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Local Matters.
Local Matters. TIME TABLE---Dayton & Michigan R.
ooimo aovrn. I ooino north.
Virht K to 10 25 r. m. I NMKip.---S:30 a.m
Uail 10 49 A. . I Mail J:S8 r. M.
freight :1S a.. I Freight 7:21 T.u.
Wood! Wood!! Wood!!!
Any tmount of good wood wanted at this
office on subscription. Kuw in the time to
bring it in.
All kinds of fruit, sweet and Irish pota-
toes, fowls, corn, oats, hay, and in fact al
most any article of produce also taken on
Soldiers' Aid Society.
The ladios of Perrysbnrg met at SpaiTord'a
Exchange, on Saturday last, and organized
a society tu aid tho volunteers. We were
unable to be present in person, but are fur
nished with a iniuuto of the procedings by
our better-half. The society was organized
by elceting the fallowing olfioors :
President Mps. JRTts ?PArronD.
Vice President Mns. 0. Bkacu.
Ireuaurer Mrs. H. l Averill.
Secretary-' -Mrs. A. 11 all.
An Executive Committee of fourteen was
appointed, as follows :
Mrs. M. Hall, Mrs. Bradford. Mrs. Dustin.
Mrs. Price. Mis. J. X. Wescntt. Mrs. (!. Pow.
ers, Mrs. IVrrin, Mrs. Wallnce, Mrs. Hatch,
Mrs. Peck, Mrs. YV.Ikisou, Mrs. Uiown, Mrs.
F. U. Miller and Mrs. Houston.
Tho duty of this Committee, or more prop
erly speaking, Board of Directors, will be
to solicit contributions, "cut out" and ap
portion among those who desire to tako a
Jiand in this very patriotic work. Bitch arti
cles as may bo contributed and bought to
nmko up. Wo hope and have reason to ex
pect that the elfoits of tiio Directors will
meet with a hearty co-operation by our
cititena, and that Perrysburg, population
considered, will occupy a " front scat " on
the benevolent list. The ladies of the 6iir
grounding country are also respectfully in
vited to participate in the good work. Con
tributions will be received as usual at the
.Exchange. As the gallant 21st has niadc a
call upon us for hospital stores, it would
probably bo well for the people to conform
their gifts as much as possible to articles
suitable for sick and wounded bough u: -doubtedly
articles of almost all kinds will
be acceptable. We give the following de
scription of articles most neded : Blankets
for single beds; quilts of cheap materia',
about seven feet long by fifty inches wide;
knit woolen socks; woolen or Canton flamul
Led-gowns, wrappers, under shirts and
drawers; small hair and feather piliows and
cushions for wounded limbs; slippers.
Delicacies for the sick such as farina,
arrow-root, corn starch, cocoa, condensed
milk and nicely dried fruit can be advan
tageously distributed by the Commission.
J.ellies should be carefully prepared to avoid
fermentation, and most securely packed.
Many ai tides of clothing have been injured
in packages heretofore sent the comm'ssion,
by the breaking of jars and bottles. Over
every vessel containing jelly, strew whih
eugar to the depth of half an inch, and paste
stout paper (not brandied) over the mouth.
Jellies sent in stone bottles arrive in the
best condition, and there is no difficulty in
removing their conU-nts for use. Every
Lottie, etc., containing jolly should be la
belled. Aromatic spirits and waters, light
easy chairs for convalescents, nicely madt
splints for wounded limbs, chequer and
backgammon boards, and like articles fo.
the amusement of wounded men, books foi
desultory reading, and magaxiucs, especial
ly if illustrated, will be useful.
All articles should be closely packed in
wooden boxes, or in very strongly wrappe.
bales, and clearly directed. On the top of
the contents of each box, under the cover,
a list should be placed, and a duplicate o.
this list should be sent forward by mail, as
soon as it is learned where and who to scud
The 67th Regiment.
The company which is being formed at
this place, for the above regiment, is now
nearly full, and Capt. Spafford m.orms u
w.ll probably go into camp at Toledo about
the last of this or the first of next week.
The efforts of the Military Committee of this
county, to raise recruits, have been all that
could be asked by the most patriotic. Al
ready we have ono company here, nearly
full, ono at Gilead, fast progressing, and
e till another in tho region of the llidge for
the regiment at Fremont. And all these
companies will be mostly filled by the men
of this county making an aggregate repre
sentation in the service, for Old Wood, of
over one thousand soldiers.
P. S. Since the above was in type a por
tion of Capt. Spafford's company has gone
to camp. They lelthere Wednesday morn
ing. It may not be out of place here to
mention that George Null, Esq, of this
place, has received a comm'ssion and has
gone to icork to raise a company. Quite a
number of Germans have -already signified
their intention of going with him.
Post-route Convention.
Tba convention called to meet at Toledo, on Tues
day last, hus been postponed for three weeks. Wo,
with quite a Dumber of other from this county,
went down witu a view of recommending a daily
miil between here tod Portage to leave that place
in tbe morning, aul returning, leave here after the
arrival of thj three o'clock tr.iir., in tho afternoon
Parties are ready, we understand, to carry the mail
fur the receipts of the three post-offices outside of
Ferrysburg, and Gen. Ashley lias assured us the
Department will grant the request, if it bo put to no
expense in the premise. Tbe importance of a dai
ljr back line, between Portage and this place has
long been felt by the business community of the
county, and we are confident it will soon be nude to
pay a ban (some profit to thosj engaged in the en
terprise. There is also another route upon which
we should like to see at least a a. mi-weekly
through mail. We allude to tbe Ferry aburg and
Fremont route. Our friends on the Ridtte labor un
dor great disadvantages, by the present arrange
saeaKaud we are confident they will unite in any
eflurt for a regular through mail froiq this plaoe.
W bops to lee a fair representation of the friend
who favu, a change in these routes, at the conven
tion wUth meets at Toledo, Tueaday.November 12.
W -rjfer fr0IU the Blade that there
are a lew fcceBh ftbout Toledo, who are
trying to diB.cuage onlistineuU to the 67th
regiment, nowrmiDg at place We
bave a few of claB8 here ; who
white they clau t0 be iTuion men ftr, se.
cretly working a n
they cannot Uv, cuol of
Post-route Convention. Common Pleas Court.
The fall term fthOUJt commenced on
Toeaday-Judga Whit 0Q BencJj
The Wood County Printing.]
Ms. FmTOR! The writer of thU'potnmunScstlr
has observed, with feelings of profound respect and
reference, an article of great lejral depth and re
search lately published in the Wood County lode
p indent. Tbe learned, astute and erudite ad vie of
that firm has proved, to hi own satisfaction, that
the whole system of public printing, as practls.-d In
the State nf Ohio, is wrong that a Treasurer
cannot publish his Tas List, nor buy a euple of
dollar's worth of tlx receipts, and an Auditor can
not publish bis Delinquent List, or buy a duplicate,
without giving due and proper notice to all tlie
b'nik -sellers, stationery peddles an Inswspapor pub
lisher In the Stste, so that sscli tnJ every on
of them may hare a finger in the pie. Now a few
of ns common lawyers, as well as several of our
brethren in oth.r places were st first inclined t"
treat the srgum nt with derision, and to impute it
to that very sharp legul gentleman known Hig
gin' ripht bower when spades nre trumps the
gentleman who gets up such fine points of law that
the court can't see them, and ht can't see them: bin
he Xnoira there Is s 1 oint somewhere, and the great
question 1 whether the point l.PJ got stuck In hi
person in some uncomfortable spid: (s me think it
hat by th. way he wigg!ei )or whe'.her his point
is that celebrated Utile end of nothing whittled
Of cours?, however, wo were iwiieMrrf on reading
l ist week in the Independ.nt that the law i ruina
ted here, and was drawn by Judge Cook for Clark's
benefit. Of course, if the law was drawn here, u e
are the ones to know what it means what the li
tent of tbe Legislature was, and all that. No m li
ter how obscure tho terms nf tho law are; no mat
ter whether by lis terms it has any reference to the
Auditor's and Treasurer's publication of their lists
whatever it Is enougii to know that Judge Cook
d ew it for Clark's benefit, and thnt settles the qu .-,
Now, it happens that Judge Cook never drew it
for Clui k's benefit, nor did tho law oripinate hete.
Ono section of the law, as it origin illy passed, pro
vided in effect that the law should apply in Ui mil
ton county only. It was not till 1668, and after
poor Clnik was dead that tho section limiting the
application Of the law to Hamilton county was re
pealed, and the operation of the law extended
throughout the State.
Judge Cook offered a resolution in convention
that the Auditor and Treasurer be requested to give
their lists to the lowest bidder. That is all there is
of that.
When the law was first passed, some numbskull
took the s.i me view of it in Cincinnati that Hifpins
an 1 his legal adviarr here do. and tndcavi red to
oblige the Commissioners to tnke the sumo Course
that IIifins wants them to take here. TheUes
tion up: n the law was submitted to the well known
Ju be Spencer, or the Superior Court of Cincinnati
one of tho brightest legal miu Is the State has ev
er produced. Judpe Spencer decided that the Au
ditor, Treasurer and Sheriff were not within the op
eration of the statute, so far ns regards the publica
tion of newspaper notices required of them bylaw.
The law relative to the Treasurer la that he shall
publish his tlx list in some paper printed in the
conn-'y: so ot the Au li.or; so of the Sheriff. The
law quoted by Ilippins would require this to be
given to the lowest bid ler anyioSrrc in the Si ttc. Ii
Hipgins' law applies, an 1 the editor of the To'ed
Times, or Napoleon North-West bid lower than oui
county editors, the li.l would luive to be sent to
them, for the law require it to he given to the low
est bidder, without reference to where he lives. 0:'
course no such farce was inten led by the Legist i
ture ns to have a t ix list published, where none of
those interested wnul 1 see it. Yet the laiv,if it ap
plies nt all, means this, for it is positive in its term?
and opens the list for competition to all of tho peo
ple of the State.
Should the Au litrr or Treasurer need at any one
time stationery or printed fi rms of the value of over
one hundred dollars, then proposals must be pub
lished, nn 1 everv man in the Stnto in Rotltoi;, ?d f,.
T.t r the lists. In such cases it is well known t at
the heavy establishments of Cleveland, Columbus
and Cincinnati can underbid any local printer, : nd
the Ci mmissiotvrs would be sadly deficient in their
duty if they failed to avail themselves of the bos
market. As it is, for the Tux Duplicates, Dockets,
Records, Ac, our Commissioners have always s n
where they could bo procured the thcijiest. O.ir
County Clerk g-ts his blanks from Columbus a- d
Cleveland going to the cheapest market and buy
ing them at tho lowest cash prices. S inetimes
when the county officers get out of blanks they pio
cure ten or fifteen dollar worth at the oflice of the
county paper. The cost of advertising for thesv
would be more than the articles would rime to.
In a city like Cleveland or Cincinnati the item f
Treasurer's receipts for one year would probably
ec. e 1 on thousnn 1 dollars, whila here fi.'ty to one
hundred dollars purcha ses enough for a year
Again, tho law quoted by Higgins cannot apply
to the case of the tax lists and Sheriff's sales, I'm
the two laws would directly conflict, and repeals by
implication are not favored. The law as to the tax
list, &c, Mijet the Treasurer to publish them in n
p per printed in tSe county, the other law gives ti e
printing to tho Imcest tklder in the State. We mus
look at the ulijict of 1 10 law requiring tax lisis, 4c.
to be published. It is to place those lists befoie
the properly holders of llu county not of som.-otl
cr county, but of the county where the property is
tlow shall tins be doner Manifestly, ny piiblishn g
in the paper having the largest circulation in tl e
county. It is mutter of public interest, and peo
ple, should be able to see it. Now the editor of a
little six-by-nino sheet like Higgins', with rnly a
baker's doien of subscribers, might well afford to
underbid an established paper, with subscribers
numbering by the hundreds. Cut the law contem
plates the leaving of this matter discretionary with
its officers, so that the lists may be published where
it will accommodate the greatest number of the
people. For all practical purposes the tax Ih.t
might as well be nailed up in the Court House as
published in tho Independent. Very few have ever
heard of it, except through the Journal, and fewer
slill have ever seen it. Perhaps our people would
be forced to buy a few numbers of the worthless
sheet for the purpose of getting a look at the delin
quent list, and its circulation could be increased at
a great expense to the people, who would have to
pay for an extra paper in order to read what ought
to bo found in the regular county paper. It is un
doubtedly ihe idea of the editor of the Independent
that he could m ike money by publishing those lists
once, for little or nothing, thereby securing a large
addition to his subscription list fr m peisons who
most have a record of delinquencies, Ac. Of com be
what was saved by the Treasury of the county
would be taken back, and ten timj more, from the
pockets of thj people.
If Mr. Higgins and his legal adviser are ri.fl.t,
then certainly the officers and editors throughout
the State are wrong. Who has ever seen in Toledo,
Cleveland, r any other place, proposals for print
ing the delinquent list advertised? or the Treasur
er's list? Such a thing ba never been heard of.aud
assuredly editors in other places woul I have ad
vanced this claim had it not been perfectly evident
to eery m in of common sans j that it could never
for aum.'Ol ba admitted; and this, I may add, is
n far as I can learn, the almost unanimous opin
"Knights of the Golden Circle."
Several of these gentry, who Lave been
conspiring against the Government, were
arrested in Marion county, and tried by
Commissioner White.in Clevehmd.last week.
Court. Hodder, Christian tnd Travie were
put under bonda to appear at the next term
of the United States Court in Cleveland.
The late party press of Ohio are now trying
to apologize for the arrest of the above
named individuals, by denouncing it as an
Abolition trkk for political effect We fear
the effurta of sympathising friend, howev
or, will not save the traitors.
"Knights of the Golden Circle." The "Mite."
At brother Ci anker's, on Tuesday evening
was really a pleasant affair. Tbsuoxt meet
ing will ho at Mrs. perria's, on Front street.
Hospital Scores Wanted for the 21st.
Regimen', Col. Norton.
Th Chaplain, Cider Skinner, and Surgeon Amu
hav jut a request for H pital Store, consisting
of uch articles a Oovernment cannot ytt supply,
for tho bsnefit of the sick and wounded soldier of
il,i 91t Birt
-i i . i v.ir-itit.
She articles most needed sre sheets, hair-width,
pillow-cases, shirts and drawers, (large and loose,)
towel, fruit preserved, canned and dried, grape
wine In small battles, acraped lint, old lioen, ban-1
J . . i J m i I 1 .1 f. .. k mi '
aagva (iirw ana luur incur mui
feet long, rolled, and anything that will add to th
comfort uf the sick.
It is expected that all who hart friends and or
f.-iends to th Reg im.nt will contribute a little. The
Chaplain nd Surgeon becoming responsible for
their application strictly to th sick and wound
ed. The friends of the respective companies can se
lect 9imi place ond person to receive cintributions
and pack them, and the packages can bj forward
ed to "Rev. II. C. Skinner, Chaplain Slut R.gt. O.
V. M.," when he mikes known the place of en
cam mcnt.
Th boxes should be plainly marked and en
orsed "Hospital Stores."
Pin Hay, Fos'.oria and all newspapers in bourn's
i f the Regiment pleasJ copy.
'Those who live in Glass Houses should.
not Throw Stones."
Ma. EotTOtt: 1 atnopp:od to the policy of trcat
I g icamp in such a m inner as to excite the sym
pathy of decent peopb In his favor. I am of tlie
opinion that anything that K, A. H ppins.of the n
(f.'jLxW.nf, mihtsty of a man, could do him very
little harm or good in this vicinity, and I do not
propose to treat anything he has said, or may aay,
either of in? or my friends, S3 at all a scruus mat
ter. When the call for a Union Convention was cir
culated, Higgins thought It a good chance to make
some political capital for himself and hi hangers
or, by tl. low ing out s few of his contemptible In
sults up n various cititeus of the county. He
charged the Pp'S.'CUtor with having nude a false
report to the Attorney General; the Treasurer with
having stole the county funds; the Auditor with
having connived at it; and both as having indirect
ly bribed the Joi'KSAL to cover up their rascality.
The tiumiii.-e for Prosecutor, he said, was notorious
ly incompetent, an ! was nominated by tlie "whisky 1
i iteresl." These charges were made without a
scintilla of proof to sustain them, and none has
since been offere 1.
Si me "scribbling scoundrel" has hod the auda
city to attack Hipgins on his own ground. He finds
that there ore s me men hereabouts who know his
antecedent, and are disp Sed to drug them before
the pu'olic iu their true ligat, in retaliation f r his
m ilicioiis, lying abuse. He declines to be unm isk
ed, and attempts tu bile his m ral deformity and
throw dust iu tue eyes of the puelic, by setting up
the howl of ''persecution."
I want to tn ow down the glove to Mr. ITiegins,
an 1 see if he will lie mm en ugh to take I up for
a lair, hand-io-liund fight. He proposed s me t ue
since. that he w.iul I r.-g ,le his readers, "alter elec
tion," with some ustoiin i ig disclosures uU.iuthe
e. rrnption of the "court house clique." II i don't
come lo tiin i with his evidence. The public waot
to see it. If he will only begin, I will agree t
show what sor. of a character tais exponr lias fa
trn.'h and honcj y. I will prove all tout has been
said of him in the Jovrnai., nn I if necessary ti
com inoe him tnal I urn light, 1 will publish "board
bills unpaid," that repiesent bread and butter on
wh oh he fattened "ye irs ago;" I w ill trive to the
e ze of an ' admiring public" the embryo resolu
tion for his cxpnlsii n from the Sute Senate, lor
in ernwd Ring with "what did not concern hiin;"
and 1 will n ( ice several other matters nt hereto
fore named.
Hipgins claims that the conduct of a public offi
cer is public property; why not that of n public
:ournalist as well? Let's have the testimony , fii nd
Ethen, ai d for the sake of despatch we'll just do nl
the d sag veable work at once, and allow the pub
lic toco. use b tweeu you and themenjou have
b '. n ai-sa'ling.
On? hi r I inor I understand that sfmsoripg
'.'!n' b ickers and triinera have appealed from t leii
" resli n'.bhed pens" to their 'brawny musc'e."und
sw-'iir t 'i iiblv that thev must not be assailed per
wMiMi, or tli'ey " ill .uii u. n,u,i mat aoes it.
Ki cool boys two can play a', that gam.', and
i sole you wont i'lerciiso the -iti ill amount ol brain?
which, in tiie myaterious iillotuvnts of i'rovi len . e,
ins f i lien to your share, by sucn obstreperous tie
mo- str ttioiw. Th -n in uttcmpilng to right your
selv s in t lis way, you mig'it get the worst of tl e
birgsin, which "y;u know weuld be exccdinirly
JKrJ-A'verul sclu'Oneis .ire in port loadii g
with grain.
BfSuT'ue "2d Regiment, now forming nl
Fremont, is reported to ho, last filling up.
A very inlercstinj; letter from Vent
rn V rginia is just received too late fo.
t lis week's isst'.o.
ETA strolling liuiid of Gipsies are en
c uiped near thin place. They have a mnn
.icr of very iinc lionses.
Bi3X,.A coiip'e of lioi'ses, attached to n
wngiin, Imd quite a spirited "run," on the
Avenue, the other day. No harm done.
Our Hook Table.
Tub Atlantic Monthly, November, 1861 ; Tick
nor & Fields, lioston. Muss.
The present number of this standard American
m-mthly comes to us freighted to overflowing wit
i s sparkling gems of literature. It continues, au
it has promised, to be a war mnpaziuc the articles
benrinfr either directly or indirectly on the affairs o:
our country, are as follows: Health in the Cump:
Why has tlie North Felt npprieved with Fnplund?:
Contrabands at Fortress Mmroe ; The Flower if
Liberty, anl The Washers of the Shroud. Tlei
t icreaiooih r papers treating of various subjects,
the priivipil of wuich are the following: George
Sand: H ir-Chaiiis i Alexis do Taeqiieville i The
Wild En live; Reviews, etc., etc. Mrs. Stowe's Ag
nes of rvirreiilo is continued. The second part ot
a s ory commenced in the October number, entitl id
A Story of To-Day, is also included in the prcsmt
number. The Atlantic is tie film ultra in jwint ol
literary standing, and should bo rend bv all. Terms
one copy one yeur$3; two copies $5; five copies $1U.
The IAniEs' rtrrosiToiiY, November 1861 j Toe A
Hitchcock, Cincinnati, O.
The Repository opens with un interesting article
entitled, "The Model Queen Isabella." The othi r
articles, which will all bear a careful perusal, are
Proverbs, or new ideus iu old words; Away from the
Sent of War; Worship of Our Own Will) (ireat
Triumphs of the Gospel j The Minister's Visit
Madeline Uascttll's Letters) Sister Sullivan's Nar
row House; How great a matter s little fire kindleth;
Carlvsle and his Religion; Whitfield's Second Visit
to Virginia, and L -gends of Dumpling Hill Tom
llenojtt. . Numerous fine pieces of poetry enliven
its pages, besides editorial notices, etc. We had
slnn st forgotten to mention the prime engravings,
"Tbe Summer Tresses of the Trees are gone," and
'Isabell i" wanting nothing but breath to make it
live. The embellishments by no means render this
otherwise valuable book unacceptable. Terms
two dollars a year, invariably in advance.
Everything rich, rare, and bountiful in Millineryj
Ladies' Furnishing Goods, Laces, Embroideries,
Dress and Cloak Trimming, Gloves, Hosiery, Worst
eds, Chenels, Woolen Yarns, Worsted patterns,
Slipper patturns, Worsted work, etc.
Dress an 1 Cloak making In all its various branch
es. Cutting and fitting dons to order on short no
tice. Patterns for all the latest designs for cloaks,
mantillas, sleeves, aprons, tacks, etc., etc.
HATS Ajp FLATS BLEACHED, colored and
pressed into any of the fashionable shapes.
Tracing for all kinds of embxoidery on flannel,
merinos, silk, velvet, etc. finking, stitching, quilt
ing dona to order on short notice.
Pleaso call and esamina our assortment of now
goods, for wo ars confident that w can please si
who favor us wkb their patronage
Octl0-3mcb 111 Summit St., Toledo, 0.
tte :ith inst.. by liev. J. U. Langstsff, st the
residence of the bride's mother, Ma. Wblco C.
Ht'tinici and Miss CoBNELia A. Willu, sll of
Webt Millgrove, Wood oouaty, 0. ..
On th SSth Ins?., bv John R. Aprer, Esq., Sir.
Jacob Dies sod Mies' Kitu Av.i Rkliit, all of
Jackson township, Wood comity, Ohio.
un mr jiio rose, at ui reaiotiOM netr uowilsg
Grutn, of CocsuitptioD, Jmts F. bmith. agsd iii
years, T BOBths and 18 days.
mwwww w 1 J if e wrsTw mm
Rd ths (Wlvlnr from the ITov ofurrls Morri,
f rmtrly Auditor of lb State nf Indptnoi
. IDtitfoLt, Spt. 1, 1B5T.
Dr. C. w. RoiacK Dnr &r t lUviog bun
trmibltd fbr jvrl years witn extretnt dtbdity
ana weamiess, si mucn so mat i was annul xo at'
tend li mr ordinary tminss at tin) is, and having
hrJ of the won dirM cures that your Sctn lina
IvisnlJlooJ Purifier and HilU were effiCting, I was
nJawd tT , fritflJ tJ nm. 1 hav, UeeA usin
th Purifftr for the lost twelve months, and find
th mjiiclntfttllTqul toiurjoiranijniatiorts. So
alu ibl its use to tnt, tbat 1 cau not now dis
pense with tb ui of It at uiy dvaocd g of lif
S"Venty-s3Ven yai-.
I chffullv give IUI lafertation far the benefit
of those similar'. aTeCted. Your trulr,
Mjnais Mounts.
See alTtrtissuunt. Si,t
RtcnASPsov'9 SnsnsT Winu Bittkbs. TV re
nt in far.T of unirersil boasting (a syst'tn oftes
cmidored by otner)of t!i Celebriiy of this or that
in. -diem, and w keen nur praise un'il w har
positive kniwledgj nf the valnj ir virtu of an ar
ticle. W ju Ige of the tree by Its fruits, an 1 ben
we find mjlicinj with reallv curative powers, we
at once come and reoommenJ it to th pu'jlic. In
tho pre nt instanee, we cordially jcomin,mil to
our read ti Dr. Rieliar lson' sherry wlnt! bitters.
We know of n thing to excel this for the objects
it proposes to un lert.ik.
Tue Sherry Wuw llitte
rs r for sale bv Ttrt A
It Is not strange that Dr. S. A. Weaver' Canker
anl Salt Rueuin Svrup is so very popular. It is
really what it preten Is to be, nu 1 cures Canker,
Salt'itlieuui, Er sipel.n, More Eyes, c just a it
sty tu do. It is the product of unremitting toil
anl pitient investigation of these diseases bv
regular physician- man of extensive practice, an
honorable Christian m in. It is just what the pub
lic have long Wanted: a medicine which they could
rely upotn which Would n"t deceive or defraud suf
fering huminity. We advise our friends to seek
I'tsliul In the never-failing renvdv, and spuedilv re
remove the evils which they have so long suffered.
sold by Psex & 11 mti TOM. 33 iv 5
We take pleasure In calling attention to the med
icines Advertised in our paper bv J. N.lfirnstSi
Co., of Cincinnati, l'erry D.wis' Pain Killer is
well known to the public and need nn reCotmnen
dation ihim us, as its good qualities iu all c.n
hive been generally tested. The Sherry Wine
Hitters, in Case of dyspepsia, jnundica. liver com
pbiilits. nn 1 In all Cases where a tonic i necessary,
is highly r e nnm 'nled. Dr. Weaver's syrup an I
cerate are desirable rem 'dies in rases arising from
an impure state of the bio id. The combined use
of the twoia siid to result favor ibly in all cas -s.
In the above list miv be fount a ti.inacea for nil
diseases; trr them. if auston Stir, Feb. 15th, I860,
Mansion, Juneau co., v is. a u tv I'sct s Ham
A FoniUy niesvin;;.
"In lifting th kottlo from the fire it caught and
scalded mv han Is nn I person very severelv one
almost to a crisp. The torturj was unbearable. It
was an awful sight. Tho Mus
tang Liniment appeared to abstract the pam almost
iiniiiediatjlv. It healed rapidtv and left no scar of
account. Charles Foster, i'M llroad Street, I'lnla
ddphia." Itistrulva wonleriul article' It will
heal any cas jof swelling.bnrns. stiffjoints, eruptions
or rheum itisnn. For horses it should never be
dispensed with. One Dollar's) w. rth of Mustang
bus frequently saved a Valuable horse. It cures
galls, sprains, ringbone, spavins and founders. He
ware of imitation '01 counterl'tiita. A coUntorieit
was put in circulation from St. Louis and duly sup
pressed. All genuine will hereafter bear the
nignatures of U. W. Westbrook, Chemist,
a id 1). S. Birnes, Proprietor, with the wor Is
"Trade" "M irk," in two Me lallions of the Federal
curr.mrv. Turee sizes. Sold everywhere.
1 5v9 I). S. BARNES, New Vork.
M ither. rend this.
The follnivinc is an ovfracl from n latter written
by the pastor of a Baptist church to the "Jouriv.il'
and Messenger," Cincinnati, Coin, ami speaks vol
umes in favor of that worll -renowned midicinc
"We see an advertlsammt In your columns of
Mrs. Winslow'a StHthine Svrup. ' Now we never
said a Wur 1 in favor of a patent medicine before in
our lile, but we feel compelled to say to our readers,
that this is no humbug wb nwk TitiKO it amd
know it To nt? all it claims. It is, probably,
one of the in st successful m licines of the day, be
cause it is one of the best: and tlmsa of your readers
who have babies can't do belter than tolav in a
supply. 49-ly,
5Vhf Is Mr. VJetlaw I I
A Ms question I frequjn'Jf asked, ire wfll
simply aiy tnatsh U a 1 idr, who, for cpwurd of
thirty yj.rs, fan untiringly devoted her time and
talent, as a fermle p'.y u.m and sir j. principally
among children. She lis especially sto lied th
Contututkis and wants of this nvmroo class, so
gmarally overlooked, of ariisly treated by the
faculty iq ton mmv in'nce; and a result of
thi nU'ort. aud practical kncwldfs, obtalrecd to a
lit'etira au. nt a a nurse and phreician, tbe ha
compuUndVl a Soothing d mtp fur children teSbl:ig.
It operates lik mtgic- giving rest and baltb, and
is, m "Teovtr, uim ti reculat t b iw'. In etn
iquuc of tlii rucl, Mr. Wiaslow is blooming
w0rld-rnownd a a benefactor of her rice ehif
dren eertiinly do riu o and blest hen especially
is this the Ciselnt.'ii place. Vast quantities of lb;
Soothing Srrup am IlT told and used hr. It
has got 1 1 bee a common ram irk, "I had rtthtr dr.
ptni ou Mr. Winalow'a hoothing Syrvp for my
children, than to hav th united aivte of the nuil
ical faculty of the city." We think Mrs. Wintlitr
has immortnlited her nant by th! iuvaluable arti
cle, and w sincerely believe iUoti.n 1 of chit Iren
hav been sival from an etrly grave by its timely
use, an 1 that millions yet unborn will ihare its ben
efit, anl unite in oalli'ug her blesa 'd, Nn MOTnr.R
has discharged her duty to bcr suff.ring little on,
in our opinion, Until li has given it tlie benefit ot
Mr. Wiiiilow' Soothing Svrun. Trv it, mothers
tmt it how. Ladies' V UiW.N.Y. Citv. IVml
Prepared by Corneliui Ciieeseman, M.D. New York
City. The combination of ingrv lieut in these Fills
are the result oi a long anlxt. n,iru practice. They
am mill iu their operation, and cert un in correcting
an irregularities, p.nniui aienslru tuons, remiving
all obstructions, wiwther from cold or otherwiia:
h.d ache, p.iin the si le, ptlpitation of th heart,
whites, all uervouj ailectious, liVjtenci, utlgue,
pain the back and limbs, Ac, disturbed sleep, which
urrise from interruption of nature.
To Marbikp LaDifs. Dr. Cusoroan's Pills are
invaluable, as they will bring on the ui mthly peri'
od with retrularitv, Womm ivho have been disio
pointed iu tlie uie of ot ier Pills c in place the utmost
comuence in L'r, tueeseman s t ills uoiug all tucr
represent to no.
N'otiO. .There Is one condition in the female sys-;
t'.'in in which the Pill ciiinot bo taken witliout pM
ducing a Tkci'liah scsclt. Tne con lition referred
to iiriiKOSACV andtnereHult.uiseAnuiAoit. Such
is the irresi it able ten loncy o!' tiie me licine to re
st re the sexual I'unrtiom (o an inn il con liliou.that
even the reproductive power of nature cannot resist
Warranted purely vegetable aud five from any
thing injurious.. Kxplieil directions, which should
be read, accompany each box. Price SI. Sent by
miil en enclosing il to Dr. Cornelius L.Cheesctnaii,
box 4..rSt. Post-office, Now Vork City.
i-e5.Sold by one Druggist in cver'v town in th
L. S. H. li. UUTCHIN3,
General Agent for the U, S.,No. 14 Broadway,
To whom all or lurs should bo ail Iressed.
For sale bv Pkck H AUtLTOM.I'enysburp.
n p. vr
They Impart Strength; they Annihilate Pain.
I These delightful plasters yield readily
Park's to the motion of the body, absorb perspi
Patent ration and throw off all the nll.niive
Porns Coagulated impurities of tho system.
Prickly They should be used for nil Chronic
Plasters j Pains. Fuinnteas Dyspepsia, Colds. Con
Are sumption, It'ieumallsm. Female Weak-
Sold ness, etc. TiioV retain their active prop-
liv nil erties wuen ofier I listers are lifeless, an I
Dealers ' where applied pain Caivi 't exist. Lverv
From jfumilv should have tiiem, One si2e mi
1 to 24 cloth, three sn -a on leather. Sample sent
Dimes, bv m lil.on receipt ol 25 cents.
1) 8 mn.N'GS. 13 A li Park Bow N. Y
April, Id 51 -4Vly.
Perrysburg Market.
W cat f'bil
Wlrwf lb-.
Rye Vim
Cornp bu
Oats p bu
1' itatoesp bu
Hotter V !!
Flour Vbrl --$-'SS.m
Huns V W SiSlOe
S.ioiil lers "& lb 8e
Poultry Ub SCO.
E;rirs doz lflc
Feathers V lb 44i(i .'illr
Oreen Hides VH" V
Salt1brl $1.7S
11 T.2i)e
.... He
L ir 1 V lb
Clover Seed V bu $3.50
Kotioe is hereby pivrn that the Commissioners of Word Ci only. 01. io, have CEtablithcd a drain rr wa
ter course, numbered 4a, commencing at the junction of Sw:til Kun with Toussi-.'.it Creel;, In said county,
thenee f.'llt'vvhv the i.V ditch to tiie .VcCiilohunville rniicl: thence to Taylor ditch at tiie north ml b'
section 3, town A north, ruiigti 11 eust: tin ncu to tiie Plank Iioad Ditch, "(so called,) following the same
to the Plank Ito id: 1'ienee south on sni I road to the Prairie ditch, thince fullowiiiK said ditch lust nn I
south to the old Findl iy roa I, terminating near the residence i f David Webb, in tow n 3 north, range 10
east- and that said C mmis-i.-ners have apportioned to the owners of land binifittcd bv said drain, such
portion of the work nf c instruction, in lineal rods, and ats i the expense of survey, as ore affixed to their
mimes respectively, to wis:
Owner's Names. It. T S
1) F Webb
Jacob Dalley
VVui Gori ill
Daniel Newton
. 21
. 11
, U
s sw
8 MV
W S3 1
w ne a nw so (
e se 1
ne no y
sw ne ' )
n so
sw nw a nw sw
ne sw a se n w
n uw and s ne
n ne
S sw
n nw J
n pt w ne
mid. pt no
se cor ne
pt nw j
pt no . I
pt ne sw
s pi e sw
sw so
s pt e so
pt of
ne so
s pt e ne
mid. pt e ne
pt se
n pt se and se ne
sw sw
nw sw
sw nw
se nw
n nw and nw na j
s uw i
sw ne
se ne
n e ne
n pt tw
s pt sw
n uw
e se
se sw
se se
ne so
su 115
ne ue
se se
n hf
w qr swand S3 nw
sw se
nw se
e sw
ne und e ss
n nw
s se
s ns
n no
w pt nw
e pt nw
w pi na
n sw sod w se .
e se .ia
ne a nw sec. 85 ' I
e nwasswtuv.lOl
n hf s hf sw
n bf sw
n hf nw snd sw nw
se nw
ne i
Wm Wilson
Win luiin
1! 1' V.tii Cump
J.vi Van G' raer
8 R Mliusel
1'. ei F. ri.ink Roud
Jnhu Conrad
- Rrown
Stephen Hunter
A A 1'iitigoi.rn
A & C Fay
Henry Hinley
Win Vowi rs
Jonii Wia ster
.Nl I'atter.iou
A Or J way
J Austin
J V Owens
D Lee
M Luwell
O At ears
M Meeker
Mollis Fay
J D i'ike
S Clark
Tueoim Piko
N A Noble
E II St T Sears
1J . i leal a l'oo
1. D Folly
George kni wsc
George KnowseJr
J F l-miih
L & I U Newton
Peter Kershaw
John McK.an
A Glenn
A Bow man
D Miy.K-r
K CooinT
D.ui'l Fitzhugh
A Bowman
John liarr
l'uter Glenn
Peter Early
' L Ward
J O Kinlc v
J II Howell
8 F Newhard
D II Newhard
Kdw'd Chapin
Tims 4 Win llerrv
Trs.nl sec.18 t.5 r'.U
Cory S
Mover Ricb'd Eliza
Wui llowers
A At S Wuttels
W 4 0 West
II rriet Hum ison
Win McKinnis
Ja Murray
Norti n Reed
J K Price
A A Blaketlev' t'
Wm Williams f
U Sell warts -
J li bowers ;
J Golding . '.
J Kitimiller -
A W Dougluss
MoCuwhenvillc road
Corey ci James, or(
Com. of Clark Co.
N Miller : - -II
L Whitman :
Christian Wilr -S
Jennings . .
Margsat Weddla i .
Phillip EdgBrtoa
i VfmCuy
h Varnum . '
L L Loomis
nnry Powers
K Ktlly
Darius Scott
Alired MeVeigh
J B Vtrnum
S 6t li fctogs
w nw
a na
sw I '
aw aa
S tf SS
ss so
b nw
s sw '
nw sw
ns sw
a pt ow
Bottom width of tba ditch: J ft from station 0 to
iii V " suu n 4 ft: theno to ths end,
--,--" - , iv, uiuw hi wi niiu,
eavsted sanb to be removed at lmmt 3 ft bernnd ihs
' s
-? :2 8."
& n 1.1 o i
7 e ft ? J.
ft 3 t-s s;
1 CO 2 00
2 80 2 ;
3 133 4 44
4 110 3 IK
6 60 2 00
6 co 2 or
7 H 4 00
R Si 3 ii
0 02 2 67
10 10 SO
11 35 53
12 11 60
13 12 53
11 5 23
15 05 2 87
10 7 3.1
17 7 3J
18 11 53
19 4 17
20 10 50
21 7 33
22 7 33
2.3 4 17
21 7 33
25 9 60
2d 10 60
27 17 80
28 19 93
29 27 1 40
30 17 80
31 120 5 60
32 6?
83 fl 43
31 fl 67
.15 29 2 40
3d 11 1 on
87 0 80
38 30 2 6
30 15 31
40 15 31
41 15 33
42 15 31
43 12 1 10
41 6 43
11 29 2 67
40 20 2 67
47 4 41
4 4 41
49 22 2 00
50 33 3 61
61 23 2 67
62 47 4 44
63 " 23 2 67
61 , 23 . 2 67
65 14 1 33
66 9 67
67 25 2 41
69 87 5 33
69 23 2 6
60 29 2 67
61 43 2 6
,63 62 2 67
63 ' '61 2 60
64 SI 1 31
iJ ! ; 64 ' 2 20
63 31 1 31
67 Ol) 6 00
. 6$ , " 6 31
69 is i . 87
70 23 1 33
Tl 23 1 33
72 8 4!
73 81 , I 77
74 270 J5 77
7J ' 'ii .
r ! ' 120 1 1 77
77 11 1 21
., 7a . 8 60
76 0 67
80 .31 2 67
81 ' 8 47
ti 2! I 31
81 r 41
D C4 IS .43 J67
it 85 ' 8 63
- 87 ' 7 43
65 . T i, - .41
69 li 16)
t :vo , 15 : 1 o
61 . 23 - 1 91
t! V
atstion 81 ; thw to ststirn 132. 3 ft: the to 33 tl
4 ft. fcunk ekpi-a 1 W bus. tu l T.rncle. I ha a t.
ti ib nun wi im hh iu i Turiicie. . i na C
htiik rlr,ns. Th. w,,i'lr u, k, Atnrti. Kw ii,.
av of Juna naxt. - .' .
inmone i hith .
at tbe
Tlio (sirat tiy Good llnz.iari
coMrr.ririoN defii-d
P. ft. MILLER & CO.,
would raspaclfully aunounee to tho citizens of
That they have just received direct from New Vork
a large and well selected assortment of new and
rcit THE
Comprising all the leading styles of Fancy, Stipl
and Domestic Dry (JooJs.
liiulics Goods,
II 0 0 1' SKIRTS,
Dry G jois,
1 i
Rtady Made C1c;Ii:d-,
Ilats and Caps,
Boots so J Sho;,
Crockery, Ac,
And, io fft, tverytMcf utuslly kept iu a .
.i . j ...... . . .
AU Of whica will b sold at tatraordmaiy LQW
ESyNotice pur Mjrkit rejirrts :a to-diy's rirr.
Wa buy sod soil la accrdaoa with tLa prfcv giv.
ptrBMBMsber ths jvtaoa, T. R. MilW 4 Co, pjv-
v . - -
ti'isna taa orTeaturjr cans Bttuninf .
1 Ft-Tou-tr. Hty ii im.
i e. -r.n., - vr.4 iui
mvlkoah unvrifiLii
IS fill rRAICfl OF
nr. rry Winn t 1 t t t n s
iu Celebrated w Krgland Linndy fit
llniinii C .ii-i.n i r .
Jsofidicf, rrand pu.'. Oeni-r.il DUH'y, MiJ
all ether Disers-s i.rinirg w m l.iwr
Uired rti.uweh, Lfvr, or L'1.
Tkcr sre ued nd rc n.n.erdod Ly th lefdirg
I'hyi."i,ius ' l tiie cuntry, Ld all who f y LLtui
flour.ee th nl invaii-"..I .
Da. JAMT.rf I . LE PF.P.C, trr!t- fn m yearr,
ft rk to., Chi", 'the Litteis (ire h vl.ly reisvd by
suU'.-ri.-.g !r ii l.-.u-fen'ii B,tiy.t-phi taCUrvr
L. ii. I'ATi9, rrutiii.tst:r at t.'il i.-rtp rt, Cldr,
arj, "tliey ;i''e t 1 .1'.'sVt i' fi. 1 - tl'iPl
rnys-el', h.-.vn.g t.ik.n r: I ., b.oiiie jrs'lKle and
my sppjti . It i j'l-tju' m-, nnd 1 Can rcni.
1; Wit i tfiM atsurnt ee ol its merit."
I. Wx. h. ivf.FB.i t I, f .i.nlle, Ind., write
t u.t tiie.v erj tiisiu- a, v-loui.lv tiwtil; ire iEli-.-c'.
lie I.- tc mnunJud Ur.D u: rr 'it kurcjjs, ond
wit'i turn mil. siv.'i ii cir'ioi lalti.Mtionot the
Ireirt un 1 ge".'ial lei i.itr. .
Tnonsa r-TANrrosn. foq., rif.untsviUe, TI try
Co., In. I., wiites a ny. let cr. t-.ndi-r rinieot Kay 4,
1300. lie w is nviTl' r.dued, l.r ii p beinifQittvd
r t'-ree yean with pert n rrh 1tj Ci-tility, pilpl
Wtioni'f tiie hJr'.i-t t.-.c nvst aevir? and pit hiint-n
ciir.rac'.i-r, " itt.r vsir.g a few b'.ttlcs I was Co -plet
It r an rd, and ! in n w In n.Uwt hinlth."
J, tv. lirNt wr-t, ;ii mVelj hts, Alkn Co., Ohio,
(a section where 1 ever end Ague pr- r;.il.s,) that he
tn-'St clier ully mci mm m is ti -ti i f ttecUled nurit
In all cis s of J kvi u anp aiuf., CTsttrsii, tnd
oxvsrAi. nt rn.iTv.
D. K. CAit.AMi.rs. M. D., write' fr"m Vnn Wi-rt,
Ohio, "I io il i . ip cut iv i-. c- irmend the 5heny
Wine l i t.u to i. v notice ot J.y.-4'ic tia, i s,
ft! It-' VI w in r.-'i'l re 1 r-t-intilatiui' medicine.
it it, nitii ciMxs acc eMf anv r.acn rOTTlE.
Soli bv deiiieia in r.ij.uc.u-.s fin lei'y.
i'liei' "ifi ' .i, 1- i !it,!i V'.
J. N. HAHr.Jy, C'm-irmtl, Ohio.
Central V.c.t.'s ;.rti:f f" u le.r-i.in ; W i-'i'in Strtrs.
For tie I;.' P -c!: .V llianl- o. I' nysLi-.i e, Ohio;
F, Hoe '." r I ree. I' 111 S. I. I 1.1 r.'.'o n, 'i wlimt
Ore en; II. Lhn r t', .M.ium .v. I'. II. .Vin-.r, T U-u j
W, D. ;trtT.'. Si'lvunia: A.I. Ji.ii me, Jtll- Wist
fl.la; A. .1. Ojrdtier & Co., OiUad. Swlve
j;VF.r.Y ruDVej rr.rrxD,
l-Jvt iy Imdv hnx it. i;vc iv hotly ucs it,
T. .T. in.-: I' ' K 1 1 t FR.
TIM. ;,. AT t'AMILV IiU DK'l NT.
I'.tli '.i lot riallv, it cmvs sK'.ldcn C'ohts, Ct tif-l s,
tVc, W.;ili ;,t ii..irli, Lull nl l.'ebiiity. in til J
bore M.aitn, Canker, Liver Ct mpltiint," Dyi-tvisia
crln lir-csti. il, Li nip and P.ihi m tho t-tt ninth,
bowel C in) 1 lint, l'n:i.tei's ClIic, Ajit.tic tl.tliia,
D.arrlie i .m t liybti.tiy.
Applied Cx'f'i'i illy, tuns Felons, Coils, and Old
Sor..-,, Seve e Luits, .-'-alls, Cuts, lrois.es and
Spr.tins. Mv'.l i'(j tl ti.e Ji n t , liipw.im r.d
Tetter. l;i't,l.eu Licist, i sled 1 eet nn i Ci.ihblains,
T. otnacni', l'..ui in tiie 1 are, i1- nr.ilpia and L!nU
uu'.iam. It is a sure l'em. ly fur Ague, and Chills
l'.an Killer, t ken internally, tl ruld 1 c ai'ulttr
ate 1 itti mi K or u .itr, t r in t le irto a ryrup with
tail uses. l r a .'otitrh, a lw drtjs'in tiigar
e.iteii " ill be mt re ell'ti tire than anything tlc.
tua printed directh ns woirii u'ttmi.ii.y each
Wii.it Mror-jrer pn-of cm h". prrt'nred tl tin the
f lb'winjr I .-tier received, mli..t.d, ir ui Lev. V.
11. J.uobi r
Kavril:, N. J., Ji-rc 0, ir0.
Mnsrns. 1'r.r.nY lat isiV Sos-Uv luhnun- Alkvr
me, u::s. .nite '.. I :. t.i:i;iu a v. i i .n f n n nieiida
ion f r y. ur i' uii hii:.r. I h.ive vsvd it in my
i-ini ly t!i ise "ew-ral year-, nn 1 ii und ii uil it clu:m3
t' be. 1-i.r K..CHIH nsiii, Coup's, Col Is. 1 unia,
Cl.oL-r.l teiiJvii(':t.s 'ltd ilihitnl afc, as well as lbs-
ases p n.r.olv u ; t j i.-v.i-.s in icmhics, 1 rtgaid
tiie l .i.n Ki'Ur as l-.y ud :.li prii-e, um u ulxa
ftious b-.'V- !i I .in.v ri'M'ir: v. i'i iu iov linv. !.'f e.
U'u kosp it rs t uv i.iot f m:!y medicine, M.d Lnd
its us, in rJiiiiirv casts wiitn imie ti.i n any
lot-ti r. 'Ihe Uai i::. ny in ill, Mb i mm niv nc-
I u.i if, t .r.r..-: :!! I fl tiiu! i., ti,ii..l!y litM I..0 .. i-Hiy
clvrj:m.n have ... !.,-u oi it in tue i.m iti uims
.is a f.imi'y in: '-'-r. ;h si- ivuits in r. j t-e'.ed iu
tt.iiiocM i.n"f r..i,l ti in e in per:-' 'iniitliiuln.ii U-tkis,
Unit the Vain Killer was iy f rtue best meiiicino
nsiel ill iiCntiun l.in.l... and Hk Usui', it rtlituiaclvcs
ml f.tin:ii.s, uii l u iui'.n a'.ei it toithes around
t'.Kin. i'liiii, iu'.i.'I, 1 i in ii.cl.i-.ul to s. y ii mi act
f justice t" fo'i's Ive-. -m:X a- a b-n Hi h- otiii'rs.
V.-t: "f-e i.t lib-.rtv t-.' Vii V '" ri.. if ,.f lxT
a.n-icv. " 1 I V . . JACt'l S,
Lite Hditiir CLritin Chronicle.
u'vv ' r.r or ii in a'i t N.i
Carrto?:.- Tl : rv.WV v i'.l be crutirus t! r.t tl-oy
ret f if u;ne l'lt.'i I'.iH.r i.t i r.; urrrincii led
n 'ii, ne ti a: n-mjlir their o n wi rdiltss c m-
I m'uij, n s i tit .it tin y it-(Ke tiie n mui'.nv,
tn I m;
Re i;;.u.ii tie; "il.AlK JiAi.K' ti I'eiiy
'Il.AlK JiAi.K"
O.'iiuln-e Terry Divii
P.,i.i IliiKr sc!d ly all
rci'i'i-r l; ii.' UMircu,'s.
Direc'i -r.a a"'ei nij-i-ny each Vt:le.
l'rice 2ic, fOc. i.nd jl pt-r b tile.
J. ii i.i:ir CO.,
Pr iprietors fcr the 'Wccttiii tird fXutl crrt f-tutcs,
f'incinnrt , 0.
ror silc w!.filc3slie nnd rctiil, l y PtclAIIim
d.i n, Perrybnrp- l'r ed riclt f' sii.pt r, 1 reed, m: S.
Ii. Ill itjTiii Mi. 1 1 vlii -p Green- . (.-irai.almun, P r
f:'pe: 1. II. Miiur, j i leer; V. I). ;u re. Sylrsnia;
Vi .s' i Tniii.v, T, le lwt A. K. .hrtme, Xeit West-S.-ll.
A. J. Ge.ri;ier & Co., CiIvhU. 2iya
lli.Iiil l-'S SALE.
Pinnia Perkins vs. Kmch & Wesprt.
virtue of a decretal i r ler o; s.ile in me di-
r'fted mil delivered tl m t'e curt of ci mini u
lo -nf At'oo I county, Ohio, It.h ill ( .T.r for sale
at tho dotir of the court hoti-c, i:i Pei ri si nip, Wo, 1
county, Ohio, n
S itni 1 iy, JCov.'inb -r l''lh, JSr.l.
between lli" lionrs ol 12 in. mi l 'I p. in. ol said day
tin follow infr ili ..el ilie 1 1 mil -i an I tenements, to-wit:
Tin' .v ui ii 1 , ot the lit lili-e.i.-.! i j ,if section num
ber 21, frai lii'iial tmvn B in. rib oi r mrt iiviiib r 11
o.it-l. (J. K. (if Vli.lt, tW.iil".
J). K. & II. W'Airi', plti. i t, t r v -.
tictolvr 1-ith. l'l - I'-l-v.:.'.'.'!
linaii-'-.s SAI.K.'
WiUi.iiu U.iij-n d vs. rufns Lit'le ct al.
I'.y viraie of an order of sile to nie diivct -d and
deliver I In In tiie ri-urt of e inmon pleas of Wood
et'Un'y, Ohi", in tiie nouve e.i-.'.ft-, 1 hliall t fti-r for
si.il nt tiie d rr ol t.ie court In. use iu Perivaburj, iu
.tU ft lint'.-, i n
f: i tur biy. yrrtr-r 1 t , 1S-.1,
between ti e in iv.-', 1.! in. n.l - p. m .ol'taid d.iy
tin: fi,:tiwiif. -.1, o-i-,be.l .inds tin I ivnemeiirs, to-wit:
The sou:!i--.-yt '.; cf section r.vwi.erH, toim num
ber 3, r.ii't nine eest, c. muitm-p 00 acres, und an.
pi-.iis-'d ft' il.'ii. .'tL.i, t.'.j north Js of the nori!.'"
,it of s 'ciioii i'.t, t-.wii 0, 1'irpe v cast; eonptlu-
ing hll .leivti, ,;l;i.l pmiv'il at See e 1 0 .-
ii. K. liL'VLH, Shti-i-i
M. II. .t f. Wait, n'tvs for vUlf, . ,?
Uc-t"0 'r 1 iiii, ljil 1 -- i4wiS'i,4ii :
II L It I P I-
Pei -r Schnli
Pv vir;ue of
ih-i-ftM- v. li. W. Johnson et si.
n or let- of sjle i.-.. Uvd in the atxva
Pise bv tlie cl-rl
Woo -1 Con nt V, Oh
i-d, I will i IV. r fo
of tlie o' i' i hi uv
o't..e court. T i nin n pleas of
o, a o-i t.i m dh'tcudand deliver
tele a j.rli'.ie v,.n hie nt the di rr
, iiiliii! f wnot rerrvsburg, Wood
county, Onio, nu
5j.ro; day, 'f.venilu.i' 2d, 1S"1,
between live hours ( I'X i. and 2 p. mM of said day
the foil, winjr Liids tint temmtr's, ttvit: 1ha
i.tui.!,-u ti; if the r.t i-th-i-:ist Vy of hectic n 13,
tow n .iip iiviiiiber i, nor h of r n pe 12 tust. sll iu
Wood oi nr.-.y, U.iioj cout.lir.ii p 4ilaere. Apprnis
o 1 at id. U. 1.. tiCVLlt, Sheiia.
J. L. (JttKKS Si. fOX, SHVi. . ,
Oct. lo', ljil-22m i? 3l.' ; V ' .
S 'A-L E.
Pv vi, t ie of 1 1 i i ju lpjiuait i.U':d iu the jbAva
ciuse by th e cl i '.t of t: .p court of ertnnvH) pleas cf
W.v-d cnuntv, Ohio, an I to me direced and deliv
ered, I siihii tv,K-r for &.!t, ut put lie mo titn al the
t'hii r of ths co.;ri hcuJ in. r.rrysbuiy, in t'.l
eounlv, cn
Saturday Cctobor S'th, lfvU.
batwoen tho h'-jirs of n . , and 2 p. m. nf that
ddy tns following ba Is lyt 1 tenements, to-wit: Tt-
east i of tiie nui'iu-wrsi lA 'f Ste.-Sfl. rnuni).ip ,
north of rin?j number 0 t, c niiiainf Ril ucna
all in V.Hi 1 county, O. G. E. CXJYEK.
Co.vsi'N 4 MAriiEKS T'l-rY's afys. therilT.
Sajit. 36.1, lill-Slw'433,1 1. .
SI J1EI C.S N tr K S E V. V ,
As tho aessi n Is snnmehipr- fr the tr.m-.dmct
icg oi trei.s. Ac, weterwcu!l d e st'entionnf these
inicrei.Uid to ur Wrir andwt'l st-lectod strrkef
Tr- eh and SoTuUberr. ' i
n nj:..tir(f i iai- r.r
Cherry, Ay.r.'p..'?, Q
.t, i tar, icno.-, :i3i,
-. r r. f rrir... I'.tck bt-rca.
wrv-su.rr.es, i ',-.i.'js!.-, r:-:-i'i.!t. ii- rres, ae.
We hv. a fui) Mis-i.-tmt of Frul'l C'rnauental
and E vera e n ln:, we will fcpn i wr
priNS. ..... ..- i,. '-0Mf SOY JiRO'S.
O.Tiee at t u T rrvsb.iv li4nJc uil4injTi Phn-rt
fcv.i-. 0'ii.'. us A:'''?-." ' ... ; 18wrf .
rjOAD .VOTIflF. Tiicra w:ll b ':tipn pre,
s.:i:-. i : t'.a C.muilit' jji'k oi lVn,,l erunty,
i ih ;r i r'.vi :n 'n 2-a m'-,r o f.myii p iur to
loot on rt rM'.n.-Trai fn Perrv t wns' ip. io cm
m nee st tho lyirdi-e.ikt r n t sectfon tl.irtv-vx
rid rut ijoaii'saiwe wyst o iJia'wtirn Vine to in.
to.-aeot a cvirtv rt sd at or near UstUvld's school
hoiui, snd th.-re t-rcii.ite.
Oot. 19, 131 2iw3

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