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THl'IiSDAT, Jl l-V 5, ISOI.
The Great Rebellion.
Progress of the Work of Suppression.
Thursday's Dispatches.
Th National forros nt Washington com
tnenced moving towttr-Is Fairfax on Wvl-
ncilav -About 63.000 alronjy. As soon ns
tho alvanco coiujwnies rcselie-l (lie rrhc-l
picket, the alarm wan given, and such a
retreat was mado from Fairfax in prolmWy
tras never mado before by rebel. Tliry
left tbeir revisions, tent, and several pie
ce of cannon. The grand army entered
Fairfax in the afternoon, and several regi
ments went a few mile beyond. Two or
three of our troop were slightly wounded
in skirmishing, and several rebels Mere
The rebel leader Johnson: i reported to
be on tho rtin, and Gen. Patterson, with our
force, close, on to his rear. It may safrly
be said now that tho " anaconda " is tight
ening bis coil about the neck of the mon
itor ttxesh.
From tho region of the Kanawlin we slso
have interesting intclligenec. lien. Cox's
division is rapidly pushing up the valli-y.
A portion of the Kentucky regiment, nnilrr
Col. Guthrie, lias been sent in the direction
of Ripley, a small town some distance north
of the river J the 2d, under Col. Wood ru II".
is making its way up the (iny.iiiilnlto cree k:
while tho General, with tho remainder of
bis command, will follow the course of the
Kanawha. Tho three column centering at
Charleston; where it is hoped Wiso will
mako a stand. lie is reported to have a
force of from five to six thousand.
Friday's Dispatches.
Dispatches from tho vicinity of Washing
ton stato that the rebels have retreated from
Vienna. It in the opinion tlmf. they will
make a stand at M:uiuss:i,h, whither Gen.
McDowell's command are piiNhing. The
rebels had a largo force ut I'airfax, and the
retreat will have a very damaging c fleet on
the force nt Manassas. The National (mops
entirely destroyed Gcrniantnwit by fire, in
the belief that shots were fired on them
from tho houses. Gen. McDowell has sent
the soldiers guilty of the act to Alexandria,
under gnard, and promises to shoot the first
man who repeals tho offense. Hume of the
property destroyed belonged to 1'nioii men.
A big battle will occur at Manassas, unless
the right wing of McDowell's army cuts otV
tho retreat of Johnston from Winchester to
Manassas, in which case tho latter w ill be
completely surrounded. A large number of
trophies from the South Carolina regiments
have, been taken from Fairfax to Washing
ton. Ccnlrovillo is occupied by !,0(M Na
tional troops. Tho Ohio and Indiana troops
ore in that place, which in eight miles from
Manassas. The rebels had extensive en
trenchments at this point, but evacuated and
run on the approach of tho Federal lorces.
It is said that a severe skirmish lias occur
red below Ceiitorville, several boint; killed
on each side.
Tho news from Western Virginia contin
ues to be good. Gen Hill pursued the rem
nant of Garnet t 'a rebel army to within a few
miles of Roinney, but failed to overtake
them. Gen. Mcl'lellan then ordered him back
to Oakland. Gen. Johnson is said to have
sent 2000 men to their relief at llmnm y.aml
all aro supposed to be concentrating and at
tempting to reorganize their scattered frag
ments of tho rebels there. Gen. Morris got
a batch more of their wagons in returning
from tho Cheat Diver battle field. It is said
that only a dozen wagons of their whole
train escaped. Prisoners are stiil being
brought in at Laurel Hill. Twenty-five
were taken Wednesday and a number more
on Thursday. Their wounded continue to
bo found in the houses through the country.
A dispatch from Jefferson City, Mo,, re
ports a skirmish between McNeil's and a
party of rebels, at 9 o'clock Wednesday, in
eight of Fulton on tho Jefferson City road,
in which eleven of the Federal troops were
wounded, two mortally; one rebel killed and
a largo number wounded. The rebels were
dispersed. Col. McNeil was in Fulton a
waiting re-enforcements. Gen. Harris' men
were unmanageable, and lied by every road
leading out of town. About 700 of tho reb
els were mounted. The camp at Wand
Springs is supposed to be broken up. On
ly tho advanced guard of our troops were
iu tho engagement, and were fired on from
an ambush. Tho rebels then lied, and some
of them were seen uftcrward quietly work
ing in their fields, as if nothing happened.
Saturday's Dispatches.
Wo have exciting news from Kanawha
Talley, tho particulars of which will be
found in our local columns.
There waB a report iu Washington on Fri
day, that Manassas had been taken by our
forces, but is undoubtedly premature. The
various branches of our army moved for
ward toward Manasses, and ivcoimoisanccs
were made of the enemy's works, which are
very strong, and are defended by a force at
least us large as ours. The oll'n-iul dispatch
from Gen. McDowell states that six wore
killed, fivo mortally and ttventy-oue slightly
wounded, in tho battle at Hull Run. it,
tho attack upon tho batteries at Hull Run
had failed on Thursday afternoon, General
was sent to out-Hank them. Noth-1
ing is yet beard from tho expedition of this
brigade, which has been assigned the post
of honor in tho beginning of this p eat bat
tle. It is thought that Hcauregard's column
at Manasses has been ro-inforcod by John
aon'a command, which lied from Gen. Fat
tcrson's forces. The killed and wounded
Bull Run. mostly belonged to the Massachu
setts tirst and the New York Twelfth.
Gen. McClollan telegraphs under date
Friday, that tho Second Kentucky defeated
and routed six hundred of Wise's men
Cabcl county; on Tuesday. (This refers
tho Barboursvilto affair.)
"Wo have nothing of particular interest
irom Misbouri. Gen. Lyon is reported to
moving to-warda the Arkansas border, w
a force. of ton to fifteen thousand. McCul
loch and Jackson have retreated across
Arkansas lino, for tho purpose of drilling
their troops. Their avaiblu force is placed
at 17,500, including the rebel fcrces of
Boutheru Conthievescy.
Monday's Dispatches.
U completely routed from Hull's Ruu
tetreatwg towards Mauussas, leaving
tt(ries La pottjMiou of the Union force.
Fighting commonced nt fl o'clock Funday
morning, a'ld continued most desperately
till nfler 2 o'clock 1. f. Tim rebel were
driven back inch by Inch, leaving their
dead on tho field. The loss of lifo on both
side wa frightful. Our troop behaved
most gallantly ami onr gun were very
effective. Tim whole foreo on both s'des
is said to have been engnged, Gen. John
son having joined the rclicls, as previously
st.ited. mskittg Gen. IScauregmd's forms n
bout 10,000. It is known Manassas Junc
tion is supplied with water by a canal
from null's Run. This will be cut off, leav
ing the rebels without water for their ('avid
ly. A dispatch on Saturday slated that the
Federal troops numbered l.",000. The battle
was one of the severest ever fought on
this continent. I p to two o clock our
troops bad driven the enemy a distance of
t wn miles. As they fell back from ono posi
tion it was only to another e.pinlly strong,
and at every point fresh reinforcements
were poured in, without limit as to numbers.
Tlmre tan be no doubt that their forces u us
nt. least double ours. The Fire Zouaves
were terribly cut up. While drawn up to
make an attack they w ere assailed by a con
cealed battery with a strong support on
their flank nnd were forced to break. The
enrmy iiitinroto-I w ith an immense force to
turn our light fh-.h!;, which came near being
successful, whi n our large seigo gun, a .'12
pou.ider, o, e e I fire raining tremendous
havoc among the enemy and routing them.
Member a" I Senators who came in.r.s well
as ivillin-, say in their estimates l killed
from .'toil i .'i.imo. The facts cannot yet be
:rcei laine I. It is f.ild both Col. Fariihaiu
and I.icilt. Col. Jno. (Vegan were killed, but
it may not proved truo; the latter, at all
events, was revonlv wounded. Colonel
Hunter was woiiude I in ti e throat, Col.
Stoiiitm of the 2d lb I. nnd ('opt. Tow ers of
the 1st are reported killed. Governor
Sprague bad his horse short under. Maj.
Fallow of the 2d I!. I. was severely wnund
de in tho hand and thigh by cannon ball.
Tuesday's Dispatches.
The dispatches of to-day change the bril
liant victory of the Grand Army into a sad
reverse. Our troops, after taking three bal
leries and gaining ulnm-it an impregnable
position at Dull I; Mil, without any I cully np
parenf cause made a hasty re I rent on Alex
andria and Washington. Our loan is dread
ful said to be over .'JOiiO. During the re
treat, Gen. McDowell endeavored to make
a stand both at Ceiitorville and Fairfax, but
our troops w ere unmanageable. The road
from Hull Hun was strewn wilh knapsacks,
arms, ,vc. Some of the troops threw away
their guns and appurtenances (lie better to
faciliate their travel. Gen. McDowell was
in tho rear of the retreat, exerting himself
to rally his men, but only with partial cfleel.
The latter part of the tinny, it is said, made
their retreat in order. The rebels bad a
force of about .'.10,000, and it is intimated
that they w ere taking steps to surround our
troops, which created tho stampede. It
seems, however, that the retrctreal was
brought ahoul by a panic arising among the
teamster and civillians accompanying the
army, whose precipitate llight communicat
ed an alarm to some of the troops, and from
them to others, until the entire torco was
uncontiolablc. Wo hope this liiv.t great
failure may have tho elVect of silencing those
correspondents, whoso constant abuse forc
ed tho Government to allow forward move
ments to bo made against a well fortified
force of twice its numbers. This is un
doubtedly the cause of the great disaster.
l.ATl'H. Dispatches received just before
going to press rtate that only about 1100 were
killed in the Hull Hun allair. The number
will probably lie much reduced yet. That
our troops retreato I is true, but the disor
der and confusion first reported lacks con
siderable of being true.
Ohio Politics.
' (reason and put dow n rebellion, the effect
J "' ,: "" " l!a' raising of the distract-Se.ucui.-k
'"I' '''' s I'il".v. can but be evil. Not
"Shall we at this critical period of our coun
try's danger again enter into the bitter war
fare of party strife;" or, "shall we as ono
man rally around the (lag of our Fnion until
it shall proudly and triumphantly wave
throughout the entire length and breadth of
the I'nitcil Stall's?" Such are tho questions
we now frequently bear, both publicly and
In answer to the first, the Democratic
State Central Committee have called a par
tian Convention to nominate a State ticket
on a platform not only partian in its char
acter, but especially olVensive to every man
who desires to nee the Government sustain
ed and rebellion put down. They tell us
they love the Fnion, but party more, and re
gardless of conscipmnccs the party must be
kept up.
In answer to the second, the Republican
papers, and such of tho Democracy as are
iu favor of sustaining the present Adminis
tration iu putting down rebellion, take a
bout this view: Division among tho people
of the loyal Slates at this time cannot f.i'l to
hav e a serious clb ot upon the contest iu
which we arc engaged. U can but pi event
that singleness of vision and that unity of
i urpot-e whiib is so vitally important when
i he country is passing through such a crisis.
No malter if, in such division, ca h or every
party make the most vtliement declarations
of loyally and inn a i.ituk as to which shall
I g'o tart ust in iletcruiu at.i n to crush out
! 1 consciiehccs w HI tollow, but on
ly embarrassmenls and complications which
will retard the progress of the Fnion staad-
postpone the day of complete triumph
and protract the ills which the whole coun-;
try necessarily sutlers as the consequence
of a w arlike condition.,
Willi this view tif tho facts, no far us the
. .... . .1
ia!o is co'.iocruo.l, it is altogether - nba
M.l . , .1 I. .-ii
e that tbo course ol llio Democratic had-
vis will lead to all organized movement of
all those opposed to their pernicious action,
To this end we are inclined to si-cmid the
77-' suggestion thai the Republican
State Commit tee ia-mo a call for a Slate Del
egate Convention, to be composed of the
friends of the picscnt Administration, and
all others who approve of iu poliiy and
measures for suppressing tho rebellion, and
uro willing to support tho Government,
without coniproinibo or cohccstcoh, in such
further meubures as may be necessary. This
course, while il will secure ull tho advan
tage of orguuued uction, w ill l e entirely
free from otlenaive partizuu du'iuctor.
would opeu the way to the uuiou of loyal
men of all parties ou a platform aud a tiiket
ajccptibl to ull.
Jhqjr-Tho vigorous action of Congress
giving tho Government greater mean of
self preservation than it even askod slio'd
silenco tho treasonablo drivel of the tory
sheets throughout Ohio. Those paper
have not dared to come out and boldly ex
press the sympathy they have all along bad
with the Southern rebellion, but have sneak
ed behind cover of whining innuendoes, in
sinuating their treason by a hypocritical pre
tense of being for tho Fnion on ono hand
while on the other denouncing the I'rcsi
dent for adopting the only coin no that could
possibly rave it. History records the fact
lint n tory parly figured conspicuously, du
ing tho revolution, by giving aid nnd com
fort to tho enemies of a free government;
and history will again record the fact that
tho samo .putty had not ceased to exist up
to the time of the first great struggle for
tho maintenance of that government. In
other words the lories of lo-day are "chips
of that same old block" of '7ii. Now, ns
then, they aro the opponents of free govern
ment, and an administration constitutionally
chosen by a free people.
Loyalty of the Reserve.
We have seen it slate I in several Demo
cratic papers that but one company from
Ashtabula county the hot bed of Aboli
tionism has enlisted in the service of their
country, and that they are nearly nil Demo
crats. Now the truth is, A- hta'u!:i county
is represented by four companies ; one of
artillery and three of infantry. The first
gnu filed on tho rebels at l'hilippi,, was by
the Ashlabula artillery company, which went
forward immediately at, the Governor's or
der. Ah to tho poli'ii :il complexion of Ihese
companies, in view of the charge that the
Republicans had stayed at home, the editor
of the ,S'"i has l iken some pains to ex
amine the muster rolls, nnd says that neither
Douglas nor Hreekinridge gol on an average
four voles to the company, of tho entire
number enlisted. The number of Democrats
iu the four companies is thiiteen. In con
clusion, the Sentinel savs : Wo have no
disposition to make invidious comparisons
of tlto patriotism of parties in this respect;
but since the subject is opened, it is but
right to state I ho facts, and but for the per
sistent lying of those papers, they need not
have been slated.
That's So.
The Cincinnati Kii'nirer, Dayton Empire,
Ohio Sitfisnnni, and several other kindred
sheets are anxious to have a National Con
vention called, to amend the Cnu-slitiitinii to
settle our little difficulties. Who would at
tend il? The loyal Stales are fully repre
sented in Congress. They can do there nil
that loyal men should do. F.ighl of the
Slates are controlled or subjugated by rebels
in arms against the ( lovernment. Are these
traitors to be allowed to come into a Nation
al Convention (nailer the Constitution ? Cer
tainly no one who proposes such a (hing
can regard their treason us a crime. Hut it
is not strange thai they w ho supported an"
Administration when it was made up of the
worst of these traitors, should now desire
to bring them into a Convention to alter our
fundamental law. And any one w ho is ca
pable of proposing that traitors in arms shall
come into our deliberate assemblies with
tho highest rights of loyal citizens, would
only be too glad too see them restored to
power iu the Government, wilh their stolen
arms iu Ihcir hands.
Government Arms.
It is ascertained from official sources that
2aO,W)0 stand of arms have already been
issued, leaving half that; number at
least still on hand, with others being con
stantly manufactured. These arms are ad
ditional to those furnished by the State au
thorities. None have thus far been order
ed from abroad through the Ordnance
Hureau. Hence the recent importation
must be on State or private account. Dea
lers and inventor- are daily offering to sup
ply the Government, w hich, however, pre
fers its own patterns of uniformity. There
is no lack of facilities, it will thus be seen,
for arming all the troops that may be called
into the field. There is abundance of ord
nance stores, and other implements of warfare.
Where's Johnson?
Last fall we Democrats fought with all
our vigor the extreme parties prediilihg a
bad state of allairs if the sectionalism of
cither North or South prevailed. We war
red both Hreekinridgeism wilh iU lireeafing
proclivities and l.iiicoluisni with its irre
pressible dogmas. -7V('.'i A,lrertiser.
AVill the -I Ircrli'xiT inform its readers of
the whereabout of Johnson, tbo identical
individual who ran on the ticket with Doug
las for tho Vice I 'residency? Will it tell
them what ollice he bolls in the S.ui'horn
Conthicvcracy, and w hat he did iu further
ing the ends of Georgia's rebellion. The
Atlrcrt .'' labored bard for the election of
Douglas sud Johnson, and il they had been
successful. Johnson who has declared iu
every speech since the inauguration of the
so-called Southern Confederacy that the ex
periment of self-government has proved a
failure--would now have been Frcsident of
these Cuited States. Then Hreckiuridge's
doctrice of slavery extension would have
been carried out to the very letter, and be
fore the expiration of another four years
i very flee state in the Fnion would have
bad to bow to the God of slavcrv.
Sound Democratic Doctrine.
i tiul Democrat, opposing the movement look
ard, I ji,g to distracting tho attention oflho people
f Ohio this fall by a partisan contest. The
following passage contains tho nub of the
j uiatter:
' There is not a man iu Ohio of anv partv, or
1 - .1 ..'
Statesman publishes a letter
j f,m C. Volncv, a well known and intlueu-
, " oei... m un (.oouiai pariv.
, no is inn. leauv n liouoiil 1 le ViClli'lal
. . o ., ,1 ., , , .' ,
v i o ii iiiiii-in 01 an no- i iioi -Allien 11 uas
made or may hereafter make to support the
Constitution and the Fnion of these Slates.
and, although as Democrats, we oppose.!
our Republican friends in the elevation of
the present Administration to power, stilt
we recognize iu its head, the Supreme F.xe-
ciitive ol our country, anil extend to it our
heartiest aid, in all its i IVoiU to reseiie the
country from impending distruction.
Now it is evident to any man w ho at all
rellects on the present crisis, that all former
paUlical issues must for the present bo
laid aside, must for a time at least be merged
in more important considerations, and the
energies of tho w hole people of the Stato
must be bent to the support and prescrva
of the General Government. If, then, wo
all agree on this point, w here then is the
necessity of seperato political organization--,!
- - - --
. -
Ctii-The Government ha accepted a ten
der lioui Gov, Morgan of 300 cavalry.
The Democratic Call.
County organ ialion throughout theSUto
are choosing ami getting ready to choose,
delegate to tho State Democratic Conven
tion which i cnlled to meet at Columbus, on
the 7th of August. At the meeting of the
Slate Central Committee, which met to make
tho "Cull," among other resolutions the fol
lowing was adopted :
ltrtuilre.il, further, That all the electors of
tho Slate of Ohio, who aro in favor of pcr
pntnatiiig the principles upon which onr
I'nion was founded, mid ne convinced
that the present Stato and National Adinin
i' trntioii are wholly incompetent to manage
the Government iu its present critical con
dition, as well nsall who arc opposed to the
groas c.xtiavagance and corruption now so
alarmingly prevalent in public all'.iits, be
earnestly invited to unito with the Democ
racy iu this hour of our country's peril, and
thus redeem the Slate mid place its admin
istration in competent banda.
Tim Cleveland I'itin'l'iihr, a warm sup
porter of Douglas, last fall, thus speaks of
tho " ('all," and the disposition to overthrow
tho Government if needs bo to keep step to
party music :
Now wo unhesitatingly assert that, the
Democracy of (lie State are mil included in
this invilaiion. The democrats have a large
majority of the 2011,000 soldiers now under
arms, and sustaining the 1'onsflutional (Jov-
riiiiient in putting down rebel! on, ami we
are n it prepared to shake their conlidence
in the General Government, and (he leading
Generals of liieir appointment to direct their
movements to that cnl. We !o not nee
their inabilitv. It does not vet. appear that
they ne ineompcleiil for thai, work. We
will not place oiirHclvon in the wrong by re
fusing support to the constitutionally chosen
( ioverninent in a crisis like this irliru ri'ihl.
simply because they arc political opponents,
nor will wo sustain our own partisans in
power when radically wrong.
As to corruption, w hen we gi t a little fur
ther from the ISiichanan administration in
point of time, an mlmitiistratioit which the
Demo .-racy gave the country, we shall have
the heart In cry corruption. We will wait
till l!ie (l:lph-ns, (iardners, and S war I wonts
get over blushing for lbiehaiiau's corrup
tions, before wo discharge a battery in that
We predict that the first work of the con
vent ion on I lie 7lh of August will be to draw
black lines around thai resolution, and w rile
across the face of it, " Expunged by order
of the Democracy."
The Sandusky Democrat, published at
Fremont, eonnueiit.s on the above as follow s:
The remarks of the I'lniiucalfr accord
exactly with our views. Tics' is no time for
the passage of partisan resolutions giving
aid and comfort to the rebels, while the con
stitutional Government is engaged in a tre
mendous struggle to put down a gigantic re
bellion. e can not perceive that Hie main
tenance of the Democratic organization ic
iptires any such net of disloyalty. "If it does
we had better "let it slide." If may do for
the semi-secession politicians of whom there
ire slill a few scattered thi oiighou! all north
ern communities. In get together ami adopt
resolutions like the above, but wo prote.-,t
against their doing it in llio name of the De
mocracy. The Democracy are I'ou the coun
try, not a n. inst il, and a good evidence, of
this is liie tact that al least loll, DUO itetuo-
crals have taken up aims to defend tho Gov
ernment and crush the rebels. They have
not forgotten, not will the forget, the dying
words of Doiiglaa, urging them to nland by
fhc constitutional administration of the coun
try in the great conflict which has been
fon ed upon it. The m is-iof the Democracy
are i.oy vi,, and will remain so, whatever pol
iticians by trad.' may do or say.
We did not. vote for Mr. Lincoln, but have
no hesitation in saying that his administra
tion has been a decided improv enient on
that of Mr. IJiiehaliau. lis prompt and en
ergetic a-'tion aroused the slumbering patri
otism ol the nation anil saved the (iovern
inent, which the Miseillatioii and timidity of
Mr. Hiiclianan (to use no harsher t riii-t.) had
brought to the brink of ruin. Coming into
power under toe greatest embarrassments.
with every department ol the public ser
vice lull ol traitors the treasury empty
the army partially dtaorgaui ",ed th- navy
scattered iu distant seas tho only wonder
is that the present admiiiislialion has been
ilile to ai conipli.ui so much iu so short a
period of lime. It has purged the public
service of traitorous oHicials, replenished
the treasury lv loans, saved the National
Capital front capture and pillage, and restor
ed public conlidence in the government at
home and abroad. 1 1 has organized, equip
ped and put into t ie field a splendid volun
teer army of 310,000 men. It has already
paralyzed the rebellion and revived the
hopes of Fnion men everywhere. We fail
to see iu these acts proofs, of the " incompe
tency " of this administration. And the pa
triotism of that man may well bo ipiestion
ed who, in view of these facts, and at such
a tremendous crisis of the country, endeav
ors to weaken the conlidence of the people
in the administration of their choice.
The Capital City Juict, a paper that sup
ported Hreekinridge for the Presidency,
says :
This is no lime to raiio a tpiestion as to
the competency of an administration w hich
has been chosen by the great voice to pre
side over ua for four years, f incompeten
cy discover itself let wise consuls be brought
to bear, and not partisan hatred and ill feel
ing. Men or parties of men who seek to
cripple the administration in its campaign
for the Fnion, are nothing les t than traitors
and worse than Southern rebels.
Good and true Democrats, almost w ithout
number, who ip.iietly hoped the Dei.i ; racy
would not leave t'le people, now openly
avow their determination to enter the l i ion
army and bo! II v assist iu sustaining tho ad
ministration iu tl.e war against the rebels.
The United States Supreme
vcrv important resolution into tho House,
and one which is intended to pa-pare the
way for the reorganization of the Supreme
Court. It makes it the duty of the Interior
Department to gather statistics respecting
the amount of business performed on the
different judicial circuits. Those returns
will show that the slaves ntaics have had
three liuie.-i the number of judges (o the
amount of business, and will also show
couelik.ivi ly" that the northern states are en
title. 1 to several new ja.igcs. .Next Winter
Mr. Ashley means to put the into; mat. on
collected before the Congress and the coun
try, and to frame a pill for the re-organization
of the court. The idea, it w id lie re
membered, was suggested by Mr. Seward
in one of his gnat senatorial speeches two
or three years ago. The rumor that a place
on the bench of the Supreme Court will be
otl'ered to the Hon. Joseph II dt is correct,
but it is not certain that he will accept the
position, lie is now performing a uuble
work in Kentucky in lighting for tho I'nion
in the election campaign which terminates
in August. ( nrrisiiuiitleut . J. .-.-.
tjV"llooiiaii lias eliallengeil Mace, Hurst,
K. i ii, or uny ntli -r man in Knlan I I'or the
sum of "!? I (1,01111. It is also stated lli.it llee
li.m's nlVer euiliraees several oilier points,
viz: t'.iat ho l,Hceiian) will take SlO.tKHI to
SS.iMitl if Mace will eiuiio M this country
and lijjht in Canada; lie- will -civo M u-o Sl"
OtiO to defray his expenses here; or the Hoy
will take jfl'.OUil to SS.OOOami tight in F.iil-
laitd, if the ('haiiiiiiim id' Knlund will pay
llcenau 81,000 to defray his exi eiis.es to
that ooui i try.
fctiJ-Tho Federal urmy ut Washington
soon to receive additions of 'J5 regiments,
which ir now en route, or reiiariin
march. This is exclusive of tho movements
now goin-.' on of troops from tho ilitlercut
Suites to join McClulluu und 1'attcrsou.
IrrThe Knoxvillo Jteyitfrr, of tho 14th,
nominate Conully F. Trigg, of Knox county,
as tho Union candidate for Governor of Ten
nessee. It'-ifTlio Governor of Kansas has appoint
ed F. I. Slanton U. S. Senator in place of
(!en. James Jjine, who has been mado a
Hrigadier General.
farT'On tho 9th Inst., while the wife of
Longfellow wns Hulling som- sealing wax,
her dress caught lire and burned her so that
sho died next day.
jyGeii. Lyon has chased Gen. Ja'kson
in Missouri, and Gen. Patterson chased an
other Gen. Jackson in Virginia. The blood
of the .lacknohs is degenerating.
Ifryy'KIcvoii ofSeigel's command, wound
ed at the battle of Curtilage. Missouri, have
since died, making the whole No. 21. The
rebels report their loss at tibont fiOO.
fj'"!!x-l,residciit Van Rut-en has express
ed the opinion that war ought to bo rigor
ously prosecuted, until the full authority of
the Fnited States Government is re-established.
Ic-jyA letter dated Havana, 10th hint.,
says the Captain General ordered the priva
teer Sumter oil' and retained tho prizes, tho
cargoes being Spanish property. The ves
sels had been held for the action of the
home government.
f;;i-f"The report that Gov. Ilieks had been
assassinated grew out of the fact of the eir
cute in which be became involved at Cam
bridge Md.hls place of residence. There was
dilliciilty betiveen a party of Fnion men and
secessionists, and tho Governor being
present was rather rudely handled. A party
of I Oil soldiers was scut from Haltimore,
who found the Governor unharmed, and cs
e:rlcd him to the cily.
gIIi:itlI'L'"S SALE.
Henry C Lawrence vs J R More et nl.
iy viituii nf a I'i Ki judgment to mis directed
nnd d.liu'ivd fit mi tin court nf coniiiimi pleas of
Wood enmity, Ohio, I shall nllei- for mii lo ut the door
nf tliu cimi't lum.40 in I Vri vshnrg, in said cnunhym
Thursday, AhjmhI 2Jd,
nt t o'clock p. in. of suid d iv, tliu west half of the
nnrtli west qu irt'-r nf the north east quarter nf sec
tion tliirt.v-ii.ree (tt'!). town nnintit-r (1 north of range
iiiiinhcr H' east, containing tW acres : appraised at
52 10. U. t:. UL'VKIl, Bheritr.
DoniiH id Tvlur, alt'vs.
July 22, lSiit I2wa$2 80.
gllliltlKFM HALE.
.Tulin H Hunt vs I) A Smith et al.
Hy virtue of u l-'i Fa judg.'m.'iit tnnn dirict'd
nnd delivered iVnni tliu court nf cninin in pleas nf
Wood comity, Ohio, I shall oiler Cur sale nt the dour
of tliu court house in Perrvslmrg in said county, on
Thursday, Aujiust 2Jd, IHTil,
nt 1 o'clock p. in. nf said day, a tract or parcel nf
land tukeii from the south west corner of tliu north
west quarter of section niiinlier 17, town nuinlier
i mii tli of r.injfo ininihcr It) east, h pinniii); at the
south west corner of K.iid north west quarter, thence
north on tho section line to a county road ; thence
easterly nii-iiif said road to a point where a line
drawn .-nu!h and p.u.tlli I w ilh the west line nf s lid
section to the center, will include HI acivs apprais
ed nt .$ Klil. U. K. UL'VKlt, sheiilf.
Doixik it Tvi.sit, ntlvs,
duly 22d, 18lil--12 x';& (55.
i; u l f f
L. C. Uarkdull vs. I'mmus & Cliance.
Hy virtue ol an order of sale to me directed nnd
delivered from the court nf cuinmnn pirns of Wood
county, Ohio, in the above c uise, 1 slwll olf.-r for
s ilo in the dour of the court lions.', in I'errysburg,
Wood count v, Ohio, on
Thursday, Auirust 22, 18s I,
at 2 o'clock, p. in. of said day, the Cullmvinj; lands
nnd tem-inenis, as the rnpcnv of s:iid defendants.
to wit: the west hall of the north-west quarter of
Hie nni th-east quiirlcr ot section 1.1, tmvn -1, ranjre
12, cnntaiiiinj; 20 acres ; and the nnrth-east quarter
of the north-west quarter same section, town and
i-.iiigei and .ippr.-ii.-ed at tflitj-j. O. K .OiL'VKK.
.l is. .Mr mi or, alt'y. Siierill'.
July 22, lSiil - I2 j$:t 31.
II K U I V F S S A L E .
Charles Leavilt vs. John McMillan.
Hy virtue of an order of sale to me directed and
delivered from the court of common ideas of Wood
county, Ohio, in the uhovc cause, 1 shall oiler for
s-ilc ut the uo::r ot the court house, in 1 errrsuurg,
Wood coiuitv, Ohio, on
Thursday, August 22, 1S01,
at 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, the following lands
mid t.aiein.-nts, as the property of said defendant, to
wit: the north-west quarter nl" section 27, town No.
j north of range No. 11 cast : appraised at $.
U. E. Cil VEIt, shcrifT.
Jas. MniRRV, ntt'v.
July 22, I Si! I- 12w5?:t U.
John lii aid vs Ilenrv 11 floucher ct nl.
Hy virtue of an order of'sale issued in the above
cae hy the clerk of the court of common pleas iu
Wood cuniilv, lihin, and to in directed and deliver
ed, I will oiler for sale at public vendue at the door
ol tho court house m 1 cirvsliiirjr in saul coiuitv,oii
Saturday. Auirust 21lh. lHlil.
nt one o'clock p. m. of said day, the following de-
scriueu laiuls anil tenements, t it : Ihe north east
quarter of section thirty-one, town number three.
north of range number 11 east : also the smith half
ot the south cast quarter of section thirty, in town
ami ran- ahuvsaid ; appraised at $ l.lltlll.
(J. E. lit' YE It, Sheriff.
E. IhiowN. attv.
Julv 22, lMil-12w5$3 31.
Howe & Drown vs McFadden X Salsburv.
Hy virtue of an order of sale issued in the above
cas bv (he clerk of the. com t of common ideas of
v l in.:.. i. i: .., ... i .,
...Mm iwiKii i , . .inn, iiii;i ii, urj iin-.-L-ieii nun uenv
ere.l, 1 will ollVi- fur sale ut laihlic vendue nt the
dour ol the court house in the town of 1'crrysburg,
tt ooo i-mu!v, wiuo, on
. S.i'iu lav, August 2-lth. IsT.t,
between the hours of 1 1 a. in. mi l 2 p. m. of that
day, the lollowing described lands and nrunertv.t.)
wit: Ihe west half of the south east quarter of the
norm east quarter ot Hie smith west quarter ot see
Hon seven, ol township lour ( t) norih of range 10
cast, coni.iining 12(1 acres of land: also, the north
west quarter nt section 1 1 , same town and range
lilU acivs: also lot number six in the town of i'or
tage, Won I county, Ohio. U. E. CiU YF.U,
S. .li:ri i-:i!;o,'aiiv. Sheriff.
July 22, ISiil - I2w.i$:i 82.
John McMahan, adm'r vs Mary MeFa ld,n ct nl.
lv vit ino of an order of s.de from said court to
me issued in s lid cause. I will niter at public am
tit in i ii Monday. A egustJiilh. I Si!!, between Ihe hours
ot in o clock, a. in. una I o clock p. m. ot sai I it iv
on l'ie pivinics, the following real est ite to-wit: In
let number -il in hie town ol Portage, and the cmuiI
able interest in the w '.j of s-w 1 , of see. li.'l, town
I noi-'h et rang.1 1 1 east, nil in ooil countv, Ohio
of which .las. Me Kadden died seized and holding,
MI'Mcct to w illow s ntiw.T. Icrm-i m lie known en
d.iy of -.ale. John McMauan, Administrator.
Uro. Stkaiv, attv.
July. 2 1th, Is'.l- I2wl?-i ill.
K oiuo.
Laura 11. Smith ct al vs. Ch is. W. Warren ct al
C.iuse of I j ctinent.
Notice is hcr by given Ueo. Walter Carey, minor
heir at law of Walter Carey, dee'd, resilience in the
st. ie of Michigan unknown, that at the May term
of sai (court. A. I. ISiil, at the miggcstien' of the
death of sai I Wall -r Carev, one defendant in the
an so then-ill pulling, it we.sorleredthattheleg.il
ivpivseiitatiics of sai l Walter Carey, dee'd, be
nude p.iriies def. ii hints in and notified of ihe na
Imv an I pendency of si id cause : that unless said
(loo. Waller Carev come an I answer ia said cause
of ejectment pending as aforesaid against him bv
Ihe -Ji.iih of October, ISiil, acccording to law nt Oct.
t -mi of said court, 2s(5t, pla'iUill' (drill have such
nvceodiiii-s therein us the law requins, to take
judgment against him in said cause.
l. u u II. Smitii et al.
Ono. Stk un attv.
July 21st. lS-51 "liwiifl 1R.
STRAYED.-On the 3 I day of July, ISiil, from
the subscriber, two miles south of Tontogany,
Wood coiiuiv, Ohio, a gray horse of medium site
in.oieanll.nl inclined to a dm W color; a knot on
his belly about the sii." of a lieu' egg; and i.i about
V veara'old. JACOU 11AI.CF.K.
July 111, 1S81 12w3
NOTICE. Notice ii hereby given that the und
ersigned has been appointed an assignee of
ihe proiH'i iy and cH'ecta of Ueo. It. Kn ps, lately
engaged in the busin - of nieivluin tiding iu the
town of Pcrrvsburg, Wood county, Ohio. All cred
ilorsof said Ueo. It. Kn-ps are requested to pn'sent
their claims to the assignee ut Pcrrvsbui'g.Ohio, as
boon as possible. S, Sl'lNK., Assignee.
July ti, lSSl -llwl$l 25.
NOTE LOST. The undersigned lest a note
given bv I.askev, Pratt & Co., for the smu
ono hundred aud titty dollars. It was giveu Sept.
IS, I Soil, and had one endorsement of -fill, and out)
of $5 on the back. Thia nolo will. bo of no use
any one but myself, aud I will pay the finder liber
ally by reiurniug or udiug it to me al New West
field. WILLIAM KCSd.
July 1, 161-1U4'
Low Price nnd Hcnriy Inj
Having pnrclinscd tlio cutire stork nf OROCER
IE," formerly owned by Goo. W. HollcnWkJl ill
continue business
Where, having replenished tho Stock with a large
I nm now prepared to mipply tho citizens of Poitts
bnrg, mid surrounding country with
Groceries and Provision,
Of tho choicest kinds nnd ut tho cheapest po"ible
I 'rices. Thnso wishing to purehasj anything in mr
ino will find it to their advantago toglvo mo a cull,
us everything I sell will bo
I have on hand, also, a largo and null selected
stock of
which I warrant to pivo satisfaction or no sale,
lesl IckI U-k! 1 havo on hand n largo suimlr
nf choice Lake lee, which may be obtained at ull
tiiii -s on reasonable terms.
-5AU kinds of produce taken in exchange for
gods. J. V. WEDU.
I'errysbiirg, ."Nov. 2'J, lSOO-tf
An entire stock of New tloods have recently been
opened by tho subscriber, consisting of nil tliu vari
eties of
spring: and summer goods !
Hats and Caps,
Putty, White Lead.
Powder, Shot.
Tea, Coffee,
Sugar, Molasses,
Uoots. Shoes.
Bonnets, Furs,
Candies, Cloves, Jh
dinger, Spic"
Cinnamon, Raisins,
Essences, Nutmegs,
Whit" Fish. Cod Fish.
Flour, Meal.
and numerous other articles on hand, to bo sold
as this is the only method which allows tho mer
chant to sell CHEAP.
Wheat, Corn,
Barley, Buckwheat,
Potatoes, Apples,
Butter, Lard,
Beeswax, Beef,
Pork, Hides,
Skins, Purs
Hood Poles.ic.
will be purchased or taken for Goods.
N. B. T shall also be connected with the. Stor
age, Forwarding nnd Commission Business of this
place, and hope to merit the confidence and appro
bation of the people. A. E. JEROME.
.ilav, l sin iv.
The subscriber has established an AD-ricultural
Machine Warehouse in Pcrrvsburg. He will be
able to furnish the Farmers, and all (ith'-rs in wunt
of articles in his line, with anv nnd over-,- kind of
Machine or Farming Implement desired, on the most
reasonable terms ; including in part of tho follow
ing articles):
Kirhv's American Harvester,
Ball's Reaping and .Mowing Machines,
Woo Ts Mowing Machines,
Hulih irl's Mowing Machines,
Pitt's Threshing Machines,
drain Drills, Separators,
Horse Powers fe Portabl Sif-am Engines.
Also, nil the best stvles nnd patterns of
Plows. Harrows,
Horse Hoes, Cultivators.
Shovel Plows, Subsoil Plows,
Therniotiii'ter Churns, Road Scrapers,
Wheel-Barrows, Com Sh Hers,
F'atining Mills. Straw Cutters,
Suirnr Evaporators, Clover Hullcrs,
Horse Bakes, Scythes and Snaths,
Shovels nnd Hoes, Cradles,
Sowing Machines. Wagons, &c, Ac., kc.
Fuirlttmk's pattern. Ami ivcrv (Inscription of
r 1 1 I 11 1 1 . il ..! ( i
n mom mm nm t iuaiii una oilier lM.iuriinery in
LOWEST PRICE. Call and oxamins stock nnd
prices. D. KREPS.
Perry sburg, Juno 21th, 18018ni3.
Coal Oil
Coal Oil,
Coal Oil,
New Supply,
New Supply,
New Supply,
New Supply;
Only 75 cents per gallon!
Only 75 cents per gallon!
Only 75 cents per gallon!
Only 75 cents per gallon!
At the Drug Store,
At the Drug Store,
At tho Drug Store,
At the Drug Store;
'Come nil and try it,
An.l vou'll e'er buv it."
L A 1) I K S .
rp O
Mrs. M. A. Carpenter would respectfully announce
to the ladies of Pcrrvsburg und vicinity that she 1ms
removed her Millim.-rv Store to the house formerly
occupied by Eliza P. Jones, on Front street, where
there will be found a beautiful assortment of millin
ery goods. Mrs. C. will keep constantly unhand a
large variety of
liounels. Ribbons.
Flowers, Ruches,
Hats, Caps and Flats,
la fact everything pertaining to tho millinery line.
She is also prepared to Cut, Fit and make Dresses,
Capes, Cloaks, Talmas and Children's Clothing.
Pleaching nnd Pressing done to order.
Ladies will hud il much lo their advantage by
giving me n call before purchasinir elsewhere.
April 24, IStil -51 Mrs. M. D. CARPENTER.
Ellennor A. Hruer, plainiitl', vs. James llruer de
fendant. The. above named defendant is hereby notified
that the plaintiff has tiled her pititii n in the Court
of Common Pleas, of Wood enmity, Ohio, Alledg-
mg extreme cruelty mnl ilmnkcness tor more than
three years last lust, upon Ihe n.irt of said defend
ant. Said cause will be for hearini' ut the October
term, 1 iS i 1 ; and praying upon the final hearing of
sam cause, sue may Di ilivorccil tioiu saul ilelenu-
aut. 1 iuck i Johnson, atlvs for plt'lr.
Perrysburg, June IS, IS:'. 1 7w6$3 05.
pETiriox " ro:tiUTmox;
William lhn-k, Marinh llurk, John Hathaway,
i atliarine Hathawa v. Jonathan vravs, alliamcl J
Cravs. MarL'arel M Cravs. Samuel Cravs. I.orind.i
Cravs, John And rson. Harriet Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Ueorge Anderson and Catharine. Cravs,
will take notice that a petition was tiled against
tlieni on the 12th day of July, ISfll, in the court of
coininoii pleas, within and for Ihe county of Wood,
an I State of Ohio, bv John P Hell and Mary Ann
Hi II, and is now pending, w herein said John P Hell
ami M.irv Ann Hell demand partition of the follow
ing real estate situate in Wood county and State of
Ohio, to-w it: I he south part ol the south-west tiunr
tor of seetiou number nine (9) town number live (5
north ol range number twelve (Is i east, containing
iniietv (HO) acres more or less : also the lollowimr
situate in said countv and state; being a part of the
souiti-wcsi pari ot i:ie aouin-wesi quarter ot sec
noil uine (V) town live (a) north ol range twelve
(12 least, bounded as follows: commencing at the
south-west corner ix-st of the last described laud:
t'lenco north along said land to tl.e eenter of
Portage River i thenro down the sail liver to
the east line : thence south alnnir said line, to
the place of beginning, being all that part of
land lying south of said river, containing three and
a half (3's) acres more or less t and that, at the
next term of said court, the John P Hill aud Mary
Ann Hell will apply for an order that partition may
be uiado of said premises. JOHN P. HKLL,
By Pet ee Uku, their au'.
July 12, 1861-U67 05.
w. j. iiitciicock.
NKW uoons 1
NKW uoons
new rmcist
sew rsicss
NEW fllCMl
The largest stocks of goods ever o(T erod in thi
market, embracing an endless variety of articles
In the selection of which no effort has been spar
ed to render it ns attractive as possible, ia now ba
ing opened ut the
of W. J. Hitchcock, on the corner of Front and Lou
isiana Avenue, Porryaburg, Ohio.
Inspection and Comparison will provo that for va
riety, elegance, richness, cheapness, beauty and
quantity, this stock is unsurpassed by any now of
fered iu the West.
In this department great advantage may be obtain
ed by close cash buyers, from the fact that the goods
are boughtfor cash directly of the cash rn dealers
and manufacturers, nnd nil imported goods arcbo't
nt just what it costs to import tl.om, hence lie can
allbrd to !ell goods nt
than goods are generally sold, which is an Item of
great interest to the people of Wood county. A suf
tlicient in ducement, we take it, to mate Perrys
burg fc'ii.- trading point.
In this department, wt havo the Inrgost nnd most
complete assortment in Northern Ohio. Made up
according to the latest fashions and in the most sub
stantial maimer, warranted to give Uic very best
satisfaction, or no sale.
Those wishing to purchase nnvthing in this lino
w ill find it to their advantage to pay mv Store a visit
before purchasing elsewhere. The attention of the
public is respectively invited to my extensive stock,
feeling assured it will be timo proh'tablv spent
JSTProduce taken iu exchange for gonds.
Perrysburg, January 2d, 1801.
Boots, Shoes, C l o t ii i n o,
Crockery aud Glassware,
Farming Tools,
Ladies' Dress Goods,
New, Chaste, Rich and Elegaut Pattern,
Just received by
Sugars, Amber Syrup; African, Rio
and Java Cuflecs,
Layer and Seedless Raisins, very nice, Prunes and
Kerosene Oil.
Tea at 10 cents, and $1 tea for 75 cents; try it.
Prime Live Geese Feathers,
Retailed from $1 V K UP
Mackerel and Cod Fish, Looking Glasses, etc.
New Spring and Summer styles,
t'trong and Cheap for Cash; for sale by Williams.
French Printed Bareges, very cheap.
French Printed Organdies, beautiful designs.
Gingham Lawns, Printed Lawns, Priutcd Bril
liautcs, all entirely new styles.
Mourning Goods, Embroideries, Bcrcge dc Laiues,
Summer Dress Silks,
Linen Lustres, Valeucius, Foulard Silks, Marseilles,
Lawn Rubes, Organdie Robes,
Grenadines, Challieg, Counterpanes, Napkins,
Doylies, Damask Cloths,
Ruffling, Edgings, Moreens, Flannels, Lacs Veils,
Cotton Sheetings,
Dress Buttons and Trimmings, s handsome assort
ment, all Dew,
Bonnets auJ Ribbons, Misses' and CUildrcns Flats)
and Huts,
Parasols, the newest and richest out j Shawls of
every description,
Maulillas and Raglans; please call and examine b
for purchasing elsewhere.
Fish I Fisu I A good supplj of all Viods bob
stanlly kept on hand at our store,
lProduc tuken in exchange for goods.
and door f fom lbs port tAw,

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