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The Weekly Perrysburg journal. [volume] (Perrysburg, O. [Ohio]) 1861-1???, May 30, 1861, Image 4

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Perrysburg Journal.
For the Journal.
A circlinc wall few eta"al
Moulded and pollfilvd rtil""1 handr,
. On B.wr.m er. a aatootU and polished pUiti,
Unfolds It wdrniM apaea. and guards from pain
' 5ft.T 1U -irfae, hefnlni:, gliafnlng btif bt,
..Figcrlr ware in Joalotio ahadca of night.
Dorp naxt Ihc kaae, whera alla converging mM.
Rrposa the Stnher watra from fmiotaina
Pn either Tnoas rr.a le where " tli anther
."" ' ' i.
, White pillars firing and hall iU beiiiliei hide,
None whoe'er scvunc.il tha lotrly apnt '"Mid toll,
- Eich hidden danger which therein dmli dwell t
' Paring Indeed the hand that p'n Vs the r -o ,
. In blushing beauty which within it glow a !
, flow with foelinga unalloyed lr draad,
' Around the tacrod preclncta d if I" rr-ad !
rt and alltirsf, ailly, sly podan',
la search of plcaaure aud with dry mien1,
Fettled rich soft, nimble feet, the diny bright,
Perking within the waters pure and bright.
. I'lityipg-acrure with thoughts resolved on f Mil,
Onward it ceursud around the treacherous plain,
Till one? loo ofl the slippery aide tries,
In vain it stragglca, nuJ In atri-pjjllnp; di's !
Tako first ant third when skillfully combined,
In order proper and the answer find,
: Scratch well your head and true the answer prove
And welcome- take the tneiit and the glove.
Bowling Green, May, 20, 1861. ADA.
A Vonee I valkcd by a dismal f. .imp,
Tlicre sot an oil Cove in therlaik an I damp,
And at everyliody as pasi-d that road
A sliokor a alone this nld Cove (limned.
And venomr he Hong bis slick or his at"tie,
ll'M act up a S"iin id "l.t t in: uloiie."
'Let in" iilnne, fnt 1 hues to ativ
't hoe bit el' ihinL's at tlie M!si rn ly -
J.i I mo aliKie, fur I've pit your tin
And lota of other traps Mindly In
Let int ulone, I'm npKin' a bo;:l
To j;rab vtvU'Vvr you've got ntlo.it
fit a veek nr rn I cipuetH to e"ni
And turn you out ol your 'ouko and 'oiih-
I'm n quiet nld Cove, says lie, nidi a grunn I
All 1 axu it J.ct mo alone."
.Tust then esme nlonj; on thn sidf-annv vay,
Anotle r Old Cmi', mul Iii-iim for to a iv -
"J.et you nVmi: I Tliat's eoinin' it !ron' !
Yov'ie f"H let alone - a d n ne l hl(;lit tini long
If nil the Faroe that ever ! beard !
l'utilon n tlmtistii kl Yon mav nell l ""V hk,'
red, i
I el m thnt stone I If yiu onee show tigb,
I'll knock you higher tnnn ry kite,
You must have a lessnn to tt, your ti ieVs,
And euro you of sliyinp; tliein sluiieti and atiekn,
And I'll have my lutnhvure back and my cash,
And Knoek yourwoir into tarnal amaah,
And if ever 1 raleh you 'round my raneii,
T'll atrlnp you up to the nearest bf.inrh,
Tho best yens ean do is to po to Im-iI,
And keep a deci'itt tongue in vour hand ;
For I reckon before von and t lire done,
You'll wi.h you had l.-l hi.neKt folks nl"ne."
The Old Covo stopped, and the t'other Old Cove
lie aotouite el ill in bis cypress i;mve.
And lia'ked ut his atiek. ivvulvin' alow,
Vetlmr t'wero safe to why ii or no
Anl he eriimblud on, in an injured tone,
"All that I axed ronht uv nlon'."
Troops Accepted in Ohio.
An cxibit of tho number of romp-inies
from tbc respective rounties ootnj'iisinjj
tli twenty-two regiuunls now in the field
is as fullows :
Ail.inu 'i Fojran 2
Allen 2 Lorain ;t
, Ashland 1 1, n can 4
AshuliuU 2 Madison 2
Athens 3 Maleininjr 2
Auglaize 2 Mai ion 2
JlcliiMiit 2 Mmlina I
Uruwn 2 Meipa 2
liuilcr 4 Mercer I
Carroll 0 Miami .1
CiniMiiii. 3 Moiiiih" 0
tMarkc 3 Montpomerv rt
Cb'rmout 3 Morvjuu I
Cliuloii 1 M.iiroiv 2
Columbiana 3 Muskingum 1
. Onfhaelon 2 Noble (I
Crawford 1 Oltona I
f.'iu-ahopa A Fauldinp 1
Prtikn 3 Ferry I
Pcliauco 2 Fiekawiiy 2
Pelawura 2 Fiko t
fne 1 Furl are 2
Fairfield 3 Fivblo 2
l-'avetto 1 Fuinum 2
Franklin Itiehland 4
Fullim 1 Koss '.'
tiallia I Sandusky 2
. tioaupa 1 Scinlu 3
liivene 2 Seneca 2
tiuernsey 1 Shelby 2
Maniiltou 41 Stark' 4
Aaneock 2 Siiiniiul 2
llaixlin 2 Trmuliull-- 2
H iiTiaou I Tuscarawas 1
Henrv I I'nion 2
Hipliland 2 Van Wort I
fWkinp 1 Vinlon 1
Hotmea 1 Wanvn 3
Huron" 3 WaMhinptiin 2
Jackson I Wayne 2
. JelU-nxMl 1 Williams 2
Wnox 2 W.hhI 2
Lako .... 1 Wyandotte 3
Law rencc ...... . 3
Licking 2 Total 2il
New Virginia.
Tlie new Stale of Virginia is contem
plated to embrace the tt'lii ory reaching
from the Ohio and lVnnstlvHiiia line on
the North, tothoNtw River, Kanawha
aud Greenbrier on the South, with the
Alleghany mountains for its Eastern, and
the Kentucky line for ita Western bound
ary. This new State will compriso thirty
counties, which wi h the exception ofj
Pleasant and Upshur, sit oil' since IBM),
are given below, with tho total free and
slove population, separated, as shown by
the census of 1050:
Tot'lH,p. :
.. 4.:'1'J
.. 4,(i.l
. . 3.7 -0
.. 3,v:.i
... 3.17a
... ln,ii:'J
. . . l,0,i(t
-.. ll.TL'H
.. U..M1
. .. l.'..;i.i3
111,1 II
... lil.FtS
... T.il-.l
... 12.3S7
... :i .'..
... Itt.OSll
. .. 3. WIS
. ..
. . 5,:t43
... a.v.r
... b.ivn
... 4.'l
. . . S.M
. .. Mat)
) mux ton
Doildridgo ..
Hancisk ....
Marshall ....
MllbOll .
. Taylor
ol 111
? Wirt..
Wood .
The census of 1CC0 will, of course, di-1
roinish materially the slave population
figure, "while increasing the free.
Important Seizure.
The governmeat lias obtained possess
inn of most inyeluable docuuu ntarj evi
dence ga1n3t tho sympalhiicrs with
truasoa ia the North. At a given hour,
the officers of the law vi-iltd tvery con.,
aiileratle telegraph ofiku in the Free
KUUjS, Seizing manuacript of diapatches
. Tk. .a,..!..! ea.t n,i
I 1UI. AUB tuoiiuiuui "
trace tU secret OlX-ratlOna Of tha rebels
'forth iolil the Norrttcru tucwiet of the
JUCJltC Ul I'ji BICrCjr.
. 00 'ha cut il.u wrap-Kr ; all oOw-i-a tr awuidhui
lit cibterie,;a.
cur.E v .
, Urtlia uaanftbea", periodic atta-ka of Nenvoua
of .Si.'k lli-adarha mav ha prevented; and If la Ken at
IV Ci iiim-nm uiint of an atlaek luim-diutM relief
frmu laiu and aiekneas w ill bo obtanu"!.
Ill v e'l loiu fail in renv-v un the 'ini.ea aud
Headn'iiietn liieh f m.'ilea are o aubjort. .
Th-y art fnlly . UKn tha ! cla, - reuniv lug
For Literary Men, .Student. Pelieate Fennilea.aiid
all p-rs"n of ae b iinry lubiw, they are valuable aa
a f.iT:itiv, iini'f"inir the iippelit". pvinR tone
and v iiror v Ilia digestive or(;aiu, and r.-hUuing the
intuial elaaticily aud alrcngili of the wldo aya
tem. , l
Tiie CEi'HAHC FILLS ar. the rcaull nf lonR
iuveatigation aud carefully C'liductml rperiru 'iil,
hviii(j b jen in 'u? nnnvycai-s, during which liiuc
the h.ivo prcvenwd and relieved a vnat ainotiut of
pin ni aiill'eiiup from lleadaehc, whether ori(,'i
naiiiig in tlie nervous ry.-rt 'in or from a dci-juged
Hi ite of the Sl)lll ieh.
Th -v ara entirely tegetahK iu Hi if wnia-'niii'n,
an.l uiay b takiu ut all tini itli pi-rl'l safety
wi'lioiil'niilihip any i linnjre of diet, and live alisfjnee
of any disagreeable tnste reudei a it easy to adininil
U:r them to children.
warm of coi n ri'.ia i'.ns !
Th1 pe-iiiin" Inie fie mjj'.utures of II 'nvv ('.
Spalding on e vh H'VC.
S'ld by lrui."?:Ms and all other Pen! rs In Med
A Hot w ill bi' sent by in lil prepaid on receipt !
of the
1'ltM'i: 2.'. t'KNTA
All nrlci'i should b" addrosed to
llllMIV I'. SI' M.H1MI.
I' rtuM Siui:ir, k oiik.
Th f"il" infc en lot aouicnt.i of
.srAI.DlNii'.i cr.l'UA L!C 111.1,
ill rem nice all l;o Mill' I from II V. A I) A t 1 W.
that a
.siT.r.oY and suuui; ci:p.k
l:i within Tin iii iir.ioii.
,1a tJtsnr 7'o'ai' if'IT mnoi''''i 1r
(Acy oor mifj'hnli'in'ihh oroo'o'
. Sl'M.IHMI.
rj' thit- tt fly nri nltjt 'it
'HHI tf.
M.Vio.svu.i.r, Conn., Feb. a, I Ail.
Mil, Sr.I.IUNi.
I have Iriod vour Cephalic Fills, and I like Iheni
.o wi'U that t want you to send tn two doll. ire
worth more.
Fart of these are for the ivi'hbi rs, to whom I
g ave a few out of the first box I li"in you.
Send the Fills by mail, and oblitre ' '
I Your ob't ?Vrv ant,
! .lAMI.S hl'NMOV.
ll wr.i! roiii Fa.. F. b. . l -'H.
Mh. S i t. ro
I ish you to send me one mora box of your Ce
phalic I'lIU, I have received a piv.it deal of hem-fit
il.'in thrin.
Yours, ret pei-ifnll v.
.Maiiv Ann f ruiMioi Hi:.
SCKI CK Clltl'K, III NriMiTOS, Co.,
.lamiart IA, i
n. c
S i n :
You "ill please send me two boxes of your Ci
phalie Fills. Send them inime li:ili'le.
K tipeetlnlly yours,
.1 so. 1!. Simons.
F. S. 1 have uaed one box of your Fills, and I;
them excellent.
I Fi:i. i.e. Vi:no',,Otiu. I ni, l.i, r-iiil,
; II. C. SeAt titsn. Ki o.
' Fie.!.-, t'ii'1 inclosed t.venty live ee,ii. for which
I send ni" iim.lher Ihix of vour Cephalic fills. They
arc trill-, the best Fills ( Inn e e .-r Ii i -d.
I'ltc. t A. fi'iivi'i:, r. M.
i Hello Vernon, Wyandot Co,, f).
lir.vmii y, M a.is., Iec. II, 1'iCli.
I II. C. Sil.iUVU, Lh").
1 wi.-.h for sunn) circulars or I i'i:e shoii lull,-, o
bi'iiip your C!ioph;iIie Fills inoiv iiailieiil;ii'ly b loiv
i tuv rii.lciiicr. Il' vii ha e aiiviin i).' of the kind.
.- ..CI: I to '
ii f my customers, who is aubject (. v.iere
, Sjck Headache, . usually l istinn two dai s, i was
cured of an attack in one hour by yvir Fills, w hleb
I sent her.
I Hi-iii cifullv voiirs.
Wll Kl'. .
Hpvsou f in-mi, 1 r nki iv.
.Innuarv !. IT I.
UfMiv f. Sr m.pimi.
No. 4 Cedar at., V. Y.
Pt:tn Silt:
lnclo d liu. I twenty live cnii., i '.'.. I't winch
i'lid a box of "Cephalic Fills." Send i. address
of Kev. Win. C. Filler, Itevnoldsbiirp, Franklin Co.,
Your Fills work liko a charm curt Headache'
ahao;-l iu.it inter.
'i'ruli hours,
W.M. C. Fit LCH.
YfSll.AM t. Mll'H, ,1,111., 1 I, li1 .
Ma. SfAttuMi.
Not tonr since I suit to you for a lx of Cephalic
Fills for the cure of the Nervous Headache and Cos
tiveness, and received the same, and they had so'
good an eH'act that I w as induced to send for more.
Flease send by return mail. Piivet to
A. Ii. Wiirm.rti,
Ypsilanti, Mich.
' ,. il Kruiin?r, Xorfotk, F.i,
Cephalic Fills accoiuplish the ubiect for which
they w ei-
i le, vii: Cuiv of headache iu all its
''ow tA .Vimih
"7i"'-i', 1 1.
They hae been tested iu uuuv
eases, with cnlire success.
than a Uioiiaaii 1
'.'..Hi l!,t )i,Me,il(. .. f.u.J, Vnm.
If you are or hate been troubled with the head
ache send for box, (Ci phiilie Fills, I fc.i thai yon
may have them in case ot an attack,
'rum t.'n .life 'lw-r, Voi r ,, , J. f.
The Ccpbulie Fills are -.aid to be a ii inai kablv
ell'eelive reuiedy foi ihe h.-i(bulie, un I one of ilie
very best for tli.it very ftvipient complaint which
bus ever been discovi red.
A' UUI (.'. IImi. I'M !. A", f.'imlf,', (Ai'l'il;).!, IU.
Wi hcartilv cud.. i-se Mr. Spiildmp. and hisnnriv
iillc I I'eph.ilie Fills.
ttim te St'ttthtrH Ni'Vi'si.r, .V tt (e.nw, An.
Try them! von that arc alllicted, and we are sure
that nur Icfct'uioiiov can I added to the alreadr
liuinerons lit that lias receive I benefit-, thai no nth-
er medicine can produce.
'i-rtDi rte Kazt tt-, ln lovu-f, oir,?,
Mr. Sp.il diiijt would not connect his name with an
article he did not know to possess real merit.
roai lac ".( vi. -,,,, ( V'li'miiiih', (Hoi,
SiilUrinj; luiuiiinily can mnv be relieved.
sinirlela'ttleofSllALDINCFS FUKFAUKD
OLl'U will aave teu tiinea ita cost annually...;:
-t" "A STlTtn tS TlMK S AVKS NlNK." t-J
As aeeidenls w ill happen, cten iu wdl regulated
fiunilics.it ia very drtirahU to have seme cheap and
i-oun-iiiom way lor nii.u.uiv- ruimtmv. Tins.
' ''ekery, ie
' ne eu all audi emerjrrm ies, ar.d no household ean
I aUia-il to I w ithout it. It is alwaya r.mdy, and
Ml llie lil'.IIJT KMIIl.
N. It. -A Unmli accompanies each Untile. P-ice,
- j ct-ula.
N.i. 4d Cidar Stnt t. New 1 ,o-k.
CAU11' N.
J Aa cert on unprincipled penmis are -ittcmpiiug
' . l " - v u-PecTu'.g put.ue, iin t.nu.i..
' I, ltt ntHMH III I I' I 1
I aona toeiamme Ufviv ptucU;i aud ace that ti
TLH9. T heae niedirinea hava now been before the public
fer a period of thiny yrnra, and durlnp that time have
intiinlainnd a high eharaeter in almost every pari of
the I lid-, f.r tbeir s'ra'ixf iniii y and iii'invuntr
jo -ef iX'S'or.iif peiTe. healt'i 1i pornna auHinnnJ
mi It nearlr rwry kind of di.si-ise to which th"
lillllllltl f-.:ll C i. llll'lc.
'fie followinp are am nirtlie distreveinjf vanriy
of liunvni diseas. in l.e'ii fUn
At" well known to be infalli'ole.
tM .irrr.'t t. by t'lorouirhlv clcnnsiup til l ftrt and
seecn aioinii'lis, an 1 ereatinp a flow of puix', deal
thy Ii I,-, iiitead of the atnl and acrid kind. I'l.Air
tkst , I' ' of appetile, Heartburn, Headache, fleet
lfS'iiiio, III temp t. Anxictv, LiRfiior, and Melan
eh ly, which aj ib general at niptonia of Uiicp
sia, will i an ell. v 1 natural cons iienee of Ita ciiti".
Co. Ti vivvrse, by eleininp the whole lenpih nf the
luieaunes with a solvent process, and without tin.
1' lire; all till II' pliy-S I .'life tllC llOWols Ce.sje
wiih'n two d iv i.
I'cvrtis of all kin by rent"i insj the bhsxl to a
repiil'ir cin-ul iiioii. ti.roi't'i tor pnieesa nf r-spir.i-lion
in such cas s. anltii thorough aolmion of all
intestinal obs rue ion in othera.
The Lifo Medicine have Is-en known to cute
Kiih matism p rinaii -ntly in thteo w ks, and Hot T
in half that time, bv n inoi inp loenl iiiDamalion from
the n'ne..s an l i; im oils of the jojnU.
1 1 li Hi' r..J el all kinds, by freeinp and sli-en;theu
in Ih kl Ineva aud lUad'Irr i.they operat i moat da
lifMiti'nlly on llieiebinrtantmRiiii i. and hence fliey
have ever h'ii found a cerlain reme ly for the worst
cases of (l It At II..
Also Whkms, bx disl'slp'np frem the tmninjrs of
the. Iii, Is. the i.liiny matter lo which these crcatitrea
Sct iiw. I'LCL'tif:. nn I .Ntj;ri:n.tij: Sokkh, by the
peifect ptirl'v which (lies" Life Sledtem's iite to
the bl i'sl an ! all the humors.
Scoijiii'Tic Flirt-rtnss and Fa I f'i mpl 'xions, by
their alterative eH'-et upon the fluids that fend the
skin, and them 'I'bi d stale of which oeeaMoiis all erup
titu en, plain's sallow, el mdy, an .1 other ilisireea
ble eoinj. wioiis.
The use of llicse Fill s for a v, ry short tini" will
efli.'Ct an entire cure of S ti.T Knci'M, nn I a slrikiii
iiti uoi e in lit in the rlourno.ss of (he skin. Common
Coi pa and l.vrt.rrsr t will alw nys he citn'.d bv one
dose, or by two in the wmst caiea. . ,
Flt.r-1. Tbein-iiriiiat proprietor of tln-se medicines
w as cured of Files of ".'i years standing, by the use
of the Life Medicines alone.
l'KTI: and Anl'1.- - For this seouiy." of the West
em country, these medicines will ba fotind a s:tf'e,
speedy, an I e rfiio remedy. Oiler medicines leaw
the sy sle.n u'oiecl lo the return of the disease .
cure by the.-" uiedines is perminetit Try iheni, b'
s-itistie I. end be i tiiMd 1
l it.ioi s Firvrit.1 ut i '1 LtVKB Cumi i. mvts, - (Jen
i r.:l ll 'liility . l.oss of A ppetite, and lliseases (if Fe
in iles the nii'diein.'s have been used with the nvst
ben. lieial read's in cases cf this leseriplioii: -Kind's
l'il an I .''CiMl'uli, in its worst forrn i, yields ! the
mil 1 yet f verful netien if these tS'iirrkHble, nicfli
cincs. Sir'ii rtweat.'!, N'erCous Pehilitr, Nervous
I oiuptamts. "t all Kinds. I'nlpitalion ot tlie Heart,
Fiiinlers' f olic, are speedily cured.
Mrin't tii ii. Hist tsi:s. - IVi-soiis whos-- eonditn
tionshatc become iinp.iiri-d by the injiidieious use
of Mercury, w ill find these mediein -s a perfect cure,
ii h thet never fail to er idicale froni the system, all
the ell'eels of men iirv, infinitely sooner tha i the
most powerful preparation uf snisaparilla.
Fr pniVl and sold by W. 1L MOFFAT,
.'tie, Froadway, New-York.
For sale bv Feck fi llainilloii and bv nil Iru(-p-isls.
' lleceinher l'.ith, liO :i3Iy.
Scrofula, or King's Evil,
is n rnnatitutiminl (lisense, n corruption nf tho
blood, by which this fluid becomes vitiated,
tvenli, ntul poor. llciii(r in tho circulation, it
pervades tho whole body, and limy burst out
in disease on nny pin t of it. No orpnn is froc
from it i nt tucks, nor is there oiih a Inch it. may
not ilcstiiiy. 'Flic scrofulous faint is variously
caused by lneicurial disease, low living, lis.
onlenil or I i 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 h y food, impure nir, tilth
niul filthy Imbits, the depressing vices, mid,
nlmve nil, !iv the vcneriiil Infection. SVhnt
cvir be its orioin, it is hereditary in tho eon
slitution, ilesceiiiling " from piiU'tiU to children
unto the third mid fourth nciieriition ; " indeed,
it Sonus to be the rod of Him who anvs, "I
I w ill visit the iuiipiiues of tho l'ulhera upon
: their ehiblrcn."
lis i ll'i-i t i conmience by il.'pciviiion from the
I liliunl nf loi'i'iipl or iilvcroua mutter, which, in
the litiur ', livir, uiul ititermil urt-an-, is toinusl
Ci'". ni. ; in the pluuiN, swelling; mid on
j the Mil face, fiiipluois ur bines. '1 his l'uiil ctu
l in j"t it i , which cinders iu the blood, depresses
the cnei i-ic-i nf life, n that hcnifuloiis conslilu
j tinin lint only Miller I'lnlii Miolulous chhi
i plaint-, but liny haie far less power lo tvilh
! M.md the iiti.icks nf oihi r ilibcnscs; couse
I (,u ntly la t numbers peri: h by disorders
I which, nltliouoli nut sernfnhiiis in their nuliire,
I ;ir.j Mill niul ictl fiilnl by this taint in tho
! vt"iit. Most of tho roiiMimpliou which (le-ci-uatcs
the human family has it uviin ilircctly
, in tin. Miofuloiis ciniliiiiiiniitioii ; null iiumy
ili'i tiuctive iliscisiu nf this liver, Liihicy, brain,
S nnd, indeed, nf nil the nriMiis, arise from or
; me n v'rav.ilcd by the siiuie cause,
( )n ijiiai !i r nf it 1 1 niir people are aiTnfultiU! ;
their p.'i'Mius iire intadid by ibis lui KiiiR in
j t eli.ui, uud tl-.eir beallh is uii'leiiuined by it.
! I'n ch'.-ur.o it fi oin the .'.ysH in w e liiii d reiuivnto
: tb" 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 by nil iill. iative incilicine, mul in
! vi.;'iri;le it bv hcnlthv food uud f.verci'.
.. iu'U .t moi'iH'i.ie wo Miind
a vrirs
CiMrp-mid Mxlriicl. f Snrsaparillii,
tin- ini-t ollcctttnl iciiicily which flic 'nu ilicul
sl.iK nf our tinies cm ilevi'i' fur this cvery-whi'i'i-
prevailing tuiil fatal niulady. It is coin
bincd from the mod active renieditils lluit hnve
been discovered for the i-vpuriration of this foul
i!i-m ,1 r fniiii tlie blond, ami the rescue uf the
s -ti m finni its ilestiuelive coiiscnuenees.
II 'in-, it slu'tihl be cniployi d for tho cure of
tin' inily Siv iifulii, but also tlnec other lillee
tiniii which :ni-e fnun it, such as I'm r 1 1 vr,
,ind Sm liisi '.is, Sr. Aniiionv's Fine,
Ln-i, nr I.Msteiivs. FiMiirs, Fisiri.is,
lit Minis. II i i ins ami I'm ii.s, Tr Mini. Tr t I i n
no ! Mi f Loire, Sett n '1 1 1 to, 1! I ni. w hum,
Ki.i i ime-ii, :- en 1 1 n ii and Mi m t it 1 1 1 - I lis.
tsi:. l'ltnesv, 1 vspi t-si t, 1)1 im. u v, niul,
i i ol. cd. All t 'mi 11 M N 1 s , l; s M, l MOM V I 1 IA-
ii n nu l.ii i ll. lii. oop. 'Ihe pnpuou' belli I
iu " A'i. l if t o'.'Ac '..'o.'o' " is fnitiulcil ill ti nth,
toe ,-cinlul.i is nil. ecnci a' ion of tin; lilnoil. Tin;
pel ' !cii! ii piirpiisi laid tiltu" nf ibis Saisiipn
I '. i is lo pittift ii i id ii'i in rate this ital tin id,
m'l.iint w l.'n n 'oiiud lit i ill It i- impossible ill
i u;i:,iniii.,;ti il i otistit ill ions.
Affue Our
1 1
nn: r,iT.iii)V tri'i; or
I iift-rnt lliriil IVvri', ov l-Yvri nn1 .(fM't
Ktmlnrut lYwi, iiill I-Yvtr, 3uhiIi
Vt;u, l' riotllnil lit nil.tchf, otf itiliuu
1 1 1 ii l u t I: r. if nt t It 1 1 loin Vc v vvnf I ml vrii
1 ti r 1 i ii )iol' tine. of il lr 11 nm or I f; l
ii a . :i 0 It It lii ry it nn tim-iriit , wnstrtt
l' v t'w Slatal la of .M l.umii t tc i'ouii
;H-- cit.i' I. 1 iici Milt- Hi'1 roiuiiumii r tnftiy
lii Ii. !ii1.- ii .in. i)n uiv i'.tM't;tinU iU ivi1-
. 1. -mi ..
'it V i' ill!..
i it t! li;trint.'t in any iiiuuHity. Put'll
lu.l'ilt ih tli.-IlHlH U1 tlil'M- iltllK'tllllt
; !,.
n't.iil. Tills ri;i " v U lh. iiil.i'intihi
I i vi it am Af tiiii I he mm triii, uikI io-tl-i
I uii'iit tl (tie lll- as if lnk 11 iti 1 1 1
i It "t )! i.ifiiit'ti t :nitfhi-4. It t liot
t ii'iiinly wi r 1 tUM-s'irt h-r UiU t .t t(
tli-l apcr.
al.lv lie I
.-.'lll lull H , l.lit ,
M ' -I 'l t'-'l .1 d.
m th a tln)HI. Tlie hiry- ii.iiuily
l.tr 1 ill..,- il wifhtn Ih- ic;uli i-fevny
IhI -. mi I iu t.-.li"iM ilini.iji. whet l'uiil ib Ai.ra
ir-vi.. rv, rv ls-.lv li.nil.t Imve It ami iik It Aacly both
l.i" , no- 1111. 1 l I'ele.'l loll. Il 1. I.msI lUll plii-e Milt I'lll-
11 nliiu 1I1,. ivn.li 1 1' all 11,0 an ui'll 4 tlie r. li.
A 1.11 'u. ii.iiijr H'i niivily ovr any utlwr tver
,1c. . . o l l- r llie -j.. . dy and crllaill rluv u( llitol'Uiil
ii . ' ' ' 1.. il.ii il '.iiii.uii ue guiuiu ur aittt.-rul, coiuo.
in- .iil 11 .i-.sie.s. no .(ituiiMii or i-ilu-r injnrieiw vflis-u
uli.ii.oci u.-n ili.t cio'ii 1111,111. 'l'li.e cuivil by U aiM
I. II iik I.imIiIo 11. It lin y liwl UCV. r l.. I lliO Ulo.sl-.
I.o.r iiiel A,-.ii. i nut iil.iiu. tin ieiist(ii.t,Hi of tb,
mi sieie.i.' . .i- 11. A pcit laii, IV of iliscrdi m hi i,e poU
, ii. uiiud.Hi. iu..iik vliU'ti I .Vmti 1, A'AiuM.iOiui,
, ; ..?, u. !..., 1: urfn. ij. t. .'...'-.. ;;ii.i,.,. tuiuirfk,
' .1- l Ifii, ..., )Imi,i'i, JlTt l-.H ,1 Ihu iJn,
j "'"'. in ( lr'i, Uic, IWa'yof, ami 1
! ..i.-v. 1... 'i ,,f Vtf Af'iw.i.li. h',1 of whleli, mlu-u original.
ttl 01 1I1U .-,iu. , ii t mi 1li tnttrm Utiit fv, or brtana
' -iknti.4l. tlm "I't'ki " cikJ IIm tvtm troiu Ih
t'l,v.., iet ivieii (iici.tty cur.' itii-iu all alik. It Is au
in 1 alo it'!.- taoiis lieu I-, luunlio'.uiu aiul lieifciim irTcl-
Ioik ei 1, in si hi 1 ly i.'-i.IUik lu iho inaliiiloiia itutrh-li. It
I i.il . 11 e.i.i.-ii.ilei or il.oly uliilo rxHntd la tha infec
'i 1...11. it. i.t e.l I ,ioi..l i'ioiii iho .vftiiui, auj canuot
j 1 .11.1,1 i.t. lu Miiiri..,i (jut.iiliv u 1 1 1 -.ii Im., dlie.
; M. v a o . , .1 in.. .. lulu ii.le At o.ii-tioii ihau rm.,
i aa I . ill . .. i - ef 1 n tii t no 1 u. ei, 10. If ihi'y ai.vd
n. ui-o' ui ile il si.n tUu iruunly attotja.
racparcd ly Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
For sale It P.rk A ll.nu'.lt.-u, lVrrysbuie, O.
Aycis Sarsaparilla.
y E R MI M E X T E K M I X A T 0 II 3 ,
I '-iriya ln..t.in'tr
. ,v i n v . .v
Iff 1( t
Tliw preparation a (unlike all others, i at.
1 Free from Fi ison ,
1 N'"t H tneroU' to 'he Inimaii ftnd' ."
' li.iin come out of thejr h'de.i lo di
10 m
ar an I more c ,t ibl
d in N ov oi k ( if v
F.c.l bv -the C
F.v.'t Oflic.
I sed In - the Citv I'd joim and utol lloii:,e
Cu d by -City Steamers, Ship, I've.
Used by- the City Hospital Aim- Ho
Fjed by Citt Hotel., ,t'r iSt. Nielmla,-., Ac
Fsed by - the Ilo.il line- House., ,tc. 0c.
I sed by nvre than eO.OO'i Private l .inuli
.Sen what the Feople. Fresa and le .Tiers say.
HEN'liY li. CiiSTAIJ. All the summer I have
been troubled ith I'oai'hcsatid Mice, 1 was actu
ally ashamed nf the house, for the Itoaehcs were
everywhere. I purchased a box of vour Exterinin
ator and tried it, and in one week tliere was Hot a
lloachor Mouse in the house.
.Ions II. tiivK.ss. No. i F.lni Street.
HDl'Sl'KEEFF.nS -troubled with vermin. 11 e.l
he so no lonjrer. If (bee ns ' Costar's " Et rmin
aloi s, W' hao iised.it to mir sniisfaetion. and if a
cost $, ive would have it. We had 'ii. d poison.-,
lint they e.'P'cli'i nofhinj.': but. Cmi.ir's ar.ii le knocks
the breath out of Hals, Mice ami H -d llu;.s. quicker
than we can writ" it. It is in r ."it d.-iii md all ever
the count rv. I Medina i O. ( I i.el'.'.
'MOUE ' TJ A 1 V- -nu 1 provisions are dotroved
annually in tirant County by vermin, than would
pat for Ions of this Kat and Insect Kill r. I.iucas
ler. (Wis.) Herald.
HKNKY H. (,'OSTAK. - Your Exi -i minator is
received, used, and pronounc...! a decided sin ...
We used a box uf il, and the way the Hats nnd Mice
around our preniiia'h "raised Ned " thai nie.'ht was
a camion to sleepers. Since than not a Kat or Mouse
has been heard
in kitchen or c dlar. - M ic,r -pn',
. Iowa i Times.
1 HAVE It KEN Sl'.I.I.INii our EMonuinitor
for the last year, and have loiind it a. sure shot every
tini.'. I have not known it to fail in a sinude in
1 stance.
lii;oiniE Kom:. Druggist, Cardinjrion, "bio.
I WE A UK SF.I.LINiiYenr preparations raoid
. Iv. Wherever they have been used. Hats. ..lice, i
Doji'hca, and Vermin disappear immediately.
1 IVhl a Suit tikr, Dru'ists, New Windsor.
To TV'btmy K its, lioacbcs, ,c.
To Destroy -Ued-Uurs.
To Destroy- Moths, Fleas, Ants, Ac.
To Destiny Mosipiitocs.
To Dcslivv Inscitsen Flanls and Fowls.
Til DcsllMV
To D.'Strov
InsecLs on Animals. A
-Every form and species
, . ;.! I USE ONLY' '
" Conlar's " Fat. Koach. ,te. Lsterniin iloi
"Coslar's" lied bun l-xterniinalor.
"Costar's " Klcctrie Powder for Insects,
In '.'., jOe. and $1 On Hexes, Hollies and
fit and if.'Sics for Flant itions,
Ship.., Iloats, Hotels, A:c.
;."'Suld Fvervw here -by-All
Wholesale Dni;j;ists in hiige cities.
All li. tail Druj-psta. tSiMcefie. StTi
iu all i'ntuurv N'lll.ics .ailI Tons.
Wholesale Agents in New York City.
Sliictfelin Hrothcrs A: Co. Il.1rr.1t. Hislcv A Kit
11. I'ahncst.H k.llull Co
A. 11. A D. San Is A Co.
Hush, U lie A, Kobliins,
M. Wind. Clone A Co.
McKison A Kobhins,
D. S. Hai nca A Co.
F. C. Wells. Co.
La.clls,Marsh A tl.trdner.
H ill. Dix.ni A Co.
Tripp Co.
Conrad Fix.
, Wheeler Halt.
' llceaman A Co.
j II ill, liuckdA Co.
Thomas A Fuller,
j P. D. Orvis.
I 'enfold Parker A Mow er.
Dudh i Sult'ord
j ' Philadelphia, Pa.
' T. W. Dull &. Sons. Hubert Shoemaker A Co.
1 H. . Kahueslia k Co 1'ivnch, Hiehards Co.
I ASP oTliriis.
I Hoston, Mass.
Gist. ('. Iloodvin it Co. Works Potter.
1 M. S. Hurr Co. Jno. WPsun, Jr.
I avp 01 UKHS.
i Cincinu.iti, O.
1 John D. Park. Snltv, Eckstein A, Co.
I Pitwhurtili, Fa.
j M, L. Fahitoslock Co. and oilu rs.
j tsn
IAll the Principal Cilica aud Towns in the
I ;' ?old by Peck Uauiilton. P, ri ysl.c.ig, I ii,io,
i and by Dt ucisis. Gimcci and UeUulci caawaUy,
in niv aud country.
. tifCouutry Dealera can crdcr aa abovo.
, Or adilrvna order ducvt (or if Fiiu a, Teri,
Ac. Is diaired aeui fr Cirvv.l.ir to lo ;.
tt U
Faiioirau l)ei0TN. 412 HrcUaTiOptiiie
the St. S icluda lLll.l Xcw York. ,
V.ar U Vifth, Ihu- lltj . '
T) u r
THE It E S T ,
VNiicfc In tlie End la tho Clicapeal.
. 1 lOlt T STITCH ;MN0 MAI IIINf t
' 'frT'ie Stitch Alike on IVrth Side,. J a
The Ladd, Webster A Co.'a Maebinea ara of the
inoet substtulial m ike and ch-ranl DnL-li, ai-e atinnp,
ri'liahlu, ainii'le in conslruetioii, easily iiHmled, by
a noiie. Hill with ordinary fare, last years without
tho amii'ving cApens-of renariiig always im unvd
on the ehi'Upvr, less ruliallu and inoix- compliealed
Tie-re is no instrunvnt in us' for sew inc-, cupn
hle of iloinj; a cr-nl r tariety of work than tlx-so
niftSbtlieft. Udll, the fefeliritl.Ml wtl.M.1 C.W.,1 llw. a HI
hsndle Ihe finest muslin, the heaviest immiirloth. or
will work In the tbickeat Icatber used by ahnoniak
ers, "T earrli'tre trimmers. Ther will also nm over
wains nn I pathera with the san-y fneilliy an m-cr
plain woik. The stitch niado li-om theni la by tiro
threvds. alike nn hoth aides of the fahiic leaTlntf
no ridpi' no the under aide to wear nut nnd loosen
the w.irk, a deeidod fault with all I'wport haln atitrh
tnaehima. '
The n"edlea ari? tiot curved and liable to brake,
but are atenipht and have a perpendicular motion,
w hleh Is absolutely n"cessnrr lo adapt the machine
to all aortanf work. They will bind with a binder
and him vriib hemnier; w ill stitch, fell and puller:
nri' fully beensud under "Howc'a Lxteieled iVtont,"
and ai-u free from all infringements, lluriiift seven
ywaia nf use . tli"y have won enviable reputation
iif beiiitf "Hie liest family and inanul'acluiing nin
vfeine ill the country." M e have numni-nua t-ati-moniale
read a abort, and comprehensive una
from tho :
iavy Oirice, Waahiti(r(on, Aujr. l.'iii, lSaP.
. (I 'litlemen Tho bewinft Machine oideitd from
you is sal ly ut hand, and Mrs. M. is fully aatisfled
wLli it. Aa ancrideiiee of its aimplieily, without ili
' rections t' cplauationa, hhc conuiu nced uoi kiiif
wl!h it after a vary abort trial, and baa not expen
enced the least ililticultv in i's operation. 1 t-heei -fully
r i v n you niv tes'itnonial in its favor.
I .nit lespoeifulh, your obedient servan'.
. Iceut. W.M. I,. Mai hv.
The Kdiior ofihe Christian Wntei.miu and Jle-
fl 'i'li r anvs, 'W c have ncch tcslinnaiv in ftitur of
ihu .lnchiiiii niaile by Ladd, Webster it Co., width
h um IbeaiH'i nl and ril ivtioes character of the w riters,
wo nio suiislied could never hate been oblaiiwd,
had not the instruments fully realized the represen
tation of the m ikera ivspcclintr it ; liiese te.siimoii-
iala sit ' from cbTjjyiiien mid persons of bie-li inoral
worth uud iul 'Ki "Iv ill the community, well known
lo our re.vlcru, mi'l tiro ul'the niobt flatteriiij-' ehar
' ucter."
. Henry Ward Ileecher. of New York Indeiieii lent.
(iov. A. ti. Cuiihi. of I'rnn. Horace (Jree'ev, New
York Tribune. Hon. Henry .1. Kovniowl, New
York Times. Horace II. Dev. India ltubber Put
; entce. Hen. .luhiiJ.). (Jhin-lin, dr., Ninfalk. Va.
Win. F. WilliiiniKon, Chief Lnpiuecr V. S. Navy.
Joseph F, Fiesson, Chief Kntrineer for X. V. City.
Kditor Fraelical Mechanic. Jalitnr Scit'iiiilie A me'r
' ieati. lvliior Albany Alios and Argils. Fditor
ll.illou's Ftetoi i.il. l.uilor New Orleans Fifayuni'.
lelilor New York Kvciiinjr Fo.st. Kditor llaltimore
Fulriot. Kditor Memphis Kinpiiirr. Editor Cin
cinnati Iai piiirr.
From tha above cuiinent (fcntlemen ami distinsr
uished sourer s, we have uiupialilied praise and Mat
tering testini'jniiila of the (superiority and reliable
liruiimability of the. "Ladd, Webster & Co. Hewing
Lllieicnt Agents wanted in every town. Willi a
sluo'l investment of capital it proliinble business can
la redilv cMabliahed. We ofi'cr liberal induee
nienls. Any correspondence rcpaidin' our ma
cliiin s will Ih: promptly uud f-hully unswen d; en
close u letter Mump uud we w ill .vend a circular and
s imple uf work bv relnin mail.
Ant-: sts rott Noui tt -Wkstimis Status,
I'J-t Lake Hu-eet, (up slnirs.) Chicago.
November lath. lin.
In order to place tho
nKST kauilv M.cuiNr: in Tin:
wotii n
within the reach of all. we have reduced our Letter
A., or transverse Shuttle Machines, beautifully or
namented, to f 'al.
CONTAIN IU'i'KNT A-.tl.t'tlllK
We. would ask for them i,b -ifor
piirehasinir else-
Whci'",) tlie special intention ol
t niiiKers. Uress-
makers, iiiel
1 1 1 1 11 u Hi. -t i ii i
II those ivhu want Machine- for light
plll'po jcs.
I vv - S'l indar.l Shuttle Machines,
's N,
IvtU of very neneral aip!ie,u.i..n and capacity, and
popular in Ihe fainilv and in iiiui'.icterv. Friees re
f 100.
respectively Irom f I ami l.i" lo s'.'U asi't
it'll NO.u STASH tttll SlttTTI.K M Al'lllNK
arri ipe-m ikers end heavv leather work.
For (
Friee. coinplcie, $1
luril.es tho interlocked, slileli which is flic best
stitch known. They are of p ent speed, easilv un
i iii i si hi. I, simple in slrueiure. of ivat durability,
Hdapted to the heaviest and lightest jjoods, arc ti.i
i ished in tlie nv st perfect manner nml may bu used
for 'several tears w ith out reipiiring repair.
For Tiiilorine;, Hoot and S'.ioe inakinp;, Haruese-
iii.tkine;. Carriage Trimmiiie;. etc. etc., w ill do uu re
work, earn more in niev, unit are clieaper man inos,-,
ol any other 1.1 liter as a put.
We have always on hand, H -mnune; f!ua;rcs,
Silk, Twist, Lin 'ii and Cotton Thread un Spools,
best. Machine Oil in Entiles, etc., etc.
I-i'.'"AII persons rc(iiirine; inform. ilinii iilxnil
Seniiij; Machines, their sizes, prices, workinj; ca-
P'leiiics. and the best metnods ot purcliasme;, can
obtain il by sending for a copy of
Which is a beautiful pictorial paper entirely devo
ted to tho subject.
it wit.i. tit: ar.sT nntTis.
I. M. S1XUEK k CO.,
l.iR lIllOAtlW AY, Nmw Yoti.
March 20th, 1801 Wtf
rmtrrrrtoN ok w oiikmassiiii' l-ssi-ai'AssKn
Its simplicity in operation is such that a child
l n years old can use it with ease. Its several parts
hi lug cousti uclcd on philosophical principle."., it is
in't liable 10 gel out of order. It makes a idrong.
clastic and durable stitch. It sews finm two cm
iiion spools, and makes but little noisi'.
All who cimleiiiplate buviiig, or wish to see th
b si Sewing Machine now in use. are respectfully
invit. d to all on NML CA1.LAKD, in whose. Tailor
Shop it is now in practical operation.
.1. li, UHEUOHY, Agent.
OcloU.r II, mo - toy.
; KL- 'A-?'.'
s. JiBSr
J. F. I'HICE, Ae,eut, Perrysburg, Ohio,
jyroll.VTK XOTU'E.
Notice is Leivby given thut Simpson Jones, ex
ecutor of the last w ill and U'stamcut of Skill Hax
ai t, dec,, baa tiled bis account for the tiua.1 aettle
nunt of ldestate,wbich matter U act for hearing
ontheh'hdivof Junclsi'l. DANIEL I'OE
May lT,l?gl --J3 Vivbate Judfa.'
n ; t-c -x t VWLV-Hir
-'-. ' -.. '.,- - iV'.'--. 'i'.-t.'.-"'
m'i;V'S- : "' .VrVJ?'-.ijS9.. ..-
,1,1 ,( , i
I I hi -x a
jD R
Would re-peefnllT Inform tha rn'ni of Wnnd
emmty that he haa rsTtnanentlr loeateil blnwelf n
IktwIinK ttl-i'en rr the purpove'of prartinit,(r Medi
cine and .Surjferr. In additinn to r-(rular course
nfs'iuly. Mr. S. has made bimndf ae.piaimed with
the apeoi-il inn.!,- nf dlitlns-nisliini diseases bv nn
nicamination of the urine nt' tlie patient aa praetle1
by the late I HI. DKLAN II A Li iH.and lorall Clmmic
Diseases, will say unhesiutinnly that by following
Mr. D'a praiiise in soeh cases, he has had Ix-ttor
enecesa than from any oih"rmetletif treatment.
AinoiiK the iliseasea which Dr. S. nifisii to truat
eueis ssfjlly may be nr iitioned tlie followinjf, viz:
Dyspepsia. Liver Compbiitit, Consumption in iu
early atire. Disonsea of the Spleen, A sthma, Hplt
litiRnf the lllnod. J'alpitation ol the heart Itlieuma
tisntuWhite KMrellinp. DiDpsy. Scrofulous Diaeasin,
Jaundice, Female Coiimhiiuts. ill nil their vmie.l
n .-spiritH or Jlclaneliolv. Fever Sires,
Ll( CIS, AC. It PatlCUtS with miiv nf 111,' nlo,. nr
kindred Chronic Disenaea w ill send soma of their1
urine taken In the morning in it clean vial, Dr. S. can
make a satisfactory dine;uiia of tho case nearly aa '
w ell as if the patient w civ present.
Xov.15, isfto S9tf. j
When Dr. Ttohaclc, the renowned Swedish FhV'
sician, introduced his IIIihuI runner and I ilia into
the Flitted States, he
set forth In )ltiin terms their i
curative pntperlies. This was years aco. The task
of reeonimendinir them haa since la-cn taken out of
his hands. Knlijihtened men. whose character for
sound judgment and philosophy gives their opinions
tveijrhl in the community, m-n w ho observe, reflect
and make "assurance doubly sure," before they de
cide, are everywhere approvinp and nrpitirf the use
of these wonderful preparations. All w ho Coiilldc
in the wisdom niul honesty of this class, or w ho
choose to 'mvestijrate for themselves, aro now of one
mind on this Imptrtant subject.
The evidence In the possession of Dr. Tlobaek
which Is nt all limes accessible to the public, estab
lishes the folloivin'r:
r acts'
Thnt Ihe riLOOD PFrtll'H'H and HLOOD FILLS
have been proved by analysis to
That they cure the almost universal complaint,
with unen-inp certainly, and in a very short time.
That after all other medicines have proved listless
thev relieve l.tvKit C0Mri.At.vr,
anrl rcatorc the health and strength of the sufferer.
That atm t.-r.f m.'.z,
who have langnls-bed for years in helpless weak
ness and desKiiidency,recuerale with almost mira
culous rapidity under their invijrnrnrltifr. operation.
That nil Sexual Disabilities uro removed by their
cordial ami pent ly stimulating properties. Tlint they
however, they may have hecti trifled with and
abused. That their direct tendency is to lengthen
life, and rcnd.tr it enjoyable. That opor.it in;; di
rectly upon the poison nf disease in the bliaid, thev
and ilischnr'e from tho system every taint of Scrof
ula, w hether hereditary or otherwise. That they
and that there is no disease of the stomach or
bowels, the liver, the ncnous nystem, the glauds
and nmse.'ls,
in which they do not give prompt relief, and, (if ad
ministered before the very citadel of life has been
invaded,) cll'eet a painless and perfect cure.
Hoar in mind thai tho .Scandinavian Jilood Fills
are endorsed by the experience of thousands of liv
ine; who, letter) allidant, medical works nnd word
of mouth proclaim them to be the very best pivnnr
ntioii ever olfercd to tlie broken dow n victims of ill
health. It hawit.s disease thron-rli every avenue
and nr-Mii of the system, and expels it tliornughlt
and pennaiienlly.
No one can doubt theirsiieriority aftcrono single
trial thev nru not only la tter, but also cheaper
than any other Fills, for it takes a less number of
them to pro luce a better elleet,
Friir of the i'urilier. $1 per bottle, or $5 ner half
doen. (W the Pills, He, per box, ov i boxes forl. '
Lead Dr. lioback's special notices and certificate '
published from time to time in this paper.
Dr. li.'s Medical Alnianae and Family Adviser.!
coiitaiooiq- a (.'t'cal aniounl ot valuable mul micros- !
: inir in olii-.i I informal ion can be had iratisof any of '
his aLcir s tlirouirhtiui the country. ' 1
lu ililiiouli ur complicated cases. Dr. Ilobark may i
be consulted personally or by letter, enclosiiur one I
stamp lor a reply,
A new- and delightful Stomachic and Cordial, for
rivitur tone to ihe Stomai'h, and for the prevention
of bilious complaints incident to the Western coun
try. Try it.
As a inorninir drink, to assist digestion and re
lieve Dvspcpsia, il lias no viiual. Trv it.
Ill flavor it is suliiy-ior to all other Ititteix. Trv il. I
The formula of these Kilters, now (131)1) the 'solu
property of Dr. ltoback, originated with one of the
oldest and most eminent Medical I'raeiiouers of the
West, and il is directly predieatediipon the wants of
Western people.
These ftitt-rs derive their .stimulus fi-oin the pow
erful tonic nature of the roots and herbs of w hich
limy lire composed, and lis they me, by allaying
iiunatur.il cravings of the stomach, directly prom
otive of TF.MI'EKANcK.
th.' present proprietor believes that in m iking them
w idely known the public welfare is Hiihsrvc l.
It will sooii'he lor sale by all of Dr. lioback's
numerous Agents, and nt Hotels, ive., the country
over. In the meantime, orders will bo tilled direct
from Cincinnati in any quantity, and at thn low-est
rates. It is put up iu Quart lint ties, and securely
packed in one do., eases, Il ilfdoz. Mimptc cases
will, lunviwr, be packed and sent to any addiv-,s,if
ISetail Price, $1 per bottle, or six for $.".
Principal Olliee and Sale Itoonis. No. ft. east
Fourth st.. lid Hnilding from Mainwt., Cincinnati, 0.
Laboratory in Ilammon st.
For sale in Wood county by Fcekvt Hamilton.
IViTysburg; Watson eV Sterling, also Laskey, Frail
A Co., (iilead ; Haskins, Holler A Haskins, also II
II Ilaskins, Portage : II It Atkins, New West field;
S L Houghton, Howling llreen: A Lansdale, Frei
port: T Carman, Montgomery Loads; It Iloscn
dale. West Millgrove; S F.nierson; Kagh-ville; C
Fu ron, Flain; Hanks A Feicber, Pembcrville; S
Wliitmorv it Co., Tontogany, nnd by druggists
and iiierclcints generallv tlinaighout thcl'iiion.
Til IUIt
Mai'hl-r Citt, Onto.
Jkiiomk Mi Rntv, Instructor in Accounts, and
Lecturer on I'-iisiiiess Customs. Ac.
I'. W 1:1.111, Teacher of Double and Single Entry
Hook Keening. Practical and Cl (lanuntal IVu
niensltip, Fen Drawing. Flourishing, Ac.
Hon. .1. M. Asui.iy, Hon. Asiiki: Cook, M. H.
Hntt i'.v. and D. !!. Al sris, U-ciutvrson Commer
cial Law.
Kev. G. A. Ap.ims, Lecturer on Commercial
Kev. C. Ilii'iiAitns, Lectiuvr on Political Econ
omy .
T F. II M H 1
For full course, time unlimited $25
Same course for Ladies ........ . 1
For full course of Penmanship, time unlimited- -5
r litrisliing, l eu l.eticrmg. e., as par agreement,
I Good board can Ih' had iu this id. ire from $1.75
to if ''.all.
This institution is now permanently situated in
one of the haniksouiest loealiiics in North-Western
Ohio, nnd oilers to its patrons unprecedented ad-
vant ages in the way of completing a thorough
course of Mercantile Im traction.
Our instructions in Hook Keeping. Commercial
Calculations and Accounts are conducted upou tho
Counting Ihsuii System, the object of which is to
t i 1'.. ..!..i.i:.. ,i u .0...1....,
. 1. iiiii-i in. 111 j.iiiri, .iiiiuai, .'in.., 11 ik iiu ni . on 111
j to i nter at owv iiMn the discharge of llie most in-
tricalc business with coiiipacative eaac. Students
j w ho have graduated from litis institution have found
I noditliciiliy in oliuuuing siuiatiuns, giving entire sat
J isfaciion of their cinplovers,
Ieturrrs nn tliia suhj.s'l are dcliveivd regularly
I etory Tbursiiay veniug, by one of our most promi
nent pramitiooers, giving our atudenta uie uiost
thorough in-sti uciiun in this uuiortaut branch.
Practical and Ortiamental in all ita vari-'iics. a ill
be taught is ihu most thorough aud rtllcienl man
ner. The good old SiKUcariaii system ia our stand -aisl.
We would say, yoar children eon licru' ieceive aa
full thorough and complete a course of instruction
as in any lYnimcrrial Collage In tin' Fuiud States,
tioe from rviim' to those jw rniiioiis iuriuenccs
which iiilargeeiiii'sthcy arc liable to comeineontact
with. Life Scholarships are issued. Hindi nt can
enter at any time. Diplomas awarded only to those
w ho master thei-oursv.i l -ludy. Svtuaitons procured
for sl.idi ids ss far is possible upon praduariiig. Hcc-olliK-t
thai the t'Tpo-ie of completing a course of in
struction in this inatiiutiou is I'-ss than half that ef
anv other. JEKOMK Ml K HAY.
t "Fer full parftcnlars wnd for a C'ii-culur.
No-M-aibcr l-lb H0 Zl'-f.
JJ R , M ' M I L L E N
Majr bo consultc.I rro of charge, at tha following
time and places t
Fostoiia. llaya Honse, Tuesdny, April J1.
Fremont, f easier lloU-l, Ycdiiesday. April 5Uq.
Lbue.., Klmore llouae, Thui-sdav, April 2ath.
Tot-tin. Cnm H,nie, Friday, April SUth.
IVrryahurg, K veliaugo Hotel) (--aturilar and Son
day, May 4 aud 4.
Ar now and dillereut from any one. in the United
Slates, and I challenge any on to produce the aain
success that 1 have mot With in treating Chronic
Diseases. My theory Is based upon the chemical
operations of ihc body, bclU ving ilis'w to depend
upon a dispinportioiied eondition of the fluids of tho
lxi.lv, whereby the solids be come unhealthy by
analysing the' secretions. Hood, Ac., of tho body,
and lindiiig out what is deficient or in excesa iii
siipiilying to the system what la wanting. 1 am
enabled to i me often hv a small amount nf medicines,
where tlie patient lias Ix cu drugged with lut-diclnva
foi' long ears to no cll'eet.
Now iK sjs.psia, In the great majority of rasea. tin
dends mainly ujion a disproportioned' atatc of tho
gasti ic or digestive fluids of the atomarb. Wheu
this (lastic lluid is pi-oponioiieil pi-oja-rly, tho fisxl is
thomurly digested and assimilated. A k'W ing Dra
IM'pslu by the rules of 'hemicopathology, and giving
treatme nt accordingly .1 am enabled to enro 49 cases
out of f0, and 4lt casea out 60 of Consummation, Aa
tlitna, Hiiincliitis and I.nryngitis.and Liver Cora
dlaiiit. I 'il a. Neuralgia, I Ii7.iincss or Hick Headache,
Nervous Debility nnd Female Diseases in every
case a cuif, and other diseases proportionately,
S -ij' Dr. MeMillen uses an improved Inhaling In
strunieiit for the cure of Consumption, Asthma, Hron
rhitis and Lary ngitis : hy this We can make at good
an applieatiou to the diseased Lung and Throat aa
we could to a sore anyivheiv ou the exterior of the
boo v.
1 ir. M. uses iiurc Chemicoinilhic mid Uotanic ricm-
cdies. Ih1 f-ives a mild tonic treatment which acts
chemically, and assists Mature to tree herscir. Vns
ounce of assistance to Nature is worth a pound of
poisonous flru-rs lo the disease.
Consultation aud advico five.
Inliirmaiioii in rcfrnrcl to my treatment and suc
cess call on. or write to:
.Mrs. S. II. Abbott. Fortaj--., AA'ivid county, Ohio ;
Mrs. Kobei-t Jacobs. Kii(;levilie. Wood county .Ohio ;
Mrs. .lessu Iliikcll, Hi ow ns Coiners, Wissl county,
Ohio: Andrew' Cross, Mill-rrove, Wood county, Ohio;
John t'nininina, Hassan, Hiincock county, (ihio j J.
A. Smith. Flmniv, Otlowa county, Ohioj O. K.
Church. Toledo.Lueas countv, Ohio.
All communications must bo directed to Dr. J.
F. MeMillen, Cleveland, Ohio.
M A X 11 O O D t
How Lost How Ukstoreti,
.lust published ill a Sealed Knvelope, '
innl Weakness: Sexual Debility, Xervousncss and
Involiintary Kmissions. inducing Impotency, and
Mental and Physical Debilitv.
F,v UOIt". ,r. CFLVKiiWT.I.L. M. I)..
Author of the " (Jreen Hook." Ac.
The world -renowned nutlior.iii this admirable
Lecture, cleitilv )unves fiMin his own experienee
that the ii w fill eonsecpienecs of self-abse fnny bo
ellectmilly removed w ithout mwlieliU's and without
dangerous surgical operations, boiigie-i,if!stru-rit'ntsy
rings or coidiuls. pointing out a mo.io of cure at
once certain nnd ctfectiuif. hy which every Eullercr,
no matter what his condition may be, may cure
himself cheaply, privately and radically. This
lecture w ill prove a boon to thousands aiid thou
Suit to any address, under seal, post paid, on thw
receipt of two postage stamps, bv addressing Dr.
CM AS. ,1. C. KLINE, 127 lioucrv, New York. I'ost
Olliee box 4,.)Sli. ' 7-ly
I special
Hy desic-ned for the use of tho Medical
J l'rof
the so-cnll
icated," "S
s.-i ai ami the Fainilv, having soperseded
d "Oiiis," "Aromatic," "Cordial," "Med
ehniippi." etc., is ivw endorsed bv all of
tliu prominent idivsieians. transie medicinal dual
ities i tonic and diuretic ) w hicb belong to un old and
pure (!in. Put up in quart bottles uud sold hy till
druggists, crocers, etc.
(Established ill 177M.) Sola Proprietors,
No. 10 Uroad street, X. Y.
For Sale bv D. S. riAKNTS A CO., Xo. 13 Park
Ho iv. a nil I'.'D. OIIVIS, Hi 2 Uroad war, New Y'ork..
tbir long experience and familiarity wiili ihe re
quirement,, of Oruggists, and our superior btisinesa
fncilitioa, enable cs to furnish them with chwicu
Li'iuors for niedii-inal and family use.
J' or sale bv Peck A
n.iuiilluii, Perry shiirg, Ohio.
Jan. 24ili, lSiitf-
A X U A 11 i 1,
Asskts :
Cash on hand nnd in Hank .$.'17,58"
Cash in hands of agents. and
in course of transmission .711,1.19 51
Cash loaned on call 15,172 Ul
SI 29.203 5
Hills receivable forloans.iimply secured -63,055 IH
Hc.il Estate,iiniuciimbered,(cnsh value.) -15,000 00.
2i2t Shares Dunk Stock in Hartford
Market Yalue. 209,652 00
2:i00 Shares Hank Stock in Xew York,
Market Value 187,100 00
1010 Shares Hank Stock in Hoston,. Mar
ket Value '101,700 OP
100 Shares Hank Stock in St. Iamis
Market Value 40,000 00
410 Shares Hank Stock in Hail Koad and
other Slock, Market Value 07,600 00
Hartford city Homlb, 0 per cents Market
Value . 35,000 00
State Stocks,(Tcnnessee,Ohioand Mich
igan.) 0 a'i- cents. Market Value 45,100 00
57 Shares Shite Hunk Wisconsin, Market
Value 5,700 00
Total Assets $963,771 52
Total Liabilities 85.706 42
Insurance against Iss or Damage by Ftre, on
Dwellings, Furniture, Stores, Warehouses, Merchan
dise, Mills, Manufactories and most any other kind
of property, can be effected in this Company upon as
favorable terms as the nature of the risks aud sec u -rit
r of Policy holders w ill admit.
rcrrysiuirg, May 1st, 1801 -Hy.
c o
The Pi-oprietnra of this establishment having had
long experience in tlie Marble Husinwss, w ill war
rum all work exeouted by ihem to b in the highcsl
style of art, and lo
tjy-Rcmember thai we are bound not to be under
Bold. Hhop directly opposite the residence of C. V.
Foster, Main auvut, Foaiuria, Ohio.
J. W. Bailey, agent for rerrybburj.
Fostoiia, Deo. 19th, 1600 53ly.
TJ O A r SOU C E .
J.V Xaticc is bereby given that a peritioa will
be presented to the Couimissioncraof Wood Co., O.,
at tiiere next staled niiH.'tinjj for a eountr road, com
mencing at the viiuh weat corner of section 85,
town 4 north, range 11 east; thence north tw
milcb to tlie nortU-wcat corner of aeotion 26 in said
' April iff, 1861-lwS -

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