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J. V. 1JAII.KV. IMitor.
Till .JIMMY." At U. 1, IMJlT
The Great Rebellion.
Progress the Work of Suppression.
, The ncw from Washington tndicnlon a
rapid re-organisation of tlic llornl forces
in that vicinity. TliO Mammies disaster is
having a good effect, and new life in being
imparted into military movement thi-ougli-out
nil tho loral Plates. Con. Mi ll llan is
now in Washington, ami will take elmrgc .f
. '
the forces on tllO Potomac.
Th war department ha nntbwi.od nr. I
. ' - , , ....
fantry regiments for the war honi I). no.
Three regiments left Columbus for the neat
of .war on Tuesday.
The news from the Kanawha valley is
really cheering. Oeu. Cox entered Chin Ich
ton on Wednesday lust, when tho rebels un
der Wise made ft hasty retreat, leaving a
cooked meal untouched, whiolt our hoys nit
down to and devoured with a will. The
rebels destroyed bridges an mti'-h property
in their flight burning a steamboat lo keep
it from falling in the hand of our troops. 1 1
1s supposed they'll wait for another chine (i
further up tho Kanawha. Their fo.tiliri.
tionn at Charleston were very strong, and if
they had had the courage to il; ht, could have
held it (V'ainst twice the iiiunher of our
forces. The Union cause ia bein;; miich
strengthened by Wise's vandalism.
Wo shall not be surpriaed to hear of a!
fight at lhrd's Point, opposite Cairo, tihortly.
A tleet of steamboats, loaded with rebils,
arrived a few miles below thai j oint, lahl
week. Our troops me ready for thou.
Two more f Humps for tlio Cnion caur.o
nro reported in Mis-Bouri one at liarrison-l
villo and the other at I'orsy Ihe. At the for-j
mer place iirovisioi.s, eamp ciiiiia ,e, ,Vc, to :
the amount S'JO.IIOO wai taken. At the lat
1;r place f0 of our men gave bailie to .'1(H)
mounted rebels, und, after a severe lilil,
routed them and took tho town.
Col. Fremont has arrived in Missouri, and
will make every preparation for offensive
movement;! at an early day.
None but a Union Party.
Tho uiianiinoiis voice of tho I'cpubliean
press of Ohio now speaks out manfully and
patriotically for the cause of tho Tnion. In
this we are glad lo see they are joined by
quite a number of the leading Uemocratie
journals. Anion;!; Iho great mass of Ihe loy
al people (if the Stale there seems even a
greater desire than that exhibited by the
props, for one prand unily of action. A
great statesman has truly said lliat. "all the
old partisan divisions fade nwny before the
peat issues of the contest in which the
country is now engaged, like dew from Ihe
morning sun." Every truly patriotic heart
responds to this sentiment. 177t saw an
infant Republic born il learned lo walk,
and was beginning to Im powerful in the
vigor of its manhood, when, by a sudden
violation of its organization, il fell almost
powerless. We have, now, as il were, to
raise up this prostrated Republic, and, this
dono, wc shall demonstrate lo the world that
the foundation has not been shattered by
the fall that the people of free America
tie still capable of self-government.
Now what is the condition of the country
at this time? In eleven Stales of this Cnion
there is a united effort to overthrow the fun
damental law of Ihe land. Tis tree the lib
els aro only carrying out one of tho privi
leges which they claim is guaranteed to
them by the Constitution, and, at this mo
ment, there aro none who profess so jealous
a regard for the integrity of the Constitution
s they who are iu arms to overthrow it;
but treason, everywhere, active or latcid,
can be guaged exactly by its ann ly lest
tho Constitution idiould be impaired by tin'
suppression of rebellion. When (reason and
rebellion are claimed (o be merely a differ
ence on constitutional construction, and Ihe
aiding and abetting of rebellion iu set up as
a jealous regard for the sanctity of Ihe Con
stitution, it becomes high time that we
should know what our Constitution is; and
us the tonus of the Constitution itself, tho'
written as plain as language can make llicm,
have failed to establish il, nn appeal has
been made to arms, and arms must not be
laid down till we have a Constitution w hich
. will establish the supremo law of the laud,
nnd under which State Uighis shall ho sy
nonymous with treason, as the talk of State
Plights has now shown iiself lo be iu fact.
Under these circumstances w hat is the du
ty of all loyal citizens. I'atriniisni answers
an unconditional rally to the support of the
Union 'and tho Constitution. This is the
first work to bo done; and. until they are
established, and the so-called Slate nights
theory blotted out, we cannot allow the call
of partisans to stand in the way of our duty.
Ti.o right of self-govern incut, and of the
people to choose their own rulers, is more
nt stake now than it was in 1 1 it war of the
revolution, and until w e have il established
in this nation that the people have u right
to vote according to their own will for their
rulers under tho tUJsliutiollt.lJ.lc fajj 1
no questions ol party policy for them to
, ,r, ,
VOtO Upon. IhO lie,ht ot the people to Vote
must first bo vindicated and cslablishcd. so
that no party or section or State will ever
atin (lore to rebel against the fait of the
popular Lallo, before it v ill beci tue neccs
eary to discuss what tirade of policy tl.cy
ought to voto for.
Punishing Perjury.
The Pittsburg JJikj.iiYcA says that Gen. Me
riellun has gono to work in earnest to ttoj
tuo pnrjury und villainy of the icWl trait
ors, ly having 12 of them nhot ui llevcrly
on tlio 22ml ulL, for violating; their parole.
It is vtatetl that our troops hud ciii'tiired
number of iirinonera, niucty of whom were
rcicdbeu on tuning tne oatlmot uguin to hear
arms agaiust tho United Platen. Within
hours after their rolcaso u guerilla attack
vas made on a government train, and unnitd-!
r f ' i 7i i ..
ttan from Ohio killed. Our troop wuW-
queutly made a Bally and captured a nnw-'
of priboiicm, wnong whom woro the
Love named noriurod relud who r.
investigation of the factH.werc t.hot an utatcd.
KiyWe have a lengthy letter from P.
Thornton, Ewo;., dated Uovoily, Va., July
giving an account of the Kicu .Mountain bat
tlo. This dots not differ jnatei ially lioiu
tho account we publiuhed iwo weeks
TUe loss of the rebels in ctated to be 25.
"-.j I ' 'l' .
, itTho Missouri C-ouvimtiou wiJJ declare
tue fcbat ol the Gov. Jackoii vaount.
Important Action of the Central
Tho ttcpublioun Stnto Central Committee,
nl a Reunion licld in CnliimbuH on Thursday
last., t.iifinimously ndoplod tho futlowinj
jnrnitiMo and rownlutiotiMS
WllKintA. fl l dulv 'f rt'Wi-in, in lime
nfnitirn.il priil.tolnv finidi' nil dill' l'Mi. . i'f mi
liiic.il cpinlnii mill unit .' in iliT.nec of their now Mi
ni til: Hhti
,v.,fi il. Tint It l ml now rxpclicrt to mil n
Ciinvciitii.il of the lb pulili.'.in pally Ibrlho in'inim.
liuli nf illicr I" be i-hnsm nl the toiiiin; .Sliitn
Ji-,,,,1,,-,1, Tluil the D'uvrralic (Vnlnil ' ninul
tee he r.'iii 'Mod t" unite wit'i llii (V inliiill.'t In n
rail tor ii joint thdi pit.' ci nvi tilii n fi.r tin1 tti- -
nf in niiiniii'C n miii.iM" Suit Ti k't, mi I l!i K the
mil lo ii.l !ivm In nil Ii" nr.- In f.ivor nl' the iiii-
';;''"'!' ,,V!M lv"',V !! "' I1'," 1 V .V'x .ii .'.'.Ti
of the in unli liimre ol Hie inti j'l ity of Hip .viIh iii'I
Ml,v,'tmu"nt nnd el H i' litnroim mi l -i -lit i mi'-il
Y" milon r the war now rr "". j"r.
V's'. And ""'I ,1,p I"'' I"1' '" (
,.),, ,v ,u, .;Xl.nn,i,. ( iiinit'i-.
I en I'.r ilmt I'ih -
A' mtr -il, Tlml in tlie ow'iit nl tin' nTit nl or the
Di'tmiiTiilic Ci'iitral Ci'liiliillti'i' In accept 1 lie prnpo
fillrn l'i I' enii n ly the !Mi nl August, Ih.- I.xcrn
tivi Ci'inniill'M" i.s ilif i ti il tn Wiim In Hie IVoile of
(Hiin n mil lorn rnlivrntiurt t l'i l.pil.'H, tn a linlii
inulinfr ri'iivi'n'inn, In lie rln n v.illii.iit ri i'iTi'iiru
l'i Ji n ty, tii'ii tlic diiiij'l ' h.i.'i t f the iiKiinti'iianeii
nf llii' Vr"Vi rillili'lll Hinl the Ml'l'lri Kliill nf liio I'll
liellli u iir:iiii t it.
Ii. miln il , Tluil ihe Si'cri'lnrv ircqurslfil In fnr
ni.ili ei i' m el the rnri pi,ii'L' t"i 11 1 1 .1. inel n nolii
ti.'ii to the ;iici of thi riiv, nn I Hint thf I'r.s
nf all paitiis in l!u SlM.i bo itnit. 'l tn imlili.sh the
nn Nie.
That, the ahoe aelion ill reeeive the ep-
ov;il of Heiiiiliealis ;'ei,i'iii!l' I ! i r 1 1 c ' n n i J
f lie flnli', we l ave not the i
have not (he nbehlctl ihuibt.
We trust a similar inovenn fl may
by our I'i'iiiil v tVi.tial ( 'i 'iiitnllli e.
be made
The d'niin;;u!Hhiii;; I'e.ihne of l!io premnl.
t'nii;'iCH'i is llie Rpce.ly iii.'iiiher in which all
louiii.esi has
II disposed of. So far, Iho
demands of (he country have been met
promptly, and means have ! on put into the
hands of tin; K.sceulivo that, will celt .vinly
ini.ure the fc'pn lehin, of the r hellion in
shoit order. The New Vo k World mmn
up Hie following:
In the Jennie line
iia'-'Hed was IIkiI im
of Ihe HikI
laiiie; thai
reflolu i nam
only llniMi'
Ihoii Hhn'd
bills lo aid ix iloslrovin
it h
be coii.'id'Med. ll( ix (lion of this pur
pose, llousi' Committee of Ways and Mo.ms,
at an early date, ha I pr-'pared all the bill.4
llili nili d to have bet u mibmil !"l. The bill
authorizing Ihe I'nsidi nl lo call out .Mm.nno
volunteers and appropriating ..'(0,()(IO,iiih
lor their support, wis passed promptly.
The bills for the Army and Navy, in die ag
gregate, nppropaiale's i '.) I ,iu'll.(ill!. The
other appropriations made, nro !j,!'i.()iKl.(M)()
for tilt back payment of v olunie r;;; ,'l.('l!l),
tlllll for the purchase or hire of vessels to
suppress piracy, and to aid in the blockade';
S'J.OOO.IIOI) for Iho transportation of muni
tions of war In loyal citizens in Iho rebel
In the House a number of resolutions hav
ing foreibl" application to Ihe coiiild'on of
Iho counlrv have been pa-.i-d. Of Ihet.e,
the most interesting declare licit il is not
Ihe duly of C. S. soldies lo i olurii I'ugil i e
slavos; that tho I louse will vole for any
number of men and amount of money for
the suppression of lie' rebellion ; and
Mr. ( rillendeii's resolution declaring tlt.it
Ihe war has been forced upon the country
by the rebels, and that, when the rebellion
is destroyed tho war ought to cease; I h:l
Ihe acts of the l'i ciiident previous to ihe
meeting of Congress are adpioved.
The following bills have pir-sed bolh
A bill authorising a national loan giving
Ihe Secretary of ihe 't'c sency power lo bor
row within twelve months of i!s pns,;a;.;e,
"r'.'ill.OOtl.lKIO. and pledging tie- national la'tli
for the redemption of the debt. A bill lo
increase the nnlilai y establishment ihe C. S.,
creating a standing army of lO.IIIII). A force
lull giving the. I'lesidenl uwer In n u- (he
army and navy in the collection of revenue,
and to close pol ls in n hellions Sl.it 'a. The
bills for the bolter organ!...! ion of iho army
and of the marine i orpse, provide lor a re
tired list. A bill foe ihe appoiulm-'nt of r.n
assistant Secretary ofllie Navy; for legisla
tive, eeculi e and judicial appropriations;
to iiulhor!.e the Vei lary of the l'i e isiny
lo remit lines on ves el; bavin improper
to pro nle lor iron
e I s'.r.ps
anil lloaluig li.uieiie
rebel properly; to
imported by Si.iti s.
for ihe colili
cation of
on arms
Congressional. General Patterson.
man w ho was ordered to aliacl
sou's command at Winchester end prevent
thcir retreat to Manassas, jest previous to the
great b.itile at Pull's Kuu, has twobrothcis
holding important positions, in ihe service
of the Southern Conlhcivcn.cy. According
to the Ohio .'oc.(oii, il was his sympathy
with the rebt llion that caused lien. Pallet
son, instead of iitliu king Ihe enemy as or
dered, lo retire to. llarpei's I'tiiv.
- . . m
tiVA horrible murder was coimuiCcd a
boiil'J miles back of Maysv ille, Ky on Wed
nesday of last week. Tl'.o victims were an
old man named C Vi ,.i,d hi. Iwo sons; one
aged ll! and the other L'I wars. couple
t of heavy blows were also dealt to Mrs.
i Cobb, but it is thought she will recover.- -!
The murder was committed by robbers, sup-
posing Mr. Cobb to have about his house n
large sum of money. They found about
tf'JOll in a bcicail drawer, and departed.
clue lo the murderers has vet 1 cell dis
covered. A icward of 82,000 is otfered for
their apprehension.
An Estimate of Our Loss at Manassas.
Tlio New York lleral.l publishes the fol
lowing as the losses of our army at Manas
sas, pusint; its slatcmeuls on "hili military
) i:;: !',.. ...
hilled ,)
"J;""s " I'iommohs lest
( ainioii spiked and l.t I.
Small iirnisdiepped..tb..i.l 0.0110
Ol the wounded, fully one hundred were
little injured though st ruck, and of the small
arms dropped on the rout, oiu-half were
picked up by tho ordnance wagons next
Gen. Fremont's Staff.
Tin y tiro expcriencctl uiihtary men. and
'fproscnt liiliana, in part, in' the expedition
v'Vnl V'1' TlVVr' M'T "."'h
i w hen Now Oil. ai m and tho Gulf const tihall
josume loynlilv to the Slam and Stripes
Hon. Janics A. Une, v. ho it tth,o to at com
Ler a- j Pa,1.v FreniontH expedition, has hecii coin-
Gov. Morion has appointed lite lollowin
.'tliccrs in tlie lndiamt l.eion, who will
receive commisMons from Iho President as
meinocrs oi i.en. l remout s stall:
A. Ashbolh. Colonel.
Henry Charles le Alma, Lieutenant I'ol
oiii 1.
Antonio Cutlaneo, Captain,
Ajace S.iccipii. Captain.
omiiiieo O.lilone, l.ieitlcnant.
An oi tuese Olivers li.ive seen sevico
Europe, and all. we believe, with Garibaldi.
inihhioncd uh a lvr ga tier l.eiieral in tho In
diaim l.egiuii. and the follow ing gentlemen
have let u place J iu his slalt', each ranking
us Vd l.itsitcuant; Lowell M. Kwing, W.
While, iilici'.e.cr White.
.-"The liovt rnitu nt, at this time, is sad
ly in want cf cavalry. '1 ho w ant of tin
tioopa was acverely ft It at Hull's Kuu. The
I'clicls were airong in cavalry, and it was
they ihul charged iu among 'our buggugo
trains, IVightening thu toanisters, ami pro.
duoing a panic which communicated
to tlio whole army.
The Great Manassas Battle.
From the N. Y. Evening Post.
One of the most repulsive fentnros of tho
Into advance ol one army into Virginia was
the largo tiunib'T of civilians w ho accompa
nied it. We are told that not less lliiiu n
thousand persons having no military employ
ment, wi nl from (ho city of Wn shing I on in
tho wnl'n of Ihe troops to wi'imss the e.v
...... i... I I.., n,,i,. ., r. , ,.r it,,.,,, v l,..
were co'iiioeioii with i';t 1 1 1 g jo ii isil as cor
l'i spondi (it s. had e.nv btisinem or call to be
tliete and wild, purely from molivi s of cil
rio'illy, ( iongr -.nini n, clerks of the 'ovecn
nieiil, hob I visitors, anil, il is said, a mulli
Inde of K' cei-siotilsls iiuioeg llicm, crowd il
th" lliic onghfare mi they do in Mnglniid on
It. rby Pay. or es in our cisttil'y parts the
rural people lloek lo "i.cin cnl training."
Tic pei ee was iliegraeel'ul ill the ( me.
The si jit of a gn e lial!le-!ie. is one of Iho
most dreadful li nt in ever pres' liled to Ihe
human eve, and w caniiol envy tin- i.etisibili-
so Who I lls
lo il us they wind 1
a speefaele in a Iheater. Ihil ii art from
the brulalily of Ihe ircitleiit, il appears to
have been u main cause of Ihe Hi rious dis
.cili r of Sunday a'teinoon. Our noble (iol
diers had nlrcady made tin tnselvi s virtual
masters of the position; they had carried
, i , i i i. .: . l it. i
hree ol Iho heavies! ballerien; had sdeiiced i
iheiK.nnd were prepared fl ndvaiu e on the
remainder, or, at the inosl, to bold 1 1 1 -, i- nd
vatilngcs, when a setisele at jsuiic -.n pro
liieed iimoiig Iho teamsters by a (diarge of
cavalry. This was communicated in the
I if. re number of ci villa'ct. who spread their
Ion or mining the .'draggling sold'crs wlierc
s'it they passe I. They (h slrnyeil Ihe con
i i ' 1 1 -1 1 i of I lie si i hi ':';, i in oar successes, and
uri'c 1 what would have been n Iriuiejih,
shortly, into a defeat.
The crowd id the seecssioii'sla v ho form
ed a part of the "mob of gentlemen," were
not slov in pei iviug I he '! opiorlu:iily;
tin V added lo Ihe i laMols; Ihcv exaggera
ted the rnuiois o dstigi I ; nnd lle y, loo,
I'iMiighl the ItsI inti ili'-ence lo We.shiugloii '
of a complete detii'iralizatioii and route of i
our forces, Iransmiiled bv b'Icrrraph. N'cv-
erlhi'h'S.s, il would now seem thai, in spin
of th" coiisleniation of the leai.vder.s and ci
v ili.m.'!, and in spile of Ihe enormous tales
of tho secession labble, our men behaved
with wonderful coolness, ami made their re
treat in good order.
We hope, when the net grand movement
is in, nle, nc a airen will be taken to prevent I
anolhi r ooi iincncc ol Ih.s kind; our Sena
tors and lo pi-eseiit ilives are heller in their
seals than hanging abnul Iho camps; and
the idle visitors to Iho Washington hotels
!iii,",hl easily be kepi hylic authorities from
passing over th" bridges of Ihe I'otom.ie.
Wo gel the follow ing- description of Ihe
rctreal from a well known gentleman nf this
oily, who was on the ground two hours af
ter Iho back-movement began:
'The rcporlMofu disorderly retreat of our
mam army are grossly untrue. brief
statement of a small part 1 witnessed will
show lies.
Mr. 'I'illey of Rhode I land and mys dl'
in uipnnicd the I'e Kalb regiment from A I-
ean b ia in the cars to Carll'as station on
tlie Manassas (lap railroad; we reached ih re
at II), n. in. Ileavv cannon:). bug was slca 1-
ilv going on. While the icgiment wailed j
for orders we walked forward on the track
(ill within five mdes of Manassas .liiuctioti.
mcouI was there sending hourly reports
to lieiicral Scott of tile firing. Ilelurning,
is the regiment still halted, a party of four
of us, wilh a soldier, walked to I'aiifix C.
II., Ihivo miles ilislant, and thence on Ihe
roa 1 lo Ceulerville.
About I o'cloelc w e begin lo meet bug
gi'Manl wagons with visitors reluming lo
Washing-Ion. All reported that tho day was
ours, an I rode on jubilant, imid at half-past
I. an olilcer on horseback, tiding fiercely,
said. W illi emphasis, "N'o, t o, il going a
gahisl us." The tiring had then ceased.
Near Cct'tervilie, between two long hills,
we su bleuly saw army wagons, and private
vehicles coining dow u before us in hot has!":
a lew soldiers on nor.sebaeU nuved in (no
C'OWil. I.Ooiihlg ll.U'l; we found a ITginiellt
coming fi es'i from Ca:rf.) in 'double ipi'ok.'
Mr. Kussell, of tlie London Time, was on
h usebaek ai iong (he first from I'm b.iUl".
; (he first from I'm
v I 'elonel insianiH
I'he New
men across the rea l, mi l resolute!',' turn
ed back every K.ddler in the road, and in 'JO
mi'.'.ules iierf et order w.vi rest. ire I, and Ihe
whole Hi .-Id. of Ike vehicle
veh'elca was shown lo
be absurd, so much so thai
I hours al that spot, ill's wim
we waited two
water for llie
poor wounded lien,
bo 1
egau to bmp a-
long Irom llie held; only Iwo or l.nce u
lances to be cecn.
Al half-pus! si., iwo h mrs after Ihe bat
tl" wa .- over, wo started and walked back to
l''.ihl'a C. II., helping three or four wound
ed soldiers into Ihe wagons.
Those wil l were unhurt, and who got by
llie Jersey boys, were slopped by a compa
ny of the Michigan 1th, from Fairfax, and
compelled lo turn back.
At Fail fax Court Mouse we quietly took
supper al tlie tavern, and never Urcaium;.
ol anv
tlisor.lcrly retreat, we were suio.lie',1
wil l l-ooi lie. M --uin rouse, am went lo ie.
ami wai asleep al II p.m. A I .'I o'clocl;
Moinlay moruin r, I'mil'in (ho wagons were
in. I "U to Alex.i'i lria, we stavte 1 icra'ti
an.l wallie.l ipiiellv alon witli llicm lo Al
tamlria, doim; what little we coull to aid
I no men more- or '.ess sli'',htly woumU-it, or
worn out --inebi din;; some from the hospi
tal for still there vat scarcely an ambu
lance to be seen,
I'.ut on the whole road from Cenlreville to
Al- xandria. 1 am conli lent that (here was
rot "tOil sol l er.t in all, between f o'clock, p.
in., and dayl;;';lit ; so that it U grossly un
true that the whole army made a hasty ro
ll cat. On llie contrary, all seemed lo be
cer'ain that a Maud was ma le al t ntreville.
of tho whole (f (he main body, eceptin;
only the alra;r.lers from the first panic.-
This panic w as explained, by several who
agreed that il was purely accidental.
1 talked with at least forty from Maine.
Massachusells, lihode 'sl in I, Ohio, Miclti
...... .... I v: :.. : , . ...i
ii.n tui'i i ..-. , .urn ii i i. ii. ill . nn l;.ivi
isoine tlirillm.i; inculcuts ol d.llereut parts of
I the held, which I have no lime to tell now
many irrumble I al their ollieirs, but all
, scenic t plucky, and I said that our troops
icould beat the rebels easily in opt j fcht,
.... I I i l ...... i , w ,
,.imi u om. i no ii ver. nin ino masue l nailer -
i ie.
i lut
i ie- on ont sole und the lihuio"is on ours
I "done for us this time." 1 reached Al-
indiia al 7 o'clock, bavin;' walked forty
Ye IV.cu aiiolher gentleman, a dis
tim;nished citi.on ot Indiana, who was u
spectator of the battles at Hull Kuu. that
the simile cause of tho panic was (he chur'o
I- . I . I , r I . . .
oi ;t laro no i v (i cavau v tiinono; mo icum-
stern untl !ragglmf Hold era wlio wove in
Iho rear of our main forcen. Lei ween the
linn and Contervillo. This charge started
tlic notion that tho nriny had hcen ovcr
whcluied, and llt.it tho enemy driving iu full
force upon tho reserves.
Immediately the tcamstciH und unarmed
soldiers ran, spread the alalia at Ceuler
ville, w hen the order w.ik given for it retreat.
All Ihe organized companies withdrew
the most perfect order. When Mt Howell
found that Ilia reserve wan on the retreat
J was too late M counteract iho mistake, ami
li t oiiiiu inded the main body to fall Lack,
wincU it ilia quietly ami m order.
llie men, win. Had been rightin;' all day,
without water and without food, were in'a
state of complete exhaustion. They vt ould
have been called back from active service,
in a little while, even if tho panic and re
treat in tneir rear bad not occurred
I p t that time- a spectator.
man, who was present at all tho Crimean
battles, says their lighting had been of the
most ph udi.l kind. Such charges as tho
Tire Zouaves and the Sixly-ninlh (liish)
regiment made he hail not seen at Inkciuiaii
or the Alma, (if the forces tinder arms
not a man tlinchcd, from tho beginning
tho battle till the end of the retreat.
Correspondence Philadelphia Press.
While wo had 50,000 troop ou tbo Otlicr
sido nf tho river, with a reserve of 30,000
hero in Washington, it is now ascertained
l hut. tuerc were not over IfO.uot) on tlie lioM,
against. 70,000 of tho enemy. In view nt
Ihis odds nn engagement yesterday was
premature. Jbit fair men urged on theii
officers, and oflieors in council with the su
perior conimiiichr preseiilod the same en
;hus:nst!c ntitieals for nn onward movement.
inn fair open field fight, will) these
mills against lit, (lie resull wonhl Inivo been
a pJorioiiH victory. This, however, wns
not Iho tnoile of warfare adonted bv the
eti'-mv. I liev pad chosen the f,roinid. II
was c-iri'i in i " m lecieil, nml wan comooseil i
of valleys and hills covered with forest
trees. 'I he hatlerlcs were j'l Kited in vari-
ous posiiiotiH. m.i so arrange 1 that when
Iho front one should be silence 1 th-re was
another, and yet onolher in tho rear, ready
lire upon those who bad succeeded I
silencing the guns iu front. They were
nearly nil masked, and their position eonl i
. i ,- , i ... i '
not be i bseovered i nlil t hey had one nod lire. :
' , , , - .' , i
InrMspnnilcncvnfthoNoiv Wk It 'raid. j
in no dottht, that the rebels we re j
letrealius; lowur 1 .Manassas .fum
lion at the very I'hie when fiursoldierH wercj
running towanl.H ( ci.terv.lle. Iho rein-;
oreclnenls Irom .Maiinssas were nrobab v
. , , . , . .. , 1
intciided to cover Ihe relreat of tho troops
(hat had been cngged in Ihe action Loll"
Is. lore tin," panic on our s:du occurred,
wagon Irani ol llie rends was wending its,
way I mm llie r.eij, liniicating tlieir inteti-
(ion to retire. Th's irahi was followed bv i
irj.e bod'ea of ini'aulry, nnd it is probable ,
inai it our men (m l k'o,(ii tneir groun s
even fit'iicii lu'unles longer, they would
have had undisputed possesion of tho field.
1 1, is slated by a Virginian, who come
from Manassas Into our lines lo-day, that
the order for Ihe retreat of the rebels had
been already issued. It is evident that llie
enemy did not immediately understand the
movement on inn- uhli- The 1 1, i-.-l, t il
... I I.: 1 .... I .1 it .- .
isen c y. ,.,,.,.. , no .ni'i'll leiir.'luen
ol I'e.r viciom nn H.le.lly as islicd
them. Thin is apparent from tho f'.iel that
pursuit wan attempted for any consider-'
able distance
T'?..T!ie special Wash'n-lon correspiui-
1 iiirohiTid (here is much truth in the!
Rtalemeiit that, the cotiat
vade I the ranks of our
mat ion that, per
Arinv on Sundav
last was pro luccd by tho teamsters. J is
now believed that the teamsters who pro
duced Ihe excitement, and caused Ihe retreat,
w ere rebels not of the condition in lifo from
which such employees are usually selcele I,
but men of means and po dlion iu the South,
who, under a disguise, had deceived the
(lovernineiil into employing thorn. In fact,
it. was hut a repetition of the St. Xickolas
Several of ihe feamslers were in Wash
ington some time before Iheylel't for Ceuler
ville; and it. is now remembered that a little
child, residing in Ihe house iu which they
boarded, was several times the recipient of
rebel badges, and on one occasion of n hand
kerchief baring upon it several rebel em
blems and devices.
At t '. 10 time the present. were bestomed.
tiolliing was thought ol it, the teamsters
being in the ( iovernineut employ, but How
the fa"!s are remembi red.
I receive my information from good nu-!
thority, and gave il, not only to show the
origin of ihe panic, but also lo show w hal
risks Ihe traitors to their country will incur
to further their fiendish project.-.'.
Patriotic Talk from Democratic
[From the Chicago Post.]
What, is to be done? Th. enemv has won
a bailie and our
back. Shall ihe
l.ooii.-) have I
ceil driven
war be abandieied'
know thai we speak th" sentiments of the
people of loyal men of nil parties when
we say that, if the. AiliniuislraCon do not
take Manassas Junction, il will go down to
posterity wilii iho curses nod ccee; atiomi
of iho nation, an I live forever iu (he con
lempt of mankind. There is but one course
to pursu We have either to w hip the re
bels, or be whipped and become the object
of universal contempt. The American I lov
oriuneut can never expect to have the re
spect of its own people, if il connot. so ad-
m:iusa'r us ail.i'i s as lo m unla si Ha power
... i i . . . i . . -1 . . , . i ...
iiiiuoreii nnics u om i:i. camiai. I mess
Mr. Lmi'oln can expel the rebel
I',, -.- IV,, i, i
Manassas, he should rc-iien his it'licc
unless ihe American brop!" pro.pi.se to suo-
poi and sus ain him iu so doing, (le y had
b -it M' abandon their government at once
and take slops to organir.e a new one.
To enable M i'. Lincoln !o perform his del y,
hi1 must have troops, and these troops must
he furnished speedily. If he is not lo be
furnished with troops, be ha I belter aban
don the war at once, make peace wiih the
rebels, and retire from a government which
Ihe people have abandoned.
Manassas I a i Ji notion mi.st iik takkv,
and to do so, there must bo an arinv of al
ll'list l-'lblluil men c piippeil ami provi.le.l
ami omccren in siieu tin iirmy siioui.l he
There is no use of I tlkiiej; of jicie'e, or set
tlemenl, until tiie tlis;raeo of this defeat
shall have been washed out. Tlie man who
savs stop tho war now, who (lemamls a re-
'; of tliotroois, must be ambitious of Ihe
iiiutmy wnicuwiii ever aitacii totiiose wiio
wante 1 (o recall Seolt when ho was midway
between Vera Cruz and Mexico.
The war must ;:o on,
. ---.
[From the Chicago Post.] The Coming Contest.
rallii d to iho nupjiort of l.'it "stars and
ipes, ' tiiero Mould now be no goveru
' 1 ... ..... r
Of all the iinfairnesH that ever charaeter
i'.ed a jiarly contest, tho political campaign
pist aooui neiii;;' opened ny tne tieinocraiic
'leiole.-M i,i'.,,wea i '(..!,. (!,o ..If (1.
- i -
bush." As an instance lake the following;:
tlooii roil l.ixctii.x'. A Washington cor-'
respondent, a few days ivo, in a irivale con-1
vcisation with Mr. I.ineou, asked him how
he liked tho conduct of iho northern ileiuoe-
racy in the present crisis. "Honest Old
Alio rciiliC'l, wan u Idusli, Unit their im-:
, t riot to supiiort of tho Coiisiitution and the
! I'tiion was just w hat ho oxpectetl from tlie
I followers of D.iu-l.is: thaL if ihev h id not
1 meut lett us. Haul Ito, "it the ilcinoetacv
had served mo and my administration such
a Ifick as Mr. Cor win and t.ivself serve 1 the
a Iniinihtrartou of Mr. Polk duriic; Iho Mexi-
can war, we snouiti now
uli.n .1 l... :,, ,',,, .. , ., j
J v IV. l'avis. At lli.il time, wo were traitors
lo our country and ,'avo aid and comforl
i the .Mexicans, und it our countrymen were
! to ticat us now as we treated them then, we
1 nhould in .on lo welcomed with Moody liandu
i to hospitalito graves."
The above lie wo find "going the rounds"
of the I'loofooo papers of this district, it hav
ing lir.d appoarod in that notorious disunion
sheet, under iho parental control of Vidian
tli;,hain, called iho Ibtylon J'mhiro. Party
capital must ho at a great discount when
such "w hoppers" as this are found necessa
ry to bolster up its sinking carcus.
Ohio Loan.
The Commissioners of the S'nking Tin.d
this State advertise iu New York for a loan
ot ? l.r.On.OOtl, paval.lo July 1st, lSuX
""yo.i.ii.ioiiat man, payaiuo iy
lkW ''''atuig tt m seven years; lor which
! I'url",i0 !l t-Vi li-'a been ituthoi icd.
taxable propci ty of Ohio is $S,:ii2,C.0l,iind
and the credit of the Stale too Iji-h to need
i . . ,...i ..i t .
any coiiiiuoiulatioii at our liantls. A tax
Iwo mills on the above vali'.ati.ui would
both priucinal ami interest. Proposals
will be iipcned August 7th.
f , , .1,
fc-rVTlie .e Vol k- World sac 1 .1
volunteers v. ill bo ready to start front
city by the end of tho present week,
that as the Seventh lteginient were allowed
to eouie home under tho understanding
they would return should their services
re.piired, they will doubtles bo ordered
into tho bvrvico immediately.
our liiiertics to dew gest as wo ) leas, ami
we wil tile fur them so long na goddlcmity
gives Us breath."
rVrCen. .Met'l- lliin 1 h:n been remove 1
from Western Vinrnhi to th" coinmand of
(1,.. !n M,v of tho 'Potomac. This inlorma
.i'oien f.,,n is hailed as a good omen in Washin
in (on.
-,-... ... , . . i .. i .. i
if(-j),Aii Irishman ben" in nchiifch wl'.ere
ii n , , . . . ,
Iho collection aiiaralus reseiiibleil election
boxes, on its being handed to him, whisper
There in (he currier's car that he was not naturali-a-lually
xed and could not Vote!
f,.-,rA ro,IM,rv rimln neWly married,
ROpp0,i nt ,,. (iitHW Unmc j,," rineiiinnti,
.. c. i i ,i ...n i
' ... him. ... .... i-"-. ....
H ' enuotis exertions to leave toe trial ile-;
h'llcd to a l.ile day. J'ho judge decided
deiiloflhcl'iiiladclphi!i,7vvrcrtele;'raphs:! f- Ten Hebel prisoners, captured at
tQyPrinee Napoleon, cousin of the Em
peror, has sailed with his wifo on a visit to
the United States.
JsT'Tho New York City Government hns
appropriated half n million dollars addition
al, for tho relief of the volunteers.
ttlf Louisville dispatches anv the Union
tn''l( are much depressed since the defeat lit ;
MatiasKPH, but aro very res lute,
tf'.r In Tin kerman's Jiav ine, in (he White
Mountains, the snow was from fifteen to
twenty live feet deep on tho l.th tilt.
"i sa nien deer Melindv weer fit.cn for
'en o.ivs ULni, u i if e e uin ca eu 10 r
, ,,.;',. vi, U1.,.,I x. l..,t !,;.( 1...
replied: "We want that kind of wine where
Ihe cork pops out. and the liquor bolls up
!;e soap suds.
.;.'(.' . I lntrel 1 1 ill, a lot ol leltei-fj wove j
found amond the baggage hd'l by tho rebels j
in their hast to lice. One follow writing tot
his sweetheart, is full of elferveseme pat
riotism. His words were larger than his
id"as, and both together bad knocked nil
ideas of "Xoah Webster's Hleinentary" out
of his bewildered brain so he wrote:
Jt -.y llie crew of 1he privateer ivnnuah
were tormally nrriugned be'.ore the I . S
Circiiil Court in New Voik on Tuesday
TIh.v nil nl. -il "out ..llillv-' I,, the inillt
' . " I , ' . .1 ...... I..
that it should begin on the third day ol Oc-;
ived tit Washington, on the
i-i.i. liny
wore lleorgians and South
A largo I. Hinder ol otliers are in
our hands, iho nulls loun.l on th1 Panic
licld show, that iho r be! arms are in llnglisli
manufacture. Some of the. ligh': bitteries
end single pieces 'f camion, before reported
lost, are being sent in; among lh?m, t''e ri
lled .'12 pounder left on the lie! 1.
P:;y-The barbarities praetie" 1 by th" 1'
bids, nt. linll'H l!nn, is iinii.iri'.llc'e I. A pri
vate of Iho First. Connecticut 1! 'g'm nt
found a wounded rebel lying in (he sun.
lie carried lent gently to th" shade nnd
gave him drink from his eaut?eii. W'.vm
tho scoundrel recovered, he immediately
shot. Ids benefactor ! In another inslanl,
w hen a number of our woiin led ha 1 b"on
placed together in the sha le, they were
tired upon by the rebel cavalry. They also
lired on th" hospitals; on the nmhulanees
containing the wounded and on tho vivan
ilii rs on '.raged in conveying water t then-.
AVtf-The Hight llevcren I Major (Jeneral
Leoiiidas I'o'.k, of the rebel army, was a
graduate of West Point in 18'J.-i. Paring his
term in the Academy lu" was converted tn .
d.cr inliuemw of Ih'shop Mellvaine ol'Oh'o.
w ho was Chapliii i of Piat lust t.itio'i at Ihe
t'nie. I 'oik resigned a few months after
his graduation, was ordained a clergymen
of tlie Lpis 'op.al Church 'm lsi, nn l made
I'dshop in 18:18. lb; is a very fa'r llishop,
but. will prove but an indifferent soldier.
He is a large slaveholder, and of course
put-; Ihe div inity of that institution a little
ahead ol desua Christ, as ho ik'scrls the
.service o'.'the kit er for the former.
of i
II K U l F I" S S A L E .
IVter Viinnest vs. Alexander V. Ponalilson.
1V virtue of an order of s lie issue, I by tlie Clerk
ol' the Court nl' Ciuiiia 'U J'leas nf Wend county,
Old. i, iu tin" above cone, mi l to m ilireele 1 and
delivered, I will oiler for s its at public vendue at
the doer nf the Court Ileus.', in the town of l'errys
burg, Wood county, Ohio,
On S.'.turdav.'t'.i ai st d iv of Aiijru!, 13(51,
be! w vn tlie hours of 111 a. in. and 1! p. in. of licit
d iv tse follow mir l.m Is an 1 t -nein sits. t
wit: I lie
.. .- i
u"i i.i-eas; i uhi.t oi s.-t-iu u .,i, n.-.Misaii
nnrl.i-eas; e iticter ol s.'ctii n ..a, township a lions ol
I' c.c'o il o.tM, ill V) ..oj ecu. itv, Del", ei'iil.tiiiicg Iu
teres uieiv or less. o. v., i,i i t.ti, .-actill.
Cook: 1'iiick Ov. Johnson', nttvs.
Aug. 1, lS,.t 11 '
i ii i: ii l v f ' s s a 1. 1:
George 15. Sinhh. pit if., v.-t. William U. Truesdale
il'ld in h"l's, delell'ls.
By virlue of an order of sale issued in the above
ruse l.y the cler!; o.' the court of cennnun pleas of
Woe I ceuiCv, Ohio, and to in" iliive'e'd and delivt r
cd. I will oiler for sale at public yen bt'" at the dner
of the cnurt house, in the town of rerrysburg, Wood
count v, Ohio, on
Saturday, August .list, lsfll,
between Ihe lituirs nt 111 a. in. and 2 p. in. of that
day, tlie follow ing lands an I ten 'in 'tils t i-wit:
ConiniMH'ing six rods and three feet south of the
north-west eoi nerof the south-east f ( of sect. on .No.
10, township No. a oorlh cf range No. 11 east, in
Wool county, Ohio; thenc running east Ctreils;
thence s 'iilh Ii reds and S feet; thence west 1.1 rods;
the north It rods and :t feet to the place!' b'giniii ig.
Appraised at !il i:i,:i l. ti. E. iil Yi.Il, Slterilf.
lomiK ' Tvi.Kii. attvs.
Aug. I, lS.il llivijl 'J9.
il E II 1 F F ' S S A I. E
John Waterburv, planlilV vs. Leonard Pnyder, de
ten lant.
Bv virtue of an order of s tie isued in the above
eas.i by the Clerk of the Court of Common I'leas of
Woo l c iteilv, lliiiu, mid In in. directed and deliv
ered, I will ull'er for s ile at puMie vendue nt the
tloor nt (lie lourt House in 1 crrvsuu: i ootl
i county, tn, to.
' ' On Salurday, August Hist. 1SJ1,
between the hours of 10 a. in. an I 2 p. in. of that
d. iv. the fellow ioir described lands and tenements,
tewit: The north half of the north-west l.i of sec
tion nuiiiber ,'l.t, lownship No. Ii, norili of range No.
i east, iu Wood enmity Ohin. Appraised iti$-lU0.
15. E.UUYEK, Slterilf.
Domu; A Tvi.Eit, nttvs.
Aug. 1, lsiU-Mwjl IS.
Bates .v. Miller, ndin'r vs. James A. SpafTord
By virtue ef mi cider i f sale issu sl in the above
cause by the clerk of the court of common pleas
U'no-i couniv, (M,ie, and lo me .lireciedi.i.'d !.!.' ir-;
cd, I will idler lor sale at public vendue at the door
IS., ,..n-r I.i.ik.. i.t l...i-vUi,t-. W.....1 ..,.,,,-
Ohio, en
' S.iturJ.iy August .lis!, 1S01,
between the hours of 10 ocUk a. in. and 1 p.m.
s tut it. iv, me ii'iiew mi; l.m is nisi leni aiieius, ui-wit:
The uitilii i.l.'d . ol' iu-lot nuiub T iU'.', in the t.iwn
of Perry sbtirg, Wood couniv, t'liio. with the im
pinvein n:s thereon. G. V: III" VKH, Plieriil".
.1 amks Mi iniAV, atlv.
Aiig. 1, UitiSI 13
lty viri'neoran i i-'b roi' siiL-i'tu'd in the above
.Tames Uani' tt vt. Cvrenus Ooodell.
e inse by the cl -ik of I'ne court . f c. innion pleas
V ood I'liiniiy, (lino, and 1 1 ui ' direct.'.! and del i er
ed, 1 will oli'.r for s. tie at public vendue al the tl
ol' the court bouse in IViryaburg, Wood county,
Ohio, on
Saturday August Hist, ISM,
bcttveen the houi't id' 10 o'clock a. in. und 2 p.
o"' that d.ty, the follow ing lands Icik ui 'ills, to-wit:
Tlie west ' .j of the south-east i of section 2S, tow
0, ranee 12: and the north-east '.j of same section,
town and r. iipe, all in Wood couniv, Ohio, couniiu
intt 2 bl acres of bin I. U. K. G L' V K U, Sheriff.
Aug. 1, l.ll--la'j5.l2l.
- i I .u.ii. .vutn i'
. t
i Haiu.ah C. Ostr.im, i-laintiir. vs. Henry J. Ostram,
; iiet'en.liint.
1 & a
v ikkI I ounly GIiio: t ourt ol t oinnion l leasj I
-ll for Hivorce.
u detend.mt. il -i.ry J. U '". will take notice
that tint I'biiiitiil. 11 tniialt C. G.stiam, on t lie .'7t
,i ... ' .. lxi ,:i.,a : ., i. ,,,;,:,.
i f,,,'-, div.n'ce livm hiin, und to be reMored lo
maiden name of Porter, tin 1 for alimony, alleding
j for cause jrross neglect of duty, tin 1 that said peti-
t it'll will be for heating at the O.-IoIkt term of
court, a it lMil. 1IA . All C . OA i It A . VI,
1! v S. .It i-tKKsoN, her titlv.
July 27, 1SUI - t jwCSJ i
Tliu undersitued lias been duly appointed
Kectitoref the last will aud teetumcnt et Jautes
Rlack, lute of W ood count v, Ohio, decesited.
Pated July Jfh, Ip1-13wJ
, , U b.K.ki This note will be or no use to
,. om, mu myself, ,md I ni pay the finder liber
no 1 nliv by iviuriii'ng ur sending it tnmet New West-
of i
t It
II E K I F f" 8 SALE.
Dolos E. Well, pUinlifT rn. Austin Va Elar-
cum et nl ili'fi'mlnnt.i.
Tt.r virtuft nf an orili-r of rnilv ismipit In the sbovo
rmisp by tlm clerk nf tlio court of onmmnn jilens nf
WikkI rnuntv. Oliin. nnil to mo Hirocted nnJ duliv-
cretl, I will nfler fur mils nt public vrmlm nt the
flmr of the court limine in tho town of l'errysburg,
WihiJ cnuntr, Qhin, nn
Satiuiliiv Aupust .list, 1851,
between the beurg of 10 o'clock n. in. end 2 o'clock
p. in. nf tint d iv, the fnllmving limli and torn"
nu n!, tn-wil: Tlio ninth -west yt of the neulh-wpst
('rarliiiniil 'x nf noctinn nuiub;r !!, township num
ber 4, nnrtli of raiure nninlier 1 1 enst, in WihaI Cn.,
Ohin, containing ilS 77-101! -I'-resnf bin 1. Apiiraia
ed nt t jtio. (J. K. OL'VIilt, Khoiiff.
DnntiK eV, Tvt.KR, nttvu.
Aug. 1. 1811 I.)w5-; 05.
II E K I F V ' H HA L E .
biieinU ii N'vinnn, rt nl vs. Cyrenim Oimiloll et ol.
liy virtue nf nn nrdor of sale isKiiod in the nbove
eiuso bv the fink nf the cnurt of cnniuvn plvnn of
AVo d enuiitv, Ohin, nnil tn ni" directed n,id do
liveivd, 1 will nll'r fur sale nt Public Vendno nt the
iliinmrthc conn hnuie in tlio town of l'crrysburjt,
Wood count v, Oliin, on
S itnr lay August P.lst, lSfil ,
bi'twoi't) the hours nf p) o'clock n. in. nnd 2 o'clork
p. in. ofth.it day the following described hinds nnd
tenements, tn-wit: The nortli-enst . nf section num
ber 2S, tiovnshlp number 0, north of range number
12 east, in Wood county, Ohfci, nnd the north of
the soulh-cjst )i of Siiino seclinn, town nnd rnnyo.
J. E. tiUVKH, Sheritr.
Tami:s McanAY, nttv.
Aug. 1' lsiil- I3i:j 13
l)OAI NOTICE. Xntico is hereby piven that
i iiiiiilicalion b ;h been made tn the ('ninniission
crs of Wand county for the view nn l survey nf n
County Hnad, eininii .'ncing nt the n w cor of sec .18,
town 0, I'linge 1 1 east; thence w on sec line to the
n )v cor nl' sec 111, sain.' town: also to vacate thnt
pui-tion ol'a diagonal road on tlie e i v i koc '20
1 i . , ,., -u.
I nl v 2i, lSlil l.lwo
A NOTE LOST. The nndersigm.'d lest a note
Liven by L.iskcv, I'rutt Sl Co., fur the sum of
one him hvd mi l tilty dollars. It was piven Sept.
IS, IS'il), ntl.l bad oil-.1 en lorseinenl of SKI. d one
Held. 11.1,1AM 11LS.S
,lu!v 111, ISr,l-11wI"
' OTICI'h Notice is hereby piven that the nnd-
l i erscrned lias neen appiiiiiU'il nn nssiffnee ot
t,s in' tlt. hnsut ,s;j (,r nu'rehandising in tho
o. , r.., .... ...... ...! ..i...il. i:.... it k'...,..D i i
town of lVm-shunr. Wood ciuintv. Ohio. All ci-od
itors ol saul deo. 1!. Keeps nre requested to present
taeir cliiinia to (he assignee at 1 i rrysourg, Ohio, ns
soon us possiuie. h. at'i.Mv, Assicnoo.
.1 illy S, lSlil-l!wl?l 25.
ijow Pi-iccS and Etc:nJy Pay
ITuvinar nurchnserl tho entire sioek ofOKOC'ER
IK.S fonir.'rlv owned by Geo. V. llollenbeck'I w ill
coiUuiuo business
Where, having replenished the Stock with a large
I am now prepared to supply tho citizens of Perrys
burg, and siiiToiiinling country with
(.i'ocoi stul Provisions,
Of tho chrirfst kinds nnd at the cheapest possible
prices. Those wisliieg to purchase anything in inv
line will find it to their advantage to give rue it call,
us cvurviiiing i sen win uu
I have on baud, also, a largo nnd well selected
stock ot
which I warrant to cive satisfactinn or no Sale.
Ick! lei:! let'.'. 1 have on band a large supplv
nf choice Lake lee, which in.iv be obtained at alt
tiiius cn reasonable tenus.
;?"All kinds of products taken in rxebanpre for
glWlK. J. J. Wlitili
rerrysburg, Xov. 29, lS;!0-tf
CV fiOt)I)iAT M'.W WliSTli'lKM)!
An entire stock of New Goods have recently been
op .'tied by the subscriber, cunaistiug of all the vari
eties of
Il.its and Caps,
White Lead,
Tea ,
Sugar, Molasses,
Boots. Shoes,
l!otui"ts, Furs,
Candies, Cloves,
(linger, Spice,
Cinnamon, Raisins,
Lssenees, Nutmegs,
White Fish, Cod Fish,
Flour, Meal,
and numerous other articles on hand, to be sold
as this is the onlv method which allows the mer
chant to sell CUEAl.
Wheat, Corn,
Barley, Buckwheat,
PotatiC3, Apples,
Butter, Lard,
Beeswax, Beef,
Pork, Hides,
Skins, Furs
Hoop l'oles,ic.
will be purchased or taken for (lords.
N. B. I shnll ulsn be connected with the, Stor
age, Forwarding nnd Coiiiuiissinii Business of
pi it-e, an I hope to merit the confidence and appro
bation of the people. A. K. JEROME.
May, l-'ildy.
The subscriber has established nn Agricultural
Machine Warehouse in 1'crrvshurg. lie will
able i furnish the Farmers, and all others in
ot aitii l.'.s in Ins line, with any and every kind
Machine or Farming Implement desired, on the
reasonable fei ins ; iiiuliul'.ng in part ot the lollow
ing articles:
Kirbv's American Harvester.
Ball's Heaping ami Mewing Machines,
Wool's Mowing Machines,
Hubbard's' Mowing Machines,
Pitt's Threshing Machines,
Grain Drills, Separators,
Ilorso Powers &, PoruM. S cam Engines.
Also, all the bst stvles and patterns 'of
Flows, Harrows,
Horse Hoes, Cultivators
Shovel Blows,
Subsoil Blows,
Th.'nnoiii''ter Churns, Road Seraners,
WlK'el-lt.irrnws, Corn Slu lU rs,
Vanning Mills, Straw Cutters,
Suirur Kvapiiraturs, Clover Hullers,
Home liakes, Scvtlivs and .Snaths,
Shovels mi l Hoes, Cradles,
Sowing Machines, Wujrons, Ac., Ac.,
S (J A L J5 S .
1 Fairbank's patt-.-ni. And every description
W."l ami Iron Wurkiiiff and other Machinery
LOWICST l'UICE. Call uul exiimins stock
price. 1. KltKl'S.
Perrysburg, June 2-itli, 1861 8m3.
Coal Oil
Coal Oil,
New Supply,
Kew Supply,
New Supply,
Itevr Supply;
Only T5 cents per gallou!
Oiily 75 cents per gallont
Only 75 cents per gallon!
Only 75 cents per
At the Drug Store,
At the Drug Store,
At Ihe Drug Stir,
At the Drug
"Come til and try it,
And you'll e'er buy it."
oo to the stcre or
KKW coons I
kf.w noons 1
new fiooim I
kkw noons I
NKW rnicKit
new uoons
The largest stocks of goods erer off ered in this
market, embracing an endless variety of article
In the selection of which no effort has been spar
ed to render it ns attractive us possible, is now be
ing opened at tlie
of W. J. Hitchcock, on the corner of Front and Lou
isiana Avenue, rerrysburg, Ohio.
Inspection nnd Comparison will prove that for ra
riety, elegance, richness, cheapness, benuly and
quantity, tiiis stock is unsurpassed by auy now of
fered in the West.
In this department great advantage mav bo obtain
ed by close cash buyers, from the fact that the goods
are baugbtfor cash directly of the eastern dealers
nn l iniinulitettireiN, and all imported goods nrebo't
at just what it costs to import tl.cai, hence lie cud,
tidbrd to tell goods at
than goods aro generally sold, which is an item of
great interest to the people of Wood county. A suf
llicicnt in diiccment, we take it, to make Perrra.-.
burg (As trading point.
In this department, wi have the largest nnd most
complete le-semnent in Northern Ohio. Hade up
Recording to the latest fashions and In the most sub
stantial manner, warranted to give the very best
satisfaction, or no sale.
Those wishing to purchase anything in this lino
w ill find it to their advantage to pjy in- Store a visit
before purchasing elsewhere. The n'tteutinn of tlio
public is respectively invited to mv extensive stock,
feeling assured it will be time profitably spent.
Et7"Produce takcu iu exchange for goeds.
rerrysburg, January 2d, 1801,
Boots, Shoes, C l o t ii i n o,
Crockery and Glassware,
Farming Tools,
Iv.idlcs' Dress Goods,
New, Chaste, Iiieli and Elegant Pattern,
Just received by
Sugars, Amber Syrup; African, Rio
and Java Codecs,
Layer and Seedless Raisins, very nice, Prunes and
Kerosene Oil.
Tea at SO cents, and $1 tea for 75 cents; try it.
Prime- Live Geese Feathers,
Retailed from $1 V lb UP
Mackerel and Cod Fish, Looking Glasses, cto.
Kcvr Spring and Summer stylos,
Strong and Cheap for Cash; for sale by Williams,
French Printed Iturtges, very cheap.
French Printed Organdies, beautiful designs.
Gingham Lawns, Printed Law ns, Printed Bril
liantcJ, all entirely new styles.
Mourning Goods, Embroideries, Beregc do Laines,
Summer Dress Silks,
Lii.cn Lustres, Vulencias, Foulard Silks, Marseille"
Luwn Robes, Organdie Robes,
Grenadines, Cuallics, Counterpanes, Napkins,
Doylies, Damusk Cloths,
Ruffling, Edgings, Moreens, Flannels, Lac Veils,
Cotton Sheetings,
Dress Heltons aud Trimmings, a handsome assort
ment, all new.
Bonnets and Ribbons, Misses' and Cliildrens Flatg
and Mats,
Parasols, the newest and richest out ) Shawls of
every description,
Mantillas aud Raglans: pleuse call and examine b
for purchasing e'sew here.
Fisn! Fieu! A good supply of all kinds con
stantly kept oo baud at cur store.
l2TProduce taken la exchange for good.
Sad door from the post offlot.

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