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Local Matters.
TIME TABLE—Dayton & Michigan R.
oniNo sorrn. I ooto north.
light Knp-. 10:2 r. . Night Exp. -S.I'l) A. M
Mail 10:4 A. . Mail 2:ftS r. M
I'roigLt 4:13 a.m. Freight 7:22 r. M.
BTDuBcvcral communications intoinlcl fer
this iesiie nre "crowded out." However,
they will '"keep" for another week.
fcr?.Wo wmit iifluen or twenty corels ol'
wood on sulmciiption. Will thtmo who
have promised hike thia gentle hint.
YE0X.TIIO fcneeti county fair commences
n the fiist of October.
iGSylt in stated tlmt drafting for the army
was to commence in Iowa Monday.
KiyEvcry unmarried man but one, in
Washington, lnd., hau gone to the war.
8-The people of Toledo gave the gal
lant 14th a grand picnic on Monday last.
Hfla-Col. Ktccdman's regiment was to
lcavo Toledo, on Tuesday morning, for some
point not stuteel.
83&l'i). Norton luts) traded for a Leauti
ful charger, which he propones to use for
the war Hcrvice.
Ra?The grain receipts soinn days hint
week, per wagons, amounted to a thousand
bushels. Pretty good.
JtfoT'The Sandusky county fair will he
held at Fremont, on Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday of next week.
JfcayPrcvioiM to the departure of Colonel
Gibson, tho citizens of Tillin presented him
with horRO valued at 200.
JKsyThc largest drove of sheep wo have
seen outside of "l'orkopolis," passed thro
town, going west, on Monday.
OKX-Tfon. James Myers, of Toledo, has re
ceived the Union nomination for Represen
tative in the State Legislature.
JEQGov. Gamble has called a session of
tho Missouri State Convention, to meet at
St. Louis on tho 10th of October.
BGk-Louisville is now said to be in great
danger. Huckncr is said to be inarching on
tho town with a force of 7000 infantry, 1200
cavalry and '21 pieces of cannon.
Sg&lev. John A. Shannon has received
the appointment for this place. Brother
Fegtly goes to Greenville. AVe shall pub'
lish tho list of appointments next week.
fl-The froth regiment is now being or-
.ganizod at Norwalk, under the direction of
Lieut. Col. G. H. Safford, of Xorwalk, and
Major J. C. Lee and Adjutant V. V. DeWolf
of Tiffin. .
ayGov. Dennison has obtained authori
ty to muster one Lieutenant on the com
mencement of the organization of a compa
ny, lie is also endeavoring to procure out
of the regular army Colonels for the new
Ohio regiments.
JSfcjy-John Heel, a brother-in-law to Andy
Roach of this place, while visiting the State
Fair at Dayton, was bitten by a rattlesnake.
It seems that the snake was in a box, upon
.ijeh Mr. It. put his hand and was instant
ly bitten on the finger.
AVe understand a parly of dirty scamps
visited Dr. Beck's farm, last Friday night,
anil pulled up a large quantity of cabbage
and threw into the well. Such "pure cuss
edness" is worse than
National Fast Day.
i To-day (Thursday) is the day appointed
by the President as a national fast day. It
I is hoped our citizens will duly honor the
i day, as a day of rest and thanksgiving.
1 There will be divine service at the Metho
I dist and Presbyterian churches, commenc
l ing at 10) o'clock, A. M.
Grand Larceny.
Owen Lucas, Joseph Croft and E. Pevia
were arrested last week upon a charge of
etealing about 5?40 worth of cloth, from the
ntore of Houston, on the night of the 19th
inst. They had a hearing before Justice
l Chappel and were bound over to Court, in
I tho sum of 875 each, in default, of which
they were committed to jail. A portion of
tho cloth was found in the house of E. Pe-
via, where it had been secreted, it is Rup
I posed, by the defehdents. On Tuesday they
, had an examination before the Probate Court.
I Messrs. Cook and Johnson for tho defense,
, and Tyler and Price for the State. We un-
derstand the trial before tho Probate icstilt
, ed in tho acquittal of Lucas and Croft, upon
j the condition of enlisting for the war.
Newspaper Changes.
passing from Abraham Kaga to W. X.
i Skidmore. Mr. Kaga is a young man of
ability, and withall a genuine patriot, and
now that ho has again trotie to the held ol
action, wo can but wish him a Bafo return.
Mr. Skidmore changes the tone of tho paper
from a Union to a disunion or partiza-i or
gan, and casts a few reflections upon the
course of Mr. K., which do not speak very
well for Skidmore to eav the least.
The Weekly Union Democrat" is the ti
tle of a new paper just started at Dayton.
The true Democracy of that city have long
been in want of a proper leading organ, but
now since the war broke out that want has
grown to be a lieccsssitv. The Democrat
hoists tho Union State Ticket, and, though
edited by a Democrat, ho is one of the Tod
and Dickinson school. It is edited by. Geo.
W. Malarabre and published by Denny and
Walters at Sl,f0 a year.
I. R. Sherwood has purchased the half
Interest of the Wauscon liejmhliain, fonuer
y belonging to Mr. French, with whom he
was in partnership, and will now publish
he paper om his own hook. The publica
tion day has been changed from Friday to
Tuesday. Mr. Sherwood is fully competent
:o get up a good and interesting paper, and
ye wish hint abundant success.
Use Caution. There is no small thing
vhich good housewives should bo bo cau
ious about procuring as Salcratuu. It costs
. family but a triflo, therefore they are pot
Iways as particular about the quality they
(et m they should be. Although it does
ot cost you much to begin with, it may be
ear in tho end, as impure Saleratua io the
iise of much disease. Get D. B. Do Land
i Co.'b Chemical Saleratus, and yon will
avo an article that is perfectly pure, bariu
ms uuet ueuiuiy,
we our umns
a communication bearing upon two
individuals, supposed to bo the authors of
several anonymous articles that recently
appeared in the Ind'pemlent. The author of
that communication lias since? been formally
demanded by F. Hollcnbeck and D. W. II.
Day, claiming themselves to be the persons
described therein. Upon the impulse of the
moment wo wero inclined to the belief that
if they were the individuals meant, perhaps
some injustice had been done them, and at
that time if w e had chanced to meet either
of tin tu we would have given them the
author's name. However, on second reflec
tion, we have thought proper to change our
course on the admission of matter to our
columns, and of course hold ourselves amen
able to tho laws.
So far as Mr. Hollcnbeck is concerned, we
we havo pretty satisfactory evidence that
he was the author of a fair proportion ot
the scurrilous articles that appeared in the
Toledo Times, lust Benson, abusing the Re
publican party, as well as the character of
citizens belonging to that party. He has
also the credit of contributing the same
class of literature to the I.uh-penileut, wit
this difference: Instead of the Republican,
it is now the Union partv. For this reason
we shall not furnish the name of the author
of "Dry as Dust, Jr." to him at present.
To Mr. Day we have several reasons for
not desiring to furnish the name of the au
thor. One of these is that on the dav of the
Union County Convention, he divulged a
concerted scheme for Hooding this eountv
with circulars, (to a gentleman whom he sup.
posed would keep the secret) by which
means a wholesale system of the abuse of
private character is to be inaugurated to
defeat one or more of the candidates on the
Union Ticket. Mr. Day also told our in
formant that upon these circulars would be
..i i .i . ..... i ... ..
liaeeu uie names oi -jior.est (.) men as
candidates for the various county offices.
and that the people of Wood county would
be asked to support the nominees of this
"dark-lantern clique," more unpopularly
known hereabouts as the " short-and-dirty
clique, in order to put down
corruplionl There are other reasons, some
of which "Dry as Dust" miry be persuaded
to relate in a future correspondence, if Mr.
Day wishes.
As we said before, we shall not allow any
thing of a personal character to appear in
our columns, unless tlm utturk first eotnes
from tic ojtposition. So far, the Joiunal'r
writers have acted entirely on the defesive.
and will probably continue to do so.
The 21st Regiment.
The Findlay Courier furnishes the follow
ing list of officers of the 21 at Regiment, as
re-organized for the war :
Colonel J. S. Noktox.
Lieutenant Colonel J as. M. Xeim.inu.
Major L. A. Stho.ni!.
Adjutant G. O. McPiikksox.
luarlsrmaster R. S. Muxukx.
Commissary D. Lewis.
G. F. Walker, Hancock county,
D. M. Stoughlon, do do
II. H. Albun, do do
1. Cusic, do do
A. Mo.Mahan, W o 1 county,
M. Ctitoti do do "
S. S. Canfieid do do
Mathew F.wing, Putnam county,
A. V. Rico, do do "
li;.1 men.
101 "
88 "
1((7 "
102 '
Ort "
112 "
101 "
It is understood that there arc three other
companies formed for this loirimcnl ('apt.
Arrant s, of Defiance; ('apt. Price, Toledo,
and dpt. Chance, of Fostoria.
Col. Xorton was in town Tuesday morning
on a visit to his family. He reports the 21st
completely organized and under marching
orders to leave for Columbus on Thursday.
The regiment will be completely uniformed
at that point, from whence its destination is
not known.
Another Company for the War.
John B. Spufl'ord, Esq., is busily engaged
in raising another company in Wood county
for the war. We un.lei stand he has already
a majority of the company enlisted. It will
have a place in tho 4(ilh Regiment Colonel
Worthington and as soon as full will go
into Camp Lyon, at Worthington, a short
distance north of Columbus. Those desir
ing to join this company should make imme
diate application to Mr. P., at this place.
With this company Wood county will have
fully nine hundred men on the tented field.
New Post Office.
" llaskius" is tho name of new (own on
tho Dayton k Michigan railroad, at Hull
Prairie, this county. A post office has just
been opened, and Win. King, Esq., appoint
ed postmaster. Success (o Haskins. We
hope every citizen in the place will become
a subscriber to tho Jui kxal.
On Furlough.
A number of troops belonging to the I-ltk
Regiment, on furlough leave, paid a farewell
visit to their homes, near Bowling Green,
last week, before starting for the war.
Our Book Table.
Godey's Lapy'h Itooit, October 1S0I ; Louis A.
lioiley, Philadelphia, l'a.
Tho October number of this standard periodical
is, if possible, even mure commendatory than usual.
Gcdey has long since distanced nil competitors for
the favor nnd admiration of the ladies: and now his
only rival is himself ; striving and successfully
too to improve each number over the previous
ones. So far ns our knowledge extends, Uoduv'a
mammoth fashion-plates stand unexcelled by any
other magazine, or any kind, in tho world. Its fine
literature keeps ample pace with the other superi
orities of this aflmi rn l.li. Ivx.V- T te ......
siro a periodical excelling both in number mid qmtl-
uv mi eiiiuemsimiems, nud stvlo of literature, all
others in the country, ut once procure fiodev's l.a
dv'a lleok. and our word Tor it -... ...:n .!...'., .. -
ward regard it ns part of your existence- an iuval-
iiuuiu niiiiinmiin, i erios, one copr one vonr, 53
two copies, $5; three copies, $tf.
Akthck's Home Magazine, October 1861 T. S.
Arthur, Philadelphia, Pa. '
Our table welcomes the number for October of
this excelleut inagaziue. Iudeed it is truly a Home
Mnjrmine, and one that should visit evert "home."
lenns two dollars.
Lloyd's Military Map and Gazettefh of thh
SOITHEUN tOCNTHYj J,is. T. Lloyd, New Voi-k.
We are in receipt of a number of this accurate
and interesting map of the Southern country. It is
ao iuvaluable publication for its minute reference
to every particular poiut. It is furnished to sub
scribers at 2a cents a number.
Frani Leslie's Pictorial History or toe wajij
1 rank Leslie, New York.
This work is published in semi-monthly uumbers
of the mammoth quarto aize furnished at 25 cents
each. Tbobe desirous of obtaining a first rato tks.
riodical should by all means subscribe for Islie.
Address Frank Leslie, 19 City 1111 square, Y.
t3yThe Educational Monthly for October has
been receivsd; and as usual ia filled with instruct
ive and interesting reading matter.
Wood County Fair.
On Wednesday next commences the elev
enth annual exhibition of the Wood county
Agricultural Society. The managers pro
ent this year a greater inducement in the
increased vmoutit of premiums offered than
has ever before been proffered nt ntiy of our
previous fairs. The premiums proposed to
bo given on Horses and Tattle are over SI 00.
That on sheep over S.10. and many other
things in proportion. Crops of all kinds
have been good this year, and "plenty reign-
supreme"' throughout our county. We hope
the people will turn out ei mufsr, and con
tribute all they can to the exhibition, that
we may all together, in cheei ftdness and
good feeling, have a grand holliday.by which
we may be mutually benefitted, and the
character and rcputatiou of our county be
fully sustained.
We cannot express our views of tho im
portance of county fairs in any better way
than to qnoto the veil timed remarks in the
Toledo lili,h; of the 21st inst.:
There U not a farmer, mechanic or business man,
but is directly interested in these anmi.il eahiN
tions or the county. They are calculated to devel
epe the resources of tlio community in w liieh they
are held, and no bi tter evidence is iieccjuarv to con
vince the most incredulous, than the condition of the
counties either in our ou or other Mates, where
these exhibitions have been continued from vear
to year, without beinp allowed to tlajf for want of
interest, on the part of tho inhabitants. Such
comities are the most populous, the most wealthv.
and property always commands a higher price: mid
what good farmer or merchant Would not prefer
that his county should stand high in the estimation
of strangers, in eviry respect! when that opinion
can he obtained at so small a cost ?
This is comparatively a new countrv, an 1 our
county has had bid little to reeomm 'ml it to pu tics
abroad, compared with the many influences brought
to bear upon its reputation, that have been an inju
ry both to the county and the people. Hut the
time lias arrived when these 'outside pivsnires''
avsil nothing our county is becoming quite tliirklv
settled, yet "still there is room." mid it is believed
that, working upon the experience of the past in
other sections, an annual displav of our resources
will accomplish for ns what it ha's done for others:
viz : u tending to increase our population, by the
enterprise of our citizens thus exhibited, and show
ing that the products of the eountv are equal to
those of any other ; thus presenting Increased in
citement to fanners in the ICastern States to settle
among us.
And theiv is another important reason presented,
and that is : it cannot be otherwise than (hat nil
contributing to and intending these Fairs, being
brought together for the purpose of show ing what
each has tlon during the season, will be able to
understand and know each other better, nnd as a
general tiling be led to appreciate more fullv the
good quitlilirs developed on such occasions ; both
as men, families and neighbors, nnd where this
state of feelings exists, a feeling of confidence and
unity of purpose will be exhibited that, will havo a
wonderful elleet in developing the resources of the
Need we say more to Induce our friends in the
county to contribute to this fair ? It is unnecessary.
Let the farmer bring his grain, funis, etc.. the me
chanic his wares, an 1 the merchant his goods, mid
nil engage in it with the same energv that has char
acterized their ellbrts in individual cllorts during
the season, and this exhibition w ill be a success, the
like of which we have never seen in Wood county.
To Ethen Allen Higgins.
: Having read your article referring
to the tailor, permit him to thank yon for the gener
ous and condescending manner in which you advert
ed to his trade, his motives and capabilities. You
ore incorrect in your slatem.Mit of his motive to
writing the article published in tl io Jimnxnt of the
5th. His remarks in it were wholly premised on
your statements and assumptions in your paper of
the preceding week ; you will therefore please
not implicate the Journal thcruin. Whether your
tuiinevi tmnwrtion with Jfr. Uailry are such
as you, in his situation, would deem lmiior.ihh,
is for yourself to determine. Your oracular
advice and warning have deeply impressed
his miu 1. As a tailor he humbles himself for
his presumption in attacking an editor: and though
you hae wounded him w ith his shears and over
thrown him with his goose, yet he feels there has
been mercy in the punishment. The same hand
which (lung the gotwe could have thrown that
"terrible bomb i" which would havo annihilated
him who has attempted to destiny others, and now ,
like the Australian ISoomerang, is in n fair way of
using up its own motive power. O, that terrible
bomb! In your delineation of Ms character, voti
display wonderful discrimination. He w ould, ns a
consequence, esteem your appointment as assistant
to Professor l'owler, to be a national blessing. Your
exquisite sense of moral propriety: your utter dis
like of all tricksters and dishonest politicians, in
connection with the tangible demonstration of
phrenology, would at all times make your opinion
the criterion by which men for' ol'ace could be se
lected. From tho patronizing air you breathe, tho tailor is
fearful your recent elevation in the State Senate
has bewildered your imagination. It is possible
you consider yourself heir apparent to tho kingdom
of Cork; if so, allow him to say to you, your pat
ronage in the past has not been tho most profitable,
and he does uot expect to grow fat over it in the
The balance of your article is so full of the mod
esty which conscious greatness imparts that it is
necessary to quote it entire for the benefit of future
Solon's who may dictate laws to the ignorant. You
say: "He makes a coat very well, because that is
a task perhaps not beyond his ability, but when he
attempts to meddle with politics ho at onco gets
into water beyond his depth, and we sincerely ad
vise him to stick to his shears ami goose, and to
avoid hereafter interfering in that which does not
concern him." Now the tailor is bold to say that
there is not a man in Wood county, who in such
few words can ventilate so large au amount of self
couccit, contemptible dictatiou ami silly imperti
nence, ns his friend Higgins has done in this para
graph. Has the time really arrived when Mr.
Senator Hammond's doctrine of the mudsill has to
enforced ? Are we to be told that as mechanics, as
farmers, nnd as laboring men, wo lire incapable of
understanding the system of government under
which wo live ? Are we to be told that wc have no
l ight to meddle in the administration of this gov
ernment ? The system of trovcrnment mav nod
ought to be undeistood by every citizen. Kven r.
tnilur has right in it equal to un editor, a lawyer, or
the immii'itr jumunuuic ix!iiOitiii. I
Tho editor does not disparage the tailor by his
silly reference to the implements of trade. The j
slur falls on the meanness of his motive. I
Permit him to ask the editor whoso system of po
litical economy he has studied ? Is it lienthain's, !
Mnlthtis, Make Brim, Mill's or Waylnnd's? Whos i
n..n.:n..i j i. i ii .... . .. .
jMi.iti,.,w n--a..iiui. noes lie lotiow is ii mat ol Jei-
ferscn, John Quincy Adams, Clay or Webster?
Tho tailor apprehends ho knows but little of the
one, nud certainly does not imitato tho others. No
sir, the profound depths to which you refer has no
existence in our system of government, or abstract
edly in tho details of it-s a lmiuiuistr.ition. The
profundity and tho depth exists ia the modus ope
rnn li by which olliee nnd its emoluments may be ac
quired. Ia this sense the tailor acquiesces iu your
opinion of bis incompetency, and does not again
desire to test the depth of your political puddle.
From your readiness to give advice ho is assured
although it bo for a tailor, you will choerfully ac
cept tho sam When you apply the microsc ipe of
your keenly perceptive organs to the character of
your noighbois for analyzation and exposure, see
to it that there aro nu spots on its surface. Exam
ine carefully your motives, and be guarded by facts
not by desire. Don't allow yourself to think that
widom was born w ith you, and that political honesty
and an culiphtcned tivizatiou would perish should
you die. The utlairs of this great country progress
ed previous to yuur acquaintance with it, and the
belief exists that should you withdraw from it, its
progress would not bo retarded.
With the assurance that his shears shall at all
times be ready to clip your logie, and the goose on
hand to press articles of your manufacture, the
writer begs leave to subscribe himself as
BQuPaymeritof the troops is mostly made
in Treasury notes that beiug the preference.
Washington Items.
WAsmvorojt, Sept. 17 A general order
issued to-dny places all persons uuthori.ed
to raise regiments, battalions or companies,
within tho loyal States, under the orders of
the tiovertiment of their States, to whom
they must report, who are Ij organize and
re-organize and prepare them for set vice.
Hereafter rotninissioiis are to be nivcti by
the lioveinora, who may, during the ortT.tu.
uution of a regiment, nuthotizo the Adju
tant Quartermaster when absolutely neces
sary, the medical officers to bo niu.stcred
Last night our left wing was mcuaecd by
connideiablc rebel force, which burned
several grain ricks ami elestivyed other
property belonriui: to Union families,
A letter ft out Halifax, found onboard the
Susan June, captured at Uniterm Inlet, as
sures a Clmi baton correspeitiilent that the
people of Nova Seetia nil sympathize with
the South utiel wish tho blockade to be
The whole story about Fremont is still
untold. There is a question of couitesy
between hint and Mr. Lincoln, en tu-eouiitof
extravagance in tho management ef his le
paitmeiit. The lYesident, when advised of
the forthcoming proelnmntion, desired him
to withhold until the Cabinet could consult.
It, however, appeared the next morning.
Fremont's uetivity has been very greet.' lie
js still energetically prosecuting the war.
The ellicera have been detailed by W elles
for the llotilla, and sailors arc being educated
here as gunners. Last week Uen. Fremont
telegraphed for sixteen nine-inch guns, and
thirty thirteen inch mortars. Tho former
reached him from Pittsburg in three days.
The latter were manufactured and delivered
at the rate of live a week. These mortars
throw shells weighing 210 pounds, which
hti ike With a power equivalent to forty tons.
Civilia.is and some military men high in
authority, still consider an attack imminent,
but the prevalent opinion among old ollicers
of the army is that the rebels will tmt ven
ture it, unless iu tho madness ef despen.
tioll. Estimates of the rebel army range from
one bundled thousand Io one hundred and
ninety thousand.
lv a general order, the commanding olliccr
at llattcras Inlet is authorized to accept the
services ef North Carolina Volunteers, not
iv) exceeet one regiment. l tie commanding
olliccr has not yet been determined on. The
appointment of (Jen. lteyiiolds lms been
countermanded. Ho is now here in com
mand of a brigade.
A general court-martial at Alexandria has
condemned thirty-two soldier to death, for
mutiny, sleeping on, or deserting of, pobt.
lien. Keyuolds, in command nt Cheat
.Mountain, telegraphs that the rebel forces
have left that vicinity, and conjectures that
Ihe'V are marching this way.
The Surgeon of the .Maine Fourth reports
hundred of Us men arrested for insubord
ination. In F.nglnnd and France our cause vns
more injured by the depression alter the
IlitU Kun all'air tlinn by tho defeat itself.
Ministers to other States write of their
sympathy with us. England and France
re'fuscd to accept our adhesion to the priva
teering prohibition of the Paris Conference!
because coupled with stipulations that wo'd
bind them to treat Jvlf. Havis' privateers as
l!en. Sickles has taken seventy or eighty
prisoners in tho lower counties of Maryland.
He captured near Port Tobacco last night a
splendid barouche and pair of horses, with
their owner and another man. and plenty of
letters from Washington to Virginia. The
carriage was one of the regular 'rebel mail
YVamuxuton, Sept. 18. Hen. Mitchell left
for Cincinnati to-day, to raise lilty thousand
Strother ami Pendleton, the venerable
Cnion Virginians arrested at Martiiisbury;
and carried tu .Kiehmoud have been released, i
1 nere is slight expectation anywhere now
of nu attack by tho rebels, whom the arrest
of the Maryland rebe l legislators niiel our
strong fortifications and fnie'es at all points
have somewhat frightened. It is rumored,
however, that Johnston, with a column of
forty or lilty thousand men is moving to the
available points up the Potomac, as if with
design nl crovnitig.
Tiie rebels are fortifying the hills around
Washington, and several hills south of M tin
son's. On Monday night a neonting putty of be
tween fifteen and thirty of the Fourth New
York encountered three rebel companies
opposite Seneca .Mills, but escaped w.lh a
loss of two or three. In the morning the
rebel camp was shelled until it disappeared.
This iiiornin; in a picket skirmish south ol
Alexandria two South Carolina cavalry were
Tho President has made the following
appointments for a new Keutticky brigade
about to take the field: .Major V. S. Word,
General. Firht Ueginu-tit, John H. Word of
Howling Greeli, Lieutenant Colonel ; James
H. Carlisle, Major. Second Iteginieiit, K. I),
llobson. Colonel : John Carlisle, Lieutenant
Colonel ; "Win. 11. llobson, Major. Third
Hcgiment, AVade Valegas, Colonel; '.. C. Edwards,
Quartermaster; J. I). Williams, Commissary.
(Jen. .McClellau's liody Guard is to be
raised to a hundred and lifly-cight, and their
uniform to be changed by his wish.
(Sen. Stone shelled the rebels out of a
camp partially entrenched, nt Goose Creek,
this morning, with 20-pound riiled cannon, j
They hail felt secure agaiuat lis U-poundcr I
of short range. j
Washington, Sept. 21. Senator Halter,!
who refused a lirigadicr-Gcncral.ship, bus I
been appointed Ma jor General of Volunteers; .
Simon l lirown of Illinois, Assistant Quarter-'
master; Win. ltlalichard of Washington, Con-
sul to Melbourne. j
Tho .First Massachuetfs ltogiment has,
teized nt Upper Marborough, Md., two wag-j
on loads of arms ami military clothing on
the way to Virginia.
Twenty or thirty soldiers and one Colonel '
were arrested in the hoiiso of Maiblo alley '
la-it night. j
Tho Postofliee departeinent is issuing two I
million postage stamps daily. j
Major Van Vliet and Major Barry of Mc-1
Ch lla i's Stall' have been made Brigadier-:
A grand review of McCull's division, em
bracing thirteen Pennsylvania, regiments,
was held this morning 'by Gen. .McClcllan
and Stall'. Prince He Jomville and Balti
more Uonapurt were present, the last unnotic
ed. W.uiiiNGTON, Sept. 22. f'npt. Lingerfel
tr of Oregon, of Baker's California Jlegi
ment, while out with five men scouting bey
ond the lines last night, was killed by the
rebels in mnbiish. Sergeant Haines caught
him failing, ami shot the assassin. The
picket returned for tho body, pistols and
sword, but they had been stolen. .
.Major Valentine Brown of Garibaldi's
stall', commissioned us Major of the 58th
Ohio, htarU for his regiment to morrow ;
Conviere has been inado Lieut-Col ; Unit
man and Yegezuk receive Gaptancies, and
Brabcnder a Lientenant's commission. The
Count do Paris and Duko deChai tres have
offered their services und been accepted.
Fit ANKFoitT, Ky., Sept. 18. War U de
clared. The legislature to-day adopted res
olutions inviting Gen. Anderson to take
command of the department of Cumberland,
and also passed resolutions that the invad
ers must be expelled, that Gov. Magoffin
niitbt call out sufficient force to elo it, oppos
ing tho confiscation of property and emanci
pation of negroes, and placing tho troops
under the immediate command of Brig. Gen.
Crittenden of the State Guard. All the
State arms, munitions of war, &c, will be
placed under the cotrol of Gen. Anderson.
the Governor refuses to approve the res
olutions it will only delay action one day.
Very a fleeting upeeches were made, and
tears flowed freely.
t.We ti ust the friends of agriculture,
the friends of our country's prosperity, w ill
not fail to bo on li tnd at the county fuir
next week. Let there bo a general turnout.
rT.Gov. tVntr.Kon bus issued an order
that all camps in the Slab', except Camp
lentiwcii, near Cincinnati, nnd Camp Chase,
near Columbia, bo broken up. All Regi
ments and parts of tiegimeiits at oilier
camps will bo corvoh.liited at either one or
tln other of tho above named c.iiups iintnc
el lately.
A Family Blessing.
"In lifting the kelllo from tho fire it ciuurht ntul
f'l'l.loil my bnu.ls nn.l pvr-i n very B'-vrrvlv one
shut it to crisp. The torture vi uubr.ir.tblc. It
was un nwt'ul siuht. n14
tutitf l.ioim.Mit i.uroil to slntmrt tho pain almost
iiiuii. tli.itt.lv. It honied mpittlv itml loft nu sour tf
account. Churl Foster, 4-'0 ltivd Street, 1'liiU
dolphin." It im trul v won liTlttl rtiiit l.f It will
heal any case of volling,tiurn.,stilVjoiuiM, eruption
or rht utiiiUism. Fur linittj it should never bn
disponed with. One Duller' tvi rtlt of Mutitit
has frequently xaved a valuable horse. It cure
gulls, pi .ini, riiicboite, spavins and founder. He
ware, ol itiiiutii.it and eountorloits. A counterfoil
was put in circulation hum St. l.otiismut duly sup
pressed. All genuine will hereafter bear tho
aif(nuimv of t!. V. Wcsthrook, Chemist,
and D. S. Hiirni-s, Proprietor, with the word
"Trade" "Mark," in two Medallion of tho Federal
eurrourv. Three sixo. Sold ecrvw lie,iv.
D. S. BARNES, New York.
Mother, rend this.
The' follow iiij; is nu extract from a letter written
by the pastor ol a Haptist chtireh to the "Journal
and Mess.Mijjer," Cincinnati, Ohio, and apeak ud
uini's iu favor of that w orld -renow ned mctlirinu
Mas. Winslow's SotiTiusu SvHCr roa ciiii.tutKN
'W e soc an advertisement iu your column of
Mis. Winslow's S. sailing Syrup. Now wc uerur
snid a word iu favor of a patent medicine bufore in
our life, but we feel compelled to any to our readers,
that this is no humbug.- vk tuvie tuikii it ami)
know iv ro au ai.i. rr claims. It is, probably,
one ol'tlic most successful medicines of tho day, be
cause it is one of the best; and those of your ivadi-ra
who havo babies cnu't do better than tolnv in a
supply. 4t ly.
SiiKuuv Wink ltiTTKHS.- It is the best medicine
ever used for spring nud summer comphiints. It
has been more liltenilly patronized than any other
ever established in this country. It is tho sanui
Hich inlsou'.s Hitters which has restored so many
invalids to health throughout tho north -eastern
Stato timing the past thirty years. Kcatl the fol
low ing :
Van Wkht, 0., July 2rtth, I8.1S.
Viir .S'tV :- Having sold "I'r. liiclnirdsou's Sher
ry Wine Hitters" for the hist two years, 1 most res
pectfully recommend it to the notice; of Dyspeptte
poisons, unil nil persons: who iviitire a stimulating
medicine. D. K . OAl.l.KIIKltS, M. i).
Sold bv IVck & Hamilton, l'errysburg.
Who is Mrs. Winslow?
A this tiucatioii is frciiucntlv linked, wu will
simply s.ty that she is a lady, who, for upward of
inutv -years, lias untiringly tlevotetl tier time itml
talents, ns n female physician mill nurse, principally
among children. Mie has especially studied the
constitution nml wants of this mimc'roiia clans, so
generally overlooked, or rnrolessly treated by the
faculty in too ni tnv iustitm'cs; nnd as a result of
this effort, and practical knowledge, obtained iu a
lifetiiiu- .spoilt as a nurse and physician, she bus
compounded a Soothing Syrup for children teething.
It operate lik magic- giving rest ami health, and
is, moreover, sure to regulate the bowels. In con
sequence of this nrtit le, .Mrs. Wiuslow is becoming
worl, i reiiovvncil as a oetictnctor ot Iter race ; chil
dren rertainlv do rise up and bless her: especially
is this the case in this place. Vast ttinntilics of the
Soothing Syrup are haii.v sold and used here. It
has got to lie a common remark, "I had rather de
pend on Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for mv
children, than to have the united nil vice of the med
ical lat ulty of the citv." Wo think Mrs. Winslow
has inmint tali.ed her name bv this invaluable arti
cle, and we sincerely believe thousands of children
have boen stvti l from an early grave by its timely
use, und that millions yet unborn will share ils beii
cliU, nud unite iu calling her blessed. No HOTIIKIl
has discharged hervluly to her stitl'oring little ont.
in our opinion, until she has given it the benefit of
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. Trv it, mothers
thy it sow. Ladies' Visitor.N.Y. C'itv. liHiil
Davis' Pais Kii.i.kii. This article need no
comment from us, but the real worth of no valuable
a compound compels us to give publicity to it in
our Transcript. Mr. Perry Davis, the in imifitcturer
nnd inventor, is a gentleman for whom we entertain
the highest respect, nn I nny articlo he may oiler to
the public we should have the highest e'tiiili.lctice
in. The I '.i in Killer wo keep constantly at hand,
und have tbue so for a number of years nud have
administered it for nils ol nil descriptions, both
external antl internal, and have ever found it to be
the best rem.' ly extant. We well recollect its first
introduction 1". -i- public patronage, it was then sold
in a few shops in this oil y; look at it now the world
are its p itr nis. A few titys since vve published a
certitie.il ... from llitrni ih, nnd we have often seen
thorn from the most remote habitable regions of tho
Itendei , if you have not a supply on letnd (wo
trust you have, as it is almost iu iispcnsibl.',) pro
cure it onco, itml never be without it again -it will
save m my a physician's bill . Providence Daily
Transcript. Sold bv Pkuk A Hamilton, Pcrrvs
burg. born is tiik r.msn in favorof a valuable madi
cin , nnd Dr. S. A. Weaver's Syrup mid Cerate is
curing ev ery case of Suit Itheiini, Krvsipelas, Scrof
ula, Tott"r', I'leerated Sores, Scald Head, Son
Kycs, and all disease that are the result of impt.ru
blood, t'cople siiilering from these disease's can be
e mud by persevering in the use of Dr. Weaver's
remedies. Tho Syrup will purifv the blood and
drive the tlisease to thu surface of thu skin, when,
by applying to the Cerate, a euro is sure. It never
fails. Trv it.
Sohl by Peck & Hamilton, lVrrysburg. 19-4
r M V 0 It T A X T T O V E M A f. K S I
I Dit. ciii:i:si;max'.s pn.r.s.
Prepared bv Cornelius Chce'seman. M.D. Xcw York
City. The combination of ingredients in these Pills
aro the result ol a long ana extensive practice. 1 hcv
nre mild in their operation, and certain iu correcting
all irregularities, painful Menstruations, removing
all obstructions, whether troni com or otherwise:
head ache, pain tho side, palpitation of tho heart,
whites, all nervous iiMeetions. hysterics, fatigue,
pain the hack ami limns. An., disturbed sleep, which
urrise from interruption of nature.
To M.viiltlKl) IiAIiiks. Dr. Cheoseiiinii' Pills are
invaluable, as they will bring on the monthly jiori
od with regularity. Women who have bccn'disap
pointed in the use of other Pill can place the utmost
conlidenee in Dr. Chcescnian's Pills doing all they
represent to do.
Notium. There is one condition in the fvinulcKys
t 'lii iu which the Pills cannot lie taken without pro
ducing u rixi i.iAii iiKsri.r. The coinliliou referred
to i I'llKIIN ACV lindthelVStllt.MIHCAIIIIIAIiK. Slid)
is the irivsistablc ton leney of thu medicine to re
store the sexual functions to a normal condition, that
even tho re-pividuetivo power of nature cannot resist
Warranted purely vegetable and five from nnv
thing injurious, K.vplieit directions, which should
bo road, accompany each box. Price $1. Hunt by
mail on enclosing $1 to Dr. Cornelius b. Clieesomau,
box 4 I , Post-olliee, New York City.
2 T' 'Sold by on? Druggist in every town in the
C. S. H. II. Ill TCillXS,
cn oral Agent for the C. S., Xo. 14 Hroadway,
To whom all orders should be addressed.
For sa io by Pkck Hamilton, Pcrrvsburg.
They Impart Strength ; the'y Annihilate Pain.
Those delightful plasters yield readily
Park's i to the motion of the body, absorb perspi
P.it 'ut 'ration and throw oil' all the olfoiisive
Poms coagulated impurities of the system.
Prickly jThcy Khoiihl bo used for all 'Chronic
Plasters 'Pains, Fainmcss. Dyspepsia, ('old, Con
Aro Isuiuption, ltlicumuiisin, Female Weak
Sold :ihs, eto. They retain their active prop
liy all friie-s when other Plaster lire usjless.nnd
Dealer 1 whero applied pain cannot exist. Every
From -family should have them. One size ou
1 to 2,' a jcloth, three sizes on leather. Sample sunt
Dimes, by miil.nn receipt of 25 cents.
Ii. S. HARXliS, 13 A 14 Park Row X. Y.
April, 18CI 4'Jly.
On the 27th AuguM, 191, by D. Hogs, Esq., Mr.
Joun Gkorge SroEitL nod Miss Elizabeth Uaek
tbl. On tho 19th Sept., by tho aamo, Mr. William
Barton and M akoahkt C. D avem-omt, nil of Fer-
rysbin'g township.
Perrysburg Market.
Wheat tiju 65;l'Ji Flgui-fJbrl ...$5iiJ5U
Wool 2M!7 HamVtb Oiffiluc
Tallow 1 lb 8o (Shoulder 1 lb 8e
Uye bu 37o Poultry tb S'3.e
Corn ? I'U 2fi?i2ro Eggs $ dog 7ffl8o
Oats y bu .. .. 16M20o Feutb.r M b 43 60o
Potatoosbu--202Jo Oroen Hid .3tf4
8(J10e Stilt brl $1.7J
Lard f) Hi Bo Clover Sci f bu $3.50
t th
Tho rrnt Iry C.oodt Itnxtiur!
V H . M I L L Ii It .V CO.,
would rospuctfully auiioniic to thu clliaon of
That they have just rocoivud direct from New York
a lui'Kti sud well selected assortment of nuw and
Comprising all the leading styles of Fancy, Staple
nnd Domestic Dry Uooda,
Ladies' (ioihIs,
Dry Goods,
Ready Made Clothiiig,
Hits and Caps,
Roots and Phnc,
Crockery, ic,
Ant, in fact, everything usually kept is a
All of which will be sold at extraordinary LOW
J"Xolic our Marktt reports iu to-day's paj'er.
W buy sod sell ia seoordiuoe with the prices giv
eu. UTRemeiBbr fUepIsc, F. R. MUtor A Co., op
prtlt th Pprrysburg Bink Dulldrng.
Fsrrj-sburp, My 2d 1801.
la Tn iV.p nr
Th Celebrated Now Ellwand Remedy for
llahttnnl Consilpntion.
Jaundice. Fctr and Ajtiio, Utwral liability, tu)
all ether DiMaa arising front Disor
dered Stomach, l,irr,or bowel.
They aro uod and rccoimu-nile-d by tii leading
Physician of tho country, aud all who try th.iu
pri'Muunct) them invnlunllo.
Du. JAM KS E. EKPEKK, write from Xnrarr
ftaik Co., Ohio, "tho Hitters aro highly praltcd by
thoao ulieiiiig lioiti Indigestion, dy8pplat!dli'er
I., ti. Davih, Postmaster ut Wil intnsport, Ohio,
!, "they git e gr. at milisfiictieti. 1 line thfai
myself, having la's, n col. I, become prostrate and
lost my appetite. It relieved me, and I fan rceoui
luond it with yiertl assurance of it merits."
Pk. Wh. M. Kkhr.oI' Id goravillo, lnd., write
u that tiicy arc the most valuable moditTine offered.
11 ; hits ruri'tuiiicndcd them with givt sneers, and
vv ith litem undo several cure of palpitation of tho
heart anil general debility.
Titiaici Stash roup. Esq., Moimtsville, Henry
Co., lnd., writes a long h ltei, under date of May 4,
18JH. He was lunch reduced, having been afllirtctl
for three year wilh grout ncrvioua debility, palpi
tation of the heart of the most severe and prostrating
character, "after using a few bottles I was eo u
pletelv restored, and am now in robust l.ea'th,"
J. W. Hi nt write from Dtlphos. Allen Co., Ohio,
(a section whore Fever and Atiu prevail. ) that ho
most cherlully rernimnctid them of decided merit
in all cages of rETr.it ami auik, dvsi-e'.sia. and
(IKM'.IIAI. Iikiiii.itv.
D. K. Oai laiikrs. M. D write fii.m Van Wert,
Ohio, "I most respectfully recommend tho Sherry
Wine I'.iiter to the notice of Dyspeptic pewon,
an 1 Io ull wiin re.ptire a stimulating Medicine.
rrt.i. imiicTioxH Aeeoiii'ANT each nuTiu;.
Sold bv dealers iii medicine generally.
Tiiee 1.1 rent per bottle.
J. X. II AtlHJ.-t, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Oencrtil Agents for the Souibernnnd W.,.t;-r t.-tes.
For sale by Pock Hamilton, I'c-rvsbiirg, Ohio;
F. liiH singer. Freedom: f. I lion jhion, Itowlmg
tliecn; II. Itunvtt, Matimoe, D. II.' .Miner, Toledo;
W. D. M.mtv. Svlvinea: A. E. Jerome, New West
Held i A. J. (i.irlhior i: Co., loload. ,2wtv
livery Irmly linn It, ilvcry lioily uses It,
Till'. HI'AT l'V.Mtl.V yii'iicixi:.
Taken Intoriiatly, it euros sudden Colds, Cough,
Ve Weak Stomach, tleneral Debility, Xursing
bore Mouth, Canker, I.ivcr Coniplaiiit,' Dvspcpsia,
or Indigestion, Cramp and Pain in the Stomach,
Rowed Complaint. Painter- Colic, Asiatic Cholera.
Diarrhea and Dysentery.
i Applied Externally, cmv Felons, Roils, and Old
Soivs, Severe bums. Scalds, Cuts, Eruiscs and
Sprains, Swelling ol' the Joints. Ringworm and
Teller, broken breast, Frosted Feet and Chillblain,
Toothnehc. Pain iu the Face, '.urnlgin ami Rheu
matism. It is a sure remedy for Ague, and Chills
and Fever.
Pain Killer, taken internally, should bo adulter
ated with milk or water, or made into a syrup with
molasses. For a Cough, a fovv drops 'on sugar
eaten will be more clloetivo than anything else.
Sec printed direction which neeompuiiv each
What stronger proof ran bo produced than the
following letter received, unsolicited, front ltv. V-
11. Jacob:
Xewnrk, X. J., June 0, 1800.
Muss ii. Pi:iinvDvis Son-tieiitlemcn Allow
mo, unsolicited, to send you a word of rouimouihi
t ion for your IVin Killer. I have used it in my
family these set oral years, ami found il alt it claim
to Iv. For liheum.iti.-m, Coughs, Colds, burns,
Cholera tendencies and ilillieiilties, us well as dis
cuses generally thut prevails ill families, 1 regard
the Pain Killer as beyond nl! price, nud a ellie-a-cious
beyond any medicine within my knowledge.
Wo keep it us our chief family medicine, nnd lind
its use in ordinary case worth more than any
doctor. The testimony of others among hit ao
tiuaiittaiievs and friends isctt;allv favorable. jNlnny
clergymen have spoken of it in the highest terms
as a family medicine. -Missionaries in repeated iu
stances have said to mo iu person and ill their letters,
that (he Pain Killer wa by far the best mcdicinu
used ill heathen lands, anil they use it forthciiise-lvos
nnd families, and administer it to other n round
them. Thus lunch 1 am inclined to sav a an act
of justice to yourselves, nml as a beuetit to others.
You are at liberty to use this testamniiial, if of nnv
service. REV. W. JACORS, "
Late IMilor Christian Chronicle.
t'At TION. -The public will bo cautious that they
get the genuine Pain Killer us home unprincipled
men, use thnt name for their own worthless com
pounds, in so doing (hoy decievc the roiuiuuuitv,
niitl infringe upon the "Thauk Mark" of Perry
licnuim Perry Davis' Pain Killer sold by all
respectable. Druggists,
Direction accompany each buttle.
Price 2ic, 50c. and $1 per bottle.
Proprietoia for tho Western and Southern States,
Cincinnati, 0.
For sale, wholesale and retail, by Peck A Ham
ilton, lVrryslMii-.,: I'lod. i ick b'osingor, Freedom: S.
1.. boiighion. bowling tirccii: X. tirahtibnan, Por
tage: D. 11. Miner, Toledo; W. D. Moore. Svlvanin;
est A Truax. Toledo; A. E. Jerome, Xovv Wcst
tiehl. A. J. tlardiicr ,V Co., tiilend. 2wtye
h M - (i R O V E
1 N S T 1 T U T B
Tho Fall Term of the second year of tltis Institu
tion vv ill commence on
The Institution is furnished with a full corpse of
qualified and experienced Teaches. Arrangements
aro made for cxu iiive and i-ystcmatic course of
Classical nnd Scientific utmly. Classes will bu
formed for those who nre preparing to teach the en
suing winter. A cour.ii; of Lecture will be deliv
ered on subjects of iiilerest and importance to teach
ers. Hoard in good families, or rooms for self
hnnrding can be obtained on very lilaTal terms. For
further particulars sou circular, or addre the
Principal, J. W. 111F.TT,
Augusts, '01 -lttv.'i. .MatimooCity.O.
j)0 AD XOTHT.- Xotio,! is hereby given that
J 1 iipplication has been made to tho'Oominis.sion
crs of Wood county for tho view nnd survey of
Count v bond, commencing nt tlio u w cor of sec ;tti,
town (1, range 12 cast; thmce vv on see line to the
n w cor of sec :tl, s;t nr.- town: ulso to vacate that
portion of ii diagonal mad on the e s w sec 29
m si.il town. The vijwers nnd 'surveyors will
meet at the house of Win. Fold, on tho I ith day of
September, IHi'.l. WM. FORD.
July 27, 1SD1 1i!h:s
i : U L' L A R V A C K E T .
l'errysburg and Toledo.
The Steamer ' VV. l.i.E," L. ( Lock Master, will
, make two trips a tl.iy Uetweca I Vrrvsburg and To-
du during the season. The boat will leave Perry,
j burg at K o'clock, n. in., and 2 o'clock p. in. Ketu'rn
ing, will leave Tideeln ul II, a. in., und 5:00 p.m.
Will bo at Mead's Hotel in (iilead, on the 20th of
August, and remain until the 4th of September,
cm! in Perrysburg at the Exchange from the 5th of
September to the 21.-t. 14w7.
CALF. OF REAL ESTATE.-bv virtue- of an
k order of tho probate court of Crawford county
Ohio, I will oiler for sale on the 12th day of October,
i sin, nciwccn iti o ciock a. in, and 4 it. ni., the rol-
i low ing d escribed lands situate in Wood county, 0.,
1 to-w it; the ne,'4' of the ik'.4' of see. 27, tp. 3, north
I of range 12 oust: also the of thu ue'K ef s?o.
' :U, tp. :!, north of range 12 aforesaid. Sale to take
! place nn the premises. Terms. 1 '. cash. V. in one.
il V, in two years, with interest from day of sale,
J. S. RLSlXOEK, adm'rol'D. Ayers, doe'd,
I guardian of .Mary Avers,
Sept. lith, bstil-lOwi
ROAD -NOTICE.- Notice Is hereby given that
tho Coiiimisiou.'rs of Wood 'county have
granted an order for a view and survey ot a pro
' posed eountv road, commencing on theliiie between
Wood and llanoorkcouiities at tbejsisi between sec
: tions S jaiid lid, bUx inlHii. iusnid Co.; thence north
j en the section lino six miles and there to tciuiiuutei
j and thai the vixwers and surveyor will meet at lie
nouse ol Jonathan .ilyorson the Mill il.iv of October
next. J. D. liRO.NSOX, priiicipul pot'r.
Sept. 7, lSfll-IUwijil 00,
iCEXTS REWARD. Rim awar fnliTTm
1 ' residence of Gideon Hammun, io bloom twp.,
Woo.1 cr.imty, Ohio, on the 20th of August, 1801,
boy boy by the name of George Maehermon, sged
ultocn years. When bu lult lie was in bis Liri
sleeves. 1 ho returner vv ill lie rewarded br mc, si
bept. 2d, lSrtl-lflwS
A the s.M.n is uppivnchieg for the transplant
lug of tret t, Ac, w e l.g u call the attention of thou
interested to our largo and well selected stock of
Trees ami, Shrubbery,
Consisting in part of Apple, Pear, Peach, Flnro,
Cherry, Apricot. Qtiioce, Raspberries, Rlackbsrres,
Goosbcrnes, Cumini-., Pie-Plant, Urspc, Ac.
W havo lull assortment of Fruit, Ornamental
and Evergreen Trees, which w will sell .1 w.r
,n - - bOMFROY t ItftO'B.
OiBes at tns Perrysburg Usiik BuildiusT, Ferrv.
! buijf, Ohio. Cnrt us call, 18tjf

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