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v r i diii j i ik -a r i a v i i ft a i
vsi M K lkfi
i ri i ii - k ri n ri i i tit is . r i i ij vil-( hiisi n i n in i . f i.
O coi ut.
John Uiusol, adm'r v P.ivi 1 CI -vera nulC.itlia
rim' CliMVjTi di'i'M.
On the fir.it il.ty nf July, ;-- 1 , bi-txrei-n 10 o'clock
n. m. nnJ 4 o'clock p. In., on tin? promises, will In?
sold to tlic loplu'st liMJiT, tlio following real cstulo,
m tho properly of Cutlii-riiio Clovers, nml ll.xvi 1
Clovers, iloccnsed: Coniniencinjr 22 rods west iif
tho south-east corner of the north i of Ihc north
west of section 17, township .1, rnnjre tl cast;
thencff west 2d rods ; tlience north SI) rods ! thenco
?nst 2d rods: thenco south Hl rods: iiukinp 13 acres.
Also, conim Micinff nt the south-cost corner of tl ic
north hnlf of the north-wot quarter of section 17,
township S.r.np 1 1 east: thence 22 rods west- tonce
north 80; thence oust Tl rods : thence south HO rods
to tho phiea nf beginning i roiilniniuit H acres tho
property of David Clovers and Catharine Clovers,
llocd. Conditions mid.' known on dnv of site.
joii.v ni'ssia,
Cook, Pricr fc .TotissoN, nti'vs.
May i'Otli, 1S:!1 etwttst 8i.
Edwin Morton, fliinr.llin of Jacob Clovers nod
Mary A . Cloven, ( Minor) vs. Jacob Cleveiv. ct at.
l'y virtue of an r.l. r of s.ile, In m s.iid Court in
the ubove entitled cause, to nr.' issued, directed and
Uelivorod, 1 will offer nt public unction, rn
Monday the 1st il-iy of July, IS..; I,
between the hours of 10 o'clock n. in. and i o'clock
p. in. of s aid day, on the premises, the fc l'owinir de
scribe I real estate, to-wit: That parci 1 of land eoni
uieneiiil MO mtU west of the south-east corner of
tha north bull' of tin' north-west (penter of section
Koventoon, town three north of rant;.' cloven east,
runintr west 88 rods, thence north SO rods, thence
cast US rods, thence south SO rods to the place of
beginning;, con! lininir 1'J ncr.'s : also, that parcel
commeiicintr Us rods west nf tho south-east convr
of the north half of the ii.inli-we.it ;uarterof sec
tion seventeen, town three north of r.mgo cloven
cast, runinjr west 42 roil.-, thence north t-0 ro.ls,
thence cast 42 rods, thence south SO rods to the place
of b "(jinnine:, containing 21 ceres: both of said par
cels of land being situate in Woo 1 county, Ohio, and
the property of said Miners, Terms made known
on day of sale. EDWIN' GORTON.
Ouur lian of Jacob and Mary A. Clovers.
(ti?o. Sti'.ain, ntt v.
May 20, lStil .1wl'-'5,05
Steuben Eldi idcre ndir'r, vs Josi tdi Crane.
By order of an alias order of sale, issued, and to
me directed, from the Court of Common Pleas of
Wood county .Ohio. I shall expose to public sale lit the
door of the Court House in l'cn vsburp,
On Saturday, July 6. 1801.
between tho hours of 12 in. and 2 o'clock, p. m.. the
following described lands and tenements situete in
Wood county, nnd Stale of Ohio, to-wit: The cast
half of the the north-west quarter of section thii'ty
ix, town five, nnjrc twelve caat : coot itniriit eighty
acres. Appraised nt $2,000. l'ETEIt 1:11.1.,
Juiii 3, 18 il 552 ISO. Maskr Coiu'r.
Mi's. M. A. Carpenter would respectfully ennouncc
to the 1 idies of Perry sbura; an I vicinity that she has
. removed her Millin'erv Store to the house form-rlv
occupied bv Eliz i P. Jonos. on Front street, where
there will be found a beautiful assortment of millin
ery goods. Mrs. C. will keep constantly on hand a
large variety of
lionnets, " Ribbons.
I'lowors. Uuchcs,
Hats, Caps and Flats,
In fact everything pertaining to the millinery line.
She is also prepared to Cut, Kit and make Dresses,
Capes, Cloaks, Talmas an I Children's Clothing.
llleaching anil Pressing done to order.
I.adios will find it much to their advantage, by
giving mit call berore pureh asing elsewhere.
April 21, lSril-51 Mrs. M. D. CARPENTER.
Notice is hereby iriven that on tin 1 l!h
day of Juno next, tit the bouse of John II. Ford,
in Perry Tcwn-Jiio, 1 will let to the lowest bidder
in sepal'. ite seel ion.;, the ci iking of drain No. 10,
comin ,'ir ing nb -ut (iU rods w est of tho south
post of section 11, toan 8 north . range 12 cast;
thence northerly and north-cast rly to a point near
tho c?nt"rof the south-east quarter of section 1, in
tcibl Township. Tho sections arc 20 rods each in
length ; tho bottom to bo & feet, and slopes 1, rise to
I'.jbase; the. earth to be thrown U feet beyond the
Th j whole to b; com;d 'ted by the 1st of October
next, to tho accept me' of th f'oiin'v O.ninrs-inn-crs.
Auditor's Office, Wood countv, Ohio.
Perry.sbnrg, May 2 I I Sril J w."? 1 50.
Low I'ricis nml !o:t(!y I'ay
Having purchased the entire tock of GROCER
IES form jrly owned by Ooo. W. Hotieiibcck.JI will
continue business
Whera, having replenitbcd the .Ptock with a large
I am now prepared to nuppl r the citizens of Tcrrya
burg, and surmuntlimj country with
Groceries and Provisions
Of the choicest kinds and at the cheapest iiossible
firiees. Those wishing to purchase nnythiug in mv
ino will fin I it t o their advantage to give me a call,
.as everything I soil will bo "
I have on hand, also, a largo and well eo'.tctod
stock of
which I warrant to give satisfaction or no sale.
Icnl Ice 1 Ice! I have hand a largo supply
of choiea Lake Ice, which may be obtained at all
times on reasonable terms.
tf"AU kinds of produce taken in exchange fur
gods. j. li. WERU.
Perrysburg, Nov. 29, 18(56 tf
An entire slock &f New Goods bare recently been
opened by the subscriber, consisting of all tho vari
eties of
Hats and Caps,
I'utty, White Lead,
Powder, Khot,
Tea, C'oflee,
Sugar, Molasses,
Roots, Shoes,
Bonnets, i'urs.
Candies, Cloves,
Ginger, Spice,
Cinnamon, Raisins,
Essences, Nutmegs,
White Fish, Cod Fish,
Flour, Meal,
nnd numerous other articles on hand, to be sold
as this is tho onlv method which allows tho mer
chant to veil CHEAP.
Wheat, Corn,
Barley, Buckwheat,
Potatoes, Apples,
Butter, I.ard,
Beeswax, Beef,
Pork, Hides,
Skins, Furs
II.xip Poles.ic.
will be purchased or taken for Goods.
V. B. I shall also be connected with the, Stor
age, Forwarding and Commission Uusincss of this
puce, and hope to merit the conJidenee and nnprc-
t....: . . . i . ' , i i. irni-otr
pauou oi ioe peouiu, a, jcuu.ui.
May, 1881 ly.
The Board will bold their uext regular sessions
lor i lie exaiiiinuuou oi i earners, us iuiiowsi
T,tj ... I.,l
In addition :a the usual coursu, Teachers will here-
ft... U.r.iuiiiuil in A mMrifiin lliul.trw
IV. t v ........... . - - - . ' . ,
No applicant will be examined whom not present
... .fl ... O '!.. 1, m.-
' J, W, WooPBCBy, Clerk,
Itavinx replcnis'.icil enr o!u -o ni'.'i new types
t'lroochout, wo are now pronar-d to rxecut-' Job
Wovk, suoh as Posters, Safe liills, rrnriainuies.
Invitations, Cards, LaUls, Pamphlets, nil
kinds lil 'nks, c. in the most satisfactory manner.
Orders tilled at short notice, nnd on reasonable
AnvEtiTisiso, lrr
One square
4 colunm 2.50
'a column 4.50
One column 6.50
A deduction of 5 per com, from the above rates
will be made for Cash.
The space occupied by ten lines of the type com
posing the body of the advertisement will be a
All Transient tulven'.sements must b; paid for
In ndranoo to insure publication.
A Iver.'isem onts inserted wiiti tbcni.uk '"tf," will
be charged for until ordered out.
When yearly mtvertis 'moots mv inserted four or
more chtinpcs' will be allowed.
J. W. UAII.EY, l'rtii.i:ui;:H vsn ri!oi'iai:Toi:.
C V li V A X V S J V. V I ' 1 : 11 H t) X ,
Attorney at Law . PKiiisYsr.t uo, Onto. Office
in East end of Raird II 'Use Puil ling. Will nltciul
promptly to all business entrusted to his care, tl'
l. W. II. DAY. T. W. tit n illXsOX. J. !'. I'll. I. Alls.
DAY, Iirr('l!lS()X I'll.LAItS
Collecting and Real Estate Aleuts.
Will attend promptly to all buslncs eulruilod to
tlicir c.tio. Oiliee over W. J. llitelicoek's store,
PciTysburg, Wood County, Ohio. '01-Ii'tf.
.1 MKS Ml liKA V. P. H. Sil.KVlN.
MU It K A Y .V S I. I", V 1 X ,
A T T O H N K Y S AT 1, A W .
Will ntt 'li I promptly to nil Legal laisine: a cn
trusted to their care in Woo I coin' v. Oiliee in (he
Perry jburg Hand Ruihling. lVnysburjr, Ohio, tf
u. II. UOIHIU. .1. K. TYI.EIt.
DO 1) Ci V. .t T Y I, H I?,
Attoisnf.ys at Law, IVrry.sburg, Ohio.
Particular attention paid t.i Conveyancing nnd
Not"rial Uusincss. Als", for sale, largo quantities
of Land in Wood and adjoining counties. 'CO-tf
AS!!l:ll COOK. J. K. l'KlCU. H. V.-. .HHISsOS.
ntioK, puit'i: c johxwox,
V ArroiiXKYS at Law, l'eiiy.bing, Oliio.
Will promptly attend to all Lav," business i ntrus
ted to their care. H ive for sale large quantiti 'S of
1. imt, utonuOTg well unproved tai ins, which v. ill be
sold on casv torn.-.-' 'OH-ltf
( 11 ) It (i E H T K A I X .
VV Attoiixhy At Law, Perrysburg, Ohio.
Will e.'.ien. I to nil business en. rusted u bis cure
in the several Courts of Ohio. Ciiiee v. i.!i ,b hn
Rates, 2nd itru'.t. '60-'. tf
) i'. t i: it n r. s. ii ,
JL Attohsky at Law, and Notaiiy Pi iu.tt'.-
w ill aibnd prentitly to all business ininis'od to his
c.iro. Oiliee in too Court House with Cook, Price ii
Johnson. Nov. 2'J, J SKI l v.
IX . J . II O W I'. I, I. s ,
1-tf Rowling Cireeii, Ohio.
DK. .1 . It . S BI I II ,
Ruwi.i.sii (iiiEKN, AVood County, Ohio.
All calls will be promptly attended to, both day
and night. ' YiO-ltf '
1 A I II I) II ) li !? IC.
i C. C. RAIRD. Piioi'UiETOit,
1-tf Pel rvsburg, Ohio.
1)i:iIRYs'IU'IUi I'lAMXti rtni.i.,
DANIEL UNUKY, I'ltoiMttf.Tort.
Jl innl'o.eliires to order, und keeps constantly on
li.iiKt. a general supply ot
Doors, r- isu, litmus an:l i indow Miailes;
Pino, Wliit ".vool mil A-h I'iooiing;
Pine mi l Whit owood Doors.
iMI km ls ot I'l.ANlso done to order, orders
promptly filled at Toledo prices, or, in homo case.-;,
uclow t ie in. ou-tl
The undersigned, feeling thankful for past favors
takes tois opprtunr.v oi iniormiug the ladies toat
she has just rei'eivod the latest opening stvles of
lionnets, 11 its, Ribbons, Flowers, and nil kin. Is of
Miliioei v goods com.an.Iv on hand, u or.; done to
order, at form t prices, at h -r usual place of re:
d:iiee. Ladies please call an 1 see for vonrselves
lin.l ANN E. FOWLER.
7" AT C,i C JJ)C li,
a n d
Y !
Carefully repaired by
W . F . P 0 M E R 0 Y ,
At I'EitKYsuL'itu Bank IU'ilding. '00-ltf
( Formerly H. P. DecrrafT,) No. 87 Bowery, New
York, extending 241 feet through to No. 05 Cheery
street, and six stories in height, making it
in the United States, nnd filled w ith 1'urnaturo t
all grades, r rum tho best Parlor to the common
Kitchen, which we are determined to sell at the
small profit of five per cent., and no Deviation,
hoping, bv tins plan, to increase cur uusincss sut
ficient to counterbalance the difference in profit.
.Rosewood Parlor Setts, from $S0 00 to $100 00
Mnho;:. and Llack alnul Parlor
Setts from S30 ODtoSl.'O 00
Rokcwood Bcd-rooin Setts, froin-$50 00 to $250 00
Miihour. and lilack alnut Red-
room Sets, from $25 00 to S150 00
Enamel Chamber Setts, frnm" S22 OOtoSlaO 00
Oak and alnut Dnnnsr Setts,
f rom $25 00 to S2i0 00
Hair Mattresses from 7 00 to S 25 00
Spring " " $ 3 60 to S 10 00
March 13lh, 1H81 15ni3
A. J. Garpmeh Co.. Druggists.
Gilend. Wood Co., Ohio.
Hnvo received a large stock direct from New
ioik, consisting in part ol 1 Ai.vrs oi an Kinds,
L.1NSKKD, t ANSI'RS, .MAC1IINK 811(1 t OA!. I'lLS, 1' lll-
niti'KK, Coach, Dkmau, and Japan Varnish.
Pai.nt, Varnish, Sakii, Whitewash, Siriiiiiinu
and Lami- 1!i;i siiks.
Dye Sit'Fi'S, like Joseph's cent, of many colors.
Glass of all Sizes, Prri Y, Sand tuul Emkkv
Patkm, TritPENTiNK, Alcohol, Castor and Swkkt
Oils, English Currants, Prunes, Tamarinds, and
Unisons, Spice, Pepper, Cinnamon by the lb. oruiat.
Ginger, Cloves, Ground nnd Extract of Cutl'ee,
Chocolote and Cocoa. Stan h by the lb. or box.
A lino assortment of Pekfi'mkry So.vrs and
flavoring extracts.
A large assortment of Ti re Memcinks nnd
Chemicals, and Til Ion's celebrated Medicines for
Physicians use.
Wo are selling a fine article of Coal Oil, free
from smoke or smell, nt Tin per gallon.
Lnnm from five shillings to two dollars.
Wo 'believe in the principles of Poi'i i.ar Sov
REKi sty and Pay as vol oo, an I shall hold our
Stock strictly for Cash or Ready Pay, and will
take all kinds of Grain and Produce iu exchange.
Patent Medicines of every kind,
Gilead, May 0, 18tUtf.
0 0 L
18 6 1
We feel grout confidence in announcing to Wool
Growers and Merchants that we possess unsurpass
ed facilities for receiving, grading and selling Wool,
which will be done
Will be mado on receiving wool.
8 Sacks will bo seut to thoso who with to
No efforts will be wanting t i merit the patronage
of those who have Wool to sell,
Cleveland Wool Dfpot Co.,
3w4 Omce. No. 107 Buuk St., Cleveland, 0.
Ayer's Ague Cure.
Perrysburg Journal.
The War on the Union.
Wednesday's Dispatches.
To- lav V ilisi'-.'.lclii'H tmlii ntc tliut (Ictiot'nl
I.yoli lins liii'l grout succcts ill Uis i-lmso nf
Ur the traitor, Gov. Jackson, of Missouri.
llo conipletcly routed tlio iclx.1 lorccs nt
Hoonovillo, killing ninny nnd i-.ii'turitij; n
largo number of jirisoi'.i'ru. Jackson ijtno
niiiiiotislv lied, p.8 n'so did Gen. Price. Ti e
loss of V'cdral truoi'8 is r.ot jiosilividy stal
ed. Tho piU ticulars of tho iMigyyeino-nt are
tints (viven Ly tclegtar.h: "Gen. Lyim l;md-
cd four miles below lloottevillo, nnd
otiftii'd a heavy eaiiiionado a;e,uinst tlio reb
il.i. who retreated and dispersed into an ud-
jiteent wood, from wl'.eiiee, hidden behind
the bushes and trees, they opened a bi itk
lire 0:1 our troo; n. (leu. Lyon tlien otdcii'd
a li.tsty i'i treat to t lit: boal.s; and the rein i,
ciu oui ii!,'ed by this inovitueiit, rallied and
followed tho tvooiis into a wheat field. Gen.
I. von now halted, and faced his troop: a-
botit, and bringing; the whole force of his
utillcry to bear, ("eticd a iniiideroi's lire
on the rebels, a lar;e number of whom were
killed. The balance lied i:i all directions,
leavin;; their arms on the lieffl. Gov. Jack
son viewed the battle from a distant hill,
and fled for arU unknown after the defeat
of his forces."
A light has taken place at several points
in the neighborhood of Washington, and the
prospect is that there will be warm work
there before many days elapse. The first
regiment of Ohio volunteers was fired 011 by
the rebels near Vienna, abonl -I miles from
Fairfax, 011 Monday niht, in which ei'ht or
ten were killed the killed, wounded and
missing amount in;e; to about twenty. It ap
pears that the train, upon which the Feder
al troops were being, conveyed in the direc
tion of Vienna, was fired upon from 3 mask
ed balUries, which commanded the road,
and which had not heretofore been discov
ered. Anions tho number killed was Mr.
U.in:es, editor of die Cirelevilie (O.) Ih rahl.
There lias been a skirmish also at Con
rod's Ferry, on the l'obmiae, not far from
.( es.hur;;, iu which the rebels were repuls
ed with a slight loss. Gen. l'attcraon'a di
vision baa been ordered back to Washing
ton. Gen. Duller seems to bo making a for
ward movement from Fortress Monroe.
There was a report that tlio rebels intend
ed to attack our troops at I'hiHippa, Va., Imt
it needs confirmation. The Ohio 20th occu
py the road between Wheeling and Graf
ton; the 19th and 22nd are stationed on the
road between Farkersburj.1; and Webster.
The Cleveland Ila-ald uf Monday states that
on Sunday a fleet of twelve liht-diauyht
steamers passed down the Ohio river from
I'itU,l)'.irr. Tlii y were chartered by (he
Gevernnienl, but their exast destination was
not known. It supposed their movements
are some way connected wilh a project lo
rout the Bcecssitm camps up Kanawha riv
er. We shall watch, with interest, for the
result of this expedition.
Thursday's Dispatches.
The news from Western Virginia indicates
lively times for the Government troops.
The rebels have taken post at Piedmont in
large force, a place abuut 2i miles west of
Cumberland, burning a railroad bridge and
cutting off coiiunuuieatiou between the In
diana Zouaves and the main body. The ex
a.t stretujth of tie enemy is not known, bul
it is supposed to be between five and six
thousand strong. The bridge was guarded
by 40 Marylanders from Cumberland, who
had one field piece. When the rebels ad
vanced, they poured shot into them until
their gunners were killed. All but two of
the defenders are reported killed.
No advauee has yet been made on Vienna
or Fairfax. The Federal troops are now en
camped where tho batteries were located
which fired into Col. Sehenek's Ohio regi
ment. Fairfax has been evacuated aa well
as Vienna, by the rebel troops. At tho lat
ter place they destroyed all the railroad
buildings and much private property, the
latter belonging to Northern men. JJrowu-
1 11, the avenger Col. Ellsworth's assassina
tion, has been appointed a Lieutenant in the
regular service. Gen. Lee, Jell'. Davis und
Beauregard were at Manassas Tuesday.
There is 110 doubt but that the rebels arect
ing batteries at important points on the Po
tomac. They hope to control the naviga
tion of the river, and expel Federal vessels
from its waters, closing up tho connection
with tho North except by Annapolis. Per
sons arrived from Richmond (state that the
rebels are making gigantic preparations for
the dc fen uo of Lielunond. It tieeiiis as tho'
the fust great stand would bo made at that
place. Masked batteries are placed at ad
vantageous points, and not less than oO.OOO
rebels are in about the city,
A special dispatch to the St. Louis Re
publican gives further particulars of the
battle at Hooncville, and the dispersion of
the rebels. The Federal troops landed fiw
miles below tho rebel encampment. The
latter had a battery near Huoneville, point
ed towards the river; but it was circumven
ted by the Federals and proved useless.
Gen, Lyon immediately advanced on tho re
bels, and was met in a lane where the firing
commenced, lialanco of inscription sub
stanii.dly as given in yesterday report. It
is believed that the number killed is quite
small. An account, represented to bo offi
cial, puts the number killed at 20, and Fel
eral troops 2 killed, nine wounded and one
missing. Tho rebels numbered 2,000 and
it is said lost 1,500 stand of arms, a consid
erable quantity of ammunition und stores,
and a number of horses nnd mules. Gen.
Frico resigned and went homo previous to
the battle. Gov. Jackson is supposed to be
in Arkansas. It is thought tlio rebels will
mako a stand at Lexington.
Tho Chicago Tribuneh&R intelligence that
Col. Curtis' 2d Iowa regiment, learning that
there were secessionists ut Savannah, Mo., 'M
miles north of St. Joseph, who had driven
out or imprisoned nil tho Union men in tho
towu, went there on Monday, with -100
troopH, and at'ler a slight sorinirn:'..''
which two rebels were killed, put t'li.'i
. i'i i
rorhls, il'.sanitii':: ! he MvcHsion'si. nnd
ing the niusl'.cls to ihc Cnioi tm 11.
Friday's Dispatches.
The indications of to-day's dispatclyvs are
really war-like, nnd a great buttle in Mast
rrn Virginia is possible any moment. The
movement of troops from Washington into
Virginia, Thursday ccning, was a lively af
fair. Heauregard is reported to I e advanc
ing towurd the Potomac Well, we sup
pose we shall have to wait another day for
some thing really exciting.
Interesting from California.
Late advice from California state that the
Legislature adjourned on the 20ih of M iy,
hiving been in session loil days. A bill
1 O'OV i i ! le- for o il'i'. ':ll
ert'.oll ol IlV.'inoers
e.'eate 1. A bill to
of Con-.;c- i had been
district the Si ue on the basis of the l.i-d
ictistis, for members of the LegislaD'.re, be
came a 1 r.v. It reduees the representation of
the mining counties, and gives the prepon
derance of power to the ngrieultmv.l dis
tricts, the former having declined in pop'.'.
lation. The coal mines of Mont Diablo ate at
tracting much interest. Mont Diablo is for
ty miles N. 11. of Sin Fran is, o. The mines
are found iu a western spur of the moun
tain, which juts out toward the San Joaquin
river. These deposits are most easily work
ed. As far as explored, they lie at an ele
vation of from -100 to 1,200 feel. No water
has appeared in any of the cins. The one
upon which most labor and money have been
expended, is the Cuuibei land, which is gel
ting out and (-.ending to maiket twenly-live
tons per day. The total consumption of
coal in California is ascertained to bo about
tr'lUIOt) tons, of which 72,000 tons weio im
ported last year.
Military movements are beginning to be
active. Col. Liiipitl, a hero of the vigilance
war. is en leavoriug to raise a hatlnllion to
be offered t t!i'.' Govcriimenl. Col. J. I
Stevenson lias written to the I res-ilenl, ol
fering to reel nit a regiment which will be
ready for active nervice, shortly after he re
ceives a letter ol acceptance. I lie seces
sionist' had protested against the founda
tion of I'nion clubs, and threatened t i
organize themselves into opposition clubs,
lit lie- nests of trujeon and rebellion. The
I'nion dub niratigemeitls were continued
notw ithslandii!
eveial thousand had
joined in San Francisco, 1,200 in Sacramento,
and in every town and mining- camp a club
for the I'nion was about being formed.
The San Francisco 7'inns charges that
Gov. Downey conspired, a month or Iwo
ago, with certain seeeilei s, to take California
out of the Union : that an insurrection was
agreed on, nnd that Gen. Shields oll'erred lo
dike command of the army to bo raised.
Ni ilhcr Downey nor shields have many re
ply to this charge, but the Governor has
authorii d a reporter to soy (hat it is untrue.
Interesting from California. Sketch of Gen. Scott.
The Chicago Tribune i-oys thai el. feeble
iu body, but clcariiilnded and vigorot n iu
intellect as ever, Genera! Scott is now cheer
fully undergoing labors that would overtax
the strength of many far his juniors in H'e
and in service. An early hour finds him
surrounded by aids and advisers, and 110I
until a late hour docs the woik euuo. Tho
bustle and din of the cily and camp arc
hushed at nightfall, but not for many hours
later does the head-quarters of the Lieuten-aut-Gcneral
lose its features of activity.
The scene on the day in question was one
on which the pencil of a Leitlze would dwell
lovingly to the production of u painting
that should bo vivid history. General Scott,
suffering more than usual by an attack of
the gout, lay half reclining upon a lounge
drawn into the centre of a large apartment,
his feet resting upon pillows.
About the old chieftain, whoso massive
frame seemed more impressive from the
contrast, wero gathered men in uniform of
army and navy, eminent citizens in the plain
black civilian's dress, while hero and there
one whose dress and features told of rough
service on r-ome errand, whose results were
now to be reported to the modification or
comprehensive plans of Iho War Depart
ment. On (ho wall opposite the lounge occupied
by General Scott were suspended two large
military maps of Virginia and Maryland,
with all their careful details, closely repre
senting tho country, its features, accesses,
fastness and approaches. It was noticeable
that about Harper's Ferry, llichmond and
Norfolk were drawn largo circles, within
which tho details became more minute, with
symbols and feigns abundant, of signilicence
to military men, tho key to which belongs
to the War oiliee.
By Gen. Scott's side lay a long reed
which he made use of in pointing to differ
ent localities on these maps. Aids, amanu
cness, advisers, were nil busy, quietly and
all widioul stir or confusion. In that room
and on such scenes and scenes and consul
tations hang safely the fato of this war in
the speedy and condign punishment of trait-
Camp Dennison.
Tho authorities ut Columbus are frequent
ly put in false position by oliicera who send
three months' U. 8. soldiers from Camp
Deimison there with instructions to demand
payment from tho Slato Treasury. Tho
State 1ms no more to do with their payment
than with the payment of troops til Camp
Defiance, Cairo. It is surpribing people do
not learn that Camp Dennison is exclusively
a United States Camp. The State authorities
have not now either eon'rol of or anything
to do with tho management of that Cain!.
No order has ever been issued by Gov.
Dennison respecting it, except upon specific
instructions from tho Federal War Depart
ment, making him the special agent for tho
General Government.
tfyy-Tho receipts of specie in New York,
from England, were over two nnd a quarter
millions of" dollars on the 5th instant. This
is unprecedented.
History of Our Flag.
Lev. Dr. pi -ten n, of II bury, in his tier
uio.i of Apid 2;J;h, upon thee text, " And iu
li e l.-.i'oe of enr Go 1 we will to t up our
btniieis," nave the subjoined t.ketch of our
llag, which thrilled the heart id' every one
who listened to it. The sei lnon w as printed
iu t'ae Uoxbury Jtjurmrf :
The history of our glorious old ling is of
exceeding interest, and brings back to us a
throng of snored and thrilling nnsooiatioi'.'i.
The b tuner of St. Andrew was blue, charge 1
with a white ullier or cross, iu the form of
the letter X, and was used in Scotland as
early as the eleventh century. The banner
of St. George was white, di nged with the
red cio;s, und wn used in F.agl.ind as early
as the (irst pal t of the fourteenth eentuvv.
I!y a royal proclain it'.oti tinted April 12ili.
1700. (Itet.e two crosses were joined togeth
er upon the same banner, forming the ancient
natioaal H.i ; of Hag kind. It was mt until
Ireland, in I MM. w.e in.', !e a rait of Great
I'-rit iili, that Iho present mi iotod llag of
llngi.Uid. :.i well known as I 'u ; ...'
was co'iiph ! '.1. Poll il was the tuisii'iit It,' -
ol Lngland t lat eonstilitto.l th basis of our
own American baimor. Various other lings
hod in Iced boon raise 1 at different titties by
our colonial a:. c't-iors. Hut liiey were 110I
particularly a ioe!ated vil)i,n- at least. ere
not incorporated into, and made pari of, the
destined "stars and stripes.' It was after
Washington ha I token cennna'id of the
fresh niiiiv of tho devolution, ut Cambridge
that (.lanitary 2, 177i'0 he uui'urle 1 before
lliem the new llag of tlerl -on stripes of al
ternate re l and while, having upon one of
iU corners the red and white ero des of St.
G-'orge and St. An hvw, on a field of blue.
And lii's was iho si in. l,r,-. which was bone.'
into the city of Itoston when ii was evacu
ated by the Peii'sh troops and was ouieve I
by the American army. Uniting, as il did,
the II.ks of P.uglandnud America, i I showed
dial t:ie eoloii.es ere not yet prepared t"
sever di" t o 1 10.I lio.tn 1 llieia to pie mother
country. !y Pi.it union of lings they i l. tim
ed to lie a vital an I substantial part of the
empire of Giv.ii lli itain, and (Ionian le I the
right and privileges which such a relation
iinplie I. Vet it was by these Ihi'.'leen
niripos thai th"y made known the union (.s i
of die thlrU'eii colonies, the sti ipes of white
declaring the purity and innocence of their
cause, and the nliipes of red giving forth
defiance to cruelly and oppression.
On the fourtecni'i dov ol -I it 1 if . 177". it
Was rcsoho.l by Coicrre n, ''I'll..! Il.e f!;ig of
1'ie thirteen Cnile.l State:? bo thirteen stripes
abernioc red and while, nnd thai iho union
iie I'iMiee.i while sto.rs iu the blue field.'
Tills ro.-.tthiiloil was ion le prl lie Sop!. ;,
1777, an 1 die i.og Inil was ;it 111, l ie and
used in pursuance of it was that which led
Pie Americans lo victory at Saratoga. II -re
the thirteen stars were arranged in a chi le,
as we sometimes see then now, in order
belief to oNprcs (he idea of Iho I'nion of
Ihe St o.l 'S. In 1 7!1 1, there hav ing been two
more new Slates added to the I 11iot1.it was
voled that the alternate snipes, as well as
iho circling' slurs, be fifteen iu number, and
the llag as thus altered and enlarged, was
the one which was borne through all the
contests of Pie war of 1 S 1 '. Put il was
thought that the I lag would al length become
too large if a new .stripe should be added
with every freshly 11 hnitted Stale. It was
therefore enacted, in 1818, llial a permanent
return should lie made lo the original num
ber of thirteen stripes, and that the number
of 1, tars should henceforth, correspond to
tho growing number (if Slates. Thus liie
llag won! 1 syniliolcco the I'nion as it might,
be al any gixen perio I of iis history, and
also as ii was at the very, hour of its birth.
Il was ul the same time suggested 1 1 1:1 1 these
stars, iii. ilea. I of being avr iuged in a circle,
be firmed into 11 silicic star a suggestion
which we necu'.ioiii.ily sec adopted. In line,
11 parlii ul.ii- order seems now lo bo observ
ed wiili re-pec! to tin.' an c.Ugcincli! of ihe
eon.,le!!,;lion. Ii is enough if only the whole
number ho there upon dial a1. tire fold---the
blue lo be ctublemai ii:al of perseverance,
n I 111.-,:
each Mar to glortiy
it max- 1 epn .-.cut, and
Ihe glory of iho S
the w hole to be ohioo.etii forever of a Union
that must be 'one and inseparable.'
Time would fail me lo enter more largely
iiilo Ihe delailt; of this history, llnoitgh has
been said to show, iu some satisfactory
measure, the sources xx hence the materials
of our llag xvere drawn. Tho old banner ol
England contributed its colors. Great men
mudc it their study. Washington, Franklin,
Morris, Adams, Sherman, and many more of
their immortal compeers, gave it their Iho't
and (are. And Pun it Ice U to be male
fact iu the world by tio conllicts, bloodshed,
and victories of a seven years' war. It is
Iho flag that was gazed upon by the patriots
of 'Iho times that tried men's souls.' Jt is
the llag xvhieli they bo;o and followed into
the thickest of the 'light. It is Ihe ll.ig which
I hey loved and honored, and whi'-h al last
they compelled their proud enemies I 1 ac
knowledge ami respect. 1 1 is the llag which
became Ihe symbol of our national indepen
dence and glory.
And what precious associations hai'O clus
tered around il since! Not alone have our
fathers net up this banner in the name of
God over the well kuoxvn battle fields of Pie
J'cvolution, and over the cities and towns
which t'cy rescued from despotic rule ; but
think where also their descendants have
carried it reel raised it in conquest or pro
tection! Through xvhal clouds of dust: an.
smoke it has passed what storms of shot
and shell what scenes of fire and blood!
Not alone at Sir.itoga, at Monmouth nnd at
Vorktoxvn, but nt I. mule's l.uiio and New
Orleans, at lleuna Vista and Chepultapcc.
It is the s.uno glorious old llag which, in
scribed xvilh the dying xvords of Lawrence,
"Don't give up the ship," was hoisted on
Lake Krie by Commodore Perry just on ihe
eve of his great naval victory tho same
old llag which our great chieftain bore iu
triumph lo (ho proud city of tin; Aztecs and
planted upon the lueghts of h-r national
palace. lirave hand raised it above the
eternal regions of ice iu the Arctic seas, and
have set ii up on liie summits of tho lofty
mountains in the distant West. Where has
it not goic, tho pride of its friend-i and
tho terror of its foes? What countries and
what seas has it not visited ' Where has
not the American citizen been ahle to st v.
beneath ils guardian fol Is and defy the
world? Willi what joy and exultation sea
men and tourists have gazed upon its stars
nnd stripes, read in it (lie history of their
nation's glory, rocoi'od from it the full soiu.e
of security, and drnwu bom it tlio inspira
tions of patriotism ! liy it, how many have
sworn fealty to their country!
What bursts of magnificent iloquenco it
has calle 1 forth from Webster and from Ev
erett xvluit lyric struma of poetry from
Drake and Holmes ! lluxv many heroes its
folds have covered in death ! lloxv nini.V
have lived for it, and how many havo diod
for it! IIoxv many, living and dying, have
said in their euthu.iia.-itio devotion to its
honor, like that young wounded suiforer in
the streets of Ikiltimore. "0! the Hag -tho
Stars and Stripes!" And wherever that
Hag has gone it has been the herald of
belter day. Jt has been the pledge of freo
doin, of justice, of order, of eivili.ation and
of Christianity. TyrauU only have hated it,
and tho enemies of mankind alone have
trampled it io tho earth. All, who sigh for
the triumph of Truth and Righteousness,
luve and salute it.
An Extraordinary Document-
The Countermine of the Southern Slave
[From the Buffalo Courier.]
We are permi; ; J tj ubllsh the follow
ing cir ulur, received yesterday by Hon.
M ilia'' I Fillmore, and bearing the postmark
of some? oiliee in South Carolina. We be
speak n careful rea ling :
UKUt, t'OSIlKH and 1'i iKsr.
It is thought, by man)' at the North, Put
we a! the South are standing over 11 maga
z.iue of stupendous magnitude, that only
w tints tho appliiatioii of a match t 1 spn-i I
rtthi, disaster it'id death, throughout the
whole length an I breadth of the Confeder
acy. Northern papeisof w i do spread pop
ularity that may he supposed to rcl'.eet public
s "i 1 1 111 i".i t , to some oxlcnl at least, tire biig-ge-t'ng
in uniiiis'ukablo term-i the propriety
of applying the match. Men of the North,
beware! You who would s a, e Pic id'.e. ti
ding of oceans of b'nod, stay your 1 e.thh-.s
hands, hold iu check your envenomed
I n git"s, restrain pour salanie press. For
wl'i'tiever the attempt is made lo carry on,
that fiendish sitggeoi ioit--.v suggestion wor
thy tie" lowest, the me 't:e.., the mo.-i sueak
in g. and at the same iime I ! ! thirst v d-c'ioii,
that i'cr buffeted the billows of he:! in
the manner in b.ea'e 1. the comba.-'lil'le ma
terials of which that magiV'.ine is compose. I
will be so saturated wil'i blue! that nil the
tires ol lo ll it-.ell could not ignite them. Li
other words, win-never the sl.iscs in the
Harder r-lao Slates are inclined to escape
from their ow tiers by hundreds and thous
ands for Ihe purpose of Inning Shar v'c
Ifiilesaud Coil's Pevolvers placed iu their
hands, and marched back to butcher while
men, women nnd children ; win never the
.-.laves in the Gulf Stales are incited to ser
vile insurrections and the prospect bids fa'r
for their bein ; converted into d 'nions in
carnate, then the s'ave owners 111 tin- toutli
will be ready to sacrifice every slave from
w hom dan ;er may be apprehended, even
though il involve a destruction of every
m lie clave oxer the ago of fifteen years, cl
oven younger ihau that, if the necessities of
the ease may seem lo rcquiic it; and w il
I eg hands will be found (o execute the
Mi o ly deed. Pefore Southern men will
sillier themselves, their wives and their lit
tle ones to ho buteherel, and their daught
ers worse than butchered, by fiends iu hu
man form, belore they will suffer to any
c-'ii -idi rabli' e::lenl die horrors of servile
in sin ii e, ,on ihe ( i uli' stieani will be crim
son willi the gore, an I every S uithern river
eh iked w ith I'.'.-ueriug careuKSoH of slaves.
Men of the Norih. viol hold in voitr hands
the lives of half a md'.i n slave
, nr
inn e
as there is a Go, I in II, axon, 11' ihls .ir
continues, and they, through y n-.r instru
mentality, become dangerous and unman
a;eaii!e, the last 0110 of liiciii will perish.
Atleinpl if you dare to convert a portion of
our population into vipers, and before they
get ready to strike their envenomed fangs
into our vitals, their heads xvlll be crushed
beneath our heels. Never xvill they bn permitted
to become iiedriimcnls in your hands
for our attempted subjugation.
Fugitive Southerners.
Tho Philadelphia XortJt American says
A nentlennn extensively acquainted iu
the Southern Stales, infoniirs tin that a this
moment over one thousand Southern Union
gentlemen are sojourning in this city, for
safety from the armed rabble now dominant
in Southern cities. These parties are from
the Mississippi eillcs, from Memphis to New
( Ir'caus. and from probably every inland cily
iu the sluvchol ling Slalee, They are men
of substance; who have lied from the tur
moil of so. esslon io the peace and quietness
of Philod iphia. Many of them have losi
large sums of money, and have reconciled
tilt mselves to the lo-s. We saw such
gentleman last evening, v. ho left iu Nexv
I trie. ins a large anion:, I of real eslaie, and
and lied xvilh nothing mo;e than Ihe money
he had in bank al iho time the double com
ineueod. Dos;. iie Ihe idea to Ihe eonlrary.
he declares that a strong t'nion feeling pre
vail:', in New 1 hleaus, but liie terrors of liie
assassin's knife ovi rawo all demonstration
of patriotism.
At this very moment, says our informant,
life and property in Nexv Orleans, Natchez,
Memphis, Vicksburg and oilier secession
towns are no more secure than in the least
civilized portion of tho F.eropcau continent.
The principal incentive to the abandonment
of his home xvas the outrage upon a neigh
bor, who, tor no other crime than loving the
Union, xvas horribly mutilated at liie hands
of a self-constituted vigilance committee.
At Memphis the laws are now inoperative,
and any man bearing emuiiy toward aiiothcr
may successfully denounce him as an Abo
lilionist, unless he possesses greater inllu
uicc than the iuforio.inl.
We learn those facts from genllemcn now
residing at one of our ho'.els, who consider
themselves fortunate in escaping wilh life
from ihe eninii y of the rebel rabble. In
the South there are but two men who dare
to speak out for tho Union, and tho.,. nun
are Pa:srut Proxvuloxv, of Teiine see, und
George D. Prentice, of Louisville, Kentucky.
Taney, vs Taney.
Tho following extract from the opinion
the Supremo Court iu 18Pt, in tho Dorr re
bellion case, delivered by Judge Tauoy,
seems to show conclusively that if ho was
a Judge then, ho is ery like a traitor now,
both to the Government und to Lid own
decision. lie then said:
Unquestionably, 11 Stale may use its mili
tary power to put doxvn uu armed insurrec
tion, too strong to bo controlled by tho
civil authority. The power is essential
tlio existence of every Government, es
sential to the preservation of order and free
iustitutions.aiid is us necessary to the Slates
of this Cniou as to any other Government.
If tho Government deemed the armed op
position so formidable, and so ram'lie.l
throghoiit tho State, as to re pure th? use
ils military force und tho declaration of
la-.irtail laxx', wo sen no ground upon which
this Cunt can question its authority.
xvas a state of war. and tho established
Government resorled to the right ) an I us
ages of war to maintain itself, und to over
come tho unlawful opposition. An 1 in that
stato of things, tho otlicers engaged iu its
military service nrght lawfully arrest nny
one who, from information before them,
they ha 1 reasonable grounds to believo was
engagod in tho insurrection, and might or
der a house to bo forcibly entered mid
searched, when thcro was reasonable
grounds for supposing ho might bo there
concealed. Without the power to do this
martial law an 1 tho military array of the
Government would ha mere parade, and
rather encourage attack then repel it.
If 11 State can do this, how much tho Na
tion d Govcrnmout, which ia supremo over
tlm States.
t'-j-Wm. A. Piatt, who was sont to Wash
ington by Governor Dennison, to look after
the wants of the 1st and 'li Ohio Regiment,
has returned, and reports that ho left them
in a comfortable condition, having been
entirely re-clothod ami paid up. lie will
report to the Governor in full, in a few days,
esplaining tho difSntltie shout arms Mid
A Change of Tone.
Hussi'll' letter to Ihe' London Times.frOTn
Savannah, dated May 2, thus discribes the
ehtxuge which ho observed there in the
public expressions in regard to the 1var
May day was so well kept yesterday that
the cxhuus!,; I editors cannot bring out their
papers, und consequently thcro is uo news!
I ut Ihero is, uevci thelesH, lunch to bo said
e incoming our Pies'drut's messnge, fttid
there is a suddenness of admiration for tho
pacific tendencies which can with difficult
he ncco'.dited for, unless tho news from tho
North these last foxv days lias sontething i
do with it.
There is not n word now about an instar.t
march on Washington; no more threats to
se'r.e on Fuuueil Hall, The Georgians aro -by
no in" iiiy ho keen ns the Carolinians on
their bonier; nay, they are not so bellipor
eni to- lay 11s they wero n week ago. Mr Jef
ferson Davis' message is praised for its mo
deration nud other qualities, which were by
no means in s i-'h (avor while tho Sumter
fever xvas at its hight. Men look gravo,
and talk ut tho interference of England
an I Franco which coenot allow this thing
to go on. Hut tho change which has come
ox er thi-ui is u'ii:.:sf,tk;ibe, and tho best men
I-1 k 'grave. As 1 or me, I must prepare t
open my lines of retreat. My communica
tions arc in danger,
Horrible Murder by the Arkansas
We have 11! ready alluded to the tragedy,
of which the Cairo c.jrrcvpoudeiit of tho St.
t.ouls Democrat gives the following partio
ulvs :
News has just arrived hero of another
murdoi-oiu und horrible outrage by tho Se
cessionists traitors and rebels, porpetiatod
at Moutid City. Arkansas this week. An
old, gray-hea led man. aged over sixty years,
it watchman 011 board ol the steamer W. M.
Morrison, lied up by the rebels at that place.
let slip some I. itnln sentiments 111 their pres
ence. He xvas soon surrounded by ruffians,
xx ho told him they were going to hang him
forllixviih. The 1 o or old man thought they
xvere jesting, and said : " Gentlemen, sure
ly you don't mean what you say; 1 um n
poor, old, gray-headed man always havo
worked hard, and made an honest living ;
surely you would not hang me for the ex
pressions of my oi l hone, t heart." Tlio
poor old man could not b 'iicve that tho -demons
cotif I porpedato such a murder until
he felt the rope around his nock. Tho end
of ihe rope xx.is thrown ever the limb of a
t -cc, and the demoniac crowd of devils pull
ed him up, struggling and dying, until dead.
Several xx ho were coyimandcd to assist, slunk
away iu horror and dread. All theso deeds
xvill soon be avenged. These men regard
not even gray hairs, the sacred rights of
families, or the tears and j. raves of widows
and orphans. There is 110 doubt about this
fact being 1 1 no, as it canio fiom tin eye-wit-nesj.
Camp Dennison.
A correspondent of the Sandusky Regis
gives the. following particulars relative
to the culinary department, at Camp Denni
son :
Tho building is 1 10 feet in length and 40
in width, is well veiitdlated nud forty men
are employed iu baking. A tinn in Cincin
nati has the contract for furnishing the flour
an 1 1!. A. Cooper, of the same cily, the bak
ing. Sixty bands of llour aro consumed
every day. Each loaf weighs tw o pounds
and two ounces, and is the ration of two
soldiers. Six thousand loaves nro turned
out daily. A well hut; been sunk in tho in
terior of tho budding fifty-live feet deep.
There are six largo oven ranges, with all tho
conveniences of an extensive bakery, beneath
which a lire is constantly burning, und each
oven bears a very euplioneous title. No. 1
is " General Scott ;" No. 2, - Fort Sumler ;"
No. Ii. " Mount Vesuvius ;" No. 4, "ViV Des
ptntn.biin ;'' No. f, ''Princess Alice;" No. 6,
"Jerusalem." In front of each oven are largo
bread troughs, one of which was of but lit
tle service, and the name of "Jeff. Davis "
was given to ii, with a picturesque view of
the op! traitor wilh lump around his neck.
Slaughtering T,tablislimenls have commenc
ed operations, near by, and we shall soon
have everything handy. Tho bread is now
of good quality and fresh. We nie ufraid,
however, that if the fierce here is soon b'art
ed for Virginia, our contractor w ill not coin
as much money us he anticipated. This De
partment also Kiippliis tho Sutlers and priw
vision stores outside of the regiments with
cakes and pics.
JC:i' "'Tlie Southerners are getting up a tes
timonial for the family of Jackson, Col. Elk
worth's murderer, who xvas killed in Alex
andria. Eleven hundred dollars havo been
subscribed iu Mobile. The brother of Jack-'
son is announced lo be. near Alexandria,
xvilh li s w ile, picking oil' front txvo to tivo
No. ihcru soldiers eveiy day. Gov. Letch
er has sent fo;- ihe family of the slaver of
Ellsworth, who xvill herca!'i.er lie ma:r.tai:!
ed by tho State, an. I a monument w ill bo
erected to the memory of 'the first martyr,'
il.y'The Second Michigan Kegimcnt ar
rived iu ll.iltiiuore, Tuesday. - When tho
train containing the regiment waa about
leaving the subarbs of halt imore, a "rough"
threw a slone at the orderly sergeant of
Company E. which struck the latter on tho
leg. The sergeant raised his musket and
shot the scoundrel promptly. Westerners
are not the men to stand Pultimoro insults.
E'Tho En-edish hunkera uro alarmed at
tho largo indebtedness of their country to
the I'niied Stales. Tho amount of specie
remitted us since the 2:h of November last
has reached the enormous sum of twenty-"
nine millions of dollars. The Daily JWicn
admits that America "holds tho strings of
specie movement iu its hands."
L:j' large gang of thieves was arrested!
at Cleveland on Friday. Considerable prop
crfy was fumd in their possession, and tho
thieves lodged in jail. Tho Herald says
the names of men arrested are Jackson Levi,
Philip Adams, flyman Greonbanm and Ily
man S. lloseuthal. All aro dlstinguisdod
members of their "profession."
X.ici-Gcneril Ifeauregtird h.13 demanded
Captain Pall's company, who were lately
captured at Alexandria, and who took th
oaih of idt.'giauio to the) Unirod States, to
either join tho Confre leraio army or leav
Virginia. It is said that they will all kavo
and go to Pennsylvania.
CO'-Tho ship Nightingale, with SSrt "ne
groes on board, wns captured on the 23.1 of
April, by tho U. S. sloop of war S"rato;a,
off Kubcnda, west coast of Africa. Tho
earo was taken to Monrovia, nd put on
shore, A prize erew was put on board,
and tho Nightingdo readied New York on
Saturday morning.
-Oao of tho slaves at Newpoit Now6.
on being questioned as to whether hd hud
run axvay from his master, replied "No, gol
ly, m iss 1 ran axvay from me! When he seen
do soldiers comin,' ho rim like do dobbiij I
spec' he's gone to Richmond!"
g5A largo number of farmers from th&
country Bitrrouuding lannas6a Junction
havo been pressed into service, vitH tbr
t-oams, to be uso I hy tho reholu in tranjro
tin the provisions un 1 etorei of the 1
treatin rebels. . '-.

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