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PJElinXSBTJ3?.a, p., rrT-IXJllBDA.Y. MA."V ';.K: " 1 801
,;yOL. IX.
isro. 4
i mi 4.r i - r i i lviii v v v
Kotir is hon- frirnt thni on ttio ITtli dv of
Jne next, I will let in nction 'wratHy. to tli
lort bidder thpn(Vr, nf tlia liou- (it Franklin
Ormsboc, In Montifonirrr Townsliip, tlie making of
section 1 mid IH iiirltimVo of the ditch rfmtjpuiti'il
nnd known ns No. 1?. Said ditch riiniui,!iici-.s on
he Township line between PprtRffe nnd Mmiliroitii-ry
Townships, 90 rods north of the mnitli-ons'. corner
of section 21 In Pirtnjft Township tlu-nce north on
the Township line to the north-west corner of tlie
snuth-wwit quarter of th north-west qnnrU-r of
Suction T In Montnmirr Township ! thence In n
tiorth-CMti-rlr diroctlon through sections 7, 0 nnd fl,
following the natural channel of the wtir-eourse
known m "Sup Run." until it empties into tho
Portajrs Rirer. Its diinonsmns nre n follows ! the
width of the bottom for the firtt 8 sections to be S
fret, the next 8 sections 2 If feet from section 17 to
49 Inclusive 8 IW-t. from section St) tn Tf inclti-ire
S feet, the bfilanee to b.i 4 feet vn boMotn the
banks to hnvt n hpe of )i fe-t to 1 in depth:
theenrth romnred from S lid ilitch to be thrown on
side of the county Mud itlnntr w hich it rmiws, snd
no earth left within two feet of the slope of tho
banks : opening or pups to be left In the embank
ment between every section on the line or conntv
road the rutting tnric from 1 to 5 2-S loot in
Tim work on said ditch to oe finished sccorlinj
to plan, snecilications and jn-olile, and to the accep
tance of the Conntv Cntnim.-siuners on or before tin
1st elnyof October, lsrtl. Sale ti commence at 10
o'clock. AHUISON SMITH. Auditor.;
Auditor's Olliee, Wood coimlv, Ohio.
rturnyburp, Apiil 23 1, 18G1 lwOSU 25. '
'otiee 18 hereby (riven that on the l'.Hh dnv of
June next, at the liou.se of Nelson Woleott, in Mont
gomery Tuwiwiiip. 1 will let to the lowest bidder,
in Depurate section, the making of drain known us
drain No. 7; conunenciii;r hvtween sections No. IK
uud 11, in Montpmi-rr Township, lit or uphi' tlie
land owned by l' lirto-h t thence running north
within tl bounds of the road in Mnntyiiinnrr Town
ship, also between sections 81 ami .'t.i in i'reedom
Township to the Hollurvillc and J'ortiigo- F. T.
Koad ; them e norlh-werhTlv within the bounds of
the name, to empty itittt the "Big Kiln," near tho
north-east corner of section 'i'A in Freedom To.vn
Bhip whereat to terminate.
'1 lie work couiriac 2 drains : Xo. I liuinft that
part which lies norlh of tho county road running
cast and west throuph Hie north-east quarter of sec
tion 10 Montgomery Township ! No. 2 constitutes all
of that part wliieh lies south of said road ; division
No. 1 consists of 47 sections of Jftl rods each, and
the width of the bottom of the first 12 to bo .1 feet,
the following 8 of 4 feet, and tho remainder 5 feet.
Divisoin No. 2 comprises 8 sections of 18 rods and
10 lin'cs each, with a bottom of 2 feet hi width;
bank slopes I U feet base to I vei iic;il : the cuttings
to be made in accordance witii tho profile ami plat
of the Kngincer.
T ho work to he completed to the acceptance of tlie
County Commissioners by the 1st day of October,
1851, bale to coiiiuii-ni.o'at 10 o'clock. A. M.
APWSnX SMITH, Auditor.
Auditor's Ofline. Wood countv, Ohio.
rerrysbui'S, April 2:il, 16(11 -'-IwiVS 73.
Notice is herobv ifiren that on the loth dnv of
Juno next, at the Ifouse of A. Keel'er. in r.iry
Township, I will let to the lowest bidder, in supa
ratc sections, the making of the drain known as
drain No. 20, commencing about ft rods south of
the west quarter part of section 10 in IVrry Town
ship ; thence south to the ".Swale ltnn." near the
line between KCitions I'll and 21 of said Township:
ilienco down the channel of said linn to tho west
line of section 'M of said Township whereat to
terminate. Tho work comprises Oil sections of 20
rods each, the width of the lsttoni to lie as follows :
from commencement to section 17. 4 feet, from 17 t
,1U inclusive, J t'uet, from -'tl to ii inclusive, ti feel,
from 43 to SI inelu.siv e, 8 feet, ami from ."il to ter
mination, 10 feet j the bunks to havo a slope of lj
feet to 1 in depth ; the culling varies from 1 1-i to
Ay feet,
The wiiol'e to be1 com,eted by tin 1st dnv of
October, iMul, to the acccptai'O if the County
Commissioners, and in accordance with the prolile
uud plat of the Kncinccr in charge of said work,
teule to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M.
AUlK"ON SMITH, Auditor.
Auditor's Otliee, Wood county, Ohio.
I'errytiburg, April 22d, 1801 lwoG 73. .
Notice is bcrebr eiven that on f nfurdav. the 22d
day of June next, at th'e house of J Mover, in Troy
township, 1 will let, in separate sections, to the low
est bidder, tlie m iking of drain number 80, com
mencing about 1?0 rods north of the south-west
corner of section '' in said township : thence north
easterly across said section to intersect drain num
ber 8. The work comprises 9 sections of 20 rods
each. Width of bottom 4 fect. Hank slopes 1 rise
to l4 base. The earth to be removed at least tl
feet from the hanks, an, I tlie whole jn be Completed
by tho 1st day of October next. Sale to coinm Mife
at one o'clock, p in. Anmsov Smith, Auditor.
Auditor's Oliice, Wood conntv. Ohio.
l'errysburg, May 1(1, .-( 1 3w I 50.
day of June next, at the house of John II. Voi d,
in terry Township, 1 will let to (he lowest bidder
in separate sections, the making of drain No. 10,
commencing about 00 rods west of the south
post of section 11, town .'1 north , range 12 cast:
thence northerly and north-easterly to a point near
the center of tlie south-east quarter of section 1. in
naid Township. Tho sections ure 20 rods each in
length ; the bottom to be 8 feet, and slopes 1. rise to
lj-a base; tho earth to bo thrown 3 feet beyond the
The whole to be completed by the 1st of October
next, to tho acceptance of the Conntv Commission
ers. ADDISON SMITH, Auditor.
Auditor's Otliee, Wooil conntv, Ohio, i
Tcrryshurg, May 2d lStll-iw3$4 50.'
To J Hedges, S Wilkins, J W Muniham. John
Malone, John Jiarkalow, J Kwing, 1, 1) Strukten, II
Totter, J Ilettell, J Muirav,!' Ewders, Marcus Sears,
J A ult. 1' Smith, W liier.' J N Trciiu, J Uurm tt, A
Vt Duty, and the unknown non-resident owners of
the following duscrihed lands in Wood county ,Oliio,
U-wit: south-east quarter sec 31, town 5' north,
range 9 east, cast half of sections 0, 7, 18, 19, 30,81
and tho west half of sections S, 17,20,20, 32 and
south-west quarter section 5, all in town 4 north,
range 9 east. You will take notice that application
has been made to tho commissioners of said county
to establish and construct a drain or water course
commencing at the north side of the Dayton &. Mich
igan railroad, where it crosses tho line' bet ween the
nectioiia 31 a.id 32, town 4 north.range cast; thence
north on said line as near as practicable to the Mil
ton and Montgomery road ; thence west on said road
lilKiut 30 rods to a ravina ; thence down said ravino
to hearer Creek, and there to terminutc j. and that
Bai I application will be fi r hearing on tho 4th day
of tho next stated meeting of said commissioners,
(June 6, 1601.) , Auihson Smith, Auditor.
Auditor's OiHe?, Wood county, Ohio.
Fcrrysburg, May 17, J8G1 3w2$l 30.
T.kOsm.m IW. Ambrose Pay. AsherP,wk linn
M Merchant, Jo's R Swan. Joseph P Corv. .lolm K
Caalia, George Worthinglou, hii Glunn, Ueiiry J.y
on and the uuknnwu nou-rcsidonl. ou n. ru of ii'.n r. J.
lowing described lands in Woorl county, Ohio, to
wn: ine siauu nau o: tecuona i umt s, the. west
half south-east qr sec , tho north-east qr sec 7,
and tho north hull' of sections 8 and 9, all in lown 4
north, range 11 east. You will take notice that ap
plication has been made to the commissioners of
said county to establish and construct a drain or wa
ter course, commencing at a point where tho Milton
and Montgomery Proc Turnpike road crosses tho
vrcat branch of Portage Uivor; thence cast in tho
houth ditch of said road to a point where said road
crosses the Middle, branch of i'oruge Iliver, where
at to terminate j and that said application bo fur
hearing on tlie 4th day of the next stated meeting of
laid commissioner (June 6, 1801.)
Audisom Smith, Auditor,
Auditor's Office, Wood muu!v,Ohio.
Perrysburg, May 17, 1801 3w2?3 85.
To Enos Cramer, II Ilowells. and the unknown
non-resident owners of the following described lands
in Wood county, Ohio,to-w in section 1, town 3 north
rango 12 eust. You will take notice that application
has been made to the commissioners of said county
to locale and establish a drain commencing at sta
tion 30 of the Ford ditch near tlie center of the south
west quarter of said sect ion j thence north-easterly
ttiioufjh said section to the cast lino thereof alxmt 80
rods south of the north-east corner of the eamc kco
tion, and there terminating i and that taid applica
tion will be for hearing on the 4'h day of tho next
auted meeting of baid commissioners, (June O.lfitU."
. ., , , Ajuuiioji Shith, Audiuv.
Auditor's Ojlice, Wood county, Ohio.
Ptrrysburg, May 17, 18il 3v2i? J.
II E II! P F ' 8 SAli E, .
State of Ohio, for the use of Catlmrine Iti adfotd, by
her next friend John l.radfor.l, plnlntiH', vs 0i kc
A. Wullaliam and William M. Vi-i)tht.defondaiits.
Uv virtue of an order ot sale Issued in tin above
rase by the Clerk of the Court of Couini m Pleas of
Columbiana conntv, Ohio, an 1 to nu directed and
delivered, I will tilf'rfor saloat vublio vendue at the
dmir of the Court House in the town of IVrrysburg,
Wood county, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 221 day of .tun.', IStil,
between tho hours of 10 . in. and ? p. m., of said
dav. the following described lands uud tenements,
tn-wit: apartot tne s-w qr. ec, .i, town .i norm,
range 11 cast, in Wood County, Ohio, an I running
a line across SHid nr. so as to cut i tl' sixtv acres
frjm tlif n-s-th siite tlK-reof. npnrjisod at '.U0.
-...w v . . . 0 K. W'YKK. srti
May 2.1. 1SG1 3w533 C
K II I K 1
S A I. K
William Wittinand John Davis vs. U -nry liaely.
By virtue of an order of sale, Uik- k fltm the
court of common pleas of Wood county, O.'iiii, an I
to me diivetfd, I will expose to public sale, ul the
residence of I,. H. Rodger In Henry towns'p. Woo I
county. Ohio, on
' Wednesday, the Jib. day of June, l;''l,
tbA following property, to-wi't: Pour horses, five
milch rows, wheat in the ground, iron kettles, plow
and drag, bark mill aud bark, two young In iil'-r-i,
hogs, crosscut saw, a lot if dry nil 'skins, calf
skins dressed, deer skins liiiishcil, two sides har
ness lou tlier, a lot of tanner's tools, seven bafsdeer
hair, and a variety of other articles not here in n
lioned. Said property taken in attachment an I by
an order to me directed from th court, of common
pleas. Sale to cnmmeiiee at 10 o'clock, a. in., on
said ilav. A credit, on all sums over sf.'i, of three
nmnthu'will be given. (1. K Ol'YFIt. SherilV.
Cook. I'iiick a .loiivs'.s. uttvs for plttl'.
May 20, 1801--:tw22.U0 ' ,
Mnriuh E. Yonnt. atlinhilstrairit of (iabriel E
Vomit, dee., vs Thomas Vomit, Abraham Yonnt.
Daniel Vomit, Mariah Heals, ieo. W. Vomit, Win.
II; Heals, Sarah Yonnt, A. .laekson Yoiml, Janus
McOuinis nnd Siisannii McOuinis.
On Saturday, the l.'ith day of June. at 11
o'clock, a. in., at the door of the Court Iloiise.in the
town of Perrvsburg, in Wood enmity. Ohio, will lo
sold to tho highest bidder, t lit' following real estate,
the property of Oabriel Vount. dec. lo-wit: All that
part of tlie cast half of fractional section number 15,
township number , range nmnhi-r in east, in Wood
county, O.. lying east of the Dayton & Michigan Hail
road, containing 00 aerosol' land nierourless. Terms
made known on day of sale.
Mauiaii E. Vovst, Adm'tx.
Cook. Viiu'R it Johnson, Att'vs.
.Mav I 1, ISiil.-2w.").". 01.
8 S I C If E K ' S S A . I. K
ly virtue of an order ot sale is'iieil I rem the pro
bate court of Wood count), Ohio, 1 will oiler ut the
door of the court house in I'crrvshurg, on
Saturday Juno J, lrtl, 1
at 1 o'clock p, in. of said day, the following describ
ed real estate, to-wit: In lots in the tlie town of l'er
rysburg number 3H0, the north 20 feet and the south
38 feet of tho north 58 of same lot, and tho north
half of in lot number 407, less four foot for alley:
also the west half of the north-east quarter and the
west half of the north half of the south-east quarter,
in range ten. townsphip four nod section twen'y-two,
containing 120 acres, all in Wood county, Ohio.
Terms of sale! one-third on the day of sab', balance
iu annual payments, oiie-third yearly. , Defoied
payments to be secured by mortjraire and iuterost
from date. ' S. SPINK,
Aasstgnee of tho l'errysburg Hank,
Pcrrysburg, April 25, 1801 52w5$;!,8.)
N 0 II D I N A N C E
M a regular meeting of the Town Council of the
town of l'errysburg. ood county, Ohio, held oil
-Monday, May'20. 1801, it uns ordcrod
That a siile-walk he con Reacted on the ivest siile
of Front Street, from the comer of l.riuisi.t" ! Av
iiue to O. Peach's store, in front f lo! 1. 72. 77:!.
S -1 5 -1 si,le-ivii!k to bo six fctwid". .to be built of
sound oak plank two inches tniek, all, I to be In' i
l"iigthwise. Said plank to rent on oa'; b-acrs six
inches square nnd to be four fe -fajiart. I'lank to
ho widl i'asU'iied by being uiv.Ic I doivn ri"lif io the
baarers. Said side-walks to h built under the su
pervision of the Mui shall, who shnll have power to
compel the performaiiee of the same according to. t!)c
above specilic.itions. and to have the sum- cmupl
c.l within 30 ilavs from date.
.Ias. W. Uuss, Mavor,
F. R. Mw.l.Eit, Recorder.
0 T I C E
Wm. TT. While of Pittslntrgb. Pennsvlv.tnia, will
lake notice that William baker and William A. Col
lins did, on the 2lllh day of April, ls'tl. fib. their
petition iu the court of common pleas of Wood Co.,
Ohio, in which they claim to recover the sum of one
hundred and seventy-livo dollars for services rend
ered. The defendant is further notilie I that unless
he appear and answer said petition on or before the
2'.Hh day of June next, the same will be taken as
confessed, and judgement entered acccnrdinglv.
: HAIiF.lt Sc Coi.l.lNH.
April 20, iWl R2wfi$30S -
William II. Mann of I'utavi i. New York, will take
notice that Jniaus Myers ami. William linker did,
on the 2iilh day of April, ISO I, file ihoir petition in
the court of common pleas of Wood comity, seeking
to foreclose r. niorlgag given bv said .Maun to said
plaintiffs nud M. Johnson, April If, leVJ, upon the
west half of the south-east quarter of sectMfli 31,
town 8, north of range 12 east in said county, to se
cure three notes of $1000,110 each, dated Nov. 1.
I S.r4 . and payable respectively on the 1st January
lttaO, 1 S.i7. and ltfifl.
Said Wm. II. Mann is further notified that unless
he appear uud answer said petition on or before the
20th of June next, the same will be taken as con
fessed and judgement rendered according: I v.
April 2o, lSGl-i2wOl,Od , , Pltlls Atlys.
O A I) N O T I C E .
Notice is hereby riven that a nntilioir will
be presented to the Commissioners of Wood enmity,
Ohio, at their June Session, asking them to grant
a river survey and to locale a county road iu Perry
Townrhip, commencing in tho rrnUTof tho count y
road, eighty rods cast of the north west corner of
section twenty light, and to run due south through
the center of the west half of said section to the
south line nnd there terminate.
May 1st, 1801 lw3
ry o
Mrs, M. A. Carpenter would respectfully announce
to the ladies of Perryshurg and vicinity ("lnl, she has
removed her Millinery Store to tho house formerly
occupied bv Eliza P. Jones, on Front stroet, where
there will be found a beautiful assortment of millin
ery goods. Mrs. C. w ill keep constantly on hand it
largo variety of
Pounds, Ribbons,
Flowers, . i , . , liuclies.
Hats, Caps and Flats,
In fact every thing perUimiiig to the millinery line.
She is also prepared to Cut, Fit arid maku Dresses,
Capes, Cloaks, Talmas unit Children's Clothing.
Bleaching uud Pressing done to order.
Ladies will lind it much to their advantage by
giving me a call before purchasing elsewhere.
April 24, 180161 Mrs. M. D. CAHPENTETl.
A Benevolent Institution established by special
endowment, for tho relit f of tho sick and distressed,
afflicted with Virulent and Epidemic diseases, and
especially for the cure of diseases of the Sexual Or
gans. Medical advice given gratis, by the Acting Sur
geon, to all who apply by letter, with a disoription
of their, condition, luge, occupation, habif.s ot life,
Ac.,) and incases of extreme poverty, Medicines
furnished tivo of charge.
Valuable reports on Spermatorrhoea, and other
diseases of the Sexual Organs, aud on the new rem
edies employed in the Dispensary, sent to the alttict
ed in sealed letter invelopes, free of charge. Two
or tlireo stamps for postage will be acceptable.
Address DU. J. SKILLIN HOL'OHTON, Acting
Surgeon Howard Association, No. 2 south 9th street,
Philadelphia, Pa. ISy oitler of the Directors.
GEO. FAIKCIIII.D, Secretary.
Jan. 1, 'til. EZRA D. HEATWEI.L, President.
The qualified voters of achool district No. 1. Tar-
rysburif, 0., aro hereby uoiiiicd to uiuot in the Cen
tral School Huuu on Friday, June 7th, 1001, at
o'clock, p. m., to elect two members of the Board of
Education to serve for three years ; to provide for
tho siipoit of the school for the ensuing year ; and
to ti'aiiouet bucbotnti business as may conic before
the mtenng. Ohit. f O A'jiK.S, Pre t.
Jas. W. Hos, SeoV
' x'errvtbur, My Jt,l3vj-3wjjl JJ.
ornx.r7. pntvriNfl ornci
' Having replonisbeU our otliee with now Vles
throunhout, wc aiv now prepared to execute Job
Work, such as Posters, ' Sale Bills, rtotrrammes.
Invitations, Cards, ' I.abuls.. Pamphlru, all
kinds lllanks, c. in the Uiosl satisfactory manner.
Ordurs filled at short nutiee, and on reasonable
terms. ' ' '' '
AuVKSTISlSOv lw ' till
One squaro .AO . 1 ,2;
' .' Column ' 2. SO 0.00
M column ' - i.M 10.00
One column r O.aO 16.00
A ilu tui tion ot 5 our cent.
from tlie abovv rates
win oe mailo lor casn.
Tlin spueo oecupird by ton lines of the type Com
posing lhc,lodv vt the advertisement will be
snnnre. i
unre, i - .
All Transient Sdvertiw inenla must be paid for
in advance to insutv publication, -
Advertisements inserted w iln tlie mark "tf," ill
be charged for until ordered out. "
i When yearly advortiseinents are Inserted four er
more changes will be allowed,
il. W. HAli.EV, I't iit.t uir.it and Piioriiii:i'on.
O Y 1. V A x t: S .1 i: I KHVOX,
in i: d end of Balrd U 'liso liuildmg. Will attend
pronq tly to all business entrusted to bis care, tl'
i). w. k. n.tv, t. w. nt'Ti'iii.vsoN. j. i. nu.Ans.
Collectlmr and Ileal Estate Airents.
Will attend promptly to all business enti uitedlo
their care. Otliee over W. J. Hitchcock's store,
Pcrrysburg, Wood County, Ohio. '01-4Ulf.
j i Mrs aiTBit tv.
l: s. SI.KV1N.
a ri;nitA si.kyin & si.bK)Hi,
L A T V O R N K Y 8 AT 1, A W ,
Will attend promptly to all Legal business en
trusted to their care m 'Wood county. Otliee iu the
Pcrrysburg liimd llnildiiig, Perryshiirg, Ohio, tf
U. u. iioix;e. i. K. TVLKK.
) 1 li 13 i, ' fc T V 1. U M,
Amms'KVs at Law, I'prrvshnri'. Ohio.
Particular attention paid to Conveyancing uud
Notorial business. Also, for sale, large quantities
of ban I iu Wood and adjoining Counties. 'Otl-tf
Ac: II Kit COOK. ' J, K. MUCK. P. W. ,1011 VSON.
t : Attouxey at Law. PciTy-buvjf, Ohio.
Will promptly attend to all Law Musiuess entrus
ted to their can. Have for sale large quantities of
band, inclu'li:5 U"U impitivcd farms, which will be
sold on easy lerni-. 'tilt-1 tf
li o it o m 1 s t ii a i y ,
T Attoii.set At Law. PciTvaburg, Ohio.
ill attend to nil business entrusted to bis care
In the several Courts of Ohio. Otliee with John
Hates, 2nd sUvi. 'OO-ltf
K It II K . Ti7, "
Attornkv at Law, amiNmtahy I'trjn.ii'.
w'ill attend proniptlv to nil business intrusted to Ids
care. Otliee iu the Court House with Cook, Price A
Johnson. Nov. 20, Isoo ly.
j . no w i'. i, i, s ,
l-tl JioHling Urecn, Ohio.
Dll. J . U . H H I T II,
llowi.i.so GiiKKx, WoihI County, Ohio.
All calls will bo promptly uticndcd to, both day
and night. ' 'Oo-ltf
i it i) ii o u s i:. -
C. 0. HAIKl), PltOMMKTOIt,
Pcrrysburg, Ohio.
llHiuivsniTiui n.ANixc; mim
P N I E I j I i I N I K Y , I'KOIMtlKTOH.
Manufactures to order, an 1 keeps constantly oi
hand, a general supply of
Doors, Sash, liliudn atnl Window Shades;
Pine, AS'hitewood and Ash Flooring;
i'ine and Whitewood Doors.
All kinds of Planish done to order. Order
piiuupllv tilled at Toledo price.-, or, in some cases,
below the m. '00 -if
Tlie umlorsioned, feeling thankful for past favors,
takes this opportunity of informing tin: ladies that
sh" has just received the latest opening styles of
lionuets. Hats, liihhotis. Flowers, and all kinds ol
Millinery "ouds eoii:ranily ini bund. Work done (o
order, at former prices, at her usual place of resi
dence. Ladies plciue call and son for yourselves.
Mint! ANN E. FOWI.Ell.
I' K YV K L 11
Cari'fullv repaired bv
W . F . POM E K 0 1
At 1'Rttnvsr.rita Hank Ht'ii.niNn.
Y !
00-1 tf
ri'iixiTtrnH ! i
n'rrrxw t- w i v h tip i t t
iiin.r..- .i i,r. .1 - u it r. i a i it
(Mormerly II. Y. Degrair,) No.87 Bowery. New
York, extending 211 feet through to No. Oi Cheery
Street, and six stories in height, making it
in the fuited States, and Tilled with Furnature of
all grades. From the best Parlor to the common
Kitchen, which wu aro - determined to sell at the
small profit of live per cent., and no Deviation,
hoping, by this plan, to increase our business suf
ficient to counterbalance thu difference iu profit.
Rosewood Parlor Setts, from--.-$,S0 00 to $100 00
Mubog. and lllaek Walnut Parlor
Sett from $30 OOtofloO 00
Rosewood Ped-rioin Sells, from-SO 00 to $200 00
Mnhoir. and ill.ick Walnut Bed
room Sets, from $25 00 lo $1.10 00
Eniimil Chanilier Setts, from... .$22 00 to 1.00 00
Oak and Walnut Dining Setts,
from $25 00 lo $:'i0 00
Hair Mattresses from 7 00 to $ 25 00
Spring ' " $ 3 50 to $ 10 00
March blth, lsfil l.miH
A. J. Gauiinkh Co., Druggists,
Oilead, Wood Co., Ohio.
Have received a large stock direct from New
ork, consisting in part of Paints of nil ki.ids,
Linhkko, Tak.nvhs, Maohis'k and Coal Oils', Fi-k-NtTriiK.
CoaC!I, Dkmaii, and Jaimn Vaiinisii.
Paint, Vaunisii, Sasu, Whitewash, Sent iiuind
and Lamp Hiirsni:s.
Dyk Sti l'Ks, like Joseph's coat, of man v colors
Glass of nil Sizes, Pi tty, S ami anil Emkhv
Pai-kii, TriirKNTiNK, Alcohol, CAsronand Swki:t
Oils, English Ciiirunls, Prunes, Tainariiuls, and
Raisens, Spice, Pepjier, Cinnamon by the lb. or mat.
(linger, Cloves, Ground and Extract of Coll'ee,
Chocolete and Cocoa. Starch by the lb. or box.
A tine assortment of Peiiklukky Sous and
flavoring extracts. '
A large .assortment of Prim Mkiucinks ami
Ciii:mk'Al.s, and Tildcn's celebrated Medicines for
Physicians use.
Wc are selling a fine article of CoaI. Oil, free
from smoke rr smell, at 75e per gallon.
l.amplrom live sniliingslo two dollars.
Wo believe in the principles of Porn. A It Sov
tu: to nt valid Pay as you ho, and shall hold our
Stock strictly for Casu or Ready Pay, and will
take all kinds of Grain and Produce in exchange.
Patent Meimcinks ov tv lb y ai.su.
Gilead, May fl, 1601 tf.
O The Board w ill hold their next regular sessions
for the examination of Teachers, as follows:
Pcrrysburg, first Tuesday in Juue. , ,
Portage, first Tuesday In July. ' ' J
In addition to the usual course, Teachers will here
after be examined in American History.
No applicant will becxamined whois not present
punctually at 9 o'clock, a.m. i
J. W. Woopbcry, Clerk.
The stockholders in the above company
will meet at the hiso of R. Russell, in Bowling
Oreen, on Tuesday June 18th, 1801, at 10 o'clock,
a. m., forth purpose of electing Directors for the
ensuing year. J. C. WOOSTtR, President.
Attest i S. L. BorouTON, Secretary.
Bowling Oreen, Ohio, May lith, 1M1 2w3
Ayer's Ague Cure.
Perrysburg Journal.
The War on the Union.
Tuesday's Dispatches.
Tho Rtl'aiis of ihti Ciovcrtimcnt are con
ducted wlih vncltM crecy tli nt we Imve to n.
Wttit the progrcslof actual cvcnl, (tlmost
bufore we tire &b!e lo arrive Rt nny tiofinito
conclusion as to ihe gt neral wvik in pro
irrf8. To this fttct ntr bo ntlributcd one
of the ctutses of o rtinny flying inn ors
an J ronjeclurrs. l?ut Me prt jose only to
notice (nets, as nearly as ne curt sil't tlum.
- IS.nator Wade hai maJe a p Monal vis
it to Fori Monroe. and it ports ihit v tl ous
nnd troop in camp. XI.nl.!t g.tul and
pluity of. prOis:cins. A liglit occurred
on MonJity, betneen tho buUuy of the
ri liels t tlie nu u li t f V. iz ibcili river,
and ilto Moiilieello and Freeborn, Unit d
States steamer. The battery as ct'ni-
nletcly dt molished, and the ltbcls fled
f r tht ir lites. Fret hotn captured t-o I
rcbt oners on ihe l'otomao, filled with re
cruits for theiehel service. The ju-irrs
wcit; taken to Washington and ihe nun
put in pi'non. Tho Chaileston blockade
is BaiJ to be deficient. A Live) pool ship
in R' tempting to run tho blockade, was
seized by the fleet and lowed into safe
quarters. She hud two secession fligs
flying at the time, nnd of course cannot
claim British interference. The small
pox is stiid to txist to a considerable ex
tent among the rebels at llarpei's Forty.
Wednesday's Dispatches.
The Government al Washingion con
tinues to act vijorouslr. It beipp- under
6tord lhat the rebtl states 1 ave made
p i ffcrs to purchase vessels in Kngland
and o'-her European countries, the admin
istration has noiitiedthe diplomatic corps
lhat no such purchase will be respected,
no matter under what flag the vessels may
tail. The diplomatic coips have been al
so notified that if ar.y commissioner, or
minister, from the seceded states be re
ceived by any European Power, the Gov
ernment will not hes'cate to break off all
diplomatic relations with tuch power
will recall the United Slates minister al
such Court, nnd will dismiss the reprtsen
tative of that power retident in Washing
on. It is thus evident that our Gjvt fo
ment is determined to deal with ihe south
ern confederacy in every way as a rebel
lious portion of this republic. At Balti
more two Philadelphia .companies seized
one thousand live hundred muskets nnd
'our tl.ous.mJ pike, ttored iu tin unoccu
pied houe, and took them to Ft MeHcn
ry. Information was received nt the war
dtpartmit't lhat some of the rebels were
)ing to wesurn Virginia to subdue the
Unionists. Additional force is ordend
for the blockade nt Charleston. The vote
on secession in Virginia was the mi rest
farce nil the rebels from the south btit it
pertbiUed to vole. 1 he secession sympa
thizes of sourthern Indiana are causing
sonie trouble, and several have been no
tified to either dry. up or leave. Gin's
Harney aud Tr ce, the latter command
ing the Missouri state forces, have issued
a joint manifesto lo the pet pie, declaring
a common object, that of restoring peace
and good order, end requiring subordina
tion to the laws of the General and Stale
governments. It is understood tha'. Gn.
Price will disband all ihe state forces and
lake prompt and effective measures to in
sure full protection to all classes of citi
zens. All complaints of violence or ap
prehensions are hereafter to be made to
hi ii, and if he fails to afford the necesa
ry relief, the United Slates forces will bo
used. The southern confederacy has es
t.tblished a blockade at Memphis, pro
hibiting the passage of upward bound
boats. W. II. Russell, the corret pondenl
of the London Times, arrived qlls'i w Or
leans on the 21st inst. Theic is a rumor
that as soon as hostilities are commenced
by the government in the direction of Nor
folk and Ivlchmond, the rebel forces nt
Harper's Ferry will march into Pennsyl
vania. Northern people are piohibited
from traveling in Virginia, under pains
of arrest and imprisonment. The Secre
tary of Slate has given notice to Mexico
nnd other s'.ates that the Monroe doctrine
will bo carried out to the letter, and lhat
nothing in the shape of foreign interven
tion will bo tolera'cd or submitted lo for
n single hour.
Thursday, Dispatches.
Gen. Hit ler takes command of lite force
at Fort Moaroa, ns well as the land forces
lhat are lo operate in that vicinity. The
government La3 put into commission the
steam flotilla for the Potomac river ar.d
the atljacent waters. This fleet is head
ed by the U. S. tteamcr Freeborn, dipt.
Wa d, which is known as the flag ship.
There are four other vessels, now afloat,
of ligM draft and heavy guns, intended to
chase and capture all piratea and other
secession violators of the laws of the coun
try. It seems that about aixty thousand
troops are to be placed along ihe banks of
ihe Ohio river. Secretary Chase has
caused a new test oath to be administer
ed to the clerks io the several bureaus of
his department. The workmen commenc
ed renovating the Capital, preparatory to
the opening of Congress. The war de
partment btii issued strict orders tbat ev
ery soldier rtUkt be well fed, and tint
complaint to tlie contrary must be imme-
ilia't'y npoiUd lo tl. piupt,r de-jailuii-nt. j
A ,1..l. ! .. ! A I ..
u mritiin uauip at Ait'A
anuria amies' lhat th troop ara badly fed
and two hundred will desert If they can i
tjet a chance. , (J.uite A number of ihe j
Virginia troops r fuse to Uko tho oath to j
tight against lh Unttfd Slates. Tho con-
fuderato Congress has adjonrncJ to meet
atltichmond, July SOlh. The Virgin!-;
an have dispatched troops lo ScwaU'a !
1 i
'nil. and a rL rollisi.m i .y,iftl..,l '
there in a day or two. Jell. DatU is on
a tii- o Fort I'irkfna. Oen. Carringlon
will Istue an order cotifyiro- all comj't
nien inUnd'uig to enter thu three yem
sertice, that tluir appMcaliona, with inua
rolls, must be fowarded lo h'.a ttticu not
later tl an Mosul y, May 27ih. Colcnt 1
S efdmau's rtgiuieut 1 a gone lo Muriel
ttv, Tw o companies of Col. orton'a rt g
i'n nt havo gouo 'o roriltitul, Jackson
totinty lo cp ire camp arrangement
WUt"a 1,10 leun iuJtr of Ihe r giuit nt will !
move at onco to lhat point. Ctd. Fremont
left France on thu 18th inst. to tende r 1 h
services lo im President.
Maj. Gen. R. F. Butler.
Xo mm has ever iieti more rapidly
into public esteem in this eo tntry, ii:h,r
as a statesman or military chieftain, than
Gen. Hiitlerof Massachusetts. He has
displayed quickness of perception, the
highly intelligent perctp ion and prompt
ness of action of a na'urally great uud
pruoii'-id general. He stands high in the
regard of (fen. Scott, wl o, when he first
heard that Butler had entered and occu
pied ihe city of Baltimore, said, "that is
a bold aud spleulid success, and proves
that Gen. Butler a soldier." Tlie ap
pointnvnt of Oen. Butler to the command
of the Department of Vitginia and North
Carolina, gives universal sa isfaction.
. - - i - -
Three New Brigadier Generals.
The Was' ingb n correspondent of the
Philadelphia Press wri'es :
The two new brigadier generals, for
the regular army, are Maj r Mcl.Kwcll,
U.S. A., promote d, and Andrew II. 11- Od
er, of Pennsylvania, talen from private
life. The latter will henceforth be a
member t f the permanent military estab
lishment of our country. He will be com
polled to throw aside law and politics,
and devote his intellect and his life to the
Re-public. Ii, is supposed that another
brigadier general will bo taken from Ohio
irl tlie petson of Colonel Sherman, feir
merly of the army, but lately superinten
dent of the mili a-y school of Louisiana,
which he resinee! when that State seced
ed. He is the brother of the Ho i. John
Shermnn, (he successor of Secretary
Gl a so in tho Senate of tho United St:ite.
Important from Kentucky.
The House bill to arm Kentucky hns
been rt j ctetl, yeas 1:1, nays 42, the con
ftitution r quiring M votes to app.opii
ati d over one hundred thousand elo'hirs.
A rts ilulion that, the Governor's pi o 'la
mat ion of the 20th inct., contains the true
position that Kentucky should occupy du
ring the siiifn between the United and
Confederate Stater, wai ni'Cted. An
act nmemlincr the State militia law, by
which tbe Sta'e Otnrd nre required to
war lo support the Constitution of the
United States and Aontn diy, pissed
yeas 40 rays .TO. If Magofliu l.al a
spark of manhood about him he would
now resign.
"Andy" Johnson Defying the
The Washington X.tiional Republican
of Saturday fays :
!Ve have heard reliably from Senator
Johnson B1 lute as last Monday, when he
was GO miles wist of Knoxvillo, on l.U
canvass of the S ate, which votes upon
ll.u rpicsiiun of secession. Mr Juhusou
and his friends were at thai da'e, hopeful.
"The st) lo of Mr. Johnson's canvass
ing may be judged of from the eommence
mmi of his speech nt Cleveland, Teun.,
where threats tig linst him hud been large
ly indulged in. He told the crowd lint
he 'ditl rot come he re to be shot, but to
shoot,' that if the re? was to be a light, he
and his friends were ready for it, and that
he preferred to finish up the lighting be
fore his speech.
Nobody coming forward to fight, the
intrupid S.mator proceeded to speak, and
by the lime be had finished, nineteen
twentieths of the audience were with him.
He lo!d them, among either things, that
Ji fl'. Davis, and the Governor of the St tie
ought to be hanged and would be hanged
at that cot far distant period when the
jtidic'til power of the Government could I o
brought lo bear upon them."
"Invading Southern Soil."
We hear a great amount of clamorous
indignation from the Southern press and
people about the troops in service of the
Otneral Government being about to "in
vade Southern soil." This is all idle
gammon. The forces of tho General
Government cannot '"invade" a S ate.
1 In y have a perfect right to go pnd come
every where, on every loot o' soil cover
ed by the jurisdiction of the Federal Uni
on. The General Government is not nn
alien nor intruder as lo the Sia'es. Its
sway extends over them all alike, and its
laws, officers and armies are at home
everywhere throughout the common
domain. If it were not 60 (here would
be no na'ional government.
It is just as absurd to talk of the gov
ernment troops invading tho Smth." as
to lalk of British troops "invading" Liv
erpool, or the French armv "invading"
LangueJoc, or Ihe militia of the State of
Ohio "invading" Hamilton county.
This stupid idea of the just and lawful
government cf the country corni ting an
"invaiion" whenever it sets on foot a
movement to execuie its laws, could have
it i birth nowhere but id tho ruaggalty and
seditions braia of a tcf scionist. dnc ii
na'i Comverrfot,
Interesting from the South--
State of Affairs in South Carolina, Georgia
and Virginia.
A gentleman who hai btn residing at
hsrleston, S. 0., tfr.c list October, nr
rived in Boston a few rlars since nnd rus
furnished the Journal t f that ci'y with
?ome Interctinj facta. Ho my. '
All I quiet at Chaileattn. Sumter
been taken, tins troopa h tvo noih-
!... ... .1 . T ..... t C! 1
" ,u. uo' w rrgiui.ius wiyw o-ru n
Carolina troops hnv con e .NuUh. Ilfj'
meet for drill three or four littles a week
There U huln or no business Thecl yh
as dull as tunilsy. ' I'rovKlons are held
t l,ih rales.. Uuttrr, 7H cents. Ham,
b"t( and multon, from iJ5 to Pt nU
Flour SUV- Coin wns ro tree, (fold was
not to be had at ihe. hunks 'xept to pay
duties, and ton per cent was tho ruling
piic.t4 for that. f knew thai . ont htitu
rahlt gentlemtn, owinjr money in Hoton,
olli ltd to tivj two Uiousinl d ,lUri in
bill for onu thousand in gold, but the t-'f
tcr Ivutti l io trkeis: ihe o-enlictii,i;i, ul-
tl o tch a rabid MTCis'orist, ls-in (in-
t'u wuihiiUMi in'in inn jtit.M 1 11 in iiif
service ut li e city, peuttiwcd the miyor
to l e allowed to pay tl em in gold, but
the mayot re -plied that they must take tin
notes of the banks.
The depreciation of tlo1 bank bills his
been rpid since Lincoln's proc'ama'ion.
and before the summer is over tli y will
be worth nbout ns much as Continental
currency was at the close of the Revoltt
lulicnai y war. The blockade) of the ports
an I an utter suspension of business will
inevitably pioduce such are-u't. A few
of the business men understood this, bin
the people genrrnlly.who aro unacquaint
ed with the first principles of political
economy, see nothing to mar the future
tjloiy ot the commercial metropolis ol the
Southern Confederacy, as liny fondly
imsg'tie Charleston is destined to be.
It seems lhat to be a citizen of South
Carolina is more than to be a ci i;;i-u of
ihu Confederate Slates of America. In
Charleston, tho Sou ht rn Confederacy is
always put second to Sjuth Carolina. "I
am ft South Carolinian, I would havo you
to understand," is the common form of
statement when they speak of citizenship.
They delicately give the short sound oft,
as it Sou:h Curo'ltnia vv.ts mure than all
the re st of the world.
There is no love kut between South
Carolina and Georgia, for both aro to be
Kmpire Siates, This sentiment of supe
riority has been nursod until it has be
come ingrained into society. They look
upon all Northerners with contempt. The
stories which we hear that they think one
South Carolina soldier is a match for tive
or ton Northerners, aro ro. fabrications.
They believe that such is tho fact, and
no ica-oniiig can und.ctivu them, and
tln-re is a g n- rd desire lo show the world
that tin v are nblo to mako their words
good. 'J hey are ccidident of the issue of
the eoUts', (we sp-iik ttf thu maesi'S).
Tin y lionest'v feel that they are right.
They b lie.ve thai God lueiks approvingly
upon tin ir course. They think that they
are defending their tire: ides. They ilo
not seem to know that thore'is nnihing
else at stake, nnd think that tin North is
only bent on subjugating them to p li;ic
al slavery.
They aro exceedingly bitter on the
Notthern democrats, and pr dse the abo
litionists ns being consilient. Northern
democrats are traitors. They have bitter
curses for Gen. Scott and Col. Anderson
Although when, after the surrender of
Sumter, it was reported that Auderson,
hi ing disgusted vnb the inactivity of thu
fleet, would resign his commission, there
were piofuso praises of his heroism and
ability, and also when it was reported ilia.
Scott had resigned, there were no btuJa
tions too great, bul now he is "an imbe
cile old fuss and feathers." Our inform
ant says that htlely the cry has nol boon,
"Cotton is King." but JticT "We tmly
want to be let alone." He says lhat no
one who has not resided there can have
an adequate idea of the extravagant no
tions they entertain. They are such as
inig'it oocuj y the brains of lunatics.
A tug has boon armed wiih two guns,
and named the "Lady PaviM." Our in
ftnr.ant says tint it is ennfi lontlj believ
ed that thin miniature ship-of-war will be
able to borer a few shot holes be low the
water lino through the sides of the Niag
ara or Minnesota, whoii they nppear off
the harbor, and piove more th in a match
for either ship ! The crow ef tin Lady
Davis have been sworn in, and the crafc
is looke d upon with much pride.
The Chatlestonians tell a g story at
their own expense, which well illustrates
the want of dicipline.
A company was ketping gu ird at ihe
Arsenal. Tne colonel of ine regiment
passing by saw the soutiuel iaatteuiive to
Ids duty. Ho took n way Ids gun, and
then entere d the arsenal. A subordinate
officer was concocting a cocktail.
" Where is the captain ?" tho colonel
" Up stairs." ' ' '
" Please say to him that I want to see
, " Well, after I take a drink," said the
After swallowing his toddy ho wont up
stairs to the captain.
, " The colonel is down siuirs.an 1 wants
to see you, captain.
"Well, if he wants to see me more
than I do him, jusltell him to walk up."
said the captain who was lying on a bed.
The colonel went up stairs, and found
the captain taking things easy. " Sir,
you ought to bejdrilling your company.
Your sentinel doa't know how to do his
duty, und I ttok his gm away from
" Well, I daresay he will be much
obligod to yen. I reckon he was lirod of
carrying it."
Another good s'ory is told, which has
not found its way lato ihe Charleston pa
pers: The light boa' which wis ekptured.hns
been anchored btthe mouth of the creek
whirh leatis to Fono river. Two guns
have been placed on bow J. One aiming
down the week is kept Laded with ibot,
while the other pVnung towards the city
is used lo fire a u oining and evening gun.
Not long sine',' when 'thu sunrise pun was
fired, ft twelve-pound ball ripped through,
a negro's shanty, nnd lod red in a hotel,
greatly to the consternation of an old ne
gro and several boarders. The crew of
the lightboat did not discover that tlie
boat lnd turned with the tide during the
I ' 1 ' -' ' ' .-
were get'in very scarce at
S.ivannuh. Bifon. w'oicli g nerally sella
nt hven cents a ronr.rl, had riScn, a few
d bl'ore he left, t! el-'Pu fierjr.i--Tbe
reliance of the people for provisions
stenie J mainly in their coming crops.
Bii-ims ff all kind-i was entirely proa
ttale. Our informant met large quanti
ties of proviionr going forward FoMth
from LoitiavillM, Ky. r i
Th'i noiro s wero quiet. A gentleman
fiom Augusta, Goorgia, said, a day or
two before our informant left, that if there
wore furthir call for military companies
from their vicinity, be would remore his
family from there for safely, This may
explain the n al feeling ot the people in
tegard lo thU maUer.
Our informant believes, (hat bcnealli
aM the manifested enthusiasm in behalf
of the re bel cause, the-re is a deep under
cur.uut of attachment still to the old
Union ; uud he believes that were a fed
eral fo:ce, strong enough to protect them,
tin own into Savannah, this Union feeling
would be at once displayed, and make It
self fi 1 1. As it now is, it is not.of course,
pmdtnt or safe for a man to show any
sympathy in that ditection. .
There is a great difference in the feel
ings 1 1 Pouiti uaroiiniiins nna lrgtnians.
The residents of the Palmetto State are
angry, wiupish, overbearing, while thro'
oul Virginia there was a feeling of sad
ness. A member of tho Stato Conven
tion rcmaiked to our informant that no
pen coull eve r p3rtray the scene In the
Convention when the ordinance of seces
sion was passed. His oath of secrecy
would not let him divulge what took
place, but, if theie weie jubilant seces
sionists, there wero heart-broken men,
who still love d the old ll.ig. Our inform
ant says, and his words are worthy thj
attention of tho Government: "Let Gov
ernment do by Virginia as she has donn
by Matyland pur in tha troops, and
there will be men enough to cheer the
Slari and S ripr-s in Richmond 1
Tho attitude taken by Western Virgin
ia has staggered the secessionists. At
Richmond lie found 11 o same mistaken
idea prevalent concerning tho North, and
tho belief was still .prevalent lhat thero
would be a hirge pat ty who would yet
rise up in the NortU to fight against tho
The Embarrasments of the Government.
The injustice and fol'y of most of the
censure cat upon the Government because
it tines ro'. move faster n prosecuting tho
war again.xt the rebel;;, nre easily 6een by
those who look. Wo have heretoforo
spoken generally of the difficulties th
authorities have to contend with In conso
ejuence of the presence of the traitors still
lofliu the service, who disguise their pur
poses as long ns possible, . with the view
of plavin'g into tho hands of the rebels to
the In 't moment. The following cases
illustrate this point: '
Win n il w;is decided to employ troops
for tho d-fonso of. tho Capital, S'.aff offi
cers, after remaining lorg enough -in tho
War Department to acquire as much
knowlet'ge as possible of the details, re
signed, to cai rj that knowledge into tho
camp of the enemy. ...'...
When t5 Norfolk Navy Yard was
found lo bo in danger, orders , were deep-itched'
from tho NaVy Department to
havo all vess-ola tnken out. Officers at
ui the Yard, secretly sympathizing with
sicus: ion, iirt prevuiued the execution of
the orders, on the ground thai it was not
necessary, and then resigned. Tbe
Navy Dep trtmnt ni being apprised of
this, instantly sent Commodore Paulding
down to save the property. But it wss
then too late. Ail that could then bo
doue was to destroy it, to prevent its fall
ing into ih.! hands of secessionists, nnJ
thai he did t fleeinally.
When the Seventh Regiment and tho
Massachusetts tro ips arrived at Annapo
lio, th'i Capital wus ti'most defenceless.
A Quartermaster wns ordered to go to
Annapolis fiom Washington, to hasten
their march. He went, as was supposed,
to execute his ruisMon, but instead of
bringing in the tbsued reinforcements, he
cwoly, at lv.c leisure, brought in h resig
nation. When the river steamboats were seiied
at Washington for Government use, they
we re se nt round io the wvy Yard to be
armed for service. Inynedivdy on their
ai rival, every officer in tho Yard but ono
resigned in order to stop the work.
These are but a few pages out cf a
whole volume of unwritten history. At
every step, for aahilo, the Government
was digged aud criplod by traitore, who
drew their pay aud effected loyalty so long
ns nothing was required of them.but who,
al the critical moment when their, services
were wanted, (deserted to the enemy
Through to the Mississippi.
The railroad bridge across
river at MeredotiaU now completed, and
trains leaving Toledo, says the Blade, by
the Toledo A, Wabash Railway, run
through freun tho S.ate Lino, to Ihe Mis
sissippi Uivcr, without change of cars. -This,
we believe, makes but two changes
between Toledo and St. Joseph, on tha
Missouri Iliver, a distance of over 660
miles. This gives the T. & W. route its
proper btangiug as a through line io tho
West, aud bring il into more immediate
connection with the great lines wfcicb. aro
its "continuation." -" ' .
Postage in the Southern Confederacy
after the 3Jt wi!J be for each letter les
ihsn fli-O mih a ft cmU; a greater distance
10 cents weekly . papers forty cents
per year; tl.iiiw 52. HO per year j if
pjpluted ouuide iba Cos A. derate p tts,
th tosfire will be ''.ub!,.

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