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The Weekly Perrysburg journal. [volume] (Perrysburg, O. [Ohio]) 1861-1???, June 13, 1861, Image 4

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Perrysburg Journal.
O fM I twee tti RUm and 6trip,
TtK.uf b alnrma ar Ssrwl? rafcirg,
Anl work? clpuda of lid dispair
Ev'rv ill preMg'ng;
Our glorious ting that proudly flail
I'pon the lan.fand to.
Ftnterted hv brav pullunt hearts,
MitRt ittll respected t.
O God I protect tin? St ir and Stripes,
lct pre be oun fovct r;
Ar-d eursa the dsstird miscreant knave
That would these State dissever.
Our Father' won thou Star and Stripe
On manr a bleeding fi d I;
And to tho'lr on they loft the chm-jr. -
To tyrant nevr yield.
, 0 Ood ! prompt th Star and Stripn,
t)ur erwmtrv' hop and pride;
Tiaonly fool an I traitor hn,
That would thin flag deride.
On evert tower throuchoiit the I mH,
Its folds mint proudly wave;
The honor, pride, and glory of
The great, the g.xd, the hrv.
. .. - - -
Atvrttt point do tumie pent rally
enter Iioetile cities? At the point of llic
Who is (lie first woman mentioned in
the Bible? J nny Ws.
To whom is the hater of 1,1s p'cit 8 it.
rarinblf wedcJ? To Mi An Tliorpy.
Wh it hf nil is never Oray, lint flume
times bald? The fouilnin-huari.
YVlmt indicDt h um of mourning?
-Thu cliimnt-y's wc p (c,hi(niit''-t.wi't'i. )
Whtiu is h hick man a conir.iJiOiiiiii?
Wlu-n ho in an irrpa i r.t pa icnt.
I he man w ho was lost in ftlumlvr
found his way out in a i.iltt mitro.
What letter would malio rvi ry fl-iw-cr
alike? W would undo all fljwir wall
Why doos a coal ltng, wiih Icmi
Ihvi an rmpiy ntckt ILcuto', it the
one i a light wright tho oilier U a liglitcr
What must nlwnyj bit ctlouluitl
upon when we p tint our l.omos? A
brush with the p i n ' r.
Frit-nds should bo very di-licato am!
cnrelul in Rdininitring pity hi tu'diciun,
wIimii enemies mo the B iruii article as
He win) thinks he c n do without
others, U mistaken ; ho who ihinks oilier'i
nonnot do wiihout him, in still more mis
taken. Some of ih fret inwardly, n nl four
ret outwardly. The laiitr ii llm hetur
pluu for our friend , bai the wo so fir our
selves. The events of to-d-y have more in
teret for us thnn Uioho of yeeterday.
JSo men oro fast giving up bo iks for news
papers. Cinsure isrnoslefl'cetnnl wh"n mixed
with prai8. Ho. whan a fault is discover
cd, it is well to look up a virtue to bear it
When A cunning man srems the mo-t
humble and submissive, ho is of on the
most d mjerom. Look out for the j
crouching tiger.
We ore often more cruelly robh -d by j
thoso who steal into our hearu than those. !
w ho break into our housi a. I
To all men the best friend is virtue ; J
the best companions a:-o hig'i ctidcivors,
and iionnrablo sentint nts.
That only can with propriety be i
styled refinement, which, by Btrtngtlun-1
ing iho intellect, purities this iiMnntrs. 1
When a young mnn con p'tiins bit
terly th.il a young lady has no hcrrt, it is
ft prt(y cer ain Bign that sho at leabt
has his.
Of all monarchs, Nature is the nunt
just ill the enactment of lawn, and the
rigorous in punishing the viola ion of il.em
In Borne Uanquil and.ipj aronlly ami
able na'.urcs there often are un upected
and unfaihjiuablo depths of resentement.
The Maine lumbermen are in the
field. They are it hardy race, being al
most constantly in camp, they will be lirst j
in their element in campaigning. 1 ho ri-!
ile to them is as familiar au instilment a
the ax with which they eirn their liveli
hood. One regiment of ouch men have
reported themstlves and their weapons
for duty, and are anx ous to gt-t a crack
at the rebels. ShouM tin ir wUhea be
gratified it will be a bai thing for those
who stand before them.
A Virginia correspondent of ih f!a
relte says: "The successful and btiliantj
opening, of the campaign in western Vi -
inia, I need net repeat to ou us jou will
hee it in all tho pipers.. Tn' piRRago i f
raw troops over a distanco of 100 noh s ;
building two important railroad hridg.
on the way ; mending an I secuiiig the
telegraph lines oci tho rou e ; cip inirg
divers seeessiotiists and conspirators; and
ut the end diper?ing i hout liiirg a
gun, 1,500 of the enemy, all in three
days and a half, is doing piet y well f r
the leginning. Thai k GW huve a
The Neutrality of the Kentucky
What Kentucky tectssicjniats mean lv
neutriality, may be infeiud fiom the fji
lowing extract tio.u ilu- L- xirg'ou S n't s
man ;
It is At last repor'ed frjm Wash! g'n
through the medium of the Cimiuiiiti
Gazette, that the "Military Depai.au ni
of Kentucky" has beeu tst.ibl.slie 1, head
quarter! at Louisville. Major, now C .1
onel, Anderson is to be tho cmuniandani.
This can be regarded no o'.htruise th n
a the iniiia'ion of amovemmt in Kei -Jucky
similar to that whuh hts resulted
in the subjugatiou of Maiyland und Miss
ouri. Resist ance alene will nive the
liberties of the people.
Secessionists. Joe Lane in for the War.
orregon may the 1th 61.
my deer frend davis.
i beleave i haven't snw y iu t'mcv i
the sennit aiurned
har ben the subjec of much at't ntd ua in
my Tart, you hav my iinpelhe in the
ttruggi fur fredum that yu and the sowih
is in. i alwayea luvd the uny sowih and i
its pecooliar insterlushun. i write theas
few lines to tel yu that i will file in y.r
army. I wood like to be a brigndi tr but
if yu hav know eitooashun of that sort
open i will be r prW It fur the presint. we
can conker the north easy em'', and 1
boap yer peeple wil not luse thar kurtge,
but go in to the battel feeld wilmg'y yjk
tory is on our side, ihuie. there never
wejr a moar unholey war wagered a inst
af free pepel. as bonis tiz m hiiiu Z-
a 'Bel a horr. ida Bel a." up hear in or
rlgon wear fur vu. lean raie tiijiment in
a fu dase that is in gudo litiug trim, i
hay bineipccktin a Utter fruni yancy fur
turn lyrae. he sed he wood let me no how
this was in yuroap. i am shure the i o n
ftdderasy will be acnolledged in brittiii
tecuz the quene and her suiijex muit hav
kolten. Jet me beer from yu agin, an be
leev m tu remane ui in 'diffence of
authcrn ritei jostf lain
tobonjeffson davi laonganiry alibamy
Hi 'i nai of tha!, tirrio'lie nttn ka of NVivoiia
ofSi'-li 11'atl.ie'i" ni.iy b pri-vrnt'i'l: and Iftiki-a al
liv romin 'tiorin 'lit of nn MUrk imiD vliato ri'liof
from pnln and airkm-sa ill nbuinwl.
Th.-v a-l.inin fnil in r.'in iii(f tin- Naun- and
It.-ad.iVli" l. uliioh f.m.ilod nro no Miilijrrt.
Tli''y art gi'nllv vin tho Imwvla,- leuioving
For l.iU rnrv M mi. Slndcnla, tl.'lirili Torn ilra.nnd
nil n r.ins Dl aodiMiurv luliita, Ihry m liialija
a l..M'ii iin,oiiij; III-1 nppelit'', pivinu tine
and vi.T M tlu- liipnauvn ormin, an t ivatormg tin
iMiiir.il I'U.iliiiiv nud htr?njrill of tho ivliolo-b a-
Tho rEI'HAI.IC rit,b.H ar tlio roaiill of long
imrstifiiition an V carofnllr iH ii tu t"d cxprnm 'nw,
li.ivtnK hwu in iis.i inmr yrara, ilnriup wliicli liinu
l',n Ii.iip pr.'V ruled and r.dioved a nst mnuuiil nf
p.iin nn I etifliTinfr from lt.adrln, wlt 'Lu r oril
ii.itinp In the niTtona s.rat'iiu nr Irow u del auc'-d
anili' of llii tloiu irh.
Th.'v nr.' oniiivly v. p.'tiiliU' in III -ir r'iiipiilion.
".'( ni.iy bo l.iki-u nt nil Inn iti) peiiect isility
n il'iiml'm ki'i any i-lianire of di.-L and I 'in nil? 'liri'
of nnvli ij.-roi-nlili' Ut W rcn Irix it iMsy lo nitiu'iiis
t T Hi. m lo I .111 ll'.'K.
Tli" pinnip' li.ivo five ii.iluivrt ol ll.un C.
.Sji.il'iiuK on ,ii'!i Hox.
Sol I hv I )i tip; 1st., nn I all ntli.'r I 'iil.'is In Mi'd-
ii-i i''f.
A llnr Mill In- snl hv miil pr.p.iil on ivci'ipi'l
nurt: ci:nts.
All or In .!k.iiM In1 nddiv.i,d lo
t' C'r.iMn Snikkt. Nr.w Von a.
Tin- .if'lwi'ic rn'lors 'ni nils of
.SI'ALlJl.N'ti.S UKIMIAL1C I'll. I',
will i-oinimv nil nlm suM't from 1I1C 1 ACIIf:
thai i
is wn ui" Turin nn fu.
At!t "i' T fo'uiniM'.in iivri' iimmm it"! lit ,1r. Si'AMMNiI,
I'li-J tljl'nnt lill'i'-rllii' lrt)'lfo' t'lf ijirfl-'if
ij' thin truly urintllttr litir-n-ffi ,
Mahonv ii.i.e, Cons., Feb. 5, !"!.
M'i. Si'ii.niS'i.
1 li:ivi Irie I vmii' I'.'phalii' Tills, an I I tiki' tln'in
n vl that 1 iviint j mi In Hen I m two ill.ir.s
worln in ire.
I'.ii t of llii'S ' nri' for tint n MrhliDi'K, In m Ih. in I
pivv n friv mil of lli" first box I rol from you.
S'.'iid the Tills by mail, and oblirv
Vonr o'i'i STvant,
.Iamf.s Ki:Nsr.nv.
IlAVHRi'onn. I'a., Feb. ft, isr.l.
Mn. Si'Ai.nisi).
1 n ili rou to Mend in i oiio iM'irtt hot of your V
pli.ilio Tills, I have r coiwd u great deal of benrfn
from lln'iti.
"oiir, re.siii'i lJ'iillv,
jIaiiv Ann Stoikiioi si:.
Sl'lil'I K CIKi:K. IICNTINr.TON, Co., Ta )
.laiiu.irv IN, IM,i. I
II. C. I'Al.inNii.
Von will plea.so aond in" two hovH of your (V
plialie Til'.a. S.'ii i tlioiii iiiiniodi.il.'l; ,
l.-viperlfnlly yours, '
.1 mi. 11. Simons.
T. S.- t liiu o ii.i'd one box of vour Till.i, an 1 fi.i !
Ilirm cxoolli iit.
11i:i.l.K Vkkniin.Oiiiii. Jan. I.'i, ISiM.
II. ('. Si'.ii.iiisii, I sy.
I'Iohs tin 1 inelosod Iwoniv live i"nts, for nliioti
..'n I in an ilhwr bov of vour rophalio TillM. Thov
ai.'lriil . tin' best Till I have ei or li ii d.
I'irori A. Stuvi.h, r. M.
I'.ello Vol noli, Wyiindot Co., '.
ni-.VKiil.v, Miss., Deo. II, lHiln.
II. r. SrAi.niMi,
1 wt.h for Kom,' eiroul:ir. or lariro slmu ImIIm, to
tiling youi' I'lirpli.ilic Tillvnioiv parlioulailv before
my I'u.stt iu Il you have nny II. injj of the kind,
ilo.'io s"iid to mo,
Oiio of my euslomori', bo is Hiibjoet In .sovore
Silk lieu liu'lio, Miin.lllv lasting tuo dais,) wax
oniiMof mi ntt.iok in ouo hour hv your Tills, whieh
1 veil! her.
liopeeirullv lours,
V. 11. Wll.KW.
lvevNiii Kinriiu. Fiiaski.in, Co., Ohio, i
.Imiu.u y l, I Ml. (
Uknrt C. Srti.niMi.
No. IH Codarst., X. V.
Dkaii Sill:
Inolosod (in I twenty five eonts, ('''.'.) for wliirh
s-n I u box of "Cojilmlir Tills." Solid lo address
of Hov. Win. C. Tillor, IJovnoldsbnrjf, Franklin Co.,
Vour Tills work Tik? a eli.irin -ruif lleadaolie
alm.irl iiutanler.
Tnily 11011111,
Wm. C. Fii.i.kii.
Yrnir. iNTi, Mien. .Ian., II, ISi'.l.
Mn. Si'u.tnsn.
Nut Ioiir aimv I aAnt to you font box of t'ephalie
Tills for tlie rutv of the Nervous IIoiiiIih Iii) and ('ok
t'veneas, and received llio Miiine, nn.l they had no
Rood nn ell'aet thai I u na induced lo send for more.
I'ioase send by return mail. Pircct lo
A. It. AViiKh'i.rii.
Vpsiluiiii. Mich.
Vhhi l'ii- A.tiihi'mit, Morolk, I n,
Cophiilie Tills ncromplihU the ubjeet for which
thov woiv made, v iz: Cure of he.uiaeho in all its
'.'INH Mo .'.Mfll'l' l', Aor't.t', I.
They have boon tested in more than a thonsan I
rases, with cnliiv stieeess.
i-oin (,'o- Aiiioeiii, ,S'', J,,icl, Minn.
If you are or have boon troubled w ith the head
aehe, son I for U box, (Cephalic Tills.) yo thill you
may have them in case ol nn attiiek.
''cm (Ao .l7irfMT, 'roriil.itre, . ,
The Cephalic Tills aro said to bo a it i.iai kahlv
clV,o:ive remedy for the headache, nud one uf the
vo: v best for thai very frenueul eoniplaiul which
has ever been discovered,
l fVc li.r.ril ,'. ,'. Cwrtte. f AlVo.jn, III,
AVe heartily endorse Mr, SnaldiiiL', and hisiiiuii
r.lL.l Cephalic Tills.
ephalic Tills
Vo.'l (V Smthrru 'urtrfiiifc o, .V. Oil. unt, l.n.
Try them! you that are nlllteted, ond wo aiv ure
that our lostiuioney can Ik- mldrd to the alrr.nl v
nuinoivus list that iius n-eoived iM'Uotit that no oili
er medicine can produce.
t'run (A.- I,"uttt, AitivNmif. Anni.
Mr. Spalding would not connect his name with an
article he did not know to posses real merit.
tViHH tW (uwoiirctiW, (Ynrianeifi, CVn'o.
Siill'orinjr humanity can now iidicvcd.
I f'W sioclclH.tilcofSllAI.DIXiTS THKTAltKO !
(ibl K ill mive Ion limes its cost aiuniallv.(, -J I
l-if "A Sun n i Timk Svra Xinb." mp-
As aeeidenU will li.ipi.eu. eveu in well r.Kulat. d
taimlleK.it la wry desirable Ui li.we some ehe.u und
Croi'lm" ''' ri'l",i'i"f Kur"'"'v. Ti.ys,
S I'A LI )'l N G S PR K p A U l'.D fi LU K j
ui'vls nil Kueh emorK'eiu lc, and no Imusejiotd tan '
allord lo ho without it. It is lw .tVa Wadv, and ui i
to the stiekuifT piiint, " " '
U. A Brush accompanies each ltotile. Triiv. !
24 cruU. Addiva,
Xo. Ci diir Stnvt, N - Yurk.
A rendu iuil iiniinl.il iviuh .. , ..,;.,
tii phn oir m Ihe uusiioie. iinjt oublie. iniit uious !
ol my TUKI'Al(i:i) Ol.l'l!. I would caution all is
aoive to HUlim. Ufon- piuohusiiiK mid r ilwt tl- -
lull USUl., j
.JA-Sl'AFI.MXfi'S ntH'AUKP (il.t F. i
m ou Oicoul HJe wrapper , all ,.tl.e, i win (1.1, '
eouuii i it-it. .
TLHS. 1 h"a m-'dirin'-a hvo now Fin boforc tha public
for a period uf thirty yfara.and durinp tlial time hare
maintained a high rhnr.irter In oluioat trry part of
th C.lobo, fir ihfir f lMordiniiry and ImnirdiaK
po orol rcat. rinp perferi hralth U pronaaolT' rinjr
tindr n'lilv overy find uf disonac to which the
bum in friiu' is li ible.
'I he follow inp tiiv nnrnc Ibo f'.inlrojKing aritr
of h'unin disi js.s in w hiofi the
Are well known lo hi infallible.
riV.ircrM , In lhoioiiThlr eloiinsinp' lir.-t and
seivm I fVmiieV.i, mil (ie!n'. n llow of pore, heal
thy l. litstf id o the fLile a'nd a-ri I kind: Fl.ATf
1.1'M I , las of potitj. llranbiii'u. II 'ad lelio, IteM
lr.aun ni', lil-lemper. Anxiety, linp ei r. an t Melan
eholy, w hieli Bivtliepouer.il i inptrin of liapr-p.
ail. will vnnir.h. a naliir.il eonsisim neoof iix euro.
('0TIVt.M:J!, by elean.inp the whole I Pt'lh of tie
InliPStinia with a whonl pnnyas. nnd wiliionl vio
lone", nil violent pu'fr a hva the bowels ro3live
witiiin two d ivd.
Trvi us of nil kinds, hv reatrinR the blood lo n
repul ir riivwl itii'ti, ihroi'i'h the proccfs of r v ; dr.i -lion
In nioh eaa.'s, and the thorough golulion of nil
inb stiual obstruction in others.
The Life Mcdiilirs hiiva been knoiin o rure
RiiffM ntsM p-rinnii"iilly in litre weeks, nnd llot.T
in half that tini by r.'in.iv ini' local inflaiii itioii fn iu
Ihe nut I nut 1 irani'ii! of Ihe join! s.
I'liion r- of nil kind, by freei'n,',' nnd Mrenpllifii
inft Ih" ki lucys and Madder i Ihe.v opernl? most de
lightfully on lh(xe inipoi lant orpa'u, nn 1 li nee they
have ever boon found a certain route ly for the woriil
Cfo of rintVRi..
Also Woiuis, by difliKlginjf from the tumiicr of
the bfiwols, IJi i-liiii v milter to which Iheaecroaiure
SfMivv, Fi.rpKti, nnd Ivftrimti: Sonus, by the
p rfoct pnritv which these Life Medicines cive to
the blood hii I nil the lutnii m.
Srom.fTir Ktu'lTloss nnd Had f'onipl.xions, hv
their altorntivn eH'oet upon the lluids I'l.it feed the
nkin, and the morbid state of w hich rioeasions nil crop-
I I . 1 .ItO .1 t Ill4 Uf, 11.11. I.l.llllt,' nt 1 .ll .1 iu . n
ble romieiiins. '
The us" of those Fills for n erv short lime will
effect an entire euro of Salt I!ncri. nn I n sirikinp
improve m nt in the clcirncas of the skin. Co.iImon
Cni.na an I iNru rsA will alunya lie cured by one
Hoi , or by two in Hie worst rases.
Fii.irs.- Theoi'lpinnl pi-oprietorof iheaemtidicines
' eund of Tiles of ,'( j years standing, by the us"
of the Life Me dieiuea alone,
Fkti ii mil Ann'. For this feourer of the Wei(
ern e mntry, Ih Me medieinos will bo found n s.tfo,
aperdy,and e 'it ibi remedy. Other medieinea leave
Ihe system su'ijool. lo the r 'turn of the disi nso - a
cure by tin s- nc'diiic's is porimueut - Try them, be
salislie I, an I ho cure I I
I!imoi-h Frvi'iis and I.ivmi CoMri.AivTs, ficn
er.il I) ! i 1 i t v , Loss of Aptielite, nnd Ihsenses of Fe
in lies -!lu nie liciic's have been us"d with the nil
beneficial re Mills in eases of I his description: Kind's
l!i il nn I rcr ifnl-i, in its worst form, yields In the
;.iil I vet f'-,v.'i fiil notion of these rem rl.able ni 'ili-rin-s.
Xiplit Svv.Mti, Nervous Dobilitv, Nervous
Complaints, of all kinds. Fnlpilalion of the Heart.
Tainl'M's' Colic, are speedily cured.
Mnioriti u. IiHe.si:s. - Tcrsons whosi eonstilu
ious have become impaired hv tho injudicious use
of M reurv, will tind these in 'diriu 8 n" perfect cure,
as thov n.'verfail ti eradicate from the sysleiii. all
the ellei'ts of mercury, inlinilelv sooner thai Ihe
most powerful preparation of saisapaiilla.
Ti-'parcd nnd mild bv V. II. MOFFAT,
.1.1.1, rtrondway. New-York.
Tor anln by Feck A Haniillon and bv nil Drup.
pMn. Jleoemher 19th, 18li0 n.tly.
Scrofula, or King's Evil,
i.s n rnnstitiitionnl tliscnse, a corruption of the
Mood, by which this iluitl becomes vitiated,
weitk, nnd poor. lleinj in the cireulittion, it
jiei vmles the whole body, imtl inny burst out
in disease on nny part of' it. No oro;nn is free
from its nttueka, nor U there ono xvliich it mny
not destroy. Tho scrofulous tniut is variously
cnused by inereiiriul iliscusc, low living, dis
ordered or unhealthy food, impure nir, lilth
nnd lilthy lmhits, the denressino; vices, nnd,
Above nil, by tho voncrcnl infection. AVlmt
fyer be its origin, it in hereditary in the con
btitiition, descending from parcn'ts to children
unto the third nnd fourth geneintion ; " indeed,
it Kcim to bo the rod of Him who sny, "I
will visit the iniijuities of thu fathers' upon
their children."
Its elfuels commence by deposition from tho
blood of corrupt or ulcerous mutter, which, in
the lungs, liver, mid internal organs, is termed
tubercles j in the glinids, dwellings; nnd on
the Mii fneo, rriipiiniiH or sores. This foul cor
ruption, which gender in the blood, depresacs
the cnetpoH of life, so thnt Bcrofiiluus constitu
tions not only miII'it from herofiilous com
plaints, but they have fir less power to wilh
Muml the tillueUs of other diseases; conso
ipienlly vnst iiiinibcn perish by disorders
which, nlthoiigli not scrofulous in t'heir nature,
urn Mill rendered fatal by lliis taint in the
svsti'in. Most of llio con uniption xvhicli de
einmtes the liiiniim fnmily has its origin directly
in (hi M'tofiiloiis contamination; und mnuy
d ti uetive disensea of tho liver, kidneys, bruin,
and, Indeed, of nil the organs, miso front or
me ivjginvntcd by the same cause.
tine quarter of nil our people are Herofiilous ;
their persons lire invaded by this lurking in
fection, nud their health is undermined by it.
'To cleanse it, from the system we must renovate
the blood by nn idterulive medicine, nnd in--igorute
it by healthy food und exercise.
.. uc!i n incdii'ina we fiipply in
Ccrcp'wu! Kxlrart of Sarsaparillii,
the ino-t ciloctiinl remedy whieh the medical
kill of our limes eiin devise for this every
where pri'vailiui;niiil fatal lunlndv. It is coin
'iin vl from the moil nelive remcdinla that Jmve
I' i'ii discovered for the evpurg uion of this foul
diMiidor from the blood, und the. rescue of the
svstein from it destructive conseipicnees.
il- nee it f-hould be I'lnphiycd for the cure of
nut only Scrofula, but nlso those other nffec
tions w hieh nrise from it, Mich ns Kiuttivk
nnd Smx HtsiiAsrs, Sr. An'tiionv'm Fun:,
l!oi, or l'.nsii'i.i.s, 1'imim.ks, I'l'sri'i.i.s,
Hi o 1 1 it is. Hi. a ins nnd llon.s.TrMoits, Tktvku
ami Sm.I Kill I'M, Sl'M.ll ill'Ml, UlNOWOtlM,
1 1 ii i i u 1 1 ism, S en ii i no mid Mi: net m.w. Ills,
i a-i.s, Ilnoi'sv, 1 1 si'iesi , lh.iiti.i i v. mid,
illlliMl, Al l. t'oMI'l Al'l S AIIISINU J'tlOM VlTIA-
n n on Imi'i i:i: lti.oon. The popular belief
in iii'imiiln of' ir blomi" is founded in truth,
for M Hifula is n d, gi nciatiou of the blwod. The
p:ivticul.".r piupii-.e mid virtue of this Sni'Mipa
nll.i i. to pin ifv and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which irtiind health is impossible in
i oiiwmiim:!'. d inn-titittiniis.
Ague Cure,
ion tiik srtriiv iii'E or
otri'iulllt ut I'rvir, or Trvri aiul Affir,
Keiiilllmt Krvri-, Ctitll Krvtr, Dnnib
A-lie, Pri ltxllenl llrixlai he. or lllllou.
Iltmlni hr, uml llllloua l't vei., ImUril
lor tlir svhole i lum of ill. mar orltcl-
liinin- ni l.lllnry ilriinif-rniviit, muni
I'.v tlio Miilniln vf ?Ii.ikiuntlv tonii
li ii .
M i- iii. eiuil leil line In oiler Hie riiiimiuiilly a ivinoily
l i. Ii, ulii1,. il eniTj lliii nlsite i ,in Uiliiln villi ccr.
n ull I. -H'l ..i(Vrilj Iiii-miIimi in nnv ,ii.-tntity, Kihh
a i.iin .li i. iiinliml.l,. in .Ii. iiiil. l.,ru iluw atlllcliiig
Ii uleis (iiviail. This 'Cllll." poli Ih liil.ullinlic
l- i.i.n .1 I'rviu imi A, ,. rloni Hi,- nysiem. nud pr.
H'ltl. tliv .It vel.iturlit of lit.- ai.iMM-, il l.iloil en III.
:li.-t nperoi li ef in iiriiii.iilt,iiv m :h.ioiiu. It Is not
unly Ilu- l.v ivni.tly t-tt r yel tlbtmeif.l for 1 1, n vIum of
tsmipluiiU. I lil hIm Hi. ilie:iyHi. T)i lal'pi iil.'tntity
e .i ...) l.n n dollar lrliiK. Il milliln llio reach uf every
lvi : nud In l.iliein tll.nHi. nUe.v turn ami Aura
pi. mil', every b ill .lioiil.i U.it. it and un. It fieoly belli
foi eil-v and liMttvllon. It It lioln-tl lliii ink- ulll
II 1 1 l.i ii III,- le.u'.l til nil lit i.i. nt mi ',1 u lli i l. li.
A un it .uiK iioiiir ef il.ln ii iiiiilv ovrr any mlirr ver
ili-f-imiiHl f,s- ill. it-dy and rttrlitln riuvuf Intermit
li nn i. Unit ii tMiii.ilui no (Jiilnlnu or iiiIiiimI, nniw.
in nil) II prtstms. uu tjiiliilnu or oilirr Injiirloni rtTwi.
uliiletef lli.i llio tMIIIUllliell. Tlitwv rami ly it kj
It I i a. Iitsiltliy a, it Hi. ) urrer bad lln dlett.f,
IVti-r timl Au,t i imi .leu. th. iii!H,-ii,-. of Ih.
iiii.iniii tlio ......ii. A ureal vaiitiy ef !iotil r. ai it. (row
IN inil.ui..ii. auit-u vM. li hi .WkimViu. A'AiNMnlitiM,
.' , iltHt.,S., Itl.u.liui'. r.A-i-'Av, Ku jcMt, Viturrk,
.IW'.llol. 11 ,(, (!.., lt,,,r,il .4'K,t im u Hit fiptH,
Hit '.in-., ii,M la i im,nli, tJ.r, Aiimi, mij V.
no..h u.. ,. M. .v-chA. nil wliith, wlii-u mlgliwt.
luit in llii. t-tttiMt, pill ou Ih. iut, rn-Oni ly, ec voui
1-uo.li, j. ilil, I'lKi;" uxl Hi. Mim from
and t,unNii,i4ly iun tbrui all hk. H It au
tin ilu i.. inotmltiti l.i luiiiiiiHiiU ami siiui tiavrl
linn uf l. iiiin,iil) rtl tiin; lu tliu lliahui.in.du.tl kl.. I(
uk.-u iH't'u.iuiiMlly or dally vtliil-i fixtvj u llio liifwk.
Ii-n. Hint kill I rxerelrd f-om llio .y.lilll, mid t.iiiiot
11..1111111I..1,- 1 1 Miituiu,,! mmiiiiiy ,i niii Into dlM-am.
Il.'iiiv il iv.-v, n iiiu. Tilnal-ltf Cr i-iottvliou llt.u rnrti.
mill. ,,!,,. fri,,u 1 1,,,.! mlllL ,f ,.vVM,l
uf Uu i-r.-li oilon thu rtuitsty ttflortU.
Pi-eparcd by Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co.,
J . r .ile ly Feck A lUiuiliou, Perry ni urr, ().
Aycr's Sarsaparilla.
Pi'itmra Instantlv
v e n it r a-
These preparation (unlike atl other,) are
" Free from Poison. "
' Not dinRcrous to tlm human fnmilv."
'R.itfi eomenut of their lud m m di.:
10 year., and more eat ililishod in Now York Cilv.
Fsud by-dhe f'itf Fost Officii.
I'scd by the Cilv Frisons an I Station 11 .msc
Fsod hy -City Sicamers, Ships, A.e.
Csed by the (lily Hospitals, Alms Mouses,
Fsod by City Hotels Aslor St. Nicholns, .Ve
Fsod by the Iloiirdiiig Housos. Ac. i
Fsed by--in ire tlnui oO.Onn PHiato Families.
J-ff Si-e what the People, Pivas and Dealers sav.
1IENKY It. COSTAIi.-- All (he summer I have
boon troubled w ith Itoaohes und Miee. 1 u n npm.
ally iishamod of the house, fur the Iloaehes were
every whore. I purchased a box of vour Ext 'i niiu
Uor and tried il. nnd in one week there w as not a
lloachor Mouse in the house.
.hmv II. (Jivr.ss, No. Dl Elm Street.
HOCSK.KV'.EPKHS troubled with vermin, need
bo so no lunger, if thov use " Cosiar's " E.vtorniin
atojs. hive us-d II M our s.ilisfaction. and if a
cost a. we would have it. Wo Ijad tried poisons,
but they effected imthing: hut (tustir's article knocks
the breath out .of llats. Mice and HoiI-Hul's, ipiiokor
than we can writ
Ihe counter
. ie ' . K 1 oeuiami an nvcr
iMeihiH (. 0.1 (.azetle. ,
MORE GRAIN and provisions an' deslroved
annually in (irant County bv vermin, than would
pay for ions of this liat a'nd bisect K illcr. I EancaK
ter. (Wis.) Herald.
HENRY I!. C'OSTAR.-Yoiir Exterminator is I
ivceived. used, and pronounced a derided suee oss. I
N e used a box ot it, and the w ay the lints and Mice
around our premises "rAised Ned" ibnl nigbt was
a caution to sleepers. .inee than not a liat or Mouse
lias boon heard in kitchen or cellar. Magr.-gor.
Iowa ) Time.
Ill AVE KEEN SKI.MNil- - Your E.to.rmin.itor
for the last year, and have found il a sure shot every
I nine, i nave 1101 Known il to tail 111 a single in
i vlunee.
CE0nn(! Rosk. Druggist, Cnrrtinglon, Ohio.
WE ARE SEEI.INO Your preparations rapid
lv. TV'liirivfr Ihev tint. hjw.n t,u,wl li.i.. l:..A
j lionehea, and erinin disappear innnediatelr.
Et KKii it Stoi kkek, Druggists, New U'i'ndsor.
To Destroy Hats, Roaches, Ac.
To Destroy Red Rugs.
To Destroy Moths, Hoas, Ants, Ac.
To Destiny Mosquitoes.
To IVstro'y Insects on Plant and Fouls.
To Destroy Insects on Animals, Ac, Ac.
To Destroy Every form and species of Vermin.
Costar's " Rat, Roach, Ac. Extci min.ttor.
"Cosl.vr'a" Rctl-bug Fxlfriniualor.
"Costnr'h " Electric Powder for liu.ccl.s. Ac.
In I'i, ie. and fl 00 boxes, Hollies and Flask:
$;t nnd ?i Sines for Plant itions,
Ships, boats, Hotels. ,lc.
J-('Sold Fvervwliere--bv j
M! y,"?:'1" rFFit In lai-pe cities. '
vn itcuiii iMiiKKisi. i.iicciic,M,nv keepers Ac. .
in all t ountry A itl.iges and Towns.
hotesHle Agents m New York City. j
ShiefV. lin RiMthersA; Co. H.trral. Risley A Kilehen.
II. FiihucsttHik.llull Co. Push. Galo A. Robbins.
A. 11. A D. S mils A Co. M. Ward. Clus,. .t Co. !
Wheeler tV Hart
Mi K is. in A Robbins,
D. S. Rarnes A Co.
F. C. Well Jt Co.
l.axells.Mursh A G.uiluer.
ilegaiuan A Co.
Hall, liuoki l A Co.
Thomas A Fuller.
P. D. Orvis.
Hall. Dixon A Co.
Tenfold, I'.u ker A Mom r. Ti ion .v IV
Dudley & Sialbtiil Com ad Fox.
Fhiladelphia, Pa.
Dyntt & Stms. Robert Shoemaker A Co.
F.ihuesltH k A Co French, Richards & Co.
Hostoii, Mass,
T. W
Gtst. C. (iisttlw hi
M. S. Riiit C...
& Co. Wceksi A Potter.
Jim. U ils-si, Jr.
ami ('Tunis.
Cincinnati, O.
Suiiv, Eckstein AV Co.
-loim D. lMi k.
Piti.biiieh, Pa.
M. I.. Fahne.-.Unk ,V Co. and others.
All Ihe Principal Ciiien ami Tow ns in the
;-;.'"S..ld by Peek A ll.iinilu.n. Perrvsburg. Ohio, 1
.uid by DrugislM. tirora-r. and Retailers generally, (
in city and country.
if 'Country DcaVr can order an almvc.
Or adilrc.. order, direct r if Priers, Tei uw,
A. in liinired t-fK.ud t,ir Circular lu Denl-
I KiMCti At Di'ior -No. ill Kroudwav 'Oi.ro.iic
ihe s-t. Niehoui. ll-Ktl.' w Vwk.
U.tulWtnli, isi I- ilu
ten veai-s old can use it with ease, lis several parts
beinc eonsuuetcd on philosophical principles, it is
.not liable lo pet out of order. It makes u stiung,
elastic and dura hie stitch. It news from two ct.ni
N uion spm.ls, nnd luakesbul little noise.
All tvho contcniplate buying, or wish to see th
V-s! Sowing Machine now'in use. nre respectfully
invited toall on N. II. CA LEAK D. in whoso Tailor
2J U Y T II li 11 L H T ,
V'hieli In the Fnd in the Cheapest.
Ttoiir stitch k r.wiN a mai-hinkT
Jsf'The Sl'.teh Alike on Iloth Si !.,
The L i 1 1, WoWler .V Co.'s Mael.lnca mo of ti e
most atihatanliil tn ike nnd rbfrnul iiuish, are slrr.nf,
reliable, aiinpl.' in construction, easily opirato.l, by
a uovieo,nnd with ordinary rure, last nais ivithmit
tin1 minowng expoiiv1 of ii'.piriiur irlw'.iys ioettned
on the elioaper, les p li i ble and moii; 'coin plicated
Tlieii' is no litjs.'rn in nt in na for s 'lvini;, cnp.i.
bto of lining a di-tnl t-v.iri oy of work than Ihoso
inaol.hws : with the celebrated wheel 1'crrt they will
handle Ihe fiii 'sl muslin, tho heaviest hroadeloth. or
will work in Ihe tiiiek'tt Icn'her us -d by sho"tii'ik
ers. or e.irrir.ge triiiunoin. 'I liev w id nit i run orvr
Henm.i nnd f athers with tho sania, facility us over
plain work. The ..titrh made from tin m i by two
threads, alike on both si los of tho fabric lent bur
no ridge on the mi l r side t i w -nr out und bs-s n
tin work, a ilecitlv I fault wit'i all lieporchaiii miudi
The nord: nro not curve I nnd liable to brake,
but nre straight an I havo a perp-ndirular motion,
whi"h Is absolutely n "'n ary to adapt t!i nia -hine
lo ull to nt sof work. They iti'.l bind willi n bin lor
nu I him with a liomiii. r: wills'ileb, fell an I rather:
nre fully lieemrd under "Howe's Extended Patent."
nnd nre free from nil infrigf'in"iits. During fievon
yeniH of use they have won enviable reputation
of being "the bent fnmilv nn i maii'ifaclui nig in i -thine
iu the country." We have inintarous t .U
mouials t road a short nud comprehensive fine
from Uio
Navy Ollioe, Washington. Ann. I2ii, ISV.).
(i.'.illem.'ii -'I he Sowing Machino frdered from
you is sifoly at haul, an I .Mrs. M. is fully s.uistied
uih il. At ancvi li'iiee of its simplicity, without di
! re";i n or explanations, she eoinin.'iiccd working
! .liil, i al'icr a vo.rv short trial, and has n t evis'i i
I i need llio lea-,1 dillicullv in its operation. I clioei
I folly give you mv tcs'ituoiiia! in its favor.
! ' I am respectfully, your ob ilient set van'.
' ' l.i'iil. Wm. I,. Mai'uv.
'I he Ivlitor ol'ihe Christian M'ntclnii in n.id lic
l f. "t'r sacs, ''We have s-eit lesti'monv in favor of
tlv Maehiite undo by b id I. AVebster'A Co., wldoh
from thcnioval n:i Ir ditrioiis character M'the w riters,
wn are s.ilislloil could never huve b th nSinin.-d.
had not the iasti urn -nts fully r. i.li, I the reiref"n
fi'ionot'the makers rospoethig it de- ' te.t'.iui.Mi-
i lls aie froin dor 'vni n and persons of hieli moral
worth and hit' veil v in the community, well known
to oir,' renders, aii'l are of the most flattering char
; ncter."
Il 'iivy W.ir l Hooeher, of New York bi.leiien lenl.
!!ov. A". It. Curun. of Tonn. lloriiee (ovefev, Now
York Tribuno. Hon. Henry .1. Kovmomi, Now
York Times. Horace II. Dev. India ilnbhor Tat
i eicoo. Hon. .loim 1). (ibis -tin. dr.. Noii'alk. Vn.
Win. F. Williamson, Chief Kuuineor F. S. Naw.
.losoph 1'. Piesson. Chief Fnginei r for N. V. CiiV.
Kditi r Pr.ielienl Mechanic. Editor Si i -m ' i fit- Am r
ican. Edit ir Albanv Atlea and Argus. Editor
11 illoii's Pietori.il. Ivlitor New Orleans Ti lavmie.
Ivlitor New York Evening Tost. Editor llabimoiv
Patriot. Editor Memphis Eninir.'i'. , Editor Cin
cinnati 1'ii'Hiiorr.
Troiii the above eminor.t gentlemen and disting
uished sniivivs. wo have unqualified prais- and llnt
tering testinvnii.ils of the superiority and reliable
practicability of the "I. add. Wchhtor it Co. Sowing
Elliiicnt Agents wantoil in every town. With a
small investment of capital a profit iblc business can
be redily established. We offer liberal induce
ments. Any correspondence regarding our ma
chinos w ill be promptly and gladly answered: en
close a lott or stamp and we will .-.end a circular and
sample of work bv return mail.
Aiiknts run Niii:tii-Wi:sti:i:n Status.
I "4 Like Street, i.up stairs.) Chicago.
November l.'ilh, IhOH.
In order to place the
w ithin the roach of all. wo have reduced our Fetter
A., or transverse Shuttle Machines, beautifully or
nanienled, to Sill.
We would ask for them i b-foro purchasing e1t
w here, I Ihe special intention of Vest-makers, Dress
makers, nud all those u ho want Machines for light
ma'iiil'iictui'iiig purposes.
Singer's No. I Sc 2 Standard Shuttle Machines,
both of very general application and capacity, and
popular in ihe family and manufactory. Prices re
diiced, respectively irom Slo.i and Shi" to iJ'Jil .uid
stNilltlt' NO. It STANtiAIIll Stll'TTI.K MACIIINK
Tor Carriage-linkers and heavy leather work.
Trice, complete, f I2.".
m i Ices the interlocked stitch which is the best
Kllteh known. They are of cr
dei st )od, simple in 'sM'UOluiv.
at speed, easily un
of "Teat durability.
adapted mt.ie heaviest and lightest pnsls. nre fin
ished iii tho niist perfect uinnner mi l may be used
for .several mis w ithoul requiring repair.
l or I alluring, liool nnd r-iioe-in iking. Ilarness
I making, Carriage Trimming, etc. etc.. will do more
w ork, earn more m mr v, and are cheaper than thoso
of any other m iker as a gift.
vi e nave always on Hand, n mining linages.
Silk, Tw ist, bin mi mi l Cotton Thread i n Spools,
best Machine Oil iu Potties, etc., ele.
2 vt"'.MI persons requiring information about
Sew ing Machiu'-s, their sizes, prices, working ca
pacities, and the best in -thuds uf purchasing, can
obtain il by sending for a copy of
Whieh in a beautiful pictorial paper entirely devo
ted to the subject.
it will nn Fi:vr c.R-np.
fiS llno.vnvv av, Nkw York.
March 20ib, I SO I --t.'.tf
I'KiiriHTioN or wor.Kvi wsiui' t'Nsi'RrASsKn
Its .simplicity in operation w Kiieh that a child
Shop it is now in practical operation.
.1. It, lilU'.lil'h , akcu!.
Ociulur II, lSi'.a 'Jttl.v.
w : -
.1. F. PRICE, Agent. I'enysburg, Ohio.
Notice Is ln-ivby piveu that Simpson .loucs. ex
ecutor of the last will and testament of Skill' lliu
kt I, dt c., has ble. I bis account for the Dual fcellle
miMi! of .M estate, whieh matter is set for bearing
oil the fi'hdayof Jniw.lsiil. DANIEL FOE
.May I7,b6l Fivl.me Judg.
v. .".-.. .T"' i.?.i.Ji.',.'-jjT" '
''v'- -vt-v
wmibl rrspeclfully infonn tho cilinon. of Wood
county thnt be ha. lieruiaueully located bimsoll i,.
Howling Green for the puritosc'of practicing Medi
cine and Surgerv, In addition to a regular course
ofs'iidv. Mr. S. has made himscll aequaiutoil with
the special mode of ili.stiiiRiiishiiijf ili'aea by an
exaininntion of theiu ii,,. of the n.iiirnt as practised
bv the late DR. DEbANIIAI'iill.ind foi-nll Chi-onie
Dis 'sses will say unliesiliitino.lv thnt by following
Mr. D's priieliso in Mich enses. be has hud better
suoocm than linui any other methodof Uvatm-'iil.--i
Among (he ilisoases w hich Dr. S. professes lo tnmt
sucees.d'ullv mill he mentioned the followinir. viz:
irvspopsin. i.ner t onipiaint.
,iier Complaint. Consumption in its
Diseases ol ll,eSpleen.Asthnia.Si.it-
...d. Palpitation of Ihe 1 11. Hheuma-
curly sin ires.
tiiiL' tt) the TI
li-tii, v i:iie f'.veiliiig. Iin.'y. Scrofulous Diseases,
.biundiee, Kem ilo Complaints, in all their varied
lot nis, 1ow Snirits or Meb.neholv, Fever Sines,
Fleers, Ac. If tviliotits w ith niiy'oflhe above r r
kindred ( hi-onic Diseases wilt seint i.... i,r I't-ie
urine Inki n in the niorning hi a clean vial, Dr. S. cm
tuo Vo a satisfactory diagnosis of t.ic case nearly us
w o'l ns if the patient were present.
1.0(H) Pl'Rll'IER AND lil.OOl) PH.i.h.
When Dr. Roback. the renowned Swedish Phy
sician, introduced hi.i lltH.U Purifier nnd Pills into
the I'uited Stab's, ho s-t forth in plain tornu their
curative pi-opcrtios. 'J'his was years ago. The task
of roeoniiiK'nding them hay since been taken nut of
his hands. Enlightened men, whoso character for
sound judgment and philosophy gives their opinions
wvijrht in the community, men w ho observe, reflect
und make "assurance doubly sure," before thov de
cide, nre everywhere approving nud urging the lis"
. i i . . - , . ,
ni the wisdom and he nesty of this class, or who
choose to invc-.tig.ite for Ihems-lves, nre now of one
I lie evidence in the pos.t.vsion of Dr. Roback
a loose wouuei'iui preparations. ,n who conlidt
which is at nil tiur
: itcccsaiblc t-i tiie public, estah
lishe.-. the I'.ilhiivin
)' vers :
That the r.I.OOD I'l.'RIUKIt nud HI.OOD PILES.
have been proved by analysis to
l OM'MN Ml M!Ni:ltAI. ;
That they euro the alnvist universal complaint,
with unerring certainly, nnd in a very short lime. 1
Thal ul'ier nil other luedieino.t have iirovcd u.j.l 'ss
they relieve l.tVKU t'OAII'I.AINT,
ninl restore the health and strcug'h of the sull'oror
who have languisht'd tor years in helpless weak
ness nnd despondency. recuperate with almost mirn
culoiis rapidity under their invigorating o)ieration.
Thnt nil Sexual Disabilities nre removed bv their
cordial a ud gently stimulating properties. That thev
recruit suArrnitrn co.nstiti.tion.-'.
however, they may Imve been trifled with nnd
abused. That their direct tendency is to lone-then
life, nnd rend ir it euiovablo. That oiicra'iii!r di
rei tly upon the poison of disease in the blood, they
nnd discharge from the system every taint of Scrof
ula, whether hereditary or otherw ise. That they
Itltt'liriT TIIK Iltllll.ITATlin, '
and that there is no disease of the stomach or j
bowels, the liver, the nervous system, the glands ;
and muscels, ' j
A P. I S I N (i F 1! O M 1)1 I'l'KI T I E S 0 R !
in w hieh they do not eive nionint relief, nnd. (' if ad- :
ministered before the very citadel of life lias been
invaded.) elloet n painless and perfect cure.
Hear in iiiiud that the Scandinavian lilood Pills
arerndors 'd by the experience of thousands of liv
ing who. letter, affidavit, medical works and word
of mouth proclaim them to be the very best prepar
ation ever t tiered to the broken ilown'victiins of ill
health. It hi'.ents disease through every avenue
and organ of the system, an 1 expels it thoroughly
and permanently.
No one can doubt theirsiiperiurity aftcrone .single
trial they are not only better, but nlso cheaper
than any other Pills, for it takes a less number of
Hu m to pro luce n hotter cllect.
Price of tin Purilier. i per bottle, or per half;
dozen. Of the Pills, 2,ir, p..- box, or j boxes for Jl . i
Read Dr. Robaek's special notices and certificates I
publUhed from im ' to time in this paper. '
Dr. R.'s Medical Aim mac and Eamily Adviser.'
containing a great amount of valcabl.: und ititeivs-'
ting meilieiil information can be had gratis of anv of!
Lis av'ents throughout the country. ' ' ',
l;i dillicult or ci.'inplicate I cas s. Dr. Roback may i
be consulted personally or by 1 'Iter, enclosing one j
stamp lor a reply.
A new nud delightful Stomachic nnd Cordial, for ;
giving ton? to tho Stomach, and for the prevention j
of bilious complaints incident to the Western conn- 1
try. Try it.
As n morning drink, to assi st digestion nnd re-j
liove Dyspepsia, it has no eipiul. Trv it. I
In llavorit is superior to all other flitters. Trv it. 1
I ho tormulii of these Hitters, now (ISf.l i the sole I
iiroticnv of
Or. Koliaek, nrtjrmated w ith one of the
ol lest and moM eminent Medical Praciionors of the
W est, uu I it is directly proilicntedupuu the wants of
Western people. ' I
These llitt-rs derive their .stimulus from the pow- j
erful tonic nature of the roots and herbs of which:
they nre composed, und ns thev lire, bv allaying;
unnatural cravinirs of the stomael
otive of TEMPERANCE.
lirectlv prom-
thopivsent proiiriotorbf-lieves Unit in inukhxr them
w idely know n the public welfare is subserved. j
It will soon'b.-! for sale bv nil of Dr. Robaek's!
numerous Ap iiLs, and at H'.tols, Sec, the countrv j
over. In the meantime, orders w ill be filled direot ,
from Cincinnati in tiny nuantity, nnd at the lowest
rates. It is put up iu Qua: t R'ottles, nnd securely j
packed in one duz. eas.'s. llalfdoz. sampb' cas -s 1
will, however, be packed and sent to anv address, if
Retail Price, $1 per buttle, or six for
rincipal Oiliee nnd Sale Rimiuis. No. 0,
cast ,
Fourth st., :t.l iiuilding from Mains!., Cincinnati, O
jaiMiraiorv ill iiaminou si
l or sale
n Mood coiin:v bv Peck iV Hamilton.
Ptfrrysbur-g : A. J. Gardner cc Co., Gilead: E. F. j
Turner, Portage; S. W. Whi'iuioie, Tontopanv : j
S. Cly mcr. Otsego; I. R. Atkins, New Wesl field; I
S. I.. Honfrhton, Rowling Green: Ranks A Patter- I
sou. Peinberville : A. Eansdnle, Freupuit; C. R.
Rosen bile. West Millgrove: S. R. Kni"rsin ; Eagle- 1
villo: nnd by druggists and iiicrehani genera 11 v i
lliroiihoul the Fnion. '01 4u v
M U MKi: City, Onto.
Jki-.omk MrnBAV, Instructor in Aci-onnts, and
Lecturer on Ru.sine.-s Customs, Ac
F. Wttu it, Teacher of Double and Sinylo Entry
R ik Keening. Praclieal and Ornamental Feti
iiiniship, Pen Drawing, Flourishing. Ac.
""ii. J. M. Amii.kv, lion. Asm ij Cook, M. It.
L'KM.tf, and 1. II. Afei-riv, Lecturers ou Commer
cial Law.
Rev. (1. A. Apams, Lecturer 011 Commercial
Rev. C. RtCiiARiis, Lecturer on Politicul Econ
omy, 1 i'. n ai m :
ror lull course, time unlimited ,25
Same course for Ladies -Ii .
For full course of Penmanship, lime unlimited - -5 '
I'lurishiug, Pen Lettering, Ac., us par agreement. '
liend board can be had in this plare from $1.73 !
This institution is now m i maivnil v situated in '
one of the hand.-amiest localities in North-Westcrn !
Ohio, and oti'ers to its pntrons iminvcedented ad
vantages in the way of completing a thorough I
course of Mercantile Instruction. j
Our instructions in Hook Keeping, Commercial I
Calculations and Accounts are conducted upon the!
Counting Room System, the object of which is to 1
n-ictei hii iu luin-iv practical, cnalilmg Ihe student
to enler in once upon the discharge ol the most in
tricate business w ith romparaiivo case. Students
who have graduated from this institution have found
nodilliculty in obtaining situations, giving entire sat
isfaction of their employers.
Lecturer ou this subieet aro delivered reeubi.Ii-
every Thursday evening, by one of our most promt- i
nent practitioners, giving 'our students the most!
thorough instruction it this important brunch.
Practical and Ornamental iu all its varieties, will
bo taught in the most tliormigh and cllieiei.t man
ner. The good eld Spcncariun system is our stand
We would say, your children can here receive ns
full thorough n l complete a course of instruction
as in any Commercial Collage in tlio Fnited States,
live from cajiomiiv to thoso pernicious iiitiucuces
wliich ii'largecitievtlM'y are liable w tome iu contact
w ith. Life Schobtrshii8 are issucl. Students enn
enter al any time. Diplomas awarded onlT to those
w ho master tbecourseof study. Situations procured
for students ns far a possible u)m.u graduuting. lU'C
ollcci that the rxH.-iiMi of cuinnleting a course of in
strc.ctioii in this institution is !. ilian half thai of
f'Eor full partietilitr wud for a Circular.
November t la
a i
.eecutcd with iHatmns uud dispatch at Ihe
Piirysbing Jeuiunl OUi-.
O o
let ri ?
J ) U . H 1 II 1 L L I S
May be cun.'ilkd fvea of charge, at the following
times and plans t
Fostoria. ITays llo'iae, Tuesday, July 2.
Fretnoiil. bossier .'.otel, Wednesday'. ,?ulv S.
Elma-c, Elmore House, Thursdnv, ilulr i.
Toloil.i, Collins House, Friday, Jnlr 6."
PeiTvsburj;, Exchange Hotel; Saturday July 13
Are new nnd dilleivnt fi-om any one in the Fnite.l
Sla!e.i,and I c!uillen;e nny one to pn-luee the antne
."" ' ?vr met wiui m treating Chronic
,,'"'ils''!- My tneoiy w based upon the chemical
"l"'''''t"'i's ol Hie body, believing disease b) depend
oi'.-n I. -nj.i.n.oi i.oin'.i coii.iiiiuu oi me uuias oi tun
Itodv, w heroliv the s.ilids Ik' come unhealthy by
iinilysins Ihe secretions, blood, Ac, of the body,
nnd linduig out w lint is deficient or in excess and
supplying to Ihe system whnt is wanting. I am
en ibhd to cure often hv a small n mount of medicines,
whore Ihe patient has been drugged with medicine
for long vears to no effect.
Now Dyspepsia, in the trout majority of cases, do--ileu.ls
mainly upon a dtsproiori'innoj state of tho
gastric or digestive Huids of the stomach. When
Ibis gnslie fluid is proportioned properly, tho loo-l m
thoroiujv digested anil iissiniihitcd. Vlnwinf; Dvs-p.'p.-ia
by the rules of Cheiiiicopnthology, and giving
ti't atni 'iit nceordiiigly.I nm enabled to cult' 49 cases
out of aft, nnd Itl eases out Ml of Coiisnmpation, As
thma, limnehiiis nnd Eiiryngitis.nud I .Ivor Com
dlainl, Piles, Neuralgia, Dizziness or Sick Hcndaclitv
Nervous Debility and Female Discuses in every
case a cure, and other diseases proportionately.
I-ofDr. McMilli n uses an improved Inhaling In
strum out for the cure of Consumption, Asthma, liron
cliilij und Laryngitis ; by this we can make ns good
un nppliealioli to the diseased Lung and Throat na
we could to a sore nny where on tlio exterior of the
Dr. M. uses pure f'heinicopathie and Rotauic Rem
edies. Ho pives a nrld tonic treatment which acts
chemically, end assists Nature to five herself. Ono
ounce of nsdstanee (.) Nature is worth it pound of
poisonous drugs to the disease.
Con-ultiitiuu (unl advice, free.
Information in regnrd to my treatment ami suc
cess rail i n. or write 'to:
Mi's. S. It. Ab'x.tt, Portage, Woo 1 comity, Ohio j
Mrs. Robert .Ineo'os, Eaeleville, Wood county .Ohio ;
. .3 . iiii.i ii. ti "w nn . in iieis, it ihju vouniv.
Ohio: Andrew Cross, Mill'-rove. Wood countv, Ohi'o
.bilui Cummins. Hassan. Hancock countv, Ohio ; .1
A. Hmill)i p.,,,,,,,.,,, f)tm,, C(1)m!v Q
church, Toledo.l.ncas eouiilv. Ohio.
irs. .less.' jiiikoii. I.rowns i. oniers. M imJ couutv.
Ml communications must be
directed to Dr. J.
Me Mi lien. Cleveland, Ohio.
11 T
A V II II 11 ll .
lloiv Lost llow RKsrniiL'n.
Just published in u Sealed Envelope, iifiiSLE'
ON 'ill!-: N ATI' RE. TREATMK.VT. An ut r.
mal . " eakness; Sexual Debility, Nervousness and
InvolnnLirv remissions.
i.llb.eillfr (iiitM.ti.dv Anrl
.iieiuai u mi i nvsieai I'eiuiur.
l!y Roll'. J. CCL'KkWEI.E. M. IE,
Author of the " Green Ilook," Ac.
The woi'Id-ri-nownf-d niubor.iu this udiiiirablc
Ia'cIuio, clcariy proves fnnu his own ciperioneo
that Ihe awful coiiseqin'tices of self-abuse may bo
eO'ectually romovc.d without medicines nnd w ithout
dangerous surgical operations, bougiosJnstrumonts,
rings or eortliuls, pointing out a inodu of cure at
"nw certain and ell'ectiial. by which every suiferer.
in, ui.iiii-i a inn his eouiiiuon muy oe, may cure
himself cheaply, privntely mid r'udicully. This
lecture will prove a Ukjii ti) thousands aiid thou
sands. Sent to any ad b oss, under seal, post paid, on the
receipt of two postage stamps, bv addressing Dr.
( H AS. J. C. KLINE, 127 Rowerr, New York. Post
Ulliee lsx l,aMti.
Especially desiguod for the use of the Medical
Profos-i ni uih! the Family, having superseded
the so-called "Gins." "Anmutic," "Cordial," Med
icated," "Schnapps." etc.. is now endorsed hv all of
thu prominent physicians, Iransie medicinal qual
ities i Ionic and diuretic j which lu-li.-ng to nu old uji
pure (tin. Put up ill quart bottles awl nld by all
th'Uggi-;s. gritccrs. etc.
(Established in li7rt.) Solo Proprietors,
No. 1'J Rroad stti-ct, N. Y.
For Sale by 1). S. RARNES A CO., No. 13 Park
Row, and P. D. ORVIS, M'.' liroadway. New York.
Our long experience nn 1 familiarity with the rc
ojiiireinent. of Druggists, and our superior business
facilities, enable us to furnish them with chwieo
Liipiors for niedicinnl nnd family use.
Tor sale bv Peek & Hamilton, 'Perry sburg, Ohio.
Jan. ;' tth,"l8iitl o.Sly.
AssttTf :
I'ash on band nnd in Rank .-$:!7..ri87 OS
Cash in hands of ugmtstiid
in course nf tritnsuusMun" -Trt.J 19 51
'-'ash limned on call 15,172 Vi
$120.20.1 58
bills receivable for loans, .imply secured. -oil, 055 04
Real E.state,uniiicuir.bered.(cash value.) . .15.000 00
Shares Hank Stock in Hartford
Market Value -
2:tilil Shares Hank Stock iu New York,
200,(152 00
Market alue
-187,400 80
1010 Shares RankStook in Boston, Mar
Kot v alue ,
400 Shares Rank Stock in St. Louis
Market Yulue
440 Shares Rank Slock in Rail Rontl and
other Stock. Market Value
Hartford city Honda, t! per cents Market
101,700 P
40,000 6i
C7,eoo 00
35,000 0
15, lOf 00
5,700 00
t ulue
State Stocks, (Tennessee, Ohio and Micl.-
igan.i 6 iv-r cents. Market V alue.
5 Miarea tstatc Hank isconsui.Murkct
v nine
Total Assets $00:t,7l 52
Total Liabilities 85,700 ii
Insurance against Loss or Damage by Fire, on
Dwellings, Furniture, Stores, Warehouses, Merchan
dise, Mills, Manufactories and most any other kind
of proiiertv, can be effected in this Comiuin v upon as
favorable terms us the nnture of Ihe risks nnd seen-
rity of Policy holders will admit.
Ul-.iMtl.r. MKAia, Agent.
Perrysburg, May lsl.l801Ilv. 1
V s 11
0 o
The Proprietors of this establishment having bad
long experience in the Marble business, will war
rant all work executed by them to bo in the highest
style of art, and to
t-ET Remember that wo arc bound not to be under
hoi 1. Shop directly opposite the residence of C. W,
Foster, Maui street, Fostoria, Ohio.
J. W. Railev, agent for PerrTsburff.
Fostoria, Dec. JVUt, ISGO Wly.
J V Joel FiKd plaintitT v Willurd Truell deft.
liefure Edwin Tuuller. J. P.
MW1 count, Ohio. On tho lflthdayof May.lBei,
tftwm-c iMivii an oraor ox aiucnment In tt
and fifteen dollars probable costs. JOEL FOOT.
1 1 H ill
IT.i. l --.1
Jiliiaftou twj., My J6, wj

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