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Local Matters.
Local Matters. TIME TABLE---Dayton & Michigan R.
Niflht Exp." 3:00 A. M
Mail 3:00 p. M.
Wiftht Exp.. 11:30 P. M.
11:30 A.M.
5:20 A. M.
Freight 7:l P. M,
Camp Correspondence.
CAMr Camungtov, Ohio. )
Oam.ipoi.ir, July 7th, i.01.)
Friend Bailet: Inasmuch as there arc many
of our friends who ire anxious to heir from us, and,
as we CAnnot write to all of tluin, I am requested
10 write A statement 01 our e.miiticn mm conduc t
for the last week. Last Sunday, about fire o'clock
In tho morning, a purty of thirty-throe rebels under
command of Capt. Jenkins, seized two Union men
near Point Pleasant, nt the mouth of the Kanawha,
within six miles of our camp, and carried them to
Charleston, some sixty miles distant. As soon ns
tho news reached our camp, Col. Xorton, in com
mand of a detachment of our regiment went up tho
rivor in pursuit, but could not overtake them. The
pursuit being given up, the detachment w as subdi
vided, and upon our return to umip . arnngton.thc ,
various squads brought in thirty secessionists.
of these prisoners were very prominent men,
their capture created much excitement. On the
third day of July the prisoners wero sent to Colum-
mis, and the wnola regiment was ordered 10 itip
ley Landing, above Mason City on the Ohio river.
Arriving nt Mason City, wo were joined by two
companies of the Ohio 17th and one company of
Home Guards. In nil we were about thirteen hun
dred strong. With this force, we took up our line
of march from Ripley Landing about three o'cloik
in the morning for the tow n of Ripley, about thir
teen miles distant, expecting to nttack a rebel camp
in that town. This w as our first real inarch, and it 1
being 011 the 4th of July, with a full expectation of
a fight in a few hours, ninny enquiries were made
as to "what our friends were thinking about," and j
" what if they knew we w ere going to fight," and
" who thought of this last 4th of July," and many
other subjects w ere discussed until the effects of
a smart walk and nn occasional " double quick "
caused the boys to throw aw ay many of their over
coats and procuro water whenever an opportunity
wasofi'ercd. We went into Ripley in "double quick
time," and tho bnvs rabid a howl and .such a
bowl I Tho very hills shook as it echoed unions;
them. Soldiers can not bear disappointment. The
boys appeared very much ehopfallen very much
bo, when the word went along the line that the rebels
had fledl We encamped for a few hours on their
camp ground, and then took up our march ng:'.in
for the Ohio river. Very few persons were found
in Ripley, and when I saw it, I thought it was
!the "desertod village" which Goldsmith tells us of.
Along the road many of tho farm houses were de
serted, aud their property seemed utterly destroyed.
Fields of wheat were being trodden down by boys
and cattle, and ju fact the country is desolated. The
rebels have nppropt iated everything which they
can uso without any distinction of parties. The
day was exceedingly hot, and on our return to the
landing many of the boys became much exhausted,
and being without wagons ourselves, ns well as im-
possible to procure means of conveyance along the
road, wo had to walk. We arrived in Camp Car
rington on tho fifth, and I am sure all were anxious
to get some rciit, after having gained a (bloodless)
On tho evening of the 6th, 50 men from company
, 50 from company C, and 50 from company O,
and 25 from Capt. Uoorgo's company of Dragoons,
under command of Col. Norton went to capture 11
email camp said to bo on tho farm of tho notorious
Capt. Jenkins, about sixteen miles from Gallipolis.
The good people woke up in tlio morning and found
themselves well guarded, but there was 110 one
found to fight. We captured eight poor fellows who
were harvesting for Jenkins, but as it was believed
that littio Joe. Lindsay could whip the whole of
them, they were let go about their business. Jen
kins has turned his farm into a camp for the rebels,
nnd as there w as a lot of fine hor.ies and cattle
found there, they wero declared contraband of war
and arc now at the disposition of the Governor.
The contraband goods I should judge to be worth
$1800, which is no small item with the rebel. On
the morning of tho 7th wo arrived again at Camp
Carrington, where we now ure in good health and
spirits. Yours truly,
A. M.
July 9th, I have delayed mailing for want of an
opportunity to do so. To-day tho prisoners sent
to Columbus have returned and willprobably be re
leased. Somo of these refused to acknowledge the
supremacy of the United States, und w ill be retain
ed. There will be two more regiments here to-day.
We get our most important news from home. The
Cincinnati GiuMe and Commercial furnish us the
uews in regard to ourselves.
A. M.
Letter from Virginia.
7th Regiment, O. V. M., Lewis Co., Ya.)
Weston, July 4th, 1801. j
EniTon Journal: I know of no other way of
giving vent to the patriotic feelings which inspire
the heart of every true American citizen on the
" Glorious Old Fourth," even though ho bo on se
cession soil ; so I writo to tho ever remembered
Journal. I left the almost unbroken plain of
north-western Ohio on the 2ith of June, und rejoin
ed tho 7th at camp, from which place wo made our
exit on Wednesday, 20th. at 0 p. m. Went by way
of Xenial Columbus, Newark and Zanesville to
Bellair. Crossed tho river to Benwood, Ya., and
all enjoyed sweet sleep with knapsacks for pillows
and "mother dust" for beds. Although it was night
the passage from camp to Newark was one of con
tinual cheering and "Give 'cm fits" from the crowds
at tho different stations. The train consisted of 56
cars heavily loaded, and w as drawn by four heavy
engines from Columbus through. Men, horses and
baggago wagons wero nil nVniird. We are all ful
ly uniformed and equipped wjth one exception, and
that is, wo have no canteens ; but many had rather
go without than use tho india-rubber things which
others have. At Benwood the ammunition was
distributed. From this place to Grafton, 10:1 miles,
are the most wild, romantic, rugtred, and in many
instances beautiful hills I have ever seen anywhere.
A great many of them nre coal hills, but never
have been used but little on neeouut of the country
being so thinly populated. This tuictof country
seems to have been designed for an Indian war
ground, or soma other worthless thing because it is
bo rocky and barren that man never could sustuin
pfo here, except by fighting seeeshers " (as they
call them) and clothed and fed by IheUnited States.
Urafton is Geu. McClellan's Head Quarters in West
ern Virginia. The nine regiments now in Lewis,
Harrison and Barbour counties get their provisions
from Clarksburg, it being tho nearest railroad sta
tion. In order to make the transportation of troops
Bate there have been guards placed ut eiery bridge
on the Ohio Central R, R nnd whole companies of
tho 16th and 20th regiments guard the bridges on
tho Baltimore and Ohio, so that nil is secure. The
7th is from tho " dreaded Western Reserve," con
sequently it will be fight or die for it. E. li. Tyler
of Ravenna, is Colonel. He has been doing busi
ness iu Virginia for the last 20 years, nnd is as w ell
acquainted with every winding stream, hill and
vale as any man in tho Union. From Grafton wo
took tho railroad towards Parkersbuig 22 miles to
Clarksburg. Pitched tents Friday night, and re
mained until Saturday, 3 o'clock, p. m. At this
hour wo wero called out and ordered to be ready in
one hour to march. Tho hour passed, and we start
ed on what proved to be one of the most fatigueing
marches I ever experienced. It was up and down
bill all tho way from camp to Weston, 21 iiiiles.aud
all afoot, with not less than from 40 to 00 pounds
to the man. This was tho enso when wo started,
but many dispensed with their burdens entirely be
fore we got through by casting them to tUp winds.
We hadn't a mouthful of provisions w ith us. The
road was macadamized Ml tho way, und w o were
not allowedto break the rauks. Jlouy had thin
aoled boots aud shoes on, which caused them to
tread lightly over the stones tho last ten miles
They gay this waa a forced march. I am mire the
last three miles was with me at least. No one gave
the BtalT kuew our destination. We started with
1040 men and got through w ith 850, the rest being
loft by the roadside foundered I guess. The Colo
nel expected to find a force of 1,200 in the place, as
It wa Urungly secession, but they heard of our p-
tlic people. As one of the men was being examin
Some 0j - to his loyalty, a bljf man of color walked bl
and Tliy ,, Sll'ja, "Well massa, in for
f roach And left. The Cot., however,f-Ave us a little
advice as wero About entering the town, using tlio
only oath I ever heard him usot " Sow hoys, by
do your duty. We did. Of the prisoners taken,
there were life who swore they wouldn't take the
onth of allegiance, and wero sent to McClellnn.
$27,000 in gold and silver was taken, and I had the
honor of guarding it from here to the railroad. It
was to have been sent to Richmond at 10 , 'clock,
Sunday, and we got it nt 8 in the morning. S. Allen
Pay unfurled tlio flag given by the Indies of How
ling Ureen, over the secession printing office, by or
der of Col. Tyler. There are b!.t Wood county
i,.,,., i- , 7.1.
It seems to be impossible to bring
tlie cm.ni. U) cllg.,gement, as they retreat as fast
8 the ; troops Blvanre. They' are armed w ith
lot nns nml rin,,3 .). tl ov ., J . b.
fore this. They nuke some! good shots on our pick
ets though. The people of this place caino out on
Pabbadi morn to get a glimpse of the approaching
soldiers in nnnttirc which Indicates "truce," it being
too early to find them moving. They soon became
Union people, and set the best of tables for us.
which wu made a famous charge on. General good
health prevails. Crops do not look as well ns in
ohio Cuttlo raising is the main dependence of
it." lie w as, surely.
Fatal Affray at Freeport.
The following particulars, relative to the terrible
afi'iay at Freeport, is furnished by one of the attor
neys for the defense; w hich includes Dr. Carman
and others, arrested ns aiders and abettors in the
murder of Ensniinger. This, of course presents
the side of tho story favorable f the defendants;
but wo think the evidence will establish some fads
the writer has omitted to mention:
En. Joi'rsal: The village of Freeport, in your
county has been tie- seen? of great excitement for
the 1 1st three or four days, 011 account of the shoot
ing of one of its citizens by another. The facts, as
shown before tho Coroner's dory, are these: For
some time past, n young nun name 1 Clinton Wal
ters, has lived in Freeport, his home being adjoin
ing the house of Dr. Carman on the right, and the
house of Milton Knsmingor on the left, upon land
owned by Dr. Carman. Some tw o months or more
since, Walters joined a volunteer company and left
for camp. Before ho went, however, he saw Dr.
Carman, unl exacted from hiiu A promise upon his
honor, that while he (Walters) was gone from hum.
in tho service of his cuuntry, Dr. Carman would
protect, defend and see that his family was provid
ed for. This promise the doctor gave. Inuncdi-
utely after the departure of the volunteers for camp
an improper intimacy was noticed between Mrs.
Walters and Ensmir.ger. This continued sometime,
and was n source of remark among the neighbors,
and at last got to the ears of Walters, who hardly
believed it, but again asked Dr. Carman to protect
bis w ir and family nnd to let him (Walters) know
if anything wrong occurred. About this time the
intimacy became very bold faced and tipparcnt.
Night after night, signals were seen to proceed from
Mrs. Walters to Mr. Knsminger, to apprise him that
she was alone and all was right. She would ex
tinguish the lights in her house after the lights iu
,tho neighbors' houses were out". She would go in
the back room of her house and strike a light. This
was repeated several nights, until at last Dr. Car
man thought it his duty, under his promise to Wal
ters, to ascertain for a certainty whether the suspi
cions of the community wero well grounded. H.s
therefore on seeing the signal given one night, went
over the fence between his own and Walters' house,
aud .concealed himself near tho back door of tho
bowse, near the window. In a few moments Ens
joinger canio round the house and w as let in at the
back door by Mrs. Walters. Dr. Carman saw them
walk across the floor towards tho bed ; heard n
noise like the squeaking of a bedstead, und in u
short time heard him got off tho bed, nnd saw Ens
minger come towards the door. As Ensmiuger came
out Dr. Carman grabbed him by the arm. Ensmiug
er started back saying, "Who are you?" Dr. C.
spoke and said, " It's 1110, Ensmiuger, I w ant you to
know who I am." Ensmingcr then said, "O, it's you,
is it, Doc ? Vou are posted. Give mo your hand.
You w ill say nothing about it. Don't, for God's
sake, expose me." Dr. C. said, " Tliero, enough said
about it ; " and at this they went to their homes.
Next nforning Dr. C. told one of the trustees what
he had seen the night previous, and, as the trustees
were assisting the family dining Walters' absence,
the trustees called a meeting of the citizens to see
what should bo done. Ensniinger tindingthat steps
were being taken against him and for tho investiga
tion of tho matter, sent a girl that has lived with
him for soma time, named Phebe Stewart, to Mrs.
Wallers, for the purpose of having Mrs. Walters
write to her husband in Camp Chase, that Dr. Car
man was the only man w ho had insulted her, nnd
at Pheba's dictation, she wrote such a letter and it
went to Camp Chase. This was done to screen
Ensmiuger and throw tho guilt on to Dr. Carman.'
The plot of Ensmiuger 's having leaked out, Dr. Car
man, in tho presence of quite a number of the citi
zens of Freeport, sent for Mrs. Walters, had her
duly sworn, and on her oath she stated that Dr.
Carman never had insulted her, or made any im
proper advances whatever, nnd that she had writ
ton a lie to Camp Chase at the instigation of Ens
niinger through Phebe Stewart. The meeting called
by the trustees met. Dr. Carman and others were
sworn, and testified to what they hud seen aud heard
between Ensniinger and Mrs. Walters. Ensniinger
was present, und admitted impropriety, but denied
guilt. A vote was taken approving Dr. Carman's
course, and requesting Ensmiuger to leave town
within lilt days, und that 11 copy of the prsceedings
should ba forwarded to Camp Chase tu Walters.
Dr, llutehins, a practicing physician of Freeport,
had a nephew who formerly lived in his family
and to whom he was greatly attached. This neph
ew was at the time at Camp Chase, and the doctor
had been down once or twice to see him, and w as
about going again, us he had heard that his nephew
was unwell and out of money. The trustees think
ing this a good opportunity of sending a copy of
tho proceedings of the meeting to Wulters, gave
them to Dr. II., who took them down and delivered
them tu Walters, Tlio next day Walters, utmost
frantic, started for homo on a furlough, and came
011 tho sanu train with Dr. llutehins. At Carey
Dr. II. had a horse and buggy w aiting for him, and
ho and his little daughter cumo across the country
towards Freeport with this eouveyaiice, and they
overtook Walters, who seemed very weary und
sick, and the doctor's child wanted tier father to
ask him to ride, ho seemed to be so much worn out.
Dr. llutehins took him in and rode with him until
w ithin a short distance of Freeport, when Walters
wished to get out. No conversation about Wulters'
troubles took place between them, Walters seeming
disinclined to talk much. Dr. llutehins proceeded
to his home, put up his horse and went to bed. Dr.
Carman, in tho meantime, was at his own house,
unwell, nnd neither Dr. Caiman uor Dr. Nutchiiis
saw Walters until the next day. At about 7 o'clock
a. in. of the next day, Dr. C. went from his resi
dence across to his store to get soiiu medicines lor
himself. On coining out ho heard tho report of
pistol, and on getting to tho door, saw Ensniinger
running an 1 Walters after him. Dr. C. then went
out into tho roa 1, an 1 soon Ensniinger coming back
and running up to Dr. Carman, said, Vou d
, if it had not been for you, this would not
have taken place, I'll blow your d d brains out
or it;" and immediately pointed a pistol and shot at
Dr. Carman, tho bull just missing him as ho wheel
ed around. Dr. C. then run into his store nnd load
ed a gun ho had, and came out and went up near
Mr, E., who wag still nut there making ull sorts
of threats. Dr. C. spoko to him and said, "You'll
blow my brains out, will you?" and then walked up
and took him by the arm, aud told tho by-standers
to take him nnd take care of him, that he (Carman
did not wish to injure him, but wanted him guard
ed so that ho could uot shoot at him ugain. All
this time Ensuiinger was up on bis foet and hud his
pistol; and Dr. C. supposed him not hort not
knowing that Walters had wounded him fatally
even Aeriously, Shortly after this, Ensuunger
was taken to his bouse, when ip s day or two after
F.naminger was hit by two balls; one taking effect
In the bark below the shoulder, and the other in the
breast And stomach. Messrs. Gibson of Tillin,
and Price and Uudd of Perrysburg, reprcscut the
State. Messrs. Dodge, Slovin, Tyler And Johnson,
for the defense. The examination will probably
closo this week.
A Bad Egg Arrested.
says a young man n
Waggoner was arrested Tuesday on a State war
rant, for putting a railroad tie on the track, and one
in tho cattle guard of the C. & T. R. It. about 80
rods cast of Washington station, lie w as seen to
do the act by tho engineer of the construction train
w ho immediately reversed the engine, jumped from
tho train, and in a filly rods chase caught the chap.
The tie stuck up three feet, slanting from the train,
and the cars ran upon it, breaking the tie, and doing
no injury to the train. The wood train had just
passed, and in half an hour the two passenger
trains were to pass the place. It w as n most fiend
ish net. Tlio engineer said this was the fourth
time obstructions had beeu placed there w ithin six
Eight Deadly Sins.
Refusing to a newspaper.
' 2, Taking 11 newspaper and not paying for it.
3. Not advertising.
4. (Setting married without sending any of the
wedding-cake or a golden dollar to the printer.
5. Making a printing office n loafing place.
(1. Reading the manuscript on the case.
7. Sending abusive letters to the editor.
8. Passing the VriY on the coiner without bowing.
For the first nnd second offense no absolution
can be granted. The fourth is unpardonable ; a vi
olation of the fifth and eighth is death by law ; for
the balance, dispensation can be received by spe
cial agreement.
A Good Suggestion.
It would be well for those w ho corrcspon I w ith
volunteers now in camp or on duty away from home
to enclose postage stamps. It is difficult in many
instances for soldiers to procure them, and this may
be the occasion of letters remaining unanswered. To
make sure of r.Teh ing a letter from your frit uds
at the seat of war, don't neglect to inclose a postage
stamp when you write.
Wisconsin Troops.
The Third Regiment of Wisconsin troops passed
through Toledo, on Saturday evening last. The
Fourth Regiment passed through on Tuesday morn
ing. Tho ladies of Toledo did up the agreeable by
preparing a sumptuous repast, which each regiment
respcctivly enjoyed on tho occasion, immediately
niter the arrival of the trains.
Murder in Bucyrus.
On the 4th iust,, n man named William Staley was
stabbed bv one David Ciirron, Staley died next
morning. Cumin was arrested and is now in jail.
Jealousy and n bad temper is said to be tho cause
w hich led Curran to perpetrate the dreadful crime.
So savs the Forum.
Schooners in Port.
The B. F. Wado and Sioux w ero loading with
staves on 1 uesdav.
Harper's Monthly, July, IS31 : II irper i. Broth
ers, Franklin Square, New York.
The July number of this popular American mag
azine has just been received. No oilier monthly
periodical 111 the I nited States, perhaps, presents
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Harper's. lis unparalleled circulation from mouth
to month, and a constant demand for buck number?
nnd complete sets, practically evince tho fact that
the magazine fully meets the wants of the great
body of American readers. The articles in the
present number, of tho most importance, are: "A
Summer iu New England," illustrated with nuiner
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Record of Current Events, Literary Notices, Edit
or's Table, Easy Chair, Our Foreign Bureau, and
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C aution. In calling for that excellent Saleratus
(D. 1). Do Land Ai t'o.'s Chemical Saler.itus) b
sure that vou get what vou call for, as there are
ow ing to its great success, numerous imitations in
the market, put up m the same colored p ipers. J
sure and get that with tho name of D. 11. Do Land
& Co. upon it, and then vou will be sure you are
right. Suldby W. J. Hitc ULOt K, i'errysbuig. 1
PfitiFY thk IiLoon. Dr. Weaver's Medicines
for humors. These invuluable medicines have 11
chicved u complete triumph in eradicating humors
ot all kinds lrom tlio human system. 1 hey w ere
introduced to the public some six yeura since, am
have been used witli entire success. Tho Canker
and Salt Rheum Syrup is taken internally, which
cleanses the blood by throwing impurities to the
surface, when the Cerate is applied externally, nnd
all tho eruptions are destroyed, nnd health nnd
beauty nro restored. Their astonishing success has
called out manv iirnorunt pretenders, who have in
troduced their wonderful productions to tho public,
They ure out in almost every form, from panaceas
uown to pills, and all tor humors, (ot course they
are.) eoiu by i'kck x Hamilton. vwi
Dn. Rumiauhkon's SuiniitY Wine Bitters, In
1H0H, Dr. Nathan Richardson, a physician residing
111 tMmtli lieauing, .Mass., discovered anil proved 111
his extensive practice in that place and neighboring
towns, tho beneficial effects of tho medicine now
given to tho world as the Sherry Wine Bitters, The
success of Dr. Richardson's practice becoming her
allied -throughout tlio -Now tnirland States, his bus
iness so increased, that ho was soon compelled to
relinquish tho visiting system, nnd establish offices
in diuvrent parts ot ttie Mate, where, on stated days
he met his patients. Sunday was tho only day that
he could be found at home, and many of the present
liiiiainlanls ot Miutli Heading will well remember
the throng of carriages that always surrounded his
house on the nabbatn.
The present proprietor, Dr. S. O. Richardson
(son of the late Dr. Nathan Richardson.) a gradu
ate of the New Hampshire Medical College, whil
he received his degrees with usual honor, and also
n member ot the Medical tsneiotv ot lioston, for the
purpose of relieving Ids aged and honored parent
hum his ardous duties, was induced to relinquish
his valuable practice m the city ot lioston to super
intend tho manufacture of this medicine, us it re
quires great skill nnd accuracy in its preparing.
The genuine sold by Puck ii Hamilton. Vw4
Hloxii'iin Mustang Liniinent.
Its wonderful effects and consequent popularity
Perhaps no article in the history of Jt-tUrii J.iii.u
ever acquired tho same patronage, was subject to
tlio same number ot severe and inherent tests, an
met w ith oo few failures as the Mustang Liniment
h has justly been styled a panacea for all externa
Wounds. Cuts, Swellings, Sprains, Bruises or erup
Hons on Man or Beast. Physicians uro compellu.
to proscruj it j and lrom its remarkable cIIjcIs in
stubborn Lameness, Chronic, Rheumatism, &C.,
has attracted tho attention ot the fust scientific
minis of the age. No house or stable should be
without it. Be careful of whom vou lsurohnsi
Vile counterfeits have been put i:i circulation and
suppressed by injunction. All gummo will here
nl'K-r b nr the. signature of G. W. VesUirook,Chem
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0w9 D. S. BA KN E.S, Now York.
Cure your own horses, nnd save tho Farrier's fei
The following letter was received from Dr. Dea
w ho is n veterinary surgeon of great skill:
iiowi:ns, iLLK, Harrison co., ()., May 19 0.
Mosj.ru. J. N. Harris A tk., Cincinnati:
.' have given Perry Davis' Pain Killer in manv
cases of colic, cramp and dysentery in horses, und
never knew it to tail to cure 111 A single instance,
look upon it a a certain remedy. Jol.N it. Dlal.
l or I olds, prams, Scratches, e there is 110
better Liniment. Try it.
Sold by all medicine dealers. 0iv4
Mother, read this.
Tho following is an extract from a letter written
by the pastor of a Baptist church to tho "Journal
and Messenger," Cincinnati, Ohio, and sneaks vol
umes in favor of that world-renowned medicine-
"We sea an advertisement in your columns of
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. Now e never
saia a word lu tuvor ot a patent medicmo before in
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ur.ply, 9-1 j,
Mrs. Winslow Again.
Mrs. Winslow, an old and experienced nurse, baa
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ly to the care of children. She has a Soothing
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We sincerely believe the mother who has a child
sutfoiing from any of the above complaints, and
neglects to provide this medicine for tys relief and
cure, is depriving the little sufferer of tub rkmrkt
of all TDK would best calculated to give it rest,
and res to it to health. 10 in I
Home Trtimny
GlLKAU, WOJD t'oi STV, Omo. 1
August 13th. I
D11. C, W. KolurK. Dear Sin Permit me to
inform you and all sull'eiiui- humanity ntllictod an I
have been, of the benefit I have derived from voiir
valuable Scandinavian Mood Purifier and Pills.
have had a deficiency in niv lungs for some two
vein's, that Imtlleil all the skill ol our best I hysi-
ians, both nt home nnd abroad ; besides I had the
Dyspepsia so badly that my food would not stay in
my stomach in the smallest quantities ; and through
thes; diseases 1 became so emaciated and weak I
could scarcely walk, and sometimes couU not. Hut
am hearty and reasonably well lit the present.
and I allege the cause to your medicines, for I tinik
no others nt that time, and uiiieli thanks to you for
tho Almanac that accidentally fell into niv hands.
lw4oom lours truly, ,1. dAI.Ml-II.
How Iik l'crtivinn Nyrup
Cure so manv diseases nnimivutlv dissimilar .
Whenever the mind is tax"d more than the body, the
lemilty is Dyspepsia, the most convenient name for a
gionot complaints, beginning witli impaired inges
tion, nnd generally ending 111 Consumption, and all
originating in a deterioration nf (ho blood.
irroni the lev. l'r. Uivonlo.it,
CiscisNATi, October 12, 1850.
I have derived so much personal benefit from Ihu
Peruvian Sirup," that 1 do tint hesitate to reeom.
mend its use to all that large elan of cases, whom
iron is the efficient remedy. To clergymen iwpeotat.
ly, and persons whoso occupations tax heavily the
rvous encreies, ortosullerers Iroin the debilitating
fleets of summer hoatx, I believe this to be an invnl-
able remedial agent,
Rector of St. Paul's Churoh.
'PmtrviAX Svnri'" is a solution of Protoxide of
Iron, a new discovery in medicine, and strikes nt
the root of disease bv producing healthy blood, the
source of nil vitality 111 human organism. For sale
all bv druggists, Agents fin- Perrysburg. Peck V
Hamilton, 4S4
wl bv Cornelius Clieoscman, M. 1). New York
it v. t ho combination ol ingredients 111 these 1 ills
the result of a long mid extensive practice, They
mild iu their operation, and certain in correcting
irregularities, paintul Menstruations, removing
all obstructions, whether from cold or otherwise;
head ache, pain the side, palpitation of the heart,
whites, all nervous all'eetion, hysterics, fatigue,
nun the buck and limbs, ,ve., disturbed sleep, which
arrise from interruption of nature,
to Maukimu I.Al'iKx. IU'. I lieeseman 3 I ilia nro
invaluable, as they will bring on the monthly peri
od with regularity. Women who have lioon'disap-
pointed iu the use of other Pills can place theutiuost
'oiitidence in lr. t lieosetuan s 1 ills uoinj; all tliev
represent to do.
ISotio::. 1 here is one condition intuo teuiatosvs-
tem in whic h the Pills cannot he taken without pro.
toeing a r.'ii'i l.i.vii kksi i.t. 1 lie condition retWred
to is pukiinai'Y and thcresull.MisoAuui A(iK, Such
is the ii ivsistable tendency of the medicine to re
form the sexual function to anornr.l eondition.thnt
ven the reproductive power of nature cuunot resist
Warranted purely vegetable and froo from any
thing injurious, h'xplicit directions, which should
be read, accompany each box. Price $1. Sent by
mail on enclosing l to nr. Lornelnis 1. Clieeseman,
box l,o:!l, I'ost-ollice, New York City.
5"Sold by one Drugcfist in every town in the
General Ai'Mit for the V. S., No. 14 DiimdwAV,
To whom all orders should be addressed.
l-'or sale by Peck Hamilton, Perrysburg.
P. P.
They Impart Strength ) they Annihilate Pain.
I Theso delightful plasters yield readily
Park's to the motion of the body, absorb perspi
I'atent iration and throw oil' all tho oll'onsivc
Poms coagulated impurities of tho system.
Prickly They should bo used for all "Chronic
Plasters , Pains, Paintness, Dyspepsia, Colds, Con-
Are sumption, Kheumatism, Female Weak
Sold ncss, etc. They retain their active prop
Hv all erties when other Plasters are nseless.and
Dealers where applied pain cannot exist. Every
Prom family should havo them. One size on
1 to '2 ',. cloth, three sizes on leather. Sample sent
Dimes, iby mail, on receipt of 25 cents.
D. S. UAliNES, la ti 15 Park Ilow N. Y.
April, lSOl 4ly.
Perrysburg Market.
Wheat Wbu-
.75C 80
. ... 40c
, 4oo
, Owl, K)o
. . .-. 80
flour 1 brl
Tallow ) lb--
Hams ItJ--
Shoulders y lb
Poultry V lb
HgKS d(l!5
live Vbu
Parley V bu
Oats ) hi
Peathurs $ b
Potatoes bu
Putter lb--.
Lard V IU
(Iroon Hides tylb... Sta
Salt Vbrl $1.75
Clover Seed 13 bu $3.60
An experienced Nurse and Female Physician, pre
sents to the attention 01 motliers, her
which greatly faciltitates tho process of teething.by
softening the' gums, reducing all inllammation will
allay ulfpain and spasmodic action, and is
Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to your
selves, ana
It not only relieves tho child from buin, but invijr-
orates tho stomach und bowels, corrects acidity,and
gives tone and energy to the whole system. It will
almost instantly relievo
nnd overcome convulsions, which, if not speedily re
medied, end in death. We bolievo it tho best and
surest remedy in the world, in all cases of Dysen
tery and Diarrlaea in children,whcthcr it arises from
teething, or from any other cause. We would say
to every mother who has a child suffering from any
ofthe foregoing complaints do not let your preju
dices, nor the prejudices of others, stand between
vou and your suflering child, and the relief that will
be snre--ves, absolutely sure to follow til uso of
this inadicine. if timely used. Full directions for
using will ai company" each bottle, None geiiuinn
unless the fac-siiuilo of CUUTLS ti PEKKINS,
New-York, is on the outside wrapper.
Sold by ail Druggists and Dealers in Menicinca
in Wood county.
Principal Ollioe, 1,1 Cedar street, N. Y.
April, 1831 4'Jly.
Notice is hereby iriven that a tictitlnn has boon
filed in thisollieo for the establishing and construct
ing of a ditch coiummcing ut the mouth of tho
siail where the same enters the Toussaint
tie.k, supposed to be in section 30, Webster town
ship, loll jiving the old ditoli to the McCutchenvillo
road ; thence to tho Taylor ditch ut the north end
of section II, Center township ; thenoo to intersect
the old Plank Itoad ditch, so-called; thence follow,
ing said ditch to the Plank Itoad ! thence south on
Haiti road to intersect the Prairie ditch i thence fol
lowing sai 1 ditch west and south to where it inter
sects the old Findbiy road in Plain township, all in
Wood county, Ohio, terminating at said road, near
the residence of David Webb, and that gaid appli
cation w ill bo for heurincr on the 0th day of August
next. ADDISON SMITH, Auditor.
Auditor's Offlce, Wood cruntv, O.
Perrysburg. Juno 22. 18IU 0w4?5 50.
Notice is hereby given that a petition has been
filed in this otlice praying for the establishing aud
constructing of a ditch beginning at the Plain and
Liberty in. ditch number 13. at the center near the
south line of tho south half of the south-east M of
section No, 2, town J north, rang. 10 east, running
west 80 rods 1 thence north ou the quarter section
line about 100 rod 1 thence west on the quarter
section line about ISO rods, to the road on the sec
tion lino 1 thence on the cust sido of said road to
line of Plain and Liberty townships, subject to an
extension of 80 rods further north of said township
line, or a curluil.iient of 100 rods south of said line
as may bo deemed best, and that said petition will
lie for hearing on tbe Sth day of August next.
ADDIsdN SMITH, Auditor.
Auditor's Office, Wood county, O.
Pdrrysburg, June 22, 18fll-$w4f JJ.
o r
Mr stock Is new aud well suluctud and embraces
the best, latest nd cheapost styles uf
all aoisa, ooixa
All of the latest and very best fabric.
on short notice and
always on band.
Iam roeeWing this spring tho largasl stock of
ever brought to this city, which I Intend to
I keep on band PEARL MILLS XX FIOUR,
which always gives the very best satisfaction.
T B A 1
ImperiAl, Black And Young II f son.
Cruahed, Cofleo PugAr, Common to Prime.
All kinds from Twist to tho flnosl Cavendish.
In thort, every thing usually kept in a whnloaalo
and retail dry goods and grocery store.
Tho Highest Market Prico
Paid for produce of all kinds.
Persons bringing in Corn will take notice that
it must be first thoroughly cleaned.
The "Emm Houston" is now reeeiring grain
regularly at tho Perrysburg Dock.
us rtnsT ura xu arrival
at tin
Tim Urviit Dry Clouds tluxtuu I
V. R. HlUhlt .1 CO,,
would respectfully auuuuucu to tlm cilUuim of
That they have just roeoivod direct from New Yuri
A large aud well selected assortment of now und
Comprising all thu leading atyljs of Fauey, Staple
and Domestio Dry UooJs.
Ladiita' Goods,
hoop s k i n t
VERT c n E A r ,
Pry Goods,
Ready Made Clothinp,
Mats snd Caps,
Roots and Shoes,
Crockery, &c,
And, in fact, everything usually kept in a
All of which will be sold at extraordinary LOW
lUPXiMiee our Market reports In to-day's paprr,
We buy and soil in accordance with tho prices giv
en. nf"Remmber the plaoe, T, R. Miller k Co., op
posite tbe Perrysburg Dank Building.
Perrrsburg, May 2d.,l881,
I) R . W ', AVER'S
I'ot the Cure of
Canker, Salt Rheum, Krvsipclas, Pcrofuloiis Dig
eases, Cutaneous Lruiiticns, (oro Pyi
and every kind of Dixonse arising
from un impure state of
the Plow!.
The most cficcHvo Itiood TuriHer of tho
Ninctrcnih Century.
It is the prescription of on eilucnbd Physician,
all nho niv aftlirtctl with any of the above
named diseases, should use it w ilhoiildilny. Such
lexers ns the following nre 1 0"n received.
Ji lomevii'e, Ashland Co., Ohio, Nov, 20, 1 SCO.
Mes.is, .1. N. II ii;iin A Co., Cincinnati, tli io,
U nileiiv n: - ! deem it a duty ns Well as a
pleusiire, ti inlorin you w hat Dr. 'Weaver's Hyrnp
t'"ia'e has dene for me, mid hope that this let
ter may come to the notice of p isons similarly
nillieled. lo toe year Pe 1 was attacked Willi
t'ett'T.rr son,,, kindred disease, in both my leg.",
hich c xi nd a 1 until from my ktvis to my feet was
raw s re, I roi;ulV t i.n l obtained niedic.inm
piv.c-i i.tioni from n -ally nil the physicians in
vicinity j but obtain d ui relief. Vour agent at
place, ,ii', 11, triii.. n, r-is !i;iuetid mo to irv
:?M'iii und tVrite, v. hich I !' riunatcly did, and
now u . ,und o n 1 u 1! in:.n by their Use.
Wiili (cre.it M'.iti:itd , I r-m.ini. Ymir truly.
dmiN WEllMlAUCIlV.
Me. Wc'.rb'iuitl.t ! i y .i weW known centleman
Aa'da'e!. iu.iKm thii i i'' filiation loi at reliable.
Py lakiny ih ynii in o,r. eted, it w lit drive tho
;', ..in the system, nnd when once out on tho
ki'i, a few ..pplicaih n of
you have a poi'ioan. nt l ore.
Tlie (' I .it..- h i , poiod iw.'lf to be (he '-eit Oint
ment ever invent d, un I w lieee once lived, it has
ncerb,"ii kinioi la fail of cK'. ciiu;: a i i inanoiu,
,1,1 ..nre.-:, t for H'al liio-w, n. culd head,
I'hillbhiius nnl frost Litoi, bri-ber'i itch, chappid
or .u ked bands or li ', blotches 1 1 pil'ipb'S on tho
faer. And for Sore Nij oloa end r-nru P. yes, the
Cerate N the only tliii.!; I. oiiired to cure. Itshoilld
kert i'l t'l ' l.oo- ' oi ,'iy family.
I l l, e rf ru,. - I, Cer.lt'- veil!:, per buttle.
C :1" Pireo'tvi't accompany cadi bottle.
Sold bv Mi, t HI; lieine lle.tlr..
,1. N. II U.KiS ,v t i)., IVprietei..-. f,.r the South-.
"In an 1 Wo--! in i it' , C;n. iiiiUii, Ohio, lowborn
rr.h l a nui-. !" ad.'r. s ird.
Sold who! ,.,!e mid retail by Peek & Hamilton,
el s''ni"t: I i ! rii U 1. .ins'i r, 1 i edem; II . llnr
ii:t, Maoiaee t i:y: I). II. Minor. Toledo: W. D.
Moore, S Ivania: T. Dimiehi. Toledo: C.F. Williams.
To!,M,,; ,. i;..b;oie, .New Wc.-tli.lil; A. .1. (..mi
ner A Co., C.de id. "wive
is Tin: ri:Ai -v. or
rn. n. s niciiAunsoN'M
s ii i: u '. y v im: ui t t i: it s .
Tho Cel. hiat.". 1 New l'n; 1 md Remedy lor
Hnhwi'iil Con-.' i i:;i;i'i:i.
Jaundice, Fever and A":;:i , Ceir ral Debility, and
nil other I'ls'ii- "-! nvi-Mio' Iran li Dieer
d.ei'ed Moiiiaeh, .i r. or I'owcIh.
They me iif-od and lee. mii.er.di'd by the h'mlinf
I'liysiei iu.i of the c utdri, t.ud u'.l who try them
prom. mice tio in luv.ili'.iolo.
Pit. ,i j: i.a 1 1. i.i.ri'.i;!., ivnt"'s liem .xaviirrc,
Stark Co., Ohio, "loe Litters nre l.iuhlv praised by
tho.-..: i,ii!l lino from iiiiiiivjiion, uy-.peps.ia and liver
I,. ;-. u n it-, i ostiiii.. i, r tit u a iam.p..rt, niim,
savs, "tai'V cue i"f,'.! -.tit-iiai'tioii. t use theiu
mi self, having taken cell, Ivoeme pre: date and
tost inv appetite. It relieved me. mid I can recom
mend it with ".reat a air.uire of it- merit--."
Du. M. M. Ki itit. oi l!o., is id"-, lnd writes
Us that they ai- the o.t vnlmiHe medicine otiercd.
II" ban i ec.iiiiaioiule.l tiieie. wilii ;ieat succcm-j, nnd
with them in l ie sever il enre-i of palpitation of tho
hear! and !;e:ie::l de'oilttv.
Tno'tvs Sn.ii'rnitu, i.-o., l!Ioiinl: illo. 1! -nrv
Co.. I:i I., u lie ;. 1- I- ; 1. t i , n: ,1 r dete of May J,
""'. I! v. a-, ooi" ii I uner.l, e,,i,:j. heen alllii'ted
tin- i!ii' .-,;, ; v.., i ei.at ueiii.ais debility, palpi
t a I ion ol in." 1 1 art of t!i- nn -1 so-, ore nnl prostratiti
thai tM-. 'til'" !- n -iiu; a few hollies I rns com
pletely rcsiotvd, ami .-tin now in imUisI health."
J. V. lit-sr i.i ii,-.., tr, i.i l)e'..lios. Allen Co.. Ohio,
(n section where I'ov.t nnd Aoini prevails, i that ho
in st ehori'ully i. oomun nils tin in of decided merit
in nil ens s of i'i v i:it ami aim k, ovsi't.t'si.v, and
i.i:si:it.vi,, nr.r.n.n'Y.
II. K.C u.i .vimx.s, M. 1) wrilea from Van Wert,
Ohio, "I ni,..t r "specifully recoiiun. n.l the Sherry
Wine 1'iiti is lo l'n- ii"!ii(e of I'vsp.ptie persons,
nnd to n'l who reipiir ' a sianuUlii'i' ni ". lieine.
srcil m:vs vk aim: itckivim; daily.
I-TU, lulti'Ol'IOSS A'T 1MCAS V 1' VI u UHTTl.K.
Sold bv dealers iu Inedieiiu s K'eneraUy.
I'rico coots pi r Isottlt'.
.1. N. IlAblMS, Cincinnati. Ohio.
Conceal A'""u!s for tho Sou! hern and Western States,
For snl I y l'.-eU ,v Hamilton, Perry- bur;-, Ohio)
I", Itoesln.uer, Freedom: S. L Hoop-htou, liowlin-;
Creeu: li. loinvtt, M ouuee, i. II. Mitier, Toledo;
V. I). Moore, Svimnta; A. I'.. Jerome, New West
lieM A. J. (otnii'.or ec Co., l,ili ad. 2wtvt
M'FUV IiOUY'.-; Vh'U'.ND,
livoi y boily h:j it, Kvi-ry hni'y uses t,
Yi:.;!-:r.iu,i; pain killhr.
Tin: citi.vr I'vrtnt.v ri!!.iiciM:.
Taken Internallv, it cores swdilen Colds, Coimhs,
iVc, vi tsili r-h toaeh, dee
Sore Moutii, ( 'uuker, l.ii
or lndiejestion. ( i.-nip end
Itowel ( 'oiniil iiei, l'nii tei 's
I'i iri hea nn 1 1 1 1 s -1 1 1 s ,' .
oil I 'e "lilt y, is ursine
( 'oiiij'lairtl, I y.-p 'psij
Pain in the Sloinach,
Colic, A. itttie Cholera,
Applied L.'.frreillv, cures i'i .dons, T.'U, and Old
Sores, Severe Unrns, St aids. Cms, Uroises und
Spr tins. Swellie i.f tlie .l.shts, Linovorin nnd
T.-tler. I r.'l. ii Ihva-I. Fr. I Feet an 1'Chilibhiiiw,
'foot iincii"". Pain in li,e J';:.-;, N . in alv itv and l.'heu
nialisin. it u, a sure remedy f..r A" no, und Chills
and i'ev .-r.
Pain U
, or mad
1 be niiiilter
a ted it.!t loit!-. or w ::ter
in 'I i.-s -I. 1'i r a Com
e it n will h"' ne -re i'l!'", e
into u syrup with
, a lew iien -i on gn
e tioin iiiiytiiin!r i'Isc.
wiiieh iiecoiie.tiny each
r-ee print "it cieeetioli i
What steeti"
IMlovviii"- I, 11
er preo!
I' cell' i
:n be y
reduced limn tho
e.l, lrom Rev. W.
It. dacoo-; :
Vewarh, N. J., Jur.e (1, 1800.
Ml --sii- . lYiir v D vv t(4.1 ;-n-; - tleiuienten--Allow
ni"', uns.'li, -iteil. lo .-' o I you a w ..rd of (eninienda-,
li""it I' i" your i'ii'n I; i'lh f. I h .ve used it ill in y.
family i!iese s.'V er.il ears, nnd found ii nil it el aims
I" he. For Kh'iitiiialisi.', Couehs, Colds, limns,
Cholera tendencies a ml d.;iici.l(ii.(, as well ns dis
cuses j. ei: "I' dly (h.'.t i.r"" ,'.i!s in t'atuiiies, I ropard
the 1'tii'i Killer i'S I .-yon 1 all pi'ice, and as etlica
cious lieyoii.l any i,'.."!i, iiie within my l.novvlcd;e,
e keep it us our chief faniily medicine, and find
its use in or-l'iiary eas'S vnitii nioro than nny
iloetor. Tlie te-i iitii", y of otliers nmoi';' iv nc
(iiai:tlai:ees and IVi'"iei , i , eer- ily favor. il.le, fmi r
clei;j v in n have s; "l: ":i of it in 'the b'he.-t teniM
ns a family in dici'i-.-. M is .ieueri" s iu repented in-
i:i "
I to me in person nn l in their 1. 'tiers.
th.it tiie Ftuo K ill
t a
I'V far tlm 1 est medicitio
n - 1 1 in I. "litheo Im. -I
r.irl f.nti'li 's. .tti.l a
th in. 'I'ims much
of ju.' tie t" v ours di
You nre ut ltl.erty lo
hei", ice.
t. an,', i'rey it .e it for tliem-.elvcs
'iiiiiil.-t er it t i oihers uroun.l
1 t.iii itieliaed to se.y as an act
i s, niel ;m a b"ivi;t t.i others,
use this t.'st.r.iioni.-il. if of any
i;;.v. w. jacops,
r.tiitor Christian t luuiticlo
C.vi'Tlov.- The public will be cautious that they
pet the "jeimiiv I'.. hi Ki'd.r ns seme unprincipled
m -n, use that n .nn' for their own worthless com
poimd in so do!:'",' they decievo ihe cemmuniiv,
and inliiiifci' up ui llie "'ltiAHU SlAltE'' of i'et'iy
(ienniiv Perry Davis' Tain Killer sold by all
respeotal"!-' lrii;'ei..'s.
jlireeii'.us iiceoinpnny each bottle.
Price -jc, etc. uiel tl per I'oiilo.
.1. N. II AUK IS A CO.,
Proprietors for the Western nnd .Southern States,
Cincinnati, O,
For sal.", wholesale and ret lil, by Peck A Hum
ilti.n, Perry sbu'i'!! Frederick Kosinner. Freed("m: S,
L, Jieiie'iaon, lii.ivlinj; tireeu: N. (inihah;i::ii, Por
l.ipe: l. 11. Mince, 'i oledo; W. i). Mo,, re, Sylvniiia;
est A Trnav, Toledo: A. L Jerione, New West
li.1,1. A. J. O irdner .V Co., ii!e:id. L'vvtvo
i: c r l a n i- a c kit,
Peri'vsburpf and Toledo.
, i .
Tl!oSto:im"r"l.FI.LF. ," I . C, Lone Master, will
make two trip a day between iVrrvshurg and To.
lio durii'.;-; the se is.ni. The bout will leave Perrys
burir at ts o'clock, n. m., and 'J o'clock p. in, Return
iiiT, will leave Toledo, at 1 1. a. in., nnd 5:01) p. m.
Mr. Wuii M" Kiin prepi ses to disposeof his lands
in this com. i til a merely nominal price.
lit) will sc!i the south half of ihe north-west quar
ter.of wetion tow n 6, rnn .ro 10. pontaiuing 80
acres, for live huudred dollars. Said land has been
tin rode lily diii'l ed and drained at an expense of
Ho w ill nlso sell the moutii half of the south-west
rp.imfi- of section 33, town 0. range 11, nt tho same
L'nuulre of II. If. DODGE, Attorney at Law, Per
ry shiny, Ohio.
Also for sale a large number of Town Lots, both
here and in tho town of Mi tig-rove, with nnd without
improvements, together with several vnluablo
Farms. II. 11. DODUK,
Perrysburg, Sov. 10, ISaO.
1)OAD NOT1CK. Notice is hereby given thr.t
V tiie Commissioners i f Wood county, Ohio,
have granted a view und survey of a county road, ,
commencing at the quarter posi of seccious 2(J anal
i'f, town 3 north, range fi east theueo nonh to the
north lino of sections ii aud 23 in lha same town
ship, and that the viewers and surveyor will ino t
St the bouse of J, W. Apger on the ltlthof July
next. CtOKCiE HESS, -
JmielO, WlTwt.

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