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Local Matters.
TIMETABLE—Dayton & Michigan R.
Kiplil Exp-.ll:30 P.M.
Mail. ....... 11:30 A. s.
Freight"" -.6:25 A. M.
(10140 KORTlt.
Night Exp." 3:00 A. M
Mail 3 09 P. M.
Freight 7:07 p.m.
We Want Money.
looking over out we something over
two hundred subscribers who have not paid one cent
toward their subscription on volume eight. While
tho sura Is small that each person owes, In aggregate
to us it Is Urge. We baro to pay cash for every
sheet of paper, at the timo are receive it, and if our
(Honda i!o not soon make some provision fnr it w
shall hare to go begging. We must have what la
due ua to koep up appearances, and feed our tarr
ing printers.
To Clubs.
The timo la now abont up for the reception of
Club Lists fw Volume Nine, and those designing to
take advantage of this arrangement must aend in
their lists, with tho money, immediately.. After
next week we ahatl hare to exact our usual rates.
Do by us friend aa jrou do by foreign weeklies; send
ta your Clubs promptly, with the euah, and we will
labor faithfully to do our part.
Scholarships for Sale.
We have scholarships from the Columhits, Cleve
land and Maumcc Commercial Colleges, which we
will sell cheap for cash.
Tho Defianco Republican has suspended for the
present, owing, it is said, to financial difficulties.
The Ottowa Democrat.
This office was sold a few days since at private
ale ) J. U. WillUtou becoming the purchaser.
Fatal Accident.
The Bueyrus Journal of last week says that John
Scott, an old resident of ('ran ford county, was in
Btantlykillod by the kick of a horse, n few days
Col. Steedman's Regiments.
The ltlade learns that the celebrated " Union
Band," of that city, has made arrangements to go
Camp Putuam, near Marietta,, fluJ serve with tlx
11th regiment.
New Methodist Church.
The Gorman Methodists, of this place, have in
course of erection a neat nnd substanrkit frame
church, on Fourth street. H will be pushed for
ward to completion as fast as possible.
"The Mystery."
the a very story
commenced in the Saturday Evening l'ost. Those
fond of reading this class of literature, will find in
Jhis something above tho usual order of stories.
New Store.
VT. A. Strong, ,Ts(., formerly of Fremont, has
just opened im a new" a?" this place, in the
room adjoining the Haird hV'"e' He proposes to
tell the readers of the Journal a.'.' particulars, as
Boon as he gets his poods properly a.-'nged, Ac.
A Horse Company.
The patriotic people of Webster, failing io g'
their company accepted into service, have now en
rolled a cavalry company, ami announce them
selves ready for the war. They aro encamped at
the Howling Green fair grounds, and are couuuand
ed by Capt. M. Hruster.
We learn from the Fremont Journal that two men
wore sentenced to the penitentiary, at the last term
of the Common l'lcas Court in that county: Hol
ter, assault and battery with an iuteul to commit a
rape, for three years ) Peter Lawless, grand larce
ny, stealing a yoke of oxen, for fouryears.
A Good Book for the Soldiers.
We have received from J. II. I.ippcncott A Co.,
Publishers, Philadelphia, a copy of a little pamph
lct.of 9t pages, containing a complete system of in
structions in the school of the soldier: with a pre
liminary explanation of the formation of a JSsitt.il
lon on parade, the position of the officers, Ac; be
ing a first book or introduction to the authorised I'.
6. Infantry Tactics. The manual is illustrated
with 25 diagrams. Price only 25 cents.
Camps in Ohio.
There are at this time seven camps in Ohio
Camp Deuuisou, 17 miles north -east of Cincinnati;
Camp Jackson, at Columbus ; Camp Putnam, at
Marietta ; Caiap Anderson, at Lancaster ; Camp
Wood, at Portland, Jackson county ; Camp Harri
son, at Cincinnati ; and Camp Taylor, at Cleveland.
There are about 21,000 troops in these camps, all of
Ohio, except 1.U00 at Camp Dennison, from Ken
tucky. 1st and 2d Regiments, numbering about
1,700 teen axe in Washington City.
The Twenty-first Regiment.
Col. Jforton's regiment has been ordered to report
at Camp Wood, a camp which has been formed at
Portland, Jackson county. The locality is said to
bo very healthy, and the water pure and in abund
ance. In a strategic point of view tlie location is
probably the most important that bordurs oa the
Ohio river in the State. From this jmitrt troopscau
be thrown into cither Cincinnati, Portsmouth or
Marietta in a few hours. They can also reach Gal
lipolis, Irontou or Point Pleasant, iu Icsw tlian one
day. Tho position can be made to command the
border along the Ohio Hirer for several hundred
iniles, owing to the bend of the river. The regiment
is now armed and uniformed nnd readv for anv
emergency. F. R. Miller, of this place, has accept
cd the regimental Quarlermastcr.ship, and will leave
in a few days for the camp.
Our Book Table.
The Lajukk' Repository, June ISM; Poe &. Hitchcock,
Cincinnati, Ohib.
This number opens with a superb il lust ration of
the "Coast of Mount Desert." Mount .Desert, a
Email Island on tho coast of Mniue, was once known
only as a bleak and barren rock, but of late years
has been called the "Paradise of Painters." Any
person whe has ever visited this part of the coast
will have their recollections vividly refreshed by
view of this engraving. The portrait of Iicv. Glo
en Fsllmore, D. D., is one of tho finest pieces of
art Unit we Lava seen in a long while "a regular
speaking likeness," and such only as one may find
in the Repository. To any person who has ever re
sided in western New York, we need not say there is
a man more intimately connoctcd with the rise and
spread of Methodism than Mr. Fillmore; for he is,
without doubt the first clergyman of any denomi
nation who received his licenso in New York State
west of tho Gennesaee river. In point of litarary
excellence, the Repository holds its wonted purity.
"The Impending Conflict," is a well written article
on the aim and riseof the great rvbulliou. We have
read, also, with a degree of interest the "New York
Literary Correspondence." Every well-regulated
family should at least take ono cony of the Reposi
tory, as the expense is ouly two dollars a year.
Tn Atlantic Moktulv, June 1S61 1 Ticknor A
Fields, Boston, Mass.
This is a number just suited to the times. "The
New York Seventh Regiment," is a sprightly nar
rative of the passage of that deservedly popular
corps to M'asbiugton. Tho writer is a member of
the "Seventh," and tells his story in a stylo highly
interesting in these times of war and wonders. Mr.
Lowell has a very pungent article on "The Pickens
704 Stealing Rebellion." It is bnef, but there is
a great deal in it. The writer reeouats rapidly the
events which have brought us to tho present situa
tion; aud his moral is as unmistakable as if it were
a bullet fired out of a rilled musket. Withal the
article is as moderate as it is decided it is only our
friends, who would fam have sneaked through the
Datioual troubles under cover of a compromise, that
ed be very violent now, or that insist the south
shall be more than reduced to obedience. " Army
Hymn," is the title a few choice stanzas, by Oliver
W. Holmes, which anybody may siug that knows
Old Hundred. "Concerniuir Thimra Slowlv
Learnt" is another admirable tasav from tho pan of
the "Country Parson." "Greek Lines" is a brief
ana tbouauui esthetical paper. "The Ro.e En
throned'1 is a poem. Two chapters of Mrs. Stowe's
'Ague. of Sorrento" arc given. "Denmark Yesey"
is an account of the famous slave insurrection in
Charleston. Remaining articles are "Napoleon the
Third" sad "Americas Navigation." Terms one
copy os year, f 3; two copies, j it five copi, j 10,
Camp Correspondence.
Camp Correspondence. CLEVELAND, May 25th, 1861.
Mju fcttTOF,:-At J o'clock, p. m., of the fid ii,
ordors were received at Camp Taylor for the 2A
regiment to be in readiness to proceed to Columbus
at a. ni. of the 24th. Therefore at 3 in the morn
ing of the f4:h, abont the barracks in which the 21st
wcte quartered, everything was in motion. Cooks
wcro "hurrying Dp (heir cakes," Commissary Nor
ton, of Company C, wa flying brut to see that
each man bad his rations, and the excited soldiers
were engaged hi packing blankets and extra duds.
At the appointed buur everything was In readineaa;
and at half past S o'clock the companies formed and
marcchd out, receiving tlin cheers of the remaining
companies who filed within the parade ground to
give theircomrades Inarm? heartv farewell. They
were led hi the depot by Lelaild's taass hand, and
hut little inferior in point of numbers to those of
former occasions. Manv shouts could bo heard
from the little boys, of "Hnllv for those sogers,"
"There go the chaps who wifl fight." The band
played "Dlxio's Land," as a delicate intimation that
the brave men, if necessary, would go to that de
lightful countrv, through' Baltimore or any other
opposing place In Secossiondom. All were quickly
aboard, and at quarter after ten o'clock the train
was under headway. Nothing transpired on the
way, ave a oalutc of seven guns wo received at
Crestline, The train arrived at Columbus nenr 7
o'clock, when the companies were formed iu rank
to march to the arncaal to receive their uniforms and
arms. The former consisted of a kn.ijwaek con
taining 1 shirt, 2 pair woolen socks, and a blue
blouse. Each man was provided Willi a water
pouch, a bag similar to a sHrtsm:tu's game sack
aud a musket with its necessary equ ipments. Their
pants, caps and shoes will lie &ivcn them when
they arrive at their stopping place. After receiv
ing their arms, they inarched for Caulp Jackson to
take up their quarters for the night, where they ar
rived about dark. Here the boys had rather s hard
night's rest as there was no straw to be had, but tir
ing very timd from the efloets of the hard day's
ride seemed oonti n'.ed with tha "soft sidi o.' a plank"
upon which to spread themselves. At about half
past eight o'clock their rations were iHven them, con
sisting of a slice of baker's bread ami butter, with
salt pork, which was quickly devoured i and a few
minutes after nine found almost all wrapcd in
sleep. At A o'clock in the morning the drum an
nounced the call for every man to bo up and pre
pare for marching, which was promptly obeyed,
and at 4 o'clock they were on their way to the L.
M. A C. & X depot. It was presumed by all that
they were to go to Jackson, until a few minutes be
fore the train started, when word came that that
had lioen countermanded, and that they were now
ordered to proceed to Gallipolie, Gallia county.
Should thev go there, as was the understanding
when they left Columbus, they will have to inarch
on foot from Marietta to Gailipolis, a distance of
some 20 miles. Notwithstanding the prospects of
having this march, aud the hardships tliey had en
dured the night preceding, they were in pood cheer,
and seemingly anxious to bo put forward into active
service. There was no sickness in the company
exceptfa few who were complaining of cold eoii
tracted the night they lodged in Camp Jackson.
Young lilinn, of company C, was left behind with
the measels. He is now getting better, and will
join bis company in a few days. On my return, 1
found all the flags iu this city floating at half-mast
for Col. Ellsworth. There ait' at present about 100
three rear troops at Camp Taylor. How long they
intend remaining is not known, but I presume until
a full regiment is formed. At 3 o'clock this n. in., a
large lire occurred on Superior street. Loss esti
F. H.
Camp Dennison.
The following account of affairs at Camp Denni
son we take from the Garette:
Every pleasant day the camp is thronged by vis
itors from nil sections, ami the ladies especially
(i!cm to take- particular delight in showering all
manuer ot attentions upon the callant volunteers.
1 .'.e resources of the L. M . R. R. Co. are nrettv well
taxeu1 i" conveying to the camp crowds of ladies and
gentlem.'" from all parts who pour down by every
train, iliu on the camp ground the crowd of Citi-
cinnatians are shallowed up in the larger crowd of
visitors from nar.'.v every considerable town in
soulh-wesloin OlniO. Dayton, Xenia, Lebanon,
Hamilton, Hillsboro, u.id nil sent their representa
tives, armed with huge baskcM and fully prepared
for the of thci:' livends by storm.
So much has been said in cerium quarters, with
regard to t he neglect of the troops, anti tho'' suffer
ing at Camp Dennison, that the people may have
been led to form very erroneous ideas ot the true
state of atlairs. In speaking of the accomnvm'.'tions
for the soldiers, it should always Ik- remembered
that an army of twenty thousand men sprang into
existence in Ohio iu a single week. That there
was some sutt'oring at Camp Dennison during the
first few davs after the est iljlis!iniiit of the camp,
is beyond doubt, 'though oven then it was very
greatly exaggerated. The stories about the deplof-
able destitution In the hospitals, for example, were,
of course, utterly without foundation. Now, how-
ever, troops could not ask lobe better quartered than
thev are at Camp Dennison ; and those who com-
plain there will certainly have .1 hard time of it
when they comu to the rougher realities of active
service. The hospitals are well arranged aud well
appointed ; the oiliecrs' quarters are excellent s and
the barracks tor the meu seem, in most cases, nil
that could be desired.
As is now, doubtless, well known, is managed on
the plan adopted in the regnlaf army. Army ra
tions are issued to the troops, nnd " the boys " do
their own cooking, and have nobody but themselves
to blame if it isn't satisfactory. If the rations are
defective, either in quality or quantity, the volunteers
have their recourse directlv to the ollicers, whom
ther have elected ; and the soldier who runs to the
newspapers with his complaints on this subject, in
stead of carrying them to their commander, simply
illustrates his own lack of intelligence.
All theatroops in the camp are armed. The 3d
regiment (Col. Morrow's)have first class rifled mus
kets the others are all supplied with second and
third class guns, which answer just as well as good
ones for practice iu the manual of arms, and will be
replaced with new weapons before they are sent in
to the field. This arrangement lias one advantage
at least. Raw recruits do not generally know much
about taking care of arms. They learn on old ones
which they can't injure very seriously, and when
they know how to use and preserve them, are fur
nished with effective weapons.
A portion of the troops are already uniformed, nnd
the rest will be, just as fast as the tailors can make
the Knits. Some trouble has arisen in the distribu
tion of uniforms and underclothing, from tho fact
mat ifngacie-yuartcrinasters hail not been appoint
ed from the soldiers sworn into the United States
service,and State appointees could not receive from
the United States authorities. Depot-Quartermaster
D. W. McCIung (of Hamilton) has been doing
all in his power to get tho clothes properly issued
as soon as they arrived, und us the brigades have
now protier appointments made iu this department,
there w ill he no further trouble.
A wag says the person who has wit enough to do
the following purzle, will be able to trace out
southern route to the moon, Our devil has under
taken the task.
Draw a figure like the following :
Then with three strokes of the finger erase all
the lines, without passing twice over the same line.
After doing the above you Will find the following
Draw a figure like this I
Then erase live of these lines so that three squares
only shall remain.
And here is another i
Draw six straight lines like the above; then add
five straight lines to them in such a mauncr as
have but nine when done.
Honor to whom Honor is M'e. We shall never
tire of praising D. It. Du Land & Co.'s Chomiral
Huleratus. We hail its advent with joy ss we have
long been out of patience with the inferior stuff that
has 8Milt our bread, biscuit, cakes, Ac. D. II. Do
Land & Co. ought to draw a pension for introducing
this wholesome article to tho world. It is now lor
sale by most dealers in the country, For sale by
W. J. Hitchcock, Perrysburg, O.
Perrysburg Market.
Wheatyuu- l.OOajl.lQ
Flour il brl $5.e0u'8.50
Corn (shelled .-31c
Corn (ear) y bu 2'Jc
Ryo V bu 40c
Uarley tylm 4ic
Oats V bu lSut'Jec
PoUioes Xl U 20(e 2 io
Butu r i 1 (Kit He.
Lard ? lb 10o
Tallow fib K'q
Hams V lb U.ilOc
Shoulders J lb
Poultry iblto
Eggs tldoz (iia;7c
Feathers 11 lb 41ra0o
tireen Hid t, )B. . .3ffi4
Salt brl $1.75
Clever Scedbu $3.30
Pa. 9. A. WkaviVs Canikm axo Salt Rhkcm
SvBrr.The object of this Symp is t throw all
impurities which are in the blood out upon the sur
face of the skin, which is the only true way that
the blood can ever be freed frpra them. Whn they
are out uticn the skin, they can at once be removed
bv applying the Ccrato, n hlrh will in all cases
etlert a permanent can. There la external ap
plication which w ill alone permanently cure this
class of disease. Sold by Pkci X IIasiiltom,
Perrysbnrg, Ohio. Hw4
w i m
ClKvki.ani Wool. Pkcot Cn. Thi company Is
composed of leading nnd substantial wool grower
of Ohio, who will do with their customers exactly
as they agree in their advertisement, which we
publish in another column. Let wool-raisers take
notice, and then s"C if it will not be to their Interest
to deal with the Cleveland Wood Depot Co. ti
Yocno Max. Rka This ! ! I Wine Counsels for
the Young can bo had in "The Invalid's Medical
t'Milidant." published by the undersigned for the
Ih'ik lit of person whostiflur fn.au Nervuu Debility,
Premature Decay Jko., supplying the means of enre.
Imprudent Maturity aud Youthful Indiscretions are
aiimmarilv dispelled. Thousands have bailed this
liLlu work Willi delight, and date their restoration ta
usefulness in society from their first perusal of its
interesting pages. Send your address for a copy,
with s ihreo cent stamp for return postage to
2wJ Nos. 84 and 00 John St., New York.
Da. Ricmni.so.N'0 Shkrrt Wim Bittim.
The great success of this medicine lias been ao
inducement for others to manufacture Innumerable
kinds of Kilter, with which the wholo country baa
tor many years ben Hooded. The number aud
variety that has been offered to the public, since the
introduction of Dr. Richardson's Sherry Wine Bit
ters, may be counted by thousands ; and not one
of which can he named,' that is now existing, that
was introduced even twenty years later than tho
origin of this medicine. They suddenly appeared,
wiih flaming announcements' of their remarkable
virtues, but as quickly departed, and were seen no
more. Sold by I'bck A Hamilton, I'errysburg, O.
Mcxlonn Muslims; Liniment.
From rich and poor, bond and free, all colors,
grades, and conditions of life, the same meed of
praise is awarded this wonderful article. Sores are
healed, pains relieved, lives saved, valuable animals
made useful, and untold ills assuaged by this re
markable medicine. For cuts, bruises, sprains,
rheumatism, swellings, bites, strained horses, A.C., it
has no equal among liniments, ointmens or salves.
It is the housekeeper's and farmer's friend. Weeks
of illuess and loss of time are saved by an early ap
plication ot Mustang Liniment. It should always
beon hand. He careful of whom you biiVj and have
it warranted as genuine. All genuine will hereaf
ter bear the signature of W. WesTorooK, Che
mist, and D. S. It AKSKS, Proprietor, with the words
"Trade" "Mark" iu two medallions of the Federal
currency. Soldut 25 eta., 50 cts. and 1.00 per bot
ttle, bv all respectable dealers throughout the world.
49-in2 D. S. BARNES, New York.
Mothers, rend this.
The follow ing is an extract from a letter written
by the pastor of a Raptist church to tho "Journal
nnd Messenger," Cincinnati, Ohio, and speaks vol
umes in favor of that world-renowned medicine
Mns. Wivst.ow'8 Soothing Svnrp for chilprkn
"We see an advertisement in your columns of
jirs. iMnsuiw s Downing oyrup. iov we never
said a word in favor of a patent medicine before in
our life, but we feel compelled to say to our readers.
that tins is no humbug we nave third it amd
know it to iir ai.i. it claims. It is, probably,
one ot the uiost success! n I medicines ol tlie (lav, be
cause it is one of the best; and those of your readers
who have babies can't do better than tolav in a
supply. 49-ly.
Home Testimony.
tin. e AO, Woon Coi-ntv, Ouio.
August 13th.
Du. C. S . Ron acic. Dear Sir: Permit me to
inform you and all sulfering humanity afflicted as I
have been, of the benefit I have derived from vour
valuable Scandinavian Itlood Purifier and I'itls.
I have had a deficiency in mv lungs for sonio two
years, that battled all' the skill of our best Physi
cians, both at home and abroad : besides 1 had the
Dyspepsia so badly that my food would not stay in
my stomach in the smallest quantities ; and through
these diseases 1 became so emaciated and weak I
could scarcely walk, aud sometimes could not. Hut
I am hearty nnd reasonably well at the present,
aud I allege the cause to your medicines, for I took
no others ut that time, and much thanks to yon for
the Almanac that accidentally fell into mr hands,
lwteom Yours truly, J. HALMER.
VAi.fAni.E Memcink. We presume no medical
preparation ever oll'ered b the public has been more
thoroughly tested than PKIlltY DAVIS' PAIS
Kl '.'LKli.' Thousands of persons, were they called
on to ri'o so, would cheerfully testify that they have
used it ft.r various ills, with the most satisfactory
success, h is within our own knowledge, that an
immense amount of sull'ering has been relieved by
it. Its proprietors, Messrs. Perry Davis A Son,
save no pains or expense in order to satisfy the
public, lleing strictly honorable men, they observe
the utmost uniformity in the manufacture of their
celebrated Pnin Killer. The materials of which it
is composed are carefully selected none but the
best quality Veing used. 'By these means the high
reputation which tho Pain" Killer has long since
acquired is at all times triumpnantly sustained. In
view of these facts, we are by no means surprised
to learn that Messrs. Davis A Son's sales are con
sianuv nnu rapmiv increasiujf. ,i uue u nm
grutuiate our friends generally that so valuable i
preparation as the Pain Killer is placed withii
stantly nnd rapidlv increasing. bile we ron-
their reach, we must be permitted to rejoice at the
well merited success of its liberal ond enterprising
1roprietors. yVoritiee (r'Wral Adrrrtitvr, Sold
y Peck fc Hamilton" Perrysburg, Ohio. 62w4.
How Poos Peruvian Syrup
Cure so many diseases apparently dissimilar?
Whenever the mind is taxed more than the body .the
fienalty is Dyspepsia, the most convenient name for
egion of complaints, beginning with impaired diges
tion, aud gencrallv ending in Consumption, and all
originating iu a deterioration of the blood.
From the Rev. Dr. Oreenleaf.
Cincinnati, October 12, 1859.
T have derived so much personal benefit from the
"Peruviau Syrup." that I do not hesitate to recom
mend its use to all that large class of cases, where
iron is tho efUciont remedy. To clergymen especial
ly, and persons whose occupations tax heavily the
nervous energies, or to sufferers from the debilitating
effects of summer heats, 1 bclivvo this to bo an inval
uable remedial agent.
Rector of St. Paul's Chnrrh.
'Peucvian Svkit" is a solution of Protoxide of
Iron, a new discovery in medicine, and strikes at
the root of disease by producing healthy blood, the
source of all vitality in human organism. For sale
all bv 'druggists. Agents for Perrysburg, Peck
Hamilton. 48w4
Prepared by Cornelius Cheeseman, M. D. New York
City. The combination of ingredients in these Pills
are' the result of a long and extensive practice. They
arc mild in their operation) and certain in correcting
all irregularities, painful .Menstruations, removing
all obstructions, whether from cold or otherwise;
head ache, pain tho side, palpitation of the heart,
whites, all nervous affections, hysterics, fatigue,
pain the back nnd limbs, Ac, disturbed sleep, which
arrise from interruption of nature.
To Makuikd Lauies. Dr. Checsemaa's Pills are
invaluable, as they will bring on the monthly peri
od with regularity. Women who have been disap
pointed in the use of other Pills can place the utmost
confidence in Dr. Chccsomau's Pills doing all they
represent io uo,
Sol it'K. There is one condition in the female sys
tem in which the Pills cannot be taken without pro
ducing a teen. I All Ki-st LT; The condition referred
to isrnKONAi'v andthcresult.visCARKiAGE. Such
Is the irresistable tendency of tho medicine to re
store the sexual functions to a normal cnndition.that
! even the it-productive power of nature cannot resist
I u.
Warranted ntirclv vegetable nnd free from anv
thins injurious. Explicit directions, which should
i bo read, accompanv each box. Price tl. Sent bv
; mail on enclosing ft to Dr. Cornelius L. Cheeseman,
box 4.531, Post-oOice, New York Citv.
l-rJ"Cold by one Druggist in every town in the
U. S. It. It. HUTCHISd,
Genera! Agent for the IT. S., No. 14 Hroadwsy,
To whom all orders should be addressed.
For sale by Puck Hamilton, Perrysburg.
P. P.
They Impart Strength f they Annihilate Pain.
These delightful plasters yield readily
to the motion of the body, absorb perspi
ration and throw off all the offensive
coagulated impurities of the system.
They should be used for all Chronic
By all
1 to 2'j'
Pains, Faintnes8. Dyspepsia, Colds. Con
sumption, Khuuinatism, remalu Weak
ness, etc. I bey retain their active prop
crtius when other Plasters are uscless,aod
where, applied pain cannot exist. Every
family should have them. On site
cloth, three sines on leather. Sample sent
uy man, on receipt oi 13 cents.
I), b. IlAHNEd. li A. IS Park Row N. Y
April, IS01 iuly.
Jacobs, iu Dloou township, Wood county, Ohio,
injury rvccivcu irom a large puc pole, lorrea to toe
ground by a hr avy pUt9 falling on it, Geoaos, son
of Jacob aoa Kjcbecc Kichabu. seed 23 years,
t the
The Urrnt Dry U4 Bnmitnr!
V. 11. M I I. L It K A C O.,
would respectfully announce to the citiiens of
That they have just received direct from New York
a large and well selected assortment of new aud
Comprising all the leading styles of Fancy, Staple
and Domestic Dry Goods.
Ladies' (toods,
Dry Ooodsi
Ready Made Clothing,
Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes,
Crockery, Ae.,
And, in fact, everything usually kept In a
All of which will be sold at eitrsordioary LOW
IVsfNotiet put Market reports in to-day's paper,
Wi buy sod sell la aceordance with tat prices fiv.
tRememner tbe pltea, T. R. Viller A Co., ep
posite tke Perrysburg Bank Building,
renrrsburg, M Sd Wl,
rKRRYsnuna, OHIO.
My stock is new and woll sulectod and embiace
tli beat, latest aud cheapest style of
All of the latest and very best fabric.
on short notice and
always on hand.
I am receiving this spring the largest stock nf
ever brought to this city, whieh I intend to
I keep on hand PEARL MILLS XX FIOl'K,
which always gives the very best satisfaction.
T E A i
Imperial, lllack an I Young Hyson.
Crushed, CoBee Sugar, Common to Prim
Alt kinds from Twist to the finest Cavendish.
Io tbort, every thing usually kept in a wholesale
and retail dry goods sod grocery store.
The Highest Market Price
i.v cash or trade,
fatd fnr produce of all kinds.
Persons bringing io Corn will uks eetice that
it must be 8rl thoroughly cleaned.
Tb "Emma Boustm'' is bow receiving gr.a
regularly st the Perrytburf Dock.
The Subscribers take pleasure in atmonnHiis; to
tho Citiirnsofthe I'liitod Statee, that thev have ob
tained the Agency for, and are now cuiblitl te offer
to the Atu-ricMi public, the tu jmlly cele
brated sad worM renowned article.
I prupared bv Da. C. P. Wn Mum u. an eminent
physician of Loudon, and is warranted to lung out
thick tat of
in from three to ait Weeks. ThN aaliclo is the on
ly one of the kind sd by thu French, aud in Lon
don aud Paris it Is In auiVersal us.
It is a beautiful, ecmiomieal.aiHithing.vet stimula
ting compound, acting as il bv magic upon the
roots, causing a beautllel growth' of luxuriant hair.
If applied to the araln, it will rure baldness, an I
causes to spring up in place of the bald spot a fine
rumii oi neiT iiitir. Appiivu nrcoruing to utrec-
liuns, it will turn red of towv hair dark, nnd restore
gray hair to its original colo'r.leaviiig it toft, smooth,
and ttcxthlo. The "Unguout" is au indispensable
article in every gentleman's toilet, and sPUt one
week s use they wool I not lor any con.inlcrahon be
without it.
The suhsoi IbeM IM fbe onlv .Went for the ar
ticle in (he I'nited States.to w'ltom nil orders must
be addressed.
lrice One Dollar a box for sale bv all Druppist
anJ Dealers: or a box of the "Oifguent" ( warranted
to have the defined rffoct) will ho sent to any who
lesire it. bv mail ( direct, i secure v nnrked. mi re
ceipt of price nnd postage, (I IS. Apple to or
iMivss nuK.xt. r. i.. iir.ur.i, ,v t u.,
KHI'llUlsTS, ('..
43m8 21 William Street, Sew Nork.
I I.,
Coal Oil
Coal Oil,
Coal Oil.
Sew Supply,
New Supply,
N .mi Supply,
New Supply;
umy so rents per gallon)
Ouly 80 cents per gallon!
Only f 0 cents per gallon!
Only 80 cants per gallon!
At the Ding Store,
At the Diug Store,
At the Drug
At the Drug Store;
"Come nil nnd try il,
And you'll e'er buv it."
HANI) SPltlNti ( v i: X I x ;
is now receiving his first stoik of
s r II I N Q
a o o D s
and beautiful, aud will be sold at
Matimee t'ity.O., May 8, 1801.
An experienced Nurse and Female Physielitn, pre
sents to the attention of mothers, her
which greatly facillilates tha process of teothing.bv
softening the gums, reducing all iudammation will
allay allpaiu and spasmodic action, and is
Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to your
selves, and
It not only relieves the child toun pain, hut invig
orates the stomach and bowels, corrects acidity ,ind
gives tone and energy to the wholo system, it will
almost instantly relieve
and overcome convulsion-, whieh, if not speedily re
medied, end in death. We believe it tho best ami
surest remedy in the world, in all cases of Dysen
tery and Diairhinu iuchildren,whether it arises from
teething, or from any other cause. Wo would say
to everv mother who has a child sufli'riug from any
of the foregoing complaints do not let your preju
dices, nor the prejudices of others, stand between
von and vour Hiiucrhur child, nnd the relief that will
be sure yes, absolutely sure to follow the use
. - !r ... I ' I -l: :
mis intttiiciiie, li uin iy uscu. i mi oueviioiia ior
using will accompanv each bottle. Nouiv genuine
unless the fac-similit of CCIiTIS A PERKINS,
New-York, Is on the outside wrapper.
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in Meuicincs
in Wood count v.
Principal Oilicc,L1 Cedar street, N. Y.
April, 18614.
Horatio ', Peck vs. Frederick Prentice, and others.
Carlos S. Sherman, William 11. White, M. llan
aucr, William Pickerspill, Jr., Dean S. Mauley,
HarrietU) 11. White, J. . Place, Nathan F. Graves,
Levi F. Warner, Mi.-rritt M. Young, Win. S. Wil
liams, George H. White, Cyrus L. Carter. Richard,
A. Do Forest, Ilenrv K. Quinan, James Armstrong
John Merriatn, Harvey It. (iardner, Marinus
Hubbard, Asa W. Maddorks and Horatio
WarniT, defendants, are hereby notified thai Horatio
N. Peck, plaintilt, has filed his petition, and com
menced an scion npainst litem ami others, in the
Court of Common Pleas in and for thu said county
of Wood, the object and prayer of which is to ob
tain foreclosure of a mortgage, executed and deliv
ered by the Said Frederick Prentice and il'c, to one
Lewis liobeiU, bearing dale March -'J, iSjS, and
recorded in the Recorder's office of Wood county,
volume 4 of mortgage at pago 30.H, and a sale of thu
mortaged premises, which are situate iu the said
county ot Wood, and arc described as follows
Fractional section 'M iu fmriloiial towo 8 north,
range 12, coutuiuing 1.1 ?j-lnil acres, the uorth ja
nf fractional section 1, town 7 north, range 12, con
taining t!9 UO-1 00 acres; the west )l the south
east t of section 1 in said town 7 : tlie north east
nf the south cast )-' of sec 7 in sunt town 7; the south
west of the south east of said section 7 ; the
north east J4 of section VU in said town 7 ; the south
east i of said sec; ion 30 tho soulh west 4 nf said
section 20 ; the north east the nor'h west M, the
south east and the north Y, of the south west
of section 21 in said tonn 7; the north east tl.e
north west the south west !-4', and thu west -2
the south east nf section Tl, in said town 7 ; the
west i of the north west li of suction 23 in said
toWn 7 the north eaat i and the south east j
section 28 in said town 7 ; the north east ,'4'sihI the
north west i of section i'i in said town 7 ; the
north i of the south east i of wetinn 0 in said
town 7 ; also one undivided third part nf a strip
rods oft' of the westerly side of river tract No, 61,
ruuning from tbe river back to Grassy Creek ; also
one undivided third part of ail that part of river
tract No. 80, lyinr between Grassy Crock and the
Mautnee river ; also one undivided third part of
place south nf Grassy Creek, in same Iran No. 81,
bounded ss follows i commencing on thu north line
of the Dayton aud Michiguu I(ailr.uid,wbire tlieca.-t
line nf a certain tiscl of 8 48-100 acrus, meets tin
same ; tbanoe uastcrly along said Railroad 9 S'J-100
chaius, thence north on s hue parallel with the north
and south lines of said tract ! to Grassy Creek
thence westerly along said creek to the east line
said track of 41 Vl 100 am; end tbence to the place
of btginumg, containing li 40.100 acres -, referenc
being hud lor a more iwr'eci decripuno of the
list mentioned parcsl of ui)i, to s deed from Kloise
C. Ladd and others, executor, Ac, to said Prte.
tire and others, raeordsd iu Wood oeusty, liecord.
er's office in volum P. of Deeds, at page 44.
The said dufeedsuui are required to answer sa.4
po'itioo by tbe 20th day of July, 1861, nf ir.e asms
will bstskea as true, and j'ideu)ntrBrieeord.
ingly. " BAK.L U 4 COLLI SS,
Pste4Myo, 13d: !wru s
D ft . ',vTe A V Eft'S
CAMS.RH n 8At? ante bybcp,
For the CW cat
Canker, Salt Rheum, Krystplet, Scrofulous Dit
ii a. Cutaneous Kruptions, S.r Eyes,
and e.-ry kind of Dieeese aiwne;
. from an impure state of
the Klod.
The mot flMlT Wood rnrlfler of tW
Ninctctath Ontarv.
Il is the prescription of aa educated Physiciany
and all alio are aflhrtcd with any of be above
turned disease.), should use it wflhoutdvisy. bucl
letters as the fallowing are orteti received.' .
Jeroinevilie. Ashland Co., Ohio, Nov. 0,)i0,
Messrs. J.N. Hakhih A Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Cen'h men I dvcni it a duty ss well a
pleasure, to inform you what Dr. Wearer's Syrup
ml icrate lias done tor me, and hope that tins let
ter may conio to Ate notice of persons similarly
Iffictct. In the. vt-ar 150 I was attarked with
tett-r,ur some kindred diHie, no both my legs,
tiirh oxtendad until from rv knees Iu my feet was
ne raw suiii. I consulted aud obtained medicines
and prescriptions from nearly all the physicians in
this vicinity, but obtained no" relief. Your sgent at
this place, Mr. Uolthian. recommended me to try
.1. . .1. . .. . .
iiie o ru(i auu voraic, im u loriunsniy uiu, euu
in now a suiimi anu well man ov tbeir use.
With great gratitude, 1 remain. Yours truly.
Mr. Wiiirb inclit beinir a wull known eentlemsn
of Ashland. tn;ikes this information Most reliable.
Hv lakiim th. trrnn aidirL-oljd.it will drive Ilia
.liseases from the system, and nkwu once out oa tho
skin, a fen application of
Kild tort bate a pitfniancnt enro, ;
1 he t eratu has provini itself to bo tho best Oiut-
tneut cer invented, an t w bem once used, it his
ver been know n to rail of effectual a permanent
riireof old sores, tetter and ringworm, scald head,
Inllhlains and I rust Intel, barber i Hell, rbautwd
r cracked hands or lip, blotch-s or plreples on the
face. And for Sum Nipples and Ssorv Kyv, the
Cvrute is thu onl v thing nipon-d to cure. It should
be kept iu the bouse ot cveiv laiiulv.
Pi ice of Syrup $1. Cerat" 25 Cents per bottle.
t-t' Diivctiuiis accompany vach liottle.
Sold bv miwt HM'ditiinn dealels.
J. N. Il UH1S k CO.. Pivpiiefors. for the South-
ern ami Western States, Cincinnati, Ohio, to whom
all orders must be addressed.
Sold wholesale and rutail bv Peek A Ilsmilion.
Perrysburg; Frederick Uosiiurcr. Fivedoni; II. I'.ur-
rilt. Mnumee City: D. H. Miner, "lolodo; W. D.
Moore, Svlvanin; 1', Daniels, Toledo; l F. Williams,
ledo: A. K. Jerome, New Vt est held; A. J. Oard-
ner A Co., tolcoil. 2wtve
a mn praIhk of
II i: It K V WlliU tllTTEHS.
The Celebrated Now Knglnnd Remedy for
llnbitual Contiantion.
J.iundier, Fever and Ague, iH'ncnil Debility, and
an otner iMseases arising from a Liisor
dered Stomach, Liver, or ltowole.
Thev aro used and recrnnnemled by the leading
l'hjsieians of the country, aud all who try them
pronounce them invaluable.
Dn. JAMICS L. LKI'LME, writes from Navarro,
St;irk Co., Ohio, "the Hitters are highly praised by
those Hiitli'i ing from indigestion, djspepsia and liver
K. S. Davis, rostma.sfef at til iamsport, Ohio,
says, "they give great satisfaction. I uso them
myself, having tAeii Cold, become prostrate and
lost mv appetite. It reliuvcd foe, and I can recom
mend it with great assurance of Its merits,"
Du. Wh. M. Kkhii, of Rogcrsrille, Iud., writes
us tluit the arc the most valuable niodicitie oll'ered.
lie bus recommended them with great success, and
with them made several cured of palpitation of tko
heart and general debilitv.
Thomas Stamh oho, I'st., Rlountsvillc, nonrr
Co., Iud., writes a long letter, under date of May 4,
tHOti. He was mueli reduced, having been afllictwd
for threi' years with great nnrvious debility, palpi
tation of the heart of the most severe and prostrating
character, "alter using a few botllis 1 was com
pletely restored, and am now in robust health.''
J . W. Hi nt writes from Dclphos, Allen Co., Ohio,
(a section where Fever and Ague prevails,) that ho
most cherlully recommends then, of decided merit
in all cases o'f t'i:vi:u ami auik, liYsrtrsiA, and
liKNKR.M. DKBll.lTV.
D. K. Gam.aiikus, M. D., writes from Van Wert, "
Ohio, "I most respectfully recommend the Sherry
Wine Hitters to the notice of Dyspeptic persons,
and to a'l who require a stiinohiting medicine.
Sold bv dealers in medicines generally.
Wire 7ft ci'iitt per bottle.
J. N. HAHKIS, Cincinnati, Ohio.
General A gems for the Southern and Western kitatea.
For sule by Peck & Hamilton, Perrysbure, Ohio;
F. Rrtcsitiger, Freedom: S. L Houghton, Howling
Green; 11. Hnrrett, Maunien, l. H. Miner, Toledo;
W. D. Moore. Sylvania: A. K. Jerome, New West
llcld; A. J. Gardner ft. Co., Gil-nd. 2wtyo
Uvt-ry lioily hn it, Kvory lo1y uses it,
Taken inleriially. it cures sudden Colds, Coughs,
&.C, Wenk Stomach, General Debility, Nursing
Sore Mouth, Canker, Liver Complaint,' Dyspepsia
or Indigestion, Cramp and I'niii in tho Stomach,
Howel Complaint, Painter's Colic, Asiatic Cholera,
Diarrhea nnd Dysentery.
Applied Kxlernally, cures Felons, Boils, and Old
Sores, Seven Hums, Scalds, Cut:--) llruises and
Sprains, Swelling of the Joinis, bingworm aud
Tetter, Broken liivast, Frosted Feet and Chillhlains,
Toothache, Pain in the Face, Neuralgia and Rheu
matism. It is a sure remedy for Ague, aud Chills
nnd Fever.
Pain Killer, taken internally, should be adulter
ated with milk or water, or made into a syrup with
molasses. For a Cough, a few drops on sugar
eaten will be more effective than anything else.
See printed directions which accompany each
What stronger, proof can be produced than the
following letter received, unsolicited, from Rev. W.
lb Jacobs :
Newark, N J., June 6, 18(10.
M Kssits. Pkkhv Davhj A Son tVntli-men Allow
mo, unsolicited, to send you a word of commuuda
tion for your Pain Killer, 1 have used it in my
family these several years, and found '.-all it claims
to be. For Hheuuuitisni, Coughs, ColJs, 11 urns,
Cholera tendencies and ditlieulties, ss well as dis
eases generally that prevails in families, I regard
the Pain Killer as Is'youd all price, and as effica
cious heyoud any medicine withiu my knowledge.
We keep it us onr chief family medicine, and find
its use in ordinary cares worth njio than any
doctor. The testimony of otiieiu among inv ac
quaintances and friends is equally favorable. Many
clergymen have spoken of it in "the highest terms
as a family mediuine, Mitsionurics in repeated in
stance ha ve sail! to me in person aud iu their letters,
that the Pain Killer was by far the best niadieine
used in heathen lands, and they use it for themselves
and families, and administer it to others around
them. Thus much I am iucliucu to say as an act
of justice to Yourselves, and as a benefit to others.
You are at liberty to use this testamonial, if of any
sen ice. RK V. W. J AC OHS,
Late Editor Cluistiau Chronicle.
('AfTiON. The public will be cautious that they
get the genuine Pain Killer ss some unprincipled
in n, use that name for their own worthless com
pounds, in so doing they decieve the community,
an I infringe upon the 'TiiAim Mask" of Perry
Genuine Perry Davis' Pain Killer sold by all
respectable Druggists.
Directions accompany each bottle.
Price 2SCi, a')c. and SI per bottle.
Proprietors for the Western and Southern States,
Cincinnati, 0.
For sale, wholesale: and refill, by I'bck A Ham
ilton, Perrysburg: Frederick ltosingcr. Freedom; S.
L. Houghton, Howling Given: N. Grahnlman, 1W
tago; D. II. Miner, Toledo; W. D. Moore, Sylvauia;
West Si Truax, Toledo: A. K. Jorouir, New Wet
field. A. J. Gardner A Co., tlilcad. Swtve
Perrysburg and Toledo.
The Ste:inier"RELLE," L. C. Lock Master, will
make two trips a day between Perrysburg and To
do during tlie season. The boat ill leave Perrys
burg ut 8 o'clock, a. m., and 2 o'clock p. m. Return
iog, will leave Toledo at 1 1, a. in., and b.tO p. m.
Mr. Wm. McKim proposes to djuuosrof hk lamut
in this ciHiutv at a lueivly noininal ptiee.
Ho will m-l the south half of the north-west eutr
ter.of seetied 20, town A, range 10, containing 0
acres, for five hundred dollars. Said land huLii
thoroughly ditchi i aud drained st so expense of
He will al.s.1 sell the south half of the south-west
quarter of section town 0, range It, at the sasos
price. . . ....
Enfiiire of fl. H. DODGE, Attorney at Law, Tar.
rysburg, Ohie.
Also fr sal j s lare number of Town Iits, both)
bore and in the town of Miligrove, with and without
improveaicma, t'igellier with afveral valuable,
Farm. .11. H. DODGE.
' Notlf
otic is hercbv cm-n that a wctitW ai'I
be pr.ve(J U the Coum.ion raof M md Co.. ?.,
kt their pext sU'ed meeting pravieR for the vsnona
nd slteratinn of a portion cf the Mt. Pi..
Rings road, d re:lly utt oi tlie west line 4 aac
ti'u 32, PUin Tcwaship.for a disuaca of tbout
of a mile east of tid lm and Its locton upon,
the original red bid. -
v.. . '. C

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