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J. V. IIAILUV, Ihlitnr.
TIU IISI V. Alii. , tSUt,
National Movement to Ohio.
The Otizrffc Rays tltc prnporition 'f tho
Hi publican f?tato Central Committee lo the
Democratic Executive Cnnunitler, tn unite
in calling a convention to nominate Slate
officers, on tho solo basis of tho luatntotiitncc'
of tlio National Government, mill tho sup
pression of tlio rebellion, seems to meet with
little favor from tlio IVitiocralio pivr.r.
There is striking inutility to tilled,' any
reason why in a time of public dane:. r the
people should not unite in 1li ilefcta.o i.f
the country, but there in on tlio int I of the
Into organs of tlio parly a decided Indisponi
tion toliavo it done by tlio people whom
tliey have ceased pretty much to leal.
t would lie well to Keep in v'.ew the k'I
iiation of affairs and tlio con l.l'.otis on which
this proposition is made. There in no i.it Mi
tion to havo a coalition of the nttl' lut
an organist inn fresh from tho people. Hut
the inovcnient iniifit lie-in somewhere. Too
Democratic Committee met nod look ni
measures to start it. ''On the contrary, ipt'lo
tho reverse." If the Republican Coininittt o
liiel issued tho cull, no in titer how broad
nnd national the terms, pal ly j.nlnitay ii.h-hl
charge that it was n l!opubr.vn tnov cmr nt.
Therefore the Itepuhlieau t'ouuniil.'C pro
posed to the J cnioerut'o Committee that
they as existing, organized bndi.M ti'iotd I
tinito in calling a conveiilion of the pi-oj !;
on the single issue now before th- country.
Tho Committee have (ill ihe fidi of tho
present month to consider the matter, when
if they do not ncecpt, the Republican Cnm
jniltee will issue Ihe call to the who!'1 peo
ple of Ohio to send d'-'e;,!, to a "inl" Cnn-
vention on the solo is.n.o for which Mir
troops are in the field - tho inaliil . nance of
the supii inacy of the National ( Int eminent,
of tho Coiintiliilion as the supremo law !'
tho land, nnd tho Mibjii;;stioii and exempla
ry plliii'.hliictit of the tmilorn :tnd n bela
who have made war upon Cue C.o criiin. nl.
It was tho't when the. very cv ieiice of the
Government was at slake, no parly 1 i x is;
should he Kepi up heiwei n tlio pcoj le who
have united in its tleft'liMc; Halt ihe ii sne on
which Ohio has twenty-live thousand of her
sons in tho field, and for which i he cvpoeis
to rend twice rr many, was pent oiioii;:;h
for our political content; that when Ihtno
ciats nod Republicans itand i-ho'ddrr to
t.liouidcr in the fa Id. ofl'ei in ; tii tli' ir lives
together to defend the inl 'grity of their
country, llie people at home might also to
lie aide to unite on the san.o ue.
The Republicans bclicv e thii--, and uot
xvithst.inding their poetivinoii of the tlov
criimeiit and the prestige of a war which
unites the people of tho North, they pro
pose to sink their organization and all mi
nor questions beneath the groat if'tatr wliieh
is now to he decided ly the arliitramcut of
arms. They propose to sink all divisions
ft home, for the purpose of sustaining our
troops who have united in the field.
There can he no other policy than this, ox
cept on the part of those who put the pres
ervation of parly uhovc Ihe safety of Ihe
country, or who would even destroy the
Government in the miserable hope that out
of iia wreck they might retrieve their parly.
State Sovereignty.
The tory press of Ohio, of which there
pro some ten or fifteen in number, seem to
lie terribly worried about "Lincoln's army''
(as they call tho loyal citizens who havo
volunteered for the suppression of rebellion)
violating Mate Pighls. Indeed, with them,
the National Ciovcriinieiit ia n secondary
consideration, and in not a few instances
lmvo they exclaimed, under startling head
lines: "Lincoln's Government repudiates
fMato Sovereignty;" "Lincoln wants to wipe
tmt State lines, ami establish a military des
potism;" "Lincoln wants to be Dictator!"
There can bo no mistake in the meaning of
tho tories in thoHo declarations. They mean
nothing inoro or less than that the Corsti
Flitution of tho I'nited States is a blunder,
and tho Union which it was ordained to es
tablish a failure.
History records the fact that the thirteen
original States won their independence
n struggle in which they were united; ami
that they could not havo succeeded in that
Btrnggle if they bad not acted together.
Ko 0110 of them could ever have won its in
dependence alone. As colonies they owed
a common allegiance to one sovereign pow
er; they became independent of that power
ley a common effort, and they became Stalt
together, as I'ttitcd Stales. The independ
ence which was achieved u as tlio independ
ence of a nation, ami the success of the rev
olutionary struggle was tho birth of a na
tion, not of thirteen nations. Washington
nt tho head of tho army, Jefferson drafting
tho declaration of independence Adams
King George's Court, when our independ
ence had been won, repercsciitod tho people
of the 1'iiited States; one people, coi.tu'ious
1 ono national liie. -No one of lite N.1I01
treated separately with lingland, or w
France; no one of them cm r assumed all
functions of separate nationality, and
each of them hail a completely organized
HtstO fovrilllllellt wliieli tl'ij ...,.. 1.. I, .1.1
n .it.....'.,..'. ...
inany of the functions of sovcici,:iity,
did exercise them. In uny iii;.pialii!t tl n ii.e,
however, no one of these Stales ever h
a separate sovereignty.
The Constitution of ihe United Stated
tho natural and admirable product cf
consciousness of a common nationality in
minds of tho people. Framed by a conven
tion of tho pooplo of the United Slates,
ratified by the several Stales io tUir
it constituted a gov ciitini nt
the United States, the powers of which
accurately and carefully di lined. This
historical statement shows the uLsui
of the assumption that State sovereignty
in violated by the coercion of rebellion
any ono or more of these Slates.
uth is tho view wy have of the ih bij-ti
df the original States, and wu suppose
Will deny tho fact that it applies with
force to thoso formed out of Territories
to tho United States, cither by
or purchase. State sovereignty in
BCiise iu which secessionists mid their
utilizers pruto of it, (separato und absolute
fcjtato sovereignty,) has never existed in
f tho Unitod States except Texas; and
never exercised that sovereignty more
or more wisely, than v Jieu sho tUliber
- fctcly placed it under tho limitations t,f
Constitution of tho I'm'ted Elates liuilln
tions unrepealalilo'cxccpt by tho Voice of
three-fourths of all the Slates.
The Great Rebellion.
Progress the Work of Suppression.
Tho I ale defeat at Maiinvfles m-ciiin to have
ha 1 tl"i i If el ol a sifting proa '9R, to sever
thn win .t front the h- (T. I;!kh vi.( and
cnu.trdi(v, dniiikeniK rn and native sfiipi
litv aru "plave I f ut." an 1 l ew rninnnw.
1 r v (t iive cotnin ;' lorwutd, whoi.e nieril s nor
more of the camp than oi tlio counting loom,
and whofio plc s!':;f com i m tnoio liom the
Imtfle field than lie liuslingn. Kvetywhrrc
lh" eh met l.i ofpowcr arc :e (ir.
Mi Clc!! l!id is laovitr' li!;o n sen I r.im
- jn'i t. hut owerlal - ! Wai hin':;tnii and
on the I'otoiaa", uioiu'ii-; l:fe, impa' t in-;
ooll'iige, i rcalilig, x i,''.r. He ipcal'.M to
r,n' actfl, ii'nl liii'.v I ,ri "'i v. lcsky; he ad
vanees the : ki t : he brings Mansfield's
turbulent camp to order; ho nireti tho
s' .i. K: ),c reinforeei Hai.lis; he in eve; wlici c,
a! id !'"i-s every thing.
Cox has ib i'v en the g.ir.ilous 'ise from
I:;;' Kau.'.v l a: I '' res'n' es the nulVrl ing
ci!.'iiS lo liieir viol.i'i I hiaiic.: an I 1c
juie.Mi w ith them li n.lt r Ihe ;-':in n nnd Mi ipe.''
v. here but ye ii. rd iv the -.iloiis liagofliie
loin 1 horde t i;i 1 1 1 t 1 in the bleci'.
.t Carlo I'li nliss ia siioinr, xi;,ilant nnd
rep.lv. r'i'otnoiil iii on the M isHnmippi; and
u:nle'r l'i" waiel.l'ul coh of Lyon and rtogcl
rebellion i,i Mi'.soini is idaviii;; the 'aili'nl
1 1
i'ei tloV.II Upon llie
Cia.vi til en lia.i sloii.;!i
I ! i:p .lai I. on,
.ovei'liia1. lit by !
Oi 111.' i o
All o, s
and its oh:
Thai the
and the i
aio to 1, ,i
-:l.ill III er
I'l !l"ie
slnnv I
l,d I
i. it l'i
l I :
Wonl. I!
e I lha! li
well foil
1'iom I',,..
(if Meic
h'c b.e.v
iil.d tin
i:i aiiUcu
clti-V mat:
a I biave
li i liioi e.
III. to lltllllU
V brave l-.-i
ie 1 Oil els ll
1,1 buttle lie
plains of Ca
i ; h i'i not 1
ikmi;an I'm-,
i o!f !l,;tl polili
i l l e -oi .;a!;l:.' tl
-her tho power
I '.',.; lt,y lifih.
.'oliie'i uli alion
l'i,!lv in ea;i:esl.
of MeP'CM II
S of P.lll, V-ill
lo d. !e tl rtnl
oii he o l. I old
i 1 1 . I
II el in,
Tic I
d b"yo!id a'l lo-,icl
art ha-, i.tcarnly le-olv-
nas won on a.i iae
H ol his V.ilol ells life,
ila lo moii'.. I, tins
loin from hi i -,ca"ra-
e.' vail'. l'ii
hand of I'
Progress the Work of Suppression. Good for Kentucky.
l-csitll of ,!,
v. as far i li.
elicit in this Halo on
ai d IV. i t. is most gra'i-
I'yir.g. 1 1' the rctn,...l'f
out any! hiier near a t v.eli
.! I he
ihe I
t-iio tin ns
on lil iio:-
cannot bo
t :tn,i:i!; to .iii.tion.
.a lha
From the Fremont Democrat.
A National Organization of the
li-.crv il iy'.i ".pe-i nee col li ins ns
I ho liclicf thai old parly org naVelions ha vo
filililie I Iheir mission a'i 1 inn i. be la;d a tide
;.s ii. cl' sr. Mints r. Ine grcal t iofcnl ol
.,'.!t inl :i-ot e ;tii e ; on broad, deep chania I
I I V, 1,1 eh to ihe.v. 1 1 . . v. 1 1. aps a" i he ll ' I i'o'
b eiii'l ti i. -.of parly. Wobave n it-cili-b- .c
thai litis parly or thai, ol il li". is ptal I
ihe i;n :il i Ml. ii.i iii'V of the d ". ; but We
have iimhal.en oe.i!!i It nee thai I'm
.'.III l'cop!
and wtK
fathers, iii lin
inir, are able
hhow to tho
ct tup
V.ll to
IS. lie
i." i
t: c: !,"iei.l of
in ciineei I . t ilh I io I's I
lo ext. inrna1" t , e 1..011
world t!ia our H"pnb
1 lh
Put our cuc-
( iovt inm n! is not a fai.at'
tries i tiit.t be brought uni!. Ilv
1 1 must now be us il was in liie days of th"
first devolution. Lot ihos" who cm f..r
Iheir eiumlrv without
p. irt bv "iis" or "an Is, I a
i.olid column, as it the
gallant men who have
meet the cct'tny on Ihe li d'
old pai ly orga't'ations are
mischief in the pre: e-i ei;
the palriollc mass by -an
while there is a real
seiilil'l 'III. V iolenl
ir nop
lace in
entirely by prejudi
pi.i'ify imv th
' Hi. ar :
c, s w ith lie'
gi ii. f.irlh to
of baC.lc. The
i',ly useful for
eney -to divide
inugilsii'V line,
unity of interest and
partisans, eontrolhal
, oppose
this movement for a union ol ad l"al men
under one party design ili' it because they
expect to be laid 011 the shell' by i(; and w e
are tpiite sure lhl p iliticlain who cannot
forget parly and mere personal considera
tions, w de n the government is menaced
with ovei throw, ought lo ho laid on the
i helf. The country will suffer no loss by
I After copying the action of Ihe Pcpnbl--
e.tn Shite Conimilleo, the Democrat's article
continues as lollows.
The Pepul.lican parly of Ohio having an
(ivcrwlit Iwing majority of the vo'cra of the
Stale, have nothing lo gain in (he lino of
lllce by tho piO'o"co 11). iv cum lit t. I hey
can elect liieir wiioio m.iio iteuei wiiuoui
oulsido help. A'o regar. I Iheir proposition,
thereloie, as uustllidi mil pal'.ioll'. On
such a platform every loyal man evi stand,
without siirreii lei in any l.uiii 'r polttt.-al
opinion, ru.-it iniautiutiy ol aciiou oi un
people in all (no tree Males would tlo as
much to dishearten the rebels as a succes
sion of victories, ll would save ua millions
of treasure anil thousands of lives. Why
then hhull we not accomodate in selves to
tho emergency, and act as too common
danger demands that w e should act?
-. . t- . .
Court Martialing.
ith I
the 1
I from tho
1,, 1 All ti'i.iU
t ai.o
It set in stalt i
general circulation, mid apparently reliable,
thai thoie istahe a pretty "heavy docket"
of cases for the courts martial. On the lis!
of delinquents are found no leva than live
colonels, pour of them are charged with
cowardly conduct in the face of lljo cm my:
s I ' cciticit 1 1 01 is ts to one, that be look re
fuge behind a big slump during the light at
Manassas; a second, that ho sought sal'cly
in the rear of a hayst 1 -U: and ihe two others,
that thev made a precipitate retreat from
the battlefield on the sc.ua horse. w hlle the
regiment rem lined lighting like heroes.
The fifth is charged w ith uuoiVuvrlihe con
duct in going into ihe battle intoxicate!--loo
drunk, in fact, lo cither ;;ie o'd
himself, or understand them w hen giu 11 by
)y,i..'l'hi' iniiH' at tVnt.vvillo ia n t
tit'velty in vvai'la'.'e. 'llie I" ! di.- 'ii dine
trocpv of L iv. pc have I'.-cn uil'.y t I lie
far I.v.n cm-us inly t'laii niir men in iriuia.
Siii h vv .is the faiieni-! Ilht of I'l'ti.ch an'
Sai d nian tfii.'i'i- from t'a '.tiLot.c t.i !'.icsc;a,
the day att. r the rr. -at hatilo t.f '. i-ii m
'I'ln'i'e ihe mi 'tt tatliil !(..!. lit rs vtcv re l'i.;
and I
volitions, of
ple Ji
ty in
longing con
quest the
ly, tho
iiti'Ci'.c-i of the I'l'd'.l, vihcn
.ns who h id been hid.'ii in tho I i
no into lite i I'cii lit ! ! I i Ml. iv;dt".'
I'lcuiet'h cs. Pisiiici'y, the cry if "The'
.v iislriaiiH i'1-e c. mil ;'.! ' v a i raii-. tl. Fi n'ii
l'i. it idmple incident arose a p:inic. I",
iteveiitceii ladi s. all the vv ay to I'rcoia, l'..c
I'ti.id was lii't'd vv .lit a tiv in r ina -s i f hoiM'i
and fool; v. a;;ons and aii.bul.tno s v.'ttci
elliptic 1 ol lot ar vvollli.tctl, un I cvt l'Vl'
hccuicd I ciiide ihctn- i'!vi.s vlh ti l l'..!
Soii.e tii'teen l!i mimcoI i.u a t ii.m te l in ih'd
panic, and the cl life IV... ,i it was very
ciaifci It lal h'.
lf?..So fjr us we have seen the tK noiiihia-
tttiiul tci.ets ijivcn ot the l'hat'b:i in
ui my reei'iitly raii tl in d. fciihi' of the Union,
it iipl cars Hut seventeen are Method.
cl'.'rviiijii.fiiurtcci O. tho.lox CoiicuvruPon,
uiiu' i'piseupal, heveii K.ibtitit. bcvcii Unita
rian, hcviii Presbyterian, three Human
Catholic, tl.rt Utiiveinbst, vice Lutheran,
and one of tlio L'uuh RefonnCLui i h.
ftiVfJui. W'utkins, one of the lcidiiitf
l'.t bcl lo'lii idls of Mit-Loiiri lias ri sit;iictl.
nnd Uit' l u 11 Lis troops to d.rdulld
liavo l olli.l.r more to tin Willi the rein Hum.
Ho is u inuii of Ijiye t i .'i ia ty, and his it
son aside ue. 1 for ii siiddcii change in his
is the i oiii"iiiiated passage of
Couliscalion li .11 by Col.;-. I t hit.
fci'-Ou the ilUt alt. ihe Missouri Conven
tion elected Hon. Hamilton K. tiainble,
ft. Loins, liovcrnor of Missouri, I y ti votes;
S illard 1'. Hall, l.ieiit.Uovciior by til voUe,
and MonUcr Oliver, Secretary of State.
This movement ousts the llcbei Ofjicors
that State and fulls their places with
Sensible Talk from Mr. Douglas'
r.elow wo (?ivo soino extracts from nn cd
i trVi-i.il nrticle In the Chiciugn t'ont, conducted
by lohii . Hheahan, for many year the
cimfid"iitial friend of Mr, Donglm, Ms bio
prapher and long tin' editor of tho Chicago
Tinwt, his homo organ. Probably no Matt
occitpie 1 iv closer relation of friend
ship to Mr. Douglas than lie. The ex
tracts hero fciveti nre commended to tho con
sideration oftlioso Democratic lenders who
arc striving to divido the pnoplo of (ho
North on the question of Mtppoiting tho
Adiii'tiiiltafioti in its efforts to put down
the rebellion. Itcfeiriiig lo tho objection
that tlio Piosidolit exceeded his authority
in defending the I'nioii, Mr. fdieahan says;
Mr. Lincoln did exee d his authority when
he called lor troops, w hen ho Ventured l.irgi!
expenditures, when he blo'-kadeil the ports,
and when he made niiiiits and brigades, in
liiunbernnd power, sin h as had hover before
been known in Ihis bind. We say ho del
do all this, mi l what of it? ll was iincon
Kllliilioii:.l for him lo do this without the
authority of Cone,rcss. Ilia a - t was iiuc-nn-slilitlion.il
and illegal. Put what, of il'.'
Was it an net which Congress, already miuu
inoncil, might- not legali.o and malo consti
t ut i 1 1 1 : 1 1 ? Was Mr, Lincoln to stand still
and nee the. house burn over his head, with
out an churl to nave il, because ho lis l not
the pi eviiu'i permission of an alumni neigh
bor lo th aw water from his wet1-? Was Mr.
Lincoln to allow- the rebels lo lake Washing
ton city, to bit 111 Ihe I 'edet a! Csp.ila! and exile
111" b'lvernili' III? I'o these melt who call
upon the Demo 'ia y to ma: k out and re
buke Ihe Adniiicsti'.itioti for uicinsliiiillon.
td a.-fs. w hi'i the I I 'm ci'.-cy to undci'sland
thai il was criminal in Mr. Lincoln to defend
the c.i'dl 1! by 111 uiieonnl;t:it;ii"iil It vy of
troop:','? If they do not mi an that, then lot
blatant boo tgogue-i close their lips, and
apart- the pi niter's ink. Cnh ---s these men
Ihiul; that Mr. Lincoln should have pcr
lnilled Ihe rebels to raise ia all purls of Ihe
country, and rc'-e upon the public properly,
si l.e tit" (I'ovcrniueut and dietate 1' ris: of
i'libiiiis -ion lo tic north, then let litem keep
s'l 1;! ,i;.o:i 'lie Mibjeet of uii.-:!i:tilntional
iieN a 'Is mal" i::.eeeKi"- lo jireervo liie
(iov r 1 nmciil. Had Mr. Lhieoln not tloica
what lie h'ei doll", there V.'.odd have been
n 1 go ei inn 'til at Ih's lime, iiiil.'.a Mr. L!n
e da, Hying In fore the rcla I bo hs, seeking
f a' 11 Congress to pa"." an iv! allowing hi. 11
It -i in it I a company ol limit ia nrgm he
e.d'e I :t go ernna (it. Arc llee-c men sorry
ll.'l .h" I !o t 1 itinenl, even by a resort lo
it'!: i;a-.'lii!-o!i;d nt.'.i'.ui'cs saved tlio nation
Iro'.i lie rebel trail'.irt.-; Ate they sorry
Ih it Cairo w .is garrisoned by troojis uiicoti-slihllion-tlly
t'tii tiered? 'i'oit'd they have
preferred thai (ho Coustilulioii should have
l.ei'ii ol. '.eryed. even If by 1.0 doing Pillow
had been able lo overrun Illinois, aad made
hi t b" t !.",:i! T.vs in III" I'i'.ile liotiao e.l
P-'.li Ihe acts of Mr. Lit
11a "011 st t ; 1 1 : 1 11 1 1 ! . I ci;
the net 1. and 1
In are no loi"'t r
re' s It is nhva ly
a v are now as cott-
i.liiulion il as if Hi" had been originally a ti
ll 1 .1, i -ad bv Congress.
We I tok upon those who complain of the
Pit chh nl, w iih les 1 ri speet tha t upon the
rebels in arms. The latter are open in iheir
(.eison, and have had th" honesty o stake
their lives upon Ihe issue. The former
I Itu'k at home, afraid to speak mil in tlen-
II ae 'alion of the war and ye! cowardly stab
fie nt an they u re afraid to inecl.
This war is one for the preservation of
the Constitution. So far, the war has been
conducted for that purpose, and with that
single object. When the Government shall
prove false to ils trust, and shall direct Ihe
war for purposes foreign to ils original de
sign, then, but not till them, will the lletno-
ei-acv cry "stop. hen that lime comes
no voice from potty semi-secession journal.-!
will bo nee. led lo arrest both army and
Government. The troops themselves will
ground their arms. No power in the laud
will compel litem to prostilule Ihe Hag of
their country for iinjusliliable purposes.
I nlil thai time comes, and wo hope il is far
distant, the democracy will render a cheer
ful and patriotic support to the Hag of their
country. In the history of tho past they
li.we lieen loyal, anu nicy are 1101 10 no se
duced til this day into tho camp of treason
and rebellion.
t'-'Sf oine sharp nkiruiishcs have recently
t.ihan plat e on the I'otouiae,
ftO" The slaves are dailv deserting from
their inaslars in Virginia, out they ate not
adiiiilti d into the l'i tlcral laiupa.
JIkvV' The Chicago lcuiociat, l.on John
Went worth's paper, has been merged into
the Trilntuc.
f-.-jy-Tho lilocl.ado of flalveslon Lv the
1'nitetl states steamer South Carolina is
can ietl on with p-eat. vipir. A largo lunn
her of rebel collators and packets have been
F,.7"Tho New Orleans Delia advises the
plantt't'a to pick their cotton and store it
unseeded in pens. If tho Northern army
approach the planters are told to commit
the cotton to the tlamea.
t vy-The .Mexican l'tn;;reKs has passed a
decree pantiii.; our t!ov eminent, tho riht
to march troops over Mcxuan territory, if
iiceehiiary, in operations in ihe Southwest.
It was pa:.s"d in secret session by an unani
mous vote.
f-;'i"- rho I Lome has imssod a bill irrantiui'
a bounty to ro-ciihstcd nieti. l-'.vcry three
ntotiths, man vJio ie-' n!isls for the war,
vv ill receive thirty dollars. If a company
re-enlist, each man will receive ten dollars
additional; if a whole regiment, ten dollars
more or fifty d. .liars. Tl.e throe years' men
also eot one hundred dollar at the cud
the v ,ir.
( -,r in;;att.' v otarier .M ist.-'- n vor, c.of-.in
of l'.';-;t r V. I'rv.ir, wa- captnre l with hi
liors.-s at li'ill I Pan, having act-idenilv rotle
a i into the Federal line:
' , .sconvin lie- imcitt fot
1 : tiiai-kiii"Vcaie:.rett;te? I
" ' it ree'll.K'Ht tlo Volt
a'l t'lle-cl' of tin W'ou-t
"I'he Nia.'tcctith M'ssiss
lie ini-.too the 21
a' Ivclitl titito's re-
adlv cut tn peiecs,"
bt l.'.l'. -,' t"?" a dcd
Ml-i'il l!c;;';li',t'M.-
vva 1 1 to ai'-
s '
duct, Die
sv er.
t!ial t
t!ic i:ai
have t
I'll v.
I lien voii arc n.y prisoner,
ruui.'i- prevails in Wa'-.hiiriton that
tors h:iv e been trying t n ike the
th fi iitlii: ; the Capital. Th. ic will
be ."i:ic lian-jiiy done at Ya:.!iin,.r
t, b. ict'c tli.tt iu .1 t f tt'.titoi'a and
sytn; atiii. i t s v it!i li caso.t is ch aiisc l.
rri.t'.d. Wih'ov.w.iini lcdat the Hull Unit
ti ;'.tt is duin;' well at Uiciiniond. as his wife
who went on to Washington to ascertain
Tie fact about his t it'- - Icai iis bv tlinpatt
ttotii li un. lie was i.hoi tlnoit'h the ana
an I othorvvin injure 1. lie ia siirroiintletl
hy old W'i'st I'oint classmates, who treat
linn well, il.s vvitc has returned home
nonce. I in i.taiy men to induce the tlnce
tnoutlu' volunteers, at the expiration of their
Uri'iu, to re-enlist for tho war. Thoe troops
liecu adiniiahly iIikc pliiu d, mid well
splendid niatirail for new reni-i
incuts. Manv will doiil llcss return home:
;oo.l spirits.
C-j "tjune un cllori is iiiauu:; by expo-
hut it is cotitideutly evicted that a majority
are ready to remain m the service muler
t.cvv cotuiti indcrs.
-i""The .Memphis papers contain the
of a meeting to he held iu that
city to deviko no uns to get the cotton crop
lo a forev'n market. The Memphis Hiillel
it'iiiim tn,;t 4 Iiuiikc in tiial city sold,
Saturday, uite hundred hogsheads ot
to the agent of tho l'rencli Covern-
incut, the same IVa.g paid for in gold. Tho
pl Ue obtained was 0 cents per pound, which
ncueu a proui ot mu ou h hogshead.
Ut'r-The Cincinnati Coiiimercial acknowl
edges it lied in having chunred Con. 11
t with "imbecility und cowardice,"
Incidents of the Fight at Manassas
Rebel Barbarities.
[From the Washington Republican.]
Wc have already heard of hundreds of
instance of the luost unrelenting Lnrhsi
ities shown toward tho Federal troop
Indeed one of tho rebel prisoners captured
by tho New York He venty-l'irsl Regiment,
siatetl that they had positive orders to
show no tpisi ler to any one. A largo num
ber of our wounded soldiers were run
through wilh buyout Is ns they lay bleeding
on the field of battle nnd partictilary was
this done to tho pirn Zoilives, on whom
they seemed lo lmvo pin titular spito. Wo
have heard of many otner instances in which
ambulances containing wounded men vvero
fired upon.
The charge upon our wounded and (lying
men by tho enemy's Black Horse cavalry,
Capt. Asaph, of Alexandria of which Wise
lias so I it i It'll boasted Is an uct Well calcu
lated to cover tho Southern nnnio wilh
shame and disgraeo forever. As they ad
vanced toward tho Fire Zouaves, they were
Mi l. wilh a heavy lire by the gallant band,
when Ihey shouted out to the Zouaves that
they had made a mistake -that they wore
shooting their own friends at tho name
time displaying the stars nnd stripes. A
lintnbt r of Ihe Zoitaves, thinking a mist iko
might havo been ma le, starting to their
relief, when Ihe (lag was thrown down a
terrific sortie made upon them. Put their
treachery met with a swift ami terrible re
tribution. Tlio muskets of tho Zouaves
wore again turned upon them, and they
were fairly cut to prices, only six of them
being left, out of sex hundred.
The ensign of the First Rhodo Island
pegiineiit was shot through the head ami
killed during tho early part of Pie engage
menl, when a bravo young fellow, belong
ing to tho Kami' regiment, sprang forward,
so'.od the colors, mid waved tln ni in the
air. A minute later ho too fell dead to the
ground, pierced by a bullet.
Paring the engagement, Gov. f'prague
who was always in the thickest of the fight,
had two horses shot from under him. l-i eh
lime, as ho loll to tho ground ho vvouhl
i , . 1 ... 1 1 1 1 .a 1 1
cooii.v i.tKc it) ins can inie aim 01 mg uicoci
to the ground.
Col. lt'ti-!".'ilo seemed to b-ar a. charmed
life. The bullet I were constantly wiii.-.ing
pail hhn.sonia ofthitu even passing through
his hat, and yel ho escaped without a
so rat :h.
'I'he Fire Zo'.l ives advance 1 to the charge
with deafening cheers for tho I'nion. and
were exposed to the galling iiro of the
Louisiana Zouaves, ami also lo the attack
of the ieh. Black Horse all of whi li they
stood wilh a heroism of which the histoty
of the world present few parallels. At
each lire, as they vvouhl perceive the rebels
fall, limy would' claim "lilswui lh."
The eolor-soi-geunt of tho Second Mahie
Regiment, W. P. Dean, ami who bore the
Hag presented to the regiment by the ladies
of ' Colifornia. was killed wilh tho Hag in
his hands. A. V. Mool, Company K, one
of the color guard, was nevcrely w ounded.
The Hag was taken possession of by the
rebels, but was finally regained uflcr a des
perate struggle.
A noor little drummer bov was cut com
pletely in two by a canister idiot which
struck him just under Ihe anna. A piercing
"Oh!" cmill'.'d in childish treble, the soldiers
vvlm vvciat near him nay. was a sound that
will lin in their eats for liie.
Anion-,- tlte disasters of the day were two
very serious ones from Ihe lirinv; into each
other, by lniateke, of our own regiments.
The Kijclit New York Kotfiinent was badly
cut up tiiUH by either the Fourteenth or
Twentydililt JP'iinenls. The Sixty-ninth
Xt'iv York lievjiineiit had one company des
t roved almost lo a mail by a lire from our
own forces.
rnfortuuate in w ere these disastora to us,
Ihey vvero lar iiiore than counlerbalanced
by the heavy lire pourctl into Ihe eeessioii
ists by their own batteries at various limes
diuiujj; the (lay.
A correspondent of tho Philadelphia In
(piirer writes:
The oliiecrs who took Mr. 1'iyor prisoner
say that anion;.'; the other I'riNoners taken was
a very badly wounded rebel ofliccr. who
wore the ea'lo of a t'olonel on his shoulder
strap. He appeared to havo ot in advance
of his regiment and got seperaled from tlibni,
anil no cut oil". His left arm h id b"on sh tt
teieil above the elbow, and the useless mem
ber was danliu; in his coat hleave. lie
was also bloc din;!; profusely from a wound
in the side, yet waving his sword in the air,
aad would not give up until hiitroundcd.
an I a hi;: fellow of the Maine regiment rush
ed uii to him, threw down hia own run and
clasped (he oliiccr around the body. His
sword then droped from his fjrasp, and he
sank upon the ground. The first words he
said were, "What fools volt Yankees are, to
at lack us with such a handful of men.
" Whv," replied his captors, "how many have
you pit?" '-There are DIUMO on field." he
replied, "besides " here his strength failed;
lie sighed heavily, the blood pished from
ItiH Mile in a torrent, he called out in a faint
tone. "Hninia, iMituia," repeating the name
twice, stretched out his limbs and expired.
He was a very ha Isonio man, about thirty
live vcars of a;j;e.
(i-i"'ll is reported that there uro la.OOO
rebels at New Madrid, Mo.
jfTuTwonly I'russian o Ulcers have offer
ed Iheir services to the (loverniiient.
jp-eV'-The Ilibiinore and flhio Road
open from Cumberland to Wheelinyc.
r.' W-Threo huntbctl kej;s of jiovvder and
two cannon have been captured from
rclu Is, near Warsaw, Mo.
tr-Tho N. Y. World says that the num
ber killed at Mauuassas on our side was ;jl
wounded C- inissin;:; 77.
S.'-Ccn. Ranks is now ut Harper's Ferry
with It'll thousand t roups, lie is threaten
ed wiili an attack by the Rebel troops un
der Johnson.
t-;.V (leu. McClcllan asked for more artil
lery. He is creaiin.r ipiite a favorable re
voiulion at Washington. He inapircs uni
versal COlllidolK'O.
f: v- l'he Hea l-, of departments, at Wa-dt-in
,;lon, are cleariu ; out the traitors. Nine
cinpl ivci s of tho tl ivcvi-.nit'iit were arrested
by lien. Scott on liio ;'.t) n't.
Jt.: ;)-We nre rejoiced to learn, that both
(i.'tic'.-al Wool and Havccy are to be ti'sie'n
ctl active uud impoitant commands in
r.'o'.'.-.iiiatiou of t!u in mv. Tin v will take
the place of same of, tho politaal generals,
tC"Tht irnll int Col. hau ler has receive
the ;.p:.;iintuiei!t nf l':-i:;ad;er ( lOi'.crnl. Col
clicls llit l.avd.von and Mt-Cternund a'e to
apjioinlcd to the same position. They
in Congress now, hut hoth served as office
in the Mexican war.
VMX.Tho euihusiasni of the soldiers
t anti I uase near I oluiulius, lor llie trav
saitl to he tine pialle.l. lh inieiitsiire goin
out continually from Camp and new
in 1 are com.r.v; in almost iladv, to lul laeir
j jd iccs lor the v ar.
i trTi.i'tcldieii A. 1'. aulas said.' I know
1 no other niotie nv vvlncli a loval e:t;.en
so well demonstrate his devotion to
' country as lv sustainin;' the Hap;, tho Con
have ; stitntion ainl the 1'iiion, under all circuni
cuiintituie stances, under every adniiiiistiatioii, regard,
i let. of party tiolitica, uguinst all assailauts
n ,lll4v excesses which meu in the "heats
li.uco at home or ulnoad."
CiyThe New York Trilmno puM'shos
Ion;? letter from Waslunton, in which
Imi haritica of the' rchcls at .Manassas
circumstantially related and proved heyoud
a douht. Not onlv were they tuilty of
the contest are liuUo to commit, Imt
disregarded th preen Use; w hich suigeons
iit up near the placo where their duties
call them, and which are respected ly
civilized comliataiitsj they mangled
bodies of tho wounded with their bayonets,
ami shelled tho, church used as a hospital.
All this isbhowu on tho testimony of a
of unimpeachable witnesses.
IiT.V WashiiiRlon disiintch says: Officers
of the nrmy nnd navy Itnvc been testing two
of Wiard's steel rifled cannon nt tho Nary.
Vartl. They arc said to bo light of trans
portation and of deadly ratifre. With 14
ounces of power, a ball was kept up .'la sec
onds. With 8 ounces, the raugo a six poun
der was 1H00 yards.
J'iyThe discipline at Washington is now
nuiumuig the rigor that should have charac
terized ir from the first. Roth officers and
soldiers aro to la; confined to their encamp
ments, unless on special leave of absence.
No sale of li.pior to soldiers w ill bo allowed,
and drunken soldiers will bo dismissed
from the service.
fffluGov. Stevens hns been appointed Col
onel' of I'm Tilth (Highland) Regiment of
New Yotk, which Pol. Cameron commanded.
Gov.S. wa-imlistingnised ofliccr in the Mexi
can war, nnd stands high as an cflicient and
thoroughly trained soldier,
Perrysburg Market.
Wheat 'hu-
Tallow V H"
Corn f' 1m
Outs ) l)n
I'tililtoexV I'll
lhittcr fl lt - - -Liiitl
V lh
. .7.V.f80
. .. . 4 lie
.... 250
. ()t"10o
.... He
11(51 tic
. ... He
. ftC'dlr
(il'Pi'li Hide Wit)- -HfS i
Suit Vhtl $1.75
Clover Seed lit ha :l.SO
Plintr V In l
HiiiiH V lb
Shoulders fb
Poultry ft lh
Kjrtrs ih'r.
Fi'titluo-sV III
f J . "li I. li C II K II, 1K N'T 1 S T ,
Will bo nt Mead's Hotel ill fiil 'inl, on llie 20!h of
Aumi-it. nnd n iinia until the 4th of Scnlt'tiibiT.
nnd in I'erryslitirfr nt tho lCxcliiuio (Vein the iilli of
hejilt inlier to the HW f.
E h M
O U 0 V K I X S T I T U T K
Tho Fall Term of tlio second yearof tliia Institu
tion will ci'iiuaent'P on
The Institution i ( fuinishetl with a full corpse of
(tttalili."! in I e.t)"i'ieiiL'etl J cacluTri. AminKenienti
niv niiide 1'nt' ox'eiinb-t nnd svslt'inatic totirs.'S of
( 'I ns-ic.il nnd Seiciitilic htudy. Classes will lie
lot-in 'd I'm' those v. h i atv prejini-in to teaett Ihe en
sitiitfr H int 'i'. A ('iiiii-;j of l.'ctttivs ivill he detiv
ned on snliycls of inl "rest nnd itiiTiertanee to teaclt
ets. Iloitid ill j'oo I t'ainilie j, or I'.ioiii for self
li'iar.liii.f i' an be oht.tiiie 1 on very lib r il terms. Fur
fin tliei- nartit-iilnrs Keo circul ir. or ndli-'s the
I'lin.-ip il, .1. W. IIUCTT.
A u;;tii.t S, 'fil I tv3. Jlaiunec City, O.
uiiAix Pitrr.i.s!
The subscriber is now ready to furnish Farm -r-t
with either of the two best drain Drills in use, and
will warrant them to nave entire satisfaction. They
will sow Whont, Rye, llarley, Outs, Ilnekwheat,
Flax, Hemp, Timothy, ( 'lover, MiUel-sccd ; also,
Corn, l'eas nnd Items equally well
It is, perhaps, the only machine a Farmer can
use that
in tli3 incre iso of yield, over nnd over ngain, in a
year or two.
I have nbttnd tnce of tostiinonv showintr that tlio
inerease of Di iUiii.tr over broail-e.isi st.v. injr, is on
nn nvvrajre from three lo live bushels per acre,
nnd the difference is often niiieli n'enler. Hut
t iktiipf the lowest estimate, (I! inishels) if you put
out til acres, it will piva you inerease of 1211 bush
els, which would pay for two Drills. Call on mo
if you want a Drill, in preference to littyimf of n
yti a!i.;er that yon in ty never see itpv.in, and if the
Drill don't prove (jmi l, it will c-ot yt.u nil it is
wivth to pet your liion -v back.
In aildiiion, 1 keep tho very best makes of
Steel Flows, Subsoil Plows,
Harrows, Road Scrapers,
Corn Sltellers, Straw Cutters,
Clover Halters, Horn Rakes,
Horse i'itchl'tirk, Fannin;; Mills,
Sewing .Machines, Sugar Evaporators,
f'id. r Mills, Thei inom'r Churns,
Cider Presses, Threshing Machines,
of Pitt's V- l-.-ln-.it d Maniilacture, nnd in short
every thintr a Funnel- needs on his I. inn to help him
Ihroiijrli vih his work and put money into his
poclU't. P. KUhl'S.
P. S. I have just received (lihbs & llm.'s
Celebrated Cylinder Plow. This is undoubtedly
the best dow'in tliis county or tiny other. It has
received the First Pi-eiiiiinn at every Stata nnd
County Fair where it has been exhibited, for its
gootl work anil easy drauglit.
Call and seo it. No charge forshnwiujj poods.
1). lvRKPS.
rcrrysburg, Anjrnst, Cth, lsfil Sinlt.
E . F. &.J.M A III ICS
ntnl .!..!.
.1 11 E 11 I C A
ME X A O E It I E.
l'resenting togetlter the greatest ninoiint of inter
esting Zoological Subjects tut. I the luost extensive
brilliant, novel and talented K(tiestrian Troupe ev
er combined in any single establishment. Only one
ticket for the entire show!
At Toledo August 10th.
At Matuiiee I'ily August 12th.
,Vt Vt oo Ivitle August :i!h.
I-t)""l)iiiis open at 1 and 7 p. m. Admission,
ix ill cents. Pit l!i cents. Children ball" price
No half price to Pit.
o l'oroiii ist in tiltraction is th
s- iiiti.a i i ti.uu; Ac i, rt.ii'
JliNKI.VS! represented by Mr.W.
Kineade. in winch he imitates
V ,1 t.i, iiLi,i iri.f.il. .. ..it. I wil.lili.l,
"V lilt, l.lill"! j.i..-.ia ill., mi .vi.i ii..-
-. .. .c..rt-.: tiir.'s of the entei-taiiuneiit. Dash
ing act of hor.-cm uiship, by Theatlore 'I'ottrnaire.
Daleiteing feats vvitli barrel' und tianca, by lietage
Slow man. l.a Tr tpcze, or Aerial (i vmtiastics,
Messrs Sliappa nn 1 Whitney.
pi' ;. i Novel feats of Eini'dilii iitni,
i: : ' tT (;l.l)i:i: ON llOltSlMtACK,
i'yr''re'V tieoigJ Slownian. A Nautical
,v A-,t'A Scene of horsein uiship, bv
-Vi l,..e. Antics, Di-olleties and Tricks
"I Av-l.v EDI t'ATKI) .Ml t.l'S, per
'Z3t2i2i&mt ,','irmed by W. Smith and T. Arm
hois.-s, bv tlie llrotheis Tt.iiraaire. Scene of
Stadium,' Exercises, Athletic Sports, Tumbling,
iiiiini 'is:-, nt tine:, nv me
v (i It K A T T K O V V
riv thers, a grotestpie series of
luring teats. Mcia Minpi
iv' x -i- t V l"iing K.ils, .vtissis riuiip
Uv v' Whitte'V. Staiinn rsanlt net of
ing. I'V Master Piiilo Nathans,
whoso cx.'culion of leaps tlnnujih balloons,
over harriers is the admiration ol all lu liol.tei-s.
l.ot'tv and daring feats of balancing I. A PEItl'HK,
bv Ann-arumr and SleiMiian. I'h.wu nnd Jester,
W. Siti iii. Trick clown and Jester, T. Arinslroitg.
Z.K.I.ieii -al features. The two Asi itic superb
P K H E O 14 M 1 N li E I. E P 11 A N T
.. . . , .. i i i.:..i.
, . -X ittrotien liieir iiiiiui-i ..u uiiu uij;i.-
;J'Ci " I lv inti'ivtiiig feats id siigacity.ex-
fill tr.iiiiinv, under llie direction
liu-ir kei'pi'r, .nr. -. i..-i,.
linir theentcilaiiuiiei t M. li. Wood
ruff will give nn interesting display of his courage
and skill, entering ihe den of wild animals.
OTTlie Exhibition w ill enter town in gi u'td
in Menagerie nnd Circus, accompanied
N. I'olton's celebrated Silver Cornet Hand in
splendid bend carriage, drawn by the elephants,
Damon amV Pythias, followed by ihe dens of
wild beasts of every variety uud found in
August f, 1881 Mwl.
Samuel Johnson, assignee, vs. Benjamin S. Jud
soii, ct al.
lly virtue of a decretal enter of nale to mo
and delivered from the court of common
pica of Wood county, Ohio, 1 shall oiler for
at the door of tho court bouse, ill Perry nburg,
county, Ohio, on
Saturday, September 7 ill, 1 SCI,
hot wet n the lit. nt of li in. and ! p. in. of said
the following described lands and tenements, to-w
The west of the west ?i of the nouth-oust !4'
kecti.Mi niiiiiber H3, town number i north,
uiiiiiticr 10; also the weal i of the enst )i of
north-west i of fcttion number 5, town iiioiiIkt
north, range utiuiber 10 cast: appraised at $1320.
J it. Mt'KRAT.au'T. li. E.OL'YKU,
Aiijiint, Icfil ltwifj 48. (hciiff.
Roborl IWka rs. rtunry Pclsdt.
Ity Tirtnc of nn order of sale to fno dirrrtcd nd
delivered from tho court of common dom of Wood
cmintT Ohio, In the tmrc cause , I slmll dfl'er fi.rnle
nt tho doer of the (SJitrl honae in IVrrysbtirjr, Wood
county, Ohio, on
Saturday Sejitemlier 7lli, 1831,
between ttie hrair. of 12 m. nnd 2 p. m.,of tiid tiny
ttie follon ittfr described lands and tenements, to-wit:
Ttm north-tvest yt of tho south-east , mil the
dotitli lj of the noit'i-ctst i of section number 4,
town nttntb"r 4 niith of lanire ininiber 9 cast; np
nniseil nt SMI): nnd the west i of ttie nottlh-west
Y. of section number 28, to n number 4 north of
riiiiRO number 9 onsti niiprnised nt $I).
ii. E. OUVEK, SltcrilT.
James McnnAV, ntty.
AtiRust (I, isso- 1 4m 63 75.
Samuel Johnson, assignee, v. Willinm Ti-escolt.
I'.y virtue of nn order of nale to in? directed nnd
delivered front the court of common ideas of Wood
county, Oiiio, in the nliove cause, I hhull offer for
sale nt tlio (tain-ol tao court House, in l 'erryslmrg,
vv ood cimntv, unto, on
Satiitd.iv. Selitenther 7th. 1801 .
tftiveen tho hours of 12 in. iitnl 2 p. in. of snid dny
t'te fi.llovvtng nest rilieil Itiiuls nn'l tenements, to-wit:
The Bnuth-ivi'Mt H of the jtoitth-cnsl of sect inn
number fl, town manlier 4 north of ramre nttinber It
casts nppraised nt S1S00. O. K. UL hit.
Jamks Mens vy, ntt'v. Slierilf.
Atifrust 0, lSiU Hv5$2 97.
I. Pli
nl, defendant.
Michonl Klfffer ct
lly virtue of nn order of salu to inn directed nnd
delivered from tlio court of cniiiiiliin ideas of Wood
county, Ohio, in the tibove cause, 1 shall offer for
s lie n't th t doer of the court Iious j in I'uriyslnirg, in
said count v, on
'Saturday September 7, ISM,
between tho hours of 12 in. unit 2 p. in., of said dny
the f'ollowinjr real estate, tovvit: Tlio south Jj of the
south-wost i of section 24, in township 4 north of
ra no V east, HO ncres; also tho nonb-west of
s.'Olion 2i, same township nnd r.uifre, lfiO neres; nl
so the cast lialfof the imrtheasl of section 2'3,
gams township nnd range, 80 neres.
U. E. GL'VER, Shoriff.
S. Jkppkusos. nttv.
Att.'iut ii, ls;ll l'4w.i:i 75
H E It I F F ' S SAL K
Pet.-r Yannest vs. Alexander I. Donaldson.
lly virtue of nn order of sale issued by tho Clerk
of tlio Court of Common Pleas of Wood county,
Ohio, in tin1 nbovo cause, nnd to me directed mid
delivered, I will oiler for sale nt public vendue nt
the dour of tho Court House, in tho town of lVrrys
burjr, Woed cottutv, Ohio,
On Satiirihiy.'theltlstd.-iyof Aiurust, 18S1,
between Ihe hours of ll) n. in. nnd 2 p. in. of that
day tho fi.llovviiur lands nnd tenements, to-wit: The
north-east (pun t' r of section SO, township 5 north of
range 1) oast, in Wood county. Ohio, conlaininp HiO
ncres more or less. J. K. CiUYKH, Shcrifl'.
Cook: Pisiok &, Johnson, nttvs.
Aug. 1. ISO I UwaSa 14
NOTE LOST. The undersigned lest a note
. V given by Laskey, Piatt &. Co., for the sum of
one hundred nnd ttity dollars. Jt was piven Sept.
IS, 1 Still, and hail one endorseinent of i?ltl, nnd one
of Si on the back. This note will be of no itso to
any one but myself, nnd 1 will pay tho finder liber
nllv bv returning or sending it tonic nt New- Wost
lieid. ' WILLIAM KL'SS.
July tit. 18!51-llw-t
Low Pi'lci'S and Itoudy Pay
Having purchased the entire stock of OR0CER
I1CS formerly owned bv Geo. W. llolluubcck.U will
continue business
Where, having replenished the Stock with a large
I nin now prepared to supply tho citizens of Fcrrys
btirg, and surrounding country with
(xi-occ'i ics snid Provisions
Of the choicest kinds and at the cheapest possible
prices. Those wishing to purchase anything in inv
line will iind it to their advantage togivo ino u call,
us everything 1 sell will bo
I have on hand, niso, n huge nnd well selected
stock of '
which T warrant to give satisfaction or no sale.
Ick! Ici:! leu! I have on hand n lararo stiiudv
of choice Lake lee, which may be obtained nt all
times on reasonable terms.
?A11 kinds of produce taken in exchange for
govtls. J. B. WE13U.
Perry sl.nrg, -Nov. 29, 1S60 tf
T i:w coodsat xr.w vviwriam.i):
chant to sell CHKAP.
An entire stock of New (toods have recently been
opened by tho subscriber, consisting of all the vari
eties of
Hats and Caps,
Putty, White Lead,
Powder, Shot,
Tea, Coffee,
Sugar, Molasses,
Hoots, Shoes,
lsoHtiets, i lirs.
Candies, Cloves,
(iinger, Spice,
Cinnamon, itaisins,
Essences, Nutmegs,
White I'ish, Cod fish,
Hour, yuM,
und numerous other articles on hand, to bo sold
ns this is the only nvthoj wliieli allows the nier
K , I
Wheat, Corn,
Barley, ltiiekwlteat,
PolattK'S, Apples,
liutter, Eni'il,
lieeswx, llcef.
Pork, Hides,
Skins, Purs.
Hoop Poles,&e.
will be purchased or taken for Goods.
A. K. .1EK0ME.
N. 11. I shall also be connected with the, Sli.r
ntre. I'oi-wanling and Ci nuiiiision I'tisiness of
(d. tee, tin I hope to merit the conlideiiee and nptirti-
bitlion of Ihe people.
Jlay,XStil ly.
A. E. JEliOMK.
O A I.
Coal Oil
Coal Oil,
nd !
rid -hKlPIii-P.
cession by
New Supply,
New Supply,
rected sale
Now Supply,
New Supply!
Only 75 cents per gallon!
Only 75 cents per gnllon!
Only 7a cents per gallon!
Only 75 cents per gallon!
At the Drug Store,
At the Drug Store,
At the Ping Store,
At the Prog Store;
"Come all nnd try it,
And you'll e'er, buy it,"
Mrs. M. A. Carpenter would respectfully nminunco
to the Indies of Perrysbarg and vicinity tliut she
removed her Millinerv Store to the bouse formerly
occupied bv Klua I', Jones, on Front street,
there will be found a beautiful assortment of millin
ery goods. Mrs. C. will keep constantly ou band
large variety of
Bounds, Itibbons.
flower. Ituchca,
Huts, Cnpa and
In fact everything pertaining to the inilliiTery
She Is also prepared to Cut, Fit and mako Pressed,
t'apes, t'loaks, Talmua and Children' Clothing.
Bleaching and Pressing done to order,
Ladiea will find it umch to their advantage
giving me a call before purchasing elsewhere.
April 24, JiXU-il lire. M. D. CAJU'MB.
80 TO Tilt 8TIRF. Cf
NEW ooons I
ssw ooons I
NtiW (i(M)liS I
nkw noorsl
new doonsl
KRvr ooons
new rsicus t
KBW nticist
kw raiciis!
new ruicKa I
The largest stocks of pU over o(T crod in ihU
market, embracing an endless variety of m ticlos
In (lie selection of which no cdort litis Imvm unur.
cd to render it ns ntiractivo as possilile, is now bo
itig opened ut tho
of W.J. Hitchcock, on the corner of Front and Lou
isiana Avenue, Perrysburg, Ohio.
Inspection nnd Comparison will prove thnt for ra
rietv, clegnnce, richness, cheapness, bcautv and
quantity, this stock is unsurpassed by uny u'ow of
fered in the West. ' '
In this department great nd vantage mnv lie obtain--cd
by close cash buyers, from the feet that the good.Si
nre bough tlbr cash' directlv of tho eastern dealers
nnd manufacturers, nnd nil imported goods nrcbo't
nt just what it costs to import them, bunco ho can,
nlford to sell goods nt
fhnn goods nre generally sold, which Is an item of
gi-eat interest to the people of Wood county. A suf
tlicient in ducemeiit, wo take it, to mako Pcn-ys-buig
ihe trading point.
In this department, we have the largest nnd most
complete assortment in Xortbei n Ohio. Mnde up
nccording to the latest fashions nnd in the most sub
stantial nta niter, warranted to givo tho very best
satisfaction, or no sale.
Those wishing to purchase nnvthingin this lino,
will find it to their advantage to pav mv Store a risit
belorc intrcliHsing elsewhere. The attention of tho
public is respectively invited to my extensive stock
feeling assured it will be time profitably spent
kSTProdtice taken in exchange for goods.
Pcrrysburg, January 2d, IS01K
Boots, Shoes, C l o t ii t n g
Crockery and Glassware,
Tunning Tools,
Ladles' Dress Goods,
New, Chaste, Ilich and Elegant I'attorus,
Just received by
Sugars, Amber Syrup; African, Ilia
nnd Java Codecs,
Layer and Seedless Itaisins, very nice, Trimes nnd.
Kcroseno Oil.
Tea nt CO cents, nnd $1 tea for 75 cents; try it.
Prime Livo Cceso Fcatlieis,
Itotallc-d from $1 tflb up.
Mackerel nnd Cod Eish, Looking Classes, etc.
New Spring and fc'unimer styles,
Strong and Cheap for Cash; for side by Williams,
French Printed Bareges, very cheap.
French Printed Organdies, beautiful designs,
Cinghapi Lawns, Printed Pawns, Printed Bril
liantly, all entirely new ttyleg.
Mourning Goods, Embroideries, Berege do Lalnea,
Summer Press Silks,
I.incn Lustres, Valencias, Foulard Silks, Murscillcs,
Lawn Kobes, Organdie llobes,
Grenadines, Chnlliea, Counterpanes, Napkins,
Doylies, Dnmusk Cloths,
Buftling, Edgings, Moreena, Flauncls, Lace Veils,
Cotton Sheetings,
Press Buttons and Trimmings, a handsome assort
ment, all new.
Bonnets aud Ribbons, Misses' and Childrcns Plata
and Hats,
Parasols, the newest and richest out ; Shawls of
enr description,
MautiUaj and Bngluns; .lease call and examine be
for purchasing elsewhere.
Fisit 1 Fisu ! A good supply of all Viudg ooni
stautly kept on hand at our at ire,
tSfl'roduce taken in exchange for gooda,
od door from the poet office

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