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iii iiimiui mi im iuktctiiiiiihi il i
h m ' 1. iiiw imwi.mwii.1 nil
Notice !. linndir r-ivun Unit on Mmh.1.iv. tlie 2Itli
day of Juno, 1SC1,'rI Milton tV-ntiv, I will let l.i the
lowest bidl-r, in Depurate s?rtnnis, tin" making ol
tlio drain or wAkT-coiirsc- known ux drain iniiiibrr
cuintnem-ing ubont 40 roils north of tlie smitli-f-usi
corner of section 32, town 4 ranee 9; thoniv not thou
upction line to that branch of lli-aver Cn-ck which
intersects said lino t t In ucu down 8iiJ riii k in a
north-westerly dirvctii.it to the west line, of tint south
cast quarter of section .12. town 5, rnnpc W, whereat
to terminat). Tlio work coinorUi-x ltU .nmiH i.C
20 rods ench. Its width on th" bottom is n.i follow !
the tirnt 2l) sections 2 feet, the lie si 21 st-rtioiM it1..
l'xet and the balance 4 feel on the bottom, the banks
U have a slope of 1 1$ feet to 1 in depth. The earih
is taken out ol said drain to be removed nt
least 3 feet from the slope of the bunk, and to bo
thrown on the side of tlio count v road wliero it runs
alonjr tlio aamo. The work to be compl-ted to the
acceptance of the county commissioners on or before
the 1st dav in October, "lSiil. fcial.1 to commence i t
one o'clock, p. m. Aodison Smith, Auditor.
Auditor's Olli'-e, Wotwl ronntv, O.
Porrysburg, Mar 15, 101 3wi$0 7j.
...:.l.. u i i. a...:.. i,....!. . . . i
nn.u niv -Mi- u-iipm oi io.iiii. naiiKs u uae ii
sloiicof 1)4 feet to 1 in d.-pt)i. Tlio whole to be
compictcu u tin" acceptance ol tliu county eomuus-
Notice is hereby piven tbatiVi Saturday the 2Pli
rtay of Juno ll"vt at the ten mile bouse in Wobst-r
township, I will let to the lowest biddur, in s -p arn!i
sections, the niakinj; of the drain known as drain
No, 20; coiiiuieneiiiK when- tlio Tou-saint creek
crosses the McCutchenville and lVrrysburg State
road, In sc. 1, town .r, r.mire 1 1 east ; thence down
aid drain to tho cnuiitv line terminatiiijr on road
tract number 70 of the Maumee and Western l!e
servi! road lands. Tkj Work is separated into two
divisions. Division No. t comprises that pint of
naid work in Webster two., consisting of 70 sections
of 20 rods cneli, the width of the butt mi to be 12
feet for the first Jill sections, and fourteen feet for Un
balance. Division No. 2 comprises that, part in
Troy twp., consists of 87 sections of 20 rods each,
tho bottom to havo a uniform width of 111 IVvt. The
timber, flood wood and earth to bo cleared out Ml fee!
kioners by the 1st day of October. li't'H. und in ac
cordance with tho piHjlile and plat of the engineer
in charge of said work. Sale t commence at ten
o'clock a. m Apiiisdn Sun ii, Auditor.
Auditor's Office, Wood Co., 0.
Pcrmburg, May 2:1, ISO I S7 50.
J-jf .
Notice is hereby given that on Wednesday, the
3d day of July next, at the brick school house neaf
.1 Ilarpcls in Lake twp., I will let in sopa'-ate sec-
tions to the lowest bidder, the making of the drain
known as drain No. 22; commencing ut or near the
north-west corner of road tract no. 4 of the Maumec
and Western Reserve road lands in the bed of Dry
Creek: thence down said creek in- a north-easterly
direction to the conn v line, whereat to terminate.
The work comprises 170 section? of 20 rods each,
and 4 of 40 rods each, with a width on the bottom
as follows: from commencement to see. 17, 3 feet
from 17 to 4", inclusive, four feet: from 41 to 1:1M,
inclusive, six feet; from 138 to end, th - timber to
be cleared out 50 feet w ide. The banks to have a
slope of ya to 1 foot in depth, the earth to be remov
ed 5 feet from the slope ot the bank. The work to
be completed by tho 1st day of October, 1 801, in ac
cordance with the plat and profile of the engineer
in charge of said work, and to the acceptance of the
county commissioners. Sale to commence nt ten
o'clock, a. m. Ainusox Smith, Auditor.
Auditor's Oifiee, Wood countv, O.
Perrysburg, May 27, 1SH1 4w5$0 75.
Notice is hereby given that on Pnlurdav. the 22d
day of June next, at the house of J Mover, in Troy
township, I will let, in separate sections, to the low'
est bidder, the making of drain number SO. com
mencing about 120 rods north of the south-west
corner of section ') in said tow nship : thence north
easterly across said section to inb-rseet drain num
ber K. " The work comprises U sections of 20 rods
each. Width of bottom 4 f-et. Dank slopes I rise
to l'i base. The earth to be removed at least .'I
feet from the hanks, and the whole ,o be completed
by the 1st day of October next. Sale to comm -nee
ut one o'clock, p ni. Anmsox SmitiI, Auditor.
Auditor's Olliee, Wood county, Ohio.
Pcrrysburg, May 10, 1301 :ivj$l 50.
Notice is herein- triven that on Mond.iv the first
lay of July next, nt the school house of Audrew Ad
ams in IYrrytiburg township. I will let to the lowest
bidder, in separate sections, the making of the drain
known as drain No. 17: commencing i,i Crane creek
where it crosses the lVrrysburg and MeCiiteheu
ville road in S'-ction 28 town 4, Tinted Slates Re
nerve ( Perrysburg twp.); thence down said creek
to the Maumee und Western Reserve road, termin
ating on road tract number 23. The work compris
es 51 sections 20 rods each, with a uniform width on
the bottom of 10 feet. The bunks to have a slope of
base to 1 vertical. The cuttings to be made in
accordance with the profile of the engineer in charge
of said work, and the w hole io be completed by the
1st day of October 1-361. Plan and specifications
of the. work will be exhibited and conditions made
known on the day of sale. Sale to commence nt 10
o'clock, a. m. ' AmiisoN Smith, Auditor.
Auditor's Olfiee, Wood countv, O.
Perrysburg, May 23, 1861-4w5$0 00.
Notice Is hercbr civen that on Monday, the first
day of July next at the house of Andrew Adams, in
Perrysburg township, 1 will let, lo tho lowest bidder
in separate sections the making of the drain known
as drain No. 24; f-ommencing about 40 rods west of
tho north-east corner of section thirty-one, town four
United States Ik-serve, in tho bed of Crane, creek;
thence down aid creek to tho Perrysburg nnd Mc
t.'utchenville road whereat to terminate. The work
comprises 30 sections of 20 rods each, with a width
of bottom of 2 feet for the first five sections and of
a feet for the remainder. Hank slopes 1 'a base to
1 vertical. The earth to bo removed at least 3 feel
from tho slope of the bank. The work to be com
pleted to the acceptance of the county Commission
ers by the 1st dav of October, ISO I. ' Sale to com
mence at one o'clock p. m. Addison Smith,
Auditor's office, Wood Co.,0. Auditor.
Perrysburg, May 20, 18014w.')?5 50.
Stenhen Eldridire adm'r, vs Joseph Crane.
l!y order of an alius order of sale, issued, and
me directed, from the Court of Coiiimmi Picas
Wood counfy, Ohio, 1 shall expose tj public sale at the
door of the Court HouseJn Perrvsburg,
On Satiird;, July 6, 1801,
between the hours of 1 2 m. and 2 o'clock, p. m.. the
following described hinds and tenements situate
Wood county, and Statu of Ohio, to-wit: The cast
half of he the north-west quarter of section thirty
nix, trrn 6vo, range twelve east t containinjr eighty
acres Appraised nt $2,000, PETER HELL,
Jum. 8, 1BG1 5$2 80. Master Coiu'r,
An entire stock of New Goods have recently been
ripened by the subscriber, consisting of all the vari
eties of
Hats and Caps,
Fim v, . . While I-ad,
Powder, JShol,
Tea, Coffee,
Sugar, Molasses,
Boots. Shoes,
Bonnets, Furs,
C'andiea, C'loveg.
Ginger, Spice,
- Cinuamon, Raisins,
Essences, Nutmegs,
White Fish, CodFmb,
Flour, Meal,
and numerous olhor article on band, to be sold
tut this is th onlv method 'hichalloa the mer
rhant to Hell CHEAP.
Wheat, Corn,
Hurler. Buckwheat,
Potatoes, , j; Apple,
Butter, ' Lard,
Beeswax. Beef,
Pork. Hides,
bkina, i
will be purchased or tnkea for Goods.
N. B. I shall ftUo bo connected with the, Stor-
age, Forwarding and Cummiaioa Business of
rucc, and hope to merit the coiihcUmce and appro-
fcition of the people. A. E. JEROME.
May,l&01 It.
jjV It i: K I V F s "a A L K .
. d-.iv. the foltowinir di-sorilx-J Ian l.s mid t-n.-m .-ills,
! to-wit: n part of the s-w ur. s.-c. ;t. U'wn It iwnii
State of Ohio, for the u.s.' of Cntliaiitie r.r i.lforJ. by I
ler next Irulul JoTm t'-t-a .lli.-l I. l lniut.il. s tieorte i
ll-.ll.l ... I l 1,V - t . I . i 1.....
A. Wall.ihani and William M. V iiirlit.di-iVnl.iiiU.
l!y virtuu of an order ol'nale issuad in the above
i-.i-.i- hv the t'liik of the Court of ('.'omul Pleas of
t'ulunibiJiMi coiuitv, Ohio. iuiJ to in j diiveud mi I
uV.ivi-roJ, I will ol)r for sab at pub-lie vendue at tli
door of the Court House lu the town of 1'orry souik,
Wood ivuntv, Uhio, on
S iturdav. the SJ2d day of June, IS '1,
bctivi-cu the hours of 10. m. nn.l 2 p. m., of said
I range U east, in Wool Counly, tlhio, nti 1 running :
i line news sai l fir. an as to cut oil sitv ueivs J
from the uorth fcUo thereof, a r.iis,tl at S'.OO. j
(. J-.. t !L' VKl!, ihclid',
May 2.1, IS'-1." C.'i. '
Marian E. Vounf, n-Iin'ni.sti'iili'it of (Jabri.-I K
Vount. dee., vs Thomas Vomit, AI i jIimiii Vount,
lhiiiiel Yount, Mariah Heals, (J.-o. W. Vount, Win.
II. Heats, Sarah Vount, A. Jaeksoii Vount, Jam s
.Mct.uuns and usanna ui-unii.s.
On Saturday, the 1Mb dav of ,lu-i-, ISM. at 11
I o CIOCK, u. 111., Ut llic uior oi iiic oini iious..:.oi i.e
! town of lYn-vsbm j;. In Wood county, I 'bin, will be
sol 1 to tlio highest bidder, the following real es'.it.'.
, ti e properly of t-iabi iel Vount, dec, to- it: A'.l that
par' of the "east half of fractional s-ctlon numVr I;'',
' township iiumber 0, r.iiure numb.-i- 10 east, in Woo l
; ciiunty,0.,lvin( east of th - Davti-n A Mi hipan liail
I imii'I, conlaininc 00 aciv.sof land more or less. Terms
made known on day of sale.
M tin vii U. Votst, Adm'lx.
Cook, l'moK &. Juiins,in, Att'vs.
May 14, 180l.-2i5$:i 0-..
John Hussel, adm'r vs Pavid Clever and Catha
rine ('levers, d -e'd.
On the first day of duly. IH'jl, Ix twecn 10 o'-lock
it ,ii nn.t .1 ,.'rl..rtf n It, . otl till' t 'I't-U li S:-S. Will lC
.... . . . . .. . . 1 .. ...
i soi l to the Inchest butilor, tlio ioiinnuiK real esiau-,
j s the pmpcitv of Catheiin- CU-vers, and David
i CU-vers, deceased
Commencing 22 rods w est
the south-east conmr of the north J.j of the north
west H of section 17, township ,, range 11 cast;
thence west 20 rods j theiiee uorih 80 rods : tiirm-e
east 20 rods: thence south SO rods: making 111 acres.
Also, comm -nciiig at the south-east corner of the
north half of the north-west iiiai-icr of section 17.
totvnsliiti ... ranee 1 1 east: thence 22 l-ods west: t!..ence
,,,,,-tli 80; thence east 22 rods : thence south HO rods
! to the place of beginning : eontaininir 1 1 acres- the
propertv of David Clovers and Catharine Clovers.
due'd. 'Conditions made known on dav of sale.
.10I1N Kl'SSKL, udiu'r,
Cook. PinrK Si .Tons-siix, ntt vs.
May 20th, 1801 3wll?4 85.
Edwin Ciorton. (iuardi.in ofj.icob CU-vers and
Mary A . 'levers, ( .Minors) vs. Jacob Cli vers, et nl.
It v virM.- of an order of sale, fn.m said Court in
the above entitled cause, to me issued, diivctcd and
delivered, I will oiler at public auction, on
Monday the 1st day of July, ISO I.
between the hours of 10 o'clock u. in. und 4 o'clock
p. m. of said day, ou the premises, the fi l'ow ing de-serilrt-d
real estate, to-wit: That parcel of land com
mencing 80 rods west of the south-east corner of
the north half of the north-w est quarter of section
seventeen, town three north of range eleven east,
ruiiiiur west 38 rods, thence north 80 rods, thence
cast 38 rods, thence south 80 rods to the place rf
beginning, containing 19 acres; also, that parcel
conimeuciui; 118 rods west of the gouih-cast corner
of the north half of the north-west quarter of sec
tion seventeen, town three north of range eleven
cast, ruuing west 42 rods, tlunc-e ninth 80 rods,
thence east 12 rods, thence south 80 rods to the place
of beginning, containing 21 acres: both of said par
eels of land being situate in Wood counly. Ohio, and
tl-.o propertv of said Minors. Terms made known
on day of sale. EDWIN OORTON,
( iuardiiin of Jacob and Mary A. Clovers.
CiKO. Stii MS, atfv.
May 20. Is:'. I-:',wfi?t!,n5
Mrs. M. A. Carpenter would r- spectl idly announce
to thel idies of Perrysburg an I vicinity that she has
removed her Millinery Store to the house formerly
occupied by Eliza P. Jones, on El-oil' street., where
there w ill be found a beautiful assortment of niilliu
cry goods. Mrs. C. will keep constantly on hand a
large variety of
lionncts. Ribbons.
Flowers. Ruches,
Hats, Caps nnd Plats,
In fact everything pertaining to the millinery line.
She is also prepared to Cut, Kit and make Dresses,
Capes, Cloaks, Taltnis and Children's Clothing.---Uleaching
mid Pressing done to order.
Ladies will find it much lo their advanlag - In
giving men call before purehasintr clsew here.
April 21, 1S01 ftl Mrs. M. D. CARPENTER.
A Henevolent Institution established hv special
endowment, for the relit.fof the sick and distressed.
ulllicted w ith Virulent and Epidemic discuses, and
especially for the cure of diseases u!' the Sexual Or
Medical advice civen gratis, by the Acting Sur
geon, to all who imply by letter, with a discription
of their condition, (age," occupation, habits ot life,
Ac.,) and in cases ot extreme poverty, .Medicines
furnished free of charge.
Valuable, reports on Sperm itorrhueu. and other
diseases of the Sexual Organs, and on the new rem
edies employed in the Dispensary, sent to the afflict
ed in nealed'lotter invelopcs, free of charge. Two
or three stamps for postage w ill be acceptable.
Address DR. J. SKILLIN HOrOHTON, Acting
Surgeon Howard Association, No. 2 south 0th street.
Philadelphia, Pu. Hv order of the Directors,
(1EO. KAIKC'IULD, Sceretarv.
Jan. 1, '01. EZRA D. HEATWEI.L, President.
O The Hoard will hold their next regular sessions
for the examination of Teachers, n follows:
Portage, first Tuesday in July-
lu addit'on to the usual course. Teachers w ill here
after lie examined iil American History.
No applicant will becxa mined whois ot present
punctually ut 9 o'clock, n. in.
J. W. Woomit liV.Ch rk.
Ii 11 A N Y S T O V E S
At their old stand in Perrysburg, Ohio, have on
hand, and for sale, an endless variety of eclebrale
Ranging; in prices to suit the wonts of all,
from $11 to $35 each, furnished in the most
substantial manner, with cither Tiu or Cop
per furniture.
r?FMob Work, in all its forms done to order.
WANTED, in exchange, Cash, Corn, Hides, Fur,
1 alts, Kngs. Y ax, old iron, &e., o:c.
liw v i iiuej.
rcrryBburg, May 3d, 1800 tf.
On and after Sunday, May 12, two Trains will
leave Toledo dailv, on "arrival of trains from Detroit,
Jackson, and Michigan Southern Railroads; at
1 1:00 1. M. arriving in Dayton at 7:15 A. M.
1 1 :20 A. M. arriving in Dayton at 6:4). P. M.
Time from Detroit to Cincinnati 12 hours and
minutes by each train. Connecting at Lima w
trains on the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wavno & Chicago
Railroad for Crestline, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and
Southeastern points. Connects at Sidney, w ith
trains on the Bellcfontnine Line for ludiunacli and
tlio Soutliwekt, and at Piqua and Dayton for Colum
bus. 5-7N'o Change of cars between Toledo and
For tickets applv at the Ticket Olliee of
Michigan Soutlmrn tampan r.
R. M. SHOEMAKER, Sunt. Darton. O.
M, SHOEMAKER, Gen. Fr't and T'k't Agt, To
ledo, Ohio.
Perrysburg, Jan. 2d, 1S1 38tf.
Tbe subscriber will cheerfully semi (free
charge-) lo all who dcsM-e it, the copy or si Mr
ItEcu-ts by which he was cured of that Pine disease
Sufferers with Cosscmptiom. Asthma. Ubokcbit
ir, or any lung affection, ho sincerely hopes
try this liecipo, well satisfied if they do so they w
be mure than satutied wilb tho rcoulL. Thankful
for his own eomplcle resU-rstion, be is anxious
plaee in the band ot every sunorer the means
this cure. Thou wishing tbo recipe with full directions.
c. will oall on or sddrets
! F-tv. WM. S. ALLFJT,
. J 2tad i'o. 06 Joha fctrfct, 'cw V-:rk.
OIHNAI- ruiMi.vu OtTlCt:
Having reideiiishud our ofiioc with now t) rci
mrouj,'liul, arc now u.vpaivj to execute .100
IV". ...I I. .... I- . . . .1.. It. Ilj ln...K.
Int iutioos. Cards, Labels, I'iiihj bbts, all
kinds blanks, e. in tlio iii hI s.itisfiu-tory niimrr,
Order tillei at short uotieo, Slid on reaionable
terms, I
Auvkrtisiso, Iw 1 iii Sin Cm 12m
One siiaru .50 l.:'.'i 2.T5 4.00 C.UU
;., column e.uu sou i i.2a i.v.uu
'i cobunii 4. 50 10. IM 1 0.00 22. (Ml .lil.tiO
Om-column li.jt) I.i.UO od.lHl 45.00 00.00
A de liu tion of a per cent, from tlio nbuvc rates
will be inadu for Cash.
The space oetupied by ten lines of the typo com-u-hieh
pesiiij; tlio bo.ly of the advertisement will be a
All Transient advertisement must be paid for
in advance to insure Dublieation
Advertisements inserted w itn the mark "tf," w ill
be charRiM tor until oiilewJ out.
When yearly advertisements an1 Inserted four or
more clwnges' ill be allowed.
,1. W. UAII.KV, Pt iii.tstiKti and rimrinKTon.
2. V I, V A N IJ S J V. V V I : It SON,
Attouvky at Law, l'KiiuvHt'un, Onto. Office
in Kust end of Haird Home Huil ling. Will attend
promptly to, nil business entrusted to his care, tf
l. w. it. pav. T. w. nci'ciitssu.s. J. r. l-tt.LAI-.S.
ay, iitrrc'iiixsox a pillars,
A I TUi; r l S A T LAW ,
Collecting and Real Estate Agent.
Will attuni promptly to all business culruiied to
their caro. Olliee over W. J. Hitchcock's store.
Perrysburg, Wood County, tlhio. '01-40;f.
JAMKS Ml l.lt IY. r. S. il.KVlN. J. II SCAl I 01:1).
I'ltltAY, SI.l: IX A; hPAl'VORD,
A T T O tl N K Y S AT I. A W ,
Will attend piumptlv to all Legal business en
trusted to their caro in Wood county. Olliee in the
Perrysburg Hand Ruilding, Perrysburg, Ohio, tf
a. n. ioour.
l i:
i a o i) ; a t v
XJ Attok.nkys at Law, Pcrrvshurtr. Ohio.
Particular attention paid to Conveyancing and
Notorial Itusincss. Also, for sale, large quantities
of Lull 1 in Wood aud adjoining counties. 't)0-tf
ASHr.lt COOK. J. K. I'ltlL'K. II. W. JOHNSON.
rxooK, iMtici; a .iohnsox.
V Attoiiniiys at Law, Perrysburg. Ohio.
Will promptly attend to all Law liusiness entrus
ted to their cjiv, H ive for sale large quantities of
Land, incliidir-tf well improved farms, which w ill be
gold on easy tcruc '00-1 If
C H ) It ti V. W T It A I X ,
v"l" Attoiinky At Law, Perrysburg. Ohio.
Will uitcnd to all business entrusted to his care
in the several Courts of Ohio. Olliee with John
Hates, 2nd itroet. 'i-O-ltf
pkt 'k u lririr'iT-,
1. Attoiinky at Law , aniiNotaky Prm.ic
VI ill attend promptly to ull business intrusted to his
care. Office in lac Court House with Cook, Price &
Johnson. . Nov. 20, 1S0U Iv.
It J . II O XV K I. 1,S,
1-tf Howling (jreell, Ohio.
I) U-
.1 . 11. S M I T II ,
Powi.isij UiiUi-N, Wood Countv, Ohio.
All culls v. ill be promptly attended to, both day
and night. 'tin-lit'
a i it i) ii ii m i: .
C. C. RAIRf. I'KurnirToit,
1-tf Perrysburg, Ohio.
1)i:itHYSBtJlt I'LAMNti MILL,
and SASJ1 l-'ACTORV.
DANIEL LlM).sK, Puoi-i.tEToit.
M.iiiur.ictutvA to order, anl kjcpj constantly on
luilid, a gc.ieral .supply of
Doors, Sash. Rliiids aud Window Shades;
Pine, Wiiile.wood and Ash Flooiing:
Pine and Whit . w ood Doors.
All kinds of Pl.vNisii done to order. Orders
promptly tilled at Toledo prices, or, in some cases,
below the m. '00 if
The undei-siened, feeling thankful for past favors,
takes this opportunity of informing the ladies that
she has just received the late.-t opening styles of
lionncts. Hats, Ribbons, Flowers, and nil kinds of
Milliuerv goods constantly on hand. Work done to
order, ai former prices, at herii.su.il place of resi
dence. Ladies please cull an 1 sec for yourselves,
ilnul ANN E. FOWLER.
Carefully repaired by
W . F . 1 O M F. R 0 V
At Fu:inYsiii.-i:o Rank I'iilhim:.
'00-1 if
I) E f R A. K F c I A V LOR,
(Formerly II. P. Dcgraft',) No.87 Ilowerv. New
York, extending 211 feet through to No. 05 Cheeiy
Street, and six stories in height, making it
in the United States, and filled with Furnatiire of
all grades. From the best Parlor to the common
Kitchen, which wo are determined to sell nt the
small profit of five per cent., nnd no Deviation,
hoping, by this plan, to increase our business suf
ficient to counterbalance the difference in profit.
Rosewood Parlor Setts, fYom-...$S0 00 to $400 00
Mahoir. nnd Pluck V nlnut Parlor
Setts fn.ni $30 00 to $150 00
Rosewood Hcd-rooin Setts, from-$50 00 to $250 00
Maimer, nnd Black W ulnut Bed
room Sets, from $25 00 to $150 00
Enamel Chamber Setts, from-. .-$22 00 to $150 00
Oak und Wulnut Pininc Setls.
from $25 00 to $30 00
Hair Mattresses from $ 7 00 to $ 25 00
Spring " " $ 3 50 to $ 10 00
March 13th, 18G1 45m3
A. J. Gakhneii a Co.. Prufirists.
tlilead, Wood Co., Ohio,
Have received a large stock direct from New
York, consisting in part of Paints of all kinds,
Linseed, Tanni-i:s, Macuink and Coal Oh., Frii
mti'uk, ('i)ac:i, Demak, and Japan Vaiinish.
Paint, Vabnihii, Sash, Wuitewabii, Schi'iibino
and Lamp Ilut'siiEs.
Dyh Sti'I-ks, like Jojicph's cont.of many colors.
Glass of oil Sizes, Pftty, Sank and Emlhv
Pater, TfurPNTINE, Alcohol, Castou und Sweet
O.ls, English Currunts. Prunes, Tamarinds, and
Raisens, Spice, Pepper, Cinnamon by the lb. or mat.
Ginger, Cloves, Ground and Extract of Coffee,
ChocoleU: and Cocoa, Sturch by the lb. or box.
A line assortment of Pekfi'meky Soaps and
flavoring extracts,
A largo assortment of TriiB Memcines and
Chemicals, and Tilden's celebrated Medicines for
Pbvsieians use.
VVe are selling fine article of Coal Oil, free
from smoke or smell, at 7ac per gallon.
Lamp from five shillings to two dollars.
We believe in the principles of Port'LAR fov
KEliiNTY and Pay as you oo, and shall hold our
Stock strictly for Casu or Ready Pay, and will
take all kinds of Grain and Produce in exchange.
Patent Medicinih of evkky n.sn.
Giload, May 9, 151 tf.
18 8 1
We feci great cqnfiience iu announcing to Wool
Growers and Merchants tbat we possess unsurpass
ed facilities for receiving, grading and selling Wool,
which will lie done
Will be made od receiving wool.
tW Sacks will be sent to tbos wbo with
consign. . ,
No efforts will be wanting M merit the patronage
of those who bave Wool lo sell.
Cm vela sn Wool Depot Co.,
3wi Office, No. 107 Bunk St . Cleveland, 0.
Aycr's Ague Cure,
Perrysburg Journal.
The War on the Union.
Wednesday's Dispatches.
It set ni3t!iht JtU'. Dnvii at Inst
nia.lt hi npjifnrittice nt Hxlitiiond, nnd
that lln jiower tf tlio Confedttate forces
ore to bj ihorouglily Us'ed upon Virinin
soil. Kicliniund is now au'.lioriUivtly nn
t.ou iccd its the I cadqutii tors cf on ry di
jutrtincat for tlie ?vttlli. JcfT. )avis
clfims tliat ho will hve rt-bil in
Virjjinln in few days. The rtbils ure try-
iny to create lie imjuestion lluit lln-y pro-
un nttai-k on Altxindni, but k is
jft tit-rally regarded as a Mir.il,-to g iin
time for tlio perfection tf oilier ji';iii.
Movements looling lo au altack on Ma
liaises Junction are in progress. A fl.dil
lu destined for the atinck al Acqnin On iL
is now nt the nvy yarJ. Tiiero are a
bout -MOO Federal troop at Ornfion and
Phillip-pi, under ihe eommtind of 0 nerul
Moi lis of Int'i ma. Col. u lley was not
killed ia the Philtipi i.lTtiir as has bu n
reported. It ia now thought tint he will
recover. The Virginia regiment at Clrfa
ton is composed of moi.ntainceis and vail
lo.id men, thoroughly ncqut.iuled with
the country. Stvcrul bridges between
Wheeling and Oiafton have been slight
ly dnmnged by a frtfhet. More troops
are moving towards Grafton. Dt-h gates
to ihe Western Virginia Convtntion were
elected at Wheeling on dtli inst. It is
generally thought the Convention will
immediately organise a Provisional State
Govcinment. Maj. Oakes, U. S. Army,
late from Texas, is in command heie.
Thursday's Dispatches.
The railroad from Gial'ion lo Wheelirg
is now gounrded by U. S. troops, and the
Stars and S li.ics are now flying along
the whole route. A laige number of se
cessionists have been arrested, and many
have taken the oath ol alhgiance. They
say they had been deceived by tht ir lead
ers, and the wonderful change of senti
ment is. the sul jeet of general remark.
Mat.y Union men were impressed in the
rebel ranks, bul they are sea tend and
utterly disorganized now. It isnot known
how many secessionists were killed at
Phillippa. Camp Jackson is to be put ia
trim f, r the reception of the three years'
troopt not yet orgauized into legimenis.
The Governor has sent a special messen
ger to Washington to see that all the Ohio
tioips are provided for in the why of
clothing. Quiet ptewiils atFoit Moinoc
Tlie baik Gen. Green, of Chailestou, load
ed with sugar and molasses, was suzed by
the Government vessel Quaker Ci y. The
U. S Mat-find has taken possession of the
gun facory of Mtrril it Thomas, of Bal
timore. The llojie Guard of Hannibal,
Mo., have been mustered into the service
of the U S., and have received their
arms. It is Faid tht.t Gen. Scott disap
proves of any further hostilities at Acquit
Creek for the present. Six Dahlgieen
bronze 12-pouuders have been fished up
by Ihe rebels near the Noifolk navy-yard.
Col. Auderson thinks thire will be no
disturbance about Loutsville by the seces
sionists, and that the Ljuisville & Nash
ville railroad will cease cariying contra
band g ods to the South, and obey the
ordeis of the Government.
Friday's Dispatches.
An agent in ihe euiplo) of the Govern
ment was arrested at Harper's Ferry on
the 4ih inst., and immidla'ely hung us
spy. Despatches from tur Mini-ttrs n
bioad give gratifying evidence of a better
feeling towards our Government. The
united stntimtnt of the Norlh, the fiim.
dignified, but temperate tenor of the in-s'.ruction-i
from tiie Department of State
to our Diplomatic Corps, has convinced
Foreign Cabinets that we have cotuge,
spirit and resolution at home, and will
vindicate our rights, honor and teintonal
iutegiity abroad. Col. Baitlett, of the
Naval Brigade, 6tales that Gen. Butler
has orders from the President and Secre
tary of War to p.ccept the Naval Biigade,
with the full complement of 1 2 'U nun
and eigh y ollicers, aa ordered by the
President ou tho 22d of May. It is ru
mored that many Union men of Virginia
are in j iil as hostnges for the safety
rebels in the hands of the Government.
On tho 5 h inst., the Harriot Lane ex
changed about fifty shots with the Pig
Point battery, nearly opposite Newpoit
News, on James river. She received two
shots, and hid five men woundid seveie
ly. She was about three-fourths cf
mile from the battery, having seven em
brasures which diicloied heavy pieces.
of the Harriet Lane's shells buisl
immediately over them.
Gen. Scott has received an ear of green
corn with the compliments of Jtff Davis'
Private Secreta-.y. It is a gtmle hint
that the South have still a me means
tupport. About the time Gen. Sf-oit re
ceived this, an elegant boquet was pre
sented io him, with the comp'.imenti
Mrs. Lincoln. The General, with great
promptness, requested his Military Secre
tary, Col. Hamilton, to bear his kindest
regards to Mrs. Lincoln for the beautiful
gift, and at the same time to present bcr
the tar of corn as the lutest cuiwsiU sur
rendered by the enemy, and to add, that
from tbe appearance of the ear, if it was
a fair fpecimta of tbe whole fiouihern
crop, our army would na down theri boon
j tflougU to gdihtr it for tlitni.
Artemas Ward in the Southern
Confederacy—The Show Confiscated.
ViN hev jh il-itps wondered whare bouts
was for ilirse mat.y da ono and past.
Peicl.ausyou sj.oied I'd gouu to the
Tonmby of tr Cappyh ts, tho 1 don't ki:o
what those is. ii's a p plar noospapt r
Listen to tay tail, and be silent that ye
may here.
I've been am vnr the 8 ;s she rs, a earn
in my daily p ek !y my legilimit pi i feslnm
and hnvn'l liad ro 'ime to weeld mj faci'c
quill for the "G ai Komick Paper," if
you'll allow me to kol from your irojiu
ful iu! vet list m. n t.
My fuccess wi ska1), and I likewise
t-ad a ntrrt-r scape of my life. If whtit
I've biti threw is "Southern hopilality,"
bout which wo have h am ho mu ;h, then
1 feel b mud to obsai vo lha'. they ma le
too much of ii e. They were altogether
too hii-h of their a'.tenshuns.
I wn.t anoig the Sesesl ers with no
fed ns of imnern o ity, I went in my
pei fcthci na! c.ipui v. I was itetooateil
liy one of the most Loftiest desires which
can swell the human Bo.isttm, viz : to
give the people their nvmey worth by
sliowin thim Ssgishus Beests and Wax
Staloots, whi tlt I venter t" say are onsur
past by any other slatoots any hen s.
1 will not call that man wl.o s z tny slat
ools are humbugs a li ir nnd h ist- thief,
but bring him bo 4 me an I Pll wither
him with o in of my skomful frowns.
Bui to proceed with my tail. In tny
travils threw the Sonny S .u'.h I heard a
heap of tilk about S -sethin and bustin liji
Ihe Union, but I tbd't think it amounted
to nothin. The po itic:a is in all the vil
lages was 8oaiiii that Old Abe foaie
times called the prahr.yrie llower) should
n't nevi r be ncggeratid. They also made
fools of theiiselves in various ways, but
as they was used to that I didn't lit it
warry me much, and the S ars and S 'ripen
coiilinn'.-red for to wave over my little
tent. Moor over, I was a Son of Malty,
an I a member of several o'.her temper
ance fojieiies, and my wife she was
Dawter of Mlty, an I spoked these fax
would sicoor me the ti.llo nz and pertec
lion of all the fust famerli -a. Alas 1
was dispinted. S ate aider S ate seseahed
and ii growed h'Ht.-r for the undersitietl.
Things come lo a climbmiicks in a FtnaH
town in Alabamy, where I was prem'orily
ordered to haul il.iwn the t-ttirs and snipes.
A deppytashun of red faced men cum up
to the door of my tent ware I was standin
takin money (the arternoon exhibition had
coramenst, an my Iuliim o gu.ist was
jerkin his soul stirrin cliimes.) "We air
cum, S r," said a milinglary man in
co-lit hat, upon a hi and holy mMiun
The Southern Ung'e isscteamin thivwout
this sunny 1 an I, proudly nnd d -liantly
u,on a matter
screaming, Mr 1
" Whats th ma 'cr with him V says
I ; "don't hii villles set well on his sluui
mick ?"
" That eagle, sir, will cotitinner
scream all over ihts bright and trenn
land ! '
" Wall, let him scream. If your eagle
can amuse himself by scrcamin, let him
went l" The men annoyed me, for I was
bizzy malin change.
" We are cum, sir,
' You're rght, captin; it's every man's
donty to visit my show," seu 1.
We are cum"
' And that's the reason you are here,
si 7. I, larlin one of my silvery laifs.
h iwl if he wanted to goak I'd give him
t-ome of mv fpoi klin eppv 'rnms
Sir, you're insn-lenk. The plain
question is, will you haul down the star
spargVd banner, and hist the Southern
Hag 7 "
Nary hist!" Tl cue was my reply.
" Your wax works and Wests is then
confisticattd, & you are arrested r.s
fpy 1 "
S z I, "My fragrant roics of the So itV
era clime and blooming daffodils, what's
the price of whiskey in this town, and
how many cubic feet of that seductive
tlooid can you individually ho'd ?"
Tiny made no leply to that, bit snil
my wax riggers was conliiliea'ed. I axed
them if thai was giner illy the stile among
thieves in that country, to which they
made no reply, but red I was arrested
a spy, and must go to Montgomery
iuns" They was by this time jmed by
hiog-j crowd of other Sou hern pitrits,
who comnvnst hollerin, "llar,g the bald
headed abeilitionist, and bust up his im
moral exhibition!" I was ceas. d
tied lo a slump, and the crowd went
my tent that water proof pavilion, whei
instruction nnd atneo tement had been
so muchly combiwd, at 1 , 5 cents per head
and' tore it a'l lo pieces. M-ianwhile,
dirlv-faced boys was throwin stuns
empty beer b ittles at my massiv brow,
takin other improper liberties wi h
person. Resistance was u?el -ss lor a
of reasons, as 1 readily obsarved.
The Scseshera conli-iticated my stale
by smusl in them to attums. They then
went to my money box and confiscated
all the loose change therein con'ained.
They then went and bust in my cages,
lettin all the animiles loose, a small
healthy tiger among the rest. This t'gor
lai an ex lent tie way of tearin dogs
pieces, and I allers Fposed from his gin
eial coi dtljk that ho'd have n hesita
in seiviu human beinsin the same way
he could git at them. Excuse me if
was cro oil, but I larfed boyderi usly when
I saw that tiger f-pring in among the
" Go it, my sweet cuss !" 1 inward
ly exclaimed. " I foririv you for bitin
my left thurn whh all my heart !
em up like a Duny tiger wnos jjare
been in waded by Seseahurs !"
1 can't say lor certain that the tiger
injured any of them, but as he
seen a few days after, turn miles distant
with a large and well selected as-ortrnetit
of seats of Iioms in his moulh, and
ho lookt as tho he'd bin bavin sum vilent
exercise, I rayther guess he did.
will therefore peiceive that they didu't
confisiicHte Liin much.
I was cariied to Montgomery in
nnd plac-d in durans via.1. Tho jVd
a c rnery t-dinss, but th table was hbrally
surplied with Bakiasnd Cabtidge.-It
good vaiiety, for wbon 1 didn't baok
after Bakin 1 could lulp roysel to
I 1 ad robodr to ta'k to ror nothin to
talk about, lion sever, and I wis veiy
lonely, t-prclaliy on ihe fiitl ilay; so wliuu
ho jaler a. at 'my lonely sell,' 1 put the
few stray hairs on the back part of my
lud I'm bl J vow, but ther at a time
when I wore rweo auburn iingh-ts into
as dish-heviled a slate as pos.ili!o, t rol
i;n my eyes bko a ninnyyuck, 1 cride:
Smy. ja'tr, ty! 1 nm not mad, but oon
shall be if you don't bring mo nnhin to
alk I" He brunif me sum noospapers,
for which I thanked him kindly.
At I ai hi I gut a int, tvii w with J Q' r -nofl
Davis, the President of Ihe Southern
Conthieveracy He n as quite prrlite and
axed me to sit down and su e my case.
I did ii, when 1 e Urfed and said his gal
Istit mt u had bin a little loo eulhoosiastic
in eoi.fm'cating niy show.
"Y-s," se I, "they confntKa'ed me
too muchly. I ha 1 sum homes conlisil
caled in the eauiu wsy, onct, bul thu con
lisuea'.i'rs are now pouadin s'ua ia the
S.iites Prison at ltj nnpylus."
"Wall, wall, Mi.-ur Ward, you nil nt
liberty to depart you are friendly to the
South, I know. Even now we have ma
ny frens in th-s North who synipa'hisi
with us, aid won t mingle with this tight.
"J. Davis, theie'a your gm'.e mistaik
Many of us wat yeursineero friends, and
thought certain parties among us was
fat-sin aooul you and mini lint with your
consiirns entirely tiomuch. But J. Da
vis, the minit you fire a gun at the pi.-ce
of dry goo Is called tho S ar Spang'ed
Banner, the Nor h gets up and lists en
massy, iu definsnof that banner. Not
ag'n you as individuals not ngin the
South even but to save the fl ig. We
should indeed be weak in the knees, un
sound iu the heart, milk-white in the liv
er, and soft in the bed if we stood quietly
by and t-aw this gloiu uovyment sma-h-
d to pieces t i her by a furrin or intestine
foo. The gentle hearted mother hates to
take her naughty child across her knee,
but she knows it is her dooly to do it. So
we t-hall hate to whip the naughty S, u'h,
but we must do it if you don't make back
tracks nt onct, and wo shall wollup yru
out of your boots 1 J Davis, it is my
decided opinioti that the Sonny South is
m.ikiti a tgrejus muttun-heiid of herself."
" Go on tir, you're safe enuH'. You're
too small powder fi r n e ! sed the Pres
ident of the Southern Conthieveracy.
" Wait till I i.o home and stmt out the
Buhlinsville Mounted Hoss Cavalry 1
I'm C ipting of that Coiiise, and J. Davis,
beware ! JeflVrson D., I now leave you!
Farewell.niy gay Sahr Boy ! Ooid bye,
my bold buccaneer 1 Pirttt of tho deep
bluo sea, adoo 1 ndoo 1"
My towir threw the Southern Cou
tl.icveracy on my way home was thrillin
enough for veller covers. It will form
i ho bul jeck of my next. Betsy Jane and
the progeny air well.
Yours R-sptclivoly,
-[Vanity Fair. A. WARD.
A Vision.
iu and
liety o'.s
Rip I
riJy was
The following remarkable vi ion was
seen during the yt nr 1003, by Joseph
Iloag, a veteran soldier and minister
th Gispel of the leligious society
Friend i ; which at that lime was retained
in tho hands of a lew of Lu re'ativts.aud
was not until recently allo.ved general
publicity. How near ii has thus fur be
fulfilled, is left lo '.he reader to determine.
He says: "While wn'kin alone in the
tields, 1 observed that the bun s' one tlear,
but a mist, eclipsed the brghtness of
shining, and while reflecting on the an
gularity of the event, my mind whs cloth
ed with feelings the moat soUniu I ev,r
remember to have expeiienced.
"While querying with mvulf what
tl ii should mean, 1 luavd a voice, as
from heaven, saying:
' This thou seest which dims
brightness of the sun, is a sig i of t!
present and coming times.
I took the forefa'hers of this country
from a land of oppression; I plan el tlnm
here amongst the peoplo of ihe forest ;
sustained them, and while they were l.un
b'.e, I blessed them and f.d them, and
they became a numeious people;
tluy have now becooae prou.l and lilted
up, and have forgotten mo who nourished
t-ii'in in the wilderness, and are running
into every abomination and evil practice
of which lha peop'e of the Old World
were guilty ; and thert-fora I havo takin
quietude Iroru the land and suffered a
vidir cr spirit to corne ut on them
' 'Liu up thine ryes and behold.'
' And I looked and saw the people di
viding in grbat numbers. This division
began in the Church upon poi.itt of doc
trine. It commenced with the Presbyte
rians, and in its progress it entered
pised through the vaiiout religious de
nominations ) the society of Friends be
in z no less affected than others ha I been
daring the painful coulliel, and suffering
perhaps more than others lor me mainie-
nance of their original doctrine and testi
monies. It n'-xc appeared in the Lodgi
of tbe Free Masons, nnd broke out in
tarance I ke a volcano, inasmuch as
set the country iu an rproar for a h 114th
of time. It thn entered politics U rottgh
oil the United S'ates, and dil not stop
until it creaU-d a civil war. An abund
ance of human blood was bhed in
course o' the cot tlici ; the S -uihern States
lost tin ir power, and slavery was annihi
lated from their borders.
"Then a monurchial power aroie. took
ihe govcinment of the States, et.tablh-h"d
auutional religion, and made all societies
tributary to its support. I saw them take
property from the Q takers to a largd
"I was amazed at all this, and I heard
a voice from Heaven again p'-oclainiiog:
" This power shall not always txut,
lAit with this poer I will chastise
Church until tluy return to the fjithful
ness of their fortfalhtrs. Thou seest
what is coming upon thy ra'lve laud
their iiiiqnl y. ud fjr the blood of Afri
ca, tho remembrance of which his come
up before me. This vision is not for ma
ny duys.' "
The death of this individual occurred
onthelstday ot August, IP46, aged
3 yeais.
All tbat souis young oraca need
infinite thir harte ia spark.
Senator Douglas Last Hours.
Th Chicago Tribune of Tuesday giver
th foil iwir-g account of Senator Douglas'
illnesB and death, and of the general ancf
profound to. row wiih which the Intelli
gence was received in that city.
It was not un il some ten days sines
that Senator Douglas' illness assumed an'
a'atming tj pe. His primary attark Wss
acute rh umstism, which rapidly assum
ed a typhoid character, and continued
from the first very unyielding. After
some ten or twelve days, his malady was
complicated by an ulct rated sore throat,
which soon yielded. Toiporof the livff
nnd constipation of tho ho well ensued
soon followed by a jaundiced condition;
accompanied by poisoning of the blood,
which prostrated his nervous system still
A wandering and delirious state nccom
pnnied hi illness more or less from its
inception to its fatal cloe. At such times
as he was rational last week, he seemed
awnreofthe giave fears entertained in
hi behslf, and on one occasion said to
those al out him that he knew his consti
tution o much better than they did, lie
fell confident ho iliould recover rrom tho
a'tHck. Di uhtless his will and courago,-
joinod to his treat physical powers, had
mujii to oo wiin nis so long continuing to
ricUt a ma'ady before which feeble men
wi u!d have rsp;dly 6u;ccmbed.
Iu his hut (la) s le gave those who
stood near to minister to his wants, the
most convincing assurances of the depth
nnd earni a'nt s- of the lively love of coun
try that tilled his heart. In his waking
hours, as well as in t);oe moments when
the violence of his disease unseated his
great in'i llect, he was busy with national
events, nnd the conflict that is now upon
us. It was lus Inst wish tbat ihe worR
which whl regenerate the country whilo
retcuirg it Horn his enemioe, should go
rapidly ou. To one, in n wandering
moment, lie said, "I station you at tho
Relay House. Movoonl" Of another he'
asked, "Why do we stand still? let us
press on! L' l us to Akxanuna, quick
lo still another lie said, "ielegraph to
the President, and let the column move
on!" And so, throughout the progress of
of ihe disease, w hicli struck him down, 1-e
was thinking of his country and her peril.
At Washington, in his imaginings, ami
in ihe command for which nature had
fitted him( and which w mid have been
bestowed had he lived, he seemed lo di
rect events and dictate victory. And when
the lucid iutervals came,he was, if not so
emphatic, not 1 ss siucere. The Balvation
of the RopubHo was uppermost in his
thoughts by day nnd by night. His own
condition, the imminent peril of his death,
his complicated affairs gave him no con
cern. Almost ins last coherent words
were an ardent wih for the honor and
prosperity of the Republh by tho defeat
aad diapert,ioa of her enem'toj.
1 hroughout Saturday it was feared he
could not survive many Lours. As night
fall drew near, without any positive change
having taken place in his disease, he yet
seemed easier, and so passed the night.
He had only biief intervals after this, but
lay in a qui -t state, gradually but fcurely
sinking. At imes he brufly rallied, but
it was not 'o a clear conception of what
was In.nspiring about him. Oa one oc
casion, indeed.it was evident that memory
an 1 habit of mind was strong in the dying
statesman, and that his thoughts wero
once more in the Sena'or Chamber.-
One of his physicians Dr. Hay wan
administering a blisten "What are you
doing?" atked tho patient; "stop, there
are twiuly iigaitibt me, the measure is
At an early hour yesterday morning,
he had an interval, conversed briefly with
those about him, and then sank gently
a d quitt'y until ten minutes past 9 A.
I M , vi Ian be breathed Lis laut quietly,
and without a struggle.
Parson Brownlow's Daughter.
A gentleman juit arrived in this city
from Knoxviile, Ten., brings intelligence
of n IT. ii r.s in that city. He informs us
that 2,600 seeet-sio'i troops are stationed
there, for the txpiess put pose of overaw
tug ihe Ui.Ln nun. it is a part of their
bu.-nncss to engage in quarrels in saloons,
j nnJ jn ttreet fights with all who are no;
friendly to secession. Two men were
j shot lat.t wetk for no cher offence than
speaking words of loyal y to the Federal
; Government;
dt- The house of the ct-lebrated.hold heart-
ed nnd outspoken Parson Brownlotf h
11 e only one in Knoxviile over which the
Stars and Stripes are floating. A few
days ago two armed secessionists went, at
6 o'e'ock iu the morning, to haul down
the Stars and S'-itpes. Miss Brownlow, s
brilliant young lady of twenty-three, saw
them on the piazza, and stepped out aud
demanded their bu-.iuss. They replied
they hal come to "lake down them u n
Scars and Snipes." She ifttantly drew
revolver from her side, nnd presented
it, say ing, -uo on i i am goou tor one ot
you, nnd I think for both !"
"By the looks of that girl's eye, she'lf
shcot," one remarked. "I think we had
better cot try it ; we'll go bock and get
more men," said tho other.
Go and g . t more men," said the noble
lady ; "get more men and comb and tftk
it down if you dare !"
They returned with ac aompsny of 90
armed men, and demanded" that the flag
should be hauled down.. But on discov
ering that the house was filled with gal
lant men, armed to the teeth, who would
lather die as dearly as possible than aco
their country's Hag dishonored, the eeces
sionibts retired.
When our informant left Knoxvillehu1
Stars and Snipes still floated lo tho
breex over Parson Brow nlow's home.
Loug may thvy w ave! Chicago Journal.
p it
Quite an excitement was caused ha
Chicago on Friday evening of last wetk.by
the faot becoming known that tailor by thw
nam of EJward Ely had unbecomingly
invaded the chamber where Mr. Doi?la
lay dying, and asking payment of a bill of
$9,60. J. S. Newhouse. Esq., jid th
bill, but a mob collected end would have
destioyed Ly'a store had not the jollce
iuu-ifered in the preiu"us.
A 014 in earned nd moans, or. If
he casnot find, erts thorn.

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