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Local Matters.
Local Matters. TIME TABLE---Dayton & Michigan R.
OOtNtl iot'T't. OOIXO SOUTH.
VirM Ejp-.in jj r. tt. I Night Exp. H: " a. m
Hail 10:40 A. M. j M.iil 2:rt r. M.
I'reight 5:U a.m. I Freight 7:22 T. M.
To the Union Men of Wood County.
: Thn undersigned, deeply urnsihte of (he perilous
Condition of our country, and believing it l In1 the
doty of ) atriotism to t.-iko the place of party fealty,
respectfully and earnestly cull upon nil loyal chi
ton of Wood County, are in favor of sustain
ing tlio Government in piittinir down this unnatural
rebellion, In mirt with in in Man t'.iuv.ntit nt
lkiwlinir Green, on Silnrdity tho Hist d iv of Au
gust, Iwll, at 1 1 o'clock in tiic toil niii, fur l!ic pur
pose of appointing good, r.liible I'nion nu n. as
delegates to tlie State Convention, which meets nt
Columbus on tint .ith of Sept.: Also, to appoint del
egate to tin) Judicial, Senatorial and Hoptvsoiit.i
tivo Conventions.
Tlio undersigned also rail upon nil loyal rl'i"tit
to met with us at How ling Green, on Sitlur lay tl:c
14th day of S-ptcinlwr, It o'clock, n. ni. to pit in
nomination Union Ticket for tin follow-in? olllee-t,
to-wit: One Auditor: one Treasurer: one Cuminis-
ioncr, and one Prosecuting Attorney.
J It Tyler
S 1) Wescolt
liobrrt Escott
1) H Poo
1) Stone
W II Jones
A KlnomlieU
J V l'ricc
A ( Williams
Wm Houston
I I' Thompson
(,',. U !
Lewis M Hunt
John Power
John II SpaHorJ
H M Chnlo-i
Frnnois llneshol
1! U Dodge
T .? Wcl.l)
.! .1 Cuhlen
J R Kmlulp'i
1'atHck SSleVhi II E Perk
A 1' Don ilson F U Miller
L Tie lotiisn
Joseph Druce
John Weill) U.'tiry Wygant
Fmtnott West Wm Hideout
John McOrew Joseph Sebcrt
II M Morse A M Thompson
C A Norton Nelson Darling
J Williams (i W Iluti'm-d
C N' Robinson O S McUnight
N II Catbird J Waggon r
.I'irp!l ln
Jas r Sttilihs
II 'iivv Tln rnton
A IJniieh
E A (.'anlivlil
Valentino Eiuk
J IUiimi
J W l'heils. Lake tji. F E Meanly. MiJdl le
13 1 Van Camp, Ham tp Am is 'fribble, do
Tt TT - . . , ... I ...I ...
nn tp
uu vuuv.iujp, uo nun ouiera.
Action of the Central Committee.
In view of the pending stmplu in which our
country is cnpigeil, the un .lersipned iloi uiing it
impolitic to cnjinjie in political or other (iiscutUii
to distract or ilivivle the Jvoph', do liereliy recpust
11 parties in the enmity, to unite and nominate can
didates for of political antece
Republican Central Com. Wood Co.
Return of the Perrysburg Volunteers.
The reception of the " Eort Meigs Uitles," en
Wednesday of last week, was an event long to bo
remembered by tlio good people of I'enys'jui g.
Never linvo we witnessed greater enthusiasm than
was evinced upon that occasion. Long before the
usual train time, our citizens began to wend their
way to tho depot, and at 3 o'clock the whole street
in front presented n sea of human faces a vast
luultitudo congregated to give the brave and gallant
soldiers a welcome, thi ico welec ine home. Imag
ination alone can picture the anxiety of tho fond
hearts of parents, brothers and sifters, as they
waited and cheerfully talked of the happy meeting
they should soon be blessed with.
Three o'clock came, and impatience began to
take the place of mirth for the train was behind
tinu. Four o'clock soon lolled around, when wi n
ders were expressed as to the cause of the delay.
Five o'clock came, and many began to think some
accidunt had happened, while others tried to make
themselves believo thut tho train had stopped at
Ottawa, on tho way up, to allow the regiment to
participate in the funeral ceremonies of (' apt. Al
len. A little after fix, however, and the whistlu of
the distant locomotivo was distinctly heard. "The
cars are coining," shouted an old man, which was
caught up by the crow d and re-echoed alor the
line with a will siinultaneouslv oven eve was
fixed in the direction of the train, which quickly
drew up. When the boys alighted there was one
grand rush bv nil present fathers and mothers.
sisters and brothers, wives and lovers, to clasp ti e
gallant braves in fond and fervent embrace. Oh,
what a sight was this ! What a !( rious instance
of tho gratitude of our people, and the just appre
ciation ot the noble services of our patriotic sol
diers 1 While this proceeding was in progress,
those who were not immediately engaged were
making the welkin ring with enthusiastic cheering.
Uy-and-by, however, Capt. Cook gi t his crtnp.iny
formed in line, and, preceded by the Mauniec
band and followed by tho immense throng, they
marched to the Court House, w here a bountiful
supper was prepared for them. On arriving here,
they were welcome 1 heme in a short and touching
address, by II. H. Dodge, Esq., substantially as
follows :
Soldiers of the 21st Itegim-nt in the name of
your old friends, the home friends of tl e same dear
ones wli", upon (!,(. minting of your departure,
thronged around to bid you a fond a'dien, while their
streaming teers and dei'p-draivn sighs attest.--! the
agony of the parting of those, who, ly their nlllc
tion and sympathy, have seem.-d to accompany
your footstep, sharing in your sorrow s, your joys,
your labors anil your riiillerings, tin I who night
and mini, upon bended knees, have addressed their
fervent .supplications to the (!od of battles for your
welfare, in the name of your fathers, mother," sis
ters and brothers, and w ith a heart full of thankful
ness to Almighty Ood for your safe return, I bid
you welcome home wobonie to the tow n vour pa
triotism has honored wide iii.e to tlio fireside's you
went for. h to protect welcome to the home circle
that has been lonely in your absence; and oh! wel
come! a thousand times welcome, in view of that
sacred cause to which you have sworn allegiance,
an allegiance which you were prepared to seal with
your hearts best blood.
Tim speaker then referred briefly to tho circum
stances attending their departure," the promptness
with which they responded to their country's call
in tho hour of her peril, the devotion which prompt
ed them to huary f rt!i from their happy homes
to encounter the dangers and hardship of'war, the
heroic patriotism also manifested by their fathers,
mothers, wives and sisters in bidding than go for
ward in God's name and batltu in tho holy cause of
humanity and constitutional government, nlihoiigh
they might find a bloody grave upon the field of
c inflict and b i cut down in the bloom and flower
of their youth amid the battle's thunder and the
batt'e's carnage, still the cause w as w orthy of tins
Uefering to tho fact that their ranks remained un
thinned and that tliev had not encountered the foe
in the field, tlio speaker continued: U nt bops, you
have done your duty, your whole duty, Keady,
eager, panting', ns you were to do and dare in your
country's cause you knew that the first requirement
of patriotism demanded obedience to your ollicers.
Thev led you indeed through scenes of peril: peril
upon tho lonely midnij-ht watch with deadly foes
around you; peril all tho more nppallinor because
divest of the excitement and dazzle of military glo
ry which cheer and support tho soldier upon the
ffeld of carnage, and this you joyfully braved.
Yours would also have been the glory of tlio battle
Cold, had tho rebellious bands who were as much
your superiors in numbers as they were your infe
riors in valor presumed to abide the isue"of a con
flict. But the traitor followers of Wise proved
themselves as nimble with their feet in fijrht as tliev
had been au lacioiia with their tongues in idle boast
iug, and whatever laurels were within pour reach
you uve t.tKc., cttie ... pa n. in point ot tllscipi.ne,
the great test of soldiership, you wero wo tiro as-
surcd the bttmicr ompanv of your regiment."
As a proof of the christian s'nirit iintt law abidinfr
conduct of our soldiers, Mr. Dodge referred to the
fact that when Col. Norton and I.ieut. Drown had
fallen into the hands of tho rebels, a petition for
their release was signed by many secessionists who
nati oeen prison -rs 111 1110 regiment. Hero was
victory more glorious than could be won w 1th nruis;
a victory over the hearts and prejudices of these
misguided ni-n. Founded as this war is upon giant
falsehood and the most unparalleil misrepresenta
tion to tho southern people of northern aims tin
purposes, this tribute to tho moral worth of our sol
diers, heralded to tho world 11(1011 the testimony
our foes, is of groat significance. To the- reasona
ble and reflecting people of tho south it will bo
worth tho lives of a thousand men. That those who
few short days before were ready to w iug a bullet
to our hearts, or plunga a bayonet in our bosoms,
should become suppliants in our behalf idiows most
plainly that if the truth could penetrate In the hearts
nnd mill Is of our deluded countrymen, this most
fiendish attempt to overthrow tho' most beiu ficcut
government 011 earth, would cease. The address
closed with the following well merited tribute
Capt. Cook and Col. Norton:
'Hard as it was, soldiers, lo bid you adieu on the
morning of your departure, the sadness of that hour
was alleviated by our conli deuce in vour ollicers.
Kor have they betrayed their trust. Many of thesj
near and dear to yon will clasp the hand of vour
worthy and excellent Captain, while feelings o'f af
fectum and gratitude towards him for the constant
cure and attention to you in sickness and health,
sadness and in affliction, w ill choke Ihe utteivnco
nd dim the eye w ith tears. The blessings of your
fathers, mothers, sisters and friends, must be
rich reward. And one who went forth with you
your commander, in tho lull glow of health, youth
and manly vigor, stricken dt.wu by a traitor's bullet,
has writhed tor works In pain anJ torture, and even
now bis pallid chock und iultcring stop all too plain
ly attest his sufferings in his country's cause, but
ttm 'friot's blood falls po (0 th itnb in vain
When the news of that aad encounter fl uhed on
lightninir's wing acroM the land, lintilv cheeks
were- blanched trng nici with clem hod tooth Bnd
sinew tli m y set. rvii. ro.l o u .v in n
bliwd h id awcll 'd Hit' stream of Se irr. ilmt othei
bliid show! I minclj with its torrent until l.e was i
thousand lini avince'd. Nor will that row b
broken. A tew short days nn! Col. N irton will re
turn, a thoimn I men nroun.1 him, some of you n
m ice the tiumh.r. and all bound by a sol nn ple.!g
that the sn-cr I now drawn shall list in I's the.it!
no m ire while treason and aimed rebellion st tli
li'ipiiniihed in the hull. The fame of your pallani
21st, nn I its fearless ('ohm !, has b eeti born npot
tlie lightning's breath t every loval liivsid in tht
lan l, rin-1 tlie tiiotn-iry of bar I 'Vips and dangers
lir.ivi-ly encountered by yell while s T ii'g in its no
hie Mnks, will cheer you hi fut'tro vers while en
joying the blessings' of par-mil lib It v, wide!
your blood anl toil will pun base, anl ioirtu;gh
hers an 1 fellow riti -ns, participating in tho--' '-.in
rn h blessings, will, thin'ieh tlie win ' ton's of
your lives, regard you with the sniiei nffeclien and
gratitude with whii'h they now bid you an utl'ectit u
llte Welcome lh tne,
At this jitnetnre, a Irindsoine swor.! was preenf
cd to Capt. Cook, when that gentleman took the
stand ni.. I respon led. tli t to l.i brother soldiers,
for their kindn. ss, obedience an 1 pri nip-n-ss. and
and iihovc nil for their universally good conduct.
He said he had returned home w ith a view of re
turning to private life: but this token of their re
spect was an emblem of war, and if his country
Hilled he would uiishoalh this MVord and rush
again to her ilofcn.se. He reoun'" l some of their
trials mid hardships, and sai l tl.it h-ciiis" they
were not in the liht at, ' Scary." was no built ol
theirs, ft r they hud li pcnt"tliy bi-irel I dm t let
them iro. w hen ihcv heard tlie In rinit e ol t.te can
non- but a soldier eouM not go w it'.toiit orders. II
then t'-ck an itll'et tit n.itu 1 ave of the sol liers
thanked the people for their hands lite reception -
pai l a beautiful cuIitv upon the eltaract.r anl
lieiiriiiir of his men, and as an lienor to society, re
turned tin in safely bac k to those w ho had entrust
ed them to his care.
Atlheconclttsit.il. they were, marched in single
file on cither side of tlie tables: when all were
liotiiititully helped, and ate to their satisfaction.
After supper tlure w some inue graspim of
hands and a general iudii idttal w elei nie, when all
dispersed and sought ivlugo in "laligued nature's
swoet restu-cr.
Wo were in error in stating last week that it
was the object of Conference to establish a Theo
logical Institute in Mauince. The ebject is simply
the location of an Academy.
Are reported to bo quite pi 'nly out in tho vicinity
of Woodvill). The town peop'e, however, are
rapidly -'speaking for them," and the probability is
that they will all be ' dig i-jod " Ion;; before they
arc ripe.
The Cosmepolitau Art Association of New York
and Cincinnati have suspended operations ami
their magazine, owing to a pressure of the times, in
which no other "art" than the art of war can flour
ish, it, seems.
New Dress.
('apt. Locke has treated his fine little bint to a
m w dress, during the J ast week. The L'tiVeiiow
looks ns pretty and neat as a pin, We suppose the
ladies will all bo w anting to take a ride. Well
now's the time.
Smash up.
A couple of steels nttai hi d to a wagon load
with wood, undertook to make 'C:-10" time, coming-
in town on the pike, on l"ri lay last, when thedrvcr
in his cfl'orts to "head them in," ran (hem down tin
side of the road smashing the wood bed and wa
gon literally to pieces. It was bad for the wagon
but fun for the steers.
The Gilead Volunteers.
We understand, had a fine reception on their re
turn homo last week. Tl.o company wen colden
opinions, dt ring their three nt' nth ct.gagt m nt. and
it is confidently believed a largo proportion of the
members w ill re-enlist fi r the w ar. Col. Norton
went up to pay them a v ii.it n Tuesday.
Lieut. Col. W. T. Wilson.
promoted our old editorial frien 1, Capt. W. T. Wil
son, lato of tliu Wyandot Pinnccr, by appointing
him I.ieutcnatit Colonel of the 15th regiment. The
appointment is '0. K.' in every respect, as the Col
onel has proved himself to be oao of tho most effi
cient ollicers in tho service.
Camp Vance.
This camp, w hich w as named in lienor of the
Ex-Ciovcrnor cf Ohio, is located at l'iu Hay, Han
cock county. The 21st regiment will be re-organ
ized at this camp, as soon ns the various ccmpatiie:!
report themselves. Each company must have 101
men, including 1 Ulcers, nnd the regiment will con
tain 10-10. It is expected that tho entire regim-nt
will be ready for marching ordeis about the fifth of
Calling for Help.
Tho Fremont Jftwmjcr calls loudly for aid from
its subscribers. It says the business men of that
placo are withdrawing their advertising from it be
cause of its opposition to the I'nien movement,
and because tho editor w ill not cease gis ing aid and
eoinfoi t to rebellion. On looking over the paper
we find less than one page of advertisements. It
must be agreeable to tho readers to find three full
pages of reading matter, but it is death to the oditor.
Wheat in Western Virginia.
We learn from some of our returned volunteers
that the wheat crops will not amount to much
in this State, In m my cases whole sections
woro entirely abandoned, and cattle and horses
wero helping themselves at will. In addition to
tliU, that which would be left was so badly rusted
that much of it would scarcely be wrrth cutting.
This is a great pity, as this region is the only loyal
part of tho rebel State. It will 1)3 tho duty of the
loyal States to furnish their brethren in want, with
The Grain Market.
The farmers will rejoice to learn that there is a
glowing demand for grain, and thai the prices have
a decided upwaid tendency, lint a few weeks ago
wheat found a dull market at 80 cents per bushel;
now it commands I) j C'J 1,00. Wo presuni) there
will be no ditlieulty now in go'ting t no tl. liar for
good wheat, of any of our merchants. Corn, too,
u looking up, V 'rom this on, provisions W'ill un
doubtedly begin to grow scaicer, ami, as a conse
iiiience, prices materially advance.
New Company from Elmore.
The Fremont MvatKwjvr learns that AmosE. Wood
has received a coiuuiisaioii to fill up a company for
tho 21st regiment, to be encamped at Camp Vance,
Findhiy. This company is intended to form a part
j of Col. .Norton's old regiment, and Mr. Wood cx
j pucis to recruit most of his men from Seaman's old
company. His head quarters will be at Elmore,
T, ,,ishi , to . .;,, ,iuJ (., .
. . , , - , . k
ant man, ami Cipt, Wool worthy of their confi.
pleiico should they enhsf in his company.
Funeral of Capt. Allen.
The last remains of Capt. Allen, of Company D,
of thu 2 1st regiment, was consigned to tho tt inb
near Ottawa, on Sunday last. Capt. Allen, it will
be. remembered, was killed at the Scary fight, 011
the Kanawha, an 1 his body fell into the hands of
the rebels, but was subsequently delivered up and
Bent home to his friends, lie was universally re-
speeted by all who knew him as a bravo and kind
hearted man, and his death cast u gl icm over th
cnliro regiment. Tho officers wild a number of
soldiers of Company C, went down on Saturday to
pay a lust tribute of respect to the dead. His re
mains wcro attenlel with masonic and military
honors to the grave, Jl'uicscttt in puce.
New Stamped Envelopes.
by post-ofilco depart
ment, an l old ones will soon be permitted to pass
through the olliee no more. New ones w ill be ex
changed for oi l ones, on application at tho post-of.
liee. Il is also designed to introduced uew postage
stamps, which will be exchanged for old ones in
like manner, Tho exchanges have to be mado at
the otheo from which hey wer purchased. Tho
exchange should bo mads immodiatcly by those
having them ou band. This is made necessary to
prevent deception. The department has been com
polled to take this step, owing to the fact that the
postmasters in the South have larira sunt, lies of
these stamps und stamped envelopes, for which
they have never paid. Of course no exchanges of
pew for old stamps will U allowed in that quarter.
The Teacher's Association.
We received a letter on Monday evening, signed
the Secretary and Tri'sidon! of the Wo. si ft un
it Teael er's. Assoeint'u n, taking us to disk fo sV.
log a little more promptness in the math r of deliv
ering to us tho frucevdhegs of the nie tings of the
AssneiHlion. e suppose (no it was written tiv tlie
l'resid nt, a it alludes t a convnsation we h i t ,
with thai cct.tlen.an on the 4.1, of Julr. It will
, , , . I
Ihi 1 a place in cut- nest Issue. To pparo the put. ,
lie mind to in et the shock, w e w i'.l simply r ta n k
that it is a ivier W letter, and entirely anuiUU
the editor completely chaws h.m up!,
Forgot his Religion.
An anecdote is related of a preacher, w ho served
as a lieutenant of one of tho companies under Col.
Norton's char,;.- in the Scary fgl.t, which is ton
pr-ol to keep. tt S'-cms the lieutenant was rstlt-r
dull appealing fellow, mi l wi'httl remarkably
(dons. When the enregem r.t commence 1, the
preacher got CTcited. Hi iu-!i "I up to the ch-irgo
nian.'tilly. and the Colonel found himself ac.ree.-hly
deceived in his pluck. Suddenly the rebels began
to retro.it on the loft, when the excited lieutenant
shouted cut at the t-.p of his voice, -'Oive them
-11 boys; d -n their souls i I've forgot all about
ditioii n.nv; see the d -n cow.u Is run: give ihciu
U bovj," at the a .tin ? tint.' brandishing Ids
swor! in the air. No wonter the Celou.l laughed
even in the he-it of the engagement.
Volunteers Wanted!
I.ieut. McM than Inn n coinmis-'nm o r re orgtn-
iitiug Company C, of the list regiment for the war
and ho has puhlishtd mi appeul in hand-bill form
to his lata companions in nrim to com' ft rtvard
and "rally once more ai-outul the glorious Slur an 1
Stiipcs, w i ll tho tlet't niiiiatioii not to return from
tlie coullict until our banner lloati over the Capital
cf every Southern i;( ite." A r n hwuns i - now
at this place for tin.' purpose of roctui.ieg.
It is his desire to have thtf Company report at
Camp Vance by the first of Septcmbir, at least. -I.ieut.
Me Malum is a well drilled tllicer, and by his
ittt 'litivo and gentlcii! inly conduct, c-tan 's high it.
the est lii.ltion of his fellow s.d tiers. We iiop his
Company may rapidly 1:11 up, mi l he be le-nored
wit:i the ci una tnd.
Col. Gibson's Regiment.
A h-t'er from Titliu to tlio Sandusky Register,
tlat-.l August 1.', says that Col, (Jibsoli's lvegilnent
is rapidly tilling up. The following companies
w ere then at Camp Noble, near Tilim;
Hancock Tid-s Capt. l.acgworthy,
A!ti tlie (iii.irds- -Capt. Tolter.
Fremont Company Capt, Il-rtlctt.
Wyandot an I Seneca Company -Capt.
Mr. 0. V. Wise, of tho Titliu lxoluingo, is acting
as Commissary. Capt, Mills, of the U. S. A., is at
the camp for the purpose of mustering in tho com
panics. J'our other companies were expected 111
Monday. Col. (iibson w ill redoive his blinket-i
an 1 camp ctitippatre this week. Tho Tiemoiit
baud aecv,mp. inics tiie regiment.
The Col. Lowe Affair.
We have taken some pains to investigate tl.o mat
ter of "cowardice" and "incompetency," which has
been preferred against Col. I. owe, ns evidenced in
the .Scary light, but tlo not learn anything to war
rant us in pronouncing the charge in every particu
lar false, In the "evidence of cyc-witnesscs," scut
us from Dayton, it would appear that Col. I., was
a ijuart-r of a mile behind, t:t the time Col. Norton
made the charge upon the enemy; that he hail "sev
eral times nt nt ot dors to have the charge properly
supported, and that he ditl not know 7.- his orders
were not oUyed." If tl is be true, the duty of Col.
I.owewas plain, lie slit uld have gone forward,
him If. and seen that the order i.-n obeyed.
Whether it was "cowardice" or "inci mpoti'iiey"
that prevented him lit 111 taking Ihe leatl of his col
umn, as Col. Norton did the live companies under
his command, we of course cannot determine, I luw
cvor we are willing to drop the matter cntiivly, if
inleres'e.l parties ate. for we think that lite luoiv
it is stilled tiie worse it w ill get.
A Gallant Soldier Boy.
It is an admitted fact that patrii t'sm is the groat
ruling sentiment of the soldier's hear', in this war.
Many of those who peeved three months, and re
tinned home only to hear of 11 -w outbreaks against
th -ir (it.vernnieiit, have enlisted arain, t'.ie first op
portunity, for the war. Some have under-one
hardships in their eager desire to serve their coun
try, which is truly commendable. We have a c is
in point. Company C,of tiie iMst regiment return
ed home on the eve of the reception of the news of
the great battle in Missouri, hi which we lost the
gallant I.yon. After partaking of the repast pre
pared by our citizens, this news became the sub
ject with nnny of conversation. A yout-g man.
named Junes M tr
, a member of the O mpanv,
... . .
listened patiently for a w hile, when ho gathered
his satchel and declared his purpose to re-tnlist
immediately. II) bid his comrades good-bye, and
walked that night to Toledo, where he took the
cars for Columbus next morning, and is now u
soldier again in Camp Chase,
The Union Movement.
The Union movement in Ohio, for giving encour
agement and support to the Federal (Jovernnient, is
fast spreading and gaining favor w ith the mass t f
the people, lie publicans adhere to tho movement
with a w ill, and Democrats all over the Stale- are
falling into the ranks on tho side of the Fniou.
Sixty -one Democrats of Dayton have issued a pro
test against the action of tlio Stale Convt'itlion, and
call upon their loyal Lrethrt n lo join them in one
grand rally around the standard of oijr nationality.
In Fremont one hundred 1111 1 twenty Deii.ot -rats
have joined tlio l!i publicans in a call for a Union
County Convcn'ion, and the sentiment sccins to bo
taking root so fast that tho editor of the Jlrwwjir
is faii-ly shaking ir his boots at least we judge so
frt m the tone of his paper. lot urovvn county, with
a very few exceptions, tha people arj a unit upon
the great question of " Union tor tho sake of the
Union." At a meeting held in Perry township en
the HUIi inst., irrespective of party pre.lilections,
it was resolved to support none for olliee, at the
coming faM election, who are not true and linn sup
porter.", of tlie Administration, tho Constitution au I
the Laws. Let the ball roll on.
The Union Movement. F. R. Miller & Co.
Are constantly receiving now supplies of choice
go-ids at wonderful low juices. Call nnd see ihem.
Notice to Whom it may Concern.
On and after the first day of September, lSol,
there must bo deposited w ith the Clerk of the Court
of Common Fleas, of Wood County, Ohio, all Ap
praisers' fees and Shcrill's fees on inch and every
writ to insure service. O. E. f.UYEIl, Sheiiil".
I'crry.sburg, August 1 lib, 1SG1,
Feeling of Perry Township.
At a meeting of tho citiz -ns of Furry Township,
hrespoctive of party, hold 011 t'.ie 10th of August,
for the purpose of considering the propriety of
holding a I'nion Convention, the fi llow ing resolu
tions were adopted without a dissenting voice :
Est. Hest.lv jd. That, lis true patriots, y.csln uld
lay aside all ptitizau feeling and p.ulv strife us
dangerous to tho welfare uf our country in the pres
ent cri.ds.
2nd, lhsnlved, That as a basis In llio election
of candidates in the coming county clootii n, w; iv ill
support l i ne but true and I, t in supporters of 11,0
Administration, the. C itititu io i und t ie laws.
3 1. Iles dved That wo recommend thes) lection
of I'nion delegates frt m the s.-ver tl toivu-hips of
the county to m ett in convention for the purpose i
nominating can li dales for tiie several county Otli
cv, to be selected from both p 1litic.1l parties.
4th. liesolved, That w o recommend to the Cen
tral Committees of both parti s to use their iiillu
ence to brio
nbuut a Fniou Convontion in Wood
oil)! liesolved That tho Secret try h requested
to Turuish copies of the foregoing resolutions to the
tapers of IVrrysburg un I Fost' iiii. Also to the
Chairman of each of the Central Commitli es.
F. R. STEWART, Sec'y.
J37"To Farmers and Livery Stable Keepers.
Dr. S. A. Weaver's Ccruto has been extensively
used by liven-y stable keepers anil farmers, und tviih
one accord they say thai tor many diseases in ani
mals they have never Ibim 1 iis equal. On horses,
two or three applications will cure tho Scratches,
Chafes, und 11. ills, w hether by harness, saddle or
otherwise. Wash tho n ounds clean, and tl.o Cerate
freely applied will cute them in a few days. It w ill
cure crocked hands heels und Cancer in the tongue,
canker or sore mouth, aU'octious ot the skin, falling
oil of the hair, lie. Sore teats and caked udder i:i
cows are soon cured by this C'eruts. Sold bv med
ivius dealers generally, iiwi
Union Senatorial Convention.
tiik YoTurs or tiik 'Totmi. iMsTati-T.
Coiiiti'i-.n ok Tit Covtiks ov Ki i.jov, IUn
rtvu, IUvht l.fc s. I'itnum AnViinn:
Vou are ht'Ti bv r'lii -stod to me. t at t!n county
of your rt sp.i live rotititica, ml Saturday, A li -Ciist
,1st, nt one o'cl ' k, 1'. in., mi l select dclee ites
in utt'li liiinii r as heirin il'ter pr,'eiil'e,, ,i re-
resent vi ti in S.-n itorotl oitventi, n, to -tiiSle
m Otta a. I'ntnam eriinty, on Thursdav, s..pt. in-
" lM "'' V',1',,K'k1' ,"""V,1" vUer"' "T'
lion an uiuMuthtonal I men candidate lor Mate Sn-
(All w ho av w illiinr lo rally In t'te supnort of the
tovertimeni tn tho )nvs 'lit most iryirut perm I ol I n
lioimMie: all who are in Itvor i f tin t.,1 liusr Cm
slrn'iir arms and clieering the bravo hearts of tlie
illant in n, w ho Imv j taken t'lcir Iim s (n titetr
hands an I in ttelied to tito !it l ti ! to light for the
honor mid glory of t!u n t r i n, an I the in linten m-c
ot t'ie prio. les Idessinost bequeathod lo us bv our
put: nit sires: nil w ho mo opposcti to a ucginduc
coit.;-i omise w uh aim.-d trtii eisi, an I as-t- -in--: in
wor I, all w!t i v iln i coun'rv superior to nai-tt ,
see oof linlly invited to te.kj part ill tlie deli ratio-,
s of the (,i1veiltioll.
Tiie r iti ' o'' r 'pr -s nt iti -n is fl.vd at one le
gate for evi rv three hn-i h- I votes c is' by nil par
ties at last the 'Ye si len'ial oleetioe, which w dl ;ive
Hit' follow ing ill-nil or of del, rates;
Kultof l.ucas... Ill
lls-tceck 1.) rnliiam H
Ueury 7 W.-d 8
IsKArt, llnr.ev, 11 ineock,
Asiuii Cook, Wo vl,
l!. W, TiitllKT, 1'ntntin,
M. I.. Cot. i.isa, I.neis,
E. S. I' IKH ft, I'llit 111,
Cvitos How inn, lle-tt-v,
fPv a call of the people, irtaxp -eliie of pivty. it
will lie S'eti that l-in'lin'- (ti-eoii has b-i-u selei to I
as the place of In I hog a L ilian County Coawntioii.
CRT rut: ltfST.- As ii general lliiog the bs' ar
ticle is the chetnest in the end, mid especially is
this the casj with l. II. ! ban 1 A Co.'x Cneaite tl
t'.ileratus, h i iir'icl ; which every cue who h
tried it w id lisy n itisl tho liumr lor l!i ctrp n s it
was in a lo lor, li is iii.tinfac ured an 1 lor si!-, at
who!, s tl ', bv tlie pivtn i. t n s. nt E.tirpoi-, .M ii.ia.e
Co.. N. Y an I lor sale bv most wholes-tic dealeis
c el'vtelieiv V. ,1. Ih-ehcock, I'eiits'iiog. 1 v
I he following II tit 'ring notice is t ikon from the
Tortsiiioii li 1 Oltio) Scioto Vall-v I'epuiilicati, of
Al'i-il .1. l-i.ist
St AMiiv v. 1 . A friend writes 10 ns for our r-al
opinion of I'r. 1! ib.ick'.t Seinlsnnian li on die
- -iv h -re he c sty oh .tin th -m .ml why liuv nt
called Scan. I. ic.avie.il,'' a'l I w o are V"ipiei,.ly as!,
o.l the s.llit ottesttons, Se, to. lill tt ta is lue unci -tit
nam ot s-w e-l ui nno tsertv iv. ai.-l a tsc 111 Hit i 1 tn.
t! at is, a Sue le or Nortve-'an, ii.l.v'.iini.iiety cails
hi country "Sean linaviti ," in the suite sen .e as
wo speak of "Columbia," or " The I'nion." Tv tin
wav, there nro over ni l " tliou-tinl Scaii.lin-.ivi in
families in I'.ttt-count . Wis-'oit-in. .U!iou.;h
cili.-.en ol this country lor 111 n:y ye ns, lr. It .on
is a .vc.o by htrla, an. I coui.t uin Is Ills ineiliciuos
of Swedish herbs, w o think the 11 un.' is ve-y tip
propri.it.'. We h ivo tiie very highest ooini u o
Ine me .licm.es, an I ot I'r. It i.i--k Inuweli, wools
not only a singularly skillful phy.s'ci in. but a gen
tleman of tho Old Scholl, in v ' know person, illy.
Our a dvortisem 'til columns will mistier tlie rest ol
our friend's letter. See advertisement. 1
A Family i?lcsing.
"In lifting the kettle from tlie tiro it caught and
scalded niv ban Is nn I poison very s 'Vcr. lv out
almost lo a crisp. The toritti" was unbeaiv.nle. It
was an awful sight. The Mus
tang I.iuiment appeared to abstract the pain alums!
mime. 11. itelv. It heal. 'it rapMlv an, I h it no sour
account. Charles t'-'ster. l-'O T.nud tivet, Phil.i-
d dpiii 1." It is trtilv a won l.rl'id nrtiel'- It wilt
heal any case of svelliiig.buriis, still us, erne. tans
or rheum ilistii. Tor hots s it snouhl never !
dispense I with. One Dull n's Wii'tlt of Mnsian:
has Ireuil Mitlv s 1 veil a valuable horse. It cure-
g.ills. sprains, ringhnne.spavius and founders. 1
.vare of unitalio 1 .111 I co.ttiteriol's. A cotin.er,eil
w as put in circulation IV, 10 Si. bonis and duly su
pressed. All g'cmiin will h 'roal'tcr bear ti,
sin-natures of 0. W. Wcstbrook, Chemist
and I). S. llanies, Proprietor, with the wor
"Tre.de" "M irk," in two Medallions of t'.io Federal
currency. Three sizes. Sold even w here.
1 .nv'j 1). S. UAItX I- S, New York.
7!l .it ho 1- . rend this.
The fiilhiwii.g is an extract from a letter written
bv th" pastor ot a Kaptist vhtuvh lo the "Journal
and Messenger," Cincinnati, Ohio, mi l speaks el
11111 's in favor of that woil.l-ronoii ned medicine
Mas. Wixsi.ow's yooiiii:;u Svmr 1011 c'liii.mti-N
"We see an advertisement in your columns of
Mrs. Win-low's Soothing Syrup. ' Now wo never
said a word in favor of 11 patent medicine before in
our liie, but wo feelcompi lied lo say to our readers,
tiiat this is no humbug-wt: 1IAVK Tiiiitl) rr AMU
know tr to tit: a 1.1, it claims. It is, probably,
one 01 tiie most successful lit 'ilieines of I lie tl.ty, be
cause it is one of the best: and those of your realtors
w ho h.ivo babies can't tlo better than t day in a
supply. l'J-ly.
The itv'iioiiii of 'ood Ad rim's
Thanks to Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. We
have for years been relieved from sleepless nights
of p. tintil watching with Uior sull-ring, t.'elhing
childien. i nlike all the tirep nations of opium
which arc usually got up to make children sleep,
and which simply stupefy tha child, the Soothing
Syrup gives not only rest, but vigor and healh: tit..'
lii tlo fellow w.tk ) up bright, die ritil .111 I refreshed.
It is sure, moreover, to cure Wind ('olio and ivgu
l.ite tito bow els. As we freely received the advice
which t-alla I'oilh the above llt.c.il-s, we freely give
it to others, au 1 sav to till niolhers, mi titueiia-e
j Soothing Svriip for your child, and vou will thank
.. 1' ..:.'. 1 f . 'w- 1 :. . . . .1 .
Its lor lios ail ' n.-e'. CHilO ft I ly n liete', ill .1 c-llla
per bottle, Ollice,KI Cedar s reo,N. York. Mint
J-i?"Dr. S. O. 1,'ichttr.lsou's Micrry Wine Iiit-t"is.-
Pharmaceutical Preparation, by u regularly
educated physician in one of the mo. I pleasant and
valuable Ionics of the day, persons recovering
from protracted illness, or those w ho tit this partic
ular season of tho year, are s'lbjoct to Jaundice,
Habitual Constipation, or any disease arising from
a disordered t'.iiu.ich, Liver or llowels, will find
in the Sherry Wine Hitler 11 friend tiiofo to bo de
sired than gold. Sold by 1'cck vV. Hamilton, l l,v !
C-f7"Kead tho Certificate of a regular practitioner:
Tins may certify that 1 have used Perry Davis'
Pain Killer in numerous cases, and believe it to bo
a very valuablemeilieino. 1 have prescribed il in
bowel complaint (particularly for children.) itinl
is in my opinion sup 'l ior to any preparations I have
ever used lor tiie reli-f of tlioso diseases. When
given to children, I have always combined it with
the syrup of gum arablie, s ty ton drops to a tea
spoon fill of tint syrup, well mixed. Otn 'is have
mixed il with milk tin I molasses, equal parts,
A. lU'.Yil.NU, M. D.
Sold by nil m 'dicine tie tiers.
J . I! L i: C 11 E K , D E N T 1 ST,
ill bo at Mead's Hotel in Oileal. on the 20th
lu list, an l rein. tin until the 4 ii il (September,
an 1 in i'oi rysburg at llu Exchuiigu from the iih
September i the i'lst. 1 4w 7.
To M Amos, V Chrisiler, Lewis Shinew. Oeoico
.Molin. .M Mtoup, ,1 rrulker. Ji Jam 'son, 1, (J lht
j son, F Undoi'ificd, F Amos, A Amos, J Cony,
Taylor, P Ware, Martin Lane, Henry I.ein, '.J
; Swan,. I Aulis, ,1 P Cory, E H d mi, P & J Shmvcr,
li'ibert Johnson, I. Lang, A Werner, 1'. A Hale,
H Long, ( Harris, (i Amos, Wm Loin,. I Pillars,
: J W lltthi r, Win Drowsier, J Curlis, (' Huber,
lioxcll, W Shoe. I, D.ildvi in, J E Fox, J ll.irtman
N McDong.il, .1 W Shoe, .1 Dros i-r, N Philips,
Mlllllst 111, A I.11OK. l.ent Jliiol:, , Smith, S.I lllel
ov. C 1, miser, J llartels, S S lander, J A lit is,
J ( lark, L D Strntton, W Dr.i'lf.ir.l, (i (iartlev, Jo
seph Smith, C Powers, W II Uockhill. W 11 SL1, r
A .V .1 Jackson, Wm Jack, on, Philip Jacks, n, J
fry, LA J L-uub, J V Owen, T S ('arm in. Pre,
liioitt itu I Indiana II It Co, O Joiner, J Ward
S.ini't d Hull, C Johnson, F Voshur?, (leor're
I, S-..II , II . o . '
1 .Miu, ,j jonnsiiu ant tlio unknown
resident and iion-rcsidcnt owners of the
following ilesenhed lands to-ivit: sections 1. 2.11. 1(1
11, 12, L'i, I I. 15, town i li-i'lh, rung) 11 cast: sec-
to ns Jo, .11, J, .,0, iiie I south-east quarter section
21, all i;i town j noi'ili, ran".' 11 cast. You will
take notice that iipjilication has been made to
commi.-stoii !.-, 01 h.u i county, to estat.iisii an l eon
sirui't a drain or water-course beginning ir th:
I'.hit k Swamp Dranch of ihe Portage l i tei-nt lie
cast line of nection 9, town -1 north, range 11 cast
t.ience ilown said branch to the line between
townships ol I rei'dotii itn-,1 Center, in saitl couu:v
unit that s tol application will be tor hearing en tin
filth day ot tho next state I meeting of said com
inissionirs. A DDI SON SMITH, Auditor,
Auditor's Office, Woo l county, O.
Ferrysburg, August t'th, Hi! -Iiiv2.
Notice Is hereby -riven thill n Ti.lhir.n l.-io Kssn
r.i 1 , .1 . .... " . i---
incii 111 mis oince iravinir lor tho ciisiriictiiur an
1 isiiimisiiing ot a illicit beginning at the souih-west
corner ol section innetetii (111) town four north
lunge nme east: thence east 011 ihe section lino road
so c ill -it, to Ine center of said township ; thereto
terminate, or in case a sufie lent outlet is not ther.
louii l; then to extend said line of ditch norihi
until such outlet is ft 1111 1 ; und that said petition
... .-1 1 1. . i u 1 .1... 1.1 1 - . . . 1
ii. 101- ite. ti in- un' 1 1 mi o ay or rsepicmlior next,
Ai.i'i.-st) ?sMi in, Auditor.
Auditor's Ofilre, 'ood county, O.
Ferrysburg, August Dth, 18lii IStvl.
UOAD NOTICE. Nutico is hereby given
application lias been in itio tit the Commission
er of Wood county for the view an 1 iirvev of
County Hoiiil, commencing ut the n w cor of sec
tow n 0, range 12 east: ihinco w on see line to
n w cor of kee SI, same, town; also to vaouU)
portion of a diagonal road on Ihe 0 JJ s w ,i sec
111 said town. The viewers and surveyors
meet ut Ihe houso of Wm, Ford, on tho 5th day
August, 1H31. WM, FOFiD.
July 27, lWl-UivS '
Perrysburg Market.
Wheat Vou S .,".'i El.-urVlnl f.M j
Wis I 2dc. -'! lleni V II' li.lnc
TallovrVU o S'n.iildora I11 ye
I've "-Jim ;Kc IVultrr V H ft o'e
Com ' bti a-Vi.jo EiigsV1'1 0,1 Sc
litis () In .... HVe'.Mo Ic.tlht.lsy 111 . 4 let etc
l'o: .ttoesV l-u '-"" "fto (iT'cti Hides VU' "iV I
Hotter !!.... 'V;!(o Salt V htl fl.rj
Lard ',1 lb ti j CI .vol- Seed V bil $.1.00
f i 1' O U T A N T T O K I! M A t. E S I
I IdJ. I'HKESI'.MAN'S I'll.l.S.
I'l-epaee l by Corn-dim Cheescm in. M.IV New VciU
Coy. 'fin1 ootu'eia ition cf ingredients in !m se I'itU
t'.ie r. -tilt of a long mi I c.Meiisit e practice, Tl,, y
mil I in their oiv-rvi-e.i, end c. it tin in eorructn 1:
nil irregiil.il ilies, in 1 ill Meiistni I'ious, tviiim int
a't o'm'.i-'.I' '.; its, wh titil- In 111 cold 01' ottteiwise:
he 1 1 uelie. pain tlie fide, palfil . timi cf the he.nt,
white:, all n e-vou-t ati'.-t lions, hv -'erios, fat-rue.
tin tiie back and 1 i 1111 , Ac., di ttm lx-d sleep, w hiclt
tin t - 111 tit int. lTirotiou ol 11 tlure.
To M u:i;in 1. lines. Ir. (.'h e mm ui's Tills are
ini altl.th'te. as they w ill I ring oil t'.ie un u'.hly peri-
01 w itti iv gniinty. out tvlto nave in-en tii .ap
point -vl lit the U e ol otoer I ills c-'n plat e t-i,- ut 1110 -it
conli.lenee in Dr. (.'heesv'l.j.vn's Tills doing all they
f.'l.fe tent to do.
Xofa'.:, Tii, re is on- condition in the female svs-
t 'lit In which the .Tills e itciot betaken w ithtntt I ro-
-lucing a ivtcfi.iAV. I'.V't tT. T'-.i'iS'i. li'.ii-ti rel'erre I
to h rttoiis . v- an ll'ioie.suU.Mist; i'iiii At 1:. ul h
the irr. si-1 tide I u It my cf lite meiliiine tore
.re t':e s -vial fun -lions to a 11 u m li full liiion.lhat
even t'10 lvpiduelh c povvt r ot iiattnv comol l ei'.l
it. t -
Wat ranted Mti-i Iv voir 'table and five tV 10 iinv -
thing Injurious. Implicit dhet It.nis, whicl
be r -ad, aet -in;, fiv c-teh l"1. l'ricc $1.
in til on ei'elo.-.hit: ei lo l)f. Conieliit t l (,'hc
slum! I
(nt by
sem in.
bev I a ll. Post ol'.i. e. New Yolk City.
i '. "S eld I v one On -i'i;t i't cveiv tow n in the
f.S. " I!. U' III' I'CHINS,
C.11 n il A t.t fi.r t ic I', S., No. I I T.nid,v?.,
To t lioiii all or. let"! should be a hlressod,
Fur s lie bi TiaKA HAMinos,Poi-nshiiiif.
1) 1'
L PAKK'S PlilCUl.Y PI. STliU-s.
They Imparl Strenslh : they Annihilate Tain.
I These delielitful plasters viol t readily
Pet -nt
Tt rus
I 1 n -kly
A ee
S ,11
Pv all
le tl-vs
I'll 111
I 10
to tlie mi t ion ol lite I odv. nlisorl
! ration ami throw oil all the oMen-aie
ii'oa-uhiie.l inipinities of Ihe M.-leni. -iThey
should lie 11 ted for all Chronic
Pain-, PaintnesM. Dyspepsia, Colds, I'on
. .iinipitii 111, b'lii'itinatisiii, Pt tuale Weak
ness, etc. 'Fit y retain their actiic prcp
lenics when ullier Tl i-I 1 are ns 'leis.ninl
t here applied p.tin c.itmi t cxiM. Tv eiy
f iniily s'notiid have them. One sve tai
cl-tth. tnt'ee sies tut I-. ttlter. Sample se'et I
bv 111 ul, on receipt of 'J tits.
I S. l!.USi;s. lii. lj Turk Uovv N. Y
April. Tiiil- I'.Uy.
MI'S. VINs.I,nV,
An experience 1 Nurse and Tetnale Phv:
.h t in, pro
ber seuts to lite alleiilioii ot niolhers,
K011 euiii.i:i:N ti.i:tiiinu,
whieh grea'.'.y faeiltitales the process of t.'"!hing,bv
N.ifleiiing tlio gnnis. r-diieing all inllanitiiatiou w ill
allay all pain an I spasmodic action, and is
sciti: to iiKiit'i.vri: mu t:o i:i.s.
Depend upon it, mothers, it w il! git e rest to your
selves, und
It not only relieves the child fioin pain, but invig
orates the .slomach and bowels, corn Is m i lily, and
gives tone an I eth igy to tho hole system. Il u i'.l
alums! im.taully rehevn
Ollll'lStl IN Tin: ltOWltI S, AM) W IND l'tll.10
and overeoin,' convulsions, whieh, if not speedily re
medied, cu. I in death, We believe it the best'iind
surest r tu 'dv in tlio world, in all cases of Dysen
tery and Diarrhiea in children, whether it arises from
teellting, or from any clli-r cause. We would nay
to every 111. 'ther w no has a child still', t ing lioi.i any
ol tn lor. iropig complaints--tlo nut let your pivm-
dici, nor tlie prejudices of others, stand between
you and your sull'ering child, and the relief that w ill
ltesur--.-vos, absoluti Iv sure to follow the use ol
this medicine, if tint Iv used, Full direction for
using will accompany each ht.ple. None genuine
unless tho fac-sinhle, of (THUS it PElilvlNS,
New-York, is on me oulsid.i wrapper.
Id bv all Drn-g
in Wood cotiutv.
Piiii i; ! Olliee, Id Cedar s'lvct, N. .
PlUCi; o.M.Y S hlSis FEU EL) 1 IKE
iVpril, teV'it--'.dy.
'I'lie Hoard will hold their next regular sos duns
the examination of Teachers, as follows:
Freepotl. titst Tuesday in Atign.-t.
O dea I, lit si Tuesday in September,
I'errys'iiiig, lirst Tuesday in October.
Weal Millgrove, first Tuesday in Novcinbt r.
F'oVi'ling (ireeii, lirst Tuesday in December.
Perev slitit':, first Tuesday in J tuii iry ( IS.i'.' i.
In addition to the Usual i-oiii'se. Teachers will here-
11 1 l-r bo examined in Am -no. in lli.-lorv.
No applicant will hv-cxamincd w hois uot present
punetttiiily at U o'clock, tt. in.
J. . M ooliut uv, Clerk.
L JI - (J 11 O Y E
l N H T I T U T E
NORMAL 1--C1100L.
The Fall Term of the second year of litis Institu
tion W ill L-'illlllleiico on
The Institution is furnished with u full corpse of
quahtl.,1 ml experience. I teachers. Arrangements
111 nie tor c.vensive anl svslemilic courses ot
Cl ts-hotl and Scii nt'lic study, ('lasses will be
formed for those who tire preparing to teach the en
suing wint -r. A coin's' 01 t.i'clitros will tie deliv
ered on snlij i ts of iut -rest and imporlauce to teach
ers, li i.ird in good families, or rooms for soll
hoiii'ding can be obtained on very liberal terms. For
further particulars set) circular, or address the
Principal, J. W. llll'TT,
August d, Cl-l ltv.l. Mauniec City,0.
OliAlN Dr.ll.I.SI
The suliscriber is now readv t i furnish fanner
witlt either of the two best (irain Drills in use, and
will warrant th-ni to give entire .viiisfaelion. They
will sow Wheat, live', li.iricy, Oats, I'tickw hc.ii,
! 'lax, i I -nip, Tini ithy, Clover, Millet-sood ; also,
Corn, Peas and Ileitis etpially Well
ll is, perhaps, tho only m'tcliino .1 Farmer can
use that
in the iicro is j of yield, over and over again, in ft
rear or two.
I have abun iance of testimony allowing that the
increase of Drilling over broad-oasl sou iug, is on
un uv rage from three In five bushels per aero,
1111 1 tho ililleivnce is often much greater. Hut
taking tlie lowest estimate, (d bushels) if yt 11 put
out 1-1 acres, il will give you increase of bush
ids, it !. icli Mould pay for two Drills, (hill 011 1110
if you want 11 Drill, in pr'foreuce, (o Limns of a
stranger that )"it in iv never si c again, "tin V if the
Drill don't prove go.nl, it will cost you till it is
wo'th to get your m nt-y b-ck.
In addition, 1 keep tho very best makes of
St 'id Plows, Subsoil Plows,
Harrows, liu.id Scrapers,
Corn Shellers, Straw Cutlers,
Clover lliill. r?, Horn Fakes,
Jlor.so Pitchfork, Funning Mills,
Sewii-.g Miiciitncs, Sugar Evaporati-irs.
Ci 1 r Mills, Th riin rn'r Churns,
Cider Pro ses, Threshing Machines, 4
of Pitt's (,', I 1br.1t -d Manulitctute, mi l in sl.tn t
even tiling a Ftirnr r tie-ds on his l.irm to help him
through wi)h hi.i' work r.nd tint inoney into his
pock.-t. P. KEEPS.
P. S. I lirtvo just received fiihbs ,V liro.'s
Celebrated Cylinder Plow. Tl li Is uiidouhte.lly
tiie best plow in litis county rr any other. it has
received the First Premium at every State and
County Fair w hore it has been exhibited, for ito
good work and easy draught.
Call au I see it. No charge' forshon-lnir goods.
rerrysburg, Augiu-t, dth, 1SC1 Rni'l.
Notice is hereby liven thai K petition bus been
filed in litis olliee, plat ing fur the establishing and
constructing of a tliich beginning at tho ltlaek
Svvaiiii crook, sixteen feet south of the north line
of fectioii thirty-six (iiJ) in Liberty township;
thence parallel "with Ihe section lin't w est to the
Miltom iiie und Hancock Free Turnpike, through
sections thirty-five (ihi) anil thirty-four (.tl) 1 and
that tai l petition w ill lie for hearing tlie 17th day of
September next. ADDISON SMITH, Auditor.
Auditor's Oilice. Woo 1 county, O.
.1 'trrysburg, August Oth, Iblll 1 jwi.
"N T OTICE is hereby given that tlio undersigned
1N has been duly appointed und qualified as ad
niinistraior of tho estate of Milton V. Ensmingcr,
laie of Wood County, Ohio, dooeascTl, All those
iutorestod wjH govern themselves accordingly.
rt R li V p, N iU.N cue It,
August 1J, JSaj-lSw Jyl
. '" ' T 1 1
Premium List and Regulations
Wood County
October 2d and 3d, 1861.
W. St. John, I
is. )r ir tef, V
W. I'os,, Ihr
v Aoras.
Mvin'iv Wahmlb,
II. I,. Wl.t.1',
T. T, Ti.ss wn.t,
eside.it ;
ee Tro?t.;
Sec v.:
IlKNitv I.cmiv, ( or.
I rk .Mt)')i:i
W, A. l'liioit.
M ' TvNIMlT,
J. T. l llACV.
Hatks, Tr. s'r,
.',. .'. t -liKII, S
.1 lUfunf .17-0 .' at
tllttLKAL ti.'.
Cash and propo-.y premiums, uol u'.U.-rwiso
stated, to l.j open to ail.
Furs nt , t iimpethic; for premiums, must be ui em
bers of tie':; Society.
A'iicl.soiVi'ie I for prem'unis must beownelby
persons jaes niting iln.' nni. or by 11, iah.n of
their I'tun.lies, and in every imhincc urt'.ilos tnnst
t-feved by the seller or 'prodtieof,
O n;',, in 11 named n utvur linj ctiiiim'ttaJs, res
ident with in the county, mii-i be lueinl i i i of tho
Society I . ''ure they enter upon their dtitiv'4 ns
cotton it 'cm 'it.
All articles and animal 1 intitidel foroxhibitioii.
lii'Oit be cu'cle I on ti e ovoiolarv's In ok i. t I 11
tnk t lercivcd theiefer, pietiou, to pj - ., f j
fu st day's odubitinn. o animal ot artiel i can
removed from tho grounds w h 11 cvhibiled,
iih nit sp. 1 i il leave trout the Sccrct.ry, under
penalty of forfeiture of premium.
The Judges are requested to report themselves,
their art 11 al.ai Ihe business otlicv on tl egroutnl.
Ihe Judges will me 1 at the Mimairers' tulict) on
Wellies. 1. iv, nl 1 o'clock, P. M., when their mimes
will be culled, itte.i'ieies st'J'i li ) I, tin I titev v, ill
enter upon their re .peetii e duties. Ttoy at'.' re
tpu sted to make theit reports to tiie Corresponding
Sectvlary, at toe btisiti otlice, as early as pus-
Si'l .
'1 he reports of ct inniiltees nttisl, i 1 all cases, bo
inidc by 1 n'lh.i, P. M.i'ii I Ion slat.
No person w h i ii nn exhibitor can aet Us Ju '.jjc
tlie cla ts in w I. ich be evhiiots.
hen animals or nrtiel 's nt-,' not de'eni-d wor
thy of 11 premium, tlis .In l-os will re: use to ai aid
promiuiu thereto, an I will report those only en
titled In one.
Any animal or ar'it le, which, in the opinion of
the .lodges, dost rvos spe'cial colniu-nilation, w ill
ho report, 'il.
Premium Kibbonswill be alt iched by the atvav
tlitig coiiiniitlees to nil animals entitled to p'vini-
uitis, aii'l ill no tlesie iiati 't as tolluw s, 1 1. : 1 irst
pe. luoin. lied,
iiiitiiu liiue.
Second I imim Whit
I httl pro-
tMHAtiK roil stock.
For the convenience of exhibitors, hay and straw
will be supplied on the ground without charge,
A N M" A L Al'lUtCSS,
The Aniiuul Ad lii'ss will be tl livere.l by .Ions
II. )vi:il, Esq., commencing at 2 o'l lock, P. M., ol
the see-on,! itav ol the l air,
Aniil'S of merit, not incluilcl in tho list for
which premium., are oll 'ivtl, will be examined by
special couitiiitlet' having the discretion toaivitrd
tliplontas nnd premiums th-refor, und no regular
ct'iniiiiltee w ill attaeh premium curds to uilteles
for which no premium., have been utlered,
l AVSlllNT Of I'UUMH Ms.
PrcinitiiU at e payable in cash, except W hen ag
iieullttr.il pap, t's, or otner ai licle.-, tire specified.
In case an in liviilu.il is awarded (no or more pa
llets of the same kind, in premiums, he can receive
olhi rs instead, or Ino cash front the Society tit ro.-t
pi ice of same for a mi t or uU papers awarded,
provided they notify the l!e,or,iing Secretary
w ilhiii ten day.! aiicr'tho close of the F'air.
Cash pieniiuiiH w ill he paid bv the Treasurer,
onlv 011 tlie order of the Piesi.h u and Secretary;
an t siii.l orders t ill bo deliv cred bv the Secretary
to persons entitle I to the same, til lion ling (ree:i,
on Saturday, October "tith.or in Pei rysbuig at any
time after the above day. All premiums uwar lc I
mu it be claimed within one veur froni tl.u tiiuj of
uvard,or they will be tleciuotl Itu feiud.
1st Depart went Live Stock,
il l ilo Machinery, Implements, iln,
Jd lo Mechuiiii at, Donie.-.tie, iVe.
1 h do Agricultural and Horticultural
illi do l ine Arts. Products.
During the Fair, these dop.11 tin 'tits w ill bo un
der tint care und uup n v t.siou of (no Maitiig. rs, a.i
1st Di'inirtnii.'iit - Lee Moore.
I'l do 11. L. Wood.
o l do F. 'I . PeiinvviuU,
4:h do W. A. Prior.
&tli do M.triin Wurutr,
The unno.il meeting for tho election of OITletMa
and Matiugers, and fur the transaction of any and
all oilier liiisitiesi p -ert. lining to tht) ivt liiue of the
isoeicty, will he Itehl 111 lotvliiig (reu on Satur
day, October 2-J, at 11) o'clock, A. M.
Host Stallion, t yours eld and over, $.ri 00
21 do do 3 UO
il l tlo do Allttt't IJuvuJtic Aniwih.
llest Stallion 3 eurs id I, $t Oil
2d tlo tlo 2 00
'id tlo d- .'itrni AV10 Yuiker.
Atniriliif Gimmittre Dr. (. J. Ko Igeu, H. ('.
Liiwreiice, an.! lliriuu Cuiining,
2li ttltool) d A It K.-J, t'ULT.1. AO
'it Brood Mure und (!olt,
$l CO
Z l no no Huml .a ic loe.tr.
il l do do O.'.u (Xliiiui:,,):
Pest 3 vr. old Colt, Ohio Junmr.
2 1 tlo tlo C'ii i ( 'nt it t.'or,
Pest 2 yr. ol i Colt, Itkfa tin,:, r,
2d tin tlo OAi'o ('i'iiotor.
Dost I yr. old Colt, I'Ui A i.
2 1 do tlo (?7i''Mi! fiinnvr.
Host span cf Mules, S yrs. ol t an l over, $2 00
tlo uo uo 1 00
llest single Mule,
O.'l'o Culti.-r.lm-.
4 2 00
pink, Norman IJretv-
llest Jack,
Au-nrtlin 1 Cmmiit'-c R.
stcr, and Tobias liudosdl.
iin kd.mstki;,
ll-st siiau of Malehed Imr.i es, $.1 00
2d tlo tin FoNatf on thfi lt,rt.'t
i'.d tlo ti l .S'.. ii tr(' .V i.Jio Jln.k.
Pest span of Draught Uui.. n, l,i on
21 tlo eiti otiV io-cer.
od tlo tlo JAtftuti'tf invi'T.
llest span of Callage Koreas, $3 (ill
,t Single
II use, in harness,
Ohio t'jtii.ilur.
Ohi,t I'ltrm- .
I S.id,'.!e Horse, o';iu JUihut.
t!o tlo ('to th ii ttfu'.
Host di.ipl.iy of Horses, net 1-ss than lite in
number, owned by exl.ioiior, S'5 00
Ainiiil;,,; 1 biMMi'((i - Ji.mes Pciiihcr, D. L. Hix
011, and Dolus Fr.it!.
4TII-C ATT 1.15.
llest Hull, 3 yrs. id 1 an 1 over,
'.' I do tlo
lid tlo tio
llest Dull, 2 vrs. id I,
21 tit) 'do
ltd do tic
llest Co-.v and CitK,
ill do tin
f.i 0(1
2 00
Fitful- r.
'.' 00
Ohio I'tirnu-r.
tXti'i V.'itii ofnr,
j-ii no
fiitrttl -Yi it' h-, ''r.
il I do
Patt I!
L' I tlo
ti'iii" Cl'it'ilor.
X on
0:.i, (Viit-itor.
( ' r, 'tniv r,
(Ai'i t'.llimtur.
ifer, under i! years old,
llest curling,
if I do
best tlisplay ot (. attic, not less than 6 1:1
iiui.iii r, $ 00
Airiirilinj Cnwmi'icc--Ah iu Clark, NatLan A.
Noble, and C. IlasHns.
5rn - wouKiNti oir.M, AC.
Host Yoke of Working (Uen. $t Of)
L'd tlo tlo 2 in)
iU tin tlo (Ait Ciirntoi:
llest Yoka cf Steers, 3 yrs. ell and under. $2 00
I tin tin ff .I'm I urn.
'tl , I.t fl.- f.. .,..,,.
Host Fat Ot, lill S.t.i.
,i ()', (.ii!,;,r.
Hem F11I Cow. 7i'io'ii V e lor.r.
2d tin Ohio Cuciratur.
A'l-inli'i'j (1umi,it.'oe-.-M, P. Tracy, Setli Hrnce,
and li. H. eliutvii.
Host I,on' Weoled Ihtck, 2 yrs. ol 1 and over ?1 00
21 do -do .Si'-iiW Ou-u ll-tnl-.
do do uu ler i! vrs. ol I, $2 00
2d do tlo V.Vrot .V t Y'u-kvr.
Del pen of Long Wooled Ewes, not less than
it in number, $2 00
21 do do Ohio ftirmir.
livA pea of 5 or moro Long Wocl 'd Lambs,
I Y'limit on i' Vc.
21 do do Ctft'o t'iilliii,t;r.
I-or Merinos and Saxons, saois as above, mini)
Fcst display of Sheep, not loss than 10 in No., $1
Auwtimj (Ximmitiec-S. M. Y.'itii-, of Lucas
county, J. F. tilubba, and E. U. Foot.
7m swine.
Pest Hoar, $3 00
2d do 01 iv Furmer.
Lest LrecJIrg Sow and Tigs, .l 00
L'd tlo do llural .Yets J ut-io-.
Host Sow, ii 00
2t do Ctfii'u Furwr.
Lest display of Hogs, not less that 10 iu N'o., i i 00
Airorai'j C5,a,inU Daniel NowDou, JillUCS
Iavidsou, uud (. has. Sissoti.
Largest vribty ml host ebibirtoa of rowls,
owned v ojhibiwr, 1 00
Jl best 1 tlo . ffO
jtie-mMvf (yiMH'U V'1J Olivet Thoa,p
sua, and l)avld Crops.
Dost Itow for -rciivr ni pui posus,
Host Subsoil Mow,
Hwt H..rrnv,
ltt Kmitiinir Mdl.
3 00
1 09
2 Od
2 00
llest two burst) wagon, puvlu In tha cruufr,
1 do do
do 1 00
llest nuohorso wagon,
llest lh'irgy,
llest Wheat Drill,
Lost Cum CultUator,
1 00
1 Od
Tkvmoi' r,trm Tmptmmt.
Oiv Cultivator.
no 1 lanter,
do Isheller,
Host and largest display of Agl Imul -mnnts, $3 0
.liclrifiN;- ( mmiit J. U. Uutlolp'n, A. li.Lrad-If-,
aal Justus lit 'tirns.
IOTH - unAiM.
L'est sump! of Whi'e Wheat, Ci' Oiftrtwter.
do P.oi Wheat, do
do Eye, t!
tlo Oats, tlr
to Farley, d
do buckwheat, do
tie Mint Corn, do ,
do O, dent Cum, do
ihi 'I iino'.hy Sesd, do
do ( lover Seed, do
Fa, t ttisp! -.y of (Jim in an I Seed, t J 00
.(irniiloi) toiiCTi'.' -Ocorgo Williams, Fatet
Fi rmiin, aa l Dtini. I Hal ton,
U rn - m.iTki' anb uuBKSt.
Host sample of 1 tiller, Wtu Outtiratvf.
dj Cheese, do
do Honey, do
do Sorgluim Symp, do
dtfiMii ti.iitic JuLm Powers. Mrs. A. Fay,
Mrs. U. P. Aieiill.
l'Jiu unAwiNus, rAtsTiNi,s, Flowuks, c.
F 'st Drawing. Otio Vurmtr.
Pest l.::t isi aie Dt il'i ing, liund ,Vic Yorkir.
lies! Architectural Drawings, ttnhiT' .Vonl'iy.
Pe-t Portr.-ril Paintings, Hitti Amvrinm.
!' st OiMt1111011t.il Painiiiit;. O'tiv .".irnwr,
15. at iiad largest dtsptny of 1 loivcrs,
.(i,t',t' t' Inter 6'oitf'ii Vrccfary.
All exept display et Flowers lo bo made by ex
hibitor. .leu r'iej f'u'M.in'f. - F, J, Siotl, Mrs. I.. M.
tl'iiii. and '.Miss lLbn Nor'em,
Eirii -nil it.
Dost a varieties of Fail Apples, ?1 00
2.1 tht do O.'ti- Otlitofor.
IV) 10 vuiietios of Winter Apples, I 1)0 '
I tlo do O'.io Ct.'lVilor,
Pest lusortmont of I'eurs, 1 0(1
L'I do tlo O'.io Oilti'tdloe.
ll- st v.nioty of Ciuinces, 1 01)
I'd ilo do G-tici Cufii.-o.'ur.
1 ..-it variety of Peaches, SI OU
' J 1 do do Ohio (ltitatjr.
Kesl variety of 0 rapes, 1 00
2 1 tlo ' do yiij Cultivator.
lie d di tplav uf I riiit, $2 00
2 1 tlo ' tlo 1 00
.lir.ir Uhj ("fiinmiU't--. A. Scottof Lucas coun
ty, . F. f'om roy, ami Wilson Heleomb.
lit - ItOMIisTU! MAM 'FACTl'Htd, tIAl'B BY TUB
rtli-.OS I V .1,1111 ISO SA.MK.
llest pair of W ool -n l laitknts, S1 00
lle.a 10 vai'.U of Carpel. 1 Ot)
do th) l lanutd, 1 00
Pest lani'V bed tiuilt, 1 00
llest woolen Socks, itO
tlo Storking, 0
Pest sample- of Woolen Ytini, - il)
D. st and l.ugiMt lot of home made goods
loanufiii tttrcvl by exhibitor $2 Ot)
.liuti'.oi;; ( iiwumiK t Hubert Hull of Muuuteo,
Mrs. Si, Johnson, and Mrs. J. W. Uoss,
Fest display of Ycgetuble, coinirisinjr po-
l.ttoes, 'cabbage, turnips, carrots, ouioiis,
lieiiiis, .ptusVies, o., $2 00
Fist s ecinieu of cilhel' of above vegetables, 00
etw ) i. ( 'ommiftii' II, N. Alexu'ldor, J. H.
Ciiuipbell, ff Toledo, and A. Ordway,
Hest Ihiroati, inade in the county. $2 00
L'I tlu tin 1 00
Host fable mu le in lite ctnintv, 1 00
7 1 tlo do 50
lle.it He Isteiid. made in tho county, I OU
21 tlo do ' aU
.In itit'ii'i ( owoHt'tttt S. L. l'.onghtoii, N. A. No
Lie, W 111. Crook, Jr.
17rit tins am un r a l SKi:iu.i:'voiiK.
Host pair of Lump .Mats, itiu le by exhibitor, $1 00
Host Ladies' l 01 ked Collar, do do 60
Pest tli, play of needlework, tlo do 1 00
Host display of worsted win k, do 100
.tmirinii' otiiiii(r-Mrs. 11. L. Wood, Mrs.
W 111. llmni, and Mrs. J. A. Scott, of Toledo.
Host Mole Plow, or Duelling Muchiitu, $3 00
if! do tlo do 1 00
.-liritriticj f iiwwu'i-- Y. V. Way, Jonathan
Ames, mill Mr. liaynioud, of Plain ton nship.
Peru - A!l)l.i:s AM) ItAItNUSS.
llest single Harness, niiide in the county, f 2 00
Host iloitijle Harness, made in tho county, 2 0U
ill do do t..t ' 1 Oe)
llest gentleman's Saddle, lutt.'.o In the county, 2 00
2 1 do do do 1 00
Host side Saddle, do 2 00
I'l tlo tlo do 1 00
.4irtinin; Cummitt-r E, Tuller, Julius Elinn,
and Mr, Moore, of Toledo,
20TII ItOllTS AND FrtOKfl.
Iicst pairof Ujiit.s. call boots, inu.lo in couuty, $t 00
L'I uo tlo do 60
llest pair of Uip or Stog.l Poets, 1 00
2d do do P hO
Lest pair of flouts Shoos, 60
tlo Ladies Shoes, 60
Wur.iui;- Viminitua S. Hutch, Win. ilrowns
Lvrgur, of Mauiueo, an I David Kosa.
2 1st srovts.
Host Cooking Stove, $2 00
21 do do 1 00
llest Parlor Stove, 1 00
21 do do 60
.lironiiii;- Cmmillrf D. E. Gardner, of Toledo,
Sirs. Julia Spallitrd, Mrs. John C. W ouster,
22l) UlthAll, (
llest Loaf of I-lieu-l, $100
21 tlu do 61)
Host do from unbolted or Graham flour, 1 00
2.1 do do 60
Host Parri-l of Flour, ffu'ti tXtrmer.
Host sample uf Corn Meal, Ohio .uUivitor.
In proparin! 15read, no suloratus or other alka
lies cr acids 10 be use J.
Aitnnliivi Vummiitr- F. llollenbeck, Mrs, Baird,
und Mrs Needy, of Mmtnioe.
2,1i cooi'tu's WOKK.
Host SI .irk Parrel, Ohio Cultivator,
llest Tight Karri I, do
Lo t Puller 1- irkiu, do
To bo 111.1 le by exhibitor,
Au unlin 1 ( "uiiii-i .- Sep'.imns Mawer, Jas. 3,
Smith, anil J. V. Owens,
L'I - Miscelbii'.-ous Ceinmittee, to award premt
1 ins 011 articles of merit not intlu led in any cf tho
foregoing lists George l.askey, H. L. ood, and
Mi'o. A. Mnilii.
;-i?"For the ft regoing we are indebtud to the fn-
( liei.ih lit.
1) 11 . YK A V E II S
lor tin; Cure of
Canker, Salt Tvln 1:111, 1'rysipelas, Scrofulous Di
tases, Cotanctiiis Frit n. ions, Sore Eyes,
mid every kind of Disease arising
from tin impure state of
the Flood,
Thu most cllcctivc HUhkI Turiflrr of tha
. ui clot' 1, th Ctiiltiry.
It is (lie prcscriji'l' ii t f an edticaied rtiysirinni
and all who are iithictcd wttii tiny of the above
inni'd tliseas -s, s!u uld use it without delay. Such
let 'is as the liillu.ving are often received.
Jerome, tile, Ashland Co., Ohio, Nov. 20, 1S00.
Messrs. J.N. ll.iKKis il Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.-
I, u'letiii 11 1 I tletiii il a duty as well es a
pleasure, 10 inform vou what Dr. Weaver's Syrup
und C. rale has done lor nt ', and hope that this Jets
ter may come lo tlie notice of persons similarly
iilllic'cf. Li the year lj0 I was attacked Willi
I tlei'.tr si me kindred disease, in both my legs,
'which cxteuda I until from my kneis to my feet was
1 no raw st re. I rii.-ul:ed i n I obtained medicine
and nr 'sci ii.tious from nearly nil the physician in
tlUS, IVllll.O III.'.'
inn oiiiaineti 110 ivuei. ui!r age
. . ....
gent at
j Mr. ll,.tfu..tn, t "ci mnieiia. d me to try
I tlio Syrup nnd Cciutv, which I foriui.atily ihd, unci
! inn now tl si un. I ill i I well mall by tltcir Use.
11 un eieiu crauiuiie, 1 r 111.1111.
Your truly.
Mr. Weirh night being a well know n gcntlcuiaa
of Aslit.tud, in.tl.es Ibis iiiformution most reliable,
I:, t.ilW th . Svriiti axdir-cled.it will drivu thn
1 ais. as s fioin the sv sicm. and w ken once out on tht
j,,. a few inudica'tii u of
and vou have a permanent cure,
Tlie Cuate has proved itself lo ks.' the Dest Oint
ment ever invented, and where unco used, it bus
never boeu known to lail of etFcciing a permanent
cure of old sores, t tier and ringworm, scald head,
chillblains and first bite, barber's ileb, chapped
or cracked hands or lip, blotches or pimples on tho
face. And for Soro Nipple aud bore Eyes, th
Cerate is the only thing required to cure, ilshould
ba kept in the lu'use of every fapiily.
Price, of S nip $1. Cerate 2a cents per bottle.
J if" Directions aceonipiiny each otiJc
Sold bv most medicine dealer.
J. N.HAliUIS & CO., Proprietors, for the Souths
cm and Western Slates, Cincinnati, Ohio, to wbou
all orders must be addressed.
Sold wholesale and retail by TecV. TJandlton,
Perrvsburg: Frederick Kosincer, Freedom; H. Uurs
ritt, Mauuieo Cityi D. II. Miner, Toledo: W. D,
Mtrf.ro, Sylvmiiai'l'. Daniels, TV letloj CF. Wil'.iunis,
Toledot A. E, Jerome, Now Westlicldi A. J. Garils
ner 4 Co., tiileud, 8 wtye
- - - ' "i. '.m
st U34 dlipatcb tt ih .
peiTTsburg Jourual Offlo.

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