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Local Matters.
Local Matters. TIME TABLE---Dayton & Michigan R.
Viehl K.vp-lli'.O P. M.
Mail 11:110 A.M.
freight 5:2.) A. M.
Night Exp. 3: A. M
Mail a:0il r. II.
Freight 7:07 r. X.
The 21st Regiment.
Tho Gallipolis Journal of the fill hist., says the
lst Reg.O. V. M. removed to Camp Cariinglon j
on Friday It is located on the farm of Mr. ;
Stephen Barlow, north of Gallipolis. and but a j
short distance frMn the corporation limit". It Con
tains about 35 ncrcs of hmd beautifully situate! at
the. base, of the hill, and in view of tho Ohio l iver.
As tho ground tyas in wheat nnd oals, it will re
quire soma tims to render It smooth srid iu good or
der, but the rapidly with which the officers have:
gnne to work, will soon overcome all dillicultie.H.
When we consider that the regiment was sent on
without tents or camp equipage, and defuieut at nil
points in military equipments, the. progress inside is
astonishing. The officers seem to be straining eve-1
ry nerve to render their men comfortable. It ij
true that in some respects they havo int entirely
succeeded, but tho fault seems to he with those at
the head of the various departments at Columbus.
and not with tho regimental company ollicers. In
another place wo give a list of the companies and
oflloors, nnd sneh other inform uion as our country
readers might desire to have.
A dress parade will take place in the camp every
day at d P. M.,lo which nil nre in v hud, and as I "apt.
W., the prince of good follows, tuld us. the laJies
especially. If there is nnythiug in which the citi-
zens of tj.illipolis ugrce, it is in conceding to the
2lst regiiueut of Ohio Volunteers, the highest pr lis
for their good order and decorum they have observ
ed during their stay in town.
Soldiers are generally supposed to he licentious,
disorderly, nnd lawless, and many of our citizens
greatly feared tho presence of a thousand strangers
in our midst as tending to disturb the quiet of our
town. Never was there n greater mistake. The
officers and privates o." the 21st regiment have1
shown their good sense and j;-ood breeding, by ob
serving tho strictest sobriety, the most polite and
gentlemanly bearing toward our citizens, and in all
respects acting so entirely contrary to the pre-eon-.ceived
notions of our ciib-.etn, that wo have heard
many express regret at their going into camp at nil.
It is to be hoped it will continue thus, and however
long or short their stay among lis may be, when
parting does come, both citizens and soldiers will:
have tho proud satisfaction of knowing that each
class has faithfully discharged the duties incumbent
noon them, that our titizens will endeavor to sus-
tain the goM opinion of the regiment, and the mom-
bera of the regiment who survive, on returning!
home, look back to the tiw fj'cnt at Gallipolis as
the most pleasant part of the campaign.
P. S. Since the above was type, wo learn that
Col. Norton's regiment is ordered into Virg.'tia
Their destination is supposed tube Charleston, Ka'l-
awha county, about fifty miles up the Kanawha r.!v
cr. A $250.00 horse was forwarded on to Col. K.
from this place, on Monday last. About three thou
sand rebel were reported to be in and aboutCharles
ton a few weeks fine.?.
A Trio to Tiffin.
During the past week we availed ourselves of a
few spare moments to make a "flying visit" to Tif
fin. On our way we conversed with several farm
ers concerning the crops, and learned that there was
a prospect in some localities for an average viol.!.
Wheat, in several places was going into chaff, and
in others the wevil had made its appearance and
threatened to destroy whole fields. Corn generally
looked well, and we saw several fields where it was
at leant twelve to eighteen inches high.
At Tiliiii we found business quite dull, and. not
unlike other portions of the country, the principal
topic of conversation was '"the war." A company
of three months troops, from Camp Dennisoii. were
on their way home, on furlough to s tay. About
thirty of thein in rived at that place Stui-.hiy
morning. We rIj-o s-;uv u number of three years
troops, who wefu ,i furlough of (en days, tai.iojf a
'farewell' of their wives and sweethearts. The lat
ter were busily outraged in ini'.km;; up pin
needle cushions, with all the eieeteras for "dia nin;r,''
cV.c, for their ''fellers," and no doubt the said of 1-
lcrs" will often "heave a sigh" for the fair donors,
when sewing up a rip, or darning up a hole. Ahem!
Cooper K. Watson.
The Tidin Trilmn says that the lion. Cooper K.
Watson, of that city returned from Washington on
Monday, after an absence of .several weeks, and
was warmly greeted by his friends. Ho was a wit-
ness of the stirring events that have transpired lit
the Federal Capital, and during the darkest hour.
when mob law ruled Hallimore and cciiuniunie.v.ii.u
was temporarily cut oil', he enlisted and served as
a "high private " iu Gen. Lane's company, which
guarded the White House.
At Martinsburg, Va.,
hii r..l,n Pol Wil.ni, hnrelv nnrt nii,eH
' - '
nnd detention by tho rebels who marked bin, as
ouspectod spy. Ono ruflinn assailed him, and
threatened to take him off the train and conduct him
back to Harpers Ferry, but friendly interposition
.,., ,, ', . , ,',.,,
prevented it. Had he been taken back, "Cooper"
thinks ho would now havo been dangling from it
tree. Ho tavs the troops in mid about Harper's
,, ., ',. . . , , '
xerry are mo oiruest, meauesi, am, ragg;ei,esi spec-
inicns of humanity be ever saw. Thcv havo no
uniforms, are armed with all kinds of niiscellane
ous weapons, and have littlo or nothing to eat ex
cept as they steal it in the country around. Tho
yVitimi: says it is a treat tu hear " Cooper" ichite
his experience.
The Army Worm.
Wc find in our exchanges notices of the appear
ance of tho army worm iu various places through
out tho South and West. They make their appear
ance, in our country, not periodically, as the locusts
arc said to do, but in immense numbers, tit no lcgu
lar period, destroying lirst the grass, then the blades
of tho smaller grain and corn, commencing at the
ends of the blades aud
iting down to tho stalk.
Tbey are similar in eppearanco to the oaterpilluiyif
a greenish gray color, and exist a month ur six
weeks, passing over, probably, twenty miles dis
tance during that time, and are as destructive as
tho locust. Their progress is stopped by ploughing
a deep ooneave furrow in their course, into which
tbey march but are not able to puss. When the
furrow is filled, another is wade, burying the worms
already cajdurcd.
The Canals.
Wo learn from the Columbus Journal that the les
sees of the Canals have appointed tho following of
ficers and agents to take charge of and manage the
public works :
Geo. W. Mannypcnny is tho general agent, John
J. Joyce, Secretary, and Uenjamiu E. Smith, of tho
firm of Bartlett &. Smith, Treasurer. The Miami
Canal and Maumeo Roads are divided into four di
visions for buperintendance and repairs, ami Jos,
Cooper, Thomas Urow u, W. J. Jackson and A.
liackus aro appointed Superintendent!! of tho re
spective divisions, The Ohio, Walhondiug and
Ilockiug canals aro divided into four divisions, and
Robert II. Nugent, Thomas Miller, D. McCartv and
Sylvester Medberry, are tho Superintendents. Ed
ward Hall u the superintendent of the Muskingum
Support for the Families.
session, tho Couutv Commission
r , . njJ , . ,- , ,
vn oi mi mjuihj assibseu a tax ot one half mill
on the dollar of valuattou, ou the grand duplicate
real and personal property, in accordance with tbo
iwni.li.., f ii.. ... ..i.;;.. r... ..
, . . -w. .. .o. . nn
...w .,.UU.,D. u, 1Uu uu uu vi.iumeereu tn too
Berviee of their country. Upon the trustees of each
township will devolve the duty of distributing tho
fund. "
A Good Appointment.
gives us pleasure to state that Dr. H. F. Pern
who bus been a resident of this county the greater
part of the time for the past five years, has receiv
cd the appointment of Mail Agent on the Duvton
Mtchigau It. U., iu phieo of ti. M. Powell, resigned.
Mr Perrv is a woot excellent young man, -honea
ftnd capable." and lhavmK had cou,"u-rablo experi
snce in the post ofhee biuinea i tis nuiive State,
(Maine,) will, we have no doubt, make one of ihj
jnost pojmlar Mail Agents iu the country. -VyiVt-
Pay the Printer.
We hops our country fiieuds, when the come iu
to pay their taxes, will drop in and Settle up for Wot
your' paper -that if, no nivin vV.se who have not
yet paid, and know themselves to be indebt.'d to us
on subscription.
Tax-Paying Time.
V arc reminded that the time for tavintf in the
h;jlf of H jnM f()V ,tf pwt is UJ. ,lK)ut
up Ti(, 2(Hl nM ( ,g 10 -mo nv,j )v ,svr ,,.
onr Troasrcr ir,)rms , that he will reJeive tcs
,., fr,t Tlliu, ., ...;tt .,
lh(1,113l,lvci, ,ec.ordinirv.
Our Book Table.
GODEY'S LADY'S Book, July 1861; L. A. Godey.
323 Chestnut Street Philadelphia.
The July number of (iidcy's Lady
been received. It j- a a oj number.
s Hook has
To meet the
times, the nl.tiy-thirtt volutn' of (lod-y will be sent
to subscribers for Out Ihrftur. This volume com
prises the six best number of the year, and will
contain seven steel engravings, six of the large
double extension fashion-plates, und all the winter
cloak patterns.
Pic-Nic in Maumee.
The Kspmi says this We dues !.,y iifi.-rm
l'.Uh, is set apart by those Iu charge of tin
for a visit to Maumee from the (Vinmiuee :
'ii, the
oi. iut-
e I by the Methodist Conference to 1 c ite an Acade
my. It is also expected that l.,i-e iiuinN ruf in
tei csted minister.! and layman will be present . Tin
order c f exeuisea will ci nsist iu "ration" ly sin
douls of the Normal Sclnwl and ad lre'ss by i.-.:
t-us, after which the wlvde asseinMv will b? in itei
t ' participate a in pie-nic in an adj.iCi'til gPVe.
'We live for those who love us
Kor those who are kin I and In:,-:
For tli' Heaven which smiles ili.oe u
And which wo are hastening to."
So sing the llu'.ehiiisons iu one of their owliing
heart-songs. The thought may li r a moment arrest
the intention of a few who listen to its utterance in
melody, but the masses hear nor heed it n"t. They
seem to live as though life had no great purpose -no
higher aim than the gratdieutiou ot sell. Those
ill the crowd are jostling each other fiercely, al
loos', and treading down each other--tn reach their
particular goal. The pale face of sorrow, or the
wail of distic- s are unheeded. Cain - gain- is the
tu oldened cry. (odd r.nd lands fur to-day. for to
morrow we die. Let the di gs lii k lie" soles of the
poor und despised. Samaratins torn aside to bind
up the bruised nnd wounded unfortenates. Stock
in Heaven, brings no direct dividends iu money. -
Lending to the Lord will not add two pi r cent, per
month to the yearly accumulations. Such seems
to be the common understanding. Men act as if
life were tin eternity. Put the night cometh. There
are graves to fill and worms tolatten. Wealth finds
no exclusive privileges under the sod. or "over the
river." Ponds, mortgages, and stocks, are not cur
rent in the " hereafter." No ' sharp practice '' no
"snrewu uusmesi transactions - tlieiv. -o ex-
tt)1.tilJliaj.v ,n.r cents, for those who have enter
Jo an inheritance which fadetli not nway.No poor
race to grind, for all are rich. They are joint heirs
witi.' Tws Christ to an eternity of bliss. Son-ow
and pa.u -the crutch and tattered garm.-iits--the
bruized Ik art have been left in the grave, mid
the paupers ot' ear'b become the owners of Heaven !
Oh! how often wv ha'.-e thought of'-what might be
the feelings of the rich, the poiiipujis and the pn.nd
when they see thosf the.;' sco.-ucd here, robed in the
unfading and dazzling fa bri.'S of eternal angel life.
A Good Dialogue.
The folhovii'ir occurred a few dar.s since, on the
! street, in Perry sburp, and is worthy nf i.-otiii.':
; Mrs. L. "flood morning, Mary: how hid 1 am
to see you ; lamuy wen :
Mrs. II. "Why how do you do. Kmily:
i iu"; h.m ls;) yes ourl'.uuilv is usual! v well
i shak
i ton
I is yours?"
! Mrs. L. --' Pretty well, thank you. Put, I
sil v
Mary, win re have you hen shopping'.'"
I Mrs. H.- "Why I have been dona in the sloe of
1 Strong mid i'iimi. looking at their new goods: such
j beuutiiVl styles, such a gr -at variety, and so ehea;!
' Only ihiuk, a nice new Myleof travelling goods itr
! (i;.,''cents a yard, just ns 'pned as other in-'ichants
' wi-oM mak" vr-o pav 10 I? cent-- Cor "
! Mrs. L. --"'Well, Ideol.ir': I wan' a Lawn and
: a Cliallis for each of mv gir! an I 1 will jus! steo
in and look, for i don't hciieve in paying others 2a
aral HO cents for an article I cm get so much cheap
er at 11 i nil und Strom;'.-."
Mr--. P.- "'Vhileyou are llo-r- don't Tail to hud:
through their. stork, und see those hcautiful s yl.-sol
I'ress floods, and what is the most important con
sideration, they are so very cheap. Tle-n they
have soni of tlm cheapest slippers, shoes and gai
ters I over seen, liut, I cannot fell ynu all the p.u -tienlni
s: you must call and see them for yours -If."
Mrs. 1.! --"I shall go down, Mary, anil as I am in
somewhat of hurry 1 will bid ymi good morning."
It is needless to say the lady called and found rv
crv tiling to her satisfaction.
I 1'01' IM'- leavers t,crate is a never-tail-n
......... . ...... .... i...,ii..,. ;n i. ...... ,i... .,
an our pa
per to which we wish to rail your special attention.
We do so, not because we are paid for d-'ing it -for
the proprietor has hot so much as ivon-st 'd us to
do SO but fit' III the fact that Wi
.-IV lv-lieve it
t 1 1. 11. 1-...,,.. L... l..
experienee of a female phvsician in the shape of
Mrs.Winslow's Soothing svrup for children teething,
, Tcn ol' tlinusan-ls of children die yearly during
the luoccss of cittinu tectti : and hundreds o!
thousands l-andy rscpf- Heath, tuims.s.a life of
suffering, diseased in body and enfeebled in mill I
n nf llirh '"'suits from a disorganization of the
system during the process ol t'-ethmg. Mrs. in
j ,-, m hpp ,,n,fVin. ,i(d pp.-,. ,nity to w it-
' i ness much of this sullei-ing, and has prepared a
mcdii-mc to meet the case simple, yet perlrctly ct-
fective and sure. .IrtT rtiK kkmimiv xi:kiii:i.
; Wr know it acts like magic, giving almost instant
relief to the little sufferer -having witnessed (in
most pleasing results from the use of it in a great
number of cases. No discovery in medicine for
tho last hunilre ! years will compare w ith it in its
benefits to tho race, in our opinion : and tin- nam
of one female physician, at least, will be immortal
ized bv this medicine. fnv l
Salt Riiecm, This is a disease the country is
full of. There aro but few whole families entirely
free from it. The fact is, it takes so in my forms,
sometimes in cracked hands, chapped lips, rough
ness on the skin, with an oozing; onl of n wnn-ry
fluid, with great heat, itching, burning, Ac, Ac.
i cases. It acts on a different principle from any iir
: tide ever m ole. As proof of it." curative propor
; ties, wo will copy from a letter received from a cler
i gyman of the hig'hfst respectability. He says: "
i w as attacked with Salt liheiimin my h-ft leg-, which
: had beooine very bad and was rapidly spreading.
! It had become a raw sore, nnd the itching and burn
' ing became intolorahle. I pmcui-ed a hntlleof your
i r. ......i v... ,.o- i..r i,.,u i. ...... ,...r...,t.-
! ,.lircil the disease. I give this statement in hones
it mav induce others similarly affected to use
H i
und wo say if you will use it you will be cured.
Sold by Pkck it Hamilton-. ' 5ml
Kkkp it IlEi-'ottK the Peoim.k, that De Land
Co.'h Chemical Saleratus will universally perform
till that the proprietors claim that it will, and there
fore it is not only the In-st and healthiest Saleratus
in the market but it is also the cheapest, us its ef-
l fects are certain and uniform, and consequently
j spoils no bread or biscuit. It is for sale by all re
- spectahle wholesale and retail dealers in the country
! and by W. J. Hitchcock, Pcrrvsburg.
Wc take delight in referring our ulllicted friends
to the drug store of Peck oc Hamilton, where that
most estimable medicine, Dr. S. O. Richardson's
SHERRY WINE HITTERS, can be procured. Wc
advise, our friends to tiso it, because wc know
value in curing Fever and Ague, diseases common
to the West, und all new countries it should
kept ut hand in everv lamilv. Sidd bv Pkck
! Hamilton. iml
I Dr. Itobuh's Scandinavian ltemedit!,
i Are you sick, no matter what organ is affected,
! ".T'01"1 m;f" " the blood which is the food and sns-
tincnco of everv organ is full of corruption ! Mv
Scandinavian lilood Pills and Wood Purifier, break
j up the sourca of tho disease in the fluids of the
I !",'J-V; f,'1;-v Pu'ge and purify the elements of Hie
. Idiwd. Hcncu their ouiek uud complete cures
( dispensia, scrofula, eruptions, liU, tumors, nervouh-
nr.-s, Kuiney complaints, piles, low fevers, debility,
j rheumatism, headache, want of sexual vi-or, ute.,
I mdi,.11Tle,,ru,v re ustenishiug the whole
moaieul world. ,ee advertisement. 5ml
Perrysburg Market.
V-- -l.00wj.lu
Flour $ hrl ii.i0'.r6.eft
Hams y frj VVilOo
Tallow V lb-.
Rye 7 on .... -Raider
W bu
Oat bu ....
Potatoes l bu
Buttir )b---
. .. lOo
- . 4ilo
.... io
.... 193
Shoulders V tt
Poultry lb 5Kio
Eggs l dot f a
I-eathvrshfb 4((rVlc
Oreen UhU-b ii!b.- -iVa-l
hlt hrl J.7i
A km Ci-m ron a Fcion. When the m;m
first commences, or even when far advanced, it tan
he relieved and entirely cured bv holding the Cogef
or part sfllicted In crrT Davis' Vain Killer for fealf
.in hour. It has been thoroughly tested, and proves
a nover-fniling remedy. A felon is a troublesome
thine, and we would a h ise all those trembled to
tost the remedy. Sold bv 1'IXK Si. Hamilto, Per
ry sbuig. i'Uil
Agriculturnl Notice I
The olficTS and managers of the Wood County
Agricultural Heci-tv ar roqucxtsi to m"c in llow
limf (Jii:en. on Saturday Juno 2lUi, IHG1, at V ' I
cluck, a. m., to review the premium list, and niake !
the iivevssaiv arrniigeTU -nts for our lltli annual
I'air. Pr or.V;r of thu President. !
Juno 4. lSGl 5.vJ J.. W. Notts, Sec'y. .
luting the caillagmtion of Canton, caused br I
tho bombard tn-nt of the Uritish, tli! extensive med
ical warehouse of cur c nntrym.tn. Dr. J. C. Aver,
of Lowell, the d-oot of his' Cherrr Pectoral and
Cathartic Pills, for Chins, was totally destroyed.-- ;
He now makes a demand upon our (fovornment for
in I iiinitv (Vein the loss of his property, and horcc
will erow another nut to crack with our elder broth- I
er .lolniny. Stick to it doctor, and if our Govern
ment maintains our rights wbetvror your pills are
sold, tva shall onlv bo unprotected on tracts that
are very barren. Reformer, Trvtitnn, N. J. 5wl
How lor- rertiTinn Krup
Cure so many diseases apparently dissimilar? -Whenever
the mind is taxed more than the body .the
pi-mil ry is Dy spepsia, the most convenient name' for a
legion t-l'ooii'iplaiiiU, iM-glnning with impaired diges
tion, and generally ending in Consumption, and all
originating in a deterioration of tit blood.
From the Kov. Pr. Greenlcaf.
CisctNN VTi, October 12. 19.'.!.
I have derived so much personal benefit from the
"Peruvian Syrup." that I do not hisitalo to recom
mend its two' to all that large class of cases, w here
iron is theetlicient remedy. To clergyiuen especial
ly, nnd persons whose occupations tat heavily tho
lid volts energies, or to sufferers from the debilitating
rll-oN of summer bents, 1 believe this to be an Inval
uable remedial nfiit.
Hector of St. Paul's Church.
"I'i:m vi s Svnt"!'" is a wilution of Pi-otoxido of
Iivn, a new discovery in medicine, and strikes at
the root of disease bv producing healthy blood, the
source of all vitality ui human organism. For sale
all bv druggists. ' Agents for Porrvsburg, Peck &
Hamilton. ' 4w4
Prepared by Cornelius Clu eseman, M.P. New York
City. The com'iiiiatiou of ingredients in these Hits
are the rcnull of a long and extensive practice. They
are mild in their operation, and certain in correcting
all irregularities, painful Menstruations, removing
all obstructions, whether from cold or otherwise;
head ache, pain the side, palpitation of the heart,
w bites, all nervous affections, hysterics, fatigue,
pain the back und limbs, Ac, disturbed sleep, which
arrisc from interruption of nature.
To MAliKim Lawks. Dr. CheesemaH's Pills are
invaluable, as they will bring on the monthly peri
od with regularity. Women who have been disap
pointed in the use of other Pills can place the utmost
confidence in Dr. Cheeseman's Pills doing all tliry
represent to do.
Notice. There is one condition in the female sys
tem in which the Pills cannot lie taken without pro
ducing a l-j'Cft.iAit iitisfi.T. The condition referred
to is I-UKfiNACV aiidtlioresult.MisCAiuilAiiE. Such
is the irresistabh- tendency of the medicine to re
store the sexual functions to a normal condition.tliat
even the reproductive pow er of nature cannot resist
Warranted purely vegetable and five from any
thing injurious Kxplicit directions, which should
be read, accompany each box. Price $1. Sent by
m lil on enclosing Jl to Dr. Cornelius L. Cheese man,
box -(..r:;i, Post-office, New York City.
J 'j''old bv one Druggist in everv tow n in the
ii.-ncrai Agent tor the L . r-., .no. h itruAUway,
To whom all order should be addressed.
For sale bv Pl'i'KA Hamilton, Perrvs'mrg.
P. P.
They Impart Strength j they Annihilate Pain.
These delightful plasters yield readily
Park's to the motion of the body, absorb perspt
Pat"tit ration and throw off all the offensive
Poms coaguhited impurities of the system.
Prickly They should bu used for ull Chronic
Plasters : Pains, l'aintncss. Dyspepsia, Colds, Con
Are 'sumption, Ulicuinaiisiii, Female Weak
Sold ; ness, etc. They retain their active prop
Hy all jel lies when other Plasters are useless, and
Dealers w here applied pain cannot exist. F.verv
From family should have them. One size on
I to .'..j 'clutli, tliree siz.-s onl -uhir. Sample sent
I'imcM. Iv unii'. o rn..; or ; n-m.,.
D. S. p. A UNKS, i:; ,V 10 Park Row N. Y.
.April, lS.5l--l'Jly.
x t i: x s i v i s a i. esT
v Sii iiiK :! Siiimiit'i' joolS.
I!. H. Kr.-txi H now elk-ring great bargninir in
1. IthU nf
Dry (ioods.
Ready Mady Ch'thing,
lliMits and Shoes,
Ac, Ac.
si;mmkr coats
lie will sell very low for cash. He has many
styles of
w hich he is selling at less than cost to close out.
tjivt IturgMtns also iu
Ladies uud (ienls I' urs,
Ilufl'alo RoIk-s
and many other articlns that are warm and com
foit.ihlefor this cold weather. . In short if you waut
good ttoods,
Call on G. 13. Krcps.
If you want (ioods Fashionable,
Call on Q. B. Kreps.
If you want Goods Cheap,
Call on G. B. Kreps.
If you want to get your money bark,
Go to G. B. KREPS.
Pcrrvsburg, Dec. 12th, ISGO.
of the Kight Colleges of the "NATIONAL
CHA1X, located ul
York city, Philadelphia, Alhanv, Hufialo,
I icvi ianil, I'etroit, i.Mcago ana M. Louis.
Scholurship juii-chascl at this point good for
For full particulai-s of our extensive collofriale
course, rinhrucing nil branches pertaining commer
cial scieticc;the union of Cleveland colleges, w ith
thorough corpsof teachers aud lecturers, and twe
practical aud cxpeivuced resident principals; tb
uatioucl chain system, atfordiug far more an 1 betto
advanteges than any single, isolated school ran pre
ten tio. I'luctieal uud Ornamental Peiimanshi
taught by one of tho best American Artists, whose
specimens are taking premiums at all the fairs;
at which students do business in handling mooey
making deposite, discounting notes, drawing not,
drawing checks, Ac.jthe OHEAT RAILROAD SET,
embracing ticketing, freighting, station business,
entries of Auditor, t ashicr, cVc. the only complete
set yet introduced; liryant k Stratum's Teat Roois,
to be used in connection with manuscript j their
three works on Hook K eeping, their Couuung House
edition being 320 pages, their Commercial Calcula
tions 800 panes.both published bylvisoadi. Fbiunry
Xew York; their Commercial Law,written by Amoe
Dean, L. L. D., I'mfohsor of Law iu the I'uiversity
of Albany ,Hndjiublished by D. Appleton &.Co.,Xew
Address, for catalogues, cii-culars or inform
tion of anv kind, two pUro staiuim ouoIom-4.
FOLNOM X FELTOX, Cleveland, Ohio.
September, idoO 2lr.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
at tlM
Tho Jr-at Dry (ioods Itiiimtr!
it .
MILL i: It Sc CM.
would respectfully auuouuco to the citii-ms of
That they have just received direct from Xew York
a large and well selected assortment of new aud
Comprising all the leading styled of Fancy, Staple
and Domestic Drv (Ioods.
C A !' K S AND
M A N T 1 1, 1, A S
Ladit-b' Goods,
Dry (Ioods,
Ready Made Clofhing,
Hats and Capsi
Ikxita aud Shoes,
Crorkerv, Ac,
And, in fart, everything usually kept in a
All of which will be ald at eitranrdinirr LOW
t5tf Notice our Market reports in Vvday's paper.
We buy and sell hi areoHanee with the prices
t Jf"Reocmber the rdaee, F. h. Miller A Co.,
Prrryeburg Bank Building.
Fcrrrabury, M17 54 1891,
poeile R V l
A It r. I V A I.
0 I
rKunvsnuuo, u'iu.
My itock is new and well Select -d and erubiacc
the best. Litest and cheapest it) let of
C 11 E A P V 0 11 CASH
C A r S
All ol the latest aud very het fabric.
a n l
on short notice and
W A R R A N T V. D TO 1 T
alw jvs on hand.
Iam roci. ing this spring the largest stork if
G R 0 G E R I E
ever brought to this city, which 1 intend to
F I. O I" It :
I keep on hand PEARL MILLS XX ITOl'H,
which always gives the very best satisfaction.
T K A 1
Imperial, Illa'k and Young Hs
Crushed, fViftee Stigir, Common to Prime,
I All kinds froitt Twist to the finest Cavendish,
In thorl, every thing usually kept in a whoh-sjlo
and retail dry goods and grocery store.
The Highest Market Price
Taid for produce of all kinds..
Trrsons bringing in Com will take notice that
it must be first thoroughly cleaned.
The '-Emm Houston'' a09 receiving gram
regularly at the Terrysburg Pock.
iio yvv wan r wmsKLrt3?
do you Want a jL8Tachf.?
BKL LI N 0 1 1 A M S t" r.I.F. B R A T f. U
ernrim.ij oNattMT, ro Tm: wnixrRs Ay
The antarrihorji tak iletit In announcing to
me i'u -usoi u-.e umteJ tata, tlist H:er tiava o'i-Um.-d
the Agency for, an-i arc tmw ctiabl -d to offer
to th- AtiK-ncan' pid-lir, th a'je jojtiy i-jle
U.ttmt and world -rrnowuea artel-:.
ins c'TiMin.AriNt) onutknt
is prptKl bv Da. C. P. ItftlT-t.iiiAH. an rm.iiiid
pliViK-tan of I n loti, and l wairii,td t.j hunk- tut
a thick s-t of
in from thi t-isix -lit. Tl:l aatlclo in the on
Iv one of the kind tHeJ t v the Ftotith, and in Lon
don an I Paris it is in unifein d use.
It Is a b.-autiful, oom iiniciil.s mthing.vvt stiinul
txnf c.i'upiMiid, actilut i-i if by imn'c u;an the
r-MU. cnusiiig a IwautiKil j;r. wth'of luxuriant hair.
If applied t ll'.u scalp, it will cure tM Incs, nnJ
taiiK-s to spring up in phee pfthe bal I spoto afin;;
grvwth of now hair. Applied aceordii'g t) ditc
tiotis, it u ill turn tvl ur towy hair d-irt, en 1 t s'.i re
Kr.iy hair to its orii'mal ivli"i,'eafv.git S -fl., '.niiotli,
and tlexiblc. Th "On,;uent" is an IndivM'tiiaMn
atticle In every g.jntleinAn's toilet, and after vim
week's tue they nutdl not for any coti'i lernrion be
wiihout it.
The snWt ib, t.-i are the otdv Agent for the ar
tide in the United States, to whriti all ord M must
b' addressed.
Piiis: One I.'ollar a box - for sale by all Wuryist-t
aud Dealers: or a Nit of the "t'liKUpiit" (warrvntml
U hwo the desir-1 i-DVcti wi'l l-e sent t,1 ny who
deaire it. hv inul ' direct, s'etirelv pseli s'. mi re-
kX'Ipt i f
a tir.-i t
t if ptue anl postage. Jl Is. Apolv to nr
iii'tt auk (.. nr.iir.M vn a co ,
l ltr JOISTS, AC. .
'.'I MUium Street, New N -tk.
I I.,
Coal d
Coal I'll,
(..il Of
New Jjupj !
New Supply
New Snip'
Duly SO cents per gallon!
Only SO i-enU per gulhu!
Only $ cent pvt gallon!
Duty SO ccnt.i per r -UIon
At the Drug Store,
At the Drug Store,
Al the Drug
At tin- Ding '
"Cf-nie all and try it,
And vou'll e'er buv it.''
It A 1
O ! UNIX t
now rvc-iv nig hi. ttr.it k of
S R II I N li
O ( D S
w nun w mi huioui ii i am: i iiici.u :
Sl Yl.KS Al'. Nl'AV
and beautiful, and will le sold at
Mauinee City,., May , l'il.
An exper'u need Nurse and female Physician, pre
sents to the attention of motlo-i s, her
S O O T 11 I N O S Y R 11 P ,
nut I'uti.miLS i-Limns-u,
which preatly faciltitates the process of teething .In
sotlening tlii''gums, rudueiiigull iiillaiinii iti.ni--w
allay all pain and .spasmodic action, and is
si'iu: to in.in i.. 11. nil; now li s.
Depend upon it, mothers, it w ill give re.-d to yuiir-s.-lvcs,
It not mil v relievos the child funii pain, but imiir-
! orati-s the s'oinach ami bowels, corrects acidily.un
i gives tone and tucrgy to the whole tiyst.-iu. It will
5 1 almost instantly relievo
i (iiiit-isii in Tin-: l;o ti.s. M w inii riu.it
I and overeoiue i onvul.-.ions, which, if not -pee li 1 re
mi died, end in death. Vchelive it the best and
! surest p-iitedy in the world, iu all eases of I'ysen
; trry aud Diarrhd-a in children. whetln r it ari.-.cs from
t'-e'thing, or from any other cause. Wo would say
I ti every mother w bu has a child suffering from liny
of the luivgoing coniplainls do not let your pi "ju
diecs, nor the prejudices of others, stand bolweeii
volt and your surl'-rlng child, and the relief that will
hestire yes, absolutely smv to follow tli' me
i this medicine, if tint ly nsr-d. Full diieeliims
using will ui coiupauv each la llle. None geioi'me
; unless tho lac-simile of CLKTLS A I'J-.I.KIXS,
Sow-York, is on the outside wrapper.
Sold by all Pruggi.-ts aim J'calcrs m .'L incuics
iu W001I conntv.
' Principiil Olliee, I'l Cedar street, X. Y.
Af.ril, IHiiL-l'.Hy.
( tOl UTOl-'COMMtlN PLEAS, WOOD n.,0.
j Horatio X. Peck vs. 1-rederick Prentice, and others.
I Orion S. Slierm in, William 11. White, M. H.ui
nuer, William Pirkersgill. dr.. Dean Mauley,
H.irrictle II. While, J, V, Place, Xathmi F. tinn.
Levi F. Warner, Merrill M. Ymuie. Win. S, Wil
: lianis, (ieoive II. White, Cyrus L. t'aiter, llichasd,
' A. Do Forest, Henrv E. ,'uinan, .'aiii-s Armstronjr
.lohn Merriam, ifarvev 1!. Oardu er, Marions
- Hubbard, Asa W. '.Mad-locks and Hor.ilio
Warner, defnndauts, are hcieliy 11 ilili- d that Roratio
X. Peck, pl timid, has filed his petition, and com
' in nciid an action npaiust them an 1 others, iu
Colin of Common l'leai. in and for tin- said county
, of Wood, the object and prayer nf which is to ob
i lain foreclosure of a m-trtg ip'i executed and ih ltv
j ured by the said Frederick Prentice and wife, to
! Lewis' Huberts, bearing dale Msreh I60K, and
j recorded in the Recorder's office "f Wood county,
volume 4 of mortgage at page lliltf, and a sale of
' mort-iged premises, which are situate in the said
couutv ot Wood, and are descrila'd as follows
! Fractional section 3'1 in fractional town X north,
1 range li!, containing PI 75-lfui acres, the north
1 of fractional section i, town 7 north, range 1-. con
I tabling Vli'J ;il)-100 acres; the west U oi the south
cast i-j of section 1 iu said town 7 ; ihcuoit:i east
of the south east of s"C 7 in s.iiil town , the sou
; west of the south vant H f said bec.ioii 7 ;
i north east of section '-'0 in said town T ; the south
j east of said sec ion :'n ; the south west 4 ofs.dd
j section i!u ; tlr; m-ith east I life- nrntli w, st
j siiith cast '4. and the nortii 'v of the scu'.li west
nf section 1 iu sai I town 7 ; the north cast ' ,', It
. i north west the souih west '..aud l!'.e west '
! the south i-11st of .s.nuiou in natd town 7;
j west V-i of the north wet H of section 1'3 in said
! tow n 7 : the north east an I lh Mtu'heast),
. sertion 2 in said town 7 ; tlie north ea?t 'j aud
n'rtii e.st V, of section V in slid town 7;
' 110r.l1 H of tiie south cs.il ).4 of s.'C.iou 9 in said
; town 7 ; also one undivided third part of a strip
' rndsofl' ,.f the westerly side of river tract Xo.
I runuiug from the river hack to lii'asy Cretk ; ali-o
one undivided third pan of all that part of river
tract Xo. ful, lying between (irasjv Creek and
' Maumee river ; also ouo utdivided third part of
' pijre south of (ir.ishy Creek, iu same traet No.
! poundod as follows 1 commeiieiugcn tho north Ims
! of the Dayuni an 1 Michigan U idroad, where tbeeat
line of a' certain tract of d tii-luu acn-a, meeu
sauifl ; t'ocui! cus -rly along sai l liailr-md j?-100
I chains, thence north on a hue parallel with the north
i and aoutb lines of snid tract HI to ims?.v Crc-h
' tbeooe wcFU-rly along -il creek to the east hoc
said track of ia-JuO acres-, au i iiieuee 10 tat- p:.icc
of bef inning, eouuming U 4U-lftrt aen-s ; reference
being had for a mora nvrfect lecriptiuu ol
la.it mentioned pai-oel of laud, 10 a (l-.d IVoiu Klotso
li. Ladd and others, executor, A.C., W uid Pren
tice and others, recorded iu Wood county. Record
er's othce iu wduuis F. of Deeds, at page H.
The Mid drfeuduota are miuirvd to answer
petiuou by the -'oil) dav of July, lotil. or the tauie
will betaken truc.aad judgment rrodr-d aooord-
mg!y. baker a cor.urs.
Da'.cJ May 1531 -H Ifil
D R . V A V E I 8
caskkr d rai.v ttHFtit rcr,
Fwr t) Cure of -Citukcr,
Sal Rheum, krvnipelaa, Penifulous DiJ
ra ti i, Culauton.-i Eruptions, Dm Eyes,
and every km ! of biv:t arisug
ftvm an inn ura state ot
the Vl'iod.
The mrtt elTcrtUe Mlood Turlfief f th4
Ninclccr.lh Ci-ntury.
It is the pnacnp'.ioti of an educated Pbyticlan,
aud ail nl.o are ofTllctod Willi anv of the aborn
namd dii:a-wl, ahould un it wltbontdVley.- Such
h".. rs rs the fjlioxing r.recftcn received.
Ji-rr mcviHe, Asliland w., Chio, oT. 10, 1550.
Mcpsi j. J. X. Harms t Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Oi n'l' ni.ti : 1 deem ita 'dutv aa Weil as a
ph-ssnre, to inform tu abut Dr. Weaver's Syrup
and Cert. to has done lor Die, and hop that this loi
ter iiiav n ine to tho notice of persons ainiilailr
afflicted. In t!it- TiHir 1 .'!) 1 wai attacked wlUi
t. tu-r.ot seiii.- k.ielusl diiK-ie, iu both hit leir
w bu u e.:i nla.l until fn.tii n.r kn to my feet was
one ii w it -re. 1 roti.-jlt'l Mid oMairMHl tneuiciiicrf
and pr. sriiptiou from nvarly all thu physicians iu
tliij vicinity, but obtained no' relief. Voitr agent at
tin. place,' mi . llilliiiaik i-eoinumiudisl uiq to Uy
the ovrun and Cerate, wl,i:h I fTrlunately did, and
am ti.ov a sound and ircll mdn vr their use.
With great gratitude, I n-ntftm. Yoo truly. "
Mr. We'.rbiuht being a n til known getitlcmau
of Ashland, make? this information mwt reliable.
II y takitig tb Syrup a rihefiMt, It ni'l drive the
dis -iii.-i from tho irsv-m, aud when once out on Ut
skin, a few im plication of
an 1 vou hfcvo apuitnauent cure.
file C -r.ito ha pr.n.-d itji.li to We the beat Oint
ment e.cr iovctite,!, nnd wheie cn awl, it ha
in vei '.ij -ii known to tail of etiectiiiv a permanent
cur.-of old soies, tetter and i ,np wMti. scald head,
rh.llhl.iii Mid ;'rvst biti. barber's itch, chapped
or cracked bands or Hps, blotchen or piri-pls on th-i
fnce. And for Sore Xipph-i nnd Ovro Kyes, the
tV t ale ii '.U .- only thing nmrcd to cuie. It Should
be kept in th- Louie of rvc.iv family.
I'm f Hyiup f I. f.'ernf' "5citis per bottle
Z-f" Duei liens acccmpany each buttle.
Sold bv iiir- d medicine dcitlerj.
J. X. It AKHLS . CO., rh'pii. t-rs. for the South
ern and West.un h'tnte, Ciiicinnuti, Ohio, to whom
all order, uui-,1 be aihiies-ed.
S. I I w hid s.l.- and retail by Perk A Damilloti,
Pirn i'.iur,'-. I rederiek Posim'i'r, Fr-'i-di in; II. Pur
ntt. 'Maumw Citv; D. 11. Mui-r, Tohslo: W. I).
.Viooie, S, liiuiiaiT. Daniels, Toledo; C.F. Williams,
Toledo; A. K. Jcii uie, Xew Wi jtliclJ; A. J. Oaid
ner A t.'u., tiilead. Swtvo
is Tin: rttAHR or
The Celetirit-d Xew Fnplnnd Remedy fur
lliiliitui.1 Conlintion.
Jaundice, l-'over aud Agin). Oeneral Debility, and
all other Piseas'-s ari ar.g trout a Disor
dered Stomach, Liver, or ltowcls.
They are used and rceeudiicndcd by tho lending
Physician i of tho country, and all who try thtai
pro'iiounec them Invaluable.
Dn. JAMKS L. LLl'LKE, WTites fi-om Xavarn?,
SUik Co., Ohio, "tho Hitters are highly praised by
those sull'ciing from indigestion, dyspepsia and liver
L, S. Davis, Postmaster at Wil iam mort, Ohu,
savs, "they tf'vu great ntisfacliou. I usu them
myself, having takeu cold, bi ccme pn sti ate and
lost toy appetite. It relieved me, and I can recom
mend it with crent assurance of it? m'-rits."
Dr.. Wm. M. Kttin.of Kcgersyillo, lnd., n!v
ua that Ihey r.ie the tii.isl wilnable meilicme utlercn.
lb- lus reeoiniiK u kd them with great success, and
with tli-ni in ulo.sever.il ce.10.5 of palpitation of thu
heart and general d-bihly.
I h im v. Si i.M rouu, r.lount.-ivil!:-, Henrv
Co., Lid., w rites a l-ug letter, under date of May i,
l'-i.ii. He was much r-ducvd, li.iMiig been a.'Ihctud .
ft r three vi ars with great iu-n ions debility, palpi
ttt;p;n't the hcaitof the most u-u-it ami i-fostratu'g
ch.irael-r, ''aft r using a lew bottles I w as com
pletely r stui'ed, and am now in robust health."
J . W, llf ST w rit, s from 1 t dphc-.i, Allen Co., Ohio,
(a serti ',n here Fever and Antic prevails,) that ho
111 1st cherfu'ily r?rrinnend them of dec id.cd merit
in nil cas; m of nivi 1: and Aiit'i:, tTSt'LitiA, and
orvtiiM. id lUl.tTV.
l.. K. L.Ai.nm as, M. D., writes from Van Wert,
Ohio. -1 m-i'-i ii-.pectfully rec;minend the Sherry
Wine l'ii ti l s to the notice of Dyspeptic p, rscuj,
at-'l to all who re, lire a stir.iolr.tini- mi dlcine.
Sold bv dvalers in iiadicims gcturally.
i'licf Tf criits pi-r liotti.
J. X. HAKltlS, Cincinnati, Ohio.
(.!. -iior.il Agi tits I'm dieSouili'-i 1. and Western Suites.
1 or sale by P.a'k ,V U.iii.ii'cn. Petrysbiirg, Ohio;
F. l!ooair-t: r, Frocdtuu; S. L Poc.gh'ton, Howling
(Jr.'en-. II." Hurretf, Maumee, D. II. M incr, Toletlo;
W. 1). Moore, Svlvoiiia: A. K. Jerome, Xew West
field; A. ,1. O.uilncr fi. Co., Oih-iuL Swtvo
vluy" pud vs i lin:xi
livery bmly luis it, livery hotly uses it,
1'KlillY DAVIS'
'laken Internally. It cure-, swdden Colds, Coughs,
&.c, Weak Stuiimch, General Debility, Xutsing
hore .ilo'UIi, laiil.er. Livi
er Complaint. Dvspeusia
or tu'iige.s'.ion, (.ramp and Pain in the .Stomach,
Dowel Complaint, P.iii.tei 's Colic, Asiatic Cholera,
Diarrhea and DyM.iUciy.
Applied K ;ti i-iially, vine 1 1-Mous, P.oils, and Old
Sores. Severe limit., ScubU, Cuts, Hruises and
Sprains, Swelling of the Joints, liingworm and
Tetter, I! i-i ken llivn.it, FnKtcd Feet and Chillhlailis,
Tooth.ic.he. Pain in the Face, Neuralgia and Itheu
liiaiisnn It is a sui-e rcm. dy for Ague, nud Chills
end i-i vcr.
Pain Kill -r, taken internally, should be adulter
ated with milk or water, or made into a syrup with
molasses. For a Cough, a low drops on sugar
o.il-ii will be more rll'ccLw than a at tuuig cUc.
See piini d ilnvitions which accoinpiiiiy each
What .stionyi r proof i nn be produced than tho
follow in;r letter r-. t-tived, oiviolleit-nl, from Rev. W.
It. Jacob.s ;
Xewaik. X. J., June 6, 10.
Mi-ssns. I 'lick y tUvi& Son I'len.'u men Allow
nie, uiisolieiti'd, to sen I you a v rd of comnicnda
tion for your Pain killer. 1 have used iy in tliy
family tlie.ie sevoial yer.ia. itml louml it all it claims
t 1 be. For Itlictiiiiaii.-iu, Coiioim, Colds, liurus,
Cholera tendencies and dit.'iculties, as well ns dis
eas s teik-n,l!y Unit pt Anils in luinilic, 1 n-gaxd
the fain Klib-i- as In't i.vd all pine, and as ctiiea
cions li -youd uny riedii-mc within my kiiowlcilgc.
We ki '-p it us inn' chief lamily mciiiciue, and lind
it; ii..-. in oidii-.ary c.i.-es wmih more ihau any
doctor. The u.-tiinonv of others among mv ac
1p1aiut.1r.cia and frier,. U i;. euuallv favorable. Many
clei k;y men have sp.kui of it in tlio highest terms
as a family mc.bVin.-. .Missionaries iu rceutc.l in-,
stances e an id to me in person and iu their letters,
that the Pain luiier w is by far the best ine licir.o
use! ill beatlicn lands, and they use it lur themselves
end families, and administer" it to others around
them. Tints much I m.i inciini d lo say as au act
of iusiice to yourselves, and us a bcuclit lo Others.
1 mi are at liberty to in c tln.i tcstamf rial, it ot may
s.-i ice. ' i;i:v. w. jacor?.
L.ito Fdilur C'!:rislian Chruiiiilc.
nr.wAm: cv all imitations!
( ai tkin,. The piib'ic will be cautious that tbey
got tin- genuine l'.un Killer OS scuio unpriucipled
1:1 11, 11 i-a that iii.ii-.e I' -r th, ir own worthless com
p Hinds, in so ib irg tlicy dccicvc 'he coimuumty,
mid infringe upon the "TtiApE Mahk" of Peny
Da is.
(ieuuino Perry Dat U' Pain Killer sold by all
respectable Dni c iis.
Directions accompany each bottle.
Price -je., iUc. and 1 per bottle.
Proprietors for the Western und Southern Efaten,
Cincinnuti, 0.
For sale, wholesalo and retail, by Peck & Ham
ilton, I'errysburg: Frederick Kosinger, Freedom; S,
I.. Ui'UClilon, liowlinir ',1-ien: .. I rHhulman, I'or-
tnen; D.
II. Miner, 'ioledo; W, D. ilouie, Sylvauia;
I ruax, Toledo; A. F. Ji row., Xew Weul-
We.it A T 1
field. A. J. ;..rdner A Co., flilead. Iwtvi.
I I! 0 L' I. A R P A "
K F. T . . ff-3Jaii.
Pcrrvsburg nnd Toledo.
The Steamer "PF.I.LF," L. C. Look Master, will
mike two tr.ps a
, day b tweeu I'errysburg aud To
ison. 1. ut will leave IVrrve-
do durinc iie se
burg at o'clock, a. m., and 2 o'cliark p. in. Hetum
iug, will leave Toledo at 1 1, a. in., aud j:0U p. m.
Mr. Wm. McKim pi-opcses to diupcsi cfUs lj'i
iu iliis C'-untt'et a merely nominal price.
He will siil the sui.th half ul' ihe north -west ipur
tcr,of section i'l, town 0, tango 10, containiu eO
B'Tis, ft r fixe hundred dollars. Said laud has been
then noiilv diutud and diaino.1 at an erQo of
Iio will also &otl the south half of the aoulh-tavat
fU.i;tc' of section lii, tow n (J, rane 11, at tho sanu
i:iio,uiro f H. II. Dori(.i!i:, Attorney at Law, JVr-n's'-'Urg.
' Also for sub) a large number of Town I-ncs. both
here and iu Hie town of Milhrnve, w ith and w ithout
iinprovimciiu, toc-ther with several vjluabii
Farms. 1LH.D0DCF.
rinysbu.g, Xc-v. Id, -
T) 0 A T
y 0
T 1 0 I!
is hereby given that a petition will
ha rr.vienuid to (he CoUiaiiifcioiui sot V ood 0V.,
at their nct sv:t"d meeting piayhijffor tbevetio
and altera-ton of a pcntico of ih ilt. FUaait
Ridge wad, directly east U J.s wetl liot f
ti"u 31. 1'laiu Towvh;r.fpr a ditac of about
ef a mile ear.t or Mt.i Imr, aud i'i localioa upo
.1 . 1 . 4 w.a ...
laorlAwI, i-w. m.-
- w

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