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The Weekly Perrysburg journal. [volume] (Perrysburg, O. [Ohio]) 1861-1???, May 23, 1861, Image 4

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Perrysburg Journal.
Perrysburg Journal. THE AMERICAN FLAG."
Dedicated to all True Patriots.
Tk.r li.,trr.i II lir the in I I IVTcrcll I
There han a (big the win M lis Icarcd !
Then- hnnm ft 'X who "" K-'''-v
Tl... ., i. ,1.1 in nf ('ri-utinn' hvnm.
Their rlory'n dimmed hv timitiii!' hand,
Who. forming " their hos'ilr band.
W fit-Id tslo tin-in H In- law'- "''"I'l,
Ami thug t'.iitn huh t on ll. su night.
Klmtt it, our boa. I. -u- country' piid ,
Whose stars mi I stripe III.- null. I (i, II "I,
He turn Bin! ct'i-mil l-.v Iruit'ion thinns ,
Ht UOUlf flume of llllCfllll w-i K T
Shall il no HIT.- o'i T ocean hi e,
Nn more I ho wind of heaven liravc.
Nor lt-11 the storv to t!ir .il l.
How homo the l! 'Pi a'"' ',mv unfurled "
A million liosnnis answer. N'o I
Though blood should liki- n river limy
Fn-mrvi-rT heart and upraised nim i
Ar -l.all -till tin. Mol-lit .ft.tl-ll
. lint nnp . . i . fii,. i.i' - -
The white !hiill kviiiImiI lil.'.irhing hone
The lilni. like hesvs -. end; clc oii -'I'll?
T.'il hIimII nvtlllml IiIihmI, wlnnc flow
.... .. I. .II. ... .1 ... L . I.Ln iimiu'
niii,wucrrti inns, on-n n. us ..."..
The shir shall back to !( vi-ii po.
And watch thi! patriot's Iwart tin- .tow
When tghliug for it tl-'f.v. till
Thry fade ntviir- nn t heaven i "till -Surrendered,
it kIihII never li-,
ft Fill) shall still b-rvcr live ;
Shall mill tlio signal i-vi-r be
Of triumph over tyranny.
f Irent God 1 A N ill- n n k of Th--i-.
Who fought fi-r fr f-il.-ni. Iib-riy,
Tlml limn will iiuw oitcihc u1-11.
Aii'l hies us n-t (lion did: i lil,
Wl -n frt'iee. I '- f "ill- I: ll'n In iln.-t,
til Thee r'-iifl l 'il nil 'hi iv trust,
To ki-i-i u still ii N il I i 1 1 Free,
Ami unto 'flu c tlir g'"ry In-.
V nsk Tln-n, if it Ii- Thy will.
To hive, ni ted, n ni keep ib still :
Throw r .und us Thv urine line nun.
Itnl, if it in Thv great il -crec,
A N.ltiull Hi' dissevered lit',
Onrglnrv Ti lo, tin- ivnr! i'- oro.it ihnmc.
Wo ask Imt (or n iiitrinl'n n.iin
T'atlirrs.lii'i'tlu'rt, nvri. frirnilx.
In thi l.iiiiil v u nor h"Oi' ilrpi ivls:
IViti-rt Ihli ill,"-, lik.- V'i-ihin-ti il,
Ami thon liv vmi tin- vii-turv' -n,
AVi' pill- to lh-l- this n -hi.' Il IL".
Whnsi- hriiilx unci h.unN sh ill ir M-r Tip.
t'ill o'it this tnnil its I'ol Is lnill unvo, '
Orfiill Mii'-n th piilvint's pr.it i.
Maiist'ul.l, Aviil !'., Iil. j
Wrilt-n on tin- in nn'Mpof Apiil lOlli.nfti-r lionr
lllj: thiil ll.lli. 's I .'li v 1 1 it t hi-t-ll tiikt'll liy til'- Tt'li-
Is nii-1 1'i-ii'l tin1 muni- ,'t i nini' :il Sluipi-sA lltpo
livs II. ill, y the iitithor, v 1 1 Klvt 1111 ' thrillinp
Hints for the Season.
1. TliU nnd noxt wi t V , fa mors will b1
liii:y planlioj corn, li umA to bi ilit
idvica of S lon lloliinson "to pUnb one
ncre mnrc" thnn you intemJi'd, but our
udvioo in to plitnt hiuI to ouhivate lit 8
Benson a gvcai de vl iM-Uer ilvn cv?r jou
did bif D.m't f i! to si ru e tbo very
best Bft'd you cau f-'t, and of tbe v.iriety
best nUptid lo your ri l; n. If you get
com d om tho iStiutii, it iiMiu'rt'i a Ioi' t
M-uson lliit i yours lo inu'iirt-; lit nee, fiot
may spoil il la the f II. If you go too fin
north, you fji-t vnri'-ii 'o urn vH, n l
that ni.tturo too early i l p'antin, Fee thai
the gr. uuil is tna.kjd out, bin igltl.
(1rooK--'! rows nny bt; th-! lun 8 , bit'
thfylookb.nl, and arc a hindrance to cul
tivation by ho -si s; plant h r viht rown.and
take ptins to do it. 1) i not throw all ih
kerni'ls in aheap, bu neute r them in lb
hill; do not cover to. d p n r with any
thin but line earth. If y mr co-n groan )
U rich, plan, nn abund inctt t.f pttu pkin
seeds ?.iih the corn.
11. Potatoes sh m'd b p'anind n w
If yo t have not ojd varieties, such tin
you cnjjy when ca in. g a tht-ni this st-ft-on,
when they nre plenty and chewp.
Farmers m'ss it in raising thi hi' go coarsr
Boddtn kin Is, even to no 1, Pota o s an
excellent, if good; but poor potato-s nnkr
ntiijernbio diut. You hud b' tUT del .y
p'an.ing thi-ni a week, in 1 in that liuit
prepare the ground accord tig to tho betl
methods, then pLnl in h 'avy, shallow, or
cold soil, Put plenty of li n uh!y -rotted
compost in the drill, a liulo . a'l, and
cover this in inch deep with noil. Plnn'
wholo j)otatoes, of nn-diiuti s-iz : covet
th Jm from four to six in-, hen drop; plant
bo us to give k-ve! culture O. io Parmer.
f 'otinsvl lo VoTU'il. frit.
I. lit member that in a eompaign more
men die from sicliuss than by the bullet.
2 Line your b'.aaket with o e thi kness
of Crown drilling. ThU add but fuUi
uunccs in we:g'it and tl tables the warmth.
3. Huy a small lnd'a Pui'dier b'a ikei
fon'y $1,60) (o lay on the g unti l or
throw ov r yout shi ul.'eis whiuonruard
amy iiunt g a ia u storm n o t oi lite
f as e:n troops aie prov d- d wi.h tl ese.
S'.raw to lij upo;i is ni t always to be
4. The best liiii'- iy hat in u.e h the
light colors d sefi. iVh, lie crown biiny
suflicitntly I igh to nllo.v p ce for a r
ever the braia. You cat fiMen i' upas ti
con'imntal in fa'r win In i orturu it do.vn
win n ilit wet or very .satitiy.
5. Let your beard gr aw, so as to dr
tect the throat anil hit. gs.
G. Keep your entire person ch an; (hi
prevents f v rs nnd bowi I co .i;n' ii
warza cl!m it s. Wash jour boiiy il'p si
ble. Avoid strong roll'-r i n I oily m -at
Oencriil Sjitt sni I that tha lo free u a- o'
those (together wi;h s'Ct in k'eiioj.
the skin clean) cost mary n Eoldiir bis
life in mt xico.
7, A sudd -n clu c of perspira ion by
chil y or niht air often can is ftvir and
death. When thus cp . ed do no', fur
get jour blatiket.
"Don't Care."
The Frnnkfort (Ky ) Common wealth
paya the true issue Ufoie the ji tple ol
that State in S'.ia'd this Government be
broktn up because Breckinridge was not
elected President, Pil l go into a s'att
ol anarchy or mob rul ? ; or ha'l thi
glorious Goven.mnit, ihe bisi (!ov-
trnmtnt the world ever tav, he sus
tained?' Jl says "we nre for lie I'ni-'
ted SiAles Government; and we don't care
a continental anathema who knows p."
The Commonwealh is an esttb i h.-d pa-
per, ar.d its influence in Kt ntti-l v is only
second to that of the Imis-vi h- Journal.
Id. Ik it. I
'ihe mtfrt ciri'diial
vholrKoiiio Salcrittus
Introdiirt !.
FOB SALE by GROCERS Everywhere.
345 Wa-diingtoa St., cor. Franklin St.,
KJJ by Peck A lljiriill ni, Perry .-buiy, Oltie.
Pv l!i" V" of lti"i, lipriolic Hu' kn of Ncr,vnn
of Sli k II ml.H'li - in.tv bo iin-vonti-il: lid If l.iki-n nt
th- iiiimn -iir-ni -ill iif mi ottnrk tinin 'iliuttj Telmf
from iiiln mill ni-kni-M ill lc olitjlni-'l.
Th ! (u-l'loin I nil in r-ui ivi tg tin Niitincit and
Hi-ailii'i lu- to wliirh f.-in 1 1 1 tiro no ii1iiei-t.
Th -.v m-t pi-ntl.v tijion bow a-ln.-removing
I'or Lit nirv M at. Stn-l-nlK, Pi-licol rcmiU'H.and
nil p t i nf'm-ilwitiry h:ihit. thfT ri vnlnnlih-n
a l.niiilivo, Imi'Mviiip tin? iipiii-tito, giving turn
dn I vieur to tli ' Hifi'Hlive orfrmis, n'i r.-nnring tm
iiniiinil 'l.i.tii-ity uml ntrongth of 111 wholo y-
Th-CKPIIAUr m.t.S nr. tin' rcfoilt of long
iiivt-niip.uion uml rnr. fully tunilm-l -il exjx-Hnt.-nlit,
hdiing h -I'll In in? m mr If ar. during which tiim
the have irovi-nti-il mid r.-llfvetl a vitnt umonnt of
pain nn I Hiifft-rintf fn-tn il.Miluiin-, whotln-r oripi
i ii ilinp in tin" tn-rioiiH Titt-m or from n tli-rangd
ft ii- of lln- floni H-h.
Tli.-y iir- i-iitir-ly vt-gelulili' in tln-ir eoniositiiiii,
mi l ni iy Ii.! Uk.ai' lit nil tiin -H ilh i-r.i'it ii.ifi-ly
tt ithi-ii' ni iViup nnv t'liaiigi' of ili 'l.mi'1 (lit! nhct-tici-!
f invil'.'ipr lhlf 'tn.-te itn li-rs il i-nsy to ilniinw
j l-r tlirm to i nihlri-n.
Th- gi'iiiilni- liutti lite iig.iaiun ul ll.uia ('.
Si:tliiin on t-neh Itox.
Sol 1 hy DinejiiHli mil all oilier Prnljr? In Mcil-
A llox w ill In- wnt hy in til iri-iaitl on ri-n-ipi-t
rilK'K 25 CKNTS.
All or.lrr kIioiiM In- mliln-sm-d lo
iir.Mtv c. srAi.m(.
ts Ct.inii STiiKirr, Nkw York.
Tim following en lorin-nii-nlK of
ttill enniinei- nil li.) nnll.1' from II K A llACIIK
thnl n
.1 th' r T iiiiiiiiiii trtrr tiit-Jiritttl hy Mr. SrAI.IM'0.
f.'ir U011 HM'ri, Htiiutihft lil-fil'nj' t'ir iflictivy
11' hut if uri'i tlliir isf'iL'i yil .
M isovvii.i.K, t'osx., Veil, ft, ISM.
Mil. Si-m.iiinii.
I have tried vour C.-plnilir Tills, nnd I like lliein
l thill I wnnt ton to ttvwl inv two Hollars
tt ol'lil 111 ll-i-.
Ciin of tln-si- mi' for tin- ni-iplilmis, lo whom
K in- :i few mil of tin- lirsl Imoi I pot finni you.
S.'iil tin- Tills hi m.iil, ti t it I ohlipo
Your oh'l Servnnl,
.Iamks Kksnrhv.
llwtaii tmti. Pa.. Feb. ii, IHrtl.
Mi:. Si'ii.niM.-.
I it ish yon In semi me out- more box of your Ce
phalic Tills, I have received a great deal of benclil
li'elll 1 1 it nt .
Yours, respectfully,
.Iaiiv Ann Stihkihii si:.
Siati 1
K ClIKKK. Ill-STIMITON, Co., Pa., 1
.laiiiuiry M, ImiI. )
It. C. Si'Ai.niMi.
"t,ii M ill please send me two ls-xes of your Ce
phalic Pills. .Sen I Ihtan iiiiiiiediiilt-ly .
H.-spt-t-lfnlly i ours.
.1 mi. II. Simons.
P. S. -I liavt- used oiii-Ikix iifyiiiii' Pills, nnd h;nl
llirin excellent.
IUm.i.k Ykiisun, (Iiiiu, .I.hi. I'i, isiil.
II. C. Sl'Al.lilXK, Y'.IH).
Plea tin I Inclosi-d T.veiily live c aits, for which
S'-u I in another Imx oI'miuI' Ceph.ilie Tills. 'J'hcy
nretrulv the best Tills ( have ever tried.
Iiiivct A. Stovkii, I-. M.
llelle Vernon, Wvanilot Co., ().
1Ikvkiii.v,.Iss., Hee. II, ISiiO.
II. C. SrAi.niMi. K..i.
I wish for mi hi circulars or large showbills, to
lii inir your Chephalic Pills inure p arlii uliirly bclinV
my iai.-toiners. It you linvi! iiiiylhiiig of the kind,
ile.is sen I u me.
Oi.e of my customers, who It Mibjerl to (severe
Sick Ilea hiehe, ( u-iinlly lasting Inn it its, 1 was
nnv I of an attack in one 1mm by your Tills, liieh
I sent her.
Ticspet'tflillv Volll's.
V. lt.Wii.Ki:s.
l!rvsoi.i:!iri:ii, Fit inki is. Co., (nin, j
Janu.irv SI, ISiil. )
IIknisy C. Si-ii.iiimi.
No. is Cedar M.. N. Y.
I ) k 1 11 S11::
Inclos -d Mil l Itveiitv lit e rents, i 2.S.) for which
s-n I a Is'.v of "Cephalit! Tills." Send to udtli-ess
f Itev. Win. C. Filler, Uei noldsbuig, Franklin Co.,
Your Tills work like n charm -iiuv lleittlachc
aliiuot iu.-tanler.
Ti ul v hours.
V.m. C. Fil.i.KK.
YlII.AM'l, M tt-it, .1.111., 1 t, ISfll.
Not long since 1 h 'lit In vol! fol box of Ct-plialic
Tills for the cure of the Nervous lleAiliicht- and Cos
ti vent's, nnd n't-eived the same, nnd they lind no
good nn tilVaet that I was indueed to send for mure.
I I, '.isc sen I ly ivtnrn until. I'irei t 10
A. I!. 'ui:i:t.tai.
Ypsilauti, Mich.
Vow, tftr Arirmi'ior, A'ri?ot', To.
Cephalic Tills acrouiplish the object for which
ihev w ere luadt'
.: Cure of hcit'iacht' in till its
',itm thr i.ifNtiWr, .V.-e'ot', I'.i,
They have btH'ii tested in more than 11 then. in 1
rases, wnh eiiiirv sui eess.
from (Ac HiH'irrtil, St. Huml, .tiiiM.
If you are or have been troubled w ith the lienl
aehe, send I'or a Imx, (Cephalic Pills, 1 t llmt you
may have them in t-ase of an alt.u k.
V.iw (Ac Aliniirt I Voi'oA .v, .'. ,
The Cephalic Pills nre said In lie a remarkably
ell'-ciive reiiii-dy I'or the headarliti, nut one of the
very best for liuit very liv-pient ts.111pl.1inl whieh
ha.s eirt'bts-ii tli.iiaivered.
( r'.iiiil rtr 1IV. m I!, li. tim-tlr, t himifu. III,
We heiirtilv eielorse Mr. Spalding. uml histuii iv
I alle.l C-phalle Pills.
cu rti Swtk m I'u Sjiiirf r, X, it O.l i,
I Try them! you thnt are atllictotl. and we nrt- miiv
j thnl our lotiiiioner can lie added In tho nlre.ttlv
j miiiieii in list thnt lias receive I U-nrlits thut no otli
: el lueilieiiK-1-.111 1 ro-luce.
Vi.lH rte 1intrtt-9 Ihtvttip'irl. ..inf.
Mr. Spalding in old mn eimiiet i hit. naiu.- uilh an
a i lit le be did not know 1.1 po-s real merit.
Fi'um rtf (uiMwrviii, Ciui iHttati, (iHi.i.
Siillei iu humniiily ran now be relieved.
2 t"A siiiL-le ls.;leofSIlALll.'(TS PUKPAUF.l)
til.Ti: will nave ten time it cost anmutllv. i-J
I'REl'AltEl) GLUB !
"A Srrreii is Timk Savm Nink." J
As neeideuianill happen, even in well regulated
taiiulies.it Ui very .billable in hate some cIumu and
convenient wuy lor repairing Furniture, Tnya,
uiePls all such cineiyencie, und nn household rail
aiior.i 1.1 1-wiuioni it. It is ultvuy roudi-, uu I
to llie stickii!).' point,
N. II, A ltrusli aieoiiipiiiliiicaeh Hnttle,
2i n-iiis. Atltliviis.
I Nu. iii Cedar Street. New York.
CAU 1 1 N.
As certain iinpriin iph d H-rou nre aibanpling
lo palm nV on th utiMisiict tiny public, iinil itions
ol my I'ltEPAKFI) i;.t i!, I iit.uld eJitiion all K-r-m
Uit-XMimiit- U-for.- ptuchaslug ami kv thnl the
full llaUk',
i nu the out side rapper ; nil utU.-rs an- w, Hii.ij
j TKHf.
Thru" uii-ilirines havp now lm rn-fori- the piihlie
for n period of thirty rpnrit.mid during t lint time htvo
mniienined hiplt VhfirseirT In nlinont every part of
llie (IIoIh', for their t-Tlrnonliiinry nnd iuimodiiitr
pnw.Tof rttitoi ing pcrfi-rt henllh lo tTwnnKntr. png
und T neflrW rvi-ry km I of ilim-ru lo whieli llitf
hiinein fr oil" id linhle.
The liillmviiig nre mn iij' tie- dinlFt -t!ng variety
of liiim.iti iIim'.iki'H in I. ieh th"
Ar.- welt knot, n Ui In- iiil'nllililp.
l)Hrr.rsiA, lo thoronphlv elennning lln- (irnt nn.l
emn I slom M-'.i'm, nn I 1 renting n flow of pure, lu-aV-llit
b lo. in-leel of Hi" sl i'e und hi rid kind; r'l.ATV
LtJstt, U im of B-peti.-, Ilenrlliiini, lli-ndnehe, U-M-It-ssn
(, 1 1 1 -1 r 1 1 -r, Atikiety, l.nin'iu.r, nnd Melnn
rhi.ly, whieh nn- the ivni-r.il m niiiins of Dispep
slii. tt III Tniiisli,ni nnlm iil conn qiic nroof it cm.-.
I'li-TivrsKsn, by i-le itning the wlioli- Imipth of the
intertill. -it Willi n nolieiil iiuk'-hs, nnd wiihoutvio-lenef-
nil viol. -ul piiipid Iiavc tlx- bowel eo.tlive
iihin ttvn d tvt.
Krviaw of nil kin !, by restoring tin- blmid lo n
regular t'iiTul.ilinn, tlipmpli the proei-Mi of r.npir.i
lioii in sueti r.i.t-s, nnlthr Ihoi-ongli solution of nil
inli tlin il oh.H'riu "Ion in other.
The Life Mediein-t hnve bren known lo cure
Unta x tTiHM p rman -ntlr in Ihr.-e weekH, itn-l (loi'T
in half thnl tiin , by re nun ing loi al lull uuiiliini front
iho mniel.nin 1 1 pain ms ul the joint...
I'u.nv la of .ill kin Is. by fiveiug nn I ttivnptlieii
ing th kidneys and bladder ; thry operate inoul d.
liphtfitllr tin tin-ii- iinp-irtnut orpan, nnd hene they
hnve ever li'-en found n certain nam- ly for tin- wonil
cnsi-n of (I11.IVKI..
Also WniiMS, by dislodging from the turnings of
the hiiwi lH.thi- slimy matter tu w bieh thrm-ereiitureii
Seriivv, t'triaif. nn 1 TNvm:H ITT SmiEs, by llie
pel feet i-uril v w hieli tln-M Life Medieln.-H give to
the blood 1111 1 nil th" humors.
SeuniirTic Kni-tTinN.i 1111 1 Bad f'ompl -xiuns. by
their nller.ilivi! ed'-et upon the lluid that li ed 111"
skin, nnd llie nim-bld tateof whieli opeasion-t allernp
live ei ini'l.iinls Hallow, rloudy, nn I other disagre -a-hle
i-oiiipl -ionH.
The use of these Tills for a very short lime will
ell'i'i t an entire pure of Salt K-ir.ru. no I n Hirikina
!in;irou' 111 11I in (In- elearni'ss of the skin. Common
Coi n an I Isrl.tuNZA will iilwnyn he mred by one
Jii, or by two in the worst en ten.
Tuff. The original proprietor of these medlrines
nns ruivd of Tiles of .l.'i yenrs stnnding, by the imp
of the Life M-dii iiies itlone,
Trrrn mi l Am i:.- Tor this seoiirp." of tlu-West-
i-rii i' mi lilt y , llii-se lui'ilii UK'S wall lie round n sate,
speedy, nnd c I t ii 1 remedy , Other in -'lieines learp
the system snliiei l In llie I'eturil of the disease it
eure by thes" iieilin.'s is 'i 111 1 m ill - Try llivm, bp
salitlii- l, 1111 1 be cured I
I nun s Tt:viais and Livr.ii I'omi-i.aists, O.-n-eral
) liility, Loss of Appetite, nnd Oisenses of Ke
nnies - the medieiiu-s lon e I11-111 used with the most
beiii'lirial retiilis in eases of this description: K inp'd
Kvil 11 1 1 -I Serofiil.i, in its worst forms, yields lt tltv
uiil I yet 1 ivui l'iil action of these ii-tn irknbli- medi
cines. Sight StvoiitH, Nervous pehilitv, Nervous
roiiiplainls. i f nil kinds. Talpilntion ol the lleai't,
Taintor.V Colic, nre speedily i-urcd,
Miaii'riit u. Piskasi-s. Tersent whose constitu
tion, hint- heroine impaired bv the injudicious use
of Mercury, ill lind those medicines u perfect run-.
as tliev ii"M'i'lail to (-r.nlieiilt- Irom the svslcm, nil
the ellecls of incrcury, inlinitely s shut thai the
nmsl powerful preparation of narsnpnrilln.
Tivpaivtl und sold by W. II. MOKKAT.
j.l.'i, Tll-oadway, New-York.
For salt- bv l'eck A Hamilton nnd bv nil Itrug
gistn. ' Kreeniliev Itttli, 1KH0 3aly.
coiiiimiiinl rcineily, designed to be the most
1' ctital .Mlriiiilii' tlml t iin In- niuile. Jt is
I cniieiaiiruteil t vtrm t of 1'nra Sarsnparillu,
II t naibiii il with 11 In r Mili-tniicr of still
le.i'. i' air. a aliv putter ns to tillortl nu iffcc
liv.' iiu'liln: for the ilistiiM-s Siir-iipni illn in
i.-pntiil ! cure. It i In li. Veil flint such A
1. 111 'ily i. nanti' l by thoe who btitfcr from
vi nt s coiuplaiiits, niul that onti which w ill
aeco nplish th, ir cure must jirove of immense
sei vice to thi. larv;" class ol' mir nlllictcil fellow,
eitieiis. lltitvconipk-tt ly this coinpouiiil will
lo it hat h;-en )roven by cxpciinient nn many
of tho worst cases to be iouml ol' tho following
complaints j
Sriitiia i.v anh Seiiopi't.oes Coi,t..viXTS,
I'.ui i"ria' ami F.iit'i-rivi'. Disi.vsi.t, Vi.ckus,
PiMi-i.r.s, lli.oiciir.s, Tt'Motis, Salt Kiii.i'M,
Sl ii.ii Hi. 111. Svi-uii.is ANi Sreiiii.lTlo Ar
la.t rii)s, Mi.ui i. iii i. Diskasi:, DuoesY, Nia'
it.vi.tii ou Tin Dnt'i.Duiiin'x, Di'.ini.iTY, Drs-i-ri-ov
ami Isimoi: .Tins, IOuvsu i.i.as, HosR
oa Sr. An riniNv's l-'ntn, uml indeed the wholo
cliut of cimiplaiutt nri in g from lui-t'itiTV oir
ru 1: Hi. 011. 1
Tliit i-o!ii;iivind will he found a great pro-mn!i-r
of Ii Nihil, when taken in the spring, to
c.xp.-l th.' foul hiinmis which feter in the
hhi'i I at that i.-aou of the y nr. Hy the time
ly expul-ion ui' I hem many rankling disorders
.iv ui,.,) 'il in th.: hud. Multitudes can, by
Uu aui of this r.'ini.'dy, spavo ihemselvos from
th.- endurance of fnul eruptions nnd ulcerous
sine;, thvoah w'a'u:h the system will strive to
i l l it -elf of corruptions, if not assisted to do
tint through the natural channels of the body
by 1111 alterative medicine. Cleanse out tint
vitiat -il li'.n id whenever you find its impurities
burstni;; through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sore; eleaiue it when you lind it is ob
.stru -t.-d uml slttiish in tin.' veins ; clennso it
wheie-v r it ii fnul, and your fvling-i will tell
vita when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, nnd live
lnnr, fur clean dug tlie blood. K 'p tho
hi, in I healthy, mid all is well ; but with this
pabulum of lifj disordt-retl, thero enn be no
lasting health. .Sooner or later somethina
mutt go wroii, and the great niuuhiucry of
lifj it tlisord -red or overthrown.
Snr-wpniilla h:, nnd deserves much, tho
reputntioii of itprmiipUAiin' thete ends. But
tho world hat been cgreijiniisly deei-ived by
prepnriitioii of it, partly because tho drug
alone hat not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretendin;' to h - concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla,
or any thing else.
li'.uiii late years tho public have been mis
led by large hollies, pretending to give a tiunrt
of Extract of Sai'Miparilla for one dollar. Most
of thesj haw; b .111 frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if nnv, Sarsnpa
rill.i, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Jlenee, bitter nutl paiufid tlisnppointincnt
has followed the ue of the various extracts of
S.u sapai ilia w hieli tlood the market, until the
nanw itelf ii justly despised, nnd has become
yiinuviuiHU with imposition und t hen!. Still
ve call this roinpouiid Saisaparilln, nnd intern'
to Mipply Mich it renu-dy as shall rescue the
name from the load of ohlmpiy which rests
upon it. And we think we have ground for
believin,; it has virtues whieh nre ivrcsistiblu
by the ortlinary run of the diseases it is iiitind
Cil to cure. In ord r to seeur j their romph to
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to direction! on
the bottle.
l-ltr.i-AHKn nv
D2I. J. V. AVr.lt .V CO.
lovi-:ll. mass.
Pi leu, S I t'r Uotllc 1 Six lloltle for $.1.
Aycr's Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself such a renown for tlio rurrof
riery variety of Throat nnd l.niej Cnuipl .Int. that
it is entirely unnecessary fir us U recount the
CMdenee of its uitues, wherever it It is Im-ii rm
plot cil. At il has lnu been in constant use
Ihioiichiint this net tiou, we need not d 1 more than
anttiro the ln-oplc it tiualtly is kept up In tho best
it fur hits been, nnd that it may Ii.- relietl nn t i
do fur their relief all it has ever Uicu found 10 do.
Aycr's Cathartic Pills,
iron the core or
CmfiYrri, Juiiihov, )yi;x-;i"ti, InViifi'i'ttn,
It.isenlri ij, I'ouf .Viijino'A, i.'y.nyirii', lhni.n-r,
I'ilct, IVieliiM!s:i .Vii'(it nti'f K'. 'm listntt,
.Ii er ( 'uM;i('i'iif, Ihnuif, 'trite'", Vioiinri unit
Suit Hifiiin, U'iii'mii, toil', .Yet. m'i'.i, oi 11
liiicr ', and f-tr l'uiiiwi th? IIW,
They an mgar-eo.ttcd, m thnt the must ens.
live ran tukv ihciit plcAsanlly. nnd I hey nre Ihe
best nperienl in the itorhl for all the pur puses of a
family physic,
T rlo 25 cent) par Box ; Fivl boss for CI 03.
Great numlirrsof Clrig) iiicii, Phv.iciaits. Slates,
men, and eminent pcrouaut-t, hate hut ft.ir
Uilinet to rertify lite iiiiparalleled usi-fidiii'.s i.f ihe.r
remtslies, but our sp tec lieru ttill 1, u permit llie
iiibi rtiwii of them. The Aneuu belotv iianu il fur
nish malisoin AMiatlt is' A I. MAX AO in w'ti.-h tht-i
are iteu ; Willi also full ileM'iipli.nx of the ith-oe
coiupl tints, and the tleulllielil that .liouhl bp fol
lowed (or their eure.
IXl Imt tit- put oil' bv linpliiu ide 1 ilenleit uilh
other prcpaialion Iiu v lit. ike uiom prolit on.
Demand A VI it's, nnd take i.-i others. I h si. k
Want Hie ut'.l aid tlien- i. i'ol ihfui, mid ihe) .liouiu
ktve it.
All our remed!e nrr for de by
For mile by Pet k A II iinilt-.n. lYrrynbury, 0.
Aycr's Sarsaparilla.
y K n M I X E X T E R M 1 N A T 0 It 8 ,
Ih-Htrovi Iiistaiitlr
r ; it m t a
These ph'pnrnlions (unlike nil others,) nre
" Fri-p from Pi isons."
" Not dangproim to the litiman family.
" Ualtt com,- out of their hole lo die
Ill venrs nn I more cstiblislicd in N.-w York Cilv,
I'scl bv the Citv Post (Wier.
t'sed bv the Citv Prisons and Station Houses.
I'sed by City Straniers. Ships. Ac.
t'sed by the City Hospitals, Atms-Ilouses, Ac.
I'sed hv-Citv Hob-Is AUr St. Nitlnila. Ac.
I'sed by --the Hoarding Houses, Ac, Ac.
I'sed by more than !in,niin Private Families.
I-tf "Sse what the People, Press and Dealers say.
HENKY H. COSTAU. All the summer I have
been troubled w ith limit-lies and Mire. I tins actu
ally ashamed of the house, for the Koache were
every where. I purchased a box of vour Extermin
ator and tried II, and in one week there was not a
lloaclior Mouse In the house.
Jons It. (iivr.N. No. PI Elm Street.
HorSKKEEPERS troubled with vermin, need
be so 110 longer, if thev use " Costar's" Ext -nnin-ators.
We have used it lo our satisfaction, ami if a
cost we would have il. We had Iried misoiis,
bill they effected nothing: bill Costar's article knocks
the breath out of Itnls, Mice nnd lli-d-lltiirs. quicker
than we can write it. Il is in great demand all over
Ihe country. Medina (0.) (ij.t lle.
MOItF. ( lit A IN and provision are destroyed
annually in (irant County bv vermin, than would
pav for tons of this Itat and Insect Killer.-- Lancas
ter, (Wis.) Herald.
IIKXIIY U. COSTAU. Your Exterminator is
reC'-ived, used, nnd pronoune.'d a derided success.
We used a box of it, and the wav the K.its und Mice
around our nn-mises "raised N'cd " that niehl was
a caution to sleeper. Since than imt a lint or Mouse
has been heard 111 kitchen or cellar, Maurgor.
1 Iowa i Tillies,
I HAYE UEEN SELI.INll Your Ext.s ininator
for the last year. and have found it a sure shot every
lini', I have not known il to fail in single in -Klaiicc.
UKOKtiR Hosk, Druggist, Cariliugtoii, Ohio.
WE ARE SF'LLINU Your preparations rapid
Iv. Ti'lH-rever they hare been used, ltats. Mire,
ihrnches, and Vermin disaps-ar iniini-tliatelv.
Fi'KKU SrorrrKS, Druggi&ts, New Windsor.
To Dciitroy - 1t.it.. Roaches, Ac.
To Destroy Itt-d-llug.
To Dcslroy Moths, Fleas, Ants, Ac.
To Destroy Mosquitoes.
To Destroy Insects tin Plants and Fowl.
To Destroy Insects on Animals. Ac, Ac.
To Destroy Every form and species of Vermin.
' ' USE ONLY , - , .
" Cwtar's " Rat. Ronrh, Ac. Exlci inin.ilor.
"Costar's" Iksl-bug Exteriiiinaior.
"Costar's " Eleelrir Towder for inserts, Ae.
In "a, jOr. and $1 00 lloxe. Hollies and Flasks.
f. nnd $." Sires lor Plant itions.
Ships, II. sits, Hotels, Ar,
J-V?""SoM Everywhere hv
All Wholesale Di 'titrgists in large rities.
All Retail Druggists, Oroeeries, Store keejM-rs Ac.
in all Country Villages and Tonus,
Wholesale Agents In New York City.
Shiefli-liii ltrothers A Co. Harral. liislcy A Kitchen
II. Kahnesl.s k. Hull Co.
Tush, Gal.
A Rnbbius.
A. II. A 0. Sands A Co.
Wbts-lcr Ar- Hart.
1 lega ma n A Co.
Hall, Rllekt-IA Co.
Thomas A Fuller.
T. D. On is.
Tenfold, Parker A Mower.
Dudley &. Stallitrd
M. Ward, Close A Co
McKisnn A Rohhius.
D. S. H.irnc A Co.
F. C. Wels.A Co.
l.azells.Marsh A Gardner.
Hall, Dixon A t o.
rippA Co,
Conrad Fox
JlNP tvrnKlts.
riiiladelphia, Ta.
T. W. Dvoll iV S,mis. Rnben Shoemaker A Co.
II. A. FshncstiH'k A Co French, Richards A Co.
: i
Huston. Mass,
Geo. C. (hsKlwin &. Co. Week A Pollt-r.
M. S. Rurr Ai Co. Jm. WiUou, Jr.
! Cincinnati, O,
John D. Park. ' Suire, EeksUlu A: Co.
Pill.bureh, Pa.
, I.. Fttliliest.sk A. Co. nud other,
All the Print ipsl Cities and Towns in Un
! f-rySold by Peck A Hamilton, l'crryshiirg. Ohio,
and by Drtiggisls, Grnevrs aui ReUilers generally,
. in cilv and country.
t-if'Couiilry IH-alers can order as above.
Or address orders direct (or if Prices, Term.
Ac. is desired t-t'wnd ft- Circular lo Deal-
vrs to
PniM'iru. Di'.pt.r No, 412 Itn adway- ;opp,ii.
lln-Si. Nicholas Hotel. ' New Work.
March 281b, 111- lull) 4 ,
n k s t ,
Which In I1i End In the Cliffipesl.
JTlie Stiti-h Alike 011 Doth Siilrfi..,.? T
The Lnd.l, Webster A Co.' Machine are of tho
ino,t suhstatilial mnkc nnd elegant finish, are nti-nng,
reliable, simple in Construction, easily operated, by
n wirier, and with ordinary rare, last' Tencs without
the mmoying expense of repnring always incurred
nn llie chciiprr, less ndiable and nmre roniplicn ted
Then- I no lustrnm-nt In use fur ew inp. r.ipn
ble of doing n gT.-nt -r variety of w ork thiui tlmsi
mnehini Willi Hie e-lebratisl his l fivd they will
handle tlio finest muslin. Ihe heaviest broadcloth, or
w ill work In the thiekel leather used by nlinomnk
rrs. or carriage trimmers. Tln-y will also run over
wains and gather with the am.- facility ns over
plain work. The stitch made from lln in i by two
Ihn-s Is, alike on both shies of the fabric leaving
no ridge on the under side to wear out nnd Inovn
the work, n di-ridel fault with nil loepi.-rcliain stitch
mn Milne.
The n.s'dles nre not curved and liable lo brake,
but are straight nn I have n perpendicular motion,
which Is absolutely neivssarv lo adapt the mni'hine
lo nil snrt.sof work. They will hind with a hin.li-r
nnd him with a heinmer: will stitch, fell nnd gather:
nre fully licensed under "Howe's Extended Patent,"
nnd nre" free from all Infringements, During sorrn
years of use they hsve won enviable reputation
iif being "tho best fnmflv nnd mnnufnrturmg inn
snine in the country." We hnve iiutnamu t ti
moiiinls t read a short nnd comprehensive one
from the
Nnvy Office. Washington. Aug. 12th, I8.1O.
(lentlcin -n The Sewing Machine ordered from
yon is ifely at hand, and Mr. M. Is fully satisfied
tiiih it. A-i an evidence of It simplicity, without di
rections or explanations, she coniinenceil working
with Itaftrr a vai-v short trial, and has not cxh-i i
eiiced the least iliffieultv in Its op-.-rntion. I cheer
fully give you my testimonial in it favor.
I am respectfullv, vonr oheilii'tit servant,
" ' LI tit. Wm. L. Mai kv.
The FvliUir ol'the ('liristiati Wutcliin in nnd Ke
flertor says, "We have seen testimony in favor of
the .Maelnni- m ule by Ladd, Websler A Co., which
fiem tlu-Jiioiiil an 1 r 'liirioiis character ol'the writers,
we nre satisfied could never have been oljhihwd.
hail not the instruments fully realized ihe rcpres. 'il
lation of the 111 ikers respecting it : Hies.' lesliinon
ials aie from elerirym -n nnd persons of high moral
worth nnd integrity in the community, well known
to nm-readers, and nre of Ihe most flattering char
acter." Henri- Ward P.tvcher. of New York T11 lepcli lent.
(iov. A. . Curtin. of Peitn. Horace (livclcv, New
York Tribune. Hon. Henry .1. Itevmoiitl, New
York Times, llnrace II. Dev. India ltubber J'al-
enlce. Hon. .lohn l. t.luselin. .Ir.. ,orlalk, n.
Win. 1. ulininson. t hict r.iigiin-ei' I . S. .xnvy.
Joseph P. Tiesson, Chief Engineer for N. Y. City.
Editor Practical Mechanic. Editor Si ienlitic Amer
ican. Editor Albanv Alios and Argus. Editor
Halloa's Pictorial. Editor New Orleans PiKiiyime.
Editor New York Evening Post. Editor Baltimore
Patriot. Editor Memphis EntpiirtT. Editor Cin
cinnati Enquirer.
From the above eminent gentlemen ami disting
uished sources, wo have imipialifietl praise and llat
terinir testimonials' of the sniieriority nnd reliable
practicability of the "Ladd, Webster ti Co, Sewing
F.Hieii nt Agents wanted in every town. With 11
small investment of capital a profitable business ciiu
Ik rcdily established. We oiler liberal induce
ments. Any correspondence regarding our ma
chines will be pnunptlv and irbullv nnswei-eil: en
close a letter stamp and we w ill .entt a circular and
sample ol work hv return man.-
Aoksts Kim Noiitii-Wkstkiin Statks,
121 Lake Street, nip stairs,) Chicago,
November loth, lSiitl.
In order lo place the
within the reach of all. we have reduced onr Letter
A., or transverse Shuttle Machines, beaulilully or
uaiiK'titcil, to $.iO.
We wiiuhl nsk for them i h.-fnro purchasing clse-
whercl tlie special attention of Vest -makers. Dress
makers, and all those who waul .Machines I'or light
manufacturing pursi.se.
Singer's No, 1 & 2 Standard Shuttle Machines,
both of very garo-nil. application and capacity, and
iMinubir in the rumilv nn.l 111 inutnctniy. l-nct-s re
duced, respectively hum ami $litl to ?'J0 uml
For C'arriiigo-in.ikers nnd heavy leather work
Price, complete, $I2.'.
makes the interlocked stitch which is the best
stitch known. They nre of gr?nt speed, easily nn
tlerstnod. simple in 'structure, of treat durability
adapted to the heaviest and lightest poods, are fin
ished in the mosl perfect maimer and may bu used
lor several years without requiring repair.
For Tniltn-ing. Hoot nnd Shoe-making. Harness
m tkiiiL'. Carriage Trimming, etc. etc., will do more
work, earn more m niey, mid are cheaper than those
ol any other maker as a gill.
We have ultvavs on hand, H -mining fiuagc.
Silk. Twist. Linen and Cntton Thread on Spools,
Is-st Mitehine Oil in Hollies, etc.. etc.
J-?"'A1I persons requiring information alsail
Sewing Maeliin. s. their sizes, prices, working ra
parities, nnd the best 111 -thnils ot piirclin.suig, ran
obtain it by sending for 11 copy of
1. M. SINliER &. CO. S C A.KTTE,
Which is a be:iutil'ul pictorial paper entirely devo
ted to the subject.
IT Wll.l, UK SKNT (in.lTIS.
laH ItllOAIiW AY, NKW Y'ollK.
March 20ih, lsfil Hitf
lis simplicity in ncratioii is such thst a child
ten years old can use it with ease, lis several parts
being constructed on philosophical principles, it is
not liable to get out of order. It III ikes n strong,
elastic and durable stitch. Il sews fix mi two cin
nion spools, and makes but little noise.
All who contemplate buying, or wish to see Ihe
b"l Sewing Machine now' in use, are respectfully
invited loall on N. II. CALI.ARD, in whose Tailor
Shop it is now in practical operation,
J. II. GREGORY, Agent.
October II, sr,l)---.':ily.
J. F. PRICE, Agent, Pi-nysbuig, Ohio.
Notice is hereby given that a petition will
Is- pr-'si ute l to th Cnimuisi'Siers of issl Co., O.,
at Iheir next stated meeting, for a county rovd com
inenrinp on llie east line of section S4, town 6. north
range 12: thence west through tlie center of said
wi-linn one mile, there terminating.
Api'.l 21, '61 -1 J llt'NKV MaktiV, other?.
1) V T T HE
J . B . B M I T III
v mild rrprrtftilly Inform the Vitijtens of tVood
eoiinly thnt he hss riermsnently lornted himself in
lkiwling Orrcn for the purpose 'of practicing Medi
cine and Snrgerr. In addilion to a regular coilrne
of study, Mr. S.hn made himself srniisinled w ith
the special mode of distinguishing disease by an
cjmninilion ofthenrim- of the patient as prnrliscd
bv the lite DK. I)ELANllAfi;II,aiid rorall Chronic ,
Iis"iie w ill any unhesitatingly thnt by following
Mr. I)' practise' in snrh case, be has had better .
aiK-rct than from nny otlmrni -lliodor treatment. ,
Among the disease which Dr. S. profogscs to treat :
snert-Kstlillr may be mentioned the following, viz:
Dyspepsia. Livi r Complaint. Consumption in its 1
ral ly stages, Diseases of the Spleen. Asthma. Spit- '
titiir of the Illood, Palpitation of the heart, Ithelllnu- '
lisni, While Swelling, Dropsy, Scrofulous Diseases, :
Jaundice, Female Complaint. In nil tlicir varied ,
form. Low Spirit or M 'lanrholv. Fever Sores, '
Tit ers, Ar. If patient w ith any' of the above r j
kindred Chronic Diseases will send some of their
"l ine taken In mo morning hi clean vial, Dr. S. can
make a satisfactory diagnosis of the case- nearly as
e'l nsif the patient wen- present.
1.001) ri'RIFIEK AND I1L00I) PILIS.
When Dr. tin) nick, Ihe renowned Swedish Phv-
sician. introduced his Hlood Purilier nnd Pills Into
the I'nilcd Stntes, he set forth in plain terms their
curative properties. Thi was rears ngo. The task
of recommending them has sini;' been taken out of
his hands. Enlightened men. whose character tor
sound judgment and philosophy give their opinion
weight in tin- roniinuniiv. 111 -n wno ooserve, rcnect
nnd make "assurnnm doubly sure," before they de
cide, are evervwheif npprov'ing nnd urging thi- use
of these wonderful preparation. All who confide
in tlie wi lom ana honesty or tin rlnss. or who
choose to investigate for themselves, nro now of one
mind on this impartant subject.
I hr rviiienet! in tin- possession 01 nr. Kolmrk
which is nt nil lime accessible to the public, estab
lishes the following:
That the i'.LOOD Pl'ltlFIEK and P.L(M)T) TILLS
have Iktii proved by analysis to
Thnl they cure Ihe utmost universal complaint,
with uneiring certainly, and in n very short time.
That al'ler all other medicines have proved us. 1 'ss
thev relieve l.lVKlt COMPLAINT,
nnd restore the health and strength of the sufferer.
who have languished for veins in helpless weak
ness and despondency, recuperate with almost mira
culous rapidity under their invigorating operation.
Hint all Sexual Disabilities nre removed ov their
cordial and gently stimulating properties. That they
recruit siiittkbkh constiti-tions.
however, they may have been trifled with nnd
abused. That their direct tendency is to lengthen
life, and render it enjoyable. That operating di
rectly upon the poison of disense in the blood, they
and discharge from the system every taint of Scrof
ula, whether hereditary or otherwise. That they
IIKCItl'IT TilK lltltll.lTATKP.
nnd that there is no disease of the stomach or
IhiwcIs, the liver, the nervous system, the glands
and muse, Is,
in which they do not give prompt relief, nnd, (if ad
ministered liefore the very citadel of life has been
invaded.) cll'i-ct n painless nnd perfect rure.
Hear in mind that the Scamiinai inn Hlood Tills
are endors.-d by the experience of thousands of liv
ing who. letter", nllidavit, medical works nnd word
of month prorlnini them to be the very best prepar
ation ever oll'ered to the broken down victims of ill
heallli. It haunts disease through every avenue
1111 1 organ of the system, nnd expels it thorotighlr
and H-rinanetitly.
Nonne ran doubt thcirsuperiority nflerone single
trial Ihev are not only better, but nlsn chcapei
than any other Tills, for il takes a less number ol
them to pro luce a belter cllect.
Trice of the Purifier. $1 per bottle, or $5 per half
doxen. Of the Pills, 25c. per lsx, or 5 boxes for $1 .
Read Dr. Roll ick's special notices an 1 certificates
published from lime l-i time in this paper.
Mr. It, s M.-ilieal Aliivmac ami l ainilv Ailtiser.
containing a great umouiit of valuabh-and iuteres -
.; 1: ...1 t... 1. .1 . ..e .
l nij: in 'i I len I in ii 11 nun mil i;ttii lie iiitti flails ui lull tu
his ngetils Ihrouglioiit the counlrv. '
In difficult or coinpticated cases. Dr. Itob.ick may
be consulted personally or by letter, enclosing one
stamp for a ivply.
A new ami delightful Stomachic and Cordial, for
giving ton to the Stomach, and lor the prevention
of bilious complaints incident to the Western coun
lrv. Try it.
As a morning drink, to assist dig.-stion and re
lieve Dyspepsia, it has no equal. Try it.
In flavor it is superior to nil other titter '. Try it.
The formula of these Kilters, now (ISiil ) the "sole
properly of Dr. Kob.u k, originated with one of thi
ol lest an I most eminent Medical Traclioners of tlie
West, an. I il is directly pivdicatediipon the wants of
Western ii.'ople.
These ititt-TS derive their stimulus from the pow
erful Ionic nature of the roots and herbs of which
they are coniisisi'd, und ns they ure, by allaying
uiinaliir.il cravings of the stomach, directly prom
otive of TEMTERAXCE.
the present proprietor believes that in m iking them
widely known the public welfare is subserved.
It will simiuMk- for sale by all of Dr. Robark's
Humorous Agents, an I nt Hot els, Ac, the country
over. In the meantime, orders will be tilled direct
from Cincinnati in any quantity, nnd at the lowest
rates. II is put up in' Quart Itottb-s, and securely
packed in one do, ease. Half dog. sample cases
will, however, be packed mid sent to nnv udjress.if
.l,.slr..,l "
Retail Price, $1 per lsitlle, or six for $5.
Principal Office and Sale Rtsims. No. 0, Jast
Fourth st .'id lluihling from Maiust., Cincinnati, O.
Laboratory in llatmnoii st.
For sale in Wood comity by l'eek.V. Hamilton,
Pel rysbnrg: Watson oV Sterling', iilso Lnski.', Pratt
A Co., tiilead ; ll.iskins. Roller A Haskins. ' also II
II II iskins, Portage : H R Atkins, New WesMield;
S L Houghton, Howling lireeu: A Lanslale. Fix-a-
port: T Carman, .Montgouii-rv x Roads: R Rosen-
dale. West Millgrove; S Fmcrsou; Eaglevillei C
I il mi, Plain: Hanks A Teiuber. TemlK-rville; S
Wliitinore vt Co.. Tontogany, and by druggists
nud merchants generally throughout thcl'iiion,
Ul inly "
Mn jiKK Citv, Ohio.
JiatoMK Mr li li AY. Instructor in Aceoiinls, nnd
Lecturer on Itusiness Ciisti ins. Ac.
Y. Wki.ch. Teacher of Double and Single Entry
ItiK.k Keeiiing. Practical mil Ornamental Pen
mensliip. Pen Drawing. Flourishing, Ac.
Hon. J. M. Asiu.EV. Hon. Asiiku Cook, M. It.
Kkai.kv, and D. R. Atstin, Lrcluivrs on Coniuier-
rial Law.
Rev. G. A. Adams, Lecturer on Commercial
Rev. C. Rii iiAKPS, Lecturer on Political Kcou-
om v.
T E It M 8 :
For full course, lime unlimited $25
Same course for Ladies 15
For full ci ni rse of Penmanship, time unlimited. -5
Flurishing, Pen Lettering, Ac, us par agreement.
Gon.1 boa id can be had in this plare from If 1.75
to $2,511.
Ibis mslittiiioii is now iM-nnaneiiily silnaled in
one ol the handsomest localilies In Norlh-W estern
Ohio, nnd oilers to its patrons unprecedented ntl
vmitagcs in the war ol completing a thorough
course of Mercantile Instruction.
Our instruction in ll.sik Keeping. Coniniercial
Calculations und Accounts are conducted upou the
Counting Risun System, the objtK-t ot which is to
ren iertlicm purely practical, enabling tho student
to eulcr st ouee lipnn the discharge id I Ik- most in-
tricutu business w ith comparalivo case. Students
who have grailuatcd from this institution have found
:Miiliflicultv in obuiuing situations, civuigentiiv sat-
inlactiun of their employers.
Lecturers on this subject nre delivered regularly
every Thursday evening, by one of our mosl promi
nent' prttrtitioner, giving our si ude.it s the BMnt
thorough instruction in this important brunch.
P radical and Ornamental In all Its varieties, w ill
be taught la the most thorough and ettiei. nl inn li
ner. The good old Speueuriun system is our stand
We w ould say, your children can here receive as
full thorough and romidcte course of instruction
as in any Commercial Collage in the I'nilcd Slates,
fr.v Irom exposure to those pernicious influences
which in large citi.-stliey arc liable to come in contact
. I.k I if,. Si1.....rs,l.ii,u nr.. I.S....H Kl ...I, 1,1-rti
enter at any linn-. Diploma awnrled only lo those
who master thecoiirseofsiuilv. Siluations procured
for tiideuisafiras possible iis.n gnuliialiiig. Hee-
thai the expeiuo of oimpleling a ctiurse ofln-
Mniction in this instilution is l.-s than halflhnt
aur other JEROME MCllKA V.
NTFor full particulars send for a Circular.
IV NtSicc is hereby given that a rtetitHSS will
; be nresenttsd to the Commissioner of Wood Is., O.,
at tin re nest aisled meeting fora county road, ooni
ollttM I im-ncing st the south west corner of sect ion 35,
of town 4 north, range 11 east i tnence north two
niilcs li the north-west rorner of section 26 in said
April 2y, 1861 lw3
May be Consulted froo of chnrge, at the following
times and places I
Ftmtoria, Hays House-, Tuedy, April 23,
F'reiimnt, Kessler Hui.-I, Wednesday, April 24tti
Elmore, Klmnre llniise, Thursday, April 25th.
Toledo, Collin Hons", Friday, April 2(tib.
I'erryshurg. Exchnnge Hotel," Saturdaf and Sun'
day, May 4 and 4.
Are new and different fnnii any o-ie In the I'nltrd
St.itesaind I challenge any one to produce- tlie same
success thnt 1 have met "with in treating Chronic
Discus-. My theory is based upon the rheniirsl
operations of the body, bi-li.-ving discuses to depend
iihii a disproportionisl eomtition of tlie flui Is or tho
Issly. w hereby the solids be come uohrallhr by
analysiug the i!rrelions. blisid, Ar., nf the ody,
and finding out what Is deficient or In excess arid
supplying lo the sysluin what I wanting. I am
enabled to careofU-n by a sm ill amonntof medicines,
where the patient has been drugged with medicine
for long years to no ('fleet.
Now Dyspepsia, In tin- great majority of cases. du
dends m dnlv upon a disproHiHiinH-if state of the
gastric or digestive fluids of the stomach. When
thi gaslic fluid is proportioned proM-rlv, the fond b
thorougly digested and assimilated. Viewing Dys
pepsia by the rules of Cliemieopnthology, and giving
treatment arrnrdinglr.I nm enabled to cure 49 case
nut of fiO, and 4 ca'- out f0 of Cnnsunipntion, As
thma. Itmnchitis nnd Lnryngitiaind Liver Cora
dlaint. Tile, Neuralgia, DiViiu M or Sick Headache,
Nervous Debility and Female Diseases in every
case a cure, nnd other disenses proportionately.
I.f"Dr. MrMillen use an improved Inhaling In
strument for the cure of Consumption, Asthma, liron
chilit und loiryngitis i by this we run mnke as good
nn application to tin- (lisensed Lung nml I tinsil ss
we roultl to a soiv anywhere on the exterior of the
Dr. M. uses pure Clicmicopitlhic nnd llotanic Rem
edies. He give 11 mild tonic treatment which arts
rhemirally, nnd assist Nature to five herself. One
ounce of nssistance to Nature is worth a pound of
Miisnuou drugs to the disease.
Consultation and advice live.
Information in regard to my treatment nnd suc
cess call on. or write to:
Mrs. S. H. Abbott, Portage, Wood county, Ohio
Mrs. R-ilw-rt Jambs. Eagleville, Wood coiiiity.Ohio ;
Mi's, .lesso Hukell, Urotvns ('orners, Wood county,
Ohio: Andrew Cross, Millgrove, Wool count v, Ohm;
John Cummins, Hassan, Hancock county, Ohio ; J.
A. Smith, Elmore, Ottown county, Ohio; O. E.
Church. Tolcdo.Liicns county, Ohio.
All communications must bo directed to Dr. J.
F. MrMillen, Cleveland, Ohio.
How Lost How ItusToniin.
Just published in a Sealed Envelope
inal Weakness: Sexual Debility, Nervousness ami
Involuntary Emissions, inducing Impotcnrv, and
Mental and Physical Debility.
Author of the " Green I look." Ac.
The wurld-i-enowned author. in this admirable
Lerture, clearly proves from his own experience
that the awful consequences of self-abuse may be
effectually removed without medicines and without
d ingerous surgical operations, bnugics.iiistriimcnt,
rings or cordials, pointing out a mode of cure at
once certain and effectual, by which every sufferer,
no matter what his condition may be. may cure
himself cheaply, privately ami radically. This
lecture will prove n boon to thousands aiid thou
sands. Sent tn any nd-lress. under seal, post paid, on the
receiptor two lxistage stamps, by nduressiiig Dr.
CIIAS. J. C. KLINE, 1 21 Huwcrr, New York. Past
Olliue box 4,58(1.
Especially designed for Ihe use of the Medical
Prof, isi m nnd the Fnniilv, having seprrseded
the so-called -Gins," Aromatic," "Cordial, "Mei'
Scaled." Sehnaiiiis." etc.. is now endorsed bv nil of
tho prominent physicians, (raiisic m 'dieiiial uual-
. .. 1 1:' . ...i I... I...... 1.1 J
lues t tome turn Ullin'lic I ti itien ik-i.iii i .01 ..... u.e.
imre (iin. Tut up in quart bottles un.l sold by nil
diuecisis. ETuccrs. etc.
( Kst.iblisliL-d in 1778.) Sole Proprietors.
No. 1!i ltroad slreet, X. Y.
Eor Sale bv D. S. BARNES A CO., No. IS Turk
Row, and T.'D. OHV1S. Id.' Pmadwny. New Y'ork.
Our long experience mi l familiarity u ilh the re
quirements of Druggists, and our superior business
facilities, enable ns to furnish tlirm with choice
Li piers for ineilieinal and fnmi'y us .
For sale bv Tt ck A Hamilton, Terrvsburg, Ohio.
Jan. 2 lib,' I. S'it) ItSly.
Cash on hand and in llank.-$u7.58t
Cash in bands of agentsanid
in rni.rseof transmission -7(1,4 10 51
Cash loaned on call 15,172 '.l
$129,203 58
Hills receivable for loans.nmply secured -6:;,055 94
Real Estatf,tminciimhci'cd.(cii.sli value.)
5,ooo no
Jii'-'ii Shares Hank Stock in ll.ntlord
Market Value
2300 Share Rank Stock in New Y'ork,
Market Value
1010 Shares Hank Stock In Boston.Mur
kel Value
400 Share Rank Stock in St. loiuis
269,652 00
187,400 00
104,700 00
40,000 00
67,600 00
35,000 00
45,400 00
..5,700 00
I . ' VLV " i" ,.",,, "i "'1
I 410 Shares Rank Stock m Rail Itoud nnd
other Stock, Market Ynlnc
Hartford city llonds, 6 per cents Market
i State Stocks,(Teniiessee,Ohioond Mich
igan,) 6 ier cents. Market ante
57 Slum's State Rank Wiscoi!siii,Mnrkrt
Total Assets $'J6.i,771 5a
Total Liabilities 85,706 42
Insurance against Loss or Damage by Fire, on
Dwellings, Fiirnilur ', Storea.Wan liousos.Me'rehaii
dise. Mills, Mnnufaclories nnd nmsf any other kind
of pniperty, can be cfl'ected in IbisCoiiijiany upon as
favorable terms as Ihe nature of the risks nnd secu
ritvof Policy holders will adnrt.
lYrrysburg, May 1st, ISiillly.
li 1
S 11 & CO
The Proprietors of this establishment having bad
long experience in the Marble llusiness, ill war
rant all work executed by thein to be in tlie highest
style of art, and to
li'-ReniemW tliat we are bound not to be under
11. Shop Uu ccUy opposite the residence of C. W.
Foster, Main street. Fostoria, Ohio,
ItCSII tc CO. ;
3. W. Huiler, agent for PerrTsburg.
Fostoria, Dec. l'Jth, ls0;t3ly.
II ' "1 1 OA I) NOTIC
inm-ji. rrv
P I':!' Wjj- I'll

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