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The Weekly Perrysburg journal. [volume] (Perrysburg, O. [Ohio]) 1861-1???, June 20, 1861, Image 4

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xs "3 ) V J
""ha Vr, iu half dispntr. I aMd :
'Th Nation' ancient life Ik dc.nl;
1W rnti is r V, hr Hoe I is mM;
b bup the in-net that given her p-M -Th
.Immoful ponce, tlmt nrrn xpir
Each lipaeon-lipht of patriot fire,
And make her evuit traitor a den"--1'm
give mi this, my rmni'i rmcnl
Oh, in your Ions fnrbrronrf rrind,
Slow tn ait'pcet tl 10 treason plnnm d,
En during, w mug, vol hoping Rood
For nk of olden brotherhood.
How grander, how nuhlinicr far
At tho niti-scd K.iplo'a call ye hit,
Leaping flvmi slunilier to tin' fie;ht
For Freedom and for Charier lltght I
ThroiKt'iouMbci Ian 1 tln-re pie a rry,
A au Idru splendor fills the a y:
Krt-tn otiTT hill thn bantcm burat,
t.ik bunVhy April brepje nurst;
In every hamlet, homo ami roart,
The fire-beat of a single heart
Keep time to atraiua whone pulse mix
Our blood with tht of Pventy-Sixl
The shot whereby tho rid flag fell
From Suintcr'a battered citadel,
Rtnu L down the line of prly cried
And made ye me, In aoiil and deed
One mighty People, atom and atrnng:
To crush (ha connitniuiatid ivivng,
Indignant with the wrath, wlwtia wd
Smites aa the awful sword cf God !
The cup in full t Thry thntu;'it ye Win J:
The props of Stale tin y imdcrmiod.
Abused your trunt, your rlrcnplh defied.
And stained the Nation's nam i of pride.
Now lift to heaven your leyul brews,
Swear once again your father's on.
And eul through Irnitm hc.irts a truck
To noble fa mo an I freedom back !
Draw forth your million bl.id.H as cue;
Complete the battle t u n hepm !
(iod l.ehts with ye and nxi Thrnd
Moals the dear hamirr of )"iir de.id.
They, nnil the glories of the Fast.
The Future, dawning dim und vast,
And all the holiest hopes of m m,
Ate beaming triumph iu your van.
Flow to receive, he swift to do 1
Tench ye the Frtlse how to fight tho Tim !
limy buckled Fcrtldy shall feel
In her black heart the I'ulrnit'n steel;
How Mire the belt thai .1 notice wines,
IIiht weak the nun u traitor bi'iiijrs;
1Inv inighly Ihev, wjm plcidfa'sl stand
For Freedom's Flag and Freedom's Lund 1
MAY 24th, 1861.
Oon't shed a tear for him!
Lay loin to rest.
The bright cross of honor
Ablae on bis breast,
The shouts of n Nation
Hmll clicer him to (iod,
The boi of the peooi
SptHi IVesli from liis blood.
Jon't shed n tear for him!
Heroes must die,
111 gladness mid triumph,
Like suns from the sky,
llatthi led banners,
And w ar trump ubi v,
They only break camp up,
l oinvard to iiioi e.
Pon't shed a tear fur hind
Mourn Inm in blou I;
Quick-ill opping bullets
Shall work him m st frond.
IVIit for him. full with iiiui,
l'ie as be did -laving
or dying,
Our hope and our pride.
Finn't shed n tear for him!
l'.etter to in
K.U'rr with victory,
V leini ihe f.e.
For on lite like his
A thousand shall pav.
And ihe fury it kindles,
?lu.il curry tho day.
Twiggs' Treason.
robiU ronsislt el 3 MO Y gu:r soldiers, 1!!
foils, 3J5,0'J() slnnil cf imiis,. 00 jiiecis ol
ordnance, g.-r)'' 000 in monoy, liorst'S f r
a resilient of cavalry, mules, vwior.s,
tents, provisions, nmtnutiitiiin and muni-;
tioi)3 o' war, ti the ostimiioil vnla ot
nonr llui'o n.illinn dollars! Hrnl it not j
Lot n fur Twin's ami l'Kiyd, the rebels.
WjuM Lave lia 1 but few arms or few for-'
titled p'aces in their jio-iseh-shn. ;
F. Y. Ctrlislo, one of the o.li;'irs of;
thai notorious tecession sheet, tho Mem-i
idiis Apjienl, wpnt to Kvitwin , whore
lie foruivrly resided, iv to d;iy since
Ho wns al onee ordeied out of town, but:
not goin,wa3 seized by the L m.? (iuarj,
who would have handled him vesy o iyl .
ly bad not ti c Mnyor nml fch ri I' inti r
fored. Ilo WHsptt in j ' lor sare-kt epitio,
and t last Recounts had nut botn let out
The WhsI inejton oompondent f
tho Philadi lphia l'ress sa v tha'. n a h
eieht weeks no a wry re pTinlilo i i
tleman warned tho Admitiisira iv n, tiinn!
fluth irity he could ro' reveal, lit .t Mr.
Harvey had been in ti lernphio. eini
nnmitfition wiJi tha tr litots in Ch ir'es-1
ton. Not itlistandinjj ihi. "from nio'ivi s
highly honorably, " ihe S n;vto was u r
muted toa:tupon tho nomin iliort of the
The New York Churchman, a ic'.i
plos papt r cstr.blisded in IB.il, died on
oitui'iid;iy weil, in cons ijuouoe ol
p.cuniary diOicuUies.
A. new porj -ctilo lias be n i .v. :,! d
in France, weijhinj 00 p i'ttvls, which,
f illinej in a column of tro 'jw, is expected
lo kill R0 men.
The cotton receipts show a dif;
ciency of 801,000 baled, us ivitiip in d
with Inst year, and a di tici iify of -Hi I,
t-00 bnk'8 in the sports.
Sturgeon commenced 1 ii ptilj.il ca
reer at the a.e of 10. in a small thatched
birn in C!aiubiide-shiie. His jup iiai
lty remains as great as ever.
Two of the six .Amerienn n ;8-iora-rirs
now in Jspan, are erejnoed in m .king
tliclioaaries; one is at Juris upon a gram
mar, and another on a U x'eon.
Pirces cf the Atlaniia cable have
recently been taken up, and I'unl to be
in as good condition as ever.
The Southern p ipers are nil urging
their farmers to p'tint in prefcit iko in
every other crop, this si licon.
The Kentucky stay law his been
t!f ctvlc-vl to be unconstitutional by Judge
Ccoi joe, of tha Circuit Court.
Tho mail cars ou the Virginia and
Tv nness.ee road are now lettert j "( S.
Mail," Lsteal of "U. S. Mail, "us hereto
fore. Iloistfloth is regulary quo'id in ihe
market price current of several towiia iu
(lermaiiy, nol oo the hoof, but cut up lor
The Tans police will not permit
women or children, under the age ol fif
teen years, to drive a carriage io the
public 6'reet.
The British Ooverniutnt U Lnildinf
fifty-five new steamship for th nivy,
I hi is precisely what our on ount to
tf. JoiiiJ;.
ft , r.. t f v
.. - -- I! .-I - ..r V .... ...a 1
peil"(iic aii n i.s m .' -iv ,
I'l .'H II liuui lie U.il "C I'K'ii'" i I f
I'm Ceimii' iie' UKiit of nn ntt.uk imin 'dialj f in f i
from pnm and sickness will be nbttiue l.
..f - i i .-.i . a.. i . . ..... i. jr (.a hh ni
1 lit V 14 i.liim fail 111 r. llni iir i : k,niiA.a Bin ,
Ue.iduVhc t" wliirh fcuriles so auhjcil.
Tiny ait gently upon thu bowela, ixnioilng
rfitii eiii'ss.
IVf Lit i irv M-n, Kttidents, IV lienle rem.iles.iind
a l.svitivr, improiing tiu app lite, rivihb win'
aul ii'i I' l Ihe digeMivn m-gniit, and r storing Ihu
niliiral elasticity au l .stivntli of too vwe'lj sys
tem. The ("FFIIALIC FILLS nr. tlu result of long
inirsligiuion and carefully coutlucted epei iuietits,
baling been hi use in my yen is, during which lime
Ihe haie preienU'd and relieved a vast iiinniint ,f
p.iiil an I sufleiing from lleadiielie, whether origi
. nating in the nervous syst in or front ti dei jiiged
sl'ite of the Honiich.
Tli'V nvc eutirely -epebihI t in Ih 'ir romtii ilion,
ant uiiy ! taken at nlltini's w itli p i lei t safely
w itjwiit ui ikieg any change of diet., iin.l the nli nee
of iiiit disapr ible't iMl'' rend.-i i it eacy I i ndnois-
t 'I tilt ID to I illhll, II.
i:liiVA!lK OF ("or.M'LKlTITS I
The puimiiv hue fne siualures of ILiny I'.
Sjialding on enrh llox.
Sil I by Oninirisls aul all otlnr I) 'nl -i.l In Med
A lto ill be 'lit by mail prepaid on u-pcipet
of the
I'ltlt i: 2.i r L'.vrs.
All hi lei jh' uld o address I to
UK.NHY '. Sl'.M.niMf.
H f't i'.iii Siiif i.r. Ni'.w Voi K.
The f ii nviiij; en .-ir m ntB of
.SI'AMJI.Mi'S CKl'll.MC IMI.l.",
will e..ui:ie. nil who rmil". r (V'lii 1IU A I ACIIL
that a
is K iritis Titi iii iiK.vi'tt.
(.V ..- r'o"Hi"' " ' "'i'efl"i'',V Ui St'Al.ntNi!
.'e y oyio i H"y"
Mionnlih in'-iy'o l.'i'- '-ii-oei
ii ei y m I' ltiijir ifive.jn u,
M.tsnsi it t.f. Conn., Feb.
, IMC. 1 .
.Mil. M' U ntv.i.
I bsietriel voir C'pli ihe 1 "ill.-., .in I 1 like them
so vv; tint t m nut you to s mi I m t o iloll.us
Morlii nr. re.
I'.irl ol' tlvse tire for the icurhbors, to wlioni 1
j-.ive a lew out ol' (lie liisl bo. 1 e,ot from you.
Send Ihe l'illi bv mail, mid ohlio,.
Vour ob'l Sei'viiiit.
.1 on i K t'v
o'l .
I si'. I .
II v v i;i; i n,: l, I'.v., Feb,
Mr.. M' At inv
I w ish you to send tit one more bo ol' your t V
phalic Fill 4, I have r reive I a ureal d 'id of b.-nelil
ti'"in tln-in.
Yours, respei ti'ollv.
y a in Av MiiiKitnr; v..
Sl'l'.l II', I'll I. IK. Ill MIM, TllV, I'll., I'l., I
.bum. in I s, I so I . i
II. ( '. M AI HI Ml. a
You will ile.lse -.'lid 111" two in. MS of your t'e
ph. die Fill-. Sen ! Iheiu iiuin '.h.ii 'l .
Ii .-peetl'.illy y elf - .
.Ino. P. Simov.s.
I", s.
them c vc
d one lio of v oi;r I'ill-i, nnd iiiel
1!i:i i i:hno, t'tti
.1 i
I ... I S'U .
II. ('
-r i i i' t mi . b: o.
Pleas' hn I inclosed l.veiitv live e, ills. I 'l
ii I in nu iliiur L'.- ol vour I'ephnlie Pills,
re (nil . the
I'itv. I
best I'i'.ls I b;
1 i v er tl leil.
A . S rov en, iv m.
liclle Vernon, Wyandot Co., t.
Fi:vi:iii.v, M ss Pec 11, isi'.u.
I vv '..til f ,r some cirenl irs or licee show bill.;, I.
briiir your t'heph llie Fills nine p.n'lieiil.u ly lie,,e
inv cost hits. Ii you hnve any .hin;;' of lie kind.
pi. MS.' S"0, I.) Ill '.
I ',11' of IIIV ,'UsIoHI 'IS, who is Mll'i.'ct to Nevel'l
I-n k il. a.Iaeae. iun:iliy Li-tour two ilnvs, was
cur -1 ot nu attack in one bom bv v our Pills, w hich
1 .-.-it her.
liespecll'ullv voiirs,
W. P.. Wll.lO M.
K i: v soi.r:.- iu i:ii, I'u .v
.lauuarv I
'.M.tN. Co.,
'. IM'.I.
Hi:mia C. Sr vi niMi.
No. Is Cedar St., N. V.
1 1 Kits Si is :
lnelos d linl twenty live c Mils, .'-'.' I'.r w
s-nl a l... of Cephalic Fills." Send i.i address
of Itev. Win. C. Filler, lievnold.-hin;;, Franklin Co.,
Your Fill, work like a charm cure lle.'dachc
alino.sl insi. inter.
Truly hoiiin,
Wm. C. Ftt.t rn.
Yl'MI.AM'l, Mien, dan., 1 1, I Sill.
M n. Sr vi nt.Mi.
Not loan since I sent to you I'or a box o; Cephalic
I ills lor llie cur ol'lhe Nervous Headache an, I Cos
Uveness. ..ml received the auii', au l they bad s i
g'. .od nu cir.iei that 1 vv as ind need 1. 1 send for more.
I'le.tsc send by return until. Hired to
A. I!. Wnr.m.Kii,
Ypsihiiiti, Mich.
', i, el 'ir
Cephalic Fills :
.'.,'uriliiee, .Voi''oM-, l ,i
Kccnimilish ihe obici I for w hich i
til V W ere II
fo III-..
v i: Cure of headache
in all ils i
'.-....I .', ;
They bav e been le
ii"joi i. .Y.ov
t" I iu more
than a thousan 1
is s, w .t'l en'.ite sin e
.. tW !.
If y on nve or have
ache, s aid Ibr n box
loeeof, .s, ( oi'., Minn.
been troiihl si with the bead
(I ophidic Pills, i so thai v
may have t'.iein iu case ot an attack.
I e.e.i t7n .lo'e. vtit c, 'roro, it
The Ceiihalie Pills lire said to be
.-. .'. r.
a remuk.ibl
tlee'ive reni" Iv fertile lie.nlaehe, mil one the
erv beslfortii.il verv treouenl i ..uinlaiiil wl.i, h
i ever be':l di,-eu er :d.
'. ...! fV' HV-'e,. :'
V. e h '.il tilv en lor.se
I..', i'eph.lie I'.Us.
A'. I.'.ia ' , ' .'n'.yi,;... ,'.
Mr. Spaldinu'. nnd lii.siu.ru
', o ,i t'ir .s , ,,, ',, ea 'ii'.':,i'.i,. c. .Y, ir O. ltmtr, An.
'i t v them! you llut lire nt!licl ., nud w e are miic
that our t. -tiinenev can b. added to the abva.lv
unmet . us list that bns received beliclili.th.il no oili-
er medicine can lo.tuce,
'. "lit thr l,'o.-,'f. , Mir. ufirt. I r,i.
Mr. Sp.illii'ir w.-iil. I n . I conneci his name w iih nn
article he did not know to possess i.-ul in, nt.
'.-..el t'e C.io.l, l .'in, t 'im'iimiiti , ttiiio,
Suirei inj.' hmuanity can now be relieved.
: fA single bottle ol'SH A l.DlN'li'
(ll.l E wiil save b u times its cost
annually. ,.4
M'AhDlNiiS rixl'l'AKl'.l) lil.n:!
D1SPA t'l It
ill's Nixr."
i V,'' "A Sin en is Tim:
s accidents w ill happen, even in well regulated
laiiidici.il is very desirable to have soiii" clicao an I
eomeiueiit Way tor repairin;; I'liininiix', Tovs.
Clocke ry , e.
Sl'ALDINd'S FUl'rAtU:!) I'l.l'i:
ill ets all siieh ciiieig.nries, and nj hoiia-hold eaa
atlhr.l to U' without il. I', is always ieu.lv , .ml u-,
I., ihe st, eking point.
rSKl'TI. IN i: KKV HOl'SF.."
N. H. A Hrusli tvmpauiesiMcIi Jleitle. Fiice,
i'j eeic. Addivs-i.
No. is ( 'i .lei Sii-,kt, New Yoik.
f:ijH' N'.
As cert. .in ut.pr.uciphd prmms nre ai'eii.p.u e
U) palm ..if on the uiuinue'et.i.g publie. uu I itioi.s
u' u.y Fr.El'AKED CiLl F, I oidd caution nil i
"" vsm.i'A' b.f.rc pur -bmiiiiK and cc tiM t.
full n.uue,
mi vn 'he out i..itf ii rin,ir ; U t,tU r; i ,2. if
M unr. -
liiiue lu.' li-ia.s li.ivo ucv lu lxf n. the public
t ft puv. Uf tuii'.y yi;ai.',aud during thai lime have
m.iiiiuiiuc 1 J li.;li eiiuiacur iu almost even pjit of
ili i.l V, I'.r tLar ujuacrdinurj tal imiu diate
p.wei'i i f ti-j'ii'fr porfcet heal tli t,i pi r.- ni.- MiJVinnf
in, i.l' tic .u 1 .i'.i, fcial i f dlj.-.-j.1 t nl.i. h tie
ui. iu. a .c..i.i i. i.,uLi
fc l iii'A.o,' ji j an, iv' tli.' iitttr.svins ari-ty
of ,.i...i ..i ii .. a iu vl.ji .ij'ie
r,ii;i .viii.r, :ir im:s
t iv.il kiii i. n lob.' i ii',,fliiie.
P', . I r.rM .. bv t!n'ri'-MN eleuoMiT th fn'.t .led
"i iu I sjn.i.ici.M, .in I ( I'eetiiH' ii (low uf ptuv, lie
I'll h.U. i.i. te-id o the hi. ile und at n I kiti I; 1 i.A1f
j I I'M V, I. ill ilpp, til .', Ilc.ll'tbt'.l'.i. II ."I iclie, I,'. f-
liv'oi k. Ill teininf. An.vii tv, I..iiii;iii i, nit I t- l. u-
elinlv, liiih no the g. iiei il rniupli. inn of PRpej
ii,ijjwll .mis!'. n. .i lv.t'ir.il -jf is ipn nee of inure.
TiVl I v i: us f-, 1 . v rle,iiisilrAsiwlei'Uiaj the
iilinti.i i with ii solvent ..'ccs:"y wilhiTTiio
flue; nil ted. ill pnip.es Ic.ivc iiiu.'!,! Cjtive
O'lill tiM
j.;j wll i
r"i"iVir cii
u. ' v.-. t
d ..II bind. , by resty intr the blond In ti
uliite ii, li.r.'i'ph pK-ig'ss of re.'iri-
ti. n in such e:is nn I too ll.orouglj .lolution ot ail
iii'cMiii ii niis'i'iu ;in,i ol ot;.ir.i.
The ,il'.. Modi. in. ) b.ive been l.novi n li ruiv
Itniif M er ism p nn until y in tluve weeks, nn I Hurt
in hull' lh, it Iiim ', by Liimviiif.' In, ,il i iill.iui.il.ii u fii in
the miis.li sin I I iiiiii. u.s of the joints.
Pll U'. I'-1 ol nil kinds, bv I'l'euill and Itlreliptln 11
iii)( til,' hi luevn .ill I Ltia lder l they iperut,: uiol de
bphtl'ullv on the' iniS.i uinl i .iii i, mi l bi ueetliey
hsve ever b-eii f. uiid a vei'Uun r. me y i'r llie i;r'
OH SIM of (illAV IX.
Also Won ms, by dialodrinp from Hie liiriiins of
the Ik.vvi hi, the .iliuiv ui.uU r lo w iiivh these nviitiu'es
Sti iivv, t'lcns. Mild Isv in.H AiK Suiibii, by the
perl", t piii'itv which these Ui'e Medicines cive li
the liliH.il nil I till the Ulimoi'S.
Seoiilil TIC Flit t'TIONS nil I Ibid t'oni'd 'xinns, bv
t!l -ir nlt 'i'.tliv e etl'-el upon the lluids lti.it feed the
skin, nu I the in u bid si. it. of hich oee isions nil erup
i t.e ci mpl iinls s illovv, cloudy, .in I other disnorcea
i ble .'..iiiidexions.
The use of those Fill for it vnv ahorl lime will
eH', i ( nn i iitire cure of SAi.r Hiiki M. nn I n striking
iui;irov e in 'ill in tin elenrucss of the skin. ( 'li.vl.Mnx
f'oi P8 nn I Isrt.rnsz.t will nlvinvs be cured by nue
dose, or by two iu the worst cacs.
Fill's. -The oriplivil proprietor of thefo me lieinex
W lis cured of lc:, o VtMIS St ill litl", llV tile Use
of the Life Medicines nloiie,
Fr.il'li .m l A.it i:. - For this scom.e of (he West
ern e ninirv, lli 'se inedieincH will be found iv siil'e.
speedy, und c n.ii.i remedy. Dtlier ni-'dieines lenve
the ,sv Ht'ltl subject to Ihe return of the dis.'il.se ii
cure l.v lliose in 'din's is peninn.'iil -'fry thitn, be
s iti.,fi,',l, nu I li;. cured !
Fit nits Films nnl I.ivt:u I'ovii'i aims, -lien-
i rnl D 'bilily. I.os-i of Appetite, nnd Ibsenses of Fe-
in lies - the medicines huve been used with the most
henelieinl i exults in enscs of lhisdosci'iiliiin: Kim's
llvil nnd 'icroi'iil.i, in its worst lorms, yields l Ihe
.'lil I ye I p .verlnl miion of these rem likable modi-
ein s. Mi:ht Sweats, Nervous llebililv. Neivnus
Comiil.iinis. of nil kinds. Palpitation of the Heart,
Fninlei's' I'olic, tire speedily cured.
Ml'iiei lit n. 1'isi'Asr.s. -IVrsi its whose eonslitu
! lions hnie beciiine impnired by the itijililicions use
of Mercury, vvill Innl these m 'diem s a perfect cure,
as Ihev ii verl.iil to eradicate froin the sysleni, nil
Ihe oil's Is of mercury, iiilinilcly s .oner that the
li..st )ovvei fnl preparation of sarsapurilla.
I'i', iared mid sold by W. It. Mol'KAT,
,'i'lj. Ihnadvvay, evv-Vnrli,
I'or sale by l'eck ,t llatuilton nnd bv nil Dru(.
i:isls. ' Ueeember ll'tb, lilli -Hilly.
i nmpniinii
e.tual .1ci
l Olie.'tlM ,ti
. .llllb'i, d
iriucily, ile incil to he the most
o'i'.v that cm bo made. It is
il cnIi.ii t uf Fata S.'iisnpniilla,
u i'h i. 'In i sub 'inices uf ..till
ea'.'r :i!t -la'iv power e . to allonl nil cll'cc.
iv aiii'ohi'.. '.,r the iliMa-cs Sar-npiu ilia i
i.'I'mI i in-'. It j, lit 1 i veil 1 1 1 1 1 1 Mtih a
"'in sly i. want.il by tliiio vv bu Mitl'er from
S'l iiiiniiM cu'iiplaiiit-, iiiul that una which will
' ".'"ivnpli di tb; ir ( ill-, must prove i.f inimeiiac
..'i vi'-o to this lai ii 'c'assid' oiii'iilllii lod fi How.
i':.' ui. 1 lo v coaijileti ly ibis com pound w ill
hi i' has been pi oven bv i pri inient on many
iil'th- wnr-t nisei lo be found ul' the following
cotiiplaiiits :
Sen. .11 l.v VMl f'l Uii; Tt.ocs CilMITMSTS,
!'.i:rc i ;ii i vsir Kit.'criv r. Ht i si.i, 1"i.ci;ks,
I'l'liils, I ll.l I 1 1 'l I A, I'l'VIOUS, Si.r Ulll TM.
S 'i.ti lli vii. Svi'iiii u ami S ni i i.i riu Ar
i la. i ix s. Mi m i ii i i. li ,t:;i', Diuiesv, Nt:e
n i.i ; i a oa I'l.- 1 1 . i - j. i n i : i - - . I )i:nn.rrv, Dvs
cii -:v ami 1 s ..,i: - rto I'.liYstl'l.t.Ns, llusn
o; Sr. t n . i s v ' s I'm i:, nnd ind 'v'd lit ' w hole
da -s of i 1 1 1 n i !.i i n r i mi in from 1 .ii'i iil i v tJl
, h. ill no 5
'I ns coiiii i nnl wi'l lie fu iii I :i ;:reiit pro
iiei r of b a', h, when l.iU ;i i:i th.' spring, t.J
ill.' fill htiniiirs vv hi !i fester i:i thj
il a' tint si ,i,i nl lit? y nr, lly th.: time.
v;r.i!i i.i of th 'in miitiy ratiklin-r disonleii
i.'PP'l in the bu !. M nlti'.ud.s can, by
... 1 ,ii thin r 'm.'.ly, span; lliem.si Ives from
end, nan-; uf foul evuiitjoiis mid ulcerous
.. lino uh which th.1 system will strive to
i' . of en; rnp'inii i, if not assisted to do
llnoo..;!i th,. n ihir d channels of tho budv
'V an ,. i t a a 1 1 ye medicine. 1 '!e.'in-.i; out. tlio
e,'::t -d bi i 1 whenever yon Iin.l its impurities
ii'siiiu tht i ;h lie- --Uiii in pimples, eruptions,
. s.ii'mj e! i:i.. it when you I'md it x oh-
: 'i't 1 nn I ..In ;;i.li in tie; win ; cle.m.-o it
i' l. ii v r it i. I'm!, mid j mr feelings will tell
Yw I when, l',y ti vv here no pai tieular disorder
ii fdr, peupl.i enjoy better health, nnd live
lo'i'i', fir clean , in; thu blood. K 'i tho
Moil lt'ilthy, and nil it well; but with this
p.iliulii:ii of lifj di ord red, there can lie no
I.i .tin ; h .Nihil. S i.iti. r or later (..miethiii
m lit ui vv nr.i:, and tho peat niauliincry of
ble is ili-.nr ler d or overthrown.
Snr -a an i ill i ha ., and d'ci ves miteh, tha
icpute.ti ) i of ,ieco iiplis'.;in;; thee ends. Hut
the wo: Id h i '. been Cirreioudy deceived by
preparation of it, partly because the ilru;r
al.oi ha i nit all the virtue that is claimed
for il, bui mote because many preparations,
pi t ending tu l.. coneeiiliatod extracts of il,
c.iii'ain bu' linl of tho virtu; id' Sarsaparillu,
ir any thin ; els",
1 1 ;i i.i ; late x . .u s the lull. lie have been mis-
1" 1 by lar-.ry bottle, prii.-udiii;; to give ,iiuiivt
of I'.xt in. t of S.u -aparill.i lor oiu; dollar. Mot
i f the -e have ! en fraud i upon the sick, for
lie v no, only cou'iiiii little, if iniv, Snrsiiim-
nil. i, but ultiii no ci:. alive properties vvhatcv.
er. 11 n i', oil er ii 1 1 1 painful disappointment
Il i . follow e.i th u . of the various extract of
vir . i i.i : tl I i whi h lloo.l lbs niaiUct, until the
n. ..ii." itself i, justly di'siiii,i, and has becoine
I y n.iiix ni. ui with iiupo-nion and client. Still
vvj call this coiiipotind Sai-aparilla, and iut( in'
lo -upply so, li a remedy as .--hail lescuo li.e
n un flow the load of nhtivpty which Vests
', u.iiiii i', ud we think vv have pround for
bell 'V.i i r '.I In. xii':i--s whi It :.:. i; re -i --tilde
by lh ' in dui.i: y I u.i of i he di -case . il is inn u li
ed I cur.'. I i oid-'i to S"0in.' their c.e.nplete
clad: itioti I'.o'i: the sy .! in, the lei l. .ly stiould
I.' i u.i i.ui lv laki i a. oi .lite; l.) daev lions viu
I'.u Ijo::W.
i ia i'iiti'.n r. y
iir. T. '. H ilil A. CO.
i o i :i .i ,. ai
k. 1. . , I i. i-Hot lie i Six Ilo: 1 1,, foe
Avcr's Chcrrv Pcctonil
v . i I
V ai le
r ii ., ii sio-'i a i eit-e
r lb' CMC i t
nipl .i:it, le. at
' recount ihe
v of 1 iiro.it and I .nn.; Ci
a i
Mieee-s o v ler i i !
viilue, w'.iei 'i, r it. h
has l.i.i j I. s a in i
C o o: it i
I. A '. it
bee'i cui--t.ial
a. .re !!,:,,,
."it I
ii vi. v, - nee 1 in t ,!
',.;, V it. o, i ilily is lo pt u;i I i the bc- t
I.e. -it, nnl1. l:. I it Hi .1 li.- lelie.l ol) I I
daf .r iheii lehef ail it h.is evei' hee.i found lo da.
Aycfs Cathartic Pills,
ron Ti.r. cr itE of
( '.oVireio1..., ,f,iio,V,'e, ly i'iv',f, ,i,,'j- Voi-i,
'' (,'.' ,, ',..' S: n:li :,',, ..' , ;e',l .'. ltei, ', ',
'.'. , fi (e.i'i'(',i, I'l ,.'.: !( S'.i'.l f'.i ,,,.,
t.ii-t' titlti:l t lKtn, V'.', e, V'o, !"). ii:. I
S'V li ii U II . 'Ml.', l.'';f'. Net 'ov'o, I.',' u
V'ooi' C ai l l'ir '.- ;,',i ; '( ;'.Vi. .'.
'I'liev me -.ii-; n -co.lt e l, so th..l liie lo.wt m-iis'-lb
' ran l.,'e tlieni pi i- oitly . .ii.il they n,e Ihe
hel apt licul in llie wm Id fur ail ill. p..lpo-ie-. of
foiiilv phv s.e.
li-Li 515 co-it i por tox : rivj bM for il-OX
f he it nii'iihevs ofl' mi;v men. Fhv .i. i in-,. S:, ties,
men, au.l cininent , i -on . l.-.ve I nt I' -ir
n. i. ill's loeiTt'fv lh ii:: ...ir-iliclcl iiscl'e.bic- .' :h '
ivineno le:t o ir ep e e h, re w.ll not permit Pie
ir,s,-r?!su of i '. i.-'ii. 'I tie Aso.l- I'.-lo.v ii.oeed fur
nish -I .tisoiu A vi ;' I; 0 ' v N Ai w ve oi w' i h
are j'li . a ; v itti a No full de aripl 'en-', el' ihe a'".
coiiii 1 .'nils, iiul t'ac l.c uluellt licit she .1.1 he fob
ton, I to! tt.eil r i re,
ll.l li '. he p i' of bv in i j. i in, i i.l 1- .1 e.i lei s i i:
nt'.er prep. u. u ...is ihev in. ..- i.e'e icon! on.
1) 'lliliud A l ll's, und I.l-. -a lil ottiel'.. I ill' Mc'.
w ll.l Hie t-vl a,d t it.e I , l"l llleiu, ..'.d lliv l ao-ild
All vim r. u.edii i r.re fers.de I V
tcf xle by I', k A lt..i,uli.iii, I . iry sl.iuy , II.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
r, n m i
i; x T k n M I n a t o n a ,
'vi.y tNVAi.t pi.t: r!-.wr.ir..- know. v.
Ib'stl'ovs tllst.llitlv
f ; n .if v
The-e pi'i pir itions (unlike nl! others,,
" Free from I'oiions.
' Not dangerous Ui the human family.
Ksw nunc out of their Ivd to .lie
In yenr an I more c:,l iblishod in Now York t'itv .
l ,c l b
the Citv l'.t (lllie
Fscd by - the Ciiy Frisoiis nnd Slation H .u.m's.
I'sed bv (.'it v Sieatneis, Ship.-, r.
I'.sed by- the City Ilo. j.ilals. Alms llousi s, ,t c.
I'sed bv Citv Hotels A.st'.r-
-Sl. Nicholas, Ac
I'sed by the lloar linp Houses. .Ir.. Ac.
I'sed by- more than .VI, nil!) I'rivnte Families
I y' Sce what Ihe i'mplc. Press and Healers sav.
IIICM.'Y I!. COSTA I!.-- All the sunini.-r I have i
been trouliled with Koaelics and Mice. I was actu- !
nlly ashamed of the house, for the lioni'lies were
everywhere, I purchased a box of your K.xicrniin-
ntor nnd tried it, nud in one week there w as not a i
It. inch or Mouse in the house. , !
.Ions I!. Uivkn.. No. V t Klin Slre.'K i
lIorSF.KFF.I'F.lf-i i.ol,..l :.i. , : ,..i
be so no longer, il' ihev use " C.i.siar's " K.xlermiii
ah.t s. We Ii i vc us 'd it lo our satisfaction, and if a
cos' w-' u viild have i'. We bad tried poisons.
but Ihev ell" 'clad unt!iin;r: but I 'uslar's nriicle knocks
j Ihe breath out of Pats. Mice and I! .l -1 Juirs. ipiiekcr
than w e e in write it. It is in treat dein in 1 all over
the country. Medina . ". i Caelte.
MOllK (!HAIX--and provisions arc destroyed
annually in t Irani County by vermin, than w ould
pay for tons of this lint and Insect Killer. 1 Lancas
ter'.. (Wis.) Herald.
IIKNIIY II. CiiSTAR.- Vour Kxtenninafor is
received, used, and pronoimc...l a deei I I success.
We ui si a In i.x of it, and the way the lials and Mice
around our premises ''raised Ix'cd " that niulii was
a caption to sleepers. Since than not a Hal or Mouse
bus bis'ii heard ill kitchen or cellar,-- M.if.r e'or.
, low n i Times.
1 H AVi: UKKN SCI.I.INli Your Kxterminstor !
for the last y cur, nnd have found it a sure shot ,-very '
lime. I have not known il to fail in a Miif-lr in-i
tiKiuuir llosi:. llrupist, Canlinfrlnii, Ohio.
j 1VK AKH SHI.Id.Mi--Your preparalions r ipid-i
ly. Wherever they bnve Issai used. Hats, Mire, I
I lioaehes, and Vermin dis ipvi',ir iiiim 'diately. ,
Fi'Kiii ' SToi'i'i'Kii, 1 insists, New Windsor.
Tfi )estiv.-- Hat. Hoaches, Ac.
"fii llestroy -llcd-Iiiurs.
To lesiro'y--Moths, Fleas, Ants, ,te.
To Pcslroy Mosipiiloes.
To Destroy- Insects on FlaiPs and Fowls.
To Destiny- Insects on Animals. Ac., Ac.
To De.-troy -Kvcry form and species of Vermin.'
" Coslar's" Hal, lioaeli, ,e. Kxterinin nor.
"Cost.vr's" lle.l bii llxt.M tiiiualor.
"Cosi ar's " Fdectne Powder for Insects, Ac.
In-.", ji'e. and : I ml boxes, bottles and Flasks.
SIl and tfliSiys Ibr I'l.intatinns.
Ships, Itoais, Hotels. c.
s'- ' Sod K v erv vv here - bv
All Wholesale Driitrist.s iu large cities.
All '.let ail Druggist, (inn-cries, Store keepers At
in all Country Villages and Towns.
nle At
nt.s iii New York ( ity .
Shi. if, lin Proihei's A: Co.
; II. I'ahnestook.lliill.V Co,
A. II. A D. Mn, Is A Co.
W heeler Hart.
Ilejr.ima.i ,V Co.
II PI. Hiiekel A Co.
Thomas A Fuller,
F. D. Or is.
I'cnfol.l.l'ai kcr A Movwr
Dudley Stall'ord
llarral, Histey A kitchen,
bush, C.ile A Hobl.ins.
M. Ward, Close A Co.
MeKis -u A Hobl.ins.
D. S. Itamex A Co.
1. C. Wells. Co.
I.ax lls.Marsb A liarduer.
Hall, Dixon A Co.
Tripp A Cu.
Conrad Fo.x.
Fhil.idclphia. Pa.
T. W. Dytilt . Sons. Hoberl Sh.viuaker A Co.
II. V. ra'luiesioek A Co Fix ncli. Hiebards . Co.
IMi el lll'lis.
Hoston, Mas-.,
(i.o. C, (iiilvvin vV Co, Weeks A Putter.
M. S. llurr Co. ,lu... Wilson, Jr.
1X11 nTHI Bs.
Cincinnati, O.
John D. Hark. Suiro, Eckstein x. Co.
axii e.i in. as.
I'iitvburph, Fa.
H. I.. Falun stoek &. Co. and others.
Al . the Fr'uicip.il Cilim an I Tew ns iu ihe
Sold bv Peek A Hainillon. F. rr.vb ur, Ohio,
and by Driieiats, (IiMeeia and Hcuulcis uvuci.illy,
in city and iviuitry .
J jVouutry Dealers can mU r as alww .
Or ddivs orders direct-- or if lYicvu. T. riu5,
Ac. is d. ir J J V.seud for Circular tu Dvul-
Pi.iMirvi. Dirvir--No. Alii lUtdv tippvsa -
tlx St. Niel.i l.ui tloi.l.. Ntw Vork.
Vii- L :h, lev I- l 10
Whieh In the Kiid m the Cheapivt.
inm r M n ni M vvtNo m.vchim;?
:r.r r:,e StlU'h Mike on lloth .Si ! v ' '
Til hul l. Wi.'b.sti r it fn.'n Machines aiv of the
nvst su'ei't :.t:.il iimke nnd ide(nnl (inUli. hit sliniu.
reliable, simple ill conslrtirlion, ensily opelaled. bv
novice, nnd with ordinary nue, last yens without
tin; aim"y iiiLr f iv.ns,. of rep iiiui; hIw'uvm I e urred
,on tile eneiipi i , b k.s r liable mid more ( i.ui, be, ik d
m lebincs.
Theiv is no iiititrunjeiit ill use for sevv imr, rnpa
. hie of loiii) n er.'at r vniietv of work than lisw
m.uhini's i with ihe cdebraled wheel (rod they will
hail lie (lie Ihu Ml mtisliii, the he.'.viisl broadcloth, oi
will work in thu thickest leather used hy ahoomak
, em, or carriage trimnieiH. They will nlwi nm uwr
scum nnd p.iliiers with the same I'ncilhy as ovei
plain work. The slilch in i li; finm them is by two
thr.' id.s, oliko on Inith sides of ibe liilirie Icnvinu
no riilfre on the under situ to weiir out mid hw'n
Ihe work, a decided funk w iliuill liH.porchsiu atiieh
The n 'cdles mv not curved nnd linhle hi brnke,
but nre slraijiht and bnve perpendicular motion,
which is absolutely neirssniy lo adapt the machine
lo (ill sortsof work. They will bind wpli n bin ler
un l him W illi h heimiiii': will.;lileh, fell mid naliicr:
nra fully licensed under "Howe's Kxtcn led Falent."
nnd Hie five from nil iufruigciiHiils. During seven
yeni'H of use they Imve won cmiable reputation
'iifheini' "th best In mil v nnd lii.niul'actiiriiiK ma
; hine in the country." V bnve iiiimnii.us t sti
inouials rend it shoit nnd comprehensive one
from the
Navy Olliee, Wnshinpton. Any. lL'ih, ISil).
(luiitlciin'ii The Sew inif M.ieliin ordered from
you is safely nt hnn 1. nu I Mrs. M. is fully sntislied
with il. As nu evidence nl its simplicity, without di
rections or enpl.inalions, she eon, in nei'l working
w ill) it afler n vat v short trial, and lias not rxperi
: eneed (lie least (lillicnltv in its opeialioii. I clieer
lully ive you my t 'stiuionial iu its fan r.
I nm respecil'iitly, .vour olieilient servant,
I.l. 'III. WW. I,. M,I I!V.
Tin: F.dilor ol'lhe Cluisti in Wntchiu.in nnd He
ll a t'r s iys, "We have s 'en tosiininny in favor of
the Mncliiiie innde by I. add, Webster ,t Co., w hich
li-oliitlie ni"i"ilaiidi' diious chn racier of the writers.
we lire sati-lied could never bnve been nbtaiuvd,
had not the lustrum 'ills fully realiz -d the repi es -n-
I .it ion ot t ne misers ivspernn u : tne.s.. testimon
ials sir from cler;.'y'ni en nnl persons of litjrli inoral
worih nnd intepi itv in the coiiimuuity , w ell known
to our renders, and arc i.f'lhe ino.st llalleriiiL' ehar
ueier." Henry Ward Ue.-rher, of New York Indeiien lent.
Cov. A. (I. Ciirtin. of Fi nn. Horace (iieelcv. New
York Tribuii:;. II n. II, niy ,1. Keyinoni. New
York Tini 'S. Horace H. Iey. India 'liiibber I'at-
cntec. Hon. John P. (Ihiseli'n. dr., .Va lUlk, Ya.
Win. V. Williamson, Chief Kiifriuccr t'. S. Navy,
.b.s 'ph I'. I'icsson, Chief Fill: ill ar for N. Y. City,
F.diti-r Fracticnl Mechanic. Mditor Scieulilie Aun'r
ir.in. 1". lilor Albnnv Atles nnd Areus. Kditor
II dlou's Ficlorial. lalitur New (b lean , I'i-av une.
Kditor New York Kvciihi;; l'osl. rditor llaltimoiv
I'alrioi. Kditor Memphis Kiepiiivr. K iitor Cin
cinnati Kiiquirrr.
1 null the above eminent irenlletn-n and tl is; t ii t;
iiislied sources, we have un pialilicd pr.iis.! nn I llat
terin testimonials of the superiority and reliable
practicability of the ' l.add. Webster A Co. Sjw inir
F.tlieicnl Aenl.s wanted in every town. vYilii a
smalt investment of capital ir ptidilablc bnsin ss can
be redily established. We oiler liberal induce
ments. Any correspondence ref.-,irdiiir our ma
chines will be promptly nnd jrl.idly :m.-vvered; en
close a letter stamp mid we will . eie'. u circular and
sample of work bv return mail.
Aur.sTs run Nun r ii Wkstimin St ati:?,
121 I, ike Street, I nji .stairs.) Ciiicae.ii.
Niifember lath, IStil).
In older to place
MAl'lllNI'.s in Tin: wot:i.o
within the reach of nil, we have reduced one Letter
A., or tiMiisvrrse Shuttle Machines, beautifully or
namented, to .'.ll. v
We would n.sk for tlieni i before piirclinsinir else
where,! the special attention of YcM-ninkrrs. Dress
makers, nud nil those who want Machines for li'riil
in. ilill.'',icl una;.' . ui poses.
Sinper's No. I ec l! Sl indard Shuttle Machines,
both of very general npplic.ftion alt I eapnei'y, nnd
popular in ihe family and iii..iiul'net'.ry. Prices re
diiccd, respectively from Mil.") and l."iO lo tj'.Hl and
MNiint' SO. I! .sI'ANn.Vlltl stitrri.t: AI A ( ' 1 1 1 N i "
I'or Ciirriap'-in ik. is and heavy leather work.
I 'rice, complete, ? I l.V. x
TIIK St.MiKK M A ("111 N' I'.S
makes the int 'rlocbed s'.itch which is the best
sliu h know n. They are uf j;iv:it sjieed, ';i-.ilv uu
.h'lsl iod. simple ill s'.ruoiuiv. of ureal durability,
adapted lo tic h.'i'.vi si ;.a 1 lijrht-v-t oods, tire li:i
ished iii the most pertect in, inner an I in iv he used
for several years w ithout roipiinuir repair.
For Tailoring. Fool nud Shoe-in ikiiifr. llai'ncss
inak'ui'', Carri.iee Trimniiiif, etc. etc.. w ill do more
work, earn more iiioney.au 1 n
of any other maker as a f:il'l.
Wo have always on hand,
Silk. Tvci.-t. l.inen and Cotton
best Machine Oil i:i Unties, e,
-T1.: AH persons i'eiiiiriiiii
Sevv inp Maeliines, their sizes,
piieities, and the best inetlnuls
i cheaper lii. in lie
Heiuininu' (liiairi
Thread i n Spo-i
ioformilieii abet
prices, uorkiiifr c;
l.iucliasuie, er
obtain il by s'udiujt for a copy of
I. M. SIMIKIi ,,- CO.'S C.AZliTTl',
Which is a beautiful pictorial paper entirely dev.
tcl In lie smiled.
IT XV I I.l. UK HUNT 0 1! Al ls.
iii,Au-A-i , New Viiuk,
M uch L'lUh. 1 ST. 1 ll'uf
t.-vV v-'U--'--4'3'--r-
I'law r.erios ok w oiikm xnsiiii' i s.-'ki'assi:ii
Ils simplicity in operation is sueli that a chil l
tell y ears old can use it w ith easi-. Its several pans!
b imr constructed on philosophical principle., it is
not liable to p-t out of order. It mikes a stioue.l
clastic and durable stitch. It sews from two com-
mo ii spoils, and makes I. ut blile noise'.
A II who eonicinplalc l.iix'iutr, or wisa to see Ihe
V.i si Sew inir Machine now in use. are respectfully
inv ited to all on N.H. CAM. AMD, iu w hosj Tailor
Shop ii is now in I'laelical operatiou.
.1. It. liHEUOHY. Au'cnt.
Ociober II. Iejii--2il!i.
hi .,uTt
I '1
' . 1 wn irv
J. F. l'HICI", A flit, Ferry si ui'ir. Ohio.
Noiiee is hen by piven that Kimpson .lone s, s
is'utorof the l.isl w id and lesiaineiil of hkilf Hav
set. ds'., has tiled his account for the tiaal ettle
mcm of sjid estate, bieh nuin r is wt for hcii iii
en ihe li, i day of Junc.lS I . DANIEL FOE
.'lav l.,lMil - 5 ix j - FroUtv Ju l,;!-.
I) U
fi )l I I 111
Would r'svertfullv inform ths citi'-nsof Wood
roitntr thst ho Inm permanently livntcd liimwlf in
Hon blip (bven for the perposo of practiciiifr Medi
cine and Siirecry. In addition to a reiriihir rontse
of s'udy. Mr. S. has niadi: liiinsclf ncuaiiit.'d with
tile so. i i.d moil,, of ,i,iiiijrio,j,g- (li.enseH by nu
cMitnin iti 'ti of tl..iii-in.. orpin pa'icnl lis practise, j
l.v He bit. DU. I KFA.M! l'i:,u,il fomllC hn.nic
liis. -is.-s xvill say unhesitatingly thai by follow ins: ,
Mr. it's practise in such cases, In. has had better;
success than from any olheftn. tlmd of treatment.- - ,
Anioue; the discnx.'S whi.di Dr. S. pr.. fosses to treat 1
successfully in, iv be ui.'ieioiieil the following, viz: :
Dy s.. pria. l,iv,r Coinplniiit. Consumption iu its!
early s'e;ri s. Diseases of the Spleen, As'hini, Spit- 1
timr ol Hn- M od. I'.iljiiialioii ol Ihe lieuil, Kheuina- ,
tini.Wiii,- Swellini;. Dropsy, Scrofulous Discuses, ;
.fiiin lice, Kcm.ile Complaints, iu nil their Varied j
forms, l ow Spirits or Mclnneholv, Fever Sores, !
Fleers, Ac. If ruiticiits with nnv'nfihn above r !
kindred Chronic Dise:,ne will w -ii.l some of their i
urine taken in Ihe inorninj; in urlenn vial, Dr. S. can j
link.' a satisfaetory dieL-no'ds pf the caso nearly us
i o'l ash' the atienl were present. i
Nov. 15. lHin - lPatl'. 1
When Dr. Hol.aek, the renowned Swedish Fhv-
sician, introduced his lllood I'm i li--r and Fills into
the I'nile.l Stales, he set forth iu plain terms their
curative properties. I'his was years airo. 'I he task
of rei'oiiitiK'ndiiii: them has since been taken out of
his bauds. Knlihieiied ineii, whose character for j
sound judgment and philosophy gives (heir opinions '
woijrht in the community, men' who observe, reflect
nnd in ike 'assurance doubly tuiiv," before they de
cide, are evervw here nppmv'ing and urging tlie use
of these wonderful l.l ep.irati. ns. All w ho confide j
in the w isdom and honesty of this class, or who i
ehoos to investigate for themselves, nre now of one j
luindoii this important subject. j
The evidence iu the possession of Dr. llobnek
w hich is at nil times accessible to the public, estab
lishes the foil. liv ing:
I'.vi is ;
Thai Ihe r.l.OOD Fl'lill'IKI! nud FLOOD FILLS
have been proved by aualysi.s lo
That Ihev cure the aliu ist universal coiii.laint,
w ith luvrring certninly, and in a very short tine.
That after nil other medicines have proved useless
thev relieve I.IVKU eoMt'l.AI.ST.
and restore thu health nnd strength of the .sufferer.
who have languished for years in helpless weak
ness and despondency. recuperate with nlnmst mira
culous rapidity under their invigorating operation.
That all Sexual Disabilities are removed by their
cordial and gently stimulating proporii 's. That Ihe v
recruit sti vTt'Ki'.t'n constiti tions.
however, they may have been trifled with and
abused. That th "ir direct t"ii l. ncv is to lengthen
life, and render it enjoyable. That operating di
rectly np.ai the poison of disease in tho'blilod, they
e vrsi: soon to huai.,
and discharge from (he system every taint of Scrof
ula, whether hereditary or otherw ise. That they
itKi itt i r 'i it:: ntitui.iTA'i'KO,
and that there is no disease of the stomach or
bowi Is. the liver, the iiirvous system, the glands
and imisccls, y ,
A I! J S I N (i.FU O M I M F I: H IT! K S OH
i: si:ci!i:tions.
ill which they do not give prompt relief, midgut' ad
ministered before the very citadel cf 'life has been
invaded,) elleel a painless and perfect cure.
Hear in mind that the Scandium inn lllood Fills
are endors 'd by the experience of thousands of liv
ing w Ilo, letter, nllilavit, medical works and word
of mouth proclaim them to be the very lu st prepar
ation ever off Ted lo the broken down victims of ill
health. It haunts iliseese through every avenue
an I e-rgan of the system, and expels it iholiiuglily i
an I pei inaiiciitly. i
Nnonc ran doubt theirsiiperiority nl'terone single
trial - they are not only better, but also cheaper
than any other Pills. f,.'r ii takes a less number of'
them lo nr.i luce a b"tler ellect. I
Price of lh ; I'lirilier. fl per bottle, or $j per half j
dozen. Of the Fills, 2."c. per box, or i boxes for 1 . i
Head Dr. Hob ick's special notices an I certificates :
puiilislie'.l livin lime to tune iu tins paper.
Dr. II .'s .Medical Abu :n ic and l'ainilv Adv iser.
'..iii:tlii.uir a gr. ai aiiiount of valu.-. l;l a'n.l hileres
ting ine-liei.l iiiforinatinii can be bad gratis of any of
bis ngents throughout the country.
In dillieiilt or coin plica te-d cis -s. Dr. Hob.iek mav
oe c.'lisuit '.l p.-i'siin.illv or bv letter, etiol
st;.:ni lor a reply.
A new and delightful
St. iii ichie and Cordial, for
givin;-- Ion '-to the Miituaeh. and f..r tin
of bilious complaints incident to lite We
tern coiui-
try. 1 ry il. I
As a m .ruing drink, to assist digestion and re-li-'ve
Dyspepsia, it has no vipi.il. 'Pry it. j
In llnvorit is .snjv.'ri.ir to nil other Hitters,' Try it.
The fori. ml. i of these !itt.rs, now ( I S.1 1 i the sole
property of Dr. Hob.iek, originated with one of the'
el. lest an 1 most eminent Medical Fraciioiiers of the ;
Wi st, an I it is directly predicate. Iitpon the wants of i
We.-lern people.
These Hilt-is derive their .stimulus from ihe povv- I
erl'ul tonic iiatnie of the roots and herbs of which!
they are composed, and ns they are, by allaying '
unnaliir.il cravings of the stomach, diivt'llv- prom-
olive of TFMI'EHAM'K. '
the present proprietor believes that in making them '
widely known tin' public welfare is subserved.
It w ill so ni ba for sale by all of Dr. Koback's !
numerous Agents, an 1 at II .t-'ls, '0., the country j
over. In the meantime, orders w ill be filled direct '
from ( i i nl i li i o 1 1 In any (piantily, and at the lowest I
rales. It is put up in ('unit 1 lollies, nnd securely I
packed in one doz. eases. Ilalfdoz. sample case's J
will, however, be packed and sent to any address ,if
desired. I
Hetnil Frice, $1 per bottle, or six for $j. :
I'rincipid Olliee nud Sale Hooms, No. 0. cast
Fourtli st., 3d Huilding fnun Maiust., Cincinnati, (). '
Laboratory in Ibiiniuon st.
For s lie in Wood county by Feck it. Hamilton, i
Ferryslnirg ; A . J. (iardne'r ; Co., (iilead ; E. F. !
Turner, Portage ; S. W. Wbitimore, Tontoganv ; '
S. Clvmer, Otnrgn; II. H. Atkins, New Westlield; j
S. L. Hougliuni. Howling (ireen; Hanks A Fuller- i
son, I'emlierville : A. I.ansdale, l-'revporl ; 0. It.;
Hosen lale, West Millgrove; S. H. F.inersoii ; Eagle-
ville : and by druggists and lnerehants generally
thn ugliout the t'nion. 'I'd 4 1 1 1 - " '
M vi-mke City, Ohio,
Ji:i:omk MiitiiAY. Insti-uelor in Accomits. and!
Lecturer on Husiiiess Cnstoius, Ac.
F. Wkm tl, Teacher of Double and Single Entry
Hook Kivpiiur. Fractical and Ornaniental Fen
iiieiishiji, Fen Diawinj.'. Flourisliin', Ac.
Hon. J. M. Asin.itv. lb. n. Asiikii Cook'. M. It.
Hnvi.i-v, und D. H. Ai sns, l.ceiurei's on Commer
cial l.avy.
Hey. tl. A. Aii.vms, I.ectuivi' on Comnwrciat
Hev . C. Hu ll vBis, l.ectuivr on Foliiicul Econ
omv. T E il MS:
For full course, time unlimited $'',i
Same course for I.adies la
For lull course of I'eiiniauship, time unlitnited' -5
Fbirishiiip, IVu l.etlerinfr. Ac., ns pur ni.'1'ccnicnt.
Oood board can be bad in this pl.no from $1.75
to :'.'. ill.
This institution is now pcrin inently situated in
one of the handsomest localities in Nol th-Western
Ohio, su 1 oIll'i'K to its pntriius unpreeedcnled ad-
vantiiires in the way el cninplotinp a tlioi-oujrh
coio'se if Mercantile Instruction.
Our instructions in Hook Keepiur, Connuercial
Calculaiions and Accounts are conducted uHin the
Coiui'.iiijr Hii.ni System, the object of which is to
render t hem purely practical, enabling the student
lo enter at once upon the disebarjre of the most in-
tli. ate business w ith e'ompar.niie eases Students
w ho have graduated from this institution have found
nodillii ulty inoblainiiii;siiiialioiis, givinjentiiv at-
isfaction of their empb. vers.
Lecturer on this subject aiv delivensl repularly
every Thursday evi'iiiuir, by one of our most pmiiu-
Hint' practitioners, K''"i' luir students ihe most
thorough instruction in tiiis important branch.
I'r.ictical and Oinamcntal iu all its varieiies, will
be taueht is the most tboroiifrh and etlicienl mini-
ner. The pood old Spcucurian systemis our stand-
Wc would say, your children can here receive as
full tbonni-rh and coiiijih to a cuiirse of iiistrueliuu
as in any Comuieivial ''ollan-e in ihe I'niled States,
fiv-e n..i ex.MsM.iv to ihos- , enncous niilncuceb
w Inch in lareecities thev aiv liable lo come m contact
w ith. Life Scholars'.iips are issued. Stiidcutscuu
j enter at any time. Diplomas awarded only lo those
I who master lhecoinioof study. Situali.uis pix-ur.'d
f,.r studeiitsus far as Ksible iii.n praduatiup. Uec-
I illici t tl.at the i-xiKiise cf cuiiuilctiitji a course nl iu-
struction iu this instiluliou is less than half that ol
any other. JEUOME Ml kll.il,
l-i?' For fid! particulars send for a Ciicular.
Novciiiher wh I Mrtij 271 v.
texn'iited with ncaniets atid vlispHlcU at ihe
Finyibiuir Jwuul Otiivv.
11 . M'MILLEX'j
May be ctn?ulted freo of chnrpp, at tlte following
times and places I
Foslorin, Hays House, Tiiesdny, .Tilly 2.
Fr.'iic.nl, Kesuler Hotel, Wednesday', July 3.
Fb'i e, Klmore House, Thursday, duly 4.
Toledo, Collins House, Friday, Jtilv b.
IVny.ibury, Kxclmnge Ifotelj Salunbiy Jflly 13
Aro new and different from any ne in tbp r'nite.1'
St.ites.Hinl I ehiilleiipi- any our to produec the gnm.i
sneecs-i that 1 bnve met With iu tifatiii( Clironio
Disensei. My theory is hnsed Uhiu the chemical
operations of the body, bclicvmff ilisenses to depend
upon a clisproportioiiVd eondition of the llui.ls of the
body, whereby the solids hr coffitf unhealthy by
liualysinj' the Mecn tions, blood, &c., of the boely,
nnd (iiviinjr out what is deficient or in excess niict
supplying to the system what m wantinjr. I nm
enahlcd to cure often by n small ainountof medicines,
where the patient has been dnipjfed witli medicines
for loop- venrs to no clloct.
Now Oysjiepsia. iu the pleat majority of cases, de
dends ni limy upon n dispropiirtloned' state of tint
Itastric or dircstive fluids of the stomach. Vhem
this Rnstic fluid is proportioned properly, the food in
thnmiiijly diirested nn I nssimilaled. Viewing Dvs
pcjisia bvtherules of Cln inieopathology, and giving
tiealiuent pceoiditi(jly.I nm enabled to cure 4i) cases
onl of ell. and 4!t cases out 0 of Consuinpation, As
tbinn, lhniiehitis and I.nryntritis,nnd Kiver t'oiir
illaint. Files, Neuralgia. Dizziness or Sick Headache,
Nervous Debility and Fennila .Diseases in every
case h cure, and olhec diseases proportionately.
C-v:'' Dr. MeMillen uses nn improved Inhnlinif In
strunii'iit for the cure of Consumption, Asthma, llron
chilis and I.nrynjritis : by this we can make as pood
an application to the diseased bung and Throat as
we could to a sore anywhere ou the exterior of tho
Dr. M. uses pure Chcinicnpathie nnd llolnnie Itcm-
edies. I lei jrives a mild tonic treatment which acts
cbcmicalh , and assists Nature lo five herself. One
ounce of assistance to Nature is worth a pound of
poisonous urugs to ttie disease.
Consultation nnd advice free.
I n fort nation in regard to my treatment nnd suc
cess call en, or write to:
Mrs. S. II. Abliolt. Foftage, Wood county, Ohio j
Mrs, Hobcrt daeobs, F.aglev ille. Wood comity ,Ohio ;
Mrs. Jesse Hukell, Drowns Corners, Wood county,
Ohio; Andrew Cross, Millgiiive. Wood county, Ohio;
John I ' i: in i ii ins. Hassan, Hancock county, Ohio ; ,1.
:V. Smith. Klinorc, Otlowa county. Ohio: 0. E.
Church, Toledo.!, ucas county, Ohio'.
All commmiiealioiis must bo
directed to Dr. J.
. MeMillen, Cleveland, Ohio.
A N II O () 1) ;
How Host -How Hkstoiicp.
Just publishi'd in a Sealed lCnvelope, '
inal Weaknen.s: Sexual Debility, Nervousness nnd
Involuntary Emissions, inducing Impotency, nnd
Mental nnd Fhvsicnl Debility.
Hy HOIl'. J. CFl.VKHWELL, M. I).,
' Author of the " (jreen Hook," Ac.
The world -renowned author, in this admirable
Lecture, clearly jiroves from his own experience
that tin; n wful coiiseipicnecs cf self-abuse may bo
cll'cctually removed w ithout medicines and without
dangerous surgical operations, boiinies.instrtiinents,
rings or cordials, point ing out a mode of cure at
once certain and elleetiiab by which every sullrrer,
no matter what his condition may be, 'may cure
himself cheaply, privately nnd radically. Thiw
lecture w ill prove a boon to thousands aiid thou
sands. Sent to any address, under seal, post paid, on tha
receipt of two postage stamps, by addressing Dil.
('HAS. .1. C. KLINE, 127 Howery, New York. Post
Olliee box -l,oSt". . ' 7lv
TTVspceinlly designed for the use o
1J Fijls-i si nnd the Fainilv. bnv
of the Medical
intr seperseded
called "Gins." "Aromatic, Cordial," Mod-
ited," "Si'lmamis," etc.. is now eiulni Hed by till ot
the pi'ominunl physicians, transit; iiii'il.einul quul
ities i tonic and diuretic ) vvhi.-b bidonir tu nn old and
pure '(.Jin. Hut up iu pi.ul bottles and sold by all
druggists, grocers, etc.
(IC.-tablisIied ill 177S.) Sole Proprietors,
No. 10 Hivad stis-'et, N. Y.
F. r Sale bv D. S. TiA FINES & CO., No. li Hark
How, nud I'.'D. OU VIS, P'.l! Hnvadwav. New York.
Our long experience and familiarity with the re
enireineiiis of Druggists, nud our superior business
facilities, enable us to furnish them with choice
l.i.piors I'or medicinal nud family use.
For sale bv Peek & Hamilton, "Ferrv.sburg, Ohio.
Jan. l'Uh,'lS00 IbSly.
JANUARY 1, 1S61.
ASSIlTs' :
Cash on band and in Hank -$.'", .r.S7 08
Cash in hands of agents, nud
in course ol transmission ib,l I!) M
Cash loaned on call' -
15,172 P'.l
$120,203 .r.S
Hills receivable for loans, (.inplvseeured--fiil,055 94
Heal Estate, uniueumbereil.lca.sh value.) -15,000 01)
l'''.2ii Shares Hank Stock in Hartford
Market Value 260,652 00
2:nn Shares Hank Stock in New York,
Market Value 187,100 00
1010 Shares Hank Stock in Boston, Mar
ket Value 10-1,700 00
100 Shares Hank Stock in St. Louis
Market Value.. 40,000 00
410 Shares Hank Stock in Hail Hoad and
other Stock, -Market Value (57,600 00
Hartford city Honds, 6 per cents Market
Value SSjOI'O 00
State Stocks, (Tennessee.Oliioaiid Mich
igan,) H per cents, Market Value 15,100 00
57 Shares Slate Hank Wiseonsin, Market
Value 5,700 00
Total Assets f0:t,77l J3
Total I.iabiliries Sa,70(i 4'J!
Insurance nirainst Loss or Damnpe by Fne, on
Dwellinirs, Furniimv, StoresYnrehouses. Merchan
dise, Mills, Manufactories nnd timet any other kind
of property, can be ellbctcd in Ibis Company upon an
favuruhle terms us the nature of the risks and .secu
rity of l'otirv holders will admit.
Fcrry sburF, May 1st, 1801 -lly.
U S 11 & C O
rr vi.tiis is
ft 'D'K iMEi:.,:lit"if,
tMS e--i ..TjM-..;-
t The Fn.pi-ietors of this establishment havhifr hd
; lmii; rxperienee in Uie Marble llusinesg, will war
j rant all work eiiecuted hy them to lie iu the highest
i svde of art, and to
i '
.. 1!nif n,,er that we arc bound not U.b under,
f s;,,,,,, Jiivell v opposiu-the ICbidcnc of f. W.
i v: . v 1 '. . ,u.i
Foster. Mam street. Fostoria. Ohio.
.1. W. Hsilcv, t"'iit for Forrvsburfr.
Fostoria, Dec. lVih, lsiill 33ly.
J.d Foot pUinlilf vs Willanl TiueU deft.
HcfoiM Edwin Tuilhr. J. F. vf Washiinrtoo Iwr.,
WihkI county, Ohio, tin ilia liitbday of Sly,18l,
said Justice 'issued an eider of ai rudiment in th
above action, for thy lum of hi 7-ltW (hdlam debt,
and fifUen dollars pn.bble cosui. JOEL i'OOT.
Wa hi.'lea t J. iiJ 16 Ibil- i

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