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" .f. XV. H IMIV. B'Htor.
TIirnSi4T."AI . ViVt
The Cause of the Union.
One of tho rtiins of times in funnel In tlio
pcncrtl tip-rising of tlvo ioeplc in MiTrt'tt
of Acu institutions. They pcem to realize
that nil that is excellent in governr. nt, n'l
that, is pb.rioim in tlio littery of tlio r!'"'.iof
kil tlmt proniiaos stability tin 1 propporty in !
the futmo, idtiblors i.roinid lLo A doral pov-
fltihiont, nnd cxoitift tho ti no jintriot. to in
fhaintcimi'.cr. In il lironinl poiprlnity.thp
Kopf of civil nnd iclipion.i lioodoin t!nn'.
out the world nro contort-1. AVhen it in
overthrown by tho lniii hiiiatioun or I'.io nrmu
loftrnitoiH, these l.opoH will c.tpiro in the
MacUinT's of otorii'.il ni.hl In i:ec the canrc
(f tho Union will cvor R irvivo. Too iri.o
for which tho t'nion putty e,iitondii in thin
Struggle, is l.olhing Ions than tl.o I To of the
tnhf)'i'i' rrjutKh'rtiii f 'l'i'.". moil in in. t , '.
VTIiilo pnU iutd would pjoii o lo h.tvp our
govcrimiPiit alw ays li loi im:rt, il rannot bo
cxpoclod that dirocprt will univottally nt
ond our every etlb: t. 'JVntpoia'-y rovirc
wo tuny expect, but thc.-'o will oi-ly f.linui
lato n nation of freemen lo rei.ov.ed nnd
mightier efloi In to vindicate Iho cam;.- nnd
perpetuate the osiNloiioo of ih'.i pTn-ion.
Affairs in Missouri.
Accounts from iho uoulh-u . r! 'ortioti of
this Htato indicate a f. ai fid t.l.itr of ihiniv
AVith tho mar. h of iho ) ebel ..dera, a h t
torn of lioiHo Hlealili'X. robbing nnd ;eiii i al
outlawry prevails. It i CKiiniated thai foui
liftliH of the hoitics in pOH.sef.-di.n of (lie p i -cl
troopH, w ho are p-tu ialiy mounted, were
ptolcu from the pi oplo reaidiiiit in tln e nee
lions overrun by (lie iliMiniotiiMi'. Ma:ai:d
injj luu tien are fiirnitdied wilh a eoiHini;.ioii
to "liunl," u mild term to cover up (hefi.
llorsen, nudes and waonn nro eaptiiie l
wherever found. Tin" eoinuiuiiily is done u
n!i.e I by this system of "pri ale. rin,;;" the,
lowest wrt tchoH in the land taking ndvn.nl
ne of tho anarchy w hich j i o v a i l.-i In prey
on the properly of their neighbors. bar,,e
qualities of plain have been taken, and all
tho lliiurinjj; mills are ppK.-ed lo perform
largely in the "f;riudin" i xactimui. This
system of plunder is not the only n.ri'i'nviv
tion experienced by Iho inhabiiaiilH in the
region indicated. Their fears are . soiled
ley roving bauds of Iiidiaiis, w ho aecoinpa
ny tho rebel horde, and w ho, il in i;aid, re
ceive liberal rewards for the n alpn of proiu
inenl. men known to enli rliin I'liion la-nti-Tiicuts.
l'roni these terrihlo evil.t Iho j.eo
plo are fleeing in hwy nuinbei s soi -kin;r
an nsyliini unions ill lor sli aii .'.ers. The !l.
Louis Democrat says the road lelween
Fprinp;licld and Mt. Vernon lias been filled
villi fugitives for several works, on their
Way to "Iho land of safely." Wo can but
hnpo that, the lime for their deli vet eneo is
near nt hand. Uod speed the day.
An Example of Patriotism.
The time of the Pirsi Iowa lii ;;inient cx
ired some ciht or ten dawi Ik1 fore the kilo
Jlissouri battle, and al'!ioii,!;b ha inj: endiir
ed ixhnost uiiln ard-of n i alioas in the cam
paign, they nobly relnscd to leave (Jon. I.y
on w hen their Hcrvieos were so much need
ed by him They stood by him, went into
battle with him, and many of thn brave fel
lows gave up their liven on the field in their
devotion to their country and lender. All
honor to (lie living, and to Iho memories nf
the dead, members of this noble and heroic
regiment of patriots!
Belmont County.
This is a strong democratic county, nnd
tho wire-puller attempted lo lake a Ivant
ngo of this and force a pai liau dimly noni
iualion, but pairiotiian got the better of the
rebel Hympulliizcrri. The people, ii iTspert
ivo 'purly prodiloetion, met in m hi enn
vention on the platform of the "proscrvntion
of the go etiiiniciil, the v ie.die.tlioii of die
laws nnd the prosecution of the war," am!
made an unconditional union ticket, which,
n pood old diiuocrat from that county in
forms us, will bo elected by an overwhelm
ing majority.
Perseverance of the Rebels.
Tho Kchcls, day nnd night, indicaip their
presence along tho Polonno, on hoih sirtes.
busy in their work against the Uovpi ninnil.
ITom nppeiirtuice it is suppop.l ih. y lnvo
syfitem of signaling by lightu, nt night, the
approach of Uoverninetit vrssels, thtni w inn
ing llebcl friends of J.mgrr in nt tempting
to cross Iho river wilh supplies, letters, Ac.
Tho Uovernment has been trying, for some
tinio past, to put a slop to this communica
tion between Maryland lolnW mil the (on-!
on the Virginia side, but theme urn ,
used are insignificant and wholly inadequate. !
Peace Rumor.
A rumor has found credence al Memphis
that Jeff. Davis has approached Iho Admin
istration on the suhjei t of peace. The ki
BUtuption is that, on the capital realized t
the Confederates at Manassas, Davis has:
presumed to signify to the President that
ho had better Consider tho Norilt whipped,'
nnd that it would spare the . IVum. hi of blood
to 'come down' ut once nisi rccngi.iv (!,,'
"Confederacy" as among tho naiui.d "povv-
rs that be. Some folks think that 'oi l Abe'
won't do it.'.'
Prisoners Escaping.
A fitory is told of thirty -lime Federal
prisoners eseajiing from Manassas Sniirdav
night. They were confined in
;uai I hoiic.
in irons. A file was necidenlally
JN't bold
en, tneir irons removed, they rushed on the
guards, killing them, and made lli. ir escape,
reaching Washington a fee days aflervvards!
Twenly-lhree of the escaped soldiers signi
fy their intention of re-cnUting for the war,
lliey are all old bobbers, haviie
vico before.
noli Ber-
The Next Governor.
Auionj; tho most prominent nauieu liien-
tioned in connection with the Gov ci norship,
wo notico the following: David Tea l, of Ma-'
lioning comity; G. Yolmy Dori.y.'of m;.I
ami; V. T. Backus, of Cuyahoga; ps' Stamon,
of Logan; Lorain Andrews, of Kia.x; 1!. Sio-1
rer and lb M. liishop, of Uamihon; Samuel
Galloway, of Franklin.
Iu tho ubovo there is good material, with
moro of tho Banter sort outsitlo,
I?&A Correspondent blules lhat there
. are now about 50,000 encain.ed in the vi-
cinity of St. Ixmin, that Gen. ITenieii.t is ac
, tively tugageel iu wakinjj prei arationn for
, juoveiueut down the river cuiy in tho fall
Mid that every tbinjr bid fair tor victorious
march, ol hi aliuut army.
The Great Rebellion.
Progress the Work of Suppression.
Anollicr j.reat but tlt linn born fnueld. in
Mftourl. We pvo tho part : ulurs of (lie.
oiinftnrril in utmllior oleum. Tlio find
nhuuiuv-cinorit of (lio .lenlli if Hie braM?
fioit. ! .von rrorifel n fTiif'Uitii! Mtisntinti
ilii-oiijbintt nil llie ti', I ntrttc. Tlio report
,;, KMJ ;, f Me-nl!,.ii...1, ami Prim in
t':'R battle in lint enn''" nirrl, A l:Hpiit'li In
I I. n. lenient, on I'l ulny evenino-, fr.uti 11..
lil, Mo., ri'portH (I'M!. Si-el en route fur that
pile,.', V. biTO il IH KUJ ('.'. I 1. Wdllbl 1 on
I'ri.l.iy, Tim i'i l.c!n i ;imi I tbi'lr loss In kill
ed i ..i lie n lillb' vi r lliioo lmii.lro'l.
Numerous Hinnit Ik are I '-pot l'"l, Loth
hi .liMioiii i mill Virj' ii'iii, in wliieli mir Iih ii
were niMMily H'lci'C'isl'iil.
A d :; ;ili:li from C iii d on Thursday tlate.l
t!id I , c: I y-f.vv men, lllidi r eoiiiluiilil ff
l.ielll. Tllll'lS. Were l-i III. ildn MlHUO'll i (lie
te,;li! rc io,H on a noon f ln;.r f f I i . ;i ml
ciii'ii!i!,iri d a force of tho enemy's euvuliy
bi'low ( -ii.u I in. Ih in,: nvc rpuu cicd l.y
Mipivior nnmberH, lln-y trln-alcd to ('.linrh-H-I
ndy nf inf.iul . v. They elnr,;cil on th''in fl'id
lull, wlior " lln'V Weie met by ft l.iro rvhiA
nu.'t .v.ie 1 iii eid'iir; I icir v:iy t i r n.-: h .
and nil univel nt '., .!. Iiwlois' camp except
r: ! v. Four wore hilli 'i' o ! 1 h r two nro
in!i.- i'.i,;. T!n' rid 1 1-i emit r .h i!'. ThompMUi
vi!i'i' (.ri i'py ir;' (User! : !uii in furce. liar
ih'P i K : : t ". i i 1 1 1 ! ! . t. tli' 1 1 V ! I i , ! . (i'-ll.
Pill. i".v wast at N. vv M.idri.l villi 1 .,())()
r. b. 1 1 1 ;..
(Ion. Fremont, in .tjopfin v.'C'.ii'oii i inrnn-
1111 V lit i'l. boll'. Ill" IlllH ll'l.'TI owi urIoii
of tho olii o oll'ii e, pliii i'd tin. Heme Ciii.ir.l
on duly and do. larcd nnrl;,il l.rw. I.ir;r
fir';..; , :ni nr.' In il ; (.ic. lcd, coiiua!-..li!
nil ni'proa' h. .1 li Iho oily.
A r.ii'ivi fi'oin f'nnbfi'l.ind Cap nro to the
l.Vli in;''. Noili!!' i-ii 1 i f tho pn"H::;;o
of p vii I li'uopH inio Ki li'ii'd.y, of v.hhh
thfro wini an n riuin'i' ti lr.ipliod. Tho
nrp'nt of Mr. Nclri.iii, of Trtini'oHt o, in ron
liniavl; nh-ii tl.al of Mr. P.ridrs, fliiothor
I'liioii ( 'oi!'! i t i-inan of tin' f-aino Flalo.
Urn. I.ro, of tlio rcbt 1 anny, i raid to bo
a! Miii.Ii rsvillo, nbmil V.'i miloH went of l!o
v.rly. Tlio repot I of i baillo brlwoen him
nnd (Ion. llocoi-raiis h n canard, nn Iho lat
ter v. in at CliiiLiihiiii; on Sunday.
Tlieie a n report from Ya;.!iirton Ihnt
tlio rehelii nronlowly iiinviiT; llirir I'm con
to tho lino of ho. Potomac in Ibreo, iti l.iin
of the raii cesii of their programme If) enter
Maiyland and eneoiii a-o ni:d tuippmllho
revolutionary i;pirit in that .:!ate, with ulti
malo desi.'.ii.'; on Wai-hii.e. ten.
An order ban been tanned from iho Adju
lai.t Uoneinl's office ! poii.lii: the ofTeprs
of tho regular anny in lie principal oil Vs.
il'"bui i,ii g olheors of the funds appropriat
ed by CongrenH for collect 'ng, di iliing, nnd
ori amViiig the volniit. eis under Hip net nu
thori.ing the PrrHidcut to accept (ho nervi
crt of Min.tH)') men, ,o.
A Fact.
strict party ticket '." Well, sex oral llioiis
federates nod good I'nioii Democrats, in the various
comities, have already entered their prol. M
The Dayton 7.'f(o,"c, in speaking of the
kite Democratic Convention nt Columbus,
nays "the proei od'ni.',M were entirely harmo
nious." 'Phe. Delaware .'cw. !';,,', H'mnl-i-ii
gi .'.'I Iho reason why ii was h,-.i moiiious.
It s.-iv s the whole alfair wan a "cut and dried
ui r.ingeie.ont, brought about by tho leading
wire-pulleis of the P.recltinridge, Douglas
nnd Know Xolhing pnrties. Discussion was
not allowed for a mom tit in opposition lo
IhowolMiid plan, heme tho litttittrs pro
gressed lilt" ehiek woik, and the prooeo 1
ings wet o harmonious." The 'mpirr, how
ever lots the i at out of dip lig in th follow ing
sen lent e: " I bit oiev iion! imont sootned lo
animate Iho ib legates resent a ninrei e
desire lo act in su. h n nir.Tiner as to sub
serve the best interests of (he whole oun
tiy, a;. d n.xurv ,'iiv. .. tlic jtrty!"
That's ii. inland or fall, survive of perish,
iho di inni ratio party inesl be perpt.tuated.
Tint's tho Iruo iuterprelation of the 1 gio
of those w ho inaugurated (he pnrliz.tn move
at Columbus under the guise of Democracy.
Anoiher word. Wc tmib-rsland thet e mi r
a few democrats in this county w ho i ndorse
(he aetinn of Iho wire-pullers nt Columbus.
A delegate, who lives not far fiom this
place, and w ho uttinde.l (but convention, is
loportod to bnv e said, on bis r turn: ''I nev
er ecru amnio harmonious convention in
my life. llreckii. ridge nu n, Douglas men,
and Aniei irars, (a mild term for know
Nothings.) nil come together bke brothers,
and nominated a ticket satisfactory to all.
I wan'i much in favor of a partian move
when 1 went lo Columbus, but after 1 arriv
ed there and saw hove ui-i'y thhigs were
woikin' 1 Iho-i; ht it list to en in for a
-agaiii..i mo proceeilings ot i;,is partiau
;Uem''l lo cripple our Uoci nmeiit, bv sign
ing calls for county I oioii t 'on euiions, as
w. II as the call for a Slat. CnionConx
to mod at Cobiml in on ih
:h ot
her for the purpose of putting in nomination
good, true an I leliable I'uiou nun, as can
didates for ihe v.irioiu Slate offices. This
ticket will ho elecled by a majority of eighty
or a hundred thou - md.
Camps in Ohio.
The camps now estal litdicd in this State
a'e as follow r,; Day Ion, Camp Corwin;
Man: Ibid, Camp Iviillev; Z.ini.,yi!e, Camp
Uoddard; Alliens, Camp Wool; Albania-,
('.ono I'or.l- I'm 11 ,v 1'..,,., v .. i'i, ;n:.. .
,. , u.,,i,;' , ...... .
ci....... 1. 1. ..i... i. i- 1 1- I.
. o.i , -t noun. . i . 1 1 . ej.iois; li.liav ia,
(Ullp I.ucas; llaniillon Cami. Hamilton:
Pol tsm iiitli, Camp Morrow ; Martiotu, ('.imp
Putnam; Cleveland, ('.imp Hrown; D. li,,u. c.
Camp Trimlile; Cincinnati Cmp lleiiisou;
( leveand, Camp Wood; Steiibeav die, C.,mp
MeArilitir; W. o-.U r, ( u i.p T.tlin.
tdV'Tlio Hichuioiid papcis, spc'dilng of
leearins coiici leu on mo Latlle liehl, ret He
thai (wo foiirUoie loads of cavalry pisloU
and itwordri were picked up. Tlii tc mui.t
have belonged t.i the rebel cavalry who
were killed and wounded, as the federal
t my had no f.mcol that .hsoriptioti except
'JtUI on 11 w ho nviv i.ot engaged at all in
I utile, and who lost no arms.
ffc-Tbo Louisville .'inrtt.i.'.ayK. speaking
of Iho election, that Gjriurd, ' the I nioii
ea-ididute, has be en i-lecled 'I'reu lire w ith
out opposition, ivv e!.y.e;gl:t ot tiie thirlv-
eight nuio'icrs eo.iiponing luo Scna'.o uie
I nioii men, and from m-v i nly-tive lo cighi
ot Iho one hillidrcd Hepre-eiilativcs I'liler
t on strong I'nioii sciitiiiu nis. I he ivut of
the Secenbioiiiijls has been complete.
Jkjr-Thoiiian S, Serill, a violent secession,
ist, vmu iirrcsl.'d on the arrival of llie Persia
at Sew oik, em Thursday last, wilh tfliOO -OHO
in bank of l-lntrlaud llolltM tint i,rn...i.l
1 of a loau for for the rebel state.
fr-VUen. Wool left Troy, N. Y., on tho
lfith inst., for Port, .Monroe.
Ki-P.isfes nro now require'l on nil the
roads .-n lin;; into Washington.
JifX.If is sni.l that doff. Davis has regular
daily cotiiniiinietilion wilh Haltimore.
IT-A sevoro skirmish is ronorled at Ae-
qnin Creek, in w hii;h our tioopn wcro dc
Icaled. Itfy-Thero is to be a I'n'on ticket in New
Yoik, nnd Iho majority for il will reach at
. a d l.'i(,(MMl.
IflV'TliP Uroesbceh reg'tne'd (, ('incinin
ll, is to bo sent imiii'-'liati'ly to (Jen. I're
inont in Missouri.
K,v,('o. r.irnliatn, of the The Zouave".
hiet ibed from wounds received in tho late
Hull Hun b.ltlle.
W?y-'Pnrson I'.'ow-nlow's paper, the Knox-
ville (Tel, ii.) Whig, lias been suppressed
y iiio rei.ei troopf'.
l'tf,.A.lvi.;ea fiota Virir'inn nesure us Hint
(h - Col I'i l.-i ate forces nro nviuiriicr for a
lcsier:ile r.li ugK'''
H.0" Our consul al Curaeoe bin boi-n re
move I for allow ing tho privah er t'uimti r
to enter tnal pot t.
fty-Tho P.voii'ng M?wriin n-id -the
li!h!i,i, (wo secession puiicrs in I.ouin.
have been suppi'i HMcd.
iievero skirm'sli n-enrro 1 a few
iiiih-H from Urafiori, on tho I."Uh, in which
'21 reb"ls were killed.
Uqy-The heavy rains of Monday and Tims
la) , of la ,1 w eek, did in eat, d. imago in Iho
uol Ih-east. -rn parts of Ohio.
PVThe niitnlier of eo-ivieU in tho Ohio
I'eiiit' nt'arv is iibout I (MM. .V-ei saiona to
the ranks nut coiitiniially iirriv ing.
T. Tho cull on C ihf'oniia for I.",nn0sol
lieis will bo lionoio l, and III" regitneiits
m ill forward ut Iho oarlioal moment.
liC' I'licio was n r.kinnish near r.erlin, in
Iho v icinit y of (Jon. Pankn's division, on the
libit. Nobody was kill. id or wounded.
tUvPobi rl Mure, of filial lest on, a bearer
of diq. i' 'le s from do If. Davis lo the I'.i ilish
govoi nriienl, ban been arrested at New York
IW'A loan of 8l"n.(m;),n()() has been ef
feelod in the Huston, Philadelphia and New
York banks, for t lit- use of ihe government.
S-Tho l:evv I'liion I.egislaturn of Keti-luel;;,-
will re piesl the rebel senators, Pow
ell and I'reekinridge, to resign, ill its next
f'UVd'ifty-oight Ihott'-.p.nd dollars, inten l
cd for the reln l raiiso, was seied by order
of Ueii. Preiiioiil, at Cape Uiraidoait, Mo., on
the 17lh inst.
fwy-Thero seeiim to bo g'-eat carolen-mess
in the niovoiiietils of tiie blockading licet.
The pirates nro continually capturing our
luercliant vessels.
I $7' l.a-d week the rebels released 22 of
our men, mostly pliysieiann, for their fideli
ty lo the wounded nt M.iuasses. They re
port tlio lebi ls badly cut up.
K-yyPoiir regiments oT infanlry, one of
oavalrv.nn I l! ree La I leries of ai dlery, have
bet n ordered from Inipnna lo Uen. I'teinotit's
n iintanee in Missouri, ut once.
tc Tw o powder mills explo led in the
viciid'.y of Akron, Tins I ay. No one
w as s"t ions! v hin t. D.iuia r" done by the
explosion will not exceed 1,000.
SvjV-A AVashinglon di-:iale!i sln'e that
I'A-Minislei- l'au!!;iier is held as a lio.staie
fol' lliti s.ii'el y of Iho Congrenmeii taken pris
oners nt (he battle of Hull liun.
Bav-Mx-tiov. Slovens, of Oregon, has boon
chosen Colem l of Ihe Tlilh (Highland) New
York Hegiineii), in place of Ihe laiiicnUil
Col. Cameron, nnd has taken command.
flV.lavei are reported t i bo escaping
from tho south, in largo numbers, continual
ly. They ore generally in groat distress
having been abandoned by their masters.
fK.While otic of the chaplains of the
army was repealing this line of the Lord's
prayer, '"(Jive us this day our daily bread"
a H.il.lii r added wilh a loud voice -' li 'sli."
.IfVTlio N. Y. tint. says: '-Tho a
niouiit of specie held by our b,mks in double
Ihe highest reserve hel l by t.ietn beloif
Mr. lncoln's election, and the proapeot is
fair for further accumulations."
t-Lie ut. Coppic is now- an officer in
('apt. Allen's company, in Ihe Third P.cgi
nieut Kansart Volunteer. The Lieutenant
wa.i one ol Ihe tw cut v-i wo men who inva i-
el sacred soil e.f V ir;
una soiiio two years
( Loniaville is tlio center from w hich
news is ilis'.eminated In the associated fress
of fiie Souih. The agent there
-an arv.'es
all tiie il.spalolu s leceivcil at Ci.i
and servos tl;rm up to buit Ihe Sou
a pclile.
Cri The qnoslion of the Division of Vir
ginia and the election of new Slate west
of llie blue Hidgo, camo up for discussion
in the Wheeling Convention last week, and
is to be continued until disposed of. ll is
among the great questions of ihe age.
t'.The Portsmouth Tri'itnif says tint
ti e bouse of Sdas D. Powell, residing near
Whcelai sbnrg, was destroyed on Saturday
night of 1 is( eek; his wife and two chil
dren perishing in the flames, and lie was so
injured in allcinpting to rescue them ihal
he died next day.
C''..M.mv persons are pulled to know
how e-( i ivornor Jackson of Mhsouri man-
res lo keep such a large number of follow ers
around h:m without money or credit, but it
should be remembered that with Major Gelt.
Price at the ho i I, an army cannot be very
cm ive.
UT-The estimates of Iho Indian popula
tion in Miiinesiila, as made up by the Super
intendent of Indian Affairs, tiro as follows:
Lower Sioux. 2, TOO, I'pper Sioux, I .full),
Thippewas, 7,000, Winnealgoes, 2,1-00.
Total, I7.(M(.
aVt-Tho rebel prisoners taken at Hull's
Hull 7.l in lliltnlier wlut ,nii i.,,nlii,.,.l ii tl...
,, ,,,:i I,,.', vy.,,!,:.. , i; ..' i. ..,
ler than our soldiers it would seem. It is
-, , m ...',tiii..,i.;i, lit t. toi
said llie ladies of tin- e ily provide them wilh
all tho deh-cacics, mid Senators of rebel ten
dencies give tlutii mental and moral aid and
JVJV.Cid. dun of Monroovillo, Huron Co..
is now raising a regiment of cavuly. Those
vvi-hing to join the regiment w ill make ap
plication us above. Pav SI i per month.
Capt. Sprague of Ihe same county proposes
to ra.se ix regiment of infantry. K. M. Col -
ver Fsq., is .raising a company at Sandusky
for this rcgiinetit.
C..Tho Washineton -orrcspon.leut
ihe V 7'ei7,i;,.e k ivm "',,t t ..l.lh.i- i.rn-
..i, ,.,..,;,, i ,..., i' ... " i. , i ... i ,..,i. ,'.
weni wmioui u. s niv on tlio 1st ol l lie
iiionlh save tb.ob.i whose l av-rolls w ere
ii... i .. . i . .
oiiiien'ringiy ii.accuraie mroiigh tlio incom
petency of olheei s. The gold was then and
is. now ready for every seddicr in the ser
vii e."
S4"-(ie'i, Preinont is constantly ace.'tnpan-
ie d by his cv e l fa;thfid "Jessie'," who, i.rivate
i....... : . - . i - i !
i . i . ,l t, ih 1 1 ii. u i in; ii.iii ei e.it assis
tance ill hi Ulduous duties, acting as Ic's
private sce rct.ny, writ.ng many ol Lis most
important buitincss Ktti'is, and takine; hoick
ofiiis coiiv a i t atitiii w ith olliccrs on liia'aeis
of III' "V l II ll 111 .
trte.'l'he Washington A'.yi u.iVim relates
two eases ed" suicide which occurred in
Clinton county recently. One w as that of
Mis. Isaac- Worthing tun, who hanged bcrselt
iu her own parlor with a handkerchief su.s
pe'iidod from a nail iu the wall. The other
w is that of Muthias I nun, coiilined iu jail.
He was found hanging dead i his ce ll.
rn..Tho statement that (ien. McCellan
called upon his Pesior, mil united with
tiini in prayer, before starting for Western
irgiuia, has been coiitradie t.'d by ncvcral
newspapem. lr. Thompson, of Ciiiciiiiiati,
iu a sermon at Troy, recently, stated lhat ho
was the put r alluded to, 'mid though lie
never designed to give tlio incident any
publicity, he most fully cemfinmj the truth
ef the kdatcmcnt.
Great Battle Near Springfield,
8,000 National Troops Against 23,000
fT. Louis, Aug. lit. Thu following is tho
of.ieinl retiort of tho fight near prbigliold,
on Saturday last, its fowar led by ono ol Uen.
Lyons' A ids-do-Camp lo Uen. I'leinofit:
Uen. Lyon, in three rohtmus, under him
K"If, (ien. Sigel and Major Slnrgis of tho
Cavalry, alliieked the enemy at half past six
o clock on tho moi iiing ol tlio JOlh, lime
miles sonlheasl of Springfield. Tho diva ?e.
liunl was severe. Our loss is about fittl
killed and wounded. Uen. Lyon was killed
in a charge al Iho head of his column. Our
force wis ei'it thousand, inciii ling two
Ihoiisonl IIoin.' (iiiai'd.i. The muster rolls,
repoiiel taken from the enemy, gave his
nt rcnglh at I vvenly-thi-ee thousand, including
rer inn ti' i from Louisiana, Mississippi un l
Tctilu ss'-p, with Texas lialigei s and ( 'hei okec
Th'-ir loss is reported heavy, including
Uoiieral MeCiillou .h and Price. This state
ment is corroborate:! by prisoners. Their
fonts nnd w igotis worn destroyed in the no
tion. Si'.rel left one gun on Iho field and
lelrealed to Sfu ingtii Id, with a largo iium
Ikt of prisoneii. At llirro o'clock on the
riiorriiio: of the I llh lm cont'inied his re treat
upon H ilia, bringing oil' his baggage (rains
and i;.),(IO(l in specie from tho Springfield
Tho following' is a verbal report taken
from a special iims-engcr who brought ibs-pat.-he.H
lorUcli. Preluoid:
Lirlv on H ilar. lay morning fioimral Lyon
mnrehed out of Springfield logive the enemy
batUo. Ho cam.- up to him on D.iviu' Creek,
on (irer n's Prairie, a few niib-s S in!iwest of
Springlield, where bo had taki n a strong o
isil'on on rolling ground.
Twenty minutes past (5 o'clock in tho
morning Uenernl Lyon fired the first gun,
w hen the battle immediately began. Severe
cannonading was kept up two or three hours,
when tho lire of Captain Fallen's arfillory
proving too severe' for the enemy, they
gradually fell back toward their encamp
meiit on Wilson's Creek. U. neral Lyon's
cavalry on tho enemy's left Hank and Uen
er.d Sigel's arlillery on Iho right, then began
a tirrilie attack, and spread slaughter nnd
dismay in the ranks of Iho . nemy; pursuing
(hem to their camp, shells from Patten's
artillery selling lire to their tents and bag
gage wagons, which were nil destroyed.
A Louisiana regiment and Mississippi regi
ment seemed to have suffered most in Ihe
fight, and weie almost annihilated.
Some lime in the al'lcrnoon. as Uen. Lyon
was loading on his column, his horse was
shot from under him. lie immediately
mounted another, mid as he turned around
to his men, waving his hat in his hand, and
cheering them on lo victory, ho was struck
in the small of his back by a ball and fell
dead to the ground. The command lli.';i
devolved upon Uon.Sigel. I'nr.su't i o i! rul
ed until nightfall, when our little army
rested for the night in the encampment of
Iho enemy. Sum! iy morning. Uon.Sigel,
fearing the enemy might recover a':d atleinot
to cut his command off from Springfield, fell
back upon that city, where the Jluiue Unard
wore stationed.
On reaching Springfield, and fearing tho
groat numbers of tho enemy might induce
them to got between him and Holla, (leneral
Siicel concluded to fill back upon Holla,
with his provision fains, and met tho re
eiiforccmcnls which were on Ihe way to
him. Al the latest moment of the depat
ture of Ihe messenger, the enemy h id not
been seen, and it is probable Uoiieral Si gel
has not been ilisiinbod in his march.
Ninety of ihe rebels were captured, among
whom a Colonel of distinction Ihe messen
ger not rcmemlierin his name. The sword
and horso of McCulIough were among the
He-enforcements are on the way from Hol
la, and Uoiieral Sigcl and his army may be
considered safe.
SiMtrso.rmt.n, Mo. Aug. IS. Tho corres
pondent of tho S:, Louis Democrat furnishes
a dctade I ii 'count of ihe battle of Wilson
Cre: k, but the main fads connected wilh
Iho engagement Ii vW already been tele
graphed. The enemy's camp extended along
Wilson's Creek, about it miles, enclosed by
high ground on each side, upon vvh'oh the
greater parr, ot rie engagement was louglil. i
ip.es not appear from ibis account that j
Ihe rebels were driven baek auv considera- i
ble dir.ance, but their charges were ail re- j
i,i i 11 i. ,
pulsed and they burned a lart;e amount ol j
camp equipage and baggn.-e lo prevent iisi
capture by our troops. Tho oneniv had UI j
peiees ol arlillerv and very lar re bo.lv ,,: ;
cavalry. Gen. Sierel atlaeked tho rebels
r ,i .. . i , i .-
r10:n Iho southeast as soon as he heard firing
from Gen. Lyon's command and drove (hem j
back halt ii mile, taking possesion ot their
camp, which extended westward to iho
I'aycttevitle road. Here a terrible fire was
poured into his ranks by a regiment which
ho had preinitte'd to advance within a few
pa.'t s i f him, supposing it to be the Iowa
first. His men s.-aMerod considerably and
Col. Solomon's could not be rallied, conse
quently Sigel lost a of bis guns, the oilier
being brought aw ay by Captain Plagg w ho
compelled Ins prisoners to elrag it off the
Our troops captured about -100 horsey.
Our loss is about 'J('I) killed and tint) to 700
wounded, while the loss of llie enemy cannot
possibly bo less than double our own, their
force's having moved in large bodies and
our artille ry plaving on them with terrible
Ieut. Col. brand, who commanded a
rebel lorce at Hoonvillo and has roevntly
boon acting as aid to Gen. Price, was taken
prisoner. Gen. Lyon's body has been em
balmed for conveyance to his friends in
The following are additional names of of
fiee'rs killed Captain Mason, 1st b.wa Keg.
iineiit; Capt. Hrown, do; Major Sailer re
ported, but lacks confirmation. Wound, d
Capt. Goilschalk. 1st Iowa; Capt. Sw ill,
1st Kansas; Capt. Gilbert. 1st Infantry; Capt.
Ilolton, 1st Kansas; Lieut. Hrown, 1st Mo.;
( 'apt. Cole, do.
m ---.
Form of Application for Relict from Volunteer
Tho (ollow hiR form nf ar jiplicatton or atlMnrit
hv the' wife of n volunteer for relief from the Coiin
ly Viilunte'iT Fund, in.iy ho varied to suit Ihe ease
uf an application by tin- minor child er children, eir
1 "" '''1"''"'' l'-""" i ' vanintwi
I ' "JXT she is the wife
of l U.. who, at the elate of this ullidavit, is a pii-
i t .111' III V U('l. t:iIllli,HIV i - i in uie Iti il-
I "'' lit, which is now in the s 'taive of the I'liued
St.vUs, iia.U r the I'-'iiui.-ili; n nl' the l'lVsidi'iit, (or
ia the otu.il service of the State of Ohio: ) that he
e..lUi..,l l.v ,,i ,., o... , ....... it- .,!
1 mid Slat -of and w.is nuisteivil i.itu'ihe kit
vice ol the I nited Mules .or el' the S:ate of Ohio,)
on the dj v of is , and is now in aeiu il ser
vice i ilh said Heiinent: that Ihe said C. H. was il
resident of county at the time of his eulistiii 'iil,
mi I had r sided therein for ihe period of , pii.ir
to l is enlistment; uu.l lhat llie alii, oil and the said
C. 11. were III irried ut , iu the county of ,
and Stale of , on the day of A. 1. IS ;
lhat the alii oil's w ants and necessities are such as
to require relief uiid 'r Ihe net initherizin the Co.
Ceiiuiii-sieiieiw to iill'eid relief to the lamilics of
vi.bii.ieei, passed May liMi, lMil, mi l that 'uo is
the identical person ineniioiied ill ihe annexed 111 ir
ri.ige ceriilie.ue, (er annexed allidavit of I. F., and
that she has net m i l ' application lo, nor been fur
nished relief by Ihe Comity Comiuissioij. rs of any
nlher county in the State of Oiiio.
MS (ilVliX AWAY!
?tr. Win. MeKiiii rroix.scs to ditiosei f his lands
iu this couiitv ill a in. rely nominal price.
lie vvill sell llie si uih hall'of ihe n. ith-wcsl ijuar
ter.of Milieu L",l, t. teii A, vanjie 10, c nt.oiiinj,' Sil
acres, ft r live luiudivd dollars. Said laud has been
lin n iijjhly ditched mid drained ut ail cxisaisc of
He will hIso sell the south half of the noiuh-wost
iuarurol' eciiiiii 3o, (uuu 0, ramie 11, nt ihe .iuie
Fn,iiiiv of II. 11. D0DUK, Attoiucy at I.uw, Per
ryshnrp, Ohio,
Also for alo larpe nuiuber of Tow n It(n, Imth
lu re and in the town of Millrtnc, with mid w iiheui
iiiipivvciueulk, toLllicr wall lievi'ial valunblv
Fhi iiis. 11. 11. DCDUF. .
I'uTjsliuijf'iir. 10, lt9.
To the People of Ohio.
Tho undersigned, deeply sensible of tho
dnwgcrs now hanging over our national Uov
ennneiit, and impressed with tho conviction
that they only can be averted by tho united
action of the wholo people, in which patriot
inn sha'l take the place of party spirit, re
spectfully and earnestly call Upon all loyal
e.iti.eiis of Oiiio, who are in favor of tho
lii.oiilelianco of tho Unvermncnt and of the
vie.oMius nnd continued liioHeeution of the
war now carried on for tho suprcsruon of
tlio veb'-iiioii against tlio (.ovci iimenl, to
meet nnd appoint, delegates to a b'nion Con
vent ion to be held nt the city of Columbus
on Tluin.dnv the nth day of September next.
lor tho nomination of candidates for the dif
ferent Siato offices, which urc to be filled at
the general election in October, to-wit: the
ollioes of (iovertior, Lieutenant Uovernor,
.In l.re of Iho Supreme Court, Comptroller
Treasurer, Secretary of State, and ono mem
ber of ihe Hoard ol Public Works.
To save lurther trouble in urrangincr the
details of this important movement, wo sug
gest that the ( onveiition consist ol one del
egate foe each thousand of the uugroiMte
vote cast in each county for Supremo .lickro
at. the last, election, wilh ono additional del
egate for each tmrpliiH half of the ratio, va
rying tins apportionment however, so as to
secure led less than two del.gate.i from ev
eiy county and mi even number from all.
Cnder t li lis apportionment, tho several (,'oui:-
ties will bo enlilled lo delegates as lollowu:
I oo.l county is entitled to four delegates
uecording to this apportionment.
We further suggest that the delegates be
chosen by county conventions lo bo held on
":atupiay, tho .dot nay ot August.
Fki.i.ow Citizdxs of' Ohio: Shall the Uov-eriini.-.it
be preserved? is now the nil-absorbing
question, nnd tho only ono worthy
of the consideration of the American people.
Wo feel that no lengthened appeal is nvces
s.iry to animate you to the discharge of your
duly in re lation to il. We feel as:-ure;l that
a respect, for the memory of your fathers,
who secured for you the blessings of free in
stitutions a sens.' of ihe obligations resting
upon y.ut as the hen. tofore peaceful posses
fens of ihose blessings, and a proper regard
for those lo whom you hnpo to transmit
llietii, wiil bo Hiillicioiit to impel you to de
clare, wilh no doubtful voice, your un
changeable (h termination tint the Govern
ment shall not be broken up.
Compared w it Ii the interests involved with
the great question, all other int rods a'-o of
but little importance. If the Uovernment
which establishes nnd maintains s icial or
der i.4 forever to exist nt tho mercy of ca
price or disappointed ambition, lhe.ro is but
iitlle of all that wo now enjoy that will not
in tiie loss of its stability lose its value.
Shall it. be said that wo have neglected, or
put in peril (lie proper nettlemcnt of this
question by our party differences. These
are now of but little moment. They are
mere shadows to allure us from the pursuit
o.'the substance. Without value, nay, dis
graceful ahke to victor and vanquished will
be tlio.se triumj s of party which are cele
brated over tho ruins of a dismembered
Hero follows a long list of names for
which wo have not space in till s issue. It
is well enough lo Fay, however, that they
aro about equally composed of men who
have heivloforo acted with both poiii.ic.ai
Sif' Washington letter says the prompt
ness with which iho capitabstsoi ihe North
have responded tho call of tho Govern
ment for means, has infiioed new life into
tho Departments, ami is the source of a gen
eral good feeling in Ihe oily-. Tho military
authorities are sanguine, wilh tins praetiul
expression of the mouied iulerests ef the
com. try in the efforts of the Government,
that tho war mav yet be short and effectual.
Kniiins, l ite nl Wmul tmuiiv, ileevaseil, nml Mich
ll IU' SIihiV.t ill tnke insn-oVi it en the lilth Any of
"J-'"'. '-"fil, tie.? iilaimiU', William ll.iiiitn.in, ilksl
Vv i ''''! 1""i'.,t' 0,'.t l.'L' t','l,rl ''"'"'' pleits.
1 ' " 10 ' c". O.. his pt'lui.m.tl.i-elii'jtt an. I iiraver of
hiel, is m crivci !, oni- in tin. d.seni.-i.ia of
.e'tiin l.mls us set I'.irtli in the deeil of John A.
Kelly, ns a liuini-nater of the est -lie nt the said AI-
William Il.iiiinian vs. tin.- heirs of Almeron Rollins,
.MiL-lim l Sli.itf r, ct nl.
Jului Carroll, ni I M.oiha ('.iiiull, his wife, Julia
Airi Itulluis, Sn.hi.i Ii.illins, Clesti.i A. UiiUins,
Willi. on HiilKns. H.iiriet A. liellins aiel Jl.irv E.
Kollins. tin. ehil.lren uu.l ln.ii- nt l.itt- .0 A lm .nm
m '""n iv.o ns to plan t il. .n l p.-tuien av,r. tlmt
tin- 1 in 's actually n.Ivertis.sl ami sold to nhiiiitill
'V " 1 i ' rt' nt us siien leiiu uiMi.iiur, tveiv i;iu e-asi
i,,.,. , ..o,.w. ,,,, ...,; ,., ;,.,...,
l... I L-..1I I. ..!....: .....
. :iJ iin t.nvnship mimli..r turn- !) inntli of innge
nuiniH r trtcivo . ia) iie.t, in v eu.l cnunty, Ohio
but tli.it s lid lands w ere' ei roiieuu-.lv d 'si nlieil in
said intniinitiati'i-'s deed as thu east half of the
norlh-Mi'st (uarl.'r of s lid section. l'lainlitr usl.'s
h have s.ii.t error correct el in said n.liniiiisirator's
elet'd, an I also in a iL'ed from plainl'iff tosaid .Mieh
in l Shall: r, and also in a d ed from said Miclnud
Klialler to mm Willi.nn Doivling. De'lendants arc
iiotiti.-d that unless they unset or or demur to said
nelitien on or before the" I Dili day of October. UiOl.
tiie siiine will ho taken as conl'issod, and a ihcroe'
inav lie out.
U red iieeor linj.' !v. J)oii:k& Tvi.iat,
I'D, '01- 1 1". vv ! r . ,03. l'l.iintifls attvs.
COMMON l l.li.VS.
Motion to revive ju Isai.-ut and order of salo on
Mary J.uu I'ilson, oxerutrix of James Filson, ilec,
vs. Charles Niheluiig i t al.
Charh's Niheluiig will lake nutiee that plaintiff,
Mary Jan,. Fils m tiled her ni iiinii in s lid court on
the lt;h day of Aiojost, IStil, asking him to show
fans ', if any ho have, why a c 'I'tiin ju Igui 'iit and
order of sale tlu ivon, uinl 'ra foivolosuiv of niort.
page reeoeeretl nv .lames rilsen now iteeeaseil,
Lain-,! him tor the sum of four tli.nis;uid tilt v elol
l.irs and lil'ly evuts and costs uf suit, at tho June
term of tho ilislriet court of said county, for the
year IStil', and reman. led to Wood coimiion pleas,
for final execution, wheriin ihe same ivniiiins iu
full force univserved mid unsstislii d should not be
revived in the name of plaintiff, Mary Jane Filson,
as his duly iqipoinU'd iiualili.'d unit acting cxee
ulrix.an lth.it if said cans;' lie net shown hv the
I'dlli day of October, 1st! I, the naiil judniieut'a nnd
erdi is ttieivunder will stand ive ived.
S. jr.f fldiSOX, atfy for pl'tlT.
August lfth, lSell luH6a,2j.
usannali Tnylor vs Kdwin F. Taylor.
IMn in F. Taylor is hereby noiili'd thai on the
l'.Hh day of August, ISJI. the said Siisitniah Tay
lor tiled her petition in said court against liiili, pi-ay-injT
for a divorce from the said Kd in K. Taylor.aiiil
fir the custody of their two children, Flora li. an.!
Ostrilla A., tin ! for reasonable nliuiony ; alh(;ing
lor cause, adullery of llie said K.lwin F. with one
Sarah F. CiKper, iiljoiit the Fourth of July, IStiO,
in W illiams county, and a i-oiitimious living with
the said Sarah F, ('eep'r iu a Hale of iidulii ry
tiiun said time until about ihe lirst of Mav, 1 Mil":
" , ' ""V VV11";" " ue ' r "l'an"8 at ll,L' uc"
llll'v I O llll, t.'OI , HI B)lttlllll
Si sANN.eu Tavi.oii, bv S. Ju kkhson. her nttv.
Aiinust l'J, ISM Klvvili LOS.
11(11 LETTING.
Notice is hereby tfiven that I will rc-scll nil the
uiir.uished vtork en ditches 1', ii, 0 un l 11, at the
several limes and places as teljows, to-wili
Uileh No. 2 Sept. i:t, IS .il, at Milton Center.
" 3it " L'-l, ' " Westlield.
" It" L'j, " " J O A very 'b.
Sale nt c.ieh pl.u-e to i'oinni"noe nt 111 o'clock, a.
111. Exception will he made in fa ver of deliiuiieiit
johhers who will j;iw satisi'acti ry assurance to the
county couimis.ioiKrs that their respective jobs
will be liuislud by a btipulatcd lime.
Amuses Smith, auditor.
Auditor's Olliee, Wood county, O.
August IV, iM'd lCwi.
rj o
T U E L A 1 IK8,
Mis. M. A. Carpenter would resnert fully nnnoiinec
to the l.idiesi of Perry sburj; an. I V u ill.l v that she lias
removed her Mdliii 'i v Suae to the In. use formerly
occupied bv Flii.i P. Jones, on Front sti'tt't, where
there w ill be found abeauiileil assortment of millin
ery jroods. Mi-. C. will keep constantly on baud u
l.iiije variety of
llonuels, liibbens.
Flowers. liue-hes,
II. its, Caps and Flats,
In fact everything itertainhip to the millinery line.
She is also prepared to Cut, Fit nnd in ike Divsse,
Capes, Cloale, Tallin mi I Children's Clothing.
lileaehiiig and Pressing done to order.
Ladies will tiud it lunch to their advantage by
civinir mea call before ptirchasiiiit elsewhere.
April -U. 1H11 Ui. M. D. CAJil'V.NTKO.
I KT T 11 E WOnVi) HEAD.
w. j . iiitgiicock.
nkw noons ! neh rnicKa!
Nkw doniisl
Mtw riuerg
NKW rtllCESl
sr.fr (iooi, s I
HKvv ooona I
nkw eiuons
Tho largest stocks of ptoods ever olT crnd iu tin's
market, embracing uu endless variety of articles
In the selection of which no cflbrt has been spar
ed to render it ns utlractivo as possible, is now bo
ing opuiK'd nt tho
of W.J. Ilitchcocl;, on the corner of Front und Lou
iuiunu Avenue, l'urrybburg, Ohio.
Inspection nnd Comparison will provo (lint for ra
rietv, elegance, richness, chcapniss, beauty nnd
quantity, this stock U iiiisurnasscd by any now of
fered in the West.
In thin department pronl advantage mnv be obtain
ed by close cash buyers, from the fact that the poods
are boiifrhtliir cash" directly of the eastern dealers
and manufacturers, and all imported goods are bo't
nt just what it costs to import them, hence lie can
allurd to sell gooils at
than goods aro generally sold, which is an item of
(Trent interest to the people of Wood county. A snf
tlic'u nt in duecment, wo take it, to mate rcrrys
biirg the trading point.
In this department, we have the largest and most
complete assortment in Northern Ohio. .Made up
according to the latest fashions nnd in the most sub
stantial manner, warranted to givo tho very best
satisfaction, or no sal--.
Those widiinirtopurelnse nnrfliimrin this line
will find it to their nl vantage to piy lm. Store a visit
beloi-" pnn hashiiT elsewhere. Tile attention of the
public is resnectivelv invited to mv extensive stock
feel, ng assured it will be time profitably spent. '
t7Produce taknn in exchange for poedi.
Perrysburr, January 2d, 18C1.
Boots, Shoes, Clothing,
Crockery and Glassware,
Farming Tools,
I,ntllcft Dress Goods,
New, Cliiilo, Kich nd Elegant Patterns,
Just received by
Sugars, Amber Syrup; African, Rio
and Java CoQces,
Layer and Seedless Raisins, very nice, Truiics and
Kcroscue Oil.
Tea at SO cents, and SI tea feir 75 cents; try li.
Prime Livo Geeso Fcatheis,
Retailed from $1 t? lb up.
Markcrel and Cod Fish, Looking Glasses, etc,
New Spring and Sunimorstyles,
Flrum; and Cheap for Cash; for sale by Williams.
French Printed Bareges, very cheap.
French Printed Organdies, beautiful designs.
Gingham Lawns, Printed Lawns, Printed Bril
linnles, till entirely new fctyhs.
Mourning Goods, Embroideries, llerego de I. allies,
Summer Dress Silks,
Linen Lustres, Valencia, Foulard Silks, Marseilles,
Lawn Robes, Organdie Robes,
Grenadines, Challies, Counterpanes, Napkins,
Doylies, Damask Cloths,
Unfiling, Edgings, Meieens, Flannels, Lice Veils
Cotton Sheetings,
Dress Buttons and Trimmings, a handsome assort
nient, all new.
Benuels and Ribbons, Misses' and Childrens Flats
and Hats,
Parasols, the newest and richest out J ShawU of
evi ry ilescription,
Maotillaa and Raglans: please call and examine be
for purchasing clsewln're.
Fisnl Fish! A fond supply of all kind con
stantly kept on band at our store,
tjif Produce taken in exchange for irooels. .
toi door from U post nflW.
0 T
My stock ii now and well sol ec ted and embrace
the best, latest and chcapost stylos of
All of the latost and rsry boat fabrio.
on short notice and
always on band.
I am receiving this spring tba largest stock of
aver brought to this tity, which I lutond to
I koep on band PEARL MILLS XX FI0CR,
which always gives the very best satisfaction.
Java, Paotosi and Rio.
Imperial, Black and Toeing Hyson,
Crusbod, Coflea 8ngar, Common to Trims.
All kinds from Twist to the finest CavcnJWh, ;
In thort, every thing usually kept in a wholesale
and retail dry goods and grocery store,
Tho Highest Market Fiico
Taid for produce of all kinds.
. Tcrsooa bringing in Corn will take notice that'
it must be first thoroughly cleaned. 1
The "Euuna Houston" is now receiving grain.
regularly at the Tcrrysburg Dock. , (

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