice, Fever and Ague, Ueneral Debility," and
all other Diseases arising from a Disor-
dcrcu Mouiach, laver, or liowels.
They are used ami recenmiciided by thG leading
Physicians of the country, and all who try them
pronounce them invulualile.
Dit. JAMES I.. LEl'ERE, writes from Xavarro,
Stark Co., Ohio, 'the Hitters are highly praised by
those sulleiing limn indigestion, dyspepsia and liver
K. S. Davis. Postmaster nt Wil iamsport, Ohio,
says, '-they give great wilisfnction. 1 use them
invself, having taken cold, teconm prostrate and
lost my appetite. It relieved me, and I can recom
mend it with great assurance of its merits."
Dii. Wm. M. Kkrh, of RogiTgville, Ind., writes
us that they are the most valuable medicine tillered.
Ho has reci'immoiided them with great succoss, and
with them made several cures of palpitation of tho
heart inn! general debility.
Thomas Staxiifokd. I'lsq., Plountsville, Henry
Co., Ind., writes n loiuj letter, under date of May 4,
lSiill. He was niuch reduced, having been iiftlictcd
for three years with great ncrvieus debility, palpi
tation of the heart of ihe most severe and prostrating
character, "after using a few bottles 1 was com
pletely restored, and am now iu robust henlth."'
J. 'U". lll'NT writes from Delphos, Allen Co., Ohio,
(a section where Fever and Ague prevails,) that ho
most cherliilly recommends them of decided merit
in all casos of fkvku and .turn, DY.srwsiA, and
D. K. Cei.i.AiiKHS, M. D., writes from Van Wert,
Ohio, "1 most respectfully recommend tho SWry
Wine Hitters to the notice of Dyspeptic persons,
nnd to all who lvipiiro a stimulating medicine.
Sold bv dealers iu medicines generally.
I'lico 7.1 ct'iils per bottle.
J. N. HARRIS, Cincinnati. Ohio,
(leiieral Ag'. ms for the Southern and Western States.
For sale by Peck & Hamilton. Perry: ber;r, Ohio;
F. Roesinger, Freedom; S. L Houghton, Rowling
!reen; II. Rurrctt, Maumee, D. II. Miner. Toledo;
W. D. Moore. Sylvaiiid: A. E. Jerome, New West
field; A. J. (lar'diic-r oc Co., Citead. 2wtye
Every body has it. Every body uses it,
Tim ;hfat i-'amilv jiedicine.
Taken Internally, it cuivs sudden Colds, Coughs,
tte., Weak Stomach, liencr.il Debility, Nursing
Sore Mouth, Canker. Liver Complaint. Dyspepsia
or Indigestion, Cramp nnd Pain in the Stomach,
Rowel Complaint, Painter's Colic, Asiatic Cholera,
Diarrhea and Dysentery.
Applied Externally, cures Felons. Rolls, and Old
Sores, Severe llurus, Scalds, Cuts, Hi'iiUes and
Sprains, Swelling of the Joint.s, Ringworm and
Tetter, J.rokcn Ureast, Frosted Feet and Chillhlains,
Toothache, Pain iu the Face, Neuralgia and lthuu
lustisiii. It is a sure re mod v for Ague, und Chills
and Fever.
Pain Killer, taken internally, should he adulter
I n ted with milk or water, or made into a syrup with
i molasses. For a Cough, a few drops on tugar
! oaten will be more ell'eetive than anvil. mi' else.
See printed directions which iiectunpany each
What stronger proof can bo produced than the
following letter received, unsolicited, from Rev. W,
It. Jacobs:
Newark, N. J., June 13, lSrtO.
Messrs. 1'ekby Davis A Son Gentlemen Allow
me, unsolicited, to send you a word of commenda
tion for your Paiu Killer. I have used it in my
family these several years, and found it all it claims
to be; For Rheumatism, Coughs, Colds, Hums,
Cholera tendencies und diuicultits. as well as dis
eases generally that prevails iu families, 1 regard
tho Pain Killer as beyond all price, and as tttica
cious beyuud any medicine within my knowledge.
We keep it as our chief family medicine, und Und
its use in ordinary cases worth more than any
doctor. The testimony of others among inv ac
quaintances and friends is equally favorable. Many
clergymen have spoken of it in the highest terms
as a family medicine. Missionaries iu repeated in
slances have said to me in person and iu their letters,
that the Puiu Killer was by far the best medicine
used in heathen lands, and they use it for themselves
and families, and administer it to others urouuil
them. Thus much 1 uni inclined to say as an act
of justice to yourselves, and us il benefit to others.
You are at liberty to use this tcstamnnial, if of any
serv ice. liE V. W. JACORS,
Late Editor Christian Chronicle.
Cavtion. The public will be cautious thut they
get the genuine Pain Killer its some unprincipled
men, use (hat name for their own worthless com
pounds, in so doing they decieve the community,
and infringe upon the "Tbadk Maiik" of Perry
Genuine Perry Davis' Pain Killer sold by all
respectable Druggists.
Directions accompany each bottle.
Price.' 20c, inc. and f 1 per bottle.
Proprietors for the Western und Southern States,
Cincinnati, 0.
For sale, wholesale and retail, by Peck A Ham
ilton, Peirysburg; Frederick Rosinger, Fre udom: S.
L. Houghton. Rowling Green; N. Orahalman, Por
tage: 1). II. Miner, Toledo; W. D. Moore, Sylvania;
W . . ,1' , 1' I.. V .
iesift iruux, loietio; a. r,. rfeiiiiic, ii'w csi
Ueld. A. J. Gardner A Co., Gilead. 3wtvo
V. Notice is hereby given that a retition will
lie presented to tho Conimissioner of Wood Co., O.,
at there next staled meeting for a county road, com
mencing at tho center of the county road, running;
east ana west through the center of section 2(5 and
27 j thence north on the section lino between sec
tions 2U and 27, 22 and 23 to intersect the road run
ning east and west em the north line of said sections
22 and 23, all in town 8 north, range Vt east.
T 1 C E .
The undersigned has been appointed Ad
ministrator, (It 6jiim noli, of the Estatu of Phillip
MoMauuU, late of Wood county, Ohio, deceased
all persons indebud to said Estate aro requested to
make immediate payment.
M OTICK TO THI run i.'io.
1 Notico is hereby given that my w ife, Emily
Ti'rner, left, my bed and board in" Perryshurg,
Ohio, on tbe 2nd day of May last, without just
cans or provocation t and the publio are warned
arainst keeping or harboring her at my expense, as
I will par no debt of her Contracting.
Perryshurg, May Sth, 1801 lw3
Notice is hereby given that a petition wilj
be presented to the Commissioners of Wood Ce., O,
at their next stated meeting pniv ing for the vacation
and alteraiiun of a portion of the Mt. Pleasant
Ridge road, directly east of the west line of ace
tiou 32, Ptaiu Township, for a distance of about
of a mile cast of said line, and its location upon
the original road bid.
.May Jrtih,

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